Hansel and Marion 2

So I’m continuing Hansel and Marion in another series, however, I don’t know if I’m going to be keeping this series title as Hansel and Marion. Why? I’m trying to diversify who the story focuses on, but I just might end up keeping it HaM. Ch55 was the final chapter for HaM, this is Ch1 for the next series. It’s been a good while since I’ve written about everyone in HaM so I’ll be trying to go through HaM again to get my vibes back for characters and to generally smoothen any rough edges or inconsistencies. As always I hope you enjoy my little inserts.


Hansel and Marion 2 Chapter 1

The massive King Tiger tank Marion Walter cuddled her husband and former commander Hansel Walter against her turret cheek late on a Sunday night. She had pulled him out of his bed and set him against her cheek just under her eye, wrapping around his stomach and holding his hands. A calming hand strokes his arm while two more massage his shoulders, one last hand was running through his thick dirty blond hair. He was distraught, but it wasn’t because of an unforeseen mishap or even anxiety. It was years of unfulfilled desire, he wanted a son he could relate more to for years. They had hoped that Jasmine, their humorph baby girl, 14 years old now, would be a boy. they were happy and proud regardless, but it only served to increase Hansel’s thirst for a boy. the problem was that they weren’t sure if they could afford another kid comfortably, and they weren’t sure if it would be a boy anyhow. Marion could feel the tension and decided to break the silence, offer some solutions, and pick his brain.

“We could try for a son, Hansel, I’m alright with it.” He sighed despairingly.

“But it might not even be a boy, we’re two for one right now. Odds don’t look good.”

“It could be a pattern, girl, boy, girl, now it’s a boy’s turn.”

“I don’t think it works like that-actually I know it doesn’t work like that.” He dropped his head onto his wrists and withered his fingers around her hands. It reminded her of how Cindy used to fidget, and that sparked an idea. 

“Hansel, what if we adopted a son?” Hansel stopped his fidgeting. “Like when we took in Cindy, you loved her like she was one of your own.” Cindy was an orphaned Sherman child during the second world war, Marion convinced Hansel to take Cindy in until they could find a suitable home for her. After the war, Cindy’s parents were recovered alive. Cindy still bounced between her biological parents and the Walters as her family.

“I still do,” he chuckled, “sometimes I debate if Hannah is really our first kid?” Marion smiled, sometimes she wonders the same thing.

“So,” she asks suggestively, “you’re open to the idea?” Hansel lifts his head and bobs it around trying to formulate his response.

“Well, yes, but, I-” he struggled to convey his thoughts, “I wonder how well I’d bond with him. He’s not my own flesh and blood, but I know father’s aren’t defined by that.” He exhaled a mighty breath of anxiety. “Would he take me as his father? Would he bond with me? Would he be closed off? My biggest fear is that we won’t see eye-to-eye, we don’t get that connection.” Marion moved from his shoulders to his back.

“We get along with everyone, I don’t think there would be much problem with that.” Her massaging skills were impeccable, she soothed him deeply and thoroughly. He went with her motions religiously.

“Maybe, maybe you’re right.” He turned his head and looked into her brilliant eye. “I’m okay with adopting a son.” Marion smiled. His mind drifted to a woman at work, she was very community oriented and spent a lot of time at the orphanage. She had talked to Hansel about a boy who was fascinated with world war two and machines. She mentioned him to Hansel because she knew of Marion. “There may be a boy good for us, but he’s not a baby.”

“Oh? Do you know how old he is?” Hansel shook his head. “Well, Cindy wasn’t exactly a baby, either, I think it will be fine.”

“I’ll ask Shelby about him in the morning.”

“Oh, she’s the lady that volunteers at the orphanage, right?”

“Yes. That’s her.”

“So she could maybe help us with the paperwork?” Hansel shrugged.

“Maybe.” Marion began to wind down her massaging and opened up the bed for him.

“Well, it’s awfully late, dear, we should get back to bed.” Hansel agreed and swooped in for a goodnight kiss.

“Thank you, babe. Goodnight, I love you.” He got under the covers on Marion’s engine deck and started falling asleep.

“Goodnight, Hansel, I love you, too.”

They rested well and woke up early in the morning. Marion woke first and got Hansel up shortly after, as he dressed and groomed himself she went out and started breakfast. She called down Jasmine to wake her up for school and feed her. While she was waiting for the first batch of eggs to cook she rapped on Hannah’s door asking if she wanted breakfast. Hannah politely declined and so Marion put away the extra ingredients. Hannah was their first born child, a King Tiger like her mother. Hansel came out clean shaven and fresh just as breakfast finished cooking. Marion handed him a plate of food as he poured cups of juice for them. He put his plate and the beverages at the table while Marion rolled up with plates for herself and Jasmine and the silverware. They waited for Jasmine to come down before they began eating.

“You might be getting a little brother, Jasmine.” Hansel announced.

“Mom’s pregnant?” Jasmine was surprised, she looked to Marion for an answer.

“No, we were thinking about adoption.” She responded.

“Oh, why?” She looked to Marion again. “Are you getting too old, mom?” Marion smiled and drifted her turret no.

“No, I’m not there yet.” Marion chuckled and wondered if she’d ever turn infertile.

“Actually, I was wanting a son.” Hansel opened up. “And we decided that this would be the best way to do that.”

“What about Tyler?” Tyler was their second child, also a King Tiger tank, he had joined the army during the Vietnam war and was upgraded to fight modern tanks. He found a wife, an M48 Patton, and they worked at Fort Knox as instructors.

“I love Tyler, but I don’t relate to him like I can relate to you, and I can’t relate to you like I would a boy. Besides, Tyler’s too much of a mama’s boy.” Marion chuckled.

“He is not!” Marion looked back to Jasmine. “Dad’s funny, I think he’s getting old.”

“Dad aren’t I boy enough? Come on.” Hansel nodded gently.

“Yes, you’re certainly boyish, but you have posters of boys in your room, I don’t get that.” Jasmine raised her eyebrows.

“And you think you’d relate to a boy if he hung up posters of boobs and women?” She gestured to Marion, who laughed at the juxtaposition. Hansel’s mouth hung open, he shook his finger and tried to rebuttal. He brought up his left wrist and looked at his watch.

“Are you late for school yet?” He jested, he shook his head and came back around. “I don’t get liking boys, I get liking girls.” Jasmine shook her head and rolled her eyes, Hansel put some more food in his mouth.

“Boys are fun, Jasmine.” Marion nodded. Hansel instantly swallowed what he had and snapped a retort.

“No! They are devils, stay away from them!” Jasmine and Marion laughed. “You and Hannah will be ours forever, I swear it!”

“Okay Hansel, whatever you say.” Marion winked to Jasmine, who giggled. Jasmine drank the rest of her juice and asked again about the prospect of another brother.

“So my baby brother, when will I get him?”

Little brother, the child we had in mind isn’t a baby.” Hansel said.

“We don’t know when, either.” Marion answered the question. “Hansel’s supposed to ask about it today.” Hansel nodded, he wiped his mouth off and excused himself from the table.

“Hurry up Jasmine, it’s almost time to go.” Jasmine wolfed down the rest of her food just as Marion reminded them that the bus schedule changed. “Oh, right, I forgot. Well, if you still want a ride, I’ll take you.”

“No, thank you. I’ll ride the bus.”

“Okay then,” he walked over to her and hugged her while she sat at the table and kissed the top of her brown hair, “have a good day at school, sweetie.” He walked over to Marion, who had turned her turret over to him. He embraced her and kissed her, as well. “Goodbye, dear, have a good day.”

“Bye, dad!”

“Goodbye, hun, have a good day at work.” Hansel walked to the Fourier and collected his shoes, coat, and tie before he left.

“How’s your boyfriend, sweetie?” Marion asked Jasmine when Hansel left, it was their little secret. Jasmine’s shoulders slumped and her head dropped.

“We broke up.”

“Awww, ” Marion scowelled, “did you break up with him?” She shook her head.

“No, he dumped me.”

“Did he say why?”

“Because I’m metal, he’s weirded out by it. His friends made fun of him for it.” Marion rolled up behind her and hugged her snuggly, rocking her side to side.

“Nevermind him, anymore. He’s just going to miss out on how awesome you are, baby.”

“Thanks, mom.”

Marion kissed her daughter’s head and assured her that she’ll be okay. Marion had noticed that Jasmine left her bedroom door open and sent Jasmine up to close it. Jasmine’s room was on the second floor of the house built into the hanger. To the left of the Fourier from the hanger, the Fourier being center of the house structure, was the stairs leading up to the second floor. Jasmine’s room was to the left from the Hanger’s view, and to the left of her room was an empty room prepared to receive a baby. On the right side of the stairs was a lounge space, then two more rooms. The room furthest to the right was strictly for storage.

“How does a little brother sound, Jasmine?” Marion asked when Jasmine trotted down the stairs with her bag.

“Eh, pretty cool, as long as he’s not a dweeb.” Marion rolled her eyes. “I’m tired of being the baby, it’s his turn.” She threw her backpack on and went to the door to put her shoes on. “What about you, mom?”

“I’m very excited!” She shivered with anticipation. They wished each other goodbyes and good days. Jasmine walked down to the bus stop and Marion went to clean up and begin her day. A few hours later she would tell Hannah about the adoption decision, Hannah, too, was optimistic and excited.

Hansel sat at his desk patiently while waiting for Shelby to clock in. He was trying to figure out how to approach the topic while trying to figure out how to budget for the renovations. Damn asbestos, he thought as he saw her enter the offices to clock in. Once she checked in he stopped her in the hall. Their friendship goes back to when Hansel was showing her, a shy eighteen years old college girl, how to stock shelves, that was forty years ago. She constantly teases him for his youthful completion, nearly unchanged thanks to Marion. He’d always snap back about her being near sixty years old with acne if she had turned. She asked him if he stopped her about work and she was confused when he said otherwise. She began to worry it was something deathly wrong at home.

“No, it’s not about my family shrinking, the other way, expanding.”

“Uh-huh,” she was thinking of why he’d be asking an elderly woman about expanding a family, “I’m sorry, dear, I don’t know anything about machine menopause.”

“We weren’t thinking of expanding it that way, Shelby,” she nodded as she began figuring it out, “we were thinking of adopting a boy.” Her face lit up.

“Oh! Why didn’t you just say so, Han?” She playfully slapped his shoulder, he shrugged. “So you were thinking of the boy I talk about? Oh-” she held a hand to her chest, “he’s a sweetheart.”

“We were, yes.” Hansel said, he was about to ask her about how the process to meet him would go when she did it for him.

“I can bring him over this afternoon, will Marion be there?”

“-Oh, uh, y-yes she will. That’s…” he shook his head astonished, “that’s amazing, I’ll call Marion real quick and let her know.”

“Great! I’ll get him hooked by promising he’ll see a tank, he loves tanks!” Hansel smiled, he liked this kid already.

“Awesome, I’ll tell Marion to act natural.”

“Great! I’ll call your place when I’m on my way with him.”

“Alright, sounds good!”

They exchanged numbers and addresses and went about their businesses with great excitement. Hansel called Marion and gave her the great news, she was thrilled. She rushed around making the house perfect and even pressured Hannah into helping. Usually Marion keeps her environment clean, neat, and orderly so she can move about easier and doesn’t have to worry about getting dirty, but when visitors are coming she goes crazy. Everything must shine. Her children grew up used to it and it was Hansel who planted the seeds early on when he kept her fairly tidy as the commander. For hours the two cleaned until Hannah gave up and retreated to her room to go study more. Marion continued until he got a knock at the hanger door. Marion suspected it was Hansel home early to help prepare and answered it as so, thrusting a broom towards the opening. It was Jäger coming to visit. Jäger was a JagdTiger they fought with in the war and a close friend. She lived on a classified military base built for the living machines acquired during the war, the regulations had relaxed a lot since then, and the machines were much more free but still considered top secret assets.

“Who told you I was coming? I kept it under wraps just so you didn’t do this. How’ve you been, Marion?”

“Oh, Jäger! I thought you were Hansel!” Marion shook off her surprise and asked Jäger what she’s doing out here.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve cranked my engine this much, and even longer since I’ve seen you, so I thought I’d come by and chit-chat. What’s new with the Walter family?”

“Oh I’m tidying up for who might be our new son!”

“Come again?” She was confused.

“Hansel and I are going to adopt a son, he’s supposed to be visiting today.” Jäger was speechless.

“I can’t say I didn’t think you two would do it, what with Cindy and all, but I didn’t think you two would ditch the fun way of making them.” Marion chuckled.

“Oh no, Hansel really wants a son, this is just the best way to guarantee that.”

“Oh, alright, well, I’ll stay outside now. I’m all dirty, don’t want to ruin all your cleaning.” Marion’s hospitable side wanted to invite her inside anyways, but she did work hard for this.

“Uh, what if we just clean you up first? Then you can come inside?”

“Alright, sounds good.”

Jäger and Marion moved over to a section of the concrete ‘driveway’ that was used to wash the dirt off and they started cleaning, continuing to catch up on things. Jäger says that everyone should pitch in to pave a road between the base and the Walter’s place. Marion politely declined, instead insisting that the Walters just need to go up to the base more often. Jäger again emphasized that a road would do well in that scenario. Marion shrugged. Hannah took a break from studying and came out to talk. They talked about her studies and that led up to a topic Jäger wanted to talk to Hansel about.

While many of the human spouses had learned basic maintenance for their machine lovers none of them were especially capable like Hansel, and often had to default to base technicians. This was an issue because the base was contacted by a private collector that possessed a mostly working KönigsTiger. His health was beginning to fail and he wanted to send his beloved tank somewhere it would be kept in excellent shape. He insisted it wasn’t alive but many machines were skeptical. Nonetheless mostly everyone on base agreed Hansel would be the best person to give it to. Marion, too, was skeptical. She said she’d try keeping it in mind. Hannah said could be kept in her room, she didn’t intend on staying in the house much longer. Marion shot it down, she said the house was for family and friends only, Hannah’s room wasn’t going to be replaced by a dead metal tank. Marion said only if it was alive would she lodge it up in one of the rooms.

By then they had finished the wash and Jäger was clean, sopping wet, but clean. They hung around outside to chat about how folks on the base were doing. Nothing too major was going on, most of the time Jäger talked about how she was trying to get Erin, her daughter, to finally date Petre, Mini-Rommel and Kramia’s son,and to get them to move in together. She, like Marion, griped about how her kids didn’t reproduce yet. Hannah rolled her eyes and shrugged off the jabs. Marion and Jäger harassed Hannah,edging her on to go find a man and get the goods. Hannah jabbed back that she wants to be able to support her husband and kids. Marion fired back that it was Hansel who did that, Hansel’s mindset is to have a job that lets Marion work whenever she wants. Hannah had figured that’s where her similar mindset came from. Marion also said that when Hannah does have kids she’ll want to be home much more often.

Jäger was fairly dry by this time and the three moved inside, Hannah sat at the doorway to her room, Jäger sat on the kitchen side of the main space, and a very anxious Marion sat at the hanger door gantry with an ear out for anyone coming. Jäger and Marion discussed how good the house was, how Jäger’s place was, how the husband’s were doing, their works and such. Hannah begin fidgeting with a Rubik’s cube and was absorbed by it. Marion heard the familiar rumble of a car coming down the driveway, and by the sound of the engine she knew it was Hansel’s car. He parked in his spot by the front door and came in very excited. He greeted Jäger briefly and told them that Shelby will be calling when she’s on her way with the boy. Marion moved around with Jäger to be closer to the phone while Jäger and Hansel caught up.

The phone didn’t even complete its first ring cycle Marion was so quick. She snatched the phone and almost crushed it against her cheek as the tiny plastic phone struck her giant armored turret. She had an anticipating smile on her face, and as time drug on it grew larger and she looked even more excited. Everyone was silent and watching intensely as Marion spoke in response to the phone. She cried out in excitement as she hooked the phone back on the receiver and told the group the kid was on the way. The tension in the room grew higher, anticipation raced through everyone’s veins and their hearts beat quickly.

Jäger and Marion used the chance to talk to Hansel about the dead metal Tiger tank being talked about back at the base. He was fine with taking it for a while, he saw it as something he could use to spend time with his upcoming son, his confidence in this kid was impressive. Hansel did agree with Marion on keeping it outside, he said the only reason it would enter the house was for something serious. Hansel went on a tangent about what he would do with his son, from rebuilding the transmission to getting his first drink. Just before the kid was expected to show up Jasmine got home, she wasn’t too phased by the news and said she was going up to her room. She stopped just outside of her door and said that all of the living tanks might overwhelm the poor kid. Hannah said she’d sit this out and retreated into her room to check her email. Jäger said that the extended and taxing use of her engine made her oil too runny and was excused to relieve herself and top off in the bedroom. Suddenly it was just Hansel and Marion.

they heard the dirt road rumble as a car came down the way. Their excitement soared and they could barely contain themselves, Shelby’s little car bounced down the road and came to a stop just short of the huge gantry. The engine was cut out and the driver door opened up, Shelby hurried out and around the car to the passenger side backseat and opened the door. Hansel stepped out, heart thumping and mind racing, he motioned for Marion to stay put, to her frustration she sat still and waited. Shelby seemed to be giving the kid a pep talk as she undid his seat straps. She leaned in and gave him a big hug and helped him out of the car. Hansel immediately felt familiarity with him, he was a shorter kid, very thin with very pale skin and bright red hair. He had a round chin and a little nose, high cheekbones with a round face, he squinted in the sunlight and showed timidness. He was dressed in a blue and black plaid button shirt with a collar and name tag that glinted in the sun, he had khaki slacks with a neat belt and polished leather shoes that looked too big for him. He showed no sign of getting anywhere near Hansel, or even leaving the car door. Hansel couldn’t help but smile ear-to-ear. Shelby took his hand and walked him towards Hansel, who knelt down to get eye level with him.

“Go on, Chad, say hello.” Shelby said, the kid stood awkwardly and slouched over, slightly behind Shelby as they reached Hansel. Chad couldn’t pick his head up, his eyes fell to the ground in a somewhat defeated manner.

“Hello.” He squeaked out, looking at Hansel before looking down at the ground between them.

“Tell him your name, sweetie, introduce yourself.” He was silent for a minute, then he looked up to Hansel and made eye contact. Hansel was amazed by his eyes, they were a dark blue with a white inner ring bordering the pupil that made his eyes look like the eye of a storm, they were breathtaking.

“My name’s Chandler, I’m ten years old.” He said softly before returning his gaze on the cracks of the concrete slab beneath them.

“Well Chad,” Hansel spoke, trying to get his attention, “my name is Hansel Walter, it’s nice to meet you. I’m very old, how old do you think I am?” Chad glanced up then down again, shrugging. “Come on, give it a shot.” Chad scoured over Hansel this time, scanning him over and over.

“Forty.” Hansel smiled wider.

“Nope, try again, I’m very old!”

“Fifty?” Chad guessed again, a bit more involved, he was no longer slouched over and his head began to rise.

“One more guess, Chad.”

“Sixty?” Hansel shook his head, Chad leaned in, intrigued.

“Nope, I am eighty-two years old!” Chad’s mouth dropped.

“Titanic is almost that old!” He belched and smiled with hope. “Do you know anyone who was on the Titanic?!” Hansel frowned and shook his head no, if it wasn’t for Jasmine’s obsession with Leonardo Di’Caprio he wouldn’t even know what that ship was.

“I’m sorry Chad, I don’t know anyone who was on the Titanic.” Chad retreated back into his shell. “But,” he pushed on Chad’s shoulder gently, “Miss Shelby here told me you like tanks?” Chad perked up a bit, a twinkle in his eye and a subtle grin on his face. The hope and optimism of children is blissful, his wild idea that Hansel had a tank was preposterous, but it’s exactly right. “Do you want to see a tank, Chad?”

“Chad let’s go see the tank!” Shelby bent over and said to him, for the first time Chad stood up straight and shined with energy. Marion heard them talking and was up a wall with excitement. Her smile was huge and her eyes shone with warmth, excitement, and as much comfort as a death machine could convey.

“Chad let’s go see this tank! Come on!” Hansel said, he stood up and beckoned the two inside. Chad raced up to Hansel’s side and his head immediately locked onto Marion. He was floored. His mouth was agape, he stood petrified with so much excitement and awe, and his eyes bulged out of his head as he saw Marion. He was speechless. Hansel saw him and knew this kid was the one, he fell in love with him immediately.

“A King Tiger!” He finally exclaimed, Hansel and Marion were pleasantly surprised. Hansel squatted down next to him and motioned to Marion.

“It’s not just a King Tiger, Chad,” Chad looked over with great interest, and from the way everyone was acting so far Hansel knew his next statement was a matter-of-fact one, “she’s your new mom.” Chad’s face mysteriously twisted into more amazement than before and he snapped back to Marion, she had her arms outstretched and was waving for him to come closer. He bolted out towards her, she knew he was going to climb all over her and she was exceptionally okay with that.

“I’ve never seen him like that,” Shelby said to Hansel. He stood up and watched Marion pluck Chad up and sit him down on her deck just in front of her left eye, “he’s very shy, thick shell, you blew that into a million pieces.”

“Yeah,” Hansel nodded, “he’s our little mouse, now, I guess.” She chuckled.

“I’m glad you like him; and sorry he’s dressed so formally. It’s the orphanage’s policy. I-” she gasped and dropped her hand to her thigh, “I’ve never seen him like this. With other families he’s super shy and introverted, it’s why he’s never gotten a home.”

“Well, he’s home now.” Hansel said confidently, he looked over to Shelby and started getting the list of what they needed to do to adopt Chad.

While Hansel and Shelby sat down at the table to discuss proceedings, Chad and Marion openly introduced themselves. Chad was bouncing off the walls with energy, he spat out a million questions for her, she answered all she could and asked him many questions, too. He quickly answered her with what he knew. Marion let him play and explore all over her, he had a blast. Eventually he got down and would run to the car to come back with things to show her, he had small toy tanks, drawings, books, pictures, and knick-knacks. Marion fell in love with this little bundle instantly. Jäger had finished her oil change and heard the commotion going on. She didn’t want to interrupt the bonding moment so she held off, however curiosity got the best of her and she opened the door a bit. She was extremely excited until she saw the kid, her heart sank and she was weak as a wave of depression swooped over her. She closed the door and fought back the tears.

Marion decided that Chad was alright with tanks being alive so she called out Hannah. Hannah cautiously came out and delightfully interacted with Chad. She had to explain that she wasn’t from world war two and that she was born after it. She answered another million questions from Chad and asked him a bunch of questions as he started showing her all his stuff, too. While Chad buzzed around showing Hannah and Hansel his stuff Marion went to check on Jäger. Marion knocked on the door and asked ifJäger needed some help, there was no response so she opened the door. She saw Jäger trying to shy away, teary eyed and miserable. Marion pushed her back and squeezed into the room to shut the door behind her.

“Jäger what’s wrong?” Marion tried comforting Jäger, who shied away, sniffling.

“I’ll be fine, go-go on and enjoy yourself.”

“No, I can’t anymore. What’s wrong?” Jäger wiper her faceplate. “You can still have more kids, Jäger.”

“It’s not that, I-” she burst out with tears streaming to her deck, “I can’t stop thinking of him!

“Who?” Marion was puzzled.

“Look at the boy!” Jäger exclaimed, “He looks exactly like him!” Marion thought she saw a familiar face in Chad, she couldn’t remember where, she had seen a lot of faces in her life. Marion shook her turret.

“I’m sorry, Jäger, I don’t think of anyone like him.”

“Irish!” Jäger wailed between bawls. “Irish is dead! That’s him out there! You don’t see it?” Marion’s face lit up after that, there was a terrifying resemblance between Chad and Irish. Chad looked a lot like a child Irish.

“Jäger, I, I’m sorry.” Marion didn’t believe in reincarnation, but this was a tad eerie. “I didn’t see it before, I just never got that close to him is all.”

“It’s alright,” Jäger sniffled, “he was fairly closed off. Stuck to himself.” Marion saw personality similarities, too, but vaguely.

“Well, I don’t believe in reincarnation, but even so, I don’t think that’s him.” She sighed before she got to her next point. “Irish died a long, long time ago, Jäger, he died in forty-four.” Jäger shook her gun to disagree.

“I thought that too, but I always had this inkling inside me that said he was alive!” She tried to wipe the tears away but they poured down her faceplate again. “Not anymore!” She winced in pain and regret. “He didn’t deserve that! He should be here! With us! He shouldn’t have died for some bitch that treated him like shit!” Her emotions were very intense but Marion still noticed the human door open behind her, it was Hansel.

“They’re leaving dear, do you want to say goodbye?”

“Yes, one moment,” Hansel quietly closed the door, Marion hugged Jäger the best she could, “I’ll be right back Jäger.” She opened the door and backed out, turning around and closing the door behind her. She got close enough to Chad to pick him up and hug him. “Goodbye, Chad! Will you be coming back to us?” He wasn’t sure, a tinge of doubt and panic shrouded his expression.

“I hope so,” he said. His attempt at hugging back was tense and full of worry, “will you guys be my parents?” Marion’s heart warmed and skipped a beat, she glanced at Hansel and saw how happy and prideful he was. She knew the answer.

“We’d love to be your parents, Chad.” He warmed up and softened. Marion almost refused to let him go but eventually returned him to Shelby so he could go back to the orphanage to pack his things. They said their good-byes and farewells and Shelby and Chad left just after sunset.

Marion went back to comfort Jäger, she asked Hansel if Jäger could stay the night, Hansel said Jäger and Fritz could stay over if it helped. Marion went back to talk to Jäger and Hansel called Fritz and got him to come over. Jäger insisted all this was just her coming to grips with Irish’s death. Marion pushed deeper and got Jäger to open up that she bears the guilt for the death of her whole crew, she pointed to so many other tanks and their crew’s survival. Jäger opened up about feeling like a failure, she had so much armor, and it did nothing for those she cared about. Hansel and Marion assured her that it wasn’t her fault, they said that her crew being killed by the bomb wasn’t her fault. Jäger adamantly disagreed, she should never have let them sleep outside of her skin. They told her Irish went off on his own accord, it was his choice and not Jäger’s. Jäger said that it was the biggest mistake in her life. Everyday she regrets that decision.

Fritz arrived and relieved Hansel, who started a quick dinner for he and Jasmine. Hannah and Marion didn’t want anything. Off to the side Hannah told Hansel that she was accepted into a museum as the centerpiece, meaning she’ll be moving out soon. Hansel said they’ll talk about it more later. While dinner was cooking Jasmine came out of her room, and announced her return from dream world and that she had completed her homework. She asked about how the interview went and Hansel told her that her new little brother was named Chad, was 10 years old, and love tanks. He discussed it a little more with her while they ate their dinners, ravioli and mac and cheese. She brought up an overlooked detail that shook Hansel to his core.

“So, do you and Mom know where to bury him?” Hansel was taken aback, he couldn’t tell if she was joking around.

“What do you mean by that?”

“Well,” she swallowed her food, “you’re in your eighties, mom in her sixties, and neither of you are physically old, dying. You’re going to outlive him.” Hansel’s lips and eyes fluttered as he pieced it together. His body language darkened and his heart turned cold. “So when are you guys going to change him?” Hansel glanced back to the cluster of machines, then to the gantry door, then he really began thinking about it.

“That…” he started, “is a very good question.” He released a sigh of frustration. Could a child survive that procedure? They ate their dinners while talking about her day at school.

Jäger was calmed down enough to where she wasn’t crying anymore, she still felt terrible, though. Marion insisted that they stay the night but Jäger said she didn’t want to be a bother and Fritz said he could get her home. They wished everyone goodbye and said that everyone should get together again sometime. Fritz and Jäger left the house and headed on their way, when Marion got the door closed Hannah again announced she got the position at the museum as a display. Marion was excited, worried that her first baby girl was leaving the nest but excited to see her grow more. Jasmine was indifferent, wishing her sister luck out there. Hansel was a worried father as he thought about all the maintenance he couldn’t do for her anymore.

“Now you’ll be able to meet somebody!” Marion was hoping Hannah could meet someone and settle down, finally get out there and have a life of her own, like Tyler.

“Yep, lots of friends!” Hansel retorted. “So many friends, and nothing more.” Hannah laughed.

“Complains about not having grandkids,” Hannah held out a hand, “forbids daughters from having boyfriends,” she held out another hand, “hmmm,” she tilted her hands like a scale, “mom does this add up?”

“It’s just dad’s crooked math.” Marion replied, she hugged Hannah. “I’m so proud of you!”

“The only thing crooked are boys.” Hansel said, he kissed Hannah’s massive flank. “they’ll jerk you around and use you, stay on your path, baby, I’m very proud.”

“They’ll jerk you around but it is worth the wild ride, Hannah, when you find the one you’ll see.” Marion said.

“There’s no boy good enough for you, Hannah, don’t touch them. That goes for you, too, Jasmine.” He shot a glance and finger back at Jasmine.

“I’ll take the compliment, Dad.” Jasmine said.

“You’ll take the advice.” He crooked his head which made Jasmine laugh. “There’s some stuff I need to get done, Hannah, tomorrow we’ll talk about this more. There’s a lot you’re going to need, sweetie.”

“Thanks Dad, good night.”

“Good night dear, congrats, I’m very proud.” He turned to Jasmine. “Goodnight Jasmine, see you tomorrow.”

“Night, night.” Hansel went into his room, Marion started to follow.

“I’ll see if I can get him on board with you dating, Hannah.” Marion jested.

“I know he’s only kidding, Mom.” Hannah said.

“Sometimes I wonder,” Marion retorted, “he just wants you two to be alright.” She referred to her daughters.

“What do you think he’s going to talk to me about?”

“Oh, stuff like finding a home big enough for you, who would maintain you, how’d you get proper sustenance, he just wants to make sure you’re taken care of.” Hannah nodded.

“So he’ll probably do some negotiating?” Marion nodded. “Alright, thanks Mom.”

“you’re welcome, sweetie, good night. There’s a lot I have to talk to your father about. Good night Jasmine, don’t stay up too late.”

“Night mom. I won’t be up long.” Marion waved and entered her room. She saw Hansel was going through all of his tool chests and boxes setting tools aside. He’d been collecting multiple sets for a long time just so his kids would be tooled when they left.

“Want me to get Hannah’s boxes down?”

“Yes please, babe.” He shuffled through a drawer of sockets. “Thank you.” Marion reached into the rafters above her and pulled down empty tool boxes with Hannah’s name on them.

“Our baby girl is finally leaving, Hansel! I’m so excited!” Marion explained as she opened a toolbox and sifted through the pile of tools Hansel set out. There were pre-cut inserts for every tool she’d need. “And she’s in a public atmosphere, she might meet a decent man.”

“I’m excited and worried,” Hansel said as he tossed a set of wrenches on to the pile, “I hope she doesn’t get a bad deal with this job, and I pray she gets a good man who is good with his hands.” He inspected a torque wrench carefully and put it in a special case. “Otherwise she’s in for a rough life.” Marion put a hand on his shoulder and massaged it.

“stop worrying so much, babe, she’ll be alright. No matter what comes she’ll be alright. Life gets rough for everyone, you can’t stop that.”

“As a father, my biggest job is to worry-“

“You worry too much, I’m worried, I’m still worried about Tyler and Queen, sometimes.”

“Me, too, but if I can prevent problems I will.” He filled up one of Hannah’s tool boxes and Marion took it to the side.

“Hansel there are some problems we can’t see, and others we should let them learn. We won’t be here forever, and we won’t be able to cover our grandchildren.”

“That’s a good point, and it reminds me of another topic,” he quickly checked through a tool chest and pulled it out of line, “-this is Hannah’s now- but my point…” he stopped and tried to think of how to word it while Marion pulled the tool chest to the side, he decided to come out with it. “If we don’t transform Chad he’ll probably die before us.”

“That did cross my mind, but that’s only if he doesn’t meet his own metal woman.”

“It’s too soon to say he’s swings that way, I don’t think we should count on it.”

“So, do you have any ideas?”

“Yeah,” he filled another toolbox and closed it and handed it off to Marion, “I don’t think a kid could survive the transformation, and I don’t want to test it, so I say we wait until he’s grown up and ask him if he wants it.”

“I can agree to that.” Marion said, nodding. “Speaking of Chad, what room are we putting him in?”

“I’d like to put him in the room next to Jasmine’s. I just have to move all the baby stuff into the other room.”

“Why not the room to the right, that’s pretty empty, right?” Hansel thought about it, stopping his tool searching.

“I can’t remember exactly but I’m pretty sure we have junk in there, too.”

“Oh right, the war junk.”

“Yeah, that’s it.” Hansel scoffed. “Although with what he showed us he might like that room.” Marion smiled but shook her turret.

“I don’t want him swamped with all that stuff.” Hansel agreed.

“Yeah, it’s good for show, nothing else. I’ll just move the baby stuff in there, for now.”

“Do we have a bed for him?” Hansel scowelled.

“UUUUh, no, I need to get one.” He set out a number of screwdrivers from a drawer. “What else should we get in there?”

“He likes drawing, a desk would be nice.” Hansel nodded. “he also likes books, so a bookshelf, a big one, he said he made models, too-“

“He seems pretty artsy.”

“Yes! He does!” Marion thought of Irish, he loved painting Jäger and Fritz up nice, her heart strings were tugged. “So maybe we should get him a display cabinet, too.” Hansel felt her subtle mood shift 

“I’d say shelves, but, are you okay, dear?”

“Yeah, I-” she shook, “Jager had a long list of similarities between Chad and Irish.” Hansel put the tools down. “I see many, too.”

“You aren’t thinking of backing out, are you?” Hansel was solemn and serious.

“No, no, Fritz said not to let this stop us. Jäger said it’s time she dealt with reality. They want us to adopt Chad.” Hansel meandered over to Marion.

“there’s a long list of things that need to be done before we can adopt him. I’m worried about an inspection that child services needs to do, I don’t know if they are allowed access to the property, on those grounds alone we could be failed.” Marion looked worried.

“Oh no!” She wrapped around Hansel for comfort. “What do we do?”

“I’ll get in touch with the base, they might be able to help.” They sat in silence for a moment embracing each other.

“Hansel, are you really against our little girls seeing boys?”

“Boys? Yes. Men? No.”

“What do you mean?”

“I want them to meet men who are there for them, not bragging rights.” Marion saw where this was going. “Look at Cindy, she’s the sweetest girl on the planet, and look at how boys have treated her.” Marion knew about them all, she didn’t know how to respond. “if she was still under our roof and boys were pulling that shit with her? I’d of beaten the shit out of half of them.”

“Would you?”

“Yes! they would dump her right after they had sex! I get one night stands, I get hookups, but leading her on for that? When half of them could have left her with their kid? I’ve beaten their asses in a heartbeat, the lot of them.” He took a deep breath and relaxed as best he could, he felt terrible for Cindy. “I know boys will do that, which is why I want our baby girls to find men.”

“But men do it, too.”

“Not real man, if they lead our daughters on like that they are not men.”

“So what about hookups?”

“I really don’t want to think about our kids’ sex lives, that’s on them. I just better not catch any of it.”

“Well I want to know how successful our kids are!”

“Marion, please, no, I don’t. I just want grandkids, that’s all the proof I need.”

Marion went on spiting Hansel about all she wanted to know. Hansel protested for her to stop, wailing in agony, to Marion’s enjoyment. Hannah and Jasmine talked about school and Hannah’s job, Jasmine asked for Hannah’s room jokingly and Hannah jokingly threatened Jasmine not to try, but eventually told her that she could really have it. They did this until about 10 at night and Jasmine went to bed. Hannah got onto Myspace and chatted with friends online and back at the base. Meanwhile Jäger and Fritz were having fun getting back to base and got to the gates giddy and exhausted. They drove up to their large Ware-house and heard a very interesting event happening in the house.

“Was Erin here when you left, babe?” Jäger whispered to Fritz.

“Yeah, but Petre wasn’t.” they heard their daughter wail and moan through the door, no easy feat. Jäger smiled wide and Fritz was a mix of angered, appalled, and impressed.

“Fuck yeah! My baby’s got moma’s lungs on her!”

“Oh god, no, let’s just go somewhere else.” They turned and drove off quietly.

“He better not pull out, moma Jäger wants to become Oma Jäger!”

“Jäger, please, no. I don’t want to think about it.”

“We’re going to Rommel and Kramia’s, they’ll like this.”

“And if they’re doing it, too?”

“Round two?”

“My mood’s been killed.”

“We’ll see.” They got to Mini-Rommel and Kramia’s just as they had finished their own round. They talked for a while and wondered how upset they could get Fritz. Mini, Kram, and Jäger couldn’t wait to tease the young couple about it, Fritz couldn’t wait to forget about it.

Fin HaM 2 Ch 1


Yes, we finally start linking all the stories together. Yes, Chandler “Chad” is the same Chad from Fuso and Musashi, and the former story I need to actually repo and complete/fix. Just sort of lost track with it lol.

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Hansel and Marion: Marion’s Away

Hansel hung his apron on the coat hanger, put the bow tie in the pocket, and then took off his shoes. He walked into the main room and looked around, Marion still wasn’t back yet. He looked at the watch and decided he’ll put on dinner. He checked the fridge and pantry for food to cook with, it was a lot of vegetables and fruits from the garden and some slabs of meat. He thought he might make some corn beef stew with some mashed potatoes but couldn’t find any corn. He groaned in defeat, he really liked corn. He was wondering what was in the ice chest when the phone rang.
“Hello, Walter residence, Hansel speaking.”
“Hey honey, I’m still at Porsche’s place. It’s pouring here, I don’t think I can get home tonight, honey. I’m sorry.”
“Nah it’s fine, just stay safe, baby, I’ve got it tonight.”
“Okay, call me if you need anything.”
“Oh don’t worry we’ll be fine.”
“Do you need help with cooking? Make sure that the kids clean up, and uh-“
“Marion we’ll be fine, relax, we’re going to be having a good time. Don’t fret it, I love you.”
“Oh, I love you, too, Hansel! Good night!”
“Goodnight, baby.” He hung up and turned on the range to heat some water. As he’s chopping up the vegetables for the stew Hannah comes out.
“Dad, is mom still gone?”
“Yes, Hannah, mom’s still out. She won’t be home until tomorrow.”
“Why? Where did she go?” She asked emotionally, Marion was never gone for this long, Hannah was scared.
“Mom is at Aunt Porsche’s house. She just wanted to spend some time with her sister, that’s all. Don’t you ever want to spend time with your brother?”
“No!” She said sternly, “He takes my dolls! He doesn’t share my dolls! And he’s mean to them! Next time can mommy take him, too?” Hansel laughed.
“No, no, come on? He’s not that bad, they’re just toys to him, little action figures!”
“Barbie’s not an action figure! He has his own action figures!”
“He just wants to play with his sister is all.”
“He doesn’t play right. He’s bad at playing.”
“Hannah you can’t be bad at playing, that’s nonsense.”
“He is bad! Barbie likes dresses, and to do her hair, and to go out to town with her friends, and to be a princess, all Tyler does is smash them together in a fight! That’s not how you play Barbie.”
“Hannah he isn’t playing Barbie, he likes wrestling, and fighting!”
“That’s dumb.”
“Hannah it’s not dumb.”
“I think it’s dumb.”
“Hannah it’s not that different from playing army, you like playing army.” She searched for something to say.
“Army’s different.”
“Sure Hannah, whatever you say.” Hannah looked over the counter to see a bowl Hansel was using to mix his ingredients and got excited.
“Oooh! Can I crack open eggs? Mom lets me crack open eggs! Pllllleeeeeeaaaaaase can I crack open some eggs, daddy?”
“Sorry, sweetie, but I don’t need eggs to make dinner.” Hannah was saddened by that, visibly distraught. “Tell you what, after dinner, we can make some cookies.”
“Cookies!” Her face lit up and she bounced with excitement. “How long until dinner time? I want to make some cookies!”
“Maybe half an hour, then we can eat. What’s your brother doing?”
“Cookies!” She screamed and bolted off to her room. Tyler came out because he heard someone scream out ‘cookies’ and that grabbed his interest.
“Not yet, Tyler. After dinner, we’ll make cookies.”
“Okay.” He plopped down in the doorway to his room. The kids’ bedrooms were side by side, and in the corner of the house was the master bedroom. Exiting the master room the two kids rooms were on the right side, First was Hannah’s room, then Tyler’s room, then the main space and across from the bedrooms were the dining space and kitchen space. Next to the kitchen space and the main space was the human house built into the old hanger. It didn’t see much use other than storage and Hansel’s entrance. Hansel was the only one that regularly needed a bathroom, Hannah and Tyler didn’t inherit a digestive track, but did inherit their mother’s fuel lines and digestive system. So like their mother any fuel or food was broken down and burned up to grow or heal or energize them, the waste was expelled as their breath or exhaust if their engines were on. How their bodies used and produced energy was still not understood, all Hansel and Marion needed to know is that their kids needed to eat to grow. And eat they did.
Hansel wrapped up cooking and had the kids help him set the table, while they ate Hansel talked to them about what they were doing for the night, after they made cookies, of course. They didn’t have anything to do, it was pouring outside and their chores were done so they were just going to play with toys in their rooms. Hansel suggested something different.
“How about we camp out in the main space?” The kids looked at him funny. “We lay out there under blankets and tell stories?” They seemed to be getting around to the idea. “We eat our cookies in our tent and tell old stories, come on! It’ll be fun!”
“Okay, can we make cookies now?” Hannah asked.
“Not yet, you still have to finish your potatoes.”
“They aren’t like mom’s.”
“I know I’m not as good as her, but you still have to eat them. No cookies until you finish your potatoes.” She groaned as she stuffed a big chunk of potatoes in her mouth.
“Here,” Hansel said as he reached over and poured some stew over the potatoes on her plate, “mix them in with this, yeah,” he took her spoon and mashed it all together, “just like that! There! Now it’s better, that’s how Tyler ate his, and it’s all gone!” She took another spoonful of the mix and reacted better to it. Tyler had made a mess as he always does, no matter what food it is he’s mixing it together and eating it as fast as he can. Hannah likes to take her time, like Marion, and eat things as they are, Hansel’s the middle ground, some things he eats alone, others he’s always mixing. Soon dinner was over and Hansel has them wrap up their chores by doing the dishes while he brought out all the stuff for cookies. Hannah was very excited and instantly got to it, she had memorized everything she and Marion would do to make them and started telling Tyler to fetch this bowl, that spoon, this tray, which he had no clue what she meant. Hansel has the book open for cookies and was helping Tyler find his way around the kitchen. Hansel did almost nothing, Hannah was very good with her hands, Tyler was, well, good at grabbing things. Hansel just had to turn the oven on and set the timer.
“How long do we have to wait for the cookies?” Tyler asked.
“Fifteen minutes, then they have to cool.”
“Wow Hannah, you’re really good at this, what else do you know?”
“Not much, mom and I always make the cookies together, it’s the only thing I know by heart.”
“Alright so while these are cooking you two go get the BIGGEST blankets you can find! Oh and pillows and lamps, too!” They raced off to their rooms and to various closets to fetch the things asked of them. Hansel checked on the cookies and used the spatula to get them off the tray and onto a plate. The kids returned to the main space with blankets and mounds of pillows on their decks and Tyler had his old nightlight lamp that put stars and moons up on the walls and ceiling. Hansel got them in the biggest open space, right in front of the hanger doors, and showed them how to tie all the blankets together, and helped them throw the cover over them. The two kids raised their guns high to create an open space in the middle, and Hansel day in front of them to form a triangle. He passed around the cookies, which were very tasty, and told them all the original fairy tales, the ones with dark and twisted endings. They were a stark contrast and a shock to the children, who’ve been read the kinder ones, with happy endings. When Hansel began the first fairy tale the kids were disinterested, but when the story wasn’t going where they thought it was their attention honed in, and Hansel has grabbed it for the rest of the night! Against howling wind and heavy rain that added a layer of depth and synergy with his storytelling, Hannah and Tyler were invested in these stories, and they hung on to every word until the very last, when Hansel has run through every fairy tale he knew, which was a lot, and to his kids requests he told them some stories from his childhood. He told them about stealing some trinkets, selling them off, sometimes to the very people he stole them from. He told them how he bartered for his first car and explained how he smuggled himself into a flight school to learn how to fly and make good money for his family, at the time his father was crippled and couldn’t work. He relived a lot of good memories with them, and when he looked at the time he realized it was Saturday, at about 2:30 in the morning and the kids were very tired. He fluffed their pillows and put them to sleep right there in the tent, put the cookies out for Marion when she gets back, and made himself a little bed right in front of his kids under the blankets.
The next morning when the roads had dried up Marion hurried home, expecting something to be broken, on fire, or the kids at each other’s turret rings. When she opened the main doors, however, she was pleasantly surprised and overcome with relief. The door opening was loud enough to get Hansel up and he greeted her with a big grin on his face, full of pride in himself.
“Good Morning, Baby, we made you some cookies!”

Happy 2019! It’s been a while since I’ve posted, mainly because I’m lazy. :/ Oh well, I hope you enjoy this little exert. I’ll probably do a few more of these little things, they aren’t really important to the main story, just little bits that go into the life of the family. I liked writing it, and I hope you enjoyed it, too.
So because of some memes I got attached to Bruno Mars’s Treasure’s instrumental, I like it more than the original song to be honest. It’s just a nice little jam I put on to chill out.


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Hansel and Marion Ch 55

Big post! Big post! To sum it up this chapter roughly covers the point from the last chapter all the way up to the 90’s. Now it’s not everything, but it sums up some key points. Now this isn’t the end of HaM in general, but this is the end of this era, so to say. They now move into the new age, the one we are in, and have to deal with a new generation and new challenges. Things should start coming into stronger effect and other goodies await.



Hansel and Marion Ch 55
Hansel and Marion waited about a year before they tried for another baby. In this time they did some more thorough planning based off of what happened with Marion’s pregnancy with Hannah, and they adjusted their lives to live with their newest addition to the family. In the time they planned and prepared they also took on house renovations, new technology was coming out and so Hansel and Marion worked on the side to incorporate these new inventions into their house. First was a new oven, it had a sort of grill on the top of it so it could cook soups and meats on the top while it baked bread, cookies, or whole chickens! Marion was very appreciative of Hansel’s gift but she didn’t use it very much until she noticed how much Hannah liked the cake she’d make. Hannah grew rapidly, in just that year they watched Hannah grow half her size bigger, and once eat a whole plane’s wing from the junk pile in one sitting. Hannah’s intelligence blew their minds, too, she was speaking basic words, both German and English, in a month, and she knew phrases in another month. Hansel would brag and boast about his new baby whenever he could, to Whacker, to his parents, to his sister, to the other tanks, anyone he could without breaking the secrecy of their existence. They loved Hannah so much, and whenever they could they showed her off. When Cindy saw Hannah she instantly took her as her sister, she tried to pick up her sister but after Hannah was picked up off of her wheels Cindy’s eyes widened and her turret face flushed with exertion.
When Hansel and Marion did engage and commit to their second child it was much smoother than making Hannah. Marion’s sexual urges and needs were dealt with better and yet Hansel only committed a little more seed than he did with Hannah. He was still extremely paranoid about hurting the baby, but was more accepting with sexually pleasing Marion. The time came a lot faster than it did with Hannah, which drug on for seemingly forever with her pregnancy, and when the time was approaching they were ready. All the steps had been made and all the questions had been answered by Hannah’s coming. Their second child’s birth, a son and still a tank like his mother and sister, was much smoother and less strenuous as Hannah’s. With this birth Hansel’s parents were here to visit, they had found the time and money to come over and visit America and visit their children and grandchildren. Mrs. Walter helped encourage and keep Marion going while Mr. Walter just stood off to the side completely entranced in wonderment, looking off past everyone. They did help clean the newborn, and wrap him up in cloth to keep him warm. His name was Tyler, and he made them just as happy as Hannah.
Hannah didn’t meet him for a week, and when they did meet, Hannah instantly began picking on her younger brother, poking him in the loader’s periscope discomfortably for which he grabbed her gun and pulled it around angrily. This began the long and predicted sibling rivalry. Other than the usual tease these kids didn’t fight each other. Being so isolated from anything else they formed a tight bond. While they did have many chances to go out and play with the other kids on the bases they loved their vast yard to play in. Sometimes Hansel would take a week off from work to spend time with his family and whenever he did they played “Panzerwaffe” and they would hunt each other, make little forts, and try to beat each other in very competitive fashion during these war games. Most of the time they were pleasant and peaceful, but sometimes as siblings are they would fight or get emotional or get too rough with each other.
As a father, Hansel was supposed to be the discipline figure in the family, he made and enfored the rules and made sure the kids didn’t act up. He would try his hardest but often times whenever Hannah or Tyler did act up they would shrug him off, so he got creative with his punishments, but sometimes it was Marion who had to set them straight. This was another reason Marion wanted a human child, she didn’t like doing that and wished Hansel would do it instead. Even though both parents would be the hard one and the easy one, it didn’t affect how either child was raised well and they were respectable, hard working, with the same values and morals of their parents. Hansel and Marion did well raising them. They were good kids, they really didn’t act out much, Hannah was much easier than Tyler though, but overall they made Hansel and Marion proud, happy, and ever grateful of them. Most of the time Marion would teach her children math, grammar, reading, writing, science, and all of that sort of stuff, but when her limits of knowledge was reaching closer she decided to send them to school with the other kids on base. It was a long travel every day, one that she made with them every day, and this made their maintenance and upkeep rise.
Hansel was responsible for making sure that his family was mechanically sound, he did weekly checks on his wife and kids, checking their engines, liquid levels, and made sure they were oiled up. Whenever they hurt or felt bad he fixed them or did his best to remedy the pain. He made them linen skirts for their hulls so he didn’t have to make like forty sets of side skirts for them, he rigged their drive wheels to their wheels with cables so they could move, and ensured that their wooden tracks fit right. They had gotten track and skirt and tool sets from the base, they kept a stockpile of these things for the living tanks and had some limited equipment to make replacement parts, for when the kids grew to full size. Early on Hansel and Marion tried to get some engine oils into Hannah, but she’d down the oil and an hour later she’d be sitting in a puddle of it. She couldn’t seem to hold it at all. It wasn’t until her engine fully developed after two years when she cried for oil again. They did the same with Tyler.
Hansel and Marion knew that their kids wouldn’t be very socially adept because of how limited their social pool was, so they got their kids into a pen-pal group so they could practice speech, writing, and reading as well. Before their letters were sent Marion would proof read them for any classified material. It wasn’t until the kids were a maturing age when Hansel and Marion not only gave them the Birds and the Bees talk but also explained to them that they were classified. Neither of the parents really talked much about their service, they did explain about the war and what happened, the crimes that Hitler’s regime did, and why America was a good country. They enforced the concept that regardless of race or religion, a person is a person, and that you respect and treat them all equally. Hansel and Marion had seem some impressive feats and knew that no matter the background a human being is a human being. Their kids would ask about some stories from the war and Hansel and Marion would oblige them, but they never actively told stories. Some of the other tanks, however, told stories all the time. The kids loved going over to Frau and Canine’s place (Canine’s body was rebuilt and experiments were performed that reactivated him, to Frau’s everlasting gratitude) for their war stories. the crew were seen as uncles and their wives as aunts, their kids as cousins, and thus all the tanks and such were all interweaved as family, one large family. Whacker and Shellproof visited often, and Adler, through them, also grew close to Hannah and Tyler. Shellproof was very fond of the kids and that made her push and beg Whacker for kids of their own, when that time did come they produced a human baby. Their kid made Marion rub it in Hansel’s face, every time they visited each other Marion asked how they got a human kid, and would grudgingly look at Hansel when she recited Shellproof’s answer, just to spite Hansel. Hansel would always sort of disinterest himself and look off, regretting his over cautious nature.
Times changed, the world Hansel and Marion knew was changing, and their kids were growing eager and anxious, in the late sixties news reports and footage on the new televisions showed American soldiers fighting in Vietnam, and this made Tyler want to go enlist like his father did before him, Hansel was worried about the fighting style he’d be facing. Betty and Banker had to serve in the Army through the Korean War and heard the scary stories of how the Koreans fought in the jungle. Marion was extra worried, she couldn’t sleep through the whole night because of it. When he did turn 18 in 1970, they couldn’t stop him from driving up to the base, and talking to a recruiter to get him in. Hansel and Marion supported and loved him, but they expressed their worries to him. While paperwork was going through and plans were being made for him Hansel had Tyler, Banker, Betty, Fritz, and a few other veterans gather around and talk to him about combat. They didn’t sugar coat anything, they sat down, and told him what to expect, what to do, and what he will see. Tyler stood tall and said he’d be ready, but the hardened veterans couldn’t help but look at him and see themselves, see the hundreds of new recruits, and see the boys that said that but never survived the first day.
The day came, Tyler’s ship out date. Hannah poked him in the periscope one more time before she hugged him, then he embraced his bawling mother as she grabbed him in a vice grip. He assured her he’d do alright, he’d come back, and she begged him to. She begged him to keep his cupola down. Next he went to his father, who hugged him and shook his hand, wishing him luck. Tyler moved over to say his goodbyes to Fritz, who wanted to join up, too, to keep Tyler safe but he wasn’t let in. Next he went over and said his goodbyes to family like Whacker, Shellproof, Adler, Jager, Mini, Kramia, Frau, Canine, Zwei, Betty, Banker, Erika, Inbred, and many, many more. Almost the whole base waved him off. One of the last people to say goodbye was Devestator, he wasn’t too close to Tyler, but when Tyler said his farewells to him he pulled Tyler close and whispered to him. “Whatever you do, do not take advantage of any women over there. Do not do it. It will be the guiltiest decision you ever made.” Tyler wasn’t sure what that meant but agreed to it. Before he left he went back to Hansel, Marion had to leave she was crying so much, and Hansel and him sat there in silence before he finally piped up.
“I’mma make you proud, father.”
“You already have, son. I’m always proud of you.”
With that, he left for refit and boot camp. Marion worried about him and had hundreds, thousands of sleepless nights and nightmares, she was going crazy about her baby boy off in war. She was glued to the radio and television, she’d keep every single letter she got from him on her at all times. She had all these luck charms she had and she prayed for his safety multiple times a day. Hansel was much more confident in his son. His son had thick armor, he was strong, he knew that he’d be fine. Did he ever get restless about his son? Definitely, he thought about his son every day. He just was less stressed about it. Hannah was attending higher education schools in history and engineering, and was helping her parents out by doing some more work around the house and yard.
Tyler’s time at bootcamp was certainly strange, he was in a platoon of four other tanks, all new tanks, they were Patton tanks, all expected to make it through and get into their units in Vietnam. Tyler was not expected to make it. There were plans and measures ready to be made for if he made it, but they weren’t committing to him yet. His Drill Sergeants were all Korean vets, a Sherman tank, Easy-8 model, and two Pershing tanks. They broke the recruits and shaped them into military material. To everyone’s surprise Tyler was one of the best recruits they had. He out shined his peers with his dedication. He wasn’t an exact copy of his mother, as it turned out his armor was generally thinner everywhere, his engine was stronger, and various parts of him were more flesh and less metallic, most notably his hands. His hands just looked like someone dipped a human hand in gunmetal paint. In other areas, like his manhood, he was also more human than say Fritz would be.
He wrote home as often as possible and wished that his parents could make it to his graduation. As soon as he could he made a phone call home, his mother’s voice was the best thing he’s heard in his life. This inability to get around the country made Hansel depressed, he decided to invest in some large equipment to get Marion around on the roads. Once he found some suitable equipment he began saving for it and made it his highest priority. His dreams of Rudolph were coming back, and things were making more sense.
Tyler’s renovations were numerous, first off his gun was removed from his turret and sent home. That was a terrifying morning for his Mother, it’s not a good thing opening a box and seeing your son’s limb stuffed in it. Nonetheless his gun was the newest and best gun on a tank, the British made L7A3 one-hundred-and-five millimeter gun. It was a marvelous gun and one he grew to love the first range day he had. Another renovation was changing the engine, this was a much more complicated task, the transmission layout remained the same so that the strongest engine they had could be fitted into his aft end. It made him sick and uncomfortable for a month but after that his body accepted the new engine he also grew to love the extra umpf it had. Next was armor, his armor while thinner than his mother’s was still on par with the M48 Patton model, but that was still inadequate for the newest rounds flying around. New and experimental reactive armor was put onto his hide to help mitigate the effects of this threat. His tracks were also overhauled and sent home, the tracks were replaced with more modern rubber padded tracks for better traction. He was a little cautious about the tracks but he made them work. Next was an overhaul of his optics, his crew dropped from five to four, as he would be the loader and assist a designated gunner with aiming. To his surprise the hull machine gunner would remain because of the number of infantry that is fought in the jungles. That makes another point that’s changed, his machine gun ports are all rebuilt to carry either the .30 cal or the new 7.62mm M60 “Pig” machine gun. It looked a lot like the MG 42 his mother had on her. The last major modification he underwent was the replacement of his cupola, his old low profile hatch was replaced with the mini MG turret seen on the Pattons. He didn’t like it, it jutted out and made him even taller, not only that but it was an annoyance to keep in line. Of all the changes he went through, that was the one he hated. Other than that it was just some changes in placement of gear, tools, and ammo. Extra fuel tanks were installed and his radio was upgraded. He went through some final training to get fully acquainted with the gear, was crewed by some new tankers, and they were shipped off to Vietnam.
Marion kept a very close eye on the mail when she got his letter saying he left for Vietnam. The mailman never even touched the box for years, she was always out there waiting for him to arrive. They got updates from him often, he has some close encounters, close calls, and got himself some tank kills. and he got himself some stories. He served his time and re-up’d for another term. He was eventually rotated out of Vietnam and was transferred state-side towards the end of the war, just as the withdraw began. He took a month of leave to go home, and surprised Marion with it. She went out to go get the mail and was ambushed by her son Tyler, painted in olive drab with the US flag painted on his flanks. He made her jump with joy and rush him into an embrace. She cried onto him and clamped him against her, weeping about how much she worried and missed him. It wasn’t for a solid minute until she noticed Tyler wasn’t alone, she looked up and saw an American tank with the same gun smiling at them.
“Oh? Who’s this, sweetie?”
“This is Queen, my girlfriend.” Marion was very excited, she smiled to make herself as welcoming as a machine designed to kill and destroy can. It was a little bit easier than anticipated because Queen was also a machine designed to kill and destroy. Nonetheless meeting the parents is always awkward, and this is no exception. They conversed as they slowly made their stroll down the long driveway to the house. Her nickname was just Q, and Tyler and her had met just a few days after he arrived. She was an M48A3 version Patton tank. She was olive drab just like Tyler with similar company markings. After a long introduction Marion combed over her baby boy to see what the Army had done to him. She liked his new gun a lot, and his tracks, too, she expected the engine change and agreed that the cupola was a terrible and ugly thing. Q really liked her cupola. Both of them had scars all over them from the bush and combat, and there was rust in the skirts. While Tyler had blue eyes Q had light brown eyes, almost hazel, and she had a surprisingly cheery attitude for being right out of combat. Tyler was ecstatic that he was home again, and was very excited with how fast Q was accepted as family. Q and Tyler stayed together for almost the whole time they were home, they were inseparable and would be very on edge when not together. Marion had been watching the television because the news would broadcast footage of the war in Vietnam and it made her so terrified and anxious. She pried stories from Q and Tyler about what it was like, and from all their stores she understood why they never left the other’s side. It seemed that they were never scared of anything but sinkholes, mud, and infantry ambushes. They never really feared enemy tanks, aircraft, or even anti-tank weapons, but ambushes in the jungle and being torn apart would keep them awake for weeks on end. Marion and Hansel sucked the life out of them while they were home, and Marion made all the food she could for Tyler, nearly every letter he sent home mentioned her cooking and how much he missed it. There time was too short it seemed, and the month of leave they spent home flew by and they rotated back out to Fort Knox. Tyler would be acting as a Drill Sergeant and Q would be a guard for the base.
Hannah was still in collage, using government funds that was granted to the tank children for their classified life style. She was still going for her history major but now it was going to be a Masters and not a Bachelor’s. This would make her much more competitive in the job market. She was thinking about applying to a museum as an exhibit, she had heard that there were scenarios that relived battles from previous wars and she was interested in that as well. It was around ’76 when she asked her parents some deep questions about their war, a lot of uncomfortable questions. They knew this time would be coming and had prepared themselves for it, they decided the best way to do this was to sit down with Hannah and answer every question she asked the best they could. It was a very dark, challenging, and uncomfortable time for them all. This was healthy for the two of them, though, it got a lot off their chests, acting as almost a therapy session for them. They would answer a question then spout on about something like betting on how long someone would live, joking about how someone died, how humorous some of the maimed were about their injury. They opened up a long suppressed can of memories and let these memories indulge themselves, the dark humor that got them by, the little things that kept them going, how they felt about everything initially, how they transformed, everything from politics to their favorite brand of canned beef. Hansel talked a lot about the prewar he grew up in, the hardships and chaos that led to his whole nation blindly following the words of a self described disciple of a super-race. He talked about the fanaticism that these people flocked too, and made sure Hannah knew the difference between the ideologies. He told her that when he enlisted and was commissioned into the Wehrmacht he rose his hand and vowed on the bible to be ever faithful to Hitler, and to give his life for Hitler, but when he was put into the American Army he raised his hand and vowed on the bible to uphold and defend the constitution. He emphasized that the Nazi party swore allegiance to a man, and the Americans swore an oath to a document of ideas, of rights. He could not convey to her how much that means to him now that he knows the aftermath, knows the impact, of these ideologies.
“When you see children hanging in the streets because they would not fight for one man.., you begin to question any faith you ever placed in him.”
Hannah was satisfied with her answers, she enjoyed listening to her parents’ stories. For her parents it uplifted a burden from them, they felt relieved and a bit more secure about their history together. Although they still tried to keep it away and move on as much as they could, they weren’t as desolate as they once were when they did occasionally remember it, both the good parts and the bad parts. They used it to remind themselves where they came from and it realigned their virtues and values, they used it to make themselves better beings.One example was Hansel’s refusal to grow much hair, he kept his hair well cut and sharp and his face clean shaven, most of his body didn’t have hair and the parts that did were trimmed, too, but Marion loved his hair and Hansel gave it more thought. He decided to grow his hair out some more and that thrilled Marion, he grew at first a pretty pathetic excuse for a beard and mustache but eventually it turned out to be quite nice. It wasn’t full and thick like Whacker’s, Hansel’s was barely extending past his jawline, but it was enough to please Marion.
Eventually this led them to confront much of the belongings that they had sealed away in an outside shack. They brought Hannah out there and opened it up, Hansel pulled out guns, ammo, uniforms, trinkets, photos, and all sorts of relics they had. Hannah was enthralled by it all, she lost herself in the items, examining them and asking about their significance. She pleaded that her parents put up the photos they had, she thought that they looked lovely, and her favorite was a photo of a very young Hansel his sister in their school uniforms while sitting in front of the door to their home. She eventually pressured them to put up the photos around the house. Hansel was collecting various things to burn or destroy but Hannah stopped him and explained her reasoning, she said that eventually this all would be worth some money, some good money, and gave examples of items and their worth dating all the way back to America’s slavery days. If there are components of slavery in the market that are valued at a pretty penny, she says that even the Nazi banner will be worth something.
Things got better, Q and Tyler got married and got a place in Florida, Hannah got her job finally as an exhibit and started looking for her own place, and in the mid 80’s Whacker and Shellproof finally had a baby, a beautiful human baby boy. Once again Marion asked how they did it, and with that answer she glared at Hansel and told him that once Hannah’s finally in her own place their having a human baby. Once she does move out in 1989 Marion pounces on Hansel, and gets him to start their next little one, a little girl they’d find out. When time came to name her, Marion remembered in a spark of brilliance what she wanted to name Hannah, and so they named their second daughter, their third baby, Jasmine. Jasmine Walter came into the world in 1990.
Fin Ch 55

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Dear Elfriede

Dear Elfriede,

“Elfriede, oh you won’t believe this, dear!”

“What is it, Mr. Hotchkins?”

“You’ve gotten a letter in the mail!”

“A letter?” She couldn’t understand how anyone wrote her a letter, after all, she’s a tank in a museum! “Well go on, who’s it from?”

“I’m afraid I can’t read the name in the address, these summer rains ran the ink.” She scoffed.

“Typical. Alright then, open it up, read it.” The man cut open the letter and removed the message, he began to read it.

“Oh it’s in German, well my Germans not the best but I’ll give it a go anyways!” He cleared his throat and held it in the light.

“Dear Elfriede,

It’s been a very long time since we’ve been together, fifty years now, and to this day I still cherish the time we spent together, and I regret our parting on that dreadful night. It really was a shame. I often think of you, what might have happened had I stayed, would your fears be recognized? Would I be shot? Would I be barred? But mostly I think of what may have happened had we stayed together. Maybe we would be still together, maybe we’d be wed, be happily married with children of our own. Maybe. Nonetheless, I can’t say that parting wasn’t fruitful, but Elfriede, Love, I still miss you. I may have been just a young, reckless boy in a man’s world, just barely old enough to be fighting, but you made it worth it. Because of you, and the fond nights we spent together in love, I left that war remorseful, not dismantled, and I left with my worst nightmare being that I left you to die out there. Well isn’t it God’s blessing that you didn’t? I spent decades working with other record holders, diplomats, and counselors to track you down, to find out what happened to you. It was only a few years ago I learned that you were still around, and I’m writing this letter just after learning your residence. I do hope that you are in good repair, and I wish that I could see you once more. But that won’t be, my wife died not too long ago, and I know I’ll follow shortly. Elfriede, I just had to tell you one last time that I love you, and I know you cannot read this, and I pray to God, almighty, that someone reads this for you. I hope that you are happy. I love you, I miss you, and you are not forgotten, my love. I still remember your favorite story I’d read you, and I want you to know that I had two children. I had two children and I named them, for you, after your favorite book. Not only that, but my son has found love much like we did, and they have beautiful children together, Elfriede. I cannot express my gratitude enough.

Love, Walter”

Elfriede was very emotional, if she physically could she would be crying, decades of worry and wonderment were settled, she had her answers, but now she had even more questions.

“Elfriede you never told us you had a love interest!” She fought hard to form an understandable reply.

“I did, and now, now I still do.”

“Oooh! Elfriede! He wrote his address on the backside! Do you want to-“

“Yes! Yes! Yes! I have so much I want to send him!”

“He mentioned your favorite book was the name for his children, what are their names, dear?”

“Hansel and Gretel.”

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HaM Ch 53

HaM 53
They would wake up very sore and very raw the next morning. Marion woke first and wanted to say she felt different but it seemed more like her mind playing tricks on her, she’s been wanting this for years after all. Marion tried to get up to go get some of her things to put on but her suspension felt funny and wobbled intolerably on top of her unable to balance herself. She was worried and called some friends back on base to get an answer. She called number after number but was left with a ringing phone. She tried all the numbers she knew but right before she was about to give up and get Hansel awake she was able to reach Tiger.
“Good morning, Marion! Sleep well last night?” She was joking a bit, she knew they banged.
“Tiger! I can’t move! I can’t get up on my suspension! What do I do!”
“Wait you two did have sex last night, right?”
“Yeah, we did.”
“Ah, it just means you had a good time. He did a real good job if you’re stuck. You sore? Feel a little rubbed down there?”
“Very much so.” Tiger giggled a little bit.
“Yeah, sister, he fucked you real good. You’ll be fine.”
“Well how long will I be like this!?”
“How good he fuck you?”
“Real, real good!” She blushed, just thinking about it made her smile, squirm, and giddy.
“Then it’ll be a long, long time, baby. You’ll be fine.”
“Thank you Tiger! I’ll see you later!”
“Oh ‘fore you go, if you laid him out right he’ll be messed up, too, sugar. Now bye-bye.” They hung up and carried on, but Marion wondered something. She called back. “If you want a remedy or something I got nothing, only been that way maybe three times ever.”
“Oh no, Tiger, I was wondering if Frau got back.”
“Oh, a-herm.” There was an awkward silence. “No, she and Canine are still.., are still gone.”
“Do you think they can do it?”
“Do what? Bring him back?”
“Yeah.” Tiger was quiet.
“I, I feel the same way.”
“Marion, to be honest, I don’t think Frau’s coming back either. If she does, it’ll be like how Canine is. I think she’ll scrap herself.” This made them equally sick and sad. “I just wish I gave her a better farewell.”
“I wasn’t even there when they left. Dammit. This sucks.”
“Yeah now I feel like shit. Fuck!” They just sat on the phone in silence. “Well, I got a call from Faust not long before you called.”
“She figured out Anton’s gonna marry her.”
“I think we all figured that out a long time ago.”
“Fair, but it’s still nice to know she’s on the same page.”
“On that note I still don’t get why she isn’t with you all.”
“She was, Anton, too, but then they just took em. Still together, but someplace else.”
“I dunno, they’re tracking our healing here, I don’t know what they’re doing with them.”
“Well could you call them back?”
“Maybe. If I do I’ll let you know.”
“Alright, thank you. Bye, bye.”
They hung up and Marion tried stretching her body out, it didn’t work at all and made her almost feel woozy. It was about now Hansel woke up in a cold sweat and very alert. Marion was alarmed and took it as another flashback nightmare. She started soothing him and talking to him calmly but he told her that wasn’t necessary. He told her it was the dream again, the dream with Rudolph and those ships, it was more clear. Marion asked him what was different but he wasn’t sure, he just felt like it was more real. He started to get up and was very sore, his body ached and he was really glad that he got the week off. He eventually did get up but decided to do nothing, just resting against Marion. He thought about what they had done, about how there is no backing out of this now. “Marion, what are we gonna name it?”
Marion was surprised by this and lost. “What are you asking? Name what?”
“The baby.” He was rubbing her deck with his hand.
“Woah, we just started Hansel, we can wait for a bit. First let’s decide for sure what we want.”
“Ok, what do you mean, babe?”
“I’m talking about its form, will it be a Panzer like me or a human like you, honey?” He thought about it, he didn’t know they could decide that.
“I didn’t know we could decide that.” He thought about it, he loved Marion and he knows that he’d love whatever popped out of her. He never thought about what he wanted, though; he had always had thoughts of his kids on the swing, in the park, out in town, but this was before the war and well before Marion. He really wanted a son, that’s for sure. A son to carry the name and a little man to relate to. He never thought about whether that son be man or machine. “I, I don’t know. I just want a son, that’s for sure.”
“No daughters?” She sounded upset about this.
“No, babe, I’ll take my daughter. I just hope she’d be like my sister, more boy then girl.” Marion giggled a little.
“And why’s that?”
“Well my parents always said boys are easier to take care of than girls, and they were happy with my boyish sister. All their friends with daughters had all these weird troubles and birthdays, boy birthdays are easy.” She really smiled at that, made her almost laugh.
“Well, Hansel, baby, I want a little human. A little itty bitty thing I can hold in my arms, something you can carry.” That made both of them feel warm and gay on the inside, Hansel teared up.
“Okay,” he wiped his eyes sluggishly, “how do we make one of those?”
“We need to contribute every night until it births.”
“Okay, how?”
“We have sex, Hansel.” Hansel dropped the lovey mood and got really serious.
“Whoa, no! No I’m not doing that.” Marion was in disbelief.
“And why not?” She asked sternly, staring him down.
“I’m not going to hurt that child inside you, not happening! I’m not risking it.” She stared at him stunned.
“Hansel, you do realize that Zwei has done this? Right? They said that’s how it’s done.”
“But how does she know? How does he know? Baby, I can’t trust them enough to risk your welfare and my child’s welfare for their word. I’m sorry but no.”
“Hansel everyone has said that’s how we work! Jäger, Fritz, Rosa, Tiger, Kramia, Mini, Katelyn, they all said that’s how it works!”
“Marion, where are their kids? Where is Jäger’s kid? Or Tiger’s? Katelyn’s kid looks like a blend of Chuck and her, Kramia and Mini spat out a near perfect mix. I don’t trust them.”
“But what about your cousin? Huh? They have a human boy, Rosa said they fucked every night for it.”
“Marion, I don’t trust them, either.”
“You trusted all of them!”
“No, baby, you’re missing my point. I trust them with my life, but not yours! Not my wife’s welfare and certainly not my child’s! If I die, if I’m injured, god forbid but should something happen to me I wouldn’t care as long as you two were alright. I don’t trust them with that. Baby-guh, Marion, Marion I love you. I love you too much to let this trivial thing harm you, or my child.”
She was still angry with him. She declared she’d still try to get him every night.
And every night she did try. For the whole week Hansel was off they did have sex every night and it brought Marion’s hopes up, maybe he wanted a human so bad he gave in? In the week they cleaned out her hull and made sure everything was perfectly clean, it all was shiny and smooth and empty. They were happy and didn’t argue anymore. They worked on the baby’s room, leaving it blank to paint when they knew the baby’s gender. Everything was well until Marion’s hull sealed and she moved into a solid pregnancy state. After that Hansel stopped having sex every night. Marion would try might after night but after only three nights without his semen she grew irritable and very upset with him. Now Hansel had been dealing with random lash outs, she’d violently wake him in the night ordering him to make her something to eat or fetch her some scrap, trash, or whatever she hungered, but dealing with these lash outs grew annoying and going dry grew annoying at times. Mostly he stuck to his guns no matter what she did or said but some nights when they were laying in bed she’d make some moves on him and he would reciprocate. So occasionally they would have sex-and its some great sex at that-but way more often than not Marion was pushed away until she leaned away herself for the night. It hurt their feelings, made them feel bad, but Hansel kept on with the thought that it’s for the child.
Not everything was bad, however, during the day mostly she was her normal self but with quirks, as most women are when pregnant, and they loved each other very much. They trouble came when she sexually advanced onto him, Hansel went without it for maybe ten weeks in one stretch and it drove Marion so mad crazy she nearly raped him. Hansel forced his way free by jamming his thumb and finger into the joints of her arms and separated it to the point she threw him with pain. He ran out and slept outside in the car. In the morning she was very sorry about it. Hansel was very cautious about staying with her at night now for his safety so he slept in his car for a short while. Marion would remark bitterly about how he’d rather sleep with his car than his wife, implying it was sexual. This was broken when he was so horny he advanced on her and smashed her like when he impregnated her, she was fucked up for two days after that but still wanted him. She’d go through some trust issue states or some depressed stated but even as much of an ass as she was he stood by her through it all and never gave her shit. He was still obedient to her needs that weren’t sex-he’d perform sexual favors but not sex-and made sure she had the best care possible. At about five months in they got a doctor in to check the baby’s progress. Along with the doctor came Kramia, Porscha, Jäger, and Frau-Canine was revived and Frau was so enthralled about it she couldn’t contain herself for two months, constantly crying and thanking gods and all of that stuff, she also said that Anton and Faust were being used to test new armor and ammo with their gun shooting test hulls. The tanks talked about their man or kid while the doctor worked her stuff. After about thirty minutes of freezing cold instruments, hands, and uncomfortable and awkward insertions of body extremities the doctor concluded Marion was pregnant with a healthy growing girl. Marion was elated! The doctor left but all the women excitedly talked about it, discussing what gifts should be gotten, the color of her room, and what her name is. Marion shot down any attempts to propose a name, she reserved that only for herself and Hansel. It visually agitated Kramia and Jäger.
“If I can’t get Hanse to dick me then you can’t give me names.” That was her rebuttal, most of them were surprised by that.
“Marion, why won’t he do you?”
“It’s because I’m pregnant.”
“So? Mini fucked me silly, Igor cane out perfect.”
“He’s worried about the baby being hurt during it, so when we do have sex he’s very gentle, well, except that one time.” She smiled and looked off remembering back to that night, her eyes fluttered with glee.
“That’s absurd!” Jäger spouted. Frau didn’t look moved at all. “Frau can you believe that?”
“Well, Yes, But he’s not entirely wrong. Hear me out, he’s wrong, you can have great sex while pregnant, but the baby can be hurt because of it.”
“Well Canine and I get really rough with it, he’s bent my frame many times, the baby could get hurt if he slams me like he likes to.” The others were shocked by what she said, not the baby part the rest. “What? We have sex. Did you really think we didn’t?”
“Well-most of us always think of you two as the old couple, like grandparents. No never thought you two did anything.”
“You girls are crazy, I’m not that old!”
“When were you built?”
“Canine and I birthed and met in Poland, 1939, we aren’t that old.” While the other ladies were still trying to accept that Kramia was caught up on something else.
“Wait, what do you mean ‘bent your frame’? I love it when Mini dents my ass but he’s never bent my frame.”
“Oh yeah, Canine bends me like a stick almost every time we smash. Here look, I always get these stretch and fold marks here and here,” she showed them areas where the paint was striped or thinned, thinned along her bottom and striped where her engine deck met the crew cabin. “He tosses me around like a toy and fucks my brains out, I’m just a zombie when we smash. He’s fucked me to where my engine comes out.”
“What the fuck!?”
“Yeah, shakes me so hard the hatches open and his cock pushed my engine out to the dirt, normally he flips and mounts me so that’s how it happens.” They were shocked, little old Frau gets the shit fucked out of her! They pried more info out of her like how often and how good it is, which is every month or so and it’s always a good pounding. “I spray him down like a firehose!”
They end their time there before their plans come up and they have to move on. Marion waited excitedly and sexually for Hansel’s return. He came home early with a bottle of red wine and some chocolates, Marion was confused but Hansel elaborated with news that he had been appointed the manager of supply and stock! Marion was already dripping wet because of the dirty talk that had gone on before, so the celebration sex didn’t need as much of a kick start but lasted quite a while. After the sex when the wind was gone and the chocolate was demolished she told him she was carrying a healthy daughter. Hansel was excited but disappointed, he really wanted a son. Marion, being in the great mood she was, promised him another try after this one, maybe one that was human.
They carried on as before, Hansel was still resilient with withholding himself from her, which angered her, but he would relieve her more often. As they get into the new year, 1951, they knew their baby would arrive soon and sat down to decide her name. They discussed many ideas about her name, like origins. They knew she’d be a tank, so the discussion of schooling was decided as homeschooling, but they still wanted her to go out and see things-problem was her existence is classified. The base is all she’ll have. So they’re homeschooling her and maybe have her be taught by others up on base for a more diverse education, so they thought that maybe it wouldn’t matter what they named her? Yet still they wanted a good name with her that is easy in English and is still German. Marion remembered that she really liked the girl name that Rosa and Joshua had for their baby, but he turned out a boy and she couldn’t remember the name. They thought of Amanda, Samantha, Edith, but they didn’t like them. Hansel personally didn’t sit well with Samantha, and Marion didn’t like Edith, it just sounded like a shrewd old hag the more she thought about it. Marion felt like Hansel didn’t have enough of his genes in her, she felt like nobody wound be able to see any Hansel in their baby, so she at least wanted to have something that made people think of Hansel when they saw her. Marion and Hansel liked Amanda, but Marion said she wanted more Hansel in the name. They decided on Hannah. They’d name their first born Hannah Amanda Walter. A good English-German name that they both liked and held a nod to Hansel, now they could only hope that the name fits the girl.
As the time came closer and closer they hurried to finish the room and adjusting the house for the baby, it was quickly discovered that Marion was too big to get to the base, she was too heavy for her suspension to handle the dirt and marsh roads and her endurance and energy was low, more focused on producing the baby. She would move around the house and then lay her belly on the ground to take pressure off her legs, the treads, and the floor. Her weight was very noticeable to Hansel as he’d inspect her every day and he’d notice the solid rubber dampers on her road wheels had swollen and bulged out under the weight, he worried about finding replacements for his child and his wife. He’d have to special order them from someone. They had Whacker come down to do the wiring, and so he could teach Hansel some general up-keeping routines. Shellproof came with him to talk to Marion, turned out she wanted a kid, too, but not for a long time. She wanted Whacker to build up his own store or company or whatever he said he wanted, she wanted him self-employed. Whacker did have the same aspirations as her, but progress was very slow. Most of what he did earn went towards her maintenance and his economical development. He had poor investments, and asked Hansel for help with finances, he didn’t understand money at all. So Hansel taught Whacker finances and Whacker taught Hansel basic wiring. Shellproof and Marion talked about pregnancy, what to expect, and the plans for their babies. Once the job was done they all gathered around and ate dinner together, where Shellproof accidentally spilled the beans and revealed that they were getting married.
Fin Ch 53

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IT’S FINALLY DONE! I finally sat down and just forced it out. It flowed a little easier once I stopped trying for nitty-gritty details and just focused more on the emotional side. Easier, not easy. I hope I got the emotional strengths across while still emphasizing how hard they fucked, but it does seem a little short. Nevertheless, I’m sure that more inserts of HaM will come more often with more content as well as more side stories. I have a few in the works but maybe I’ll update some of the others like Titanic, Bismarck, Nagato, Yamato (well actually she’s kinda locked out right now), or a few others. Regardless please enjoy this long overdue insert of Hansel and Marion.

HaM 52

Their kissing and grabbing intensified as they moved towards the bedroom, suppressed feelings and emotions finally being released drove them into a frenzy, they started tugging and pulling on clothes trying to undress. The quiet house had very quickly come to life in a matter of moments and words. As soon as some article of clothing was off of Hansel it left her grasp, whether it fell or she flung it away it was gone. The taste of Hansel was all she tasted now, nothing else, just his hot fucking flesh! Oh everything about him was turning her on, his muscles, his hair, his eyes! Oh and his height, his hands, his tongue, and his mouth! Oh yes what wonders his mouth does to her, it’s so seductive!  Her body shook and quivered with anticipation of his doings, his naughty pleasures, and it could barely keep moving towards the bedroom when she thought of his cock, his massive cock! How deeply he pricked and toyed her, the length, girth, and height made her drool start drooling, oh she knew she was leaving a mess in her wake but she didn’t care, she was gonna get dick’d down tonight!

Marion’s arms enveloped Hansel and stroked and rubbed and held him all over, her body was warmer than usual and her body was slicker than before. Her tendrils combing through his hair and her arms around him excited him and her intensity ramped up his drive. Her seductive strokes of his body and sex promoted he do the same where he could and her suggestive actions stirred his mind with dirty ideas. All the things she did to him made him ache and long for it physically, her hands on his cock moving up and down his length made his balls sore but she’d always sooth them with a massage, her obsession with his testes is always welcome and relaxing. But when she sucks on his cock his spine shivers and slackens, whenever he watches her work him over with those luscious and beautiful lips he wants more and the gleaming razor teeth excite his adrenaline and made him hyper aware. Her pussy is the cream of the crop, though, her vagina is magical, it does everything her other tools do, but better! It’s bleeding warmth, it’s plush and holding walls, it’s slick and tasty juice, it’s gentle suction, and to top it off it’s addicting to eat! The most addicting thing Hansel’s ever dealt with, he swears that there’s drugs embedded into her glands, he’s told her multiple times. It’s so good, so magical, that when they have sex all Hansel’s problems are gone, whether it be a cold, stress, worry, anxiety, anger, it was all gone because of sex. They’re left giddy, carefree, and very passionate. He couldn’t wait to be passionately carefree with her vagina. Once they got into their bedroom Hansel’s turn-ons were amplified, her engine purr reverberated inside his chest and her very skin’s touch electrified him. The smell of fuel and the ambient taste of gunpowder stimulated him. Her eyes, her spectacular eyes captivated his gaze and made him want to please them. Her mouth was attractive and captivating, but by far her best feature to look at was her body as a whole, her shapely figure of various angles mixed with a variety of curves just dumbfounded Hansel. And as the temperature rose in the room the extra items came off. Her quick strip left Hansel in a frenzy, not only did the skirts come off revealing that sexy sharp cut for the treads but her extra treads on her cheeks came off, revealing her very blushed cheeks. Hansel’s hands instantly gravitated there holding himself to her while they smooched and sweated. Next he heard pins come out, and she slid her actual treads off and slung them into a corner. Everything was coming off. Hansel has never seen her so bare and nude as the grate covers for her intakes popped out, her towing cables, toolboxes, axes, shovels, jacks, clamps, and even the towing eyes were tossed away. Hansel felt he couldn’t get hard enough no matter how much he flexed his cock full.

There was a break in the kissing where Marion asked in an excited tone “Are we doing it? All the way?” She looked all over his face but would lock at his eyes for a moment.

“Yes, yes we’re doing it!” He looked all over her face and body, she had an absolutely gigantic smile and her eyes gleamed with joy. Her strokes on his cock hastened as she was getting ready to slide him under her. “No, no, I want to see you for it.” She nodded and opened the assistant driver’s hatch. Hansel climbed in and found her vaginal tendril she snaked up over the back of the seat. He looked into it, it seemed more swollen and throbbing with a puddle of her lube forming at the vulva slit and running down the tendril. He put one kiss on it and felt the reverberations all around him and placed his cock head right at the part and stroked up and down, really getting her to vibrate and shake like an engine. His head quickly was covered in her slick love and his knees trembled with the amazing feeling of rubbing their genitals together. Once it had gotten where he could barely stand and she was gushing out fluids with every pass he backed off and they locked eye contact. They nodded to each other and agreed to do it under their breaths.

Hansel pushes in up to his crotch, Marion flinched and her gaze darted off behind Hansel as she suddenly felt all his length, girth, and heat. His cock was massive, it pushed her insides around and made her feel amazing. All his teasing and stroking had made her suspension tremble and her engine sputter, her gun coil back and her body shudder. She felt the alcohol in their system buzz them and excite them, and their heightened senses and hyperactive hormones elevated all senses of pleasure. He was looking at her questioningly and she looked back at him, panting heavily.

“Marion, baby, do you want this?” She was extremely excited, her hormones and desires and mind was haywire, she couldn’t think straight. She nodded and rapidly agreed yes she wanted it. Therefore she sunk her cervix around his cock, breaking it through and they let the massive amount or dopamine swamp them into a heavenly world of ecstasy. They braced on each other and shook, they recoiled from their actions and enveloped each other with their love and lust. The most powerful connection they’ve ever had gripped them and kept their lust strong and their hearts passionate. Her eyes sparkled through her squinting eyelids with a beauty Hansel admired like it was godly. And his glistening body lured her to adore him religiously. Neither of them could recall ever feeling so strongly about the other, all of their previous spikes of love, compassion, camaraderie, and desire all formed together in this moment here. It seemed like forever they were making love, truly making love, and neither wanted to stop. Continuous bouts of encouragement and praise spurred each other on, and their own pounding wants pushed them to ensure their partner was in as much pleasure as possible. Hansel groped her clit or a feeding tendril while Marion fondled his balls or combed through his thick golden hair. All the while they’d move in for a long kiss, heavy breaths heating the whole house by now, and their genitals starting to sore. Grey veins were popping, fuel tanks drying, muscles throbbing, engines cranking, skin drying and grease steaming. Both were sweating profusely, Hansel never knew that she could even sweat, while Marion gawked at how much she had physically changed him, his skin was entirely a flushed grey-red with all this frenzy. She watched his face start to shrivel up and clench as he came closer to it, her heart raced and her ‘legs’ trembled in anticipation. His thrust slowed and became more forced when suddenly he slammed his body against the tendril and it happened. She gripped his hair and wrapped all over him, staring into his magnificent eyes as she felt these monstrously huge shots penetrate deep into her. They felt so deep inside her that her core itself felt the stick of his seed. One shot, two shots, three, four, a fifth, each shot also showed on his face as he stared back at her. He watched as her expression was of sexual pleasure and exertion to bewildered enlightenment, pure joy. He gave it his all and pushed even deeper for the last shot to go, he forced with all his remaining strength and sent it even deeper. To Marion she thought he was as deep as he could go, but she was wrong. The last shot blew out her core and replaced it, her core didn’t feel like her anymore, she felt him. She quivered and shook and giggled with elation, this was by far the best moment she’s had with Hansel. The whole world was just them. Hansel sort of slumped over, being held up by weak arms, and was regaining strength for her turn. She had planned this as the end, thought that the argument was over, and was letting him relax. Hansel wasn’t done with her, she wasn’t done in his eyes. He was regaining strength so she wouldn’t miss this opportunity to come, too. Slowly his thumb began circling the raw bulbous metal-flesh that was her clit. “Hansel, we’re done. Rest now.”

“No,” he said with a sigh, “you didn’t finish.”

“Hansel please!” Her expression turned to worry. He knew why she was worried, but thought it was a silly reason. Her only argument why she shouldn’t cum.

“No, you give this to me, you make me the man I want to be for you. You let me do this.” He slowly eased out to his head while pinning her tendril down.

“Hansel it’s in!”

“I’ll keep it there.” He pushed back in, this time angling himself for the spot. He hit a different textured spot of flesh that made her whimper and bite her lip. She looked worried, pleading, and scared, but Hansel was going to show her how silly she was. Show her what kind of man a woman like her deserves.

“No Hansel, please don’t, I’m scared-mmmpff!” He kidded her gun as he struck her spot again. He  pushed in and out as fast as he could. His body started to hurt but he ignored it, her whimpers gave away how much she was enjoying it even if she tried to make it sound painful. Her g-spot getting the good dick mixed with the fact it felt like her innards were nothing but Hansel jizz made her really struggle to stay up or hold back from orgasm. He kept getting faster and her whimpers and engine got louder, her eyes darted to and fro, her turret jostling on the bearings and the gun spasming out. Hansel’s body was screaming with pain, his knees had been shaking and buckled long ago, only holding himself up with his arms and her jittery arms. Her body just locked up after a while, no movements at all. He kept going, ignoring the pain and hammering that g-spot. His vision was starting to fade when suddenly her eyes rolled back and her entire entity shook and thrashed about. She came and sprayed herself like a fire hydrant. She came and sprayed for two minutes easy. Piercing moans and whimpers shook the home and probably bled into the night sky. She sprayed so much it drenched Hansel head to toe, splashed all over her cabin, soaked the seats, soaked his hair, splashed up his body, off his chest, into her huge gaping mouth And onto her gun and face and deck. The whole time still thrashing like she was possessed by demons. Everything stopped and calmed when Hansel felt a sudden drop coupled with a huge crashing and grinding noise. Amidst the unhealthy sounding engine noises was her muffled whimpering, deep hot heavy breathing, extreme vent action on her stern, and cooling engine noises-absolutely everywhere, and some ringing in Hansel’s ear. He collapsed with her and slumped on her deck in a pool of their drool and her lovely tasting cum. She blinked very slowly and suddenly her eyes were back, staring down into his.

“I love you.”

That’s all they said for the longest time. They ensued in holding hands and rubbing their thumbs over each other’s lovingly. Then they broke silence again.

“Is it still there? Marion?” She took a deep breath.

“Yes, baby. It’s still in there. All of it.”

“I told you it was silly.”

“I guess it was. I was just really scared I’d cum it all out, baby.”

“We’ve had sex dozens of times and it never came out, honey. Why would this be different?”

“I guess you were right, Hansel, baby.”

“You were just being silly, honey.”

“This is the first time we’ve had sex in what? Five years? It was amazing, better than ever. You really are the man.” They closed their eyes to sleep in this hot mess they made. Right before they passed out Hansel grabbed her chin and drug his head close to her body, so close his nose was buried under the turret and he whispered to her:

“You are the most beautiful thing in the whole wide world.”

Marion was finally pregnant.

Fin 52

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Hansel and Marion Ch 51

I’m back! And boy has it been a long time since I’ve done HaM, and here they are, life in America!


The New World

Ch 51
Marion quickly confronted the Swiss cheese Tiger and learned of how he was related to Adler, and why he looked like Swiss cheese. They talked briefly before Kramia came up with her newborn, Igor, the sweetest little thing as Kramia called him. Igor looked like a Panther hull squashed to the height of a T-34 hull, he had his father’s suspension and his mother’s drive train, Igor had what looked like an elongated Panther turret with a long smooth gun with no muzzle assembly, like his mother’s 85, and he really was the sweetest and friendliest thing with bright blue eyes. Marion didn’t even notice that Kramia had her 85 back on because she was so wrapped up in Igor, but Kramia had changed her guns out, and Mini made a wall mount for the gun which was proudly displayed in the main room of their warehouse. Devestaor and Kramia did their best to update Marion and Hansel on the times missed, none of the couples have broken, which was good to hear, and Kitty was rumored to have a special someone in mind. The Porcshe tanks were heard to be planning a child, Fritz and Jager turned out to be expecting and Edwards had found work at the nearby train station as a engine mechanic. Fritz and Jager had tricked him into a trap and had forcibly changed him to the humorph, he was on the fence about it but leaned away from it because he was thinking of marrying humans, but Fritz and Jager were strongly “recommending” transformation. Kramia also mentioned how Whacker and the IS, Shellproof, had also become a couple. Marion went off to find Cindy and she did, Marion was amazed at how big she had grown, Cindy was almost as big as her parents, so close she had standard Sherman tracks, they were a little loose but they worked. Cindy was very enthralled to see Marion again and flung herself at Marion, embracing Marion like she did her own parents. Hansel and Marion went all around trying to catch up with everyone, and meet all the new little ones like Rosa’s and Joshua’s little bundle. They had a baby boy named Zachery, and that led on to a surprise to all from Chuck and Katelyn were expecting, just out of the blue they came out and said Katelyn has been pregnant for almost three weeks.
It was at this time Hansel counted his blessings, his overabundance of blessings. He survived a direct hit from a tank, survived recovery, met the love of his life and his guardian angel, he’s carried his brothers to safety, he thought of all the things he’s done that would be seen as traitorous: help an enemy vehicle, spare the enemy, cooperate with them, and eventually join them. At the time he didn’t think much of it, more going along with what Marion would want, but if he was ever caught by command of that, he might not be alive today. The eufora swept over him, just how well everything went for him. In the world’s darkest moments he shone bright, and fortune favored him. Dear God, He thought, What have I done to deserve this? How can I repay this?
Soon after that day Hansel started looking for work. He put in many applications but with what little English he could write it was difficult and made even worse with having no references. He had no background in America, his whole time in the army was classified, all of his work were German companies and the only thing he’d be able to prove was being a mechanic; he didn’t trust his crop dusting flight time because of how long ago he did that. He thought about trying to be a salesman but with his German accent, who’d buy from the loser? The ex-nazi? Marion tried to comfort him and keep his spirirts up and after a few weeks she didn’t have to try so hard, he got a job offer.
Roberson was glad to get Hansel into work, it turned out that he’d been going through applications at the store his father had just opened and noticed a Hansel, he only knew one guy named Hansel and went through it. Roberson noticed the obvious German-esque spelling errors and called to make sure it was who he thought it was. Roberson confirmed it was Hansel Walter and pressured his father to override the reject stamp and hire Hansel, so it was done. Roberson personally shook Hansel’s hand and when thanked he replied: “No Walter, thank you! I served in the third army, you and your Tiger personally saved my life, this is the least I could do to repay you. How are you guys? How’s she doing? She’s, she’s still around, right?” Hansel hush-hushed him because it was classified, but assured him she was well, that they all are well.
“Also,” Hansel added, “I’m going to marry her as soon as I can afford the ring.” Roberson was surprised.
“Wow, congradulations! Honestly thought you already did marry her.” Hansel quickly picked up on his new line of work working in a grocery store, the work load wasn’t extreme but it was a heavy load. He stocked shelves and unloaded trucks, Roberson knew Hansel was a leader and was setting him up to be in management at some point, so with Hansel’s hard work and dedication mixed with support from higer ups he made progress at a welcome rate. He made some raises and moved positions in under two years.
Marion, because she’s technically classified, spent her days at home. Of her boredom and desire to do something she asked Hansel to bring home some plant seeds he talked about, and she became quite a gardener, she also kept up with her little hobby of crafting objects out of wood. She had made numerous things like the cooking utensils she used, a coat hanger, a little cabinet, a beautiful sculpture of a fox, and of a little name plaque for Hansel. She’d also try cooking a lot, and spent a lot of her time cooking and trying different concoctions of foods, some she liked, others she didn’t, and as Hansel would find out and quickly agree, she had become very good at cooking. He loved her cooking, he dreamed of it sometimes, he’d compliment her on almost everything, almost. He wasn’t afraid to say that it wasn’t good, and Marion was never upset by that, that’s what groomed her into such a good cook. Every morning they’d greet each other, eat breakfast together and talk about their plans, then Hansel would kiss her goodbye, wish each other a good day, and he’d go to work. Typical family life of the 40’s, except they didn’t have kids to pat off to school, Marion wanted kids, but had gotten a fix from raising and caring for Cindy so her desire wasn’t pressing, just a want. She knew how expensive kids would be, and how insecure Hansel feels at the moment financially, he wasn’t well off but they knew they weren’t suffering. Hansel just wanted to have money saved up for when that time came.
They never fought or really argue, they’d disagree over petty things like what furniture would fit the scene or how the new bushes should look, sometimes they’d never agree but mostly they would be swayed to the other’s view. Mostly for the better but they never were stubborn, if it was a bad decision they fixed it. They were very flexible in other words, and in those first two years they had made the place very homey and they were quite happy and proud of what they’d done together. They were constantly busy with something and never had any sex, they relieved thier stresses in other ways, hobbies and such, and if the desire persisted they’d relieve themselves so the other wasn’t disturbed in thier work. But every evening when Hansel got home he asked her about her day, she’d tell him a quick summary and then she’d ask him about his, he’d run down his schedule, and ask about certain parts of hers, she’d elaborate and ask about some of his which he’d explain. Then they ate dinner together, talking about their plans for tomorrow, and the weekend or the holiday. They’d play some games and listen to the radio, elaborate on something that happened or their plans, and then they’d tidy up, Hansel would wash up-Marion was washed by Hansel about every Saturday, and they’d turn in for the night, wrapped up in their arms and tucked in for the night.
Hansel set his car into park and turned off the engine. The Florida rain was coming down hard, like it always did in summer, and he didn’t feel like getting out of the car. He was home late, real late, and it was because of a lot, but he’d only say work kept him that late. Truth was that work did go late and was very hard, the electric lift was busted so the whole truck had to be unloaded by hand by just himself and some highschool kid. Next he went over to the jewelry store and got the rings that he’d been looking at, that took a lot longer than he expected, and since the end of the war Florida had started populating more so there was road work to make the roads safer, safer not safe, and that held him up even longer. So his expected plan to be out of the store and home by seven was completely blow out of the water as his watch read 10:22 pm. He nearly hit a deer, too, scared him shitless like he had been shot again. He sluggishly looked to the passenger side and made sure his items were all together, the rings buried on the bottom of the paper bag and stacked on top were some groceries Marion wanted, a handful of watermelon seeds he finally remembered to collect, a whole chicken body, some small art supplies that his store had, and some pens. He sighed deeply and tucked the things under his coat and made a break for the porch through the pouring rain. He got to the porch with only stepping in one mud puddle, usually it’s about three. He kicked and stomped his shoes around to get as much mud off, then bent his aching back over to pick out the mud in the laces. He reached into the bottom of the bag and plucked the rings out and put them into his back pocket of his pants before he entered the house portion of the home. He took off his coat and shook it off and placed it neatly onto the coat rack Marion made, he kicked off his shoes and kicked them into the corner; he’d clean them off later, and walked through the hallway, through the house kitchen and dining room into the main room. The main room they called the living room was where the vast open space was for Marion, and if you walked in like Hansel had and turned around it would look like the whole wall of the house had fallen down and exposed the innards. The two floors reminds them of the “old western” movie bars with the staircase leading up to a balcony leading to the rooms on the second floor. There were three bedrooms on the second floor and one full bathroom, the first floor had a lounge, office, kitchen, dining room, laundry room, and an additional bedroom with a full and half bathroom. The whole hangar had been divided by Marion into five areas, her kitchen, laundry wall, living room, maintenance area, and bedroom. Hansel and her had only erected basic frames for the walls and hadn’t done anything more with it yet, because Marion wanted to adjust the size of the bedroom to make it smaller, more like the barn they first ‘met’ each other. Marion was also thinking about dividing more space for rooms like a guest room, two bedrooms, and maybe some more kitchen room for storage. Hansel supported her ideas, and would like so expand into the house so she could use some of that space, too, but she liked the way it looked. “Oh, Hansel, where were you I’ve been worried sick!” He groaned.
“I’ve been at work, we got an extra shipment and the lift was busted. It was Carter and myself. How’re you doing, dear?”
“Oh that sounds like it was rough, I’m fine, just the little cat-things came by and gave me a headache, they really like our potatoes.”
“I bet, they’ve been digging at them for weeks.” He sat down at a cushion chair against the wall and let out a relaxing sigh. Marion rolled over to him and massaged his shoulder.
“Supper’s cold by now, want me to heat it up for you?” He rubbed his face and looked up to her, meeting her gaze with his, her gaze had never changed. That was the exact same lovely and beautiful gaze she gave him the night he met her.
“Ah, no, no, it’s fine, babe, I’ll eat it cold. Thank you, thanks for supper.” He wretched himself out of the comfy chair and hobbled over to the stove she cooked on. Inside the pot was warm stew of carrots, beef, peas and potateos with a hint of seasoning that she loved making, and Hansel loved eating. “Oh this smells great, Marion! I love you.” He made himself a bowl and grabbed another, “Would you want some, dear?”
“No, I’ll save it for tomorrow. You can take some for lunch if you’d like.”
“Oh yes please,” he scooped up some stew and hurriedly ate some, “I swear you get better and betteer, babe.”
“Oh stop, you just get hungrier I don’t get better.” He sat down at the table and gulped down another spoonful.
“I disagree, you get better.” He quickly devoured the bowl and thanked her again for the meal. She was going through the bag he brought home.
“Oh yes! You remembered the seeds!” She smiled and examined them, little black and tan tear drop seeds in a jar made her so happy, and that made Hansel happy. As she sifted through the seeds with her mechanical hand Hansel felt his back pocket, the rings were there. It made him smile more. Once she’s done, he thought, then it happens. “Hansel, do you know if there is any yellow paint or dye at the store? I want to make a sculpture of the long leg birds that walk the yard.”
“I’ll have to check for it, don’t know off the top of my head.” He watched her go through the bags and sort the items out on the table and once she turned to put something away he proped himself up, pulled the ring box out of his pocket and stepped away from the table. “Marion?”
“Yes, Hansel?” She turned her gaze and saw the little box. Hansel slowly and painfully got down on one knee and opened the box, Marion gasped and droped the jar of seeds.
“Marion would you marry me?” He smiled pleadingly, Marion’s hands clasped her mouth as she teared up, and visibly shook.
“Yes! Yes! Yes Hansel I’ll marry you!” Tears streamed down her face and she pulled him up to kiss her. Her turret was off over her right side so when they kissed Hansel could hold her chin as they locked together for one of thier longest kisses. Her arms wrapped around all of him, through his shirt and in his socks, through his hair and into his hands, it felt like the end of the war but better! Hansel, too, teared up and cried with her. Once they broke apart she laid him out and held him aginst her side where he fought not to fall asleep.
“I love you Marion, with all my-*yawn*-heart, I’ll be by you through good and bad, thick and thin, joy and pain. Just as you have been there for me I’ll be there for you, till death do us part and again when I find you in heaven.” Marion had no idea what to say, ‘I love you’ wasn’t enough, she had no words for this emotion, it vastly outmatched any dialogue she had prepared, she was truly swamped with emotion. Even though he wasn’t going to enjoy it, it’ll be painful, and she didn’t want to do it, they had planned that if he ever married her she’d convert him to a humorph. He knew as well, he knew how much it was going to hurt-indescribable pain and misery, literal life-changing and body fusing torture. But in the end both knew it had to be done and the benefits outweighed any physical feeling they had. So Marion asked him;
“Hansel, are you sure you want to do this?” She opened one of her tendrils to reveal the long and thick probe, the base a series of coils and hoses, and the point fine and pricky. She felt a little sick herself looking at it, she’d never been penetrated by anything-just Hansel- and being armored and mentaly built so nothing would penetrate her, it felt wrong and sickening to think about the whole concept of injection.
“I’m not sure, babe, but this is the plan. I’m going to marry you no matter what, might as well stick around.” He looked into her uncertainty, her eyes beading still from crying. “Do it.” With that she put some cloth between his teeth and lined up the injectors, tears bubbled at her eyes and blurred her vision but it was too late, they were lined up and ready. She clentched her eyes shut and pressed into him.
The actual penetration wasn’t bad for Hansel. Her body was warm and the needles seemed to fade away in his body unlike normal shots, the metal wasn’t icy cold and instead he was left with the aching and pinching feeling at the skin and like there was a knot in his muscles. He thought to himself This isn’t too bad when she hit him with it. Suddenly an intense burning sensation filled the points from the inside out, and rapid and sudden muscle contractions twitched and pulled all around his body, he felt loss of any control and then the real pain hit. He felt like he was dying, like he was being filled like a balloon, the fiery feeling turned into a black and gnawing beast slowly crossing into the mortal realm, hell itself was using Hansel as a portal. Hansel screamed and cried out, all he could somewhat control, but the rest of him was thrashing about, his head slammed against her armor and he felt not pain but relief when that happened. It soon felt like his very flesh was being ripped off his bone, bare bone suddenly had nerves and they cried and bled out in pain and misery. His guts began thrashing as if they were a separate entity, Hansel wasn’t very religious but he swore for the rest of his life that at that moment the very beings of God and Satan were fighting inside of him, immortals were ravaging his body and slowly it felt like he was losing. Marion was trying her best to keep him from hurting himself with restrictions and soothing voices to help but his muffled screams would drown her out for anyone nearby. Hansel felt like murder, felt like his organs were ripping and tearing and popping slowly, oh so slowly! His eyes blacked out but he could still see but it wasn’t the roof or Marion like before, no, now it was him, he saw himself dying. His heart suddenly stopped beating and he felt it but still the bleeding sensation lived on. It came back again with a vengeance and felt like it was exploding out of his chest, his ribcage was cracking and healing all at once, his brain shrinking and expanding at once, his lungs collapsing and breathing like never before. His screams worrying Marion even more. She was crying, full on crying. In her mind she vowed she’d never do this again, never.
By the time it was completed Marion was sobbing, she had drenched Hansel in his sweat and her tears. She pulled the injectors out and pressed him against her turret cheek with his blank face looking at her eye. She kept crying and chanting how sorry she was, pleading for him to come to, to come back. She was praying to the God she never learned to give him back. His hair was full and smooth as she stroked through it, his muscles tight and taught, his body warm and convulsing, his limbs twitched and squirmed. She thought she killed him, she couldn’t get an answer from him, she couldn’t feel a beat through his soaked clothes, and it had been ten minutes since she stopped. She blamed herself, he wasn’t ready or she didn’t do it right, she killed him and it was all her doing. She killed her love, killed him in the most brutal and aganizing death possible. She’d never forgive herseld for it, how she was going to carry on she didn’t know and didn’t expect to. She wanted to die, to join him in death, she couldn’t go on without him. It was unfeasable for her.
No this isn’t no fucking Romeo and Juliet shit calm down.
Hansel puked his guts out and gasped for air. His eyes shot open and he looked around confused, panicking, and frightened. He fixed his gaze on Marion as she sat there breathtaken. She did’t notice his vomit all over her body, she didn’t notice the thunderous storm that had turned into a hurricane, she didn’t notice the time passing. She noticed one thing and one thing only. She noticed Hansel. She admired every detail his body had to offer, from the size of his toes to how many eyelashes he had. They sat and stared in silence. Hansel was sweating profusely and was breathing heavily, he didn’t feel too different and was wondering how he looked. Marion just wouldn’t stop staring at him, he decided to say something. “You alright, Marion?”
“Yes I’m fine. Baby, are you alright?” Hansel self checked himself, he was exhausted and his stomach was empty, but he craved things other than food like a fuel of a sorts, and of course Marion’s cooking always sounded good.
“I-uh, I’m starving honey, I could eat something.” Marion was warned about this by F2, Hansel’s gonna want something only she can make, not by hand but by body. She messed with him a bit.
“Like, like what? Describe it.”
“Uh, something kind of liquid, goes down easy.”
“Yeah? So like a soup or stew?”
“No, no not a stew or soup, not even a chowder. I, I want something creamy, no chunks at all, please.”
“So I could put the stew in the blender, sound good?”
“No. Damn, I must be such a pain right now but I don’t know what it is, it’s fatty and creamy, no chunks, nothing blended that leaves scraps around and I want it.., I want it uniform. I want it warm, too, I think it’s-”
“Milk, you want breast milk.” Hansel blushed red, Marion giggled a little bit. “I know what you want, you want breast milk.” Hansel started denying it. “Hansel you described it almost to the letter, I know what you want because Zwei told me, it’s my tit milk!” Hansel continued to deny it even though his mouth watered and his stomach churned for it. “Hansel, just admit it, you’ll feel better I promise, sweetie.” He swallowed his pride, it didn’t help his hunger as he wished, and he admitted it.
“Milk sounds really good, honey.” She giggled and sat him on the other side of the turret on her deck. Her towing eye opened and out came the feeding hose. It went up her glacsis and into Hansel’s lap. He picked it up with hungry eyes and a salivated mouth and put it to his lips. He sucked gently at first on the nipple and when it fed to him rich, warm, creamy, milk he started to suck on it more. He slipped into a more reclined position and drank and drank and drank. He drank his fill and then when he was done he rolled over to sleep. “Marion,”
“Yes dear? More milk?”
“No, but thank you, tell everyone we’re getting married, and try on the ring, too.”
“Oh Hansel, I told you don’t spoil me, I don’t want these luxeries. This extra glitter, it’s not my style. It’s not me.” She picked up the ring box and looked at the ring, it had a gold band with a diamond in the middle and two littler ones beside it. “The ring is gorgeous, dear, I think it’s amazing, but I don’t think I’d wear it.” She wrapped her arms up around him and stripped him of the wet clothes and wrapped him into a blanket cocoon. That reminded Hansel he threw up on her and he motioned to clean it up. “No, no, it’s already eleven, you have work tomorrow. I’ll clean it, you rest. You need it more than me.”
“I love you, Marion.”
“I love you, Hansel.”
He performed normally at work, told Roberson that he did it, finally proposed to Marion and got a yes. Other than Roberson Hansel was just another guy at work, didn’t talk to another person about personal life. Marion didn’t really want to tell everyone that Hansel proposed because she felt like that’d be bragging about it, she just didn’t feel right doing that so she kept it to herself until the weekend when they made their monthly trip up to the base for check ups and meetings. There she told everyone Hansel proposed and that they were getting married, and she brought the ring along to show it was real. It seemed Marion wasn’t alone in feeling iffy about the ring, nearly all the female tanks didn’t want a ring, Kitty said she’d like a ring but not to wear, she wanted one to call her own in her collection of jewelry and bling she had as a collection. Hetz was the only one who said she’d wear a ring and would want too wear it. But they all did want to show their marriage off, but how? They were all sitting around when they overheard Hansel and Whacker joking around.
“So you can come down and work on the wiring when the time comes, Whacker?’
“Yeah, Sell I can do it. I’ll just give Shell a heads up about it and I’m sure she wouldn’t mind. She might even come down with me.”
“So she had you on a leash, then, eh?”
“No more chasing the ladies around? No more bachelor for you?”
“Oh yeah, she killed this bachelor, gonna put a big old kill mark on her gun for that impressive kill.” They continued on with the idea laughing. Marion didn’t think that was a bad idea. She admired her kill marks that were painted out, the thin stripes were killing allied armor and soft skins and the thick ones were killing axis armor. The SS tank was a really thick black stripe with the white lightning bolts on either side. It was her most proud kill. She imagined that gold ring around her barrel and thought of how nice it would look, like she was an ace tank, fighters painting their noses yellow being an ace and her, her kill stripe was yellow for the ace kill: a husband. “Yeup, a big ole fat guy’s gonna be on her gun when we marry. The very paint itself will reek of beer and sausage.” When Marion and Hansel went home that night she talked to him about it.
“Hansel, honey, would you put another mark on my gun?” He knew what it was.
“You heard Whacker and I joking?”
“I did, but it’s not a bad idea, baby. I’d proudly wear it, I want it, Hansel. I think it fits perfectly.” He wasn’t against it at all.
“Marion, most rings have some sort of phrase or pattern on them, would you want that on your band?” She opened her mouth to say something, looking at her gun, but nothing came out at first.
“Anything on the ring you got?” There wasn’t. “Okay, uh, no then. But it’s paint, we could do something with it later.”
“Alright, when do you want me to put it on.” This was her dilemma, she wanted it then, right there, but they weren’t married yet, she wanted to display it but not lie about it. She described her dilemma to Hansel and he came up with a solution she saw fit He’d paint two very thin and fine gold lines with a gap in between them, they agreed that on their marriage day, maybe at the ceremony, the gap would be filled and they would be properly married.
Not too long after Hansel put the engagement stripes on her they were married at the church on the base. Their only family was there, the tanks and family they made in the war. It wasn’t s typical wedding mainly because there aren’t tanks in attendance, so the level of serious wasn’t as high as other weddings. There was a little joking, Marion wasn’t in a gown but Cindy mad her a little tiara to wear on her cupola and she slipped in the soft dirt a little while driving the aisle, there were no flower girls and no ring bearers, the bride’s maids were ‘lined up’ in a bunch so they could see past each other, the Groom’s men were bunched up in the same fashion as well. There were few tux’s worn, most just wore their dress uniform who had a uniform, few ladies were there that could fit into a dress to begin with but those who could wore fine dresses in the middle of the field and cared little how dirty they got. Hansel chose Whacker as his First man, and had Mini, Chuck, Joshua, Inbred, and Fritz as the Groom’s men, he would have had Banker in the line up as well but he signed up to stay with Betty, his Pershing lover, and they were in some base in at state called Kentucky. Marion’s bride’s maids were Jager, Hetz, F2, Kramia, Rosa, and her sister Porscha. It started out a beautiful Sunday morning and by the time the celebration ended it was pouring down rain. They didn’t mind and had an after party well into the night, at around one in the morning everybody had dispersed. Marion had a good bit to drink but being how big she is it was almost ineffective to her, Hansel had a little to drink, too, but was just as buzzed as Marion. They got home at around three in the morning, Marion was all covered in mud and cake, just a smear of cake streaking down her upper glacsis and Hansel had a champagne stain on his jacket and was certain he lost his bow tie, Marion had grabbed it off his chair so it wasn’t lost. Once the door slammed shut they locked into another kiss, the taste of Red Apple Cider, Marion’s choice, and the bland Champagne, Hansel’s drink because no one fought for the bottle, still lingered on their tongues and aired in their mouths. As they drew away they went for another kiss and mixed the tastes more, and again and again until they had kissed the taste of their drinks away.
“Ready to start the honeymoon, my wife?”
“Let’s start it up, my husband!”
Fin Ch 51

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (he gon get it) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Also I worked my ass off and finally got Marion on War Tinder (War Thunder but it’s us we’re talking about), and while I haven’t actually made a skin for her this is what I scrounged up to represent her, the gold band on the barrel in the Hansel Hubby Kill. But she calls it either the Hubby Stripe or Hansel Stripe.

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Hansel and Marion Ch 50:

Ch 50

“Adler get out of the mud!” Thirty-Four pushed Adler out of the mud and kept him going with the group, he loved playing with mud and ever since they had been offloaded of the train Adler has been stopping in every mud hole to play in. And being in a swamp land that is a lot of mud holes. The Russian tanks were well used to the mud and marsh of swamp so this didn’t faze them as much as it did American tanks and some German, but it was sure getting on Thirty-Four’s nerves. They were the second batch on the train, it was Thirty-Four, Adler, Kramia, Mini-Rommel, Erin, Gretchen, Tiger, Frau and Canine’s remains. There were a lot more tanks lined up back at the port but the train could only haul so much. Thirty-Four was in front with Adler at the head of the tank column, the leading car was Kitty the Puma acting as the navigator. Adler stopped to play with mud and this time Thirty-Four scooped him onto her chest. “Adler you’re going to make me throw out a track. You’re getting too big.”

“I need new belts, mom, they aren’t working.”

“No, you got them changed just before the boat ride, you’re fine. What you need to do is keep going and DON’T play in the mud.”

“Moooom!” He groaned as he shook mud out of his hand. They trekked on and eventually came across tall chain linked fences topped with barbed wire. There was a sign that clearly stated that trespassers would be shot, and that photography was a no-no. “Mama, is this our home?” She looked at the complex, so far it looked more like a prison than a camp.

“I guess so.” She replied, holding him tightly in her arms.

“I zought Amerika vas za home of za free? So much for free.” Gretchen said in her accented English as she gazed upon the gates.

“This is here to keep citizens out, not to keep us in. They don’t want people to learn that life as they knew it was wrong.” The human navigator spoke.

“But vie?”

“They’ll stay calm and quiet not knowing, but if they found out, everyone would go crazy.” The two guards at the gate opened up a path and let them through. There they met with an assistant who led them to certain areas, they passed moderate sized building like warehouses that they figured were for testing and storage. They split off just before the large, circular building that seemed to be the main structure and were split by gender. Adler did stay with Thirty-Four for the time being but Mini and Canine’s remains were split from the mostly female group. As Mini passed one of the open warehouse doors Thirty-Four spotted something that instantly changed her.

In the warehouse was a Tiger tank, first model with the Panzer III turret storage bin on the back of the turret. The whole side was riddled with shot holes and the skirts were all missing, one of the exhaust pipe armored covers was gone, too. Just seeing the tank and its presence moved Thirty-Four. She turned to it and put Adler down, commanding him to stay there. She knew what she was looking at, she knew who she was looking at. Without a doubt. Tears formed at her eyes and her body shook with fear and rage, suddenly she lunged forward blinded by emotion and crashed against his side. Her arms flailed against his side, punching and whacking and clawing and pushing and pulling. The Tiger initially was shocked by this but quickly figured who it was, Thirty-Four’s voice reminded him.

“You son of a bitch! You bastard rat! Coward! How could you do this!? I hate you! Worthless Nazi coward rat bastard! Burn in hell you lousy box! I hate you! I hate you! Why? WHY!?!” She sobbed more with her eyes slammed shut and her entire energy being devoted to throwing herself at him. “TELL ME!”

Devastator silently took it. He let her push and attack at him, it barely did anything to his actual body but he still hurt. He knew he did her wrong, he knows that he’s entirely at fault. He can’t comprehend what pain and suffering she’s gone through. He listens very closely to her, he hears her pain and hate, he feels her anger and emotion, he knows his guilt and his burden. He wants to say sorry so badly but knows it’ll fall on deaf ears. Why should she believe him? She had to provide for herself, she had to survive, she had to give birth, and he hopes that she took care and provided for the child. He knows he can’t ever make it perfect or even right. But he’ll be damned if he doesn’t at least try to help. He continued listening very attentively as she went on about eating her crew, feeling abandoned by the world, her whole life obliterated, the cold and sleepless winter nights and the melting summers. He listened to her tale of eating her own, being a cannibal, hating her body and wishing death to it all. He was listening the whole time as he looked down to the ground in guilt and shame. He had hoped this day would come; the day he returned to her. Then she started asking questions that hit him hard.

“How many others did you rape!? How many others are there!?! Did you even think of us? Did you even care? Did you gloat and boast about us? Were we just campfire stories, bar talks?! Or did you think back and wonder if it’s still just as tight? Is it still hot and wet? Did you care if we were alive or dead?!? Are we just measly sex toys for you to use at your every whim?!” She backed off and looked at him, staring at the ground. “TELL MEEEEE!!!” She shrieked. She threw herself at him again and gripped him, pulling herself to him with screeching metallic groans and shrieks as metal rubbed metal. Dev let her do and say as she pleased, as she wanted, as she so did. He expected this, tried to prepare for this, but all of his fortitude and preparation was shattered by reality. Thirty-Four whispered to him then, “Thank you.” Dev’s eyes widened and went level.

‘What?’ He mouthed, he never expected that. Never. Not once.

“Thank you, he’s all I have to live for.” Her arms were quivering and she was trying to get closer to him. He cautiously reached out with arms to hold her and braced for a burst of hate and bitterness. As he touched her though her body embraced it, as if this was all it needed. “He’s my joy, my friend, my life, he makes me want to wake up every morning, to live each day. Thank you. I never had that before.” Dev turned his turret to face her against his left and pulled her tightly against his side. She was sobbing and crying against his armor. He remembers that day with bitterness, salt and pain. She looked almost the exact same except her green paint was faded, her treads were much more worn and muddy, her gear boxes were warped and equipment was gone, her long saw was covering her shot mark, and there was chipped paint and rust around areas of high movement. He stroked her roof and slipped a hand into hers. He took in a very long and deep breath of air and exhaled a long sigh.

“Panzer thirty-four, I am sorry.” Thirty-Four expected the apology, but like he feared she didn’t believe it, even though she wanted too. It was what he said after that made her believe it. “Yes, I did think about you. I thought about you very much. I was and still am guilt ridden, I knew I did wrong, I knew I ruined you, I never once thought of that as something to be proud of. I hated myself and I made a promise to find you and apologize. I know you won’t believe my sorrows but I feel like I have to do this. I must help sooth your sorrows. I was very much in the wrong and I deserve every insult and every bit of hate you have against me. When others would boast about what they snagged I remembered how wrong I was, how cruel and how you must be suffering. I felt the growing desire to see my child and to raise it, I don’t want a bastard child as there must be so many of now, and I don’t want my child to struggle through their life without a father. I won’t let you suffer any more. I will try to make it right, I will help any way I can. I promise you, on my life, that I will be there when you need me. When my child needs me. Regardless of anything. I will not let you two suffer. You will be taken care of as much as I can do. I will prove that to you. Whatever your name is, if you have a name, I only ask one thing, that one thing is not forgiveness, but to let me help. Let me help raise my child. Let me ease the burden. Please, that is my one and only request.” Thirty-Four had never thought of this, never thought he would ask that, never thought he would want that. She was breath taken and confused, she hated him there but yet was compassionate, she couldn’t explain what she felt for there is no way. No exact way to describe what went through her mind.

“Mama,” Adler asked concerned, “are you ok, mama?” Adler had crept up behind Thirty-Four and was very concerned for her. But he couldn’t help but look at the Tiger tank she was against, he felt something in that tank like he felt in those two German soldiers-but stronger. He felt like a friend with the soldiers but the Tiger, the Tiger made him feel like he was like him, the same way Adler felt with ma but not as strong. Adler wanted to ask who he was, but knew ma would be upset. Just like every other time he asked.

But deep inside Adler wanted to ask, it was a burning desire more powerful than before, he tried to fight it as much as he could because mama wasn’t doing well right now but it demanded to be answered more and more. The question kept crawling and lodging itself in Adler’s throat, again and again he’d swallow hard but it kept coming. It forced its way back. Adler starred to panic, but when he looked into his mother’s eyes for help he saw she needed it more. He saw she needed a push, she needed help with her own question. He saw the anxiety and desire in her eyes so he let his go, he was strong then for his mama. He tipped the balance. “Mama, is this my dad?”

Dev looked up from Thirty-Four and looked at the smaller T-34. It had his own brown eyes but looked exactly like its mother but without tracks or any equipment at all. Dev smiled at it, he looked over the child with a hint of pride and a lot of compassion and love. Adler was looking at Dev but was more scanning over him, Dev wished he was more presentable for his child. “Mama,” he whispered back to Thirty-Four, “it’s beautiful. It looks exactly like you. I’d say you’ve done a great job so far. Please let me help you do the best job, please?” Thirty-Four was looking back at Adler, watching him study over Dev like it’s a new mountain, or a strange tree, or like he did the ship. She heard Dev whisper to her and deep inside it made her feel good. No one has ever complimented Adler or herself like that, Shellproof was the closest to it.

“Adler, this is your father.” Adler wasn’t moved, he figured that by then but just needed assurance. Instead of rushing to greet his father he sat still, instead of asking a million questions that Thirty-Four expected him to do he was silent. She knew he was a smart kid, that he knew they were different. Adler was trying to figure it out himself. He did know that this family of his was different from all the others. He had seen other Tigers and other T-34s scattered among each other where they fell in combat, he had seen the power of war machines. He always silently gazed upon the remnants of the dead and wondered of their final moments. Bodies scorched on and around tanks, soldiers grouped up together in their squads, bits of AT guns scattered around foxholes, he had seen it all and always would silently wonder.

He was doing the same to this Tiger, he noticed the holes on the aft end of the tank, shots at the engine and fuel, but he also noticed there were some shots at a crew that probably wasn’t there. Those shots were pointing in the crew’s compartment, he saw no blood stains or even scorch marks of where ammunition would have gone off. From the amount of kill marks on the Tiger’s gun he knew that the Tiger was no fool, and was probably responsible for mom’s shot wound. There were scorch marks on the turret storage box and the engine deck, he had been set afire, and he saw marks faintly on the turret sides, so he kept fighting after being set afire. Adler now pieced together what he thought happened to him. And he would finally be able to test his theory. “What happened to you? How did you meet this end?” Dev wasn’t expecting that at all.

“What do you mean?” Adler pointed at the various wounds. “Oh, those,” he looked to Thirty-Four for approval, she whispered he’s seen it all and to tell him, “I lost this fight. It was Seelow Heights, we were dug in and waiting for the attack-like we always were, and we had hopes of stopping your push there. We had never felt so surely of victory before, we had hundreds of Panzers, dozens of Tigers, dozens of Panthers, thousands of guns and bombs! We had thousands of eager and determined soldiers, ready to fight to the death. We vowed to stop you there, to end your assault and push you back, and back, and back, all the way back to Moscow! But as you know, and probably saw, we failed. You rolled over us like every other time, there was nothing we could do but buy borrowed time. I was dug into a hill with two guns on each side, three Pak guns and an 88, we overlooked a shallow in the river where tanks and soldiers could cross. In my front were many machine guns and trenches filled with soldiers, ready to cut down any man who stood against them. But instead of men came bombs, then tanks, and more tanks. Panzer 85s barreled across the field and were heading right for us. One gun crew was just as experienced as me, and together we made every shot count. Each time we fired we hit our mark at any range, but sadly for us the other gun crews were too new, they missed again and again, they tried their hardest but they didn’t know what to do. They would miss to the right, they would fall short, they would shoot long. Every so often they would find a mark and kill their target, but then they had to start over with a new target. We couldn’t stop them. Tanks stormed through the river, ran up the hill, ran over our trenches and smashed our guns underneath them. And there was nothing we could do to stop them. The tanks began firing at me while climbing the hill. They missed because they were moving-never fire on the move, it’s bad discipline and a waste of ammunition-but then I felt a hot sting on my side. One had shot me here on my right, then I was hit on my left, and again on my left, and my right, surely if I was full of ammo I would have exploded but all they could shoot were my empty racks. They tried shooting for my crew, but I have never had one, so-”

“They kept shooting your crew room, but when you kept fighting back they shot your engine.”

“Yes, they were panicking then, they dumped a few shots into the dirt, bounced off my deck here, one tank shot the other, but they hit their marks eventually. They pumped shot after shot into my rear, I caught fire all over my back and burned. But I kept fighting, I kept fighting for my brothers, for my homeland, I fought to stop you I turned to shoot here, and there, and over that way and down yonder, but I ran out of ammo, and I ran out of fuel. My engine is now burnt up, it doesn’t run, and my gears are cranky and deformed. I’m very much unusable. And that’s why I’m here. I was captured by a Russian special interest group and when they assessed my damage they deemed me too far gone. They sold me to America in exchange for a curve on their debt.”

“I thought you ran to America like the others did.”


“Other Germans, they ran to the Americans to surrender. I got that wrong.”

“Oh.” There was a long silence then. “I felt it was time I stopped running.”

“So why did you run? Why did you run from mom?” Dev took another long sigh, Thirty-Four was still clenching onto him.

“When I met your mother I still took pride in what I did, I was proud of my work and what my job was. I was proud about how well I did my job. So, when I came across and slaughtered her crew and platoon I felt no remorse. I was doing nothing other than killing Germany’s enemies. Yes, I shot your mother, that hole in her chest is from me. I killed her crew and it was just me and her, I was going to kill her but she begged for her life. She begged for her life and I made her do things I shouldn’t have, I wanted my way and I got it, it was wrong what I did and because of what I did you came along. Now you’re not a bad thing, no, you’re rather very smart, you can and will be better than me, but know that what I did was bad. It was very bad. And when I had my fun I left, I went on my way to do my job again. When really my job was supposed to be helping her, and helping you. If she shuns me away from you after now I want you to know this one thing, I’m going to teach you this one lesson now and don’t ever forget it: Do not leave who you want to have your baby. Take your time finding someone you want to become a parent with and you stay with them. Don’t you leave them, don’t you abandon them, and don’t you EVER force it on them. You love them, you care for them, and you stay with them no matter what! Do that and you’ll be a great dad. Better than me.”

“Adler!” Kramia called, “Adler come find your name here!” Adler slowly backed away to go find whatever Kramia called him for as he thought about what he had just been told. After he was gone Thirty-Four spoke up.

“Thank you.”

“For what?”

“Teaching him the one thing I couldn’t.”

“I know you’ve been trying to escape it, but I’m here to make it right.” He went to let her out of his arms but she stopped him.

“No, I need this.” He didn’t understand what she needed but she did; she needed someone to hold her, to make feel like everything’s alright, to make her feel good. And she didn’t care who from. It took some time before Thirty-Four asked him what he was doing here.

“They want to study my body healing.” Now it was his turn to ask a question. “What is your name, Panzer thirty-four?”

“My name?” She didn’t know her name, she was a T-34 tank, she was just called ‘thirty-four’ by everyone. But was that really her name? “I don’t know, everyone just calls me thirty-four. I don’t have a name.”

“How does Vitaliya sound?” That made Thirty-Four feel nice.

“I like that name.”

“Ask your child first.”

“Adler, his name is Adler.” She broke away to park parallel to him and pull herself close to him. They talked from there on, she asked him many questions like where he went, who he met, if there really were other breathers that he killed. She asked him why he cared so much, why he didn’t desert and find them, and what he wants to do with his ‘family.’ And he answered, he answered every question fully, he explained himself, he told her straight, he had no fluff or elaboration. All he had for her were answers. This was able to last until sundown, when Adler got back to them. He saw them so closely together and it made him wonder about Dev, and he didn’t even know his name.

“Father, what’s your name?”

“My name, they named me Devastator, but everyone called me Dev for short. What’s yours?”

“Mom named home Adler.”

“I like that name. Well it’s nice to meet you at last, Adler.” He beckoned him closer to shake hands, Adler never shook hands before and was very new to it. It was almost difficult. “Adler, do you know your mother’s name?”

“Yeah! It’s-!” He suddenly stopped and a look of bewilderment came over him, he didn’t know her name at all. “I don’t think mama has a name.” He was sad and looking to her for an answer.

“I didn’t, but how does Vitaliya sound?” Adler looked very happy. That made her smile wide and blush, the two Russians smiling with glee made Dev happy, and he, too, smiled. Even though his was under his mantle and near impossible to see it was smiling. Then Vitaliya turned on Dev. “How does moving in sound, Dev?” He was completely taken by surprise again.

“Like, moving into the same warehouse? Together?” She nodded, Adler bounced in anticipation with an abundance of excitement.

“You found our house, right Adler?”

“Yes! I did! Oh please, dad, please!?” He begged and begged for an answer that was already a yes and Dev grabbed ahold of Adler and Vitaliya and tucked them tight and snug in his arms, this was the very best moment of his life.

“I love you two.”

Fin Ch 50



“Mama, can you sleep with me?” Adler wouldn’t stay inside his room. He persisted that she stay in the room with him.

“Adler why? Just go to sleep, please?” Vitaliya groaned, she was very tired, Adler was obviously disturbed.

“I’m scared again!” He cried, Vitaliya knew what he was scared of but Dev did not.

“Of what?”

“Hitler! He stomps around on T-34s and he laughs like a gun! I don’t want him to step on me!” Dev moved closer to him and grabbed Adler on his flanks. Chuckling softly at Adler’s childish nightmare.

“Adler, you don’t have to worry about Hitler again, he’s dead now.” That comforted Adler a little bit, Dev continued to belittle Hitler into nothing. “Besides, Hitler was just a little, fat man. About this tall, as tall as you, and he was fleshy! He was fat, fleshy, and short! He was just a crazy, evil man that made other men, real men, fight for him. Don’t fear him anymore. He’s a dead man, smaller than you at his greatest, and worthless at that compared to you. If you ever feel scared of him again, you come out of your room and find me, I’ll be over there awake, just so I can tell you again: Hitler isn’t big or scary, he’s a dead man.” That made Adler feel much more comfortable. “Okay?”

“Okay.” Adler hugged Dev’s bow and murmured to him, “I love you, dad.”

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Hansel and Marion Ch 49: A New World

Hey guys I’m back to HaM! It’s been a very long while since I actually posted HaM so just as a refresher it’s just after the war ended and nearly all the living machines have been sent into France to be rounded up and kept together-except for Marion and her crew.


Ch 49

Time seemed to blend together after the war. The German army was under control of Allied leadership and mixed units were patrolling and sorting out the various Wehrmacht heer groups and getting them home or redeploying them to other areas. This included Hansel and Marion. They were used at a checkpoint to check IDs, direct traffic, and make sure there were no problems. Then they were tasked with assisting in demilitarizing areas where there had been military buildup and fortification. Afterwards they had been put more towards Berlin along the line that separated the Soviet army and the American army. Tensions were high at this point; American and Soviet generals had been talking about warring with the other for total control; the Soviets wanted to spread their ideals and so did the Americans. With their experiences, many of the Russian deserters chose America over their motherland because of the welcome embrace they received and the much freer lifestyle. While they were not free the machines did at least have some roaming privileges and social time. They also were told what intent America had for them. They were test subjects and specimens of study and further study was to be conducted within the American shores, where it would be much more difficult for Russia to learn of the breathers. It took six months for the negotiations to be fully completed and then another year for everything to be set up and readied for the departure.

The machines negotiated their human spouses to accompany them and to be treated as a married couple, together wherever, but Marion, being an instrument of the American tank core and not a subject of the science department, did not have these negotiating privileges. At the end of the war Marion’s crew only consisted of herself, Hansel, and Meats. After the war, they stayed together until the following November, where Meats was let go from active service and he was given passport home in Frankfurt. It was a long and seldom goodbye between the three of them. After that it was just Hansel and Marion sitting in their hull down foxhole. They were prepared for a Russian assault along with about two-hundred and fifty other soldiers and ten tanks and bunches of AT guns and mortars. The machine folk were all heartbroken when General Patton died, and especially his old third army. It was an American tragedy that he died; a hero to his country, much like his esteemed German counterpart Field Marshal Erwin Rommel. While Hansel and Marion were still together and grateful that they survived the war they were undecided on the outcome. They were happy the war was over and that their friends were alive but at the same time they lost, their country was in shambles, and the genocide that their leaders started had blackened the image of their proud home.

Hansel couldn’t see himself living in a divided country, where one half wanted to invade the other to ‘liberate and unify’ the other. He loved his home and his family, loved his country, but couldn’t stand to see what a divided future would lead his beloved country to. Hansel grew more narcissistic by the month and this made Marion upset, she couldn’t stand to see him so negative and bleak about the future. She took matters into her own hands and wrote to the command requesting a different deployment in some other country. Perhaps a station in France to help rebuild or a convoy escort in Belgium, she didn’t care. Repeatedly she was denied by the command until one of the commanders griped to her old American Major.

He arranged her and Hansel to get some “R ‘n’ R” in northern France, just south of Juno beach. This helped Hansel’s state and he started to be more lively and optimistic. He had always shown compassion and relief towards Marion but not to others or in a general mood until France. He would frequently think back to the things he did during the war, things he was not too proud of. He took the lives of his enemies with a certain grain of salt when it happened but he didn’t allow it to change him; as he knew they wouldn’t hesitate to end his life. But their lives still seemed to plague him, and only Marion seemed to assuage these demons completely. She forbade him from drinking, and he had long decreed to never smoke, so Marion was his only relief. And he was her only relief.

They spent another whole year in France and again and again they’d wake the other in a fit of nightmares, or cry to the other, or suddenly start spilling their guts about regret and death. Hansel’s father had told him stories of “Shell Shock” and rumors of what causes it, Hansel denied having it for he was physically perfect. But every now and then his mind would linger and he’d swear he had gotten it, he was unlucky and damned enough to have Shell Shock. Marion thought the two of them had guilty conscious and that they only needed to let it out and help each other. They were both correct, they suffered from PTSD but only mildly, their lives were not dictated or wrecked by the war, but it followed them. They quickly found ways to help the other cope, and they stood by each other when the other needed help. Sometime in May, 1947, they applied for passports to America with help from Major Cahrmicheal and obtained them with Hansel’s connection to Joshua. Major Cahrmicheal set them up with a place in central Florida, somewhat near where the other machines had been sent.

The breathers agreed they didn’t want to deal with the ‘winter wrath’ where rapid temperature drop weakened their bodies. But with the desert not being a great place for big engines and complex mechanics, the second option of marsh was picked. While the land of south east America varied, it was sustainable for tracked vehicles. The vehicles were concentrated around a central hub area where tests could be conducted and the lab could be set up. All around it were plots of land with huge garages, the plots varied from 5 acres to 18 acres based on the vehicle’s size and abnormality from most road vehicles. They generally had about a two or three-mile drive to the hub, but Marion’s drive would be about twenty. There was an Army Air Core facility twenty-two miles from the hub that had fenced off twenty plus acres of land with a hard-packed concrete runway and a heavily reinforced hanger floor with sturdy and reenforced walls and ceilings for the hanger. It almost looked more like an armored warehouse. Adjacent and attached to the hanger was a two-story house that the members used. It was properly furnished, plumbed, and accommodated, but it was very bland. Once they had learned of their new home Hansel and Marion gathered addresses from their friends still in Germany and France, and spent some time with them before moving to the port that Peiper was targeting in the Ardennes offensive, the one where Marion changed sides. They were excited, very excited! New people, new life, new opportunities, America! The land of dreams! Because they were not a part of the science department Hansel and Marion had complete freedom, they were moving to America as veterans and as German civilians. Hansel packed Marion full of clothes, tools, knickknacks, memorabilia, books, some house utensils, and anything else they could fit and wanted. Hansel also was given permission to bring his car over, he was absolutely amazed at how pristine and perfect his car was when his old home wasn’t. It had only been in an alley a house down in a backlot the whole war, and now he had the chance to drive it more than across the neighborhood. It was a first model Adler 6 standard with the engine and transmission of the 1934 Adler 6 standard with four gears, he sold the old engine and transmission to a guy that wanted to make his own car and used that money as well as money from selling other useless trinkets to get the engine. He named his car Ava and kept it clean, shiny, and running. The body was a dark oak brown with a yellow-gold trim and white highlights. The interior was a lavish green with leather seats and balsa wood interior painted to look like Cherrywood. The gearshift knob was a bright red with a white band that connected to the long black shaft. As he drove his car back to Marion, it filled with his possessions, he looked back to when he was fixing up the car. He had dreams of taking all the pretty girls to the fields he crop dusted and showing them the land, or taking his lovely honey down to the river in the moonlight to spend the night. He dreamed of driving far off and seeing the world in this car.

And then war broke out.

Hansel eventually got back to Marion and showed her the car he built. A few days later their ship arrived, a merchant ship that made hundreds of voyages to Britain and America during the war, still painted in its blue, grey, and black stripes in a “dazzle” pattern. This is when Marion discovered her greatest fear; a fear more crippling than airplanes, more crippling than artillery: heights. She was lifted using four of her towing eyes and the whole time she was groaning, trembling, shivering, and nearly shrieking in fear. What’s worse is Hansel had to watch it all and could do nothing but try to yell over the machinery to calm her down. No matter how he yelled it was not soothing. One of the merchants said that it was normal for heavy machines that spend their lives latched onto the ground to have a fear of not being latched to the ground. He said every tank that he shipped did it. Marion’s eyes were clenched shut and she was trying to think of happier things, like the fun they had with Cindy, Whacker’s wise cracks, Hansel, a peaceful home. And before she knew it she felt pressure under her treads, she had been lowered into the ship’s belly. She took deep breaths and calmed down as sailors unhitched the cables from her eyes. Next, they loaded on the car and that’s when Hansel boarded the ship. He spent time with Marion and when the ship was towed and sent out to sea he stood on the deck and watched Europe disappear. He wondered if he’d ever see Europe again, if he’d ever have its soil beneath his feet, if he’d ever get to bring Marion with him if he could, it was very emotional for him. He watched the shoreline fade away, the cliffs and tall lighthouses fade away into the fog, shrink into the horizon, and soon all around was nothing but the choppy North Atlantic.

He thought of Rudolph then, he remembered going to Rudolph’s family back in Munich while getting his car. Rudolph was not picked up by the British. Rudolph was M.I.A./K.I.A. with his ship, the Bismarck. Hansel plucked a yellow flower that day from Rudolph’s garden and the family wrote prayers to him on a streamer tied around the stem. Hansel had that flower and tossed it into the waves, watching it slosh around and slowly disappear to the waves to be swallowed and welcomed by the Atlantic; just as his friend was. He started to cry then as he backed away from the rail and slumped against the wall sobbing, he remembered their last day together and just let it repeat in front of him again and again. Then he wondered what Rudolph’s last glimpse of Europe was, if it was as miserable and foggy as his own, or cheery, bright, and prideful. Hansel talked to himself as if he was talking to Rudolph again, he began spitting stories of basic training, then how it was training with the tanks. He spurred on about Russia and being wounded, then officer school and eventually how machines were alive. He talked about Marion, and Cindy, and Anton and Faust, about how his family was and how Munich was, he said the bar was still standing and recommended they go catch up more there. That was when he looked up from his lap out into the grey-blue world wholly believing that Rudolph was right there in front of him. It was a very harsh reality check. He completely let go and bawled his eyes out, cradling his legs against his chest. A senior sailor was passing by when he noticed Hansel’s distress.

“Was wrong, lad? Was got ye so teary?” It took Hansel some time to figure out what the heavy accent asked.

“Loss.” Hansel eventually spit out after much effort.

“Loss o yer home?”

“My friend.” The sailor bent over and sat next to Hansel, gripping Hansel’s shoulder with a rough leathery hand.

“How’d he die, son?”

“His ship,” e spat, “sank, not picked up.”

“Now hear me here, I been on six ships in this war alone, an tree in the last, all sank, ye hear? They all sank but I’m here ain’t I? Lady Luck has a weird way of working her magic, yer friend may be alive out there. He might be on a raft fishin’ right now o’ees tryna get home. What I learn’d is to trust yer gut, so son whatchyer gut say?” Hansel hesitated.

“I don’t know.”

“Keep yer head up son, till they give ye a body he ain’t dead.” That gave Hansel enough strength to pick his head up and say thank you, get back down to Marion, and vent the rest to her.

The voyage was uninteresting, nearly a week long of Hansel staying with Marion, sleeping on her, or in his car, getting chow and sharing some morsels with Marion, daydream about their future lives, and try their best to not get sick. Once their voyage had passed and Marion struggled through another crane lifting her up and on to a train they were good to go. Hansel had to drive his car shadowing the train from a port in Georgia down south to the middle of bumfuck nowhere across the way from the quiet little town of mapless journey. Hansel found out that the train station they arrived at was founded nearly a hundred year ago-and it still looked like absolutely fuck-all lived here. Still, this is where they were going to live and so Hansel led Marion down a dirt road, then another, and another, and another, until the tall barbed wire fence with a sign painted, in German, “Welcome breather!” was in front of them. Waiting for them was a man from the science lab twenty miles away to let them in, show them around, and the next day take them to the lab as requested by both Marion and the test subjects. They had just unpacked Marion when they were led up to the lab, they were very excited to reunite with all their old friends. Marion did see some trouble moving through the marsh but her low foot pressure made sure she didn’t sink deep into the marsh. She eventually pushed her way through the marshes and made the long journey to the lab. The gates were tall and the fences were barbed, with many reasons to keep people out and away from the fact that metal lived, but once they were inside the daunting facade was just that and the complex was very friendly.

Staff members were very friendly and had taken to the machines as people, but just like people they had stereotypes. None of the staff would dare say what they say around the machines or their human spouses in fear but they’d gossip to each other. Of course, the human spouses knew that there’d be a new form of racism, technically specism, but they did not let their loved ones know or let it get to them. The staff would judge the machines for their spouses, stereotype that they breed like rabbits, their only use is sex and murder, they are stupid and gullible. Easily used. Of course, most of it was not true, they were conceived and produced to be superb killing machines of war but they were smart, loved one another like family, and were finding new uses in a world without war. But the staff didn’t know that, or care for that, they did as people do and stereotype. Some of the soldiers that worked and served by them were appointed to the lab as guards and once they got wind of the talk they were furious. They had learned to love the machines, saw them as life savers and heroes, saw them as friends-brothers and sisters more like it, and despised the staff. The guards were the first to tell Hansel about the staff’s stereotypes. That didn’t matter to Hansel as he and Marion saw an unknown Tiger that looked like Swiss cheese.

Fin Ch 49

Feel free to ask any questions in the comments, also many parts of this chapter are purposefully rushed and sort of empty to convey just how blurred and meaningless the time was for the pair.

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HaM Ch 48

Ch 48

Major Cahrmicheal looked at the Henschel & Sohn headquarters in Kassel. The war had touched it but not ruined it, and being the headquarters where Germany’s most feared tanks were put on paper he was surprised that it still stood; all other buildings similar to this were flattened to keep German technology from the Americans. The army had already claimed the records and designs in the files and such, but anything incomplete and/or on the desks were free reign. The major watched G.I. after G.I, go by with drafting cases, tubes with drawings inside, and read their names carefully. Until one of them caught his attention; he recognized it from one of the breathers’ conversations.




“Hey, you!” He yelled and grabbed the G.I.’s arm. “I want that drawing.” The soldier looked into his eyes a little pissed off.

“No, I found it, it’s mine!” He had a harsh Brooklyn accent.

“I’ll buy it off of you.”

“Really? Sorry but I ain’t selling.” He started past the major.

“Two hundred dollars.” He stopped and went wide eyed. He turned over his shoulder and looked the major in the eye.

“Cash?” The major produced a roll of twenties from his inner jacket pocket.

“Washington mint.” The soldier had never seen that much money in one place before in his life. He spun around and instantly traded the drawing for ten twenty dollar bills. The soldier walked off, gawking at the money in his hand, the Major took the tube to his jeep and opened it; he took the rolled blueprints out and unraveled them. The corporal sitting in the driver’s seat looked on as the major spread the drawings out on the hood. “Corporal Smithers, you can ready the jeep. We can go back, now.”

“So, we came all the way out here for a Nazi drawing?”

“It looks like it,” he started while rolling up the drawings carefully, satisfied with their quality, “but these drawings are going to give us the edge in armor for the future.” The major sat in the jeep as they drove off to France, to the rally point of his unit, while he thought of the future. His family, specifically him, owned an auto factory, and since the start of the war his factory had been making hundreds of Sherman hulls each month. He wanted to see them in action so he wiggled his way in to the Army and at first was very satisfied with the Sherman in Africa, but saw how rapidly they were outclassed in combating armor and from there became fascinated with the complex German engineering. That Panther he bought from Patton was his prize, he’s going to study it back in America, study the drawings, he and his peers are going to adjust the faults for making a truly remarkable tank. They’re going to blend the excellent reliability of American tanks with the capability of the German advanced engineering and quality, emphasize crew survivability and comfort. Designs bounced all around his head already, this grizzled thirty year old man could barely contain his excitement as if he were a child.


They reunited with the unit at a French town, where the rest of Patton’s breathers from Bastogne and the front finally were reunited again. Along with them were Adler and Thirty-Four, who snuck over because she didn’t want Adler to grow up all alone with no peers, and as well as Shellproof. She made it seem that she was reluctant to go but really she liked Adam, she wanted to stay with him. Sneaking over really wasn’t hard, the two massive armies had pitched tents all over the place and one couldn’t separate what was American and what was Russian. The main problem was that in order to talk to them about anything Kramia, Mini, or Griffen (whom Thirty-Four was suspicious of until she thoroughly interrogated him) had to be there to translate. If they were stuck together that wouldn’t be a problem, but Shellproof and Thirty-Four tended to separate at random, Thirty-Four to be with Adler and his friends and Shellproof to talk to Adam and Kramia, sometimes the German tanks. When Thirty-Four first saw Tiger she was very very upset but once Thirty-Four found out Tiger was female it completely changed her relationship with Tiger, they were friends right off the bat. When Hansel arrived he met a very excited Joshua and was thus persuaded to follow him.

Hansel followed him through the town that nobody knew how to pronounce, he remembered walking these same streets when he met Marion. He didn’t remember leaving anything, they hurriedly left but they had gathered their things beforehand so all they really left were burning tanks- they weren’t there anymore. Hansel was led by Joshua to an old lady, she seemed familiar and she was, she was the same lady that gave Hansel the directions to the post office. “Oh!” She exclaimed, “is that really little Hansel? Little Hansel Walter?”

“Yes aunt Madalyne!” He nodded; he turned to Hansel then, “Hansel, we’re cousins!”

“What?” Hansel was confused. “How?”

“Hansel, I’m your aunt Madalyne, the last time I saw you it was your third birthday! I’m you mother’s cousin, and sister to Joshua’s mom.” Hansel’s mind was blown. So while they explored the family tree Marion was with Cindy, crushing spent shells for her to eat. As Cindy finished off one of the shells a captain came up and instructed Marion and Cindy to follow him. Marion took Cindy’s hand and followed the captain out into the fields where Marion ambushed the Sherman column; they waited and soon, over the top of the hill where Marion once laid in wait, came two tanks. They had rounded top turrets and rounded top turrets, she couldn’t see well what with the sun in her eyes but Cindy instantly recognized the tanks. She broke contact from Marion’s hands and drove, drove as fast as she could, kicking on her engine and flooring it. The two Shermans at the hill came halfway and turned together as Cindy collided into them, bawling tears of joy. Cindy’s parents were alive. Marion felt something inside her stir, and no it wasn’t jealousy or anything of the like, she felt a warm spot in her ‘heart’ the way she felt around Hansel after he was away for the day or night. She managed without Hansel but still felt alone, lonely, like she wasn’t complete; it made her fear what Cindy felt every day without her parents. A truly remarkable moment in her life.

The captain asked Marion if she could wait for them a take them back to where the breathers were while he went to go file their statements and logs. She agreed and waited, she saw on the parents a few shot holes, and also a few squares, they were all silver-gray like Cindy’s wound earlier. She watched the family rejoice and cheer, hug and kiss, cry and sniffle. Marion watched it all and she couldn’t stop watching, it really was beautiful, Cindy had been without her parents for over a year now and she couldn’t stop herself, nobody would have or could have stopped her. Nobody could stop her blind rush, her constant crying, her constant hold, her constant “I missed you”s, nobody could but nobody would. Marion sat there waiting on them for an eternity and she didn’t mind it at all. After the initial surge of joy passed them, Cindy asked her mom and dad to meet someone who had taken care of her while they were gone, they agreed and Cindy immediately pointed back to Marion, assuring them that she was nice and friendly. Cindy waved to Marion to come over; Marion had a stroke of shyness yet again. She forced herself into a gear while Cindy grabbed her parents’ hands and drug them along. As much as they’d like to meet each other they both were scared of the other.

“Marion! It’s mom and dad!” Cindy didn’t care about the tension; she was too careless and excited to do so. “Say hi! She won’t hurt you!” They four had grouped together, while with the massive size different coupled with Cindy’s persistence did help Marion feel better, she could see that her parents were still terrified of Marion.

“He-llo?” Marion asked before forcing herself to smile.

“She’s a King Tiger! Well, Hansel calls her a Queen Tiger but everyone else calls her a Royal Tiger. Isn’t she big?”

“Yeah,” the father said, “she’s big.” He sounded a little parched.

“Well, I’m Rudy, and this is Ruffles.” The mother said finally. “And you’re Marion?”

“Yes, I’m Marion.”

“There are lots of others, too! Like Fritz, and Jäger! Mini and Kramia! Rosa, Frau, Hetz, Griffin, and Faust! And there’s still Zwei and Tiger, but we also have Katelyn and Chuck! Oh and Skip! She’s cool! We also have Kitty, Tiffany, Anna and Susan and the Hummel twins, Dora, and Ferdi and Porsche! And they’re all alive like us! Isn’t that cool!” Before anyone could talk more Cindy egged them to go to the base. Marion showed them the way home.

Fin Ch 48


This is going to be it for a while, and it kinda has been late already but that’s because of German Battleships being added to WoWS and they’re fun and I got the next Japanese ship in my way of the Yamato and she’s fun so yeah. I’ve been busy. And the next little bit I put out will be of one of the new ships I’ve acquired.., go on and guess which one it will be.

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