Here’s what I’ve cooked up for Dima and Demon. The sex scene is kinda lame, I’m sorry but I didn’t really feel motivated to write the sex scene, more geared towards what’s after it.


IS-3 part II:

Dima rocked side to side in the shipping hold. She was very excited to be going on to a life with meaning. She was at one end of the hold with her turret backwards and at the other end was Demon facing her. He was holding her rear drive sprockets close to his forward drive sprockets trying to keep them warm against the cold Atlantic air. He wished he could be by her side but because of the packed ship there was no room. He cuddled her ass against his chest and reached for tarps to cover themselves with. He had just gotten them settled in and warm when he noticed Dima had the eye.

“What’s on your mind, Dima, baby?”

“Us rocking the boat.” They smiled as the audible sound of her track link ‘pantie’ falling to the floor echoed throughout the cargo vessel hold. She reached across to his armored cover and removed it, then stroked the hardening member presenting itself. The engine noise and closed off bulkheads meant they would be a faint moan to the crew, and fret little about being interrupted. They eyed each other as Dima pulled his cock to her wetting vagina lips and split them open with two of her fingers. She closed her eyes and moaned softly as she felt his hard head touch her innards, and moaned louder as she let her lips snap shut onto his cock. She pulled more out to press deeper into her, moaning more and more.

“Not any deeper, please, baby?” Demon asked, he was scared of hurting the child, going too deep and hitting it. She nodded, she wanted him as deep as the first night but knew that couldn’t happen, not for a few more months, at least. “You’re so soft, softer than last time. God damn it’s so good!” He pulled his cock back out to the head as she moaned and grunted.

“Rock me, Demon, rock the baby and me asleep.” She pleaded with him, after the two months they’ve met Demon learned she liked it rough, weld bending rough.

“I don’t think I can rock you as hard as I did on shore-”

“And whys that?”

“I don’t think the boat <personal pet peeve it’s a ship> can take it.” He smiled while she frowned.

“Just get humping, already.” She snapped. “Unless you want me to lead.” He instantly started thrusting his hull and cock into her, letting her drop her nose into the hull and ride up onto his hull front. He lowered his rear and thrusted up into her heavy chassis, thrusting her rear into to air every thrust upwards. Her vagina molded to his thrashing cock, holding onto him tight, and getting tighter with every other deep penetrating thrust. At one point her loud moans and grunts turned to her Russian language, Demon always liked it when she spoke Russian, it made him feel like her special one. He moaned aloud in between her vocals to fill the air.

Eventually their engines started to turn over, started, because of fire hazards the two were drained of fuel and obviously their ammos were removed. The clicking and grinding of metal grew louder and louder as did the moaning, then the noise of screeching metal began as Dima’s arms gripped Demon’s skirt and death gripped it; as per the other marks this wasn’t her first time doing it to them. They loved each other for what they guessed was the rest of the night, that morning was when Dima proposed something that made Demon shiver.

“Demon, I want you to feel the child for me.” He shuddered.


Reach inside and tell me what it feels like, our child.” He out right declined. “If you won’t then I’ll do it myself.”

“You’ll hurt it!”

“No. It has Russian blood. It won’t feel a thing but a mother’s hand.” She was about to reach into herself when she darted and grabbed Demon’s hands and shoved them inside her vagina. “Maybe you are the baby, and this is the man?” She joked. Demon was very intrigued and raced ahead deeper into her vagina, lifting up her hull onto his chest so his arms could reach. “Or maybe not.”

“Damn,” he felt all the way to the womb, almost a boiling hot inside as he gingerly searched for the fetus. He touched something with a finger and knew exactly his blood ran in those tubes. He closed his eyes.

“What is it like?”

“I can feel it’s suspension, it has your wheels.” Dima giggled and shivered in excitement. She could feel commotion inside but not specifics, Demon was making his way around her insides, around the fetus.

“It has your chest, and my round hatch on it. It’s a little sausage,” Dima giggled, “with my rear-”

“Boy or girl!? Boy or girl!?” Demon felt around.

“I dunno.”

“Where’s the turret? What gun? What turret? Is it heavy?”

“I dunno, is it heavy?”

“I can’t tell!”

“Alright, it’s a closed turret like ours, your shape but my height.., and the gun mantle is rounded, the gun is pretty big.” Dima giggled a lot more. “It’ll be beautiful, babe.” He retracted his arms, placed her on the floor, and looked her in the eyes.

“I love you, Demon.”

“I love you, Dima.” They slept together until they woke up hours later, only to go back to sleep to pass the days. Allen wasn’t allowed in and was kept with the crew the whole voyage. Soon they would all see the sun set over the New York skyline.

Fin IS-3 part II

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IS-3Hellcat TD

HaM side story of an IS-3, Hellcat, and a lucky human. This takes place in the closing months of the World War when IS-3s were just being started on the fields of war, although none actually made it to the front in time they did participate in the victory parade. The Hellcat is just that same legendary tank destroyer.


Demon and Allen were strolling through their Russian allies; it was 1945 in the closing days of Hitler’s third Reich and the American and Russian armies were running into each other all over Germany. Demon was a M18 Hellcat with scores of kill tally marks on his turret’s right side and DEMON painted across his glacis, Allen was his seasoned driver with a charm that wooed women in any country he was in, a charm not lightly used, either. As they meander through the camped Russians and Americans trying to talk to some Russians a loud feminine voice with a heavy accent sounds from their right.

“You Americans look bored, no?” She was a long tank with a paint job too new looking to have seen any combat. Her green eyes on her angled teardrop shaped turret were eager and hopeful. Allen was admiring her angled hull armor, unique in that it points like and arrow head, Allen thought it was ingenious.

“Yes! Finally a Russian to talk too! We ain’t bored anymore; here I’m Demon, a Hellcat tank killer, and this guy’s my driver Allen, what do they call you?” Demon was very excited to talk to an ally of another side of the damned fatherland; he couldn’t stop staring at her huge gun.

“They call me spearhead,” she gestured to her comrades a good distance around the group. “But the little girl that would play with me before I left called me Dima, I like that better.”

“Pleased to meet you Dima, so what’s it like over there in the Russian army?”

“And what gun is that?” Demon spurts out still eyeing her gun.

“Huh, my gun is one hundred and twenty two millimeters Demon,” Demon felt small, he had a seventy six and his jaw-dropped expression turned into a sly smile as the thought that he could shove his whole gun inside hers and that obviously turned into something dirty. “But it’s quite lonely, very lonely here. No one talks to me like this, only commands, orders, occasionally a morning greeting. That’s it.” She was looking a little downed; Allen thought how he could make this a good time for her. He was never lonely and never thought of vehicles sexually but he thought if it ended up there then damnit he’ll give it a shot or get Demon laid.

“Well we’re here now and you’re the only ruskie here that speaks English, how do you speak English?” Her eyes darted to him full of hope again, and caught some of his charm.

“Well when I got close to front I heard you Americans on my radio, I learned through there. How long exactly is… now?” She was hoping to take hold of the chance not to die a virgin if they ever do scrap her, she liked how Demon was ogling over her gun and something about Allen fanned her fire. “I was never on the front, never killed a German… you could share some of your stories! You must have plenty!” She was begging the two, they talked forever about the kill stories, going through all of his kill marks and making Dima look at them in awe at the shit they pulled out of their asses when they were cornered. Dima’s lust continued growing and festering, she used whatever she could think of that she remembered from the radio tunes to flirt with them. She tried her best to swoon the boys, Demon seemed to be interested but Allen was looking a little unmoved.

Soon the sun was setting, however, and by this time Dima was craving her first time to be by two Americans, she had to snatch up Allen some way. She went out on her own accord to catch Allen; she seemed to gain a hold of him while Demon looked like he would plow her in front of everyone. Allen was thinking it has come to a one night stand, but she didn’t look bad, the angles in her hull were attractive, her turret shape was nice and appealing, her roof mounted machine gun continuously caught his eye, and he could only wonder how her ‘ass’ looked. He’d soon find out.

“So you boys have plans later?” She could barely contain her excitement, and if anyone were to walk by behind her would see it too.

“No we’re clear for the night.” Demon rapidly responded, he wanted her body bad, and really craved her gun-it was so mighty and powerful yet so simple in design.

“Well I did want to hit the town, maybe a pub-” Allen was saying.

“You don’t need any German girls.” She started, thinking what to follow up with. “Ever been with a Russian gal?” She wore a sly smirk. Allen was contemplating her proposal; he hasn’t been with a Russian or a machine much less a Russian machine. He finally sighed and responded.

“Can’t say I have, Dima, it’ll be a first for me.” Dima smiled, she had no clue where they could bang but she didn’t care where.

“Russia doesn’t look kindly upon this type of bonding, so… any idea where, Americans?”

“I’ve got a spot,” Allen settled, “but its back on our side so if you could… sneak over here… we’d be golden.” She nodded very fast, supercharged on adrenaline and anticipation. The two tanks weaved on out into a field then darted for the tree line. Demon’s max speed is ninety-two kilometers per hour, almost three times Dima’s, and realizing this he went back around and pushed her as best he could noticing that the spare track link mounted on the lower of the two sloping rear plates was oozing precum and knew where her mysterious port was, while Allen found the same thoughts. Not too long into the trip all three were ready to get it on. They venture through the woods for a decent while before coming upon a clearing. It looked like an undiscovered old park, abandoned for Mother Nature to reclaim her lost land; it was still picturesque.

“You’re most romantic, Allen.” Dima said as the scenery moved her internally and gave her confidence that no one will intrude upon them, the worn brick wall still stood tall and mighty.

“When the fuck did you find this?” Demon asked moving around Dima to get a better look around.

“Well my family came here to see my grand pop’s grave, and this was one of the places we visited most often here.” He looked around with flashbacks upon flashbacks whizzed by his eyes. “Is that damn tree still there? Holy Jesus it is! Damn that tree’s old…” They sat and savored the moment until the full moon lifted above the tree line to light up the scene with its light blue gleam. Allen looked to Dima’s light green eyes watching the stars and moon like it’s a mystical being.

“Ever see the stars before, Dima?”

“No, if that’s what they’re called in American, I’ve not seen the stirs before.” Demon grinned at her pronunciation of stars. “I can watch then later, let’s take the time at hand and fuck!” Her tone change was swift and shocking, none cared and continued as planned, or what they thought was the plan. As Allen moved behind Dima and Demon followed, she protested with her own plans.

“No no, what are you doing, Demon? I have a mouth in front and a cunt in back. Use them my lovers.” Demon instantly hit into reverse to take the blow job first, her gun was an attraction irresistible to him. The two Americans got to their appropriate ends and admired it.

“Are you two ready?” Dima could barely contain herself she was so excited. Demon nodded while Allen was unlatching the steel cables from their mounts that held the spare track link to the source of her leaking. He undid the cables and lifted the link off and to the side, multiple tethers of her silver fluid still holding to it; he stared in amazement at how enticing her vagina was. Demon was sitting in front of a waiting hungry Dima, trying to get the extra armor put on his crotch by his crew off, Dima said fuck this and ripped it off herself revealing a hidden force also trying to remove it. His long gunmetal shaft looked thick and filling to Dima, she licked her lips as Demon rolled forward to her cues then lifted him onto her chest without his consent to plunge his massive size into her mouth.

“Holy fffuck!” Demon was instantly hit with this vast feeling of pleasure as Dima sucked and toyed at his metal member; licking, wrapping, caressing, all for Dima and Demon’s personal pleasure. Allen smiled at this thought, it was Demon’s first time having sex and he felt proud of Demon as he opened up his fly and let loose his veteran member to probe at the soft spot of this armored beast. He rubbed her tall slick lips with his shaft head, sending trembles and moans down her chassis, before he slowly and gently eased into her cavern sending even more trembles and moans through her. Her whole body quivering gave more pleasure feeling to Demon’s probe like it was vibrating, making him moan more. Allen was thinking to himself how he was going to please her giant welling when it slowly began to shrink in size, acting like a Chinese handcuff and constrict everything, bringing up her cervix to a more human like proportion. Allen was breath taken by the feeling inside her; he expected warm steel feeling with a good shaking by her immense engine that was literally right there. While the engine vibrations guess was right the feeling wasn’t; her entirety felt ungodly good, soft and plush with a hidden firmness below that with much heat and fluids baking his dick in all a way that made him agree this was better than any human was. He slowly pulled out drawing moans and complaints, first out of her tight cervix, then from her vagina, letting her collect herself after her first penetration, then slowly went back with a little more umpf and gradually increased speed and force until he was plain out fucking her.

Demon was very much enjoying what Allen caused back there affected Dima up here, her moaning rattled her mouth and her quivering shook her tongue around his probe bringing him even closer and faster to his orgasm goal. Her playing drooled out onto his chassis and her chest, rolling down her angled hull and off to the dirt, her eyes were clenched shut basking in the pool of her stimulation. She started to feel Demon’s shaft stiffen and throb stronger and faster when he confirmed her thoughts:

“Aaahhh Dima I’m close!” He was preparing for an orgasm he’d never felt before. Just as he’s there she pulls him out and pushes his end up above her gun letting him discharge onto her turret in a loud sound of pleasure. Some of his silver cum slopped down her turret side and entered the reach of her adventurous tongue to taste his essence with delight before turning her focus to the human rocking her world and her ass with an intensity that made her look like she was in pain.

Allen was soaking up the feeling that Dima gave him; he wanted this to be as good for her as it was for him but he knew he’d finish before her, even if she was virgin. He went down with his hand and stroked and turned her metal bulb sparking louder moans and wails from her. She had an empty mouth and was most likely crying about how good he felt in Russian, but neither man knew Russian. He was trying all angles searching for something to level the playing field, and knew instantly he found it when her shaking suspension gave out in the front three and she tried backing on to him screaming in even more high pitched screams of lust. He felt her grasp on him constrict hard, the thickness of plush material thinning until it is but the thickness of a nickel when he pulls out followed by her rush of cum spewing in streaks as she moans loudly in sporadic bursts. Allen finishes himself off outside letting out onto her armored plate and before he’s realizing it Dima’s turning around having them trade places at her pace.

“Shit- it might be a while for me, Dima… Ohh fuck!” Demon was resetting his probe and staring at the aching, dripping slit that’s growing larger to accommodate his size.

“That’s fine. Allen looks ready now.” Dima says grabbing and hauling Allen to her lips licking them intensely. Because her mouth is on the underside of the turret overhang, Allen didn’t notice the razor teeth Dima possesses until he’s right there and at her mercy. “Don’t worry sweets, I won’t bite.” She clamps down on him, releasing a moan and groan from the both of them. Dima licks his head cleaning off any pre-existing cum he has, and deeply loves the taste of his human flesh and fluids. “Mmmm you are delicious!” Dima exclaims to him.

“Aaahhh uhh, please don’t bite, please? I’ll be much tastier whole, thank you.” He says nervously, Dima smiles and looks at him innocently with her large green eyes and continues sucking and blowing and caressing. Demon, who doesn’t want to miss out on too much fun, extends two manipulators to circle Dima’s port entry point. He enjoys her cries as he pops in and out periodically, then pulls them apart trying to peer inside but sees nothing. He decides to return a favor and grabs ahold of her wide body at the sprockets, and hauls her heavy ass up onto his protesting hull where his faceplate is level with her vaginal plate. He splits her open again and peers in spotting wet soppy walls of goodness and a good ways in her cervix moved back for his size. He licks the just insides of her walls sparking the best moan she’s made yet. Allen feels her mouth vibrating with the moan and catches her eyes crossing in pleasure, he again felt pride in Demon again, and was hoping he could go back to human women happily, Dima was rocking his world and proving she was better than any other woman… and this is her first time, it’s a shame he’ll probably never see her again.

Allen wasn’t sure what Demon was doing to her back there but it was something because she was faltering in giving him a BJ now, her shuddering still kept him going, though. What Demon was doing was sinking his tongue deeper into her tunnel and lapping at her tasteful insides making her engine kick up a bit in amusement. Once he was rock hard and ready again Dima was closing in on her orgasm, so he decided to eat her out fully and let her explode on his faceplate, returning the whole favor, before placing her down again to get back to finishing Allen off. He couldn’t wait one bit and grabbed ahold of her again and pushed his member into her depths giving her a slow long moan of acceptance. Dima was absolutely overwhelmed, Allen tasted astounding, and Demon just seemed to keep going and going and going! She was thinking that he didn’t seem that big in her mouth, he wasn’t. Demon was lengthening his shaft’s reach, usually for coupling with others with hard to reach ports, but here it’s used as an extension to his whole. Although it’s not as sensitive as most of his body it could feel the pressure growing as he trekked deeper while his actual probe was indescribably stimulated with a very hot surrounding deep inside her cervix. Allen was at his edge and announced it but Dima didn’t hear him, having him cum in her mouth and it spurting all over her tongue, she completely felt whole, like this gift her two lovers have given her made her great, that she had purpose to her life, and she couldn’t live on without purpose anymore. Dima tasted Allen’s seamen on her tongue and didn’t care, she put Allen back on the ground and slammed her forward body down to get the most of Demon and screamed in delight in a mix of Russian and English.

“FUCK! OH FUCK! FUCKING DRILL INTO ME DEMON! DA DA DA YES DA YES YES YES! DAT’ MNE CHTO HUI! OOOHHHH!” He was going on and on; he wanted to get every inch into her and was certain that he would until she screamed at the top of her voice as he reached a searing hot wall in the back, the end of the line. He wanted to pull back to push again but also wanted to sit here, buried inside her. Allen came around, he was done with the night and wanted to get back what was rightfully his that he left here all those years ago wherever he left it, when he stopped by Demon who looked… different.

“Allen,” he asked somewhat nervously, Allen looked over as he put his package back into his pants covered in her liquids. “Allen I think- I think I’m in love with her…” Allen nodded and circled his finger in the air and mouthed ‘I’ll be around’ then kept going, wondering how he’s going to break it to him she can’t stay. As for Demon’s decision whether or not to fuck her or spoon with her, Dima answered it by grabbing onto his hull and holding him inside, the two of them moaning and loving each other for a good while before she began pushing him out.

“No no, here, I’ll do it.” He said, holding her hands with some of his, he retracted his probe in to him a good bit then extended it out slowly. They continued like this for a while before Dima turned her turret around to face Demon. They locked eyes, her green eyes meeting his gray eyes, she knew there what she could live for- not just Demon but, little Demon, she wanted his child. They closed their eyes together and continued until Dima asked him to pick it up, where he did. He pounded her where Allen could hear her loving yelps from across the park.

“OH! OH! AH DEMON! I WANT YOU TO CUM INSIDE ME! CUM INSIDE ME! OH YES BABE CUM!!!” She could feel him getting closer, and how deep he was she knew there was no chance she wouldn’t become pregnant but Demon pulled all the way out and bent his shaft up onto her upper panel just as she came, she shouted no and grabbed the top of his shaft tight to hold in his seed.

“NO! CUM INSIDE ME DEMON!” Allen heard her scream no and rushed over.

“What happened? Wha- who fucked up?” He asked panicked, he hoped Demon didn’t lose himself inside Dima.

“He did!” She exclaims to him, Allen goes pale, “He didn’t cum inside me! NOT YET at least!” She barked. Allen was confused.

“Dima! Why would I do that to you!? What do you want to raise a kid alone!? I don’t think they’ll do it!” Demon shouts at her, unsure why she wanted to do this. The three argue over this until Dima breaks out crying.

“Because I have nothing to live for!” The two others look at her to elaborate, “I have no purpose now! The war’s over! I’m never talked too! I’m never loved! I just want something to love! To care for! To live for! PLEASE! Plea-he-he-he-hease! Just let me that! I’ll do anything, just- please!” She continued begging and pleading with them. Allen decided one way to grant him time to think.

“Alright here’s what’s going to happen! Dima let him go outside of you, then Demon you’ll go back in but go slow! I’ll think about this because I don’t want you to ruin each other’s lives.” Dima was frantically nodding in agreement, once Demon solemnly agreed she let him go on her gun and engine roof, he was still very warm on her body. Demon looked into her eyes and even though she said nothing her eyes were bartering her life away for this if need be, so he went all the way in again.

Allen was sitting by the tree, he looks up into the night sky and notices a shiny corner of a box… he’d found it, and found a solution to Dima and Demon’s situation with its contents he remembers. He waits ten to fifteen minutes before he goes back to Dima and Demon, both looking like they could explode.

“Demon you can cum now.” Demon’s face instantly turns relaxed while Dima rejoiced and was crying tears of joy and asking if there was anything they wanted, anything. Demon thought about pleasing her anyway he could, and looking at his gun he wanted to plant it firmly between her vagina walls and let her clamp and rub on it all she cared for.

“There is one thing, Dima.” Allen asked.

“I don’t care what is it?!”

“Help me into that tree…” They strolled over to the tree and Dima held him up to climb into the tree, a few hilarious minutes and attempts later, Allen through down an old shoe box with many things in it. Allen slides down and opens it, revealing many old photos, a pocket watch, tinkers and an old key.

“This key, guys, will get you two into the United States.”

“How!?” Dima asks excitedly and questionably.

“Well when we last visited when I was eleven, a whole seventeen years ago, I was given a key, I put it in my box of stuff and kept it there, we last visited the park before leaving for home for the last time, I had climbed my favorite tree with my box hoping to put something in it. I never did and I accidentally left it here, it stayed right up there for all those years, I went mad looking for it, and now, I have this key, this key unlocks a secret cellar, that cellar has some of the world’s rarest wines! Worth millions at the time, if I sell them, I could buy you out of the army Demon, and smuggle you into America Dima.” The two looked at each other in astonishment.

“Thank you! Thank you a lot Allen! Demon, anything you want?” She turned to Demon, she helped Allen and Demon looked like he had something on his mind.

“Hmm… two things: first who was better?”

“You fucked me better; definitely, you’re huge in ratio to him.” Allen sulked; he wasn’t enough for the first time but God damnit pride still got to him. “But! But Allen tasted better.” She winks to Allen, who nodded sarcastically.

“And second: do you want to go again?” He asks out of love and passion, to hopefully sway her into love if that hadn’t happened already.

She ponders his question. “Yes I’m still horny like a slut!” With that the two race off back to the first spot where Demon placed his seventy-six into her chasm, loving her showing of affection while Allen thought how the hell was he going to fit them two in his four stable barn? I mean for fuck’s sake- and to think this is just the beginning!

Fin IS-3-way

Forgot to add in the post-comment. This will be continued much quicker than the other side stories because this will go further into detail as to how my version of tier II living machines procreate altogether… yes human x machine and machine x machine. You should know human x human by now. But this won’t stretch as HaM does, only a small number of inserts.