Le réservoir et la fille

“Bonjour monsieur Felix!” an excited voice called out as the retired AMX-30B2 rumbled to life waking himself from the semi sleep that living machines could induce upon themselves. coming to an idle the french tank looked around the large room he resided within until he spotted the woman walking towards him in a pair of overalls zipped to her chest with a plain blue shirt and a large bucket in her left hand. She was average height and a little plump, but that only accentuated her features despite the mostly obscuring overalls. Her long brown hair was tied back in a loose bun and her chocolate eyes Shined in the light as she gazed over the retired tank.

“Ah! bonjour mademoiselle Manon! and how are you doing today?” Felix asked with arched brows and a slight smile. Manon gave him a playfully annoyed look and slight smirk in response as she approached his side and placed the bucket on the ground.

“oh you flatter me too much Felix, you know i am not married, i dont even have a boyfriend, yet you keep implying that i am every time we talk.” Manon replied as felix chuckled and turned his turret to face her a slight smile along the bottom of his gun mantlet.

“what am i not allowed to think such a gorgeous women should have men throwing themselves before you in the hopes of getting you hand in marriage?” Felix teased as she rolled her eyes and then started to walk towards the collection of cleaning supplies and preasure washer along the back wall.

“you know how it is, i have always been uncomfortable around guys.” came Manon’s reply as felix’s engine rumbled a little louder, his gaze lingering on her rear as she walked with a little wiggle in her steps.

“Pah, you say that but remind me how many times we have, ahem, ‘indulged’ in each others company more than we are supposed to?” his engine revving as manon pulled the hose and soap towards the bucket a slight glare aimed at the smiling tank.

“thats different its more of a…friends with benefits kinda thing, and you didn’t tell me about your third ‘cannon’ until it was practically hitting me in the face.”

“what can i say? you were rubbing me in all the right ways.” he teased as one of his manipulator arms wrapped around her and gently pulled her a little closer to his hull.

“hey, not when i am about to wash you!” she replied turning the hose on the tank as he let go and backed off quickly shaking his turret.

“hey thats cold! i was just playing around.”

“yes, well no more of that from you or i will throw ice in the bucket as well!” Manon threatened as the MBT slowly made his way back towards the bucket of water holding up two of his arms in surrender.

“very well, but if we have some fun now…then you wont have to clean me twice.”

“But if that happens i will be too tired to clean you, and you will end up looking like a mess next to your younger brother.”

“That little….stupid….rrr.” Felix started glaring at the floor as he mumbled to himself entirely numb to the fact manon had started to slather his side skirts with soapy water. “if it wasn’t for him i would still be in the middle east showing those american dogs that we french don’t fit their stereotypes.”

“shhh, i know you want to keep fighting and show your strength. but if you did, you wouldn’t have met me. and besides you already have enough battle scars to woo the ladies with.” manon finished as she made her way around his hull scrubbing every spot she could find any semblance of dirt or grime, and gingerly rubbing the places where smaller shells had ricocheted off his armor.

“true…speaking of which…” he said trailing off as one of his manipulators slid behind her and gently hit her ass causing her to jump as she stood up quickly and swatted at the french tank.

“Hey! dont make me go get that ice.” she threatened as felix retracted his hand and apologized to his care taker.

“sorry…i solemnly swear it wont happen again, until the next time you’re here at least.”

“you better or its cold water for you big boy! i know i let you off twice now, but it wont happen again!” manon finished picking up the sponge she was using to once again start cleaning him off once more, though she was coming around to the front of his hull sending shivers through his frame. Her strokes got longer and a little more forceful especially around felix’s driver hatch sending his revs higher and higher with each stroke. “some seems to be enjoying this.”

“a-ahh, ho-how can i not? y-you have ma-magic hands! o-ooh you temptress.” Felix hissed scrunching his face up in pleasure and a little bit of pain as he wanted to take his relief.

“well then Monsieur Felix! think of this as punishment for your crimes.” Manon said pressing her self against his upper glaces sending a visible shiver through his hull.

“a-aahh!and w-what…Ahhh… p-please no more!”

“oh? what was that monsieur? you would like some more? very well then!” she teased climbing onto his hull and sitting atop his drivers hatch with legs crossed and gently grinding against his upper plate. “how is this? perhaps i should finish scrubbing you down and hose you off with cold water to, cool you down.” she finished hopping down from his front plate and picking up the hose. Before she could use it how ever she was lifted off the ground by felix’s arms as they pulled her back towards him. Her teasing had flicked a mental switch as his lust skyrocketed and with it his desire to mate with Manon, to take her and pleasure her until they both lost feeling in there sexes.

“y-you vile temptress! i c-can’t take any more i must have you!!” he hissed frantically pulling at her clothing the hatch opening to expose his engorged member, a small dribble of silver fluid starting to leak from the opening at the tip. it wasn’t long before manon was exposed to the horny tank, his feelers exploring her body as they teased and caressed her body, teasing her breasts, gently rubbing her nethers, massaging her limbs, her hair fell from its bun flowing down her back like waves of golden brown. He worked her over with his hands before bringing her to his turret ring and gently spreading her legs around his turret and before she could voice her complaints his tongue lapped along her slit cleaning the juices that had started to seep from her depths. Her gasps of pleasure where short lived as the aroused tank soon flipped her onto her stomach, his throbbing shaft inches from her face.

“p-please…” Felix began before the sensation of her hands quieted him to a growling moan, his engine roaring with pleasure.

“y-you should r-really learn to as-ask a girl first.” she muttered before sliding her tongue along his length, her hands spreading the silvery pre along his length.

“i-i tried…b-but you know me…” he replied sliding his tongue along her entrance once more sending a shiver through his human lover, her gasps and cries of pleasure only muffled as she placed the tip of his third cannon in her mouth licking the head thoroughly to enjoy the flavor of his silver fluid. There muffled moans and gasps of pleasure continued with each movement pressing them both closer and closer towards the edge of climax. though neither of them truly wanted to reach that point without the other but felix twisted her around once more removing his shaft from her warm mouth. Manon’s gasps and cries of pleasure grew louder as his tongue went deeper and moved quicker with in her, he could feel every little detail of her slit, each little movement he made drenched his tongue with her sweet taste. It was not long before she was clawing at his gun and mantle in pleasure screaming her bliss while teetering on the edge of climax, all she needed was one, final, push.

“A-AH! YES I…I AM SO CLOSE PLEASE!!!” she gasped arching her back as felix slowly drew his tongue from her depths only to thrust it back in pushing her over the edge into a screaming climax that shook her body as she wrapped her arms tightly around his 105mm gun in the hopes it would keep her stable. Her cum gushed from deep with in as felix eagerly drank her sweat clear fluids, the taste sending his engine roaring as his sex demanded release creating an almost unbearable pain in his upper glaces.

“Ah, i must have you once more my love!” Felix cried as he positioned her over his raging erection, his many hands holding her just above his tip while positioning her in such a way as to make the penetration as painless as possible. Her left arm wrapped around his gun to help her keep upright as she nodded slowly feeling her heart beat much faster in her chest as it tried to keep pace with his roaring engine. ever so slowly he began lowering her down until his tip began to spread her lips ever so slightly sending waves of heat through Manon electing a deliciously soft gasp to pass her tongue.

“p-please be gentle.” she moaned as felix rumbled in response starting to push her down as the tip began to make its way into her depths only to stop and lift her up till he was about to pop free before pulling her back down atop him. Slowly he built up speed pulling her down lower and spreading her lips wider, his hands moving to better hold her as he toyed with the little pearl that caused so many delicious sounds to escape her lips. Her plump breasts filled his grasp as he gently massaged her flanks and belly, caressing every curve he could reach with as much love and passion as he could convey through touch. Each loving caress followed by a slightly deeper thrust until his shaft was pressed against the entrance to her deepest cavern, her lips spread as much as they might go to accompany his thick girth as deep as it was inside her.

Her warm velvet depths pushing him closer and closer towards the brink of climax as his teasing and fondling brought Manon closer to her second orgazm with each thrust. Every subsequent thrust was stronger and faster as felix fucked his lover with as much force and speed manon’s body could handle. His suspension groaning quietly while he rocked his hull and pulled her down onto his shaft with each upwards thrust sending waves of pleasure through her stretched cunt, his tip pressing against her cervix threatening to pierce into her womb.

“Aaa-AhhhH! i-i can’t….” felix moaned, his member swelling inside of monan as she clamped down on his cock throwing her head back in a scream of climax. feeling her fluids rush along his shaft and spill onto his hull felix made one final thrust as his tip just barely began to part the entrance to her cervix.

“YES! GIVE IT TO ME!!” she cried holding his barrel tightly as he made his final thrust pushing him over the cusp of climax forcing his thick fluid deep inside her. Felix’s hot seed filling her to the brim and just as she thought she couldn’t take any more the seal between her lips and his cock broke letting the torrent of their combined fluids cascade onto his upper glaces and down to the floor. As the last bit of his seed was pumped into manon felix gradually removed himself from her depths to place her on his hull, each of his manipulator arms holding the exhausted woman to himself before one of them gently took her chin and brought it close to his gun mantel.

“T-that was amazing…” she muttered quietly as felix smiled and gently stroked her hair, basking in the warm feeling of bliss they both shared.

“Yes, yes it was…now rest my sweat, let us talk latter, and bask in our pleasure for now.” came his reply before he gently placed his lips upon hers in a loving kiss there embrace continuing throughout the day as they cuddled before eventually parting to let manon finish cleaning. that is until she was about to leave when the main battle tank offered to improve their relationship past indulging in spark of the moment love making so they might enjoy each others company a little more regularly. Manon paused as she considered the possibility, she had poor luck with trying to find a man to build a relationship with, and it was france one of the most laid back countries when it came to sexual preferences. turning around and walking back towards felix she smiled and kissed his cheek before walking back towards the door again waving farewell.

“i will see you tomorrow, my big studly tank.” she finished giving felix a wink as the tank waved good bye and wore the biggest smile manon had ever seen on his turret.

“sleep well and sweet dreams, i look forwards to our meeting tomorrow my love.” came his reply as she passed through the door and felix settled down to sleep once more, his mind filled with all the little things she wanted to do with her after the little parade for the public. As Felix closed his eyes and let his engine slow to a stop before drifting to sleep letting his mind wander through the many thoughts he had aimed towards Manon.


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