When in Russia: Part IV- Rammstein


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So, lately I’ve not been very diligent in my writing, netflix often getting the better of me. That being said, without further ado: WiR Pt IV.

I wanted to do a machine x machine section and for better or worse this serves that purpose.


-13 May 2022

Chase caught the bundle of cloths and began redressing himself, a number of things falling from his pockets, only serving to further irritate him. He was sick of getting tossed from agency to agency. FSB, SVR, CIA, DoS, NSA, who was next, he wondered.  He could feel Anya’s cannons brush against his arm as she dew close to him, she didn’t trust this new agent, there was something about him she didn’t like.

“Now, what does the Central Intelligence Agency want with me?” Chase skeptically questioned as he buttoned the cuffs of his shirt and adjusted his tie. He was pissed, only seconds away from being pleasured by his Hind for a second time and then interrupted by yet another cocky federal agent.

“Not you Chase. The CIA needs the both of you for this.” Agent Mastin said, lighting up a cigarette, the flame from his lighter reflecting in his clichéd dark sunglasses. “The CIA cleared you two days after the Victory Day incident. You’re no threat to national security just an American in the wrong place at the wrong time, or the right place, it’s perspective I suppose. The State Department is slow and more cautious, that’s why you had the shadow.” He took a deep drag of the cigarette, the orange ember glowing in the dim hangar. If “every CIA agent in every movie ever made” was the impression he was going for, he nailed it.

“You and your bird here are in a unique position to do good for the American people. You are, however, not required to accept but, I can guarantee there are certain perks to working with the CIA and certain” he took a perfectly timed puff of the cigarette to add an ominous tone “drawbacks to refusing.”

To Chase it sounded like a threat as it was no doubt intended, “What kind of ‘perks’ are we talking about?”

“That’s for me to know and you to find out, but just know the CIA takes good care of its people”

“Alright” Anya chimed in “what is the mission?”

“You’ll be briefed later, don’t worry yourself about that now.”

Chase could feel Anya crouching down next to him, like a defensive predator. He reached over and put a hand on her side. It calmed her but he could still feel she was tense. How he could feel a helicopter as tense was beyond him but, he just could. “You know, right now you’re making a Hind uneasy, not a good thing to do.”

Mastin smirked “I like you kid, you’ve got balls, and you…” he leaned in taking a closer look at Anya “You got some sharp teeth.” He dropped the stump of the cigarette on the floor and ground it out under his shoe “The USS. Eisenhower will be in the Mediterranean Sea for the next two days. You’ll make your way there before they leave and fly in at night under the cover story of transporting a Hind back to the JRTC. And remember, the fact that you’re even working for the CIA is classified so just play your roll. Then just sit tight until you’re briefed on the mission. You’ll have to make your way out of Russia via Helsinki then south from there.” Mastin reached into his suit jacket and pulled out a packet of folded papers. “Here is your flight plan with approved airfields and a radio frequency to contact the Eisenhower once you get there. I take it you don’t have any crypto gear so we’ll have the comm geeks put some gear in at Ramstein” He handed over the papers.

Chase unfolded them and began reading them over, Anya looking over his shoulder. “Some of these flights are over nine hundred kilometers between fueling, I can make just over four hundred in ideal conditions.” Anya said, already beginning to doubt his plan.

Mastin nodded, “The agency procured some auxiliary fuel tanks. Just consider them a good faith gift.” He turned away and began walking out “See you on the ship.”

“I don’t like him.” Anya said as soon as he had exited.

“Don’t worry, he’s just a typical agency spook” Chase replied, fastening his belt and fixing his collar.

“What do you think he wants us to do? I would think your intelligence agency would not trust a Russian so easily.”

“Anya, I’m just as confused about this as you. Are you ok with doing this?”

She smiled, her tone changing, “It sounds exciting, doing a super-secret mission for your American CIA.”

Chase had to agree, the prospect did sound exciting, “Alright then, let’s go on a mission.”

Chase stooped down to retrieve the contents of his pockets, finally coming to Leonid’s business card. There was something he hadn’t noticed before, on the back of the card he there was a handwritten note but just as he was about to read the message he heard the squeak of well used breaks just outside the hangar door, followed by the even louder screaching of the hangar door being pulled open. Quickly he shoved the card in his pocket in case it was Mastin coming back.

Chase watched as an old, well used Ural truck backed into the hangar. The man who had opened the door did a half run over to the back of the truck and dropped the tailgate. A team of three more men in dirty gray coveralls jumped from the back of the truck and without saying anything began unloading large fuel pods.

One of the men retrieved a paper wrapped package from the passenger seat of the truck and ran over to chase, pushing the item onto his hands before hurrying back to the other men who had just finished lifting the last tank from the back of the truck.

Anya shifted uncomfortably as the men began fixing the fuel tanks to her wing hard points. It felt weird for some reason. She had usually known her ground crews or at least talked to them. These men bustled about silently connecting lines and fastening screws without a word, only the occasional quiet instruction from one to another. She had to admit, they were efficient. It was no time before they had all tanks fixed to her wings. As quickly as they had come, they loaded back into the truck and drove off. Anya looked to either side, dispatching a few tendrils to check their work.

“What do you have there?” She asked as she went over the hard point connections.

“I’m not sure” chase said feeling the soft, fair sized package in his hands. He couldn’t see any markings or writing on its surface. “Let’s find out.” He untied the twine around the parcel and ripped back the paper wrapping.

He picked up the first thing in the package, green USMC garrison cap. He flipped it over and noticed a pair of silver bars mounted toward the front. “Well I guess I’m a Captain now.” he said holding up the cover so Anya could see the emblem. He placed the cover to the side and removed a manila envelope. Inside was a new ID with his fake rank along with a set of signed orders, reflecting everything Agent Mastin had told him. Behind the orders was a paper marked “Destroy after reading” and just below that “Backstory”. He skimmed over the paper, “It says here I’m Cpt. David Mace from the Joint Readiness Training Center.”

“Well congratulations on the promotion.” She joked.

Chase kept reading until he came across a part that made him burst into laughter, “It also says” he said, catching his breath, “I’m married with five kids.”

“You’ve been busy.” Anya chuckled, “Is there something I should know about.”

“Who comes up with this stuff?” Chase said, setting the envelop to the side and removing the final object from the package. The last article was a tan flight suit with a fully equipped gear vest, boots, and a couple changes of clothing, everything he would need to look the part. “You know what Anya?” he said holding the entire thing up in front of himself so she could see, “I think they’re expecting a Pilot.” They both laughed, “You’re going to have to teach me some pilot stuff on the way over there. It’s safe to say I am not even close to the man in the profile.” He set the pile of gear on the ground and picked up the background paperwork for further review.

He had just began going over his fictitious family situation when another mil-surplus truck pulled up and began backing into the hangar. “Chow’s here.” He said as a pair of men began prepping the fuel truck.

“That’s the good stuff right?” chase said in English. He laughed as they both froze, looking to one another, both confused as most likely neither spoke a work of English. “I’m just kidding” he said in Russian. Both forced a quick fake laugh before going back to work fueling the helicopter.

Chase covered his ears as the deafeningly inefficient old pump was started. “Geez, were you guys still in Afghanistan when that was put on? No offence.” He said looking back to Anya

As soon as the fuel truck had left, Chase changed into his pilot uniform and in the dying light of the unusually warm Russian day they taxied out onto the runway for their nearly 30 hour, 4000 Km journey. The flight plan showed 4 stops and a grand total of around 18 hours in the air.

“How does it feel leaving home?” Chase asked through the Mic in his comm helmet as they took off.

“To be honest with you Chase, I’m ready to leave. I am a proud Russian and yet I was bound for the boneyard, it was time to leave. I only regret I cannot save others that fate.”

Chase knew exactly the places she was talking about. In the US the living machines were spared this fate but they still existed for those machines that were not. The thought of them had always bothered him but he had come to live with the fact there was nothing he could do. He sat back and relaxed in the pilot’s seat watched the lights from the city grow smaller and fall into the distance behind them.

The flight to Helsinki was just under 4 hours. Anya had let Chase doze off to the muffled thunder of her rotors. She found it nice letting him sleep in her cockpit, she didn’t mind doing the flying.

She woke him a few miles out from the Helsinki airport. Instructions were not to contact the air traffic controller and proceed directly to an isolated unlit section of the airport. As they descended to the runway a couple of what chase assumed to be agency men in runway attendant uniforms waited next to a fuel truck.

With a speed that would rival a formula 1 pit crew, the team began refilling Anya’s tanks and in no time the men had pulled back the hose and given them the takeoff signal.

Another 4 hour flight and they reached the Copenhagen airport and underwent the same touch-and-go pit stop. As soon as the hoses had been unbuckled, under the cover of darkness they were off for Germany.

The sun had just began coming up as the left Denmark and crossed the border into Germany. Now that they had light Anya began her instructional period on the basics of being a pilot, Chase’s joke of it being a “Crash course” going right over Anya’s head.

She made it increasingly hard to focus on the flying portion as one of her tendrils made its way up the leg of his flight suit and began playing with his cock, gently stroking it to full erection.

“A combat pilot has to be able to perform under stress.” She said as he began squirming in his seat almost unable to keep his mind on flying.

Chase laughed, stress had never felt so good. It was too perfect up here to waist it on instruction so he leveled her off and sat back looking over the landscape of clouds outside the cockpit, taking in a deep relaxing breath as she continued stroking him. The rhythmic thumping of her rotors, there was something incredibly soothing about it.

The scene was beautiful way up here, the solid blanket of clouds extended for as far as the eye could see, seeming to make a second earth on top of the first, a pure white second skin. While it may have been dark and dreary on the ground, up here the sun shown bright across everything.

Chase let his mind wander as he looked across this white heaven. He wished he and Anya could live up here forever, far above all the troubles that inhabited the earth below.

She could tell his mind was now other places so she took control back and allowed him to daydream while she flew.

“We’re almost there.” Anya said, bringing Chase back to reality. She began rapidly descending through the layer of clouds revealing the earth below. As the haze from the cloud disappeared the sprawling green countryside of southern Rhineland came into view. It had been years since Chase had been to Germany, he didn’t hate to admit it, he had missed this place. They flew low over the mountainous terrain, over towns that had changed little from the small villages they had been a century ago.

The air traffic controller of Rammstein Air force Base directed them to a landing pad to the south of the main runway. Chase returned a confirmation and they began descending toward the cluster of hangars toward the southern extremity of the base. From what it had been decades ago, Rammstein AFB had expanded into a sprawling military complex. Chase watched as the ground grew closer and closer until he felt Anya’s wheels touch pavement.

“Welcome to Germany.” Chase said as her rotors slowed.

He stretched as he stepped down onto the tarmac, it felt good to use his legs after 8 hours of sitting. No sooner had he exited than he saw a Humvee tearing across the asphalt towards him. Chase removed his helmet and replaced it with the garrison cap, immediately taking it back off as he noticed there was something inside the cover. “Oh, fuck yeah!” he said pulling a pair of aviator sunglasses from inside the cover.

“I feel the need…” he said putting on the glasses.

“What are you talking about?” Anya said, confused at the abstract statement.

“The need for speed.” Chase finished under his breath.

The Humvee rolled to a halt next to them and a young Airman stepped out of the passenger side. “Good afternoon, Sir.” She said snapping him a salute.

Chase had almost forgot he was an officer now and hastily returned the salute. “I was sent out to let you know there’s quarters for in the TDY officer’s barracks. Also, the mess hall is open until 1400, building 18756. If you’ll hop in the Humvee we’ll get you there.”

“What about my bird, gonna need some fuel.”

“Ah, that will be the 15 area fuel depot, they will be sending out a fuel truck at 1500. Oh, and that reminds me, Comm shop will be sending some techs out to install some gear at 1530. So, if you want a ride we can get going.”

“You know what?” Chase said, “I think I’ll make my own way there.”

The Airman nodded, “Yes, sir.” Then hopped back in the Humvee and took off across the tarmac.

“Well, it looks like we have some time.” Chase turned back to Anya, looking over the length of her long broad body. She was really something else.

His thought were interrupted by the sound of a jet coming in fast toward the runway. He watched as a plane he couldn’t identify touched down on the main runway, flaps flaring as the vehicle slowed to a roll. He had never flown in a fighter but he imagined that pilot just had the time of his life.

The sleek fighter took a turn onto the taxi way and into a hangar area not that far from them. Getting a closer look, Chase noticed the lack of a pilot then the presence of a steely blue eye just below the cockpit.

As it got a closer look he remembered that plane, a US prototype from some decades back, a YF-23 but he couldn’t remember the manufacturer. Yet another example of an older model being brought back into service for the fact that they were alive.

‘That’s something you don’t see every day’ Chase thought to himself.

Looking over his shoulder he saw Anya’s eyes fixed on the fighter as it stopped in front of a hangar. She wasn’t just staring, she was fixated by the plane.

“You alright Anya?” Chase said, snapping her from the trance.

“Oh, yes. I’m fine.” She replied as if the question had startled her.

“Don’t lie, I know that look, you were eyeing that plane.”

Anya almost seemed embarrassed. “I never thought I would see one in real life.”

“You want that jet, don’t you?” Chase said smiling at her. He could see right through her.

“Wha… Chase I’m with you now.”

“Anya” He said stopping her “This is an opportunity you’ll get maybe once in a life time, there are, I think, only two of those in existence. We have this bond thing and if I recall right it’s not going away. If you want that jet go and get it. Like I said, we’ve got time.”

“I couldn’t, it’s no big deal”

“Come on Anya, you’re practically dripping right now. Go enjoy yourself, you’re free to do whatever you want now. Think of it as a liberation gift to yourself, your emancipation proclamation after party. I’ll go get some food. Now go have fun.”

“But this is a military base, I just can’t go rolling around wherever I like.” She protested.

“Screw that, just try. There’s no sense in living if you can’t feel alive.”

“What if it’s a she?”

“There’s one way to find out.” Chase said turning and walking toward the nearest building. She needed to have some fun, he hoped this was a push in the right direction.

As he walked away, Anya found herself alone on the airstrip. For a second it didn’t feel right, but then she looked back to the jet and a devious grin spread across her face. Casually she began moving over toward the stationary Fighter.

She moved slowly, hoping to time her introduction with the departure of its fuel truck. As she approached she heard she heard its voice, a steely cool, charismatic male voice.

“So you’re the Hind I saw coming in?” He said turning to face her, “I’ll admit, I was a little surprised. I’ve never actually seen a Hind before. So what brings you to Rammstein?”

She couldn’t believe this jet, incredibly sleek and sharp. If ever a vehicle were to look like the edge of a blade, it was him. “On our way back to the US, transfer to a training center.” Anya replied.

“So, what’s your name?”

This Idle conversation was nearly unbearable, “It’s Anya, Anya Mil.”

“Huh, nice name. I’m Denver but, everybody calls me Ghost, an old nickname but it does the trick. So, what’s your pilot going to think of you coming over here?”

She still couldn’t get over the cool confidence in his voice. “What do you mean?”

“Come on, I saw the way he looks at you, the way you look at him. You two are together.”

“He told me to enjoy myself.”

“Well in that case I’d like to invite you back to my hangar. Maybe I can help you enjoy yourself.”

Anya couldn’t believe it was that easy. It was even more unbelievable that chase had told her to. She was going to thank him every way she could as soon as they were alone again but, for right now, she was focused on the gorgeous fighter leading her to his hangar.

As soon as they entered Denver’s hangar the door slid closed behind them. The hangar was spacious enough for the two of them but not much else.

“So have you ever been with a helicopter before?” Anya said, hoping to start some dialogue.

“You would be the first and Anya, I have to tell you I couldn’t imagine a better first, you are a beautiful girl. Your pilot is a lucky man and you’re lucky to have him. It’s not common for a human to share their lover.”

“Cha… my pilot” she caught herself before saying his name, remembering that he was using a fake name, “is a great guy, I owe a lot to him.”

Anya almost couldn’t wait, being alone with this new and exciting machine was almost too much. She could almost feel herself getting wet at the thought of this plane inside of her. With a hum of servos and mechanics she brought her rotors to the rear and moved in close next to Denver, brushing her hull against his.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve been with a fighter but, I think I can still remember a thing or two.” Anya said, extending a pair of tendrils to the jet’s underbelly, gently tracing the edges of his intakes before moving farther down his underbelly, rubbing the smooth stealth surfaces. “There it is.” She said as the long hard appendage emerged from its housing. Carefully she wrapped a tendril around it. She felt Denver shudder as her tendril ran up its length. He was unbelievably hard and she was loving it, she wanted every inch of his hot member inside of her.

Back and forth she rubbed him, listening to his low moans of pleasure, rubbing her armored face against his fuselage. She must have been doing something right, she could already sense the globs of pre that dripped from his throbbing member.

“How does that feel, am I getting it right?”

“Mmmmh, yeah.” Denver said, closing his eyes. He didn’t have to tell her, the low hum from his spooling engines said everything.

“Good.” She said, retracting the tendrils and moving back. Slowly she lowered herself onto her side, giving Denver his first look at the dripping gray synthport between her landing gear. With the tip of her tongue Anya licked her lips, leaving the faintest hint of gray around her mouth.

Denver, taking the hint, lined up nose to nose with her and with a little maneuvering got one of his landing gear up on her fuselage. With a little more maneuvering she felt his heat enter her mouth. She took as much as she could between her lips, thankful she didn’t have to worry about teeth with him. This jet was big, hot and already oozing globs of pre into her mouth as she began using her tongue to rub the length of his shaft. It wasn’t hard for her to get him to squirm the closer she got to his tip.

Flexing his body and rolling on his landing gear made it possible for him to get a little in and out movement but it didn’t take much to bring him to the cusp of orgasm. Between her sucking, and all the things she could do with her tongue he felt like he couldn’t take it any longer.

“Anya, I’m about to cum.” he said trying to give her warning so she could let off but she wasn’t showing any sign of stopping. With this warning she started going even harder until she could feel his entire airframe shaking on top of her. Liters of machine seed gushed into her mouth, the hot heavy gel pouring from him like a river.

He let out a long low moan as the sensation hit him, a moan that was sure to have been heard by anyone near.

Anya held the warm seed in her mouth while he dismounted. As soon as he was clear she spit the load out onto his hangar floor, leaving a pool of the silvery machine cum.

“Aren’t you worried of someone outside hearing us?”

He laughed, still recovering from the aftershock of the orgasm, “I’m a prototype. My model will never reach production. I really don’t care what anyone thinks. If I’m enjoying some mind blowing sex with a Hind, I’m not going to hold back just because I’m afraid of anyone hearing. Now if you don’t mind, I believe it’s my turn.”

He moved back and lined his nose up with the slit between her landing gear. A little lifting on his nose wheel and he could just reach. It was his turn to make her squirm for him. He could feel her heat on his nosecone as he licked his lips and went in. His heavy synth metal tongue broke the surface and pushed deeper and deeper between her engorged lips.

He could taste her machine goodness as he pushed as deep as he can into her, his tongue squirming like a trapped snake. Anya could do nothing to resist as she writhed and moaned on the cold cement floor. He gave that a few minutes then pulled out and jammed his tongue against her clit. Her tender bead was assaulted mercilessly, sending shockwaves of pleasure through her airframe.

“So how’s that?” he said pulling back and licking her juices from his lips.

“Oh please, don’t stop.” Anya moaned.

His mouth spread into a grin, razor sharp teeth glistening in the overhead light. “Don’t worry, we’re not done yet.”

A little maneuvering and Denver was able to mount her airframe, placing his body half way on top in line with hers. She could feel the heat resonating from his body as he pressed his fuselage against hers. She moaned with excitement as she felt the hot throbbing appendage sandwiched between their bodies.

“Well Ghost, what are you waiting for?”

“A little anxious are we?” Denver said as he shifted himself into position, placing himself at the lips of her dripping pussy.

It was hot and hard as it slid into her, pushing to its full depth, her walls filled to their max by his hot metallic girth. If she could roll her head back like she’d seen in the videos, that’s exactly what she would have been doing, the feeling was exquisite.

A little flexing of his airframe and he withdrew halfway, still leaving himself a fair depth in her.

“How does that feel?”

Anya let out a long breath, “Mmmh that felt great.” She could feel her body gripping his member tightly, no doubt bringing him great pleasure.

Slowly he began a thrusting into her, picking up a slow gentle rhythm. He prided himself on being a lover who knew what he was doing, gentle and passionate would lead to faster paced more energetic sex followed by fast and hard. Right now he was in the passionate and gentle phase. They both could feel the texture of the others skin as he pushed himself up and down on her.

This was good but he really wanted to make her scream. Sending a pair of tendrils along between their bodies until he found her clit, gently massaging the bundle of nerves, with satisfying results.

Anya did her best to keep her moans low and discreet, secrecy had been the name of the game at Kubinka so being discreet was in her nature.

“Why do women here always try to keep it in, try to keep quiet? If you’re enjoying it, who cares who hears.” It was clear he didn’t care, his grunts and groans with every thrust could no doubt be heard well beyond the walls of the hangar.

Anya had been wet just looking at him and with hardly any effort at all and no fear of repercussion she was screwing him, this freedom thing was feeling good.

She had started feeling his pace picking up more and more with each thrust until she could feel the power of his thrusts moving her on the concrete, the wet squishes of his hull against her pussy now becoming wet slapping. Little by little the temperature in the room began to rise as his engines began picking up, pushing out a scorching hot torrent of air into the hangar.

With the final phase of Denver’s method in play everything became faster, he slammed into her relentlessly, thrust after thrust, each more powerful than the last, his long hard airplane cock ruthlessly assaulting her pussy. Loud scraping sounds resounded through the hangar as the momentum of each repetition pushed the couple a centimeter further across the floor, leaving deep gouges in the cement. This was an experience one machine could experience only from another, such intensity would have killed even the most durable human.

Anya moaned long and loud for him as each powerful movement from his massive body drove her closer to orgasm. It wasn’t long before she felt the jet quivering, his grunts becoming more erratic “Anya, mmh, I’m c…” his sentence was broken by a deep moan as he blew a hearty load of hot jet cum inside her. The strong flow of the steamy gel forced its way as deep inside her as possible before squirting out around the edges of his cock, splattering the floor with the silvery gray liquid.

“You better not stop!” Anya growled as she felt him begin to slow “I’m not done with you yet.”

A few seconds later she could feel herself reaching the cusp of orgasm as Denver continued pounding her. As it reached her, she felt her airframe go ridged, the intense sensation of the climax sweeping over her. As she came, her juices joined the mess of machine fluids on the floor.

Neither wanted to move. Despite being machines, good sex could often leave them with a feeling of exhaustion. The hangar was sweltering hot and the cleanup crew would have a hell of a time cleaning up the pool of unspeakables in the middle of the floor.

“So, was it good for you?” Denver said, finding the age old cliché amusing.


“So, you gonna tell me how it went?” Chase said as they reached cruising altitude.

“I’ll tell you all about it later my dear.” She replied, “At least one of us has to concentrate on flying.”

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When in Russia: Part III- The Hangar


© 2015 DELTA X3

-13 May 2022

“That must be it” Chase said into the comm helmet as they approached the Moscow airport, pointing to a small hangar on the outskirts of the massive airfield.  The flight from Kubinka hadn’t taken long but he had enjoyed it immensely, soaring over the Russian landscape in Anya’s cockpit.
The cockpit of the Hind was tight but he enjoyed being surrounded by her and he found the pilot’s seat unexpectedly comfortable not only that but, the view was extraordinary. He could look out over the entire city as she told him about the history of Moscow. Anya had even given him a shot at flying. Being his first time she coached him through it, telling him just how to pilot such a bird, a mechanical manipulator hand holding his to her stick as they flew over the sprawling Russian city.


“Let me do this part,” Anya said taking control back as they approached the pad, “landing can be a little tricky but I will teach you soon”. Chase got that dropping feeling as they rapidly began descending.


She wanted to show off a little so banking right she put herself into a steep dive before pulling up and coming to a hover a meter off the ground.
“You certainly know what you’re doing.” chase said, his adrenaline spiking from her little stunt.
“What can I say,” she replied, “it’s what I do.” she chuckled at this as they touched down, her wheels gently meeting the tarmac. She shut down her engines as chase opened the cockpit door and crawled down her side. “Is this it?” Agent Falkner said stepping down from her troop bay, almost having to yell over her blades as they began to slow.
“So it would seem.” Chase replied as the three began toward the hangar.


Chase moved in close to Anya’s nose “As soon as we get in there Anya” he whispered so only she could hear “I’m going to make you squirm”
“Promises promises.” Anya seductively replied.
From the looks of the place, it was clear that the building had remained unused for a great while. The heavy steel door had no marking whatsoever only a large padlock securing the door shut. General Milonovich hadn’t given him any key or even mentioned there would be a lock. He tugged the lock but no luck. He felt something on the back and sure enough taped to the back of the lock was the key. “Wow, now that’s security.” Falkner said sarcastically. Chase removed it and unlocked the lock.
“Give me a hand with this” Chase said, pulling at the door which turned out to be much heavier than he had expected. Falkner grabbed hold and with a heave they slowly slid the large door open. The hangar for the most part was empty and in good condition. Here were a few cabinets lining the walls along with some maintenance equipment all circa late 70’s early 80’s. It was an average hangar even having a seating area at the back with some covered furniture. It was clear this hangar hadn’t been touched in decades, everything was covered in a thick layer of dust but otherwise not dirty or cluttered.

“Anya, what do you think?” Chase asked as the three of them looked in.

“It’s better than nothing.” she replied. It was reasonably small with more than enough room for a helicopter to move about comfortably but not much else. They all proceeded into the hangar. Looking around, it was a little smaller than her hangar at Kubinka but she found it cozy. It would serve their purposes very well.

With the anxiety from the events of the day Anya couldn’t wait to release it all with chase. She was starting to feel it already, she wanted it. Her tongue unconsciously brushing her upper lip where her canon had been as she eyed Chase up and down, thinking of all the things she wanted to do to her little human. “I think this will do perfectly.” She said as they all moved into the hangar, Anya making her way to Chase’s side, snaking a tendril into his hand as she nudged up against him.

“Hold on.” he whispered to her. He knew exactly what she wanted. “You mind giving us some privacy.” Chase said looking to Falkner.

“I’m not supposed to let you out of my si…” he stopped mid-sentence, his face going blank as what Chase was asking hit him. “Because of the ongoing investigation you have to remain under supervision”

“I don’t mind an audience, what about you Anya” chase said casually looking to the helicopter.

“Not at all Chase darling.” she replied playing right along “Maybe Agent Falkner is secretly into machines also. Maybe he just needs a good Mig to take him to bed.”

“Fine” he huffed “I’ll be right outside”. He grabbed a chair and walked out the door “I have a wife you know, and kids” he said heaving the door closed behind him.

Anya chuckled “Were we really going to have sex right in front of him”

“Nah” Chase replied “I just said that to get rid of him. Were you?”

She smiled at him “If you wanted to.”

They both laughed. “Chase, I’m so glad we get to be together. Many machines only dream of a retirement like this. We can be together in American, yes?” Anya held his hand a little tighter, smiling as she looked into his eyes.

Chase could see the excitement in her eyes “Of course Anya. You can do whatever you want.”

“Well, I want to be with you.”

Chase nodded, he was still getting used to hearing affectionate words from a Russian attack helicopter. It made him happy, looking at her, still awestruck by the fact that such a powerful dangerous machine would want something so fail and delicate as a human. That alone was one of the turn-ons for him, her size, the danger. How did he get lucky enough to find someone such as her as a lover?

“So, now that we have this hangar all to ourselves any idea what we should do” Chase said casually.

“I can think of a few.” Anya replied, sliding a tendril past Chase’s belt and wrapping it around his dick, gently beginning to rub and play with it under his pants. She closed her eyes, remembering him thrusting into her that first night, the thought alone was making her wet.

“I like where you’re going with this.” Chase said, unbuckling his belt as the Hind continued rubbing him to a full erection. She loved feeling the heat as his dick hardened in her grip. He removed his shoes and slid out of his pants then removed his suit jacket. She loved this watching him strip down for her. In her mind she hated his cloths, envying them for getting to be hugged against his flesh all day, for getting to be pressed against his curves, getting to feel his body. Yes, she hated them. She planned to have him naked against her body every opportunity she got, and Hinds were seldom said denied.

He completed unbuttoning his white undershirt and stripped it off, letting it fall into the pile of cloths on the ground, right where Anya thought they belonged. She loved this, seeing his fit firm body. Taking a tendril she slowly ran it down his chest, tracing the lines of his pectorals down to his abs until it reached his under pants. The other uncoiled itself, leaving his erection hard and throbbing, ready for to make this Hind squirm. She slid his underpants down his legs, finally freeing what she had so desired for days now.

“Since you seemed to have saved me, I’m in your debt and being in the debt of a Hind is a very very good place to be.” She said seductively, ”So Chase I’m all yours to do with whatever you want.”

He couldn’t help but smile, a Hind had just told him he could do whatever he wanted with her. Every inch of this Hind’s massive body was now his playground. His mind flooded with all the things he wanted to do to this helicopter. He had done nothing the whole time he was being detained other than imagine all the ways he would make love to her beautiful body. He felt like a kid in a candy shop, all the possibilities, all his little fantasies.

Chase thought for a second, looking around for ideas, one coming to mind. He went over to the seating area and yanked the dust cover off the couch. It seemed in decent shape after all these years. It was made of a soft red fabric with every generous cushions, the kind of couch you could easily doze off in. Anya raised an eyebrow, admittedly she was slightly interested in what her little human was planning. She moved back as he began dragging the heavy sofa to the center of the hangar. It took him a minute to move the unwieldy heavy piece of furniture, working up a sweat in the process. Anya licked her lips, seeing his muscles glistening in the florescent lighting was making her restless. She wanted him, bad.

Taking a rest he sat down on the couch letting out a sigh of exhaustion. “That thing’s heavier than it looks” he said regaining his breath.

“You don’t seem to have any problem with man handling 9 tons of helicopter” she said as she approached, a set of tendrils extending toward his knees.

She spread his legs wide exposing his entire package to her large wet tongue that ventured in between his legs, finding its way up under his balls, cupping them in a warm embrace, her chin compressing the couch cushions. Her tongue was slick and moist, it’s warmth and texture sending a feeling of relaxation through Chase. She began to play with them while a tendril reached up and began stroking the length of his shaft. Chase let his head roll back, putting his arms up along the back of the couch as she coated him in her helicopter saliva.

She wasn’t about to stop there. Her tendril retracted and she began to inch forward, pushing his entire crotch onto her mouth, using her lips to protect his delicate skin from her razor sharp tungsten teeth.  She could already taste the precum that seeped from him as she held his dick and balls on her tongue, enjoying having his tender human organs in her mouth, knowing how much pleasure this was bringing him.

“Mmmmh, that’s amazing.” He said gripping the couch’s material as she licked from his balls all the way up to his head. With an unnatural dexterity the tip of her tongue flicked at the base of his head causing every muscle in his body to tense. She couldn’t seem to get enough as she traced the ridge of his head before coming over the top, splitting the small slit and taking his precum onto her tongue. Anya could already feel she was dripping wet as she wrapped her tongue around his dick and began to slide back and forth. “How does everyone not want to be with a machine” he said.


He could see her eyes were closed, it was possible she was enjoying this just as much as he was. Not only was she going at his dick he could also feel her sucking on his entire crotch, he was getting a couch blow job from a Mi-24. This big girl slopping and slurping at him, how much better could life get.

She could feel him reach the cusp of orgasm and withdrew her tongue and pulling away leaving Chase’s entire midsection and inner thighs wet from her saliva.

“You never cease to amaze Anya” chase said as she licked her lips, placing her massive chin on his lap. He gently rubbed his hand against her face, feeling her armored flesh. Her soft breaths against his chest began to condense forming a warm moist patch on his skin. She had no need to breathe through her mouth but could sense he liked it, humans seemed to enjoy little things they could associate with and she was more than happy to oblige. There were many things she didn’t understand about humans, she had never really been taught. Just as she would teach Chase to fly he would teach her of the world she had been brought into.

He didn’t know how but he could feel just how bad she wanted the throbbing appendage just below her chin, she wanted it buried deep inside her.

He moved in close to her and whispered “My love give me your tail, it’s my turn.” She shivered with excitement backing off his lap, a broad smile across the Hind’s face. He watched intently as she wheeled her long body around, locking her rotors to the back towards her tail. Unashamed of the fact that he was blatantly eyeing this Hind’s beautiful ass “I didn’t know Hinds could even do that”

“Most can’t” she said, clearly showing off her posterior “Mil thought they could put Hinds on aircraft carriers, so they modified a few with folding rotors. Defense ministry wouldn’t bite”

She positioned herself at an angle to the couch “You may want to lay down.”

Chase did as she said, laying back down on the plush velvety couch cushions. This really was a nice couch, one he wouldn’t mind having back at home. He watched intently as she began backing up toward him, her tail rotor passing first followed by her gradually widening tail section until her fuselage reached him. She lifted herself on her landing gear, resting her tail on the back of the couch and putting her dripping wet synth port right over Chace’s head. Hot drops from her aroused pussy dripping on his face.

“I’ve needed this for days.” he said, lifting himself to the opening, he could already feel the heat from her aroused lips and smell the enticing smell of her warm womanhood. It was a wonderful smell, metallic and mechanical but not dirty like grease and oil. A sweet arousing sent, lined with pheromones that chase couldn’t help but find irresistible.  He moved in, closing his eyes and slowly licking the silvery liquid off her synth port, tasting this helicopters thick fluids, allowing the high from her juices to sweep over his entire body. It was glorious to be with his helicopter once again. It had only been one night but it felt like she had been with him his whole life, he just hadn’t met her yet.

“Anya, where have you been my entire life”

“In Russia chase, why?” She replied, clearly not understanding his American idiom.

“Don’t worry about it my love.” he said pushing his tongue into her slit, slathering his face with her warm liquid. He reached up and began massaging her clit with his free hand as the other propped him up. He could feel her body go rigid as she tensed herself from the feeling. He never got tired of that, he had the ability to with one hand render a mighty Hind completely defenseless.

She let out a whimper as the feeling grabbed her. Anya was completely at his mercy but she didn’t mind at all. It was a new feeling for her. As the most dangerous attack helicopter in the sky she was always in charge, always the dominant party but in this case she didn’t mind this vulnerability. Allowing this tiny human to utterly take charge of her was oddly arousing.

He could feel her flowing onto his face, the juices running down his jaw and onto his chest. She put out so much more than he had ever experienced but he recalled the first night when he had been absolutely soaked with her nectar, a majority of his body slicked by their love making. Love with this girl wasn’t a clean affair.

Eventually he removed his hand and moved his mouth to the tender ball of tissue, kissing and sucking her clit. Flicking and licking it with his tongue as she writhed, trying to cope with how much pleasure she was feeling in this moment. None of her lovers before had done this for her, the sex had been simple and uninteresting but this American had introduced her to a whole new world. She wanted those wonderful lips all over her body. Her chin was pressed against the ground as she arched her back. She had trouble admitting this but it was almost to much for her.

“Oh chase!” she moaned “Chase stop stop! I’m not ready yet.”

He smiled deviously as he removed his mouth from her tender parts. A Hind had just begged him to stop, there was another one for the books.

“Are you ready to get to the good part?” chase said as she pulled away from the couch. He could just look upon the woman he had come to love, a titan of a machine, the terror of battlefields the world over. Her broad wings and predatory smile, she was quite a girl. It still boggled his mind why this flying tank would chose a human. He would never understand that.

For Anya she just didn’t care, she had her man. This human was hers and she was his. She would protect him with her life, with her armor, with her guns and rockets. She no longer had her guns or rockets but she was still a Hind and she still had a row of sharp metallic tungsten teeth, rotors and 9 tons of weight to throw around. She would kill for him.

Chase laid down on the couch “Come up here my love.” he said as she wheeled around and approached the couch. She lined herself up and lifted her left landing gear and placed it onto the back rest of the couch. The strained furniture creaked and groaned under the helicopters weight. The couch back could hardly support her armored body. Her sopping wet synth port was just inches above his rock hard erection. He could already feel her heat and couldn’t have been harder, nearly a week of pent up lust was about to be released into this chopper. Her hardened underbelly felt warm against his skin and the velvety couch was just heavenly, crammed in this delicious sandwich he thought about how this was to be his for the rest of his life. She would be his forever.

“Chase, allow me to show my thanks. You will enjoy this.”

“I will, Anya I most definitely will.”

He positioned himself underneath her, feeling a tendril wrap around his dick, holding it in position. He felt the tip meet the hot soft lips of her pussy. His head broke the surface as he began pushing himself into the Hind.

“Anya you were generous the first time.” he said, actually having to push to force himself into the Mi-24s body. She was unbelievably tight around his dick. The slick lubricants made the passage easy but he could feel her body squeezing his cock as it penetrated Inch by inch into her armored body. It was amazing, a glorious feeling.

“I wasn’t sure how tight humans liked it so I gave you what I would have given a machine, but I can see as you humans would say ‘tight is right’.” Anya chuckled a little.

“In humans tight is a unique privilege because the more ‘experienced’ a human is the more loose they get and tight is more stimulating”

“Chase you forget I am a machine. I can make myself however pleases you.”

“Anya, this is perfect.” he said gritting his teeth as he continued driving himself into the Hind until the full length of his dick was buried in her warm depths. Her fluids flowed onto his waist, sliding between his balls and inner thighs, between his cheeks before seeping into the couch’s materials. Her insides squeezed his engorged cock tight as he paused for a moment. The nanites from her fluids had already entered his bloodstream. His entire body feeling the intense calm relaxation, an enticing high brought on by her juices.

He slowly began to withdraw, the walls of her vagina hugging him with each inch. He stopped as the last ring held his head as if trying to keep it from leaving, the entire shaft coated with a thick silvery coat.

“Chase it feels like I was built to have you inside me. As if you were part of me. Promise me you’ll be with me forever, I couldn’t live without.”

“I promise Anya.” It must have been the bond. He could feel her emotion, her pleasure, her desire, everything.

Again he slowly began to push into her tight slit. She savored every centimeter of his girth as it slid into her body stimulating the thousands of receptors in her soft metal pussy. She shifted slightly on the couch causing the poor piece of furniture to moan and creek under this Hind’s immense weight.

He pushed against her underbelly as he reached his max again. A tendril softly stroked his face, tracing his jawline before pressing itself against his lips. He broke the surface with his tongue and gingerly licked the small apparatus taking it in his mouth and sucking her his tongue dancing with her tendril. Another snaked it’s way along his naked body around his calf, up his high until it reached his balls. She slowly began playing with his testicles, softly squeezing and kneading them.

He began pushing in, a little faster this time, picking up a steady pace. This was heaven for the two of them, these two vastly different lovers. A Soviet era Gunship and an American serviceman. Anya moaned softly for him as he grunted and groaned for her, sweat rolling down his body as he thrusted into her even faster. The rapid fire slapping of his waist against her pussy splattered juices all over the couch cushions.

Gradually he grew faster and faster, thrusting so deep in this beautiful Russian machine. A tendril wrapped itself around the base of his dick rubbing that one hard to get part, just right. A manipulator hand vigorously running through his hair while she writhed from the pleasure, even getting into the thrusts herself. Chase could feel her holding back. Stifled moans coming from her mouth.

“Yell, shout my love. Let agent Falkner know just how good it feels. I want all of Moscow to know how good it feels.” Chase yelled to her.

As if being set free she let out a deep moan. Her voice echoing throughout the empty hangar, eventually breaking down into Russian chase couldn’t understand.

He could feel it, as could she. That pleasure they both worked so hard for, the apex, the climax. It was almost there. He thrusted as hard as he could into Anya. The couch had almost had it. It groaned and creaked as tons of Soviet warbird bounced on the backrest. The over strained piece couldn’t take it anymore. With a loud crack the back rest broke from the couch, dropping 9 tons of helicopter right onto chase. Her armored belly pressed Chase into the deep cushions, the arm rests holding her weight, the only thing saving him from being completely crushed.

That was it. The feeling of all this Hind’s weight on his body was arousing to no end. It turned him on so much, just getting to sample all she was, this massive helicopter pressing him into the couch. It had driven him deeper into her than either of them thought possible.

At that moment the two climaxed. Chase shuddered as he blew a large hot load deep inside his helicopter lover, squirting globs of thick semen into her. She felt the pleasure of her lover as he climaxed, the hot creme exploding inside her. She came right along with him.  Her fluids gushed all over his waist, absolutely soaking the cushions and running down the sides onto the floor.

“Are you alright my love” Anya panted.

“Anya, I’ve never came like that before.” he said trying to catch his breath with a helicopter on his chest. “That was incredible” He lay underneath her, stroking her underbelly.

“You had better get out Chase. I’m not sure how much this couch has left in it”.

“You’re probably right.” He said sliding out from under her.

As soon as he had she began working herself off what remained of the couch. He stood back and looked at her. It was like she was a prize, a trophy on a pedestal which is what she was, his prize, his trophy girl. She was something he could be proud of, someone he could proudly brag ‘yeah that’s my girl’.

As soon as she was off the couch Chase sat back down on the ruined furniture. Anya moved over and rolled up to chase, raising up to plant a kiss right on his lips. He could feel her still trembling from the orgasm, or was that him. He didn’t know but either way he didn’t care. He had a Hind, a dream of his for a long time.

“Again chase?” She said, raising an eyebrow.

“You Mils sure are relentless.” he replied. He would go again with her. He would go again and again and again if she desired.

She was just about to mount him for a second go just as they were interrupted by the sound of the hangar door creaking as it slid open and a man walked in.

“How about knocking first, Falkner!” Chase said frustrated by the interruption.

“I’m afraid you won’t be seeing agent Falkner anymore.” a suited man said walking into the hangar. Chase couldn’t see his face yet but he wore a simple black suit and shined leather shoes.

The man picked up Chase’s cloths and tossed them to him.

He continued into the light. The man was well built standing a few inches taller than Chase. “I’m Karl Mastin, Central Intelligence Agency.” He reached into his pocket and produced credentials.

“Chase, Anya your country needs you.”


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When in Russia: Part II- Moscow Shootout


© 2015 DELTA X3

-7 May 2022

It wasn’t until the frigid Russian breeze hit him that he realized just how tired and sore he was. Seeking refuge from the cold he ducked into a store just across the street where he was to meet Leonid.

The thought of what happened last night was still fresh in his mind as he meandered about the store. He thought about how he had just last night made love to a soviet era MI-24 Gunship helicopter named Anya. The miracle of these living machines was not lost on him but, she was something special. Not only that but, last night the bond had been created between the two, the fabled “connection’ that signified an unquestionable compatibility between the two entities. Now they would have a heightened sense of one another and a constant longing for their companion when apart. He hoped that what he had heard of it wasn’t true, that it was unbreakable. It would have to would wear off after a while, he wasn’t going to be in Russia forever, his rotation would end at the close of the year and he would be shipped to his next post in another country.

He hardly noticed the group of men with large duffel bags that walked through the store and into a back room, he did however notice the man who at the back. All he caught was the Aeroflot Airlines jacket and the faded gray ball cap. Chase recalled that Leonid worked for Aeroflot, ground guiding planes on the runway and he often wore a hat like that. The man’s build was right and he walked with the same hardly noticeable limp favoring his right leg which Leonid had always credited to “the war.”

Chase was about to discount this as a coincidence when he heard three muffled the thumps come from the back room. The sounds went unnoticed to the rest of the occupants but Chase had the feeling it wasn’t simply boxes falling off a shelf. He considered the possibility of it being just his over active imagination but against his best judgment he decided to investigate. Maybe it would satisfy his curiosity. He moved to the back door, looked through the small circular window and saw nothing. He checked around him to make sure no one was watching then cautiously pushed the door open and proceed into the cramped stock room.

He continued into the dimly lit room moving between storage shelves until his foot ran into something soft. “Leonid!” Chase exclaimed, taking a knee next to him. He had a stream of blood sweeping between his fingers staining a large patch of the gray shirt under his jacket.

“What the hell is going on, who shot you?” he started to move in to assess his injuries. There were two gunshot wounds to the chest and a single shot to the upper part of his right arm. The arm was a clean through-and-through but the between the heavy bleeding and Leonid’s wheezing breaths Chase could tell the chest wounds were a real problem. Chase tried to start pulling away the tattered cloth but Leonid pushed his hands away “There’s no time” Leonid said his teeth clenched from the pain, a faint hue of red on his lips “You have to stop those men.”

“What are you talking about what’s going on?”

“I’m FSB.” Leonid said a raspy cough, bring up even more blood.

“You’re Russian Intelligence?” this caught Chase completely off guard.

“Chase you have to listen to me those men are part of a Chechnya partisan group, they are terrorists. They’re going to use a bomb at the parade.”

“Don’t you have back up?”

“Damn it Chase they won’t be here in time, we’re talking about minutes here. You have to stop them.” Leonid reached in his jacket and removed a FN 5.7 pistol “Take this.” Chase was still trying to get a grasp on what was going on “People will die!” Leonid barked.

Reluctantly chase took hold of the gun. “Also, take this” Leonid tore a section of his jacket, removing a button that trailed wires followed by a small device. “Record what happens here, it will be the only thing to keep you out of prison and show Russia what happened. Now go, I’ll be fine.” Chase knew Leonid didn’t even believe that, there was a good chance he had a collapsed lung and he had already lost a lot of blood which was evident from the pool of blood that had begun to accumulate around him. Chase stuck the button cam in the lapel hole on his overcoat and trailed the wires to the internal pocket then nodded. He didn’t want to leave his friend here sitting there bleeding on the floor but if what he was saying was true time was not on his side.

He realized just how little he actually knew about Leonid, what if he was a terrorist and he ended up shooting an actual FSB agent, his involvement in this could spark an international incident on an epic scale, especially in the current uneasy relations between America and Russia. But why would a terrorist be using a hidden camera, terrorist groups normally had a camera crew following them for this kind of thing. He looked down at the tiny device. It was definitely agency grade, not some backwater terrorist trash or an online spy shop product. This put his mind a little at ease but all the possibilities concerned him. He came to his feet and moved toward the door at the back of the room.

He proceeded through the door gun raised as he entered the hallway noticing three spend 9mm casings on the floor. The hallway made a 90 degree turn to the right a few meters down. He slowly approached the corner, keeping his weapon up, careful not to expose his muzzle he rounded the corner. The first thing he saw was a man standing at the end of the hallway with his back to him. He couldn’t make much out but the noticeable bulge under his jacket which most likely indicated he was wearing some kind of body armor. Chase pulled back the pistols slide a few millimeters seeing that there was a round in the chamber. Seeing the tail end of a shell casing he let it go and got ready.

In his head this is how it would go. He would slowly sneak up behind the man, put the muzzle of the pistol to the back of his head, inform him if he desired to keep the number of holes in his head from increasing he would remain quiet and do exactly as he said. He would make him show his hands, put him on the ground, restrain him, quick search then have a little Q&A session. Nobody dead, no shots fired and maybe some of the dozens of questions swimming around in his head answered. It couldn’t go wrong until it did. His pant leg got caught on a paint roller sitting on a can in the hallway, knocking it to the ground. The sound wasn’t very loud but loud enough to get the target’s attention.

The first thing he saw as man swung around was the unmistakable muzzle of an AK-74 assault rifle. Things seemed to go into slow motion. If he fired there could be consequences, if he chose not to fire he could be dead within seconds. The pistol bucked as it sent the first round down range. The high velocity 5.7mm bullet cut straight through the Kevlar vest, the deformed slug shifting direction as it reached the soft tissues, slicing through vital organs and lodging itself in the shoulder blade. Chase squeezed the trigger three more times, all rounds impacting center mass.

That was it. He had irreversibly involved himself in Russian affairs and in no small way. If he was on the wrong side of this when the dust settled this could cause more trouble between the US and Russia than any diplomat could ever resolve and land him in the basement of some unmarked FSB building, never to see the light of day again. The man fell backward into a pile on the floor dead in seconds. Chase heard scuffling in the room ahead, no doubt the man’s accomplices. He hurried to the threshold.

As he to the doow he heard the familiar “click clack” of a shotgun. Hardly having time to react to the threat he dived through the doorway just as the open door next to him erupted in dust and shredded shards of wood. Another “click clack” and all the papers on the desk between him and the shotgun were turned into confetti. The flash of what he was able to see before diving for his life was a poorly lit room, the few remaining florescent bulbs flickered leaving the room mostly dark between the flickers giving the run down room a horror film feel. The room was populated by rows of desks and filing cabinets showing decades of neglect, a portrait of Stalin still hanging on the wall.

As he hit the ground he could he could see the outline of a foot under the rows of desks. Without hesitation he fired three quick shots at ground level. He heard a scream of agony as they tore through the leather boot and into the assailant’s foot. The man hit the ground and chase hit him with another two to the torso.

Chase attempted to stand and assess the situation but was quickly forced back to the ground as the clatter of a sub machine gun pock marked the wall behind him. Chase stuck the pistol over the desk top and blindly fired five rounds back. The sub machine gun in turn returned a short burst.

Again the gunner sprayed a barrage of fire in Chase’s direction. He got an idea, a very unorthodox idea but it had worked in a movie. Slowly and silently he moved back into the hall and grabbed the dead man’s collar, dragging him back into the room. Another burst came from the other side of the room this time from a second gun, another burst following from the first. No doubt they were going to try to flank him, he had to hurry. He put the AK sling around the man’s mid-section and heaved him up. He hooked the sling on the top shelf of a filing cabinet effectively propping him upright. It looked absurd but it should serve the purpose. Chase grabbed the grip of the rifle and let off a few shots, the muzzle flashes hopefully giving the opposition the position of where he wanted them to believe he was. Creeping back under a desk he waited, watching the beams of their flashlights flick off as the pair began their flanking maneuver one going around to the left, the other to Chase’s right.

He could faintly hear their footsteps as they approached. The pair stopped then together jumped around the corner. They saw the target and began to spray the decoy with bullets. Chase leveled the pistol at the far man and pulled the trigger. A clean head shot, dead before he hit the floor. The near man was quick to turn around and chase had no time to adjust his aim. He sprung out of hiding driving his shoulder into the man’s rib cage, knocking him off his feet and sending his weapon flying over the desk. Chase followed him to the ground. He tried to line up a shot but the assailant took hold of his firing hand, pushing the gun outward. They fought for control of the firearm discharging a round into the wall. His opponent kicked off the wall rolling the two over. Chase was now underneath him, exactly where he didn’t want to be. Still struggling for the weapon with one hand he used his other to deliver a powerful punch to Chase’s side. Chase grunted as he hit him a second time. Chase freed his other hand from between the two of them and landed a blow to the man’s temple stunning him for a split second. He then followed with a strike to his jaw.

He was still fighting to get the gun into position to put an end to this little scuffle but his opponent wasn’t making it easy. Another shot went off into the ceiling. The man used his leverage to slam Chase’s hand against the ground forcing him to release the gun, sending it skidding across the floor. Chase used this opportunity to get a knee between them and shove his opponent off him and make some distance between them. Both shuffled to their feet. Chase put his fists up, preparing for the fight.

His opponent reached behind his back and withdrew a NR-40 fighting knife. Aiming the strike right for Chase’s gut he came in fast with the knife. Chase saw the strike coming. He pushed his waist backward, bending at the waist and catching the man’s wrist with his arms locked out stopping the knife. In one fluid motion chase shifted the momentum of the strike upward, sliding under the man’s arm moving behind him then pulling his arm back down and planting the knife hilt deep in the man’s side. When he was taught that, Chase never thought it would have worked but he had just been proven wrong. It was a fatal blow, the tip of the knife had slit the left ventricle of his heart and bottom of his lung.

Chase let him fall to the ground. He needed a moment to pull himself together. He’d been in a firefight before but that was fighting an enemy a few hundred meters away with a squad of other men and armored support. He had just by himself killed four armed men in close quarters combat. He had never been in actual hand to hand combat before. He had to snap himself out of it, there was still a job to do. He could feel his heart pounding, adrenaline coursing through his veins.

He walked over and collected his pistol, brushing away the dust from the scuffle. The exit to the room was a doorway at the back of the room. It had some serious locks on it but they were all unlocked. Through the doorway he found himself on a stairway leading down four flights until another door with similar locks but this one read in Russian “Authorized access only” he went through and found himself facing what appeared to be a bank vault door. It had a placard that read B-66. He recalled this from a documentary he had seen. Scattered all throughout Moscow during the cold war the Defense ministry had built bunkers during the cold war for government officials in case of nuclear war. They were designed to withstand a nuclear blast and sustain the occupants for months with interconnected communications so they could attempt to maintain the government from the safety of underground. Many of them kept so secret that after the collapse of the Soviet Union they were forgotten, some being discovered by accident after the buildings were sold off.

The heavy door was slightly ajar, just enough to slip through without moving it. Inside was a undisturbed lavished 60s era reception area. He saw a shadow under the door to the rest of the bunker. This place was so isolated it was possible they were not even aware of what had happened up stairs. He could hear voices speaking Chechen which he couldn’t understand. Listening closely he could hear one of whoever was inside stood right inside the door probable leaning against it. He didn’t know what he would find in there but he was about to find out. He have humself a few feet between him and the door and using his shoulder bashed the door open. He followed through pinning the man behind the door then put the pistol to the door and fired off the remaining few rounds in the magazine through the wooden door. The slide locked to the rear as the final shell ejected.

He dived as the other stunned guard regained his senses and fired, stitching the area where Chance’s head had just been with automatic fire. He abandoned his empty pistol and grabbed the dropped MP5K from the guy behind the door and sent a burst at shin level. The man screamed as the bullets shredded flesh and shattered bone. The third man in the room continued typing at a computer set.

This set up was too large for them to have just brought in, the room looked like a command center. There were consoles, displays and CCTV monitors displaying various live feeds from the parade. It was obvious there had been preparation put into this.

Stop what you’re doing!” chase shouted in Russian standing up and kicking the gun away from the man he had just shot. “I said stop what you’re doing, move away from the console.”

The unknown man hit a final button then casually turned around. “I don’t know what you’re doing meddling in Russian affairs American but there’s nothing you can do now” the man said in nearly flawless English.

“What are you talking about?” chase said keeping his sights firmly on his chest.

“As soon as that timer reaches zero” he looked up at a timer fixed to the wall “you see that Topol” he pointed to the massive RT-2MP 16 wheeled mobile ICBM launcher. “Its missile pod is loaded with a special bomb what you Americans call a ‘dirty bomb’. When it detonates it will level red square and flood Moscow in a cloud of radioactive particles.”

“Why are you doing this?>” chase questioned “The Chechen war is over.”

“You think this is about Chechnya, no, this is about far more. Not only will this entirely eradicate all the vermin who crawl about the Kremlin but also that Topol you see there, it’s one of those abominations, those ‘living machines’.” Disgust dripped from his words. “They will blame them and they will have to dismantle them removing many of their vehicles and crippling Russia’s mechanized fighting forces. With a weakened military and no leadership Russia itself will begin to fall to pieces”

“They’ll never believe that.”

“Trust me we’ve staged enough that they’ll have a welding torch to all of them within a week.”

This infuriated chase, he could only think of Anya. “You stop this right now” Chase shouted at him jamming the muzzle burning hot of the gun into his forehead.

The man remained completely calm despite the pain “Nothing can be done now”

Chase grabbed him by the back of the neck and slammed his face against the console “Undo it now!” Chase barked.

“You don’t understand, there’s nothing that can be done. There’s no secret code, this isn’t one of your super spy movies. When the time is up this this station will broadcast the detonation signal” Chase looked up at the screen and saw the Topol was sitting in the chute, about to go. The timer read 45 seconds.

“This room will seal as soon as the signal is sent.”

“You bastard” chase growled bringing him up to eye level. Chase cocked back and delivered the most powerful punch he could to his jaw, knocking him out cold. He began frantically looking over the consoles, nothing made any sense. He was running out of time.

The clock read 10 seconds. He couldn’t think of anything.

Five seconds. His last chance, he had to do something.

His last resort, he turned his head closed his eyes and fired off the rest of the magazine into the computers, microchips and plastic flying everywhere. He opened his eyes. The consoles were completely demolished. One monitor was still working he could see the parade as the timer hit two then one. Chase held his breath. Then zero. Nothing happened. Chase let out a sigh of relief. “I guess I just saved the day” He was just about to exit the outer door as he heard a scuffling just beyond it. The pressure wave knocked him from his feet as the door exploded off its hinges and men in black tactical gear flowed in. He felt himself flipped onto his face and a knee in the center of his back as a black bag was placed over his head and zip ties were cinched tight on his wrists. He slowly slipped into unconsciousness.

-Personal journal entry 453: 13 May 2022

Ok, here’s what happened. So it turns out Leonid was Russian Intelligence, FSB. He was pursuing a group of terrorists who were going to set off a dirty bomb during the Victory day parade. Their motive was to destroy the seat of Russian government and frame the Living machines for the crime destroying all the progress and credibility they have made so far. It almost seemed personal. After a shootout I’ll never forget, I managed, by a damn miracle, to stop them. The only bad part was I completely missed the parade, I missed seeing Anya’s final performance. I spent two days in and out of a FSB interrogation room before they released me back to the American government where I spent the last few days on ice, questioned  by every three letter agency I’ve ever heard of and a few I hadn’t. I even have my own shadow now, State Department Special Agent Mike Falkner. He’s never far out of sight. No outside contact, TV, internet, nothing. Worst part is I can’t get that helicopter off my mind. No matter what I do I think of her. Tomorrow I’m supposed to be meeting with the President of the Russian Federation, one of the most powerful men on earth, President Vladimir Putin.



Back at Kubinka, Anya was sitting in her hangar. She hadn’t heard from Chase for days and was beginning to think it had just been a one night stand. This was really starting to take a toll on her, she just wasn’t feeling herself, depression starting to set in.

The door creaked as it slid open. She turned and saw Vadik roll in. This would boost her mood a little, she always enjoyed his company. “What’s the matter?” She said noticing the somber look on his face.

Orders just came in from Moscow. You’re to report to the maintenance hangar for de-mil.” Vadik said.

Anya could feel what humans would compare to their heart dropping. “Well, they don’t waist any time now don’t they. Victory day parade one day scrap yard the next.”

I’m sorry I tried to talk to the Colonel but he said the orders were final. They were sent from the Ministry of Defense.” Vadik came up to her and put one of his tendrils to her face, hoping to console her. He’d seen this happen to a few of the vehicles he knew. It hurt worse and worse every time, this time especially because it was her, he cared for her a lot. “Have you considered running?

You know it wouldn’t work.” she said. Vadik knew this. It was a Russian military base, there was no getting away from the missiles and MiG’s that would be sent after her.

Vadik came up next to her and pressed his hull against hers. “I’m really going to miss you.” Vadik said softly to her.

I’m going to miss you to.

Here” He said removing his tow and hooking it to her tow point “let me.



“Now remember what we talked about.” Ambassador Rawling and Chase sat in the waiting room just outside of the office of the President of the Russian Federation in the Russian White House in Moscow. “If you can find a way, if he asks if there’s anything he can do for you remember…” Ambassador Rawling was interrupted “The President will see you now Mr. Weber.” Chase and Rawling stood “Just Mr. Weber”

“But.” Ambassador Rawling began to protest.

“The President wants to speak with him personally” the assistant insisted.

Ambassador Rawling reluctantly took his seat. Chase adjusted his tie as he followed the assistant through the the heavy wooden doors.

“Dobroye utro, Mr. Weber.” President Putin said standing and walking out from behind his desk.

“Dobroye utro, Mr. President.” chase replied as formally as he could. President Putin extended his hand and chase took it. The aging former KGB Colonel had a remarkable grip for his age and still retained the dominating demeanor he had become known for “Please take a seat.” He said motioning to a chair in front of his desk. “My people tell me you speak good Russian.” he said as they both sat down.

I taught myself mostly Mr. President.” Chase said in the best Russian he could. He wasn’t unfamiliar with speaking with high ranking officials but this was the first time he had ever spoken one on one with a head of state. Aside from the president there were a few FSO agents, their version of secret service and standing right behind and left of the president was a Russian military officer. From what he could tell man was a Russian Army General, most likely his defense minister. He looked to be in his late 50s and wore a chest full of medals and decorations even bearing the Hero of the Russian Federation medal. To have Russia’s highest decoration, this man must be fairly important.

So onto the events of 9 May.” He opened a file on the display on his desk. “My intelligence services tell me that you were not actually part of this plot and in fact that we owe you a measure of thanks. The Video shows you may have just saved Russia as we know it. However,” he shifted in his chair looking back to chase. “At this point in international relations decorating an American with a medal befitting of this isn’t in my best interest. Please don’t take this as an insult, the people of Russia are thankful for what you have done but I can use this event to great effect here and now.” Chase appreciated his straight forward approach. “Therefore I would like to offer you an alternative. Now I know your Ambassador has no doubt told you ask to reopen talks on the situation but I want to know what you want, personally.

Chase wasn’t prepared for this question, what could he ask of the President of Russia. He thought for a moment. He was afraid of asking for something to big but wasn’t planning on wasting this on a KitKat bar. Then the thought hit him. He knew exactly what he wanted. It was crazy and he had no idea if he’d go for it.

“Mi-24 Hind helicopter tail number 102” Chase said with all the confidence as he could muster.

The President looked surprised, it was a very precise answer. The general behind him typed something into his wrist terminal then swiped his finger sending the information to the president’s screen. “So you want one of our old attack helicopters?” he continued down the page. “Ah, I see it is one of our live machines, why is this?

Mr. President, I’ve been wanting to learn to fly a helicopter and how better to learn than from a helicopter, and plus I’ve always admired the Hind.

The general leaned in and said something in the president’s ear. “Whatever your reasons are, it’s all yours.” The President said applying his digital signature on a form which Chase could only assume was a transfer order.

Chase couldn’t believe that had just worked. He had just been given Anya. She was now his. Whatever fate she had been fearing was now gone. He couldn’t hide the astonishment “Thank you Mr. President.

I can imagine they will be reluctant to let you have an attack helicopter so I will agree to reopen talks on the Moldova situation on the terms you are allowed to have it. As you can assume this is now classified and unauthorized release of this information is now punishable. Although the public may never know what you’ve done Russia is in your debt.” President Putin stood and chase followed “Now if you will excuse me there are some things I have to discuss with your ambassador. General Milonovich will escort you and your shadow to Kubinka air base where you can collect your helicopter.” President Putin stood and chase followed. They exchanged a handshake and chase left the room followed by General Milonovich picking up his assigned agent as they exited and headed down an elevator to an underground garage.

The three got into an armored limousine and departed for Kubinka. “Chase,” General Milonovich said looking at Chase “you know you look very much like my son Vasily.” It clicked, Chase knew he recognized the name. Minister Milonovich was the man he had impersonated to get out of Kubinka. And this was no doubt his father. There was more. The Milonovich family was a very affluent family, one of the most powerful families in all of Russia, their power dating back to the Tsars. A family of politicians and generals.  “So, tell me what’s your actual interest in this helicopter, I feel it’s more than what you told the president”

He had seen right through him. Chase’s face flushed with embarrassment. “Yes, there is.” He shifted in his seat. “Her and I.” He couldn’t really think of the proper way to put it.

“Had sex.” Milonovich finished.

Chase scratched his head. That was putting it bluntly but yes it was the truth. “Don’t worry, I don’t have any problem with it. In a way I understand the concept of being connected with your vehicle. During the Second Chechen war I was a T-80 tank operator. My tank became more of a comrade to me. Being in combat in one of those beasts, you develop a relation with it. I took care of my tank and it took care of me, she even had moods, I could tell when something was wrong. She never let me down even once. One time we even took a RPG to the engine and somehow that tank managed to take out a supply convoy and limp back to base. The mechs said there was no reason it should even run but somehow that tank got me back in one piece. A new engine and we were back in the fight. We’ve never actually been properly introduced. I am General of the Army Yuri Amolev Milonovich, Russian Defense Minister.” Shaking hands with chase.

“I’m glad they gave that helicopter to you. She was due to be retired and decommissioned. One of those birds saved my life once. Chechen mine took the tracks off my tank and there was a platoon of rebels closing down on us. Just as they were about to reach us, three Hinds rose over the hills in a most majestic fashion. It was beautiful, rockets, cannons, the heavy beating of the rotors, it was fit for a cinema. Saved our lives.”


Well here we are.” Vadik said as him and Anya reached the large door of the helicopter maintenance hangar. “Open up!” he shouted as they came to a stop. The doors slid open, something didn’t seem right. There was a long black limo bearing Russian Federation fender flags. Vadik pulled her into the hangar and detached the tow bar.

A group of men emerged from one of the offices at the back of the hangar.


She heard the voice she thought she would never hear again, the one she had longed for.

“Chase?” She exclaimed as he moved through the crowd of uniforms and coveralls. “What are you doing here”

“You wont believe it.” Chase said affectionately placing his hand on her face. “Some things happened, big things.”

General Milonovich.” she said as the officer approached, her military instinct kicking in.

“Hello Anya” General Milonovich said pleasantly “How are you doing”

“Sir, I’m not exactly sure whats going on”

“Your boy here did some big things for Russian and was asked if there was anything he wanted. He said he wanted you.” The General certainly had a way with words.

“Chase?” She said, turning to him, curious as to what he could have done to make a thing like this happen.

“I wasn’t sure what you would want but I remembered how much you were dreading retirement. Now you can make the decision. You can do whatever you want, your life is yours. You can go do whatever you want or you can come back to America and live with me”

“So you’re saying I can come to America with you?” Excitement filling her voice.

“Yes, if you want.”

She wrapped her tendrils around him and squeezed him tightly against her nose, knocking the air out of him and squishing his cheek against her glass cockpit.

She was overjoyed “Yes chase, I do. Take me away to America, we can be together there right?”


She lifted on her front gear and kissed him right on the mouth. “Chase I love you.”

General Milonovich was smiling as he watched the two young love birds. “You take care of her now” he said as they broke apart “she’s your helicopter now.”

“Will do General.”

“Anya will have to be de-militarized, luckily for you all her sights, systems and comm gear are just old enough that you can just have it as is however the cannon and rocket pods we’ll have to keep. It should take a few hours and then this beautiful helicopter is all yours”

He turned back to Chase “Oh, and if you ever find yourself in a situation in Russia any police chief will know this means you’re a friend of the right people in Russia.” He handed him a challenge coin. It was serialized and very intricate, bearing the symbol of General of the Army and Defense Minister on one side and the seal of the Russian Federation on the other side.

“In addition” he continued, “there is a hangar for you at the Moscow International Airport, an old KGB hangar, hasn’t been used since the 90s but it’s all yours as long as you’re in here. Well I have to get going. You two have a good day.” He turned and walked back to his limousine.

For the rest of the de-mil process Chase sat off to the side watching the technicians work, just admiring the helicopters attractive form.

“Are you ready to get outta here Anya” He said as they finally finished. “Shit, I forgot.” Chase said neglecting to introduce his shadow. “This is Special Agent Mike Falkner, he’s assigned to me because of what happened. To make sure I’m not a security risk.” He turned to the Special Agent “Agent Falkner this is Anya Mil, she’s a Mi-24 gunship helicopter.” Chase moved in a bit closer to her “and now my Mi-24 gunship helicopter” he liked saying that.

Let me report in” Falkner said pulling out his phone “then we can get over to Moscow int.”

As soon as Falkner stepped away chase felt a tap on the shoulder. He turned around and there was Leonid, one arm in a sling but otherwise completely fine, dressed this time in a suit and tie. “Good job chase, you pulled it off”

“Leonid, I can’t believe you made it out of there. They wouldn’t tell me what had happened to you.”

“It’ll take a lot more than them to off me. It seems they failed to kill me during the war and they wanted a rematch. You know, it’s possible these events will mean lots of changes in Russia, especially for your big friend over here. All that aside, I wanted to give you something.” He reached into the coat his coat pocket and removed an oddly shaped object wrapped in a gray cloth and handed it to chase. It was heavy and he could already tell it was a pistol. He unwrapped it just enough to see it was the FN 5.7 pistol he had used during the shootout. “You can’t carry it here in Russia but I figure back in America you could, kind of a memento. Oh and if you ever get tired of working for the US give me a call” He handed chase a business card that simply read “Leonid Petrov, export consultant” and then a number. He nodded to Chase then walked back the way he had come.

At that point Falkner had finished his call and returned. “Alright give it here” he said. Chase reluctantly handed over the cloth wrapped pistol. “Maybe, you can have this back when we get back to the states.”

They made their way out to the runway. It felt weird to Chase that she was his now.


“Go ahead climb in.” She said opening the cockpit door. It was the happiest he’d ever been climbing up the side of this helicopter and taking his seat in the pilot’s chair. “That seat, it’s yours now. I’m yours now” she said, “I promise, I’ll never let anything happen to you my love”.

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