Musashi, Sister-Queen of Thiccness

I’m back! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted here. I’ve been quite busy. Storywriting has slowed a bit, I’m not bored, not at all, just busy. Trust me, there’s a ton of content I want to put out but I don’t have time for. I really hope you all enjoy this story about Musashi. The guy is Chad “Mitsuna Hito” from Fuso, and yeah I forgot how to spell his nickname. There a bit where it transitions to first person, I’ve been dabbling with first person writing more, I’ll see how it’s received here. I might stay third person or I might try some more first person stuff. Also, again, I reference WoWS because it’s my favorite game and it builds a relationship between the characters. To each their own but WoWS is mine.

Nonetheless, I’ll quit talking, here you go!




Musashi patiently waited for the lights to appear from above. The first time subs found her she was terrified, she didn’t believe submarines could get that deep and instead thought a ship was sinking on top of her. The darkness bothered her little, unlike Fuso, and Titanic, she toyed with the darkness. She carefully studied the aquatic life and the deterioration of her body-and the lack of it at various places on her body. Yamato always teased Musashi about overthinking things and having a few screws loose, while Musashi wasn’t exactly crazy, she wasn’t normal, either. Musashi’s keen awareness and analytical mind is what kept her afloat for so long during her last battle. She picked up on American strike habits and signs and use them to either dodge, disrupt, or mitigate their attacks. She knew she could not sustain such an overwhelming and long-winded battle, it wasn’t what she was made for, so she tried to tank as much damage as she could, spreading out the loads to keep even, and coordinate her crew to prioritize certain damages. It worked, she survived their strikes and she alone took most of the attacks, which spared more fragile ships not designed to take such a ferocious beating. The only variable she overlooked was her crew’s energy. By the end of the onslaught the majority of her crew were zombified, nigh useless. Her ability to remain afloat and stay on top of the flooding diminished. She asserted to the captain that she would not last through the night and recommended abandoning her. After much hesitation and persuasion he concured. She slowed down and helped get as many people top side as possible and insured everyone was off before she said her goodbyes, and waited to slip beneath the waves. She missed her crew very much, and learned that her beloved sister did not go down with such grace. The Americans, too, had learned quickly and focused their strikes on one side to upset stability and cause a roll. Not only that, Yamato face a force of almost double what Musashi did. Musashi was morally wounded when she learned of the violent sinking that took almost all of Yamato’s crew. However, almost right after this news she was told that Yamato had been raised, and was alive and well, even had a family, Musashi rejoiced immediately after, asking if Yamato courted the navigator from Mogami, when she heard that Yamato married Hisashi, Musashi celebrated. She engaged in negotiations for her return to active military service that day. They went on for so long that it was continued over transmission cables. She assured she wanted her role to be a damaged sponge, well the representatives wanted her to be a command platform for combined operations. Both sides pressed hard bargains, eventually the Navy got their way, mostly. She had negotiated that most of her armament be set up in a defensive posture. This super-heavy defense ship would later dictate Kongo’s reactivation for carrier defense. Flash forward a few months and Musashi is waiting to begin the recovery process.

Almost right on time she sees the lights shining down on her deck, she welcomed them and updated them of moved sediment she did herself to allow them better access to her wounds. Work began expeditiously and within three months she was breaking the waves again. The Sun warmed her body and the hot, humid air was extremely welcome. Musashi basked in the sunlight, unaware of her sister’s presence just four nautical miles away. Musashi’s lips curled into a wide smile just before she heard Yamato’s cry. Once she did her eyes shot open and locked their gaze on Yamato. She was smiling, barring a lot of teeth, and waving at Musashi. The younger sister replied appropriately and waved back, as if she had seen Yamato 10 minutes ago. Musashi was pushed closer to Yamato and lines were being cast over to tie them together.

“Mumu!” Yamato exclaimed as she inspected her sister’s multitude of wounds. “What did they do to you?”

“What they did to you,” Musashi spoke calmly, “but everywhere.” Yamato noticed she wasn’t upset that Musashi wasn’t spitting out words like Nagato or Fuso, or even that excited. This is exactly how Yamato remembered Musashi and she’s very glad nothing’s changed. Yamato was there to tow Musashi back to port, and to provide protection for the detail raising Musashi. Accompanying Yamato are four destroys, a frigate, and a destroyer-helicopter-carrier. Musashi comments how the fleet looks like a war time fleet, and Yamato explains that Japan, and most Western countries, are at war with the UAF. During the lengthy voyage home Yamato brought Musashi up to date on world history and politics, and right as Yamato finished, Musashi said something Yamato never thought she’d hear Musashi say.

“Yam, I understand you a little more now.”

“Understand what, Mumu?”

“I would really appreciate the company of men right now.” Knowing Musashi, Yamato initially thought she referred to a crew, but Musashi chooses her words carefully. Yamato knows she would have said ‘crew’. Realizing that Musashi has taken an interest in the male sex, she presses on.

“It is very nice. What did you have in mind, Mumu?” Musashi is quiet as she formulas her answer. Musashi mutters ‘man’ to herself and details the thoughts and her head.

“A man with the male sexual organs, calming voice, one I can talk to about whatever I please. He’s strong-willed and proactive. I’d like him to be truthful and understanding, it’d be amazing if we were both very observant and curious.” Yamato was more interested in her sisters deep desires, the dirty ones. She listened to her sister’s list and thinks it wasn’t an absurd desire to ask that out of a man.

“So do you want a human or a ship?”

“I want a man.”

“I know, just-” Yamato knows how to play Musashi’s games. “-when you think of a penis,” Musashi thought of the form of a penis in various positions and angles, “is it human flesh,” she saw the penises turn human in nature, “or is it metal?” The penises changed to metallic members. Musashi replied:

“Either is fine. As long as it is his penis it is fine.”

“Just a penis? Don’t want it to work- you don’t care if it cannot become erect?”

“I would prefer that it operated and erected, yes.” Yamato was tingling, she was so excited and proud that her sister is starting to sexualize.

“So you want him to fuck you?” Yamato was eagerly waiting.

“I’d like to partake in sex with him,” Yamato scree’d with giddiness, “I’d like to experience what it is like.”

“How do you want it?”

“Want what?”

“How do you want to be fucked?”

“That’s a question I have for you, Yam, what is the best?” Yamato was growing annoyed a tad bit.

“Mumu, there is no Universal best sex, there are a lot of things that affect it.”

“Like what?”

“Moods, where you are, if either of you know what you want, what you know how to do, and that is just a few. There are way more things that can make sex great or under whelming.” Musashi picked her sister’s brain, learning as much as she could. Yamato declined to share the personal experiences with Musashi to try boosting her sex drive. Yamato still wanted to know what Musashi’s kinks were, but Musashi wasn’t even sure what she wanted. Yamato and Musashi talked about everything from being pregnant to how food taste, almost nothing was off limits for discussion. Yamato tried to pry Musashi’s fetishes and dirty desires from her thinking that Musashi was keeping them Secret, but Musashi didn’t know. Musashi was very interested in sex, she wanted to know what it is like and all but she finds sex to be dirty and I’m sanitary, she finds herself conflicted like never before, even doing herself to the bottom of the ocean for what she says the rest of her life was easier than this. Feelings and emotions bubbles inside her and made her uneasy, all the questions she asked Yamato about her feelings shielded on favorable answers.

They all eventually reach Japan in good time, it made Musashi very happy to see her homeland again. Yamato was untethered from Musashi but followed very close behind. Musashi was put into a dry dock with the sign ‘YAMATO’ adorning it. She instantly recognized it as her sisters original dry dock so long ago. As water was drained out and her massive weight was rested on wooden braces and bases her sister was moored in front of her. Musashi’s eyes combed over the masses of people that had gather to see her return home. The whole port was buzzing with commotion as thousands poured into see Musashi, they awed at her and Marvelled at how nice she looked. The celebration round down after dark, and that’s when Hisashi came home to Yamato with their baby boy. Musashi noticed an increase in age with Hisashi, but it looks at most a decade and not the scores it really is. Daichi, the baby, was a gorgeous little bundle, Musashi instantly loved how adorable he was. She looks forward to seeing him grow up into a handsome man. She wondered if they ever found out about Aka. Soon after Hisashi greeted and embrace Yamato she introduced Daichi to Musashi, Musashi convey how much she adored him and how excited she was to see him grow up. Yamato commented on her eager Ernest to see Musashi bear children. That made Musashi think about sex some more, she was ashamed of herself. Your model told her not to be ashamed, it’s normal. Musashi still bad old with herself internally. Your model talked of an American sailor on Fuso, and explained why he was on Fuso, and how much of a sweetheart he is. She told Musashi that they were deployed and would be back in a few months, Musashi asks how this pertains to her at all.

“Because, Mumu, I forgot to tell you the most important part of having good sex.”

“What is that?”

“Having a connection with them, when it is someone you really enjoy having around and Trust, someone close to you and really cares for you, it’s the best feeling ever. Not in your vagina, but everywhere else.” Massage she was physically confused, your mother didn’t even try to explain. “Don’t worry, Mumu, you’ll see.”

“How’s that?”

“He’s really sweet, just get talking with him and you’ll see.” Musashi tried to ask questions about him, all sorts of questions, frustrating Lee Yamato only had one reply: “Ask him.”

Musashi observed rehabilitation process and Tinsley, stunning the plans and people. She carefully studied and noted progress on her, just like studying and noting her decay. She remembered that and asked to speak to researchers on the subject, they gladly received her observations and implemented them into their database. Soon after that her turrets were pulled out and areas of her hull were gutted, including deck space for VLS weapons. Her whole was cleaned up and patched up nicely as well, her massive main battery turrets were being reloaded into place when Musashi saw something that resemble Fuso but she wasn’t sure. The ship moved across the bay and was hidden away until it came much closer and loom over the ships here. She didn’t look like her old self, but Musashi knew it was Fuso. Almost instantly she remembered the nice guy Yamato said was on Fuso. She was hoping he’d make an appearance sometime soon. She did not find it appropriate to talk to the workers and such a manner and patiently waited for someone to come find her. As she find out she didn’t need to wait long. Unknown to Musashi, Yamato had been talking to Fuso about Musashi coming up and the newfound sexual drive she has. Fuso figured Yamato wanted to set up Musashi with Fuso’s little Hitto. Reluctantly he agreed, Fuso had to do a lot of first waiting and reassurance with him. He wasn’t really going for an open relationship but Fuso figured it’d be nice for the girls who had no more roots and him to hook up every now and then. Hitto objective but the power of the woman overruled him. He’s still felt extremely guilty and wrong about it all, but Fuso seemed gung-ho for it, excited. Her only regret is that she had been building him up for a big climax, a huge one, she hadn’t let him bust and nearly 6 months. She was a bet that she wouldn’t get the fruit of her laborers, but at least it wouldn’t be wasted. That evening Musashi was looking at the equipment on the shore that was supposed to be installed into her when she heard and unfamiliar voice to her port side. “Musashi?” She looked over and saw a very white guy with bright Auburn – red hair. He already knew who she was.


I didn’t like this set up. I thought I was just for Fuso, at first we were a relationship but realized I wasn’t going to be there for her very long and we transitioned into a FWB relationship, a very close and tight-knit one. Now all of a sudden I’m supposed to show Musashi a good time? Just like that? To me it feels wrong and unnatural. I want to go find Yamato to try and talk her out of it and back me up to get Fuso to stop as well. Fuso had already talked about getting me with her sister, Yamashira, but she’s not even raised yet so I didn’t think much about it. She knows I like all the IJN ships from WW2, she knows I’d love to lay them all, but I feel like I’m getting whore’d out. I don’t like that. I run through all my arguments as I mindlessly walk over to Yamato’s slipway to talk to her. Next thing I know I’m looking at a Yamato class in the middle of a deep overhaul and it is not Yamato. There’s only one other I know of and I mindlessly blurt it out in confusion. “Musashi?” Instinctively I look up to where Yamato’s eyes would be but it’s darkened out, I feel queasy, what if Musashi died, too?

“Hai!” A pleasant voice like Yamato’s responded, my eyes trail up the tower to the observation Bridge at the top and I see her brown eyes looking down at me inquisitively. I didn’t know there were eyes up there. I’m squinting as I look up to her and I block out sunlight from blinding me with my hand.

“Summemassen,” I say, “English? My Japanese is eh.” I wave my free hand in a so-so manner.

“Hai!” She exclaims. That’s still not English. “How is my Engrish?” Ah! There we go!

“Arigato Gozaimasu! It’s Rusty but you just need to practice. You’ll get better in no time!” I begin displaying the way the ‘L’ is pronounced so she picks up on it. Machines learn very fast.

“You are American, right?”

“Yes!” I remember her last interaction with United States affiliates, it was filled with great emotion like pain and misery. “I’m Chad, friend of Fuso! No hard feelings, right?” She scowled.

“No. I do not have a grudge against you.” Her tone shifted to one of a competitor. “Very well done, but the set up for attack runs was too rigid. I could see the attacks coming before they hope you adjusted that problem since we are allies, now.” Hmm, I like her.

“I know that when it comes to formations we were much more stringent and disciplined than your pilots, but yes, we did loosen up our formations. I know your pilots were very well disciplined, too.”

“Hai, we were, both our strength and weakness. Our execution phase was much more flexible, but at many times your overall planning outmatched us.”

“We also out produced you with better weaponry where it counted.”

“I’m not familiar with much American weaponry of my time, please elaborate.”

I was about to begin but I guess she got tired of yelling and asked if I would mind coming up to the bridge to talk. I accepted and after a formal introduction of ourselves I came aboard. I got tired of standing out on the pier looking crazy. I’m used to climbing up endless laderwells but getting up to Musashi’s bridge, that’s some next level shit, goddamn. I get up to literally the second highest deck she has, her bridge, and she quickly notices I’m somewhat exhausted. She offers to tell her story while I rest. I happily agree and sit on the deck leaning against a bulkhead. She talks of her mission, their goals, and of the early problems that were had. Then she talked about her battle experience, this is where she notes the planes, their setups, and how poorly her air defense performed. She explained her thought process and how she calculated risks and such. I was amazed, she certainly uses her head, seems like a genius. She concludes the battle and rolls right into her faults. She brings up her poor air defenses, overlooking her crew’s energy depletion, no friendly air cover, and the simple fact of the shock of there being any US carriers left behind at all. She reflects on what she learned and how she expects to apply it and how it has changed her own doctrine. I love it, I think she’d really like a game I play, it’s my favorite. The way she observes things, learns quickly, and understands strategies, it’s how I play WoWS and I think she’d like it a lot, too. I don’t have my computer to show her, but I can tell her about it regardless.

“Musashi there’s a game I play, I think you would love, it’s by far my favorite game.”

“I enjoy games, is it one of those, those movie games I heard about?”

“It’s a video game, yes.” I talk to her about it, emphasizing it’s just a game and not realistic. She understood and wanted to know more. I’m really starting to like her. I tell her about all the mechanics in the game-and it gets deep and confusing at some points, but she understood my dumbass way of explaining it all and could even explain it back to me in her own words. Do you know how hard it is to find even people who play the game who grasp it’s concepts? To be this interested, let alone understand it? I talk about damn near everything and she’s picking it all up. I came here to try getting out of having to fuck her but I just might end up having kids with her.

We talk about the game, tied to real life, real life, real life combat for what turned out to be forever. Then she asks if I’m a history buff, which I am, so we talk about that forever, too. We talk about how much we enjoy learning, and what subjects we study for fun. What we study for a “quick fix” so to say. She says she studied English, flight, radios and their theories, which leads to Radar. I like learning about history, war, engineering, and radar. So now we’re talking about radar. It’s never ending. All of a sudden it’s 0330 in the morning and my phone is almost dead. I’m tired but I really don’t want to leave yet, but I gotta go! Damn these decisions! I decide to go rest, at least to get my laptop.

“Hey Musashi, I really have to go.” Before I can ask to see her sometime tomorrow she asks about it.

“Will you come back tomorrow? I haven’t told you what being Radiated feels like.”

“Yes, very much yes. Absolutely I will be coming back tomorrow.”

“What time?”

“I don’t know, actually. Let’s go for noon. Sound good?”

“Hai!” We wish each other farewell and a good night and I depart to get some sleep.


Yamato had been carefully watching her sister’s expressions. She liked what she saw, but it never turned into the face of sheer pleasure that Yamato wanted to see. Either Musashi wasn’t amused or nothing happened. All throughout the night Yamato watched for Musashi’s face to relax into bliss but it didn’t happen. Just before four in the morning she saw him leave and walk down the shore towards Fuso. Once he rounded a corner behind a warehouse she asked Musashi about it.

“Mumu how was it? What happened?” Musashi had a huge smile as she looked over to Yamato, Yamato had never seen Musashi like this.

“I really enjoyed his company, Yam! We talked all night!”

“I see that, Mumu, did you two ever… y’know?”

“No we did not have any sex.” Yamato was let down, but also relieved. That explains why there weren’t any baby making faces. “He’s coming back tomorrow! I can’t wait to talk to him again!”

Yamato was excited, very excited. Her little sister was growing up! She hoped Musashi didn’t catch feelings for him. How hypocritical, too, Hisashi is the only man Yamato ever had and yet here they are with a kid. It seems to be the thing with many machines. However these were all people, men, assigned to them for a long period of time. Chad was neither assigned to Musashi nor in Japan for very long, not only that but his rotation period is coming up soon. When he got back to Fuso and told her what had happened she was both happy and upset. She just might get her six months of compound interest after all! Chad’s exhausted and goes up to his rack, on his way Fuso changed out the bed sheets to the fun sheets and undresses him. Links their minds together and slides her coupler onto him. While he sleeps they dream together and she gets all she wanted and more out of him. It was glorious.

He woke up and showered, dressed, and packed his backpack with his electronics and the souvenirs he promised to bring back to the Isobe family (Yamato) for Daichi. He kissed Fuso goodbye and grabbed a breakfast burrito on his way out. He stopped by Musashi to give her a morning greeting and said he had to stop by Yamato for a minute. While he was aboard Yamato, Yamato tried encouraging Musashi to lay him, Musashi deflected and instead asked Yamato why she was so adamant about the topic. Why can’t Musashi take things at her pace, meet her own men and do it her way?

“Because, Mumu, I want to relate to you on a better, deeper level. I don’t really have anyone to talk to about my family with, my man with. I want it to be with you. I don’t like bottling up these emotions, I want to talk to you with deeper meaning.” Musashi is very new to emotions, but she knew what this meant, she knows how much her heart was touched. Even though they were sister’s nothing really bonded them together. Musashi had another question to ask.

“Why him? Why are you so adamant about it being him?” Yamato was silent for a minute as she was looking for the reason, herself.

“Well, I know him well, I only know Hisashi more than him.” How well do you know Hisashi? Musashi thought. “The first time I met him was special, he had a friend with him whose great grandfather was aboard me and died in battle. He and his friend came aboard during a tour and they slipped away so his friend could leave an offering to his great grandfather. How well he knew his way around surprised me, they got all the way up to the radar room by this bridge before he was caught. Oh, Hisashi was pissed, but impressed, I thought it was sweet and got Hisashi to take them to the exact office he worked, and died. The offering is still there in the office, it sits on a desk in the corner. His great grandfather was Hisashi’s superior, also a navigation officer. From there he was welcomed by me, and after time went on Hisashi befriended him, too. He’d go on long talks and explanations about this or that, he had so much knowledge when he spoke about it, he always reminded me of you.” Yamato paused as she acknowledged what she had just realized. “I told myself that I didn’t want you to ‘catch feelings’ for him, but deep down I want you two to make it work.” For once Musashi felt empathy, a deep empathy, and flattery with Yamato. Musashi even sensed a hint of jealousy from her sister. Musashi for the first time ever didn’t know what to say, or even what to do. What’s the logical response? What makes the most sense? Where are the gains? Musashi didn’t know. Yamato continued. “I want to see you happy, I want to see you emotional, I’m tired of seeing you blank and methodical. Mumu we’re living machines, not just machines. We feel and think, love and laugh. I know you’re not like the rest of us, you are barely like anyone, but I want to see my sister love and laugh like the rest of us, to smile like us. When I saw you smiling when you were talking to him I was.., I.., you don’t understand what I was feeling, and I want you to know that feeling. You think too much, Mumu, I just want you to feel for once.” Musashi was touched, she didn’t know Yamato felt like that. Musashi didn’t know where to take it from here.

“So.., you want me to have sex with him?”

“Mumu, I want you to love, do what makes you happy. I think having sex will help you unlock and explore your emotions and feelings, but do what makes you feel the best.”

“Sex is dirty. I think it’s filthy and nasty, so many germs.”

“Then have him wash before you two do anything. Just get him as clean as you before you two have any fun.”

“Clean as me? I’m filthy!”

“Not as clean as your hull, besides you can clean yourself out, too.”

“How? With what?”

“Soap, water, like you’d wash anything else. I’ve got some good soaps I use.”

“I’ve never washed anything.” Yamato was shocked. “Never saw a reason to.”

“General cleanliness? Upkeep? Maintenance? Seriously you’ve never washed? Disgusting! Musashi that’s disgusting!” Musashi felt ashamed and started to look like it, too. Yamato liked seeing the emotion, but not what it was or why it was. “This soap’s good. I’m giving it to Chad to run over to you. You’re going to wash all your vaginas as soon as you get the soap. I’ll even tell you how.” Yamato looked disappointed. “Never bathed yourself? Disgusting.”

Chad came over and must’ve known what the soap was for because the transaction was awkward. He hurried inside and up the endless ladders until he heaved himself onto the bridge. He set up his computer and such on a table nearby while Musashi learned how to clean herself. Yamato somewhat enjoyed seeing an awkward Musashi, it was funny. Chad set up his WiFi hotspot so his computer game had access to the online server’s that hosted the game. Musashi was sure she’d learn what that meant in time. And in short time Chad explained it to her, very quickly she had developed an interest in the internet, too. Being a very observant person she usually doesn’t keep her sights fixated on one thing for very long unless she’s focusing on it intensely but for some reason she couldn’t stop looking at Chad. She kept watching him work and move, she’d watch his face when he talks and his hands when they fiddled. She found herself inexplicably gravitated to him, and him being around was an uplifting feeling. Musashi was starting to figure out what was happening. Once Chad got his stuff set up he started the application and told her that they had to wait for the application to update. His eyes met hers and it was comforting, a very pleasant and comfortable feeling, other feelings were bubbling up, too. Letting herself explore and release these feelings was a wild ride for her, so much information was coming in to her that she didn’t know how to process that she panicked when he wasn’t looking at her. She desired him to be closer to her eyes, to her skin. She wanted to keep peering into his eyes, they’re a blue-grey and looked like a swirling storm, his Iris possessed a white ring around the pupil to barricade it from the storm around it. Whenever their eyes met neither of them noticed her smiling, and that he was smiling back. She wanted-no, she needed him closer.

“Chad that’s pretty far away, uh,” she was awkward, her heart was a lump in her throat, and she was incredibly nervous. Chad picked up on what she wanted, “do you think you could move the computer closer?” He smiled.

“Yeah. I can move it here.”  He grabbed the table and drug it closer to her eye, each step closer made her heart beat faster and stronger. He set his stuff up right next to the bulkhead and pulled a chair up snuggly against the bulkhead. He was positioned so her eye was over his left shoulder and could see the computer screen. Comfortably he leaned back into her and rested his arm on the windowsill. Her smile had grown much larger. Yamato had been watching her sister’s expressions closely and was wondering what all was going on in there.

“Musashi, Yamato uses her central bridge as her face, you use this one. Why?” It caught her off guard but she answered the best she could.

“Yamato likes being closer to the deck where she can see people better. I like seeing further out and all around me.” He nodded and looked at her eye again.

“Has anyone ever said you’ve very beautiful eyes, Musashi?” He felt the temperature rise in the compartment as she blushed.

“No, um, no. No one’s said that to me before.”

“Have you ever seen your eyes before?” She stopped, she sorted through all of her memories but didn’t find anything about her eyes. Almost ashamed of herself she answered no. “Well,” he pulled out his mobile phone and switched it to the camera mirror feature, “here, take a look.” His hand reached out into the space, cautiously her hand took the phone and wielded it as a mirror. She was in awe, her eyes were similar to his but her base color was brown with highlights of hazel. She also had more rings in her eyes, mostly incomplete, it made her eyes resemble a cloudy Galaxy. “Musashi,” he said after he let her examine her eye for a minute. Her eyes darted to his and locked with his gaze, “I know eye contact is very rare in your culture.” She forced her eyes away but they came back.

“I apologize. For some reason I cannot look away.”

“Don’t worry about it, Musashi, in my culture eye contact is respectful, it means you care.” She blushed again. “There are many different things regarding our cultures.”

“Like what?” She asked.

“Well, we don’t bow to show respect, we make eye contact, physical contact between friends, loved ones, and lovers is encouraged, and for us a kiss is more normal. It’s not as meaningful as in Japanese culture, but it’s only shared between family and lovers, mostly.” Musashi radioed her sister quietly.

Yam! She exclaims hurriedly. How do I kiss?

I don’t know. She retorted. Ask him. Musashi whinned back in greivance, Yamato was enjoying this show.

“So-” she coughs up, “I’ve never, I, how do you kiss?” He chuckled, she felt ashamed and made fun of.

“I can teach you, want to know?”

“Yes!” She blurted. “Yes I want to know!”

“If I learned anything about you, Musashi, it’s that you love learning.” He got up and turned to her. “It’s alright, I’m the same way.” He clapped his hands together and rubbed them, looking her in the eyes. “Which one do you want to learn first?”

“Wait,” Musashi was stunned, “there more than one?” He looked concerned.

“Well yeah, there’s kisses, pecks, smooches and what’s called a French Kiss, it’s also called a tongue kiss, dirty kiss, or wet kiss.” He giggled and looked around for a moment. “I grew up also referring to it as face sex.” Musashi didn’t understand yet, but she’d look back and giggle at that name, too. For now she listened very closely. “The first three are general kisses, kisses you’d use for your family, friends, pets, favorite objects, stuff like that. Kisses on the lips are for love, like family and lovers. Other affections you kiss skin, like a hand, cheek, forehead, etcetera. A peck is just your lips, you can make a little noise like ‘mwah’ but you don’t have to. It’s a friendly kiss, mostly used for fun or appreciation. Then there’s a kiss, a normal, bland kiss. It’s like a peck but your lips are tighter and you suck through them a tad bit. It kind of makes a popping sound. This is more for family and lovers to show your affection is deep. The next two are almost exclusively for lovers. Smooch is a kiss but much more sucking, you can smooch your family but not on their lips, you smooch your lover on the lips. Here, I’ll show you a smooch to a kiss. Give me your hand.” With much excitement and her heart racing she placed a hand into his. His lips moved to meet the metal skin on the back of her hand. She felt his warm, soft lips gently Grace the back of her hand and kiss it, sending shivers up and down her keel. It made her hull feel wavy and excited. He said that’s a kiss and moved in again for a smooch. She noticed a definite difference in the suction, it energized and invigorated her, making her feel strange in select places and her draw to be closer to him heightened. “That was a smooch. The last one is the French Kiss, the most intimate kiss, reserved only for lovers.”

“So when do I use it?” He scowled.

“Anytime you two want, no special occasion, really. The kiss is just the most special.” He waved his hand and continued. “So this kiss is the most unique, you interlock your lips with theirs and you both extend your tongues into each other’s mouths.” She looked disgusted but intrigued. “But be careful, women seem to always complain that men use too much tongue, and, well, I don’t blame them. I want to get my tongue in there, but then again I want to get my tongue in a lot of places.”

“Like where?” She asked curiously, he frowned.

“Ah, I’ll explain later. The joke went over your head.” Musashi turned back to Yamato.

Yam! Where does he want to put his tongue? Yamato chuckled while she responded.

Wonderful places. Get that tongue! Musashi was frustrated but switched back to Chad. He explained that using the tongue in a kiss is very delicate and you should tailor it to your partner’s preferences.

“So that’s all the kisses. Now it’s just practice.” He looked at the computer screen, it was still updating. “Would you like to see some recordings I have of the game?”

“Hai!” He operated the computer and pulled up videos.

“Do you remember the game mechanics?”

“Hai! I remember the game very well.”

“Then sit back and enjoy, Musashi.”

“I mentioned the game to Yamato, she said she plays it, too, can you two play together?”

“Yes, and we have before.”

“Is she good at the game?”

“I can be honest with you, for someone who plays the game for fun and to entertain her baby, she’s better than most players. Not great, but better than average.”

“Do you have an honest measurement of your ranking?”

“I’m really good at the game, but nowhere near as godly as my friends are. Going months without playing also doesn’t help my skills.”

“How do you think I will perform?”

“You learn fast and you’re very interested in the game, you’ll be great at it.” His computer loaded the videos and he started them up. As the movie played he would explain his thought processes and what was happening. Musashi would offer feedback and he’d adjust her feedback to what was within the game’s limitations. He had hundreds of little clips from way back in the game’s development phase. He discussed how the game was constantly changing and he described what differences there were at various points of the game. Musashi was fascinated, his attention to detail matched hers well. She really enjoyed his presence. At one point she switches to Yamato and says: I think I like him.

Good. Yamato replies. He’s a pretty likable guy. Musashi didn’t think Yamato was getting how much Musashi was liking him. They went through dozens of videos, it was pumping then up. Musashi felt flattered when he showed her the video clips he had of her in the game. However, Musashi did not like the version she was in the game.

“Well,” he started, “to be frank you got shafted. That’s slang for getting a bad deal. They wanted to put you in the game, but they wanted you to be different from your sister. Yamato is as she looked when she sank, you are as you look when you were commissioned. Your AA is terrible, your dispersion is the same as Yamato’s, but your sigma is worse. That means your shots go longer or shorter more often. But you’re a tier lower with armor on your smokestack, and that’s about it for advantages. I play Yamato more than you because she has too many advantages over you. I’m sorry to say that.” He looked at her apologetically, she did seem a bit sad. “You’re still a good ship, Musashi. Soon you’ll be stronger than your sister in real life.” She was still a bit sad. He rubbed one of her window frames soothingly. “Need a hug?”

“Hug?” She looked to him questioningly.

“A hug, an embrace.” It makes you feel better.”

“A hug sounds nice.” He walked to a support stanchion in the room and wrapped his arms around it. He told her to wrap her arms around him and gently squeeze. She did so and her worries and anxieties faded away, her spirits rose higher and she smiled. Hugs felt good. She didn’t let go for a while, such a new and good feeling, she was quickly addicted to it. When she did let go Chad went back to the computer and asked if she felt better. She said she felt great.

“Good,” he says as he switches to the game loading screen and presses the orange PLAY button, “let’s sink some shit.” Musashi was excited, the game loaded and a movie of Nagato fighting American destroyers was playing. Chad pressed another button and it disappeared to another to another loading screen and then she was looking at a harbor, it looked similar to the harbor they were at now. A ship came up that Musashi was unfamiliar with, Chad scrolled through a menu until he found what he was looking for. He selected it and the mystery ship disappeared and then she popped up. She had a green camouflage that she never wore before and she was her 1942  configuration. Chad selected Co-Op battles and pressed the orange BATTLE button in the top middle of the screen. “Give me your hands.” Musashi was confused.


“You’re going to play.” She panicked.

“But I don’t know how!”

“I’m going to show you, trust me.” Cautiously she extended her hands to him, he examined them and put one on the ‘mouse’ and the other on the keyboard. He placed his hands on hers to guide her through the controls. The map she was on had huge ice formations as big as mountains! The match began and Musashi heard a very motivated voice Bellow ‘Sentou Kaist!’ He pressed her fingers to guide her through processes, his hands on hers, grasping her, it made her blush and feel comfortable. She wanted to hold his hands back. He wrapped up his instructions and let go. She wanted his hands back on hers. Soon reports of an enemy cruiser came up and Musashi trained her own digital guns onto target. Chad held the mouse and explained to her how the lead worked and set her up with a shot. He commanded to shoot it and she executed the order. All but two shells straddled the target. The two that hit had a ricochet and an over penetration. Musashi was happy she hit it, Chad cursed himself for poor aim. He guided her through a few more engagements before he let go and she ran the show. Musashi was nervous, very nervous, and desperately wanted to hold his hand again. Instinctively while she was playing a hand of hers came down and touched his. Carefully it wrapped around his forearm and their fingers interlocked around each other’s palm. Once she was holding his hand she was significantly less nervous and performed much better. Very quickly she learned the travel time for her shells and soon was lining up great shots. Chad encouraged her to play more games and she did so, getting better every time. She didn’t notice he was holding her hand, and it wasn’t until he went to send her to battle against other online players did she notice. Quickly she apologized and tried to bring the hand away, feeling quite embarrassed, but he asked her hand to stay. He liked it, too. She happily obliged him and kept the hand in place. She then ventured into the shit-show called Random Battles. Her first match was terrible, she didn’t know the map, how cancerous the team morale was, the places most ships go. Oh she was so ashamed. Chad laughed at her when she ate six Shimakaze torpedoes and sank. She was so upset. He walked to the stantion and hugged her again. He told her he didn’t expect much from her. He told her he’d show her how to play in randoms. He sat in the chair, setting himself up where she could see the screen and controls, and got her to wrap her arms around his torso instead of holding his busy hands.

He played his battles like he didn’t miss a beat. He taught her how to read the map and general strategies employed. She watched him work his craft and steamroll poor peasants. Musashi had a lot of catching up to do. At one point she felt he was just showing off when he predicted how the battle would go. She called his bluff. Then it all happened exactly as he said it would. She was dumbstruck. He told her he played this game way too much, but it’s worth it. He vowed that someday she would be able to do all of this. He told her not to ‘book it’ down one line but to learn how all ship classes play, do a bit of everything. He showed her some games in other ship classes and then stopped to eat some food. He took out four sushi/rice to-go patties and a little black block.

“Do you like music?” He asked as he unwrapped the first food wedge. His eyes met hers.

“Hai, I enjoy listening to music a lot.” He activated his phone and manipulated it’s features.

“That’s good,” he said as he slowed his manipulating to focus on searching the screen, “very few people don’t like music.” He found what he was looking for and pressed on it, jazz music started playing through the black box.

“Woah,” Musashi exclaimed, “the little box has music?”

“No,” Chad smiled, “the phone does, this box is just a speaker. The phone tells the speaker how to play the song wirelessly, similar to how radios talk, similar to computers on WiFi.” Musashi was amazed by the phone. “This phone can do more than you can imagine, that’s how much technology has changed since your time. I didn’t want to shock you with new music tastes, so I picked something with a blend of old and new.”

“Thank you.” She was enjoying the song, she encouraged him to play newer music and he obliged her. Her favorite was still American jazz, but classic rock was edging it’s way up there next to it. She absolutely hated the screaming music, and death metal, couldn’t stand to get through a song. Chad said it was an aquired taste. While they were listening to some soft rock, Chad still wrapped up in her arms quietly eating away at his food, Musashi brought up a topic that was chipping away at her mind. “My sister sent you here to have sex with me, didn’t she?” He didn’t even look up from unwrapping another wedge, he nodded in affirmation.

“Fuso, too.” He reached over and selected another song then turned the music down quiet. He looked up to her and adjusted to get cozy. “They were relentless, Fuso was, at least.”

“Is that why you came to me?” She expected to wait on a calculated answer but when it was immediate it caught her off guard.

“No. No I was actually going to Yamato to try talking her out of it, and convince her to back me up in getting Fuso to back off, too. I bumped into you first and I’m really glad I did.”

“Why?” He smiled.

“We were able to spark up a conversation like that!” He snapped his fingers together. “Not only that but we talked about things for fun that we can’t talk to normal people about. Musashi when was the last time you could talk about tactics and strategy to anyone the way you talked about it to me?”

“Only with the captain.”

“Because it was his job to use those tactics and strategies.”

“Yeah.” Musashi did enjoy the interaction she received with that conversation. Really just talking to him was exceptionally nice. She decided to get to the point. “So, Chad, are you here just to have sex with me?”

“No,” He said instantly, “I enjoy talking to you, if things head in that direction then so be it, if they don’t then oh well. I like spending this time with you.” It made her feel better, much better. She felt great, actually. She even blushed. “I definitely like you, and I want to spend more time with you.”

“I like you, too.” She was blushing intensely, Yamato could see the grey hue tint in her cheeks. “Does that mean we’ll have sex?”

“Net exactly,” he said seriously. Musashi sensed it was a learning moment and payed close attention, “sex, to me, is just something you do to get off if you don’t actually know the person. Sometimes you might not even get off. Sex is really only good, at least passionately memorable, when the person you do it with really cares and is trying to ensure you enjoy yourself, and you are doing the same for them. It makes every aspect of sex,” he paused to try finding the right multiplier, “just so much better. So I say to take your time to have sex, get to know them and really enjoy them. Try not to rush into things, I’ve rushed into things and from the bottom of my heart I regret it. Yeah I was virgin, sure I wasn’t that bad, but whatever, I regret rushing in to it just to get my rocks off. Now it sort of haunts me, wishing I did things better, did things right. Yeah I still find myself as a squirrel just looking for a quick nut. That’s natural. But I’m sure I’ll regret it more than I enjoy it. I regret not getting some in the places I’ve been, I get ragged on for it, my loneliness really, really fucks me up, too. I really start doubting myself big time. There are so many times I decree I’m not even worthy of happiness, but I know I need to hold out and keep going and working at it until it’s right. I see what waiting and making the connection rewards the participants with, and I want that. So, Musashi, don’t rush into sex for the hell of it, wait for the right guy and when he comes around and the time is right, do it. Go for it and do it all night. It’ll be a blast.”

“I want you to be my first.” He wasn’t ready to hear that, certainly not after his spiel. “I like you a lot, and when the time is right, I want it to be with you.” This is where his negativity and self-loathing come into play.

“I’m the only guy you’ve met, wait and meet other guys first. I’m sure there are better suitors out there.” If she had a head she’d be shaking it no. She grabbed his hands.

“See, Chad, I have talked to men before, a lot of men, all sorts of men. None of them were like you, none of them made me talk like you, none of them listened like you, none of them make me feel the way you do. None of them wanted to come back, at all, like you.” He’s heard stuff like this all the time before. Just one question pulls out how they really feel.

“Then why don’t you date me?”

“I want to.” His heart skipped a beat. Nobody has ever said that, he’s never gotten a straight answer before.

“Nobody has ever said that before.” He sat in silence trying to figure out what to do, they both were. “I, I like you a lot, Musashi, I want to spend more time with you.”

“I like you a lot as well, and I feel the same way.”

“Are you… interested in dating?” He looked into her gaze, heart in his throat, racing a million miles an hour.

“I very much am.” She answered calmly with a subtle hint of nervousness in her voice. Her heart was doing the same at Chad’s.

“So, it’s a done deal? Are we dating?”

“I wish to.”

“As do I.”

“Then I’d say we are.” Slowly they both smiled, silently they sat together in the tense atmosphere. “So what do we do now?”

“Nothing different, we’ll get more intimate over time. Just for now we chill out like we were before.”

“Hai.” He plops down in his chair and looks at his computer screen trying to decide if they talk more or play together. “Chad?”


“Can I hold you?” She was a bit embarrassed and felt she had to explain herself. “Yamato says she likes holding Hisashi and that it makes them feel good.”

“Yes Musashi, you can ‘hold’ me. When we’re alone like this I’m always alright with it.” Musashi got excited and moved to touch him but hesitated. She didn’t know what to do with her arms and hands. It made him laugh a little. “Just do what feels right, let them go.” Slowly she continued, starting at his chest, right under his arms, and wrapping around him downwards, weaving through each other. She got to his hips and felt it was a good place to stop, she had enough arm left to reach her hand into his. He seemed comfy and satisfied, relaxing into her grasp and held her hand with his left and manipulated the computer with his right hand.

She felt and explored his lively body. She felt his chest expand with every breath and noticed the steady beating of his heart. He was very warm and pleasant to hold. A perfect blend if squishy and firm. She could feel his ribs and hip bones while gripping his gut, it all soothed her and calmed her, she felt happier. His thumb gently rubbed across the back of her hand and he firmly grasped her hand convincingly. They were enjoying each other’s company very much, the soothing and relaxing atmosphere helped them bond deeply. Musashi had a taste of his body and wanted to learn more, much, much more. She wanted to feel his face, legs, arms, butt, hair, genitals, and feet. Mostly his hair, very much she wanted to know what his hair felt like. She gave in to her curiosity and a hand touched his soft hair, but that wasn’t enough for her. She dove in and felt his hair all around her hand and fingers. It was thick like a wall of rope but soft like a blanket, she loved the way it interacted with her hand as she moved it around. He smiled and laughed, noting how much she, too, liked his hair. Next she felt his arms and legs, they were meaty, a pleasant handful for her. Not as entertaining as his hair but it soothed her curiosity regardless. She knew his buttocks and feet were unreachable, and it’d be rude to jab her hand into his face. That left one spot, a sensitive spot, slowly she inched a hand down his leg. Her adrenaline was racing around in her. She slowly left the leg and moved her hand towards his crotched but his free hand snatched hers before she could make it. Darn.

“No, you can’t do that.”

“Why not?”

“It’s an intimate spot, reserved. I know emotions are fairly new for you, but some things you have to suppress. You must have patience and discipline, and I know you have both. You’ll get to know that spot very well in time, but not yet. Not now. There’s a mood we’ll feel and share, you’ll know when, that’s the time to touch there.” She was frustrated but understood the reason. She withdrew her hand, curiosity raging at her. “You can still run around, just not there.” She moved back to his hair, by sundown his hair would be a disaster but he didn’t care.

They ended up watching a new movie about halfway through when Musashi wanted to see what there was about WW2. He started her off with his favorite movie, Hacksaw Ridge, it was an impressive movie on her, and when she learned that wasn’t even half of what he really did she was even more amazed and astounded. Next they watched a movie that he’d been wanting to watch for a long time but couldn’t find an English version of, Yamato. Musashi translated the movie instantly for him telepathically and was touched at how Yamato was still revered even in death. Then he put on Saving Private Ryan, and that’s when Musashi’s desires finally began boiling over. She’d been suppressing them until now, and she could hold off no longer. No matter how she tried to not think about it, it all came up again and the temptation was too strong. She gave in.

“Chad, can we kiss?” He paused the movie and looked to her. He was still wrapped in her arms and her hands were entangled in his hair.

“So either you’re really excited about this, or,” he gestured to the paused movie where a soldier was falling dead after being shot in the chest, “you’re into some gruesome shit.”

“Perhaps.” He started to get up.

“I’ll be honest, I’ve wanted to kiss for a while, now, too, but I know you’re sister’s watching. That weirds me out.” He’d been wanting to kiss her and hold her, snuggle up with her and make her all warm and toasty inside but the hawkish eyes of Yamato they both knew were always watching unsettled them.

“Hai…” She felt the same way, and even if she asked Yamato to look away she knew Yamato wouldn’t. Chad knew this as well. “But I really want to kiss you!”

“Musashi, you know that place in your head you go to so you can run through scenarios?”


We can go there, together.” Musashi’s mind went blank, she tried to figure out how, and it was lost on her.

“How the hell do we do that?”

“You know the bigger tendrils you have? The ones with all the needles?”

“Hai.” She pulled one out and opened it to reveal all the pins.

“That connects here on my neck.” He turned and showed her the spot imprinted by Fuso. “I trust you. Go ahead and put the end here, I’ll be okay.”

He didn’t mention the danger involved with it but his heart racing gave it away. Slowly, carefully, and nervously she did so, pushing the pins into his nervous system. He sat down in the chair and let go, releasing himself to her. He was standing on her deck but not human size, he was as tall as her tower, her conning tower was between his straddled legs. They recognized each other and smiled at each other, he brought up his arms and wrapped them around the back of her tower as he leaned in to rest his forehead on her ‘forehead,’ and they smiled at each other, she giggled softly. They could feel each other’s hot breaths and radiating body heat. He squeezed her mentally, and while she didn’t have anything around him mentally she squeezed him back physically, making him quite snug and comfortable. He didn’t react to it, Musashi gained the impression he didn’t feel it, and her curiosity once again grew.

“You ready, Musashi?”


She was confident and excited, their hearts raced together as he drew closer. Neither agreed on what kiss was going to happen, but they already knew what to do. She watched his eyes close just before their lips touched, his head was tilted so his nose wasn’t in the way and his lips settled onto hers. She, too, closed her eyes and felt much more intimate with the kiss. Gently he sucked on her top lip and she reciprocated on his bottom lip, he inched his tongue between the lips and she did the same. Soothingly their tongues caressed each other, sharing this moment with intense emotions. She felt her curiosity skyrocket and her drive to have him increase just as dramatically. Her intuition overtook her control and a hand physically reached between his legs and groped his genitals. She felt them liven up as her fingers meddled and rolled his member and testes through his pants. It grew much warmer and throbbed, twitching and growing. Musashi felt amazing, awesome! Her emotions were fierce and demanding. The pleasure she was deriving was inexplicable, no wonder Yamato didn’t try to explain it! Yamato was watching, she watched as Musashi’s face relaxed and softened to one of enjoyment. Yamato held her breath, it was happening! Musashi was very much enjoying herself when Chad pulled away. Instantly her eyes opened and her face gave off the symptoms of withdraw and protest.

“Musashi, are you sure you want to do this?” He was vague.

“Do what, Chad?” Then she felt his hand grab heist between his legs. Both of her faces turned to resemble that of a guilty child caught red-handed. She didn’t know how to respond. “Do what, Chad?”

“Are you sure you want to have sex right now, Musashi?” She was quiet, her face searched his for an answer, she was locked up, overwhelmed. What does she say? What are the benefits? The drawbacks? Should she ask Yamato? Ask him? “Musashi, you think too much. Do you want this? What are your emotions saying?”

“I…” her emotions responded in pulsating unison, together, begging, pleading, saying that she wanted his fucking cock so deep inside her she could feel it between her yard-arms. “I really fucking want it!” Chad was surprised, so was Yamato. Musashi was so excited she said it mentally and physically.

“Damn! Well babe, I’ll do my best to make it memorable.”

She was thrilled, unprecedented excitement consumed her. He came in for another kiss, she reciprocated and felt him slide her hand underneath his underwear. Her bare hand felt his flesh throb and enlarge in her hand. His kissing grew in ferocity as Musashi felt the blood fill in his cock. Her many ports began tingling, getting hotter, and leaking. Once her hand was cradling his fully erect member he asked her where she wanted him, not sexually, but physically where is the port she wants to use. He asked it to also have a neural tendril as well. Musashi told him where it was and he smooched her one last time before he suddenly vanished from her sight. She felt him disconnect from her and fight to get up and go. She freed him and tracked him as he flew down the ladders to the central Bridge. His heart was pounding when he got to the deck, so much adrenaline was flushed through his body that he didn’t even notice any wear on him. Like a hungry animal he lumbered around looking for the space she told him to go, while he searched feverishly Yamato asked what was happening. Musashi said ‘it’s happening’ and Yamato’s mouth first opened wide, then she bit her lower lip that curled into a wide smile, the largest Musashi had ever seen, before Yamato looked away and her face disappeared. Her excitement was bursting out as Yamato shook Hisashi with her arms while he was feeding Daichi. He was completely out of the loop and very confused. Chad found the compartment with a bit more help and as soon as the hatch opened Musashi thrusted her port at him. He took it and asked for the neurologist tendril, where she placed it back into his spine.

“Alright Musashi, this is going to be intense, maybe even overwhelming, if you think it’s too much or you get uncomfortable let me know, okay? For now just sit back and relax. I got this.”

“Hai, I can undress you?”

“Go for it, babe.”

His jacket came off easy with the zipper, then she pulled his shirt off and from there he went at it. He always starts orally, it’s just how he is. His physical body propped up against her bulkhead as she stripped his pants off and explored his hot sweaty body. He held her beautiful and elegantly crafted vagina to his mouth and buried his mouth into its folds so soft, thoroughly enjoying himself as he sucked on the whole orifice and licked and capped at her clit. He continuously nuzzled and moved his face around constantly providing so much stimulation to Musashi that her vision blurred and her body felt out of touch for her. His tongue made laps around her vagina’s opening and would probe it’s depths. Suddenly she mentally felt the same thing with her hull port, placed between her two sets of propellers. Instinctively she turned her auxiliary rudder all the way over so his mental presence could reach her more comfortably. His mental arms straddled her wide and thicc hull, holding it tightly as he pressed himself against it, holding himself close with his legs as well. They were situated more towards the thinner bow and could reach up her hull side a bit. From two angles she felt him, his ferocious feasting shocked her core and overtook everything. All she could do was whimper and moan, entirely engrossed in these whole new feelings, such powerful sensations. Her ecstasy and dopamine was working overtime tonight like never before. His mouths worked in perfect tandem to where she couldn’t discern what was mental stimulation and what was real, she was in total bliss and relaxed into his passionate moves. Every one of his actions moved her, he could feel her shudder and moan with just a flick of his tongue, such power at the edge of his lips under his control, what a turn on. Her soft, hot, pollowy sex smothered his face and drew him in like an aluring siren, how other men couldn’t desire this feeling eluded his mind. For him this, too, is heavenly, while he might not be getting closer to climaxing, like he can feel Musashi doing, he is certainly receiving pleasure from this. Now only if he could be balls deep at the same time, that would make this perfect. With his mental head planted firmly between her propellers shafts he felt like she was holding him there begging for more, and with his body pressed against her body he received the warmth and feedback needed to fuel his lust, drive him harder, and devour her even more intensely. He did grow in intensity, a flurry on her vagina that rocked her world, and with his physical body receiving much stronger tastes and juices from her port it strengthened his drive and reinforced it, helping him maintain his ferocity. Actually drinking her nectar fueled him and drove him crazy with lust. He had to have her cum, there’s no other way. It really didn’t take long for her vagina to spasm and convulse, Musashi had never touched herself, and now under a barrage of his sexual and oral attention it had rapidly reached the boiling point. As her body gave off the tale-tell signs she was approaching her climax Chad went harder, he was going to make her first orgasm smash her. He could hear her start moaning and wailing, it grew louder and stronger as her vagina pulsated and contracted on his face-he was loving every bit of it. Suddenly it happened, the moment he’s been craving, the moment she’s only heard about, the moment Yamato’s been waiting for. She screamed as she came, instinctively she pressed her port against his face and held him against her-to which there was no protesting from Chad. He revelled in the moment and drank from the fruit of his labors, oh her delicious metallic nectar wet his gullet and hit the spot. She came for a good minute, screaming and shuddering from mast to keel, wheezing and quivering as she came down.  She felt him gulping down her spray, it invigorated her and boosted her sex drive. That was amazing, astounding, she wanted to do that again! The amount of worshipping that went into her for that whole ordeal satisfied her, yet only stirred her thirst. While she poured out for him she moaned and felt his body. It was certainly hotter and sweatier, and now with quivering and spasming arms she stripped the rest of him naked and toyed with his cock and balls. She longed to bury him inside her and take every drop she could get, she knew the birds and the bees, she knew what could be done, and she craved every bit of it. She could hold off on the impregnation for now, but every thought that put her off from sex was gone, vanished, purged from her mind. She wanted to make him cum buckets like he made her do for him, she wanted to be up to her eyes in cum. Thinking of it made her mouth water and she licked her lips in a feverish dream. He pulled his face out of her port drenched in her, he had a huge smile on his face, his gleaming, shiny face. He looked into the mess he’d made with pride, his mental body still holding her and enjoying the dwindling spasms and twitches that still remained.

“How ya feelin’ Musashi?”

“Outstanding! More! Again! Oh fuck I want this dick!” He smiled, her booming voice and enthusiasm conveyed to him her sheer enjoyment.

“I’m always down for a feast, relax, my queen!” He went for more but she stopped him.

“No! I need your semen!”


“I need your cum!” Her vagina was contracting and winking, as he watched her flexing his cock tingled and ached, it sure looked like fun in there. Her emphasis on his semen alarmed him.

“You aren’t trying for kids, are you.”

“No, no, not yet. MMMMMM!” She whined as she gently squeezed his dick in her hand. “I need some cum!” He smiled wider.

“You like it dirty?”


“You like it messy?”


“You want it sloppy?”


“Let’s make a fucking mess, then!” He got on his knees and held his cock up to her juicy, wet slit, nuzzling his head between the lips to circle the vagina.

“Fuck me! Cum in me! Flood me!” He teased her for only a minute, she wasn’t having any of it. Her whines and protests fuelled his lust and drive for her. He wanted to feel her cumming on him as much as she wanted to feel him flood her. Once she realized he was playing with her she sat on him herself and caught him completely off guard. Instantly he loved her insides. Right on the belly of his cock where the sensitive spot is ran two folds that put pressure on him perfectly. His eyes rolled and he almost fell on her. He held her against him, balls deep, together they moaned and shivered on each other.

“Oh fuck, Musashi you feel so good.”

“Mmmm! You feel so good, too!” A hand of her fondled his balls and massaged them. More of her hands and arms further explored his body, testing his muscles and composition. He focused on their mental bodies, he put himself behind her with her free floating in the void and admired the sleek contours of her hull and the boldness of her superstructure and weaponry. He grabs her aft end where the boat hangers are and pulls her up onto his lap, easing his throbbing mental cock into her soaking wet hull pussy.

“FFFFFuck yeah, Musashi… ooooohhhhh.” Her whimpers and shuddering signalled that his mental docking was working for her, too. As he thoroughly enjoyed her pulsating pussy and it’s heat he felt her cervix come down gently on him. Softly it sat on his head, not applying itself to break it’s seal, but not retreating either. “Musashi?”

“I want to feel you knocking on my door, I want to feel every thrust you hit me with.” That sounds hot as fuck to him. His cock flexes with desire inside her, she groans with his subtle movements. He decides he’s ready and gets back up into his stance to fuck her silly.

“You ready for this?”

“Fuck me, baby!”

His bodies both hold her tightly as he pulls out to the base of his head. His sudden desertion tugged at Musashi’s insides, emotionally, sexually, physically, and had her craving what was about to happen. Suddenly she blurts out a yelp and her eyes go wide as Chad slams himself against her. His instant presence filled her void and smashed against her cervix sending a shock through her bodies. His crotch slapped her clit and shocked that as well, while his shaft displaced her insides and heated her insides up. She felt a lot of power and lust in the hump, and rapidly he kept thrusting into her. She wailed and moaned, biting her lower lip as her vision blurred and her face furrowed. Yamato got a glimpse of Musashi’s face and knew instantly it was good, she forced her own gaze away and screed to Hisashi, who was trying to brush his teeth. He’s entirely unaware of what’s going on, just confused as fuck. Her pussy clung to what it could as he moved rapidly, she felt snapshots of his cock where she could feel veins, folds, textures, and the pulsating of blood surging through his cock. The snapshots blew up her lust and desire, she groaned when she got one.

All of her noises and body tremors fuelled Chad, he had to keep it up for her. She felt fucking amazing, a flurry of slick, hot, squishy-plush massaging muscles. She gripped him perfectly and her pussy naturally contracting would snatch him for a moment where he could feel her pussy almost vibrating on him. It’d lock him up momentarily but he forced past it, mentally he saw her sexy body bouncing on him with her handsome superstructure mesmerizing him and drugging up his brain. Physically her body provided the feelings and intense emotions that fuelled them, her slick insides excreted her lube that kept his crotch and stomach warm and happy. Looking down at his cock flying in and out of the artisan crafted pussy made him moan in pleasure as his cock tingle with excitement. Her mental and physical bodies getting fucked in unison from two angles accelerated her sexual pleasure, she was fluttering between a high and consciousness. When he slipped out she instantly cried out in protest. Whimpering as he put it back between her lips. He caught his breath and angled himself better so he’d focus her G-spot. He was excited for this, he could feel what just going straight in did to her, now he’s going to smash that G-spot and made her cum hard.

He started his onslaught and both of them immediately noticed the increased attention to her G-spot. She grabbed him and yelled, squeezing his body mentally and physically as she rocked and flexed with him. Her eyes rolled around freely and she could make up her mind on letting her mouth hang agape or biting on a quivering lip. He felt her insides convulsing much more intensely and ferociously, he felt her climax approaching as she went with the thrusts more sporadically as if she was trying to fight it. His tempo began breaking, too, he didn’t expect her to last this long, especially since she said she’s never touched herself- she slammed herself against him and moaned loudly as she came. Her wondrous pussy sent waves down his length and pumped out her cum, gush by gush, as her tongue fell out and her vision blanked. She was slightly giggling during her moaning. Chad wasn’t done there, oh no. He tried to keep fucking her during her orgasm but she latched on too tightly, he instead fingered her very bold clit and flexed his cock inside her. The clit rubbing did the most, and it was enough to make her shiver and convulse while sending waves down his meat. He was right on the cusp there, his cock was extremely sensitive to her, feeling all of her folds and jitters, and had him fighting to stay in control of himself. Just as she finished her massive orgasm he was ready to break, she felt him inside her feeling different. She noticed he was extremely tense and was almost shaking himself. She cupped his balls and toyed with them, hopped her pussy on him a few more times and he said he was cumming. She had a huge smile on her face, drool oozing from her lips, and she waited to feel him burst. His moaning turned to grunting and sighing and she felt his cock pump from the base up and ropes of his seed ejaculated out of him. She moved her cervix up to feel him launch it into her. Every rope he shot made her shiver with joy, thus encouraging him to deliver more. From the inside out she was hot and happy. Immersed in glee and pride. A whole swath of emotions overcame Musashi, once she felt Chad coming down she attacked him with arms, wrapping him up in a snug embrace.

“Huh, guess you’re feeling good, then, Musashi?”

“Haaaiiii!” She moaned as she held his cheeks and played with his hair. Good vibes flowed through them, they laughed and giggled together in a dopamine high. Their mental bodies laid together at first, but then he put himself in front of her eye level with her. They were breathing heavily and that was all that preceded their intimate and passionate kissing. She was still somewhat horny and fondled his cock and balls more. He let her play as he enjoyed her magnificent taste on his lips. She is so hot! Just thinking about her, seeing her in his mind having face sex with him, he quickly regained a sex drive and heard her making screeing sounds as she felt him inflate inside her. “Again? Again! Again!” Her excitement soared as he fully erected himself inside her.

“With that much excitement you’re going to run me dry, Mu.” He smiled, he was happy she was enthusiastic.

“That’s the point!” She cupped his balls and weighed them. “Gimme it all!” She took a more assertive approach and while she held him tightly she also humped him. He simply grabbed her physical coupler and her mental aft and melted away into her motions as she put herself into him and rode the Disco stick. Musashi slid on his long shaft sensually and enjoyed feeling every millimeter of it. She was starting to slow down to analyze it more but Chad grabbed her body and thrusted himself deep into her with a heavy grunt.

“While we still have energy let’s use it, next round we’ll get lazy and slow. Sound good?” She bit her lip and mhmm’d an agreement.

“Fuck me, Chad!”

“I’m gonna fuck the shit outta you!” Mentally he rolled her onto her side and physically he shoved her coupler to the floor and laid over it. At first she was uncomfortable but once she felt his cock pierce her lips again and his girth spread her insides out she relaxed. Mentally he held her as best he could while he pushed himself deep inside her, not as deeply as last round but he still got in a good way and rubbed her G-spot tenderly with his cock. Physically he laid on her coupler and wrapped his arms around her body and held her tightly. His member penetrated her and eased in convincingly. She felt his presence pincer her from two angles and again couldn’t discern from reality and mentality.

He began his motions, first tenderly to get a feel for her body, enjoying the supple and ample coos from her, then he picked up his intensity to drive her wild. Once again he was a flurry of motion, slinging in and out rapidly, making her vagina feel hot and tingly. Her mind couldn’t stop thinking about him, how awesome she felt, how in love she was. She cried out how in love she was and how happy she was and how great he was doing. She was fueling the fire and knew it, as he grew stronger and faster, rubbing her raw internally. She could no longer discern between thrusts and instead she was fed a constant stream of ecstasy as her mouth drooled for more. Her high and emotions went on a roller coaster, thrill and overwhelming emotion had her on a very wild ride. Chad was getting this feeling from her too, through their neural connection he was taking the same trip as her. He struggled to focus on keeping his barrage up with how intense these feelings were. Through their bodies pulses, waves, shocks, and frenzies of dopamine and the like massaged them and tamed their nerves into a bliss. Musashi suddenly remembered that she never closed the Gap and slapped her cervix back into place and instantly went brain dead as his cock head smashed against it with every thrust. This extra sensitivity was enough to make her eyes flutter and any attempt to speak a moaning wail of appreciation. Chad felt instant repercussions as well, his cock convulsed like it wanted to cum but nothing was happening, his moans grew stronger as well. Her arms and tendrils were flexing on him and feeling his body work. While his muscles burned from the taxing efforts he placed on them, her arms cooing and surrounding him made it all better, certainly worth it. As of right now the only words Musashi could competently say was ‘more’ and ‘love you’ and ‘hai’ and all else was indiscernible. So when she suddenly cried out she was close to the good part he was in overdrive. He groaned as he put all he had into smashing her G-spot for her grand finale. A hand of hers was messing with his hair and it ceased it’s play and started shaking like it was terrified on his head. Soon he felt her mental body flex and twist as she tried putting it off as long as possible, shortly followed by her physical coupler beneath him do the same. Her physical body creaked and strained until suddenly she snapped him against her pussy and shook violently. She screamed in delight and chuckled as her pussy vibrated and convulsed and frenzied on his entire cock. He felt her pumping out her extra lube onto his crotch. It was so hot! He planted his face against her coupler tendril as he relaxed into her and rested his weary body. He suddenly was hit with exhaustion as his burning muscles protested any more work. Musashi came for a solid two minutes or more, Chad was astounded. When she came down her vagina relaxed and felt like puddy, she was numb yet ultra sensitive, she loved it. She noticed he didn’t cum, she was upset, felt selfish. She decided she could do something about it and put Chad against the wall in a sitting position, he was still hugging her coupler fondly.

“You aren’t finished, are you, Chad?”

“I’m pretty burnt out, Musashi, I’m sorry, babe.”

“That’s not what I meant, baby.” A tendril spread his arms off of the coupler enough for her to comfortably and awkwardly try her best to hump him. He at first chuckled at her new it was for her, but he knew she just wanted him to get his second cumming, too. He grabbed her coupler and helped guide it for her.

“Yeah, like that baby, oohh fuck, yeah.”

Once she got the hang of it she took his hand off and held them in hers. He squeezed her hands tightly, she enjoyed the moment. She hoped she could pleasure him like he did to her. Feeling his body in her arms certainly made her feel warm inside, just like Yamato said. She started to feel hot liquids ooze out of his cock ever so slowly and it made her heart race, her excitement soared as she craved the salty icing. He withered in her grasp as she tenderly stroked him long shaft, she was getting enjoyment from this as well, but more from his reactions, she hoped this is what he was talking about. Her moaning was based off of his, instinctively to coo with him. His eyes were closed and he was only thinking of her, their mental bodies were much like their physical ones. Chad was in a sitting position with Musashi’s great hull riding his lap passionately. His mental self couldn’t stop looking at her aft, it’s curvature and sleekness, blending into bold and sturdy structure and width. He wanted to cream her badly, oh so badly. This lap ride is a dream come true for him, all he ever wanted. He knew after this he’s going to cuddle her to death. The natural progression of things. Her bold superstructure and impressive guns strewn about her 1944 configuration hull add that flair that drives his lust for warships. He loved how intricate these ships were yet how fluid and sleek and beautiful they remained. He wanted to make more of them, make so many more ships the fun way. Sadly, that’s only a dream. Nobody could support ship children, it’ll have to be humorphs. Oh well. If you’re wondering about what the obviously protruding rudders are doing, this is a mental stimulation, they just fold over out of the way.

She rode him for a while before she thought there had to be something else, too. She pressed herself against him and swayed around to find another angle, while doing this she noticed he writhed and moaned more. She could sense his satisfaction riding, she continued grinding on him, eventually adding in her steady, rhythmic bouncing. His head rolled around freely on his shoulders and his mouth sat open as he moaned. He was essentially high and she loved it. She was very proud of herself and tried to pick up her speed, which led to her over adjusting and popping him out every other turn. She slowed down and played this enjoyable waiting game. She cuddled him while doing so and was very happy and excited to feel his penis twitching and convulsing like his body. His moaning became agitated and his grip on her hands tightened. She picked up her pace with her bouncing, she put his head up so he could watch her work him. His eyes were locked on her aft bouncing on him, revealing his shaft before consuming it into her bliss again. He was getting much closer, she egged him on.

“Do it, babe! Cum! Cum inside me! I want it! Do it!” She practically begged him as she slid all the way down on him and massaged him with her muscles, or what control she had left over them. His face tightened as he held off the inevitable, and then as he bursts his face turns to bliss. He empties himself into her, she Yanks her cervix up and away and feels his hot seed chase after it. Her sexual pleasure heightened and she shivered with joy as she felt his shaft pump and twitch inside her. A hand on his testicles felt them tingle and move as well. He unloaded into her all he had, and was quickly drifting off to sleep in her arms. She moaned softly as she felt his thick lavender coat her insides liberally.his mental body instantly laid across her freeboard and hold her best it could, she had started to get the hang of it, herself, and hugged him back. Snuggling up to him as he did so to her.

“You good now?” He exhaled in a deep breath.

“Hai! I’m very good now!” He wrapped his physical arms around her coupler and brought it close to his chest, only separated by her arms wrapped around him. “I love you, Chad!”

“I love you, too, Musashi!”

“When do you think we can have kids?” He was both pleasantly surprised and terrified 

“It’d be a long while, Musashi.”

“I know.”

“I still want to get to know you more, and..,”

“You’re going to be leaving soon.” Her tone softened to one of sadness.

“Yeah, it’s why I tried getting you to wait for someone else.” Her arms retracted from him so her coupler could snuggle his chest and then she wrapped both of them together. He readjusted and laid down on the deck.

“I can wait, I’ll wait for you. I’ll happily wait for you.” He was touched, his heart burned.

“That means a lot to me, it really does Musashi. I can wait for you, too.”

“You are going back to America? To Virginia? Was Yamato right?”

“Yes, I’m going to Virginia.”

“What if I could come, too?” He entertained the thought, it made him smile, seeing her so close to home.

“Japan has no interest in that, but I’d love it. You’d be so close to my home.”

“Yamato said you tried dating Fuso, what happened?”

“Normally you don’t bring up exes, but this isn’t that bad. We had too many differences in our life paths. She wants to stay in Japan and doesn’t want kids, those are the big differences. I want to have my own family, and I want to stay close to my home in America.” She was playing with his hair.

“I love Japan, but to me it’s not my home, it’s where I love, what I love, but it’s not a place I’m so dearly attached to. I’d enjoy seeing America very much. With you there, it’d be my home.”

“And I know your stance on a family.” He smiled. So did she. They softly chuckled.

“Hai, so when would we start that?”

“Oh, I don’t know. When I can afford kids, when we’re together stably, maybe when we can settle down.” She smiled, a family of her own made her very pleasant inside. Her eyes closed and she smiled as she dreamt of it. “Again, that’s if we work out. If we don’t work, then, it won’t happen.”

“Okay, I can accept that.” She giggled. “You’re so tired, you want a bed?”

“You’re the only bed I need, babe. I’ll be fine.” He snuggled up to her some more and kissed the coupler. “I can’t wait to feel your lips with my own.”

“Hai, I look forward to it, too.”

“How do you feel?”

“Awesome, happy, warm and fuzzy, lovely. I had a great time. Thank you.”

“Don’t mention it, and believe it or not, it can get better.” She was breath taken.


“Your cervix is even more sensitive than your vagina, there’s that, but more so we make it better with our interactions. Cracking a joke, poking fun, teasing, there’s a lot we can do better. It all comes with time, is all. You’ll see, I’m excited to get there with you.” He noticed he was very rapidly falling asleep. Quickly he mentally kissed her goodnight on her lips sensually. She held his head to her tower and his body to her structure. Once they parted they locked eyes and rested their foreheads together, smiling.

“I love you.” Was all they said before he drifted off to sleep. She struggled to stay up after that. Yamato noticed they finished and tried to talk to Musashi about it.

“How was it? What did you two do? How do you feel? Are you happy? How did he do? How did you do? Are you going to be pregnant?” Musashi’s eyes fluttered and she smiled wearily.

“Yam, I,” she sighed deeply, “I love him.” Her eyes closed and she inhaled deep and full, easing her breath out slowly. She drifted off to sleep very shortly after. To Yamato’s frustration.

“Huh,” Yamato thought aloud, “did he dick her to sleep?”


Fin Musashi


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The Imperial Might of Japan Herself

I’m back! I know I’ve been quite quiet over the past.., few weeks but I’ve also been writing another story. The story of the largest battleship ever, the IJN Yamato. It’s a long ass story but it’s worth it. Trust me it’s good. In other events Black Ops III is out (got to try it, there’s a WWII simulation map and it’s a Tiger II GALORE <3<3<3), Halo 5 (I heard it was a let down 4 and 1/2 hour campaign) and so is Fallout 4 (which I’m sure the lot of you are playing and won’t see the light of day for a few weeks) and soon my personal favorite, Battlefront III (sticking to the classic count) is arriving. Anyway enjoy all!


Hisashi climbed down the ladder to the roof of the conning tower bridge. He stood back and bowed.

“Good morning Yamato.”

“Good morning Hisashi.” Her voice was elegant, beautiful; it captured her poetic namesake of Japan and all its beauty. Hisashi erected himself and looked up to the bridge where her brown eyes looked back to his, the tall and menacing tower of metal and man was an impressive sight no matter where you saw it, but only up close can one see a decade of war taking its toll on the mighty symbol. Her armored plates had sign of weathering, her eyes heavy with sleepless, bomber filled nights, her magnificent voice uttered by a slow moving pair of lips tired of trembling in fear of fire bombs, and at worse sight a usually unmotivated crew. The crew is very inexperienced, only two combat missions during the whole war, and only once did Yamato use her guns. The crew had come up with a list of the most useless things in the world: The Great Wall of China, The Great Pyramids, and Yamato, and she didn’t challenge the list, either. She’s a mighty vessel, largest and heaviest in the globe. 79,808 tons of metal machine and all it’s done to contribute to the Emperor’s war is sail as a show ship almost. She confides in Hisashi and him alone her troubles, feeling of worthlessness, desire to fight, alienation from her fellow fleet ships, and her feelings of dishonor. But this morning on her newest voyage she had a hopeful fire in her eyes. “We’re going to Okinawa, Hisashi; we’re going to the front. No carriers. I’m the fighter now.”

“That’s great, Yamato, that’s great. Finally we will fight for the Emperor! Fight and beat the Americans off our homes!” He was more excited than she was. “And then we will return victorious!”

“Hisashi, don’t tell anyone this but,”

“What is it, Yamato?”

“It’s only a one way trip.” His heart sank. No returning, no glorious arrival, this is a fight to the death mission. “We’re going to beach on the Okinawa beach and halt any attempts to land until we run dry.”

“So be it.” Their voices were tense and low; they had dreamed of after the war, together as a part of the mightiest navy ever, they’ll now never see the day. Whenever they’d previously sit together they’d plan out how they’d engage the Imperialist Americans, dream about ravaging their puny ships and how they’d triumph over them, and steam into the San Francisco Bay Glorious in battle triumph.

“We don’t have much time left, Hisashi. I’d like to live as full a life as possible.” Her tone had dropped even lower. One day she told him of a lovely dream she had with a husband and a child, it was vague and she barely remembers it all but for that whole month she was obsessed by it, dreaming, thinking, talking, and sharing it with Hisashi alone. Often he’d ask why she only talked to him on such matters, the commander was much wiser than he was, but she never got around to confiding to the commander. She would talk to everyone and follow orders from the bridge but she never got personal with anyone but Hisashi. Still, he didn’t mind.

“A taste of the sushi, perhaps?” He knew she had always wanted to eat sushi. He got up from his folded seat and moved towards the ladder.

“It wouldn’t be refused.” She said with a smile, but that wasn’t what she wanted to say. “Hisashi, do you ever feel compassionate around me?” He stopped on the ladder. He folded his arm through the rungs to hold himself as he thought.

“I wouldn’t deny the rumors.” For a few years there has been a rumor that Yamato and he were planning to marry. Yamato heard it and passed it to Hisashi, but neither confronted anyone about it. They let it be a story that excited the crew on this long dull post. Yamato didn’t share the other rumor that the crew thought of; the long and loud creaks and groans of her hull at night were love-making between them. That rumor was false entirely, she shifted around at night just to move, any movement felt like a million miles to her, and she loved moving in her tight dock slip. She looked down at Hisashi into his eyes and waited for him to continue. He didn’t so she took the lead.

“At your heart would you agree? Truly agree at your heart?” This made Hisashi stop and think. He grew tired and slid down the ladder he thought that long; searching his feelings and after a time he found his answer.

“Yes.” Yamato fought hard to hold back a smile but it showed anyways, Hisashi saw and couldn’t help but smile back. Her teeth were impressive but not overwhelming; everything about her was representing the beauty of Japan: her teeth were straight and nice with a white polish. Most other battleships have shark teeth or simple razor fold teeth for a fear and intimidation factor but not Yamato; she had her eighteen inch guns for that. Rarely did Hisashi see her teeth so it was like a shining star to him. She noticed that she made him smile and blushed a darker gray than her base coat.

That night she slept quietly and soundly for the first time since American bombers flew over Japan regularly. She dreamed of a strange turn of events where once she arrives at Okinawa the Americans pull back, and form a treaty with Japan to cease the bloodshed of their people. The Emperor agrees to this and the fighting stops. She is then refueled and moved back to Japan and from there they tour the Pacific, all the while figuring out how Hisashi and her would marry. They run into the fabled American battleship Iowa, the Iowa tries to smooth talk her but doesn’t get through to her. Later Hisashi takes her hand in marriage and she bears beautiful children, then her dream was interrupted by the Commander.

“Yamato, Okinawa reports an increase in carrier activity. Ready for an arial attack close to Okinawa.” He noticed her confirmation wasn’t normal. “Everything alright, Yamato?”

“Yes senpai, well, no senpai.” He asked for her to elaborate. “I wish for a fuller life, senpai, to love and birth and raise children.” The commander nodded. He suspected she’d be going through rough emotions since hearing about her sentencing.

“Do what you see fit for fulfilling that. I know I wish I could see my wife one more time.” With that she figured she’d hurry her relations with Hisashi up to the sex and possibly pregnancy. If she could beach herself maybe the Americans wouldn’t scrap a pregnant and ammo-less ship, and spare her Hisashi as well. She realized that the Americans would show no mercy to her, none. By then she would have sunk many ships and killed thousands of Americans, she is doomed no matter what. Tears began to roll from her eyes; she began to quiver in fear. The largest and mightiest ship in the world is crying and quivering in fear.

She felt Hisashi stir, they had a unique feeling of each other, and they knew each other’s feelings like their own. Even now in the midst of his night’s sleep he felt her distraught emotions. He arose from his cot and dressed himself in the dark before making his way up the superstructure. The bridge commander stopped him and brought him close to whisper in his ear. Do whatever she wants. Hisashi replied, I always intend too, sir. Then he climbed another ladder up a deck and opened the access door to slide down the ladder to the conning bridge roof and bowed.

“Yamato, what’s wrong?” He asked as he sat down.

“I never did anything with my life! I-I-I wish I could do more, to marry, to birth, to love!” She was about to break down again when Hisashi let his heart flow.

“I love you, Yamato, do you not love me?” It worked, she stopped tearing, she was silent, both of them knew the answer, she did love him. “Yamato there is not a single thing you listed that we cannot do tonight.” She smiled a little.

“Even the birth of our child?” She said questioning.

“We can start it.” She smiled more, slowly and armored panel beneath the ladder moved away and a large protruding hose-like object appeared looking like a vagina at its front.

“Please start, then.” Hisashi moved towards her vagina, unsure and curious of it. He leaned over and looked at its sides; pistons and hoses, hydraulics and piping covered it. It had gears and such all along it’s sides making it look very mechanical and easy to fix if something went wrong. It turned him on more than her vagina did. Her vagina was placed on a faceplate that looked like the bow without the protrusion; it gradually thinned into the lips of her beautiful vagina, like it was elegantly crafted by an artisan. “Are you alright, Hisashi?”

“Y-Yes, I’m fine, Yamato.”

“I’m ready.” He placed his index and middle fingers onto her lips at the top and felt how surprisingly soft she was, plush and smooth; he trailed his fingers down her slit softly. Her soft moans fueled his passion; he trailed his fingers up and down soft and slow until a little silver ball appeared at the top. He rubbed that softly, noting it was moist, and plunged his fingers into her hole to test her moisture levels. He eased his two fingers in and out pumping her and searching around for her good spot. He was breath taken by how soft she was, so plush, tender, and hot. “You’re making me so wet, Hisashi!”

“I’m ready.” He undid his pants and shirt, pulled out his fingers; they were dripping with hot silver lube, and placed his throbbing cock head against her eager lips.

“Yes, Hisashi! Yes Hisashi! Do it!” He followed her plea and fell on it; her moan signaled he’d gone deep. He felt her hot walls surround him, her slick inside welcome him, and her love embrace him and warm his insides. He hesitated to leave, still trying to figure out just what he was doing exactly, he pulled out to his head before thrusting into her again. Yamato was egging him to go faster, so he tried pleasing her and please her he did. Her eyes were mostly clenched shut or looking down to him, her mouth agape and moaning and grunting. Her whole hull and superstructure shook with every thrust.

On the bridge everyone could see Hisashi was doing a good job. Her windows used as eyes were blacked out and shut, her moans echoed softly inside, her shudders could be felt in anything they touched, and this was making the most of them a little ashamed and uncomfortable. They felt like they were trespassing. Only the commander and two of the elder men smiled. One young and curious sailor started to lean towards the window to peak but the commander swatted his shoulder and frowned at him. The sailor stood back shamed. The radio operator, one of the elders, tuned into what the Americans called “Ms. Tokyo” radio station and listened to her music and propaganda using the speakers on max setting to drown out Yamato.

“Oh Hisashi! Oh Hisashi! I never thought it’d be this good! Oooohh!” She wailed, Hisashi kept humping and humping, looking up to her face and watching her signs of gay enjoyment. He looked back down towards her vagina. Her lips wrapped around his cock and held on, not wanting to let go, and every time he pulled out a sheen of silver coated his cock to keep it warm in the cool air. “Oh, oh, oh YYEESS! Harder Hisashi! Love me more!” He complied, thrusting more powerfully and deeper into her. He looked down and watched as his thrusts pushed her vagina against his crotch and then coil back from its base like a cannon and then follow him out as he pulled out. He went hard and fast, watching himself penetrate her and push her vagina in. He listened to her gleeful cheers and rambles and felt amazing. Soon he felt her tightening on him, her moans becoming more rapid, and her temperature increasing. She snaked her arms around him and inside his remaining clothes, as she told him she felt it building. Then he felt himself rapidly building, but knew he couldn’t pull out, she wanted to feel it, and she needed to feel it. He started to moan, letting his body do its job without worrying about keeping it in anymore. Suddenly he couldn’t hold back, he pushed in as deep as he could and let go.

She cried aloud, “it’s so hot! So hot! It’s everywhere!” She felt it first inside her depths then it seemed that the whole pacific was Hisashi’s seamen, so hot and creamy; it made her feel hot all over and everywhere. Hisashi felt relieved, and Yamato’s great full cries made him feel even better, but she was still tight, still waiting her turn. And she was too good to only fuck once. He eased back out drawing a long moan from Yamato, she didn’t think he’d keep loving her but she was happily wrong. She wanted the most from this little time, she focused on what she felt and was not disappointed. She felt his skin, the slick shaft that rubbed her right, the cum still oozing from his cock. His hot seamen kept coming and coming, she never wanted it to end. Abruptly Hisashi pulled out to his head before dramatically stopping, causing Yamato to yelp in surprise.

“Ready for another?”

“Always!” He plunged back into her tightening pussy, pulling a moan from deep within her as her grip locked on him while her orgasm arose and couldn’t be held back anymore. He watched and felt her pussy throb around his cock, silver liquids pumped out of her vagina lips against his crotch. “I love you, Hisashi, I love you like the fish love their ocean.” She held him until the oozing stopped then allowed him to continue with the second run. It lasted longer than the first and was more intense as well, they built up together and at the same moment their cusps overwhelmed them and they came at once. They rested, still connected, for a good amount of time until Hisashi rolled off her to the side and leaned his back against her tower base. She wrapped around his body and dressed him again. “That was amazing, Hisashi. Surely that was enough to fertilize me.” He felt hot, sweaty, and perfect in her arms. She never wanted to let him go.

“I feel like we’ll never see the result, Yamato that makes me feel depressed.”

“I know. I know.” She thought of how her carrier sister ship sank; submarine. She thought that one day she might be risen from the depths, and rebuilt, and if they do have a baby inside her it will grow and come into a better world, with Hisashi as the father and herself as the mother. Only thing was: Hisashi will die. “Hisashi, there’s something I want to tell you.”

“I’ll always listen, my love.”

“I will sink, but I may still live on with the baby inside me on the bottom. We might even stay together; the German cruiser said that’s what their battleship did.”

“What? How?”

“She said that the battleship’s lover was transformed; I want to transform you.” He thought about her want. He was told to do anything she asked.

“Yes.” She comforted him, readied her injectors and placed them where it felt natural, and then she listened to his screams as she changed him. She finished up and held him tight, ordered for him a blanket and pillow to sleep with where he lay, in the fetal position, so she could hold him in her arms like they were married. Like they were married after this war and home in a harbor slip. And there they slept.

A few hours later they were awoken: the battle was imminent. The officers passed around sake, and told the crewman to drink, to ease the pain ahead. Usually when Hisashi drank he could get only a third threw the bottle before he was too drunk to think; he downed the bottle faster than he could a third earlier and barely felt any different. The rest of the crew wasn’t fairing the same. Later there were run-ins with the American planes, Yamato and an accompanying cruiser engaged repeatedly but to no avail. She was talking to Hisashi when she abruptly stopped and told him a report came in about a hundred and fifty aircraft heading their way. Then her face darkened, she felt them on radar. She wrapped around Hisashi for comfort, he tried his best to comfort her but they both knew that she was obsolete, air power took the seas. The aircraft turned towards them in an attack pattern, her crew fired all they could. Her 18 inch guns were loaded with the buzzbee anti-air flak shells and fired at the incoming planes. The tracers went everywhere, the drunken gunners sprayed everywhere, bombs went off everywhere, and torpedoes were all around her. She was struck a few times and listed to the sides; she clutched her Hisashi in her arms as her damage control pumps righted her. For two hours the American planes tormented her, strafed her decks, the gunfire tearing her crew limb from limb, half from half, flesh from bone, life, from existence. Men screamed everywhere; turrets were hit with bombs and exploded into the sky. Her escorts were diced up as well. They were bombed and torpedoed to the bottom, only fifty miles from Japan’s most southern point. She felt the end was near, the planes were getting closer and closer with each run, and much of her AA batteries were dead, disabled, in flames or all of the above. She lifted Hisashi, he was quivering in fear, and she looked him in the eye with her gorgeous eyes reminding him of Japan and asked him one last promise. “Hisashi!? I need you to promise me one more thing!” He knew what was coming, she thought about what she’s asking of him, tears began rolling down their faces. “Promise me, promise never to forget me!”

“I promise! I promise never to let you go! I’ll never leave you! Always with you!” They both leaned in; she brought him close to her lips. They kissed. A kiss is an unbreakable promise, something reserved for the closest of loved ones. And they meant everything about it then. She felt her side get rocked by a torpedo, felt the rush of warm Pacific water rush in, and keep coming, flooding her pump station and her halls. She knew she was sunk right then. She savored his lips’ taste. His warm flesh tainted with the salty air and his sweat. His tongue sat on top of her massive tongue, stroking each other for comfort. Hisashi felt her tense up, felt her fear. He took in her salty metal lips and tongue, her slick warm fluids flowed into his mouth, her tender love amongst her amass of war and hate. He felt her pain, the flooding; they shared every feeling they had. Suddenly the heat in the middle of her erupted. Her eyes shot open and her mouth went agape, Hisashi was dropped as her arms went limp and an explosion ripped her in half, Hisashi felt a part of himself be torn from the whole, then half of his essence felt empty. He plummeted to the raging seas below and was hit hard. He struggled to return to the surface where he fought to stay above water. He met with a small group of survivors and drifted with them. They were all heart broke, demoralized, and any hope of Japan’s survival sank with their ship. Some cried, cried like babies when they knew they dishonored their family, the Emperor, and most of all- Japan. Everything they lived for in their eyes abandoned them; they were the most worthless things in the universe in their eyes. Hisashi cried for his lost love on top of the dishonor, he felt her death. Not her disappearance, but her life leaving her hull when she was ripped by that explosion. They all watched the mushroom cloud standing over the ship dispatch after minutes of intimidation. They were soon picked up by Americans, triumphant in their slaying of the beast, celebratory in their victory. No Japanese sailor could bear to look at anything but the deck. No matter where they sailed Hisashi knew where she was, he felt her presence on the bottom.

When the two bombs dropped on their home soil and their country surrendered the crew of the Yamato, and every other sailor, pilot, or soldier, felt the shame of defeat on their shoulders. Depression settled among nearly every one of them. Once they were released most would return home to move on with their lives and rebuild their culture and homes. Not Hisashi. He moved to the most southern point of Japan, built himself a seaworthy fishing vessel, and every day of the weekdays he sailed out to his lover’s grave and sat. Sometimes he stayed overnight, waiting, waiting, waiting for some sign from his lover, from his long lost Yamato. He could drift anywhere overnight and he’d know his way back to her grave, just by their connection he knew where she was and how she was. He longed to be with her every hour. Years and years and years later he still went out; never missing a day he couldn’t miss for getting more gas, food, or money. Occasionally he’d go fish with the son of his neighbor named Takeo, they were like father and son, and whenever Takeo went home he felt like that was something he missed out on with Yamato. Nevertheless he remained faithful towards his lost love and never searched for romance, but that didn’t deter him from advising the youth about love. He was viewed as the wisest in the village, and would be asked for knowledge often. Few knew why he was the way he was; a 30 year old guy that’s wiser than the 60 year olds, when he was really in his hundreds by the time the research vessels came and moved him off Yamato’s grave.

“Sorry but we have Japanese authorization for this project.” The announcer spoke in English.

“How wong?” He asked in the stereotypical Japanese accent. He actually could speak English fluently.

“About two to three weeks.”

“Dat no good. I need dis spot fow fishing.” He always welcomed explorers and gave them space, as long as they shared what they saw with him. Even still two weeks minimum isn’t what he wants, alone time was still important. “I go as wong as you tewl me what down dare!”

“We’re here to resurrect the IJN Yamato.”

“I’m staying here then!” He instantly dropped the heavy mispronunciation accent. “You cannot stop me!”

“On what grounds?” He thought quickly.

“We’ll talk in secret; we’ll meet on your ship!”

“Negative, what is your relationship with the Yamato?”

He hesitated. “.., lover.” He was brought on as some con artist, living ships were made famous by the raising of the Titanic two years ago but nearly all records of Yamato were lost. He sat down in front of a (useless) translator and the Captain of the ship. He uttered two words.

“Say again?” Hisashi sighed. For nearly 76 years he kept this secret.

“Back in nineteen-forty-five the Yamato and I were very close..,” he explained his whole story with her, and then he told them his routine for the past 76 years. He even pointed to people who were on previous search parties for the Yamato remains and said the date their first search was. The men in the room were impressed. The Captain leaned over and asked for an electricity measuring device. Hisashi didn’t catch the whole name but knew it had to do with the electric current in metal that usually give life to them. He was granted permission to stay on board for the operation for his insight and knowledge of her interior. As he watched submarine footage of the eerie black turn to greenish orange rust he felt shivers.

“This is where that final torpedo hit.” He was told. Just then the sub’s ultralights kicked on and Hisashi saw a hole bigger than his fishing trawler, deeper than his trawler long, black as death itself. He was staring at what killed his Yamato, and he knew there was more to her death than that. They circled all around the upturned hull, investigating the multiple torpedo holes in her massive hull. They decided to put the shiny probe needles down right on her belly, one of the most sensitive regions of a ship, and tested the frequencies for any life. They tested for a charge sufficient enough to sustain life.

All failed.

Then they tried vocalizing their presence, even Hisashi piped up towards the end.

All failed.







Every try failed. Yamato was dead. Some of the guys there pulled him back into his chair and patted his back. One of the more empathetic women massaged his shoulders. His whole hopes of finally talking to her again, ever, vanished in the blink of an eye. He cried like he did 72 years ago. After the tears started he got up and left, went to his trawler where he had a picture of Yamato’s broadside at the dock. He took that picture. He put it in his finest frame and made a little mural around it with a little book of his time without her. He held that frame to his chest and cried himself to sleep in the galley of his trawler.

They didn’t need him that day or the next to be honest; they explored and tested the outer of the hull for weak points and openings to fill. They knew that Yamato was too heavy for a barge or ship bus so they would need to really focus on the tear points to keep her buoyant for towing. The days after they used Hisashi’s guidance in navigating the interior. He wasn’t his helpful self, though, he helped but he didn’t actively help; trying for as minimal conversation as possible. It took even longer than they anticipated, run ins with unknown damage, furniture remains, and a few snagged RC sub bot cables for the most part, but after six weeks she was on her way to the surface. It took a grueling five hours to reach the surface, three more than Titanic simply because of weight and stability. Just before Yamato reached the brightest parts of the ocean the submarines carefully righted the hull. That was when Hisashi, sitting in the back of his little trawler with a camera, felt tears of joy run from his eyes as Yamato’s superstructure broke the waves and rose to the sky. He filmed the rising, and specifically zoomed on the holes that doomed her before taking an expansive shot of the whole scene. He put the camera away and looked at what time had done to his love. Her superstructure was mostly free of rust: being buried in the soft sand on the bottom while her hull looked like half shredded green cheese with rusticles all over her body. The guns were held in place as she sank to the bottom and only a few things were bent out of place. The antennas and wires and poles were swept away and the smokestack had taken serious damage. He followed her all the way back to the port that birthed her, and the same port that was to restore her. The Mitsubishi ship yards agreed to restore their lost child with help from the same team that coordinated the restoration of Titanic. Hisashi set up a tent outside of the yards where he had a clear view of the progress and remained there, watching the team toil away, for as long as he needed too.




Yamato’s eyes shot open, her mouth dropped and she screamed. She quickly regained herself and looked around, something was different. She didn’t feel any water, only chucks under her hull, she felt empty, entire sections of her insides were gone, her guns were working and stowed, and nobody was on board. Hisashi wasn’t in her arms, either. She teared up and looked down where she last saw him. He was standing there, clad in a rubber suit with thick rubber boots. He was smiling ear to ear. She’s never seen him smile like that. She instantly lashed out, wrapping her arms around him and pulled him up in between her eyes, both cried. She pinned him against her, never dreaming of letting go. Hisashi knew what she felt, he didn’t dream of letting go ever again, not in his past near eighty years has he ever dreamed of letting go of her. Soon after they were glued together gangways touched her hull again and men and women went back to work. It’s been three years since they first put her in the slipway for renovation, and they were nearly complete. Suddenly Yamato started asking questions.

“Hisashi what happened? How are we in the slipway? Why am I empty? Why was there nobody aboard?” He whispered all her answers to her.

“You blew up, you died. Your hull sank to the bottom.”

“How long was I dead?” She said in disbelief, it seemed mere moments ago she felt the torpedoes tearing into her.

“It was seventy-nine years ago. We lost the war. Japan wanted you back as a memorial so these people rose you up. They fixed you. You were gutted and your inside was changed for a more appealing look and to fit museum pieces. Nobody was aboard because we needed a massive electric discharge to bring you back to life.”

“Is that why you’re in that rubber suit?” She giggled as she stroked his rubber back.

He too chuckled and agreed. “Yes, yes. Yamato it’s been so long, I’ve missed you exponentially. You missed so much. I wrote it all down for you in a book I left on my trawler.”

“When did you get a trawler?”

“A month after the war, I used it to make a living and sit above you. Every day I went to your grave. Every day I waited for something. I would have given it all away to be with you again forever.” She gripped him tighter.

“Hisashi I’m sorry I left you.”

“That doesn’t matter now. Now, now we are together. Together without a war.”

“Now we can have the child!” She was so happy, super excited, she could barely contain herself.

“Yamato.., they found something inside you.”

“The baby?”

“No, a composition of your life metal. It, too, was dead.” She looked him in the eyes, he wasn’t looking cheery. “It was dead; there wasn’t anything they could do with it.”

“I.., was pregnant?”

“Yes. Not anymore. They had to use it in the restoration.” She frowned and teared up. “They’re sorry.”

“We have to try again?” Hisashi nodded. Yamato closed her eyes and brought him close again. They were locked in that hug for the rest of the day. The night came and workers were still toiling away, her launch was scheduled for the morning. Then her main turrets could be assembled and put in place. When morning came hundreds flocked to the pier to watch the monstrous hull move like nothing into the water. Yamato instinctively questioned why the water wasn’t at her waterline before looking into her answer’s giant and gaping holes. That afternoon the shell pieces were dropped into the well for gun turret number two for display of the huge size, also dropped in was a quarter scale working model of the gun loading process. She was breath taken when a wingless Zero followed them in, then the wings, then some decommissioned bombs, and finally a large table covered in model waves and a model of herself leading three destroyers, a heavy cruiser, the carrier task force, some light cruisers and a Fuso class. A few other models of aircraft, an American task force, and various other gun caliber’s shells before the crane in the rear was put in place followed by the aircraft hydraulic launches. It took a few weeks after that for all three of her main gun turrets to be put into place, but after that she felt complete again.

To her surprise there was already a small crew waiting for her finalizing. Apparently a band of maritime merchants were assembled to man her in her longest voyage ever: to Hawaii. Not to the launch point where they staged the attack on Pearl Harbor but to the actual Pearl Harbor. The crew was dressed in casual clothing as food, fuel, water, and other utilities were loaded on to her and she was prepared to leave her slip. If anyone were to come try and remove Hisashi from her she’d make sure they had a nice swim home. Nothing will separate them again. They loaded for about three days before they set off for Hawaii.

“I wonder how much the world has changed, Hisashi. What happened while I was gone?” She snuggled him close to her and watched the rising sun as she left her home harbor.

“Let me get something from my trawler and I will show you.” She let him go and he made his way through the stairways and corridors to the rear of her superstructure and exited to the aft deck. Hoisted by the crane was his trawler, kept neat beneath the waterline by his disciplined training some eighty years old. He climbed the rigging into the trawler, entered and grabbed a book that has had twelve different spines and hundreds of additions, and left for Yamato’s conning tower roof he always goes to. He handed her the book, ever so tenderly and cautiously did she turn the pages, reading dates, events, journal entries, accomplishments and downfalls. She read and read and read, until she got to ‘Japan regains military’ and stops.

“If we’re just barely getting a navy then why am I not part of it?”

“You’re obsolete. Just like last time.”

“I know that but I am still a capable ship. Why not?” He wasn’t supposed to know this but he did some sleuthing early on in her reconstruction.

“You are set up for modern weapons platforms. If the need be you can be returned to the slip to get your AA batteries upgraded, anti-missile systems, the radar is already directly linked to the main batteries, and the radar is up to date. If you see something on that you can hit it. If we go to war your AA guns will lock on to planes miles away and track their every move. If a missile is launched at you the anti-missile system will handle it.” She seemed to do her little ‘nod’ in agreement, but seemed hesitant.

“So what is a missile?” Right then she conveniently saw a small Japanese warship with her crew at attention, the ship had only one gun in a turret and a massive space in the deck filled only with hatches. She stared confused at it. Hisashi explained:

“That’s the modern Destroyer. More powerful now than you ever were.”

“How? It only has one gun and a few torpedo tubes.”

“Missiles. See all those hatches on the deck?”

“Yes, what are they?”

“Those are where the missiles are.” She wanted to open that hatch and pull out a missile to see for herself what it was but she knew she couldn’t do that. “A missile is like a flying bomb. It’s a mix of a jet engine and a bomb. They can be told by someone on the ship to hit this area, an area miles and miles and miles further than you could reach, and hit it with guaranteed accuracy.”

“How!?” She was utterly amazed and confounded on how that was possible.

“It flies itself like a kamikaze, adjusting, leading, and seeking out the target so it will hit.”

There are things to combat it?”

“Yes. The anti-missile system uses radar to detect the missile and sensors to home in onto its position to shoot it out of the sky as if it were a plane.” He explained the invention of a computer to her, and that the computer is how it all works. Then when he satisfied her mind she continued to read for a little bit before she asked why they were going to Hawaii. “It’s more for you, to show you that we’ve moved pass the war. We don’t want you to be resentful towards the Americans. There’s already a spot marked off for us, there’s talk of a ceremony and welcoming party. Then on December seventh the real ceremonies will begin.” He rambled on about what America has done in the past, what their likely to do, how Americans will walk on her decks as part of a memorial special, all this elaborate planning and how it’ll all be executed.

“I love it when you ramble, Hisashi.” She plucked him up and held him against her face. They shared a silent moment together before she asked about how the cultures have changed. That was when Hisashi rambled on about how much Japan has changed in appearance, culture, and government. He rambled on for an hour and a half, Yamato listened to every word. Finally at the end he got to how there’s so much premarital sex and so much bastard children in Japan. “Sex is now not for two married lovers anymore, it’s for fun with no thought of the consequences.”

“Well, I’m not disapproving of marital sex for pleasure.” She said looking deep into his eyes seductively. Hisashi grinned.

“You’re not actually agreeing with them are you?”

“Not premarital sex but, come on Hisashi. The world’s changing, we should get with the times.” She pulled on his belt buckle. He looked around, it was night time, half the crew was asleep, nobody will be on deck, and they had mastered telepathic communication so nobody would hear them.

“I guess it’s time to stop being the old man of the village, then.” He undid his belt for her, she undid the buttons of his shirt, untied his shoes, unzipped his pants, and stripped it all off him. He sprung up ready and waiting, she put him on the conning tower and opened up for him. This time he didn’t start with fingering, he sat down and licked her from bottom to top. She was already moist, the stripping and thought moistened her, and her whole hull groaned with his laps around her track. He kept licking and probing until his cock ached and her lips oozed her bright silver lubricant. When he felt her leak onto his face he got up and moved his aching cock towards her when she surprised him and launched herself into him, instantly moaning and tightening up on him.

“Like the improvements, love?” Her arms coiled around his and her hands met his at the end. She wrapped around his waist and turned him around, leaning his back against her hull. He slid down to her conning tower roof, leaning against her superstructure, her vagina tendril still fixed to his crotch. He couldn’t help but relax, close his eyes, and let everything go. Years of loneliness, stress, despair, all of it being released by Yamato. Just her arms and hands wrapped around him was enough, her gentle stroking of his hair, her arms caressing his muscles, and with her pussy on his cock it was exactly what he needed and more. Every worry fled his mind, every ache his body, every defect his essence, for once in his life he was whole. Yamato was encountering a similar experience, holding Hisashi in her arms wrought out all her confusion, all her trouble, all her anxiety. His big hard cock stuffed into her tingled her whole hull into a blissful heaven while his firm grip on her hands assured her they weren’t wrong, his relaxed body encouraged her body to relax and relax it did. They silently thought as one. They were one, one being in heaven. The only thing they knew was they were together, peacefully together at last. One thing, however, one thing still sat in Yamato’s mind.

“Hisashi, dear, let’s have our child now. In this time of peace, and grace.”

“Let’s do it.” He whispered to her hull. Suddenly her vagina grew hotter and a little moister. She led him up to his feet, moved her vagina back to its old position, and guided his hands onto the tendril’s sides.

“Love me, Hisashi. Love me like you did all those years ago.”

“I do.”

He pulled out and thrusted in again, and again, and again. He gradually picked up the pace, humping her faster and faster. Yamato figured that the decencies had been lost and let her suppressed dirty drive unfold.

“Oh yes Hisashi! Oh fuck yes! Oh fuck me harder Hisashi! Fuck me harder!” Hisashi was excited by her pleas, this dirty side of her really drove him, he lusted even more than ever. He obeyed her whim, pushing hard into her and putting every muscle into overdrive. Her loud mental moans, groans, and cries excited him even more. She was spitting out so much dirty phrases and cries of pleasure that Hisashi’s discipline broke and he, too, started to be dirty.

“So fucking good! Ah Yamato you’re so tight! Fuck!”

“Fuck my cunt! Fuck my tight cunt! OOOOOhhh fffuuuck! OOOOOhhh fffuuuck!” Hisashi moved his right hand off her side and placed it atop her tendril, moving his thumb to rub her clit bak while he plowed her pussy. “Oh! FFUUUCK! FUCK! Oh Fuck!” She reached over his hand with hers and assisted in his task.

“Your pussy is so fucking hot! Damn it’s so hot!” He also noticed how much tighter it had gotten, but he was cut off by Yamato.

“You’re so fucking big! Fuck it’s so big! Fuck me big man, fuck me more! OOOHHHH YYEEESSS!!!” She came on him, her hot insides spewed out onto his crotch and leaked down his legs to her conning tower roof. She moaned aloud quietly, but very loudly in his head. Hisashi kept rubbing her clit, polished shiny silver like a mirror, and that seemed to keep her juices flowing out of her marvelous pussy. For a good three minutes she kept leaking on him, moaning, and throbbing on his cock.

“Did that satisfy you, my precious?”

“Almost, now it’s your turn.” He instantly went back to humping. He moved his hand back to her side, letting her own hand take over. He felt one of her arms creep up his left leg and her warm and careful hand massage his testicles. She gripped and tugged on his cock, milking anything that would come out. “Mmmm, you’re close, dear.” She felt his cock tremble, his humps hesitate, his hands on her grip. “Don’t resist, cum inside me, Hisashi.” Her persuasion worked. He thrusted into her as deep as possible and came, moaning aloud as he came. Yamato felt again his hot sperm, spewing all over her insides, warming her body and transforming the surrounding sea into a hot bath. “That’s the stuff right there, baby.”

“I’m not done.” He pulled out and pushed in again, for three more minutes. Every time he went as deep as he could he released even more sperm into her. Yamato savored every drop that entered her, encouraging more out of him by milking his rigid cock as he pulled out. “It’s done now.”

“Finally dry, Hisashi?” She said disappointed.

“Yes, dearest, I’m dry now.” He backed out of her and admired the mess they made. Her silver fluids were all over the roof, and backsplash had covered the end of her vagina in her own juices. Her vagina lips sat open, her metal muscles stuck open, slowly closing as more of her fluids barely dripped out, some of his white seamen was slowly falling out of her hole and was covering the walls of her insides. The sperm was racing towards something inside her to fertilize, if she wasn’t fertilized already. But Yamato wanted that feeling that they first felt, as Hisashi sat down again she coiled around him and held his hands.

“You might want to plug the hole, baby, we don’t want our baby to come out early.” She slid herself onto his still stiff shaft. Both openly moaned to the world. Yamato pulled a large blanket around her opening panel for her vagina tendril and draped it around herself and Hisashi, tucking them in to spoon for the night.

“Yamato I have no words to convey how much I love you.”

“Neither do I, Hisashi, neither do I.” They snuggled each other and fell asleep.

The next morning the mess was gone, washed away by the sea mist and spray. Hisashi awoke first; he squinted in the early morning light and stretched out. Yamato still had her arms coiled around his and their fingers were still locked together. He peeked under the covers and saw that she was still riding him, it made him smile. He stirred to get up but Yamato stopped him.

“No, no. Stay here, baby, go back to sleep.” He was pulled back to her hull and as good as it felt and as much as he wanted to stay he needed to get to work. He withered through her grip and got dressed. “If you won’t stay here at least tell me where you’re going.”

He took two of her hands into his and looked into her weary eyes. “I’m going to teach the crew more about us.”

“Our history or our love?”

“Our history.”

“Don’t deny our love to them. If they ask answer. You were always squeamish and denial of us together.”

“That was different, we weren’t actually together.” She brought him up to her eyes.

“But deep down you knew we were.” They peered into one another’s eyes. He nodded, she was right. She put him up above her bridge in front of the access door and opened it for him. “I love you, Hisashi, be proud of that.”

“I am, but will the world understand my pride?”

“They will learn.” She smacked his ass as he walked down the hall. Hisashi couldn’t help but blush. He got past it and met the Mariners in the mess hall. Most of them would be representing officers because of how old they are; only a handful would represent the body of the crew. He sat down and asked a question right off the bat.

“What do you know already?” The crew knew a variety of things, some fact, some fiction, some controversial. Hisashi set them straight that day; he taught them the greetings, honor code, hierarchy, the rank system, everything he knew they knew at the end of that day. The ones on the bridge wouldn’t be taught because they’d be asleep during the memorial, recovering from countless hours on the bridge working away. The meanwhile Yamato read Hisashi’s history notes and tried the smartphone he had out, figuring out what lies ahead for her and Hisashi as parents. Took her a few hours but she found an article from decades of study about machine children. She found that her dreams of a ship baby won’t be feasible, it’s cost way too much for them. Instead she needs to focus on the other end of the spectrum: humorph. She brings it up with Hisashi later that night.

“What worries you, Yamato?”

“I changed our plans, dear; we won’t be having a little ship.”

“Why not?” She sighed.

“It would be just too much for us. So we need to have a humorph, pretty much what you are.”

“What about a mix, dear? We can blend together.”

“No, no, even then it would still be too much. It would be too big and too much resources. I would need to eat one of my turrets and then some.”

“Don’t give up hope, dear, don’t quit on your dreams.” He leaned off the ladder and wiped some tear build up off her face.

“I have, Hisashi, I’ve looked at every possible method I could find. It just won’t work. I’ve already accepted it, no matter what I make I will love and cherish it like nothing else in the world. All I want now is a child and you, but I need your help for this child.” Hisashi looked into her eye, her beautiful, amazing, breathtaking eye. He couldn’t upset her, he didn’t have the strength.

“Alright, Yamato, I’ll help you.” She instantly rejoiced and yanked him off the ladder into a hug.

“I love you Hisashi.”

“I love you, too, Yamato.”

“You know what it means, right?” She asked in a low, seductive whisper.

“No, what?” His mind raced through naughty thoughts.

“We’re doing it. Every. Night.” At first Hisashi was excited, thrilled, but soon his cock ached and hurt, he thought again. Nine months of sex? He knew it’d get pretty boring and sore down there. Yamato smirked and giggled, she knew how he felt.

“Don’t worry, love, I’ll keep it nice and relaxed.” She began to suggestively massage his cock with a tendril.

“Really? Here?”

“Oh, no, but later.”

The days passed, each night they loved and fed the fetus’s growth. No problems, only questions and answers, only Yamato’s curiosity and Hisashi’s knowledge. Days rolled by before Hawaii finally came into view, Yamato felt both excitement and apprehension. For her it was only days ago it seemed that her nation and their nation were at each other’s throats. She felt tense and ready. Noticeably she raised her main battery guns a degree or two when an American flag was seen. Later, late night on Dec 5th Pearl City’s lights shone in the black. Yamato was breath taken by the tranquility, no ships routinely entering or exiting, no planes in the shy on patrol, just the lights of homes, beach goers, drivers, offices, bars, and hotels. Yamato couldn’t wait to see Japan from that far away on a cool night. Yamato was slowed to ten knots and waited for contact from the U.S. At exactly the time set up beforehand the Americans sounded on her radio. They discussed for a little, and then Yamato was escorted by tugs to her marked position. When she got there Hisashi decided to hit the sack, Yamato wrapped around him as he slept; she was too tired to go to sleep herself. A few minutes later on of the American Destroyers started flirting with her. She delightfully shrugged him off, flattered by him but not thinking of trying something like that.

“C’mon! There’s a whole world to explore, a little adventure never hurt!” He had a big ole smile on his face. Yamato giggled.

“I’m flattered, little guy, but I’m married and got one on the way.” That finally shut him up. He backed off with a “whatever” and went back to sleep. Yamato looked over his alien body. It looked nothing like what she was used to. After that she tried looking around at other ships. She saw across the way a white bridge in the middle of the water. The reflection of the moon was casting a silhouette of what looked like a huge well. She remembered reading something about a memorial here but she wasn’t sure if that was it. She saw this huge outline nearby; it had a tall tower with shorter ones behind it, a long and low hull, and had three large blocks with massive long tubes coming out. That’s the Iowa that’s here. She thought, it was longer than her, and the angle she had on it, it was also a lot thinner than she was. “Pssssst! Pssst! PsssSSSsssSSSt!”

“What-?” The massive thing stirred. “Do you know what time it is? I’ve got shit to do in the morning!” It was a female; Yamato was excited, she hadn’t talked to another female ship in years, for her memory. Yamato had barely a clue what she said; she didn’t know anything English, really.

“I sowry,” was all she could say in English that was applicable to the ship’s tone, “know Japanese?” Was said in Japanese.

“Yes.” She said in rough Japanese. “Hold on, let me wake up, I’m old and not in the best shape.” Her hull groaned as she stretched it out, it rocked side to side and barely bowed up and down. With a few lip smacks she sounded more awake.

“Good night, I’m guessing you’re the Yamato?”

“Correct. You’re an Iowa, right?”

“Yes, I’m ‘Mighty Mo.'”


“The Missouri.”


“Don’t be, barely anyone knows that name.”

“So how have you done, since, birth?”

“I’ve had ups and downs.” Yamato spotted little gleaming eyes on what looked to be the bridge’s reflective windows. “We all have.”

“You were retired in the nineties, right?”

“That was the most recent; our class has been moved in and out of mothball a few times. I wouldn’t doubt if it happened a few more times.”

“Why, though? Your nation has the best navy, it’s huge and massive. Aren’t the destroyers stronger than us now, why were you needed?”

“Well..,” she thought, “I always thought it was for a fear factor, and for inspiration, but when you really think about it, I think it was because our shells are cheap. They’re just cast shells and canvas powder bags, less complex than the missiles.”

“How many missions did you do?”

“To be honest, I don’t know. I never cared to count. I just went at it like it was my last. I know I’ve done stuff in Japan, Korea, Vietnam, the Middle East, and I’ve been escort for a few task forces.”

“How often did you get out?”

“Back then? Tons. I was rarely here.” She thought about who she was talking to. “How many times did they let you out?” Yamato reflected back, years lost at that slip, she hated the miss-use of herself.

“Hisashi could count it on one hand.”

“Oh.” They waited. “So.., who is this Hisashi fella?”

“He’s my husband, soon to be a father.”

“Congrats!” This made Yamato smile, no one had ever gave her or Hisashi a congratulations, this American battleship, once her arch nemesis, is now she’s her closest friend after a few converse words. “Do you know what it is yet?”

“Human morph.”

“Not like that, boy or girl?”

“I’m only a few days in.”

“So how does it feel?”

“No different. I just feel a little thicker in my belly. But every night I need Hisashi, not a want, no, I need him.”


“The way you’re thinking right now.” Mighty Mo put her thumb and finger together and put a finger from another hand into it. “Exactly.”

“Nice. Just don’t rub it in. I haven’t seen that kind of action in over two decades.” Yamato nodded to the destroyer that was hitting on her earlier. “Him? Hell no.”

“Come on, I won’t tell anyone.”


“I’ll get Hisashi out here, have ourselves a double date.”


“He might be big..,” they giggled. “At least give him a shot.”

“Knowing him? No way.”

“What’s the worst?”

“I’m stuck with his child. Living with knowing I fucked that little shit, him bragging to everyone about it. It goes on but you get the idea.”

“So he’s a dirtbag.”

“Dirt is more respectable than him.” She looked back to Yamato. “But the last time. Oh it was so good. It was a sailor, one of my sailors, and it was his last night with me, it was so nice.”

“Go on.”

“There was a full moon, shallow waters that were clear to the bottom, and he was in my arms, a cool spring night. He leaned against me and wished he never had to leave. I wanted to spend the last night we had together just making love, making love like time stopped.”

“So, give me details, Mo.” Missouri smiled and chuckled.

“You’re dirtier than him!” She gestured to the destroyer. “Alright, I asked him to do it, I gave him my sugar straw and without a word he’s lapping at my innards. I start to undress him as he’s eating me; he goes to my clit and starts nibbling on it. Oh that was so good! I was in heaven, he brought me all the way, I came on his face, just how he likes it, and that’s when I moved him to my lips. I licked his long hard dick until it was a silver glow, then I put his big dick in my mouth. He tasted so good, he was so warm and hard in my mouth, his cock oozed some cum from his rock head and boy did I drink it, I drank all of him!” Yamato stirred, her pussy started to heat up and moisten. “I put him in heaven, I still can hear his moans and I miss his body pressed against mine, he was always warm and strong, and pretty good in the sack. I sucked him off and just wished that he came forever, that flavor, mmm. I’ll tell you nothing beats that flavor, the flavor of a man, Yamato, you should try it. Anyway so after he came we went on to the main course. I tightened up before he came in so that he had to force his way in. I love it when he has to push his way in; it’s more dramatic and entertaining. But he pushed and stuffed his big dick deep into me, mmmm was it good, so big, so thick, so warm, so, so awesome. We fucked from there, no other way to describe it, he rode me, I rode him, we rode at the same time, I rode him some more, then he over took me, and then we spooned until he was ready again and he rode me more. God that night was the best lovin’ that we’ve ever done. We loved longer than ever that night, from twenty-two-hundred to o-five-hundred. I never wanted the night to end. It was too good. I miss him, I miss him so much.”

“He never came back?”

“Oh he came back, every year he comes back. He has a family now, but, none of them know what we had. Actually, he’s coming to the memorial tomorrow.”

“Do you ever want him back?”

“I won’t lie, I do, but I won’t do that. He’s moved on, I just wish that I could move on to someone else but he’s still there, he’s still there.” There was a silence between them. “How’d you and Hisashi become a thing?”

“How did we meet? Oh he was assigned to me. He had just been moved from a Mogami cruiser as a navigator to me when I was commissioned. He was at first the only one nice enough to continuously talk to me. We bonded over the years and it moved from there. I remember our first time.., it was the night before I died.”

“Wait you died!? You didn’t just sink!?” Missouri was startled by this. Truly startled. “Do you know how hard it is to kill us? Titanic, she snapped in two and survived! The tanks, they’ve been shot, burned, whole pieces of armor disintegrated, and they still lived! What the fuck happened to you!?”

“She was shocked to death.” Hisashi was woken by Yamato sensually caressing his crotch as he slept when Iowa was reliving her final bedding. “When the magazine exploded it discharged her electric life force, overwhelming it and extinguishing it from existence.” Yamato forgot that he got out of bed.

“Mo this is my husband, Hisashi.” They greeted each other. “How do you know that?”

“I talked to one of the mechano specialists. She said that is the only plausible way that could have happened.” Hisashi then talked to Mo in English, occasionally turning to Yamato to update her on what was going on. They talked about what to expect, asked where everything is, and asked about what the plans were for the December seventh memorial. Missouri told him whatever she knew and complemented him on his excellent English. From there they just talked about their experiences, views from the opposing sides of their war, politics, current events, and the rising awareness of living machines. In the morning light of December sixth Yamato saw that the bridge over the well was indeed the memorial, the Pearl Harbor Memorial that sits over the USS Arizona hulk, the “weeping lady of Pearl” looked worse than Yamato did at the bottom. Hisashi said it was because of the light that shone on the Arizona and not Yamato.

“I wonder if she was alive, like us.” She looked to Missouri, Missouri looked back and shrugged.

“I dunno. None of the vets ever mentioned it to me, even when I asked. They all were just, silent.”

“Why do you guess?”

“Well, miss questionnaire, do you have your own answer?”

“I do, I think she was, and nobody talked about her because, well, look at her.” They looked at the ship; there was extremely obvious evidence that she was mostly scrapped above the deck.

“Maybe, I think it’s more for respect of her crew. Regardless if she was alive or not.”

“There is a way to find out.” Hisashi looked at them and disappeared inside Yamato. About five minutes later he and two other men carrying a large generator looking device with a long cable on top attached to two golden probes. The men carried the device to his trawler and loaded it on board. Then a woman with a laptop ran from inside to the trawler and climbed aboard. “Missouri, do you allow us to test a sample of the Arizona’s hull?” She looked around; the entire harbor was closed to the public for the memorial set up operation.

“Hell, go for it.” Yamato stretched her crane over her stern and dropped the trawler into the water. The trawler puttered over to the mostly drowned turret well and the team fired up the equipment. The woman opened the laptop, bored up a program, plugged a cable into the machine and nodded to Hisashi. Hisashi leaned over the gunwale and probed the metal hull. Missouri and Yamato glanced at each other unanimously.

To be continued.

Who Knows what Hisashi means?