D-Day 71st Ann.

Today marks the 71 anniversary of the Allied landings on Normandy beach, Operation Overlord, D-Day. Sabaton is the band I like the most because they combine my love of metal music with war stories and events so obviously they’re my favorites. This is a song called Primo Victoria and it’s for D-Day. The video link uses Saving Private Ryan clips as a heads up. They’re a Swedish band that sing in many languages, they speak English very, very well and the accent is great for their music.

Now that that’s outta the way I’d like to share a project I’ve been working on unhealthily, Jester drew up a starship and that made me want to draw up my model one, but I fucked up her superstructure and sizing so bad I said ‘FUCK IT’ and went to what I’m best at: 3D modeling software.

Her name is INTO THE FIRE and she is Twenty (20) Kilometers long, six and sixty-sevenths (6.67) Kilometers wide, and three (3) Kilometers tall. I’ve put so much thought into her and her design that I’m too lazy to list it all right now, I’m fucking pooped out, but it’s got three massive ION-cannons for disabling targets and a shit ton of standard guns for brawling, a plethora of  hangers, hundreds of shield generators, a large missile attack/defense system, a few bridges, a fuckload of engines (all that other colored areas in the back are engines) and uhh.., fuck.., can’t think right now I’ll get back to yall. If you’re wondering why the hell she’s so long and skinny in the front it’s because of her attack strategy: all the gunners are at the control center on the bridge, the guns can be operated manually but her fighting style is to charge into the enemy formation and use the mass amounts of cannons mounted forward on the non-vital portion of the ship, the Ion cannons knock out a few systems on the enemy combatants from afar before ITF probes in and unleashes hell on the rest. It keeps the vast majority of the crew safe and as far away as possible from the conflict. Here are the damn pictures already:

Into The Fire 1 Into The Fire 2 Into The Fire 3 Into The Fire 4 Into The Fire 5 Into The Fire 6 Into The Fire 7 Into The Fire 8

Ratbat I’m curious, how big do the ships in Star Citizen get?

Oh and she’ll be in a story. You just gotta wait. 😉 And if yall liked Sabaton go ahead and look ’em up on youtube, some people out there have awesome AMVs from game clips and other stuff, it’s pretty cool. Oh and the whole time I was building this in the software I was listening to their song Into The Fire, hence the name, and it’s about Vietnam and Napalm.

“I love the smell of napalm in the morning” (Couldn’t help it)

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