August Patreon art cards

AugustartcardsI’m just missing Deuce’s card. (I ran out of I gotta make a drawing proper)

Btw you guys, If anyone has a dollar or 5 to contribute to my Patreon, It really helps keep things going. help contribute at:

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Helicopter August continues…


Scan-28 Dina pool side snuggles for deltaX3

hanjulyJuly patreon art card for Han (ratbat and Grace)

ducejulyPatreon card for Kyle Ironhoof


Tanks by “She who shall not be named”

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June Patreon art cards

JuneartcardsSMALLFor Amathystlongcat and muzzleflashjuneartcards2

(if you don’t get the top reference click here. )The Weber family (Deltax3)

Dempsey of chino (Han)

Duce (Klyde-Ironhoof)

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Commission: Morph of RQ4


Sorry I have nothing but Black n white shit to show for my current weeks. I promise after this one you get a full color Bismark porn pic. (Finals week is still going on however)  Anyway I was commissioned for an erotic male aeromorph of an RQ4 so here it is. rqmorph

Just as a strange side note, If this guy were to bang a human, his cock would be too big for them. But they can control the size of their own members because A. machines are cheaters, and B. because morphs don’t possess the traditional 3 probes that their Dire parents do (and they have to be able to mate back with the other 2 races). For the purpose of making this pic look decent, its proportioned to his size. The rose is also over sized as well, but is here mainly to just keep visual balance with the rest of the picture. Consider that humans are always half the size of a morph standing up.

Ive said it before but I DO NOT support hypercock fetishism. Even if its fantasy, I don’t want the dicks so big that they look painful to use. I say this because many of my own pictures ive kind of fallen victim to size lust, and drawn some unrealistic shit that now I completely regret :caughtunguska1caughnighthawk1caughcaugh:

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Patreon Reward cards

artcards75% of the cards finished.


Muzzleflash/Deltax3/amethystlongcat  Im just missing one other patreon person who’s a transformers fan. asperger-king

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Mad-Max-Fury-RoadHO-Lee-shit I saw a film this evening. A film from a series that anyone over the age of 30 has seen- one of THE quintessential 80’s movie series.

After getting a text from my roommate on the road, found out he got a ticket to go see the new Mad max and knowing it had a 99% on rotten (seriously critics are going mad for this movie), I had to “me-too” that shit. I walked in, over payed for that bullshit IMAX 3D ticket, and turned my expectations down low. What I got from this movie, was EXACTLY what I asked for. Exactly what it needed to be. Raw, over the top, 80’s level action. If I could sum up the plot of this movie in one sentence it would be: “You stole my bitches and I want em’ back + post-apocalyptic war machine combat”  Yeah…the plots of movies like these are not Shakespeare, not ‘war and peace” no.. they appeal to the most violent, insane, lawless aspects of humanity. They are romantic in the fact that a reset of our boring, debt-ridden stressful lives would be a blessing, but also a frightening curse that most of us would never survive.  No punches were pulled, no half-baked love story bullshit to “draw in the women crowd” no. No this movie was fucking BADASS.

Wanna know how over the top? Well the movie, the world itself was chocked full of  story even whilst doing nothing to explain itself. Subtle little objects and scenes scattered without. The main villain and his clan worshiped a God known as “V8” their holy symbol was a flaming steering wheel with a skull in the middle I shit you not. A character drew happy faces on his neck tumors, spiked chastity belts, guitar flame-throwers, muscle car tanks, and helmets made out of bullets. I haven’t even talked about the “milking room” scene either. But when you see it, you wont even question it.. This world is dark and ruled by the MAD.

The world needs more movies like this and the likes of John Wick, Snowpeircer, and fury. I suppose you could say,  I give this movie 5 stars and you should go see it. But don’t go see it because I told you so, No, go see it because you support ridiculous war machine combat and awesome post-apocalyptiaya. Vote with your dollar.


Next week it’ll be working on and sending out the first round of patreon rewards. I got a little behind because of school, but there is really only 4 of you who pledged at the 20$ level. I’d just like to re-iterate that i appreciate the funding and support for those few of you out there that like my art. If you haven’t signed up for patreon to show your support please do, its like a big hat you can drop pocket change into, even 1$ helps me out greatly.



in other news: Recent financial troubles have forced me to sell off a couple of my star citizen ships, the Constellation phoenix LTI pkg, and an aurora LTI. I still very much support the project, But it looks like I may end up selling my retaliator given the chance. It was stupid of me to have spent so much money back in 2013 knowing full well I didn’t have a job and Id be entering into school soon. Ive had to pull back on my game consumption dramatically too since the beginning of the rad tech program. With the increasing delay of squadron 42,  it only makes sense that I make better use of what money I can get to absorb all the random expenses like oil changes and car registration. That said- Im not completely giving up on gaming.  Armored warfare goes into beta soon, witcher 3 comes out within the week, and the father of castlevania just opened up a kickstarter project for a new game I am quite interested in. I duno how I am going to find time to beat Pillars of eternity when I have so much art to do..


A Few new artists have come out of the wood-work to let me know that the art I do of the living machine stuff has somehow inspired them to make their own creations. They may not be mechaphiles, but To those folks I say, “good on you- make more!” Cause seriously there just Isnt enough of this stuff outside of pixar. Art by: Puppypaws, MrGemstone, Karathefox.shuttlegunnerLast but not least this. Reminds me of Delta…

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 Short update this week to let you guys know I’ve set up a Patreon and I’ll be making a proper banner for it next month. thingy2

Ive been able to essentially pay for the hosting costs of this website through the generous donations of a few of our greatest contributors and I thank you a ton. In order to keep the momentum going and bring new people to the site, Ive set up some pledge tiers that are totally reasonable. How it works: So Patreon is a site that looks like kickstarter, but it isn’t. You are essentially becoming a patron of an artist or number of artists. The artist sets pledge levels and whether they get paid by the month or per art piece (with accompanying rewards here and there). As the person contributing money, you can set your maximum dollar amount you wish to contribute each month (so if the artist makes 5 pictures one month, and then 20 pictures next month, they don’t accidentally bankrupt you. You’ve set your maximum.)  Most people will only contribute 1$ or 5$ and that’s ok. For the one or 2.. or maybe 10 deep pocketed super fans out there– there are allways the higher tier options. This is especially good because I rarely take commissions now, and its the chance to get an original piece of artwork from myself.

This system is designed to get me off relying upon FA for random commissions, and bring more people to the site. I can just focus on telling the Atoll lab story and doing the occasional porn here.  If none of you guys have any coin to spare, then do me a solid and just pass the above link around to anyone, friends, family, anyone you know who might be into this stuff (its just as good as donating a dollar IMO)


For you freakier fans out there, I could also use a sex toy donation. XD  Im looking for a “Small, Medium firmness, mechanical animal 1.5” from (Don’t send a used one tho 😡 )It looks fairly close to one of the mechadentrite penis probes that come from the male Dire machines.  Ive searched for mechanical cocks on the net, and so far, this is the best one.


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