Saving Grace

I noticed that I don’t do much plane stuff, what do I have, like 3 stories? The Zero, the Horton 229, and y’know I think that’s it. Well, now I know it’s three! Plane fuckers rejoice! It’s time for a big girl, an iconic girl, sleek and sexy girl. A B-29 girl. Oh yeah, it’s time for a big bomber lady to take a big load and make something of it. This one I also have been working on for a while, and I’m sure there’s a lot possibly wrong with it. Oh well, fite me. Nevermind all this, time to enjoy some naughty plane sex! Spiteful Grace herself I tried to depict as desperate for some trust and protection, as she has major trust issues from her history, and she’s now willing to do anything to secure her life and future now.


Saving Grace


Spiteful Grace hadn’t slept in a month, fear and paranoia riddled her frame and blackened her core. All around her were other B-29 Superfortress deemed expendable and hauled off to the scrappers for disembodiment. She was never told she was selected until a truck came up and hitched up to her. She tried her hardest to stay, to fight back, to keep her life. She kicked and screamed and pleaded and wept for another chance, but the general staff had already signed her life away, they had ended her service report, and filed her away forever as just another bomber in a big war. She knew they tied her end because of her shitty patchwork, it’s not her fault the mechanic on Iwo sucked at his job. Yet here she is paying the ultimate price for his incompetence. The very people she saw as her caretakers and family doomed her to death in the most nightmarish way.

Her trust was decimated while her desperation soared. She would do anything for her life, she hadn’t been on this world very long yet, either. There was a lot she wanted to do in this world, so much that she wanted to see. She had just come to grips with a life without war, without threat, a world at peace. Now she wants war again, she wants a big war to come in and save her. Nevermind the danger, nevermind her near-death dog fight, nevermind her crash landing on some shitty little island. She would eagerly take it back and suck its dick for life. That heavy weight of death and fire she would carry in her belly now felt like a savior and purpose.

She shook with horror and despair when she saw the truck coming directly to her. She wept and screamed and pleaded no, tried to back away or spool her engines to fruitless effort. She punched her hands and arms into the dirt below her to anchor herself in that spot. She saw more men than usual disembark from the truck, they were expecting a fight, and as they came closer she threatened them to stay away. She told them to leave her alone, to fuck off for good. They didn’t listen. They knew something she didn’t, something they think she’d really want to hear.

Eugene marvelled at the sleek, sexy, shiny bodies of the B-29s lined up like they were ready to be loaded. It made him think of back when he flew them, he remembers how elegant and magnificent they were to fly. Very comfortable and quiet. He wanted one, and with the deal he just stroked out of the scrapyard owner he was going to get one. He scowled at not being able to save them all, but he ventured saving at least one would keep his mind at ease and soothe his desire for one. He planned on flying one for the mail, or private traders. He simply wanted to be in the sky once more, and he couldn’t dare disrespect his beloved B-29s to fly anything else. He quit his daydreaming and lusting to drive home.

He was told that a truck would tow the plane to his estate the next day. He guessed paying twice its weight in metal was a very good way to gain favor with the scrapyard owner. He also secured a deal to buy many, many parts from the yard to use in his plane to maintain it. A very good deal for him in the long run. Good fortune smiled on him very much this year, what with winning this new game called the lottery, his terrible father dying and passing on his fortune, and various gambles going well led him to an insane amount of money for the only thing he could think of ever owning. He wouldn’t sleep that night, excitement boiled his blood and energized him all night. He couldn’t wait to clear out his runway on his new plot of land and finally get a contract to afford flying it. He wondered where he’d go first? Regardless, it was going to be heavenly.

Pat couldn’t take the guilt. He had enough trouble growing up sending pigs and cows to the slaughterhouses, but a fully sentient plane sent to be torn apart? He couldn’t take it. He looked for any way to get her out of here, he was making fliers to mail off to museums to try to get her out when suddenly this pilot comes up to buy one. Instantly he knew it was going to be her, and once the pilot said he just wanted to fly it around the country he was sold. He didn’t care how much money he’d get, although he did walk away with a larger profit, he wanted that plane gone. He couldn’t imagine the screaming he’d have to endure as it was ripped to pieces. His fragile mind couldn’t take the thought. He was surprised she was even in the bunch sold to him, she only has problems with her controls, it can’t be that hard to fix? He’s sure there’s got to be more wrong with her, but she’s still alive. He thanked God for sending him that guy, Sheen, or whatever his name was. He really does work in mysterious ways.

Eugene eagerly waited by the road for the obvious plane to arrive and when the tall tailfin emerged off the horizon he shimmied with excitement. His excitement was uncontrollable as he saw the huge wingspan ever so slowly spread over the landscape like the eagle it is. The comfortable nose and canopy combination glinted in the sunlight and boosted his desire to see the world through it once more. He expelled all his extra energy and acted professional, it grew much more unbearable to do as the magnificent bird edged closer to him. After what seemed like forever the plane was passing him, it was towed around and into a shabby, squat hut that was just tall enough for the incredibly large and pronounced tailfin. The crew dropped the towing equipment and headed back, waving goodbye to the plane and to Eugene as they passed. He wondered if they liked the plane as much as he did, or if it was a weird quirk scrappers had. Either way, he didn’t care. He had a B-29! He hollered in excitement and fist-pumped vigorously.

He burst towards the hanger, sprinting almost, and rounds the corner where the nose is and is ecstatic to be looking at it. Instantly he is drawn to the amazingly detailed eye painted on the nose-wait, that’s the canopy. It’s moving? He sees a fold ahead of the nose gear and he knows that’s not supposed to be there. He feels offset, things aren’t normal. Quickly he scans over the plane and sees arms, snakes, hands, what the hell? He’s visibly startled, but not terrified. Instead, it’s more of a sort of curiosity mixed with an underlying desire. He stammers forwards, cautiously. Awkwardly the plane smiles.

“Hey.” It spoke. His heart exploded into a frenzy. It was a living, woman sounding plane.

“Uhm well, hi there!” He was viciously blinking and shaking his head. “I’ve gone off the deep end, maybe I am too obsessed.”

“No, no! No, please, don’t be upset, I’m really here. I’m named Spiteful Grace, but you can call me Grace, that’s my name. You can call the scrapper and ask, go ahead. He will convince you.” She sounded desperate.

“Wha- well if you’re alive why the devil would they throw you to the scrapper?” She hesitated but spit it out fast, to burst through the pain.

“My port engines have reliability problems, my control surfaces are slow, my undercarriage can collapse some times, and as much as I try to correct it myself I can’t.” He seemed a bit distraught, she might not be able to work the load he asks safely.

“Oh, well, that’s going to make cargo less profitable.” Grace panicked.

“No, don’t send me back! I-I- I can be worth your troubles!” She threw on a seductive smile and lowered her gaze. “I promise I can be a great pleasure.” Eugene felt that feeling stir inside him again, and his genitals tingled and throbbed. He noticed the energy they were causing. He couldn’t say he never thought of it before.

“Uh,” he chuckled, “I was never going to get rid of you, but you make a compelling case either way.” He shrugged. “We’ll see where it goes, my name’s Eugene. Good to meet you, Grace.” He extended his hand and she shot one out to greet him. She was practically crying, her undercarriage shivered as well.

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, Eugene! Thank you! God bless you! Thank you!”

“Nope, no worries, Grace.” Through all this emotional uproar he felt his heart touched the most, he just saved a life. Pride and gratefulness swathed over him and he felt strong. She vigorously was shaking his hand long after he stopped shaking back. Once she did come around enough she let him go and retracted. He was insanely curious about a lot of things, he decided to ask her down the list. “Grace, how did you end up there? I’m guessing it is because of the faults, but how did they come up?”

“Well, Eugene,” she began her story, she was sent in a bombing formation to Tokyo, nothing special happened until the return trip. A determined pilot ran up gunning her down, shredding most of her port side. She fell out of formation and took a heavy hit when she made the emergency landing at Iwo Jima. All her crew survived, at least. They said they’d make sure she was fixed up and not ripped apart. The mechanics didn’t do too well of a job, obviously, and she was left like she is now. She resumed operations again with the same crew until the end of the war, but her crew complained about the changes, especially when her undercarriage would give out, but she said that was only if she was fully loaded, still. Through her story Eugen felt worse and worse for her, he assured her that he would never send her back. Her history of being backstabbed didn’t let her believe that, not one bit of it.

They discussed her issues in more depth and they came to conclude that for now she was suitable for service, and the weight limit for her cargo wouldn’t be too impacted because she was stripped of all her guns and ammunition. That freed up a lot of weight so the safe payload they concluded would be 95% of what her maximum wartime bomb load would be. He promised that once good money came in he’d hire a few mechanics to try rubbing out the issues for good, and that priority list would be generated after a few test flights and commercial flights. Grace noticed her hut was pretty bare-bones, he defended himself by saying he didn’t expect a living plane, and that it was just to keep the rain off of it. She said she liked how it wasn’t military, but disliked the rustic, scrapyard theme it had. She appreciated having it in the first place. He offered her that perhaps sooner than later he could try outfitting it more, and she said she’d like that. Once they got the planning out of the way, Eugene asked for an inspection. She quickly obliged him, his whim was her command. He walked around the outside, checking the tires, hydraulics, avionics tolerances, the integrity, cleanliness, and overall appearance of her and he was both impressed and satisfied. He did note how little give there was with her avionics, they were quite stiff. He carried on inside and felt right at home again. Strolling through the cabins with memories of good times and hair-splitting close calls. He was very amused that the racks were still inside her, no mattresses, of course, but the frames still existed. He thought of staying out here with her to boost their camaraderie and build her trust. She hoped he’d stay out with her, too, for similar reasons.

She felt his Arora of confidence, his radiant personality commanded her attention and drove away much of her tension and suspense. While he was charming she felt even more allured to him and indebted to him. He may not have planned it, but he did save her life. For that, she was eternally grateful. With him parading through her cabins she felt a sense of security and care, she smiled with the prospects of flying for a purpose again. Eagerly she waited for the day they were cemented together as partners, what form of partners she couldn’t decide yet. He was an attractive man, she felt those strings being pulled, but he was also attractive on a deeper playing field. She would long for his company and companionship, and hoped they could fly long hours alone together, to bond closely.

He finished inspecting the central and tail sections and moved on to the cockpit cabin. As he stepped through the small portal he smiled ear to ear, the vast array of glass in front of him let in enough light to illuminate the whole space and dazzle him once again. She could see he was smiling and commented on how large it was. He told her about how much he loved this view, and as he sat in the pilot’s seat and grasped the controls he voiced his thoughts of memories and feelings. His elaborate and long-winded expressions of how much he loved to fly the B-29 relieved her of some woes, slowly she felt her guard dropping. She snatched her fortitude back and told herself it can happen again. She forbade herself from letting it happen again. She listened to him go on about how much he loves flying and how excited he is to fly his beloved B-29 again while she tried figuring out how she was going to be modified to carry cargo.

“Oh Grace, I’m excited to fly again, so excited. How about you?”

“I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to carry cargo?”

“Oh I have that figured out. We’re going to take out the bomb racks and replace them with a metal rack, you’ll see why in a moment. Cargo is going to be on carts just like bombs, but they’ll be wrapped up in nets and tied together. We wheel the cargo carts under the open bay, haul them up with pulleys on the bay ceiling, and tie them to the racks. Pretty much you’ll be carrying pallets of cargo like you would bombs. Then once everything is set, we’ll tie the bottom off with rope and netting. Then we close the doors and we’re off. They don’t need to be bolted to anything, the worst we should get is turbulence.”

“The doors aren’t very strong.”

“Oh I know that, it’s what that net is for, so we don’t drop anything we didn’t want to.”

“Okay, how do we get it out?”

“Just like offloading bombs, we open the bay, wheel in the cart, open the nets and lower the payloads.”

“Makes sense to me.” Grace said, she used an arm to feel around the bomb bay trying to plan it out. Eugene looked at his watch and drew a long groan from his bowels.

“I don’t want to get up yet.”

“Then don’t!” She exclaimed with fright. Eugene was startled by her burst of desperation. “Relax, stay a while, what do you need to do that can’t wait?”

“Pull my dinner off the stove.” She pondered the idea, if his house burned down then he’d have to use her as his home. But then he might sell her off to get a new house.

“Yeah go, go do that.” He got up and went for the nearest ladder. “But- but come back when you got it.” He stopped halfway down the ladder, thinking.

“Sounds like a good idea, want some?” She thought about it while he descended the ladder and walked to her nose.

“What is it?”

“Pork stew with carrots, potatoes, and some beans.”

“I’ll try it.” He went off inside for a while, every minute he was gone Grace’s angst and worry increased. He came back out with a tray of food and drink. Two cups of water and two bowls of stew with spoons on the side.

“Eat up!” He offered the tray to her, she took a bowl, spoon, and a glass of water. He looked around for a place to set. 

“Just come on in, please.”

She spoke with haste, beckoning him inside. He accepted her invitation and climbed up the ladder. He took his seat at the controls and placed the tray in his lap to begin eating. He relaxed in the comfortable chair and stirred his stew, letting his mind wander. It drifted back to her proposition, his mind couldn’t help but think it could be a fun time, a deep desire of his creeping back to the forefront. He shook his head to rid the thought and he moved on to another topic. Grace had sensed his mood shift sensually, she was excited, she just might be able to wiggle her way into his heart. She needed to learn more about him to fully feel comfortable with him. The looming and impressive fear she carried was pressuring her to secure her survival with whatever method possible. She wanted to keep exploring the intimate side of things when she felt a sudden mood shift, she wanted to shift him back to it somehow, but how?

“How soon do you want to fly again?” He asked her.

“As soon as possible!” She snapped back from the heart. They smiled together.

“I feel the same way, the runway isn’t done yet and I have no gas, but that can be changed easily. As long as you’re alright with a dirt runway?”

“Yes, yes, even if it’s grassy, just a flat strip, please!”

“You aren’t very picky, are you?”

“Not at all, anymore. I’ll take anything I can get.”

“So how does Monday sound?”

“For what?” She realized she missed her chance for an alluring message.

“For flight time, I can have a truck here Monday morning.” Her heart skipped a beat, she longed so desperately to climb back into the clouds.

“Yes! Excellent!” Suddenly the inklings of a wild dream seeded themselves into her mind, one she hoped to live very shortly. Her mind began the process of forming the situation when she was interrupted.

“Your cabin is still pressurized, right, Grace?” She was thinking of pressurizing another one of her cabins when he asked.

“Oh yeah I could pressurize that cabin right now…” her accidental tone swung his mood again. She somewhat felt guilty when she had caught what she said. “Oh yes! Yes, the cabin can pressurize, still!” Nervously she giggled. At this point she could swing either way, she’s in the mood for some dick, but she still wants to make sure he’s in for it. She sensed him stir and his temperature rise, she bit her lip in anticipation.

“That’s good, makes things easier. Yeah, so,” he cleared his throat, “how’s the stew?” She was half disappointed.

“It’s good, thank you.”

“Sure thing, anything you need.” Anything? She so desperately wanted to ask him for the big meat stick but she didn’t want to frighten him off. She wanted him badly but wanted more his security. “What should we do until Monday?” Instantly she licked her lips and rubbed her sex.

“Oh I dunno…” she shuddered with her dirty desires, she had to have him.

“Can I mess with the controls?”

“Mess with whatever you want…” her mouth popped open as a finger popped inside her bleating pussy.

“Alright, thanks.” He could feel her body tense up and shudder, he felt her heating up, he had a good idea of what she was doing and didn’t think his cooking was that good. He shovelled some food into his mouth and grasped the yoke. Softly she cooed as his fingers wrapped around her controls. He pulled back on the stick and felt intense resistance from the controls, even unpowered it shouldn’t be this difficult. He saw why pilots complained, this was exhausting. He pushed forward and then rolled either way, and he certainly agreed, this needed work.

“Too tight for you?” She groaned, he got a little hot under the collar.

“Oh-um, uh-huh-huh-huh… yeah it-it’s difficult. It’s pretty hard.” Instantly she pounced on it and he knew he screwed up as soon as he said it.

“It’s pretty hard, huh? Well, what are we gonna do about it?”

“I-I-uh, it just needs more fluids, I think-“

“Mmmm, more fluids?”

“Y-Yeah, just needs to be topped off.”

“Nnnnnhnnn, topped off? Top what off?”

“The-the-uhm-the hydraulic pipes.”

“The pipes?” He was rock hard and oozing precum. His cock was pushing the tray in his lap off and he had to constantly catch the sliding bowl and cup.

“Y-Yeah, the-uh-pipes. Hydraulic pipes. For-uhm, for the controls.”

“The controlling pipes?” He couldn’t go anywhere because he wanted it, too.

*It seems my horniness has written myself into a corner, I guess they fukin now*

“Yup, the ones for the-uh-joystick-” before he could correct himself an arm ran up his leg, “-YOKE, THE YOKE.”

“Joystick?” Her hand was between his legs, grasping at his thick cock in his pants. “Stroke? Well, Eugene-“

“I meant yoke, uh-ha-ha-ha, yoke. The-“

“Well Eugene, I’d love to stroke your yoke, I want to stroke your yoke with my tight hydraulic control pipe.” More arms came down from behind him and took the tray away and grasped at the fittings for his clothes. “You don’t have anything else to do, do you?” He gave in.

“Well, Grace,” his hands grabbed over hers and pinched her fingers on the buttons of his shirt, “I think I’ll be topping off these pipes for a while. I think I’m going to need a mattress in here. After all, we just might pressurize a cabin and test that, too.” Her entire frame rattled around him as she imagined his ghost dick easing deep into her tight pussy. She needed it.

“Fuck that! We’ll get the bed later!” Her sudden tenacity blew up his lust, it was happening, his hands ripped off his pants and he watched the eyes in her glass widen in awe as his cock was free to display its size. He didn’t see it but her jaw dropped. Almost instantly a river poured from her mouth and pussy, she was so ready to get fucked. “Oh my god! Gimme that dick!” He smiled proudly, her hands wrapped around it and bathed in its warmth, over and over she scanned his trouser monster gawking at how she won the dick lottery. Now could he use it?

“Where am I putting this, Grace?”

“Everywhere.” She didn’t even think about it, complete autopilot. “Anywhere. What do you want?” He smiled and pondered, she was stroking his shaft and glittering in anticipation.

“I, think, I’ll, take…” he narrowed his gaze into her eyes, “what you got right here.” She instantly obeyed and while her hands more vigorously stroked his size she produced a thick tendril just slightly larger in girth than his cock, his eyes widened as he saw a leaking vagina on its end. He grabbed it and held it in front of him, examining it. “Now, we used to joke with the girls in school about this, but I’m not joking here, will my dick fit in your vagina?”

“It fucking better!” She yelped in sexual desire and desperation. She wanted to sit on him so badly, she wiggled her pussy’s lips out of his hands and onto his oozing cock’s tip. As he slowly pierced it and displaced her around him she moaned and shook. She was able to put herself around his cock head before she stopped.

“F-F-F-Fuck! Oh fuck! Oh mother fucker! Eugene, help me! Fucking put the whole thing inside me! FUCK!” he grabbed her tendril and helped ease himself into her. The deeper he pushed the more they moaned and quivered. Her plush, pulsating pussy invigorated his cock and hit him harder than anything before had, just penetrating her made his eyes roll and he drooled.

“Oh fuck, Grace, oh damn. I fucking love you.”

“Ahhhhhhh!” She wailed in delight, hearing that, getting a cock shoved into her, and feeling like she’s already on the brink of cumming all mixed together. She felt safe, secure, and about to get fucked harder than the Army could ever fuck her. “When you get there, top off that fucking hydraulic fluid! Fill me to the fucking brim, baby!” His head dropped back as she screamed and forced herself down to his ballsack. She convulsed on him and electrified his cock into a bliss of ecstasy. He was reaching a high on dopamine when he felt her hand grab his and put it against what he figured was her clit. “Rub that, baby, fffffffuck!”

“You need more?” He asked in disbelief.

“So fucking close to cumming! I wanna cum on your cock!” That sounds amazing. He rolled and rubbed her bulbous clit and would pull his hand back to lick his fingers to ease the process. “Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck! Yes!” He watched her tendril flex, contract, and bend on him, he felt it manipulating his cock, too. His cock was being rolled around in her pussy and it was systematically milking his precum out of him. “OH! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! OH! YES! FUCK! THERE THERE THERE THERE OOOOHHHHHHH!” She began screaming as he watches her tendril dance on him and her insides vibrate as she came hard on his dick. He was so stimulated he went dumbstruck and grabbed her tendril on his cock. She screamed that she was cumming and he silently held up an ‘okay’  sign as he drooled out. He arms grabbed him and clutched him, quivering themselves as pulses of dopamine rocked her world. Hands tenderly held his cheeks as she came down. He also recovered, as fun as that was, it’s not what he’s looking for.

“As awesome as that was, you got anything bigger?”

“Yes! Yes! Yes! I do! My tail! I have a bigger pussy there! Fuck it up! Fill it up! Fuck me, Eugene!” They pried the pussy off his cock and he took a moment to take in the chasm he made, her pussy was still contracting and twitching from her orgasm. It had left his cock completely tinted a dull silver. Before he went to her tail he looked her in the eyes and told her one thing.

“You are so fucking hot.” Her only response was a moan. It suited him enough, he raced back and down the ladder to her tail. He saw a gleaming silver puddle under her tail and he looked up to see a larger pussy, one that looked to be more his size. “Wait.” The thought started to kill his boner. “How do I fuck that?” Her arms yanked him off the ground and laid him against her belly.

“I got you, baby! Just do your thing and fuck this horny bomber!”

“A SuperFucktress?” He jested.

“The horniest mother fucking SuperFucktress on the mother fucking planet!”

“How much you want this dick?”

“I’ll do anything for that dick.” His cock stroked her vulva and out poured glops of her thick, juicy lube. She cried out in agony. “Staahhhhhpppp! Don’t tease me!”

“But it feels so good!”


“How do you want it?”

“BAAAALLLLLLLLSSSS DEEEEEEEP!* She exclaimed. Two of her hands formed a circle around the base of his cock. “Like that! Come on! Do it! Fuck me up!”

“Hmmmm,” he circled his cock around her vagina and her fingers ring at the same time, “I dunno.”

“Pleeeeeeeeaaaaasssee!” She begged him as a hand grabbed his cock.

“I don’t want to fuck your undercarriage into oblivion, sweetie…” her thumb rubbed the top of his helmet while her fingers milked precum from his shaft.

“C’mon baby! You know you want it just as much as me! Fuck my carriage! Bang me, fuck me, cum in me! Eugene, you know you’ve wanted this bomber’s pussy.” His head moved all around to take in her sleek and sexy airframe, from her tail to her pussy, and leaned over to gaze down her body and her huge, beautiful wings, she was right.

“You are so right, Grace, I’ve wanted this for years!

“Take it! Do it! Fuck me, baby!” He thought of something he wanted to say, but it slipped his mind, so he slipped into her. He inched in and noted that she was much, much more comfortable here. Together they moaned and entered a blissful trance. “Yeah, baby, that’s the spot!”

“Oh fuck, Grace.”

“Fuck Grace, indeed! Fuck Grace all night, Eugene!” She moved him slightly up her tail and angled his fat cock into her G-spot more, instantly they felt the good shit hit them even more. “OH! Fuck me right there! Pummel my pussy!”

“Grace you feel so good!” He withdrew and returned smoothly, drawing moans and subtle slapping noises as he enjoyed how fluid and smooth he could move with her. He smiled ear to ear and put his back into it, setting into a rhythm to let himself go.

“Oh! Right there, big guy! So fucking big!” She grit her teeth and clenched her eyes as she felt his massive size displace her innards. “Oh, Eugene!”

“Grace!” His head dropped back as he mindlessly drove into her, she caught his head and pressed his cheek against her hot shiny skin. “Your pussy’s fucking perfect, baby!”

“Oh, Eugene! You’re so fucking big! Eugene! I love you! Eugene!”


When she cries his name out so pleasurably it shivers his body and stimulates his cock, he asks her his name, again and again, getting off to her angelic voice crying out for him. Grace can tell he loves it when she calls for him, she can feel an extra bit of oomph in his thrusts and his cock pulsates more. She, too, enjoys it very much when her newfound lover calls her name, as she tightens on him and contracts a dance on his cock. Her vision blurs into an indiscernible haze as her body numbs and all she can sense is him. At her core she feels an intense blaze of gratitude and lust fumbling around while his intensity and passion stirs them even more. Through the haze and blur, one thought clarifies: she just wants them to cum. Just reach the top and enjoy an Earth-shattering climax together. Then, then they do it all again in the sky.

Her vision starts returning as Eugene winds down, burnt out before their finish. She feels his exhaustion as he melts to her tail almost cuddling her, she’s so excited for cuddles but she isn’t ready yet. She crouches her landing gear and loosens her arms, gently she begins bouncing on her gear. Her slack arms bounce as well, lending to a magnificent ride for Eugene. He picks his head up to watch her engulf his member and release it rhythmically, she cradles his head again so he can relax and enjoy the show. Her pussy looks so good, silvery and shiny folds of plush metallic flesh coddle his cock and shlick and smack against him heavenly. His hands are drawn to her beautiful sex and they, too, fondle and coddle it to her delight. They pull and push on her lips and rub and press on her clit, all while his sizable member plucks at her G-spot religiously. They were in bliss, a trance, heaven. Eugene’s gaze shifted from one side to the other, admiring her massive majesty, she was such a sexy bird. The gleam of the light on her wide, slender wings with the magnificent light illusion that radiates from her four awesome protruding engine nacelles delightfully entrances his eyes while her long and smooth body gracefully captivates his mind and stimulates his brain. Oh how he loves her grace, and how he loves Grace. The perfect name for the perfect plane.

His eyes drift to her arms that embrace him and then to her landing gear that are working for him. He was entranced by her simple movements and gawked at her dance while he rode out this high. Her moaning was music to his ears as her softly sang along; the melody of their sex echoed in their heads and steadied their hearts. All they felt from their sex organs was ecstasy, bringing their deep underlying love and lust higher up to the surface and emboldening it to cement itself in their minds. They felt each other rising as their climaxes came closer and closer. Eugene held off as long as he could, fighting it the whole way while Grace welcomed it and tried ushering it to arrive faster. Her moaning turned into a chant of his name as she slowly stopped bouncing and started rocking forward and back onto him. The change in motion shocked his penis and lurched him closer to orgasm. He could fight the immense pressure no longer and gave in, groaning and moaning her name as she sat back onto him one last time. Her eyes rolled back as she felt his hot, steamy cum surge into her. It sparked her to finally cum and she almost sat on Eugene while she gushed her lubricant cum onto her lover. Her pussy trembled around him and milked his huge shaft for every drop. Eugene could feel a significant weight on his lap as she pressed them together, he enjoyed this moment ever so deeply and smiled wide as he felt her cum on him. Deep inside he felt pride, love, success, happiness, and a strong bond to her. She felt very similar, but Grace also felt the feeling of abandonment and suspicion go away. For these moments she was the happiest she had ever been. Her first thought after coming down from her orgasm was having his children someday. The thought of their own family made her smile, she wanted to kiss him but didn’t want him to leave her insides yet.

“I want to kiss you, Eugene!”

“I want to kiss you, too, Grace!” He expected her to let him go but she hatched an idea real quick. Eugene felt her pussy tightened slowly just as he felt a gentle cup on his cock head, it met firm resistance before it pulled back from sucking on his cock. “Grace! Wh-What was that?!” She giggled, he didn’t know.

“That was my cervix, baby, you’ve got to get in there one day so we can have babies together.” He looked down to her pussy and saw it leaking glops of his cum, he began to panic.

“I’m not ready for kids yet-I-“

“Eugene, Eugene, baby, it’s fine. No babies yet. Relax, babe, relax into me. Until you get your penis inside my cervix there won’t be any babies.” He calmed down, her angelic voice soothed him and he again melted into her arms. “Would you like another kiss on the penis?”

“Yeah,” he thought this time wouldn’t be so alarming, “I could use another kiss.” She brought her cervix to his tip and pressed it against his penis with a bit more pressure and for longer. She drew it away and it gently sucked on his tip again, sending oodles of good vibes through Eugene. “I love you, Grace.” His voice struck her when he said that, it wasn’t in the sexual tone at all. His tone was serious, firm, passionate. Grace smiled a little at the corners of her mouth. He felt her whole body get warmer after he said that. “Let me kiss you and prove it.” She teared up, her undercarriage was weak. She had to lay down.

“Oh! I’m tired, Eugene. Let me lay down real quick, baby.” Eugene struggled in her arms as he watched her landing gear slowly retract into her, many arms came down to ease her to the dirt once the gear had fully retracted and the doors closed. His instincts said that her belly on the ground was bad, real bad. “I feel much comfier, you should, too. Relax, honey bun. The comfort in her voice convinced Eugene that this was fine. He quit his struggling and began to enjoy the atmosphere, but her lying on dirt kept nagging at him.

“Grace, one day I’ll get you a nice hanger with a nice floor with a nice bunch of mats and pillows for you. I’ll get you out of this dirt.” Grace smiled, that sounded delightful, a great place to make love. She released him and he staggered to his feet, they had fucked pretty damn good. He stammered over to her nose and gazed into her pretty green eye before he knelt down and put their lips together. They lazily kissed and giggled at how exhausted they were. Eugene groaned and grunted as he got up off the ground and sloshed around collecting clothes. He sat down and started tying his boots, which made Grace paranoid 

“You-where are you going? Please don’t go!” He looked up and before he could answer she tried winning him over again. “We can still have sex, I can keep going, I’ll get back up-“

“I’m tired, Grace, I need some sleep. I’m also pretty hungry.”

“Please don’t go.” She looked worried, abandoned, her whole facial expression was of terror and fear. Eugene quickly learned to hate that fear of hers.

“Grace, don’t be so upset. I’ll be right back, promise. I’m just going to get some campfire stuff from inside, and something for my bed. That’s all. I’ll be back, honey bun. I promise.” He stood up and got over to her, taking her hand and kissing it. “Don’t fret, Grace. I won’t ever let you go.”

“Please hurry back.”

He nodded and kissed her hand again. He scurried to the house and disappeared. Grace looked off to the sunset behind the trees behind his house, the radiant glow onto the sky reminded her of all the night raids she did, she remembered that she never once sat back and enjoyed the sunset. It helped the time pass as Eugene gathered his things and packed a bag. It eventually spilled over into a cart as he collected more and more things. Blankets, clothes, pillows, tools, fire starters, firewood, a cot kit, Tupperware, utensils, and some small trinkets to tool with and made small talk over. He came back and saw her gazing off into the sunset, her subtle smile and body glowing like a fun-house mirror in the dazzling light painted her in a good looking scene.  Eugene felt a good bout of pride in his heart. He was very happy as he strolled up to her. She quickly helped set up the bed and sat him down next to her using it as his seat. He leaned into her as she held him with an arm and they watched the sunset. She explained how she’s seen so many but never got to enjoy them like this, Eugene conveyed how happy he was that she could enjoy it with him. Before it got too dark he broke off and set up a fire real quick to keep them warm-ish in the night. Grace said she’s used to the cold, that it didn’t bother her, but Eugene established that she deserved better.

As the sun finished setting they enjoyed the last brief moments of light in a kiss, held together by their arms. Then Eugene asked for his unfinished food from earlier so he could reheat it on the fire. While it cooked again they talked about scheduling flights and repairs and such and finalized the details while he ate. She heated her food that she never ate and slurped it up quickly. They could feel some sexual tension rising again but they put it off for a more enjoyable and enthusiastic sex drive. While tension rose Eugene talked about everything he wanted to do for her, and she talked about what she could do for him, they, of course, slid in some innuendos and such. A basic priority list was set up and ready to go by the time they went at it again.

Grace had her arms wrapped around Eugene’s waist as he leaned against her hull. They were staring into the fire but their minds raced with thoughts and desires of dirty deeds done to each other, out of the blue Grace’s hands undid his belt in a flash and threw his pants to his ankles. He was already half chub and oozing some precum, as soon as he realized his pants were off he started inflating again. Grace pawed at his member and cohorsed it to grow more rapidly, as it grew to its full might her eyes gleamed with excitement. At her nose and tail her orifices began steadily dripping with her bodily lubricant. As Eugene relaxed into her while she tenderly stroked his dick he noticed her mouth-watering and wanted some of that. “Hey, Grace, you seem to be a little hungry still, I got a nice big snack for you right here.” She got what he wanted as he twirled his cock around in a small circle, she obeyed and started getting up.

“Yeah? Want me to suck on your fat dick?”

“Yeah baby, I want your metal mouth to show me some magic.”

“Baby these aluminium lips are going to make your head spin.” She stood up on her landing gear and pick him and the cot up to sit them in front of her. He watched in excitement as she lowered her nose gear and brought her massive shimmering body down to his cock. She looked into his eyes as her lips parted around his meat and smiled as he shuddered with pleasure. He tried to keep eye contact with her but her mouth did make that hard to do, her tongue cupped and cradled his size elegantly and her lips sealed him inside. Gently she sucked on him as she pushed his cock head against the roof of her mouth, her tongue drug him side to side as she raised and lowered herself onto him. Watching him squirm and writhe made her very wet in her tail quarters, it demanded some sort of attention. So she did what she has done for so long before Eugene and slip one of her tendrils inside. Her pleasuring herself made her moan on his cock, which added more stimulation to him. He pressed his hands against her glass nose and was hypnotized by the ride, weaving his head all around, lazily. She rubbed her clit while she tendriled her depths and licked and lapped at his throbbing cock. She pulled off of him and ran circles around his cock tip with her tongue before she went back down on him. He quickly began huffing as she brought him closer to his orgasm. His loud and excited moaning made her excited, rejuvenated her flow and she clenched her eyes shut and fucked herself faster to get him off hard. She felt his cock cease oozing his cum as he trembled in her mouth and he tried to push her off with her hands. Just as she realized she had done it he broke his fortitude and started cumming. She lurched off and opened her mouth with her tongue out, holding his cock on it, still. He shot ropes of cum onto her large tongue and almost fell back into the cot. He was heaving heavy breaths like he just ran five miles. “These lips don’t lie.” She said as she licked her lips clean.

“Fuck!” He exclaimed in exhaustion as he leaned in against the bottom part of the glass dome. Grace wasn’t done with him yet, she kept kneading his tender member and enjoyed the unique feeling in her hands. Caressing his tender cock to her was awesome, mesmerizing, a guilty pleasure. She massaged his body and limp dick while she gingerly teased herself and savored the aftertaste she had from him. Slowly he started coming around to the mood again, and his member began flexing as it grew bolder and bolder. The harder he got the more she dripped, she pushed the cot and him away and laid her nose on the ground, to his distaste, to raise her tail up high for him. Her eyes were at a level where they beamed onto his huge dick, her gaze couldn’t be shaken from his presented cock and balls. “Like what you see, baby?”

“Yes, sir…” she moaned in response, a gentle hum from her mouth told him she wanted it badly. She looked amazing and so vulnerable. She was poised to fuck and it made Eugene even hornier. He hopped to his feet and this immediately triggered Grace, she went wide eyed and her mouth opened in awe and excitement. He walked very close to her body and brushed his fingers down her sleek and slender pod to excite and tease her more. By the time he had gotten to her tail and out of his reach there was a pool of her juice underneath the prize. He was breathtaking by her beauty as her fingers split open her slit and he was staring inside her, his thick cock ached for it’s gentle caressing. It was so much nicer than any girl’s snatch he’d been with before, and this one fit him perfectly.

“Oh Grace, you’re so fucking perfect.”

“Mmhmmm? You think so, Eugene?”

“Grace,” he shook his head in bewilderment, ignoring her hot juice that dropped onto his face, “I don’t even have to think about it. I know so.” She was completely won over and couldn’t hold back any more, she swooped down and snatched him with her arms and held him yet again in a loose hammock of love.

“Oh Eugene!-Ah-Ah, Aaahh! Eeeek!” He took instantly to dragging his cock across her genitals and laughing to himself as the slit wept over his cock. In the back of her mind she was screaming at herself to take his seed and carry a child, she yearned for his children. Do it! Carry his child, he’ll never leave! Deep suspicion and paranoia amplified her desires. “Eugene! Give me your seed! Give me your child! Mother me!” She positioned her cervix right at the cusp of her vagina, it was so close to the edge that his cock teasing her was gracing her cervix with a glance. Eugene got cold feet, he wasn’t ready for a kid yet, and he just met her. He retreated.

“No, Grace, I can’t. I’m not there yet, please, not now.” Defeatedly, she retracted her cervix back into her, and her paranoia returned with a fiery vengeance. It killed her mood and made her distraught. She didn’t show her mood shift, and thinking she was still in the mood Eugene toyed with her luscious folds with his hands to excite himself again. His toying didn’t do the same for Grace, she lost her urges and didn’t want to do it anymore, but her paranoia didn’t let her stop.

She kept up the act. Eugene got back into the swing of things and pressed his dick against her succulent hole and enjoyed the feeling of penetrating her. He slid into her depths and enjoyed feeling her body quiver and moan with every inch. He was lost in a sea of pleasure as her pussy massaged his wood and held it nicely, he began his own humping but Grace took over again. Her slack arms acted like elastic as her shock absorbers bounced her ass for him. She bounced on his cock and moaned with gratification along with him. His hands trailed all over her body where he could reach and his gaze swept across her form, even though it was forced on her end, she still felt a smidge of enjoyment. She was hoping she could at least get off, and she knew he wouldn’t be happy unless he did. Even though she had lost her motivation his impressive mass made her eyes roll and mouth drool, and when he took the initiative and starting fucking her on his terms of made her loose tendrils grab the dirt and brace herself for the ride. She got into a rhythm with his thrusts and rocked with him as he drilled her plush pussy. Her mouth blurted out broken gasps and whimpers as her drive steadily forced its way back into dominance. With her sex drive restored her vagina began stroking Eugene enthusiastically, trying to squeeze every drop of him, underlying desire for his semen still stood strong. He began singing his praises of her, stroking her emotional clitoris and making her feel loved on the inside. It drove her demons away and brought forth a mind-numbing orgasm. Her arms snapped him against her tail as her two massive pillar landing gear trembled and almost buckled. Her eyes rolled into the back of her canopy, her mouth was drooling with her tongue out, and she was rubbing her chin all over the ground as she waggled and shuddered about. Her long exacerbated moan was trickled with laughter as she sprayed her cum on Eugene’s cock and balls. It sprayed and fanned about because of how tightly he was pressed against her hot metal tail. Her internal convulsions vibrated on Eugene’s cock and pushed him well over the edge dispute his efforts to hold back. He came, too, and emptied his balls for her. He knew they didn’t break the cervix and she was sealed, so he didn’t think about it. He enjoyed the moment and the ecstasy that comes from pumping out semen. Every single shot made him huff with dopamine. Grace certainly felt him bust with a hypersensitivity, feeling his hot cum inside her made her feel indomitable. Made her feel worthwhile, feel loved, special, and like a hot woman. She felt successful knowing that she was good enough to make Eugene fuck her again and again AND cum for her. All the demons were brought to heel as he flooded her and made her feel even more spectacular. She didn’t want him to stop and was sad when no more of his alluring seed entered her. Instantly she wanted to open her cervix and take his child-making seed, but she fought that urge off for his satisfaction.

“Grace, oh God, Grace, you,” he struggled to find the right words to describe how he felt for her, “you are the most incredible woman of my life.” Grace was incredibly flattered. He eased his massive size out of her and then let them press against each other to cuddle. Grace was speechless, nothing else to it. Absolute wonder and amazement, all her communication with Eugene that night was through cuddles, vibes, smiles, and kisses. She put him in his cot and laid down on the ground to sleep with him by her side. It was the first time she could sleep in forever, and she was out like a light with him holding her the best he could. She felt secure with him touching her, she felt safe, secure, and happy. For the first time in her life, she felt special. She loved him, he picked her up and saved her both literally and emotionally. Although her demons would come back, Eugene would always set her straight and show her all his love.

That Saturday Eugene had some mechanics who worked on B-29s while they served to come out and inspect Grace. Eugene had cleaned her up best the two could before the mechanics arrived and once they got over the shock of a living plane they remarked on how neat she was considering her rather filthy past. They were given a list of problems she had and what to prioritize. The problem of the controls being stuck like glue baffled them until she told them she crashed on Iwo Jima. Instantly one of the mechanics had an idea. He took a bucket and cut open some of the hydraulic lines and out came thick globs of muddy fluid. He said the volcanic soot did the exact same thing to the tractors they used to build the runway, and that the engines are probably filled with soot, too. Once her lines were all drained and pumped clean she was refilled and the problem was solved. She couldn’t praise them enough, jabbing at how worthless her old mechanics were. Then the group had a go at the engines and found evidence of soot collecting in the engines, they took those apart and started cleaning them but stopped for the day, Sunday they came in to finish cleaning the engines and put them back together. They were clueless about the undercarriage, they’d need to investigate that. Nevertheless, that following Monday at exactly eight-thirty in the morning a fuel truck came out. Grace hid herself so the workers wouldn’t freak out about a living plane. At about ten-thirty, the fueling was finished and they were off on their way. As soon as she saw Eugene she exploded with joy, she saw him in his rag-tag outfit half from his service and half from what he had to recollect on the civilian side and thought he was adorably handsome. She was bouncing in anticipation and he was ecstatic, both incredibly eager to climb above the clouds. Eugene walked around her a few times and made sure all was well, her avionics were much easier to adjust and that made Eugene excited. He climbed into her cabin and sat in the pilot’s seat, they were staring at each other in the eyes with marvel.

“Well, Grace, here we go. Start the engines!”

“Yes, sir!” She obeyed and one by one her engines popped and gurgled to life. Nasty and awful at first, they soon were broken in and being fed properly so they sang like a choir. Grace couldn’t help but shake and dance with excitement, arms wrapped around Eugene, holding him tight and securing him while he monitored the gauges.

“Engines are looking good! How do they feel, Grace?” His hand stroked one of hers passionately and he eagerly awaited her response.

“Oh my god, Eugene, they feel fantastic! They’re putting like kittens! I’m so thrilled!” Her abundance of joy spilled over into him, he was also rapidly getting happier. They waited a few minutes to let the engines warm up to operational temperatures and then together, with their hands interlocked, they increased the throttles and she was moving on her own again! Carefully they exited the hanger and swung her massive size over to the grass runway. She didn’t give a single fuck about it. All she saw was the sky begging for her return. Eugene saw two miles of grass and possible FOD, a treeline he had to get over, and then the free expanses of the open blue. They set the flaps and trim and stared at what was laid out ahead. “You ready, Eugene?”

“Are you ready, Grace?” Their hearts raced together, their blood ran hot with energy, together, again, they opened the throttle.

The start was bumpy and shaky, but as she got faster and faster it smoothed out and was almost perfect. Her engines roared like lions and her outstretched wings pulled upwards trying to fling her into the sky. Together they began to feel those notable cues that the ground no longer held them, and they pulled back on the yoke gently to clear the trees. Grace’s smile was gargantuan, it was so big Eugene saw her cheeks covering up some of his canopy panels. He only wished he could see her face from the outside, only if. Easily they cleared the tree line with plenty of ‘runway’ to spare, and she thrusted herself towards the heavens with such determination she almost forgot to collapse her landing gear. Eugene remembered for her and flipped her switches to retract them. She felt them tuck away and suddenly she was even lighter, faster, stronger. There was nothing notable to drag her down now and she was gliding through the air like a goddess. They were silent as they took off, enjoying the moment and focusing on what had to happen. She was at a thirty-degree climb up to about eighteen-thousand feet when either of them talked.

“Grace, I love you. Thank you for taking me up here.” He rubbed her hand again. She twisted her hand around to hold his and rubbed back.

“No, thank you, Eugene, for giving me this opportunity to fly again.” Her arms tightly holding him in a big bear hug showed him more love than she could speak of.

They flew all day, talking of the future, the past, life stories and experiences, some deep desires and worst nightmares. They spent the time to get to know each other very well and were looking forward to more time like this. Grace suggested that they enjoy each other’s company much more intimately, one dirty desire of hers, but Eugene said he wanted at least someone at the controls to make sure that nobody dies. She was frustrated but tame. They had a blast flying again, Grace and Eugene pulled some fairly wild maneuvers for what mission style plane Grace was, while she was no nimble and agile fighter she could pull some tight turns and dives. Their adrenaline was as high as they were on their playground in the sky, the absolute Freedom Grace felt was immeasurable and Eugene’s euphoria was unmatched. As the sun was setting they were coming down to land right back where they started, Grace still had some fuel left in her as she touched down cleanly on the grassy strip. They tried their absolute best to burn it all away but time wasn’t their friend today and they had to turn in.

Once Grace had come to a stop the two of them were laughing madly, hooting and hollering to let their joy all out. Grace taxied over to the back of her new home and turned in without Eugene’s help. He watched in awe as she slipped in perfectly and stopped exactly where she was in the morning as if she never moved. Eugene was doing a little happy dance in her chair, she caught on and mimicked his side to side motion and snapping he did. They laughed at themselves before they recomposed themselves and started their dancing together, erupting in more laughter. They shared congratulations to each other, expressed how proud, happy, and loving they were, and their excitement for getting paid to fly again. Eugene said that as soon as possible he was going to have the guys redo the bomb bay and set it up to carry cargo. He wondered how he was going to sleep this night with all this excitement in his blood. Grace poked the side of his gut with a finger and said that he should move a mattress into her so she could make sure he gets well-rested. She assured him she would tucker him out to the fullest with some fun games. He said he liked the sound of that and went to find a mattress he could spare. While he was gone Grace couldn’t help but do more of her victory dance as she checked all the boxes of victory, she got fixed up, she’s got a man falling for her, she’s flying again, she’s got a home, she’s getting a job, and she’s about to get some dick. She scored big today. She was high on life at that moment, and she got even more joyous when she saw Eugene shove a mattress through the door that led out to the hanger. She crouches down and used tendrils to crawl closer to him, picking the mattress up from him like it was a tissue. She patted his hat and told him to relax a little bit as she made the bed. He insisted on doing it himself, but she wanted to get the fun started already and didn’t want to wait. She slapped the mattress into place and quickly threw some bedsheets over it. She ushered him inside and backed into her hut, him sleeping in her cabins made her feel amazing, it felt right. Her confidence rose and she felt very comfortable with everything, nothing was going to ruin this.

“Let’s get you ready for bed, baby.” She begins sensually undressing him, slowly peeling layers off his body.

“But I’m so energetic, baby, whatever will we do?”

“Oh I know how to tire you out, don’t you worry about that.” Her hand massaged his genitals and they shivered with anticipation. “Oh yes, I have plenty of plans for you!” She felt his balls roll in her hand, and his massive dong growing bolder and girthier. His cock and balls in her hand felt mystical.

“That sounds fun! Will there be any snacks?” She hesitated in confusion.


“Of course! I might get a little thirsty after all, I could eat something.” Grace began getting quite hot under the skin.

“Oh my, I’m sure they’ll be something, baby!” She finally got him bare naked and she was fawning over his cock in her hands. By the beds came down a tendril to comfort his lonely penis and thankfully this one was no wimp. “You ready to play, Eugene?”

“Oh,” he grabbed her vaginal tendril in his hand and rubbed his thumb over her clit, she shivered and locked up in response, “I’m very excited to play, are you ready, big momma?” His thumb popped in and out of her pussy, it’s loose and welcoming metal skin clung to him religiously. He tested her wetness and tightness. She could use some work.

“Oh fuck yes! Momma’s ready to play!” She wailed as his thumb pierced her to his knuckle.

“Nah, you don’t look like it.” She was shocked. “You need a bit of shopping up to do.” He stuck his index and middle fingers in his mouth from his other hand and then slid them into her. Her mouth was gaping and she shivered, gasping for her breath as he wiggled around. He plucked in and out before he slid in a third finger, roughly the width of his cock. His cluster of fingers had a dance party in her pussy, and when they found the G-spot dance floor they turned up to eleven and never came down. She was nearly screaming as he fondled her, his thumb rubbing her clit and fingers playing with her G-spot. “See? Now you’re really starting to warm up to it!” Her hands gripped his body and his wrists, holding them to their actions. Her hands stroked and fondled his cock feverishly as she tried to keep up with his intensity, but he was overpowering her. Her hands suddenly gripped his cock and her vagina tendril trembled and her insides convulsed as she fought back her orgasm. She screamed his name as she broke and she gushed out on him with squirts of her juices. He smiled at his work and let her come down before he agitated her more by removing his hand. He licked his fingers clean. “Now let’s see?” He inserted his three fingers again and noticed how much nicer she felt, not loose, but not tight, she was perfect. “Now you’re ready, baby. He’s coming out to play now, big girl.”

“Oh yes! Send him over now! Right now!” She cradled his cock and held it for him as he held her tendril down on the bed. He watched in mute satisfaction as he broke her seal and observed her lips and folds of metal envelope and consume his meaty penis. Just a bit wider than his three fingers it certainly made sure she would feel his presence and being long, too, it made sure it knocked on her door proudly.

She withered around as he entered her. Her body flexed and bent for him as she naturally molded to his presence and she cooed and squealed as he came to rest his member as deep as he could go. She breathed hot and heavy with quick gasps as she dealt with his impressive size, this tendril was a great fit for them. Her tail was smooth and perfect for a good clean fuck, her cockpit tendril too tight for anything more than sitting on him, and now the bedside tendril proved to be just big enough to fuck and just tight enough to destroy her. She felt him cautiously ease out of her and as much as she wanted to cling to him and host him inside her for hours she knew letting him come and go would be much, much more fun! She felt him rhythmically pump himself in and out of her, at first it was pleasant and delightful, but as he started groaning and grunting, and pushing and shoving, and working and churning, she realized she was in for a great fuck. Her eyes crossed and rolled around like a clock as the cock ruled her emotions, her tendrils clung to his sweaty body and she wrapped herself around him. She ran tendrils through his hair, between his legs, coddled his balls, and felt his face as he worked her over good. She moaned along the whole time and lost all sense of time as he pummelled her. She realized she was drooling at one point and quickly let go of giving a fuck, should anyone walk over and see this, she didn’t care, the dick was too good. She felt his cock pulse with blood and felt his long shaft ooze his precum out and warm her up from the inside out, she felt his flesh slide and shift inside her while his body slammed against her outside face. Everything about this was driving her hormones crazy and she was high on it all. She felt herself rising to the opportunity and started gripping and stroking him more with her interior as she came closer to climax. She egged Eugene on by calling for him, crying about how close she was, and how amazing he was. He put forth an extra effort and searched for the spot that would throw her over the edge and she let him know he found it by screaming loudly, and when he found it he didn’t let up. He completely went silent and put forth everything into pounding her pussy until she came again. She screamed and pulled him close to her, bending him over to press him against her tendril and wrapping up around him with her arms. She let him feel her shake and shiver as she came very hard on his solid snake, he smiled, chuckled, and relaxed on her as she showed him what he does to her. He loved it.
He loved feeling her convulse around his cock, he loved feeling her tendril body quake under his body as she screamed for him. Her voice in his ear filled his chest with fire and motivated him to do it all again. He enjoyed how tenderly she held him in her arms and how her hand ran through his hair, her hands on his cheeks holding them so gingerly makes him feel floaty, surreal. He had never thought anyone could make him feel like this, how lofty he felt with his feet planted on the ‘ground’ that his cock could make shake like an earthquake. The concept of what they could do to each other excites him and drives him to push the limits. He never felt so strongly for someone like he felt for Grace. His only flaw with her is how devastated her security is, he felt so bad for her and wanted to help fix her badly. There might be one way to do so, a way she got at earlier but he shot down. Just maybe it could clear her mind and settle her demons. Maybe he should have a child with her. Starting a family was always a goal of his, and for her it might be a necessity. He was open to the idea and would be considering it heavily from now on. When she had finished cumming and let him stand up again he pulled out of her completely to her dismay and laid himself down on the bed. Taking her turn she picked up her tendril meekly and shakily and lined up on him. He noticed how she had coated his cock in her juices, it shone in the hazy light like a glowing sword, preparing to slay the mighty beast in the best way possible. As she brought herself down on him together they moaned and shuddered, he relaxed his fortitude and let her rock his world. She slid down on him effortlessly but was still tight enough to numb his mind and melt his body. She elegantly danced on his lap, swaying and swinging, bouncing and shaking, gripping and sliding. She felt his body recoil with her movements and she loved it and used it to motivate herself even more. After cumming twice she had become hypersensitive and could feel everything about his penis, it drove her sex crazy. She brought him right to the brink of his orgasm and then she toyed with him, slowing her movements and eventually stopping and holding him down to keep him from finishing it himself. He was groaning and moaning in annoyance and almost pain, but her teasing had a reason and it only boosted his drive. He was almost hyperventilating when she finally went ballistic on his cock with her furious burst of speed. Suddenly he recoiled hard in a brain killing orgasm and he unloaded a huge load of semen into her. She laughed as he gurgled on his drool and his eyes rolled and she coddled his cock as it softened and hardened again.

They teased each other again, boasting about what they would do to the other, and then they would act upon their promises. They did this again and again until Eugene’s sack was empty and he was thoroughly exhausted. She laid him down on the bed and tucked him in, slithering her very sore and raw tendril up the bed under the covers to cuddle with him. He wrapped around her and clung to her all night as he slept like a baby. With him holding only a portion of her she still felt secure with him, while her demons came back to show their ugly faces she rested easy with him grasping her so tightly. She almost laughed at her demons, scoffing at them and thumbing her nose by looking back at Eugene and her. She knew that the demons would come again when she was more vulnerable and she feared for that, but for now, she revelled in high spirits and slept wonderfully with him. She dreamed of flying with him again, and it drug out to where she saw herself teaching their little one how to fly, it made her feel amazing again. When they woke in the morning they instantly felt how well they fucked last night, they were creaky, crampy, aching, and very sore. Eugene felt like his back locked up as he forced his way out of the bed, groaning in agony as he did. Nonetheless, they plowed on for the day, it was the day they were to register with the mailing companies. Eugene went down to the town’s local headquarters and got a representative to come to inspect Grace, he refused to accept her until she had the equipment to handle cargo. It bummed them out, but there weren’t any other glaring flaws that were mentioned so their hope still ran high. Eugene went out into town again and collected much of the materials needed for the conversion, cables, ropes, metal fasteners, some pulley equipment, bolts, screws, metal plates, and a bunch of random bits he thought might be useful. That’s how he spent the rest of the day, he came home after getting in touch with the maintenance crew and made dinner with Grace, they enjoyed a long night of relaxation to recover from the sex they had the night before.

The next day, the maintenance crew came in and the idea was thrown out to them for converting her into a cargo plane. The logic was sound but there were technical details that Eugene didn’t know about that the crew had to work out, he was completely oblivious to it so he let them do the sorting out. First, they began by stripping out all the guts of the bomb bay, the bomb racks came out and so did the actuators, then through these parts, they started making large racks to line the walls of the bay. Their idea matched Eugene’s well, except that they knew where the load points were for the frame, you can’t just go bolting stuff to an airplane, after all. Once they had constructed the racks they had Grace hold them in place where they wanted them, while she held the racks in place Eugene inspected the space made available for cargo. He was satisfied and the crew had Grace drop the racks out to be further assembled. The racks looked like a shopping cart basket when they were done, a very big shopping cart basket with no wheels or handles, just the four walls and a roof rack welded together and then bolted and welded into the bay after careful incisions were made. They finished the rack installation and then assembled a rail system into the top of the basket to carry the pulleys and allow for alterations. That went in fairly easy and from there they called it a day and went home. Grace was thrilled with the progress, proudly she showed off their work to Eugene, even playing with the pulley system a bit. They were very excited to see the final results.

The next day while the crew was finishing up their minor detailing and structural reinforcing Eugene went out to the military base to get some surplus gear from the war, specifically the cargo nets that were always thrown out. He got a whole truck load of them for basically a sandwich and soda and gleefully drove home. While the crew was working he got Grace to help him put together the nets into workable sizes, he showed her how to cut and stitch and sew. He showed her some neat tips and tricks and let her try it herself. By the end of the day, everything was ready for testing and inspection, everybody was pumped. They used a small car as the test, they used all the pulleys and nets to pick it up and fasten it to the frame. It fit easily and sat snuggly, carefully they had Grace bounce around, it didn’t even shift, so she danced around and even jumped a few times. No budging. They celebrated and let the car back down again. The test was a success. Eugene paid the maintenance crew what he owed them and arranged for another inspection. They could hardly wait. On the day of the inspection, the maintenance crew came to watch over the inspection, they basked in pride as the inspector was dumbfounded at how well the cargo system worked. The inspector gave Grace a passing grade, collected the paperwork to register her in service of the mailing company, and promised to get back in touch once the logistics had been arranged.

It took roughly three weeks to get word back and until then the crew were busy touching up on maintenance, correcting faults, performing routine maintenance, and investigating problems and damages found during such events. Eugene was busy figuring out how he would support the maintenance crew and budget his priorities. He laid out financial goals to support Grace and himself with quality of life upgrades for her and the prospect of starting a family, the latter he withheld the knowledge from Grace, leaving it to be a surprise. Once he did get the word from the company he was given the payroll information, the information on funds allocated for Grace’s maintenance, their schedule, their flight routes, where the airports were, and many other small details that were necessary for operations. The gang was elated. Work began very soon and before they knew it Grace was running down the local runway with a full load of cargo bound for the nearest coast. While it hadn’t been that long since they met Eugene still proposed to her on this flight. Instantly she accepted, she then pressured him to make love that night while they were flying, but Eugene didn’t want to risk the mail yet.

It was during this flight that Grace came clean, she dumped her demons out and her fears at his feet. He did his best to express that her fears will never be realized, but he knew that action would be the only way to get it through to her, thus he planned it all out. He had seen the schedule, he knew her limits, and she had taught him well. They landed at the station, stayed the night and rested, and in the morning they flew back to the main airport they work out of. This flight had many more stops, dropping off mail and picking it up, refuelling and such, they were never empty. Late that night they touched down at the main port runway and unloaded the last mail they would carry that day, they would rest and refuel for the next day. While they had lulls in the schedule Eugene talked directly to Grace and her demons, he carefully expressed his devotion in ways subliminally and directly to purge her fears from her, he used his careful word and message choice wisely. She felt much, much better. They conversed about a lovely and romantic future, and he steered it towards family and children to further boost her morale and attachments and distance her from her loneliness and fears.

In the morning when they woke Grace was quite frisky, Eugene was feeling quite hot under the collar as well, but he promised that they would enjoy themselves soon enough. Grudgingly Grace carried on and they loaded the mail up once more and set off on their route. They made more stops than the first day but fewer stops than the second day, which left them with more downtime, effectively. During this time they came up with a list of names they would consider for their children, it was all very exciting for Grace. On the last leg of their journey, the longest stretch, Eugene asked Grace about how they would make a child. Grace elaborated on the details, it depends on what child they want, how much sex they have during the pregnancy, how well she is fed and maintained, this all greatly intrigued Eugene. He asked her what child would she want, she said it’s up to him. Eugene felt selfish for wanting a human baby, but he saw it as the most realistic option, it’d be the most affordable, the most gifted, and the most likely way to succeed. He could send this kid to school, not a bomber if they went that route. The child’s life was his justification and he told Grace he wanted a human child. Grace was just fine with that. By then Grace had figured out Eugene was thinking about having a child with her and that thrilled her. She couldn’t sleep that night, she rested her body but her mind was too active and all she wanted to do was thrash Eugene awake in his rack with her tendril sliding up and down his thick shaft milking his cum out of him. However, she respected his sleep and waited patiently.
They had the next two days off, so they readied to fly all the way home to the home strip and tediously start their family. One session at a time. Their lusts rose up as high as they were physical, every foot she climbed rose her drive even more, Eugene’s crotch ached and complained about how horny he was. Originally they had desired to land at home and fuck all night there but it was too overbearing, Grace had to ask while they were in the sky. She asked to be fucked up here, she wanted him to fuck her while they were soaring above the clouds, the idea seemed thrilling to Eugene and his list overpowered him. He didn’t say a word but he undid his pants for her and she immediately began fondling his crotch. Her hands and tendrils snaked into his clothes to grasp his bare skin and get that oh-so-exciting skin to skin contact. Once his pants came off she wasted no time in getting him inside her, even though her cockpit tendril wasn’t the greatest it was what she had right there and she needed it now. She had been faithfully rubbing herself to make sure she was drenching wet and slick as possible, she snapped his cock upright and placed herself tenderly atop his cock. They smiled as the adrenaline raced through their veins, their hearts thumped in their throats, neither of them had any idea what would happen to their ability to fly and while that was terrifying it was also exhilarating, and there was only one way to find out! Grace held his cock up while he pulled her down onto him, together they moaned and cried out.

“Oh yes! Oh fuck yes! More! More! Deeper! Oh you’re so fucking hot! Fuck me! Give me everything!” Grace cooed and called, her whole frame shuddering in pleasure and her eyes crossing.
“Oh Grace! AAAHHH!” He was halfway inside her and already needed a break to let her adjust to his size. He grabbed her controls while he waited and tenderly rubbed them with his thumbs, stroking them lovingly. She cooed and moaned as her tight pussy twitched and stretched out, giggling wildly in random bursts. “Grace you’re so fucking hot, so Goddamn sexy! Grace, I love you, I want you, I need you!”
“Yes, Eugene! Do what you want! Fuck me! Destroy me! I am yours!” With that, he felt she was open enough and pulled her all the way to the base of her cock, had she not been travelling at about a hundred and fifty knots her screaming might be a bit more ear-searing. Everything about her shuddered and shook as she winced and braced herself against his massive size. Her hands gripped his body wherever she held him. “Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! YES! Eugene! Eugene!”
“Grace! I, uh, AH-AH!” He gripped her quaking vaginal tendril and hugged it as he, too, shuddered with how tightly she gripped him. Gently it began to hurt him and he worried about what was to come soon. They groaned and moaned together, clasping hands, he kissed her hands, she stroked his hair and massaged his body, performing pleasantries onto each other. Cautiously both of them glanced at the instruments and made sure they weren’t about to fuck up big time, everything was fine, but the adrenaline ran high and the thrill consumed them. “Grace,” he called to her when she was loosening up, “Grace?”
“Yes, Genie?”
“Bring me your cervix.” He wrapped his arms around her tendril and kissed it.
“But, but we don’t have a good home, yet, we-”
“We have plenty, my dear, baby, we can do this. Let’s do it.” Her excitement was even higher, her lust even higher, her hormones demanded it. She gave in. Her demons that had been pestering her for a while suddenly vanished, she brought her tight cervix onto his cockhead and asked him if he was ready.
“Yes Grace, I’m ready.”
“Alright baby, flex it for me, hard as you can babe!” She felt his cock turn even more rigid as he flexed against her cervix. She forced it over him, she screamed even louder than before and she shook horribly as he had a hard time keeping himself straight inside her. Her tendrils wrapped around him and coiled him and her vagina together and pinned them together as she screamed and whimpered and huffed. He grunted and gritted and felt just how tight she was, it was like trying to penetrate a solid slab of muscle, but once he did get his massive cock to split her seal it was a magical wonderland. Her screaming lowered and it became more trance-like mumbling and breathing as she eased herself over him internally. He could see her eyes rolling around as she did so. Surprisingly her cervix wasn’t as tight as he thought so if anything it felt more spacious than her vagina, which made it much more enjoyable. It was hot, plush, soft and grasped him just right. He melted into the chair as it naturally massaged his cock with vibrations, convulsions, and pulses. He started drooling. “Grace, I love you, your pussy is to die for.”
“Your cock fucks me up in every way I need, Eugene, I’ll do anything for this dick.”
“Will you marry me?” She seized up momentarily. “Grace! Are you alright!”
“YES!” She was tearing up, tears streamed down her fuselage as she shook him in her arms. “Yes! Yes! Yes! I’ll marry you!” He smiled and giggled, feeling her pussy beginning to furiously stroke him with her muscles.
“Heh heh, sorry I don’t have a ring yet, it was kind of out of the blue.”
“I don’t care! I’ll marry you! Eugene I love you!”
“I love you, too, Grace, are you ready to be a mother, Grace?”
“Well, I don’t think anyone is ever ready, but I want to be one! I want to be one for you! Will you let me have your child?”
“I’d have nobody else, Grace.” She teared up now because of how much that meant to her. It was indescribable how moving that was for her.
“Eugene, you don’t know how much that means to me, how much you mean to me.”
“I don’t think you can ever realize how much I love you, Grace, I don’t think your past will let you, Grace, I’ll never let you go for anything. I love you.” They embraced for so long Eugene went half flaccid inside her. When they noticed they laughed it off and she shimmied her pussy on him to wake him up again. He simply sat back and moaned as she danced on his lap, images of her were flowing through his mind, her sexiness driving him on. He had to make her cum at least once on his cock, so he didn’t feel much of anything sexually pleasing until she did so. In the meantime he reached around and toyed with her clit and massaged her tendril, slowly pumping at her G-spot. Her innards were a hot and steamy land of mellow, his cock seemed to disappear from him inside her and melt away, all he felt was a pleasure. He could barely feel her plush ruffles, her amazing texture, her slick juices, and her amazing pulses. He felt an electrifying field flow from her pussy into him, further stimulating them.

Grace could feel everything, what loose skin he had and how it slid around his hard shaft, his veins and the blood pulsing inside them, the precum oozing from his penis tip, the heat inside him, the two tubes that seem to make up his shaft, she felt everything. She loved everything. Moments would occur where she felt like she could feel him, his whole body, it was astounding. She recoiled and stuttered with him, grasping at each other and panting.

“Eugene! You feel so amazing inside me!”

“Oh Grace, you’re so soft, so great!”

“Give it to me, Genie! Fuck my pussy!”

By her pleading he pleased her, adjusting his position in the seat and holding her tendril still as he began humping her. Her moaning and cooing flooded the cabin and drowned out most of the steady slapping and rustling of clothes and fabrics. Her tendril grew very warm, and the whole cabin began heating-a starch contrast to the normally chilly atmosphere of high altitude flying. Grace had her drool freezing to her body but since she was getting so hot it began melting again and spreading again, she didn’t care. Eugene’s back was aching and hurting from the poor posture but he also didn’t care. As it got hotter Grace began peeling layers off of Eugene and enjoyed how slick his sweaty body was getting, wishing she could see his skin glisten in the low light. Her mind raced with the beautiful prospective future, she was very excited for what was to come. Eugene could only think about getting her off in that moment, he was curious to see if she would snap his cock off as she came. Her moaning grew sharper and louder the longer he went, so did his grunting. He relaxed his mind and let it wander focus onto feeling his cock slide in and out of her guts, they both could feel the flesh moving all around each other, slipping and sliding, shmirking and shopping noisily, music to the ear. Their bodies melted together into a synchronized Bliss and high, suddenly Grace wrapped around his hips and held him still while she broke her tendril from his hands and rode his cock. Her tendril backed off and dove back down smoothly and quickly, she chanted ‘yes, yes, yes, there, there, there,’ as she used him to pound her G-spot, she flexed and bent herself as she slid on him to hit the good spots and squeeze him just enough to milk him. He began to excitedly heave and huff as he grew closer to cumming, now that she was doing the work he could enjoy the fruit, and sweet it was. He cried to her and warned her he was close, she was close, too. He tried to fight it off as long as possible to let her cum, too, but she didn’t repent, she pounded his lap and soon enough he drew a long, exhausting moan as his cock trembled and spurt shots of his semen deep into her. His cock’s jarring convulsions and flexing pushed Grace over the edge and she smacked her pussy down onto his lap and came on him, shuddering and shivering, adding a vibration stimulation to their ecstatic orgasms. Grace milked Eugene for every drop he had to offer, and with the gentle suction on his penis, it was all whisked away to her eggs, what wasn’t whisked away was her cum. She had squirted out a puddle of hot bodily lubricant and it was all over his lap, stomach, legs, and clothes. He didn’t care, he loved it. They started giggling after they came down from their orgasmic high.

“It tingles.” She said.

“What does?”

“Daddy’s semen.” He smiled.

“Where does it tingle?”

“All inside me, deep, deep inside me, I like it.”

“It feels good, baby?”

“It feels great, Genie.” He nodded and sat up in the seat properly.

“I’m glad you like it, mommy’s juice feels hot and slick, I like it, too.” She giggled and glanced at the instrument panel and jumped.

“Oh God!” She suddenly jerked to the left and pulled up slightly, at first startling Eugene. “I got it, I got it, it’s okay.”

“Babe, you scared me, what happened?”

“We were off course, I don’t know how long, we dropped a thousand feet and were off bearing by three degrees.”

“Well, we should be able to reckon our position in a bit.” He hugged her tendril still sitting on his cock, sucking his dick like a straw for his milk. “How do you feel?”

“Great! Oh so amazing! I feel so alive! I love you, Eugene!” She hugged him tight and rocked him. This made him feel the best in his life. 

“Grace you make me the happiest man in the world, I love you so much.” He held her Tendril and squeezed it back, staring into her beautiful eyes in her canopy.

“We’re going to be parents!” She squealed in excitement.

“Oh yeah, I’m excited! I can’t wait! Damn, I better get on expanding the hanger, then.”

“At least clean it up, should be fine after that.”

“That’s the absolute least I can do, I need to do more.”

“You worry too much-“

“So do you babe-“

“I know, we worry too much.”

“I just want what’s best for you two.”

“I know, I know.” She combed his hair and began dressing him again, it was getting colder again.

They talked to each other some more as they flew on, talking names, house expansions, sex, and deep feelings. Their flight home was uneventful after their entry of the mile-high club, and they touched down to fuck some more and relax. They continued their job flying mail all over the country and making their baby, cleaning up the hanger in their downtime and building more rooms and facilities to the hanger. Eventually, Eugene moved out of his house and into the hanger, letting one of the mechanics move into the house when his house burned down. Grace still struggled from her demons, but little by little Eugene was killing them and rebuilding Grace. They took their time off of work to birth the baby, and that was the best moment of their lives, the birth of their little girl. 


Fin Saving Grace


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Of Jet and pilot


13:47 23, august, 1942


IT was about mid day, clear skies with a couple clouds clumped up towards the edge of the world, or at least what could be considered the end of the world at this height. Marvin was enjoying the sight, the sound of his hurricane’s engine humming peacefully as he went. It was a simple patrol, nothing too serious as most of the German Luftwaffe was grounded from the heavy bombings the Americans where so fond of. However, the peace didn’t last long as there was a sudden howl coming from directly behind him, twisting to see what exactly it was coming from he found that there was a plane flying right next to him.

It was an odd sight, and definitely German, the swastika on the tail made it blatantly obvious. The fighter looked like something out of the sea, almost like a shark, and with the twin rocket pods…no they weren’t rocket pods, they where engines! The engines where belting out an almost hellish scream as orange flames poured from the back of each pod. Marvin was suddenly distracted from the engine as he saw what seamed to be an eye painted on the canopy, an odd place for paint, at least until the RAF pilot could have sworn he saw it move. Blinking to clear his head in the hopes it was just some trick of his mind, the eye then seamed to wink at him before the jet wiggled its wings and took off. The next thing marvin saw was a little black dot disappearing into the horizon followed by a stream of exhaust.

“what the hell was that and where can I get my hands on one….” He stammered before flipping over and hauling ass back to base to inform his CO of the new plane. It didn’t matter whether that plane was for recognizance or not, the Germans where going to find some way to stick guns on it and shoot down anything in there way.


18:28 7, march, 1944


“s-sir! Your not supposed to be here! I-I will have to ask you to leave, now!” the MP said as he and another attempted to hold marvin back with little success. Ignoring the two MP’s he forged forwards down the hall and finding a pair of double doors leading to a conference room.

“SIR!! Your not allowed here, they are in a meeting right now you need to wait in the lobby, in fact you need to evacuate the facility immediately! This is a restricted area!” the second MP said moving infront of the pilot and planting his hands firmly agasint the intruders chest to stop him from moving farther down the hall. Which resulted in the man being tossed agasint a wall and the double doors practically being kicked off there hinges.

“…the most recent…” the CO trailed off seeing marvin standing in the door, grim determination painted on his face as the pilot stormed his way to the general, slammed his fist on his desk and glared right into his eyes.

“you put me in that jet you have out side right fucking now or so help me I will take it my self.” Steam was almost pouring out of the pilots ears as the engineers murmured to each other quietly. The MP’s came in shortly after that and attempted to remove marvin from the room, until the CO waved a hand towards them.

“Your looking at the biggest court martial I think I will have ever given in the history of my career. Do you understand this?” he responded as marvin didn’t move and kept his steel gaze on the generals eyes.

“I like your determination, whats your name soldier?” the CO asked as Marvin didn’t even flinch.

“sergeant Marvin Struthers.” He replied as the general smiled slightly.

“Williams, when is the next test flight.”

“i-I, tomorrow at 17:00 hours.” The engineer said as the CO nodded slowly and looked back at the sergeant.

“looks like you got a date with 6 ton experimental fighter, you crash it and you will regret it until the day your rotting corps is finally put 6 feet under ground. that is, if we aren’t washing you off the runway.” Giving a quick salute marvin thanked the general before turning around and practically sprinting out the building and only slowing down when he was standing out side the hanger holding the experimental plane…

Annabelle was resting in her hanger, some of the technicians where running post flight checks, refueling her and running the data they had received from that days test flight. She didn’t like having a pilot, they where heavy, and none of the ones who had taken her out into the sky had any idea how to fly her at all. The last three pilots had panic attacks when they attempted to do something out of there comfort zone. One of them even blacked out, the other two got a dose of chloroform vapors and dragged off sight, much to her delight. She soon started to doze a little dreaming of the sky as she flew through the clouds in sweeping motions, rolling lazily through the bright blue sky.

She was suddenly snapped back to reality as a door was slammed abruptly. The technicians moved towards the hanger doors as she quickly re-hid her eyes and mouth as the commotion near the door grew closer. Confused by the chaos she kept an eye on the group as a single man broke from the group and she sighed seeing his flight suit.

‘another pilot, great…’ she mulled to her self as she rolled her eyes behind the see through panels that covered them. Until she saw the look in his eyes. They where a blaze with determination, the chocolate brown pupils burning a hole right through her as she shivered. Her entire being felt hot as a part of her which she had suppressed ever sense she became conscious was tingling in the back of her mind, her landing gear almost gave out on her as she struggle to stay up on all three wheels. A small little nook on her under side, about half way between her tail and wings, started to drip a silvery liquid that looked akin to mercury.

The Gloster Meteor was sitting in the center of the hanger in all its glorious silver color, the lack of paint accenting the appearance of the jet. The light coming from the lamps over head caused the smooth metal to shimmer like the surface of the ocean. her twin engines glistening in sharp contrast with the black holes of her intakes. Both of the De Havilland engines where built into the wings looking as if they had been skewered on each side rather then part of the actual wing. Moving closer to the metallic beast the sergeant placed a hand on the craft, just beneath the canopy on her left side. Oddly enough the metallic side felt warm, and as if it was almost alive and moving beneath his touch. All the while Annabelle was having trouble containing herself, the fell of his hand on her left cheek was sending spasms through her tail.

Sliding the canopy back marvin climbed up to position him self in the pilots seat. The cockpit looked semi familiar, a little alien, and all of it sending shivers down his spin, eager to start learning the new configuration, he climbed straight in. taking his seat and placing a hand on the flight stick. the technicians where attempting to talk the pilot out of the aircraft, until one of the MP’s arrived and informed them of the new pilot, currently sitting in the cockpit learning what every button and switch did. It was going to be one hell of a crash course, but being able to fly the beautiful jet was more then enough reason for marvin to learn every little thing he could about its controls.

Annabelle was surprised at the feverish state the pilot was in when he sat down in her cockpit and eagerly poured his attention into each of the switches and buttons. She was worried, confused, aroused and part of her loved it regardless. His attention to her every switch was turning her on, his hands sailing across her controls with skill and precision of a skilled pilot. Part of her wanted to leave the hanger and fly, throw him into the deep end and see if he could swim. She resisted that urge and let him work her controls over, the sensation causing her landing gear to shake as her entrance dripped with her growing arousal. Though her fantasy was short lived as the mechanics descended on the pilot in an attempt to remove him from the cockpit, finally over coming the shock of the sudden intrusion of there work. she wanted to complain but if the pilot found out about her before he flew her, he wouldn’t even get a chance to prove himself.

Putting up a strong resistance to the mechanics, actually breaking two of there noses before the MP’s arrived and informed the technicians of the situation as they backed off partially. Though they kept trying to tell marvin what each of the controls did regardless of his arguments against there help. Soon he was forced to retire to a bunk for the night, though he stayed there shortly before dressing and returning to the hanger. Once again climbing into the cockpit and going over the controls again and again to make sure he had them burned into his memory before falling asleep in the pilots seat. Annabelle was against the prospect of the pilot sleeping inside her, but there was no way to extract him with out him waking as each time she had tired to pull him from the seat he would stir. When morning rolled around Marvin and Annabelle both woke eagerly, the prospect of the test flight exiting the two, in more then one way.

“Aright Struthers your up, and try not to break it, your flying a bloody expensive plane.” One of the lead mechanics said as the hanger doors opened and Annabelle engine spooled up in excitement. It wasn’t just the cost of the plane that concerned the engineers who worked on the plane, it was the fact that they had discovered she was alive, and could feel pain.

“bah, no need to worry, I know my way around a fighter.” Marvin replied as the Gloster meteor chuckled to her self slightly, her engines whining a little louder as he gave it more fuel. “aright sweet heart, lets see what you can do.” He muttered closing the canopy as the fighter rolled onto the runway, engines scream starting to drown out everything else.

“I want a nice easy run, take her up, do a couple of maneuvers and then land, you got that Struthers?” the general said over the mic as the pilot gave the thumbs up and gunned the throttle catching the meteor off guard as she was suddenly thrown down the run way much faster then any of the other pilots. Marvin loved the feeling of how fast the jet could go as he was slammed into the seat and pinned against it while he pulled back on the stick lifting the experimental fighter into the air and towards the clouds. There was a couple curses and annoyed yells in his ear from the general and the others who where watching, but the pilot didn’t care, he was sitting a jet climbing towards 2 thousand meters faster then any prop plane could take him. Marvin ran through a couple maneuvers, but did them a little more aggressively trying to push the plane to its limits.

“so, how fast have the others managed to get this plane to go?” the pilot asked leveling off and eying the speed dial. He was at about 280 miles an hour at the moment when one of the technicians chimed in over the radio.

“so far no one has gotten over 320 before we tell them to come back and land as there nervs get in the way, BUT! I highly suggest you avoid going over that being as we haven’t tested the airframe past that speed.” The man responded as marvin nodded slightly.

“aright I solemnly promise I wont go over 320, you have my word.” The pilot answered giving a sly smile as Annabelle shivered, she knew what he was going to do and she loved it. His hand resting on the throttle, gripping it tightly in anticipation before pushing it open fully, the twin engines roaring in response as the speed dial continue to climb faster and faster. In a matter of seconds the two where rocketing through the air at 400+ miles an hour, both screaming there heads off in joy. Marvin was experiencing the biggest hard on he had ever had in this life, Annabelle on the other hand felt like she would reach her peak and loose control at any moment. She was forced to slow down to avoid loosing control, at this speed 2 kilometers wasn’t much, and she would rather avoid the risk of being a chard corps.

The pilot was starting to grown on her though, and she knew what she wanted, and she was going to try and get it when they got back to the airfield. Her flaps and rudder twitching in excitement before a transmission sent specifically to her knocked her down a notch or two.

“aright Annabelle, gas him and bring him back, I think that’s enough for today.” She heard the general say over a closed radio channel which the pilot wouldn’t be able to hear. So far the only time they have said that, the pilot failed there little tests and was probably going to be dropped off at some base and told a BS story so they don’t ask any questions. Agreeing in a disgruntled tone, her joy having been shot down for the time being as she was starting to get a little low on fuel. Opening valve to the cockpit she released a gaseous form of chloroform which quickly took its toll on the pilot as he slumped over in his seat.

The meteor flipped over and flew back to the airfield to be refueled and maintained, the fate of the pilot on the other hand bugged her greatly as she was reluctant to let the one person who managed to make her feel so good disappear. during the flight back to the airbase she came to a conclusion and smiled mischievously as she landed. Her manipulator arms wrapped tightly around the unconscious pilot as she touched down and slowly made her way to her hanger, both engines winding down slowly.

“aright Annabelle, if you can pop the canopy we will take care of Struthers here and run you through your usual maintenance.” The head technician said as he approached the jet her engines spooling down to an almost inaudible hum.

“nope.” She replied shaking the front of her fuselage and tightened her grip on the pilot, ‘accidentally’ feeling the bulge at his crotch. she had plans for the pilot and the lab coats weren’t going to get to him before she did.

“what do you mean nope? This isn’t like you at all, normally your shoving them out of the pilots seat as soon as you touch down on the runway.” He said as the others arrived, a few of them in lab coats to collect the unconscious pilot for testing and then most likely dropping him off some where.

“this ones different, so bugger off, your not getting your hands on him until I say you can.” She answered in a slightly annoyed tone, eager to clear the hanger and be alone with Struthers, to not only reveal her self to him, but to ‘reveal’ her self to him.

“If you would please hand over mister Struthers we can perform our tests and be finished.” One of the lab coats said looking at her clipboard which most likely had a list of things they wanted to poke the pilot with.

“shes being stubborn for what ever reason at the moment.” The technician said as the lab coat looked up at the living plane and frowned.

“is she now?” the lab coat asked as Annabelle gently tightened her grip on the unconscious pilot, some of the people in the hanger attempting to open her canopy and remove the pilot.

“Yes, hes mine and you cant have him, this testing was to find a pilot who could push me to the limits and find out just what I can endure. He is more then capable of doing that.” She replied swatting away one of the men who where attempting to pull her canopy back.

“That’s true Annabelle…but I would rather not risk loosing you in the process, we have put considerable amounts of time and money into your creation, the Germans are years ahead of us with there jet technology and we cant afford to take two steps back for every step forward we make.” The general said in his booming voice as every one in the hanger backed away from him and the jet at the same time.

“If that happens then so be it, BUT, this pilot stays with me, no exceptions period. All the other pilots so far have been to afraid to see what my full potential is, this one seams addicted to pushing me to my limits and trying to break them.” She replied as the general paused, looking between Annabelle’s eyes and the unconscious pilot in the cockpit. Thinking over the issue at hand the general paced in the entrance of the hanger, every ones eyes following him curious to know what he would say. coming to a stop he sighed and looked at Annabelle.

“Very well then, I want every one out of the hanger as soon as possible, finish what your doing and get out.” Walking towards the meteor who was now smiling a little he stopped and gave her a stern look. “you reveal you’re a live to him and see what happens, if he panics, hes out and your getting a new pilot before tomorrows finished. Am I under stood?” he finished as Annabelle quickly nodded understanding what the general was expecting of her.

“yes sir!” she replied giving a quick nod as he turned on a heel and made his way out of the hanger, followed by most of the others. The few who lingered in the hanger quickly refueled her before they soon followed the others and closed the hanger doors behind them. Now it was just up to the pilots reaction when he woke up, pulling the man from the pilots seat she placed him on a bench and waited calmly Struthers to wake. She didn’t have anything special planned, she was going to unveil herself and hope his reaction didn’t involve a new pair of undergarments being needed. Eventually Marvin stirred as he sat up on the bench shaking his head in an attempt to clear it from the fog that still lingered. Sitting up he was met by a feminine voice greeting him.

“Hello, I am Annabelle.” The voice said as Marvin paused scanning the hanger to find the source of the voice, his eyes soon finding the meteor smiling cheerfully as her eyes scanned him up and down quickly.

“oh…hey… I am Marvin Struthers, nice to meet you Annabelle.” He replied blinking once again and focusing on the plane once more scrunching his face in confusion. “when did you get eyes and a mouth?” he asked rather abruptly causing the Gloster meteor to laugh relieved and a little happy with his reaction.

“I have always had them, I just kept them hidden up until now, being as you weren’t supposed to know about me. at least not for a while.” She answered as Marvin frowned and stood up, calmly walking towards the plane he stopped and examined her a little more closely.

“and what do you mean by that?” he asked walking around the aircraft slowly until she coughed at him.

“I would prefer you stay, in front of me if at all possible, and the reason is because of how…rare my species is.” She said as marvin walked towards the nose of the plane once more. “which is why most who find out about us, living machines tend to panic. And that is why I am extremely confused about why you haven’t done the same as them.” She finished as he paused and smiled a little.

“well, you wouldn’t be the first of your kind I have met.” He answered taking a seat once more.

“oh? And who might this other living machine be that you have meet before then?” Annabelle asked keeping her eyes on him and wondering if she might have to compete with another machine over the pilot.

“no idea. But it was over northern France, standard patrol when suddenly Me-262 shows up out of no where, gives me a wink and wiggles his/her wings before screeching off towards Germany.” He finished as she arched an eyebrow at her.

“and that was it?” she asked a little confused as Marvin nodded slowly.

“yep, that was it, the only thing that happened with living machines and now its kind of nice to meet one in person, and the fact I have had an obsession with jets pretty much ever sense that point.

“oh…?” Annabelle asked in a rather teasing voice, the sound of her interest growing slowly with her lust.

“mhmm, pretty much the reason why I am sitting here in front of you right now, hell I was looking at one hell of a court marshal just to be here and fly you.” He finished smiling at her.

“is that correct?” she asked in a slightly growling tone, her manipulator arms twisting in an attempt to stay her desires.

“oh yea, I was practically wanting to fuck a jet at that point after I first saw it.” Marvin said truthfully and not quite realizing the impact of his words as he was suddenly knocked off balance and found him self much closer to the jets fuselage.

“well, you have the chance now, so why not take it?” she panted pulling him a little closer to her mouth, her engines spooling up slowly with her excitement.

“I don’t…what the fuck why the hell not, I will probably get to do everything else with a jet and my luck with women is shit.” He replied feeling one of her hands making its way into his flight suit.

“that was quick, now lets get you out of this.” She hissed eagerly tearing at his clothing which quickly disappeared, before Marvin could protest Annabelle was silencing him with her mouth. any other questions he would have had disappeared quickly as the taste of her silvery saliva consumed his mind to a point, electing a different question which quickly disappeared in the interest of enjoying the moment.

“Fuck that was a good kiss…” marvin said as they parted a little shorter for breath, his heart beating away in his chest as her engines screamed a little louder.

“and there’s more to come.” She teased one of her hands eagerly stroking his member.

“well fuck me.” he muttered interested to see what would be happening next.

“that’s the plan.” Annabelle replied before gently kissing his chest before positioning him in such a way that his member was easier for her to get at.

“I walked right into that one…” marvin said as the Gloster meteor had basically lost interest in what he was saying and was now focusing more on the rock hard shaft inches away from her mouth. finally taking note of the situation at hand marvin paused as he turned a bright red. “w-what the hell are you doing??” he asked quickly eyeing her as his member got closer to her parted lips.

“having a taste of the main course.” She answered as her tongue coiled around his hard cock sending a shiver through the pilot at the sudden sensation of her tongue.

“f-fuck!” he stammered placing his hands on her nose cone to try and steady himself even though her arms where doing a much better job at that. Moving her tongue slowly at first she soon pulled the pilot into her mouth and tightened her grip around his member. Letting it sit in her mouth for a short while, the feeling pouring through her airframe and causing her engines to scream a little louder in excitement. Marvin was about to speak until Annabelle started to move him, slowly at first but gradually building up speed. ‘g-god damn this is amazing!’ the pilot thought to himself as the pleasure continued to grow in his groin. Each thrust causing a little moan to escape as he was used as a sex toy for the time being.

“i-I ca….ca…” he tried to warn as Annabel changed her focus from his shaft to his face her engines kicking up dirt and scorching the ground as his expression caused her lust to skyrocket. Curious to hear what he had to say she slowed and sensually pulled his shaft from her mouth, just in time to have a thick rope of his seed soon followed by a few more, land on her fuselage.

“oooh!” she cried in excitement before lapping at the creamy fluid on her face.

“h-holy fuck….” Marvin gasped trying to catch his breath as he was let down to the cold grown to rest, the meteor a little to focused on the new substance.

“mmm, delicious.” She cooed collecting the rest of his seed and eagerly cleaned off his deflating shaft not wanting to waste a drop.

“bloody hell…just…give me…a couple minutes…” he muttered thinking that she was tying to get it back up again.

“why?” she teased cleaning off the last little bit of his seed before picking him up once more in her arms. “I have a little plan for you, if you don’t mind returning the favor.” She teased slowly pulling him beneath her airframe, a little curious, he eyed her underbelly as she drew him closer to her tail. Soon a small opening in her underside came into view, a silver liquid was flowing from the slit as she brought him closer to the opening.

“w-wait, is that..?” he started as Annabelle giggled pushed his head towards her nether.

“mhmm, now give it a taste and see how you like it.” She replied lowering her self down towards his face, her engine pods soon resting on the ground. cautiously he extended his tongue towards the four inch long line that dripped the hot liquid onto his face. swallowing dryly he pulled himself closer and gently licked the smooth and soft flesh, it was hot and nearly burned his tongue but in the same instance he tasted her fluids. The flavor caused Marvin to tingle as the warm liquid flowed through his body quickly followed by a wave of heat that kicked his reasoning out the window. Before he knew what was happening Marvin found him self feasting on the living machines slit eagerly drinking down the silver liquid as it poured from her depths.

“aaaaaaaaaah! Yes just like that! Don’t stop!” Annabelle hissed arching her back and pushing his face into her nethers a little harder as his tongue slipped into her folds and teased a much louder moan from the horny plane. The more he teased her the more fluid seeped from the living machine which only drove him deeper inside of her folds, his tongue dancing across the soft warm flesh. Making sure he had a firm grasp on her airframe he moved his tongue faster, lapping and licking at the hot liquid that was proving to be the beginning of an addiction. ‘She made me cum, its only fair I do the same to her.’ he growled to himself as Annabelle’s moans and cries of pleasure only caused the pilot to lust after the jet even more.

The twin de Havilland engines roaring with her excitement, the temperature, and the size of the scorch marks on the ground growing with each little lick and kiss that Marvin made. It wasn’t long before his merciless assault overwhelmed the meteor, her engines flaming out as she cried out in pleasure nearly drowning the pilot in her fluids. Taking her juices by the mouth full marvin tried to gulp down the flood of liquid silver before moving away coughing and sputtering. Laying beneath the jet fighter marvin inhaled deeply and caught his breath enjoying the tingly feeling that was flowing through is body at the moment.

“ah….oh! i-I am…so …sorry.” Annabelle panted, her engines starting up again and staying at a low hum. Marvin coughed again and chuckled patting her underbelly slightly.

“its… perfectly alright, I shouldn’t have been so greedy.” He answered kissing her underbelly and spinning himself around, Annabelle’s fluids having revitalized him to a point. “now then…” he paused smiling at the jet who had moved just enough to see him. “…shall we go on?” The tip of his shaft gently prodding at her underside exciting her once more as her engines continued to spool up once more. she wiggled in excitement as his prodding member rubbed against her warm belly electing an excited cry from the lusting plane.

“OH YES! Yes yes yes!!! COME ON MARVIN! TAKE ME!” she growled one of her hands firmly grasping his member and pressing the tip agasint her moist nethers. The pilot inhaled sharply as his cock started to pierce her folds gently spreading her wet lips, the head disappearing completely inside of her.

“h-HOly FUcK!!” Marvin hissed as her cave wrapped his shaft in a tight and warm grip. Annabelle moaned in pleasure as she held her pilot tightly in her arms, her hands sliding into his.

“That’s it my love…” she whispered slowly lowering her self onto his cock which eagerly twitched as he pushed farther up into her and hten slowly pulling out. “Nice and slow.” Marvin grit his teeth as the pressure around his shaft started to swell, her folds clamping down on his shaft as he made shallow thrusts into her, though gradually building speed and depth with each one.

“Oh Y-YES! Fuck me harder!” she growled starting to slam her tail into his pelvis ridding her pilot eagerly as her engines roared louder with each thrust.

“YE-YES MA’AM!!!” he replied gripping onto her hull tightly before slamming into her hilting his cannon into her folds as she ‘hopped’ on her landing gear in surprise.

“OH YES!!!” came her reply as she slammed her self down onto him once more as she held him tightly against her under side. Marvin pulled out as she pulled up and his shaft popped free for but a moment before she had pulled it deep inside her once more and continued to force her self down on his shaft as they vigorously drove closer and closer towards the edge of climax. Their combined movements bringing Marvin closer to finishing as he realized Annabelle wasn’t nearly as close as he was to the edge of finishing. Sliding a hand along her belly he reached towards where they where connected to find a bump at the top of her entrance, smiling to him self between moans he gently pressed his fingers against the button. Annabelle gasped above him as her engines screamed with her skyrocketing pleasure, it wasn’t long before he made a final thrust which she allowed to go much deeper then any others before it. A little shocked at the sudden chance in texture marvin lost it as he held on to her tightly his cream pouring into her depths as she clamped down around him screaming in pleasure.

“YES!!! FILL ME WITH YOUR CUM!” she screamed as the flood of seed into her depths, her engines flaming out as her walls pulsed along his length milking him of everything he had to give. Gritting his teeth as he was rocked by the strongest orgasm he had ever had, the shear pleasure causing him to go numb as the only thing which held him up where her arms. Her juices soaked marvins waist as she managed to hold in the cream she was so interested in keeping. It sent a thrilling sensation through her body, not being sure if his seed was potent enough to take with in her womb or if it was a futile attempt, in the end she didn’t care both her and her lover where satisfied.

When they both regained there senses from the overwhelming bliss they shared she gently caressed her lover holding him tight to her belly. Marvin wriggled slightly still lodged firmly in her depths, realization struck him, his brain piecing together the potential severity of what just happened.

“f-fuck! I am so sorry!” he said quickly as Annabelle looked in his direction quizicaly, her hands still playing with his hair gently.

“whats the matter?”

“i-I fucked up, I am so sorry I didn’t mean to…” he stammered trailing off slightly.

“finish inside? Its perfectly fine, I don’t know if its even possible for you to impregnate me…” she paused shortly giving him a few reassuring stokes her airframe humming slightly in joy. “And If you do, well, I would be more then happy to raise a child with you.” She finished holding him tightly agasint her underbelly.

“if you say so…” he answered kissing her underside, the warmth, gentle vibrations and her loving caresses easing his panicked mind. “I guess that leaves nothing to do but play the waiting game.”

“And do tests, the least interesting thing I want to do, But I think getting to ride my test pilot makes up for that.” She teased as Marvin chuckled and patted her belly.

“I think that sounds like something I can live with.” Came his response as they wished each other a good night and drifted into the waiting arms of exhaustion. They embraced lovingly as they dreamed about the days to come and what they might hold in store for them.


Well that was fun!

I enjoyed writing this and i hope you all enjoy reading it! feed back is much appreciated, Thank you for reading and i should have the three way story finished relatively soon -hopefully- not to mention the four+ other stories i have rolling around in my head at the moment.

A6M5 mod. 52 Ayaka Zero

This is my first story of 2015: A HaM side story response to Cerebral error’s Petra post war plane taking place very shortly after Japan surrenders. The ending is something I’m trying and I’d personally like feedback if yall like it or if you don’t. Well enough lollygagging let’s read and enjoy ourselves!

A6M5 Ayaka Zero

Jack cursed under his breath as the long truck hauling a Zero with the wings removed and strapped on either side of the airframe on the trailer of the truck rolls up on his driveway. Jack had specifically asked for the plane to remain intact and not dismantled at all other than the removal of the weapons. He had purchased the plane with money he put into the bank before the war and due to financial tricks and trades had earned enough to buy a formidable Zero he’s drooled over every time he’d dogfight one.

“Ahhh you bastards!”

“Hey calm yourself, Jack. We wouldn’t fit across the bridges with stiff wings so we cut ’em. At least you can fix ‘er.” Jack looked pissed, two months of wait time and he still won’t be able to fly again for at least a week.

“A two month wait lets me build my runway and clear out a hanger, I’ve got fuel and gear for it ready now and you show up with the fucking wings TIED TO THE SIDES!” Jack hit the hefty trucker he’s known all his life with his leather jacket then stood admiring his new plane.

“First- ow! Second- you want me to park the trailer in the hanger?”

“Yes, the hanger’s ’round back. Put the trailer in the hanger with the nose outward, set it down with the jack feet on the ground so I can lower the body down onto its gears, I’ll call you when you can come get it.”

“Got it, Jack.” With that he brought it around and backed into the pristine hanger from the days of biplanes, undid the trailer as per instruction and left with a farewell. As soon as the dust trail was out of sight the hanger doors slammed shut, startling Jack, and he was soon being yelled at.

“You are going to start fixing me now, American! Then we will fly!” She sounded like Kato’s Japanese mother, only excellent English, Jack winced at this and looked at the Zero wide eyed that it wasn’t just talking, enough to freak him, but was screaming at him, enough to break him. And piss himself.

“Holy shit you talk.” He snapped in great disbelief. “And you are not happy.” This caused two eyes to materialize on the corner glass panes with much anger filling them as two metallic arms and hands lashed out to him, grabbing him by his collars and dragging him from the door to about a foot from her nose before screaming again.

“NO I’M NOT HAPPY! I get my wings ripped off and drug across who the hell knows where! Do you know what it’s like to be torn limb from limb!? DO YOU!? Perhaps I’ll enlighten you!” Jack trembles and puts his hands out and shakes his head no very desperately.

“I’LL FIX YOU I’LL FIX YOU PLEASE DON’T!” he almost seemed to cry, he ironically feared amputation greatly and this was something he’d desperately try to prevent. She appeared pleased, taking many relieving breaths as she gently lowers Jack to the ground allowing his legs to ‘take over’ and fall to the floor then crawl until he can get up. Flipping shit the whole time. The Zero crossed her arms under her cockpit, below a set of parted streamline lips aft of the engine nautical and waited about an hour for him to compose himself and grasp the alien thought of a plane threatening to rip him in parts.

“So Zero, how long have you been like this?” She looks to him still pissed.

“My name is Ayaka. In parts? Since you asses started transporting me.” She looked back to Jack and he didn’t look answered. “Alive? Off the line.” Jack looked at her, staring at the metal plates separated at the seams and then her gorgeous body, never able to admire their absolutely gorgeous body! Then he asks another:

“Did it hurt? Can you feel… stuff?” She looked at him like he was a dipshit.

“Stuff? That’s the best you can do? Stuff? A fighter ace by that tally list behind you and the best you can say is ‘can you feel stuff’? Mighty Japan defeated by dumbasses! Glorious!” He sank back; he was being harassed by his new plane. He liked it somehow… “Yes I felt that, I can’t feel my wings anymore but I could at a time. Touch is what you were looking for; I can feel that all around my body.” God knows why but this excited Jack sexually, which he was embarrassed of and hid it to his best ability. Ayaka noticed anyway, experienced and trained eyes provided her the eyesight, but didn’t acknowledge it. Jack got his mind back on track; the sexual wonders aren’t for when she just threatened him with disembodiment.

“Well I’d guess to start is how did they remove them?”

“They unbolted and cut at the pre-made seams. It shouldn’t be that hard.” They began by building block rests for the wings to lie on before the two retired for the night. He’s nice, not abusive and so far pretty gentle and the place is cozy and warm, better than I thought. I could get used to civilian life. Jack too was thinking of the other. Wow they’re so elegant! She’s a little scary and demanding, ah that’ll pass over she is just being defensive, I wonder if she’s scared? Day after day the two tinkered, hour after hour the two came closer to completion, minute by minute they came closer as companions talking about their times in the just passed World War Two, Ayaka a A6M5 model 52 with many kills under her and her pilot’s belts, the darker times in the end of the war, and how her pilot left her to become the divine wind, and how they joked with her for being more American in personality. While Jack talked about being raised in the depression, flipping shit when Pearl was bombed, and how he’d always wanted to be a pilot, how scared he was when the Wildcats he flew dropped like flies when dogfighting Zero’s, and how they’d tediously learned how to fight the superior Zero’s. Ayaka grew accustomed to him, and enjoyed his company greatly; soon she noticed that he was less and less sporadic in his excitement around her until the point of about a day away from completion he grew no bulge at all, whether she liked it or not this saddened her. On the final day she asked the question she’d been avoiding in fear of his response:

“Jack… why did you buy me?” Jack winced.

“Normally I’d say buy but with you please don’t say I bought you, it feels wrong like its slavery.-”

“But it’s not I fly and that’s really all I can do.”

“-Well for me I’d say buying a living, intelligent thing-man made or not-is like slavery.-”

“But what about pets? If I was a pet?”

“-You are no pet, Ayaka, you are no slave, Ayaka, and if you don’t want to stay then that’s your choice and not mine, Ayaka.” He had emphasis on his points; Ayaka grabbed his shoulders and asked again.

“Fine then, Jack, why did you take me in?”

“Well… … … to be honest I’ve wanted one since my first encounter in ’42.” Ayaka was interested and was looking like she was also, “Us poor cats didn’t stand a chance, all you Zekes raped the shit out of our assholes. I wanted one badly, to be on even grounds with you Japs at least. You’re all so elegant, fast, agile and smooth, beautiful.” Ayaka ‘blushed’ turning her body-mounted gun bulges from pure white to a light silver.

“Why did you still want one when we became inferior?” She asked still blushing and flattered.

“Beauty kept it in my mind.” He answered a little unsure as to exactly why, but this was enough to make Ayaka squirm when his back was turned. They moved even faster, the goal within reach, the wing fuel lines reconnected, the airframe merged, the edges sanded and smoothed, and not far into the process Ayaka exclaimed she could feel them again and hugged Jack against her belly, who learned to let it happen, and watched with a smile as she wiggles her newly joined wings. She was so happy that her mind was screaming celebration sex but she suppressed this, and unknowing to her Jack was also lusting for sex, but all he knew of her sex was she was made female. Soon they were finished, and Ayaka’s slit was ferociously demanding to finally be fucked by a man, and Jack had calmed himself and never noticed the silver Mercury fluid dripping and running down from the bottom of her mid-tail. Jack lowered the trailer letting Ayaka onto the cement floor on her own landing gear where she joyously rocked on. He called for his friend to pick up the trailer while he was flying, Ayaka bounced when she overheard him, then eagerly reached for the nearby fuel hoses and began filling herself with the substance, all the while her slit was screaming for her to plug that opening with Jack’s nozzle and fill it up with his creamy dreamy substance, but she painfully waited as they were expecting company, that’s when she was asked a question that almost made her fuck him right there.

“So why are you a girl plane?” She hesitated; she had a habit of blabbering out what’s on her mind when she’s emotional like this…

“Well I have a pussy.” She meant vagina, she inched back to protect him from initial rape, but he nodded his head and raised his eyebrows and seemed like it was understandable. They proceeded on, she was topped off yet thirsty, and she feverishly wiped and cleaned her wetness off her tail as so no suspicion would arise, even though she wanted him to rub and touch and toy with the source all day long and way into the night. She passed thankfully and agreed with her hormones to fuck him somewhere in a clearing later or when they land back here all the while flirting and tempting him. She was going to get laid for the first time, finally today!

“All that’s done, need any help with starting up?” Jack asked Ayaka, she shook her engine nautical no and allowed him to climb in wearing his old flight gear and oxygen mask kit. He asked her to show him how to turn her on. You already did, Jack. She turns over with a sputter then a pleasing hum sending heat and vibrations into the cockpit.

“Ready to fly, Ayaka?”

“It’s about damn time!” With that she hits the throttle, violently thrusting forth down the runway, while Jack watches and studies how she executes a takeoff so he can do this at a later time. She picks up her tail, raises her flaps and leaves the Earth joyously and pridefully, taking in all the fresh air and the rush of wind over her smooth body, the sense of bird-like freedom. “It’s even better than I remember, Jack!”

“I can only agree with you there.” Jack felt untethered, loose, free, when he’d fly, and Ayaka made him feel warm and fuzzy inside. He smiled realizing the cheesiness of the description, and was motioned to take the joystick and fly her himself. He grips the plastic handle, resting his thumb on the top button and his pointer and middle fingers on the trigger out of habit, and grabbed her throttle control with his left hand and admired the inside of his beloved plane. “So Ayaka, what should we do first?”

FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! Was all she could think, then she spit out the only thing that wasn’t sex: “Any maneuver you can think of.” In remarkable timing, precision, and elegance the two executed Immelmanns, split-s, wingovers, pitch turns, yo-yos, barrel rolls, spirals, scissors, and anything they come up with for hours. Then the two admire the Midwest landscape and the falling sun. Ayaka hatches an idea to show off how slow she can go and pulls low in front and off the side of an upcoming train traveling with it.

“Ayaka why is the train passing us…” Jack spurts a little worried, “how fast are we going?”

“Well in your speeds we’re going at around… mmmm… seventy-six miles an hour.” Jack was astonished; no wonder they outmaneuvered the wildcats so easily. “My stalling speed is about sixty-nine.” Damnit! Why did I say that! Well… I could… She pumps her engine a bit more, vibrating the cockpit and making Jack’s cock pit thicker in blood flow. She talks and flirts until she’s got him without him even noticing what she did. “Jack it’s getting dark and the fuel’s almost gone, I’m going home.” Jack was awed by her referring to the hanger as home, he felt that she wanted to stay here, and she did. He watches closely as she runs through the landing procedure and they smile as they pull up to an empty hanger, the trailer’s gone. She turns herself around and backs in thinking of all the naughty things she’ll do to Jack. Jack learns how to power down and climbs out of Ayaka’s cockpit unaware her eyes are glinting at her soon to be ‘joystick’ and hops down and walks to the man door locking it for the night. “Alright Ayaka, I see why you raped us in the skies, and I’m pretty mind fucked right now so I’m heading to bed.” He’s walking to the main hanger door when out of nowhere Ayaka slams it shut and puts an iron rod down the padlock mounts.

“Why not sleep with me?” She says in a more demanding sexual tone then a passive sexual tone. Jack turns around and meets her gaze and the two simply click together and rush in to meet in a long enticing kiss. Ayaka’s engine is turning over but isn’t running the prop and her slit is producing so much precum that her protective plates are filling like pools with a too slow leak trying to empty them while Jack is growing hard faster than ever before and his heart racing, he was ready and was removing the bulky stuff off his suit. Both of them were in a complete high with the day’s dealings taking a mental toll while there hormones were powering their bodies into overdrive. Ayaka couldn’t wait anymore and tore at his fly and yanked his stick out and hauled his crotch to her awaiting mouth. Jack said nothing but moaned comfortably when her soft, tender, juicy wet lips caressed his dick and her mouth tugged at his shaft with her tongue gone from exploring his mouth to his cock. She thoroughly licked him, giving him a silver sheen when she did pull him out after she persuaded him to let her taste his entirety, and enjoying his little eruption of his delicious cream spurting all around her vast vibrating mouth. She then pulled a crate under her mid-tail and laid him on it, below the source of her silver leak.

“Open wide, sugar.” Jack does as he’s told and eagerly awaits what she has in store for him. Two panels about twenty inches long stretching up to the sides of her tail open like bomb bay doors and a payload of her liquids falls on a shocked Jack; after wiping the fluid out of his eyes he meets a gray belly under the panels with a very beautiful vagina in the middle running about sixteen inches long with a very bright and tasteful looking clit at the top end and very thick and elegant curvy lips running to the bottom dripping loads of her pre onto his body at various points. He adjusts his body and leans up to plant his face firmly in between her pussy lips. He is greatly pleased and aroused by how wonderful she felt around his face and how she tasted and wondered if her hot vagina would cook him like a turkey if they spooned. Ayaka was mesmerized and taken away by the sensations down south. Her eyes crossed at weird angles and she drooled from both lip pairs greatly, this made Jack chuckle thinking he had himself a very wet girl, and her engine raced with the prop ever so gently turning.

“Ahhhhhhhaaaaa Jaaaaackkk! Oh! You have noooo idea how loooong I’ve waited for thisssss!” She dragged on the moments Jack slurped at her clit; waiting for the pressure to tell him she’s cuming. She lasted a very long time, it took Jack a good five minutes to bring her teetering on the edge of washing Jack’s face with her cum, so Jack begged her to let go, dump it all over him, and she did so without a second thought, drenching Jack, making his member ache for her tender love and caressing. He reoriented himself, and with some help of Ayaka’s arms was pressed against the belly with his pelvis hanging below her furnace of a pussy, and in one swoop he thrusts into her welcoming walls and fills the hanger with loving cries in English and Japanese, mixes of moaning and panting along with Ayaka’s engine roaring and the prop spinning more consistently. This was the first thrust and it penetrated the cervix. Ayaka couldn’t resist locking Jack deep inside her and shut her panels on his pants, he was still dressed, and some manipulators trying to feel him from the other side of his clothes gave up on that and opened up his button shirt and pinned it open against her sides letting any remaining manipulators feel his moist and sweating abs, pecks, biceps, and much more while Jack himself was feeling up her long tail wherever he could reach. Soon he noticed waves of pinching on his cock inside her cervix, moving in wave patterns that massaged and nullified his dick making Jack melt brain dead and one hundred percent relaxed in her clutches of his all. Ayaka wanted him to at least once fill her, she knew she was shallow yet long and wouldn’t take too much to coat it all in his wonderful sperm, and that’s what she’ll make him do. She too goes brain dead letting her hormones control all aspects of her: nothing changed except motions around his cock until his cock was shaking more than her engine and then soon enough it erupted like a volcano, penetrating deep inside with his sperm. And all she wanted was more! After a few repetitions and orgasms from the two Jack realizes what she’s doing and begs her to stop before she becomes pregnant.

“No Jack! I’ve waited too long for this and you aren’t going to stop my fantasy!”

“Which is?”

“Filling me up with your hot seamen!” She continued to putty his dick until he said his head felt like it would explode, he was only half way filling her, she inserted a needle into his veins and relieved the deadly pressure that would pop the blood vessel and starve his brain of oxygen; now, there’s no stopping her dream. Jack pulls and pushes against her panels to let him live his desire, which she does, and he begins drilling her. She screams in appraisal and begs him for more; he pushes hard into her forcing part of his groin and crotch inside her tightening walls. He was venturing deep enough to feel his sticky goo inside her plush hot halls didn’t feel normal but enticed him to spread more of it inside her. They fucked like this for hours, finishing off with multitudes of Jack getting hand jobs with his dick head just inside her lips to completely fill every inch of her with sperm. Once that was done Jack’s cock ached very badly and looked swollen and like a few vessels were popped until another blow job from Ayaka cleaned away the oil that he thought was blood. He looked at her opening, strains of his seamen were leaking from it but it still looked appetizing to him and as the two rests, he asks to enter once more, but to be locked like the first times, where the two may sleep the day away, she merrily agreed. As he entered again, he noticed how sticky it was, and Ayaka noticed something tingling deep inside her and how sore she was then she felt the now sticky walls separating and parting for her lover. She pinned him in, listening to his question she thought she’d never hear:

“Ayaka… I know this sounds strange and the papers are going to be very tricky, but- w-w-would you marry me? I know it was a little fast but-”

“Yes Jack I’ll marry you!” Jack was stunned; he smiled greatly and buried his face into her belly giving it a gentle kiss. “No need to do any papers, just get yourself a ring and me some gold paint and we’ll be fine.” The two chuckled, joked a little more, then fell asleep in the light of the rising sun.

Fin A6M5 Ayaka

Well Cerebral, how’d I do? This is my first written plane story and not many more will probably follow. I mean I love planes they’re sexy and you can get into good positions with ’em but I’d rather stick to tanks and ships. Seriously this replaced an IS-3-way story I was writing when I lost all progress so expect that one very soon!