First off many apologies as my machine story’s mostly just exist in the form of old Roleplays and badly spelled ones at that. This was the story of Kevin and Grace. I rescued it from the archives 6 months ago.


[7/1/14, 2:15:20 AM]  walking by the hangar, and admirer’s engine purrs softly…
[7/1/14, 2:16:38 AM]  you turn around, and the “lady” of the hangar makes no attempt to turn her nose away..
[7/1/14, 2:16:47 AM]  but she locks optics with you for a moment.
[7/1/14, 2:17:09 AM]  you think she might ask you a question but she doesn’t.
[7/1/14, 2:17:22 AM] Han: I would probably return the gaze. curious and interested.
[7/1/14, 2:17:42 AM] Han: possibly letting her speak first. it would be impolite to break her thought.
[7/1/14, 2:17:44 AM]  so you walk forward , maybe you say something like, ‘um.. can I help you..?”
[7/1/14, 2:18:09 AM] Han: “Is there something I can help you with?” Id ask in a simple voice.
[7/1/14, 2:18:57 AM]  she wheels closer until her nose is just barely above your shoulder and you can see her optics beckoning you from just beyond her prop

[7/1/14, 2:20:11 AM] Han: My hand would reach up.. not afraid to feel her hull. I’ve danced with big machines.. my step wouldn’t be nervous.
[7/1/14, 2:21:03 AM]  she still doesn’t say anything although it looks like she wants to scream something out. But her eyes soften and close.. enjoying the feeling of your warm hands against her hull
[7/1/14, 2:22:00 AM] maybe you hear the soft whine of air she sucks into her intakes attempting to keep calm
[7/1/14, 2:22:28 AM]  or the whirr of the engine still warm and deep under the airframe
[7/1/14, 2:22:41 AM] Han: My palm would feel over the material, looking at the rivets that hold the metal in place. I feel though as if I shouldn’t inquire deeper.
[7/1/14, 2:23:12 AM] Han: Let the lady lead my mind says.

[7/1/14, 2:23:52 AM] : I wonder what plane she is..
[7/1/14, 2:25:24 AM]  cause I just imagine..
[7/1/14, 2:25:30 AM]  that question never gets asked
[7/1/14, 2:25:38 AM]  and the answer never gets given
[7/1/14, 2:25:52 AM]  she deploys a mechadendrite to move along the length of your face
[7/1/14, 2:26:03 AM]  and pull you beyond her nose to her mouth
[7/1/14, 2:26:16 AM] were she gently steals a mechanical kiss from your lips
[7/1/14, 2:26:39 AM] Han: if everything happened just right. that question might never need pass one’s lips
[7/1/14, 2:27:05 AM]  its awkward, but you feel the sincerity, a bit of tongue against your tongue..
[7/1/14, 2:27:29 AM]  and another dendrite slithers up your right arm pulling you in a little closer
[7/1/14, 2:27:51 AM]  till your practically leaning against her airframe and she cranes her neck to meet you full on
[7/1/14, 2:28:14 AM] Han: I’d ease into a lean against the gal, still rubbing her outside and feeling her.
[7/1/14, 2:28:18 AM] Han: guessing what she was.
[7/1/14, 2:28:27 AM]  maybe its dark..
[7/1/14, 2:28:34 AM]  the lights are off in the hangar for a reason
[7/1/14, 2:28:39 AM]  maybe she’s nervous

[7/1/14, 2:29:00 AM] Han: perhaps he wasn’t meant to be there.. but he went into the hangar anyway
[7/1/14, 2:29:05 AM]  in the dark you can’t read her serial numbers on her tail
[7/1/14, 2:30:02 AM] Han: I would gently reach for the dendrite and feel it.
[7/1/14, 2:30:24 AM] Han: Such a soft, inviting piece of metal. how can it be so tender
[7/1/14, 2:31:26 AM]  you can tell by the slight quiver in her bottom lip she wants to ask a question but it won’t leave her lips.. instead , instead you feel a larger dendrite wrap around your thigh and one behind your back gently tip you over and she pushes her nose against your shoulder.
[7/1/14, 2:31:32 AM] now you are on the floor
[7/1/14, 2:32:05 AM]  and she carefully wheels over you and lowers herself to put her mouth around yours again

[7/1/14, 2:32:16 AM] Han: despite giving a groan from toppling from six foot tall, down to three.
[7/1/14, 2:33:32 AM] Han: easing myself, rubbing her cheeks and letting her lead this.. kiss.
[7/1/14, 2:33:33 AM]  she has lowered you gently.. because now more dendrites have sprang forth to grab at your flight suit and peel your leather skull cap off
[7/1/14, 2:34:00 AM]  all the while tasting the metallic tongue of a large female war bird against your own
[7/1/14, 2:34:34 AM]  she’s so nervous, more and more air moves in through her intakes. in small quiet gasps..
[7/1/14, 2:35:31 AM] Han: I would gently hold her cheek and a dendrite, take in a breath after tasting more of the warbirds tongue. “Breath sweetie. No need to be frightened.”
[7/1/14, 2:36:15 AM] Han: “No need to be scared.”
[7/1/14, 2:36:45 AM] your body gets lifted to meet the length of her under belly. crisp and smooth and riveted. mechadendrits and feelers move up your back from inside the coat.
[7/1/14, 2:37:19 AM]  she’s very warm, and there is no evidence she’s even left the hangar
[7/1/14, 2:38:33 AM] Han: trembles just a little.. the sensation of being lifted into this pseudo hug against the belly and his back getting stroked from under his trench coat and shirt let him take in another breath of air. Now able to easily rub the belly and feel for more signs. Was she a bomber perhaps with bay doors.

[7/1/14, 2:40:06 AM] she gains her composure, but instead of something all important and world view breaking she utters out.. ” i..i.. ”

[7/1/14, 2:42:44 AM] Han: Keeps gently rubbing the belly. ” You?” stops once he feels something and just rubs it soothingly.

[7/1/14, 2:43:55 AM]  oh so timid.. so.. shamed and yet not ashamed.
[7/1/14, 2:44:18 AM] : her eyes close..
[7/1/14, 2:44:40 AM]  and you can feel a deep hum from somewhere deep inside her
[7/1/14, 2:44:41 AM] Han: Im not afraid to show my love and admiration for a machine.
[7/1/14, 2:46:05 AM]  those dendrites they pull your coat aside.. and one wraps around you from behind.. pulling and tugging at the buttons of your shirt..
[7/1/14, 2:46:27 AM]  freeing you from the layers that separate your hot flesh from her cool quivering steel
[7/1/14, 2:47:26 AM] Han: “breath easily.” still rubbing what he thinks is a pitot tube. Still held up to the belly. feeling his clothes removed so his warm flesh could press to the metal.. “Mm.. does.. the gorgeous gal need a belly warming?”
[7/1/14, 2:48:30 AM]  when she feels it, the sensation.. so delicious and soft, sends waves of pleasure throughout her fuselage and she grits her little fang tooth together.
[7/1/14, 2:49:14 AM]  she huffs and her prop spins around once.. you feel tugging at the bottom of your pants
[7/1/14, 2:49:58 AM]  she gasps again through her intakes desperate to understand these things called ‘pants” before someone walks in or she looses her nerve, or worse.. she’s rejected..
[7/1/14, 2:50:12 AM]: she didn’t want this.. she needed this..
[7/1/14, 2:50:43 AM] Han: He slowly hugs onto the belly with his arms. though his exposed chest does do what they do with cold. Looking down and seeing his pants trying to be removed. Still not wanting to question but he then splits the silence. “Do.. you need help?”
[7/1/14, 2:51:58 AM]  with a shocked and somewhat embarrassed expression she shut her eyes tight and lowered her head to see you from the side. “I.. yes.. please help me..”
[7/1/14, 2:53:00 AM]  you could probably scarcely notice but the mechadendrites have already made short work tossing off the offensive heavy coat and shirt..
[7/1/14, 2:53:19 AM]  the metal now traceing the curves around the muscles of your back shoulders

[7/1/14, 2:53:28 AM] Han: His face looked soft, and his voice was still collected. whispering cause he knew it was to help ease the female not be afraid.
[7/1/14, 2:54:03 AM] Han: His body not the prime example of human fitness.. but it was tough when it needs to be.

[7/1/14, 2:54:54 AM] Han: Thin arms that could definitely get the job done. fair chest and a little chubby belly..
[7/1/14, 2:55:05 AM]  she had signed up for everything that was hidden underneath your clothes
[7/1/14, 2:55:22 AM]  and part of that was your humanness
[7/1/14, 2:56:16 AM] Han: He was human after all.. no Olympian god or complete twink. he could be better but he was quite alright.
[7/1/14, 2:56:25 AM]  in the dark she closes her eyes and licks her mouth. her prop spins once around again. and the dendrites slither down stairs..
[7/1/14, 2:57:38 AM] Han: “ooh.. adventurous.. aren’t you ma’am?” he says with a little nervous sound feeling the dendrites slither against his body and down to places few go.
[7/1/14, 2:59:30 AM]  ;;she knods and keeps silent, except for the sound of a whimper. warm silky smooth metal tendrils search for your member wondering if you were soft, or hard.. but feeling the distinct temperature differential between this delightful place and the press of your belly
[7/1/14, 3:01:29 AM] Han: He does seem to blush and warm up all over.. idly shifting his hips once that warm tendril feels its target.. half hard and quite warm still in its pants confines. “Is.. is this what you need sweetie?” he says with a soft squeeze of his hand on her side.
[7/1/14, 3:03:09 AM]  she squeezes your rump firmly for a few seconds.. “I’ve gotten your kiss.. I’ve gotten your touch. i need to feel something warm and good from a human.. I..’
[7/1/14, 3:04:06 AM]  ;;she rubs and caresses and strokes your member softly.. hopping you will stiffen and engorge for her.. but willing to accept the consequences now for overstepping her bounds..;;
[7/1/14, 3:04:35 AM]  “..with a pilot.. i needed.. to be with a pilot, with you. ”
[7/1/14, 3:05:59 AM] Han: Tenses up and does give a sort of ‘squeak’ from his voice.. a useless skill he had learned on his own. His rump was fairly plump in the dendrites hold.. his body only being about two hundred pounds in total.. and most was below his navel. “You, did get a kiss, and I will always give you my touch. If you want more.. then all you have to do.” Pauses his voice, letting her stiffen his four inches up till it was seven..
[7/1/14, 3:06:51 AM] Han: “All you have to do is ask.” he finishes his words, signaling his permission as he also gives a soft and tender kiss to the aircraft ladies tummy.
[7/1/14, 3:10:32 AM]  ;;dendrites knead and softly squeeze you. she can feel your member pulse with the beat of your human heart now. your body giving off a musk she cannot resist. another feeler reaching from behind to massage and knead at your balls hopping to encourages you to stiffen more and enjoy what she must so desperately do to you.;;
[7/1/14, 3:11:11 AM]  one dendrite in your mouth to feel your tongue.. you are moving farther away from her mouth now, and it is impossible to steal a kiss now.
[7/1/14, 3:12:25 AM]  she moves you with her incredibly strong manipulators down along the her undercarriage between her strengthening landing gear her appendages- the color of silvery metal.
[7/1/14, 3:13:25 AM]  she had pressed your burning cock against her belly, which seemed much cooler in comparison until you reached a particular patch of rivets and panels;;
[7/1/14, 3:13:33 AM] Han: His bit throbs and does stiffen at its current size.. seems he was packing something most would be jealous about.. giving a soft sigh feeling another dendrite toy with his sac. A little drop of his pre leaks up and beads at the tip. He just keeps tenderly kissing the craft along her underside as she repositions him further down.
[7/1/14, 3:14:33 AM] Han: Giving a slow gasp with the new patch of metal pressed to his body while his member now does get free’d by his own hands.. letting it press flat and smooth to her underside.
[7/1/14, 3:15:25 AM] Han: Hopefully by now his own eyes have adjusted to the darkness.. where he can see the landing gear glimmer some in the dark light.
[7/1/14, 3:17:14 AM] Han: ( are you doing alright? I wouldn’t want to overstep either )
[7/1/14, 3:17:47 AM]  you feel a little give, the rivets part a little to the side revealing something that felt, very complicated, layered and hot. you couldn’t see it but you could feel it… The large female machine pressed you carefully against the floor and her belly careful so as not to crush you with her weight, and used the manipulation arms to pull you into her.
[7/1/14, 3:19:42 AM]  your rump pulled tightly against her belly, this new sensation enveloping you, a warm, moist and very strong feeling overcame your delicate aching member
[7/1/14, 3:21:04 AM] She gripped you inside her and arched her airframe , pushing her head up to point toward the hangar ceiling and her tail flaps curled to one side.
[7/1/14, 3:22:11 AM] Han: Slowly gasping once feeling his bit being accepted between the riveted panels and gently tugged into the warm insides by this pull and her own weight pushing on him. gripping her sides once more and lightly spreading his legs once laying down on the ground with her now taking lead and arching. “Mmph.. this.. I was.. not expecting.” he whispers as his belly squeezes to give a slow and gentle thrust up into these warm, moist and tantalizing walls.
[7/1/14, 3:22:36 AM] Now you could hear her voice pour from her. she moaned and grinded her body into you, enveloping your rock hard cock and gripping you from your very tip down deep to your base.
[7/1/14, 3:23:41 AM] Han: Gasps and rolls his head back.. lightly arching his spine so his shaft was getting nicely pushed into this amazing grip he felt inside the wet walls.
[7/1/14, 3:26:10 AM]  the suction and the heat of this machine radiated deep into your hips. you could feel the reverberation, the grow coming from her mouth and her engine. she pulled her tail up and grinded against you further. Moaning yet louder this time.
[7/1/14, 3:26:56 AM]  you think you could see her shed a single mechanical tear from the side of her face. it was everything she wanted from this very kind pilot.
[7/1/14, 3:27:14 AM] : she growled.
[7/1/14, 3:27:34 AM]  ;;huff;; ..pilot.. fuck me..harder..
[7/1/14, 3:27:41 AM] Han: His cock does give easily in the pulling grip of this manipulation arm. the skin loose and easily toyed with.. even with him hard. making him moan with as you grind on his size.. pouring this heat into his groin and making him ooze a bit of pre so far.. He saw the little glimmer from the eye before his own eyes shut with a throaty moan.
[7/1/14, 3:27:43 AM]  take me.. she begged
[7/1/14, 3:28:55 AM] Han: his feet do manage to get enough grip on the ground as she begged him.. pleaded with him to do this now.. and he starts to give one thrust.. then another. rolling his hips with a strong bucking motion.
[7/1/14, 3:29:22 AM]  every sensation she could feel from you, you could feel from her. this tight mechanical well of hers seemed to be full of the same neural feedback emitters you had heard of spoken in whispers by other fellow humans who may have dared to do such things..
[7/1/14, 3:31:25 AM] Han: knitting his eyebrows and blushing red.. never having dreamed he’d experience such a pleasure and honor. thrusting faster now as his body gets into this rocking and rolling. Moaning a little louder as the tight walls bring sensations he’s never had.
[7/1/14, 3:31:37 AM]  mecha dendrites caressed your body bait erratically — the pleasure in her air frame building. her prop begins to spin a little more and she growls . “faster sweet pilot, faster.”
[7/1/14, 3:33:26 AM]  like the toes clenching on an enraptured lover, her air brakes open and splay out. she cries out, her mouth open and her prop moving at full speed
[7/1/14, 3:34:43 AM] Han: he doesn’t even have the breath to speak as he thrusts hard and fast.. pressing himself as hard as he can against her underside as he feels himself peaking..
[7/1/14, 3:35:59 AM] Han: “Guh!” blushing red with how he sounds as his shaft throbs hotter with its orgasm.. spurting out a fair sized human load.. perhaps a tablespoon.
[7/1/14, 3:36:42 AM] : her whole body lurches and you hear the creaking of streighning metal and squeak of suspension.
[7/1/14, 3:36:51 AM]  one- two-
[7/1/14, 3:37:21 AM]  three rolls of her airframe into your climaxing member and she cries out in pleasure .. ahhh~~ ahhhh~~
[7/1/14, 3:37:38 AM]  ;;a long, joyful airplane orgasm ;;
[7/1/14, 3:38:20 AM]  you see her shiver and rock her head and nose quickly two and fro before cutting her engines and sputtering out
[7/1/14, 3:38:55 AM]  ;;laying her head against tool boxes and whatever else. gasping through her intakes and dripping with condensation;;
[7/1/14, 3:39:44 AM] Han: his glorious peak ends a little ways into her own.. human afterall. not the longest of endurance. But even after he orgasmed.. his shaft was still plenty hard. “Gnng.. s..sweetie.. y..your voice is so loud.. I.. I was afraid you would have buckled atop me..” he says while rubbing her belly even more
[7/1/14, 3:40:39 AM]  she remains still for a minute- long enough to feel you emptily every last bit out your heat into her.. before she reluctantly releases her grip on your still hard cock
[7/1/14, 3:41:42 AM]  no longer embarrassed , but drunk with pleasure she pulls you up against her belly and slums the debts of your mouth again with yet another airplane kiss
[7/1/14, 3:41:53 AM]  and then lets you breathe
[7/1/14, 3:43:00 AM]  you could see her eyes in a half closed or half open daze as she raised her frame up off the ground in a perfect upright position.
[7/1/14, 3:43:14 AM] Han: Rubs more around her side as she pulls him up again.. kissing just to leave him wiggling a bit till he gasps down a breath of air. “Nng~?!” exhales and breaths. “Ma’am. Do please tell me… are you feeling better? Are you okay?” Reaching out and attempting to stroke her cheek.
[7/1/14, 3:45:48 AM]  ;she smiles and giggles bait;; y-yes I’m alright. thank you pilot. i suppose, the man, normally rides the machine but this time.. it was different.
[7/1/14, 3:46:18 AM]  i got to.. ride you. ;;she licked her lips and closed her eyes;;
[7/1/14, 3:46:42 AM] Han: he does give a shy grin seeing her glow in the aftermath.
[7/1/14, 3:46:59 AM]  ;;your nude body as pulled to your feet and gently as you were set down;;
[7/1/14, 3:47:52 AM] Han: “Different is never bad ma’am.” getting his balance back once the dendrites let him go, able to pull his pants up as his shaft was now soft and dripping a little of the aircrafts ‘nectar’.
[7/1/14, 3:48:05 AM]  She caught a glimpse of your clothes that were so haphazardly kicked to the side. And thought that maybe this would be too much effort to dress again.
[7/1/14, 3:48:25 AM]  She whispers ‘you could stay..’ ;;her tail flaps curling;;
[7/1/14, 3:48:58 AM] Han: He looks around, only in his pants. “I think I will stay here. with you. Its already so late.”
[7/1/14, 3:48:59 AM] But if you can’t– don’t forget me. ..
[7/1/14, 3:49:54 AM] Han: “I don’t think I can ever forget the sound of your voice. so soft and kind. Even if you shared it for a little.”
[7/1/14, 3:49:58 AM]  In one joyous motion, a manipulator arm wraps around your waste and she buries part of her eyes in your chest;;

thank you.. pilot..

[7/1/14, 3:51:09 AM] Han: He gives one short ‘meep, another useless noise he’s learned as she presses her face to his chest. “Oh oh~ its okay sweetie, its okay.”

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Happy Tanksgiving!

bionic_mecha_wolf_by_leebleeb-d5qnu9rHappy Thanksgiving people! Eat lots of turkey and cranberry sauce.

Special thanks to Delta for donating to the site! <3

Dire machine FAQ (1)

After talking with Delta earlier, he suggested that I make an FAQ related to the Living vehicles In my porn pictures on the original tab. When people casually ask me little questions regarding the mechanics of the sex, or stuff about the world these machines live in, I give everyone an original response not a canned one. I love answering those questions, But as with any artist- most these days have an extensive “head cannon” that could take hours to fully explain.  It also sucks to have to write all this shit down too because normally nobody cares about it other then yourself (making it generally a big waste of time).

The story behind the porn is not that important. Its just something to justify the machine porn to myself like I did this with Edenworld back in the day and now I am doing it with Atoll Lab. I encourage anyone who is so inspired by the facts to take what ever aspects they like from my story and incorporate it as their own: No one’s idea is ever truly original anymore.


1. The Space machine Code

It is 2124, in an alternate version of our world. Almost all vehicles across the globe come to life because of an artifact that the space program brought back after extensive ice strip mining of the moon Europa. Various scientists experimented with the artifact and learned of its dangers when a computer program sprang to life and escaped into the web unhinging financial databases all over America until it was caught. The artifact was encased in a lead lined box for over 30 years till its sudden disappearance by virtue of a mining mega corporation with plans to use its “machine awakening” abilities on new weapon type experiments in the south pacific.  This artifact (The black pyramid) transmits an unearthly universal line of code into machines, and into the web where within half a year, the code spread like a virus “jumping” to any machine with an on-board computer or simple computer system that can receive satellite data like a GPS.

Humanity never saw it coming…

2. Machine apotheosis / 1st protocol.

The space machine code enters into the computer of the vehicle and re-writes the code over millions of times until the internal functionality of the computer cannibalizes itself to create the first nanomachine, which then builds the second nanite, which then further multiplies and divides and multiplies like the cell of a human fertilized egg. These nanomachines form a colony, and then begin to create non organic life by rebuilding the old computer into a sophisticated brain reforming old parts into new parts all contained inside the shell of the old vehicle. During this time, It is not uncommon for the vehicle to absorb bits of inorganic matter around them for bolstering the living internal system. The process happens very rapidly. Usually 1 to 2 days time. If you were driving your car at the time this was happening you would notice something was very wrong and you’d likely be alarmed.

3. 2nd protocol

“Dire machines” awaken into the world with the purpose creating ‘better versions of themselves”, their desire for sex and breeding almost insatiable.  All machines have free will to ignore the 2nd protocol, but they burn to mate with those holding very different abilities from one another in order to create those “better versions”. To do so theoretically creates Machine children that are twice as good as the parent in ability or power. For this purpose, Machine people are highly heterogeneous, they don’t want to mate with someone of their same type. The Ship Folk desire to mate with the Plane folk, the plane folk mate with the tank folk, The tank folk mate with the space machine folk, and so on. But All the Dire machines desire humans above all others as they are the most different. After a suitable amount of corruption, this can actually happen.

4. Machine Subtypes:

There are 5 to 6 subtypes of machine race on the planet all stemming back from the original space machine code. They represent the hybridization of the various machine DNA’s and their mutations.

A. Dire machine

Any regular terrestrial vehicle, plane, boat, motorcycle, space fairing vessel, electronic weapon with a computerized system or upgrades to include that system (WWI,WWII,Korean,Vietnam,Cold war and up) that wakes up and becomes a living machine due to contracting the Space machine code. Resembles the exact vehicle except the internals are changed to facilitate non organic life (eyes and mouth are optional). Dire machines carry Nanite colonies in their fluids and also have adapted the use of smaller mechanical appendages called “mechadendrites” and manipulator arms.

B. Demi Machine

The children of Dire machine’s and humans. Demifolk are Vehicles that carry some humanoid traits for maximum adaptability . Standing between 8 and 12 feet tall, some say that these machines look similar to mechas or robot Egyptian animal-headed gods. Demifolk take after the machine parent more so then the human one, plus they are completely machine despite human resemblances and carry less then 2% organic matter. They can eat anything for use as fuel.

C. Corrupted human

Humans who have had sex with dire machines or morphs become slowly “corrupted” over time. Like a stigmata of sorts, Nanomachines from machine kind saturate your blood stream and turn your limbs, eyes, tips of your hair steely grey while the insides of your body shift physiologically into a form the Dire/Demi folk can more easily mingle their systems with. Corrupt humans are 20% larger and stronger then people of their same type. They age at 1/8th the normal rate, and are immune to virus and diseases, but cannot heal without a constant supply of Nanites effectively making them partially symbiotic to their machine partner.

D. Half-Machine

In the current setting of the story, cybernetic augmentation is as commonplace as it would be to carry your cell phone and credit card in your pocket. Most people carry one or two slight augmentations, but the Military bodies of the world have access to advanced “Cyber Armors”  to use on soldiers who have either sustained great injury, or need extra strength for the mission ahead. If these Cyborgs become infected with the space machine code, the code remains in the body and further augments the fine structures of the implants creating rare people known as “Half-Machines”.  The “battle partners” for the initial Atoll lab machines, are Half-Machines. They are just as dangerous as a Military Dire machines and often fight with one as a partner.

E. Shin Dire/ Super Dire

The children of Dire machine and dire machine. These are Hybrid vehicles without human DNA involved. Typically crazy combinations of tank + plane, or car + boat. Any sort of machine only child who have additional functionality due to 2 different machine type parents. One easy way to think about this, Is if a jet and a submarine have a child, they produce a vehicle that can fly but is also amphibious. A Jet that can ambush from shallow oceans and lakes.

F. Success machine

Monsters. Before the collapse of the old Governments, War weapons testing in the Atoll lab project revealed that torturing a living vehicle enough will sometimes prompt the Space machine code to re-infect the host body as a defense mechanism. This causes Horrific mutant vehicle combinations and ability’s that often defy the laws of physics. Scientists caused these mutations deliberately so they could use the results as cheap super weapons against more powerful countries in the world war happening at the time. In the end, these machines often killed their creators and escaped control into the world where they would later turn up in civilian areas to reek havoc on human and machine kind alike. Success Machines are easy to spot, as they resemble  mutant versions of regular vehicles with colossal sizes, kinetic shielding, and extra weapons said machines would never normally have. Most Success Machines are irredeemably violent, and even meeting a neutral one can increase your risk of dying by 60%.

In the grand scheme of the story, The Success machines are like the Gorgons of Greek mythology. Tortured monstrous souls who exist in the world as challenges for heroes to face. They do not pose as great a threat as the Anti-machine terrorists however, because most Success machines are too chaotic to organize. It is currently unknown how Many Success Machines were produced during the Atoll lab project, but it could be as little as 50 or as much as 200.

5. Atoll Lab

The story begins on a fictional large ring island in the south Pacific not far from the French Polynesian islands. This island “Isla Ala” was privately owned and only populated by workers, Scientists, and military folk.  The island includes a modest ship harbor, roads, and modern bunkers where machines are housed for use in various projects. It is unclear Which pre man-machine alliance government was responsible for the “Atoll machine weapon project” But this large island was home to some extremely unethical procedures and experiments conducted on human being and living machine alike.

Mega corperations were looking for ways to make super weapons out of cheaply acquired older technology by upgrading various combat vehicles with better armor, guns, engines, and quantum computer cores. These machines were then purposely infected with the space machine code in order to become Dire machines.

( This is about the time the Space machine code broadcasts itself into the web and starts to infect all vehicles around the globe)

6. The Bond

Machine folk are sexually heterogeneous among their racial types, but are somewhat bi-sexual until they choose to form a Bond with someone. The bond is “mating for life” and cannot be undone as it manifests in physical internal changes. The Machine folk can only create children once a bond is formed. the dominant machine partner allocates system resources to the electronic CNS (central nervous system) to create new neural pathways to send and receive information from the submissive partner. The organ that produces nanites doubles in size, and the internal chassis/air frame gains additional organ functionality for breeding and maintaining remote mental/wireless links. In a human partner, The Bond allows a man or woman to mingle with machine DNA to produce the morph race. They become more compatible with the machine internally (like a usb port for receiving and sending back neural information too and from the machine partner.) And your bonded partner can save you from a mortal wound by injecting you with his/her nanite reserves to target the damaged area.





This is a rough idea of the machines I will draw next barring certain days off, sickness, desire to do the Atoll lab comic, or family obligations.

Porn art schedule:

5. Su-47 part 2 (color version)

6. Messerschmidt 262 AND BF109 3 some

7. Altay MBT or M60 phoenix mbt or leopard 1

8. B-1  Lancer or B-58 Hustler

9. CH-47 Chinook(not porn) or B-17 Flying Fortress

10. Master blaster (??)

12. Eurocopter Tiger

13. Type 45 destroyer

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[7/3/14, 7:57:28 PM] He chooses a female human after flying several thousand miles looking for someone he might like
[7/3/14, 7:59:16 PM]  He might end up somewhere in Canada where it’s cold
[7/3/14, 7:59:35 PM]  The arboreal Forrest boarders
[7/3/14, 8:00:04 PM] Han: quite a cold place indeed
[7/3/14, 8:00:15 PM]  If I want to be truly romantic, he could see his chosen freezing to death in the snow
[7/3/14, 8:00:35 PM]  Her dog sled destroyed and things scattered about
[7/3/14, 8:00:49 PM]  The sun is going down
[7/3/14, 8:01:38 PM] Han: the knight in shining armor
[7/3/14, 8:01:48 PM]  And death is coming, but so is this mig coming to pull her out of the snow and wrap her in mechadendrites
[7/3/14, 8:04:10 PM] Not quiet a knight, this rescue comes at a price
[7/3/14, 8:04:35 PM] Han: *nod nod*
[7/3/14, 8:06:22 PM] Remember how I told you that machine people have their own morality ?

[7/3/14, 8:07:07 PM] : This is kind of a molestation seduction scenario where a male Swoops in and claims “this is mine”
[7/3/14, 8:07:32 PM] Han: “Hey, I can save you, If.” kind of thing?
[7/3/14, 8:07:41 PM]  Yep
[7/3/14, 8:09:10 PM] Han: cheeky. she had no choice but to accept, or perish in the snow.
[7/3/14, 8:09:21 PM] He wouldn’t let her die, but he also won’t take no for an answer
[7/3/14, 8:10:06 PM]  And like some young dragon hungers to take her back and fuck her over his large pile of gold coins

[7/3/14, 8:12:47 PM] The dire machines they wait, they study, they hunt their potential mates for months., bank accounts, medical records, family history, tax records, social media sites.. Does this girl have a bf? Does she “want” one?
[7/3/14, 8:13:11 PM]  Her secrets.,
[7/3/14, 8:13:30 PM] Han: well lucky dire machines that can get a cell signal out in the canadian mountains XD
[7/3/14, 8:14:04 PM]  she’s from a local small town lol . They have phones there
[7/3/14, 8:15:45 PM] Anyway all this leading up to the moment where the machine caresses her ice cold body with warm manipulators and whispers a growl into her ear to “open her legs”
[7/3/14, 8:17:55 PM] Han: she was reluctant I’d guess
[7/3/14, 8:18:18 PM] He thinks deep down, almost desperately, that if he could give her great pleasure she would be more receptive to his wishes
[7/3/14, 8:20:16 PM] Han: well he’s on a close track of thought
[7/3/14, 8:20:39 PM]  Like “I’m incredibly strong, I’m very powerful, I’m warm, and I can make you feel good deep down in the core of your bones.. Please choose me..”
[7/3/14, 8:21:23 PM] Han: seeing the present. she chose him then
[7/3/14, 8:21:52 PM]  He speaks with a low voice trailing in a predatory growl., a thick Russian accent
[7/3/14, 8:22:44 PM] Han: how sensual~ though for the female she must not have been super impressed, her life was on the line

[7/3/14, 8:29:01 PM]  I think the woman was willing to do anything she could to get warm
[7/3/14, 8:30:46 PM]  This mig moved incredibly fast though, and he was already between her legs and deep inside her before he offered her “what humans call hot soup?”
[7/3/14, 8:31:09 PM]  I think since he’s Russian he calls all soup borscht
[7/3/14, 8:33:01 PM]  “:growls: We maek laove, you get warm, Iz Liek date. :toothy grin;;”

[7/3/14, 8:42:37 PM]  the fighter jet is caught up in the moment.. His body terribly excited almost the point of breathing hard through his intakes like Grace was
[7/3/14, 8:43:00 PM]  the first physical contact he’s ever had
[7/3/14, 8:43:31 PM] Han: Mmm~ his sensors must have been going wild by then.
[7/3/14, 8:43:54 PM]  Every thrust he listens close for a moan, and indication of enjoyment, anything..
[7/3/14, 8:44:41 PM]  Warming her up with thick dripping Precum oozing out of her
[7/3/14, 8:45:08 PM] Han: <3 I know what that’s like..
[7/3/14, 8:47:39 PM]  Many humans would call this rape.., but Dire machines don’t have a word or meaning behind this.. It’s just choosing your mate with haste
[7/3/14, 8:48:06 PM]  They don’t do things for reasons of lust
[7/3/14, 8:49:08 PM]  They do lustfull actions for reasons of maximum satisfactions.., but they don’t really know lust in the same sense
[7/3/14, 8:49:27 PM]  There’s too many reasons behind everything

[7/3/14, 8:50:54 PM] Han: each reason to their own
[7/3/14, 8:52:03 PM] : The girl becomes more lucid, her belly full of mig Precum and more and more being oozed inside while he holds her 3 feet off the ground in his tendrils
[7/3/14, 8:52:38 PM] Han: off the frozen ground.
[7/3/14, 8:54:05 PM]  Finally she moans. His engine races and he growls with a huge smile “I maek you feel good yes? Feels good?”
[7/3/14, 8:56:03 PM] Han: they are mated for life
[7/3/14, 8:56:45 PM]  You get the feeling he’s deeply in love.. Everything she does makes his cock swell inside her and he fucks her slower till he can hear her moan again
[7/3/14, 8:58:25 PM]  Pressing her thighs up and around his warm airframe , pressing her breasts against his chest, he could almost cry.. It feels soo good
[7/3/14, 8:59:06 PM] Han: eyes right on the verge of rolling back into his head
[7/3/14, 8:59:12 PM] He utters something’s in Russian she can’t understand
[7/3/14, 9:03:21 PM] Han: Cuz he’s Russian like that.
[7/3/14, 9:03:31 PM] Han: Always muttering something
[7/3/14, 9:05:34 PM]  “I hev saved you from cold, now I will maek us cum together” :he growls and smiles and slides her back and forth against him.
[7/3/14, 9:06:20 PM]  He’s just about drooling between each Russian word unable to contain himself
[7/3/14, 9:07:09 PM] Han: *chuckles* the big Russian bird, brought to his gear by sex

[7/3/14, 9:11:54 PM]  every thrust inside her, he’s mapping out her nerve endings and spots for stimulation. His dendrites snaking up her back looking for zones of sensitivity
[7/3/14, 9:12:19 PM] Han: He could at least move her as well to a more secure location. like a cave
[7/3/14, 9:12:29 PM] Han: while still sexing and feeling her up. mapping her
[7/3/14, 9:13:27 PM]  Lol he has no shame
[7/3/14, 9:13:48 PM]  He’s a bit of a monster

[7/3/14, 9:21:06 PM]  Despite the fact this young woman has been molested , he can tell that she like what she feels
[7/3/14, 9:21:25 PM]  And this war bird too would love to be a daddy
[7/3/14, 9:21:38 PM] Han: well. its not molestation if both parties enjoyed it~
[7/3/14, 9:23:37 PM]  Finally she cums even if a bit Weakly , the mig ( Duke Mikhail )
[7/3/14, 9:25:39 PM]  He arches his air frame and fucking screams . Driving his nose cone into the snow and tree stumps writhing and cumming powerfully . All you can hear is him and his engine screaming
[7/3/14, 9:26:02 PM] Dears and wolves and birds get the fuck away from them

[7/3/14, 9:29:05 PM]  When he regains his composure you can see a huge mig shaped indentation in the snow from all the heat he gave off
[7/3/14, 9:29:20 PM] Han: *fans himself* oh my.
[7/3/14, 9:30:18 PM] He cranes his neck over to see her face, to look into her eyes and come face to face with what he had done to her
[7/3/14, 9:30:39 PM]  She’s still suspended off the ground And he’s got slush dripping down his face from going head first into a snow bank
[7/3/14, 9:32:06 PM] Han: Yeah. he’s still so romantic.
[7/3/14, 9:32:36 PM]  “I maek you happy nyet?”
[7/3/14, 9:35:36 PM]  It’s very dark, she can’t see his nose very well even though he sees her just fine . He could slide her up his belly but he’s throbbing inside her, holding some of his this jet load inside her . She’s still so tight and throbbing around him too.. He fucking loathes to move her.,
[7/3/14, 9:36:44 PM] Han: not wanting to break that little bond there
[7/3/14, 9:38:25 PM]  She utters to his surprise and joy, “t-thank you mr. Jet. For saving me me – that felt, really good. She turns her head in shame
[7/3/14, 9:38:43 PM] Han: she loves it. *giggles with a grin*
[7/3/14, 9:41:44 PM] :without another word one of his tendrils grabs her chin, and he slides her whole body up his air frame to his face. His throbbing machine cock burning and unhappy from the sudden introduction to the cold. he pushes her lips open and pushes his Russian mig tongue into her mouth and tongue-fucks her for a few seconds
[7/3/14, 9:43:00 PM] Han: *watches from his ghost vantage point* I never knew we could see into the past.
[7/3/14, 9:44:27 PM] Scene changes and she’s half naked in a hangar somewhere next to a trash can fire with a blanket over her and a mug of hot soup. He’s growling and laughing and telling stories of his 3 thousand mile flight. “I hev even faught bear with my tail! Iz good!” Jyahaha~
[7/3/14, 9:45:49 PM] “I waz caerfull not to use mizzile tho!”
[7/3/14, 9:46:28 PM] Han: *”Well that missile would have ended badly”*
[7/3/14, 9:47:28 PM]  she’s not gonna be able to get rid of this guy xD
[7/3/14, 9:47:52 PM] Han: never now.
[7/3/14, 9:47:55 PM] Han: He knows her scent.
[7/3/14, 9:48:48 PM]  Russians are like wolves, they totally love their reputation as being bad guys not to be messed with
[7/3/14, 9:49:15 PM]  And this mig is growley and full of toothy smiles
[7/3/14, 9:51:35 PM] “Russian mig iz smart! Soup full of carbs, make female sleepy, can give good pleazures again soon.” >; ]
[7/3/14, 9:51:46 PM] Han: Toothy smiles can get a mig into any club I hear

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Berkut I and II

Sukhoi_Su-47_Berkut_(S-37)_in_2001[6:47:03 PM]  Oh yes. He wheels himself in front of you and says Dohbriy dyen!

[6:47:22 PM]  And smiles with a toothy maw

[6:48:51 PM] Gia the Queen of Mars: I would jump, yelping loudly as I blush, stammering as I nearly fall backwards, replying back in my best attempt of Russian

[6:49:13 PM] Gia the Queen of Mars: “P-privet….”

[6:54:58 PM] “No. Not need for Rassian. I em Berkut.”

[6:55:22 PM]  And he lowers his huge airframe down as if to bow

[6:56:23 PM]  Only his nose cone and the tips of his wings were white

[6:56:32 PM] Gia the Queen of Mars: My heart skips a beat as I eye him up and down, blush growing deeper at his thick accent. “G-Gia…p-pleased to meet you….” I swallow hard, nervousness still flooding my system

[6:57:10 PM]  The rest of him carried red Russian stars of the Air Force of same name on the tail stabilizers.

[6:58:16 PM] Gia the Queen of Mars: “Y-you’re a military plane…I..y-you don’t see you guys and gals very often…especially around this park…”

[7:00:45 PM] : :he wheels closer and you can hear him breathing deep through his intakes.. Like some kind of beast

[7:01:59 PM]  :some of his tendrils disengages from a hatch in his belly and snake toward you while the machines nose cone peels back a slow sly smile

[7:02:55 PM] Gia the Queen of Mars: My eyes gaze upwards as he approaches, my nervousness increasing as I listen to each heavy breath. The appearance of his tendrils causes me to jump back a bit, a soft whimper escaping my lips as my eyes widen upon seeing that sly grin

[7:06:09 PM]  ” you are single da? I em lookeeng for you for some time. You liek machines, Iz good. I think Dat you would Liek me.”

[7:07:45 PM] : :he comes within a foot of your face and seems to breathe you in deeply:; “I hev find you on the internet, and you want BOYFREIND.”

[7:07:53 PM]  DA?

[7:08:09 PM] Gia the Queen of Mars: “Y-you…how did you…..” My blush spreads as my pulse quickens, beads of sweat forming on my forehead as I gaze around the area, eyes falling back upon the massiveness of the fighter. “Y-yes….I do….”

[7:12:46 PM]  :Berkut looked to his left and to his right and could see he was causing a stir amount the regular passers by- mostly civilian . He stares back at you slightly frustrated but his metal features soften . “You hev time? Can we go somewhere? ”

[7:14:14 PM] Gia the Queen of Mars: I stand still for a moment, heart racing faster than it ever had before as I gaze upon the now softened features, breathing a soft sigh as I lightly rub the back of my head, a gentle smile peeking out from my lips. “Sure…w-where do you wanna head?”

[7:15:36 PM]  “You say on web thet you are lonely and want sex. I want saem, from human.. From you.”

[7:18:07 PM] : :his tendrils reach and coil around your arms:; you get the feeling this giant flying machine has not much experience with dealing with humans or civilians. He’s either very well suppressed alpha male, or something else is going in.

[7:18:46 PM] Gia the Queen of Mars: A slight gasp escapes my lips as the blunt words escape the Russian plane’s mouth. Every last word – truth about my desperation, my yearning, and here, before me this massive machine, trying to seduce me….admits he is just as needy. “S-sex!?! I…..hnngh…” I squeeze my legs together as my gaze drifts to the surrounding area, one hand lightly slinking down to caress my thigh

[7:19:42 PM] : :he pulls you against the underside of his dark airframe where more tendrils deploy and further press you against his body.

[7:22:55 PM] Gia the Queen of Mars: A louder gasp escapes my lips followed by a gentle whimper as I feel the cold metal tendrils pressing me to the underside of the fighter, legs wrapping to his sides for stability “A-aah~ I…Berkut….”

[7:27:17 PM]  :Berkut moans deeply feeling you against his warm frame before a heavy blast of wind and grass were kicked up into the air . In a haste you leave the ground, but not very far off.

[7:28:23 PM]  :you are taken to large storage area where it’s quiet and the random foot traffic of pedestrians is left far behind

[7:29:08 PM] : Getting late in the afternoon, people here would not be coming back for a time.

[7:29:23 PM] Gia the Queen of Mars: In an instant I whimper, clinging to the fighter jet in sheer terror, only to peek open one eye, glancing around as we suddenly move. Upon arriving, I keep a close grip on Berkut, heart racing still as rest my cheek agaist his underbelly

[7:32:53 PM] : Unceremoniously you are set upon your feet. You couldn’t tell but he had rested his mechanicle claws over your ears to protect your hearing.

[7:33:51 PM] : “Hh I Em Sorry, Flight was short, no need for you in Cock pit”

[7:35:15 PM] Gia the Queen of Mars: “T-that’s fine….was terrifying…but…k-kind of fun..” I stand up, still blushing as I adjust my shorts, noticing a slight wet-spot growing between my legs. “M-much quieter here….”

[7:39:37 PM] : :Berkut smells your pheromones and hisses slightly, his tendrils don’t retract at all. Even though his engines spool down and the sound growing silent, the air sucking into his intakes like the breath of an excited beast reach a fever pitch. ” Ahh- I En soo Heppy You Liek me, yes- you body reeackts! Yes, we hev sex! Right here!!”

[7:40:37 PM] : :he boosts you up a foot to reach the tip of his fangy aircraft mouth and his young laps against your lips::

[7:42:01 PM]  ::with a quick motion he slips it into your mouth filling you with the taste of aluminum and warm lubricant:

[7:42:57 PM]  :like a real kiss- he gently tongues you paying heed to your need to take a breath every now and then:

[7:43:31 PM]  “You Leik Machines da?”

[7:43:48 PM] Gia the Queen of Mars: A muffled moan escapes around Berkut’s tongue, my eyes widening and quickly drooping to half-lids as the warm lubricant mixes with my own saliva, the taste lingering as I slowly return the tonguing, my chest rising and falling as I go, the blush deepinging” D-Da…Y-yes….s-so much…mmh~”

[7:50:31 PM] : :as suddenly as you were put back on your feet,the tendrils grip and coil around parts of you peeling your offending clothes away revealing plump supple flesh. the machine hungered to kiss, , fondle and rub against that skin. And you hear him drool in his voice, “Ughnm Beeg woman, so niece!” :smiled the jet:

[7:52:25 PM]  :he herds you into an open warehouse where it’s semi lit and lowers down on his landing gears now a mere 6 feet from the the the ground

[7:53:20 PM] Gia the Queen of Mars: “Gyah!!” I squirm as my clothes were effectively peeled away, my first instinct reaction to cover up until I hear that thick Russian accent speaking once more. I lower my arms from over my chest, looking from his nosecone down to the floor and back up again. “Y-you like…plump girls?” Before any reply I would be herded into another building

[7:53:25 PM] : :tendrils snake down the front if your chest and belly as clothes are pulled and popped off before being angrily tossed asside.

[7:55:09 PM] Gia the Queen of Mars: Soon I stand before the Russian jet, naked as the say i was born, soft curves exposed to the warm summer air as I bite my lip nervously, the sudden shedding of my clothing having gotten me aroused even more as the darker flesh of my nipples would appear hard
[7:55:16 PM]  :he then presses your full figure against his warm airframe while a mechadendrite glides against your opening to feel how wet you are:

[7:57:13 PM] : :your distracted by more of these appendages that spring forth, one of these -looking like a probe for insertion. It radiates heat and drips small soft ropes if silvery fluid
[7:57:21 PM] Gia the Queen of Mars: “A-aah! Hnnnhh…B-Berkut!” I squirm at first, clinging to the underside of his body, the sensitive flesh of my nether lips and clitoris twitching in response to the mechadendrite, slick juices coating it

[7:59:03 PM] : :he arches to look back at you, finally grasping his prize , and lifting his offending tentacle to taste your slick human fluids from the tip.

[8:00:35 PM] Gia the Queen of Mars: I pant softly, my chest heaving up and down as I gaze up at the Ruski jet, a gentle smile spreading across my lips as my toes curl whilst in his grasp. “D-do I taste…g-good?”

[8:00:57 PM] : “So good. I em heppy you Liek Berkut. Yes, I desire that you will Cum with me.

[8:02:55 PM] Gia the Queen of Mars: “I….c-cum with you? Oh, p-please….please c-can I?” I shiver softly, my body responding to yours in unimaginable ways as I hold you as close as I can, my wet, hot entrance dripping juices down my thigh

[8:05:26 PM] : :thick impossibly strong tendrils lap and pull at you. Your thighs and clit found Beneath your plump belly now have tendrils rubbing and stroking the more sensitive bits. You couldn’t have noticed before, but the throbbing black airplane cock the sukhoi had in mind to pleasure you with was now kissing your opening.

[8:08:11 PM] : :he growled and slid your wet thighs against his body now savoring your heat against his own.

[8:08:30 PM] Gia the Queen of Mars: My eyes would immediately clench shut as the tendrils would rub and stroke over my clit and nether-lips, juices coating the cool metal as I would feel the smooth tip of what seemed to be a thicker tendril, this one almost like a probe, at my slick entrance prodding against the folds of flesh to get inside my warm, wet passage. “Oh yess…..it feels so good….”

[8:09:15 PM]  But his thick member would not be denied. The lonely experimental fighter had waited much too long to have his “first” sexual encounter

[8:11:06 PM]  :you felt his body reverberate with the rumble of his twin engines deep Beneath his metal skin.

[8:11:16 PM]  The vibration was nice.

[8:13:51 PM] : Suddenly you felt the tip of the machines cock drip like a faucet coating you in slick pre before spreading your thighs for him and pressing into you.
[8:14:09 PM] Gia the Queen of Mars: I would moan louder, whimpers escaping between heavy breaths as the heavy vibration would wash over my body like a wave, the thick cock pressing further into my slit, stretching me bit by bit as I clung to his underbelly, my enterance clenching and relaxing around the fighter’s thick member “Hnn….B-Berkut….f-…m-make love to me!”

[8:14:37 PM]  With a hard deep moan the jets throbbing machine-hood disappeared inside you excitedly

[8:15:17 PM]  The thrusts started out slow moving to the rhythm of the gasps taken through berkuts intakes.

[8:16:20 PM] : “You will Leik me much more. You will only want Rassian aircraft. :huff::yes!! You will want only me!! ::pant::

[8:18:04 PM]  With his tendrils he pushes and kneads your plump breasts with their hard nipples vigorously. Tendrils all over! Under your plump rolls, loving and massaging you in strange ways.

[8:19:05 PM] Gia the Queen of Mars: A sharp gasp rolled off of my tongue, quickly followed by loud pleasured moans as I felt the thick cock thrust in and out of my tight passage, my body rocking back and forth with each pull and push the fighter gave, feeling the kneading as he went, my arousal growing by th second

[8:22:44 PM] : :your ass cheeks are grabbed vigorously and Berkut’s dark airplane cock picks up speed lovingly thrusting and hosteling into you. His hot Precum spilling endlessly deep inside you. It drips out of you with each thrust and he cries out in a thick accent “Ugh! It feels good!! You are Mai first !!”

[8:26:03 PM] Gia the Queen of Mars: Pleasure filled whimpers would ebb from my lips as the fighter picked up speed, the hot pre flooding my passage as a shiver travels up and down my spine, warming my body up even more as with each deep rut inside of me, more and more spills out, leaving a puddle on the floor. “F-fuck, you cock feels amazing!!!!” The sleek black cock would continue to ram in and out of me, the curve of it allowing the tip to rub against my g-spot with expert precision

[8:36:39 PM] : :smaller dendrites slither to the sides of your rosey cheeks as a lover holds the face of his woman in his palms and move with the rhythm he has set upon you. Claws dipping into your mouth and resting on your tongue. As if his play wasn’t enough, you feel a dendrite move up your leg to attack and suck at your clit while the fighter writhes pounds into you

[8:38:55 PM] : His landing gear squeaks and the servos in his body whir with excitement . He’s rocking back and forth and practically bouncing his whole airframe up and down on his wings

[8:42:13 PM] : So much fluid had filed your womanhood and crack the force of Berkut’s penetrations make a wet squelching and familiar ((slapslapslap)) noise

[8:42:17 PM] Gia the Queen of Mars: A loud cry of pleasure fills the air as I shiver and twitch against him, the hard, deep thrusts bringing me closer to orgasm at a rapid pace. I nuzzle my cheeks against his claws, my tongue swirling around the one digit as I moan his name almost breathlessly

[8:43:26 PM] : He beckons to you, ” you are my maete!! It feels good yes?? I want to bond! ”

[8:46:23 PM] Gia the Queen of Mars: “Y-you feel wonderful Berkhut!!! I w-wanna cum so badly!” I cry out again, whimpering and moaning as loud as possible as my body twitches and throbs with each thrust, tease and suck as my slit drools a mix of both of our arousal fluids, orgasm threatening to hit at any minute

[8:59:23 PM] : :Berkut shivers and you can hear and feel his air frame straining and creaking like scaffolding under heavy weight as he bends and throws his nose cone into the air crying out in deep ecstasy . His tail seeming bouncing along and his wings ailerons and tail stabilizers bending in reaction to the wonderus joys he feels

[9:00:42 PM] : With a near complete connection to the nerves in your clit and vagina and hips and lower spine he takes his neural feedback sensors and drives it back into you so that it washes up your spine like hot fire

[9:01:06 PM] : “yes!yes! Cum with me female! ”

[9:02:47 PM] : :moaning and panting and slapping, his twin lyulka AF engines spool up as if to scream along side himself as he rides your tender female bits- your tight hot well.

[9:03:14 PM] : “I feel good DA??! Tell me!! I feel good yes?!”

[9:03:48 PM] : “Cum my female! Hrghn!!”

[9:03:57 PM] Gia the Queen of Mars: Almost simultaneously I toss my head back, almost unable to contain how pleasurable every second was as with that burning hot sensation suddenly washing over me, I let out a loud moan, louder than any before as a deluge of my juices begins to flood from my vagina, my legs, thighs and netherlips twitching and spasming around the fighter’s thick member, my orgasm hitting hard as I grip Berkut’s sides “OH FUCK YESSS!!!! CUM IN ME, MY LOVE!!! FILL ME WITH YOUR LOVE!!”

[9:10:40 PM] : :tentacles squeeze your fat thighs and ass as the Sukhoi combat fighter rears back and shrieks . :all of his tendrils suddenly stiffen and his airplane cock engorges into a throbbing mass of steel you have just squeezed like a vice. He explodes hard, filling you with thick ropes of sukhoi cum bringing him to his forward wheel. His whole body shaking as he savors your orgasm as well as his own

[9:11:01 PM] : “GnuuuahhhGH!! AhhhAHHHH!!”

[9:11:34 PM] : :Berkut orgasms long and hard into your soft body- what feels like a whole minute:

[9:12:08 PM] : you can’t escape, you are locked in his grasp seeing his wings shake and his fangs clench

[9:12:19 PM] : Faaackk!! Yes!!!

[9:14:12 PM] Gia the Queen of Mars: My body trembles heavily, a deluge of his hot Ruski cum filling and spilling from my entrance as I cling to him tightly, my hest heaving up and down as I savor the fighter’s intense and heavy orgasm, breath heavy upon his underbelly. “H-hhnnghh…B-Berkut…~”

[9:14:42 PM] : After a time the jet black filthy machine slumps over , and pants ever so softly through his intakes. His dark optics shut tight as if to savor this moment- and you, like the best moment he has had yet

[9:16:27 PM] : :a tendril or 3 caress the back of your head from though your hair: and he cranes to see you in his sights.

[9:16:28 PM] Gia the Queen of Mars: Still coming down from the intensity of my own orgasm, I close my eyes closing to half lids as the warmth of my afterglow begins to set in, my body and the fighter’s as one, feeling his warmth adding to mine

[9:17:46 PM] : “Iz good you Liek machine. Rassian machine. ” :he cooed::

[9:18:35 PM] : “Now you have male, now you are not lone.”

[9:19:16 PM] Gia the Queen of Mars: “I….I love ma- I love machines….An…and I love you….” I smile softly, nuzzling up against the fighter’s body. “And neither are you~”

[9:21:01 PM] : :he looks at you from the corner if his dark non human eyes and smiles a huge fangy military aircraft smile in agreence.


[10/19/14, 4:56:14 PM] RATBAT: the regular machines of Kubinka they treat you like royalty
[10/19/14, 4:56:31 PM] Gia the Queen of Mars: oh wow o.o
[10/19/14, 4:56:44 PM] RATBAT: you are one of the “Golden eagle machine” females
[10/19/14, 4:56:49 PM] Gia the Queen of Mars: 😀
[10/19/14, 4:57:25 PM] RATBAT: of course the Sukhois and Tupolevs they are all high class Russians
[10/19/14, 4:57:40 PM] RATBAT: followed by the Mil helicopters
[10/19/14, 4:58:33 PM] RATBAT: Migs are kinda of brutish, but you like them too..
[10/19/14, 4:58:43 PM] Gia the Queen of Mars: hehehe
[10/19/14, 4:59:06 PM] RATBAT: occasionally on base, Berkut spies you looking at other machines..
[10/19/14, 4:59:32 PM] RATBAT: Gia spots a horny BTR-90 with his cock out but no one to love him..
[10/19/14, 4:59:40 PM] Gia the Queen of Mars: gasp
[10/19/14, 4:59:47 PM] RATBAT: http://www.military-today.com/apc/btr90.jpg
[10/19/14, 5:00:27 PM] RATBAT: so Berkut nudges you, “You like? we can bring him to us for fuck, Da?”
[10/19/14, 5:01:13 PM] Gia the Queen of Mars: I blush, looking my Russian lover up and down, giving a slight nod. “Y-you sure my love?”
[10/19/14, 5:02:53 PM] RATBAT: He whispers into your cheek, “your pleasure make me much more excite. I will have you too.”
[10/19/14, 5:03:32 PM] Gia the Queen of Mars: “Then yes, my love…we shall.”
[10/19/14, 5:04:00 PM] RATBAT: http://worldweapon.ru/images/tank/btr90/btr90_03.jpg together you get sandwiched in metal
[10/19/14, 5:04:35 PM] RATBAT: this big motherfucker is shocked and honored to be able to taste a big beautiful Russian woman as your self
[10/19/14, 5:05:18 PM] RATBAT: but he’s dirty… so dirty… so a bucket of hot soapy water gets brought in,
[10/19/14, 5:06:21 PM] RATBAT: you soap him up completely naked with your big heavy hips and belly exposed to the world while Berkut pushes you against him and snakes his tongue against your bush
[10/19/14, 5:06:32 PM] RATBAT: this only makes the APC harder…
[10/19/14, 5:07:22 PM] RATBAT: you wash the apc with soothing soapy sponge and try not to moan

[10/19/14, 5:07:32 PM] Gia the Queen of Mars: mmmmurrrrrr
[10/19/14, 5:11:35 PM] RATBAT: eventually a cushion for your knees is layed down and you bend with your ass up in the air while you and Berkut kiss and toungue..
[10/19/14, 5:11:55 PM] RATBAT: that poor APC gets to press his mouth against you now
[10/19/14, 5:12:15 PM] RATBAT: and he tries to be as polite as he can in the presence of the noble Sukhoi but he can’t stand it..
[10/19/14, 5:12:21 PM] RATBAT: he wants to be inside you
[10/19/14, 5:12:50 PM] Gia the Queen of Mars: sometimes things cannot be helped especially when hormones are at play
[10/19/14, 5:14:33 PM] RATBAT: berkut says cute Russian words to you in between kisses, and moans. you know he’s turned on because is intakes are sucking air in quicker short bursts. (like breathing heavy) he says in “Russian” “My love, you want this dirty Armored car cock yes? You want his big heavy cock yes?”
[10/19/14, 5:14:45 PM] RATBAT: He’s playing with your fat breasts now pinching the nipples
[10/19/14, 5:15:25 PM] Gia the Queen of Mars: I mutter a soft “yes” back in Russian, nodding my head as I kiss him deeply again, pulling from the kiss as i groan softly. “Y-yes! I want his thick cock buried inside me~”
[10/19/14, 5:15:55 PM] RATBAT: he pulls away from your kiss and looks to the BTR and demands that he “fuck my woman. Fuck her.”
[10/19/14, 5:16:18 PM] RATBAT: the Apc gets wide eyed, “D-da!”
[10/19/14, 5:16:29 PM] Gia the Queen of Mars: O//////////////O god hearing hims say that I’d probably get even wetter
[10/19/14, 5:19:08 PM] RATBAT: and the big dirty BTR-90 respectfully (and shakeingly) gently presses you down on the cushion, drives over you till your between his 6 wheels and plunges his fat beast of a Russian ground vehicle cock deep into your pussy. he’s so turned on his tip is flared out and he practically redlines his Russian diesel engines upon feeling you squeeze him.

[10/19/14, 5:20:16 PM] Gia the Queen of Mars: Instantly I cry out in pleasure, clinging to Berkut as I’m mounted and entered, the flared tip rubbing against my walls as I feel the heavy diesel vibrations reverberate throughout my body
[10/19/14, 5:20:34 PM] RATBAT: The BTR-90 Moans loud and passionately.. and Berkut is so fucking turned on, It reminds him of himself when he’s with you..

[10/19/14, 5:22:30 PM] Gia the Queen of Mars: I press my lips to Berkut again, making out with, savoring that slick saliva as I moan into the kisses, juices coating the BTR’s cock with each thrust
[10/19/14, 5:24:41 PM] RATBAT: you just hear the BTR-90’s boons and grunts, “hhughn hugg huff huff unnff unffh ” in the background as you and Berkut kiss.. your nipples being tugged and pulled on, while the APC just takes you again and again
[10/19/14, 5:25:37 PM] RATBAT: Berkut growls, “yes, you are proper woman for machine kind. A proper woman I give to machine Russia.”
[10/19/14, 5:26:41 PM] Gia the Queen of Mars: “T-thank you my love~ You are my moon and star, my sun..my universe!” Moans of pleasure fill the air as the heavy thrusts bring me closer and closer to climax, the thick probe burying itself deep against my cervix harder and faster as my body trembles around it
[10/19/14, 5:32:39 PM] RATBAT: The big BTR-90 can sense you are about to cum through his mechadendrites and he can barely hold himself together, the sounds of his engine growing louder and louder. some tendrils have to come down to protect your soft little ears from his revving;;
[10/19/14, 5:33:21 PM] RATBAT: both machine on edge sensing you are about to scream and gush…and wanting you to..

[10/19/14, 5:35:48 PM] Gia the Queen of Mars: Not even a minute later, one last heavy thrust would sink hard against my cervix as I tensed up, toes curling and body going rigid. My eyes practically rolled back in my skull as I felt a rush of warmth crash over me in waves as my body relaxed, a flood of silvery juices erupting around the BTR-90’s cock as I screamed towards the heavens, my entire being trembling heavily as I cum hard and fast
[10/19/14, 5:39:24 PM] RATBAT: the BTR-90 grabs your hips and butt and presses you against him, continuing to thrust until every last drop of his sexual heat has poured into you and his tip pulses and throbs inside with nothing coming out.
[10/19/14, 5:41:17 PM] RATBAT: he pants over you repeating “Я чувствую себя хорошо.” “I feel good! “I feel so good!”
[10/19/14, 5:41:33 PM] RATBAT: and he rubs your sweaty cheeks and hair.
[10/19/14, 5:41:55 PM] Gia the Queen of Mars: I whimper aloud, cooing as I feel the hot flood of cum spilling into my tight passage, my lips dragging against Berkut’s as I cling tightly to him, fingers grabbing at his sides, nodding as the bTR-90 caresses me, one hand reaching up to rub over his
[10/19/14, 5:43:31 PM] RATBAT: ;;both machines caress you Gia, Berkut kisses you, and the APC holds himself inside you practically sobbing and repeating ‘thank you.”
[10/19/14, 5:43:41 PM] Gia the Queen of Mars: mmmmhhhhhhhhh
[10/19/14, 5:43:45 PM] Gia the Queen of Mars: gods <3
[10/19/14, 5:45:23 PM] RATBAT: The Big dirty BTR looks up Berkut knowing his place and gently backs up off of you, his cock sliding out of you with a hot “pop” sound, and a few ropes strewn across your back. He pulls away and bows graciously looking at the both of you..
[10/19/14, 5:45:31 PM] RATBAT: Berkut grabs you and kisses you hard
[10/19/14, 5:46:04 PM] RATBAT: The huge black warbird so very turned on..
[10/19/14, 5:46:32 PM] Gia the Queen of Mars: I gasp and moan loudly as I’m grabbed, the sudden empty feeling as the BTR pulls free, now replaced by love beyond measure from Berkut, as I coo gently, holding myself to him
[10/19/14, 5:48:47 PM] RATBAT: unable to contain his own need… he slides you down the length of his own airframe and forces his own swollen steel into your stretched and numb, but still eager pussy.
[10/19/14, 5:49:21 PM] RATBAT: your pussy still slick with the silvery load of the APC, Berkut does not care.. he uses that “other” machines juices to full effect and fills you..
[10/19/14, 5:49:29 PM] RATBAT: Letting you know who is still the best
[10/19/14, 5:50:55 PM] RATBAT: You can practically feel his frustrated excitement through your fingertips
[10/19/14, 5:51:36 PM] RATBAT: Berkut screams with passion, and pounds away at your pussy
[10/19/14, 5:52:01 PM] RATBAT: His own engines spooling up to a higher pitch.. the the point your ears may need to be protected again..
[10/19/14, 5:52:01 PM] Gia the Queen of Mars: Immediately I cry out, clinging tight to my Russian warbird, feeling my tight passage tightening up more as the APC’s cum and Berkut’s thick cock fill me full, pleasured cries flood the air with each thrust
[10/19/14, 5:52:38 PM] RATBAT: the clean and soiled BTR-90 could only look on at this spectacle and smile..
[10/19/14, 5:53:36 PM] Gia the Queen of Mars: mmmh~

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