Titanic’s Captain -Short Story

This is a little fiction about Captain Edwards J. Smith, the captain of Titanic when she sank. This whole interaction is fictional and there are no records of if the Captain believed any of this and the records regarding his fate are controversy. This is just my fictional take on him and his fate from the viewpoint of Titanic.

Nonetheless, it is her sinking anniversary, so I’m posting it today. Enjoy.

Bradley and Titanic were relaxing on this cool evening. The moon was low and full, the waters flat and peaceful, the sky clear and calming. They sat together in each other’s arms. Violet was asleep, Britannic was being repaired, and Olympic was probably off catching up on whatever she’s been missing out on. Bradley was enjoying the moment but something was nagging at him, it had been for weeks. It was something to do with Titanic and her famous voyage, so he tried not to ruin anything, but this just wouldn’t stop nagging him. So he asked.
“Titanic, honey?”
“Yes, dear?”
“Ah, nevermind.” He couldn’t figure out how to word it.
“No, dear, what’s the matter?” She thought it might be something romantic, something dreamy.
“Ah.” He sighed. “So how did Captain Smith react to you sinking.”
“Oh.” She was disappointed, but not by much. She knew how he was. “Yes, Captain Smith.” She didn’t know how to explain it, so instead she offered to show him through her memory. Bradly accepted her request to have his answer. He joined with her and instantly was with her in a flashback-imagination trip. It isn’t all that often that they do this but when they do conjoin their minds he takes no time to become a size enough to wrap his arms around her and hold her hull. As he pressed their bodies together Titanic played back her memory. Their bodies chilled to a near freezing temperature as they grew heavy, shudders and fear enveloped them and tormented their thoughts, but amidst all this Bradley knew this wasn’t real, that this wasn’t happening again. During these trips Titanic usually loses her sight and arms, and she does lose them in thought this trip as well, but Bradley’s presence kept her demons at bay. His warmth on her hull, his imagined arms on her body softly stroking down her ribbed hull, his plush and hot lips planted in a kiss by her starboard bridge wing and kept her memories in check. She was still in control. Bradley was all sensual on her hull when he heard a strong voice echo in his mind.
“Titanic, this is my fault.” Without even having to ask his lover knew and told him who it was. That’s Captain Smith, dear. “I’m terribly sorry about this, -I, I wasn’t quite right in my head. I just wanted to end my career off with a show, give you a good name, and then maybe we’d both get a good deal out of this, eh? But no. I shouldn’t have been so demanding of you.”
“Sir?” Bradly recognized that voice, that booming voice was Titanic’s. The exact same one that he heard himself all those years ago on the bottom of the sea. Only this time her voice was more desperate; innocent in her tone of voice.
“It’s too late, deary, I have messed up. There is no way to reverse this, Mr. Anderson has proved it. I just hope that this isn’t your end, dear. You truly deserve much better than this.” Bradly felt a large, warm hand on one of her engine command posts. Sensual rubbing to calm her down began as he spoke. “I hope that if this is the end you go to a better place, you’re too innocent to know anything else.” Bradley could feel the anger rising inside him, Captain Smith. “I was a damned fool! You didn’t know any better-you couldn’t have known better! So much had gone wrong for you to understand the consequences, and I should have guided you! But no, no like a damn fool I cast those warnings aside! I pressed on! I never should have! Damned hell, I should have stopped in Queenstown!” He stepped away from the instruments. Titanic was silent. “The only thing I can do now, like any respectable Captain can do is comfort you as far as my breath will take it. Titanic, if I failed to see you to New York, the least I can do is see you to the end.” He paces around, he uncovered and rubbed his balding head with a clammy hand. “You’re so young, so new, so fresh. Just a greenhorn, no experien
ce of yer own. Not an ounce of wisdom. So new you’ve not one barnacle on your belly. But me? Dozens of voyages. Dozens of voyages aboard dozens of vessels. Titanic, please listen here, if by some miracle you have another chance you be damned sure that no godforsaken captain of yours makes the same mistakes I did! For the love of god you set him straight! If there’s another fire, another near collision, another warning of hazards, if your lookouts don’t have their binoculars you don’t move an inch. Promise me that, promise me you won’t let someone like me ruin you again?”
“I promise, sir.” The memory faded away, but Titanic kept them together in her mind, she told the rest of the story. He kept her company until the water was too much. The water flooded the room and before she could realize it he was gone not a trace of him was left. She couldn’t tell if he’d been washed out or if he’d drowned right then and there. All she knew then was that she was one person closer to being alone. Bradley asked her not to let go, to let him hold her for the rest of the night. She was going to ask the same.
Today I got back from a trip to the battleship museum BB-55, USS North Carolina, AKA The Showboat. I have probably three hundred pictures of her, she’s so beautiful. But if you guys want-or maybe I’ll do it anyway-I can post up the pictures and a little run-down of the trip. She’s really fantastic and one of my favorite museums to visit ever, if you are in the state you have to do it, you owe it to yourself. She is very affordable and very much worth it and more, with so much you can do you get more than your money’s worth out of it. The gift shop may be pricey with some stuff but hey, when you’ve gone through her you’ll be pretty inclined to support her. Take it from me I’m somewhat of a cheap bastard. She’s in Wilmington, North Carolina, on a little offshoot of I-74 I think, she’s not hard to find and easy to access. Going through all her spaces might not be for everyone but I’ve seen very large and small people all over her so if you have the will there is the way. (so tempted to put da wae meme in there but I didn’t, be proud pls) Anyways if you want more just ask!

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The Lost Olympian

So it’s been quite a while since I’ve done anything, I’m sorry about it I’ve just been going through a lot, a lot of change in my life. Nonetheless I’ve always kept my stories in mind and I’ve got a big one for y’all! The next insert in Titanic’s story, The Lost Olympian. I hope to get back into this like before, but I’m just real busy right now, and for a good long time, too. But I’ll do what I can, when I can. But without further delay,


The lost Olympian
Prinz Eugen loaded her eight massive 203 mm naval guns and conversed with Patelo and an explosive excavation specialist about where to plant the shots. Titanic impatiently waited about a kilometer behind watching. Ever since they entered Norwegian waters she’s been watching Eugen blast ice wall after ice wall, blast iceberg after iceberg. The current would push the dislodged ice chunks further north, out of their way in into colder waters, and that would keep the eco-heads happy. Now the machines certainly aren’t eco-heads but they really don’t like all the fuel consumption going on, either. Nonetheless this and Olympic were what was plaguing her mind; keeping a clean Earth and meeting her sister again. Suddenly out of the boredom a large and intimidating roar flooded the air and echoed down the icy chasm as Eugen released the third barrage onto the ice shelf. With the rather spot on accuracy the massive wall crumbled and plummeted down to the ocean. Massive splashes and waves rushed out towards them. Titanic braced and winced as the stinging water smacked her hull and carried her up and over.
“Damn that’s cold!” And she’s still used to being in waters about 3° C. Once the waves settled and the ice moved away they got a sonar report.
“All clear Titanic, we’re moving in.” Titanic found Bradley, stopped him from what he was doing, and gripped him tight and held him firm. Titanic fought to put absolutely everything she had into her engines and propellers but the crew fought back. Even though she had new engines, enough boats for her small crew, a stronger hull with topped off watertight compartments and nearly all veteran crew, the thought of history repeating still cast its shadow over them all. They took their sweet time and careful caution. They watched for outcropping the sonar missed, they checked to make sure that there was no overhang to hit the masts or funnels, and there was none. The walls were suspiciously ridged and even, the path wide and constant, the massive turn they were making was constant. They had the rudders about a fifth over to port and were traveling at 10 knots. It was eerie quiet, scary perfect, and uncomfortably calm. After some time Prinz Eugen entered a fairly large delta-like harbor and was aghast, Titanic eagerly turned the corner and saw her sitting across the bay staring at Titanic with a complete dumbfounded look of bewilderment.
“Olympic!” Bradley got her reaction all on camera.
“Am I dead, then?” Prinz Eugen was still aghast, not because she existed, but because of what she was covered in. Titanic didn’t notice or even know it’s relevance.
“No! No! They raised me! He raised me!” She nudged towards Bradley as he turned to film Olympic’s reaction. Olympic was very, very confused. Titanic began explaining what had happened, like being found, some looting, so much fascination with her and eventually got to her being raised. While she was doing that Bradley turned to Eugen, who looked back, both of them shocked. Titanic blissfully was unaware of any details and it’s no surprise why, nobody ever told her about the Nazis. Bradley brought it up with Titanic, asking her what’s all over Olympic. “Well, I don’t know.” She finally looked at the draped banners and painted emblems. “Olympic, what’s all over you? What is that?” It seemed she had no idea what Titanic was talking about. Then it suddenly hit her.
“Oh these flags? Well after I retired and moved here the Germans showed up in.., 42? Maybe? I think that’s what year they said it was. Anyways they asked if they could use me as a base of operations and in return they’d maintain me and service me. I agreed, I had grown quite lonely by then, and thus they brought up all their flags and draped then from the promenade deck and painted their.., their.., shvashteka on my decks. They built this dry dock for me, they carved out a channel for their boats-they had massive submarines! Nothing like the ones from the Great War! Oh these were much bigger, and they had many officers come aboard, many sailors and soldiers alike, they set up a lab, tested me, they even recommended updating my engines and electricals. But they never did that.”
“What all do you know? What else was going on?”
“Well the radio reception in here is absolutely terrible, so that’s why they built a tower up there on the shelf, and wired in some hard lines to my radio room. They kept a tight guard on it and never told me anything. They told me what they were doing here, of course, but not much else. When they left all they took are their boats, the radios, and weapons. They left everything else, including a bunch of documents but I can’t read German.” Eugen was interested. “Every now and then I’ll get some Norwegian radio but I don’t know Norwegian, but their music is nice.” Bradley was trying to start breaking WW2 to her but Eugen completely took over describing Hitler’s rise to power, the hate, the Jewish prosecution, the invasions, the fact that Britain and Germany warred against each other, and she kept going. She explained what Hitler and his staff did with the Jews, gays, crippled, gypsies, and other inferior beings. She described important details with accuracy and blunt truth, the blood of the nation being slowly ringed out and the horrors that ensued with invading a desperate nation. She mentioned almost every atrocity, all she knew at least, and all the consequences. It didn’t take very long for Olympic to turn pale and regret everything, guilt ensued her and enveloped her. She felt sick not just in her bowels but everywhere. She had been a veteran of the first war, one point evacuate the wounded-the mamed and gassed, the shot and starved, and she saw millions of those wounds all on one body, for everybody, as far as the horizon-and she helped that happen. If she had more human like bodily reflexes she’d throw up. Titanic didn’t even know about that, she begged Bradley to tell her more and he said he’d try his best.
Olympic wasn’t very friendly after that, not for a while anyways. She begged that the flags be ripped off her-her arms couldn’t reach-and her decks cleaned. She was on the brink of crying. They really didn’t have a way of getting to her, the gangways on the dry dock looked rotten and weak and the docks were too high to send the lifeboats, Titanic’s crew could split up and man Titanic as a skeleton crew with the majority of crew going to Olympic, but as of then they had no means of getting them to Olympic. Olympic said that tides rose quite high here, and that there’s some sheltered wood in a house at the back of the dry dock, when asked about provisions she said it probably all went bad decades ago. So they gathered up food, water, tools, rope, anything else they’d need, stocked up the boats, and got them ready to be lowered. After that they waited. In this time they asked Olympic about things all around the harbor.
“Well, there’s an ammo Depot in that big octagon bunker there, and there’s the main office-that small shack there, I was to be the quarters and office for all here and any who sailed here. That was where I was tethered to right there, that pier next to the Hipper class. Let’s see, there was a U-boat frame they had floating out there but they scuttled that little thing when they left. There are some quite nasty aircraft guns on me, and there were some over by the depot but those were taken. I’m pretty sure I still have some ammo on me. Uh, let’s see, there was a crane they used but that fell over in a nasty storm. Oh and they also had special hot suits to clean my belly with-oh that was very nice!”
“Then why was there a dry dock?”
“Oh this wasn’t for me at all. It was for one of their super dreadnoughts, I think her name was for Admiral Tirpitz. They told me the poor thing got stuck further south and couldn’t get here. They also said it was much nicer. I knew I should have gone farther south. I was so stupid.” That only created more questions.
“Olympic, you could go farther south?” Titanic asked.
“Yes, after you sank and after the Great War White Star Line fell apart and was bought out by Cunard. Most of the white stars were broken up because of how old they were. But because of my service and what I am-alive-they offered me retirement. I took it. They let me choose where I could go and at the time I was very very upset with people. So I hastily chose isolation and temperatures hostile to people. I came here. After a long while I hated myself for choosing this, as you surely know I went mad all alone. I guess they, Cunard, wrote me off as being broken up.” It was quiet. “It was that madness and loneliness that made me accept the.., the Nazis.., so fast and open.” It was very obvious she was guilty and remorseful. By this time the tide had risen high enough to reach the piers and the parties were launched. Everyone watched eagerly as they rowed across the bay and came alongside the pier, mooring the comparably tiny boats to the pier and climbing over onto the top.
They explored around and did find usable wood, rope, tools, and other gear. After scrounging through the base they assessed the gangways and brows, some were rotted but there were some metal ones that were perfectly fine. They swiftly made their way aboard bringing most of the wood and tools, checking all the lockers, compartments, valves, electrics, and vital systems of Olympic. The climate, hull integrity, and superb building skills kept everything practically brand new. A true testament to time. Olympic was still a oil-fired steam engine ship, and only having a skeleton crew meant that manning an engine system of that size and complexity was nearly impossible-not including the crew for the bridge. They had a plan for this, however, only one boiler would be fired and the steam would be directed to one engine only. The most senior ad experienced navigators and helmsmen were sent aboard Olympic because of this plan. Once the plan had begun it all went to the trash. As it turned out one of Olympic’s post-Titanic refits included arms that could operate her boilers without a crew, so more effort was focused at the engine and rudder engine level. While the engines were heating up the deck hand party went around tearing down all the Nazi banners and flags. For the first time in nearly 80 years Olympic’s belly felt hot and ready, her engines felt pumped and strong, and her smokestacks bellowed with warm smoke. Her smile stretched from port to starboard and barred all her comforting teeth, that mood lifted up everyone else’s moods, too.
Her lines were cast off, she was tied to Eugen for a tow out, and they were off before sunrise. Bradley stood on Titanic’s forecastle with his camera watching his lover turn overjoyed and it in turn spilled over into him. Titanic watched her sister’s slick, long hull glide through the water. The water and ice gleamed with her hull and the lights on her hull like a mirror, majestically gliding through the dark between the ice illuminating the whole passage as if it were a city. She made the whole ice sheet glow and dance, the water sparkled and jumped around, and Titanic could not contain her excitement. She shook Bradley and wrapped him tightly in her arms. It was at this moment, when they were about to leave the corridor onto open water, he realized that neither had ever seen or been around each other on the open water. Only being together in ports.
The sun’s rays stretched across the sky, piercing through the clouds and casting an orange glow on the trio and turned the deep blue water to an almost purple sea with big orange spots on the waves. The two Olympic class liners steamed side by side, their long black hulls flying over the blue and the proud white superstructures gleaming in the light, the tall masts reached high into the sky and the smokestacks stood mighty and high. They sailed proudly and Eugen couldn’t help but watch in amazement at their elegance, beauty, and majesty. They were meant to be the most luxurious, most majestic, most beautiful queens of the sea-and that they were. All eyes were on these two ladies, the sunrise astern and the gleaming ice sheet providing a powerful and moving backdrop for these two distinguished ships. Titanic instantly started talking to Olympic as soon as the euphoria wore off.
“Yes, Titanic?” Olympic shifted her eyes port to look at Titanic, her eyes were a deep brown and her voice very similar to Titanic’s.
“Why did you choose to isolate yourself? What happened with people that pushed you to do that?” Olympic sighed and did the little ‘ship nod’ that constitutes looking down and moving lips convincingly.
“Alright, I guess it goes back to when I ran into the Hawke cruiser, I felt so bad about that. Next it was you, when you sank we heard your cries, your CDQ CDQ SOS SOS, we heard it all. Then the silence hurt me, then the news crushed me. That hurt me for a long time. There was a man, however, he was sweet and kind, and I fell in love with him. He was a steward on my crew roster, and we had made much progress together. He was there when they put in my eyes and mouth, my arms, and all those sorts. He was the first person I searched for, first person I held, first person I loved. Then the war started and we were separated while I was turned into a troop ship. One day as I’m loading troops I see one soldier smiling up at me and it was him. I was so happy, I instantly plucked him and all his stuff and moved him where I wanted him, I certainly abused my power to keep him there where I wanted. I kept him with me and we loved and loved every night all night. But he wanted to serve the king, he fought me to get off and fight, he did win because I was threatened by the Navy, and he went off to war. That worried me a lot. But as news came back of the war going well, when I sank a U-boat, and when I went to retrieve his battalion I was filled with excitement, I felt like nothing could go wrong. I scanned each and every face I saw, I memorized everything on everybody that looked like my dear Harry. But none of them were him. I learned later he died of a trenchfoot amputation complication. He died after weeks of pain, discomfort, and misery. And the last time I saw him I was upset with him, I was furious with him. And I felt very guilty about that. And it took me oh, thirty years to get past that. I clung to that guilt, the guilt of loosing my sisters, my lover, and my family. When Cunard bought out White Star, I meant. That is what drove me that far.” There was a moment when Titanic was going to say something when Olympic continued, “His name was Harris J. Pettleton. He was from Partridge. He made me think and wonder, how many boys did I send to their deaths? How many did I ferry to the grave?” Titanic sensed she was going back down a dark path and instantly ended that train ride.
“On a different note, New York is beautiful! London is awesome! And Britannic is in New York right now. Sh-”
“They raised her, too!?”
“Yes! She came out looking for you before I did, she scraped the Ice but her hull held and she’s being fixed up right now. She’s still a medical ship and has gone do disaster relief rallies to treat survivors. She and I and you are probably going to be museum ships, I am already, Britannic works as one when not a medical ship, sometimes she’s paid by the Navy to be used as a training platform for their ocean doctors, practicing surgeries at sea in rough or normal conditions.”
“You think I’m going to be a museum ship, Titanic?”
“Well, Bradley here is part of the company board, so he knows more, maybe even what you’re going to be for sure. Bradley? What’s Olympic going to be?” He Thought and leaned against the railing.
“Well,” he began looking over Olympic’s hull at the rust and wear and deficient properties, “with this paint scheme you might actually be used as a cruise ship to bridge the gap in profits.”
“I’ll be a liner again? What flag will I fly?”
“You’ll fly under the British flag and the White Star pennant. BUT if it’s decided to repaint you, it may be the dazzle scheme and you’ll be a museum ship for World War One, merchant marines, and the likes.”
“Well,” she started a little worried, “If you needed profits, why doesn’t Titanic carry passengers, she’s only ever carried for one voyage. Don’t you think she’d want to fulfill her first purpose?” That did effect Titanic, she does have phases where she begs to carry passengers but Bradley and others remind her of how few she can carry. It is a very somber time frame.
“I don’t have enough boats to carry passengers.” Titanic stated then looked to her deck almost in defeat.
“Right,” Olympic responded, looking at her deck, “so how is it? Being a museum?”
“Not to bad,” Titanic replied scowling as she thought about it, “it does get repetitive and at times mundane and boring, but most often the groups are interesting themselves and are a fun bunch, and I do get a lot of time with my dear Bradley, so I say it’s not too bad. I’ll take the worst days of this than any day on the bottom.”
“What was it like? What happened?”
“The bottom? Lonely, absence of everything, and cold. But it wasn’t that cold! The only times I was really excited and what set me back on track to sanity was subs coming to visit. Interaction again, light itself can be felt if it’s gone for too long. At the end was Bradley, he talked to me and helped me the most. As it turned out I fell for him and to top it off he made me a mother.” Olympic was stunned.
“Wow, uh, congratulations! How long have you been a mother?”
“Violet is seven years old, Britannic’s little one, Tobey, is five years old. They’re wonderful little things!”
“Harry and I were talking about children, we weren’t even sure if it would work out. If it was possible. Now I know.”
“How long did you serve, Olympic?” Prinz Eugen asked, coming alongside.
“Oh I served twenty four years as a liner. Almost five years in service of the Navy. I had carried around two-hundred-and-one thousand soldiers to the war, and when I was retired in thirty-four I had made two-hundred and fifty-seven round trips to New York and the United Kingdom, with four-hundred-and-thirty thousand passengers on my rosters. I was close to two million miles traveled. They got their uses out of me for sure.”
“Impressive, quite a career.”
“I’ve been plagued with problems, though. I’ve had the problem of hitting ships left and right, I only meant it once and I got the bastard, but every other time it was an accident. I sank a lightship and killed half of the crew. There is a lot about me, a lot wrong, or twisted. I don’t know why, either.” They broke off the conversation for a while, that night Titanic brought up something in secret to Olympic that she had noticed.
“Olympic, I noticed you’re very active, do you need someone?” Olympic was shocked.
“Is it that obvious?”
“No, but we’re sisters, we know each other. Trust me, we feel each other.”
“Yes, I am a little lonely.”
“A little?”
“Okay, I’m really lonely. I haven’t been touched since 1915, that’s over a hundred years ago! I need to get stuffed, I can’t stand it!” Titanic giggled a little bit, she knew the feeling, it’s why she talked dirty with Bradley the whole way up. “Are there any.., bachelors on board? Anyone that might help me out?” Titanic laughed aloud.
“There is one person I know who’d love to help you out. He’s going to be at port, Olympic. All you’re going to have to do is talk to him a little bit, then get sexual.” The potential prospect made Olympic wet and grow very excited. “He’s not that bad looking either.” That made Olympic reached for herself and make sure she’d be.., ready to go when they meet. That stayed on her mind the whole journey there, pricked deep, long, with a rod of steel, she thought on it so long she was leaking onto the forecastle deck. She refused to please herself so he’d be even more fun for her, dirty, naughty, sexy fun!

During the days Prinz Eugen, Titanic, and Olympic would share sea stories and share sea stories of some of their crew members. Olympic certianly had the the most to share so that kept them all busy while they were sailing down to Liverpool. When they arrived at Liverpool there was much that had changed for Olympic, she marveled at how busy it was, how modern it had become. She was marveled at herself, everyone had believed that she, the queen of Liverpool, was broken up long ago, but now she sails through the narrows once more and it seemed that everything stopped. It was the exact same when Titanic sailed in after her refloat, like time stood still for all but them. Olympic felt a blast from her glory days back when she was the ship, the ship everyone adored, the ship everyone wanted to sail on. She saw her old slipway and noticed her tugs and tenders were guiding her there, she became very excited and overjoyed to be home again. She was delicately nudged into the slip and aligned with the chalks under her belly and sealed off. The water was drained and she rested on the chalks set up just for her and her small crew was departed and inspectors were launched aboard.
There was lots of rust under and at her waterline, her stabilizing fins were in danger of falling off and her rudder in danger of failing to traverse. Her propellers made of bronze were clean and functional but the fittings for them looked sketchy. The pump ports were also noteworthy as was her keel-line. The Germans had done a superb job of making Olympic seaworthy again but that was way back in 1942-43, it had done it’s job and wore off. Paint below the waterline was no longer red but a pink-grey. Inspections of her electrical systems were problematic for most areas but the vitals ad most of the officer cabins were fully functional and up to the 1940’s standard. The firemain pumps and dewatering pumps were all stopped up and filled with algae and other water life. If there was a leak in Olympic there would be no way to stop it, and if the fuel pumps and tanks weren’t in good condition and started a fire there would be no saving her. Integrity was outstanding, the cold preserved much of anything aboard but the food spoiled regardless and some added deck fixtures had rotted. Overall she was in remarkable condition, in great shape and if you asked her, healthy and ready for some great sex. Titanic was pulled alongside the slip and moored where Britannic had been a few days ago. She was out for trials making sure the repairs were satisfactory. Olympic really wanted to see her, wanted to meet Violet and Tobey, her niece and nephew, she wanted to meet Harold and shake hands with Bradley. She also wanted to meet Patelo but he was gone in a flash, he said his goodbye over the radio and poof, gone into the city before he could be thanked. “I wanted to thank him for finding me.”
“Well, he didn’t find you.” Titanic said.
“Who did? Bradley?”
“Britannic? Harold?”
“Neither of them.”
“Then who?” Titanic assured her that she’ll meet them very soon, but in the meantime she’d be meeting the man Titanic promised her. Olympic tried to clean up as much as she could, she snagged some cleaning gear from her lockers and cleaned her port and made sure a man would love to play with her toys. Titanic’s love ports are all in her superstructure, while Britannic was built with her fantail port, one on her hull, and she also had one on her forecastle deck, just ahead of her cargo shoot, and was upgraded with more in her superstructure. Olympic had her fantail fun port and her forecastle fun port. She wanted to watch herself get drilled, she wanted to see herself getting fucked, so she made sure the forecastle port was clean, soaked, tight and soft. She cleaned to her satisfaction and proceeded to pester Titanic about him. Titanic continuously reasured her that he’d be coming. And sometime that evening Titanic introduced him to her.
“Olympic, I want you to meet a close friend of mine and Bradley’s. This is Perry Johnson, from Hampton.”


Yeah, yeah, it’s been a long time since I’ve done anything, much longer something naughty, but don’t worry it’s on the way!

April 15th, 1912 +105

“Hey Bradley, it’s that time of the year again.” A crewman mentioned to him while they stood on the dock. It was almost 11:30 pm, April 14th. “How’s she doing?” Bradley sighed and glanced over to her, she was staring out into nothingness, unable to see anything and generally unresponsive.
“She gets like this every so often. I tell her ‘hey you know you can tell me anything sweetie, I’m always here for you’ and it helps her. She just.., she just gets real quiet at times.”
“What’s she doing? Do you know?”
“Yeah, yeah I know. She’s reliving it, she relives it for about four hours. About thirty minute before it happens and until thirty minutes after she comes to rest. Everytime she’s following someone else, and she’ll tell me all about them. Sometimes she walks me around in their footsteps. They-uh, they’re very.., eerie. She usually tells me the ones that she felt die inside her, some men killed by the bulkhead door falling on them, some being electrocuted, freezing inside her, imploding people, but one really strikes me. A man so terrified of drowning rushed back to his cabin and hung himself with his bedsheets from the stairs.”
“So, how many has she told you?”
“About fifty or sixty. Some of them reoccur.”
“Is there a, a pattern to them? Are they regular?”
“Nope just, outta the blue. I’ve been eating dinner with her and I’ve been making love with her and all of a sudden-boom. Like the flip of a switch, she’s back entranced.” It were those moments where he really was helpless for her, he could cradle her arms, pipes, cables, or even her vaginal tendril and she’s still left alone. Desperate and despairing with only his coos to remind her it isn’t real. He hated these moments and wished he, too, was a massive entity; massive enough to cradle her hull and hold her tight against him. So she wouldn’t feel alone.
“Sooo, how’s it work? Where do you do?” Bradley glared back at the guy.
“Use your imagination.” He sternly put, it was his way of saying ‘fuck off’. With that he gazed back upon Titanic’s massive side and wanted to hug it all, wrap her up like box and keep her to him. He went aboard to find something of hers to hold tight.

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It Was R.M.S.Titanic

If you didn’t figure it out don’t worry. Not many people care. But I do and I care at an extraordinary level. She has influenced my whole life, and is most responsible for my mechanophilia. I love her, I know extreme amounts of facts on her, a vast collection of books, posters, magazines, blueprints, models, and of the likes. When the day comes that she collapses on the seafloor I will weep. I will weep and I don’t know why other than it has been a huge influence on my life and my only wish other than wishing living machines were real but ahead of raising her is seeing her in person, two and a half miles down. To simply touch the thick glass that separates the sea and the cabin of a sub, to look upon her with my own physical eyes. Not to disturb her, or remove any artifacts as so many demons that deserve to burn in the deepest hell for desecrating a WORLD WIDE MEMORIAL for the 1,500+ souls who lost their lives in three hours of historical legend. If you want to know anything on her, you can ask me and I’ll tell you. Or you could Google it but BE CAREFUL! Some cites aren’t legit but most are. And yes, Titanic existed, she’s no myth, she’s no story, she’s no fucking movie prop. She is real, and she is physically fading away, and she will live on in the hearts and minds of the many that know her story. Such as I do.

The Titanic

Now please enjoy this post I wrote from the bottom of my heart and the full devotion of my mind. It is the longest post other than the HaM complication at 28 pages and I’m sorry for it being so long. I devoted eight days to writing this and they were the most productive days I’ve ever written.


Bradley turned the external sub lights on to light up the abyss. He was met with nothing but the slate gray seabed. What a view! Worth the two hour wait, fucking sucked. Bradley had descended two and a half miles in two hours in the North Atlantic in search of his childhood legend. She was the finest of the sea, the largest afloat, the most elegant, majestic, safest, and recognized liner in the world. He dreamed of this day forever and as he had flashbacks the light shone on a tall green-black rust covered megalith. He snapped back and leaned close to the six inch thick glass and read his dream to life.

“T-I-T-A-N-I-C” he stopped the sub before it ran into the bow of this dream and sat stunned and in disbelief, he had just read her name with his own eyes. “Sojourner one this is Destiny four… I found her. Over”

“Copy that Destiny. We thought you died on the way down Brad. Over.” He begged the crew to let him go down alone, they’d been scrounging up a map of the debris field to measure the change in soil there, the tides were most definitely moving the earth there and the current threatened to bury Titanic at any time. This was on the way back and they were ahead of schedule with time, funds, and fuel to spend to meet the quota so it was allowed.

“Nope, I didn’t die. Thankfully I’m alone with her and I didn’t need to pull the card on them to clear it.” He looked at the card in his pocket; it was government authorized notice that would have forced them to send him down alone. Bradley Sanderson wasn’t just Deep Sea Explorer but also part of the government memorial protection services, or MPS, and the plan was to allow the extra day and resources and on its way already was two heavy lift ships modified for the specific task and another deep sea ship loaded with specific gear for the daring task planned.

Bradley moved the sub to the remnants of the bridge and extended a metal rod from the hull to contact the metal hull of the Titanic. He flipped numerous switches, turned countless dials, and pushed several buttons with expertise and purpose searching for that one reading the instruments were displaying. At once he exclaimed ‘godit’ and turned on a microphone and spoke softly, hiding his excitement.

“Hello? Hello? Is anyone there? Hello?” He waited for what seemed like forever. Minutes went by, he glanced at the time and was about to switch it all off and try again when a polite and lovely voice sounded from the speakers.

“My God do please forgive me! It has been so long I’ve forgotten how to speak, dear. How embarrassing of me.” He couldn’t believe it; here he was at the bottom of the ocean talking to his dream. He slapped himself hard and continuously to try waking him up but it was real, he fumbled on the mic and blubbered something inaudible. “Come again? I didn’t quiet catch that last part. Was it something about the color blue?”

“No-no-no-no-no! No it was I can’t believe I’m talking to you!”

“Ah! That makes more sense. So dear would you be so kind as to tell me how long it’s been since I sailed last?”

“Over a hundred years ago.” His stomach was in his throat. “One hundred and two years, actually.”

“Bligh me. One hundred years…” Her voice trailed off. It wasn’t an old womanly voice but more of a mature, perhaps thirty year old voice. “Do please stay, you’re the first I’ve talked to since I sailed and the others don’t stay for long.”

“I have a proposition to make to you, Miss Titanic.”

“Please just call me Titanic, none of the miss or its likes please. But you have my interest.”

“How would you like to sail again?” She was silent for a while, he wondered if the connection failed or timed out. “Miss Titanic did you hear m-”

“Didn’t I ask you not to call me a miss?” He sighed.

“Yes ma’am. Is ma’am acceptable?”

“Yes dear. Ma’am is fine.” She was quiet again. Bradley held his breath and tried to cope with his joy, his excitement, his outrageous want to explode inside him.

“You know dear, I think I’ll accept your offer.”

“Is that a definite yes mi-Titanic?” Another bundle of quiet seconds.

“Yes. It’s a yes.” He let it out, all his excitement. “Dear I don’t remember catching your name.”

“Bradley! Bradley Sanderson! I’m at your service Titanic.”

“Very well. So Bradley how is this all worked out?” He explained it to her after relaying the news to the ships sailing to lift her and carry her to the New York harbor to refuel then to the Pennsylvania shipyards for restorations. Then he thought about her story, he had to ask.

“Titanic, are you alright?”

“Fine dear, a little rusty and holed but I’m fine.”

“I mean…”

“My past? I know. I was supposed to be the safest ship afloat, the largest and safest. How ironic is it? The largest and safest ship afloat… sank on her maiden voyage taking the record amount of victims down with her?” She sounded sorrow. “I’ve moved along, what’s done is done. There’s no escaping it. Bradley, a little wisdom; don’t dwell in the dealt hand, charge through the future with all your strength to the better end.”

“Thank you Titanic.”

“Speaking of the end, where are my sisters? Did Gigantic turn out bigger and better? Did Olympic get over her depression? How are they?” Hard time for Bradley, he had to break the news to her.

“Gigantic never launched. She was renamed Britannic and was smaller than Olympic with many more lifeboats installed. She never transported passengers, either, she was converted to a hospital ship when World War One broke out and rammed a mine in the Mediterranean Sea, the only deaths were idiots trying to get off early and were diced by her props as she steamed to the beach to try beaching. She’s still there in diving depth, a friend of mine tested this equipment out on her, she was nice and helpful and plans are to raise her but the complication is she’s on her side, not upright.”

“Oh dear, she save any of our boys?”

“Hundreds. She even had herself a sweet heart for a term.”

“Marvelous. How’s Olympic?”

“She served as a troop transport and survived many attempts to sink her, from deck guns to a mine. She was nicknamed ‘Ol Reliable. Sadly after the war the Cunard line bought out White Star and they…”

“They did what? Tell me. Surely I can take the news.”

“They scrapped her.” She was silent. “You still alright?”

“Fine. I’m fine. Just a little disappointed in her. See ever since she was rammed by that cruiser she was depressed, she didn’t feel adequate enough. She’s been saying they’d scrap her in short time, she was sure of it. Too bad for her.” He noticed the air meter was close to time to rise so he sadly said his goodbyes. The last thing he heard from her was “Goodbye Bradley. Good luck! I’ll be here a while.”

He emptied the ballast tanks, moved off of her hull and dropped the weights to ascend faster. He daydreamed in the tempting dark of how much hell she went through. He reached the surface and saw that four ships had arrived; he figured that one heavy lift and one deep sea ship for the bow and stern each. He was hoisted onto the mother ship and met by a very pissed captain.

“Bradley you no good sonofabitch! What the hell are they doing with all that recovering shit!? That’s a gravesite and you know it! You DON’T mess with the dead!”

“We’re not messing with the dead. Only the living ship.” With that he pushed through and boarded a RHM boat to ferry him to the ship staying to send down RC craft to work on repairing the Titanic’s hull then prep for raising. He boarded, shit, and slept in that order. He awoke the next morning to hear the news. The RC subs have coated Titanic in Residue XR, basically it breaks off the rust, fortifies the hull metal, and preps it for the transaction to the surface, and he heard that she was being emptied right then, the residue helps seal the holes and is assisted by a filament, all the while the mud was excavated from the bow and stern to free her ascent. She had a special request that Bradley be there with her for the journey up. He agreed and went to prepare himself immediately. He readied up, boarded the sub alone, and was told that it’d be a wait of ten minutes estimated once he reached her until they’d be brought up. Then he was lowered down where he spent an hour and a half asleep, trusting of their reliable computers to ferry him down, and embarrassingly had a very naughty dream about him and Titanic. He landed his sub at the same place yesterday and hooked up to her.

“Good morning dear! I’m told it is morning, is it not?” He chuckled at her eagerness.

“Yes it’s still morning. They treating you right?”

“Oh absolutely! I haven’t felt this sturdy in years, dear.”

“Ready to see the sun again?”

“To be honest, dear, I’ve never seen anything. You see I have no eyes. I feel everything around and inside me, but figuratively yes! I’m ready to feel the sun again!” She went on about her marvelous story; he knew every detail but was intrigued by her rendition because of its point of view. He was radioed that preparations were complete and was asked if she was ready.

“Let’s finish this voyage!” With that she leapt into the sea with her restraints severed, they were told it would be a two hour journey to the surface.

“Two hours? I remember reaching the bottom in less than five minutes! How far did I sink?”

“Your depth was at two and a half miles.”

“Well then, going up is harder than going down.” He smiled then noticed his Jiminy Cocket was going up easy and was rather embarrassed by it, he found her very attractive but felt ashamed about it.

“We’ve two hours to kill, any ideas?” She pondered.

“You know I’ve never had anyone to flirt with.” Of all things she had to pick that. As if she wasn’t hot enough. “Oh yes I think that’ll be fun! Let’s talk nasty to each other! Come on Bradley, you lead!” He wasn’t going to say no to her.

“Duh, um, errr, you’ve got…der…a sexy bow.” He had never tried flirting with a machine.

“Ooo, I’m interested… go on, get me riled up!”

“Alright, uhhh…” He looked to his blueprints and paintings of her in one of his books. “Ah you have a banging hot bridge.” He was at least trying.

“I lost that, but okay.”

“Those smokestacks, damn they get me.”

“Hmm, I forgot about those.”

“You’re mast is as straight as I am right now.” He meant was not is, they were as straight as hard as he was.

“Well seeing how bent and crooked my bow mast is right now… I think I’ll pass on that one.”

“I meant was, you’re mast was as straight as I am now.”

“Better… go on.”

“Your ass is perfect,”

“Well my arse is gone but nice try. I have been complimented on it before so I get you.” He let his tongue slip.

“Oh I’d ravage that ass all night long. I mean pound the shit outta that so fast.”

“Oooh, now you’re talking.” He had the sense she had a naughty smile in her complexion.

“Mmm I’d fuck you all night long and longer!” He freaked out and made sure that the coms to the surface were off and thanked God they were off.

“Well, Mister Bradley, let me-”

“If I can’t call you a miss you can’t call me a mister.”

“Let me tell you how I’d frolic with you…” He unzipped his pants; he was going for it in the cabin of the sub. She started the dirtiest thing he could ever imagine her saying and further, she went on for forty-five minutes and all the while he’d never fapped that intensely before in his life. When she finished he was breathing heavily and had cum into a rag about six times. He got back on the mic to talk to her when she started laughing.

“Did I get you Bradley?” He couldn’t lie.

“… Yes…” She laughed some more.

“Huh, you’ll have to forgive me dear; I didn’t think I was that good at it.” He starred down at his dwindling cock and begged otherwise. They decided to tell jokes for the rest of the time, he beat her there.

“I’ll take care of you, Titanic; you can count on me to be there.”

“Is that a promise?”

“Yes it’s a promise. Through all the restoration and test runs, I’ll be there.” She felt something else for him, nobody was that committed to her before and she felt his willingness to do as he said. To do anything she desired. She felt the pressure drop to where it was almost gone, she quivered in fright, would she hold or would she disintegrate? The moment of truth came when she felt the water vaporize from her upper parts and quickly work its way down her hull to below her old waterline.

“Alright Titanic don’t freak out but you’re going to feel something odd on your belly.” His voice was calming, suddenly she felt cold metal on her belly and then the water receding from her hull exterior. Finally she felt only warm air around her, no ocean water, only air, air and metal.

“Thank you for the heads up dear.” She felt a rather close feeling approaching. “Bradley what’s coming up from behind us?” He was working his way out of the manhole when he twisted around to see her stern section, a poor jumbled mess of twisted, ripped and torn metal, bare of rust, though.

“Um, your ass.”

“Does it look delectable, Bradley?” She giggled remembering their flirtatious game. He paused trying to word how it nicely even though it appeared Thor came down and beat the shit out of it with his hammer. To put into perspective there’s a phase for how badly beaten something is in the stern’s memory.

“Well… it will soon enough.”

“Delightful.” They voyaged towards New York Harbor where Titanic was eagerly awaiting to finally complete her maiden voyage. The days were endless for her, except she knew they ended because she could feel the sun beading down in daylight. At night time she would talk to him. He explained to her she was an intentional tier I class sentimental. She knew already she communicated telepathically and how she could hear his direct thoughts to her, and obviously she knew she couldn’t see but when he brought up the reproductively she floundered and choked.

“It’s fine, we’re going to fix you up to tier II, there you can see, taste, smell, and if you ask we can put some repos on you.”

“They will be where I want them, right?”


“And the yardmen won’t go where I say not to go?”

“They shouldn’t. Why?”

“Because just replace the boilers and reciprocators. Don’t go in them too dangerous.” She blurted out defensively.

“That, yeah we’re not putting new boilers and that in you. No we’re setting you up with the modern stuff, turbines, pressure tanks, electric stuff and all their works. Well maybe a boiler here and there for a museum effect but otherwise the reciprocating engines will be dummies for show. Don’t worry ’bout a thing we’ll take care of you.” He leaned against her superstructure by the bow luggage crane mounts. He felt indescribable resting on her, just touching and walking, no, gazing upon her made him feel mystical. Titanic felt warm inside when he leaned on her, she wanted to reach out and hold him but she couldn’t. The cranes wouldn’t move and they’d overtake him, he was too close. She enjoyed his company while she could.

New York City was abuzz with word Titanic was arriving. Thousands of people were on the piers, ferries, tugs, tankers, cargos, thousands cheering the hundred year old legend finally completing her journey.

“Wow, hundred and two years late and still the crowd.., it’s overwhelming! Are there any of my survivors in there?”

“No Titanic, the last survivor died in two thousand nine.”

“Who was it? They must have been very young when I went down.” Naughty thoughts entered his mind when she said went down.

“Miss Millvina Dean of England. She died at age ninety seven of illness; she was two months old and third class.”

“Pains me that I can remember the list but not a single face, no one’s. I guess it got the personal aspect of it out.” She sounded depressed about it.

“There are some movies about you.”

“Oooh, I’d like to see them!” The day was filled with excitement, Titanic survivors’ children appeared and told accounts of their parents’ struggles and stories, Titanic elaborated them to Bradley with surprising detail of the person’s cabin and class and even what boat they took off. During the night the ships were refueled and made heading for Pennsylvania docks. That night Titanic enjoyed a very sensual and very sexual dream about him and what he may look like, it was just what she needed.

The day she was put into the cradle in dock was the day she… felt the most pain.

“Bradley! Oh curses Bradley!”

“What!? What’s wrong!?”

“This! is! the! worst! pain!!!” She was having her aft removed at the droop to rebuild it level and to reattach the stern section.

“You said quote ‘bring it on! I’ve been ripped in half and smashed against the floor’ end quote!”

“I know and I take it all back!” She was done with the removal that night and she shivered in her cradle until the shift ended for the third round of yard workers, and the fourth round began removing less attached things like her anchors and decking and interior for remodeling and restructuring. All the while by her side was Bradley either awake or napping he was there for her. It took two months for her interior to be cleaned out and fixed up structurally. Her face of the forward superstructure was removed entirely and replaced, including the wheelhouse, with relative quickness.

“Bradley dear, I feel, different…” He climbed over the bridge wing wall onto a scaffold and moved to her new bridge windows and life’s an eyelid for her.

“Bradley… Is, is that you?” She was astonished, her large blue eye dilated to focus on him before she gained control of her other eye. Her eyes were beautiful; they took Bradley’s breath away.

“Yes, it’s me Titanic.”

“You’re a hunk.” He blushed. “I thought you looked dreamy in my mind but this is better than I hoped.”

“Now you can see, and speak and taste.”

“What do you mea-” she heard herself from right below her eyes. “Wha-I have a mouth? Where!?”

“It’s on the face of the first class promenade deck A, below your eyes. Not on the window wall but on the railing wall right below the deck so it’s in its own little room.” He noticed she was playing with her tongue. “Like it?”

“I do, I do indeed. Mmm I taste good.” The stern section was cleaned out and all of the de-shaped panels were removed. They were moved together and after a hundred and two years and two months the hull sections were welded and bolted back together.

“Oh Bradley this is astonishing! I have my stern back!” He was told later that her propellers were turning slowly and the rudder was waving port and starboard when they reattached it. Over the next year her hull was built up again and halted only just above the waterline to install her dummy engines and boilers and also to install her new modern turbines and power plant before it resumed its steady course. Once the hull and inner structures and supports were erected the labor force turned attention to installing piping such as general plumbing, wiring, her piping and plumbing, and a few other appliances. While the workers were starting this Titanic was given a full synopsis of what changes were made to her hull.

“We started off by refurbishing worn parts and reinforcing your hull. You may not have known but you had large weak spots along your hull that proved to be fatal. One instance is the bow and stern, here your rivets, a weak flaw in themselves, were shaped by man and not the pneumatic jack for your aft section and thus they were even more prone to breaking. Another key design was the reason your hull broke in half, the hull break for the flexing ended like a blade. This sends all the force of the flexing downwards into the hull where it ripped. We compensated for this by putting a round hole at the bottom where the force is translated into the surrounding area evenly. Probably the most recognizable flaw was the water tight bulkheads; they weren’t sealed at the top. For your information we are sealing them now.” The man was too well dressed to have personally overseen any of the work and he had a whole blueprint map of her.

“What happens if it all fails, professor?”

“Excuse me ma’am?”

“When it all fails, the doors don’t shut, the hull tears, and I split, what’s the backup plan? How do you get everyone off?” He pushed his glasses up on his nose and wrinkled his nose.

“Well…” He fumbled in his briefcase and pulled out another map. “We’re doing what they did to Britannic.” She looked at the map and saw what looked like the original designs that Mister Anderson had for her with lifeboats all along the boat deck.

“Aw, Mister Andrews.”

“No, I’m Hector… Oh! You mean… okay I got you. Yes lifeboats will be along the boat deck but since you’re a traveling museum the ones you didn’t have during your voyage will be folded down and the collapsible boats tucked away and pulled out for the open seas.” She seemed satisfied. With that off note Hector packed up and left.

“He stuck out like a sore thumb, didn’t he Titanic?”

“Yes he certainly did. Damn you Ismay you bastard!” She sounded upset.

“Titanic there was nothing to be done, you were sinking no matter what and you know that.”

“I don’t care that I sank, dear, but that bastard took away the lifeboats and snuck off like a coward!”

“And he paid for it. Don’t worry about him he got what was coming to him.” She unraveled her new manipulators and hugged him, bringing him to her bow luggage crane base where he embraced the large base to comfort her.

The next year of work was relaunching her with honors, fixing the smokestacks, masts, replacing the crow’s nest, compass platform, docking bridge, and the original anchors put back in place while the internal fitting furnished to their original looks and inserted antique appliances for the museum appeal while at the same time adding modern conveniences such as new elevators, lighting, telephones, some televisions to show accounts and documentaries, ovens, microwaves, fridgerators and improved AC units. Other new equipment included a radar station, GPS mapping and navigation, improved bridge controls, sonar, an internal speaker system, along with fire management stations. Areas were reserved for the museum as well as the original rooms for display, some third class cabins above the point the iceberg pierced her hull were made into a cold room with the recorded outside temperature and an ice wall simulating the iceberg’s temperature the night she sank as well as a box of freezing water the doomed souls drowned in. All over her were cabins and stations converted to museums with artifacts, models, examples, pictures, paintings and stories.

“So Titanic, how’s it feel to be a traveling museum?”

“Thrilling, dear. Think about it; I finally get my sailing career, I get to see the world and its people, and best of all I get to teach the world my lesson and story.”

“The world has learned much from you already.”

“That’s swell, nothing’s happened as bad as mine, then?”

“I wish it were true. There’s the Lusitania, Andrea Doria, and th-”

“Lusitania!? What happened to her?”

“She was torpedoed off the coast of Ireland in the First World War. She was fine until the second explosion happened and she went down in about fifteen minutes.”

“How fifteen minutes!? I was riddled with holes everywhere and I took maybe three hours to sink, and we reopened the doors!”

“Mysteries, mysteries. Many believe that second explosion caused leaks everywhere and possibly that the hole was bigger than we believe. She’s lying on her holed side so it’s hard to know.”

“How is she?”

“Target practice.” He said is coldly. She’s been used for target practice by various navies and so many fishing nets have snagged her that her superstructure is unrecognizable.

“Poor thing.” Only after two years and five months Titanic was fully repaired, restored, and ready for her second set of trial runs. She was towed out to sea taking in the view of the ocean rolling across the horizon. Bradley was next to her bridge on the starboard wing with a tablet loaded with all the documentaries about her. She’s wanted to see what made her legend and mystery and spent the majority of the four day trial runs calmly watching all of them, only out bursting at the angle they believed her to break. It was learned after the majority of documentaries and after the movies that she broke at a roughly 30-35 degree angle and not the high 60 degree angle that was once thought. She wasn’t too embarrassed or offended by any of it but was flattered that she had that much recognition.

“I was claimed ‘virtually unsinkable’ and the public declared me unsinkable. I wasn’t the largest for long, never planned to be nor turned out to be, so why did I have that much influence on the world? I don’t feel like I deserve this privilege dear.”

“You’re just shrouded in mystery, legend, and confusion. Then you were the reason so many safety laws were implemented into the ship world, you may not see it but you changed the world as it was known.” She blushed with her side wall on the bridge turning a gray hue as she hugged him close to her wall. All that was left in her plans was time.

The night after she got back she was left alone on a dark pier against the moon waiting for Bradley to return. He’d go to get the schedule book for the upcoming travel back to New York City for her first destination but she was only thinking of Bradley. He was always there for her, from the first talk in that cursed black abyss to her emotional trip to New York, from the pain filled screaming of being ripped apart to the day she first saw him he was always there and did anything she asked of him, whether it be a badly missed spot in rust or collecting all those movies for her, he did it all immediately and faithfully. She figured she loved him in the beginning because it was the first man she’d talked to in a century but as the months rolled on he seemed more and more enjoyable and lovable. He was hot, devotional, charismatic, affectionate, caring and all around appealing to her. She spotted him descending down the drive in his little car and hoped he’d been feeling the same towards her, that he was always there for her as a character and not for what time and people had made her.

Bradley drove down the road with thoughts running through his head. He’d been attracted to her forever but when he found that she was special in the sense she was built as a living ship kicked his want for her up but that wasn’t emotional but more interested in her story, but that changed when he talked to her in the sub. He’d been having even more sexual dreams of her since they spoke and his mixed emotions of lust, interest, and business were at an all-time high. Dammit I can’t take it anymore! I’m asking her tonight to end this shit cold. Yeah I’ll ask her but, would I take her answer alright? He wondered to himself. As he saw the giant obelisk against the full moon’s light he set his mind and would try to be professional about it. Still he wondered why was she so paranoid around her fantail area above the rudder? She also wanted a few manipulators there, too. Why?

He parked the car and climbed the rise to the first class gangway and crossed over into the first class reception room, ascended the magnificent grand staircase, exited to the boat deck and walked to the bridge. The moonlight shone on her starboard side tinging her white superstructure a blue and shining in her beautiful blue eyes. He adored her eyes, they really fit her well.

She watched him walk towards her bridge with his tan skin glistening in the blue moonlight. She could see his muscles flexing their power as he took great strides against the wind. His hair looked neatly groomed into a wave going over his left eye, and his brown eyes seemed to bear whatever trouble he confronted without flinching. He handed her the schedule book and checked his phone on that email he got earlier. It was from his friend still working with Britannic overseas, he read it as she went over the schedule.

Hey bro heard the Titanic’s running again! Britannic’s a little excited about that and speaking of her; you know how we’ve been for the past year, right? Well we’ve moved it up a level. We fucked! Now it was a little awkward and wasn’t long because of my air supply and she was on the floor but, damn was she tight! You jealous, bro? I’ll paint you a picture: her rust was sprayed away a while back and she’s on her side, right, and her vag was right above her rudder on the fantail and it was so fucking tight!

It went on but he needed no more from that, he’d read it later. He noticed she was on the last page and determined this would be the right time, he just hoped she wouldn’t notice his Jiminy Cocket rising in his pants.

“So it seems I’ll be left alone this night, Bradley.” She started first unaware of his intentions. “You’ve always been there for me faithfully without a request of your own.” There was a pause; Bradley wasn’t too sure what she was going to do next. “You’re so sweet and always kind and helping, so tolerant and friendly… and I wanted you to do this before, but, would you take me tonight?” He was speechless, he’d only wanted to ask her on her feelings and she’s moved on to sex already, he couldn’t believe it. “You don’t have to do this Bradley,” she said hiding her fear and sadness of his declining answer, her eyes drifting gaze down toward the deck, “I’d understand.”

“No-no, I couldn’t say no to you, especially that!” She perked up and smiled even though he couldn’t see her smile.

“Well meet me at my fantail, darling!” She was quite excited, much like when she was being hauled to New York. He sprinted to the stairs, went down four decks to C deck, bolted to the third class open deck thanking the lord he memorized her decks and climbed to the poop deck and ran to the tail flag mast winded.

“I’m here!”

“A little winded, dear? That’s alright I’ll handle you as gently as you handle me dear.” She raised two manipulators over the stern rail to help undress him and carry him over and under her fantail. He loved the look of the fantail; it’s what makes these ships sexy. He looked at her hull and saw in the reflected light her vagina. It was right above her rudder alright, and was barely dripping a silver fluid already. She held on to him with more manipulators at the waist, chest, legs held a little spread, and holding his hands with hers while their arms were entangled together. “Guide it in, please dear?”

“I’ll guide it in, sweetheart.” He smirked as his proud member was lined up in his hand, he knew she was in for the ride of her life; his cock he measured not too long ago and measured at a little over seven inches and six inches around, well over the normal, and he knew she’d be tight. As he pressed his cock against her black painted slit and rubbed it up and down the surprisingly short opening. She’d wanted him for a while, and his touch shot through her giving her even more want for him. He could feel her joy through her arms and hands, her shivering and quivering prompted his lust to drive him and his strength. He could hear her moaning in the quiet night with the waves slipping against the dock and her hull. He watched as he strained his rock hard cock into her very tight vagina and listened as her moans grew louder.

“Oh Bradley you’re so huge!” He chuckled softly; he was only half way in and paused to breathe. She had just caught up to his feeling when Bradley pushed further in even more. He pushed deeper into her hot tunnel of pulling muscle trying to close back to its original size but was holding onto her lover to tight to where even the slick cum she excretes didn’t help the fluid motions. She moaned louder and louder for what seemed like forever in time and miles in his cock penetration, until she felt his warm flesh pressed against her lips and hull signaling he was that big, a monster of a cock in a tight tube. She loved every inch of him and his impressive size. She held him tight inside her and against her in an embrace; she felt his lips press against her hull in a kiss fashion. “Oh my God Bradley! I never imagined you this big inside me!” He pulled from kissing her hull and opened his eyes.

“I never thought you’d let me do this Titanic.” He looked down at her cum slowly rolling around the base of his cock.

“You’ve said you’ve dreamt of me many times, right darling?”

“Not like this exactly but yes I have. This is better than anything.”

“Well dear I’m yours tonight; do as you please my love.”

“Ravage you?” He asked flashing back to their flirting.

“Especially that, darling!” So he tried but her super tight pussy clung to him in a near painful manner. It took him some working but eventually she loosened just enough for him to slide, with effort, in and out to pound her just like he said. So he pounded her to the sound of her sexual pleas and cries, to her whimpering and moaning and groaning. He felt his coming on but didn’t want to leave her unsettled. He pulled all the way out and stunned her.

“Finished already darling? Please go on, please go on. Make me cum dear, please.”

“Lower me a little, I’ll finished don’t fret honey.” She did as he asked and he inserted his long middle finger into her depths and pulled it out and pushed it in to her oozing goodness, feeling her twitching and constrictions on him as he added his ring finger. Her smell was inviting him to taste her, and the look of her oozing throbbing pussy looked very edible to him. He yanked out his hand and dropped down into her where she yelped in surprise.

“Oh Bradley! Oh yes Bradley!” He slid his tongue in any out ferociously, lapping up her juices like a mad dog before suckling on her crease to pull her where he wanted her. “Bradley I’m close! I’m close Bradley!” He straightened himself and realigned his cock then stuffed it into her contracting pussy with a large portion of his strength used in the process.

“Oh God you’re so close I can feel it! OH Jesus!” He tried his best to finish both of them off, she felt like she’d lock him so tight in her she wouldn’t let go. Her chasm was growing smaller and smaller, her plush tube turning firm and gripping, her cries of love rising and rising.

“I love you Bradley! Oh God I love you Bradley! Cum! Cum my dear! I can feel you inside me and I want it! I want your cum!” He clenched as she moaned at her loudest and came all over his torso, fighting her harsh current and grip he pushed himself in one more time and held it no longer. He came with a long sigh that lasted the duration of his longest and strongest orgasm ever. The two of them kept pumping out cum for twenty seconds. Then she was soft again and dripping wet, he slowly pulled out with her ‘aww’ing in disappointment. He looked down and saw he left her a present, a cream pie.

“Mmm, I feel it dear, your little gift you left me. It feels so great, slowly eking out of me. A great cream pie wouldn’t you say?”

“Looks delectable.”

“Promise to come back, dear?”

“Of course, that was the best sex in the world; made to the best girl I’ve ever loved.”

“Aww, you’re making me blush dear.” She hoisted him back onto the poop deck. He gathered his clothes and decided he’d take the external route to the bridge. He descended the poop deck stairs to the third class open space, ascended the stairs near the second class lounge, climbed a ladder to the first class promenade deck A then he ascended another ladder to the boat deck. He made his way wearily to her bridge where she met him with a listing gaze.

“What a first date!”

“I think I’d prefer it this way.” She eyes his sweat glistening body with its thick and tan muscles dreaming of what power she could get that body to use on her. “I’ll do another go, I’ll lead this one dear, and you relax.” She caressed his cock back to his full size and swept him off his feet and over the bridge wing. He thought she’d use the vagina they installed under her bridge amidst the jumble of piping, the retractable one with more freedom but she passed that deck to the second class promenade deck B. He saw what she wanted with her tongue licking her lips. First she brought his lips to hers and they met and interlocked in a kiss, the best kiss he’s got and the only real one for her. After that she wet her lips again satisfied with his lips taste and set him up for her to suck on his beef stick. She slowly sank him into her mouth and used her tongue to lap at him and cradle his thick cock, sucking at him and caressing him with her tongue while fondling his testicles in her hand. He was in complete bliss.

“Ah Titanic, I don’t think life can get better than this.” She seemed interested. “Relaxing after a great day at sea, getting a blowjob from a beautiful and sexy marvel of the sea, and more sex upcoming, this is the best night ever.” She giggled and suckled on him a little more and licking his cock head with more umpf and enjoyment. He felt her bringing him closer and closer to his orgasm with such speed and her own enjoyment that he almost wanted to surprise her with his hot shot. But he didn’t due to his respect for her.

“Gaahh Titanic! Aaah I’m so close!” She sucked harder and stroked his shaft faster. He saw she wanted it and so he gave it to her, all eleven seconds of it. Her tongue was bombarded by his seamen in thick hot creamy globs for his whole orgasm time, she thoroughly enjoyed every morsel he came out by allowing it to thicken and curdle on her tongue before she merrily swallows his seamen.

“How was that dear?”

“Amazing! Seemed like you enjoyed it as much as I did.” She giggled and agreed. “Usually it doesn’t work like that.”

“What do you mean, dear?”

“We don’t go down on the first date.” He realized that terminology might not have been the best.

“I did. I sank on the first date, and I blew on the first date, too.” She smiled and kissed him again for a long while before placing him back on her bridge. “So I’m beat, do you care to spoon?”

“I’d love too, sweetie.” He started back towards the fantail as Titanic watched him walk down the boat deck.

“You’ve got a nice arse too, dear Bradley.” He smiled.

“Like we were made for each other.” He took his sweet time getting to her fantail, she’d made a hammock for him to sleep in and slung it around her fantail and gently slipped him in where he forced his massive cock into her tight, wet, hot and aching slit that craved his pleasure.

“Ahhh! Oh yes this is right! A big boy for a big girl, wouldn’t you say so Bradley love?”

“Perfect. Enjoy baby, goodnight and sleep tight.”

“Goodnight darling. Sweet dreams.” The two gradually gave into the sleep and enjoyed a very sensual sleep.

It was close to sunrise the next morning, Bradley was close to waking up and his limp meat still held tight by his lover began filling for the morning wood. His natural habit wanted to turn and toss in the makeshift bed, but her pussy held him up and prevented him from rolling over. His movements sparked sensations in their sexes, they enjoyed this morning sleep filling the cool air with blissful moans but the constant tightness around his cock and the rubbings brought him closer to his orgasm and started outright humping her. He picked up intensity, thinking he was in a wet dream, and fucked her with their moans and groans growing until he came unknowingly sending his seed deep into her vagina and some even into her soft metal womb where her receptors are. She felt a tingling in her deepest part of her vagina and felt her temperature rise. She woke from her sleep and felt him buried inside her and rock hard with the most tingling coming from his cock head. She opened her eyes at what it must mean and smiled wide and elated bearing her human copy teeth and hugged her sleeping love. Just before sunrise she sadly pulled him out of her fertilized vagina and cleaned him up and dressed him while he was asleep. She covered her dripping slit with her sliding metal plate and pressurized it before laying Bradley on a bench and calmly waking him up. He awoke and stretched, noticed he was clothed, and went to her bridge for a morning greeting.

“Good morning sweet heart. Sleep well?”

“I most certainly did, love, how did you?”

“Great, best sleep in my life.”

“Well,” she was going to tell him her thoughts about her possible pregnancy but wasn’t sure what he’d do. “I can tell you anything, right?”

“Anything.” She thought for a minute.

“Well, dear, you,” she couldn’t do it yet, “you’re the first to have seen that spot.”

“Well you said you were virgin so that was implied.”

“No, that wasn’t refitted or worked on. It hasn’t been opened in over a hundred years.” He reeled when it hit him. He was amazed; he literally fucked something considered antique and preserved.

“Are… are you alright, Titanic?”

“Hm hm hm yes dear, I’m better than ever.” He went in and ate some breakfast before returning to her bridge, the crew of historians, shipmen, cooks, engineers, officers and everyone else vital to a ship were boarding and finding their quarters, many with astonishment and disbelief in their eyes. This is when she decided it would be a good time.

“Bradley dear, I have a surprise for you.”

“Is it a good one or a bad one?” They were looking into one another’s eyes.

“It’s a good one dear.” She felt intense; she hoped he’d stay calm. “I think I’m pregnant!” She said this so cheery and merry, and she was excited and hoping but Bradley looked shocked, white in the face like he saw a ghost. She hugged him against her bridge tightly. “I think you’re a father now! Isn’t that great!?”

He was silent for a while thinking how he’d say to his boss that he knocked up the most legendary civil ship in existence. Titanic grew worried and asked him if he was alright. “Yes I’ll be fine, for now…”

“What’s wrong dear? Tell me it worries me, too, you like this.” She looked him in the eyes and silently pleaded with him to tell her.

“Huuh babe, it’s, it’s… it’s just, you’re beloved by so many and they expected you to travel around.”

“I can still travel, love, I’ll be fine.” She stroked his cheek with her hand comfortingly.

“I’m also worried how we’ll support the child.”  She continued to stoke his cheek and look at him with calm eyes.

“Bradley my dearest, we’ll be fine. Now I know this to be true; but that isn’t the last thing worrying you, is it?”

“No it’s not. You see times are tense; there are many more living machines, but they aren’t known to the general populous. There are those who know and support them then there’s those who know and don’t believe that they should exist but some of them aren’t aggressive towards the ones that exist already while both groups have a sect completely against our relationship. They’re violent towards us. If this word spreads you’ll be in danger. I don’t want you to be in danger nor our child.”

“Bradley dear, that’s our decision, not theirs. If we want a child it’s our plan and they have to learn to accept it. Don’t let them worry you, baby.” She brought him back to a warm embrace against her wall. He cheered up soon after that, just after 10:00 AM Titanic was tugged out of harbor where she steamed under her own power out to sea enjoying the feeling of many people inside her navigating her labyrinth passageways and the feeling of power reverberating through her hull as her new turbines turned her massive triple screws. She felt the touch of the helmsman at the ship’s wheel and the radio chatter on her new up to date radio system. Most importantly to her she felt Bradley on her bridge wing gazing out into the ocean sea with her. It took two days to make a sweep out to sea then back inwards toward New York Harbor and when she reached the port the docks, tugs, piers, ferries and ships were lined with spectators to watch what could have been over a hundred and five years ago. They saw the massive elegant and majestic ship glide smoothly into the harbor and gently nudged by tugs to the pier she was expected at all those years ago. Her white top glistened bright in the sun, her four tall and thick smokestacks rose above the cargo ships and tankers in the harbor while her two masts stood against the sky to pierce the clouds almost. Her long and tall black hull shrouded the pier in a shade that relieved many bystanders of the baking sun. The gangways and rises moved to meet her hull doors with most going to the upper class entries located on C deck with a few going to third class areas. Hundreds of people poured into the liner to see the legend as it was in her heyday; Titanic herself spoke to them, stunning a few people that she was alive but most people were fine with her. She told stories and her accounts at every stop; from New York to Liverpool, Canada to Italy, and America to Poland she sailed all around finally living out her sailing career. She pressured Bradley to tell the boss and the Captain about her confirmed pregnancy to which the Captain applauded for her moving on in life and where the boss freaked out. Titanic assured him that it would be of a humorph, saying Bradley was feeding her nightly with a seductive tone. It didn’t help the boss calm down but Titanic protected Bradley from his wrath until he cooled off. When he came back down to Earth he learned how much longer until their child was expected and assured them they picked a good time to start; the two week period of expectancy they would be in wet docks for checkups.

The next four months flew by with seemingly much more work, and the night they entered the wet dock Titanic brought Bradley close to her lips to kiss him and whisper in his ear she felt the baby kicking in her boiler. Her boilers had been repurposed as her main womb and connected to her original shortly after they revealed her pregnancy, moving the fetus from the original to the new was very loud and painful. He rushed down to the boiler chamber and pressed the side of his head to the boiler wall and felt slight movement. My baby’s alive and in there! In momma’s belly! He closed his eyes to try feeling his child in her womb but got little kicks to his cheek.

Titanic chuckled, “it’s kicking you dear! It doesn’t like you waking it!” He backed away looking like he saw God. “It’s calming down now, dear, let it sleep. You’ll have plenty time when it’s out.” He went back to her bridge and kissed right next to her starboard eye.

“Our baby will be beautiful.”

“No matter what it will.” They embraced in a hug and daydreamed of all the things they’ll do with it. Three days later Titanic brought him close to her lips and kissed him then excitedly and hurriedly talked to him. “It’s coming, dear. Hurry! It’s coming! Go!”

“Oh God!” He kept mumbling under his breath as he raced through the halls and stairs and ladders, sprinting the equivalent of a football field faster than any track stars he knew, or at least it seemed, and only stopped when he was at the boiler in boiler room two. He manhandled the coal fire door open and saw the womb opening tucked in the bunker above the coal stash. He climbed in and laid on his back to carry out their wonder. “I’m here! I’m here! Titanic I’m here!”

She immediately started grunted and heaving. It seemed like forever for them, excruciating pain for Titanic and an endless killer wait for Bradley. Titanic started swearing, shocking Bradley because she’d never sworn before, then before his eyes he saw a silver-gray ball emerge from Titanic’s delivery hole. He reached up and touched it with his hand, it was hot, malleable, and wet, Titanic pushed some more and he could see a head emerge from the womb. He egged on Titanic to keep going to which she swore at him.

“I’ll take my own Goddamn time Bradley!” She heaved and pushed again, spitting out a human baby to the stomach. Bradley cradled his child in his arms where it laid on its back; she pushed for the final stretch and out came the legs. It was tucked in the fetal but once it was out the little one stretched out and squirmed. Bradley twisted the umbilical cord and with a pop and a whir it released and wound back into her stretch and aching womb.

“Oh God, Titanic, it’s beautiful!” He sat in the orange-red glow of LEDs that lit up the boiler like firelight, admiring and holding this gray metal and flesh covered miracle in his arms. He rolled it over and held it feet up and spanked its little rump once and was satisfied when it started crying out. He went right back to holding it in his arms.

“Bradley I wish to see! Bradley please bring it up!” He climbed out and carefully wrapped up the baby in a heavy blanket and made his way up to the bridge.

“It’s a girl! It’s a girl!” He ran from the first class boat deck doors to the bridge hollering this all the way. He got to Titanic with her outstretched arms beckoning for their baby out of breath. “It’s a girl, darling!”

“She wore you out already?” She held her in loving and tendering arms.

“She’s like twenty pounds!” He leaned in to stare at his daughter in its mother’s arms. She brought the trio close around and asked the question.

“What’s her name?” There was a tense silence as Bradley looked to the sunrise in awe of the simple things of life and especially the vibrant colors in the sky.

“Violet, how’s Violet sound?”

“Lovely. Absolutely lovely, dear.”

“So our daughter will be named Violet.” He looked into Violet’s eyes. “Do you see her eyes honey!? They’re so beautiful!” Violet had golden- yellow eyes with a dark yellow ring around the pupils. She looked into her parents eyes and stretched her arms out for mother’s milk, groping out cries. Titanic slid a hose and nozzle to Violet’s mouth and let her slurp up her fill.

News that Titanic was alive spread quickly when she first appeared and news of her child spread even quicker, and as if they didn’t have enough threats from radicals coming in even more poured into the office unbeknownst to Titanic. All the mail demanding her gone or scrapped now included the child, this upset Bradley greatly. Once Titanic heard the threats to her she seemed unmoved, but threats to her daughter angered her, and the threats to the father worried her; she wanted Bradley to be as safe as possible.

“Bradley, love?” She seemed tense.

“Yes sweetie?” He was holding Violet in his arms with her little hand holding his index finger.

“The threats worry me.”

“They worry me too, sweetie.”

“I don’t want to lose you. I want you to have the best chances.” There was a pause. “I want to convert you.” She said in a sulking tone. They were silent, even Violet was silent in the tense air.

“I will.”

“You know it hurts, right dear?”

“Yes. But it won’t compare to if you two lost me. Let’s get this over with.” She took the baby and took it inside before she prepped the injectors. She pushed it into him, he felt holed. She started to fill him up with the syrup, he felt its icy painful spread, slowly filling the entry points and spilling into other areas. She held him to quit his shaking and covered his mouth so he wouldn’t scream, he felt hopeless in stopping it with no way of moving to escape. She bent his legs and brought him down to sit on the deck leaning against the wall, he felt himself  getting heavier and break at his legs that gave him a plummet down to the cold floor suspended up by his will to go on. Then it was all over, all the pain, panic, hurt and disbelief, it was over.

“Are you alright dear?” She sounded the most concerned she’s ever sounded, almost with a deathly tone.

“So is that how it felt?” She sat in thought.

“Yes, it’s terrible isn’t it?”

“The worst feeling, I’m deeply sorry, sweetie.”

“It’s alright. Violet fell asleep, you wore her out.” He got up shakily and slowly adjusting to his new composition. Titanic saw the physical changes in his veins and in his finger nails along with parts of his mouth.

“We leave soon, right?”

“Yes tomorrow morning, dear. Why?”

“I have to make a few errands real quick, I’ll be back soon.” He kissed her then made his way to the rental sedan and drove off to the city. Titanic worried for the entire time he was gone but played with Violet unaffected. After about four hours it was well after dark and Titanic had put Violet in her crib and rocked her to sleep when Bradley returned.

“Bradley dear you missed it!”

“What did I miss?”

“Violet said her first words! It was Muma!”

“Dammit, I wish I was there honey.” He carried on a back pack and a few long bulky cases.

“What did you get, dear?”

“Nah, don’t worry yourself over this. Let’s just hope I’ll never use this.” As he passed by he kissed her then went to his cabin in the officers’ quarters behind the bridge where Violet was asleep in her crib in an adjacent room. He leaned in and kissed her on her forehead then pulled back to stare at her, the way all fathers do with their baby girls. He put the cases on the floor and the back pack in the closet.

“I’m pooped out, dear. I’m going to sleep, goodnight, love.”

“Sweet dreams honey.” After she fell asleep and the gentle hum of her breath sounded from her Bradley pulled out a paper from his back pocket and read it in his mind for the hundredth time insulting his wife by name, his baby by name, and him by name, and threatened each of them by name. He threw it down and opened up the case on the floor then inspected a government issue full-automatic AR-15 with reflex sights, flashlight-fore grip combo with a green laser light and suppressor, then looked back to Violet in her crib.

“Whoever they are, where ever they are, whatever they are… they will not harm you or mom, my precious Violet.” He finished his inspection and replaced the rifle in the case before closing it and sliding it under the bed before opening the back pack to fill up thirty round magazines and place the chicken plates in the vest and tuck them away under the bed. Then he kissed Violet’s fore head and Titanic’s wall goodnight before closing Violet’s door and climbed under the covers to a waiting surprise in his bed wanting his cock.

He slipped himself in, wishing it was like her original one, but enjoyed her resistance she did have even if she wasn’t as tight as her original one, and gently slid in and out of her soft, hot, soaked tendril pussy as his hand played with her clit bump. He knew if he came here it won’t go anywhere at all, she wasn’t pregnant and wouldn’t be susceptible to impregnation for another month at least so he could enjoy her pleasure all he wanted. He slid in and out hard and deliberate, pinching and toying with her clit the whole time while she became tighter and wetter as she was leaking out onto the bed while he was stiffening and throbbing more. They were growing closer and closer, when it was the teetering point he grabbed her and pulled her and pushed her into his crotch where she came sending him into his orgasm. He enjoyed the eleven second orgasm and savored the slow pulses Titanic was exerting on his crotch, firmly pumping out her cum onto his crotch. He was enveloped in her loving arms.

“You sure know how to show a tired mum a good time, love.”

“I thought you were asleep, sweetie.”

“I was, but then you climbed in.” She seductively said. “Oh I wish you could scramble on back to my fantail and really give it to me, Bradley.”

“That night was the best sex.”

“Oh no doubt there!” She grew naughty in the mind; she quickly swept over the people on board to feel where they were and how active they were. “Well dear… everyone is sound asleep on board…” She felt his body in bed, skimming over his powerful body and dreaming of that night.

“Are they?” He smiled mischievously. He got up and dressed in a over coat, pants, and over wear so he could slip in afterwards to evade and curious minds and left for the fantail. The moon shone bright overhead in its full bloom, perfectly lighting up his way across the deck area not lit by the ships lights always on for any late night strollers. Like he was. And he quickly reached her fantail where he hid the clothes and hopped over into her awaiting arms that swept him down to the source of a silver wet stream.

He wasted no time as he forced his huge mass of cock into her extremely tight void. Just as before all her juices did nothing to help the grip slacken as it was too tight, instead it concentrated together to form a gelatinous feeling around his cock to which both parties enjoyed dearly. Her hot cream slithered over his dick as he drove deeper inside and it pushed on her walls and his stick, giving both a greater rush.

“Oh Bradley baby! It feels you’ve gotten bigger!” She said to him through her old way as his journey inside ended at his hilt.

“You’ve gotten tighter babe!” He pulled out slowly with more power than before but the juices sucked him in and didn’t give easy at all. He finally broke its grasp when she spoke to him again.

“Oh Bradley! Oh pardon me but I want you to FUCK me raw!” He was pleasantly surprised.

“Oh you are a dirty girl! Well if you insist.” He forced his way through displacing loads of her juices out to make room for himself with Titanic’s moans and loving remarks circling his head. He swamped in and out causing her to gush out juices thickening the pre-existing stream. He pushed hard and fast with a quickening pace until all his might went into pleasing his lover who praised him and his manhood until her mental cries reached a maximum and her pussy hardened and quivered around his love. He realized how close he was and mentally cursed it, Titanic heard it and begged him to cum inside her while he could and as he said before, he did as she wanted. She felt his ho’s tingly seed spew all over her insides. She loved him, loved him more than any other being that wasn’t Violet, and as she recouped from his explosion of love juice she wanted no one to dare come between them. No one, no one in the world. Nothing in the world will come between them, even. She’ll assure that. She whined and whimpered as he pulled out of her but knew so much he wanted to bury himself in her again and spoon the rest of time away with her but tonight he had a special gift for her.

“So darling, you’ve eaten me plenty over our course of love and I only licked you what, a total of once in return? Well I’m going to start my eating of you tonight.”

“Bradley dear, you don’t have too. I’m just as happy with you inside my pussy than anything.”

“Think of it more as a thank you for strengthening me and giving me a wonderful wife and daughter.” With that he absorbed her pussy into his mouth tasting her addictive juices and lips that craved his manhood’s pounding, her moans and whimpers alone gave away her lying when she said the dick pounding was just as good. He knew this was better. He felt her fumbling with his dick probably trying to caress it but her jerky hands gave away her lack of functional thought because of him. Still, even her touching his dick made her even more wet so that it poured onto his face. He reached up to the sides of her goodness and tried to stretch her walls open with his palms.

“Here, love. Try this.” She moved his fingers to inside her vulva where he opened her up and saw just how tight she really was. Her vagina only opened about a fourth or maybe a half inch where he was two and a half inches wide and an inch thick, he saw where her intense pleasure came from. Nonetheless he stuffed his lips and tongue to it and slid his tongue inside her carefully, he then began to prance around inside her tight pussy tube. She felt his tongue slip and slide inside her, it felt so surreal and mystical she wanted to check if it was really his tongue. She felt his tongue stretch to reach deep and slacken to find her good spot, which it did. “Bingo Bradley! Right there!”

“Mmmhmm.” He stroked it and stroked it, rubbed it and rubbed it, until she was pinching his tongue to the point he was forced out. He finished her at her clit where he circled and swept across rapidly, bringing her mass of metal flesh there to quiver, shake, and release. She came into his awaiting mouth but neither unrestrained nor clogged up it came out more violently than Bradley anticipated and it swamped his face as well. She squirted out short streaks after the main blast making Bradley think the British designers really know how to make ’em and wonder about his friend with Britannic. Then he remembered another surprise for Titanic.

“Oh Bradley now you’ve worn me out, I’m done for the night dear.” She carried him back onto the poop deck with shaky arms and dumped him on the bench. He moped about as he dressed.

“I just remembered another little surprise, honey.”

“What is it, dear?”

“Allow me to tell you eye to eye.” He worked his way to her bridge in the moonlight that made her white superstructure appear a blue hue so beautiful he took time to enjoy it all. He got to her curious big blue beautiful eye and got real close.

“Will you tell me now, dear?”

“Next week, after you meet my parents and after we travel across the Atlantic, there’s a certain someone waiting to see you.”

“You’re my only lover, I’m confused, dear. Please elaborate.”

“Mediterranean Sea… World War I… rammed a mine.”

“Thinking, I’m thinking, Britannic?”

“You got it.” Her eye shot open and he knew she had a huge smile across her face.

“Britannic! Oh I finally get to see her in reality! Oh Bradley thank you!” She hugged him against her bridge and didn’t let go.

“She was raised last month, she’s in worse condition than you, which is why she was started before you so you two would be ready in… relevant time. I’m not sure how three years is relevant time but that’s what ended up happening. Her reconstruction is going a lot smoother than yours did, love, and she’s expected to trial by December this year, only a few months.”

“That’s wonderful! Where is she being fixed up at?”

“They took her all the way back to Liverpool.”

The next morning they set out right on schedule for Maine, Bradley’s home state, and arrived with no delays. Within an hour of docking Bradley spotted his parents in the crowd and rushed down to meet them at the auxiliary gangway. His father resembled him almost exactly excluding his scruffy beard and whitening black hair while his mother was short with Auburn hair and a grandmotherly face that screamed British parents.

“Permission to come aboard, Captain?” His father had a withered sailor’s voice filled with experience.

“Well dad I’m not the captain, but Titanic said you’re welcomed aboard and she overrules all so come aboard.”

“Thank you Bradley, will you guide us through? You know how easy I get lost in the mall so this would be a nightmare for me to find around.” She had an aged voice with a soothing tone that always calmed someone in turmoil. He guided them to the foredeck where his father spotted something.

“The knots wrong.” He undid a docking tether on the ballads and quickly built the proper knot with age not slowing his movements at all.

“You’re father seems quite the sailor, dear.” Titanic said. “You look a lot like your son, sir.”

“Well I’ll be damned. Thank you ma’am, after all the years you still have your accent.”

“Yes he’s quite the sailor, retired as a captain in the Navy. He’s no stranger to the sea.” Mrs. Sanderson said.

“Mrs. Sanderson are you perhaps British?”

“I am indeed. My father served the Royal Navy aboard the Hood.”

“Is he still in Britain?”

“Oh yes, still at the bottom.”

“The bottom, Mrs?”

“Oh you must not know, the Hood was the pride of the Royal Navy when she floated, but she was sunk in ’41 by the K.M.S. Bismarck. All but two lost in a matter of minutes.”

“Oh I’m terribly sorry, Mrs. Sanderson.”

“Ah don’t worry! I never met him.” They talked for a while then Titanic asked if they wanted to see the baby and Bradley didn’t take no for an answer nor waited for an answer as he pushed them through the door to get to the bridge. He tried to hurry them through Titanic’s vast and luxurious halls but they tended to meander and laze through. Titanic slowed Bradley down to let them enjoy themselves. Let them stroll, Violets going to be here a while. He finally got them through it all and to the crib on the starboard bridge wing where Violet was making playful noises and playing with Titanic’s hand. Mrs. Sanderson rushed up in joy to see the baby and once she peeked over Violet saw her and went silent and wide eyed just staring at her.

“Aw, Violet that’s just grandmum, say hello Violet.” Mr. Sanderson looked into the cradle and his breath was taken away by Violet.

“She’s just like you, Bradley.”

“How?” He was confused by it; he saw a lot of himself in her but not in her actions.

“She did exactly what you did when you saw Pap Pap and Mammy; you locked up and sat there just like she did.” Titanic pulled Violet out of the crib and asked if they’d like to hold her.

“Aaww come to Gran Gran little Violet.” Mrs. Sanderson reached out and carefully accepted her into her arms. She leaned left and right as she gently bounced Violet in her arms. “Wow you’re heavier than you look, Violet.”

“Might be my fault.” Titanic said, she watched to see and indication that Mrs. Sanderson was tiring and found none.

“Granddad come get little Violet to laugh.” Mr. Sanderson came over and gently stroked her head before he moved his thick fingers down to collarbone and tickled her there. Violet erupted in giggles and squirmed around. “There you are baby! See we aren’t bad.”

“Here let me hold her.” Mr. Sanderson picked up a social Violet and commented on her weight.

“She was nineteen pounds.” Bradley said proudly.

“That’s more than double what you were!” His mother said surprised. “You were eight and a half pounds, and I thought you were big.” Mr. Sanderson looked at the small pink crib.

“Do you need anything? We brought our old mobile in the trunk. It’s old and dusty but it works well. We’ve got blankets, monitors and lullaby winds.”

“No thank you, I’ve always got an eye on her wherever she is and I rock her to sleep easy. They’re just perks of living on the seas.”

“Violet has never actually been on land before.”

“Good, keep her close as long as you can.” They talked for the rest of the day, Mr. and Mrs. Sanderson pressured them into taking the blankets and some old girl baby clothes.

“So dear, where did your parents get the old girl baby clothes?”

“I had a sister.”

Have a sister.”

“No, had. I had a sister.” There was an awkward silence, Titanic wanted to bring up his sister but didn’t want to upset him. “Her name was Tatiana; she was three years older than me. She joined the Army after she graduated and was put in as an E2 because of her high school ROTC program perks and ranked up quickly. She was on patrol with her squad when her Humvee ran over an IED. She died instantly from shrapnel. I could barely bring myself to her burial with honors and I couldn’t hold myself together at the ceremony. I had so much rage, so much doubt, I was lost. I wanted to join up and kill every terrorist yet at the same time I wanted to lay in bed forever and do nothing. I climbed out of my depression and joined MPS and that’s how I got to you.” She hugged him and held Violet close to them both.

“I’m so sorry, dear. I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

“Well it’s twenty sixteen now and she died in two thousand one so that was fifteen years ago. I’ve moved on. I’m fine.” She held him tight.

“If you need anything, anything at all, dear, tell me. I’ll always be here for you.”

“And I’m here for you.” The next two days they brought back the grandparents who edged them to go on and live their lives but agreed to come back after countless calls. Once ship out day came the grandparents waved them off as they left port.

“Dear… how did they react so calmly to me? Most people were not ready for my awakening.”

“Well, it’s the same with me; we had a neighbor who had a Sherman couple from the war. They visited every other year so we adjusted to them over time. Actually I grew up with them around every other year so I was surprised when I learned most people didn’t know about them.”

“Oh, they tell stories? Where did they live?”

“Yeah they told lots of stories. They live down in Florida on an old base.”

“Think we could get some vacation time and visit? Never really been that south, dear.”

“We’ll see.” They trekked onward into the Atlantic, dreaming of the future as they went to meet Britannic in her docks at Liverpool. Titanic looked through many pictures of Britannic afloat and sunk trying to piece together what her little sister would look like. She waited and waited until she could see the coast of the Irish isle, then her excitement exploded and she steamed full ahead to her home. She had been there a few times since her resurfacing but seeing much more activity at the docks sent her over. She was swept out wide before pulled in by tugs to face the slipway. Britannic sat positioned bow outwards, unusual for a ship but mandatory in her case so the bow could have been pulled out and moved easier on the harbor than the slipway, they had reattached her bow fully and repainted her all white except for a green band running down her hull and red crosses on the band signaling she was a medical ship.

“Sister Britannic, are you there?” The last windows on the far port and starboard sides of the bridge house opened up to reveal gorgeous green eyes that matched her green belt. Her mouth opened in surprise showing her human style teeth.

“I can’t believe it…” Her voice was much like Titanic’s only a tad bit higher in pitch. “Olympic never quit jabbering on about you, wow. I, I, finally… after so long we see each other at last…” She was in disbelief, total confusion as to what to do. They sat in silence, admiring each other for a great deal of time. They did talk about their experiences, mostly Britannic which had more activity both afloat and sunk, and would pause after any mentioning of Olympic, as if it were a prayer to her acknowledging her absence. They talked, forever somehow, on what life was like back then. Bradley and Britannic’s lover Harold talked about raising, treatments, rebuilding, that entire sort of stuff. Bradley brought up Violet and Titanic instantly switched subjects.

“Did you know I had a baby?”

“Why yes, yes I did hear but I never saw her.” Titanic plucked Violet from the crib to feed her anyways while showing Britannic.

“Her name is Violet, Violet Miranda Sanderson. I had her earlier this year.”

“Well you two did a magnificent job! She’s adorable! Such an adorable little one!”

“Yes, yes, she’s our little angle she is.”

“Not even met my sister and she makes me an aunt! What a wonderful surprise!”

“So Britannic, why did they not paint you as a passenger ship?”

“Entirely my call, I asked them not to make me into a liner but to restore me to a medical ship. See I loved saving whoever I could during the war and I want to continue saving whoever needs my help in the now.” They talked on, and they silently wondered what Olympic would choose, her liner career, or her militant transport career. Then the two started to shed tears.

“Oh I wish Olympic was still around!”

“What if I said I could help!?” A man off to the side yelled. He was average height with red hair and eye catching eyes, he stood tall and proud with his arms crossed and a Manila folder under his left arm in his right hand.

“How might you help us, dear?”

“And who do-hell err you!?” Called Harold in his Irish twang.

“Do excuse me, I am Patelo!”


Or is it? I will probably continue this before HaM. Where will it lead?

Hehehe there was a dirty joke at the first sex scene. :3 (HINT: the blow job scene)

Common notes for R.M.S. Titanic

a. 882 feet 11 inches long

b. 90 foot beam (wide)

c. 175 feet tall (keel to funnel tops)

d. displacement of 46,328 tons (Bismarck displaced 50,405 at battle load)

e. second ship in a line up of three: Olympic, Titanic, and a larger ship Gigantic but was canceled and scaled down and renamed as Britannic

f. R.M.S. means Royal Mail Steamer

g. Titanic lookout Fredrick Fleet spotted the Iceberg at 11:35 PM 103 years ago tonight

h. slipped under at approximately 02:20 am April 15th 103 years ago

i. she did split

j. only 705 souls escaped alive

k. Titanic actually had more lifeboats than required at the time, she could hold 1,178 in her lifeboats, 216 more than the 1/4 passenger count required (she had 16 full boats that can hold 65 and four collapsible that can hold 35)

l. Titanic wasn’t officially listed as “unsinkable” she was listed as “practically unsinkable” and the reporter headlines shortened it to “unsinkable” for appeal

m. Titanic had a triple screw (propeller) system and could reverse her port and starboard propellers independently in time of need

n. the central quad screw propeller was turbine driven

o. her two massive steam reciprocating engines stood four stories high and were 100 tons each

p. she had 29 boilers with 149 furnaces

q. the fourth smoke stack was for ventilation and appeal, the designers placed it there for looks only

r. her record speed was 24 knots

s. her max passenger count was 3,547 with crew included

t. she had at any given time more lookouts than any other ship on the oceans (2 per shift and 6 lookout specialists total)

u. the only surviving look out that spotted the iceberg was Fredrick Fleet whose ship was torpedoed in WWI and he drifted to allied recovery for three days (I think three days)

v. approximately 3,050,000 rivets in the hull (for you smart-asses)

Any more questions? Feel free to ask away!

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