..Pretty much describes my feelings.


 Please don’t link me to “artwork” of people having sex with marine life. You know who you are.

Image courtesy of krill (good find man!)


b-2 final 1080Gift B2 courtesty of AeroIngo

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Commission : Young Natural Artesian Camaro sex.

ashley lickFemale Camero Commission. Probably Last male human on female machine I do for a while cause I Really want to finish out my porn list so I can focus on Atoll lab and morph pics. Title based on this pretentious fucking bullshit: http://www.titanatelier.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/IMG_0643.jpg

Some music for both pics :

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Commission: NR16020


Electra Finals week are almost here so my art output is going to be a little bit delayed along with the Type 45 drawing for Kirill . Stay tuned.  And then kinda hope this doesn’t offend someone too much. http://www.titanatelier.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/550_amelia.jpg


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Edit: 1/5/2015* Did it lol. Hes banging 2 German women now.


First drawing of the year I wanted to do an Illustration of Cerebralerror’s character “Petra” but I wanted it to be a 3 some between a human man, and the 2 Messerschmidts 262 and bf-109.  After 2 Days I failed to produce the results I was looking for , Turns out it’s very hard to draw a human man fucking 2 WWII airplanes at once. (whoda thunk?) I had to get rid of the 109 from the top pic.. and now I am desperately trying to think of what I could draw under Petra to make this pic a 3 some. I drew myself some notes to go off of, But its easier said then done.  I think its Going to have to be the left and middle panel to the rescue.


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Epic APC/FV Medley

BTRYURII don’t plan to draw anymore APC’s anytime soon because most of the ones that I like are super similar in design, Including anything that Stryker makes (tho suppose I could have tried for the Australian Bushmaster tho..) . I settled on yet ANOTHER Russian man, the BTR-90.. and as a consolation prize followed up on Amethystlongcat (the only other artist who draws machine on human porn) for her pic in this rare but awesome 1950’s APC design the Alvis Saracen.

I had felt that nothing could be better then the Vadik pic (BRDM-2) and so, set out one last time to try some post coital massage and afterglow with some big-ass military transport. The Alvis one is definitely pre coital however because Longcat is a huge Slut for machines and a marke’d britishphile (hence the union jack)

I tried to be a little more relaxed, a little more affectionate in this picture, But I wanted this to be more about the machines themselves and their enjoyment (since its usually the girls I focus on). VnzsLOe

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Pineapple express

skipperI took the day off from clinical today due to a severe weather system that flooded the bay area, and Started work on that long awaited skipper Riley pic. Unfortunately my first 4 hours were a complete wash and I had to throw the drawing away. I was trying for an extreme fish-eye lens angle and Without a 3D model or a real one, it was just impossible to get the proportions correct. Typically what I do when I make machine porn, I think about the poses/sex I want and I try n find a machine or aircraft in a similar pose and draw it on paper with either major or minor modifications.  I had to cheat today in order to make up those lost 4 hours of time and I don’t feel very good about that. (I drew this on computer, and you dont really learn anything when your not eye-balling it to the paper IMO.) But I had this idea, that if Skippers personal assistant Sparky the forklift was a “Mecha musume” it could be really hot. Mecha Musume for thos who don’t know, is machine cosplay in japan, and almost always done by women. This allows me to play with human X machine but still have it be sort of cannon as-well.  In this iteration, gender-swap Sparky just loves the old guy, wants him deep inside. Is generally a helpful person and has a thick Canadian accent. But the 2 while away the day inside the hangar kissing, petting, and making love while Dusty is out doing his racing shit.

Please enjoy some music to go with this porn.

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So I did it, I made good on my promise months ago to do Motorcycle Dire porn, and the Bike is a she.  The idea behind it is that even a small female dire machine can still be a DOM, and she wants this guy Sampson. She is “Hungry” for human.

HondaCBRIn order to do this picture, I had to imagine myself as the female machine. Before I tried to imagine myself as the guy, but this wasn’t working out too well since.. ya know, I am not a guy. But man do I want sex, and getting it out of a timid guy? That’s Hot, that’s something I can get into.

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..More drunkie art



+ 6 glasses of champagne.

Also, turns out my cousin is a furry. o.o

Also, I’m going to stop using Russian words and phrases. In almost every pic I am seriously wrong about something when a real Russian person comes along. They inform me of what the word means, and I feel fucking stupid. The latest being that “Fedya” is a male name. tbh, Im keeping it– it sounds female to me. But Im not going to muck around with other languages anymore.

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The life inside. *Edited 12/29/2014*


BorislavAnyone in the house speak Russian?

I know this is creepy even for mechaphiles, But like the Kamov 3 pic, It’s part of whats in my heart right now.  I would absolutely kill to be in a life long relationship with a living machine, and nothing says commitment like a little potential life to fawn over, even if that life wont exactly look anything like you.  I don’t typically feel this way about human x human, but I blame Steel Thunder for putting this sub fetish for non human pregnancy in my head.

This goes back to the discussion earlier about tankmorphs and how they came to be .. a little corruption, a dash of love, and 9 months of patience. This picture is basically the future outcome of the short story of Borislav and Fedya : http://www.titanatelier.com/stories/ratbat/borislav/ I did the Tiger 1 pic of Hanz and the fraulein for Germany, now I wanted to cover the WWII soviet side with the most iconic bunker buster tank the KV2. Its big, its boxy, and sports a 152mm Howitzer gun (with shells guided by Stalin himself- seeing as the KV2 was never meant for tank to tank combat, it actually wasn’t that great when not used for taking out walls) Still, Ive come to love this thing, and Ive been killed by it multiple times in War thunder. This pic is only meant to be sexy for people who wouldn’t mind having machine children, but more specifically outlines another thing.  In the human world, When a woman gets pregnant she is often sexually abandoned by her mate- often making her feel ugly, un sexy, unwanted.

Hormones stirring inside the pregnant woman can sometimes make the women hornier then men, and the fathers they don’t touch these pregnant woman for fear of ‘hurting the baby”. Not only is this a fallacy, But it has been eluded to, that sexual play, orgasms, and the like during the pregnancy keeps the muscles of the abdomen strong aiding in the final delivery of the child. I adopted this idea for Dire machines in Atoll lab. They very much believe this is true. So if the corrupted human, or the Dire female gets pregnant, The no. of times per day one has sex with their lover also goes up nearly double.

There is a couple of other beliefs too (some true, and some not necessarily true). The Dire machines believe that if the mother doesn’t want the child, it will not grow due to force of will influencing the nanomachine colonys to work against the pregnancy as an invasion. Dire machines also believe that the child is neurologically linked into the lower spine of the mother and thus becomes relaxed when the mother receives a particularly good orgasm. Lastly, Dire  machine females can sense how many children and what their sexes are when they are growing in them. In human women, the Dire males and sense these pieces of information simply by resting the mechadendrites upon the belly.

Ive been told im fairly weird even amongst the crazies in the living machine fandom because I tend to exalt the trans-humanist side of machine and human synthetic intermingling. If Everyone else sees this as “bestiality”, I am here to insist those people are wrong. An Intelligent species have the power to make their own decisions on who they will love and how they will live their own life.  They have free will and do not have to be bound by standard social conventions as long as the ones they are into are also Intelligent. Don’t believe me? Go play Mass effect, and stop thinking about these guys like they are still toasters.

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somewhat Unlike me.


vera2When  started drawing living machine porn back in January, I was dead set on not drawing certain vehicles. Having been just fresh out of 15 years of anime mecha, I wasn’t even sure that human x tank porn would even work let alone any other vehicle that could be “awakened” with cute lil eyes and mouths n shit (you can thank PL-01 for all of “this” stuff).

I said at first, “Oh no, I wont draw planes just tanks only..” then I screwed that pootch.  Then it was “Oh no I wont draw ships, Ill just draw tanks and planes”, then I broke that word too. Then it was “Ok just military vehicles” like APC’s/amphibious/military mine trucks like Vadik the BRDM-2 and..” you get the hint.  I also wasn’t going to do male human x female machine because this sort of thing didn’t seem interesting at the time until I did a fateful Rp with a guy from FA named Dulce who showed me that female Dire machine X man could be good too (This was grace the Avenger btw, and that was my first female dire pic).   My machine fetish worked best with military vehicles because they are just a step down in armor and bulkiness from the giant robot stuff that I have so come to love since day one. Without the guns, the armor, the treads, the danger… its just not as sexy as it “could” be, so when I said I was NEVER going to cars– I actually meant it. But civilian vehicles have been slowly creeping in, like the Piper archer “Alpha” plane, and the attempt on the Honda CBR1000 (WHICH I WILL REATTEMPT ONE DAY).

That’s why I am completely bewildered as to why I even said yes to drawing this for Delta. I Wanted to make KV2/BTR-90/Alvis Saracen porn.. But as I look back on the 40 or so pics I have made, I think that maybe having a one or 2 more male human x machine pics would give the collection “something different” or Something from the man’s perspective.. and hopefully not make this all turn boring.

Something’s will never change however, I am not likely to make more car porn, train porn, And still less likely to make machine x machine. This doesn’t mean its completely out of the picture, as I am always one extra hot piece of literature or concept away from a new piece of art.

P.S. The quality on the male human x machine stuff has been going up slightly with each new version. Its started with grace (I hadn’t concept-ed the female Synth port yet so that penetration panel looks kinda strange,) Then there was Brynhildr the Visby corvette (which I still love the fuck out of). Then there was Mr. Wise and the havoc helicopter (this one was ok, not good, not bad, but had the best Synth port panel scene I had drawn yet.) Followed by Chase and Anya the Hind. Now this one.

Also, The art will keep coming for as long as I have time.  I am however an unemployed student and If anyone out there has a couple of bucks they can spare to help out, I would greatly appreciate it.  https://www.paypal.com/us/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_flow&SESSION=KIbnzpE24pJHRv3twOHReoGjVVo8kpH26cbwdwydYkbjP2ODLGJdQJv5V6K&dispatch=50a222a57771920b6a3d7b606239e4d529b525e0b7e69bf0224adecfb0124e9b61f737ba21b08198d8562aa8a3da7ac30bbfba73b3e80dcc

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