Commission: USMC Truck

M932 Birthday gift commission for a fan. Ty!

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Spirit of Alaska


b2babyaugustduce2 planes at an orgy..

bomber b2 spirit usaf 2426x1606 wallpaper_www.wall321.com_76Courtship of a file clerk by one lonely Bomber named “Alaska” in the tundra.

Note: Actually when Ingo was making me a b2 pic he noticed that they name all B2’s after the state that they are used in. So I thought it would be appropriate to name him after the state he serves in. He simply chose “Alaska” to be his emancipated name.

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Small Plane Big fun

alphaSee for more details.


Story by admiral star night:  ALPHA PART 1


This story ties in with Day of Discovery on deviantArt which is also written by me.

Let me explain a bit about my living aircraft. In my universe there are only living aircraft and ship and they have two forms, the ‘lifeless’ form everyone usually sees and the living form which is revealed very rarely, usually while humans are not around. An aircraft has to trust a human very much before revealing they live.

They also live in ‘packs’ based around airports. Some of the busier airports don’t have packs, but company hubs and smaller airports have packs led by alpha aircraft. The aircraft in the story is named Alpha and is in fact the alpha of the airport.

Here is the story:


That was my current main feeling. Frustrated.

I was tired of my jobs, bored out of my mind and currently unable to take off.

I pull into the airport parking lot, the airport which had become my second home. Everyone here, from Landmark to the flight school knew me.

They didn’t know my secret.

I had discovered aircraft were alive. So far I had not discovered any other vehicle to be alive, but aircraft were. They could switch between their living form and a normal ‘unliving’ form.

I had come to clean off and wax Alpha, a Piper Archer III with the tail number 415CA. He was my favorite, sweet, a bit playful and the aircraft I loved to take pictures of before I had found out he was alive.

I get the key to his hangar, he was a rental and usually parked out from the flight school,(he was a rental aircraft,) however, his owners, after a recent spat of bad weather and crime, decided to get a hangar for Archer.

I open the door and push the button the large doors sliding apart to reveal the white archer with maroon underbelly. It was the middle of the day on a Saturday, so no was around and the hangar wasn’t facing any open fields. His rental schedule was open for today due to flight restrictions on the area (the president was flying around) I was greeting not by a faceless craft, rather a happy aircraft with a smile. He didn’t move out on his own as the nearby cameras might catch him and I grab the towbar a d drag him out after he had turned back to his ‘lifeless’ form. taking out my cleaning supplies stashed in the hangar I get to work as the sun climbs high in the sky.

At around noon it was too hot to wax him outside so I push Alpha back into the hangar with a little difficulty and close the door to the hangar

I take out the wax and clothes and begin to work. alpha transforms to his living form again and begins to purr as I shine up his wings and I work all the way around his body.

I’d only done this once before, and that had been interrupted before I had gotten to his tail area, the task completed by someone at the flight school. She’d never really asked nor explored his anatomy. But he did have a mate and I had to assume that he had matching sexual organs to go with it. I felt a small twitch inside my body at the thought. It was just that time of week, when her thoughts always went to the weird side of things.

Alpha turned to look back at me questioningly, his propeller twitching like a cat’s nose. I hoped he couldn’t smell my slight arousal at my inappropriate thoughts.

I kneel down and get to work, polishing away streaks, but making a quicker work of it that usual, trying to ignore the way I heard the Archer’s purr get deeper.

After finishing up I turn away and place the waxing clothes away in a small cabinet. As I try to get up the weight of the past stressful week just lands right on my shoulders. I stay there, kneel near the cabinet, staring at the dark gray door I had just closed and sighed. I didn’t get up, just stayed there, breathing waiting. No one would disturb me in my pause of life.

I didn’t notice the way Alpha turned his attention to me.

He sniffed the air quietly and turned around, an impressive feat given the size of the hangar. He rolled forward and gently nudged the area between my legs from behind.

I was shocked out of my reverie by the unexpected touch, a fire of good feeling shoot straight up to my brain as is turn around, losing my balance and falling on my butt. Alpha had the look of a curious dog on his face, like those ones that try to sniff your catch because it’s in their nature.

As aroused as I was by the touch I back up into the wall, trying to place my hand on his propeller nose to stop him. I knew it wouldn’t help. He was an aircraft, much stronger than I was and it appeared he had caught on to my scent.

He forced his way past my hands to nudge my legs open and curiously sniff and nose gently that area. For such a large aircraft it was surprising gentle as it sniffed, enjoying the scent of my arousal.

Then, to my surprise, I saw what I could only describe as tentacles emerge from the body of the aircraft and reach out tugging and feeling all over my clothes looking for purchase to tug them off. One finally found the zipper to my pants and with a bit of manipulating pulled it down as two more trapped the pants legs and pulled the offending garment off. They moved up tot the shirt, quickly finding their way under the shirt’s edge. I did not protest, and lifted my arms as the aircraft pulled at the shirt, helping get it off quicker. Alpha went for the bra next, sliding around it and with a nimbleness I wasn’t expecting, removed my bra and coiled a tentacle around one of my small breasts. I was surprised by the warmth of the metal looking appendage.

I gasp as the tentacle tightened and the end tweaked my now hardened nipple. It felt great, I hadn’t had contact with a male in a while. Sure it had been human males though. This was 100 times better, and it had barely started.

Alpha was aroused, by the look on his face as he moved his free mechanical tentacles down to my underwear. They were nothing special, black ladies briefs, but I knew I had already soaked through them, Alpha got even more excited by this. In my lust I wonder if Alpha could talk. I swore he could speak English but kept the ability even from me, i doubted that he thought I would reveal him and his ‘pack’ here at the airport, maybe it was just so ingrained that he couldn’t bring himself to do it.

That stay thought had distracted me enough that I was surprised when Alpha had thrown my panties into the messy pile of clothes, leaving me naked. It was a bit cold in the hangar (the air conditioning for this bloc of hangars wasn’t the best, but it kept the aircraft cool enough in the summer,) and I feel a slight shiver, my nipples hardening from both temperature and arousal.

Quickly Alpha wrapped the appendages around me, one for each leg, and two around my body and arms to hold me up, spreading my legs revealing a vagina swollen with the blood of lust, already wet. He made a pleased sound and took one of his free tentacles and felt carefully around the labia and paused to give a massage to the clit, eliciting a hearty moan.

Encouraged by his success he continued to feel all around her body, finding all the right points which got him the best response.

“You’re a fucking tease Alpha!” I say through clenched teeth as he flicks his tongue over the area, leaving it soaking from his saliva and my juices.

Alpha takes the hint with a bit of a feral smile and he maneuvered me deftly back under his body to the area hear his tail without me touching the ground once.

I look and see that the a metal probe, which was obviously Alpha’s penis. I shiver in both fear and delight. It was much bigger than any guy I had even taken or any toy I had ever played with. He was already dripping a somewhat thick liquid from the tip of his probe. He positions me carefully preluding the warm large appendage to my opening. I moan, trying to buck slightly to get it in. Alpha finally pressed forward slowly sliding the slick appendage inside.

I moan loudly as the aircraft fills me more than I thought possible, stopping as he reached my cervix. It felt great to be so filled. He slowly withdrew and entered to the limit before speeding up slightly. I was moaning quite loudly and I could hear Alpha huffing.

I felt it coming, the impending doom of an orgasm I just ago I scream when Alpha wrapped a tentacle around my mouth preventing the scream and slowed his ministrations to a crawl. I felt so cheated but realized as I heard a neighboring hangar open and close, the aircraft starting up as the pilot called out his checklist and such and got going. All the while Alpha had continued the torturously slow pace.

Finally the sound of the aircraft faded. I felt a bit of hop but Alpha pulled all the way out, for a moment I felt betrayed. Thankfully Alpha was not that sadistic.

He drove his probe forward with a hard thrust, filling me up even more than before. I scream in pleasure and pain, glad for the walls of the hangar and the relative loneliness this Saturday brought around here. He withdraws and thrusts forward again, wrapping the tentacle back around my head and mouth to muffle the pleasure filled screams which the actions elicited.

After quite a few minutes a shiver runs through my body and I squeeze down hard on Alpha’s probe as a powerful orgasm wracks my body. I Heard a cry from Alpha, a sound primitive and filled with lust as his propellers and engines fired once as he orgasmed himself. I feel myself fill up with his cum, my belly expanding much father than ever before.

After such a powerful orgasm I gasp for breath, still filled with Alpha’s probe, the warmth of his cum making me feel wonderfully full and content.

Alpha finally brought me back around in front of him, uncoupling and the thick cum which had filled me flowed out of me onto the ground of the hangar. Alpha unwraps most of his appendages, keeping one around my waist, pulling me close to to his face. I rub his face. Covered in the drippings of cum and sweat and Alpha was covered in a sheen of what she knew was the airplane version of sweat.

“Damn it Alpha.” I breath, trying to sound severe, but knew that her smile gave her away. “Now I have to clean us both off.”

I go over to the nose and drench myself in cold water. I put back on my clothes, ignoring the way everything stuck to my skin. I could just say I had a slight malfunction with the hose. I open the hangar and row Alpha out as he changes from living to ‘lifeless’ and I hose him down again quickly, his wings and fuselage gleaming in the sunlight. I could practically see the after orgasmic glow he held as I push him back into his hangar, I look around quickly and lean forward, giving his now clean hull a long kiss. Alpha changes back to his living form and he rubs his nose propeller against her purring, giving her crotch another nudge in an obvious question.

“Yes, Alpha. We’ll do it again.” I said, rubbing his chin. ” thank you.”