Saving Grace

I noticed that I don’t do much plane stuff, what do I have, like 3 stories? The Zero, the Horton 229, and y’know I think that’s it. Well, now I know it’s three! Plane fuckers rejoice! It’s time for a big girl, an iconic girl, sleek and sexy girl. A B-29 girl. Oh yeah, it’s time for a big bomber lady to take a big load and make something of it. This one I also have been working on for a while, and I’m sure there’s a lot possibly wrong with it. Oh well, fite me. Nevermind all this, time to enjoy some naughty plane sex! Spiteful Grace herself I tried to depict as desperate for some trust and protection, as she has major trust issues from her history, and she’s now willing to do anything to secure her life and future now.


Saving Grace


Spiteful Grace hadn’t slept in a month, fear and paranoia riddled her frame and blackened her core. All around her were other B-29 Superfortress deemed expendable and hauled off to the scrappers for disembodiment. She was never told she was selected until a truck came up and hitched up to her. She tried her hardest to stay, to fight back, to keep her life. She kicked and screamed and pleaded and wept for another chance, but the general staff had already signed her life away, they had ended her service report, and filed her away forever as just another bomber in a big war. She knew they tied her end because of her shitty patchwork, it’s not her fault the mechanic on Iwo sucked at his job. Yet here she is paying the ultimate price for his incompetence. The very people she saw as her caretakers and family doomed her to death in the most nightmarish way.

Her trust was decimated while her desperation soared. She would do anything for her life, she hadn’t been on this world very long yet, either. There was a lot she wanted to do in this world, so much that she wanted to see. She had just come to grips with a life without war, without threat, a world at peace. Now she wants war again, she wants a big war to come in and save her. Nevermind the danger, nevermind her near-death dog fight, nevermind her crash landing on some shitty little island. She would eagerly take it back and suck its dick for life. That heavy weight of death and fire she would carry in her belly now felt like a savior and purpose.

She shook with horror and despair when she saw the truck coming directly to her. She wept and screamed and pleaded no, tried to back away or spool her engines to fruitless effort. She punched her hands and arms into the dirt below her to anchor herself in that spot. She saw more men than usual disembark from the truck, they were expecting a fight, and as they came closer she threatened them to stay away. She told them to leave her alone, to fuck off for good. They didn’t listen. They knew something she didn’t, something they think she’d really want to hear.

Eugene marvelled at the sleek, sexy, shiny bodies of the B-29s lined up like they were ready to be loaded. It made him think of back when he flew them, he remembers how elegant and magnificent they were to fly. Very comfortable and quiet. He wanted one, and with the deal he just stroked out of the scrapyard owner he was going to get one. He scowled at not being able to save them all, but he ventured saving at least one would keep his mind at ease and soothe his desire for one. He planned on flying one for the mail, or private traders. He simply wanted to be in the sky once more, and he couldn’t dare disrespect his beloved B-29s to fly anything else. He quit his daydreaming and lusting to drive home.

He was told that a truck would tow the plane to his estate the next day. He guessed paying twice its weight in metal was a very good way to gain favor with the scrapyard owner. He also secured a deal to buy many, many parts from the yard to use in his plane to maintain it. A very good deal for him in the long run. Good fortune smiled on him very much this year, what with winning this new game called the lottery, his terrible father dying and passing on his fortune, and various gambles going well led him to an insane amount of money for the only thing he could think of ever owning. He wouldn’t sleep that night, excitement boiled his blood and energized him all night. He couldn’t wait to clear out his runway on his new plot of land and finally get a contract to afford flying it. He wondered where he’d go first? Regardless, it was going to be heavenly.

Pat couldn’t take the guilt. He had enough trouble growing up sending pigs and cows to the slaughterhouses, but a fully sentient plane sent to be torn apart? He couldn’t take it. He looked for any way to get her out of here, he was making fliers to mail off to museums to try to get her out when suddenly this pilot comes up to buy one. Instantly he knew it was going to be her, and once the pilot said he just wanted to fly it around the country he was sold. He didn’t care how much money he’d get, although he did walk away with a larger profit, he wanted that plane gone. He couldn’t imagine the screaming he’d have to endure as it was ripped to pieces. His fragile mind couldn’t take the thought. He was surprised she was even in the bunch sold to him, she only has problems with her controls, it can’t be that hard to fix? He’s sure there’s got to be more wrong with her, but she’s still alive. He thanked God for sending him that guy, Sheen, or whatever his name was. He really does work in mysterious ways.

Eugene eagerly waited by the road for the obvious plane to arrive and when the tall tailfin emerged off the horizon he shimmied with excitement. His excitement was uncontrollable as he saw the huge wingspan ever so slowly spread over the landscape like the eagle it is. The comfortable nose and canopy combination glinted in the sunlight and boosted his desire to see the world through it once more. He expelled all his extra energy and acted professional, it grew much more unbearable to do as the magnificent bird edged closer to him. After what seemed like forever the plane was passing him, it was towed around and into a shabby, squat hut that was just tall enough for the incredibly large and pronounced tailfin. The crew dropped the towing equipment and headed back, waving goodbye to the plane and to Eugene as they passed. He wondered if they liked the plane as much as he did, or if it was a weird quirk scrappers had. Either way, he didn’t care. He had a B-29! He hollered in excitement and fist-pumped vigorously.

He burst towards the hanger, sprinting almost, and rounds the corner where the nose is and is ecstatic to be looking at it. Instantly he is drawn to the amazingly detailed eye painted on the nose-wait, that’s the canopy. It’s moving? He sees a fold ahead of the nose gear and he knows that’s not supposed to be there. He feels offset, things aren’t normal. Quickly he scans over the plane and sees arms, snakes, hands, what the hell? He’s visibly startled, but not terrified. Instead, it’s more of a sort of curiosity mixed with an underlying desire. He stammers forwards, cautiously. Awkwardly the plane smiles.

“Hey.” It spoke. His heart exploded into a frenzy. It was a living, woman sounding plane.

“Uhm well, hi there!” He was viciously blinking and shaking his head. “I’ve gone off the deep end, maybe I am too obsessed.”

“No, no! No, please, don’t be upset, I’m really here. I’m named Spiteful Grace, but you can call me Grace, that’s my name. You can call the scrapper and ask, go ahead. He will convince you.” She sounded desperate.

“Wha- well if you’re alive why the devil would they throw you to the scrapper?” She hesitated but spit it out fast, to burst through the pain.

“My port engines have reliability problems, my control surfaces are slow, my undercarriage can collapse some times, and as much as I try to correct it myself I can’t.” He seemed a bit distraught, she might not be able to work the load he asks safely.

“Oh, well, that’s going to make cargo less profitable.” Grace panicked.

“No, don’t send me back! I-I- I can be worth your troubles!” She threw on a seductive smile and lowered her gaze. “I promise I can be a great pleasure.” Eugene felt that feeling stir inside him again, and his genitals tingled and throbbed. He noticed the energy they were causing. He couldn’t say he never thought of it before.

“Uh,” he chuckled, “I was never going to get rid of you, but you make a compelling case either way.” He shrugged. “We’ll see where it goes, my name’s Eugene. Good to meet you, Grace.” He extended his hand and she shot one out to greet him. She was practically crying, her undercarriage shivered as well.

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, Eugene! Thank you! God bless you! Thank you!”

“Nope, no worries, Grace.” Through all this emotional uproar he felt his heart touched the most, he just saved a life. Pride and gratefulness swathed over him and he felt strong. She vigorously was shaking his hand long after he stopped shaking back. Once she did come around enough she let him go and retracted. He was insanely curious about a lot of things, he decided to ask her down the list. “Grace, how did you end up there? I’m guessing it is because of the faults, but how did they come up?”

“Well, Eugene,” she began her story, she was sent in a bombing formation to Tokyo, nothing special happened until the return trip. A determined pilot ran up gunning her down, shredding most of her port side. She fell out of formation and took a heavy hit when she made the emergency landing at Iwo Jima. All her crew survived, at least. They said they’d make sure she was fixed up and not ripped apart. The mechanics didn’t do too well of a job, obviously, and she was left like she is now. She resumed operations again with the same crew until the end of the war, but her crew complained about the changes, especially when her undercarriage would give out, but she said that was only if she was fully loaded, still. Through her story Eugen felt worse and worse for her, he assured her that he would never send her back. Her history of being backstabbed didn’t let her believe that, not one bit of it.

They discussed her issues in more depth and they came to conclude that for now she was suitable for service, and the weight limit for her cargo wouldn’t be too impacted because she was stripped of all her guns and ammunition. That freed up a lot of weight so the safe payload they concluded would be 95% of what her maximum wartime bomb load would be. He promised that once good money came in he’d hire a few mechanics to try rubbing out the issues for good, and that priority list would be generated after a few test flights and commercial flights. Grace noticed her hut was pretty bare-bones, he defended himself by saying he didn’t expect a living plane, and that it was just to keep the rain off of it. She said she liked how it wasn’t military, but disliked the rustic, scrapyard theme it had. She appreciated having it in the first place. He offered her that perhaps sooner than later he could try outfitting it more, and she said she’d like that. Once they got the planning out of the way, Eugene asked for an inspection. She quickly obliged him, his whim was her command. He walked around the outside, checking the tires, hydraulics, avionics tolerances, the integrity, cleanliness, and overall appearance of her and he was both impressed and satisfied. He did note how little give there was with her avionics, they were quite stiff. He carried on inside and felt right at home again. Strolling through the cabins with memories of good times and hair-splitting close calls. He was very amused that the racks were still inside her, no mattresses, of course, but the frames still existed. He thought of staying out here with her to boost their camaraderie and build her trust. She hoped he’d stay out with her, too, for similar reasons.

She felt his Arora of confidence, his radiant personality commanded her attention and drove away much of her tension and suspense. While he was charming she felt even more allured to him and indebted to him. He may not have planned it, but he did save her life. For that, she was eternally grateful. With him parading through her cabins she felt a sense of security and care, she smiled with the prospects of flying for a purpose again. Eagerly she waited for the day they were cemented together as partners, what form of partners she couldn’t decide yet. He was an attractive man, she felt those strings being pulled, but he was also attractive on a deeper playing field. She would long for his company and companionship, and hoped they could fly long hours alone together, to bond closely.

He finished inspecting the central and tail sections and moved on to the cockpit cabin. As he stepped through the small portal he smiled ear to ear, the vast array of glass in front of him let in enough light to illuminate the whole space and dazzle him once again. She could see he was smiling and commented on how large it was. He told her about how much he loved this view, and as he sat in the pilot’s seat and grasped the controls he voiced his thoughts of memories and feelings. His elaborate and long-winded expressions of how much he loved to fly the B-29 relieved her of some woes, slowly she felt her guard dropping. She snatched her fortitude back and told herself it can happen again. She forbade herself from letting it happen again. She listened to him go on about how much he loves flying and how excited he is to fly his beloved B-29 again while she tried figuring out how she was going to be modified to carry cargo.

“Oh Grace, I’m excited to fly again, so excited. How about you?”

“I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to carry cargo?”

“Oh I have that figured out. We’re going to take out the bomb racks and replace them with a metal rack, you’ll see why in a moment. Cargo is going to be on carts just like bombs, but they’ll be wrapped up in nets and tied together. We wheel the cargo carts under the open bay, haul them up with pulleys on the bay ceiling, and tie them to the racks. Pretty much you’ll be carrying pallets of cargo like you would bombs. Then once everything is set, we’ll tie the bottom off with rope and netting. Then we close the doors and we’re off. They don’t need to be bolted to anything, the worst we should get is turbulence.”

“The doors aren’t very strong.”

“Oh I know that, it’s what that net is for, so we don’t drop anything we didn’t want to.”

“Okay, how do we get it out?”

“Just like offloading bombs, we open the bay, wheel in the cart, open the nets and lower the payloads.”

“Makes sense to me.” Grace said, she used an arm to feel around the bomb bay trying to plan it out. Eugene looked at his watch and drew a long groan from his bowels.

“I don’t want to get up yet.”

“Then don’t!” She exclaimed with fright. Eugene was startled by her burst of desperation. “Relax, stay a while, what do you need to do that can’t wait?”

“Pull my dinner off the stove.” She pondered the idea, if his house burned down then he’d have to use her as his home. But then he might sell her off to get a new house.

“Yeah go, go do that.” He got up and went for the nearest ladder. “But- but come back when you got it.” He stopped halfway down the ladder, thinking.

“Sounds like a good idea, want some?” She thought about it while he descended the ladder and walked to her nose.

“What is it?”

“Pork stew with carrots, potatoes, and some beans.”

“I’ll try it.” He went off inside for a while, every minute he was gone Grace’s angst and worry increased. He came back out with a tray of food and drink. Two cups of water and two bowls of stew with spoons on the side.

“Eat up!” He offered the tray to her, she took a bowl, spoon, and a glass of water. He looked around for a place to set. 

“Just come on in, please.”

She spoke with haste, beckoning him inside. He accepted her invitation and climbed up the ladder. He took his seat at the controls and placed the tray in his lap to begin eating. He relaxed in the comfortable chair and stirred his stew, letting his mind wander. It drifted back to her proposition, his mind couldn’t help but think it could be a fun time, a deep desire of his creeping back to the forefront. He shook his head to rid the thought and he moved on to another topic. Grace had sensed his mood shift sensually, she was excited, she just might be able to wiggle her way into his heart. She needed to learn more about him to fully feel comfortable with him. The looming and impressive fear she carried was pressuring her to secure her survival with whatever method possible. She wanted to keep exploring the intimate side of things when she felt a sudden mood shift, she wanted to shift him back to it somehow, but how?

“How soon do you want to fly again?” He asked her.

“As soon as possible!” She snapped back from the heart. They smiled together.

“I feel the same way, the runway isn’t done yet and I have no gas, but that can be changed easily. As long as you’re alright with a dirt runway?”

“Yes, yes, even if it’s grassy, just a flat strip, please!”

“You aren’t very picky, are you?”

“Not at all, anymore. I’ll take anything I can get.”

“So how does Monday sound?”

“For what?” She realized she missed her chance for an alluring message.

“For flight time, I can have a truck here Monday morning.” Her heart skipped a beat, she longed so desperately to climb back into the clouds.

“Yes! Excellent!” Suddenly the inklings of a wild dream seeded themselves into her mind, one she hoped to live very shortly. Her mind began the process of forming the situation when she was interrupted.

“Your cabin is still pressurized, right, Grace?” She was thinking of pressurizing another one of her cabins when he asked.

“Oh yeah I could pressurize that cabin right now…” her accidental tone swung his mood again. She somewhat felt guilty when she had caught what she said. “Oh yes! Yes, the cabin can pressurize, still!” Nervously she giggled. At this point she could swing either way, she’s in the mood for some dick, but she still wants to make sure he’s in for it. She sensed him stir and his temperature rise, she bit her lip in anticipation.

“That’s good, makes things easier. Yeah, so,” he cleared his throat, “how’s the stew?” She was half disappointed.

“It’s good, thank you.”

“Sure thing, anything you need.” Anything? She so desperately wanted to ask him for the big meat stick but she didn’t want to frighten him off. She wanted him badly but wanted more his security. “What should we do until Monday?” Instantly she licked her lips and rubbed her sex.

“Oh I dunno…” she shuddered with her dirty desires, she had to have him.

“Can I mess with the controls?”

“Mess with whatever you want…” her mouth popped open as a finger popped inside her bleating pussy.

“Alright, thanks.” He could feel her body tense up and shudder, he felt her heating up, he had a good idea of what she was doing and didn’t think his cooking was that good. He shovelled some food into his mouth and grasped the yoke. Softly she cooed as his fingers wrapped around her controls. He pulled back on the stick and felt intense resistance from the controls, even unpowered it shouldn’t be this difficult. He saw why pilots complained, this was exhausting. He pushed forward and then rolled either way, and he certainly agreed, this needed work.

“Too tight for you?” She groaned, he got a little hot under the collar.

“Oh-um, uh-huh-huh-huh… yeah it-it’s difficult. It’s pretty hard.” Instantly she pounced on it and he knew he screwed up as soon as he said it.

“It’s pretty hard, huh? Well, what are we gonna do about it?”

“I-I-uh, it just needs more fluids, I think-“

“Mmmm, more fluids?”

“Y-Yeah, just needs to be topped off.”

“Nnnnnhnnn, topped off? Top what off?”

“The-the-uhm-the hydraulic pipes.”

“The pipes?” He was rock hard and oozing precum. His cock was pushing the tray in his lap off and he had to constantly catch the sliding bowl and cup.

“Y-Yeah, the-uh-pipes. Hydraulic pipes. For-uhm, for the controls.”

“The controlling pipes?” He couldn’t go anywhere because he wanted it, too.

*It seems my horniness has written myself into a corner, I guess they fukin now*

“Yup, the ones for the-uh-joystick-” before he could correct himself an arm ran up his leg, “-YOKE, THE YOKE.”

“Joystick?” Her hand was between his legs, grasping at his thick cock in his pants. “Stroke? Well, Eugene-“

“I meant yoke, uh-ha-ha-ha, yoke. The-“

“Well Eugene, I’d love to stroke your yoke, I want to stroke your yoke with my tight hydraulic control pipe.” More arms came down from behind him and took the tray away and grasped at the fittings for his clothes. “You don’t have anything else to do, do you?” He gave in.

“Well, Grace,” his hands grabbed over hers and pinched her fingers on the buttons of his shirt, “I think I’ll be topping off these pipes for a while. I think I’m going to need a mattress in here. After all, we just might pressurize a cabin and test that, too.” Her entire frame rattled around him as she imagined his ghost dick easing deep into her tight pussy. She needed it.

“Fuck that! We’ll get the bed later!” Her sudden tenacity blew up his lust, it was happening, his hands ripped off his pants and he watched the eyes in her glass widen in awe as his cock was free to display its size. He didn’t see it but her jaw dropped. Almost instantly a river poured from her mouth and pussy, she was so ready to get fucked. “Oh my god! Gimme that dick!” He smiled proudly, her hands wrapped around it and bathed in its warmth, over and over she scanned his trouser monster gawking at how she won the dick lottery. Now could he use it?

“Where am I putting this, Grace?”

“Everywhere.” She didn’t even think about it, complete autopilot. “Anywhere. What do you want?” He smiled and pondered, she was stroking his shaft and glittering in anticipation.

“I, think, I’ll, take…” he narrowed his gaze into her eyes, “what you got right here.” She instantly obeyed and while her hands more vigorously stroked his size she produced a thick tendril just slightly larger in girth than his cock, his eyes widened as he saw a leaking vagina on its end. He grabbed it and held it in front of him, examining it. “Now, we used to joke with the girls in school about this, but I’m not joking here, will my dick fit in your vagina?”

“It fucking better!” She yelped in sexual desire and desperation. She wanted to sit on him so badly, she wiggled her pussy’s lips out of his hands and onto his oozing cock’s tip. As he slowly pierced it and displaced her around him she moaned and shook. She was able to put herself around his cock head before she stopped.

“F-F-F-Fuck! Oh fuck! Oh mother fucker! Eugene, help me! Fucking put the whole thing inside me! FUCK!” he grabbed her tendril and helped ease himself into her. The deeper he pushed the more they moaned and quivered. Her plush, pulsating pussy invigorated his cock and hit him harder than anything before had, just penetrating her made his eyes roll and he drooled.

“Oh fuck, Grace, oh damn. I fucking love you.”

“Ahhhhhhh!” She wailed in delight, hearing that, getting a cock shoved into her, and feeling like she’s already on the brink of cumming all mixed together. She felt safe, secure, and about to get fucked harder than the Army could ever fuck her. “When you get there, top off that fucking hydraulic fluid! Fill me to the fucking brim, baby!” His head dropped back as she screamed and forced herself down to his ballsack. She convulsed on him and electrified his cock into a bliss of ecstasy. He was reaching a high on dopamine when he felt her hand grab his and put it against what he figured was her clit. “Rub that, baby, fffffffuck!”

“You need more?” He asked in disbelief.

“So fucking close to cumming! I wanna cum on your cock!” That sounds amazing. He rolled and rubbed her bulbous clit and would pull his hand back to lick his fingers to ease the process. “Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck! Yes!” He watched her tendril flex, contract, and bend on him, he felt it manipulating his cock, too. His cock was being rolled around in her pussy and it was systematically milking his precum out of him. “OH! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! OH! YES! FUCK! THERE THERE THERE THERE OOOOHHHHHHH!” She began screaming as he watches her tendril dance on him and her insides vibrate as she came hard on his dick. He was so stimulated he went dumbstruck and grabbed her tendril on his cock. She screamed that she was cumming and he silently held up an ‘okay’  sign as he drooled out. He arms grabbed him and clutched him, quivering themselves as pulses of dopamine rocked her world. Hands tenderly held his cheeks as she came down. He also recovered, as fun as that was, it’s not what he’s looking for.

“As awesome as that was, you got anything bigger?”

“Yes! Yes! Yes! I do! My tail! I have a bigger pussy there! Fuck it up! Fill it up! Fuck me, Eugene!” They pried the pussy off his cock and he took a moment to take in the chasm he made, her pussy was still contracting and twitching from her orgasm. It had left his cock completely tinted a dull silver. Before he went to her tail he looked her in the eyes and told her one thing.

“You are so fucking hot.” Her only response was a moan. It suited him enough, he raced back and down the ladder to her tail. He saw a gleaming silver puddle under her tail and he looked up to see a larger pussy, one that looked to be more his size. “Wait.” The thought started to kill his boner. “How do I fuck that?” Her arms yanked him off the ground and laid him against her belly.

“I got you, baby! Just do your thing and fuck this horny bomber!”

“A SuperFucktress?” He jested.

“The horniest mother fucking SuperFucktress on the mother fucking planet!”

“How much you want this dick?”

“I’ll do anything for that dick.” His cock stroked her vulva and out poured glops of her thick, juicy lube. She cried out in agony. “Staahhhhhpppp! Don’t tease me!”

“But it feels so good!”


“How do you want it?”

“BAAAALLLLLLLLSSSS DEEEEEEEP!* She exclaimed. Two of her hands formed a circle around the base of his cock. “Like that! Come on! Do it! Fuck me up!”

“Hmmmm,” he circled his cock around her vagina and her fingers ring at the same time, “I dunno.”

“Pleeeeeeeeaaaaasssee!” She begged him as a hand grabbed his cock.

“I don’t want to fuck your undercarriage into oblivion, sweetie…” her thumb rubbed the top of his helmet while her fingers milked precum from his shaft.

“C’mon baby! You know you want it just as much as me! Fuck my carriage! Bang me, fuck me, cum in me! Eugene, you know you’ve wanted this bomber’s pussy.” His head moved all around to take in her sleek and sexy airframe, from her tail to her pussy, and leaned over to gaze down her body and her huge, beautiful wings, she was right.

“You are so right, Grace, I’ve wanted this for years!

“Take it! Do it! Fuck me, baby!” He thought of something he wanted to say, but it slipped his mind, so he slipped into her. He inched in and noted that she was much, much more comfortable here. Together they moaned and entered a blissful trance. “Yeah, baby, that’s the spot!”

“Oh fuck, Grace.”

“Fuck Grace, indeed! Fuck Grace all night, Eugene!” She moved him slightly up her tail and angled his fat cock into her G-spot more, instantly they felt the good shit hit them even more. “OH! Fuck me right there! Pummel my pussy!”

“Grace you feel so good!” He withdrew and returned smoothly, drawing moans and subtle slapping noises as he enjoyed how fluid and smooth he could move with her. He smiled ear to ear and put his back into it, setting into a rhythm to let himself go.

“Oh! Right there, big guy! So fucking big!” She grit her teeth and clenched her eyes as she felt his massive size displace her innards. “Oh, Eugene!”

“Grace!” His head dropped back as he mindlessly drove into her, she caught his head and pressed his cheek against her hot shiny skin. “Your pussy’s fucking perfect, baby!”

“Oh, Eugene! You’re so fucking big! Eugene! I love you! Eugene!”


When she cries his name out so pleasurably it shivers his body and stimulates his cock, he asks her his name, again and again, getting off to her angelic voice crying out for him. Grace can tell he loves it when she calls for him, she can feel an extra bit of oomph in his thrusts and his cock pulsates more. She, too, enjoys it very much when her newfound lover calls her name, as she tightens on him and contracts a dance on his cock. Her vision blurs into an indiscernible haze as her body numbs and all she can sense is him. At her core she feels an intense blaze of gratitude and lust fumbling around while his intensity and passion stirs them even more. Through the haze and blur, one thought clarifies: she just wants them to cum. Just reach the top and enjoy an Earth-shattering climax together. Then, then they do it all again in the sky.

Her vision starts returning as Eugene winds down, burnt out before their finish. She feels his exhaustion as he melts to her tail almost cuddling her, she’s so excited for cuddles but she isn’t ready yet. She crouches her landing gear and loosens her arms, gently she begins bouncing on her gear. Her slack arms bounce as well, lending to a magnificent ride for Eugene. He picks his head up to watch her engulf his member and release it rhythmically, she cradles his head again so he can relax and enjoy the show. Her pussy looks so good, silvery and shiny folds of plush metallic flesh coddle his cock and shlick and smack against him heavenly. His hands are drawn to her beautiful sex and they, too, fondle and coddle it to her delight. They pull and push on her lips and rub and press on her clit, all while his sizable member plucks at her G-spot religiously. They were in bliss, a trance, heaven. Eugene’s gaze shifted from one side to the other, admiring her massive majesty, she was such a sexy bird. The gleam of the light on her wide, slender wings with the magnificent light illusion that radiates from her four awesome protruding engine nacelles delightfully entrances his eyes while her long and smooth body gracefully captivates his mind and stimulates his brain. Oh how he loves her grace, and how he loves Grace. The perfect name for the perfect plane.

His eyes drift to her arms that embrace him and then to her landing gear that are working for him. He was entranced by her simple movements and gawked at her dance while he rode out this high. Her moaning was music to his ears as her softly sang along; the melody of their sex echoed in their heads and steadied their hearts. All they felt from their sex organs was ecstasy, bringing their deep underlying love and lust higher up to the surface and emboldening it to cement itself in their minds. They felt each other rising as their climaxes came closer and closer. Eugene held off as long as he could, fighting it the whole way while Grace welcomed it and tried ushering it to arrive faster. Her moaning turned into a chant of his name as she slowly stopped bouncing and started rocking forward and back onto him. The change in motion shocked his penis and lurched him closer to orgasm. He could fight the immense pressure no longer and gave in, groaning and moaning her name as she sat back onto him one last time. Her eyes rolled back as she felt his hot, steamy cum surge into her. It sparked her to finally cum and she almost sat on Eugene while she gushed her lubricant cum onto her lover. Her pussy trembled around him and milked his huge shaft for every drop. Eugene could feel a significant weight on his lap as she pressed them together, he enjoyed this moment ever so deeply and smiled wide as he felt her cum on him. Deep inside he felt pride, love, success, happiness, and a strong bond to her. She felt very similar, but Grace also felt the feeling of abandonment and suspicion go away. For these moments she was the happiest she had ever been. Her first thought after coming down from her orgasm was having his children someday. The thought of their own family made her smile, she wanted to kiss him but didn’t want him to leave her insides yet.

“I want to kiss you, Eugene!”

“I want to kiss you, too, Grace!” He expected her to let him go but she hatched an idea real quick. Eugene felt her pussy tightened slowly just as he felt a gentle cup on his cock head, it met firm resistance before it pulled back from sucking on his cock. “Grace! Wh-What was that?!” She giggled, he didn’t know.

“That was my cervix, baby, you’ve got to get in there one day so we can have babies together.” He looked down to her pussy and saw it leaking glops of his cum, he began to panic.

“I’m not ready for kids yet-I-“

“Eugene, Eugene, baby, it’s fine. No babies yet. Relax, babe, relax into me. Until you get your penis inside my cervix there won’t be any babies.” He calmed down, her angelic voice soothed him and he again melted into her arms. “Would you like another kiss on the penis?”

“Yeah,” he thought this time wouldn’t be so alarming, “I could use another kiss.” She brought her cervix to his tip and pressed it against his penis with a bit more pressure and for longer. She drew it away and it gently sucked on his tip again, sending oodles of good vibes through Eugene. “I love you, Grace.” His voice struck her when he said that, it wasn’t in the sexual tone at all. His tone was serious, firm, passionate. Grace smiled a little at the corners of her mouth. He felt her whole body get warmer after he said that. “Let me kiss you and prove it.” She teared up, her undercarriage was weak. She had to lay down.

“Oh! I’m tired, Eugene. Let me lay down real quick, baby.” Eugene struggled in her arms as he watched her landing gear slowly retract into her, many arms came down to ease her to the dirt once the gear had fully retracted and the doors closed. His instincts said that her belly on the ground was bad, real bad. “I feel much comfier, you should, too. Relax, honey bun. The comfort in her voice convinced Eugene that this was fine. He quit his struggling and began to enjoy the atmosphere, but her lying on dirt kept nagging at him.

“Grace, one day I’ll get you a nice hanger with a nice floor with a nice bunch of mats and pillows for you. I’ll get you out of this dirt.” Grace smiled, that sounded delightful, a great place to make love. She released him and he staggered to his feet, they had fucked pretty damn good. He stammered over to her nose and gazed into her pretty green eye before he knelt down and put their lips together. They lazily kissed and giggled at how exhausted they were. Eugene groaned and grunted as he got up off the ground and sloshed around collecting clothes. He sat down and started tying his boots, which made Grace paranoid 

“You-where are you going? Please don’t go!” He looked up and before he could answer she tried winning him over again. “We can still have sex, I can keep going, I’ll get back up-“

“I’m tired, Grace, I need some sleep. I’m also pretty hungry.”

“Please don’t go.” She looked worried, abandoned, her whole facial expression was of terror and fear. Eugene quickly learned to hate that fear of hers.

“Grace, don’t be so upset. I’ll be right back, promise. I’m just going to get some campfire stuff from inside, and something for my bed. That’s all. I’ll be back, honey bun. I promise.” He stood up and got over to her, taking her hand and kissing it. “Don’t fret, Grace. I won’t ever let you go.”

“Please hurry back.”

He nodded and kissed her hand again. He scurried to the house and disappeared. Grace looked off to the sunset behind the trees behind his house, the radiant glow onto the sky reminded her of all the night raids she did, she remembered that she never once sat back and enjoyed the sunset. It helped the time pass as Eugene gathered his things and packed a bag. It eventually spilled over into a cart as he collected more and more things. Blankets, clothes, pillows, tools, fire starters, firewood, a cot kit, Tupperware, utensils, and some small trinkets to tool with and made small talk over. He came back and saw her gazing off into the sunset, her subtle smile and body glowing like a fun-house mirror in the dazzling light painted her in a good looking scene.  Eugene felt a good bout of pride in his heart. He was very happy as he strolled up to her. She quickly helped set up the bed and sat him down next to her using it as his seat. He leaned into her as she held him with an arm and they watched the sunset. She explained how she’s seen so many but never got to enjoy them like this, Eugene conveyed how happy he was that she could enjoy it with him. Before it got too dark he broke off and set up a fire real quick to keep them warm-ish in the night. Grace said she’s used to the cold, that it didn’t bother her, but Eugene established that she deserved better.

As the sun finished setting they enjoyed the last brief moments of light in a kiss, held together by their arms. Then Eugene asked for his unfinished food from earlier so he could reheat it on the fire. While it cooked again they talked about scheduling flights and repairs and such and finalized the details while he ate. She heated her food that she never ate and slurped it up quickly. They could feel some sexual tension rising again but they put it off for a more enjoyable and enthusiastic sex drive. While tension rose Eugene talked about everything he wanted to do for her, and she talked about what she could do for him, they, of course, slid in some innuendos and such. A basic priority list was set up and ready to go by the time they went at it again.

Grace had her arms wrapped around Eugene’s waist as he leaned against her hull. They were staring into the fire but their minds raced with thoughts and desires of dirty deeds done to each other, out of the blue Grace’s hands undid his belt in a flash and threw his pants to his ankles. He was already half chub and oozing some precum, as soon as he realized his pants were off he started inflating again. Grace pawed at his member and cohorsed it to grow more rapidly, as it grew to its full might her eyes gleamed with excitement. At her nose and tail her orifices began steadily dripping with her bodily lubricant. As Eugene relaxed into her while she tenderly stroked his dick he noticed her mouth-watering and wanted some of that. “Hey, Grace, you seem to be a little hungry still, I got a nice big snack for you right here.” She got what he wanted as he twirled his cock around in a small circle, she obeyed and started getting up.

“Yeah? Want me to suck on your fat dick?”

“Yeah baby, I want your metal mouth to show me some magic.”

“Baby these aluminium lips are going to make your head spin.” She stood up on her landing gear and pick him and the cot up to sit them in front of her. He watched in excitement as she lowered her nose gear and brought her massive shimmering body down to his cock. She looked into his eyes as her lips parted around his meat and smiled as he shuddered with pleasure. He tried to keep eye contact with her but her mouth did make that hard to do, her tongue cupped and cradled his size elegantly and her lips sealed him inside. Gently she sucked on him as she pushed his cock head against the roof of her mouth, her tongue drug him side to side as she raised and lowered herself onto him. Watching him squirm and writhe made her very wet in her tail quarters, it demanded some sort of attention. So she did what she has done for so long before Eugene and slip one of her tendrils inside. Her pleasuring herself made her moan on his cock, which added more stimulation to him. He pressed his hands against her glass nose and was hypnotized by the ride, weaving his head all around, lazily. She rubbed her clit while she tendriled her depths and licked and lapped at his throbbing cock. She pulled off of him and ran circles around his cock tip with her tongue before she went back down on him. He quickly began huffing as she brought him closer to his orgasm. His loud and excited moaning made her excited, rejuvenated her flow and she clenched her eyes shut and fucked herself faster to get him off hard. She felt his cock cease oozing his cum as he trembled in her mouth and he tried to push her off with her hands. Just as she realized she had done it he broke his fortitude and started cumming. She lurched off and opened her mouth with her tongue out, holding his cock on it, still. He shot ropes of cum onto her large tongue and almost fell back into the cot. He was heaving heavy breaths like he just ran five miles. “These lips don’t lie.” She said as she licked her lips clean.

“Fuck!” He exclaimed in exhaustion as he leaned in against the bottom part of the glass dome. Grace wasn’t done with him yet, she kept kneading his tender member and enjoyed the unique feeling in her hands. Caressing his tender cock to her was awesome, mesmerizing, a guilty pleasure. She massaged his body and limp dick while she gingerly teased herself and savored the aftertaste she had from him. Slowly he started coming around to the mood again, and his member began flexing as it grew bolder and bolder. The harder he got the more she dripped, she pushed the cot and him away and laid her nose on the ground, to his distaste, to raise her tail up high for him. Her eyes were at a level where they beamed onto his huge dick, her gaze couldn’t be shaken from his presented cock and balls. “Like what you see, baby?”

“Yes, sir…” she moaned in response, a gentle hum from her mouth told him she wanted it badly. She looked amazing and so vulnerable. She was poised to fuck and it made Eugene even hornier. He hopped to his feet and this immediately triggered Grace, she went wide eyed and her mouth opened in awe and excitement. He walked very close to her body and brushed his fingers down her sleek and slender pod to excite and tease her more. By the time he had gotten to her tail and out of his reach there was a pool of her juice underneath the prize. He was breathtaking by her beauty as her fingers split open her slit and he was staring inside her, his thick cock ached for it’s gentle caressing. It was so much nicer than any girl’s snatch he’d been with before, and this one fit him perfectly.

“Oh Grace, you’re so fucking perfect.”

“Mmhmmm? You think so, Eugene?”

“Grace,” he shook his head in bewilderment, ignoring her hot juice that dropped onto his face, “I don’t even have to think about it. I know so.” She was completely won over and couldn’t hold back any more, she swooped down and snatched him with her arms and held him yet again in a loose hammock of love.

“Oh Eugene!-Ah-Ah, Aaahh! Eeeek!” He took instantly to dragging his cock across her genitals and laughing to himself as the slit wept over his cock. In the back of her mind she was screaming at herself to take his seed and carry a child, she yearned for his children. Do it! Carry his child, he’ll never leave! Deep suspicion and paranoia amplified her desires. “Eugene! Give me your seed! Give me your child! Mother me!” She positioned her cervix right at the cusp of her vagina, it was so close to the edge that his cock teasing her was gracing her cervix with a glance. Eugene got cold feet, he wasn’t ready for a kid yet, and he just met her. He retreated.

“No, Grace, I can’t. I’m not there yet, please, not now.” Defeatedly, she retracted her cervix back into her, and her paranoia returned with a fiery vengeance. It killed her mood and made her distraught. She didn’t show her mood shift, and thinking she was still in the mood Eugene toyed with her luscious folds with his hands to excite himself again. His toying didn’t do the same for Grace, she lost her urges and didn’t want to do it anymore, but her paranoia didn’t let her stop.

She kept up the act. Eugene got back into the swing of things and pressed his dick against her succulent hole and enjoyed the feeling of penetrating her. He slid into her depths and enjoyed feeling her body quiver and moan with every inch. He was lost in a sea of pleasure as her pussy massaged his wood and held it nicely, he began his own humping but Grace took over again. Her slack arms acted like elastic as her shock absorbers bounced her ass for him. She bounced on his cock and moaned with gratification along with him. His hands trailed all over her body where he could reach and his gaze swept across her form, even though it was forced on her end, she still felt a smidge of enjoyment. She was hoping she could at least get off, and she knew he wouldn’t be happy unless he did. Even though she had lost her motivation his impressive mass made her eyes roll and mouth drool, and when he took the initiative and starting fucking her on his terms of made her loose tendrils grab the dirt and brace herself for the ride. She got into a rhythm with his thrusts and rocked with him as he drilled her plush pussy. Her mouth blurted out broken gasps and whimpers as her drive steadily forced its way back into dominance. With her sex drive restored her vagina began stroking Eugene enthusiastically, trying to squeeze every drop of him, underlying desire for his semen still stood strong. He began singing his praises of her, stroking her emotional clitoris and making her feel loved on the inside. It drove her demons away and brought forth a mind-numbing orgasm. Her arms snapped him against her tail as her two massive pillar landing gear trembled and almost buckled. Her eyes rolled into the back of her canopy, her mouth was drooling with her tongue out, and she was rubbing her chin all over the ground as she waggled and shuddered about. Her long exacerbated moan was trickled with laughter as she sprayed her cum on Eugene’s cock and balls. It sprayed and fanned about because of how tightly he was pressed against her hot metal tail. Her internal convulsions vibrated on Eugene’s cock and pushed him well over the edge dispute his efforts to hold back. He came, too, and emptied his balls for her. He knew they didn’t break the cervix and she was sealed, so he didn’t think about it. He enjoyed the moment and the ecstasy that comes from pumping out semen. Every single shot made him huff with dopamine. Grace certainly felt him bust with a hypersensitivity, feeling his hot cum inside her made her feel indomitable. Made her feel worthwhile, feel loved, special, and like a hot woman. She felt successful knowing that she was good enough to make Eugene fuck her again and again AND cum for her. All the demons were brought to heel as he flooded her and made her feel even more spectacular. She didn’t want him to stop and was sad when no more of his alluring seed entered her. Instantly she wanted to open her cervix and take his child-making seed, but she fought that urge off for his satisfaction.

“Grace, oh God, Grace, you,” he struggled to find the right words to describe how he felt for her, “you are the most incredible woman of my life.” Grace was incredibly flattered. He eased his massive size out of her and then let them press against each other to cuddle. Grace was speechless, nothing else to it. Absolute wonder and amazement, all her communication with Eugene that night was through cuddles, vibes, smiles, and kisses. She put him in his cot and laid down on the ground to sleep with him by her side. It was the first time she could sleep in forever, and she was out like a light with him holding her the best he could. She felt secure with him touching her, she felt safe, secure, and happy. For the first time in her life, she felt special. She loved him, he picked her up and saved her both literally and emotionally. Although her demons would come back, Eugene would always set her straight and show her all his love.

That Saturday Eugene had some mechanics who worked on B-29s while they served to come out and inspect Grace. Eugene had cleaned her up best the two could before the mechanics arrived and once they got over the shock of a living plane they remarked on how neat she was considering her rather filthy past. They were given a list of problems she had and what to prioritize. The problem of the controls being stuck like glue baffled them until she told them she crashed on Iwo Jima. Instantly one of the mechanics had an idea. He took a bucket and cut open some of the hydraulic lines and out came thick globs of muddy fluid. He said the volcanic soot did the exact same thing to the tractors they used to build the runway, and that the engines are probably filled with soot, too. Once her lines were all drained and pumped clean she was refilled and the problem was solved. She couldn’t praise them enough, jabbing at how worthless her old mechanics were. Then the group had a go at the engines and found evidence of soot collecting in the engines, they took those apart and started cleaning them but stopped for the day, Sunday they came in to finish cleaning the engines and put them back together. They were clueless about the undercarriage, they’d need to investigate that. Nevertheless, that following Monday at exactly eight-thirty in the morning a fuel truck came out. Grace hid herself so the workers wouldn’t freak out about a living plane. At about ten-thirty, the fueling was finished and they were off on their way. As soon as she saw Eugene she exploded with joy, she saw him in his rag-tag outfit half from his service and half from what he had to recollect on the civilian side and thought he was adorably handsome. She was bouncing in anticipation and he was ecstatic, both incredibly eager to climb above the clouds. Eugene walked around her a few times and made sure all was well, her avionics were much easier to adjust and that made Eugene excited. He climbed into her cabin and sat in the pilot’s seat, they were staring at each other in the eyes with marvel.

“Well, Grace, here we go. Start the engines!”

“Yes, sir!” She obeyed and one by one her engines popped and gurgled to life. Nasty and awful at first, they soon were broken in and being fed properly so they sang like a choir. Grace couldn’t help but shake and dance with excitement, arms wrapped around Eugene, holding him tight and securing him while he monitored the gauges.

“Engines are looking good! How do they feel, Grace?” His hand stroked one of hers passionately and he eagerly awaited her response.

“Oh my god, Eugene, they feel fantastic! They’re putting like kittens! I’m so thrilled!” Her abundance of joy spilled over into him, he was also rapidly getting happier. They waited a few minutes to let the engines warm up to operational temperatures and then together, with their hands interlocked, they increased the throttles and she was moving on her own again! Carefully they exited the hanger and swung her massive size over to the grass runway. She didn’t give a single fuck about it. All she saw was the sky begging for her return. Eugene saw two miles of grass and possible FOD, a treeline he had to get over, and then the free expanses of the open blue. They set the flaps and trim and stared at what was laid out ahead. “You ready, Eugene?”

“Are you ready, Grace?” Their hearts raced together, their blood ran hot with energy, together, again, they opened the throttle.

The start was bumpy and shaky, but as she got faster and faster it smoothed out and was almost perfect. Her engines roared like lions and her outstretched wings pulled upwards trying to fling her into the sky. Together they began to feel those notable cues that the ground no longer held them, and they pulled back on the yoke gently to clear the trees. Grace’s smile was gargantuan, it was so big Eugene saw her cheeks covering up some of his canopy panels. He only wished he could see her face from the outside, only if. Easily they cleared the tree line with plenty of ‘runway’ to spare, and she thrusted herself towards the heavens with such determination she almost forgot to collapse her landing gear. Eugene remembered for her and flipped her switches to retract them. She felt them tuck away and suddenly she was even lighter, faster, stronger. There was nothing notable to drag her down now and she was gliding through the air like a goddess. They were silent as they took off, enjoying the moment and focusing on what had to happen. She was at a thirty-degree climb up to about eighteen-thousand feet when either of them talked.

“Grace, I love you. Thank you for taking me up here.” He rubbed her hand again. She twisted her hand around to hold his and rubbed back.

“No, thank you, Eugene, for giving me this opportunity to fly again.” Her arms tightly holding him in a big bear hug showed him more love than she could speak of.

They flew all day, talking of the future, the past, life stories and experiences, some deep desires and worst nightmares. They spent the time to get to know each other very well and were looking forward to more time like this. Grace suggested that they enjoy each other’s company much more intimately, one dirty desire of hers, but Eugene said he wanted at least someone at the controls to make sure that nobody dies. She was frustrated but tame. They had a blast flying again, Grace and Eugene pulled some fairly wild maneuvers for what mission style plane Grace was, while she was no nimble and agile fighter she could pull some tight turns and dives. Their adrenaline was as high as they were on their playground in the sky, the absolute Freedom Grace felt was immeasurable and Eugene’s euphoria was unmatched. As the sun was setting they were coming down to land right back where they started, Grace still had some fuel left in her as she touched down cleanly on the grassy strip. They tried their absolute best to burn it all away but time wasn’t their friend today and they had to turn in.

Once Grace had come to a stop the two of them were laughing madly, hooting and hollering to let their joy all out. Grace taxied over to the back of her new home and turned in without Eugene’s help. He watched in awe as she slipped in perfectly and stopped exactly where she was in the morning as if she never moved. Eugene was doing a little happy dance in her chair, she caught on and mimicked his side to side motion and snapping he did. They laughed at themselves before they recomposed themselves and started their dancing together, erupting in more laughter. They shared congratulations to each other, expressed how proud, happy, and loving they were, and their excitement for getting paid to fly again. Eugene said that as soon as possible he was going to have the guys redo the bomb bay and set it up to carry cargo. He wondered how he was going to sleep this night with all this excitement in his blood. Grace poked the side of his gut with a finger and said that he should move a mattress into her so she could make sure he gets well-rested. She assured him she would tucker him out to the fullest with some fun games. He said he liked the sound of that and went to find a mattress he could spare. While he was gone Grace couldn’t help but do more of her victory dance as she checked all the boxes of victory, she got fixed up, she’s got a man falling for her, she’s flying again, she’s got a home, she’s getting a job, and she’s about to get some dick. She scored big today. She was high on life at that moment, and she got even more joyous when she saw Eugene shove a mattress through the door that led out to the hanger. She crouches down and used tendrils to crawl closer to him, picking the mattress up from him like it was a tissue. She patted his hat and told him to relax a little bit as she made the bed. He insisted on doing it himself, but she wanted to get the fun started already and didn’t want to wait. She slapped the mattress into place and quickly threw some bedsheets over it. She ushered him inside and backed into her hut, him sleeping in her cabins made her feel amazing, it felt right. Her confidence rose and she felt very comfortable with everything, nothing was going to ruin this.

“Let’s get you ready for bed, baby.” She begins sensually undressing him, slowly peeling layers off his body.

“But I’m so energetic, baby, whatever will we do?”

“Oh I know how to tire you out, don’t you worry about that.” Her hand massaged his genitals and they shivered with anticipation. “Oh yes, I have plenty of plans for you!” She felt his balls roll in her hand, and his massive dong growing bolder and girthier. His cock and balls in her hand felt mystical.

“That sounds fun! Will there be any snacks?” She hesitated in confusion.


“Of course! I might get a little thirsty after all, I could eat something.” Grace began getting quite hot under the skin.

“Oh my, I’m sure they’ll be something, baby!” She finally got him bare naked and she was fawning over his cock in her hands. By the beds came down a tendril to comfort his lonely penis and thankfully this one was no wimp. “You ready to play, Eugene?”

“Oh,” he grabbed her vaginal tendril in his hand and rubbed his thumb over her clit, she shivered and locked up in response, “I’m very excited to play, are you ready, big momma?” His thumb popped in and out of her pussy, it’s loose and welcoming metal skin clung to him religiously. He tested her wetness and tightness. She could use some work.

“Oh fuck yes! Momma’s ready to play!” She wailed as his thumb pierced her to his knuckle.

“Nah, you don’t look like it.” She was shocked. “You need a bit of shopping up to do.” He stuck his index and middle fingers in his mouth from his other hand and then slid them into her. Her mouth was gaping and she shivered, gasping for her breath as he wiggled around. He plucked in and out before he slid in a third finger, roughly the width of his cock. His cluster of fingers had a dance party in her pussy, and when they found the G-spot dance floor they turned up to eleven and never came down. She was nearly screaming as he fondled her, his thumb rubbing her clit and fingers playing with her G-spot. “See? Now you’re really starting to warm up to it!” Her hands gripped his body and his wrists, holding them to their actions. Her hands stroked and fondled his cock feverishly as she tried to keep up with his intensity, but he was overpowering her. Her hands suddenly gripped his cock and her vagina tendril trembled and her insides convulsed as she fought back her orgasm. She screamed his name as she broke and she gushed out on him with squirts of her juices. He smiled at his work and let her come down before he agitated her more by removing his hand. He licked his fingers clean. “Now let’s see?” He inserted his three fingers again and noticed how much nicer she felt, not loose, but not tight, she was perfect. “Now you’re ready, baby. He’s coming out to play now, big girl.”

“Oh yes! Send him over now! Right now!” She cradled his cock and held it for him as he held her tendril down on the bed. He watched in mute satisfaction as he broke her seal and observed her lips and folds of metal envelope and consume his meaty penis. Just a bit wider than his three fingers it certainly made sure she would feel his presence and being long, too, it made sure it knocked on her door proudly.

She withered around as he entered her. Her body flexed and bent for him as she naturally molded to his presence and she cooed and squealed as he came to rest his member as deep as he could go. She breathed hot and heavy with quick gasps as she dealt with his impressive size, this tendril was a great fit for them. Her tail was smooth and perfect for a good clean fuck, her cockpit tendril too tight for anything more than sitting on him, and now the bedside tendril proved to be just big enough to fuck and just tight enough to destroy her. She felt him cautiously ease out of her and as much as she wanted to cling to him and host him inside her for hours she knew letting him come and go would be much, much more fun! She felt him rhythmically pump himself in and out of her, at first it was pleasant and delightful, but as he started groaning and grunting, and pushing and shoving, and working and churning, she realized she was in for a great fuck. Her eyes crossed and rolled around like a clock as the cock ruled her emotions, her tendrils clung to his sweaty body and she wrapped herself around him. She ran tendrils through his hair, between his legs, coddled his balls, and felt his face as he worked her over good. She moaned along the whole time and lost all sense of time as he pummelled her. She realized she was drooling at one point and quickly let go of giving a fuck, should anyone walk over and see this, she didn’t care, the dick was too good. She felt his cock pulse with blood and felt his long shaft ooze his precum out and warm her up from the inside out, she felt his flesh slide and shift inside her while his body slammed against her outside face. Everything about this was driving her hormones crazy and she was high on it all. She felt herself rising to the opportunity and started gripping and stroking him more with her interior as she came closer to climax. She egged Eugene on by calling for him, crying about how close she was, and how amazing he was. He put forth an extra effort and searched for the spot that would throw her over the edge and she let him know he found it by screaming loudly, and when he found it he didn’t let up. He completely went silent and put forth everything into pounding her pussy until she came again. She screamed and pulled him close to her, bending him over to press him against her tendril and wrapping up around him with her arms. She let him feel her shake and shiver as she came very hard on his solid snake, he smiled, chuckled, and relaxed on her as she showed him what he does to her. He loved it.
He loved feeling her convulse around his cock, he loved feeling her tendril body quake under his body as she screamed for him. Her voice in his ear filled his chest with fire and motivated him to do it all again. He enjoyed how tenderly she held him in her arms and how her hand ran through his hair, her hands on his cheeks holding them so gingerly makes him feel floaty, surreal. He had never thought anyone could make him feel like this, how lofty he felt with his feet planted on the ‘ground’ that his cock could make shake like an earthquake. The concept of what they could do to each other excites him and drives him to push the limits. He never felt so strongly for someone like he felt for Grace. His only flaw with her is how devastated her security is, he felt so bad for her and wanted to help fix her badly. There might be one way to do so, a way she got at earlier but he shot down. Just maybe it could clear her mind and settle her demons. Maybe he should have a child with her. Starting a family was always a goal of his, and for her it might be a necessity. He was open to the idea and would be considering it heavily from now on. When she had finished cumming and let him stand up again he pulled out of her completely to her dismay and laid himself down on the bed. Taking her turn she picked up her tendril meekly and shakily and lined up on him. He noticed how she had coated his cock in her juices, it shone in the hazy light like a glowing sword, preparing to slay the mighty beast in the best way possible. As she brought herself down on him together they moaned and shuddered, he relaxed his fortitude and let her rock his world. She slid down on him effortlessly but was still tight enough to numb his mind and melt his body. She elegantly danced on his lap, swaying and swinging, bouncing and shaking, gripping and sliding. She felt his body recoil with her movements and she loved it and used it to motivate herself even more. After cumming twice she had become hypersensitive and could feel everything about his penis, it drove her sex crazy. She brought him right to the brink of his orgasm and then she toyed with him, slowing her movements and eventually stopping and holding him down to keep him from finishing it himself. He was groaning and moaning in annoyance and almost pain, but her teasing had a reason and it only boosted his drive. He was almost hyperventilating when she finally went ballistic on his cock with her furious burst of speed. Suddenly he recoiled hard in a brain killing orgasm and he unloaded a huge load of semen into her. She laughed as he gurgled on his drool and his eyes rolled and she coddled his cock as it softened and hardened again.

They teased each other again, boasting about what they would do to the other, and then they would act upon their promises. They did this again and again until Eugene’s sack was empty and he was thoroughly exhausted. She laid him down on the bed and tucked him in, slithering her very sore and raw tendril up the bed under the covers to cuddle with him. He wrapped around her and clung to her all night as he slept like a baby. With him holding only a portion of her she still felt secure with him, while her demons came back to show their ugly faces she rested easy with him grasping her so tightly. She almost laughed at her demons, scoffing at them and thumbing her nose by looking back at Eugene and her. She knew that the demons would come again when she was more vulnerable and she feared for that, but for now, she revelled in high spirits and slept wonderfully with him. She dreamed of flying with him again, and it drug out to where she saw herself teaching their little one how to fly, it made her feel amazing again. When they woke in the morning they instantly felt how well they fucked last night, they were creaky, crampy, aching, and very sore. Eugene felt like his back locked up as he forced his way out of the bed, groaning in agony as he did. Nonetheless, they plowed on for the day, it was the day they were to register with the mailing companies. Eugene went down to the town’s local headquarters and got a representative to come to inspect Grace, he refused to accept her until she had the equipment to handle cargo. It bummed them out, but there weren’t any other glaring flaws that were mentioned so their hope still ran high. Eugene went out into town again and collected much of the materials needed for the conversion, cables, ropes, metal fasteners, some pulley equipment, bolts, screws, metal plates, and a bunch of random bits he thought might be useful. That’s how he spent the rest of the day, he came home after getting in touch with the maintenance crew and made dinner with Grace, they enjoyed a long night of relaxation to recover from the sex they had the night before.

The next day, the maintenance crew came in and the idea was thrown out to them for converting her into a cargo plane. The logic was sound but there were technical details that Eugene didn’t know about that the crew had to work out, he was completely oblivious to it so he let them do the sorting out. First, they began by stripping out all the guts of the bomb bay, the bomb racks came out and so did the actuators, then through these parts, they started making large racks to line the walls of the bay. Their idea matched Eugene’s well, except that they knew where the load points were for the frame, you can’t just go bolting stuff to an airplane, after all. Once they had constructed the racks they had Grace hold them in place where they wanted them, while she held the racks in place Eugene inspected the space made available for cargo. He was satisfied and the crew had Grace drop the racks out to be further assembled. The racks looked like a shopping cart basket when they were done, a very big shopping cart basket with no wheels or handles, just the four walls and a roof rack welded together and then bolted and welded into the bay after careful incisions were made. They finished the rack installation and then assembled a rail system into the top of the basket to carry the pulleys and allow for alterations. That went in fairly easy and from there they called it a day and went home. Grace was thrilled with the progress, proudly she showed off their work to Eugene, even playing with the pulley system a bit. They were very excited to see the final results.

The next day while the crew was finishing up their minor detailing and structural reinforcing Eugene went out to the military base to get some surplus gear from the war, specifically the cargo nets that were always thrown out. He got a whole truck load of them for basically a sandwich and soda and gleefully drove home. While the crew was working he got Grace to help him put together the nets into workable sizes, he showed her how to cut and stitch and sew. He showed her some neat tips and tricks and let her try it herself. By the end of the day, everything was ready for testing and inspection, everybody was pumped. They used a small car as the test, they used all the pulleys and nets to pick it up and fasten it to the frame. It fit easily and sat snuggly, carefully they had Grace bounce around, it didn’t even shift, so she danced around and even jumped a few times. No budging. They celebrated and let the car back down again. The test was a success. Eugene paid the maintenance crew what he owed them and arranged for another inspection. They could hardly wait. On the day of the inspection, the maintenance crew came to watch over the inspection, they basked in pride as the inspector was dumbfounded at how well the cargo system worked. The inspector gave Grace a passing grade, collected the paperwork to register her in service of the mailing company, and promised to get back in touch once the logistics had been arranged.

It took roughly three weeks to get word back and until then the crew were busy touching up on maintenance, correcting faults, performing routine maintenance, and investigating problems and damages found during such events. Eugene was busy figuring out how he would support the maintenance crew and budget his priorities. He laid out financial goals to support Grace and himself with quality of life upgrades for her and the prospect of starting a family, the latter he withheld the knowledge from Grace, leaving it to be a surprise. Once he did get the word from the company he was given the payroll information, the information on funds allocated for Grace’s maintenance, their schedule, their flight routes, where the airports were, and many other small details that were necessary for operations. The gang was elated. Work began very soon and before they knew it Grace was running down the local runway with a full load of cargo bound for the nearest coast. While it hadn’t been that long since they met Eugene still proposed to her on this flight. Instantly she accepted, she then pressured him to make love that night while they were flying, but Eugene didn’t want to risk the mail yet.

It was during this flight that Grace came clean, she dumped her demons out and her fears at his feet. He did his best to express that her fears will never be realized, but he knew that action would be the only way to get it through to her, thus he planned it all out. He had seen the schedule, he knew her limits, and she had taught him well. They landed at the station, stayed the night and rested, and in the morning they flew back to the main airport they work out of. This flight had many more stops, dropping off mail and picking it up, refuelling and such, they were never empty. Late that night they touched down at the main port runway and unloaded the last mail they would carry that day, they would rest and refuel for the next day. While they had lulls in the schedule Eugene talked directly to Grace and her demons, he carefully expressed his devotion in ways subliminally and directly to purge her fears from her, he used his careful word and message choice wisely. She felt much, much better. They conversed about a lovely and romantic future, and he steered it towards family and children to further boost her morale and attachments and distance her from her loneliness and fears.

In the morning when they woke Grace was quite frisky, Eugene was feeling quite hot under the collar as well, but he promised that they would enjoy themselves soon enough. Grudgingly Grace carried on and they loaded the mail up once more and set off on their route. They made more stops than the first day but fewer stops than the second day, which left them with more downtime, effectively. During this time they came up with a list of names they would consider for their children, it was all very exciting for Grace. On the last leg of their journey, the longest stretch, Eugene asked Grace about how they would make a child. Grace elaborated on the details, it depends on what child they want, how much sex they have during the pregnancy, how well she is fed and maintained, this all greatly intrigued Eugene. He asked her what child would she want, she said it’s up to him. Eugene felt selfish for wanting a human baby, but he saw it as the most realistic option, it’d be the most affordable, the most gifted, and the most likely way to succeed. He could send this kid to school, not a bomber if they went that route. The child’s life was his justification and he told Grace he wanted a human child. Grace was just fine with that. By then Grace had figured out Eugene was thinking about having a child with her and that thrilled her. She couldn’t sleep that night, she rested her body but her mind was too active and all she wanted to do was thrash Eugene awake in his rack with her tendril sliding up and down his thick shaft milking his cum out of him. However, she respected his sleep and waited patiently.
They had the next two days off, so they readied to fly all the way home to the home strip and tediously start their family. One session at a time. Their lusts rose up as high as they were physical, every foot she climbed rose her drive even more, Eugene’s crotch ached and complained about how horny he was. Originally they had desired to land at home and fuck all night there but it was too overbearing, Grace had to ask while they were in the sky. She asked to be fucked up here, she wanted him to fuck her while they were soaring above the clouds, the idea seemed thrilling to Eugene and his list overpowered him. He didn’t say a word but he undid his pants for her and she immediately began fondling his crotch. Her hands and tendrils snaked into his clothes to grasp his bare skin and get that oh-so-exciting skin to skin contact. Once his pants came off she wasted no time in getting him inside her, even though her cockpit tendril wasn’t the greatest it was what she had right there and she needed it now. She had been faithfully rubbing herself to make sure she was drenching wet and slick as possible, she snapped his cock upright and placed herself tenderly atop his cock. They smiled as the adrenaline raced through their veins, their hearts thumped in their throats, neither of them had any idea what would happen to their ability to fly and while that was terrifying it was also exhilarating, and there was only one way to find out! Grace held his cock up while he pulled her down onto him, together they moaned and cried out.

“Oh yes! Oh fuck yes! More! More! Deeper! Oh you’re so fucking hot! Fuck me! Give me everything!” Grace cooed and called, her whole frame shuddering in pleasure and her eyes crossing.
“Oh Grace! AAAHHH!” He was halfway inside her and already needed a break to let her adjust to his size. He grabbed her controls while he waited and tenderly rubbed them with his thumbs, stroking them lovingly. She cooed and moaned as her tight pussy twitched and stretched out, giggling wildly in random bursts. “Grace you’re so fucking hot, so Goddamn sexy! Grace, I love you, I want you, I need you!”
“Yes, Eugene! Do what you want! Fuck me! Destroy me! I am yours!” With that, he felt she was open enough and pulled her all the way to the base of her cock, had she not been travelling at about a hundred and fifty knots her screaming might be a bit more ear-searing. Everything about her shuddered and shook as she winced and braced herself against his massive size. Her hands gripped his body wherever she held him. “Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! YES! Eugene! Eugene!”
“Grace! I, uh, AH-AH!” He gripped her quaking vaginal tendril and hugged it as he, too, shuddered with how tightly she gripped him. Gently it began to hurt him and he worried about what was to come soon. They groaned and moaned together, clasping hands, he kissed her hands, she stroked his hair and massaged his body, performing pleasantries onto each other. Cautiously both of them glanced at the instruments and made sure they weren’t about to fuck up big time, everything was fine, but the adrenaline ran high and the thrill consumed them. “Grace,” he called to her when she was loosening up, “Grace?”
“Yes, Genie?”
“Bring me your cervix.” He wrapped his arms around her tendril and kissed it.
“But, but we don’t have a good home, yet, we-”
“We have plenty, my dear, baby, we can do this. Let’s do it.” Her excitement was even higher, her lust even higher, her hormones demanded it. She gave in. Her demons that had been pestering her for a while suddenly vanished, she brought her tight cervix onto his cockhead and asked him if he was ready.
“Yes Grace, I’m ready.”
“Alright baby, flex it for me, hard as you can babe!” She felt his cock turn even more rigid as he flexed against her cervix. She forced it over him, she screamed even louder than before and she shook horribly as he had a hard time keeping himself straight inside her. Her tendrils wrapped around him and coiled him and her vagina together and pinned them together as she screamed and whimpered and huffed. He grunted and gritted and felt just how tight she was, it was like trying to penetrate a solid slab of muscle, but once he did get his massive cock to split her seal it was a magical wonderland. Her screaming lowered and it became more trance-like mumbling and breathing as she eased herself over him internally. He could see her eyes rolling around as she did so. Surprisingly her cervix wasn’t as tight as he thought so if anything it felt more spacious than her vagina, which made it much more enjoyable. It was hot, plush, soft and grasped him just right. He melted into the chair as it naturally massaged his cock with vibrations, convulsions, and pulses. He started drooling. “Grace, I love you, your pussy is to die for.”
“Your cock fucks me up in every way I need, Eugene, I’ll do anything for this dick.”
“Will you marry me?” She seized up momentarily. “Grace! Are you alright!”
“YES!” She was tearing up, tears streamed down her fuselage as she shook him in her arms. “Yes! Yes! Yes! I’ll marry you!” He smiled and giggled, feeling her pussy beginning to furiously stroke him with her muscles.
“Heh heh, sorry I don’t have a ring yet, it was kind of out of the blue.”
“I don’t care! I’ll marry you! Eugene I love you!”
“I love you, too, Grace, are you ready to be a mother, Grace?”
“Well, I don’t think anyone is ever ready, but I want to be one! I want to be one for you! Will you let me have your child?”
“I’d have nobody else, Grace.” She teared up now because of how much that meant to her. It was indescribable how moving that was for her.
“Eugene, you don’t know how much that means to me, how much you mean to me.”
“I don’t think you can ever realize how much I love you, Grace, I don’t think your past will let you, Grace, I’ll never let you go for anything. I love you.” They embraced for so long Eugene went half flaccid inside her. When they noticed they laughed it off and she shimmied her pussy on him to wake him up again. He simply sat back and moaned as she danced on his lap, images of her were flowing through his mind, her sexiness driving him on. He had to make her cum at least once on his cock, so he didn’t feel much of anything sexually pleasing until she did so. In the meantime he reached around and toyed with her clit and massaged her tendril, slowly pumping at her G-spot. Her innards were a hot and steamy land of mellow, his cock seemed to disappear from him inside her and melt away, all he felt was a pleasure. He could barely feel her plush ruffles, her amazing texture, her slick juices, and her amazing pulses. He felt an electrifying field flow from her pussy into him, further stimulating them.

Grace could feel everything, what loose skin he had and how it slid around his hard shaft, his veins and the blood pulsing inside them, the precum oozing from his penis tip, the heat inside him, the two tubes that seem to make up his shaft, she felt everything. She loved everything. Moments would occur where she felt like she could feel him, his whole body, it was astounding. She recoiled and stuttered with him, grasping at each other and panting.

“Eugene! You feel so amazing inside me!”

“Oh Grace, you’re so soft, so great!”

“Give it to me, Genie! Fuck my pussy!”

By her pleading he pleased her, adjusting his position in the seat and holding her tendril still as he began humping her. Her moaning and cooing flooded the cabin and drowned out most of the steady slapping and rustling of clothes and fabrics. Her tendril grew very warm, and the whole cabin began heating-a starch contrast to the normally chilly atmosphere of high altitude flying. Grace had her drool freezing to her body but since she was getting so hot it began melting again and spreading again, she didn’t care. Eugene’s back was aching and hurting from the poor posture but he also didn’t care. As it got hotter Grace began peeling layers off of Eugene and enjoyed how slick his sweaty body was getting, wishing she could see his skin glisten in the low light. Her mind raced with the beautiful prospective future, she was very excited for what was to come. Eugene could only think about getting her off in that moment, he was curious to see if she would snap his cock off as she came. Her moaning grew sharper and louder the longer he went, so did his grunting. He relaxed his mind and let it wander focus onto feeling his cock slide in and out of her guts, they both could feel the flesh moving all around each other, slipping and sliding, shmirking and shopping noisily, music to the ear. Their bodies melted together into a synchronized Bliss and high, suddenly Grace wrapped around his hips and held him still while she broke her tendril from his hands and rode his cock. Her tendril backed off and dove back down smoothly and quickly, she chanted ‘yes, yes, yes, there, there, there,’ as she used him to pound her G-spot, she flexed and bent herself as she slid on him to hit the good spots and squeeze him just enough to milk him. He began to excitedly heave and huff as he grew closer to cumming, now that she was doing the work he could enjoy the fruit, and sweet it was. He cried to her and warned her he was close, she was close, too. He tried to fight it off as long as possible to let her cum, too, but she didn’t repent, she pounded his lap and soon enough he drew a long, exhausting moan as his cock trembled and spurt shots of his semen deep into her. His cock’s jarring convulsions and flexing pushed Grace over the edge and she smacked her pussy down onto his lap and came on him, shuddering and shivering, adding a vibration stimulation to their ecstatic orgasms. Grace milked Eugene for every drop he had to offer, and with the gentle suction on his penis, it was all whisked away to her eggs, what wasn’t whisked away was her cum. She had squirted out a puddle of hot bodily lubricant and it was all over his lap, stomach, legs, and clothes. He didn’t care, he loved it. They started giggling after they came down from their orgasmic high.

“It tingles.” She said.

“What does?”

“Daddy’s semen.” He smiled.

“Where does it tingle?”

“All inside me, deep, deep inside me, I like it.”

“It feels good, baby?”

“It feels great, Genie.” He nodded and sat up in the seat properly.

“I’m glad you like it, mommy’s juice feels hot and slick, I like it, too.” She giggled and glanced at the instrument panel and jumped.

“Oh God!” She suddenly jerked to the left and pulled up slightly, at first startling Eugene. “I got it, I got it, it’s okay.”

“Babe, you scared me, what happened?”

“We were off course, I don’t know how long, we dropped a thousand feet and were off bearing by three degrees.”

“Well, we should be able to reckon our position in a bit.” He hugged her tendril still sitting on his cock, sucking his dick like a straw for his milk. “How do you feel?”

“Great! Oh so amazing! I feel so alive! I love you, Eugene!” She hugged him tight and rocked him. This made him feel the best in his life. 

“Grace you make me the happiest man in the world, I love you so much.” He held her Tendril and squeezed it back, staring into her beautiful eyes in her canopy.

“We’re going to be parents!” She squealed in excitement.

“Oh yeah, I’m excited! I can’t wait! Damn, I better get on expanding the hanger, then.”

“At least clean it up, should be fine after that.”

“That’s the absolute least I can do, I need to do more.”

“You worry too much-“

“So do you babe-“

“I know, we worry too much.”

“I just want what’s best for you two.”

“I know, I know.” She combed his hair and began dressing him again, it was getting colder again.

They talked to each other some more as they flew on, talking names, house expansions, sex, and deep feelings. Their flight home was uneventful after their entry of the mile-high club, and they touched down to fuck some more and relax. They continued their job flying mail all over the country and making their baby, cleaning up the hanger in their downtime and building more rooms and facilities to the hanger. Eventually, Eugene moved out of his house and into the hanger, letting one of the mechanics move into the house when his house burned down. Grace still struggled from her demons, but little by little Eugene was killing them and rebuilding Grace. They took their time off of work to birth the baby, and that was the best moment of their lives, the birth of their little girl. 


Fin Saving Grace


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The Metal Rose of Texas

Ships! Big floaty girls! In this case, a dreadnaught! Simply mentioning her name makes anyone from a specific state rock hard, pride and yee-haw fill the air, and that name is Texas. Oh yes, it’s her. It’s time I show some American sweethearts some love. I’ve been tinkering with this for a long while, and I may tinker with it some more, too. Who knows?  Well, nonetheless, here she is!

She’s the sweetest little rosebud, That Texas ever knew,
Her eyes are bright as diamonds, They sparkle like the dew;
You may talk about your Clementine, And sing of Rosalee,
But the Metal Rose of Texas, Is the only gal for me!


The Metal Rose of Texas

Tex picked up the blooming yellow flower and admired it, she had acquired many of them already and when her pleasant inspection of the little precious thing deemed it worth keeping she tucked it into a vase of similar flowers. She kept them on the ‘sill’ of her port bridge wing. On the vase was a note reading:

“From your secret admirer, please enjoy your collection of flowers that pale in comparison to your beauty.”

On the reverse side it reads “Know I care” and this placard and bouquet of flowers will pick her feelings up when she’s feeling down. The Hurricanes that Texas has withered the past few years have taken a toll on the seasoned veteran. Iron and steel sides as thick as Bibles can only do so much in the face of Mother Nature and Father Time’s wrath. Her body is old and decrepit, she leaks in various places from stem to stern, and above the waterline while her paint is crisp and fresh, it covers rust, holes, and age. Many teams have tried to keep her healthy, but a mix of politics and funding deficiencies have left her to rot away. Through all of these hardships, these examples of a poor life state rides a happy and loving Texas, filled with optimism and compassion. She did this through her many families, the many children she’s raised, and the many people she’s met. She doesn’t usually go on long without companionship, the longest stint she was alone was five years, but since her last husband passed away in 2011, she hasn’t met anyone to wed since. It has taken a toll on her emotionally, she’s affixed herself more to her born family and the crew she cherishes and loves as family.  She values their volunteering very much, their efforts to keep her in good shape are not unnoticed nor unthankful. She loves the visitors and never hesitates to engage them with old stories or chit-chat. As for her birth family they have all moved away and started families of their own. They visit when they can get the money to come down.

She wishes she could track whoever is leaving these flowers at the base of her conning tower. She wasn’t focusing when the obvious vase was delivered, that was the start and came with three flowers. Age had blunted her awareness, she’s tried to focus on the people around her tower to feel their movements but the flowers are too light and the culprit is too smooth. She wishes that he’d show himself already.

She was admiring the bouquet of flowers and heard rushed and heavy feet flying up the ladder leading up to the bridge platform. As the man reached the top of the ladder he exhaled a weary grunt and turned to face the wind, closing his eyes and lifting his arms to let the wind wrap around his body to whisk away the heat from his body. He dropped his arms and walked over to the wing where Tex had the flowers, he leaned on the half wall and looked at the pretty flowers. His tanned skin gleamed in the sun, the sweat making him sparkle, his Brown hair was scuffed up from wearing headgear for the past few hours. His coveralls were covered in soot, rust dust, and paint. His boots were worn and scuffed up from a light tan to a deep brown. He wore his coveralls at “half-mast” where the top was around his waist with the arm flaps tied neatly in a square knot centered on his belt buckle. The knot would make even the saltiest chief proud. Under the coveralls, he wore an Under-Armor shirt renown for its extra absorption and breathing qualities. His face was young and clean with a smooth jawline and strong chin. His Brown eyes glazed over the flowers and shifted to Texas where he greeted her.

“Afternoon, Tex, did you get another flower?”

“Afternoon, Lance, and yes I did get another flower.” She pointed to the exact flower she got that day, all the flowers are the same and yet she knows when she got each flower. Many things of hers have dulled, but her memory has never faded. She looks over to him and instantly notes his filth. “You’re filthy already! What’re y’all doing down there?”

“Ah!” He waves off into the distance dismissively, “the usual thing, grinding, cleaning, and painting your metal. Today we’re close to the, uh- the bilge tanks. Aft.”

“Y’all got all the way down there?”

“Nah, last night we stopped under the mess decks, we just moved further aft so more renovations could be done.” He looked at the flowers and smiled. “How’s your day been?”

“I’m doing much better since I got the flower, that boosted my mood up. I was feeling a bit lonely this morning.” His smile grew wider. “Oh I hope he shows himself soon!”


“So I can thank him, these little things pick me up every time he drops them off.”

“That’s probably why he does it, ya know.” He looks out to the city not too far away and pulls out a Yeti mug from his back pocket. “I don’t think he’s ready yet. Probably won’t be for a while.”

“But why!? I’m so approachable, I’m always nice and up to talk. I’m sure he’s talked to me, I’ve talked to everyone. He knows I’m approachable.”

“I’m sure you have talked to him, many times I’m sure.” He took a swig of sweet tea from his mug and commented on how cold it still was. “I think he doesn’t know how to talk to you, how to take it from here.” He took another swig from his mug.

“He should personally give me a flower and talk to me. We don’t have to talk about romance, we should talk like this. He should come and talk to me every day. Things will progress naturally. He doesn’t have to move or rush things along.” She looked over at Lance, he was listening attentively. He’s always been a good listener. “Speaking of progressing, how’re you and that girl doing?” Lance furrowed his face.

“Uh, well, we talk regularly. I just can’t seem to get her alone, her schedule is very strict and she doesn’t move from it.”

“You’ve gotta show her that you’re willing to put her first, ask her when she’s free, where she can go and what she can do. She’ll like that.” He nodded.

“Alright, thanks Tex. I’ll try that next time I see her.” He took a gulp of his tea and replaced the cover and mug into his pocket. He pulled out his phone and checked the time. “I gotta go get lunch. I’ll talk to you again, later.”

“Bye-bye, Lance! Have a good lunch!”

“Bye, Tex, enjoy the flowers!” He gets to the ladder and looks down it and all the other ones in his path. He groans loudly, “I don’t wanna go down all these ladders.” Resentfully he climbs down them all and goes to get some food. He comes back in an hour and goes right back to work. He knocks on her bulkhead twice to tell her he’s back. He comes back up to the bridge that evening before he leaves for home. He’s got on new clothes, his coveralls changed out for a USS TEXAS BB-5 hoodie, faded jeans, a baseball cap, and some comfy vans shoes. He had his empty Yeti mug and car keys, in his pockets were his phone and wallet. He leisurely climbed up the ladders and meandered over to the bridge wing. He hadn’t showered yet and Tex could smell the day’s labors on him. She saw in his hair some paint chips and rust dust.

“I hope you don’t go talking to that girl like that!” She comments. “You’re very close to coming off homeless, Lance!” He smiles.

“I really try not too, but sometimes I just don’t have the time to shower and see her.” He brushed some crap out of his hair and lifted off his cap to slick it back. Replacing the cap he moved to a more open posture and asked her, “This better, Tex?” She softly chuckled.

“Better, but you still reek!” He raised an arm and turned to waft the oder more towards her.

“How’s this, then, eh?” She laughed.

“No! No, that’s not better!” She raised her hands to try blocking the smell and waving it away. Playfully she lashed out and tickled his side, his arm snapped down and he retreated.

“Ah! No! Not like this! Stop!” She broke away and he shook off his laughter. They had wide smiles and were occasionally piping up with laughter. “Anything new happen, Tex?” She scowled.

No. The only thing worth mentioning was seeing a guy get pulled over, over there.” She gestured to the highway over behind the treeline and then looked at Lance. “What about your day?”

“Oh! Where to start?” He clapped his hands together. He rolled his hands together a few times before starting. He started off by talking about the condition her body was in, what was proposed to fix it. Next, he mentioned how much they did, and then the really interesting times. The beginning of the day started with some of the temporary flooring being collapsed and needed to be rebuilt. Then it collapsed again while two guys were on it, they weren’t hurt because they had harnesses on and were already hooked up to safety lines. After lunch a grinder caught on fire and didn’t stop running, that was terrifying, and about two hours later someone ground through the last support stanchion for a wall and it fell, almost crushing two other guys. Texas was horrified, Lance agreed that this day had more accidents than all of last week.

“Well, Lance, thank you so much for all you do, sweetie! I appreciate it very, very much.”

“Ah! Don’t worry about it!” He waved his hand dismissively, “we’re proud Texans, we couldn’t let our great warship rot.”

“Either way, Lance, I’m very grateful for the work you and everyone else puts in. Goodnight, Lance, good luck with that girl.”

“Thank you, Texas, goodnight and good luck to you, too!”

With that they parted ways. Lance climbed down and left Texas, got into his Mustang and drove home. Texas watered her flowers, read a little bit more of her book, and went to sleep. She’d wake up at sunrise and would welcome aboard her crew and check her mail and E-mail. Her youngest kids were bugging her to get a smartphone, Tex said that her computer is more than enough to confuse her all day. It doesn’t really confuse her, she’s quite technology adept, she just says it does and acts like it so it irritates her kids. At around seven in the morning Lance would come aboard. He was cheery as always and knocked two times on Texas’s bulkhead to let her know he was aboard. She greeted everyone that came across her front where she could see and talk, and would wave back at people that waved at her. The day was normal, work resumed on her preservation and restoration, and visitors came and went. She was talking with a Sailor on the modern submarine named TEXAS when she felt something faint hit her deck where she usually finds the flowers. She darted all attention there just to see a portly woman hunched over to pick up the pamphlet she was carrying. She continued on with her family. Texas was disheartened. Then she saw a glimmer, the flower was already there! It’s not normally here this early, usually, it’s around 10 or 11 in the morning when the flower is found. As she picks it up she sees a placard tied to it. It reads: “Tomorrow we meet, my dearest”

Tex got excited, she was thrilled! If she wasn’t bottomed-out she’d be rocking and pitching like crazy. So much ran through her mind. She practiced what she would say, tried to make herself as welcoming as she could, she wondered if she should make some cookies, or some sweet tea. Maybe make a gift of her own for him. She couldn’t wait to tell Lance! Lance is going to get excited, too. When he does stumble up that afternoon she thrusts the card at him. He goes wide-eyed and he, too, gets excited he flips it all over looking for something and notes there’s no time on it. She notes it too. “So it’s just a waiting game, huh?”

“I’d say so,” Tex responds, “I’ve waited long enough, but I think I can wait another day. Oh-! Lance! I wanted your take on this-”


“Should I make something for him? Cookies? Tea? Steak? Chicken?”

“No, not any of the meats. We dunno when he’ll show up.”

“Oh, right, so maybe cookies and tea?”

“Gotta give him your sweet tea, it’s great.”

“Thank you, I have had over sixty years to get it right.”

“Time well spent. What cookies?”

“Either sugar or chocolate chip.”

“Mmmm, sugar.”


“Yeah, chocolate chip goes with milk.”

“I see the point, oh I’m so excited!”

“I’m really glad for you. Well,” he looked at the time on his phone, “I gotta get some food. C’ya later!” She left him with a goodbye and got to getting everything ready for making the tea and cookies. She’d actually do them at night so they’re ready by opening. She doesn’t know when he’ll show face so she has to be ready all day. Lance gets back, knocks twice, and goes back to work. That evening when he comes up she interrogates him about how he’s doing with his girl. She asked when her day off is, and Lance shrugs, no one knows. He talks about a restaurant he wants her to try sometime, then about a tennis tournament coming up, and then he went home. Even if Texas wasn’t busy with cooking she wouldn’t be able to sleep. Too much was on her mind. She made two trays of sugar cookies from scratch and she made three pictures of sweet tea. She kept the cookies and the oven just to keep them warm and kept the T and the fridge to keep that cold. The new day couldn’t come soon enough. E girly she noted every single soul to come aboard. Her smile was bigger, her teeth were whiter, her eyes more glamorous, and her mood was cheerier. Lance came on a little late with coffee stains on his clothes. Texas immediately asked him what happened, to his scare, and he explained how a car pulled out ahead of him at the intersection and Lance almost t-bone them. That spilt his coffee so he got another one and cleaned up what he could. She wished him a better day and sent him off. She performed her duties and patiently waited for him. The usual time came and went, no show, that afternoon when Lance came up he still hadn’t shown up.

“Hey, Tex, anything show up yet?”

“No,” she said with a hint of surrender. She was starting to think he might not come, “he hasn’t shown up yet.” Lance sensed her distress.

“Hey, don’t worry. I’m sure he’s just waiting for the right moment.” He pointed at the vase of flowers Texas clutched in her hands. “I’m sure he’s looking to get his money’s worth outta that,” he nudged her side with his elbow playfully, “eh? Eh?” She chuckled a little.

“They always are,” she poked back, “makes birthdays easy.”

“Does it really?” He asked her, she rolled her eyes over to him lazily.

“Sometimes. Most of the time it was just a good dinner that made them happy.” She laughed a little bit. “But the after-party was always welcomed!” Lance smiled. “I mean, Mary was technically a birthday present.” That’s Tex’s third child, the middle child so far.

“For an old lady, you talk a lot like a dirty young girl.”

“Lance,” she began, “there’s not much that differs a ‘young’ lady from an ‘old’ lady. Just the ‘old and young’ description, energy, maturity, and health. If an old lady was as energetic and healthy as a young woman, men would flock to older women for better sex. The best sex.” Lance laughed. “Lucky me, I age really well in comparison.”

“You certainly did, Tex, you certainly did. Welp. I gotta go. Let me know when he shows up, okay?”

“Ok! I will! Goodbye!”

Lance left to go eat lunch, nobody came forward since he got back, and when he held too long knocks to get her attention she looked at him and frowned. That’s all he needed. He also frowned and went back to work. As the day drug on her spirits faded. Tour guides and deckhands noticed her sorrows and inquired what was wrong, she assured them it was nothing. The end of the day came and with teary eyes she watched the last visitor walk down the gangplank and go home. She clutches the vase and combed through the flowers, trying her best not to cry. She didn’t even care to acknowledge Lance as he raced up the ladder, he got to the top super excited, covered in sweat and filth he didn’t bother cleaning up yet. He wiped his brow and knocked on her bridge with his knuckles. He could barely contain his enthusiasm.

“What was he like? Does he own a flower shop or something? Where’s he from? What’s he like?” He blurted out very fast and jumped up. Her heavy eye on that side sluggishly turned to look at him. The glossed look and billowing tears gave it away. Lance’s shoulders drooped and he dipped his head. “I’m sorry, Texas.” He patted her side compassionately. Her hand met his.

“I don’t understand!” She cried out, sniffling loudly, “Why would he do this?”

“Maybe he got scared.”

“No! Please! I’m not a scary person! Please come back!” She cried out into the wind. Lance moved from her bulkhead and rested on the half-wall overlooking the bow. The sun was setting and the clouds were cast in purple light.

“Maybe he got cold feet,” he muttered under his breath, choking it out almost. He gulped loudly and shook a few times, “or maybe I just forgot the flower.” Texas froze. Her eyes dried out almost instantly and her gaze shot over to where he stood. He was looking at his hands, he sighed and looked at her.

“What?” She pleaded.

“I forgot to get more flowers, so,” he reached into his back pocket, “so I made you this.” In his hand he held up a little metal rose by the stem, it had metal wire wound tightly as the stem and there were two metal leaf petals on the stem. Atop the stem were folds of metal folded and cut to look like a rose. The spiral of metal petals was beautiful and perfect. She saw that on the leaves on the stem there was TEXAS engraved on one leaf and LANCE on the other. Her eye went back to Lance as he had a huge, genuine smile on his face. “So,” he asked, “think it’ll fit in the vase?”

“You-” she pointed at the vase and to him, “you did this?” He nodded. She was in disbelief. “But-you-the girl?”

“That was all you, the whole time.” Her lips were quivering, her eyes watered again. “Texas, I love you.” She wanted to kiss him right then and there.

“Just when I thought I have seen it all-” she snatched him up and hurtled him in front of her. “You come along and turn everything upside down.” she felt his heart racing, it erased more as she held him above turret number 2, in front of her face. “Kiss me!” He nodded enthusiastically.

She brought him to her lips and gently smooched him, she felt his tongue probing around so she extended hers, his mouth latched on to the tip of her tongue and his tongue caressed hers. His arms wrapped around or support beam right in front of him. It was a wonderful kiss that sparks their hormones. Lance completely got her, he had the wool over her eyes the whole time. She couldn’t stop thinking of him, she had to have him. Once their kiss ended and they parted she brought it up. “So when are you moving in?” His eyes widened, he was shocked, caught off guard.

“Duh-I, um-”

“Can you move in this weekend?”


“Stay the night?”

“I kinda-”

“At least dinner? I’ll make dinner!”

“Yes.” He finally found the answer she was looking for. Lance had never seen her this happy. She even made a high pitched ‘eeee’ sound. Lance was very satisfied, all his hard work and perseverance paid off, the joy he felt from Texas was overwhelming, she was a beacon of joy. It seemed everyone’s spirits lifted with hers, as she brought him in close to her and squeezed him against her body he smiled. They sense the long future ahead of them. She didn’t care how dirty he was, she rushed him inside and guided him to her ‘house.’ It was once an Admiral’s sea cabin, but when she was first married the Navy gave these compartments to her for her family. Lance was at a bulkhead hatch he had seen many times, he passed it everyday, actually, but almost no one on board had seen the inside. He opened the hatch and there was a small vestibule, only big enough for him to stand in, and a nice Oakwood door stained with its natural colors. He heard the very old locks clock into their open position and Tex beckoned him to open the door. He cautiously grabbed the brass ball handle and turned the knob. It had a bad sound to it, one of age and wear, it was rough to open but it still did its job. He cautiously swung the old, creaky door open and was taken back in time. It looks like his grandparent’s house, there was old wallpaper with the typical stripes and objects decorating it, it smelled like mothballs, the air was stale and still. He tried his very best not to cough but his body overrode his desires and he Unleashed mighty coughs from deep in his chest. Texas apologized for the state of the place, she didn’t expect the admirer to be someone so close to her, otherwise, she would have turned on the ventilation and tidied up a bit. Lance insists that it is fine. Most, if not all, of the furniture is wrapped in plastic covers, the room is illuminated by the dimming light of the sun shining through portholes on the far side bulkhead. He stepped into the room and looked around, closing the door behind him. This is obviously the living room, denoted by family photos, a couch against the wall place in front of the door, in front of that is a coffee table, then against the opposite wall is the TV cabinet and such. By the far side bulkhead is open space and some chairs, all nicely stacked. The floor is covered with thick carpet, and that is covered with dust as well. Each step he takes stirrers a cloud of dust. Behind the door to exit the house is the door to the closet, and next to that are the various switches for the lights, fans, etc. There are two doors on the bulkhead to his right, the TV wall, one at each end of the room. The one nearest the exit leads into a small dining room, the furniture again covered in plastic and tucked away. The floor here is tile, a small chandelier hangs in the center of the room, and a TV sits on a small desk in the corner to his left as he entered. To the left in the room is the kitchen, this room is lit up with light from another port hole. He can tell the walls are yellow with white highlights and the room is kept tidy and clean. She uses this kitchen often. There is a full refrigerator, a small dishwasher, a double sink, and a full oven and range set up. There’s an abundance of cabinets and the room, filled with food, materials, and Tupperware. By the awning between the kitchen and dining room is a small passage way, to his left is a door to a bedroom, center is another, and at the very end to his right is the bathroom. In the bathroom is a small bath tub-shower mix, a small sink, and an old forties era toilet, the floor is all tile. He exits the kitchen into the living room by the door near the port holes and ahead of them is, what she says, his room. Nervously he enters the room and looks around at the covered dressers and bed, the table, desk, chair, and night stands all covered in plastic. He also examines the neatly wrapped lamps and decorations. In all, the house was very pretty, but Lance was uncomfortable. And this house men have lived, loved, and died in Texas. She knows he’s uneasy. At the end of the room is the master bath, he doesn’t go in there, nor the “kids’ room,” he was surprised he got into the master bedroom itself. Lance Queens against a bulkhead, Tex extends to hands and massages his shoulders. Before he can speak she echoes in his head.

“I know it’s a little overwhelming, Lance. You’ll experience it much less often the longer we are together. If you aren’t ready to stay here I won’t force you. I’ll lodge you up in a birthing until your comfy. C’mon, sweet tea and sugar cookies are in the kitchen.” He exits the room, gently closing the door out of respect, and he went to the kitchen. The aroma of cookies makes his mouth water. Two trays of sugar cookies set on the range cooling, and Texas had poured some tea from a picture into a large bug. She handed him the tea and he drank it all. Her years of crafting has produced sweet tea that made you smile, it wasn’t grainy, but smooth, and had a pungent and chrisp tea taste. She handed him two cookies and he devoured them, crispy cookies sweet like the tea but crunched perfectly. She fed him tea and cookies and he talked about how hard it was not to spoil the beans about his whole plot. She was very impressed by it, and now that a strapping young man who was into her was inside her house, she steered things towards the bedroom again.

“How are you feeling now, Tex?” He asked her after finishing the first tray of cookies.

“Oh! I feel wonderful, Lance!” Arms coiled around him and hugged him tightly. “It’s been a very long time since I felt like this…” her arms begin to stray lower, towards his pants. Lance didn’t want this to happen yet, excited as he was, he was still very nervous.

“Uh, Tex? I was just joking about earlier, getting my money’s worth out of it… remember what you said about not rushing into things?!” A hand was between his legs and grasped his genitals.

“Mmmmmmm! That was before it was you, Lance. I was jealous of the girl you teased, I wish I could get someone like you, but getting you? I’m ecstatic!” Her hand rolled his balls around in her fingers and she massaged him through his pants. He was already growing larger. “C’mon, Lance, you know you want it~” His hands had found some of her hands to hold and he was warming up to the idea. She put two stainless steel pitchers in front of him. “But first, let me tempt you with some Texas tea…”

“W-whats that?”

“It’s a special sweet tea, with special ingredients.”

“What are they?”

“The same as the tea you’re drinking now plus one.”

“How do I get it?”

“You don’t just get it~” she spun him around and he saw her. Specifically, what makes Texas a her. “You earn it.”

He’s incredibly excited and cautious, dumbstruck by its appearance and stands there staring at it while she explores him. She has worked her way into his coveralls and was feeling his body all over. She convinced him to touch her and he reaches out and feels it with his hands. It’s soft and warm, smooth and supple he spreads it open and marvels at her beauty. It looks like a rose from the top, spirals of metallic flesh all converging onto one point, her cervix, to cushion and smother him passionately. He examines her wonders and longs to feel her on him, the thought emboldens his penis even more. She lets him take in the sight while she feels and fawns over him, once her lust is full and her corridor’s slick she gets him to take it further. They trade flowers, he takes her body-sized vagina tendril into his grasp and she takes his flower from him, his special flower was for them. She’d be sure to take very good care of it for them. She carefully peels the clothes off of him, and once she gets his boxers off his rigid cock springboards up proudly. She takes him into her hand and he moves her gingerly in front of him. Their sex was eyeing each other in great anticipation of the wonders to come. This time Lance takes the next step and leans in, bracing himself on her vaginal tendril. As he penetrates her he can feel her all around him shuddering. Her body is wonderful, so hot, humid, wet, and soft. Together they moan, her moan was a deep and powerful one, fueled by decades of pent up lust and suppressed desires. The only two around at this time was her and him so her moan was aloud and it echoed through her passageways powerfully. Lance’s moan was more of victory, all those wild dreams were no longer just dreams to enjoy, but now are inspirations to attempt. Together they thought of all they could do together, and being a Friday night with no work in the morning, there was no bedtime, no appointments, no chores, no restraints. Texas was going to get his first time with her to be all night. What excited her the most was that Lance was young and energetic, there’s no telling how much fun they can have tonight. One thing she didn’t notice was how thirsty Lance was, sure for sweet tea, but his sexual thirst has no rival. Amidst their moaning, recouping, and day-dreaming Tex heard Lance command his voice in a way she had never heard before, a tone of voice that fuelled her lustful, sexual drive and made her drool at both mouth and vagina.

“Texas!” He bellowed loudly, halting her moaning. “Get more pitchers! It’s about to flood in here!” She gripped his rock hard cock with her muscles and braced herself, she was ready, so, so ready for this! He began his exercise and the fun began. His inexperience showed at his measly performance but Tex wasn’t disappointed at all. She actually enjoyed his inexperience, teaching him how to sex her is going to be great! For now, however, she’ll let him have his fun. His strokes were awkward and slow at first, eventually, he found a rhythm and began to shine. His pumps came in like clockwork and before he knew it Texas was moaning, leaking, and humping back. Her vagina gripped him and pressured him in measured spots so that they were rubbing G-spots together, they were moaning and yelping and grabbing at each other feverishly, the temperature inside both Texas’s vagina and her hull was rising. Lance was sweating and watching his cock play peek-a-boo with her vagina, the steady slapping and moans jolting in pitch was music to his ears! She egged him on and begged him for more! She started chanting how close she was and he followed soon after. 

“I’m cumming! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” Was his cue to bail. He pulled out quickly and moved the metal pitcher under her vagina, he rubbed the large and shiny bulbous clit until she was screaming and quivering. A jet of silver juice shot out of her vagina. He noticed the same slimy fun goop on his cock, ooh it felt good on his cock! Instinctively while he watched her cumming his crotched moved towards her vagina, wanting to put his cock right back into the spray and fuck her while she cums, but he held off, he wants that tea. The last little bits of her orgasm are squeezed out into the pitcher and Lance slides right back in. “That’s what I’m talking about! Give it to me, baby!”

“Fuck yeah, Tex! I’m so fucking hard right now!” He gets back into his motions and moans away while she whimpers. “Oh you’re so much tighter!”

“Yeah! Fuck me with that hard dick!” he wasn’t going to last that long here, he started feeling his climax approaching and tried to hold it off. His cock tensed up and twitched, signalling to Tex that he was close. She remembered that she forgot to tell Lance he doesn’t have to pull out. She wrapped arms around him and felt his muscles work, which made her even hornier, but she was waiting to hold him balls deep inside her when he cums. Oh she’s so excited to feel semen inside her again! She carefully listens to his moans escalate in pitch and volume.

“Tex! I’m cumming! I-ah!” He goes to pull out but he’s met with a wall of resistance, he panics but it’s too late. Tex buried his cock inside her and her muscles milked the semen out of him. He shot his wad deep into her, it was a large one, too. It made Texas scree with pleasure. He couldn’t help but enjoy his nut, it felt like this nut was the biggest he’s ever had and lasted the longest ever. He enjoyed feeling Tex’s soft vagina stroking and massaging his cock while he came, likely the cause for the extended orgasm. Her arms eased him over her vaginal tendril and massaged his body, too. As soon as his orgasm had finished he felt a wave of exhaustion and lust hit him, but he remembers that he’s going bareback on her and panics, she noticed his dispair.

“It’s fine, Lance, it’s fine. You can’t knock me up like that.” She brushed his hair with a hand, running her fingers through his thick waves. She sensed he was still panicked but also confused. “Your sperm have to reach my eggs, right? Well they can’t, my cervix is so tight it doesn’t let anything in. You have to physically penetrate it to let sperm in. Unless we do that, you can cum wherever you want, baby.” He was relieved, intrigued, and sexually excited.

“So no toaster strudel?” Texas laughed, remembering the meme he showed her.

“No baby, all Twinkies.” Her vagina stroked his member back to life as she massaged his testicles. “And we have a lot of orders to fill.”

“Best we get back to it, then!” He went to start humping her again but she held him tight.

“Hold on, baby, this Twinkie’s full for now, we have many more Twinkies to fill.” Lance was a bag of mixed thoughts, now. “There’s nobody else aboard, throw on some shoes and follow my lead.”

He did as he was told, she took him to the bridge where he fucked a tendril there, then she took him to the base of the conning tower where he fucked her there, then she took him down to one of the furnaces to fuck her there, then down in her engine room, and that was where he was burnt out. He was dried up, exhausted, sore, but very warm inside her bowels. She was able to get him back to the ‘house’ where she laid him down on the cushiony couch. She integrated herself with him to link their minds, and they kept it up through there, too. Every vagina had its own feel to it, none of them felt the same, it’s amazing. For Lance, though, the mind games were the best. Once he got the hang of existing in the new mental world he grew as big as her, latched on to her, and pummeled the vagina between her propellers. He had the most fun with this, grabbing onto whatever he could, pressing himself against her hot belly, hearing her excited and pleasurable moans and yelps, wrapping himself up in her propeller shafts and rudders. Another great bit was that he was making her shudder and flex on both her mental model and real life, like a Ditto or Deja Vu effect he felt the same shudder in first the mental model and then in his body. It’s an incredible feeling. He felt so powerful like this, he got all up in her until they came, and then he rolled her over and hit her from another angle. She wasn’t trying any fancy moves on him, no practiced and calculated gripping or stroking, just an all-natural pounding. She let him have his fun and relaxed to enjoy each of his blows. She was drooling and half brain dead through the night. She would be sore in the morning, loopy from getting her brains fucked out, and very happy. She was the happiest she had been in nearly a decade, and all-day all she could think of was how hard he was going to fuck her that night, too.

In the morning Texas gathered the three buckets of her cum that Lance worked out of her and started making pitchers of tea for him. She massaged him while he slept and cleaned him up as best as she could. She had the air running, kicked on the water heater and turned on the plumbing so she could bathe him in her tub and feel on his body more. She really wanted him, he was such a sweetheart, kind, and funny. The night proved to her he had some lust for her, too, and that he was energetic and willing to go for the long haul. She remembered his favorite breakfast and started cooking it up until she realized she didn’t have all the ingredients. Defeated she did what she could and woke him up when breakfast was done and the tea was ready. She brought him a folding tray of food and a glass of her Texas Tea for him to enjoy.

“Here you go, deary, I made you some breakfast and that glass of Texas Tea you earned. Chow down, baby.”

“Thanks, Tex, it looks great!” He sat up and watched her arms wrap around his body and hold him. He was still trying to get used to it all, but he enjoyed being with her very much, he hoped he would come to love this. He took his fork and knife and dug in, noticing how good of a cook Texas was. He complimented her on her cooking, she brushed it off and asked him to try the tea. That is what excited her the most. Lance carefully inspected the drink, noting it looked thicker and darker than normal with a sheen that resembled oils on the surface. He hesitated but realized it was probably already in his system by then so he took a sip. It’s sweet as all get out, but it also tastes like nickels and dimes a bit. It has a twisted tang to it that was alluring and enticing. He could get addicted to this. “Tex this is amazing. I can’t wait to make more.” Texas smiled and blushed, she was happy nobody was around at the time.

“Thanks, baby! It means a lot to me! I’m always down to make more, baby. You don’t have to be so upright, dear, relax. This is your home, now, too. I am your home now. Make yourself at home, baby.” He was hesitant, Texas would constantly work down his fortitude over time.

“How are you feeling this morning?” He asked between gulps. She squeezed him and gently shook him.

“Oh Lance I’m so happy! I feel great! I think you were just what I needed, baby. I hope the kids take a liking to you like I do.” That reminded Lance that she already had families and made him feel like he was trespassing again. She noticed his discomfort and stroked his hair, playing with his thick waves. “Don’t worry about them, dear, they’ve moved on, even asked me to find someone like you. We’ll renovate the place, make it ours, Lance.” He was still worked up, she’ll have to widdle that down, too. He finished his breakfast and asked for more tea once he finished the first glass. She poured him another and eagerly egged him on to drink more. “I can even spice it up, if you’d like. Whiskey, gin, rum, they all work nicely with it.”

“That sounds great, I’ll have to try it sometime.” She could feel his tension, there was something on his mind.

“What’re you thinking about, baby?”

“Was I good?” She smiled, she had guessed correctly. “Was I bad? Was I good enough?”

“I know you like the truth, dear, you’re not the best, but you were much better than I thought you would be. I’m very pleased with how good you are, I’m very excited to teach you and make it perfect, but enjoy the journey, baby. I’ll make it worth the ride for you.” She playfully grabbed his package and squeezed gently, spiking a little sexual excitement. “So, mind if we bathe you?”

“Do I smell bad? I didn’t mess up the couch, did I?” He looked down at himself and the couch he slept on. She chuckled softly.

“No, no, Lance, I just want to play with your body more.”

“Oh really?” He smirked, she hooked a finger into his mouth where his lips parted.

“Oh yes, baby, I love hot, wet, muscular men! It gets me really going!” Her passionate stroking and sexual undertone got him going, too.

“Well, I could use a little company, I guess. I won’t be let down and showering alone, will I?” She giggled.

“Oh no, baby, I’m already waiting for a big strong man to come to the bath with me, you won’t let me down will you?” They giggled as he moved the tray and stood up, proudly, both he and his mighty package. He strode to the bathroom where she had a special tendril with a special massage waiting for him under some nice, hot water.

They made love and fucked often, and their romancing brought them closer and more intimate. Texas was able to win Lance over and moved him out of his apartment and into the ‘house’ on board, shortly thereafter it was revealed that Texas and Lance were dating. Texas didn’t rush anything and they took their time, eventually getting married about two years after they started dating. Very, very shortly after they get married they have their first child, a son. Lance couldn’t be more proud.


Fin The Metal Rose of Texas


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Fuso (Updated)

So Last time I posted about Fuso was a long time ago, so I’m re-posting the story updated to the most complete version I have. I will be updating the old one if I can find it.

Fuso, The Gentle Giant

Fuso felt fear, felt desertion, felt her life fading away. The wound she sustained in the skirmish proved to be too much. Slowly she’d been watching her bow dip more and more starboard and felt the seawater flood more and more ever so slowly. But just like snow rolling down a hill, it built up exponentially, and now her deck was awash with the deep. She felt guilty of this, she didn’t tell anyone that there was still water pouring in, she didn’t tell her officers that they were shooting at Mogami, she didn’t talk of how she felt splitting the fleet up might be bad. So now in her guilt she blamed herself for the death of her sister, the damage to Mogami, and now her own death. Tears formed at her eyes as she tried to redeem herself for something and sliced the ties on the boats to let them loose. The only thing she could now hope for is a swift sinking or death and that as many sailors as possible get to safety. She felt all the sea filling her up, every nook and cranny was being filled and it spread faster and faster. She noticed herself beginning to roll over and when she did the movement inside her came to a tremendous uproar as an explosion occurred, then another, and another. One by one magazines were detonating and they ripped her in half, the explosions left her weak and sick, she felt her two parts drifting further and further away as she stopped flooding and was just suspended with her belly up in the air. She felt so very ashamed, left so vulnerable, so exposed, so embarrassed. She felt that Americans were laughing at her, joking and pointing at her belly and how red it was or all the bulges on it, the feeling made her weep. She could tell how she had been floating for about a full day when suddenly she felt vibrations in the water with more sharp stabs at her sides; she was being shot again. She wept more, there was no way she was not seen now. She was sentenced to the bottom even though as she wept she pleaded to save her, she had done nothing wrong, only good, and to please spare her miserable life. Her pleas were never heard.

Fuso felt the unstoppable surge of the Pacific fill her yet again. What moonlight she saw through the waves like stray streaks soon faded to black as she sunk deeper and the tears clouded her weak vision. As she began to plummet she felt weightless. She felt water flowing all around her and it grew faster and faster, stronger and stronger as she hurtled to the bottom of the strait. She felt things like searchlights, cranes, railing, radars, optics, lockers, ladders, and many other things not fastened enough be ripped off her body and strewn about like confetti. Suddenly the weightlessness was gone as she slowed drastically and gently came to rest on the bottom of the Surigao Strait. Her first moments on the bottom were of guilt, feelings of desertion, confusion, and agony. She felt like she deserved this, like no matter what she did it was not enough and she deserved this miserable death, this miserable torture. She was in a state of confusion as to where she sat, the sand on her belly was an alien feeling, one unwelcome in every respect, and at a slant starting higher on her port side and disappearing somewhere beneath her starboard side belly. She couldn’t tell initially if she was on an undersea mountain or sitting at a list. Once she eventually regained a sense of gravity pulling on her still she decreed she was listing. It was pitch black, there was nothing down around her but herself. She felt like she was lying in her own corpse, a mangled and dismembered corpse-strewn around by a beast who needed entertaining. She began going mad, insane, crazy, any adjective to describe what isolation and absurd thoughts stirred in what little thought she had wasn’t enough to do justice. She tried putting a hand in front of her eye to even try getting a glance at something, anything, at all. She couldn’t see it even when she bumped her hand into the eye window panes. She tried so hard to see even her hand, and she couldn’t. In a fit of insanity, she literally clawed out her window eyes-and enjoyed every moment of it. Because of her age, she was one of the first ships in the world to see, and her original eyes were on her conning tower right behind the second main gun turret. She eventually did try to claw out those eyes as well but being of an older method they were not able to be clawed out, instead, she just had massive trenches and pockmarks all up and down that armored face and neck.

When she wasn’t driven to the point of self-mutilation she was crying, weeping, pleading, praying, and regretting everything about herself and to be brought back. She tried her dammed hardest to manage a watch and keep some record of time but this was so rapidly turning into a failure she abandoned it, along with the hope of returning to the surface. She had no concept of time, no sense of direction, purpose, or meaning to anything. Instead, she could only mope in the past and self mutilate herself or feel herself wither away and old everyday functions disappear as she rotted and rusted on the bottom. Forgotten, and lost. Complete insanity hit her like waves the beach, coming and going in time. She never could tell if there was a set time between swings if it took longer or shorter, or what; she had no sense of time. In fits of madness, she would pick and scratch at her armor and decks, peeling away anything loose. All she wanted was to feel something again.

Over the years she forgot what it was to see, forgot what the light looked like, forgot what she looked like, forgot what air was like, the splash of water on her hull, the simple things in life had left her memory. She had no recollection of life before being sunk. Occasionally she would feel disturbances in the water and become suspicious of what’s going on around her and would sometimes think that someone had come for her. At one point she remembered life afloat, more specifically when she was in love. He was so romantic, so handsome and attractive. They made great love when they were together. It made her remember all the things they good together and everywhere they went. Her most enjoyable memory was when the earthquake hit the islands, Fuso as well as Kongo, Nagato, Mogami, and many, many other Japanese warships, and ships in general, took relief supplies to the islands. It was her most proud accomplishment. It was made even better when her lover and she made love all night long, but when the memories came to an end she remembered that was the last time they made love and one of the last times they held each other. He died of illness in her sickbay less than a month later. Thus her little trip of happiness came to an end as guilt and despair took over again. She was crying alone in the pitch black again.

Her body was weak, she felt like she was slipping away recently, she lost all her hope and didn’t want to deal with this anymore. All her emotional pain, all her physical pain, she didn’t want to deal with it anymore, it never ended. She was thinking a lot about letting go, just going away for good. She partly wanted to go away and was partly scared, what was there after it? Would it really end? Would it be a better place? Would she really go to heaven? Is she a sinner? Would her friends be there? That last one really broke her down into a bawling mess. What would her friends think? What would her sister say? She wondered how she was doing, if she was alive anymore. She wondered if Yamato finally opened up to her sweetheart, if Nagato finally broke her dry spell and got someone. She hoped that bastard that broke her heart wasn’t where she was going. She decided to postpone her journey, she didn’t know how long she’d wait, but she knew she’d get to it eventually. Once she mustered the strength to do it and let go.

A short time later she felt a disturbance off to her port side, she grew suspicious as always but unlike every other gut feeling this one didn’t go away. Her conning tower eyes were somewhat locked forward with very little ability to look port or starboard so she couldn’t see the light approaching her. She felt a strange feeling on her side that blanketed a conical area of her side. Slowly the light elevated and reached her decks, at first it was a hazy glow on her decks that strained her eyes but captivated them. She was laser-focused on the illumination of her deck even though it burned her eyes and gave her the equivalent of a headache. The light grew brighter and brighter, she could see the colors she had forgotten, they were green, tan, black, brown, grey, orange, and white but she couldn’t name any of them, it was amazing! She vastly grew more and more excited to the point her hull quivered! Then it appeared, the raw light source. It sat above her second turret she vaguely remembered and peered down at her conning tower. She couldn’t see herself but she was staring at the light directly with a gawking mouth and drooling like a primitive looking at a modern marvel, eyes dilated and locked onto the light. Desensitized to all proper interaction she reached out to the light and grabbed a hold of the submersible and pulled it close.

Thankfully to the crew of the submersible, this was only a drone sub, otherwise, they would probably be screaming and panicking as their sub was drastically whisked from where it sat. While Fuso wasn’t being rough with the little thing she also wasn’t being very gentle, either. She was entirely mystified by the simple light and didn’t even put two-and-two together and think that someone came looking for her, but that is exactly what was happening. The drone was towing not only it’s own connection cable but a radio cable to communicate with Fuso, all that was needed was for her to grab the cable with non-corroded metal. The team tried to get her attention by waving the arm and cable around but she was still fixated on the light, they eventually caught on and waved the cable across the light. Her eyes caught on and trained on the black like swinging slowly across the orb. Her mind sparked up a thought and took it in a hand, the end buzzed and numbed her hand and it felt like pulses and communications of sorts. She noticed the more rust it touched the less she felt it so she took the end and slithered it into her mouth and working it under her tongue. Suddenly she heard voices, voices! She was hearing people talk to her! The camera on the drone watched her face brighten up like a star as joy flooded over her, it was finally all coming together in her mind what was going on. Someone was coming specifically for her! She cried tears of joy as she heard her name on the wire, they were calling for her to respond, trying to pry information out of her.

“Hold on, I need a moment!” She cried, she wiped away tears from the recessions in the armor where her eyes were fixed. “I’m overwhelmed with emotions!”

“Fuso, Fuso is it you? Are you Fuso?”

“Yes! Yes, I’m Fuso!” Her first thought was blurted out before they could say anything. “How’s my sister, Yamashiro?”

“Yamashiro?” There was a pause as she heard talking in the background. “Yamashiro is fine, she is visited frequently by divers. A deep dive for the experienced only but it is done.”

“Is she happy?” Again silence as background voices talked, they replied with uncertainty. Fuso asked about Nagato, Yamato, Kongo, and was depressed when she learned they all sank as well, but when she was told that Yamato and Nagato were raised and alive again, doing very well and were happy Fuso was elated with joy. She longed to talk to her friends again and begged if she could, and the Japanese crew on the other end said that she would but she’d have to agree to some conditions. But before she was read the conditions she asked about Kongo, she wasn’t mentioned. There was no pause here.

“We’ve never found Kongo.” Fuso was silent, Kongo was very close to Fuso and Yamashiro, because Kongo didn’t have sisters, just failed attempts at sisters. The fact that Kongo had never been found hurt Fuso as well, she was older and more lively than Fuso, she thought about what was happening to her and couldn’t even fathom how she was doing. It was time she decided on the conditions. She already knew she would probably agree to anything, she had already threatened her own life and gone insane many times over, it was all a matter of how bad she was going to be treated. She was read out this long list of terms and agreements where she kind of blanked out and looked at how miserably rotted she was, it was almost repulsive and was thankful that she couldn’t watch it happen to her. Once the list seemed to be dwindling to an end she paid more attention, once it was all over the speaker summed it up for her. “In summary, Japan is raising you and putting you back into service, you’re going to be upgraded significantly and act as a testing ground for future systems. Once you’re retired you’ll be put into a shipyard and converted into a museum for your service and live off of donations, being a museum, and maybe a few other means. Do you accept?” She was amazed, shocked, she couldn’t comprehend everything that she was feeling. She accepted as soon as she could croak a yes past her crying and the lump in her throat.



Work began on her to raise her once again, her stern section did drift away from the break up and sank in shallower waters, it was easier to find and salvage but worse off corrosion and stability wise. Her bow section was eventually raised and as the moonlight came back into her vision she openly wept in front of everyone, on her radio, thanking and blessing everyone who had helped her in any way. The first thing Nagato and Yamato heard of her on the radio was her pathetic whimpering and bawling, she didn’t even notice or care that they could hear her; Fuso kept bawling her eyes out over how beautiful the moon was and the glistening lights of the shore and ships all around her. Neither Nagato or Yamato suffered the same problems she did, Nagato could feel things around her and had many times talked to people and Yamato died, wasn’t alive for any of her time on the bottom. Fuso was completely isolated in a depth so dark that she was wholly blind and numb to anything around her. Workers noticed how mutilated she was, deep claw engravings and pockmarks littered her hull and superstructure, and a lot of them were so deep they had to be filled so she could be floated again, she punctured her own hull in desperation to feel anything. She couldn’t get herself together for the night nor the morning, it was the following afternoon she stopped mindlessly enjoying her surroundings and realized she’d been on a radio with Yamato and Nagato, and that only brought more uncontrollable joy. She was able to at least communicate with them, the three were all excited to be talking to each other again. “Oh tell me everything! Everything I missed! I want to know it all!”

Yamato read from Hisashi”s book all the notes he took about life after Yamato’s sinking, every now and then Hisashi or Yamato or Nagato or Tyler would interrupt and elaborate on something of interest. They told stories of adventures and fun times but none of them mentioned Kongo. Fuso had to know what happened to her, when she asked Nagato piped up. She was very hesitant and unwilling, she said that Nagato was with Kongo when she was struck. She was struck with torpedoes meant for Nagato and she fell out of formation, they tried keeping radio contact with her but the last thing they heard was a call by the fleet commander announcing out an abandon ship. Then it was all silent as later survivors said she blew into two parts and sank rapidly. Nagato was in a painful memory. To bring up a lighter note it was Yamato and Nagato that pressured Japanese officials to investigate Fuso and Yamashiro for being raised. Fuso inquired more about Yamashiro and she was told that Yamashiro liked being down on the bottom, she enjoyed being a reef and attraction, so much marine life lived off of her she couldn’t see herself leaving. Fuso said that she’ll be able to get her up and out. Fuso was asked about being on the bottom and she almost broke down crying for not so good reasons. Fuso said it was torture beyond all belief, misery for no one to endure, and she admitted to almost killing herself to escape that hell. She did mention how at first she believed she deserved it but eventually she came to realize no one deserved that. Nothing did. Somehow that reminded her about her crew and asked how many were saved. Ten was her received answer.

She was silent again, she failed again. Guilt swept over her again, as she mentally slapped herself for her failure to let go of the boats. Yamato and Nagato sensed their friend in trouble and moved to tell her it wasn’t her fault, how hundreds survived the sinking but refused help, how many were cut down on the beaches by the natives and that they chose to die honorably. That made her feel somewhat less at fault but she was now angered at the waste of life she was, not her life but the waste of life her sinking was, pointless death and something that could have been prevented had her crew swallowed their pride and accepted her plea to find safety. Maybe then she wouldn’t feel so fucking terrible. She was pampered up back to a cherishable mood by Yamato and Nagato and she stayed this way all the way back to Kure, where Yamato was.

Yamato had a large smile on her bridge face and very large and perky eyes, her excitement to see Fuso again made her shine and glisten with happiness and affected everyone around her in a good way. But when Fuso saw Yamato it was almost the exact opposite. “No! Don’t look at me! Don’t look at me! NO! No! Please don’t look at me!”

“Fuso,” Yamato saw she was ashamed and grieved, Fuso had hundreds and hundreds of deep scars and wounds, her taboo trophies and her misery awards on display for all to see her disgrace. “Fuso you have no idea how happy I am to see you! I don’t care what you look like, Hisashi says I looked terrible as well! Don’t be ashamed!” Fuso tried to shun away in fear and cowered, even more, when Yamato described Fuso to Nagato so she could get an idea. The two of them said that they were very proud of her, proud that she stuck through the isolation and praised her for surviving all that time alone. They gave her the warm welcome she never thought of, the love she had abandoned, together again after the isolation. Once again Fuso’s friends bolstered her into her own self, someone that hasn’t existed in over seventy years. She thanked the two of them, her two friends with all she could. They talked even more and more about current events, about the United African Federation, what changes have come to Japan, how the world moved on, and what the world thinks of living machines like them. Fuso secretly felt a little stir deep inside her when she learned that the living machine people were more accepted and more humans have been finding love in machines and increased as she learned that the world had become much more tolerable of inter-racial relationships. While technically she wasn’t a race, more of a different species, she did align herself with the Asian “race” and culture, she was always interested in western people. Somewhat of a fetish or select turn on for her. She was drawn to them uncontrollably.

Fuso saw how ravaged her stern had been and realized how resilient her life metal was to the corrosion. Her stern was way worse than her bow, the mast was gone and the decks collapsed. She learned later that it sank and landed upside down which assisted with the collapse but in regards to the degeneration it was still much worse than her bow section. She was eased into a slipway near Yamato, they were very excited to see the reconstruction. Fuso was briefed by Yamato and Nagato that she’d be asked what modifications she would want during the reconstruction and the two gave Fuso multiple ideas they had gotten done and something that they wish they had. Most of them were for utilities like cleaning, cooling her genitals, generals reach, and an ability to look all the way around her, but there was an impressive list they gave Fuso for the more.., fun things. They recommended multiple rooms outfitted with the ability to make love and cuddle, those rooms with a camera that has some mobility within the room, the cooling veins to be exposed for the sex organs-this made them more effective, less likely to cramp up, and when they were pinched the organ heated pleasurably and ramped up the feeling. That last part intrigued Fuso and Yamato equally. So when Fuso was interrogated for any modifications she presented them with the ones she liked and some other personal things that she wanted. She wanted her four 12,7 cm mounts to be upgraded and her radar sweep to be improved and modernized, she said she would like her battery of 356 mm guns to be upgraded to Nagato’s 410 mm and her main battery fire control to be improved as well. She requested more usable and faster deploying life rafts and a whole reconstruction of her damage control and fire fighting systems. She demanded that her passageways and compartments be completely overhauled so it is easier to abandon her. She presented all that and the little things that Yamato and Nagato recommended.

She was later advised on all the things that passed the bosses and mostly everything she asked for was either already on the list or accepted. It was when work began she learned of the things that she was denied, the first thing she disliked was when her turrets were removed the central turret wells were also gutted and the surrounding areas also cut out. It was cut out because Japan decided that Fuso, and any other ships they raised of prior military service, were to be converted to accept the new Aegis system and be platforms for guided missiles. That was one of the things she protested, another thing was the overhaul and near removal of her pagoda style masts. All the platforms were removed and replaced with all sorts of radars, search, tracking, fixed, revolving, all new bells and whistles that overtook her iconic look and streamlined it into a more solid structure. Yamato said that she thought it looked good for Fuso, who was at the time getting her open bridge eyeglass replaced. Yamato described her new look to Fuso:

“So all the decks above your face are gone and it’s plated solid. It has hexagon panels, looks like four, that encircle it. There is also some jutting antenna like posts for sweeping dishes and radar, it looks like you will keep your rangefinder and the old radar was removed and they put a mast in its place with many cool looking rods and radars, new radios and such. It looks more like my tower, actually. You even have the swept arms at the top with an observation deck right below the rangefinder. I think you still look like a hot woman to me.” That made Fuso blush, she looked away and appeared to tend to the wounds she was healing naturally now that she was healthy. Soon Yamato announced that she was close to halfway through her pregnancy, and at the same time, Fuso was joined at last. Her innards were gutted and worked from there, installing all new propulsion systems and ventilation for the whole ship, new framework, piping, system control, and pump stations. Her central smokestack was rebuilt and in place of the searchlights were new Close-In Weapons Systems, designed to rip anything within a few miles a new asshole, her secondary battery of the 14 cm point guns in casements were all removed and covered over. Her four mounts of the five-inch guns were removed and in their place was a turret that was designed to be eventually outfitted to Yamato when she’s called upon, it didn’t look much different from the enclosed ones already on Yamato other than the fact that there is almost no manual input in the turret and the gunners’ optics are now cameras and fixed tracking radar points. While her inner compartments were being furnished and tweaked her weapons systems and navigational computers were set up, she was amazed at what she began to feel as everything was powered up. She had a new gyro stabilizer connected to the systems that told her where she was, her rocking and swaying. She felt everything hundreds of miles away, while her radar was tuning she felt birds, birds! She felt the forests, the cars, planes, ships, boats, oh she felt everything! She learned that the system she was using was built and developed by the Americans based on the systems they used during world war two, and now Fuso saw why she lost, why the navy lost. There was no way she could run, no way to hide, and with the accuracy of the guns, she understood why she didn’t stand a chance. She did notice that they weren’t precise in their shooting, and she’d eventually learn why. Her construction halted with two superfiring turrets forward and aft holding two 406 mm guns with a caliber of 50, the guns that the Americans were putting on their new battleships during the war, and her two old mounts amidships were gone and had instead two massive wells with hundreds of missile silos. She was excited, she wanted to sail out to sea and test her systems but knew she had to get everything aligned.

She did set sail and leave the Kure slips and Yamato, waving goodbye to her home and friend and set sail with a small skeleton crew to go to the naval base at Yokosuka where American techs will be to align and maintain her systems. The prospect of meeting Americans excited Fuso, she had all her upgrades placed and was hoping she could snag something fun to play with. It excited her, the thought of the taboo explorations chilled up and down her keel over and over. She noticed that she wasn’t overheating anymore and was much slicker, now all she wanted was some foreign meat to show her how they do it in the states. She soon arrived at Yokosuka and was entered against a pier surrounded by all new ships, all of them were so smooth and sharp! They looked nothing like what she had ever seen, only having one or two main battery guns and those guns were smaller caliber, she was staring in awe of these weapons of mass destruction. Hisashi told her like he did Yamato, he said every destroyer have more firepower than any battleship during the second world war. She was the most massive ship there and felt the smallest. She looked around and saw the two countries intermingled, Japanese colors amidst American colors and it made her feel unstoppable. She thought with America and Japan as allies they were giants and dared someone to step up and challenge them. She learned that recently Japan had earned their offensive arms back and was allowed to construct carriers and long-range missiles because up until then Japan had a non-aggression clause in their treaty that disarmed Japan of any munitions or weaponry used for mainly offensive purposes. That included battleships and carriers.

Very soon after being docked she switched crews where the arriving crew comprised of Japanese sailors and American sailors, she smiled and tingled everywhere very excited and yearning to have some fun. She felt them as they stepped aboard with their bags and gear and immediately started trying to scope out who she wanted to go for. She noticed rings on some fingers and dismissed them, she’s not a dirtbag and felt some were big and ripped, others were tall, short, broad, thin, all shapes and sizes. She felt some women in the mix as well, she was stunned to learn that women were serving in the navies, on ships as well. One of the men coming aboard felt very different, very, very strange. He was average size but much heavier, not big but certainly dense, She was drawn to him because of that and that alone, of course, there were certain traits she was still looking for. She had narrowed the list down where he had to be able to keep it a secret, look decent, be enthusiastic, and have a fun personality. She decided she wouldn’t settle on any of her clauses and hoped for more, however. She let them settle in and unpack before she did anything to test them.

Very soon after the original crew was all gone the new crew were instructed to acquaint themselves to the layout in the best way-cleaning the entire ship bow to stern. “Fucking shit” resounded throughout the crew as they grudgingly went off to go find something to clean. She listened in on conversations and gauged some personalities on them and how they interacted. She tried to see if anyone would ask the dense one about his condition but nobody did and they all seemed to notice nothing. She bounced around but kept drawing back to him for one reason or another. She picked up enough to know he worked hard and took pride in his work with good dedication. She began to like him, but had never seen him yet and hoped he was decent and that he could hold a secret. She noted that everyone started to wrap up their work and were relaxing, she hoped that she could see the dense one and talk to him. Just before people started changing in the berthing some higher-ups came around and rounded up a working party to make the decks clean, Fuso’s aft decks are lower in the water and her new power-plant is strong enough to slosh some water up and onto the lowest weather decks. So dense man and some of his friends rushed out to get it swabbed and done so they could relax. There were three of them that got only one mop cart with three mops for the job and they hurried out onto the deck listening to their humorous talk. “You’re gonna spill it!”

“No I’m not.” The dense one said.

“Could you not spill it on my pants, that’d be real nice.” The third one said, he was stout and had some water slosh onto his pant cuffs. They bicker until they reach the stern jack-staff and begin swabbing, they’re gathered around the one bucket churning and sloshing their mops around trying to soak them at the same time, making sloshing noises and the slurp of plunging as the sticks are shaken up and down. “I don’t think this is gonna work.”

“Yes it will, I saw it in a video on the internet once!” The dense one said, the three laughed at the comment.

“Fucking Christ.” The other one said, still dry and chuckling.

“It wasn’t Christ but close enough.” He retorted, compounding the laughter, Fuso got the joke at the first comment but the last one solidified it for her. She, too, laughed and giggled at the porn joke. She giggled and decided she was going to go for the dense man and find out if he’s dense in all the right places. She silently thought to herself in the back of her mind ‘jackpot!’

Fuso let them be while she figured out a way to meet him, how does she tell him she’s alive? How’d she do it the first time? Damn, can’t remember how. She had many difficulties thinking of how she did it in the first place, during her first cruise. She had forgotten how she was more accepted in the world and still feared an uproar. Right in the middle of her thought she lost track of everything and was surprised by slapping on her conning tower. She was shaken from her thought and she looked down and saw a man with a mug standing there looking right at her eye. “Hi!” She was completely stunned.

“Shit-uh, fuck!” She instantly spat out quietly, she was caught off guard, reeled onto her heels, it was the dense one talking to her! “Uh, hello there! Weren’t you just working-somewhere, uh, on the fantail?”

“Yes, but they dropped liberty and let us go. You’re still Fuso, right?”

“Y-Yes! I’m Fuso, so-uh, what’s liberty?”

“It’s basically free time. You speak English well, where did you learn?” She was stunned still, how did he know about her? What the fuck does he think of her? Is he single? He want sum fuk? What’s his name?

“Hold on, who are you?”

“Don’t try reading the name on my blouse, everybody else calls me a few things like Chad or Walter. I don’t really care what you call me. Probably’ve been called worse.”

“I’ll call you ‘Mitsuna Hito’ then.”

“Sure, I guess, so where did you learn English?”

“I learned it from Kongo way long ago. She was built in Britain and so she knew English. I had to help her with her Japanese.” He nodded understandingly.

“Makes sense, so how do you feel?” He was really upfront about talking to her, she was not ready for this. How’d he know she’s alive?

“So Mitsuna Hito how do you know I’m alive?”

‘They told us when we got our orders.”

‘Oh, that makes things easy.”

“Mm-Hm!” He was sipping his mug. His drink was dark like tea but it didn’t look right to her.

“What are you drinking?”

“Sweet tea, it’s good. Want some?” He offered her the mug, she accepted the offer and tried it. It was warm and as soon as she tasted it there was a gritty texture embedded into it and it was not the crisp bitter taste she expected. It shocked her and she spat some back out into the mug.

“THIS IS NOT TEA!” She proclaimed, thrusting it back into his hands. “That was disgusting! What’s in there!?”

“Tea with lot’s of sugar.” He was looking down into his mug, her saliva had mixed in and turned it darker brown like dark coffee. “And spit.”

“No, no, that is NOT tea! You don’t know what tea is, do you?”

“No I said it was sweet tea, woman, tea with sugar. I know what tea is.” He took a sip and nodded again. “Now I have sweet Fuso-spit tea.”

“I taste better than that junk!”

“Oh you wanna bet?” Immediately her loins started burning, she liked where this was going.

“Oh I’m sure of it, Mitsuna Hito, let’s bet.” He was drinking his strange drink still not sure what it tasted like. It was confusing.

“Bet what?” She thought about something before he could explain that nowadays it’s just an expression.

“If I taste better then, you tell me why you’re so different, why you’re denser for your size.” He was caught off guard and looked to his veins, he had very light skin and were clearly visible. His veins weren’t purple or blue, or even red, they were dark grey. All of them.

“You can feel that?” He whispered to himself, she heard. He shook his head guessing so and ran his hand through his thick and full auburn-red hair. “Uh, sure? I mean I would’ve told you if you asked but, whatever. And you? What if my tea tastes better?” The only thing she could think about was sex, how could she work herself into those pants?

“Well,” she stuck her tongue into her cheek bulging it, “what do you want?” She asked seductively with a little tongue flick across her lips. He sort of stared at it processing what she just did.

“Uh-huh, well,” he looked into his mug and swirled it, “I wanna go home but I don’t think you can do that.”

“No, no I can’t do that.” He nodded sadly and kept thinking.

“Well then if you don’t taste better then you tell me sea stories.”

“Alright, I was probably going to do that anyways.”

“Then we’re even! Great! Now I’ll get to asking around and proving you wrong now, nice meeting you!”

“W-Wait-!” She stopped him before he left with an arm. “What do people think of me?” He stopped, letting her hand hold his biscep firmly. He shook his head and shrugged.

“It’s a mixed bag, most of us are from other ships or have been waiting around for a ship. I got orders to you a long time ago and I’ve been hopping around other ships waiting for you to get here so I’m excited to finally be stable. I’m also very excited to be on a battleship, and one with quite the influence in history. But as for others, mostly happy to finally have our own ship, others are bored of it, many don’t really care, not too many negative complaints, but I dunno, you’ll just have to listen around. I’m pretty sure your Japanese sailors are honored to serve with you, wise and historical, a symbol of Japan, don’t worry too much about them.”

“So if I have a Japanese crew than why are you here, American?”

“Well, you have an American fire control system on you, and your Navy doesn’t have the crew with the job for it, so while they are trained we’ll be your crew. We are also here because you are being upgraded, not built off of the system, so we need to use our expertise to make sure you actually work.” He waited for her to let go of his arm but she didn’t. “So do you miss your midship guns?”

“I DOOOOO!” She whined and whimpered. He chuckled a bit.

“Don’t worry I miss guns, too, but you’ll soon fall in love with your missiles, big girl. I promise you that and I fulfil promises.” The prospect of making him fill dirty promises made her wet, very wet. She bit her lip and mesmerized herself in fantasy, rubbing his arm persuasively. The thoughts that ran through her mind made her ooze, made her moan, made her tremble, and made her body electrifying as Walter could feel through his thin sleeve. He was enjoying the touch more than he thought, it relaxed his body and made him feel drowsy and energetic at the same time in a nice blend. It ended up arousing him as it was probably intended to do, and as much as he would love to smash some Jap battleship vag he couldn’t.., yet. He grabbed her hand and suddenly couldn’t let go, she pulled him closer to her. He propped himself against the jutting superstructure base and enjoyed the nerve massage while she lived out her fantasy. She was bringing herself to the brink of orgasming by just thinking about sex, that is how dry she has been. She finished right before she came and broke off from her ride and brought herself together with heavy breathing and muttering to herself in Japanese. She felt him still in her grasp just slumped against the bulkhead and she blushed hard, feeling the heavy heat on her cheeks and felt hot and sweaty. She had just embarrassed herself-or had she? It seemed like he had fallen asleep. “Mitsuna Hito? You awake?”

He didn’t respond, he was limp but breathing steady, warm and alive to the touch. He obviously wasn’t dead. Her body and hormones were still in a sexual mood and she was getting more and more curious by the minute. She hadn’t felt a penis in decades! Her curiosity overwhelmed her mannerisms and she decided to sneak a poke or grope. A mischievous hand slithered its way from his arm to his calf, gently squeezing the thick muscle on the steely bone. His knees protruded proudly and firmly yet slid under her hand as it passed over. His thigh was exhilarating to her, she was almost there and it started getting warmer as she got closer to his crotch She could feel blood pulsing under his trousers as her senses heightened and her breathing grew faster as her hand crept towards his nether region. But just before she reached it, oh how close she was, he stirred and started moving about. She quickly yanked her hand away and back to where it belonged. He fumbled around and got up to check the time. “Have a good nap, Mitsuna Hito?”

“Yeah I did, you have fun beating the bean?”


“Flicking the bean?”

“What-what the hell is that?”

“Rubbing one out, masturbating. You enjoy it, perv?” Fuso blushed hard and showed through her new paint that she was embarrassed, she didn’t know what to say, why she did it at all, she was embarrassed. He chuckled when she blushed. “Ah! Don’t worry about it, I mean, there’s like, forty people in one small room for months on end, don’t think they don’t do it a few times? It happens.” She cooled off a little bit and giggled a little. “Just remember, when someone walks in on you masturbating, you gotta look ’em in the eye and finish.” She smiled jokingly and locked eye contact with him with her joking smirk. “Fuck. Aight, make it fast!” He put his hands on his hips, squared off, and stared into her eyes with a super-concentration face. They sat like this for a moment and they laughed it off, she didn’t do anything and he knew she wouldn’t. He started back to the door and she stopped him again.

“Hey, Mitsuna Hito, we had a little saying, too. It was the fish will always burn later, the hand is never wrong.”

“What does that have to do with anything? It doesn’t even-oh, well, Palmula Handerson is clean.” She laughed again.


“Palmula Handerson,” he held up his right hand and waved, “she’s always there, faithful, willing, tight, loose, she’s whatever you want her to be. She even has her own facebook!” He was chuckling by the last sentence. Fuso got it and laughed along.

“If, ok, if you have Palmula Handerson by your side, who do I have?”

“Paulm Fingerton, he’s from Flickensburg.” She laughed more, these names were so stupid yet hilarious. “Ok, well, I’m done. I need to go get some rest.” Walter headed inside to get some sleep, leaving Fuso to think about what had just happened. She felt ashamed of herself and disciplined herself not to do that again. She tried to figure out what made her go off the rails so much that she masturbated right in front of him and went for his genitals while he was asleep. That was wrong of her. She figured that she probably should get off or be gotten off before she does something really wrong. Only a few hours pass before nightfall and around then is when Walter wakes up, instantly Fuso talks to him in his head.

“How’d you sleep?”

“Wow.” He responded instantly.

“Don’t worry, you’re not crazy it’s me, Fuso. I can talk to you through your thought.”

“No, I know that, but wow, right off the bat. No easing into it, no warning, just boom! That’s how it is?”

“Yeah, yeah that’s how it is. Wasn’t it obvious?”

“Eeeh, nah.” He sarcastically retorted, “not obvious enough. Next time you should work on it.”

“Sure thing, so,” Her face turned into a naughty grin while she asked him the question, “uh, now that’s it’s dark out and you’re rested, you wanna do that taste test now?”

“I haven’t asked anybody yet, and besides I got shit to do in the morning, I gotta sleep some more while I can.” She knew him fumbling around was either because he couldn’t fall asleep again, or she had aroused him. “Fuck. I can’t sleep now.”

“Oh come on then! I’m sure I’ll tire you out! I promise you!”

“Oh really?” Suddenly she realized that this is what was making her so abnormal, this teasing build up. If she was going to get fucked then she’s all for it right now, but if not then this could be very bad.

“Walter I need to know something, this is serious to me.”

“Oh shit, what?”

“Are we actually doing this?”


“Are we fucking?”

“Oh, no, not tonight.”

“Not tonight?”

“No, not tonight.” Her hopes were crushed a little, but he did say tonight.

“So if we aren’t doing anything could you not tease or play like that?”

“Yeah, sure. I won’t do it no more.”

“But you would do it? You said not tonight, not never.”

“Yeah, not tonight. But later? Possibly.”

“That’s all I needed.”

“Can I sleep now?”

“Yes.” There was a pause as he laid there staring at the bulkhead. “Need a lullaby?”

“Yes please.”

“Too bad.”


She left him to sleep and wondered if he could be moved to one of her private rooms. She really liked where things were going between them and didn’t want to wait for things to get intimate before moving him. She did genuinely like him, he was pretty funny and not afraid to speak his mind, something Fuso aspired to be normal, not just situationally. She tried to figure out herself where she stands in the chain of command but couldn’t think of a good spot. The next morning she woke up Walter and asked him who she should talk to about her position. He said she probably would answer to either the Captain, the XO, or the CMC, those were her three options. She agreed to that and when the Captain was rung aboard that morning she followed him into his cabin and asked him herself. “Excuse me, sir, do you have a minute?”

“Fuso, right?”

“Yes, sir.” He looked at his watch and in a little black notebook.

“Yes I have time, what do you need?”

“I have a few questions, sir. I’ll start with the simple one, where do I fall in the command chain?” He sat down at his desk to think about that one, he ran down the list with her.

“Alright, well you are the ship, you were commissioned ceremoniously, so you’re an officer. You don’t run any divisions or workshops, not in charge of a field, yet, control them..,” he put some effort in his thoughts, now, “uh, so you could be right next to the XO. Influential but not overriding her. For now, you’re next to the XO. I’ll shoot that question higher up, big Navy might want to answer that. Anything else, Fuso?”

“Yes, so if I wanted to move someone from their berthing to somewhere else could I?”

“Well, what’s the reason? If it’s because there’s a problem with them being there we can do that, is there a problem among them?”

“No, sir, more the opposite. I want to move someone to one of my private rooms.” The captain thought about what this meant.

“So, this is because of a relationship, then?”

“Yes, sir.”

“And they are in berthing, not a stateroom?”

“Yes, sir.”

“So they’re enlisted?” She didn’t seem to know what that meant. “Enlisted as in they aren’t an officer?” She quickly jumped over to Walter.

“Mitsuna Hito, are you an officer?”

“What? Uh, no.”

“Thanks.” She went back to the captain. “No, sir, he’s not an officer.” The commanding officer groaned with frustration.

“So I wouldn’t have an issue with it if his chain were fine with it, and if it wouldn’t negatively affect his performance. I know you can’t really go out to town and find anyone, so I won’t stop it, but there’s strong policy against fraternization. Basically officers can’t have an intimate relationship with any enlisted, unless it is prior service or commission. Say, if you were enlisted, then became an officer, as long as you both were recognized officially as a couple than it’d be fine, but you’ve been commissioned longer than he’s been alive.” He thought about how creepy that age gap was, left a sour taste in his mouth. “Realistically, it happens and it’s not as enforced as long as the two are not in the same command, which for you is unavoidable, that would probably ruin your love life if it was enforced on you.” He thought long about it, Fuso was sweating right now, she was hoping that her interest wouldn’t be cut off. “Alright well I’m hesitant about it. I’m going to ask the admiral about it, you go ahead and shoot it up his command, to see if they would speak out about it. If his divo or chief isn’t happy with it, then it technically ends there before I can even hear about it. Nothing I can do there.”

“But sir, you’re the captain, he’s under your orders.”

“Yes, they are, but unless I’m informed about it and it needs to be done or is something of an issue, it doesn’t really concern me.” He got up to leave but closed the door before he left for one last comment. “But say if you can’t move his rack there I don’t think anyone would mind if he, say, slipped away for an hour or two on the downtime.”

“Thank you, sir!” She left him to go do his business. She snapped back over to Walter and asked him who his chain of command was and where she could find them. He answered one at a time and once Fuso had tracked them down and gotten through the initial contact she proposed the question. Overwhelmingly the chain agreed that it either didn’t matter to them as long as he showed up to work, and his Chief said he’d like it a lot if he knew where to find Walter at any time. The Chief asked if he could ask Fuso where he was at any time, she agreed readily. She conveyed her excitement to Walter and also warned him of her apprehension, if the Captain didn’t get a good word back then he couldn’t move.

In the meantime, however, he proved to her why the Chief regarded him so well, he worked hard on his gear, the CIWS, affectionately known as Sea-Whiz, but laughably known as ‘The Bastard Son of R2-D2 and an A-10 Warthog.’ Walter regularly says that he has anger-management issues and daddy problems. Another name she’s heard is R2 with a hard-on. But being the Bastard Son entertains her more.

The Captain did eventually get a report back saying that it was fine for Walter to be moved and it solidified where ships like Fuso are on the totem pole Essentially she acts like a chaplain, she is a knowledge pool that can be referenced by anyone who needs it, and can speak to any crewman, officer or enlisted, in confidence. One note also instructed that affairs, even intimate, between ship and crewman, are not frowned upon and encouraged. Big Navy understood that her choices of flings or spouses are pretty limited, and agree that she should be free to engage in an intimate relationship with whomever as long as they can operate in a professional manner at any given time. Fuso assured the Captain that she can abide by the rules and pleaded that the Captain move him to the room. He was fine with it, but the last person that needed to give her the go-ahead was the Executive Officer, and he wanted to inspect and investigate first.

“This is the room?” The XO had just opened the compartment door and was surprised at how small the room was. Fuso had to tell him why it was special, why she wanted it to move Walter there, and where it was. She did not tell him anything else about it. “This isn’t a room, this is a big closet.” He stepped into the room and with one glance left and right saw everything in the room. The room was barely long enough for the built-in bed frame on top of two lockers on his left, at six-foot-three the man’s hair was grazing the overhead, and on the right was a shallow closet-style locker. The room was painted, surprisingly, but it was a drab and dreary grey. There were a red light and a white light in a fixture above the bed, and that was really just about it. There weren’t any pipes in the compartment that wasn’t for Fuso’s use but with a compartment so small really only that could fit-and barely. The XO finished his tour of the space rather quickly, and for the rest of the time he allotted he talked to Walter, and told him what he wanted to see every morning during inspections. He understood what the room was for and knew what would probably happen to the white sheets, so he said to Walter to double up on the linen and to change it to a clean set every morning. Walter abides by what the XO said to the letter and moved all his personal items to the room. Fuso was very excited.

The room was on deck one, that’s one ladder down from the main deck, the weatherdeck, and was right next to the conning tower. His room did not have an adjacent head like most other berthings so he had to navigate his way back into his old berthing, which his division was responsible for and still had to clean daily, to shower. If he wanted to relieve himself he could go up a few decks to another head where it was just a toiletry. He made everything up nice and tidy and got all his things placed as instructed and relaxed. The workday had ended and his maintenance was done, he’d been released on liberty, and decided to break in the mattress and talk more to Fuso. She talked about how excited she was that they had a little room to be alone together in, but her excitement worried Walter, they had grown pretty fond of each other as friends, but he had to break some news to her.

“Fuso, I can’t remember if I told you or not, but we only sign up for four or six years, I signed up for six.”

“So? That’s how it was in my day.”

“I’m hitting four right now.”

“Oh.” She realised what he was getting at. “Well, you can enlist again, right?”

“Yeah, but.., I was only put here, aboard you, for two years. We’re just here to make sure the guns systems from America work right. Then we go back to America. Not only that, but if I re-up, I’ll be going to another ship. More likely a shore command.” Fuso’s excitement was crushed. “You’re really fun to hang out with, I’d love to stay, but my whole family is in America, and I’d like to at least have my wife there.” When he said he wanted his wife in America it warmed her heart and shriveled it up, he had thought about staying with her in a real relationship, but knew it couldn’t be.

“Oh.” She was really sad, now.

“Hey, hey, gimme a hand here.” She reached down and he held it in his, “I’ve still got two years here! We can still do things, maybe it’ll help us with nabbing something better. Get us into the market again. Just don’t let things go too far. Sound good? Besides, you’ll always have me if you can take leave to America, and I’ll have you here if I get stationed here for shore duty, or just to visit.” She felt a little better as he caressed her hand.

“Two years is a while.” She began to get excited again, might as well start things off quick if it won’t be too long-lasting. “You wanna really break in the bed?” He thought about it as more arms and hands came down to massage his body and try seducing him.

“Well, not yet, Fuso. I still want to get to know you more before anything happens. I want you to get a really great vibe out of it. You will not be sorry, babe.” Babe? He just say babe? She was really excited about that, she nearly forgot about the whole talk that just happened because he said babe. He got up, got dressed while she slipped some looks at his nether regions to excite her sex. He was generally pale, fair skinned, and had thick auburn hair. He dressed in civies and said he was going out to town. He left and about two hours later he returned with a backpack full of goodies. There were some non-perishables, paper and pens, and some electronics. Walter was very excited, he pulled out all the electronics and started setting it up, a lot of stuff was from the mail. She watched him set everything up in a frenzy and she couldn’t help but feel so lost about what she was looking at. Once it was all set up he asked her for her coupling tendril, she shifted her vaginal tendril but he stopped her, so she brought down her second thickest tendril. This tendril contained various probes that were used to link her consciousness with his, or anyone else’s, and he held it tightly and told her that what he was about to do may be uncomfortable. He linked alligator clips with lables on the cables attached to probes on her tendril, and it was a pinching pain at first, but once they were all on he turned on a black box and the pain was gone, she was entranced in a whole new feeling.

“Now Fuso, what you are going to feel is very, very alien. You are being connected to the internet, through this game console, and it is going to be very weird and you will eventually be able to control it all yourself, but right now let me do it all.”

“Oh-okay….” She let him turn on a display and a hand-held remote and watched as things came up into her mind and sight. It was like an out of body experience, she saw a menu and movies in little squares here and there, in a background was a little blue woman glowing and standing on a pillar while a giant machine man in green and orange reached out to her. There was a square in front of it that had a title on it and that must have been selected because it looked like it had been pushed and a tone sounded as the screen blacked out. “So that was the game menu, Fuso, I could do a lot from there but I’m picking this game to play.”


“Remember when you asked why I’m so dense? Well, you’re about to meet mom. She did it to me.”

“She’s in a game?!” Fuso was mind blown.

“No, she plays this game, I got her to play it. She likes it, ironically, she’s awesome playing as infantry, but as a vehicle, she can’t do anything. She sucks with tanks and trucks.” Fuso didn’t understand. “She can play with us basically like how two people can talk on a phone, and it’s called the internet. It allows many people to join together from all over the world.” He went on explaining more about it as the loading screen and cinematic played through her mind in that trippy fashion. Once everything had loaded the menu displayed and he explained to her how to use the menu while hooked up to it. “So you see that option, Server Browser?”


“I want you to reach for it like you want it, just want it and go for it, will for it.” She did, she wanted it, she willed for it, and it selected. She was amazed at it.

“You do something?”

“Nope.” She wanted to see him and she saw him through the camera she had in the room, his remote was in his lap as he sat on the bed, arms crossed just watching his display. Her mind went back to the game. “Now do the same for favorites.” She did and again her will brought it to her, she was starting to like this. He had her go through the options and told her to go for the option labled ‘Hellbroom4_METRO_24/7’ and congratulated her on getting into her first server all by herself. She felt proud and blushed. In another menu, she was given four options and she chose the one labeled ‘ASSAULT’ and suddenly she was in a tunnel flooded a few inches with rubble and shoring all over it. She heard strapping sounds and suddenly human arms pulled up a gun with a scope on it. She freaked out.

“GAH! What’s happening!?” She heard more strapping sounds behind her and another human walked out in front of her and looked at her. It looked like some of the soldiers that were guarding her during her rebuild.

“Hey, Fuso! It’s alright.”

“Is that you?!”

“Yeah.” She was looking at the top of his helmet as he walked into her, his long gun disappeared at his side and a pistol came up with his arms. You’re an avatar right now, a human avatar.

“What does that mean?”

“Well you aren’t you in the game, you’re a person. That flickering line in the bottom right of your vision is your health.” She confirmed as she glanced in the direction. He proceeded to tell her what all the UI and HUD elements were on her ‘screen’ and what they meant to her. Next he explained to her that unlike him she could somewhat feel what her body was doing, and as he worked her through her new digital body she began to look around, move around, and interact with the game. She felt her actual body ghosting around her, it felt similar to wearing a Halloween costume and toting it around everywhere. For a short time it made Fuso’s mind ache and uneasy, but the longer she messed around with her digital form the better she felt. They messed around for about thirty minutes and Walter was now teaching Fuso how to aim and use her gun, she was really not a fan of direct lines of fire, she had never ever done that and pointing the gun right at the target was alien to her. When she was working on her shot group she heard more strapping behind her and felt the presence of another person.

“What? Who is that?!” She was uncomfortable and was nervous, and felt like she was going to be shot.

“Fuso this is Mom, Mom, my ship, Fuso.” There was brief interaction between them, they exchanged names and some of their history, forming a relationship between them. The three of them talked and Marion, Mom, gave some tips to Fuso about how to use her avatar, it had been done to her before. Fuso asked if she was using it now, but not, Marion was using a set up like Walter. About this time Walter got up to go eat chow, leaving Marion and Fuso in the game together,

“So how has he been?” Marion asked.

“He’s fine. He does his job well.”

“It’s just us here, how’s he really been?” Oh.

“I’ve been trying really hard to get him but I haven’t gotten anything! It’s frustrating, I didn’t think it’d be this hard to get laid.” Marion was giggling a little bit.

“He is reserved, real reserved.”

“Like shit, just stick it in, please!” Fuso seized up, was she really talking about this with his mother? “Why do you ask? Isn’t it, isn’t it just disturbing to ask that? About your kid?”

“Well he’s not actually my kid.” What?

“What do you mean by that? Explain.”

“I didn’t give birth to him, I was, god-mothered into it, so to say. I still mother him but it’s more adult guidance than anything. He was already pretty grown by the time we took him in.”

“So why is he so dense? Why is he changed?”

“So about that, he loves to play a game called airsoft, basically they run around with toy guns and shoot each other with small plastic balls; they don’t hurt much it’s just a sting, anyways he was playing airsoft one day and my husband went to go talk to him about something, I think it was about the car, and they’re standing out on the field and they see a massive deer out against the treeline. I was coming out to look at my garden and I saw them there. The deer bolts off suddenly and he collapses, folds up with a massive cloud of blood spurting from his outfit. A poacher had missed the deer and hit him just below the sternum. What happens next is a blur, I know that I was right next to him and changing him to try to save him, it’s all I thought about doing, instinct, while my husband was trying to tend to his shot wound. I have been through a lot in my time serving, but that was one of the scariest moments of my life.” Fuso didn’t know what to say, she was stunned, shocked. “Unlike my husband he didn’t scream in pain when I converted him, he was already gone.”

“So, how’s he here?”

“He had died but we revived him, one of his friends used my battery to jump-start him. It’s a miracle he’s alive. He still has a bullet in his body somewhere and that scar on his chest.”

“God damn.” She was silent, she wondered about Yamato, she died, she thought about what would happen to herself if she had died. Would she have been raised? Or just forgotten to time?

“So is he just not into you or something? What’s the deal?”

“He’s into me, he says he wants to do it right for me, but I don’t care. I just want it bad.” They moved on to talk about their wants and what it does to their sexual parts but cut it off when Walter came back. A game had started by then and it wasn’t just sitting in the server waiting for more players like it was earlier. Fuso went through an embarrassing baptism by game gunfire where she was a horrible noob.

She felt defeated at the end of the night, she felt that she was holding them back. Walter tried to tell her while she sucked she was getting better. It didn’t comfort her too much, she used it to try and get some dick as her ‘comfort food’ and make her feel better, but Walter said ‘not yet’ and he’d make it up to her eventually. They settled down for the night and slept away. She dreamt of getting some from him, but it transitioned into the story his mom told her, she had an eerie deja vu feeling with it.

They got underway the next week, and while Fuso was sailing through the Philippines sea Walter seemed very frustrated on his watch. His system had been very troublesome, Supply was being unhelpful, and two other technicians in his work center weren’t even aboard, one got pregnant and the other busted his leg so bad he was quarantined to the hospital. He was in the work center, blue lit at the time, and he was sitting at the monitoring console staring at nothing making sure it didn’t break, again, and he was quite agitated. Fuso was playing with a little trinket she found lying about. She had given up on trying to get some from him, she’ll just have to wait some more.

“Hey Fuso, hows it like out there?” He asked through his head.

“It’s pretty nice, the seas are calm, the wind’s calm, and it’s nice and warm out. Fancy a stargaze?”

“Nah, I think I’d rather gaze at something else.” Oh?

“T-There’s not much else to look at.” She giggled a bit. “What did you have in mind?”

“Ah, something special, something beautiful, something that needs a good polishing.”

“Oh really? And how are you going to polish that thing? That oh-so special thing?”

“Like I polish anything else. I get a good slick coating on it and I rub it carefully, making sure to get every spot, all over, until it glistens in the faintest of lights. Along every edge, face, crevice, and protrusion.”

“That sounds like something im supposed to do, I always thought I was supposed to polish something proud, big, strong. I want to polish something hefty.”

“Sounds fun, hey, I’ve got an idea-“

“Let me hear it.”

“How about we polish them at the same time? With each other?”

“I don’t know, that sounds efficient, you aren’t part of command are you?”

“Oh no, but for you, baby, I can be.” By this time both were very aroused, and Fuso was nearly bursting at her welds with glee. Her ports instantly started oozing with excitement. As his watch came to an end and he was replaced Fuso was barely able to contain herself. She had been fighting with herself to restrain from touching herself so that all her lost could be released by another. He wove through the empty passages, lit only by red lights and the pearlescent glow of reflective tapes. Each step he took built up in Fuso and resounded through her hull like ripples on a lake, and when his hand grabbed the door leading outside, the door next to the conning tower, where her port that needed all that polishing was placed, she was biting her lip in anticipation. She was practically shaking with nervous excitement. She had opened her armor up to expose her port and when Walter saw the dripping ooze his lust grew, it shone in the moonlight, showing off a silver-blue sheen that stimulated him. He approached her port rapidly, but hesitated, he didn’t know where to take this, how to proceed, he had insecurities. Fuso felt this resounding awkwardness in him, she helped him by gently wrapping around him a little, and moving him closer to her, placing him beside her port against her tower. Her armored body was warm to the touch, making her body much more appealing than the crisp, cold air. Her looming gun turret shielded them from the punishing wind and imposed a sense of surrounding into him. It comforted him, and her gentle caressing and sweet whispers to him encouraged him to love back, so he did. He placed his middle and ring fingers into her slit, softly spreading apart the lips exposing the sensitive clit and vulva underneath. To her moaning pleasure, he softly skirted his fingers around the lips, making slow, small circles along the way as if he was polishing it, this made her arms around him quiver, tighten, and grab at his genitals. Her breathing grew faster as he kept going, and her vagina, too, began to quiver and contract. More and more of her slick juice gushed out as her moaning pace increased and pitch rise. Suddenly she locked up and exclaimed as a jet of her cum squirt out through his fingers, her arms seized on Walter and her hull actually shook as the orgasm hit her like a freight train. Her vision had gone and her mouth was drooling, the squirt reached out halfway between the towers of the turret and her bridge, and her vulva had sucked Walter’s hand in and the lips held it in place. As her vision came back to her all blurry and the tingly sensation zapped up and down her hull she massaged Walter and giggled with glee. It was her first orgasm in over 50 years. While she was recovering from blacking out Walter pulled his hand out and sucked the juice off of his fingers, lapping it all off his hand.

“Mmm, I wonder?” He moved in front of her slit and knelt down before she could even recognize it his face was buried in her pussy and he was already licking and lapping and drinking her. Her eyes rolled back and she began drooling more, his ferocious lust and dirty desires had her brain dead like a zombie, her pussy used all its free range of motion to grind against his face as he ate it like an animal. He quickly pulled back and licked some off his nose. “Oh yeah, way better without the tea!”

“Fuck yeah! Drink up Mitsuna Hito!” She pushed him back in and resumed her zombified bliss. Her hand had finally gotten through his clothes and she started playing with his cock and balls, through the bliss she could only think about how hard his cock was, how she’d tighten up for it, how fucking big he’d feel, and about all the cum she was going to fill her creampie with. His vigorous work was very obviously one of passion and he brought her to her climax quickly and efficiently. Thankfully her explosion wasn’t as powerful as her first because this time Walter’s face was pressed against it, it squeezed some past the edges of his face but most of it painted his face and flowed out under his chin. By the time they had recovered his clothes were off and he’d gotten up to insert himself into her. “Oh fuck me good, Hito! Give it to me already!”

He slipped in easily and quickly. His eyes were closed as he pictured the look on her face, cues of her satisfaction came from her moans, gasps, and the feedback from her hands. He pictured her of how she looked in 1944, covered in guns and protection. He leaned against her conning tower, pressing his body against hers and pulled out slowly. He started getting a rhythm going and tired his best to keep his endurance but his dry spell was too long, in about a minute or two he couldn’t hold it off any longer. Although during those precious minutes he relished inside her, her plush, hot walls gently massaged his cock ad left it covered in its thick, slick, juice, while gentle quivers and contortions would grip him giving a short buzz of extra pleasure. Every time he would penetrate deep it got tight around his head and firm at the base of the helmet on the underside, which assisted in bringing him even closer to cumming right where it felt best. While he’d pull out a little suction tugged on him and forced her vagina to hold him back, as if calling him back inside again. When his climax did arrive it knocked him against her, he pushed his cock as deep inside as he could, right back into that marvelous hold, right up against her tower, and spilled his balls out into her depths. She withered in delight as she felt his semen pour out into her pussy. A wide smile stretched across her face and she was all warm and fuzzy on the inside-not just where his cum was, she felt worthy, sexy, and confident about herself again. She was still a good cock masseuse. She held Walter up against her body, running a hand through his hair and ruffing it up. Neither of them heard the other moaning their names, but it still encouraged them to keep going. The first thing said, and heard, was by Fuso; “I had fun, my little Mitsuna Hito, I enjoyed that.”

“Gah-uh!” He groaned happily, his doubts were put to rest with that. He wanted to make sure she got off and enjoyed the sex, he just wishes he lasted longer. “Yay, maybe next time I’ll last more than three pumps, huh?” She giggled a little and whisked him up to her lips on her conning tower. She forced him to kiss her, in a lopsided make out session where Walter was confused (French kissing isn’t common practice in Japanese culture) and the taboo rush excited Fuso. Once she was done making out she licked his junk from bottom to top, making sure to sneak her tongue under it all.

“Don’t worry, baby, I’ll get your sack time up.” She then hugged him again and put him down. While he dressed he asked her to change the bedsheets to the ‘dirty’ set, and she did because he was a mess of fluids, but didn’t expect anything else. Instead, he got in the room, changed pulled her thick love tendril down and cuddled it, inserting his half erect cock into the slit along the side while he kissed the slit on the end of it. This got Fuso whimpering and wet again.

“Alright, Fuso,” he whispered to her softly, “load me up.” Carefully she reached between his shoulder blades and inserted her connectors into the nervous system, carrying him into her mind again. There she was floating and he was in front of her hull, her size, he moved and leaned in from her port side and kissed her on the lips again. “Fuso, go back to your forty-four look.” She was still confused somewhat, she didn’t know what he was doing, why he was that big, or why he wanted her world war look, but she complied. Without even noticing she went from her modern day appearance to how she looked a month before she sank. AA gun mounts everywhere, sandbags all along the railings and blast shields, extra boats and cables were strewn about, and gone were the missile pods, the new radar-guided weapons, the new paint, all restored to September of 1944. He smiled to her and she had just then noticed that she was looking at him through her observation bridge face, the one she clawed off, the one she hasn’t used since. He moved in and kissed her more, embracing her hull in his arms. “You look much better, baby.” Suddenly she was flipped on her side and he was rubbing her hull vagina with his cock head. Although on her side everything stayed in place, an alien feeling to her. The more he rubbed the more flush her face got, twisting into a pleasured zombie face again. She felt him grab her deck and thrust his cock into her, she whimpered and gasped as he penetrated deep. She could tell it wasn’t real, but damn did it feel good! As he started pumping in and out she could feel more vigor from him as he wasn’t tired after a long day or low on endurance. His only limits were set by his lust, how much did he want it? They were finding out the fun way. Her whimpering lengthened and her hull flexed with his smooth motions, he moaned back as she gripped him exactly how she did earlier. He suddenly picked up his pace and fucked her hard until she was screaming at him enthralled in ecstasy. She bore arms to wrap around his back as he smacked his crotch against her double bottom hull, creating stimulating suction on him that made her tighter and flex on him more. He certainly lasted much, much longer with this form. He lasted just long enough to vaginally climax her, she bellowed as she thrusted her hull into him while the orgasm hit her. Her motions broke his composure and he, too, came, pressing her hull against his crotch as he relaxed into her. The simulation that their minds catered couldn’t recreate the cum they spilled, but nonetheless, it was still enjoyable, just not as enjoyable as their real sex could be. She thought that he’d wrap up here, she was panting and trying to catch her breath, but he aligned his body with hers and wrapped his arms around her hull again in an embrace and wrapped his legs around her stern. He gently kissed her belly, the keel section underneath the forward most turret, with his arms just behind her forward conning tower and over her third turret’s guns, and his legs wrapped around the stern deck on the fantail. She just now felt how big he’d pictured himself to make her feel best. Feeling this small in comparison was strange and offsetting, but she quickly warmed up to the feeling and enjoyed it. She felt safe, happy, and loved. She wrapped her own arms from her hull around him, and they intimately made soft love in this lucid dreamworld they shared. They whispered their love to each other as he made his cock throb and pulse while she convulsed and stroked it internally.

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