Titanic’s Captain -Short Story

This is a little fiction about Captain Edwards J. Smith, the captain of Titanic when she sank. This whole interaction is fictional and there are no records of if the Captain believed any of this and the records regarding his fate are controversy. This is just my fictional take on him and his fate from the viewpoint of Titanic.

Nonetheless, it is her sinking anniversary, so I’m posting it today. Enjoy.

Bradley and Titanic were relaxing on this cool evening. The moon was low and full, the waters flat and peaceful, the sky clear and calming. They sat together in each other’s arms. Violet was asleep, Britannic was being repaired, and Olympic was probably off catching up on whatever she’s been missing out on. Bradley was enjoying the moment but something was nagging at him, it had been for weeks. It was something to do with Titanic and her famous voyage, so he tried not to ruin anything, but this just wouldn’t stop nagging him. So he asked.
“Titanic, honey?”
“Yes, dear?”
“Ah, nevermind.” He couldn’t figure out how to word it.
“No, dear, what’s the matter?” She thought it might be something romantic, something dreamy.
“Ah.” He sighed. “So how did Captain Smith react to you sinking.”
“Oh.” She was disappointed, but not by much. She knew how he was. “Yes, Captain Smith.” She didn’t know how to explain it, so instead she offered to show him through her memory. Bradly accepted her request to have his answer. He joined with her and instantly was with her in a flashback-imagination trip. It isn’t all that often that they do this but when they do conjoin their minds he takes no time to become a size enough to wrap his arms around her and hold her hull. As he pressed their bodies together Titanic played back her memory. Their bodies chilled to a near freezing temperature as they grew heavy, shudders and fear enveloped them and tormented their thoughts, but amidst all this Bradley knew this wasn’t real, that this wasn’t happening again. During these trips Titanic usually loses her sight and arms, and she does lose them in thought this trip as well, but Bradley’s presence kept her demons at bay. His warmth on her hull, his imagined arms on her body softly stroking down her ribbed hull, his plush and hot lips planted in a kiss by her starboard bridge wing and kept her memories in check. She was still in control. Bradley was all sensual on her hull when he heard a strong voice echo in his mind.
“Titanic, this is my fault.” Without even having to ask his lover knew and told him who it was. That’s Captain Smith, dear. “I’m terribly sorry about this, -I, I wasn’t quite right in my head. I just wanted to end my career off with a show, give you a good name, and then maybe we’d both get a good deal out of this, eh? But no. I shouldn’t have been so demanding of you.”
“Sir?” Bradly recognized that voice, that booming voice was Titanic’s. The exact same one that he heard himself all those years ago on the bottom of the sea. Only this time her voice was more desperate; innocent in her tone of voice.
“It’s too late, deary, I have messed up. There is no way to reverse this, Mr. Anderson has proved it. I just hope that this isn’t your end, dear. You truly deserve much better than this.” Bradly felt a large, warm hand on one of her engine command posts. Sensual rubbing to calm her down began as he spoke. “I hope that if this is the end you go to a better place, you’re too innocent to know anything else.” Bradley could feel the anger rising inside him, Captain Smith. “I was a damned fool! You didn’t know any better-you couldn’t have known better! So much had gone wrong for you to understand the consequences, and I should have guided you! But no, no like a damn fool I cast those warnings aside! I pressed on! I never should have! Damned hell, I should have stopped in Queenstown!” He stepped away from the instruments. Titanic was silent. “The only thing I can do now, like any respectable Captain can do is comfort you as far as my breath will take it. Titanic, if I failed to see you to New York, the least I can do is see you to the end.” He paces around, he uncovered and rubbed his balding head with a clammy hand. “You’re so young, so new, so fresh. Just a greenhorn, no experien
ce of yer own. Not an ounce of wisdom. So new you’ve not one barnacle on your belly. But me? Dozens of voyages. Dozens of voyages aboard dozens of vessels. Titanic, please listen here, if by some miracle you have another chance you be damned sure that no godforsaken captain of yours makes the same mistakes I did! For the love of god you set him straight! If there’s another fire, another near collision, another warning of hazards, if your lookouts don’t have their binoculars you don’t move an inch. Promise me that, promise me you won’t let someone like me ruin you again?”
“I promise, sir.” The memory faded away, but Titanic kept them together in her mind, she told the rest of the story. He kept her company until the water was too much. The water flooded the room and before she could realize it he was gone not a trace of him was left. She couldn’t tell if he’d been washed out or if he’d drowned right then and there. All she knew then was that she was one person closer to being alone. Bradley asked her not to let go, to let him hold her for the rest of the night. She was going to ask the same.
Today I got back from a trip to the battleship museum BB-55, USS North Carolina, AKA The Showboat. I have probably three hundred pictures of her, she’s so beautiful. But if you guys want-or maybe I’ll do it anyway-I can post up the pictures and a little run-down of the trip. She’s really fantastic and one of my favorite museums to visit ever, if you are in the state you have to do it, you owe it to yourself. She is very affordable and very much worth it and more, with so much you can do you get more than your money’s worth out of it. The gift shop may be pricey with some stuff but hey, when you’ve gone through her you’ll be pretty inclined to support her. Take it from me I’m somewhat of a cheap bastard. She’s in Wilmington, North Carolina, on a little offshoot of I-74 I think, she’s not hard to find and easy to access. Going through all her spaces might not be for everyone but I’ve seen very large and small people all over her so if you have the will there is the way. (so tempted to put da wae meme in there but I didn’t, be proud pls) Anyways if you want more just ask!

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The Lost Olympian

So it’s been quite a while since I’ve done anything, I’m sorry about it I’ve just been going through a lot, a lot of change in my life. Nonetheless I’ve always kept my stories in mind and I’ve got a big one for y’all! The next insert in Titanic’s story, The Lost Olympian. I hope to get back into this like before, but I’m just real busy right now, and for a good long time, too. But I’ll do what I can, when I can. But without further delay,


The lost Olympian
Prinz Eugen loaded her eight massive 203 mm naval guns and conversed with Patelo and an explosive excavation specialist about where to plant the shots. Titanic impatiently waited about a kilometer behind watching. Ever since they entered Norwegian waters she’s been watching Eugen blast ice wall after ice wall, blast iceberg after iceberg. The current would push the dislodged ice chunks further north, out of their way in into colder waters, and that would keep the eco-heads happy. Now the machines certainly aren’t eco-heads but they really don’t like all the fuel consumption going on, either. Nonetheless this and Olympic were what was plaguing her mind; keeping a clean Earth and meeting her sister again. Suddenly out of the boredom a large and intimidating roar flooded the air and echoed down the icy chasm as Eugen released the third barrage onto the ice shelf. With the rather spot on accuracy the massive wall crumbled and plummeted down to the ocean. Massive splashes and waves rushed out towards them. Titanic braced and winced as the stinging water smacked her hull and carried her up and over.
“Damn that’s cold!” And she’s still used to being in waters about 3° C. Once the waves settled and the ice moved away they got a sonar report.
“All clear Titanic, we’re moving in.” Titanic found Bradley, stopped him from what he was doing, and gripped him tight and held him firm. Titanic fought to put absolutely everything she had into her engines and propellers but the crew fought back. Even though she had new engines, enough boats for her small crew, a stronger hull with topped off watertight compartments and nearly all veteran crew, the thought of history repeating still cast its shadow over them all. They took their sweet time and careful caution. They watched for outcropping the sonar missed, they checked to make sure that there was no overhang to hit the masts or funnels, and there was none. The walls were suspiciously ridged and even, the path wide and constant, the massive turn they were making was constant. They had the rudders about a fifth over to port and were traveling at 10 knots. It was eerie quiet, scary perfect, and uncomfortably calm. After some time Prinz Eugen entered a fairly large delta-like harbor and was aghast, Titanic eagerly turned the corner and saw her sitting across the bay staring at Titanic with a complete dumbfounded look of bewilderment.
“Olympic!” Bradley got her reaction all on camera.
“Am I dead, then?” Prinz Eugen was still aghast, not because she existed, but because of what she was covered in. Titanic didn’t notice or even know it’s relevance.
“No! No! They raised me! He raised me!” She nudged towards Bradley as he turned to film Olympic’s reaction. Olympic was very, very confused. Titanic began explaining what had happened, like being found, some looting, so much fascination with her and eventually got to her being raised. While she was doing that Bradley turned to Eugen, who looked back, both of them shocked. Titanic blissfully was unaware of any details and it’s no surprise why, nobody ever told her about the Nazis. Bradley brought it up with Titanic, asking her what’s all over Olympic. “Well, I don’t know.” She finally looked at the draped banners and painted emblems. “Olympic, what’s all over you? What is that?” It seemed she had no idea what Titanic was talking about. Then it suddenly hit her.
“Oh these flags? Well after I retired and moved here the Germans showed up in.., 42? Maybe? I think that’s what year they said it was. Anyways they asked if they could use me as a base of operations and in return they’d maintain me and service me. I agreed, I had grown quite lonely by then, and thus they brought up all their flags and draped then from the promenade deck and painted their.., their.., shvashteka on my decks. They built this dry dock for me, they carved out a channel for their boats-they had massive submarines! Nothing like the ones from the Great War! Oh these were much bigger, and they had many officers come aboard, many sailors and soldiers alike, they set up a lab, tested me, they even recommended updating my engines and electricals. But they never did that.”
“What all do you know? What else was going on?”
“Well the radio reception in here is absolutely terrible, so that’s why they built a tower up there on the shelf, and wired in some hard lines to my radio room. They kept a tight guard on it and never told me anything. They told me what they were doing here, of course, but not much else. When they left all they took are their boats, the radios, and weapons. They left everything else, including a bunch of documents but I can’t read German.” Eugen was interested. “Every now and then I’ll get some Norwegian radio but I don’t know Norwegian, but their music is nice.” Bradley was trying to start breaking WW2 to her but Eugen completely took over describing Hitler’s rise to power, the hate, the Jewish prosecution, the invasions, the fact that Britain and Germany warred against each other, and she kept going. She explained what Hitler and his staff did with the Jews, gays, crippled, gypsies, and other inferior beings. She described important details with accuracy and blunt truth, the blood of the nation being slowly ringed out and the horrors that ensued with invading a desperate nation. She mentioned almost every atrocity, all she knew at least, and all the consequences. It didn’t take very long for Olympic to turn pale and regret everything, guilt ensued her and enveloped her. She felt sick not just in her bowels but everywhere. She had been a veteran of the first war, one point evacuate the wounded-the mamed and gassed, the shot and starved, and she saw millions of those wounds all on one body, for everybody, as far as the horizon-and she helped that happen. If she had more human like bodily reflexes she’d throw up. Titanic didn’t even know about that, she begged Bradley to tell her more and he said he’d try his best.
Olympic wasn’t very friendly after that, not for a while anyways. She begged that the flags be ripped off her-her arms couldn’t reach-and her decks cleaned. She was on the brink of crying. They really didn’t have a way of getting to her, the gangways on the dry dock looked rotten and weak and the docks were too high to send the lifeboats, Titanic’s crew could split up and man Titanic as a skeleton crew with the majority of crew going to Olympic, but as of then they had no means of getting them to Olympic. Olympic said that tides rose quite high here, and that there’s some sheltered wood in a house at the back of the dry dock, when asked about provisions she said it probably all went bad decades ago. So they gathered up food, water, tools, rope, anything else they’d need, stocked up the boats, and got them ready to be lowered. After that they waited. In this time they asked Olympic about things all around the harbor.
“Well, there’s an ammo Depot in that big octagon bunker there, and there’s the main office-that small shack there, I was to be the quarters and office for all here and any who sailed here. That was where I was tethered to right there, that pier next to the Hipper class. Let’s see, there was a U-boat frame they had floating out there but they scuttled that little thing when they left. There are some quite nasty aircraft guns on me, and there were some over by the depot but those were taken. I’m pretty sure I still have some ammo on me. Uh, let’s see, there was a crane they used but that fell over in a nasty storm. Oh and they also had special hot suits to clean my belly with-oh that was very nice!”
“Then why was there a dry dock?”
“Oh this wasn’t for me at all. It was for one of their super dreadnoughts, I think her name was for Admiral Tirpitz. They told me the poor thing got stuck further south and couldn’t get here. They also said it was much nicer. I knew I should have gone farther south. I was so stupid.” That only created more questions.
“Olympic, you could go farther south?” Titanic asked.
“Yes, after you sank and after the Great War White Star Line fell apart and was bought out by Cunard. Most of the white stars were broken up because of how old they were. But because of my service and what I am-alive-they offered me retirement. I took it. They let me choose where I could go and at the time I was very very upset with people. So I hastily chose isolation and temperatures hostile to people. I came here. After a long while I hated myself for choosing this, as you surely know I went mad all alone. I guess they, Cunard, wrote me off as being broken up.” It was quiet. “It was that madness and loneliness that made me accept the.., the Nazis.., so fast and open.” It was very obvious she was guilty and remorseful. By this time the tide had risen high enough to reach the piers and the parties were launched. Everyone watched eagerly as they rowed across the bay and came alongside the pier, mooring the comparably tiny boats to the pier and climbing over onto the top.
They explored around and did find usable wood, rope, tools, and other gear. After scrounging through the base they assessed the gangways and brows, some were rotted but there were some metal ones that were perfectly fine. They swiftly made their way aboard bringing most of the wood and tools, checking all the lockers, compartments, valves, electrics, and vital systems of Olympic. The climate, hull integrity, and superb building skills kept everything practically brand new. A true testament to time. Olympic was still a oil-fired steam engine ship, and only having a skeleton crew meant that manning an engine system of that size and complexity was nearly impossible-not including the crew for the bridge. They had a plan for this, however, only one boiler would be fired and the steam would be directed to one engine only. The most senior ad experienced navigators and helmsmen were sent aboard Olympic because of this plan. Once the plan had begun it all went to the trash. As it turned out one of Olympic’s post-Titanic refits included arms that could operate her boilers without a crew, so more effort was focused at the engine and rudder engine level. While the engines were heating up the deck hand party went around tearing down all the Nazi banners and flags. For the first time in nearly 80 years Olympic’s belly felt hot and ready, her engines felt pumped and strong, and her smokestacks bellowed with warm smoke. Her smile stretched from port to starboard and barred all her comforting teeth, that mood lifted up everyone else’s moods, too.
Her lines were cast off, she was tied to Eugen for a tow out, and they were off before sunrise. Bradley stood on Titanic’s forecastle with his camera watching his lover turn overjoyed and it in turn spilled over into him. Titanic watched her sister’s slick, long hull glide through the water. The water and ice gleamed with her hull and the lights on her hull like a mirror, majestically gliding through the dark between the ice illuminating the whole passage as if it were a city. She made the whole ice sheet glow and dance, the water sparkled and jumped around, and Titanic could not contain her excitement. She shook Bradley and wrapped him tightly in her arms. It was at this moment, when they were about to leave the corridor onto open water, he realized that neither had ever seen or been around each other on the open water. Only being together in ports.
The sun’s rays stretched across the sky, piercing through the clouds and casting an orange glow on the trio and turned the deep blue water to an almost purple sea with big orange spots on the waves. The two Olympic class liners steamed side by side, their long black hulls flying over the blue and the proud white superstructures gleaming in the light, the tall masts reached high into the sky and the smokestacks stood mighty and high. They sailed proudly and Eugen couldn’t help but watch in amazement at their elegance, beauty, and majesty. They were meant to be the most luxurious, most majestic, most beautiful queens of the sea-and that they were. All eyes were on these two ladies, the sunrise astern and the gleaming ice sheet providing a powerful and moving backdrop for these two distinguished ships. Titanic instantly started talking to Olympic as soon as the euphoria wore off.
“Yes, Titanic?” Olympic shifted her eyes port to look at Titanic, her eyes were a deep brown and her voice very similar to Titanic’s.
“Why did you choose to isolate yourself? What happened with people that pushed you to do that?” Olympic sighed and did the little ‘ship nod’ that constitutes looking down and moving lips convincingly.
“Alright, I guess it goes back to when I ran into the Hawke cruiser, I felt so bad about that. Next it was you, when you sank we heard your cries, your CDQ CDQ SOS SOS, we heard it all. Then the silence hurt me, then the news crushed me. That hurt me for a long time. There was a man, however, he was sweet and kind, and I fell in love with him. He was a steward on my crew roster, and we had made much progress together. He was there when they put in my eyes and mouth, my arms, and all those sorts. He was the first person I searched for, first person I held, first person I loved. Then the war started and we were separated while I was turned into a troop ship. One day as I’m loading troops I see one soldier smiling up at me and it was him. I was so happy, I instantly plucked him and all his stuff and moved him where I wanted him, I certainly abused my power to keep him there where I wanted. I kept him with me and we loved and loved every night all night. But he wanted to serve the king, he fought me to get off and fight, he did win because I was threatened by the Navy, and he went off to war. That worried me a lot. But as news came back of the war going well, when I sank a U-boat, and when I went to retrieve his battalion I was filled with excitement, I felt like nothing could go wrong. I scanned each and every face I saw, I memorized everything on everybody that looked like my dear Harry. But none of them were him. I learned later he died of a trenchfoot amputation complication. He died after weeks of pain, discomfort, and misery. And the last time I saw him I was upset with him, I was furious with him. And I felt very guilty about that. And it took me oh, thirty years to get past that. I clung to that guilt, the guilt of loosing my sisters, my lover, and my family. When Cunard bought out White Star, I meant. That is what drove me that far.” There was a moment when Titanic was going to say something when Olympic continued, “His name was Harris J. Pettleton. He was from Partridge. He made me think and wonder, how many boys did I send to their deaths? How many did I ferry to the grave?” Titanic sensed she was going back down a dark path and instantly ended that train ride.
“On a different note, New York is beautiful! London is awesome! And Britannic is in New York right now. Sh-”
“They raised her, too!?”
“Yes! She came out looking for you before I did, she scraped the Ice but her hull held and she’s being fixed up right now. She’s still a medical ship and has gone do disaster relief rallies to treat survivors. She and I and you are probably going to be museum ships, I am already, Britannic works as one when not a medical ship, sometimes she’s paid by the Navy to be used as a training platform for their ocean doctors, practicing surgeries at sea in rough or normal conditions.”
“You think I’m going to be a museum ship, Titanic?”
“Well, Bradley here is part of the company board, so he knows more, maybe even what you’re going to be for sure. Bradley? What’s Olympic going to be?” He Thought and leaned against the railing.
“Well,” he began looking over Olympic’s hull at the rust and wear and deficient properties, “with this paint scheme you might actually be used as a cruise ship to bridge the gap in profits.”
“I’ll be a liner again? What flag will I fly?”
“You’ll fly under the British flag and the White Star pennant. BUT if it’s decided to repaint you, it may be the dazzle scheme and you’ll be a museum ship for World War One, merchant marines, and the likes.”
“Well,” she started a little worried, “If you needed profits, why doesn’t Titanic carry passengers, she’s only ever carried for one voyage. Don’t you think she’d want to fulfill her first purpose?” That did effect Titanic, she does have phases where she begs to carry passengers but Bradley and others remind her of how few she can carry. It is a very somber time frame.
“I don’t have enough boats to carry passengers.” Titanic stated then looked to her deck almost in defeat.
“Right,” Olympic responded, looking at her deck, “so how is it? Being a museum?”
“Not to bad,” Titanic replied scowling as she thought about it, “it does get repetitive and at times mundane and boring, but most often the groups are interesting themselves and are a fun bunch, and I do get a lot of time with my dear Bradley, so I say it’s not too bad. I’ll take the worst days of this than any day on the bottom.”
“What was it like? What happened?”
“The bottom? Lonely, absence of everything, and cold. But it wasn’t that cold! The only times I was really excited and what set me back on track to sanity was subs coming to visit. Interaction again, light itself can be felt if it’s gone for too long. At the end was Bradley, he talked to me and helped me the most. As it turned out I fell for him and to top it off he made me a mother.” Olympic was stunned.
“Wow, uh, congratulations! How long have you been a mother?”
“Violet is seven years old, Britannic’s little one, Tobey, is five years old. They’re wonderful little things!”
“Harry and I were talking about children, we weren’t even sure if it would work out. If it was possible. Now I know.”
“How long did you serve, Olympic?” Prinz Eugen asked, coming alongside.
“Oh I served twenty four years as a liner. Almost five years in service of the Navy. I had carried around two-hundred-and-one thousand soldiers to the war, and when I was retired in thirty-four I had made two-hundred and fifty-seven round trips to New York and the United Kingdom, with four-hundred-and-thirty thousand passengers on my rosters. I was close to two million miles traveled. They got their uses out of me for sure.”
“Impressive, quite a career.”
“I’ve been plagued with problems, though. I’ve had the problem of hitting ships left and right, I only meant it once and I got the bastard, but every other time it was an accident. I sank a lightship and killed half of the crew. There is a lot about me, a lot wrong, or twisted. I don’t know why, either.” They broke off the conversation for a while, that night Titanic brought up something in secret to Olympic that she had noticed.
“Olympic, I noticed you’re very active, do you need someone?” Olympic was shocked.
“Is it that obvious?”
“No, but we’re sisters, we know each other. Trust me, we feel each other.”
“Yes, I am a little lonely.”
“A little?”
“Okay, I’m really lonely. I haven’t been touched since 1915, that’s over a hundred years ago! I need to get stuffed, I can’t stand it!” Titanic giggled a little bit, she knew the feeling, it’s why she talked dirty with Bradley the whole way up. “Are there any.., bachelors on board? Anyone that might help me out?” Titanic laughed aloud.
“There is one person I know who’d love to help you out. He’s going to be at port, Olympic. All you’re going to have to do is talk to him a little bit, then get sexual.” The potential prospect made Olympic wet and grow very excited. “He’s not that bad looking either.” That made Olympic reached for herself and make sure she’d be.., ready to go when they meet. That stayed on her mind the whole journey there, pricked deep, long, with a rod of steel, she thought on it so long she was leaking onto the forecastle deck. She refused to please herself so he’d be even more fun for her, dirty, naughty, sexy fun!

During the days Prinz Eugen, Titanic, and Olympic would share sea stories and share sea stories of some of their crew members. Olympic certianly had the the most to share so that kept them all busy while they were sailing down to Liverpool. When they arrived at Liverpool there was much that had changed for Olympic, she marveled at how busy it was, how modern it had become. She was marveled at herself, everyone had believed that she, the queen of Liverpool, was broken up long ago, but now she sails through the narrows once more and it seemed that everything stopped. It was the exact same when Titanic sailed in after her refloat, like time stood still for all but them. Olympic felt a blast from her glory days back when she was the ship, the ship everyone adored, the ship everyone wanted to sail on. She saw her old slipway and noticed her tugs and tenders were guiding her there, she became very excited and overjoyed to be home again. She was delicately nudged into the slip and aligned with the chalks under her belly and sealed off. The water was drained and she rested on the chalks set up just for her and her small crew was departed and inspectors were launched aboard.
There was lots of rust under and at her waterline, her stabilizing fins were in danger of falling off and her rudder in danger of failing to traverse. Her propellers made of bronze were clean and functional but the fittings for them looked sketchy. The pump ports were also noteworthy as was her keel-line. The Germans had done a superb job of making Olympic seaworthy again but that was way back in 1942-43, it had done it’s job and wore off. Paint below the waterline was no longer red but a pink-grey. Inspections of her electrical systems were problematic for most areas but the vitals ad most of the officer cabins were fully functional and up to the 1940’s standard. The firemain pumps and dewatering pumps were all stopped up and filled with algae and other water life. If there was a leak in Olympic there would be no way to stop it, and if the fuel pumps and tanks weren’t in good condition and started a fire there would be no saving her. Integrity was outstanding, the cold preserved much of anything aboard but the food spoiled regardless and some added deck fixtures had rotted. Overall she was in remarkable condition, in great shape and if you asked her, healthy and ready for some great sex. Titanic was pulled alongside the slip and moored where Britannic had been a few days ago. She was out for trials making sure the repairs were satisfactory. Olympic really wanted to see her, wanted to meet Violet and Tobey, her niece and nephew, she wanted to meet Harold and shake hands with Bradley. She also wanted to meet Patelo but he was gone in a flash, he said his goodbye over the radio and poof, gone into the city before he could be thanked. “I wanted to thank him for finding me.”
“Well, he didn’t find you.” Titanic said.
“Who did? Bradley?”
“Britannic? Harold?”
“Neither of them.”
“Then who?” Titanic assured her that she’ll meet them very soon, but in the meantime she’d be meeting the man Titanic promised her. Olympic tried to clean up as much as she could, she snagged some cleaning gear from her lockers and cleaned her port and made sure a man would love to play with her toys. Titanic’s love ports are all in her superstructure, while Britannic was built with her fantail port, one on her hull, and she also had one on her forecastle deck, just ahead of her cargo shoot, and was upgraded with more in her superstructure. Olympic had her fantail fun port and her forecastle fun port. She wanted to watch herself get drilled, she wanted to see herself getting fucked, so she made sure the forecastle port was clean, soaked, tight and soft. She cleaned to her satisfaction and proceeded to pester Titanic about him. Titanic continuously reasured her that he’d be coming. And sometime that evening Titanic introduced him to her.
“Olympic, I want you to meet a close friend of mine and Bradley’s. This is Perry Johnson, from Hampton.”


Yeah, yeah, it’s been a long time since I’ve done anything, much longer something naughty, but don’t worry it’s on the way!

Yamato II

Here’s Yamato II, the second insert for Yamato. I just couldn’t resist putting her into another story, WOWS is too tempting. Oh and yes there’s a shoutout to WOWS, but that’s besides the point.

OH! and here’s the Yamato theme song for my favorite RTS game Battlestations Pacific with super sexy and impressive pictures and paintings:

The video’s good for the battle scene 😉 Enjoy!

Yamato II

Yamato handed Daichi to Hisashi, he was their bright little baby boy. Yamato had given birth not forty-eight hours ago and Daichi was already proving to be a trouble maker. When Yamato tried to ‘breast’ feed him he grabbed her nipple and did drink a little from it but took it and smacked it against her arm like it was a stick. Another instance is when they tried to put him to sleep he would rattle his crib open and get out, all throughout the night he’d wake up and bust out of his crib. They expected him to cry throughout the night but no, he silently would break out and would be caught when he fell from the crib to the floor and climb onto Hisashi. Yamato said he just loves his dad a lot but she knew he did it to be an annoyance. With all the crap he’s put them through they still couldn’t be happier. He’s a little tan bundle and when Hisashi took him he smiled upon his little boy. Daichi’s little brown eyes squinted in the sunlight and his little arms reached out to the sun to block out the light. Hisashi rubbed Daichi’s head, feeling the soft little black hairs already growing out. Hisashi sat down against Yamato’s superstructure and rocked his son in his arms.

“You’re going to grow up and make us proud, Daichi.”

“You tell him that every time you see him.”

“I don’t want him to have any doubts.” At that moment an Admiral stepped onto Yamato and asked for Hisashi. An attendant led him to the Admiral’s bridge and asked him to wait while the attendant fetched Hisashi. He climbed up a level and opened the blast door and called for Hisashi. Hisashi muttered ‘I thought I was retired’ and climbed up the ladder. Yamato held her son while daddy climbed up. He followed the attendant and just before the door to the bridge was opened the admiral commanded ‘at ease’ and surprised Hisashi. Hisashi still snapped to attention before the admiral. “Sir, what fortune have we found to have your presence?”

“Hisashi Isobe I understand it is still drilled into you to treat me with high respects but if you could try to refrain from it that would be greatly appreciated.”

“As you wish, sir.”

“I am greatly humbled to be here, Yamato here in a Japanese slipway was far beyond my childhood dreams when I was inspired to join by her, but much like in her time of glory Japan’s Navy is small; and just like in her time of glory Japan is at war.” Hisashi blinked.

“What, sir? Japan is at war?” The admiral nodded. “With who? China?”

“No, Isobe, Japan is at war with the United African Federation.” Yamato blinked this time.

“Excuse me, but the United African Federation? Who are they?”

“The UAF are similar to United States but instead of democracy as their governing tool the UAF use a dictator-socialist method. Close to fascism but not as extreme. Their dictator Jamul Irogod rose to power by gaining the allegiance of other African countries through promise of prosperity, by economic overtaking, or by forcefully erecting himself, much like Hitler did. At first he promised peace, like Hitler, then he did something else, he used Africa’s vast resources to become a superpower. They hurriedly advanced many sciences, such as finding the antivirus serum for AIDS and HIV, developing a combatant for early stage cancers, and finding new building techniques for more stable buildings during earthquakes-something Japan has benefited from greatly-and they have some of the greatest a scientists from around the world there researching their fields. Their domestic production is immense and is one of the highest in the world. Jamul wanted more, just like Hitler. He started expanding into the Middle East to ‘stabilize’ the turmoil but it was an invasion. I’ve said enough and you get the picture so I’m going to cut to the chase, the UAF has declared war on the ‘corrupt’ UN nations. We are part of the UN.” There was a short silence before Yamato put things together.

“So you want me back in service.” The admiral was hesitant to reply.

“Yes. Now we know you have done so much for Japan already, even giving your life for Japan, but we’re asking again. Will you help us?” Yamato cradled her son in her arms and pressed him against her body, ignoring his death grip on her tendril. She still retained the mentality of fulfilling duty no matter what, and her duty was to serve the Emperor and Japan, but at the same time she has a child to feed and nurture, a child to protect. Hisashi was going to take up the call to arms and Yamato knew and accepted that, but what about her son? She could not form an answer, she panicked a little bit. She brought Hisashi to a private corner and asked him. Hisashi had no immediate family alive but he did have a cousin that he regularly talked to while waiting for Yamato. Hisashi knew he had a wife and a daughter, his cousin-in-law was a nice woman, he trusted them with Daichi. He proposed the thought to Yamato, the admiral caught wind of their situation. “My wife said it’d be an honor to watch your child in the time being, if that helps with anything.” Yamato was still afraid to let go of her only son but she knew that if something did happen Daichi would be in great care with Hisashi’s cousin. She hesitantly accepted the call to arms. “Don’t fear, Yamato. Your line of duty won’t put you on the front often; there will be ample time for you to spend with your son. Besides, we still have to outfit you.”

Yamato relieved herself of worry, she and Hisashi continued to care for Daichi while Hisashi’s cousin and his family came down to spend time with Yamato, Hisashi, and Daichi. The day after they reentered the Japanese Navy Yamato was moved into the slip where she was outfitted with her turrets after being raised and her turrets were removed and the museum pieces exhumed from her. Four triple AA turrets from each side were removed and her smokestack cover was taken out. In place of the eight missing triple AA turrets were eight American ‘Sea Whiz’ guns, radar was easily positioned on her and hooked up to a computer and her main gun batteries, in her smokestack were two ballistic missile systems and the smokestack cover was changed to one that opened up. She was obviously filled with ammunition and powder.

“Where did you find all of these extra rounds?” She asked the admiral in astonishment as truck upon truck stopped and unloaded rounds.

“Since you were resurfaced we have been building up arms for your weaponry. Since you sank, actually, people have been keeping you, say, up to date. There have been numerous conception arts put online of you modernized, as a space ship, and even as an aircraft carrier. You’ve been put into various medias, video games, comics, animations. You’re almost considered a pop culture icon. Now the actual modernization may not be what the media is expecting, no rail guns or laser beams, but you will be once again a deadly and fierce adversary.” Yamato did indeed feel like a deadly foe again. Her gun systems were given computer assistance and her new radar array swept far past the horizon, further than her guns could even reach, and her new missiles were a very potent weapon to unleash upon a worthy enemy. Her defenses? Her AA battery was also given an enhanced fire control system and her Sea Whiz guns that were radar guided made a near impenetrable bubble around her. Hisashi’s family arrived the weekend the modifications were completed. They were tired after the long travel and while they were all very much impressed by Yamato but they really just wanted some sleep. Hisashi very excitedly introduced them to Yamato, Mr. and Mrs. Isobe and their daughter Emiko. Emiko was an energetic preteen and after following Hisashi to her bedroom, right next to her parents’ room all officers’ quarters, she followed Hisashi around and talked to Yamato more.

“You look different from the game.” Emiko said looking up at Yamato’s impressive radar array.

“I did have a lot of modern changes.” Yamato was curious about how she looked in the game. “What do I look like in the game?”

“I’ll show you,” she pulled a small laptop and opened it up. She started it up and used a wireless mouse to open up a game. She logged on and a Japanese cruiser came up on the ocean, she clicked around and a grayscale Yamato appeared. Emiko handed the laptop to Yamato and told her how to orbit the digital version of herself. It was the 1945 variant of her, exactly how she looked when she sank. Yamato held the laptop in front of her face with two hands and moved the mouse with a third “looks like you, but without all the new stuff.”

“Yeah,” Yamato was amazed at how nice it looked, even though it lacked color it looked amazing, “it looks exactly like me.”

“I don’t play battleships. I play cruisers.” Yamato was still entranced by her digital self, a mix of both flattering and astonishment filled her. “Click ‘PORT’ and you can see what ships I have.” Yamato did so and color came back as her digital self disappeared. Up came a Mogami cruiser in full colors with the green stripe camouflage. “My best ship is the Mogami, but I think I also have the American Bogue carrier. Those are my top ships. My other countries are still at tier two.” Yamato was this time affixed on looking all around the Mogami, she was astonished at how real it looked.

“Why don’t you have a battleship?” She asked not at all offended, she realized long long ago she was outdated.

“They’re too slow, I like going fast and running around.”

“You know our Kongo battleships were fast. I think they could do thirty knots.”

“That’s fast,” she thought, “yeah they are fast. Not as fast as my Furutaka but fast.”

“You don’t have any destroyers?”

“Not yet, I want to get the Senjo first, and then I’ll get some destroyers.” There was a silence as Yamato switched to the Bogue carrier. Chills shook through her hull. “Do you want to play?” Yamato had absolutely no computer capability. She had been on a tablet before but a computer? Hell no. But she wanted to so bad.

“Yes! How do I play?”

“Well,” Emiko thought, she didn’t want her laptop to be broken out here. She wanted to move it inside, “can you see inside?”

“I can see on the bridge and I can see in Hisashi’s room.” She found Hisashi in his room. “Hisashi!” She exclaimed, “Make yourself appropriate!” Hisashi was already appropriate and the only time she really commanded him like that was when she wanted some naughty fun, usually she commanded ‘Hisashi! Clean the bed off!’ but nope, not this time. He was confused. He instead made Daichi appropriate and soon enough Yamato opened the door and let Emiko in. “Emiko is showing me how to play a game.”

“Well keep it down, Daichi is asleep.” Emiko sat down at the desk and opened the laptop; she rebooted everything and up came the game. The title screen of a movie clip of a dramatic fight between ships caught his eye. “What game is that?”

“World of Warships. It’s a game about warships from the Second World War.”

“Is Yamato in it?”

“I am! Isn’t it exciting? It’s so amazing how realistic it looks!” She exclaimed sharing her feelings about being in a video game. Hisashi softly chuckled, he knew how much media surrounded Yamato, and still he was curious as to the detail they gave her in this game. Emiko signed in and pulled up Yamato again, she turned and saw Daichi.

“Oh he’s so cute! Can I hold him? Please?”

“Sit on the bed so if you get tired you can put him down.” She hopped off the chair and onto the bed and her face gave away that she was not strong enough to hold Daichi for long. Hisashi meanwhile orbited the digital Yamato and was impressed at its detail and beauty. It did look exactly like when they left for Okinawa all those years ago. He got up and picked Daichi off of Emiko’s numb legs. “Heavy, isn’t he?”

“Very heavy.” She popped back into the chair and clicked around. “Yamato what nation do you want to start with?”

“Japan.” Emiko switched to Co-op mode and selected the Japanese tier I she kept for the destroyer line.

“Okay now give me your hands,” Yamato did so, she was taught the basics and then sent into a Co-op game. Yamato could see through the camera she had in the room the screen and everybody watching her, she felt excited and pressured even though it was a game. As she played Daichi woke up but nobody noticed, it wasn’t because the game drowned out his cry but the game captivated him and so he didn’t cry. The flashes of fire and smoke with the splashes and explosions of shots kept him quiet. Hisashi noticed he was staring at the screen with a wide smile on his face; he’d grin and softly giggle when a ship exploded. Once the game ended, Yamato sank a ship and hit four others; Yamato retracted her arms and exclaimed how much fun she had. “Those enemies were just computer programs, the only real people were your allies. If you play in random battles instead of co-op battles then everyone there is a real person. Random battles are much harder.”

“That was pretty loud, is Daichi still asleep?”

“No,” Yamato was about to go comfort Daichi back to sleep, “he loved the show.” Daichi was pointing at the laptop screen and grunting and whining. “I think he wants another.”

“Oh I could play that game all day.”

“We can make you your own profile, that way you can play yours and I can play mine and we can play together.”

“I’ll still be able to play, right?”


“As long as I can play it!” She picked up Daichi and talked to him. “Don’t worry my little Daichi, you’ll see it soon enough.” Emiko made Yamato her own email account and from there her own profile. Yamato played for a little longer on her own profile and meanwhile thought how she might take Daichi out and show him the power of real life guns she has. “Hisashi, when do we go out for sea trials?”

“Tuesday. Why do you ask?”

“I think Daichi would love to see my guns fire.” Emiko got excited.

“Can I come!?” She begged but Hisashi declared it was up to her parents.

The days passed and Emiko’s parents didn’t mind Emiko staying while Yamato conducted sea trials, Hisashi’s cousin also stayed but his wife did not stay with Yamato, she stayed with the Admiral’s wife not too far from the base. Yamato sailed out off the coast of Okinawa and ended her trip off the coast of Iwo Jima where she woke her guns from their slumber. Emiko and Daichi were in their fathers’ arms and were watching, watching with excited anticipation as the two forward barbettes clunked to life. They all heard the gears grind, the clank-clank-clank of the turrets move, the hum of the six massive guns elevate to the predetermined position. Hisashi leaned over the rail to check on the stern turret, it was in the same position as the other two. Over the loudspeaker they heard the countdown. Yamato could hardly stand it. As soon as the order was given her first turret let its awesome power go. No matter where you were on that ship you felt those guns, the discharge put a heavy thump in your chest, it knocks the wind from your lungs and makes your ribs question their strength. The gun crews for the AA erupted in cheer as the smoke billowed from the three barrels, everyone watches as the three glowing shots hurtled out maybe ten miles, well within her capability, and suddenly drop to the ocean making huge splashes seen easily with the naked eye. As the columns came crashing back down the second battery was discharged. Again it felt like someone punched you square in the chest and knocked the wind from you. Daichi by now was going crazy, he had the biggest smile on his chubby face and was flailing his arms around, bouncing up and down, and laughing up a storm. This set of salvos traveled out to about the edge of the horizon before they dropped from the sky. Again there was cheer, and soon after the third battery fired. Emiko felt sick to her stomach with the concussive wave and sat down. The third battery fired their shots to the maximum range; it disappeared over the horizon and as it did there was a multitude of cheers from the gun crews. Hisashi convinced Emiko to stand back up and watch the smaller batteries fire. They went through their phases, not nearly as impressive as the main batteries, but they proved effective. Yamato had passed her gun qualification. Her ballistic missile launches weren’t as cool, rather uninteresting, but it was the maneuvers they performed in the sky that dazzled Yamato, Hisashi, Emiko, Daichi, and Tadashi (Emiko’s father). They turned for home and merrily chugged home.

Once they arrived home Mrs. Isobe came back aboard and heard, nonstop, all about the voyage. Emiko didn’t leave any details out, she explained the storm, the fisherman paying their respects as Yamato passed, the whales they saw, the gun qualification, the emergency stop and the hard turn around Yamato did, the shipping freighter that contested its lane (it eventually veered off before Yamato and it hit each other) and tug that almost got sucked under Yamato’s stern trying to push her into the slip. Once that was all settled out it was rather uneventful, they heard plenty from combat in the Atlantic and how the U.S. declared itself in a struggle with the UAF, it wasn’t officially war but it technically was. The majority of combat was in the Middle East and the Mediterranean, occasionally the southern cape, but almost none in the Pacific. Yamato hoped that she wouldn’t be needed but at the same time she didn’t want to be for nothing again. Since she had been recommissioned her museum doors had been closed to the public and they sat around, again. But she wasn’t alone; most of Japan’s Navy was the same way. Japan’s carriers were sent to the Atlantic for some reason, it didn’t make sense to anyone, not Yamato, not Hisashi, not even the Admiral. That was until the UAF sent a task force towards Panama. One cold morning Yamato and an escort of four destroyers were called upon. The admiral smiled once he finished reading the orders. He walked onto the bridge with a huge smirk on his face.

“What’s our mission, sir?” She asked she had just waved off Daichi and the Isobes when he stepped on deck.

“The higher-ups want to disgrace the UAF Navy.”

“How’s that, sir?”

“It was discovered that the UAF are planning to use a small detachment of destroyers and troop transports to seize the Panama Canal. Essentially cutting off the Pacific from the Atlantic. I figured out why we sent our carrier over, we were baiting them to move on Panama while everyone’s carriers were in the Atlantic.” Yamato put it together.

“They set this up for me.”

“Exactly.” They both smiled and when Yamato told Hisashi he smiled. The task force made haste to intercept the UAFN just off of Midway. The UAFN already had a good start on them but storms set them back, and Yamato’s force arrived early, the trap was set and Yamato would finally be the spearhead. The UAFN was only a day late; Yamato picked them up on her radar and felt their presence. There were six targets, all moderate size just a bit bigger than the Japanese destroyers and just as fast. She aligned her guns as the all call rang out, the five Japanese ships all coordinated their attacks and exactly 1150 hours eight missiles launched two from each destroyer. Yamato watched as the destroyer missile hatches flung open as smoke flooded the decks, a long black rod came from each of the open hatches followed by a bright streak and more smoke, as she thought about how much cooler that looked than her missile launches the eight powerful missiles soared toward their targets. Yamato tracked their impressive speed and all of a sudden they vanished off of her radar.

“No hit, no hit, no hit.” Another volley met with the same fate, no hits. Suddenly the six targets turned to twelve and then eighteen as they retaliated. Yamato watched in terror as the twelve missiles zoomed to their positions; she had just gotten them into view when her four Sea Whiz guns moved without her command. They revved to life and like a Zero’s engine they zipped and zipped, all of the Japanese ships zipped and zipped. A wall of lead formed and hit each missile on the button. Yamato wished she had those seventy-something years ago and awaited orders.

“Hold fire, hold fire. We can’t do anything to each other.” The UAFN must have thought the same thing because no more missiles came their way. “Load the guns. High Explosive.” Yamato felt a huge smile creep across her face as the command was echoed throughout the fleet. She felt all the intricate mechanics at work, she felt the breaches lock and she moved her guns to fire right as they came into range. Her destroyer escorts also had their guns ready, she knew that they would be ready, she knew everyone was ready. Hisashi stood with her in what this will be their finest hour. She kept the Admiral informed.

“Targets will be in range in three minutes, sir.” She couldn’t wait, she trained the guns onto the lead ship and waited for the command to fire. She waited for an eternity. “Sir the targets are in range.” She waited for the order.

“Hold fire.” Yamato couldn’t believe it.

“What, sir!?”

“Hold fire. At that range the shot will spread too much. I want a swift victory, so wait until they are in spotting distance before firing.” Yamato scowled. She had all of this capability and it was essentially useless. She tracked each one; she tracked their movements and patterns. After an agonizing time the first destroyer crept over the horizon. “Fire away.” Her guns instantly rang out in a broadside and the whole Japanese fleet felt the guns as the one-and-a-half ton shots soared at two-thousand and six-hundred feet per second. The shots kept their grouping tight and when they dropped from the sky they came crashing down with immense force, enough that the lead destroyer that was hit was almost completely obliterated. The HE shots pierced through the thin armor and their explosive charges ripped the hull apart sending all sorts of things into the sky. As what remains of the destroyer sank the three shots that hit their mark showed just how potent and dangerous Yamato really was. Instantly the five other destroyers took evasive actions, they were going to be tricky to hit. Their maneuvers slowed their approach but it worked. When Yamato’s guns reloaded she fired on the coordinates the computer gave her and the shots hit their marks every time, give or take about five meters but that didn’t matter, the destroyers changed direction before they could get there. Her shots were on point but the destroyers were too evasive. She grew extremely frustrated. She went with her gut on one battery and knocked out a destroyer’s bridge, the other two shots that she fired in spite barely missed the deck gun and the antenna tower. Smoke and fire flowed from the bridge as its controls were lost and it soon drifted into range for the allied destroyers to use their main guns. There were four left and by now they had drawn within the secondary battery’s range and Yamato’s six inch guns were firing as fast as possible and soon the AA five inch guns were firing flak at it to shred anyone outside and the bridge. One destroyer was hit and set afire as it tried to make a torpedo run, the admiral ordered a hard turn as it lined up but Yamato was 78,808 tons, she was nowhere near nimble; she would have to take the blow. No torpedoes came but instead volley upon volley of their main deck guns. Japanese destroyers broke formation and paired up to pick off one destroyer each pair, leaving Yamato with an injured one and a healthy one. The injured one refused to give up a torpedo run and got so close that the AA triple turrets fired rounds at the windows of it. Yamato saw the torpedo tubes moving and felt the urge to fire her main battery. She obeyed her instinct and Hisashi screaming over the gunfire for her to shoot him and all two hit him center mass. The shots were low in the hull and the explosions broke the destroyer in half with it bucking up to the sky. Yamato shifted her attention to the destroyer making a B-line to her flank. Suddenly she felt something along her side where her stern barbette was, she looked and Hisashi confirmed that it was a submarine! She couldn’t believe it, suddenly hatches on the deck opened and out shot grappling cables and hooks that quickly entangled themselves around her railing, the sub became magnetically attached to her and armed men began ascending the ropes. AA gun crews quickly sent messages up the chain and the on board Marine force was scrambled. The marine force was going to be well out numbered she saw. Her guns were reloaded just as the first attacker reached the deck; she dropped those three guns and fired all three into the ocean. The concussive blast knocked them against her hull and off the rope and caused internal bleeding, they either fell and drowned or fell sprawled onto the deck of the sub while they all were bleeding from the ears and screaming with tremendous pain. She felt the same thing on her other side, the Marines were ordered to spread over to the other side but it’d be too late. The exposed men on that side drew their side arms and waited, Yamato refused to let them be out gunned and moved the AA triple turrets to lie in wait for them. The attackers climbed up and over right into a hailstorm of .98 inch gunfire and small handgun rounds. They halted and called in for the destroyer to do something about the guns, the destroyer answered by shooting a six inch round into Yamato’s AA assortment, which killed many men and crippled at least three turrets, another round finished off the other two turrets available. She had been moving her stern turret over to subdue the attackers permanently but it was too late, they had rushed over and were swarming the uninjured AA gunners. The Marines busted trough the hatch frame and instantly started firing at the attackers. They were too close for the destroyer to do anything, so close that melee combat sparked up. Yamato did her best to grab attackers and either chuck them over or snap their necks or both. The attackers used high explosive grenade launchers to set small fires along the AA battery, further insuring they wouldn’t be a problem. Just then Yamato grabbed every Marine she could and dragged them back away from the attackers as her stern turret fired its shots, the crippling ear and internal bleeding affected very few attackers but at least it did something. Two Japanese destroyers came around and fired at the enemy destroyer to drive it away. It defiantly launched three torpedoes at Yamato; she turned hard and hoped for the best. Two would be unavoidable and she braced for the shock. Instead one torpedo slammed into the attached sub assault transport and the other one glanced off of that and further glanced off of Yamato. She was extremely relieved and giddy when the fleeing destroyer fired upon Yamato as much as possible. The other destroyers ceased their pursuit under the admiral’s orders.

“Why, sir?”

“Let them run.” There was a tense pause as he lit his tobacco. “They’ll only die tired.” With that Yamato tracked its movements and fired a full on broadside. The computer assistance paid off and five of the nine shots hit. The destroyer was entirely decimated. The UAFN must have sent out a retreat because once the destroyer slipped beneath the waves the UAF Marines returned to their grappling equipment and quickly slid down back to their boarding submarine still operable. Once no more Marines returned and the Japanese Marines flooded the rail shorting down at them the UAF disconnected and quickly dove deep enough to evade the destroyers.

“Sonar picking up anything?” The Admiral demanded to know. The radio operator reported that none of the destroyers were picking up the sub. He was about to order the Marines to go down and investigate the sub still attached to Yamato when it suddenly exploded into bits and fell from Yamato’s hull. “Damn, they scuttled.” After a report on the mission they received immediate orders to return to Japan. No reason stated.

“Hisashi did you get it all?” Hisashi was hooking up his camera to the computer they bought.

“I tried but there was so much going on I couldn’t catch it all.”

“Cut out any blood, Daichi doesn’t need to see that.” Hisashi started uploading the footage to the computer before he finally relaxed.

“I tried not to record the bloodshed but there’s a few bits where I slipped. He’s going to love the big explosions.” Yamato agreed. “You alright, dear?”

“A few embers, destroyed guns and scorch marks. I’m alright otherwise. No hull breaches.” She was quiet before the headcount call rang out. “We lost a lot of people. Maybe fifty.”

Her guess was close, only one off. Yamato’s crew endured forty-nine casualties: sixteen dead and the rest wounded. The Japanese picked out fifty-three UAF survivors, the immense fire power of Yamato killed the other three-hundred or so that manned the three she killed. The UAF survivors were mostly from the destroyers’ kills, and they ranged from many ethnicities. One thing that still shocked Yamato was the vast amount of racial acceptance, something that the generation of her time never truly thought possible. It boggled and inspired her mind. While the inter species lovers thought that there was a great death toll in their battle what news was waiting back in Japan would change the world forever like nothing before seen.

Fin Yamato II

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The Typhoon

I know I’ve posted this before (incomplete) but I can’t find it at all so I’m just re-posting. It has been so long ago that many may not remember what actually happened. There is some very weird (and disgusting) stuff that I added in JUST to SHOW what technology advances have come up (you all will know what disgusting part I mean it weirds me out too, it’s just so gross..,) and to show how if she really needed to get something from a man she can. Yeah and there’s an underlined sentence towards the end, that’s just where I started up again after so long. Scroll through until you reach a point you don’t remember because there’s a lot of writing here (20+ pages).

Enjoy! Lots of sex!

The Typhoon

Severstal waited in her moorings for her friend to visit her as he always did. She thought about their friendship, she was the massive Typhoon class ballistic missile submarine by NATO but actually an Akula class ballistic missile submarine recently decommissioned from the Russian Navy but was still part of the North Fleet, while he was a harbor hand that was assigned to maintain her hull and deckings. She thought how he’d never been to sea, really, and would occasionally think of taking him to sea just as an excuse to sail again for herself. She waited and thought about how he an active sportsman was assigned such a dull task in the Navy, her mind drifted around all the times they spent together, she thought about maybe dating him even though Russia only recently opened up interbiology relationships and so far it’s sketchy at best but still, it’d be nice. They clicked so well, it started off with finding out they had the same birthday on April 11th 1988, twenty-seven years ago, and their legal in a sense for a relationship and for some particular reason that’s the only thing she could think of that morning.

“Anatoly! You made it!” She spotted him creeping in the snow dressed in all white, she looked at him with his normal cocked smirkish smile and restless brown eyes as he lifted his face from the snow.

“How do you always see me?!” He stood up and brushed his coat and pants off.

“You forget I have infrared vision, too.” With the modern marvels and advances in technologies living machines have come a long way since their appearance in vast numbers back in World War Two, such as multiple vision modes, more accurately controlled functions, stronger bodies, more features, and Severstal’s favorite feature not used, easier child production and a better sexual experience.

“No, I expect you to play fairly. Anything new?” He took long strides toward the moorings checking them for anything loose or wrong, before looking up at her ‘face’ to listen.

“Nothing other than the usual.” Her massive conning tower bore a mouth about a third up and two eyes two thirds up and placed on the curve so that she had excellent bow and flank vision with partial stern viewing. He watched her eyes fade from a greenish-orange color of IR vision to her day vision. He loved her eyes, once light blue but due to a missile run through test they had been scarred a violet color, but that was well before she was decommissioned and her eyesight was still in top-notch order. Her smile was always nice to look at, pearly white razor tiger shark teeth. He crossed the gangway and checked her onboard moorings for any deficiencies and found none so he turned back to Serverstal for any last minute chats before he went to swab the decks. She kept her giddy complexion.

“Hey, Anatoly…” She felt compelled to ask him out but- to where exactly?

“Yeah, Serverstal?” She couldn’t get it out for some reason; she’d never been shy in her life but couldn’t say those words.

“Ah never-mind.” He shrugged and went to scrubbing again. Their usual conversations included Anatoly talking about history; he’s a major history buff, the two talking about sports; Serverstal listens on the radio, and about world events. Anatoly finishes her deck and she decides trying to ask again.

“Anatoly… You aren’t seeing anyone, right?”

“No I’m not. Why?”

“Well… would you like too?” He thought for what seemed like forever for Severstal but for Anatoly it was two seconds.

“I don’t see anything wrong. Sure let’s date.” Severstal took a sigh of relief, Anatoly chuckled, he’d never seen her so nervous before. “What, was that so hard?”

“Yes, yes it was hard!” Randomly she instantly thought about his hard dick and followed up that thought with: Really brain? Not even a minute in. Not even a minute. She moved on from that and went on with the day, and was reminded of the hard dick thought when he went below decks inside her to help out a coworker. No other sexual thoughts drifted through that day, only once or twice more through the week but she got over them. Their interactions became more serious in terms of dating, and things were beginning to show they were dating but it wasn’t as much as the Admiral did.

In a month from starting to date she felt equal on the high want to sail and the high want to finally use her sex parts and fuck Anatoly, and the night Anatoly promised to come in the next morning even though it was a holiday off she talked to the admiral about getting to sail tomorrow with Anatoly accompanying.

“Admiral tomorrow is a holiday, the base is closed, I wanted to take leave and sail for a few hours again. Hopefully with one passenger if you will.” The Admiral was laid back and fair, and he definitely wasn’t against human-machine relationships. Everyone on base suspected that he was dating his American 1967 Camaro Olivia, and everyone knew officially he was when interbiology relationships were passed in 2005 with a age of twenty for both partners for marriage. He wasn’t afraid of sex either, he was boisterous and giddy when he announced he and Olivia were having a baby in 2008 with the best mood anyone could remember him having, maybe better when their daughter was born but still he wasn’t at all against it. But he made it clear there would be absolutely no sexual intercourse on base.

“A little bit of a short notice, isn’t it?”

“I apologize, Sir.” She literally crossed her fingers on all of her manipulators and waited painfully for his response.

“Well… It’s not like you go anywhere much, I would counter you without a crew but you passed those tests in ’94 so you can go alone. It seems you may go. Leave at… o-eight-hundred and be back no later than twenty-hundred hours.” He turned to go back towards the gates then did a one-eighty. “No forget that.” Serverstal ceased celebrating and stared at him in anguish. “I have something better.”

“Y-yes, Sir?”

“I’ve been bombarded by some museum board or something like that to have a ‘Typhoon’ class submarine sail around Russia’s coast and stop at ports for a while to be an exhibit so-to-say, and I was going to have Arkhangelsk be used because it’s not alive and possibly offended by that but since you asked to sail alone with only one person then you could do that instead. It’ll be a six week voyage to some amount of ports that I don’t know yet but you and Anatoly can go.”

“Wait how did you know I was taking-”

“Everyone knows you two are dating so who else would it be? All you’d do probably is show up on time and talk about your service and that shit while he could do whatever the hell. You’ll start next Tuesday.” He turned to leave then spun around walking backwards to shout again. “And it’s about time you two bang.” Then he spun around and left the base in his nonliving car for home to his beloved favorite girls in the world.

Severstal would eagerly wait for morning to tell Anatoly the two of them were sailing in nine days.

Those days passed quickly and on that Tuesday morning they set out from harbor to sail up and down the Pacific coast of Russia. Anatoly had packed a duffel bag of his personal stuff like clothes and such while the base spared the food and life support packages and the Admiral personally loaded a small crate with a mischievous smile and told Serverstal to only open it up once they were underway. Anatoly was as happy as a kid in a candy store sitting high up in the observation platform while Serverstal was cruising at eighteen knots northeast heading reading the note the Admiral had in the crate. She smiled very dirty when she read the whole thing. They were expected at the first stop the next day but arrived ahead of schedule so Serverstal decided to take a quick nap before sunrise dreaming of seducing Anatoly. She woke at dawn and met a woman with the historical department that set this up. She explained the whole rundown of things before she herself started her shift as a tour guide; turns out her father was one of Serverstal’s first crewmen. The day ran smoothly and Serverstal enjoyed sharing her history with the groups of people so interested in her, all sorts showed up it was amazing. When the day closed she was tugged to a separate dock away from the bustling noise of the city-worked docks. This is where she’ll nab him.

“Anatoly have you seen my swimming pool yet?” She had set up a table with a bottle of Vodka and a glass in the recreational swimming pool room.

“Yes I’ve seen the ocean before.” He joked with her eating his dinner.

“No, smartass, I’ve got a swimming pool inside me.” He hadn’t seen it, he finished his supper and was led to the preheated pool.

“Wow! A little out of place, don’t you think?” He was flabbergasted that a Soviet instrument of mass destruction… had a swimming pool.

“Not as misplaced as your clothes…” He couldn’t see her face directly but could visualize her dirty look, a sly grin and narrowed gaze upon him, he’d been getting it heavily the past week, and was handed a glass of Vodka before the door shut. “Come on, let’s skinny dip!”

“Well…” She didn’t wait; she stripped him all the way down. He wasn’t surprised or was blushing, knowing she had internal sight via cameras placed around her compartments. He climbed into the Jacuzzi she had set and slowly shook his head no at the camera like you naughty girl, you and sipped the drink. She wasted no time at all prepping him.

“Anatoly have you ever fapped to me?” She asked innocently. He gulped down another swig and ahhed.

“Yeah I’ve done it I won’t lie. Have you fapped to me?” He asked in return knowing what she was doing and excitedly waited for it.

“Yes, yes I have. Now, what if I told you…” She reached into the warm bubbling water with two hands and spread his legs for a very thick tendril blunt at the end with a vertical slit about six inches long to extend into the gap. “We don’t need to fap anymore?” He chuckled into his glass taking another sip.

“About time.” She launched the vagina onto his erected dick and then let on some water in the ballasts. The penetration allowed some of the hot water to slip into her slit and it continuously sloshed around inside her mixing with her natural hot silver lube that was on its own slowly seeping out into the Jacuzzi water. She focused onto his dick, he felt great… so long and thick! He throbbed inside her still growing to his full capacity, his head was wider than his shaft and she felt it pull upwards with every heartbeat pumping more into his member making her gasp and whimper at every movement. None of her tendrils came close to feeling like a penis inside her, ever.

“Aahhh! Oh baby! You get what you wanted?” Anatoly’s sparking comment triggered her to take him in, and this follow up was answered mmm-hhhmmm. He slipped deeper into the warm water; up to his chest, and sat there buried inside his lover’s pussy. She was tight, surprising for her 22,000 ton displacement, and she was pumping out her silver fluid innards into the water all around him with his member being licked by some trespassing water and massaged by her tendril love. He thought to himself; Vodka in one hand, sitting in a Jacuzzi, ridden by a sexy woman, what else do I need? She continued moaning and pulsing on his rock hard dick unable to make herself pull off to launch again until he finished his drink and put it down. By this time the water was quite murky with a dull silver tinge and he was ready to do this.

“No no, love, let me do this, you relax the travel away.” He says leaning forward when she tried to pull herself off him. She did as he said and was pinned with her vagina tendril against the opposite seat by her lover; she moved her two hands to around his waist and waited for his next move. He braced against the Jacuzzi wall and eased out of her slowly, drawing more moans and silver fluid from her until she clamped down on his head refusing to let him go. Then he eased in pushing her forward and shoving some more water inside to mix with her with her grunts sounding from some source in the room. Then his testing was finished and he picked up speed with bodily fluids mixing with each other and water in a blurry excitement of silver white thrashing water and a swarm of moans and grunts and sighs in the air. “Oh Serverstal! I just want to kiss you right now!” She lashed onto his lips with what had been the source of her voice; a thinner tendril than the one on his crotch and on its side acting as another mouth for her. They locked lips and sent their tongues forth into each other’s mouth, moaning and whimpering. She felt him inside her mouth and vagina, she felt him above her, she felt him shielding her from above, she felt right there in the water with him; kissing and being taken by him. She felt his power, his intensity, his energy unleashed, then the soft sand bed on her hull belly but cared not; her conning tower still towered above the water. She felt safe, secure, protected under him in a way indescribable to anyone who’ve not felt like this before. Like nothing mattered, nothing could hurt them, nothing moved but them, time shut down in this moment. She closed her eyes and tasted his lips, his saliva, his flesh, she was there in the water with him as the bigger one watching over her.

They parted lips with her taste leaving a positive impression on Anatoly, he wanted to taste her other lips. He felt her grip on his dick tighten and constrict, her inside heating up hotter than the jacuzzi water, the jacuzzi water was a violent slosh of motion, he felt hers was building right along with his, and at his peak at the top she was hauling him deep inside with her arms and her vagina tendril pushing on his dick, testicles, and crotch. Suddenly he felt his hold slip and his boner dispensed it’s load into her chasm right as she exploded against him and she moaned in a grunting fashion and the water around them turned a complete dull gray by Serverstal’s rush of her bodily fluids mixing and diffusing with the water. They sat motionless for a while listening to the silence only broker by their heavy breathing. They call it a night and head to bed to spoon.

Anatoly woke early in the morning before they would be towed to the deep to sail on their own. He stretched and felt around for Severstal’s vagina tendril so he wouldn’t roll on it, he couldn’t find it even though the bunk he’s occupying isn’t much bigger than him.

“Looking for something, hun?” She slithered her tendril up his belly and his chest. He looked at it and smiled his usual smirk.

“Good morning love.” He bent up and kissed the lips and got a snip of that addicting taste. She quivered along his body when he kissed her pursed vagina lips.

“Ooo-wrong pair of lips Anatoly.”

“No it’s not!” He grabbed her leaking and winking lips that craved some supplement and rolled over in the bunk and laid it on the mattress when it switched angles for him. He shoved his morning wood up into her snaking pleasure, and then laid on top of it. Severstal was taken again, she felt secure again like last night, exactly like last night only less water and a soft mattress for her to rest on with him above him. She closed her eyes and was there in the bed under the covers with him, the cloth on the mattress filled with springs, the crossbeams under the mattress, his force thrusting inside her, and his anguish having to pull out of her. She reached up and wrapped her metal snake arms around his back and brought him closer to her imaginary hull in the bed with him.

“Your ruining the sheets, babe!” He laughed pausing to adjust and noticing she was leaking heavily into the bed.

“Fuck the sheets! I’ve got loads of them!” She pushed on him to go more, he thrusted and she grunted with the force. He felt his orgasm speeding towards him, he didn’t think she was at all close so he hatched an idea to please her. She felt his actions stiffen and stutter while his thick meat went more ridged and aching, then she expected the launch of his milk when he yanked it out and came in the sheets.

“Oh so now you’re conscious of my fertility?” He ignored her jest and picked up her thick and heat emitting tendril very warm and excited and shoved it to his lips. “What are you doing?!” She clenched her lips together, confused of his intentions. He grunted in a displeased way and shoved his fingers in and forced it open; his fingers were let in easy but when trying to split it she fought him half-heartedly; curious to his thoughts. He splices them open and plants his mouth on the gap and laps at her walls and liquids and clit bulb. Her hull shook and Anatoly could feel it in the bunk, every lick, every stroke, every probe… he loved it, he felt… pride, joy, power. She was indulged in his toying, his long drawn strokes and tasting, she wanted to feel what he was but at the same time wanted to sit back and let him take her away. She motioned with a mouth tendril toward his meat but he gently grabbed it and pulled it away before asking her to enjoy this. She accepted this and backed off and the two let time fade away. Later on she finally began to approach her orgasm noticeably; her moans became more erratic and a tingling of electricity was traveling all through her fluids and into her lover, then her chasm became stricter and her relaxed lips no longer held open were twitching close to shutting again, she couldn’t help but embrace him as her journey was ending. She was almost at the point of climax when she lashed up and pushed his face into her even more and savored his facial and oral movements as her cum shot out of her with pressure shrieking it by his pressed face at the sides. She loosened up and let him retract his face.

“Woa, that-that was, ahhh, unbelievable.” She emptied out her ballast and slowly rose from the water to her typical buoyancy just as a tugboat pulled close for her to hitch to and follow out of the harbor.

Their next port was four days away but only a three day travel if she travelled submerged at full speed. She decided that they will have some fun along the way so once she was clear she submerged beneath the waves and throttled to twenty-five knots, not her full speed but faster than her surface full speed. Anatoly had enjoyed a long shower heated by her engine’s radiant heat that was allocated to him; the only passenger, then comfortably walked around in the nude whistling a tune ‘doo-doo-do-do-dout-toot-do-do-doo-doo-do-do-dout-toot-do-do-dout-dout-toot-toot-to-dout’ before casually putting on boxers and eating a breakfast. Then after he was finished up there he went to the head again and brushed his teeth humming that tune again, it was catchy. He rinsed his mouth out and couldn’t help but sing the lyrics. Severstal was listening intensely; she familiarized it with the American language when they spied on radio communications in the eighties. She couldn’t help but feel alone in this and she interrupted him and asked what he was singing.

“Oh that tune? It’s an old sea shanty. It’s called ‘Drunken Sailor’ and it’s one of my favorite songs. Here I can teach it to you if you’d like me to.”

“Yes please! I’d love to sing it with you!” One of their old pastimes was to sing any old song they knew with each other to pass time on long dreary days in dock. He enjoyed singing with her, they sounded majestic together.

“Alright here, I’ll sing you the translation first, then teach you the English words and how to pronounce them with the right accent. Alright it goes…

‘What would we do with a drunken sailor?

What would we do with a drunken sailor?

What would we do with a drunken sailor?

Early in the morning!’ That’s the first verse…” He tediously sang her again and again and around the time of supper he’d taught her all she needed to know, lyrics, beat, accents, all of the pitches and tones, and then they merrily sailed the seas like swashbucklers. She couldn’t get the morning out of her mind; him eating her out was glorious, stunning, pure awe.

“That was fun, honey, that was fun.”

“Glad you like it.”

“I also liked your little oral performance you played on me in bed.” He smiled his usual grin.

“Oh that? Yeah I thought you’d like that.” She hoped he’d be willing to go again sometime.

“So I got a kick out of it, how’d you fair?”

“Me? I liked it, very much.”

“Enough to do it again tonight?” She asked seductively.

“Oh I’ll eat you out until you’re sore my beautiful Severstal.” She accepted the challenge and he set up the scene this time before he went to eat a late supper. After he ate he wandered on over to the officer’s quarters where he set up some candles, Vodka, pillows, and no bed sheets. Severstal checked the time at around 2117 hours at a depth of 32 meters. She ‘climbed’ into bed with him, he was nude and waiting for her in that old laying on the side propped up pose, he hugged her vagina tendril and pulled it with him up to the edge of the bed where the wall was and leaned against a pillow and started his oral pleasuring. She shuddered and moaned like the morning encounter and slipped into a sort of high that made time die away from senses. She randomly snapped out of it and noticed that her altitude didn’t change or her course or speed, so she slipped back into his trance, wrapping a small army of arms around him like a blanket keeping him snug and warm. Their escapade caused Severstal several orgasms, around fifteen and eighteen, before she interrupted his fun.

“Ah-ah-ah it’s sore, babe! Aahhh it’s starting to hurt!” Anatoly stopped and patted the side of her tendril. She looked at the time and it was 0241 hours the next day, five and a half hours of nothing but sucking and licking. Anatoly himself felt aching and exhausted, he’d been kept going by an electric current in her cum and lube, and was also nourished by it at the same time. Her cocoon of loving embracing arms lifted him and laid him on the bed and spread open at the dick’s area letting the meat open up above the layer. Her mouth tendril smiled and slithered around to the boner. He said not to go the five hours; she wasn’t going too otherwise he’d die. She used her hands to monitor his health as she started licking the tip with her human sized soft metal tongue.

“Oohhhh, Severstal, mmm-”

“My turn now, relax love.” She plunged down on him and sucked on his meat. She savored his taste, her tongue mapped his skin and formed a picture for her mind of it’s shape. She rubbed up and down with her tongue on the underside of his entire long rod, a new taste startled her, he started to leak some precum and it rolled down and contacted and excited her rear-end of tongue. She quickly grew attached to the taste and moaned deeply right along with her lover. She felt his tense body turn jelly and started to blow him, rising up and down on his shaft pulling and pushing him with her tender lips and tongue, caressing and comforting him. He started to tense again but realized she didn’t care where he came and relaxed again just letting it happen, and when it did she desperately caught and spread all of it around on her taste receptors.

“Mmmm, you’re so good!” She pulled off to say, a string of her salivate connecting them, then she dove back for more, and more, and more. She continuously checked his vitals and he dozed out in twenty minutes. After about half an hour of snoozing and more blowing he woke, then when she finished him off he gritted his teeth and seethed out that it hurt like hell. She quit and let him turn off before wrapping him up in her blanket of arms and rocked him to sleep with the waves rolling her hull gently.

He slept for a long time, well into the afternoon. When he woke up he was hit with a playful ‘punch’ from Severstal’s vagina tendril.

“Morning sexy.” He smiled and tried to wither his way out of her mummy bag of arms but she didn’t budge. “Going somewhere?”

“Uh-yes-the bathroom.”he pushed as hard as he could but she didn’t move. “I really need to tinkle, honey.”

“Use this,” she grunted demandingly shoving her vaginal tendril to his protruded morning wood head.

“No! Ah no! That’s disgusting!” He protested and rolled so she couldn’t slide on him.

“Just do it! Or would you prefer my mouth? Just-just piss already! Take me damnit!”

“No you’re being disgusting! How could you like that or want that!? Why can’t I go to the head!?” He demanded, he wasn’t going to piss inside her, that’s intolerable to him.

“Because you could wander! I don’t want you to wander about right now! I want you where I can control you and hold you!” She retaliated. “Now let me fuck that already it’s driving me nuts!” He stopped squirming and let her ride his disco stick with a disgruntled tempered frown on his face, he still enjoyed the morning bang, though. Right as he came a very small appendage inside her vagina extended into his gushing dick mouth and waited for his joy to cease squirting. When he stopped he felt it and screamed questioning its purpose.

“It’s used to force ejaculation for reproduction! I’m using it to force your bladder to empty!” She began its function of sucking and electrifying the area to numb it. Slowly but surely he began whizzing.

“Agh! Errr! Fuck you Severstal!” The piss stung not because of the entity but what it was that was pissing out.

“You did sweetie. Quite a lot in three days. It’s good progress if you ask me.”

“I thought you held yourself at high standards.” He rhetorically said still ewe about the piss he finished inside his lover.

“I do, but I know where it’s going so I’m not bothered, and I’ve got something special.”

“Alright I came…” He thought where it went… “Severstal… I c-c-cc-came..!”

“No don’t worry hun, it doesn’t go to any eggs.”

“So… we can’t have kids?”

“Oh no we’ll have hundreds of kids. I routed it to the sewage bilge tanks, that’s all.” He sighed in relief, and then the hundred kids hit him.

“We’ll have three, five or six at most.” He said seriously. She simply laughed and sighed.

“I know, I know, but I’m having around five little tots with or without you, just maybe not all at the same decade.” She said confident, Anatoly wasn’t so sure. She kept him lying there for a quarter of an hour before she freed him. “Now… Go to the kitchen.” She said, her tone meant she had surprise. He shuffled into the kitchen and smelt the aroma of a freshly cooked breakfast.

“No, no you didn’t!” He walked into the mess hall where a plate of pancakes, stack of cooked eggs, and a bowl of cooked meats.

“Yes I did sweetheart.” He was sat down in front of the food, still naked, and that implored Severstal to also be ‘naked’ for some reason. “I feel like I should be naked.”

“Why’s that?”

“Well you’re naked, so, why aren’t I?”

“You don’t have to.”

“And I don’t want to so put these on.” She tossed some boxers at him and watched him put them on. Then she found she couldn’t stop eyefucking his enormous boxer’s bulge in between his legs.

“So why’d you cook this morning?”

“A thanks.”


“Last night.”

“Ah! Oh and why are you staring at my penis? You know what it looks like.” He saw the camera focusing a little lower than his bent over body head position.

“I know but- but there’s something about it… it’s just so interesting to look and think about.” He smiled and chuckled then dug in to the plate. He offered to share but she respectfully declined the food. Once he finished he dressed and thanked her greatly then started to maintain her, cleaning and tinkering her internals. He worked all day but took a lunch break with Severstal up on the surface for some fresh air. He was standing on the observation deck admiring the view and watching the water slap and roll around her bow in its white foamy plume.

“You’ve made a sailor out of me, honey, you really have.” She wrapped around his waist and put a hand in his, the sea mist and breeze had made his skin cold and wet but hers were warm and dry.

“I knew I did, I just wish we didn’t have to go back, and that you could stay with me on the open blue.” They enjoyed the moment and dreamed; oh how wonderful that’d be. “Hey sweetheart, don’t you still live with your parents?”

“Yeah and my brother, apartments are hard to find out there. Why?”

“Why don’t you move in?” The two smiled lovingly and cuddled a bit more, Anatoly thought about it; moving into Severstal.

“I could…”

“Please? Pretty please? I get lonely when you leave.” She tried sounding desperate.

“Oh okay, I’ll move in.”


“The old man’ll be glad I’m gone, mom will probably cling on.”

“Take your time, I won’t be going anywhere.” After he went inside she stayed up on the surface to relay a message to the Admiral in regards that Anatoly’s moving on-base but not into a barrack. She then dove beneath the waves and sailed on.

He fell asleep very late; in the following morning, and she let him sleep his day away while she awaited a reply from the Admiral that didn’t come that day. They arrived at the port at around 2100 hours and docked a half-hour later. He stayed up and let her sleep, fondling one of her externally placed tendril vaginas on her observation deck to help ease her stress and anxiety of the journey and waiting. When he went inside at sunrise he saw a message from the Admiral approving the move-in but disproving another message that Severstal must have slipped in. He woke her up gently with a wrench on her pipes and asked her about it.

“So good news! I can move in! The Admiral asked my father about it and the old man didn’t even hesitate, as I thought he wouldn’t, and has already started getting all my stuff in boxes… boy do I feel loved. Anyway he said it’ll be shipped up to the next port, it’s past the base, and I’ll get it there. That worked out magically well.”

“Yeah it did!” She wrapped him up in her arms and squeezed gently as not to pop him. “But what’s the bad news?”

“Something about a baby, what’s that about?” She was confused, she never asked for a baby.

“I never asked for a baby, only what would we do with one… what’s it say?”

“No baby, nowhere to put a-oh okay I see, yeah I just read the first part. It says a humorph would be appropriate but a full blown submorph would not be acceptable at all. There’s no room basically. So how do we determine what form it’ll be?”

“We know a lot more now than we did back then in the beginning. We used to think it was specific traits you’d put into me via sex at specific times during pregnancy but now it’s known that’s not true. The mother will form the baby to be one of her type, but it changes on the fathers dosage, like a mold being bent out of place, but it’ll change back to the original form over time so if we want a baby you’d need to make sweet, sweet love to me every night or we might fuck up and it could be a huge baby. But if it’s every night it’ll be maybe a little bit bigger than you fully grown or about your size. So if we’re having one it’ll be every night and you WILL follow through with it. I’m having a child one easy way or another rape filled one, I’m not having my child taken from me alive.” He recoiled at the thought of nine months straight of sex, it turned him on but he knew it may get sore for him fast.

“Well that’s nice… I’ll uh, change right? So I’m not so… fragile?”

“Sure I’ll fix you. That’s a long letter for that stuff what else is there?”

“It just lists my duties onboard, tidiness, maintenance, uhhh invasion of privacy obviously you can see everywhere, that stuff. Well it’s show time! Let’s go sharing!” They worked through the day talking to another variety of people and machines, very few seemed uninterested, and those that did found something interesting in the huge assortment of systems and weapons and features. Severstal felt a greater want for children when she was playing and entertaining children all day, teaching them how to slide down ladders, run through the halls, close and open doors, and where to hide for hide and seek with the other kids, she of course let some win when it was her turn but she loved them, they made her day great. And she brought it up with Anatoly again that night at the table.

“I really really reeaalllly want a kid!” She pleaded him, she was asking to start it as soon as possible.

“So do I but we’ve got a duty and we can’t just put it off or find time to bang every night! I’m not physically ready, either, you’d need to fix me up or I might fail on you and myself. I’ll make a deal with you now; we’ll start right after our last stop. Is that alright?” She swarmed him with a multitude of tendrils and kissed him.

“Mmm-yes! Yes! Yes! Promise me that! Promise!” He shook his head yes. “Yees! Now… let’s start on some practice!” She ripped open his fly and dropped her vagina on his still limp dick, stuffed his sausage inside her buns, and waited for it to ripen. She was continuously moaning and drawing the whole time he righted himself inside her, then she slid on him nonstop when he was hard and ready. She decided to open up her ‘cervix’, it wasn’t actually the cervix but it acted as the old German cervix’s where it prevented against pregnancy but enhanced the sexual feeling and pleasure supposedly for both partners, and they’re about to find out.

“Hoooo-sshhhiiitttt!” Severstal opened up the reserve and surrounded his cock in heaven. “FFFFFFuuuucccckkk!Damn that’s good!” She was caressing and vibrating his package stuffed deep inside her soaking wet depths, he was sent into a high with a mixture of dopamine and fluids emitted into his bloodstream at his cock.

“Severstal… Oh fuck… Severstal, this is, ohhhh… Oh this is awesome…” She painfully rose on him, drawing protesting wails and whines from both of them then found enough strength to plow him rapidly, nonstop, filling the room and adjoining halls with pleasant screams and wails.

“FUCK ME OH FUCK ME!” He did as she cried and tossed her tendril on the table top and banged her sideways. “OOOH ANATOLY!”

“SEVERSTAL!” She was draining out onto the table, the floor, splattering everywhere with each of his intense thrusts. The two could feel each other’s time building evenly, the reserve must have synced their time, and she felt herself underneath his body being ravaged by his graceful might, her whole hull rocked in the harbor offshore in response to him. She occasionally caught her primary mouth drooling and her eyes rolling into the back of their mounts.

Anatoly felt all of her smooth graceful textures inside her amazingly tight and gripping cunt, all the reception buds of that magical life element, the slick hot coolant that filled her, a small recession in the bottom of her clit sinking it in at his push, and some suction tugging at his head. He wasn’t trusting of where that suction is going, and waited for the right moment to switch it up. Soon after the two were mounting in almost unbearable teasing wanting to cum so deep inside, but he changed his seemingly set mind and rushed his dick out leaving the tendril trying to follow and ride him more but he yanked it up to his mouth and French kissed it deeply and lovingly. One of her hands that went to pull his cock back into place latched onto it but changed rolls loosening the grasp and began stroking and caressing his meat in a hand-job. She was practically screaming when he reached as far as he could into her with his tongue and was trying to flip her vagina inside out with his sucking and eating. She couldn’t take any more, she let herself go and exploded against his face, drenching it and his clothes and spraying her silver goodness all around. He was tensed up from her reciprocating hand loving his boner, he went limp and sprawled into the chair behind him gushing streaks of white gloppy cum out onto the floor and edge of the table, her pussy still locked in his lips. They sat there breathing heavily and regrouping after such excruciating fun. Severstal noticed that she had sunk to the harbor bed, but still rose well above the water.

“Whenever we fuck, sweetie, I think I dive under, like some protection.” She paused every now and then to gasp.

“Stealth sex then.” He chuckled. “We’re stealth lovers.”

“Yeah, we are, damn that was good!”

“Kinda wanna start now.” He said aghast of air referring to a child. “The only thing is how?”

“You don’t pull out-”

“I know that but I mean.., how would it survive? What would it eat? Where would it sleep? How would we feed it? The message mentioned no suitable uranium rods would be fit for a sub that small and changing, so how?”

“I’ll tell you, I’ve thought about those for years. First birthing wouldn’t be bad, water helps but I’d breastfeed it first, that’s the first power source is me, so I would power it.”

“But that won’t last forever, or solves where it’d fit.”

“Probably next to me as a sub, within my reach. I always thought that I’d be able to carry it along until it was large enough for good sized uranium cells but now… as a humorph… I’d keep it inside my hull; still breast feed it but not, not as much obviously. I’m sure we would find some food for it. I mean, I can eat human food and use it as fuel, why not a humorph?”

“Yeah, that’ll work then, I guess.” He nodded and thought about where she’d birth it, she must have a hundred or so ports all around her hull. “Where would you birth it?”

“I can only grow it inside my vagina, which is at the underside of my hull exterior at about… mmmm…” She was feeling herself around the outside to place it right. “Midway in between my two prop shafts, right below my asshole.” He nodded then stopped.

“Wait your asshole?”

“Yes, I have an asshole, why’s that hard to believe?”

“What the hell do you use it for?”

“Ejections, it’s all manually loaded, not autonomous where I eat your sperm and I shit it out my ass-end. I can dump my rods into it as a failsafe, it’s lead lined and thick, but I shat out my rods into containers when I was getting them changed out. I think that’s what it was meant to do but it’s still sensitive.”

“How do you know that?”

“Well one time I tried ana-never mind.” He smiled.


“Yes… anal… it wasn’t bad I liked it.” She thought dirty again. “I used a tendril… I think you’d do better.” He was puzzled, as he went on asking how she opened a locker near one of the exits to get a diver’s suit for him when she noticed the time.

“SHIT! We need to leave! We’ll be late!”

“It’ll be fine, only a hour late it’ll be good. We can try anal another time.” She raced out into the sea and steamed northward into a near week long voyage. They took a break from sex over the voyage to let their parts recover and forget the feeling, almost, to enhance the experience later. They did have lots of face sex; they made out nearly every hour, and had to take a face sex break for a day, too. Anatoly had to stay up late the night they docked, first having to chat to an arrogant snob working as harbor master then loading all his things and his brother’s gaming console that turned out to be Anatoly’s now since his brother got the new one.

“Oooohooo, I want to play! Come on honey let’s play a game!” She was excited over this but Anatoly wasn’t in the mood seeing how it was 0412 in the morning.

“No I’m not playing.”

“Awww, pleeeaase? I’ll let you sleep in! At least hook it up.” He scrounged up enough to set it up to a small TV monitor used to keep the crew entertained on long deployments. He then started it and handed her the wireless controller and let her figure it out from there heading off to bed where she cuddled with him while playing a racing game.

He woke up at around 1900 feeling like a wreck. He sluggishly crept out of bed and knocked on the wall for Severstal. She had written down on a paper that this day would last well into the night and that he’d be locked inside for the whole time. He looked around for an inventory of that she left out: sandwiches, water bottles, other vittles, then read if he needed to use the toilet to ask for ‘it’ and he decided he’ll hold it. He noticed the game still on and checked on her progress, she had made a new profile named ‘SubDub’ and was halfway through Forza four already and working on CoD MW2 campaign. He found her starting in the middle of the story a no-go and switched it to CoD 4 and moped about waiting. He decided to work out to pass time, he hadn’t done anything really active except fuck his sweetheart, again, and again, and again… Maybe I don’t need to work out. Following up he did work out then wolfed down the sandwiches and drank the water noticing he’d just had a four hour workout and fell in the bunk out of energy.

“Oh do please work out more often.” Severstal said seductively eyeing his shimmering sweaty pecks, abs, face, arms, all of his sweaty self. “It really turns me on.” She cradled him in manipulators and arm tendrils before removing his only clothing, pants, and rubbing his dick with the side of her vagina tendril. “Are you fucking me tonight? Or am I fucking you?” He happily sighed and dropped his head into her hand-pillow underneath him. “I’m fucking you then!” She dove down on his erecting member and took in all his growing size had to offer.

“Wait here in port?”

“Fuck cares? The tankers in front are fucking! They’re louder than us!” She sunk to the harbor floor and rode him, entranced in that feeling she was there bouncing on his joystick. His length tickling her deep insides stroking and expanding it’s tight hold while she seeped out her precum silver all over his mid-body and the bed.

Anatoly was truly exhausted, a good long workout and now this stimulation. He tried to stay awake but he fell short and passed out after a minute or two, and left Severstal to do as she pleased with him. She enjoyed herself fondly for about an hour before turning in for the night. She wasn’t too tired but wanted to dream desperately, they help her drive much towards their future. Anatoly woke up and found his body aching, something he hadn’t felt in a while and enjoyed it. He labored away organizing his stuff more and cleaning up anything he could to pass time. He became so bored out of his mind that he made a maid’s outfit out of towels, sheets, tape and dress shoes without the tongue. Severstal woke up and instantly questioned him.

“I was so bored I made this to go along with my cleaning.” He went back to dusting the dresser for the fourth time.

“Why didn’t you play the game?” He shrugged his shoulders. “Play with me, then.”

“Play the game, right?”

“Yes what else?”

“Play with ‘you‘.”

“No, let’s shoot each other.” She picked up a controller and waited for him to sync his controller and sign in. “I’m waiting for you to set it up.” He set up a lobby on Wet Work and started the game. “You don’t look interested, why not?”

“My brother and I played the shit out of this game.”

“Well you haven’t seen me.”

“No, just a warning my brother never beat me in this game.” She whooped his ass 71 in 16. “HOW THE HELL DID YOU DO THAT?!” He was completely flabbergasted. Severstal was laughing.

“I wish I did bet down on that!”

“WHY?! WHAT would you BET?!” He asked loud and mystified.

“Five kids! If I won we’d have five more to your limit!” He shook his head no with it slumped down.

“I wouldn’t have agreed to that!”

“So if you did what would you bet?”

“Five away from any you added.” They laughed at how the situation had turned.

“I still can’t believe you’re still wearing that damn thing.” She picked at his rag-tag outfit.

“It’s better than it looks, actually pretty comfy.”

“Well I don’t think it’s revealing enough.” She chipped in tugging at his pants under the outfit.

“It’ll be more revealing next time I throw it on, alright?” She uttered an unsatisfied grunt then picked up the controller.

“Again! That was fun!”

“Definitely a challenge. Maybe you won’t be so lucky next round!” He taunted invoking her to taunt and then put their skills to the test. She whooped him again but only marginally. A few more rounds later and they were equal rivals, but right as the all or nothing game was starting up Severstal put down the controller and pulled out of the port out to the open sea.

“Next one’s a long ways away, sweetheart.”

“Alright then, I’ve had enough anyway. I’ll probably eat something I’m starving.” He went to the kitchen and started lunch. Severstal thought about children more and more, craving to just have one already.


“You alright honey?”

“I just want a kid now! I can’t wait I’ve waited long enough!” She’s been sexually active all her service and fought her urges day after day when she had a crew. At times at the harbor she refused to let anyone board so nothing would be forced on them. She’s told Anatoly this beforehand but he never first hand saw her need festering that strongly until now, and felt sorry, very sorry.

“Hey uhh, Severstal?”

“What?” She sounded distraught and miserable.

“I did some looking around…”

“New recipe?” He’d talked before about learning and teaching her some courses and her vice versa and thought this even though she’s in heat because where he is.

“N-no, actually-” he paused, turning off the oven knowing what she’ll do next. “We only need to feed it about ninety-six percent…”

“So that means..?”

“Uh-hhuumppffrr!” She swarmed him with her tendrils, yanking off his outfit, pulling off his clothes, making out with him intensely, rubbing her clit on his bare skin to get a feel of him immediately.

“Bed!-(kiss)-The bed!” She groaned, pulling and pushing him through the hallway and then into the bunk with the vast assortment of manipulators relaying him along. He hit the mattress and he pushed off his underwear to release his huge aching cock craving to fulfill its natural duty.

“Do it sweetie!” She plunged him deep inside her, opening it all and baking his dick in her festered heat phase now being released. “So fucking hot!”

“SO FUCKING BIG!” She yells as he rolls her over and power fucks her a solid ten minutes and he still didn’t cum. “WHAT THE FUCK IS TAKING SO LONG! FFUUCCKK!” He felt it must have been the huge amount of her hot and extremely slick precum. Her fluids had breached his nerves within the first thirty second and he never felt better. He felt her start to constrict him strongly and heat up more, her voice must have been heard everywhere in her halls and corridors.

“Cum my love, cum my love! I’ll keep going let yourself free!” He tried encouraging her. Her intensity increased immensely, until she rocketed out her cum to the wall a meter from the bed post, he didn’t notice but felt himself growing closer. “Close! It’s getting close!” She assisted him bang her squeaky clean, pushing and pulling him in and out rapidly. “It’s here it’s HERE!” He clenched as his brain was hit with cumming inside her. It was like nothing he’d felt before. Severstal felt an enormous surge of… Anatoly. The fluids that seeped into him had altered the dosage of seamen to be a greater volume. He kept on pouring in while every ounce he oozed she felt and drooled over it. It was like nothing she’d conceived before, a new sensation altogether that no one could recreate. It was. Magnificent.

“Ooohhh, AAAnatooly! I’ve never been high but! This is definitely better! WAAAAAY BBEEEEETTTER!” She had to have him feel it. She opened up her nervous tap probe and inserted it to share her pleasure of drawing his seed deeper and deeper and deeper into her piping. He moaned and slumped over her vagina, also drooling and licking her tendril’s side.

“Hhholy-shhh,” He felt his little present travels through her, and he felt her, all of her, all of it. They felt and held their breath, waiting for the moment of truth, after six grueling and yet pleasurable minutes, the feeling climaxed and Severstal was officially pregnant.

“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you-” she chants in a low tired tone as her mouth moves to lock lips with him. They rest locked together by genital, nerve and oral means for what they want to be forever but Severstal sees that she’s moved faster than ever probably because of the adrenaline in the engines, and had dove to that special ‘sex depth’ she calls it. She breaks the surface and turns her focus to her love maker.

“Hey daddy, I’m too tired to do anything, I’m worn out.” He couldn’t find any power in his body to say something, his body just wanted to be locked and entangled with his Severstal.

“You look tired, dear.” An older feminine voice came from behind.

“Would you like to be towed?” A scruffy masculine voice also came from behind. Severstal looked back and saw the two ships from port; now that she had a view from the front she saw they were old 50’s freighters. She gladly accepted their help toward her destination a bit further than the freighters’. She was hitched to the couple and surprised by their power in pulling her easily. She closed her eyes in the evening sun and slept with Anatoly.

She slept like a baby and dreamt with her love on the topic of the birth and raising it, naming it, loving it. He was enjoying all of this until he suddenly snapped awake leaving Severstal in the coupled dream puzzled. He climbed out of her tendril jungle and woke her up gently.

“I woke up if you were wondering.” She didn’t respond immediately, thanking the two freighters that towed her. “So where are we?”

“On course, good morning daddy.”

“Hey I’m no dad yet, how are we going to pull this off?”

“Very carefully.” She chugged ahead of the two freighters as they adjusted their heading towards land. He went into the kitchen and started to make some cooked ham. “Hey, sweetheart?”

“Yes honey?”

“I-uhh, I think I’m hungry…” She was a little unsure of it, she’d never been hungry before and the strange urge to shove human meaty food into her mouth feeling that it would easy her twisting feeling in her mid-stern section, just ahead of her opening.

“Ummhmm, so how much ham do you want?” He started laying some slices into the pan. “One, two, three, four, five..?” She motioned more. “…six…seven…eight…nnniiinnneee..?” She retracted her arms and brought up a whole bag of ham.

“I feel like this, I want this.” He stood wide eyed. He turned to the small pan and turned off the stove top.

“Fuck that.” He carried the package to the engine room and dumped it onto a heated portion of piping and spread it evenly out and cooked it all fairly quickly. “It’s done babe.” She gathered them up and started eating, then devouring them.

“Mmm, really good, mmm.” She wolfed down the whole thing in a matter of minutes less then five, scaring Anatoly a bit. He decided to cook his breakfast there as well and waited as she fetched something else she craved to eat. He finished off his meal and heard scraping metal.

“Uh sweetie, what the hell is this?” She was shoving a metal bed frame down the hall.

“I DON’T KNOW!” She sounded scared almost but knew she needed to consume something metal to grow the child but, this already? “All I know is it looks delicious and I want it! I need your help dismembering it, please hun I need it!” He was cautious but recognized that the child was still made of metal and helped her remove pieces of the bed as she swallowed bit by bit.

“Do you think it’s wrong that I like this bed frame?” He paused and licked a piece, still tasted like coins, and remembered he couldn’t consume it like she could; he was still human.

“Hey honey, I uh, I’m not morph… We never did that.”

“Oh um…(gulp) do you want to do it now?” She offered as her mouth tendril chomped on a metal leg of the bed.

“Mmm, I don’t see why not anymore. Let’s do this.” He began removing his clothes while she finished her post and readied the correct manipulators.

“Are you ready sweetie?” She poised her injectors at the ready, inserting a nerve tap into his neck to try soothing him.

“Ready.” He held her hand tight as she sunk into him and pumped out. The process had been tried to be lessened in extreme pain. It had only gone from hell-ain’t-got nutin to holy-Jesus-why-oh-God and while Severstal also sharing in his pain only halved it and both were screaming away crushing one another’s hands. It was over sooner than they thought it was taking but once it was over she removed them and cradled her little morphed man feeling his increased weight with surprise. They calmed down and raced back to relax as Anatoly lost feeling in most of his body and was collapsing as a result.

“Here you go sweetheart, a nice soft mattress.” She laid him down on the first bunk they came across before her hunger forced her to continued eating the bed frame in the hall. She saw that the change in his body had left him trying to regain much control and feeling, and thought that she could maybe… jumpstart… a specific function in between his legs.

“I’m starving, honey, and I know what you mean now.”

“Mmmhmm.” She started fiddling with his soft member, twirling it around the base watching it thicken and stiffen. “Hmm, I wonder-”

“Wonder what? Why are you playing with me?”

“Just to help you… relax. Does it taste different?”

“So parched. I’m craving… oils?”

“Well then-” she plopped her vaginal tendril at his mouth. “Let’s drink our fill.” He closed his eyes and suckled on her wet split lips, purging them with his tender metallic-cored tongue. He sent shivers and shudders of good feeling throughout her hull as she waited ominously for his goodness member to rise to the occasion. Once it was erect to her liking she licked all over it, enjoying the new taste of metallic hints and flesh mix in an even more welcoming and homely texture to her. She tasted even more appealing to him, and even more filling and satisfying. Her glorious rush of precum soothed his stomach as he used his hand to milk her huge tube of nourishing sweetness, caressing it’s tender folds and walls to leak more into his mouth. He rubbed all around her insides until he found her clit and then began to focus tenderizing that for her, invoking her to moan and shudder at his cue. His feeling down under began returning to him and he melted away by her precious gentle stokes and teases. His eyes couldn’t hold open and they drifted closed, imagining her whole hull shuddering, quivering, reeling and calmly bucking to his doings of her soft spots. It was awesome. She toyed with his member some more, licking the shaft and stroking the head until it fully throbbed and Anatoly started moaning. Then feeling like he had control there again she slid him into her mouth, letting his head push against the back of her mouth as it straightened out to envelope him. She reached to his eyes and closed them with her fingers, then closed hers and let herself shudder as she slipped beneath the waves to the sex depth. He performed flawlessly even though he was getting himself a real thorough blow job, he licked and suckled, lapped and probed at her whole slit and innards, she was gliding up and down on him, exploring every vein, indent, curve, bulge and ridge with her tongue and held him firm in her lips as she pulled and pushed his member around. They were in total bliss, continuing on until they came in unison and stopped there for schedule’s sake. Still, it wasn’t enough for Anatoly, so Severstal primed a fuel nozzle and fed him that. Sure enough it didn’t take long before they sat in their next display dock and Anatoly was full and lively again.

They had a great time together sailing around Russia, and had lively nighttime pleasures almost every night. Each stop was filled with interesting and exciting people, and the coasts were beautiful and romantic. Each stop was uneventful compared to the final one. Anatoly was waving bye to the last group of tourists when Severstal frantically called to him. She hurried him to the radio room and played a message to him, it was from the Admiral.

“Hey you two..,” he sounded stressed, anxious, and heavily worried, “uhhuh, could you two come back…….., at uh full steam…….., this is urgent. I’m sorry but come back now. It’s an order.” With that the message ended, it offset Anatoly, too. They knew it wasn’t like a military operation, he wouldn’t act like that, and no this was something deep. They hurried out of port, banged for good luck, and put everything forth to home port. It took a few days to return home, all of them eventful nights, and came home to a foggy dock. It had just finished storming and when the fog visibility had reached the dockside, Severstal saw a dockhand, the Admiral twiddling his thumbs, and a strange man in a thick coat and full face mask standing at the position of American Parade Rest. As Severstal was moored into her old spot and anchored down the for rolled away. The Admiral was sleepless, tired, paranoid, and very, very concerned.

“Is everything alright, Yuri?” She never used the Admiral’s name unless she was serious.

“No no no no no. Nothing is good, nothing is good.”

“What’s wrong? What is it?” Anatoly was also scared.

“Last week..,” he trailed off he glanced over to the nearby garage where an orange American muscle car of the 60’s or 70’s was sitting. It rolled out and Severstal saw it was Olivia, the Admiral’s wife, and saw that she was very concerned, too. The Admiral looked back, “last we we were threatened. A rock flew through the window and had a note that talked about us either dying quickly or dying painfully slow within the hour.”

“How did you get here?” Severstal was worried, coming to the base was a good move, on duty personnel and checkpoints meant nobody was getting in, and with herself there nobody would dare try something.

“We scrambled out.., a neighbor call later and said we were raided by many men with guns.., weird guns…” Just then a little car, a bit shy of half Olivia’s size, came out and raced to the Admiral. He turned to it and knelt on his knees and pulled it up onto his lap and bent over. He whispered something to it as he hugged it, it was Rosina, his daughter, and she was crying and hugging her father tight at his stomach.

“So who’s this guy?”

“He is here to help, he went and got me some of our stuff from the house.., I can’t pronounce his name to save my life for some reason, but! he’s here to root out the anti-sents, he’s got big help, big and old help.”

“How old?” Asked Severstal with a smile, not much left around was as old as she was.

“Older than you and Olivia.., total.”

“So sir, what is your name?” Anatoly asked as Severstal moved him to her deck.

“My name is Patelo, at your service.” He turned to face them, and then he removed his mask and hood to reveal bright red hair and capturing eyes. “And I have to congratulate you on your expectation, by the way.”

Fin The Typhoon

Again that one part I put in for simplicity sake, I didn’t enjoy any of it and it still weirds me out.

HaM side story: Tagging a Ho

Well I remembered Ratbat’s comment of me ‘tagging a Ho’ and so Saturday I started writing and got far surprisingly fast, I think. Enjoy a lucky man Tagging a Ho!

The Lost Stealth Warrior

David worked his way into the Smithsonian storage departments, he knew what he was doing was illegal and possibly could get him life in prison for trespassing, but taking a job at the security department and leaving his post to gaze upon the evasive plane of mystery was well worth it to him. Ever since he’d heard about it, David studied and researched that plane from his old childhood game Frontline, the plane your character steals at the end of the game embedded itself into his everlasting dreams and imagination and he went crazy when he found out the Smithsonian, only a fifty minute drive from his house, had an original one in it’s records, but upon walking and exploring every inch of the flight wing and finding nothing of it’s existence he was heartbroken. He was sneaking through a line of shelves that rose well over the height of B-29’s tailfin tip when on the ground, and it was dead silent; he made his way down a corridor marked ‘H-I’ in labeling until he found a massive box with the matching label. It was absolutely gigantic, he needed a forklift to move it, he went to the end and retrieved a forklift to move the crate. He carefully lifted and slid it out ever so gently knowing the contents were about twice his age and then some, he rested it on the ground then moved around the crate and lifted the large lid off with a huge amount of strength and a crowbar then he peeked inside, ducked down rubbing his eyes. Wait were those eyes?

“He-hello?” David heard the feminine voice echo throughout the halls he quickly stood back over the box and shushed the plane inside, looking into her hoping fascinating green eyes, then he stood gawking.

“Oh my God… You exist…” He was staring at the top of the midsection of a parted Horten 229 Nazi experimental stealth jet super fighter.

“Yes, yes I do.” She said a somewhat offended that someone doubted this. “So did you guys land on the moon? Is Bret still up there yapping about?” David was lost, what was she talking about?


“Oh you must be a new guy- well new guy there are some machines that are alive and we-”

“I know that but… We landed on the moon back in the sixties, and I know nobody here named Bret.” He was shocked, he thought the government took care of living machines like they were people… not shove them in crates and forget they exist. Her face turned confused, her eyes on either side of the bubble canopy squinted.

“What… year is it?”

“Two-thousand and nine.” She couldn’t believe it.

“I’ve been locked in there for fifty years…?” Her hidden lips under her nose began trembling, her eyes watered, and her small chopped fuselage quivered. “He said he’d come back…”

David felt sorry for her, she looked like she needed a hug, so he climbed in the gap between her nose and the box side and leaned in and embraced her large engine intake bulge. She hugged him back and sobbed for a while listening to David’s reassuring and calming voice that was so smooth she felt good again in no time. “So what’s your name? Why did you open the lid?”

“My name’s David and I wanted to open the box to look at a real Horten. I’m not supposed to be here and if I’m caught I’m through!” He said, mentioning the trouble he’s in for doing this comforted her that someone went so far just to lay eyes on her.

“Thank you, David. My name is Sarah.” She had a nice soft, gentle touch in her voice. David felt comfortable around her because with his obsession of aircraft he learned how to fly them with his teacher a male Dauntless dive bomber converted trainer, then a regular old dead jet for the jet aircraft. He still kept in touch with the Dauntless. “So how’s the past half-century been?”

“Well I only know personally about twenty or so years of it but I might be able to fill in the rest.” David talked about all the major events, Vietnam, moon landings, Cuban missile crisis, reuniting of Germany, Berlin Wall, the assassinations, PCs, technology, 9-11, the Middle East, all of it. By the time he finished he had to button up the box and slip it back, but he vowed on his life he would come back to her. And he did the next night, and the next, and the next.

The two talked for a long time every night telling stories and such, and he performed at the security office well enough to be promoted again and again until he pretty much had free access of all Smithsonian property, to his and Sarah’s delight. He took up flying more heavily and asked his Dauntless connection if there were any hanger slots open, how much was rent, if that airstrip allowed jet aircraft, and inflated the Dauntless’ sense of friendship that actually was very high from Daniel’s perspective already. When Daniel read his old friend’s response he concocted a radical plan to get Sarah flying again. The night after Daniel got the good news he shared his intentions with Sarah.

“That’d be wonderful! Absolutely wonderful! Anything you need from me and it’s yours!” She was extremely elated, his plan made her envision and feel the tremendous rush of air around her airframe, the pull up on her wings straining to fly higher, the power of her engines pushing her through the wind like a bullet, it made her hope again. Daniel’s escapade was tremendous at that; first he’d measure and detail all the specs about Sarah i.e. wingspan, length, boom, framing, materials, layout, everything. Next he would labor tediously and long at recreating a working one-to-one exact replica of Sarah minus the living factor Sarah possessed. Finally he’d take a truck with the replica to the access door of the storage department, switch out the two Hortens, and take Sarah to the hanger and reassemble her and fix any problems there were, then he hoped they’d fly again.

He immediately climbed in with a notepad, some orthographic drawings of the Horton he’d printed out, a pen, measuring tape, and eagerness as his tools to get this all done that night. He asked Sarah a number of questions pertaining to distances from frame beams, thicknesses, and attachments ports, and her materials. He’d heard hundreds of claims of the shell, from rubber to lard-covered steel, from canvas skin to alien metal. Turned out to his imaginative surprise a sort of all of them.

“It’s a leather canvas skin soaked with the liquid metal agent that makes me alive, it was pressure saturated, the canvas, to contain the life factor in me. My airframe is of the same style soaked plywood and my shell here is of the metal alloy. The wings have the plywood under shell for the canvas.” Daniel was answered all, and while he was scaling her wing and body, her skin was unique at that, it wasn’t typical of most planes with metal, hers was smooth and full of texture; it had a sort of majestic allure to, seductive feeling of sexiness, it turned him on. As he was measuring the tail he looked at the pointy silhouette and was reminded of a bat tail, Batwoman, he thought, and it’s shape turned him on more. He dropped his pen and bent to pick it up but noticed the wood right in front of his feet under her tail mid-way was sort of stained silver, he smirked as he just found her slit without looking. He wrapped up the night then went home and dreamt wet of her.

The work was long and strenuous; Daniel called many friends with varying skills to do this job and even with all the help in total it took three months to construct a full working type, with the engines taking the longest time. Along the way he met a unique character well respected and resourceful of the name of Patelo, quite strange however yet yielded much knowledge and acquired records and reason statement that Go 229 #1000203-S was created, and upon talking to Sarah who knew there was a Horten before her of non-living that performed better than a Me 262 in that of dogfight sims won seven of eight times and flew under a thousand kilometers an hour with a range over a thousand kilometers and payload of about a thousand kilograms but upon landing an engine blew out and the test pilot lost control and perished in the crash, but not much else. Daniel found answers.

“Gotha model 2-2-9 will be constructed with element 1-2-1 Sentronium as for life element in regards to engine failure prevention upon operation. The frame number 100030V2A-S will be designation code. Training shall commence upon activation and scheduled to fly once pilot is affirmed ready. Frame is to be active as productive under sex: female for safety precautions and protective nature, unlike hull 75000128B-S panzer unit, this will be fully operational and fertile before activation.” Daniel finished reading the translated copy and sat amazed, she was a safety feature. “Wow, so what was that stuff at the end?”

“What the panzer hull 75000? I’ve not the slightest clue. But the fertile and active part means I can have babies.” He nodded in understanding then he told her she’s getting switched out tomorrow night. She pulled him into the crate and hugged him against her nose.

“Err-Yup! I got my plane tested and approved under my name and because it’s an exact of you they won’t notice a thing!” She then pulled him below her nose and kissed his face- all of it, in excitement and show of gratitude. She then put him back onto the ledge and shook in her crate too excited to stay still. He frowned as he put the top back on and tucked it away again. He ventured not home, but to the hanger, and disassembled his replica in the same fashion and took into account how her life agent kept her looking brand new somehow and aged and dried his heavily then put it into a crate resembling Sarah’s with the same markings as hers. Then they waited…

Daniel backed up to the garage door that backs up to the storage department that Sarah’s in, it was a holiday so he had the day off but he pulled a bold lie out of his ass that he was replacing a rotted box for a fairly new addition of stable situation and it worked. He was uninterrupted as he traded crates with the Horton’s slot, and once he got Sarah’s into the truck trailer he drove off to the hanger, and eagerly  ripped the top off to be met with those same green eyes he met months ago.

In unison they announced their thoughts: “Freedom!” She pulled herself out of the crate and opened her landing gear sighing a relief as they haven’t moved in fifty years and held her high above the floor, enough for Daniel to walk under comfortably. Her forward landing gear position was way out in front, with her mouth ahead of it on the underside of the nose, from the well many arms extended and grabbed her body parts arranging them to be lifted and mounted in place before sinking her front hydraulics down to allow Daniel’s mobile lift to lift the wings and other assemblies high enough then helped him lock her together. She moaned at the feeling of her wings and this turned him on again. She swayed on her gear, softly mmm-ing and his hormones took this as teasing and made his ‘need to breed seen by the keen’ or in other words he had a hard-on. The sun was going down by this time, no more unscheduled flights, and Sarah was down again.

“So close, yet, so far.” She groaned, Daniel had calmed down and took to her sorrow and hugged her rear left landing gear hydraulics nice and snugly. He parts with her and approaches the door when she calls for him feverishly. “W-Wait! Don’t go! Why don’t you stay the night here?” Daniel turned back, she was looking at him eyebrows raised and twiddling her metal thumbs. He couldn’t force himself to say no to her beautiful face.

“Dah! All-alright. I can’t say no.” She clapped and bounced on her forward gear. His mind instantly went dirty: bouncing on him all night long, hot and steamy. He looked around the space for somewhere to lay, she said anywhere but seeing how her expansive wingspan and no real length meant he’d either be in front of her, behind her, or underneath her wing and he wasn’t trusting of her unused gears suddenly bearing her weight again. He chose to sleep in front of her. Once he was out cold she used a little trick she learned from reading the German copy, she knew German better than English even if she’d not used it in seventy years. She cycled through her many appendages searching for the right one; injector, injector, injector, auxiliary vagina, injector, ah here it is! She found the one that contained multiple needles and probes before she carefully slid it into the base of his skull in the back and shared with him her little dream she’d keep having: a man, not sure who, opening up the box with a light to his back masking his appearance, she calls to him but he doesn’t respond but continues to climb in at her tail section and strip. He pries open her slit cover and proceeds to fuck her to her delight, she can’t move, she can’t stop it, she can’t hurry it, but she always does enjoy it; enjoys being manhandled and taken by him this mysterious manly figure that she wants to be Daniel. She ends it there, he stirs now probably starting the beginning of a wet dream but not much else. She smiles and falls asleep, to their surprise they wake up with Daniel inside her cockpit somehow.

The two arrange the flight with control then once the time comes they race off down the runway and zipped off the ground with ease and Sarah took over immediately. Daniel let her have her unrestricted freedom. She flew around forever, feeling the Gs as she dived and pulled and rolled, the lift of her wings carrying her, the wind whizzing over her sleek body, her engines whining and pushing, her lovely pilot sitting politely in her cockpit, she felt it all. “Better than sex, Daniel! It’s better than sex!” She called trying to tempt him to propose a trial to that, but he simply mmhmm’d. “I ought to carry you on my belly so you’d understand!”

“Please don’t, not now.” He said actually intrigued. They flew around more; Daniel had been thinking about her a lot lately and thought it may be right if they would start actually dating, when he asked mid-flight she gladly accepted.

When they touched down Daniel introduced Sarah to his Dauntless friend Daniel, which is why Daniel calls him Dauntless. After a few tries Sarah got herself to call Dauntless-Daniel Dauntless and human-Daniel Daniel, which slowly transitioned into babe. Over the course of a month the couple didn’t get that much closer together than the previous amounts of time has simply because there wasn’t much more room in between them but they did learn that Dauntless is the one who put them together the first night in their hanger, and that the two of them were ready to test the ‘better than sex’ claim. It was up to Sarah to decide when, and one night during maintenance the time was right. Daniel was going through his checklist making sure Sarah hadn’t lost anything that she said she did to get him alone. He was crouching by her rear left gear with his right shoulder right next to her open dripping port, he had no idea and when he went to put his pen in her hand he thought was still next to him he actually wedged it into her slit.


“You’re alright,” he reached back to his jutting pen without looking and pulled it out, “wow your hand’s sweaty, why’re you nervous?” He looked towards her sly grinning mouth for a response but got nothing until he looked more to his right and witnessed the thing he’s been craving seemingly forever. His mouth watered and his cock stiffened strong.

“I stripped for you, now you strip for me.” She pulled him by the collar to her view while he reached for the glorious pussy she wielded. Once he was situated in front of her she tugged on clothes she wanted off and watched with lust and licked her lips with want growing stronger and showing in her big green eyes and dripping wet pussy in back. He restlessly removed any and all she wanted in a flash then watched her eyes comb over him deliciously, waiting to get in her finally. Once she had him strip clean she allowed him to move to her opening but when he laid on the ground she held and pinned him there to taunt him some more. He watched in earnest as she rolled her pitch and yaw and roll above him, occasionally lowering to just the brink but right before she’d touch she snapped back to her standing height laughing at his groans and grunts. His member felt like it’d try to extend itself to reach her but never came close enough to touch, he flexed it as much as he could trying to get it there but all in vain, just as he gave up and watched the show she leveled out and dropped on him, penetration to his crotch. She moaned and awed as her arms went limp and her forward weight seemed too much for her nose gear. She was gritting her teeth and grrrring as her nose gear slowly let out and she slid down teeth and eyes and vagina clenched on what she rightfully deserved. Daniel sat startled that he was balls-deep inside her and didn’t feel her yet, he smiled inappropriately looking at her tightly clenched teeth just before her full feelings of pleasure hit him too; he dropped his head on the floor and let out a deep moan of satisfaction, to them it seemed like forever but in ten seconds of resting here she gripped and gripped on his dick but it was forcing her rear gear up pulling him out of her very slowly, he chanted no, no-no-no-no under his breath as he unwillingly left her great heavenly body.

“OH BABY! OH YES! MMMMM Babe you’re so GOOD! OH DDAAMMNN!” This loving utterance sparked Daniel to push through her weak arms that once held him down into her loosening and throbbing pussy, every thrust up her hydraulics jumped up, every time he pulled out they gave a little, all until he was rocking her up and down fast and hard. Her forward gear had let out all it could and Daniel watched as her quivering rear gears started to spread out in a wider stance that lowered the space he had to thrust. She started to say something in English but it transitioned to German too fast for him to hear, she started to scream in German but he didn’t cease or alter at all. For all he knew she could be saying ‘YOU’RE A FUCKTARD DANIEL!’ but he heard ‘FUCK HARD DANIEL!’ and kept it up, listening to her German approbations and creaking wheels and smacking noise against her leaking clit. She had been aroused to the point she had no control over her engines and they flared up in lust and hormones, they roared to life screaming that famous scream and pushing her towards the locked hanger doors, she put her large manipulators to the ground to slow her but she knew she’d reach the doors eventually so for now she focused on her lover’s package. She had gone right to the cervix, all he felt was her cervix inside and all she felt was everything, veins, texture, lips and folds, taught areas and sagging areas, everything. She got to the door and put her large manipulators on the door to try to stop her but she felt them budge. If you can’t beat ’em, DRILL ‘EM THROUGH.

“OH BABE DRILL ME! PLOW ME THROUGH THE FUCKING DOORS!” She wailed in earnest of his physical reply. She felt his entire stick stiffen up and throb more, his power bursting, and the tingling precum start coming out in larger quantities, she knew what was about to happen to him… and she wanted it all. “CUM! CUUUM! CUM BABY, CUM! IN-FUCKING-SIDE ME, CUMMMM!” He gritted and clenched his whole body but his muscles and natural reaction had him hump and hump until it came out in droves. “AAAHHHHHAHHAHH! AH THAT’S THE SHIT RIGHT THERE!” Her entire system above his dick head felt like it was on fire, he felt so warm and hot and creamy she knew she’d eat some later, but now she wanted him to go on just like her wet dreams. “OH BABE GO! GO! GOOO-”

She was getting hammered just like that, she found herself unable to stop it, she couldn’t hurry him, she couldn’t do anything but moan, completely lost control… her dream came true, and it is Daniel. She felt hers coming with force, she thought she’d rocket him out and herself out of the hanger when her nose gear crashed in and her nose fell to the floor with her engines at max output. Daniel could she her mouth was open and her breaths and moans relaxed and exhausted, she was drooling on the floor and her cunt on him, he was splashing it over his body, her belly, the floor, his nearby clothes and notepad, everywhere, he heard her climax approaching the final moments with the engine and the three quivering trembling landing gears then felt it on his cock. She was right there, her force on his dick felt crushing, her while frame was vibrating, quivering, trembling, numbing him, and she announced her orgasm with a “FFFUUUU-” and a rush so strong of her cum right into his dick’s hole wedged open, that stung then it sprayed on his chest and face and into his mouth. Then he came again and her quivering frame lowered and lowered into him, he had his legs spread into the gaps between her engine bulges and her belly as she folded her gear in to sleep on top of him for a little while. She told him she was napping and to enjoy every minute of her hour nap with her cunt at his disposal, then she said she’d blow him. When she woke up he was out cold too, but felt he fucked at least twice more based on his payload still tickling her cervix and noticed it seemed to have reached very deep inside her, deeper than she’d felt she could go but liked what may come of it. She carried him around and licked his dick until it was hard before gently placing him similarly like before down and in her mouth. She tasted her own wet juices and his residue and precum, then only his scrumptious cock, then a little spurt and a moan from her sleeping lover and his cum danced on her tongue. It was the tastiest thing in her mouth she concluded, and that sex may be a little better than flying.

Fin The Lost Stealth Warrior

Tagging a Ho completed.


IS-3Hellcat TD

HaM side story of an IS-3, Hellcat, and a lucky human. This takes place in the closing months of the World War when IS-3s were just being started on the fields of war, although none actually made it to the front in time they did participate in the victory parade. The Hellcat is just that same legendary tank destroyer.


Demon and Allen were strolling through their Russian allies; it was 1945 in the closing days of Hitler’s third Reich and the American and Russian armies were running into each other all over Germany. Demon was a M18 Hellcat with scores of kill tally marks on his turret’s right side and DEMON painted across his glacis, Allen was his seasoned driver with a charm that wooed women in any country he was in, a charm not lightly used, either. As they meander through the camped Russians and Americans trying to talk to some Russians a loud feminine voice with a heavy accent sounds from their right.

“You Americans look bored, no?” She was a long tank with a paint job too new looking to have seen any combat. Her green eyes on her angled teardrop shaped turret were eager and hopeful. Allen was admiring her angled hull armor, unique in that it points like and arrow head, Allen thought it was ingenious.

“Yes! Finally a Russian to talk too! We ain’t bored anymore; here I’m Demon, a Hellcat tank killer, and this guy’s my driver Allen, what do they call you?” Demon was very excited to talk to an ally of another side of the damned fatherland; he couldn’t stop staring at her huge gun.

“They call me spearhead,” she gestured to her comrades a good distance around the group. “But the little girl that would play with me before I left called me Dima, I like that better.”

“Pleased to meet you Dima, so what’s it like over there in the Russian army?”

“And what gun is that?” Demon spurts out still eyeing her gun.

“Huh, my gun is one hundred and twenty two millimeters Demon,” Demon felt small, he had a seventy six and his jaw-dropped expression turned into a sly smile as the thought that he could shove his whole gun inside hers and that obviously turned into something dirty. “But it’s quite lonely, very lonely here. No one talks to me like this, only commands, orders, occasionally a morning greeting. That’s it.” She was looking a little downed; Allen thought how he could make this a good time for her. He was never lonely and never thought of vehicles sexually but he thought if it ended up there then damnit he’ll give it a shot or get Demon laid.

“Well we’re here now and you’re the only ruskie here that speaks English, how do you speak English?” Her eyes darted to him full of hope again, and caught some of his charm.

“Well when I got close to front I heard you Americans on my radio, I learned through there. How long exactly is… now?” She was hoping to take hold of the chance not to die a virgin if they ever do scrap her, she liked how Demon was ogling over her gun and something about Allen fanned her fire. “I was never on the front, never killed a German… you could share some of your stories! You must have plenty!” She was begging the two, they talked forever about the kill stories, going through all of his kill marks and making Dima look at them in awe at the shit they pulled out of their asses when they were cornered. Dima’s lust continued growing and festering, she used whatever she could think of that she remembered from the radio tunes to flirt with them. She tried her best to swoon the boys, Demon seemed to be interested but Allen was looking a little unmoved.

Soon the sun was setting, however, and by this time Dima was craving her first time to be by two Americans, she had to snatch up Allen some way. She went out on her own accord to catch Allen; she seemed to gain a hold of him while Demon looked like he would plow her in front of everyone. Allen was thinking it has come to a one night stand, but she didn’t look bad, the angles in her hull were attractive, her turret shape was nice and appealing, her roof mounted machine gun continuously caught his eye, and he could only wonder how her ‘ass’ looked. He’d soon find out.

“So you boys have plans later?” She could barely contain her excitement, and if anyone were to walk by behind her would see it too.

“No we’re clear for the night.” Demon rapidly responded, he wanted her body bad, and really craved her gun-it was so mighty and powerful yet so simple in design.

“Well I did want to hit the town, maybe a pub-” Allen was saying.

“You don’t need any German girls.” She started, thinking what to follow up with. “Ever been with a Russian gal?” She wore a sly smirk. Allen was contemplating her proposal; he hasn’t been with a Russian or a machine much less a Russian machine. He finally sighed and responded.

“Can’t say I have, Dima, it’ll be a first for me.” Dima smiled, she had no clue where they could bang but she didn’t care where.

“Russia doesn’t look kindly upon this type of bonding, so… any idea where, Americans?”

“I’ve got a spot,” Allen settled, “but its back on our side so if you could… sneak over here… we’d be golden.” She nodded very fast, supercharged on adrenaline and anticipation. The two tanks weaved on out into a field then darted for the tree line. Demon’s max speed is ninety-two kilometers per hour, almost three times Dima’s, and realizing this he went back around and pushed her as best he could noticing that the spare track link mounted on the lower of the two sloping rear plates was oozing precum and knew where her mysterious port was, while Allen found the same thoughts. Not too long into the trip all three were ready to get it on. They venture through the woods for a decent while before coming upon a clearing. It looked like an undiscovered old park, abandoned for Mother Nature to reclaim her lost land; it was still picturesque.

“You’re most romantic, Allen.” Dima said as the scenery moved her internally and gave her confidence that no one will intrude upon them, the worn brick wall still stood tall and mighty.

“When the fuck did you find this?” Demon asked moving around Dima to get a better look around.

“Well my family came here to see my grand pop’s grave, and this was one of the places we visited most often here.” He looked around with flashbacks upon flashbacks whizzed by his eyes. “Is that damn tree still there? Holy Jesus it is! Damn that tree’s old…” They sat and savored the moment until the full moon lifted above the tree line to light up the scene with its light blue gleam. Allen looked to Dima’s light green eyes watching the stars and moon like it’s a mystical being.

“Ever see the stars before, Dima?”

“No, if that’s what they’re called in American, I’ve not seen the stirs before.” Demon grinned at her pronunciation of stars. “I can watch then later, let’s take the time at hand and fuck!” Her tone change was swift and shocking, none cared and continued as planned, or what they thought was the plan. As Allen moved behind Dima and Demon followed, she protested with her own plans.

“No no, what are you doing, Demon? I have a mouth in front and a cunt in back. Use them my lovers.” Demon instantly hit into reverse to take the blow job first, her gun was an attraction irresistible to him. The two Americans got to their appropriate ends and admired it.

“Are you two ready?” Dima could barely contain herself she was so excited. Demon nodded while Allen was unlatching the steel cables from their mounts that held the spare track link to the source of her leaking. He undid the cables and lifted the link off and to the side, multiple tethers of her silver fluid still holding to it; he stared in amazement at how enticing her vagina was. Demon was sitting in front of a waiting hungry Dima, trying to get the extra armor put on his crotch by his crew off, Dima said fuck this and ripped it off herself revealing a hidden force also trying to remove it. His long gunmetal shaft looked thick and filling to Dima, she licked her lips as Demon rolled forward to her cues then lifted him onto her chest without his consent to plunge his massive size into her mouth.

“Holy fffuck!” Demon was instantly hit with this vast feeling of pleasure as Dima sucked and toyed at his metal member; licking, wrapping, caressing, all for Dima and Demon’s personal pleasure. Allen smiled at this thought, it was Demon’s first time having sex and he felt proud of Demon as he opened up his fly and let loose his veteran member to probe at the soft spot of this armored beast. He rubbed her tall slick lips with his shaft head, sending trembles and moans down her chassis, before he slowly and gently eased into her cavern sending even more trembles and moans through her. Her whole body quivering gave more pleasure feeling to Demon’s probe like it was vibrating, making him moan more. Allen was thinking to himself how he was going to please her giant welling when it slowly began to shrink in size, acting like a Chinese handcuff and constrict everything, bringing up her cervix to a more human like proportion. Allen was breath taken by the feeling inside her; he expected warm steel feeling with a good shaking by her immense engine that was literally right there. While the engine vibrations guess was right the feeling wasn’t; her entirety felt ungodly good, soft and plush with a hidden firmness below that with much heat and fluids baking his dick in all a way that made him agree this was better than any human was. He slowly pulled out drawing moans and complaints, first out of her tight cervix, then from her vagina, letting her collect herself after her first penetration, then slowly went back with a little more umpf and gradually increased speed and force until he was plain out fucking her.

Demon was very much enjoying what Allen caused back there affected Dima up here, her moaning rattled her mouth and her quivering shook her tongue around his probe bringing him even closer and faster to his orgasm goal. Her playing drooled out onto his chassis and her chest, rolling down her angled hull and off to the dirt, her eyes were clenched shut basking in the pool of her stimulation. She started to feel Demon’s shaft stiffen and throb stronger and faster when he confirmed her thoughts:

“Aaahhh Dima I’m close!” He was preparing for an orgasm he’d never felt before. Just as he’s there she pulls him out and pushes his end up above her gun letting him discharge onto her turret in a loud sound of pleasure. Some of his silver cum slopped down her turret side and entered the reach of her adventurous tongue to taste his essence with delight before turning her focus to the human rocking her world and her ass with an intensity that made her look like she was in pain.

Allen was soaking up the feeling that Dima gave him; he wanted this to be as good for her as it was for him but he knew he’d finish before her, even if she was virgin. He went down with his hand and stroked and turned her metal bulb sparking louder moans and wails from her. She had an empty mouth and was most likely crying about how good he felt in Russian, but neither man knew Russian. He was trying all angles searching for something to level the playing field, and knew instantly he found it when her shaking suspension gave out in the front three and she tried backing on to him screaming in even more high pitched screams of lust. He felt her grasp on him constrict hard, the thickness of plush material thinning until it is but the thickness of a nickel when he pulls out followed by her rush of cum spewing in streaks as she moans loudly in sporadic bursts. Allen finishes himself off outside letting out onto her armored plate and before he’s realizing it Dima’s turning around having them trade places at her pace.

“Shit- it might be a while for me, Dima… Ohh fuck!” Demon was resetting his probe and staring at the aching, dripping slit that’s growing larger to accommodate his size.

“That’s fine. Allen looks ready now.” Dima says grabbing and hauling Allen to her lips licking them intensely. Because her mouth is on the underside of the turret overhang, Allen didn’t notice the razor teeth Dima possesses until he’s right there and at her mercy. “Don’t worry sweets, I won’t bite.” She clamps down on him, releasing a moan and groan from the both of them. Dima licks his head cleaning off any pre-existing cum he has, and deeply loves the taste of his human flesh and fluids. “Mmmm you are delicious!” Dima exclaims to him.

“Aaahhh uhh, please don’t bite, please? I’ll be much tastier whole, thank you.” He says nervously, Dima smiles and looks at him innocently with her large green eyes and continues sucking and blowing and caressing. Demon, who doesn’t want to miss out on too much fun, extends two manipulators to circle Dima’s port entry point. He enjoys her cries as he pops in and out periodically, then pulls them apart trying to peer inside but sees nothing. He decides to return a favor and grabs ahold of her wide body at the sprockets, and hauls her heavy ass up onto his protesting hull where his faceplate is level with her vaginal plate. He splits her open again and peers in spotting wet soppy walls of goodness and a good ways in her cervix moved back for his size. He licks the just insides of her walls sparking the best moan she’s made yet. Allen feels her mouth vibrating with the moan and catches her eyes crossing in pleasure, he again felt pride in Demon again, and was hoping he could go back to human women happily, Dima was rocking his world and proving she was better than any other woman… and this is her first time, it’s a shame he’ll probably never see her again.

Allen wasn’t sure what Demon was doing to her back there but it was something because she was faltering in giving him a BJ now, her shuddering still kept him going, though. What Demon was doing was sinking his tongue deeper into her tunnel and lapping at her tasteful insides making her engine kick up a bit in amusement. Once he was rock hard and ready again Dima was closing in on her orgasm, so he decided to eat her out fully and let her explode on his faceplate, returning the whole favor, before placing her down again to get back to finishing Allen off. He couldn’t wait one bit and grabbed ahold of her again and pushed his member into her depths giving her a slow long moan of acceptance. Dima was absolutely overwhelmed, Allen tasted astounding, and Demon just seemed to keep going and going and going! She was thinking that he didn’t seem that big in her mouth, he wasn’t. Demon was lengthening his shaft’s reach, usually for coupling with others with hard to reach ports, but here it’s used as an extension to his whole. Although it’s not as sensitive as most of his body it could feel the pressure growing as he trekked deeper while his actual probe was indescribably stimulated with a very hot surrounding deep inside her cervix. Allen was at his edge and announced it but Dima didn’t hear him, having him cum in her mouth and it spurting all over her tongue, she completely felt whole, like this gift her two lovers have given her made her great, that she had purpose to her life, and she couldn’t live on without purpose anymore. Dima tasted Allen’s seamen on her tongue and didn’t care, she put Allen back on the ground and slammed her forward body down to get the most of Demon and screamed in delight in a mix of Russian and English.

“FUCK! OH FUCK! FUCKING DRILL INTO ME DEMON! DA DA DA YES DA YES YES YES! DAT’ MNE CHTO HUI! OOOHHHH!” He was going on and on; he wanted to get every inch into her and was certain that he would until she screamed at the top of her voice as he reached a searing hot wall in the back, the end of the line. He wanted to pull back to push again but also wanted to sit here, buried inside her. Allen came around, he was done with the night and wanted to get back what was rightfully his that he left here all those years ago wherever he left it, when he stopped by Demon who looked… different.

“Allen,” he asked somewhat nervously, Allen looked over as he put his package back into his pants covered in her liquids. “Allen I think- I think I’m in love with her…” Allen nodded and circled his finger in the air and mouthed ‘I’ll be around’ then kept going, wondering how he’s going to break it to him she can’t stay. As for Demon’s decision whether or not to fuck her or spoon with her, Dima answered it by grabbing onto his hull and holding him inside, the two of them moaning and loving each other for a good while before she began pushing him out.

“No no, here, I’ll do it.” He said, holding her hands with some of his, he retracted his probe in to him a good bit then extended it out slowly. They continued like this for a while before Dima turned her turret around to face Demon. They locked eyes, her green eyes meeting his gray eyes, she knew there what she could live for- not just Demon but, little Demon, she wanted his child. They closed their eyes together and continued until Dima asked him to pick it up, where he did. He pounded her where Allen could hear her loving yelps from across the park.

“OH! OH! AH DEMON! I WANT YOU TO CUM INSIDE ME! CUM INSIDE ME! OH YES BABE CUM!!!” She could feel him getting closer, and how deep he was she knew there was no chance she wouldn’t become pregnant but Demon pulled all the way out and bent his shaft up onto her upper panel just as she came, she shouted no and grabbed the top of his shaft tight to hold in his seed.

“NO! CUM INSIDE ME DEMON!” Allen heard her scream no and rushed over.

“What happened? Wha- who fucked up?” He asked panicked, he hoped Demon didn’t lose himself inside Dima.

“He did!” She exclaims to him, Allen goes pale, “He didn’t cum inside me! NOT YET at least!” She barked. Allen was confused.

“Dima! Why would I do that to you!? What do you want to raise a kid alone!? I don’t think they’ll do it!” Demon shouts at her, unsure why she wanted to do this. The three argue over this until Dima breaks out crying.

“Because I have nothing to live for!” The two others look at her to elaborate, “I have no purpose now! The war’s over! I’m never talked too! I’m never loved! I just want something to love! To care for! To live for! PLEASE! Plea-he-he-he-hease! Just let me that! I’ll do anything, just- please!” She continued begging and pleading with them. Allen decided one way to grant him time to think.

“Alright here’s what’s going to happen! Dima let him go outside of you, then Demon you’ll go back in but go slow! I’ll think about this because I don’t want you to ruin each other’s lives.” Dima was frantically nodding in agreement, once Demon solemnly agreed she let him go on her gun and engine roof, he was still very warm on her body. Demon looked into her eyes and even though she said nothing her eyes were bartering her life away for this if need be, so he went all the way in again.

Allen was sitting by the tree, he looks up into the night sky and notices a shiny corner of a box… he’d found it, and found a solution to Dima and Demon’s situation with its contents he remembers. He waits ten to fifteen minutes before he goes back to Dima and Demon, both looking like they could explode.

“Demon you can cum now.” Demon’s face instantly turns relaxed while Dima rejoiced and was crying tears of joy and asking if there was anything they wanted, anything. Demon thought about pleasing her anyway he could, and looking at his gun he wanted to plant it firmly between her vagina walls and let her clamp and rub on it all she cared for.

“There is one thing, Dima.” Allen asked.

“I don’t care what is it?!”

“Help me into that tree…” They strolled over to the tree and Dima held him up to climb into the tree, a few hilarious minutes and attempts later, Allen through down an old shoe box with many things in it. Allen slides down and opens it, revealing many old photos, a pocket watch, tinkers and an old key.

“This key, guys, will get you two into the United States.”

“How!?” Dima asks excitedly and questionably.

“Well when we last visited when I was eleven, a whole seventeen years ago, I was given a key, I put it in my box of stuff and kept it there, we last visited the park before leaving for home for the last time, I had climbed my favorite tree with my box hoping to put something in it. I never did and I accidentally left it here, it stayed right up there for all those years, I went mad looking for it, and now, I have this key, this key unlocks a secret cellar, that cellar has some of the world’s rarest wines! Worth millions at the time, if I sell them, I could buy you out of the army Demon, and smuggle you into America Dima.” The two looked at each other in astonishment.

“Thank you! Thank you a lot Allen! Demon, anything you want?” She turned to Demon, she helped Allen and Demon looked like he had something on his mind.

“Hmm… two things: first who was better?”

“You fucked me better; definitely, you’re huge in ratio to him.” Allen sulked; he wasn’t enough for the first time but God damnit pride still got to him. “But! But Allen tasted better.” She winks to Allen, who nodded sarcastically.

“And second: do you want to go again?” He asks out of love and passion, to hopefully sway her into love if that hadn’t happened already.

She ponders his question. “Yes I’m still horny like a slut!” With that the two race off back to the first spot where Demon placed his seventy-six into her chasm, loving her showing of affection while Allen thought how the hell was he going to fit them two in his four stable barn? I mean for fuck’s sake- and to think this is just the beginning!

Fin IS-3-way

Forgot to add in the post-comment. This will be continued much quicker than the other side stories because this will go further into detail as to how my version of tier II living machines procreate altogether… yes human x machine and machine x machine. You should know human x human by now. But this won’t stretch as HaM does, only a small number of inserts.

A6M5 mod. 52 Ayaka Zero

This is my first story of 2015: A HaM side story response to Cerebral error’s Petra post war plane taking place very shortly after Japan surrenders. The ending is something I’m trying and I’d personally like feedback if yall like it or if you don’t. Well enough lollygagging let’s read and enjoy ourselves!

A6M5 Ayaka Zero

Jack cursed under his breath as the long truck hauling a Zero with the wings removed and strapped on either side of the airframe on the trailer of the truck rolls up on his driveway. Jack had specifically asked for the plane to remain intact and not dismantled at all other than the removal of the weapons. He had purchased the plane with money he put into the bank before the war and due to financial tricks and trades had earned enough to buy a formidable Zero he’s drooled over every time he’d dogfight one.

“Ahhh you bastards!”

“Hey calm yourself, Jack. We wouldn’t fit across the bridges with stiff wings so we cut ’em. At least you can fix ‘er.” Jack looked pissed, two months of wait time and he still won’t be able to fly again for at least a week.

“A two month wait lets me build my runway and clear out a hanger, I’ve got fuel and gear for it ready now and you show up with the fucking wings TIED TO THE SIDES!” Jack hit the hefty trucker he’s known all his life with his leather jacket then stood admiring his new plane.

“First- ow! Second- you want me to park the trailer in the hanger?”

“Yes, the hanger’s ’round back. Put the trailer in the hanger with the nose outward, set it down with the jack feet on the ground so I can lower the body down onto its gears, I’ll call you when you can come get it.”

“Got it, Jack.” With that he brought it around and backed into the pristine hanger from the days of biplanes, undid the trailer as per instruction and left with a farewell. As soon as the dust trail was out of sight the hanger doors slammed shut, startling Jack, and he was soon being yelled at.

“You are going to start fixing me now, American! Then we will fly!” She sounded like Kato’s Japanese mother, only excellent English, Jack winced at this and looked at the Zero wide eyed that it wasn’t just talking, enough to freak him, but was screaming at him, enough to break him. And piss himself.

“Holy shit you talk.” He snapped in great disbelief. “And you are not happy.” This caused two eyes to materialize on the corner glass panes with much anger filling them as two metallic arms and hands lashed out to him, grabbing him by his collars and dragging him from the door to about a foot from her nose before screaming again.

“NO I’M NOT HAPPY! I get my wings ripped off and drug across who the hell knows where! Do you know what it’s like to be torn limb from limb!? DO YOU!? Perhaps I’ll enlighten you!” Jack trembles and puts his hands out and shakes his head no very desperately.

“I’LL FIX YOU I’LL FIX YOU PLEASE DON’T!” he almost seemed to cry, he ironically feared amputation greatly and this was something he’d desperately try to prevent. She appeared pleased, taking many relieving breaths as she gently lowers Jack to the ground allowing his legs to ‘take over’ and fall to the floor then crawl until he can get up. Flipping shit the whole time. The Zero crossed her arms under her cockpit, below a set of parted streamline lips aft of the engine nautical and waited about an hour for him to compose himself and grasp the alien thought of a plane threatening to rip him in parts.

“So Zero, how long have you been like this?” She looks to him still pissed.

“My name is Ayaka. In parts? Since you asses started transporting me.” She looked back to Jack and he didn’t look answered. “Alive? Off the line.” Jack looked at her, staring at the metal plates separated at the seams and then her gorgeous body, never able to admire their absolutely gorgeous body! Then he asks another:

“Did it hurt? Can you feel… stuff?” She looked at him like he was a dipshit.

“Stuff? That’s the best you can do? Stuff? A fighter ace by that tally list behind you and the best you can say is ‘can you feel stuff’? Mighty Japan defeated by dumbasses! Glorious!” He sank back; he was being harassed by his new plane. He liked it somehow… “Yes I felt that, I can’t feel my wings anymore but I could at a time. Touch is what you were looking for; I can feel that all around my body.” God knows why but this excited Jack sexually, which he was embarrassed of and hid it to his best ability. Ayaka noticed anyway, experienced and trained eyes provided her the eyesight, but didn’t acknowledge it. Jack got his mind back on track; the sexual wonders aren’t for when she just threatened him with disembodiment.

“Well I’d guess to start is how did they remove them?”

“They unbolted and cut at the pre-made seams. It shouldn’t be that hard.” They began by building block rests for the wings to lie on before the two retired for the night. He’s nice, not abusive and so far pretty gentle and the place is cozy and warm, better than I thought. I could get used to civilian life. Jack too was thinking of the other. Wow they’re so elegant! She’s a little scary and demanding, ah that’ll pass over she is just being defensive, I wonder if she’s scared? Day after day the two tinkered, hour after hour the two came closer to completion, minute by minute they came closer as companions talking about their times in the just passed World War Two, Ayaka a A6M5 model 52 with many kills under her and her pilot’s belts, the darker times in the end of the war, and how her pilot left her to become the divine wind, and how they joked with her for being more American in personality. While Jack talked about being raised in the depression, flipping shit when Pearl was bombed, and how he’d always wanted to be a pilot, how scared he was when the Wildcats he flew dropped like flies when dogfighting Zero’s, and how they’d tediously learned how to fight the superior Zero’s. Ayaka grew accustomed to him, and enjoyed his company greatly; soon she noticed that he was less and less sporadic in his excitement around her until the point of about a day away from completion he grew no bulge at all, whether she liked it or not this saddened her. On the final day she asked the question she’d been avoiding in fear of his response:

“Jack… why did you buy me?” Jack winced.

“Normally I’d say buy but with you please don’t say I bought you, it feels wrong like its slavery.-”

“But it’s not I fly and that’s really all I can do.”

“-Well for me I’d say buying a living, intelligent thing-man made or not-is like slavery.-”

“But what about pets? If I was a pet?”

“-You are no pet, Ayaka, you are no slave, Ayaka, and if you don’t want to stay then that’s your choice and not mine, Ayaka.” He had emphasis on his points; Ayaka grabbed his shoulders and asked again.

“Fine then, Jack, why did you take me in?”

“Well… … … to be honest I’ve wanted one since my first encounter in ’42.” Ayaka was interested and was looking like she was also, “Us poor cats didn’t stand a chance, all you Zekes raped the shit out of our assholes. I wanted one badly, to be on even grounds with you Japs at least. You’re all so elegant, fast, agile and smooth, beautiful.” Ayaka ‘blushed’ turning her body-mounted gun bulges from pure white to a light silver.

“Why did you still want one when we became inferior?” She asked still blushing and flattered.

“Beauty kept it in my mind.” He answered a little unsure as to exactly why, but this was enough to make Ayaka squirm when his back was turned. They moved even faster, the goal within reach, the wing fuel lines reconnected, the airframe merged, the edges sanded and smoothed, and not far into the process Ayaka exclaimed she could feel them again and hugged Jack against her belly, who learned to let it happen, and watched with a smile as she wiggles her newly joined wings. She was so happy that her mind was screaming celebration sex but she suppressed this, and unknowing to her Jack was also lusting for sex, but all he knew of her sex was she was made female. Soon they were finished, and Ayaka’s slit was ferociously demanding to finally be fucked by a man, and Jack had calmed himself and never noticed the silver Mercury fluid dripping and running down from the bottom of her mid-tail. Jack lowered the trailer letting Ayaka onto the cement floor on her own landing gear where she joyously rocked on. He called for his friend to pick up the trailer while he was flying, Ayaka bounced when she overheard him, then eagerly reached for the nearby fuel hoses and began filling herself with the substance, all the while her slit was screaming for her to plug that opening with Jack’s nozzle and fill it up with his creamy dreamy substance, but she painfully waited as they were expecting company, that’s when she was asked a question that almost made her fuck him right there.

“So why are you a girl plane?” She hesitated; she had a habit of blabbering out what’s on her mind when she’s emotional like this…

“Well I have a pussy.” She meant vagina, she inched back to protect him from initial rape, but he nodded his head and raised his eyebrows and seemed like it was understandable. They proceeded on, she was topped off yet thirsty, and she feverishly wiped and cleaned her wetness off her tail as so no suspicion would arise, even though she wanted him to rub and touch and toy with the source all day long and way into the night. She passed thankfully and agreed with her hormones to fuck him somewhere in a clearing later or when they land back here all the while flirting and tempting him. She was going to get laid for the first time, finally today!

“All that’s done, need any help with starting up?” Jack asked Ayaka, she shook her engine nautical no and allowed him to climb in wearing his old flight gear and oxygen mask kit. He asked her to show him how to turn her on. You already did, Jack. She turns over with a sputter then a pleasing hum sending heat and vibrations into the cockpit.

“Ready to fly, Ayaka?”

“It’s about damn time!” With that she hits the throttle, violently thrusting forth down the runway, while Jack watches and studies how she executes a takeoff so he can do this at a later time. She picks up her tail, raises her flaps and leaves the Earth joyously and pridefully, taking in all the fresh air and the rush of wind over her smooth body, the sense of bird-like freedom. “It’s even better than I remember, Jack!”

“I can only agree with you there.” Jack felt untethered, loose, free, when he’d fly, and Ayaka made him feel warm and fuzzy inside. He smiled realizing the cheesiness of the description, and was motioned to take the joystick and fly her himself. He grips the plastic handle, resting his thumb on the top button and his pointer and middle fingers on the trigger out of habit, and grabbed her throttle control with his left hand and admired the inside of his beloved plane. “So Ayaka, what should we do first?”

FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! Was all she could think, then she spit out the only thing that wasn’t sex: “Any maneuver you can think of.” In remarkable timing, precision, and elegance the two executed Immelmanns, split-s, wingovers, pitch turns, yo-yos, barrel rolls, spirals, scissors, and anything they come up with for hours. Then the two admire the Midwest landscape and the falling sun. Ayaka hatches an idea to show off how slow she can go and pulls low in front and off the side of an upcoming train traveling with it.

“Ayaka why is the train passing us…” Jack spurts a little worried, “how fast are we going?”

“Well in your speeds we’re going at around… mmmm… seventy-six miles an hour.” Jack was astonished; no wonder they outmaneuvered the wildcats so easily. “My stalling speed is about sixty-nine.” Damnit! Why did I say that! Well… I could… She pumps her engine a bit more, vibrating the cockpit and making Jack’s cock pit thicker in blood flow. She talks and flirts until she’s got him without him even noticing what she did. “Jack it’s getting dark and the fuel’s almost gone, I’m going home.” Jack was awed by her referring to the hanger as home, he felt that she wanted to stay here, and she did. He watches closely as she runs through the landing procedure and they smile as they pull up to an empty hanger, the trailer’s gone. She turns herself around and backs in thinking of all the naughty things she’ll do to Jack. Jack learns how to power down and climbs out of Ayaka’s cockpit unaware her eyes are glinting at her soon to be ‘joystick’ and hops down and walks to the man door locking it for the night. “Alright Ayaka, I see why you raped us in the skies, and I’m pretty mind fucked right now so I’m heading to bed.” He’s walking to the main hanger door when out of nowhere Ayaka slams it shut and puts an iron rod down the padlock mounts.

“Why not sleep with me?” She says in a more demanding sexual tone then a passive sexual tone. Jack turns around and meets her gaze and the two simply click together and rush in to meet in a long enticing kiss. Ayaka’s engine is turning over but isn’t running the prop and her slit is producing so much precum that her protective plates are filling like pools with a too slow leak trying to empty them while Jack is growing hard faster than ever before and his heart racing, he was ready and was removing the bulky stuff off his suit. Both of them were in a complete high with the day’s dealings taking a mental toll while there hormones were powering their bodies into overdrive. Ayaka couldn’t wait anymore and tore at his fly and yanked his stick out and hauled his crotch to her awaiting mouth. Jack said nothing but moaned comfortably when her soft, tender, juicy wet lips caressed his dick and her mouth tugged at his shaft with her tongue gone from exploring his mouth to his cock. She thoroughly licked him, giving him a silver sheen when she did pull him out after she persuaded him to let her taste his entirety, and enjoying his little eruption of his delicious cream spurting all around her vast vibrating mouth. She then pulled a crate under her mid-tail and laid him on it, below the source of her silver leak.

“Open wide, sugar.” Jack does as he’s told and eagerly awaits what she has in store for him. Two panels about twenty inches long stretching up to the sides of her tail open like bomb bay doors and a payload of her liquids falls on a shocked Jack; after wiping the fluid out of his eyes he meets a gray belly under the panels with a very beautiful vagina in the middle running about sixteen inches long with a very bright and tasteful looking clit at the top end and very thick and elegant curvy lips running to the bottom dripping loads of her pre onto his body at various points. He adjusts his body and leans up to plant his face firmly in between her pussy lips. He is greatly pleased and aroused by how wonderful she felt around his face and how she tasted and wondered if her hot vagina would cook him like a turkey if they spooned. Ayaka was mesmerized and taken away by the sensations down south. Her eyes crossed at weird angles and she drooled from both lip pairs greatly, this made Jack chuckle thinking he had himself a very wet girl, and her engine raced with the prop ever so gently turning.

“Ahhhhhhhaaaaa Jaaaaackkk! Oh! You have noooo idea how loooong I’ve waited for thisssss!” She dragged on the moments Jack slurped at her clit; waiting for the pressure to tell him she’s cuming. She lasted a very long time, it took Jack a good five minutes to bring her teetering on the edge of washing Jack’s face with her cum, so Jack begged her to let go, dump it all over him, and she did so without a second thought, drenching Jack, making his member ache for her tender love and caressing. He reoriented himself, and with some help of Ayaka’s arms was pressed against the belly with his pelvis hanging below her furnace of a pussy, and in one swoop he thrusts into her welcoming walls and fills the hanger with loving cries in English and Japanese, mixes of moaning and panting along with Ayaka’s engine roaring and the prop spinning more consistently. This was the first thrust and it penetrated the cervix. Ayaka couldn’t resist locking Jack deep inside her and shut her panels on his pants, he was still dressed, and some manipulators trying to feel him from the other side of his clothes gave up on that and opened up his button shirt and pinned it open against her sides letting any remaining manipulators feel his moist and sweating abs, pecks, biceps, and much more while Jack himself was feeling up her long tail wherever he could reach. Soon he noticed waves of pinching on his cock inside her cervix, moving in wave patterns that massaged and nullified his dick making Jack melt brain dead and one hundred percent relaxed in her clutches of his all. Ayaka wanted him to at least once fill her, she knew she was shallow yet long and wouldn’t take too much to coat it all in his wonderful sperm, and that’s what she’ll make him do. She too goes brain dead letting her hormones control all aspects of her: nothing changed except motions around his cock until his cock was shaking more than her engine and then soon enough it erupted like a volcano, penetrating deep inside with his sperm. And all she wanted was more! After a few repetitions and orgasms from the two Jack realizes what she’s doing and begs her to stop before she becomes pregnant.

“No Jack! I’ve waited too long for this and you aren’t going to stop my fantasy!”

“Which is?”

“Filling me up with your hot seamen!” She continued to putty his dick until he said his head felt like it would explode, he was only half way filling her, she inserted a needle into his veins and relieved the deadly pressure that would pop the blood vessel and starve his brain of oxygen; now, there’s no stopping her dream. Jack pulls and pushes against her panels to let him live his desire, which she does, and he begins drilling her. She screams in appraisal and begs him for more; he pushes hard into her forcing part of his groin and crotch inside her tightening walls. He was venturing deep enough to feel his sticky goo inside her plush hot halls didn’t feel normal but enticed him to spread more of it inside her. They fucked like this for hours, finishing off with multitudes of Jack getting hand jobs with his dick head just inside her lips to completely fill every inch of her with sperm. Once that was done Jack’s cock ached very badly and looked swollen and like a few vessels were popped until another blow job from Ayaka cleaned away the oil that he thought was blood. He looked at her opening, strains of his seamen were leaking from it but it still looked appetizing to him and as the two rests, he asks to enter once more, but to be locked like the first times, where the two may sleep the day away, she merrily agreed. As he entered again, he noticed how sticky it was, and Ayaka noticed something tingling deep inside her and how sore she was then she felt the now sticky walls separating and parting for her lover. She pinned him in, listening to his question she thought she’d never hear:

“Ayaka… I know this sounds strange and the papers are going to be very tricky, but- w-w-would you marry me? I know it was a little fast but-”

“Yes Jack I’ll marry you!” Jack was stunned; he smiled greatly and buried his face into her belly giving it a gentle kiss. “No need to do any papers, just get yourself a ring and me some gold paint and we’ll be fine.” The two chuckled, joked a little more, then fell asleep in the light of the rising sun.

Fin A6M5 Ayaka

Well Cerebral, how’d I do? This is my first written plane story and not many more will probably follow. I mean I love planes they’re sexy and you can get into good positions with ’em but I’d rather stick to tanks and ships. Seriously this replaced an IS-3-way story I was writing when I lost all progress so expect that one very soon!

The Mighty Maus (HaM side story)


A little story about a third Maus super-heavy tank and her lover. Quite violent at the end but what do you expect from a huge war machine?

The Mighty Maus

April 21st 1944, Frank Licten was standing before the largest prototype tank he’d ever seen. He had volunteered to oversee the SenTech project’s attention to the new Porsche designed super-heavy Panzerkampfwagon VIII, affectionately called the Maus. Frank looked all up the hull side; the armored plating seemed to be seamless and connected to the frontal glacis plate. This puzzled Frank; How are they getting to the bogies? There’s no way to remove the track covers to reach the return rollers! He thought of the many problems with this feature but also of the ways this is better, then he looked at the turret. It sported a fifty-five ton turret with a 12.8cm main gun and a 7.5cm coaxial secondary armament giving it a funny looking mantle and silhouette but even still it was a force not to be reckoned with. He was going to incite the tank to reveal itself when the tank finally decided to talk to him.

“Hello sir. Fine afternoon isn’t it?” She seemed a little confused as to how she should spark a conversation. He was a new person and out of her field of view.

“Yes, yes it is. Well you’re a big girl aren’t you?” He choked, instantly regretting his comment. Not only did he not want to upset this monster but he also needed to be on good grounds with her. This was also a shock to him as he expected a male tank to work with and was unprepared to be with a female.

“The biggest!” She replies as she pops her front up in a gesture of power. Frank was relieved at this; she had a good sense of humor. “So if you don’t mind stepping a little more to my front that’d be nice. My eyes can’t see that far behind me, bud.” Frank complies and moves to her front and notices how thin she is for a tank her size. “So new guy what’s your name?”

“I’m Frank.” He answers. “You got a name yet?”

“I’m Minnie Maus, like that American cartoon Minnie.” Frank liked this comedy surrounding Minnie. “What’s your job here new guy Frank.”

“I’m here for you, to sound cheesy, but in detail my job is to keep you comfortable and welcome as well as answer almost all questions you have about yourself and your existence. To what I know already, of course, but some future tests will be performed.”

“Yay trials!” She lifts her front again in a manner of making it obvious she was only joking. “So what stuff I want to know you’ll tell me? And things I need to be comfortable you’ll do as well?”

“To the best of my extent for both. What do you want to know first?” She pondered about it. She wanted to learn a lot.

“What makes me alive and Dumbo over there not alive?” She asks in accordance to the Maus hull 205/1 running trials.

“Well, we don’t fully understand yet but a special Earth molecular compound of metal traits is what gives you life. We can’t stick it onto any old machine and boom life, we need to melt it down with the metal and blend it into the perfect ratio between the alloys to create a constant electrical flow throughout your body which gives you life along with a sense. You have the sense of touch everywhere because that’s the basic sense the alloy has is pressure, a more concentrated amount in, let’s say, areas of your eyes produce the ability to precept light and colors with the combination of other materials. The more sensitive areas like on your hands and your… ‘temple’ …is because of another ratio of the alloys and your… ‘temple’ …is a lot heavier of the alloy because of its function and required abilities along with your tongue and other areas. That silver fluid you find if you salivate or-um-‘play’ with yourself is a form of the alloy that cools your key areas and for other various reasons.” With that he indicated he was done and Minnie looked confused.

“Why do you call my vagina my ‘temple’?”

“Because my sister called hers that and now that’s just what I call it to put it lightly.”

“Well while we’re on that topic…” Frank was pleading in his mind for her not to ask it. “Where do babies come from?”

“God…Damnit.” He began. “Well, there are the two types of tanks-boy and girl-and when they want a baby the boy’s special tool humans call a penis gets hard and long, and he’s supposed to put it into the girl tank’s vagina, and get past into your super sensitive grip you can move called a cervix, in the best way. After a few motions that rub the two together for a while the boy and girl may experience a tremendous rush of pleasure, maybe not at the same time but for a baby the boy will and that means he’s releasing sperm seeds. When he does that they travel into the cervix and then on to the girl’s eggs. Only one egg at a time will make a baby and it takes a lot of the seed to make one. If they want certain traits for the baby they can do this while she is pregnant to do this.” Minnie was grinning.

“I already knew about sex, Frank, just wanted to know if you would explain it.” Frank looked annoyed. “But I’m still curious as to why I have two.” She moved a long thick elephant like nose-trunk to about her face and looked at it. Frank felt a little uncomfortable, she was real outgoing. Frank looked around and noticed no one was around, what’s she doing?!

“Uhhh- that’s really only for fun as I know, I heard that with a lot of effort and willpower you can make it able to receive sperm and impregnate but the birth would be at the larger main one… Could you put it away now?”

“Why? Are you gay? Heterophobia in your mind? I thought you were entitled to make me comfortable.”

“I am entitled to do that and no, I’m not afraid of it, just, you have it out where all can see it! It’s uncomfortable to me.”

“I’m comfortable with this.” She thought up another test, rather pleasant one for her at that. “Although I’m both curious and could be even more comfortable…”

“Oh fuck you!” Frank protested. Instantly hitting on her test and not enjoying it as much as she would.

“That’s exactly what you’re doing here.” She moved her trunk to the side of his face and soothingly pleaded with him. “Haven’t you ever wondered what it feels like? Now’s your chance, Frank! Don’t leave me like this, Frank, how could you leave a girl that’s open out like this? I won’t bite and I don’t mind if you do…”

“Fine! But this is secret and only a hand-job.” He grabbed it with his right hand and brought it to about the center of his chest before he wrapped his left fingers around the top and looked down at it. He was surprised at how soft it appeared to be, looking like a ball of gunmetal gray dough with a seam running through the middle for about ten or eleven centimeters before it came to an end at the top in a thermometer fashion end while the other end just stopped abruptly. It’s not too bad looking, he thought to himself as his left thumb began rubbing up and down the slit. Wow this is metal?! This is too soft to be metal! Metal my ass, I don’t know what this is, everything about metal but it’s too damn soft… so soft… He grimaced at the realization he was hardening.

Minnie at first wasn’t turned on at all; she was again just testing him and hoped for a good time knowing he wouldn’t put it anywhere of significance for him. She was quite thrilled at him doing this however, and soon she wanted him to do even more to her. Frank couldn’t stop thinking about shoving it into his pants and fucking it properly, he soon noticed that a silvery bulb had formed at the top end and was oozing slowly from the pursed lips that seemed to be seething with large amounts of heat along with the whole apparatus warming up in his hands and this made him want her pussy in his pants on his dick now. Minnie looked to him and noticed he was hard staring her ‘temple’ and had grown in his ‘temple’ region and she started growing fond of his steeple. He started making intentions toward stuffing himself into her when she ordered him to do something about it.

“Frank! Merge your steeple with my temple already!”

“Yes Ma’am!” With that she yanked her ‘temple’ out of his hands and went to the bottom of his pant leg as he sent his right hand into his pant leg spreading the opening to receive her trunk vagina. As she rushed it up his leg she grabbed him and pulled him closer to her hull where he leaned his back against her left track cover and grabbed the temple, guiding it to his steeple. Once he felt it on his end he pushed it through her doors and was met by a very satisfying feeling. Minnie felt a little lofty for him at first, but she soon grew tired of how he wasn’t quite as large as she wanted him to be so she decreased her size on him and felt him much better. She started reciprocating her temple on him and let her ass end sink until it rested on the suspension covers on either sides of the tracks Frank pushed his back into her more, the alien feeling down under making his legs stiffen up, and she was either pressing his body to her hull or just feeling his pecks and abs quite roughly. Frank wasn’t accustomed to her relentlessness at all and his cuming was fast appearing.

“Minnie I’m close!” He choked out.

“NO! You don’t finish yet!” She refused him exiting and had one of her small tendrils enter from the top and pinch his base hard so he wouldn’t spill. When it did come it had nowhere to go and this ensuing pain made Frank slam his head against her armor in erythematic sync with her thrusts onto him. When she finished it wasn’t a major gush of her cum, instead it formed a puddle in the indent area of her blunt end soaking Franks testicles and parts of his inner legs with hot luscious liquid. They sat there while Frank was seething pain induced noises from his clenched teeth when Minnie pulled off letting him cum at last where he shot it into her little jizz pool and sighed loud and long, slowly sinking to the pavement.

“You do your job well, Frank.”

“Thank you, Minnie.” I’d say we’re on pretty good grounds already.

“You’ll fuck the other one later…”

The day went on like normally for Minnie while Frank’s was filled with introductions, tours, and enduring the same trials as Minnie did. By that he simply accompanied her on her tests and exams. The Maus was a tank never before attempted and the biggest in the world to their knowledge. Minnie weighed around 188 long tons with armor thicker than the average man was and carried a 12.8cm, or in naval terms a 5” gun. The tests performed throughout the week strengthened the belief that they’d be swarmed by infantry, as the four machine pistol ports and lone roof mounted MG could not protect her in a rubber bullet simulator. She would have been detracked, then set on fire, then breeched in less than six minutes of sustained infantry assault if this was a real situation. She wasn’t satisfied by this. Eventually Frank learned from some mechanics that Minnie, not hulls 205/1 or 205/2, her direct copy, were pretty much hated by Ferdinand Porsche.

“Why would he hate his living child instead of his dead ones?”

“You see Frank, Porsche loves the living machines, but he hates the military ones. Like his first Tiger and the Ferdinand tank destroyer.”

“Why? Aren’t they the same as the cars?”

“Yes they are, but he hates them because they never had a choice to be what they are supposed to be, ruthless killing machines. Well it’s not so much hate the machines, more like pity them while he hates those who make living weapons of war meant to be expendable and heartless. A car or truck can be militarized into transports and scouts, but a tank or battleship can’t be made civilian use. They have no life outside of war. That’s why.”

Months pass while Frank slowly comes closer to Minnie in both terms of friends and lusting want for her sex. So far they’ve only fucked that one time in their first meeting, and Frank never did satisfy her primary temple. Then news of the Russians gaining ground forces Adolf Hitler himself to visit the Maus in very secretive orders. It was no secret that Hitler loved his machines, especially the living ones, but Frank had what he found as jealousy toward him and anger that he was alone speaking to Minnie secretively. Once the doors opened and the Führer departed, Frank rushed to Minnie, sad and despaired for the first time in Frank’s knowing of her.

“What happened? What did he do? Did he touch you?” He rapidly asked her.

“No you jealous perv, he wasn’t in the best mood either. He didn’t like doing this.”

“What?” Frank sulked, the other two were ordered to be destroyed. Oh God not her too! Please God no not her!

“I’ve been ordered to head into a special hideout bunker fit for me and one person to live in. He said to stay low for a long enough time for things to die down and the world to accept me whole fully. Or,” She began to break down in tears, “-Or when I can’t take it anymore.” Frank walked to her left track and leaned his back up against the armored cover. “I can either take one person with me or no one.” Frank knew why she wasn’t saying ‘you’re coming with me’, there was another guy that had gotten close to her, more outgoing and authoritative than Frank and she was contemplating him or Frank.

Frank sat with her for a time, then went to his quarters, closed the door, locked it, and cried himself. He knew he wasn’t getting picked. He wasn’t as big as the other guy, attractive as the other guy, with Minnie as much as the other guy, or even experienced as the other guy in anything except knowledge of how she was alive and maybe having sex with her. He shook himself enough to pack his essentials and ready to evacuate the facility. He looked at his P38 pistol, and dreary thoughts came to mind. I’m going to die by the Russians caught or fighting, Minnie’s not picking me, I have some of the worst luck in dating, might as well save someone else the energy. He picked up the pistol admiring the craftsmanship in the grip, chambered a round, switched safety off and stuck it to his head. “Goodbye world, don’t miss me.”


Dipshit how could you do this to Minnie! You’re her friend and you’re just going to hurt her like this in a time like this? She’ll never forgive you. His sister’s voice was echoing in his head, she committed suicide when the war started and this hurt the whole family with unspeakable pain. You know how you felt when I killed myself, right? Well for her it’ll be a thousand times worse than what you felt like. Why don’t you at least stay until she disappears with that Hurkle fella, then she’ll never know what you did. Painless to her. Frank put the safety back on and unloaded the gun. He continued packing his things, then cried himself to sleep with the painful memories of his sister.

His eyes were red in the morning when he awoke. He looked at the calendar and noticed his birthday would be the next day on December 17th. Some way to end life, killing yourself on your very birthday. He dressed and went to Minnie’s hanger without breakfast. Save it for the survivors. He looks to a sad grin Minnie and sighed.

“Well Frank, you’re coming with me.” Frank looked puzzled; he knew for sure she wouldn’t pick him.

“What about Hurkle?”

“I asked him very late last night. He declined me without a second thought.” Frank was asking why when Minnie sighed: “He’s got a girlfriend already back home. So unless you’ve come to crush my heart then you’re going with me.” There was much hope in her voice. Frank couldn’t believe it; Hurkle was too attractive to be single after all! Frank instantly agreed and that’s when Minnie told him all she knew from the briefing. They would be leaving in a day and would arrive by train. The bunker is mainly fit for Minnie stockpiled with excess metals, ammunition, and moderate amount of fuel reserves, parts, manuals for maintenance and that ordeal of operations. Some entertainment had been installed such as a radio, music box, some books, board games, paints of various colors, along with utilities such as light bulbs, cleaning equipment, building materials, etc. For human presence there was a lot less in stock as far as water, food, clothing, and other basic necessities but Minnie said she had a method of dealing with the human needs problem. Frank also knew what this was and knows that this is the worst pain a person probably could endure, and he wasn’t looking forward to that.

Later that day when their preparations to move Minnie to the town near the bunker are complete Minnie asks Frank to sleep with her for the night. Frank collects his things, stows his P38 that almost killed him, and merrily walked out the door when he noticed a letter on his duffel from Hurkle:

Dear Frank;

            I hope you know by now you’re being sent to the bunker with Minnie. Good luck man. She asked me last night but I said no instantly, saying I had a girlfriend, I don’t, really. I just couldn’t comprehend being cooped up in a tiny bunker with her for almost a lifetime, probably, and it’s nothing against her but I couldn’t say that to her face. I couldn’t for two reasons; 1. She’s too fragile for that bluntness. 2. She’d kill me. You can show this to her later WHEN YOUR IN THE BUNKER. Well really to be honest I don’t think I could please her in sex, she’s awesome and I’d love to fuck her all night just that she’d get nothing from me, I feel like. Good luck to the both of you, may you remain sane, and may you somehow please her all night, brother!

-Johan Hurkle

Frank smiled at this. His little knowledge and experience he has over Hurkle proved to be his salvation. He couldn’t feel anything but pity for him, still. It seemed he loved her too but felt he couldn’t love her in the dirty fashion well enough. Then Frank saw some reversed letters bleeding through the paper, turning it over he read: P.S. Grow some balls man. Stand your ground you’re very meek around Minnie and officers. Assert yourself. Then insert yourself if you catch my drift. He couldn’t help but laugh at that. He carried on to Minnie’s hanger bringing a pillow and a blanket disregarding his cot; he had a plan. As he walked in he announced his cot was too big to travel on the train and before he could say anything else Minnie responds:

“You weren’t bringing it anyway you’re sleeping up here.” She patted the engine compartment roof just under her gun and gun mantle. Frank happily obliged and somehow hauled himself up with no problems as he usually did before without anything in his arms. He sets up with his head toward her turret and back on the engine fans. She was still running the engine softly only generating a decent amount of heat. Frank would have no problems staying warm tonight. She pulls him up under her turret upslope where her mouth was with a “get up here” to draw him into a kiss goodnight. Frank lifts his chin and mouth up to meet her halfway and is greeted with lips just like her ‘temple doors’ he was in the mood for, only this time he tasted her metallic and diesel flavored mouth and tongue reason why is because it sits right over the engine block. The kiss was warm and inviting, and prompted his steeple to erect itself suddenly. Minnie caught sight of this and sorely denied.

“Sorry sweets but not tonight.” Frank frowned and laid back down looking like a scorned puppy. Minnie sighed with remorse and let him watch as she slid a hand from one of the engine intakes to under the blanket then into his night pants where she wrestled with the steeple. “Fine! But this is a secret and only a hand-job.”

The two laughed at the pun as she went about doing so. With the pleasure around the steeple, the warmth, and the engine vibrations, Frank fell asleep before he came. Minnie soon followed. The two woke at about 05:00 and began loading onto the train. Minnie had a special car developed just for the Maus line, and it was entirely necessary to build. At around 06:30 they departed for a 150km trip to a small village in just about nowhere. Frank sat inside Minnie the whole way, talking to her about how long they actually found love in each other. Minnie explains to him that she never went after him when she seemed to be the type to do that because she wanted him to make the first move, ever since she tested him did she want him. He said about the same except he needed to get off almost every day because of her. That’s nasty. Shut up I was lonely. That sort of stuff.

Once they arrived they unpacked, dismounted, and embarked on a muddy trail to the awaiting bunker. Hitler prized his living machines and didn’t want the Russians getting any sort of information out of them, knowing that they’d be tortured. If anything he’d hope the Americans to find them first, knowing the Americans aren’t as prideful as the Russians, and would be much fairer. That’s why the bunker was so well hidden, it was absolutely massive, but not as big as one would think on the inside, much size came from the yards of concrete used to protect this crown jewel of a tank. The two huge cast steel/iron doors loomed up to the sky, very thick and quite short, they are intended to be covered with dirt, then opened from inside carrying and pushing the dirt away letting the inhabitants inside out, which only had about a meter’s gap between the open doors as Minnie moved towards the inside.

“They said that there’s paints in here right?” Minnie asks as she looks around the concrete gray and steel colored main room.

“Yes they should be in that room there.”

“Because this color is not going to work.”

“Well looks like we have our first time passer already.”

“Other than sex.”

“Well if I have too many orgasms I could die, Minnie, you don’t have that problem. Oh shit I shouldn’t have said anything.” He drops his box of stuff and looks over to Minnie, a cocky smug grin on her lower turret portion.

“I can fix that and you know it.” FUCK NO PLEASE MINNIE I’M NOT READY! “I’ll make it easier on you; while you’re sleeping tonight I’ll do it, alright?” Frank trembles as he nods. They explore around. Minnie has access to only three of the eight rooms. She can enter the main room, go straight back to her room and shut a door or turn right and enter the fuel and ammunition storage room. The other rooms she can’t enter are the kitchen to the left of entering, it’s an open wall but a lower overhang, from there the right is on the way to Frank’s room and joining that is a bathroom connected to his room and the main room. On the kitchen’s left is the giant food storage pantry with many other utensils as well. The last room she can’t enter is the tool and materials shop in the back of the fuel and ammunition storage room where the excessive things are kept. The walls have shelves filled with games, books, the radio set, the music box, and those sorts of things. On his explorations Frank found a large box of condoms in his nightstand drawer. He smirked and softly chuckled at this, he had to find the person who did this and give them a pat on the back. That was great. It took almost four hours to get everything settled and once it was finished, Frank met with all who helped him that day and gave a heart-wrenching speech about how much it means to him.

“One last thing! Whoever put that large box of condoms in the drawer- well done they’ll be useful.” The group breaks in laughing, knowing there was about twenty-nine more for them to find.

Frank and Minnie watch as the last light of day they’ll see in almost a lifetime slowly be shrunk as the doors close. The doors close and lock with heavy pins moving into place. The two remain at their positions, savoring that light for what felt like an eternity. As Frank looks around, Minnie starts slowly smiling and singing that old tune…

“♫Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you…♫” Frank starts laughing, he forgot what day it was but she didn’t. “♫Happy birthday dear Frank, happy birthday to you!♫” Frank couldn’t stop laughing, Minnie had an excellent voice, truly superb, but she never liked to sing. Frank loved whenever she was off-guard and would sing unconsciously, he fell in love with all of her, even her dislikes turn habits was adorable. He stops laughing and catches his breath.

“So birthday boy, what do you want first?” She asks seductively as she leans away from him and pulls her trunk-vagina out to show him the subject. He stares at that then tries to look under her hull at the area of her primary hull-vagina to no avail. His eyes continuously dart between the two options.

“Make up your mind already we’ve got a long night ahead of us!”

“But it’s barely past four.” He pauses then remembers the condoms were in the fourth drawer. “Hold on I’ve made up my mind!” He shouts as he darts for the box.

“No you’re not jerking off you prick! Get over here and FUCK me!” She shouts after him then notices he’s carrying a very large box. “What’s in the box?”

“This!” He dumps the open box onto the floor creating a large pile of condoms followed by the packaging box slowly sliding out of the container.

“Only three hundred sixty-five? That won’t be enough!” She exclaims sarcastically reading the box label.

“Maybe so, but I don’t need it for every time, remember?” He looks at her with a naughty grin.

“So that’s what we’re doing? You’re going in all the way. Good choice.” She says as she starts removing his clothing then stops with a thought. “Let’s do this in my room.” She carries Frank and a handful of condoms to her room right behind her. Once they get into the room they shut the massive door with ease then finish stripping. Frank walks around to her ass and crawls under; Minnie following him with both a lusting gaze and a bunch of her non-hand manipulators then encircles him. She then opens them up, and inserts them into a screaming, pleading Frank.

“I’m sorry, sweets, but my first gift is a sort of… immortality. You aren’t immortal, but you’re a lot harder to kill. I’ll fuck you till the dusk of time to make it up, baby.” She begins to pump him full of her fluids, it completely reconstructs his innards and converts his entire body with the worst pain in the world- the body feels like it’s being crushed, ripped apart, set ablaze, slowly churned to nothing, then plastered to everything. He was finished converting in around five minutes, at this time Minnie drags him across the soft covers and mattress probably placed in her room only for when they had sex, opened up one of her ‘breast feeding’ ports under the forward towing eyes and shoved the nozzle into his mouth and had him drink some of her fuel and oil to feed his brand new energy system. Frank found the taste he was appalled by yesterday to be very tasteful and satisfying today. Once she found him full she removed his nozzle feed and admired his unchanged exterior as he did as well. There were a few changes, however, his veins and blood vessels weren’t blue or red, they were shades of silver, and his saliva was also a silver fluid as well. Then as he looked around more he saw the head of his erected cock was also silver along with the underside and more sensitive than before, Minnie said under his tongue and at the very edges of his eyes was silver too, really the only parts of his body that once was flesh colored pink-red and wasn’t silver was the majority of his mouth, his lips, and nose.

“I feel… more… energetic to start with.” Frank says in awe of what has happened.

“Good, we’ll fuck for a very long time then.” She responds dragging him back to her better temple for his new steeple to be merged with. This time he can see a lot better than when he initially climbed under, and marvels at the beauty that is Minnie’s vagina. It was much more elegant than her secondary, and a bit smaller, with a large profound bulb to the front, elegant parted and extending lips, and dripping wet. Perfect. He slid over to align, then as he pushed gently through her first greeting he encountered firmer resistance: the cervix. The cervix didn’t want to give no matter how much Minnie pleaded for him to stop dicking around and break through already he couldn’t. So Minnie had enough and reached for his steeple, grabbed it, and shoved it through her cervix with a mighty roar and moan sounding from her and her engine cranking as strong as it can. At first when he punctured it’s clutches she raised up off of it a bit, then slowly settled down on him again, all the while he could feel every crevice, bump, ‘muscle’ strain, and the fluid sloshing around his elongated sweet shaft. Minnie took some more deep breaths after settling down then announced she was ready.

“Alright… I’m ready, baby… happy birthday…” She said. He was about to let his wildest, naughtiest dreams come to light and become reality when he remembered something.

“SHIT! The condom!” He darts out, fumbles for a condom that Minnie had already picked up and was trying to put onto his dick. Once she gets it on, without even tightening its strap, she falls onto his waiting steeple and moans and roars her engine again. Frank is hypnotized by the sudden rush he got out of that then regains himself after Minnie pinches his dick and rises back to her usual suspension height. Frank lets his naughtiest dreams unfold in the real world. Minnie is caught off-guard and jumps onto the top of her suspension’s height but there’s no escaping Frank’s pent-up lust. Her eyes go wide, her mouth gapes and drools, her engine starts steaming and smoking it’s so worked, and her suspension begins to quiver, her 12.8cm and 75mm begin to coil back, her breath becomes very long and drawn out for much air to cool her engine. She keeps this up until she cums, that’s where she made a little hop and landed right back down on him, back to his unending loving. As she soaks his legs she scrambles to ask him:

“HOW HAVEN’T YOU CUM YET?!! OOOHHH FUCK!” Frank is literally going at her like a machine.

“I-DON’T-KNOW-I-THINK-I’VE-CUM-A-FEW-TIMES-NOW-I’M-JUST-EN-JOY-ING-THE-FUCK! He is completely focused on keeping his steeple in her temple, thrusting in and out, and the feelings he’s getting from her ever changing grip from gentle to firm to tight to strangle-hold back to gentle.

“STOP STOP! I CAN’T KEEP THIS UP!” She trips him then slams down on her armored body with the tracks sinking into the wells of the armored covers on both sides of either tracks.

“God. I thought you said I wouldn’t last long.”

“NO! You-said-that-you-would-die!” She grasps for breath to cool her extremely hot engine.

“Right… well if you’re all machine why’d you stop? Hmm?”

“My engines about-” she pauses to reach for even more air, “-to fucking EXPLODE!”

“Sucks for you!” He shouts to her as he reinserts his steeple into her temple and lays there moaning with his head propped on his hands in a laid-back fashion. “This’ll be great.”

“Frank… I think I’m going to sleep, alright? Wake me if you tear the condom inside me so I can override it, alright baby?” She asks sounding completely exhausted leaving herself to sit on her body with Frank’s throbbing dick buried inside her wonderful vagina.

“Sure thing, I’ll just be relaxing here. One more thing, please, if you can please get your secondary down here too please?” He asks her, she gives to him via another hatch above his head, placing it under his right arm onto his chest then asks him why. “Because you’re going to have a wonderful time asleep, that’s why.” She soon falls asleep, Frank takes in the heat radiating from her vaginas, and the gentle throbbing of her primary around his sensitive cock, and the slow drizzles of cum she has slowly sliding from her primary. You know, this might not actually be all too bad. I’ve got a beautiful woman who will fuck for seemingly forever, we’ve got loads upon loads of books, quite a bunch of games, I could paint her after we paint the walls, life’ll be good for quite a while. He reaches for her secondary, pulls it to his mouth, and starts licking and drinking her glorious silver nectar he’s come to love and enjoy in his mouth.

December, 2014, 70 years after Minnie and Frank were locked into the bunker.

“Happy birthday Frank!” Minnie says as Frank wakes up. He’s lying on her engine compartment and leans up to give her a long French kiss good morning.

“Damn already? How old am I this year?” He barely changed in the seventy years past since they adapted him. He was thirty-one at the time he was changed but only looked thirty-five.

“You’re one hundred and six years old, grandpa.” Minnie had been painted around four times in the seventy years, and the bunker interior painted around twelve times. Minnie was a mix of red-brown, yellow, and green spots and marks while the bunker was a homely and comforting light brown that complemented the tile-steel floor well.

“Well you’re still seventy so you’re a grandma for this grandpa.” They smile and kiss again. Frank gets up and hops off her pulling away his bedspread and pillow, then moves to make a small meal of food. “What do you want this morning, babe?” Minnie had grown a liking to much human food along with fuel as her source of energy, though small may those food portions be.

“Canned ham, please.” Frank nods and fetches the can and returns to the counter. “With a side of beef cake Frank.” Frank smiles and Minnie looks at him innocently.

“What’s on the news of the outside world, hun?” Frank asks, Minnie rolls to the nearby radio and switches the old thing on to the radio channel’s frequency.


“What the fuck?” Frank says. “How the hell would they know that? This is a secret bunker and as far as I know the records are destroyed. But still we can’t let them do anything to the civilians, that’d be-”

“Shut up Frank. Something’s on my radio?” She seems confused, the bunker is extremely thick. “I’ve never gotten a radio transmission before except when they were…”

“Oh shit. They’re here!”

“Right…on…top…of us…” She said dark and shocked.

“Well we aren’t going to sit here! This is German land and they aren’t going to bring harm to ANYONE on German soil when we can do something about it!” He sounded very angry, just like the breakup of Germany in ’45 he was pissed. “Gear up Minnie; we’re going out into the world again. Why are you so excited in a time like this? They’re threatening our people!”

“Because now I get to shoot some poor bastards! Finally a use for all my fuck-ton of training!” She hollers as she rolls into the ammunition and fuel room. Frank follows her in after grabbing his old field uniform from his service time. They load up the external fuel tank and fill the internals completely. He hands her shell after shell of 12.8cm rounds then a box of 75mm rounds for the secondary gun, she handles them and places them in her turret’s ammunition racks and unhooks the roof mounted 7.62 MG 42 off the wall and smiles as she hands it to Frank.

“Hell yeah, Minnie.” The two reenter the main chamber, Frank climbs up to mount the MG and load it while Minnie loads and APCR shell into the 128 and a HE shell into the 75, revs her engine to test it, purring like a lion, and finally Frank walks to the switch board and grabs the old lever that opens the doors. “Ready, sweetie?”

“I’ve been waiting seventy years to kill something. Do it.” He pulls hard on the lever as it screams and creaks and groans. Then he races for her hands offering a boost up as the heavy set doors crunch and push away at the years of dirt piled up outside. For the first time in seventy years, daylight breaks into their eyes. “Let’s fuck these bastards up!”

They lurch forward as fast as Minnie will go, she climbs out of the bunker and into a landscape not like the one they left behind, being all white and tranquil except for the ass-fucks drilling into the hillside about a hundred meters to the left. Minnie turns her turret and turns her body towards them at the same time to get on the T-62’s side as soon as possible. The T-62 wasn’t expecting a fucking barn to emerge out of the side of the hill and the commander stood like a scared cat gawking at the size of the mighty Maus and the gunner desperately cranking the turret to them… to no avail. Minnie shoots right into the side under the turret just as the surrounding men open fire with small arms automatic rifles. The 12.8cm rips through the side and sets off the ammunition storage, sending the turret upwards into the sky in a plume of fire and smoke and coming down near the hull of the T-62. Frank blasts the standing men with bursts of the world’s second fastest machine gun in the world, first being the mini-gun, and the four men standing soon fall to the Earth tasting what so many men had in the years the 42 reigned supreme.

“THAT WAS FUCKING AWESOME!” Minnie screams happily.

“Fucking hell yes, Minnie, let’s do it again!” Not a moment too soon as another T-62 comes out of the town’s shadow and fires at Minnie’s front. PLUUNGGGGG! The shot bounces off the thickest armor in the world with no hope of even hurting this mad beast.

“Ah that tickled you fuck!” She yaws back, shooting another shot into the spot just beneath the turret. This time no ammo is hit but the engine in the back is shredded and bursts into flames while the terrorist crew are burned and shredded to death by the metal fragments the shot brought with it from the armor meant to protect them. “Aww Frank, they think they’re people.” Minnie and Frank race to the town to encounter the other T-62’s they find with their radio communications. They come up on the ass of one and shoot right into the engine block, sending the moving tank into a lurch forward and the turret blasted off into a third floor apartment room. More men run into the streets to be met with a hailstorm of bullets that rip them limb from limb. One man in the back looks to be holding a weird looking Panzer Faust aims at the face of Minnie, he sends it off and runs for safety while the RPG smacks Minnie right in the mantle, spewing hot molten metal everywhere.

“FUCK THAT BURNS!” She wails the only real pain she had was due to something that barely chipped the surface. She fires an HE into the street, sending shrapnel and debris in all directions, they heard no screams. “I don’t think we got him.” They press forward into a T intersection where a shot just barely glances off the rear plate traveling across; just a foot inward and the ammo on Minnie could have been hit. “You PERVERT! How dare you TOUCH my ASS?!” She bellows and turns to face the courageous tank trying to put this beast down. She lines up square on it and gets shot in the middle of the lower glacis plate, the weakest part of the front, and it does nothing. PWWUUUNNNGGG! She lets out a happy sigh: “I love that sound,” she fires into the ground. “FUCK!” The T-62 begins to move backwards as it fires another round, this time at Frank who’s crouching in the commander’s hatch manning the personnel defense weapon. “FUCKING HIT HIM MINNIE!” She fires at spot opposite the commander’s cupola and silences the tank as it gets caught in a wreckage of a car, tracks hopelessly spinning with no ground to grip. “Let’s crush ‘em!” She moves toward the stranded tank with a very disturbing grin. She slowly climbs on top of the tank, using all 188 tons she has to flatten a tank. As the tank crunches beneath her she makes another remark: “I think I like that sound just as much.” Suddenly a rocket screams past the fuel tank from the other side of the street. “FUCKING HIT HIM FRANK!” He brings the gun around and lights up the entire set of windows the rocket’s smoke trail came from, followed by a man with flesh falling off him tumbling out the window.

“FRANK!” Minnie screams as a war-crying man jumps from a window onto Frank’s backside dropping his stupid Panzer Faust on the roof. Frank throws him off his back but is met with a pistol to the face. Minnie screams as the man pulls the trigger three times. Frank sits there questioning what the fuck just happened as the bullets met his head and bounced off leaving silver indents like on Minnie’s body. A malicious smile comes across his face; he climbs out of the hatch and stands above the quivering attacker. He fires more of the mag into Frank, in the head, chest, legs… no-no square. The man trembles as Frank moves forward, then smiles wickedly as he puts the gun to his own head and pulls the trigger… Click! Click! Click! The man’s face twists into that no one’s face should turn into; Frank picks him up and asks Minnie: “How do you think he’ll sound?” She responds with: “Let’s find out, shall we honey?” Frank tosses him off the back right in line of Minnie’s right track and she begins to roll backward onto the screaming, pleading man. “I don’t think I like that sound.” She says a little horrified that his guts were seeping through the track links and she could feel them on her wheels. “I’ll give you a foot rub later.” He says, climbing back to his position with authority. At the end of the road was another T-62, only this time the building at the end was a diner with an open window pane wall, behind that was all the citizens rounded up inside, above them was a massive number of terrorists in the windows with stupid looking Panzer Fausts and machine guns aiming at Minnie and Frank. “Shit.” A man with a bull horn made an offer: “Lay down your arms turn your backs to us, and they will not be hurt. We’re here for you and you only. You have ten seconds to start moving or the tank plows through the diner.”

“You thinking what I’m thinking?” Minnie asks gesturing to the rocket launcher on her roof in Frank’s reach.

“Let’s do it!” Frank reaches for the launcher; Minnie fires and HE shell into the top of the second floor obliterating it, just as the T-62 starts bolting toward the diner Frank aims and fires the rocket, smacking it in the engine’s side and thus killing the tank’s mobility. Frank tears the bull-horn man to pieces with the 42 then aims at the T-62, whose crew was exiting the tank with their hands up in surrender. Just then a tank with the new German flag rolls up from behind and passes them where they can read Blitzkrieg off the side while military trucks and medical vehicles roll in behind. Frank unloads the 42 as Minnie spits the 128 shell out the back of her gun.

“Boy, some birthday. Now we’ve got to deal with this.” He says as a young man approaches them.

Fin The Mighty Maus

Here’s a ‘little’ song that goes with the end battle and pretty mush sums up the Maus. It’s Disturbed’s Indestructible; a heavy metal song to warn yall for I love metal music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aWxBrI0g1kE

HaM side story: The Mighty Bismarck

A side story of HaM. It took me longer than it should have, nonetheless enjoy. 😉

Friday 23rd May 1941, 22:50, a young man stands shivering in the cold Atlantic breeze at his post next to his 3m night rangefinder mounted on the port-side wing of the Admiral’s bridge. He was a fresh sailor, on the Fatherlands’ newest warship, the Bismarck. He stood there alone and in the dark because earlier their battle group had been spotted by a British destroyer a few hours past and the ships was on ‘black-out’ where no light will escape the ship to be spotted by any peering eyes, leaving this poor soul outside alone in the blistering cold wind.

“Damn it’s lonely out here, and this cold might just drive me insane! Some position I got alright.” He walks over to the rangefinder’s operator seat and sits down to adjust his pant legs and jacket collar.

“Then it’s a good thing you have me to talk to.” The voice seemed to be coming from the front left of him, right over the railing. He was confused, it’s a two-and-a-half meter drop down, and besides, the voice was a girl’s voice, and all the other men on the bridge at this hour had deep raspy sailor voices. This seemed fresh and soothing.

“Hello there? Anyone to reassure I haven’t gone mad?” He calls as he stands up and walks to the bow facing railing. He leans over to check the deck down below him, then looks left then right where he gets a glimpse of the moonlight reflecting off something white and pointed like shark teeth. They were below the windows and at the center-line of the bridge and the darker line above ran from one window  port of middle to starboard of middle, about two meters long he figured. On the windows two port and two starboard of the center bridge window were dark eye-like pupils looking into his. “That’s new.”

“No you’re not mad, it is pretty nippy up here isn’t it?” The teeth were flashing as the voice spoke, they were part of a functioning mouth, the man figured. He had experienced a machine ‘speaking’ to him but there was no mouth, nothing but a voice in his head whenever it was near him, this was new however, but not frightening. He went over to his seat and sat down trying to hunker from the wind.

“I’m not the first you’ve told am I?” He asked, trying to figure out why she came out on such a night.

“Well you seem to need a friend, you don’t talk to many other people regularly or willfully, and I kind of need another as well, Prinz Eugen isn’t going to be enough for me. This is also a really dark night so I can show my face to you without anyone else seeing it, I’ll still talk to you but my face will be concealed so I stay hidden.” She said this so gracefully to him, she didn’t even know him, and he only knew her name, designation, and route from his post to his quarters to the mess hall and bathrooms. He felt flattered that this ship opened to him first, his luck may be changing. “I’m sure you know my name, what’s your name? I’ve heard people call you ‘Red-nose’ and ‘Reindeer’ and I’d like to know why if you care to share.”

“That’s what the others call me,” He said darkly, with agony, pain, anger, and sarcasm, “The reason why is because my name’s Rudolph Jürgenstien. Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer!”

“You don’t seem to like that at all, I won’t call you but what you want me to call you as, you can call me Biz.” She said with her voice so beautiful, angel like and magical to Rudolph. He felt warmer when she spoke to him; she made him smile just by talking to him personally. “I don’t see why they’d harp on you like that, you seem nice and friendly. Personally I’m jealous of your name.”

“You can call me Rudolph or Jürgenstien, why would you be so jealous? Your name is powerful, you’re named after-”

“A man! I’m named after a he when I’m a she, you see now? At least your name is of your gender.” She cut him off, he nodded and leaned back, thinking of all the other discriminating names he’s been called by people. The only one he could count on to have his back was Hansel, but he refused to join the Kriegsmarine and went into the Panzerkampfwagon division. He too only had one friend; wait if she hasn’t talked to anybody then how is she talking to the Prinz Eugen?

“Hey, Biz, if you haven’t talked to anyone how do you talk to Prinz Eugen?” Bismarck explains that the two of them use their radios to talk discretely, then the two talks about how no one’s noticed before. She explains that her eyes are one-way, where her pupils are clear on one side, and visible on the other while she can also make her pupils go clear to hide them, then that her mouth has a cover for that. “Basically I have all that a human girl would have! Except hair, I don’t have hair.” Rudolph brought up legs, she said they weren’t physically legs but her propellers were fugitively legs. Then she emerged a tentacle-like arm with a hand like object at the end, “My manipulators” she explained with a shiver in her voice. The manipulators, she tells, are as sensitive, if not more, than the same sensitivity of a human hand. She locks up as Rudolph heads inside for a thicker heavy-duty coat for the snowstorm they’re approaching. She talks to Eugen about him.

He’s not bad, seems nice and friendly, kind of cute, too. She sends to Eugen, Eugen replies:

Go after him Biz! Don’t make the same mistake I did! You probably won’t find a man of us out here; if you do it’ll probably be British or American. All other guys are typically stuck up civilian snobs looking only for a good one-night deal.

I’ll think about it, Eugen.

Don’t, just go for it, you won’t be sorry.

Rudolph gets back and Eugen sends one more before shutting off her radio for the night. DO IT. Biz gets to see him clearly as he steps out, moving her left eye over to her left side, switching from where it was to the center window on the port side of the bridge, she had plentiful opportunities before but she never cared to pay attention, this time she was with lustful eyes. He was on the shorter end of life, maybe a little over one-and-a-half meters tall, his coats hid his thickness but he seemed pretty fit with his movements, he had jet-black hair and a smooth, but bold, nose that was red and runny because of the cold temperatures, he had rounded cheeks and a soft brow transition with a soft-point chin with cold and trembling lips. She cursed the need for clothes to protect him from the cold; she also cursed the cold for making his appearance altered by constant shivering and trembling. She talked to him some more, about his shift, his experience so far, his past, basic stuff to lead into something a bit more… emotional. They talked for hours, forming a bond quite strong, not to the point Bismarck wants to be but close before Rudolph had to retire his shift for the night. Damn! So close! Bismarck thought as he left, she knew he’s going straight to sleep, no more time to talk.

Holy shit. Rudolph thought to himself on his way to his quarters, I don’t have any friends on this ship but one, and that one IS THE SHIP! Wow, that’s really ironic, I think she liked me; her eyes would dart up and down my body like, like Anna did to Hansel! He silently celebrated; someone’s finally got the hots for him. He entered the room filled with twenty other men sleeping in their hammocks quietly, he changed clothes, climbed into his hammock, and his final thoughts as he drifted to sleep was Biz saying “Basically I have all that a human girl would have!” and wondered what exactly that included…

Saturday 24th May 1941, 05:47, all crewmen called to battle stations and all doors sealed, two British warships spotted on the horizon. Rudolph hurries to get into his fatigue as fast as adrenaline mixed with an hour of sleep permit him, then he races to his position on the night rangefinder next to Bismarck’s ‘head’. As he runs through the door the door slams shut and locks behind him, Biz shut it. Rudolph doesn’t care as he needed to do that anyways; he mounts the rangefinder and says good morning to Biz. All of a sudden a whistling sound shrieks into his ears followed by a plume of water. A salvo just barely missed Biz. Rudolph is in awe by the monstrous eruption of white water foam and spray. He regains and starts cranking the rangefinder toward the two ships on the distant horizon, as he looks into the eyepiece marking and relaying the numbers he notices the ship on the horizon is the British pride, H.M.S. Hood.

“Here we see the Hood, trying desperately to attack a much greater foe, although it is supported by a King George class, there is no hope for the little Hood.” Biz comments as her four turrets named Anton, Bruno, Cäsar, and Dora wielding two 38cm naval guns each align onto the Hood using the numbers from Rudolph to get the area down. She sends a salvo on Eugen’s cue, negative on hits. This repeats until Eugen scores a hit on Hood with the 4th salvo round, then two rounds later switches to the King George V class as Hood traverses port to bring the rear turrets into operational use, on Bismarck’s 5th salvo, the once mighty Hood erupts in a massive explosion, lighting up the dark morning sky so beautifully. Biz smiles when she sees that Rudolph is in awe, watching the fireball like a child at a fireworks show.

“You’re so amazing, Biz.” He says, and then cranks the rangefinder to the King George V class; he peers in and notices that the forward turret with four guns is unresponsive, in that it’s still aiming to the bow instead of port, where Biz and Eugen sit with concentrated fire upon it. Then the bridge erupts in an explosion, and the King George turns tail south and flees with a smoking superstructure. Rudolph kept a mental count on the hits; Biz scored a hit on Hood and four on the other, while Eugen scored one on Hood and three on the other. “Biz. You. Are. Amazing.” He says, taking pauses for dramatic effects, and to take deep breaths to slow his heart-rate down. She takes the comment and persuades him to stay with her, she was hit three times. Rudolph apologizes for not noticing; she doesn’t mind but tells him where she was hit.

“I was hit in section XX port passing through XXI starboard no explosion, however the forward pump room is flooded so we can’t pump fuel to level the flooding, I was hit amidships in section XIV and caused minor flooding of the port dynamo and I think there’s some water in port boiler room two, they’re probably going to shut down the affected generators and possibly the affected boilers too. The third hit the Admiral’s gig; no real damage was done but the pressure tank for the Arado’s catapult lost all its air, something damaged the system somewhere.” She reported, although Rudolph did take this to concern her voice made him feel like nothing could ever hurt them, that she was unsinkable and he and the crew would be fine. The battle group changed course 180° southward. The doors were unlocked and opened; the danger had passed, but due to the damages Bismarck was slowed to only 24 knots. She knew she could go 30 knots, quite a feat for any ship her size much less a heavy warship. Rudolph stays with her on her bridge wing having a confusing three-way conversation between Biz, Eugen, and Rudolph, after a while this grows confusing and tiresome for Rudolph, who has only had an hour of sleep, and he takes a nap in the rangefinder’s seat. After about two hours, Bismarck is turned around 180°, leaving Prinz Eugen to go about on her way.

Well looks as though we’re parting, Eugen.

Yes it seems, Rudolph didn’t seem bad at all, I’m actually jealous. We’ll still be able to communicate with each other just as we are now. Godspeed, Bismarck.

Good luck to you Prinz Eugen, and good hunting.

Good luck for you with Rudolph. Remember the tricks I taught you.

Thank you again, and Godspeed to you as well.

She ended the radio message and turned her invisible eyes to Rudolph, sound asleep in the chair. She ran a manipulator up his back and over his shoulder up to his forehead and started to gently rub it with her ‘thumb.’ Soon you’ll be all mine, Rudolph. She thought of the old Christmas tune. Rudolph my little reindeer, with your eyes so right, won’t you guide my shots tonight? She giggled at her little joke, his fire control system guiding her shots on target. Then she thought of another little rhyme: Rudolph my love I’ll protect you, would it be you love me too? She closed her eyes and thought of their love, she started wanting him, intensely. Rudolph my little reindeer, let’s make love where all will hear! She squirmed her manipulator into his pants but stopped. She knew she couldn’t do it here, she couldn’t bear the shame for it, and either Rudolph wouldn’t want to do anything sexual with her or he’d never forgive her for the shame she caused him. It’ll need to be at night. She sulked and removed the manipulator inches from Rudolph’s package she desired so badly, to Rudolph’s dismay.

DAMNIT! She was this close! He screamed in his head, he was initially awakened by her rubbing his forehead, he was a very light sleeper, and knew the whole time she was eyeing him, even if he couldn’t see her eyes. Well I may still have a chance with her, or… he didn’t want to admit thinking it, …or she doesn’t want me, she just wants to torment me. He settled on the latter due to past attempts at getting a girlfriend and being terribly turned down by all just obliterating his sociality and confidence. He started to cry without a sound, burying his face deeper into his coat to hide his tears. He loved her, he knew it, he loved her. He had hidden lust for her ever since he saw her at the dock. She was the biggest thing he’d ever seen, she was so powerful and demanded respect and fear, her hull was very curvy and streamline, that alone turned him on, but at the same time her superstructure was so bold, defiant, and awe-inspiring the combination meant an instant hard-on from the first sight. And she just said no…

“BATTLESTATIONS! I REPEAT; BATTLESTATIONS!” The Admiral sounded the alarm.

“What’s happening!?” Rudolph snaps up frantically, asking anyone who would have heard.

“Two contacts starboard-bow! Hey Rudolph, are those tears? Were you crying?” Biz answers then asks in a deeply concerned voice.

“Uhhhh- bad dream.” He says unsurely. Biz thinks to herself if she did something that hurt him. They two contacts are the ship from earlier and a light cruiser, many shots were exchanged, but none hit either side. Biz asks why he was crying. She continued pressing him for it over and over and over for three hours until he agreed to tell. He sat down on his little seat, took a deep breath, and heard his stomach rumble like a beast.

“Actually I’m going to go eat first…” Biz sighed in disapproval, but allowed him to go to the mess hall. He got lost, a year on this ship, and I still get lost! He thought to himself, she guided him to his usual mess deck. He got his food and sat by himself, as always, and as usual four other crewman confronted him, they taunted him, pushed him, took some of his food, and pretty much ruined the rest of his dinner before leaving without him even lifting a finger to try and stop them. He returned to his post and Biz slammed the door behind him, pushed him and sat him down in his seat, and confronted him sternly of what he allowed to happen.

“How the hell can you let them walk over you like that!?!” She verbally strikes at him. “Seriously? You let them do that? They insult your handsome name then they harass your sex life and take and ruin your food and you just sit there and take it?!” She sighs painfully, seemingly disappointed in him.

“Because I’m a fucking loser!” He shouts back then slumps into his seat sobbing again. Biz is surprised and regrets what she said instantly. She was only trying to help him…

“Oh, shi-, um, look I’m really sorry Rud-”

“You don’t have to be! They’re right anyway! I’m just a loser who doesn’t have a chance getting a girl.” He stops Biz right in her train of thought. “That’s why I was crying, okay? You woke me up when you rubbed my head, I thought you liked me when you went in but then you left me completely, I know you don’t like me but that’s just fucking cruel Bismarck, that’s fucking cruel…” He drops his head into his lap, sobbing vigorously letting fifteen years of bottled up emotions out in front of the one who cares about him the most in his life. She was silenced, unknowing of how to respond. She decided to come clean.

“Rudolph… I… I… I love you; you did find a girl…” Rudolph quieted down and picked his head up to clarify. “Yes I didn’t do that to hurt you but out of my own lust for you… I thought you were asleep still and I stopped myself because of the shame that would follow… I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you; I was only looking out for you.” Rudolph stopped crying while she was continuing on, but started crying again.

“Why are you crying now?” She asked ashamed of herself.

“Because you’re the second person to ever care about me-” He spread his arms up for a hug, but realized he couldn’t hug her bridge wall, and looked around before turning around and trying to fully embrace the three meter wide optical equipment. Biz returned the embrace and held him tight, he ceased to shed any more tears before he said “And the first to love me back.”

They stood holding each other, Rudolph holding his instrument and indirectly his ship, and Bismarck holding her little love. They let go and Rudolph sat in his seat, he ponders on how fast time flies when you’re with the ones you love. He checks his watch, 11:27 PM, Biz notices how dark it is, the moon’s not very bright…

“Hey Rudolph…” She asks in a sexual tone.

“Yes Biz?” He asks her, in a very interested manner.

“It is quite dark, no one would see us… doing…” She smiles with the same grin as last night.

“Ah! I know what you mean…” He walks to the railing she wraps him in her arms and hauls him over. He’s a little uneasy, even though it’s only a 2 meter nonlethal fall it’d still hurt, but she doesn’t let him slip away as she carries him first to her mouth. He knows what she’s implying first and leans up to a long kiss. The kiss is awkward, Biz sealing the majority of her mouth to accommodate his means his tongue will be the one venturing out, so it does and it relays messages of soft, hot lips and a steamy mouth to welcome him. Her tongue and his touched together, she noticed it was softer than his groin area when she tried wriggling her way into his pants earlier, and a lot warmer and comfortable, she was excited by this and her mouth started to ‘water’ into his as they pulled at each other’s lips. He felt a nice tingling as the fluids touched and entered his mouth, like a shiver going down a spine only sustained in the mouth area. She felt his breaths against her upper lip become stronger and hotter, he was horny… She let a hidden platform down from under the bridge overhang and set his legs on it so they could still kiss, then she started tugging and pulling at his crotch area of his trousers. He smiled and undid the belt. Then Biz’s eyes snap up and she curses. She gently puts a confused Rudolph down at his post and closes the platform.

“What’s wrong honey? Did I do something?” He asks her concerning.

“Radar’s got eight small fast movers, they’re planes! Starboard!” that was the other side, he felt helpless as he wasn’t allowed to leave his post now, the alarm sounds and he feels her massive turbines pumping as fast as they could. He sat down and took in the feeling of the vibrations, she counted the torpedoes launched, all eight planes dropped them but she grabbed Rudolph for comfort as only seven were going to miss! She whimpered as it hit her, he saw the explosion of water and knew it was amidships; she held him and slowed her engines down for the crew to give a full damage report and assess the situation. Once it reached the admiral, Biz’s hopes sank into Rudolph’s attempt at a reassuring hugging of the instrument he operates.

“I knew it, port boiler room two completely flooded, and the collision mats were loosened in the bow, I’m listing even more. They are trying to make repairs but for now, its 16 knots max.” She sulked into Rudolph, he talked to her for hours, comforting her, promising her, and eventually cheered her up, along with news that minimal repairs finished and they can go 20 knots again. She in turn lulls him to sleep, and holds him tight against the cold wind.

Sunday 25th May 1941, 12:00, Rudolph is woken up by Biz, surprisingly no one commented or cared that he slept out on the bridge wing, or that he slept till noon when that was really only about nine hours of sleep for him. He gets up and stretches, then gives a good morning to Biz and heads in to deal with his morning wood, take a shower, change clothes, and eat in that order. He gets to his footlocker and grabs his clothes and grooming kit, gets lost again on the way to the bathrooms, and sits on the shitter and starts beating his morning wood. Then one of Biz’s manipulator hands slaps his hand and he hears her say “No! You save that for me later!”

“How did you-?” He asks her.

“I can pretty much sense you and what you’re doing, if you’re asking about me speaking to you, I can talk through my hand speakers.” She turns the hand over and shows him a little black speaker in the palm of her hand. Being the morning and Rudolph brain dead as a brick, he stares at it like it’s the most interesting thing in the world and not the talking ship it’s attached too. She eventually slaps him into the world again and orders him to finish cleaning up. He heads to the shower room and is greeted with an empty shower for once, be merrily turns on a shower and starts cleaning himself, when Biz starts rubbing his body as well, he feels a little trumped on in his ability to shower himself.

“So you’re in control of my wood dealings and my cleaning duties?” He asks her jokingly.

“You’re mine, and I’m yours, who else cares what we do to each other? Besides, a couple can’t shower each other?” She says seductively as she moves to his testicle sack, squeezing them a little too hard for comfort.

“AH AH AH! Watch it! A few areas are more sensitive than others…” He snaps, she loosens on his sack but still fondles them while they clean him. She continues harassing him all day whenever she can, in attempts to make him sexually enthusiastic and last and/or want for a long, long time. She is successful. The time is 22:31, the moon is covered by stormy clouds, but the sea is calm and flat like glass, Rudolph’s body is ready, being tormented for hours, he’s finally going to do it. Loose that damn virginity of his. They do the same as last night, with the platform and the tingly kissing;  but undo his jacket and shirt, baring his bold chest and abs, only this time when he unlatches his belt Biz pushes him deeper into a kiss. He undoes his button and fly, opens his underwear fly, and releases his beading cock, ready and waiting for the opening. Then he panics as he looks down at his probe.

“Uhh, Biz, how am I going to fill you? First off, where am I going to fill you?” He asks panicked.

“Don’t worry, The one I knew I had is down below the waterline, in line with the keel about three-quarters down bow to stern and that one could eat two of you without me noticing you were in there.”

“That doesn’t help, Biz…”

“The one Prinz Eugen told me about is smaller, adjustable, for some reason at the base of my chin-and-neck, and best of all,” A long and thick tentacle-like shape approached Rudolph where he sat at the edge of the hanging platform, drawing closer it looked more like an elephant’s trunk with its flat end, but it had a long vertical slit instead of nose holes… “It’s retractable!”

Rudolph looked at it intrigued, it wasn’t too big, actually a decent size and a little smaller than he hoped it may be for his size, it was maybe 5 inches in diameter. He smiled as he grabbed it in his hands, brought it to his mid-chest, and rubbed his thumbs up and down the slit. Payback’s a bitch. Biz whimpered and groaned much the same as the previous penetration of the sorts she didn’t want, but these whimpers were loving and welcomed, Rudolph vigorously slid his thumbs all over the thickening lips, he began to feel a greatening wave of heat and warmth from her chin above him, she whined and stammered as he relentlessly pressed harder and harder, then a little bulb appeared at the top and silvery liquids spilled out of her vagina slowly. As they tricked onto his pecks and caused the pleasant tingly feeling like on his lips, he brought her pussy to his face, and out of nowhere he decides to rub it all over his face. Biz is confused but not questioning of his decision, instead takes in all the feelings of his smooth, soft face rolling over her clit and pussy lips, she groans and moans a little loud for complete comfort of stealth, but Rudolph and obviously she doesn’t care. He slathers his face with her silvery tingly juices before applying the clit to his nose and inserting his tongue inside her a massive wave of heat is sent out like the fire from her guns, steaming his face and warming his face from the cold airs, she yelps out and breathes heavily, then he randomly he twists her cable onto its side and begins to make out with her hot and soft lips… She completely lets go of attempting to control her appendages and lets her arms rubbing in her juices into his body and the thick trunk-vagina go limp and fall onto Rudolph, safely lying on the low-hanging platform under her bridge chin. She grows closer, and closer, and thinks to herself that’s not how she wants to cum on him for the first time, and asks him to stop.

“No, not yet.”

“Ru-dolph…pleeease stop!” She gasps out, also panicked.

“Beg me to, cry it out for me.” He seemed to love the control he had in the first time in his life, and it was over one of the most fearsome woman in the world…

“Rudolph please! Agh please Rudolph stahop! I beg you stop! Please not like this for the first time, please!” She pleads to him, he accepts, but first locks his lips over her pussy’s lips and drinks in as much of her liquids as he can. A long silver strand connects his lips to hers as they part. He asks her where she wants it now, she says it’s all up to him, he’s in control. He looks to his throbbing and standing dick; he knows where to put it. He moves it down to his member, and rubs the head on her lips slowly and dramatically, Biz’s hull and superstructure starts creaking and groaning, easily recognizable to anyone else as caused by the damages taken, not by the ship’s ‘loser’ fucking the ship. He has his fun and taunts her no more, he himself feeling a little bit ashamed causing her stress, when in all actuality she somewhat enjoyed not being the one in control for once, let someone else do everything for her, he grabs her with both hands tightly and thrusts his lower portion into her soaking wet cavity. The feeling they felt was unreal, Biz knew she would give them away, but knew Rudolph would want to hear her loving cries. She remembered a way, she closed her mouth panel and pressed it hard against her mouth to muffle her loving sounds, she switched to the radio to be sure she wouldn’t make a sound outside, and finally she put one of her speaker-hands near Rudolph’s right ear and let it all out.

Prinz Eugen was enjoying the peaceful night; it was a nice ride, good skies, and a perfect moon. She wondered how Biz was doing with Rudolph, if they were dating yet, she longed for her old love, she missed her sweet, sweet gunner so much. Out of the blue she gets a radio transmission from her new friend right then, she laughs at the irony of the situation. She lets the message go through…

OH FUCK YES! OH FUCK ME RUDOL- She switches it off, shocked at what she just heard, well that answers that question, she thinks about it, loving a human, she becomes a little… interested. She switches it back on and listens with jealousy; soon she starts to think of her old crush sexually… She rubs at her slit down under, then she stops and rubs her secondary vagina, same place as Bismarck’s to get as close as possible. She listens and turns her mic really low in case she too starts making noises, she thinks of his features, his bright hair, his high cheeks, his slim chiseled body, his chin and his size and how deep he’d go and his eyes, she’ll never forget his eyes, they were like a storm so beautiful… She inserted an arm inside herself and kept rubbing her clit intensely, the combination meant she wouldn’t last as long as the two on the other end but she didn’t care, she’d fuck herself again if she didn’t finish with them.

Rudolph was pounding Biz, she wasn’t prepared for his brutality or enthusiasm she built up in him, she did have help from years of pent-up aggression to help fuel him. He pushed rapidly, full-auto, nonstop, and Biz loved every moment of it. She was continuously yelling and shouting with pleasure and love, demanding Rudolph not to stop for anything. He started to grow weary from his onslaught and slowed down, Biz had none of that, she pinned him down and forced him to use his hands to continue. He didn’t last long there at all, and that’s when she took over. She slammed her pussy down on him hard and fast, Rudolph simply melted away enjoying the feeling of losing his virginity to this beautiful behemoth he loved dearly. The sex they had was beyond either of their wildest dreams combined, Rudolph felt his coming, he tensed up his dick, making it harder in the same process, in turn making Biz grow louder with stimulation in his ear praising him with I LOVE YOUs and FUCK ME HARDER RUDOLPHs and other things like that, he struggled but was able to emit something:

“Biz I’m close!” He thought to himself, So, these are my final moments of being a virgin, the last time I’ll feel before it ends, will I remember how it felt?… Nah! I won’t miss it!

“THE FUCK CARES?! KEEP IT GOING! CUM IN ME DON’T STOP!” She hollered through the radio and her hand, Rudolph pleased by her command, let it out.

He went limp by the power and force the orgasm hit him with, leaving him brain-dead like in the mornings and moaning like broken record, Bismarck was surprised she felt it, burying his cock deep inside her and letting her attuned sensors take up every bit of the feeling, she felt his hot molten cream shoot up her cavity and tingle and tickle a sweet-spot she knew wasn’t her G-spot but knew she’d cum very, very soon. Actually right now.

“GRRNERRK-AAAHHHHHH! She exploded onto Rudolph with quite a showing of power, the expulsion of her tingly silver cum completely drenched Rudolph; he was still engulfed in his long orgasm inside his love. Once he finishes, he’s greeted with the warm, tingly fluid he’s come to love all over his body and still being pumped out from her tender lips. She reached up with a hand and rubbed his forehead with her thumb, just the way he liked it. The two sat there, enjoying and savoring the pressure one another imposed on the other’s genitalia, they hear a third party’s innocent moaning and aspirations of breath.

Having a little fun over there Eugen? Biz asks her amused friend.

Yes, why do you ask? You’re obviously enjoying him, how is it? How is it to not be a virgin anymore?

The best feeling I could ever imagine… Then Rudolph grabs Biz’s hand and brings it close so he can talk, Because I want to know if we could go again, just to make sure we lose our virginity, of course.

I was just about to ask you the same, baby. She replies, Eugen laughs and ‘joins’ them with what she can do. The couple make love for a long, long time losing all sense of time, they fucked in more ways any cared to count; orally, vaginally, hand jobs, he thumbed her clit while he first orally fucked her then used his cock to sedate her, at one point he attempted to fist her, but was forced to reconsider due to the pain he felt fitting it in, she loved it. Eugen got off a good time before Biz and Rudolph ceased, exhausted to hell, for the first time Rudolph slept heavy and sound, while Biz finally slept that wasn’t because of boredom, they dreamed of one another, possibly even linked somehow… where they were with each other in dream, to fuck even more than before, to love even more… Bismarck forgot she was a warship, she forgot she was in a war; she forgot that she was damaged badly; she forgot that the officials prepared the crew to lose the upcoming battle, she forgot all… except Rudolph, her little reindeer.

Monday 26th May 1941, 17:00, the day has been dreary at best, the crew knew the British were on to them, and system failure after system failure destroyed morale. The two lovers awoke quite early for the past night’s fun, yet still considerably late in time, they had their morning kiss and a little morning run to deal with an erected extremity but that silvery, tingly fluid couldn’t escape his mind. He brought some into the light and it stopped tingling as it warmed. How strange, I guess it’s just temperature sensitive, which explains why I never felt it inside her. He wiped the fluid off and proceeded to another empty shower, something he and Biz liked, and showered the same as before. Only when around 14:45 did his joy and upbeat behavior be questioned, by the usual gang, he found out that they were posted on the 20mm Flak Verling a few decks above him and wondered if they heard anything last night, hoping to rub something in their faces. The typical shenanigans ensued followed by a remark at how Rudolph was smiling the whole time. He nodded and silently his affixed face said I beat you all last night.

“This blows worse than I did you.” Biz says, commenting on the fact everyone knew the entire British fleet was on her tail.

“No Biz, you were great, better than I think any human woman could do in her wildest dreams.” He says actually truthfully, without a hint of sarcasm or brown-nosing. And he meant it. Bismarck blushed and shushed him, he continues on until a desk officer interrupts his blabbing unaware of what Rudolph was talking about.

“Petty officer Jürgenstien, Luftwaffe Lieutenant Stone has requested to see you personally.” He turns around and mumbles: Enjoy the feeling while it lasts. Then a tall and thick man emerges from the wheelhouse and crosses onto the port wing platform to shake Rudolph’s hand.

“Well you know me and you’re the only one on this ship named Rudolph so we seem to be in the right place.” He starts, he sounds young and energetic yet still wise and veteran. Rudolph gestures him to continue, “And I have to make a special request of you and Bismarck.” This shocks Rudolph and Bismarck, how did he know? What gave it away? What the fuck could he be asking about? It’s blackmail!

“I… um… need to get a certain Arado off and it needs to be secret, that’s also how I know of you two, is a rumor about last night…” Biz asks how he knows anything what-so-ever about her and Rudolph; demanding to know why her scout plane needs to leave. He breaks under the pressure and onslaught of Biz.

“Because she’s pregnant!” The two interrogators are shocked. Biz asks how and Rudolph comments on how he didn’t know him as in a human could knock up a machine so she’s pregnant, and then realizes what he did all last night inside Biz.

“No, no, no, no! I didn’t knock her up! She says it was another plane that she fell in love with and doesn’t want the child to have a miscarriage or anything like that; she’s scared of the situation… She heard on the radio of you two, she’s both happy and distraught for you two, and she told me you would be able to help.” He ends his request there, Bismarck instantly allows it but decrees that it must happen at night, so nothing is found until they’re long gone, and Rudolph sees the situation he’s in, and requests one favor and one favor only. A delivery. The deal is agreed upon and the time is set. Not too long later, at 20:30, the aircraft alarm is sounded.

The men rush to the anti-air guns, the 15cm fire their anti-air shells and the 105mm shoot their guns while 2cm, 20mm, and 37mm pepper the skies desperately trying to repel the attacking biplanes, Rudolph noticed the shots were all going over the slower biplanes, the sights were for faster modern planes, not these slow shits. He holds his breath as two torpedoes look as if their hits, and curses in anguish as he hears the explosions and cries of his beloved Biz. He loses hope as she solemnly tells him that her rudder was hit… she can’t turn on her own will, doomed to forever go in circles. She starts to weep, Rudolph tries with all his ability to comfort her, but he too is distraught… he pulls out a piece of paper, and writes a letter for Stone to take with him to his only other friend. Bismarck fires at a destroyer, turning it away without dealing hits, and later is constantly repelling a flotilla of destroyers that are constantly harassing her, one of them alive and sexually harassing her. She doesn’t respond but with a hailstorm of steel rain, the whole time she embraces Rudolph openly without care if their caught or anything, she only wants to hold her little reindeer close and tight.

The time comes when they will launch the plane off the catapult to safety. The guns are constantly flashing and sounding, still repelling the destroyer flotilla, everyone is concentrated on the tasks at hand so they pay no mind to the hanger No. 2 door being opened, or the Arado being maneuvered onto the extended catapult. Rudolph greets Stone as the engine turns over, he wishes the two of them the best of luck, and hands a small envelope to Stone with an attached description note as to who it goes too. Stone and the Arado wish Biz and Rudolph all the luck they can get, and are about to launch when suddenly- nothing happens.

“It’s the pressure line! I knew it was cut!” Biz exclaims, the Arado weeps, Stone admires the port side crane.

“Hey Rudolph, if you could get that crane to put us into the drink I could take off like a seaplane.” Stone was previously a Trans-Atlantic seaplane pilot, and knew the complicated workings of taking off in stormy waters. Biz is happy to do whatever she can, and unlocks the crane to drop them into the raging swells of the battle-ravaged seas. Stone pilots the Arado out of the hailstorm just as the other Lt. for the Luftwaffe spots this, he runs over to Rudolph and bear hugs him.

“Yes! Yes! Thank you! There’s a way to touch home after all!” With that he departs and runs for the admiral, to tell that he can get off with mail home and the war diary. Rudolph sulks back to his post, and embraces Biz again.

“It’s out of our hands now.”

“The crew’ll be so demoralized when they find the catapult is broken.” Biz replies, tightening her embrace on Rudolph. They fall asleep together, waiting for the final moments upon the sea, before they sink beneath it.

Tuesday 27th May 1941, 07:45, Rudolph awakens to a distraught and demoralized setting; Biz is going in massive circles, the crew knows they won’t escape alive, they’re all alone with no chance at a friendly rescue, the ship is damaged badly and openly crying, and probably the worst is they can’t even touch home. Earlier that morning the pilot that witnessed the launching tried to launch another Arado off the catapult, but as the pressure cable was cut there was no propulsion, leaving the war diary, the crew’s letters home, and any hope left on board, to sink within the day. The stores are free to whatever the men wish to take, there is no dress code or work shifts, there is no tidiness policy, all abolished by the Admiral in view of the final hours of the men’s lives, they all turned to drinking, sleeping, or sulking about the ship. No one noticed the ship holding a man to its bridge face, and those who did cared little or were intoxicated and thought they were hallucinating, in all reality of things the ship was crying and holding her one love to her close pleading with God, Poseidon, Neptune, hell even British Prime Minister Winston Churchill to spare her and her Rudolph. To no avail.

“Biz, it’ll… it’ll be alright…” He says to her, trying to help her through it.

“NO! NO IT WON’T! YOU KNOW THIS!” She breaks down crying again, clutching him like her own offspring, her own little reindeer Rudolph. She goes on, bringing much pain to Rudolph, all my life I’ve felt so alone and hurt, now she feels the same, on the brink of the end with no one to help her through it… how did I get this far? How could I just SIT here and let HER, my only desire in this world, how could I let that SUFFER!?NO! She will not die like this!

“Baby, remember the time we had together…” He starts, drawing her everlasting attention to him to focus, “the talks we had, the battles we fought, the sex we had! Remember the best things about them, the best of the best memories, keep replaying that inside your head. That way, I don’t hurt when you cry; I don’t want you to cry because that was how I felt every day of my previous existence without you… and it hurts to go back.” She doesn’t cry anymore, instead they talk in silence, in that telepathic dream world they experienced after their night of sex. In that world, there was no pain or damage or enemy, only Bismarck, Rudolph, and the high seas…

At 08:00 the alarm sounded, four ships were encircling them, and drawing closer; it seemingly takes an hour to finally receive fire from the WWI era battleship off the port bow, then the same class battleship as the survivor with the Hood to fire. Rudolph spots the targets, conveying the numbers to Bismarck and the gunners to fire-and miss-the fast approaching enemy battleships. Shots ring out until the hour really does change, that’s when Biz is hit for the first time of the day, then suddenly, is bombarded on all sides from the British onslaught… Her foretop range finders are disables. Then the main gun turrets Anton and Bruno are knocked out. Rudolph is ripped out of his position and held to the bridge wall by a bawling Bismarck as shells converge onto the command posts, knocking them out before resorting back to the main armament, which is knocked out at ten minute intervals… All that’s left are the secondary 15cm and 105mm guns, firing sporadically at anything that isn’t German…

Bismarck is screaming in pain and all the while in shock. She looks around and sees nothing but dismantled corpses, disembodied limbs, puddles of glop where men once existed, there were men running, screaming, dying and holes in her hull blown out of proportions where portholes once stood was a ravaged hole big enough to drive motorcycles out of… She couldn’t take any thought of similar instances happening to the one man in her clutches, and when the guns ceased and the order to scuttle arose she panicked and contacted her only other friend she could.

EUGEN PLEASE HELP ME! I’M LOSING! I’M SINKING! I’M DYING! This last part was sent with greater emphasis to Prinz Eugen, although the whole message sounded like that wasn’t the problem, she and Bismarck both knew that when a ship sinks it doesn’t die, not until it is completely rotted away will it die. It’s the beauty in being a machine.

Yes… I’m sorry old friend-but-what is the ACTUAL problem Biz?

I DON’T WANT TO LOSE HIM! I WANT TO STAY WITH HIM! MY REINDEER! Eugen did know of one way to preserve him, more like a transformation however, she only knows about it by playing with herself and some meat from a pet seagull turned dead seagull.

Biz, I haven’t told you everything. There is one way, a transformation really, where he becomes a sort of metal-morph being that has to do with your silver essence. That fluid is really an extension of your life ability, and if it engulfs a being from the insides it creates an inner shell and repurposes the internal organs for a new life as pretty-much a machine, only he’ll still be himself with a same outward look with artificial skin. It’s somewhat like-


Those arms you have, without the hands, those are concealed injection needles. The way I found to open them is first press their ends into his body at various points EVERYWHERE, then think of needles stabbing into the flesh, and then think of cumming, actually, a lot like you’re the guy and Rudolph is the girl.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I LOVE YOU EUGEN! I’LL TRY TO TALK TO YOU AS LONG AS WE CAN! With that she turned off the radio, swarmed a confused Rudolph, and executed the steps.

Rudolph screamed in pain, the worst pain in his entire existence. She opened the rounded ends and stabbed into him with thick long needles, that was bad enough then his body felt like fire, like dead weight, like pure unadulterated HELL. He couldn’t hear Bismarck’s soothing voice trying to dull his pains. He screamed, hollered, and cursed anything he could in the eight minutes of hell he was in. Once it finally ended, the scuttling charges were in place and two torpedoes struck the starboard side, men are running, jumping overboard and panicking while Rudolph is quietly led to the bridge shelter, and patiently sits down waiting the sinking.

“Hey Rudolph!” A familiar voice chimes from the stairwell behind him, he turns and is met by the desperate gaze of one of his bullies, bleeding and beckoning him to join him. “The ship’s kaput, we got to go! Come on, I know I’ve been a real dick but you’re still important, man! Let’s go!” Rudolph stood up, walked to him and held him like a father giving his son a wise talk.

“Rupert, I forgive you for all you did to me, and I also thank you. Sadly I must turn down your offer, I’m staying with her.”

“I know you love her-I love her too-she has been our home but she’s just a ship! We need to go!” He pulled at his comrade, who seemed a lot colder and heavier.

“The things you did to me set me up for this, I love her more deeply than you think. She’s more than a ship, she’s alive and…” He loved saying this to him, “we’re lovers,” Rupert looked at the mechanical tendril come around Rudolph’s chest in a bear hug. He looked first confused, and then nodded in acceptance. He came close and hugged Rudolph like a brother.

“Good luck reindeer. Shit sorry, bad habits, Rudolph.” He says, then Rudolph comments; “Actually, I think I’ll keep it Rudolph the reindeer. Biz seems to like it.” He smirked and looked toward the ceiling. Then the two once enemies locked eyes until Rupert left the two for safety. “Good luck to you too, Rupert.”

Then it was the two, Rudolph laid on a metal table as per instruction while another tendril without a hand came to the back of his neck, only when it opened it was a series of smaller needles, and inserted them into his new nervous system. As the two slipped beneath the waves, dumping anything lose out into the sea, Biz took his conciseness into hers, apparently, and entered that dream world again. The only difference is Biz knew more about it.

“We are in my alternate world, so to speak, my sweet. Where we can do anything we wish we can so in the physical world here.” She announced as he walked the bridge, admiring an open ocean with calm waves.

“So… it’s like a simulation place?”

“Yes, a place where we can do everything, except die. You won’t escape me that easily.” She jests at him. He chuckles and trembles as her expression twist into pain.

“Wha-what’s going on!?” He cries out.

“GRAHGNUG! AH-AH-AH! I’m tearing apart!” Rudolph panics, but is reassured by Biz that nothing will happen to them.

“We’ll be fine, babe, we’ll be fine. I still have control over my entire hull and structure however, and for the most part I’m still in well-built chunks. So… what shall we do first…?” She says, the latter portion stated as she pulls off his shirt seductively.

“Oh, about a couple years’ worth of sex to start…” The two embark on their voyage through time; awaiting the above world to visit them, all the while loving, talking, dreaming, and still communicating to Prinz Eugen throughout her service; even after she’s scuttled at Bikini Atoll after the nuclear bomb testing. They did see real light on the 8th of June, 1989…

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