WiR: Origins Part I (Revision)



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When in Russia: Origins Part I


16 January 2018

California Science Center, Los Angeles, California

Eric Miller

Night watchman, Monday through Thursday.


Eric checked his watch, 2230. It was about time to get going. He reached in the beat up locker and grabbed his duty belt, taking a few seconds to scrape away a little more of the stickers the previous occupant had plastered all over its inside. From the numerous graffiti themed stickers Eric could tell he must have been a “skater dude” and from the smell, a habitual stoner. No doubt what he had been fired for.

The interaction between him and the pair of guards he was replacing was little more than a simple nod as they passed each other in the hall. This wasn’t a job to be proud of, nor did it build camaraderie between coworkers, at least not on the night shift. A half hour later the janitors would leave and he would be the only soul left in the entire complex.

Eric sauntered through the exhibits, idly spinning a lever or pressing a button on a display as he passed, continuing his rove through the empty buildings. Most buttons made some kind of noise or began a lecture on their given topic, the levers and handles did trivial things like simulate waves or turn on a lightbulb. These were things that would have entertained him as a kid but, as an adult they did little more than break the monotony of walking around an abandoned building in the middle of the night.

He’d been at this for a few months, adopting the roll of the nocturnal guardian of stuff he cared nothing about, the paycheck was all that concerned him. ‘At least this was better than Iran’ he thought to himself, which was where he had spent the better part of the last few years. The mass US withdrawal from the Middle East the previous year, had left thousands of veterans scrambling for the few jobs in an already suffering job market, the result of almost a decade of mismanagement. The current administration had promised reform in what they called the “American Revival” but, like the previous administration, the nation had yet to see any movement in a positive direction.

While he was gone, things were simpler, his years in the military had distanced himself from the complications of civilian life. Having gone straight from high school into the service, he had never really experienced the real world. Now that the war was over the military had begun drastic downsizing and he had been thrust head first into a lifestyle he had no clue about. Finding a place to live, finding a job that could pay the bills, these things had occupied his mind ever since he had returned to a “normal” life.

Eric reached the first door on his rove and initialed the log. ‘One down’ he said to himself as he turned back the way he came. He was pretty sure this job was killing him, it was either that or the unhealthy dependency on hard alcohol he’d developed since getting back. He reached in his pocket, removed a steel flask and unscrewed the top. It was easy to blame it on boredom and ignore any of the real reasons but, it got him up every morning and put him to bed every night.

He welcomed the all too familiar burning sensation as the amber liquid ran down his throat. The first drink of the shift always seemed to improve his mood. He pulled out his baton and snapped it to full extension. He spun the steel rod around on his palm, casually tossing it up in the air and catching it on the way down. This was the night shift, the whole building was his, nine at night to five in the morning Monday through Thursday.

He continued through the exhibits until he found himself at the end of the Rocky Shores exhibit, “So far so good.” He said to himself as he passed into the catwalk to the Shuttle exhibit. Without thinking he began whistling the tune to Monty Python’s lumberjack song. As the original video played through in his head he recalled the later lyrics in the song, stopping mid stride as they dawned on him. Something about putting on women’s clothing and hanging around in bars. He laughed as he resumed his rounds, coming to the door leading into what he had been introduced to as “The Cave”.

Originally this had only been a temporary housing for the Space Shuttle Endeavour while funds were accumulated to exhibit it at vertical launch position, complete with boosters and external fuel tank. With a suffering economy they were waiting on funds that would never come. It was eventually decided that the Shuttle would remain as it was and a permanent building would be erected around it.  The elevating platform had been removed and replaced with the original landing gear. This is how it would remain.

Eric could understand why it was referred to as a cave. An enormous, open, single room building bearing nothing but the Space Shuttle and a few displays of various components. Concrete floors, high walls, this place really did feel like a subterranean cavern.

Each footstep echoed as he walked into the large dark room. He made an immediate turn to the locked box just to the left of the entryway that held a panel of light switches. Just like last night and the night before he unlocked the box and flipped all the switches to the on position. Dozens of florescents overhead hummed as they flickered on, illuminating the giant in the center of the room. He acknowledged the fact that he wasn’t really supposed to turn on the lights, being told that’s what his flashlight was for but, no one was there to chew him out. Plus, the large walls and ceiling made an astonishing amount of noise as the building cooled from hotter days, or at least that’s how he chose to rationalize it. A few too many horror movies had left him with suspicions of random noises in the dark. His share of combat had done a number on his nerve to, the evidence of which had been left in the form of two scars, one in the shoulder and another in the chest. Most only die once in their life, if he were to die today, that would make a third time.

He took in a deep breath of the cool air as he looked around the empty room. It seemed time for another drink. He pulled out his flask and took a swig, another minor improvement to the night’s rounds. Securing his flask and returning it to his pocket he looked up at the massive machine in the center of the room. From all the pictures he had seen he always imagined the shuttle smaller. His first time in the room he had been astonished by the size. Now he hardly noticed the thing.

He took a second to adjust his utility duty belt then began walking toward the front of the Shuttle. He continued around the steel cable barrier until he was he reached the craft’s nose. Just as he was about to pass he saw something out of the corner of his eye, something too unbelievable to be possible but just vivid enough it couldn’t be his mind playing tricks on him. He paused for a moment, eyes straight ahead, trying to rationalize what he saw. Slowly he turned back toward the shuttle.

A slit began opening from below the nose thruster nozzles all the way to just below the tip of the nose cone. A set of dark silver, metallic teeth began to present themselves as the slit opened more and more. Above that, in the cockpit windows, another slit parted, presenting a set of brilliant white eyes. A narrow black slit at the center of each looked around the room before focusing on Eric.

The shock from this sent him tumbling backward tearing at his pant leg in a frantic scramble backwards as he clutched for the pistol strapped to his ankle. After a second he managed to retrieve the small firearm, aiming it at what he had yet to identify. His scramble to make space between him and the machine eventually ended with his back against the wall. Unable to move any further, he watched as the mouth parted and what seemed to be the Space Shuttle said, “Hey Eric.”

“Fuck fuck fuck!” he shouted “What the fuck!”

His brain refused to acknowledge what his eyes were seeing. What he saw or at least what he thought he was seeing was that the Space Shuttle Endeavour had just come alive in front of his eyes. He began feeling an increasing lightness in his head and soon everything began to go fuzzy then black as he slipped into unconsciousness, passing out on the floor.

He had no idea how long he had been out when he finally awoke. Slowly regaining consciousness, he propped himself back up. For a moment he thought back, trying to piece together the moments that had lead up to him passing out. What he had seen must have just been a dream. As his vision began to clear he looked up and realized it wasn’t. A fresh wave of panic swept over him as he looked up and saw the Shuttle’s eyes staring at him.

Eric shuffled around for his handgun, finding it right where he had dropped it. He could hardly keep the weapon steady as he trained it on the threat. His hands were shaking more than they ever had before and his heart was beating uncomfortably fast. “What the hell is going on? He shouted.

“There’s no need for that.” He heard the Shuttle say.

The voice he heard was that of a woman, very smooth and, had he not been losing his mind at the moment, it was a voice he might have called attractive.

“Sorry, but I’m going to have to disagree with you and plus it makes me feel a whole hell of a lot better. Now, what the hell are you?”

“Well, I’m an Orbiter Vehicle or more commonly, a Space Shuttle.”

“No no no,” he interrupted, “not even close to what I’m asking. What ARE you? Why are you talking? Why do you have a mouth and eyes or whatever? You’re just a machine, nothing more.” He began thinking over all the things that could have caused this. It wasn’t drugs. Perhaps something in his brain had just gone haywire, he thought. Then it hit him. He pulled the flask from his pocket and unscrewed the cap. “That bottle must have been spiked.” He said to himself, “I’m hallucinating.” He lowered his pistol, feeling a little reassured by the thought that as soon as whatever he had drank wore off, things would be back to normal.

“You’re not hallucinating, Eric. This is all real. You’re the only person I’ve shown this to, you’re the only person I could get alone to tell.”

“No, there’s no way this is real. I got bad alcohol or I hit my head and I’ll wake up in a few minutes.” Eric stood and brushed the dust from his trousers.

“Eric,” She said desperately trying to reason with him, “this is real. I don’t know what I can do to prove that but I can promise you it is.”

“Like hell it is.” He replied, sighing in frustration. “There’s no way that the Space Shuttle is just going to come alive one night and start a conversation with me. That shit doesn’t happen in real life, maybe in movies but, no, not in real life.” He bent down and slid the pistol back in its holster, refastening the button snap. “Well delusion, It was a pleasure meeting you.” He said as sarcastically, “Let’s not do this again soon.” He couldn’t help but laugh at how absurd this all was. He took a couple additional seconds to look over the shuttle before turning and walking from the room, spending the rest of his shift avoiding “The Cave”.

That morning he drove home in silence, not even bothering to turn on the radio. It all had seemed so real. His mind had been working overtime the whole night trying to rationalize what had happened or at the least repress it. As soon as he hit his mattress, thoughts of what he had seen that night came flooding back. It was hours before he managed to drift off to sleep.


17 January 2018

It should have been just another shift, “same shit different day” as he called it, only this time felt very different. He still had the memory of what had happened yesterday. He hadn’t had the satisfaction of the sudden waking up to an alarm clock that he had hoped for, signaling the end of what had been the bazar dream of the century. Thinking back on it, what had happened seemed as real as the drive in or the fast food he had picked up on the way.

Three times he tried to reenter “The Cave” but each time he had made an excuse to do something else or gotten all the way to the door and turned back, not wanting to face what he hoped was just a piece of retired NASA equipment.

The fourth time he approached the door his hand stopped inches from the push bar. He wanted so badly not to go through that door. It wasn’t the need to log checking the room that compelled him, his need to go in there stemmed more from the need to prove to himself that he was not crazy, the need for confirmation that last night was just a fluke.

Mustering all the courage he had he pushed in and passed through the doorway. Making a deliberate effort to not look to the center of the room, he immediately turned to the box, squeezed his eyes shut and flipped on the lights. Reluctantly he turned around and opened his eyes.

He looked up and saw what he had been absolutely dreading, the bright white eye looking down at him, a small part in the insulated tiles forming the Shuttle’s mouth.

Lowering his head he let out a sigh. “Alright so it wasn’t a dream.” He said in a defeated tone, “I must be going crazy.” He looked up at the shuttle “Well Endeavour, I always wondered what it felt like to be crazy. All I need is a strait jacket and some padded walls to talk to then I’ll be set.” He looked along the machine’s body, letting out another deep breath in disbelief, “Hey, you better get out of here before the nice men in the white coats with the long needles get here.” He didn’t want to believe he had gone around the bend but, not once but twice the Space Shuttle Endeavour had presented itself as a living being. What other explanation was there, he was nuttier than a fruitcake.

“If you won’t believe what you see, will you believe what you feel?”

“I mean, this ‘crazy’ thing is new to me but I’ve known a couple and they were pretty sure what they were feeling was real.” He replied, “But, hell, if I’m crazy I might as well get the full experience.” He walked closer to the Shuttle extending a hand. Endeavour lowered on her gear until her chin almost touched the ground, getting low enough so he could reach. His fingers touched the edge of her lips.

What he expected to be hard and ridged felt soft and malleable. His face twisted into a puzzled look, this was far from what he was expecting, it almost felt organic. He slid his hand down her chin. The consistency gradually became more ridged as he got further from the mouth until it became the hard surface he expected. He moved his hand back to Endeavour’s mouth and put his fingers between her lips. Willing to do almost anything to prove her existence to him she parted her lips and let him feel around.

Eric tilted his head, looking inside her mouth. Her jaws were lined with a single row of triangular teeth, each perfectly identical to the next. He reached in and ran a finger across the tip of one of the metallic teeth. They were as they appeared, razor sharp. No doubt it would be effortless for her to take his arm off if she wanted.

He reached in a little bit further and pressed on her tongue. This confounded him even further. It was no different from any organic being’s tongue. It was warm and wet, squishing as he pushed in on it. Unlike a human tongue hers was metal gray and completely smooth, bearing a thick gray liquid. Feeding his fingers under the edge of her tongue Eric gave it a little squeeze.

This was absolutely incredible. It was becoming harder and harder to imagine this being a delusion. If he was imagining this, at least this was better than voices in his head or an insatiable desire to start structural fires.

He withdrew his hand rubbing the silver grey goo between his fingers. “How is this possible?”

A funny tingling began in the tips of his finger, quickly followed by the rest of his fingers that the fluid had touched. He wiped the fluid on the leg of his pants then looked back to the shuttle. “So what now?”

“Would you let me feel?”


“Would you let me feel you?”

“Hell, have at it. Tonight couldn’t get much weirder.”

Endeavour smiled and began extending one of her tendrils. Eric watched as the long tentacle like appendage moved toward him. The odd extremity seemed to be made of two centimeter thick linked sections, each about three centimeters long with a rounded off segment at the end. His normal reaction would be to not let anything like this touch him but at this point he didn’t really care. He recoiled a little as it drew closer and closer but eventually let the tendril touch his skin.

Endeavour could hardly contain her excitement as the nerves in her tendrils touched his skin. She had watched the humans for a while, only able to imagine what they felt like and now her dreams were coming true. She ran the tendril up his cheek, up the side of his face, finally reaching his hair.

“I always wondered what your hair felt like.” She said, her tendril pushing through his hair, thoroughly enjoying the experience.

“So you’ve been watching me, huh?” Eric replied as she retracted the tendril back into its housing.

“I needed to get to know you before I opened up to you.”

“Fair enough.” Eric replied, “A little stalker-ish but, whatever.” He had to admit, as unbelievable as this was, he was a little interested. “So how did you come alive anyway?”

“I don’t know.” Endeavour replied, “I don’t remember my origin or when I first came alive. I’d imagine it’s the same as you humans growing up. The farther back I try to remember the more blurry it becomes. The earliest thing I can remember is the five year anniversary ceremony of me being at the science center.”

Eric thought back for a moment, remembering that celebration. “That was only a couple months ago.”

“I don’t remember anything further back than that.”

“So why did you come out, or whatever, yourself to me?” Eric asked, “Why not to one of the egg heads or one of your technicians? I just guard this place.”

“You’re the only person I could get alone to tell. I don’t want the whole world to know. If the wrong people find out I’ll be taken in for experimentation. Tested on and dissected.” Her tone became deathly serious, “You have to keep this a secret.”

“Oh, you don’t have to worry about that.” He said, “I tell anybody about something like this it will be a miracle if they don’t have me committed right then and there and it turns out not to be true, I’ll be institutionalized like that.” He snapped his fingers. “So do you have a name or are you just going to go with Endeavour?”

“How does Kate sound?”

“If you like it, that name is as good as any.” Eric replied, looking up and down the shuttle, “Yeah, Kate works. Why Kate?”

“I’m not exactly sure. I must have heard it from one of the guests.”

Eric shrugged, it was as good of reason as any he could think of.

With names aside they continued the rest of the shift just talking. If she was only in his head, he was ok with that but over the next few month he began to really believe she was real and the reality of it seemed less and less strange with every shift. It was easy for him to talk to her and it certainly made the shifts go faster.

For Kate, she was just happy to have a companion to talk to, someone to know she existed.


23 July 2018

With a little newly found incentive, Eric had managed to claw and kick his way up the ladder of the Science Center’s security. Wednesday through Sunday nights were his by March. Then, after the retirement of his boss in June, he was able to snag the position of Head of Security.

Over that time he and Kate had developed a close friendship. Every once in a while the thought that his closest friend was a Space Shuttle hit him but after a while it didn’t bother him. He came to enjoy coming in every shift, looking forward to Kate’s company. Little by little the thought that he was crazy fade away and a sense of normalcy set in.

“It’s good being the boss.” Eric said making his way into the cave and flipping on the lights. He smiled as he saw the eyes open on the Shuttles windshields. “How are you this evening Kate.” He said, setting his binder and coffee down on one of the info boards.

“I’m ok.” Kate replied, somehow not her perky self.

It wasn’t hard for him to tell that she was lying. Her tone alone gave away that there was something wrong. “What’s the matter, something bothering you?”

Kate looked around the room trying to think of a way she could say this, “Eric I need something from you.”

“What is it?” He was honestly a little concerned. She had never seemed this anxious before.

She knew there was no way of saying this without freaking him out, “Eric, there is something tremendous I need to ask of you.  I have a big problem that I think only you can help me with.

It was clear she was beating around the bush with something, something she really didn’t want to say straight. “Kate, what’s up? Just spit it out.”

She frantically looked around, there was really no other way to say this, “Eric, I need you to have sex with me…”

Eric was glad he hadn’t been holding his coffee because it would have fallen right on the floor. The shock of the proposal hit him like a freight train. “What the…” he said completely bewildered, “You can’t be serious.”

“I can’t take it anymore, this feeling is killing me and it’s been getting worse and worse.”

“You’re sure that’s what is?”

“I’m sure.” She spouted in a desperate frustration.

“Can’t you just…” he took two fingers and made a poking motion at his crotch, “self service.”

“No, I tried, it doesn’t work.” She replied.

Eric couldn’t believe she was asking this, “No way I can do that. I’m not one of those weirdos who gets their rocks off by shoving it in their car’s tailpipe. This is just way too far for me.”

“Please! I need this.” Kate said in desperation. The feeling that had been bothering her had grown unbearable. It was true, she had tried doing it herself but, no matter how hard she tried she just couldn’t satisfy the need. Somehow she knew it had to be him. Whenever he was with her she could feel herself getting worked up, what humans would equate to being aroused. She knew one thing, she needed him inside her or she was going to go crazy. “You have to help me.”

Eric had known her long enough to tell this was no small issue, he had never seen her this upset. He started imagining the possibilities. What would happen if he did? Screwing the Space Shuttle? Would there be crazy side effects? What would happen if anybody found out? Then another question popped into his min.  What would it feel like?

“Damn it.” he said, unable to believe he was even considering it. “Really?”

He could tell from the look in her eyes that it was a sincere need. He wanted to help her, almost feeling pressured by their friendship to oblige but, he just couldn’t get past the thought of fucking the Space Shuttle, even if he knew her as more of a person. Then he thought about the possibility of maybe enjoying it. Not only that but who else can say they’ve done the horizontal mambo with a Shuttle.

“Fuck it, alright. Let’s do this.”

Kate could hardly contain her excitement. “Thank you, you won’t regret this.”

She could already feel herself getting hot, thinking about finally getting what she had needed for so long.

“So how do you… Do you have a… You know?”

“Mhm.” Kate replied, turning and lifting her right wing, exposing her entire underside. At the center of her fuselage, right between her rear landing gear the heat protective tiles had parted revealing what looked like the lips of a human vagina only a metallic matte gray and substantially larger. A silvery gray liquid was already seeping from the slit, following gravity as the drops rolled down toward her left wing.

Once upon a time something like this would have shocked him beyond belief but, after developing a companionship with a machine, little surprised him anymore.

“Wow, didn’t see that before.”

“I can hide it when needed.”

“Well let’s get to this” Eric said as he began undressing.

It took him a few minutes to get fully undressed, noticing Kate eyeing him the whole time. “See something you like?” he said jokingly.

‘What am I doing’ kept going through his mind as he peeled off his last sock, leaving him completely naked, standing before one of the feats of modern science.

Kate had never felt herself more aroused. Her juices were already flowing in anticipation of him entering her. She could somehow feel how strange it was being a machine and wanting sex with a human but, there was some raw, primal instinct deep inside her that drove her to lust for him.

“Kate, I hope you have a plan for this because I have no clue how we’re gonna do this. I’ve dated a few big girls before but you definitely take the cake in that department.”

“Don’t worry, let me take care of that.”

Eric watched half a dozen of the long slender tendrils extended from the landing gear housings and began wrapping themselves around his body. Slowly the tendrils lifted him until he was right at eye level with Kate.

“Please enjoy this.” She said before lowering him and reclining his body into a lying position.

Eric watched her tiled underbelly pass in front of him as she moved him back along her fuselage. He looked down as he felt something wet and warm drop on his waist. Even inches away, he could already feel the heat radiating from her large woman parts.

He wasn’t sure how he was going to do this. It would be pushing rope unless he could get it up. He tried thinking of naked super models and really high quality porn but he just couldn’t get past the thought of trying to fuck a machine.

“Kate, I can’t get hard, it’s just not working.”

“Here try this.” She said, squishing his waist against her large lips.

It was one of the most glorious feelings he had ever experienced. She was incredibly warm and squishy. The hot silvery lubricant fluids allowed his hardly erect cock to slip between her soft fleshy lips resting casually inside her. He started to feel something strange as soon as he was pressed up against her. It started as nothing but began sweeping through his body. It felt like a high but, unlike any high he had ever experienced, this one did not take him from reality or warp his mind in any way. It was just a smooth warm bliss that began to take his body inch by inch. He could feel all his hesitations and inhibitions about making love to this shuttle slowly fall away. Suddenly everything seemed perfect, a feeling like being pressed naked against the tiled underbelly of the Space Shuttle Endeavour was the closest to heaven an earthly being could be. Still swimming in the ecstasy of this new high he hadn’t noticed himself becoming more erect than he had ever been before.

Kate smiled as she felt the throbbing appendage pressed against her. Knowing that he was now ready, she put a gap between their bodies, extended a tendril down to his waist and wrapped it around his penis, repositioning it in preparation for penetration.

The tendrils that surrounded Eric’s body pulled him in tight, burying his cock hilt deep inside her airframe. As the incredible feeling of penetrating the shuttle swept over him he rolled his head back, finally able to use the phrase he had been waiting months to use, “Huston, we have lift-off.”

Kate was already loving this. It already felt like the need she had been carrying was draining away. Slowly she started working him in and out, loving every moment his hard member was deep inside her. She moaned lightly with each repetition. The feeling of his warm human body pressed up against hers.

Beneath her Eric was in heaven. He had had some incredible lays in his life but nothing compared to this. Despite the apparent size of her vagina she squeezed his cock tight as she drove him in and out. He could feel a slight ribbing to her insides which were doing wonders stimulating him. Somehow it was as if her body had perfected the art of stimulation. It took Eric little time to start getting into it, eventually taking over the thrusting motions from her tendrils. Before long Kate was doing little but holding him up while he fucked her the best he could.

Hot grey goo slathered his midsection and chest as he continued thrusting into her, grinding his entire body against hers, grunting and groaning as the intensity and passion rose between them. He had no idea she would be able to put out so much fluid but he didn’t care about the mess they were making, it was the absolute last thing on his mind. Streams of the stuff rolled down his thighs and between his legs, droplets dripping from his already soaked ass. Every muscle on his body was tensed, all working in unison to fuck her with an intensity that he would never be able to use on another human.

Kate was loving the feeling of his firm body rubbing against hers, unable to see but only imagine the naked man between her wings. She was thankful she had no fuel because she wasn’t sure if she would be able to restrain herself. Burning a hole in the building would have been very real possibility, she could already feel her thrusters trying to ignite. Inside instruments and mechanisms began flicking to life, objects that hadn’t been fired up in over a decade. She felt renewed, felt alive for the first time in her short existence.

She tried to restrain herself, keeping the moans low but that proved impossible, her loud moans and sounds of passion echoed in the massive stone walled building. Eric didn’t care. There was no one there to hear. He put all efforts into pushing himself as long and as hard as he could for her. The wet squelching sounds from between them became more and more rapid until Eric could feel himself coming closer to the brink. This was too great to waste on a ten minute ride. Stopping mid thrust he dug himself as deep inside her as he could and held there.

“What’s wrong?” Kate said, fearing she had done something that displeased him.

Eric didn’t really know how to express what he wanted to say, he couldn’t put it into words. “Kate, this is by far the weirdest thing I’ve ever done but, oddly I’ve never felt anything so…” He searched around for the right word but couldn’t find it. “I’ve never felt so right.” He paused, loosening his muscles and just letting her hold him up, “You know what, I’m glad I was the one you opened up to.” He didn’t know how but he could tell but, he knew she was smiling.

He shifted himself back into position, sliding easily in her grip from the fluids that coated his body. Starting slow he slid slowly in and out of her soft wall’s tight embrace. He could feel her shifting and moving as the sensations gripped her. Her massive body creaking and groaning with each movement.

It wasn’t long before the thrusts became fast again, a quick rhythmic clapping of his pelvis against her fuselage. The intensity grew as the two felt the imminent climax. It wasn’t long before neither could hold back any longer. Kate shook moaning deeply as she reached the pinnacle of her ecstasy, her voice echoing loudly in the empty cavern. As if a bucket had been emptied, her silvery juices flowed over his waist, splattering and pooling on the floor.
For Eric this was unlike any orgasm he had ever experienced. He stretched his arms trying on vain to grip his lover, fingernails scraping across the hardened tiles as he tried to get in the final thrusts. His body went ridged as he pumped his hot seed deep inside Endeavour’s bowels. He came for so long he thought she might drain all the fluids from his body. For nearly a minute afterward he was rendered immobile, lying in her coiled tendrils, trying to catch the breath she had taken from him.

Carefully Kate withdrew him from her still dripping depths and brought him back to eye level. She had to support his underside to keep him from slipping through her tendrils. Over seventy percent of his body was slathered with the gray goo, droplets still dropping from the tips of his toes.

Eric could hardly move. He was so exhausted he wasn’t sure he would be able to stand if she put him down yet, he had never felt so satisfied. What he had done just now, with the Space Shuttle, was nothing short of a miracle.

Letting out a content sigh, he looked her the shuttles glorious eyes, “Kate,” he said, “that was, hands down, the best sex I’ve ever had.” He watched a big smile spread across her face. “Not only that,” he continued, “but, I wouldn’t mind doing it again with you. In fact I want to but, right now, I think I need to lay down.”

That is just what she had hoped to hear. Carefully she lifted him and delicately lay his naked body on her nose. For Eric, a bed had never felt this good. Something about being in direct contact with her allowed him to enjoy the afterglow more than he ever had before. “Tell me Kate,” he said, “is re-entry always this exhausting.”

She chuckled. It was perfection with him lying there. She wished he never had to leave this spot, she wished they could be together forever, without the fear of anyone finding out. For now, she would just enjoy the moment. Within minutes he had fallen asleep. She would wake him later, in the meantime she just wanted to watch him sleep.



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