Luna and Decker Pt. 2

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Luna and Decker Pt.

“You done painting your helmet, Kicker?” He had developed a certain intensity when he fought, he had a tendency to excitedly kick in the foot cupboards when he adjusted the yaw. Luna had adjusted to it but she was the one who gave him his name.

“Take a look.” He had a wide grin on his face and blue teeth on his helmet coming from the mouthpiece. He had painted blue blitz stripes under the eye sockets and blue boots on the sides of the helmet.

“Mine’s still the best.” Kickon said, his had razor points that came from the top to the cheek and flames from the bottom up to the cheek, all in blue. Kickback’s helmet was welded back together, leaving a scar that was the same as the one on his eye, and he had victory slashes on the air filter by his left chin, to Decker he had the coolest helmet. Kickout simply had blue fangs and blue tears rolling down his cheeks. They were all blue paint because they were part of the 501st legion, the legendary legion under command or Jedi General Anakin Skywalker. Luna and Decker formed quiet a relationship and mostly everyone they knew had figured they were in a serious relationship, and the clones that broke the sexual attraction lock were placing bets when the hanger would moan in the night. But it never happened.

Over time word had reached Anakin himself, and while at first it was preposterous but then he did recognize it. That small connection Anakin secretly had would come in handy later, after all the two pairs weren’t supposed to be. The war came to another stalemate, it seemed that it was moments away from ending and whoever strikes first will win, then the CIS attacked Coruscant and snatched the chancellor. The Kicks, as they’re known as, were sent to the surface to repel the remaining droids. After the battle they geared to attack Grevious’s lair but when they learned that they weren’t going the morale dropped. Luna and Decker were sitting alone together, cuddling up and watching the city light up as the sun set. Decker leaned over and kissed her frame slowly; depressed they weren’t going to bring the mad dog general down.

“It’s okay, baby, this war will end either way. We’ve done a lot for our cause.” She pulled him close and leaned him back into her arms. “We should just relax, baby, just relax. We should be taking a load off; we’re all alone in a quiet place, no one to bother us.” It seemed she was meaning sex, she was talking in a sexual tone, but she didn’t mean sex and neither did he. Instead they laid there together, he was moved to her neck’s roof, and they watched the world unfold.

“Hey babe, I’ve got to go do something real quick.” He slid down and gave her a goodbye kiss and walked off. He marched around until he found who he was looking for. “General, may I have a word, sir?”

“Of course, but one moment.” Anakin was talking with Chancellor Palpatine.

“No, no, Anakin my boy, mine can wait. Please, do tend to this matter, I will wait right here.” Anakin gave him a simple nod and turned to Decker.

“Sorry for interrupting you, sir.”

“It is alright. What do you wish to talk about, Kicker?”

“I’d like to talk about.., personal.., matters.” Anakin thought he knew what he wanted.

“Oh please don’t let me pressure you, good soldier, do go on like I’m not here.”

“Well sir, you know how Luna and I are,”


“And the war’s end is looming..,”

“It is, go on.”

“I wanted to know if there was any way I could retire, her, after the wars over, of course. I just wan-“

“Certainly, there should be no harm in it. What is so special about Luna? Luna is the Gunship I saw earlier, right?”

“Yes chancellor, you are not mistaken. Luna is very… special. Luna is Gunship RHE dash S number four-four-nine-zero-eight-seven-three-five-two-two-zero-one.”

“The living one, ah… and you are obviously no clone so you must have feelings for her?” Chancellor Palpatine inquired, Decker shuddered.

“Y-Y-Yes, chancellor. We have… feelings… for each other.” He looked down to his feet, it must be so offsetting.

“Pick your head up, Kicker; we’ll settle it, okay?” He picked his head up, doubt in his eyes.

“Do not be ashamed, for there is no reason to be. I have matters to attend to with Master Skywalker now, but rest assured, you will see her retired from service.” They left him there, he went back to Luna. That went better than I thought.

He got back to her with a broad smile on his face. He wanted the war over now so he could surprise her with it. She hugged him again and kissed hello, she took him into her cabin and laid him across the bed they’ve made and they went to sleep. She had a wet dream with him and he dreamed of, well, running around Tatooine on a speeder made of Jawas while shooting food at anyone he saw. He always loved those dreams. Later on things were crazy, and the 501st was called upon to assault the Jedi Temple, Luna and Decker were horrified, appalled, distraught, and under specific orders. They were told by Anakin personally their orders.

“You do this for the Empire, and you will be freed. Fail and you are exterminated. Resist and you will suffer!” This scared them shitless, they tried talking to the other Kicks, and they just sat there silent. They were ordered to pick up a holocron and deliver it to the Senate, as Luna landed a group of clones raced out with the holocron. Two were climbing on when two Jedi came out of nowhere, one slicing through a squad of clones and the other sprinting for the boarding clones. Kickout silently blasted the Jedi with the laser pod he operated, right in front of Luna’s eyes. Kickback pulled her up off the platform; the other Jedi lunged toward them, towards the pilots, towards Luna. Decker felt how scared she was and instinctively to protect her he whipped the right bow gun over and blasted the Jedi. All before he knew what he did. Luna and hun were in shock the whole way back to the Senate. When they landed Luna broke out into tears and cries, Decker rubbed her dash to comfort her, the Jedi’s face was in his mind.

“He must’ve only been fourteen… how… how…” Then Kickback turned around and took his helmet off.

“Decker, Luna, I’m sorry. I’m truly sorry you had to do this.” He sounded very sincere, the other two climbed out of their pods and went to the cabin, removing their helmets. The two clones in the bay exited, and immediately one dropped to his hands and knees quivering and crying, questioning the world and what’s happening in it.

“Ey-yuh, I’m not proud of what’s going on back there, but, it’s for a good cause.”

“What have we done!? What!? Why!? I-I-I-I don’t know!? I don’t know!” She enveloped Decker in her arms, she needed him there, and he needed her. Decker’s chair was lowered into the cabin along with Kickback’s, the clones hugged the tangle of Luna and Decker, as Decker looked at them he saw remorse and regret in their brown eyes. No one slept that long, hellish night.

Luna and Decker were sitting together, the Empire had been formed and the Galaxy was at peace. The clone troopers were sent to a facility to examine them for defects, but Decker and Luna knew they were being executed, all except the 501st legion and many other small teams of clone troopers. The clones also got new armor, and knowing that their friends Luna and Kicker would be leaving, gave their helmets to Luna and Kicker. Decker had saved enough credits to get Luna space flight. Technically she wasn’t retired yet and it’s been months since the Empire’s birth, Decker was growing restless and felt betrayed; he went to resolve the pact. He first searched for Anakin, or Darth Vader as he was called by then, and turned up empty handed. Instead of finding Skywalker, Skywalker summoned Decker.

“Gunner Kicker reporting, General.” Vader was wearing his life support suit, berating in that unforgettable way.

“It’s Lord now, Kicker.” Decker apologized. “I sense your anger, Kicker, your feelings of betrayal.., love.., fear.., anger.., you are here for our deal carried out.” Kicker agreed. “We have not forgotten our deal. As of right now, Luna is officially retired from service, your service term has also been ended,” a new ‘StormTrooper’ and medical droid came up to him and the droid stuck him with a needle and withdrew DNA from him, “she and you will be transported to her.., home planet.., of many climates known as Earth. There is a predominant species of humans there.” He waved off Decker.

“Thank you, Lord Vader.”

“One last thing,” Decker was leaving, he turned around and snapped to attention again, “the Emperor himself said the order of the Empire will come to Earth.” He dismissed Decker. Decker returned to Luna, a little mistrusting of the Empire but more over glad. Luna and him were loaded onto a new sleek Star Destroyer and soon were on their way to Earth, a trip of over two days at light speed. Luna didn’t know she was free, she didn’t know that Decker was out of service, either, but she’d find out soon enough.

“Wow! Baby look at it!” She called looking through the hanger shield down at their new home. “It’s just like Naboo!”

“Yup, just like Naboo.” He took her down to the surface alone, landing on a peninsula above the equator. They landed on stable grass in a clearing, a look around and a step outside told them it would be hot and marshy.

“Wait! Decker they’re leaving us!” The Star Destroyer turned and jumped to light speed. Now was Decker’s time to tell her.

“We aren’t a part of them anymore.” She froze. “You’re retired, I’m retired, and this is our new home. It’s called Earth.” She looked around, taking in all her surroundings. A large smile formed on her face.

“I love you so much Decker!” She pulled him to her kissing him and hugging him. Then a burden was lifted, she didn’t worry anymore, and her body was ready.

“I love you, too, Luna. I can go find some food or people if you’d like.” She looked into his eyes seductively.

“No,” she pulled his waist belt on his armor to her side, “stick around with me for the long night. Just relax, take a load off, we’re alone with no one to bother us. Maybe even protect each other from bad monsters out there?” She had unbuckled his utility belt. She was undoing his armor locks when he got the idea.

“Oh, Luna, I can do that.” Her main blast shields closed then the smaller ones in the main closed too, he went in through the side cabin door and removed even more armor. She was wondering why they’d never done this before, they just never seemed to have any alone time for it. Most time was combat or rest or repair, what alone time they had was so wonderful to her that she never moved past it, she just savored and loved the time they spent together. It was the greatest she ever felt and doubted that sex could top it. As he stripped her hands felt his body, this time around reaching into his pressure suit feeling his muscles, shaven body, smooth skin, some sweat, his skin felt so sexy. Her nether lips began to water, and her mind ran completely wild with thoughts of sex. She caressed his growing cock once the crotch armor was removed, and unzipped the pressure suit to remove him from it. Soon he was kicking off the skin tight suit and stood proud and hard in her bay.

“Damn, babe! How did he fit in there!?” She was holding his gigantic cock with two hands. In actuality he didn’t fit in the armor, it was uncomfortable when he was soft. “Babe how am I so luck to have this!?”

“Well it’s actually not supposed to be that big..,” he waited for her to ask why but she was visualizing how disproportionate this cock must look on him, “it was because my muscles were shredded by a disease and the doctors pumped me with muscle growth steroids to heal them to their old state, but.., he was healthy at the time so he grew with all the others.” She really didn’t get a word he said, her hands were checking their measurements by themselves, unbelieving that he was twenty-five centimeters long by eight centimeters tall by twelve centimeters wide. She hoped she could hold him, cause she was going to get all that into her one way or another. He had grown over his years through puberty and adolescence how to keep his shlong soft, because getting hard left him light headed, just like then, and he never felt a lust that powerful; he was getting dizzy.

“Shit… well enough of this! I’m wanting you inside me so fucking bad right now!” Suddenly above him he heard something like a door opening then hot fluids fall in his head. “We are going to fuck so hard!”

“Oh Luna I am going to make you scream my name!”

“I’ll be screaming all night baby!” She had scooped him up and placed him on the overhead rack with his cock bent up on his belly, he was slid in and instantly his cock graced her parting with a stroke, prompting him to grind her until his meat was lubed up by her leaking. She didn’t leak much, almost none at all, Decker realized she was a moist girl, not a wet one, and told her to brace herself. “Do it, Decker, do it!”

“Almost-almost, damn! Got it!” He moved around trying to puncture her folds but couldn’t get it, when he did her whole frame shook violently, crying for him to go deeper yet cursing his size.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Deeper! Deeper Decker! Fuck! Fuck! Damn it! Damn that cock! SSSHHHIIITTT!!!” Her very loud moans, cries, screams and whimpers grew with her shaking the deeper he shoved. He focused more on getting in than feeling, but her compact virgin pussy made itself known to him, and he loved it. He eventually reached a roof, it was the top floor, but he had a little bit more left.

“Babe I’m not in yet! Whaddyou want!?”

“Take it! Fucking take it! Oh Decker! OH DECKER! FFFFUUCK!” He pushed it up, his cock shaking as it tried pushing her roof up, he eventually did it, and her screams sounded painful but her swift hands feeling his body, caressing his balls, massaging his shoulders, and the words she screamed told otherwise, of intense pleasure of a lifetime. He sat there, taking it in, her quivering vagina muscles, rocking airframe, hot juices that very slowly leaked out, her trembling hands giving him relaxing massages just by resting on him, all her feelings of plush and firm jello-like love.

“Take it in! Take it in! OH FUCK! DECKER! Fuck! Fuck! Take what’s yours! Take me! Feel it all baby!” Through her quivering she got and even bigger rush of dopamine, his gargantuan size just paraded inside her and filled up her entire hold, expanded it even, and she felt it wasn’t enough, she needed his all and more. She also saw how he either would finish with a hand job or blow job, or… she’ll take a pregnancy. She decided she’d take the pregnancy for him, she’s wanted babies, so has he, and the sex was worth it, he was worth it, and as always the baby’ll be worth it. He started to remove himself, his gripping head almost pulling her vagina lining out with it, his full shaft imprinting every detail into her mold as it passed, his head was locked about eight centimeters in when he stopped.

“Babe, this is-“

“You’re cumming inside! Fuck, Decker! Hhhhhuuuuuu-yyyeeeeeaaaaaahhhh! I’ll take it babe! I’ll take it! Don’t worry!” Then she remembered she has to absorb it for it to work. “I won’t accept it into me! Go on babe! I’m not screaming yet!”

“Challenge accepted…” He forced his way up deep, and out shallow, then lubed up where he could power pound her fast. She tried her hardest not to scream his name, but he won the challenge and she screamed ‘Decker’ and ‘fuck’ like there was no tomorrow. Her pussy felt like heaven to him, and his cock felt like she was riding a torpedo, neither wanted to end but her G-spot was stimulated more than his was, and her gentle contracting suddenly snap-locked him in as her screaming moan overshadowed her near boiling orgasm erupting from around his cock. She poured and poured for about three minutes, moaning and praising the whole way. After she seemed to calm down and her pussy went back to the way it was Decker asked her a good question.

“You good babe? Can you take more?”

“Oh fuck ,Decker! I’ll make myself take it for you!” With that he went back to his power thrusts, noticing her screams a little higher in pleasured tones. He power fucked her some more, drawing closer and closer to his climax. She egged him on, screaming his name and begging him to do it, to cum into her. He felt a tendril of hers move to his dick base and rub it right.

“Oohhhohohoho yeah babe that’s the spot!”

“Mmm! Mhm! Aahh Decker!” He slowed, he quivered, and suddenly he came into her, she milked as much as she could out of him, extending his seed spill to fourteen seconds, and creating the best orgasm he ever had. He sat there quivering as his seed was moved all around the tight space inside her hold. She begged him for more, pleading with him to give her more, to go as long as they can; after all her lust was subtly building over the years. He agreed and he followed up on that promise. They banged each other again and again and again and again, hours passed, until they finally came at the same time. As they sat there rocking each other’s world with an orgasm, Luna was able to focus her sight outside; it was outstanding. Decker was sprawled out on the overhead rack and she had her arms all over his sweating body, he was done, no more for a while. Their parts were aching badly and neither could go again.

“Damn do I fucking love you, Luna.”

“Oh fuck, I love you just as much, Decker. Ah this is perfect, come on up here and let’s sleep away.” She brought him up to the cockpit covered in her love slush that took forever to gather up to a coating of him, and then laid him in his reclined chair.

“A beautiful view, huh sweetie?”

“Yes, perfect to fall asleep with you.” They watched the sun rise, nether parts begging never to do that much again, bodies wishing they were in better shape, and Decker’s brain finally able to breath with good blood flow again, that’s how they fell asleep, and they wanted to sleep like that every time from then on. The next night when they awoke they decided to build a little home and find access to civilization. Soon they found out it was the year nineteen-sixty-two, and that Luna was pregnant a year later.

Fin Luna and Decker

Pretty much an overview of what Dak asked, only they left out the sex and all the lovey dovey stuff for him. What they really told Dak was the battles, some stories, close calls and that stuff. This was all just like a time lapse back to their love relationship.

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Luna And Decker Pt. 1

This is the Republic Gunship LAAT/i “Larty” known as Luna. Her backstory is being one of the first Gunships built, and took part in the battle of Geonosis. She is (unofficially) the Gunship that the legendary Jedi Master Yoda was using to ferry himself around. After Geonosis she was transferred to the 501st Legion due to an extreme amount of Gunship Losses in the 501st. She had the same crew throughout her past to this point in the timeline. Sorry this is a little late but I hope it’ll make itself up. Oh and the ‘Gunship is based off of’ (I shit you not it says so exactly like this) ‘ “many” modern helicopters, most presumably the Mi-24 Soviet-Era Battle Hind.’

It is a Battle Hind without the tail, squished a little thinner, blockier wings, and the intakes moved apart and made rocket housings. This, so to say, is my battle hind story. Only less battle hind.




Luna and Decker

“So how was the Clone Wars?” Dak asked in his quizzical tone. “And why are we from here?”

“Well Dak, that’s a long story. I’ll tell you three about our origins and the Clone Wars. Sit back, it’ll be a long story.” Dak and Bliz lowered to their loading stance and listened, Zev huddled with Bliz. “Let’s start from the beginning… a long time ago…”


Master Gi-Ri-Sho set an orbit around the new life-bearing planet. The scanners read many intelligent civilizations on the planet below. It was much like Naboo, where it was mostly water with continents on the surface, only it was more diverse in climate. The indigenous people referred to it as Earth, and they were far from the technologies the over watchers possessed.

“The council wants us not to interfere or make direct contact, young one; they want us to observe their culture and planet.” The wise master Jedi said in a smooth voice, he was humans the dominant species on Earth and his padawan, Kippilian, was of the Twi’lek race and was a devoted and loyal learner but sought new and exciting things.

“Master why can’t we drop to the surface, to observe them on a more defined standpoint?” He jumped from the central quarters to the flight deck of the long elegant silver ship. He was short and large eyed, with yellow ferocity of a warrior making itself known with every glance.

“These people are primitive; they grasp the concept of civility but do not agree on it. They are constantly warring, and if they find us they will most certainly wipe their world of life with our technology.” He went back to studying. His gray eyes watching over every detail while his conscience hands carefully noted observations. His untamed padawan looked widely over it all, but one blip crossed his path and caught his attention.

“Master, I think I found something,” Master Gi-Ri-Sho looked up where Kippilian was pointing on the display, “it says it’s life, but, it isn’t registered as active or anything. Only registered as alive.”

“This is strange. Perhaps a new species?”

“No master, this new scanner picks up all life and records it into the system, but this isn’t recording. Most interesting.” The master thought, the padawan was right. He got up from his seat and moved to the pilot chair and deactivated autopilot. “Master what are we doing?”

“Kippilian, we’re going to the surface to examine this.” Kippilian was amazed, excited, and nervous, but strapped in and observed his master pilot the ship gracefully to the surface and touch down not too far from the life source. “Come along, Kippilian, let’s investigate.”

“Yes, master.” They opened the ship access door and departed, cautiously moving closer to the life marker. They saw no movement, no activity, and only silver-gray metal ores. “Master do you believe it is a mistake?” Master Gi-Ri-Sho looked about and felt the force around him, it told him they were at the spot, and that this metal ore is alive.

“There is no mistake, Kippilian. Feel the force guide you, it flows through all living things, and this strange metal is life-able. It only needs some… guidance.”

“I suggest we take samples back, master.”

“I agree,” he withdrew his lightsaber and cut out a chunk of ore, “Let’s go back to the ship before we are found.” The two headed swiftly back to their ship and re-entered orbit. Master Gi-Ri-Sho was studying the ore but couldn’t find anything. He frustratingly tried again and again with the same dull results. They finished the day cycle of study and left for their home Galaxy. They presented their new ore to the council, who in turn delivered it to the Coruscant science community. It would be decades of time before the mysterious metal was cracked after thousands of cloned and replicated sources. But by this time the Galaxy was in a civil war, the senate was divided, the galaxy claimed, and the sides formed. The Separatists amassed a huge army of mechanical and programmed warriors, known as droids, with no sentiment at all. The Republic formed a clone army to combat the droids, and as the war escalated the board enacted a new card above the droids: self-thinking mechanical warriors. The scientists put plans for the sentiment machines in full ability to live life, to carry the survival instinct in all forms like the clones.

Decker looked at the Republic Assault Cruiser in awe. Its size was massive, stunning, and looming, but he knew the droids had stuff just as big. He looked around and saw the same faces everywhere, they were all clones and none looked like him, he was no clone. He felt like a real menace looking around at all the shiny white armor sets worn by his brothers in arms, and at his own, the feeling he was a part of this made him mighty. His unit was called to order and marched aboard. He was briefed and dismissed to his post, Gunship pilot, and looked at his new job with adoring eyes. All he could think was how hard could he push her? He looked over her and recognized many battle scars and the Geonosis assault tag painted on the side along with maybe twenty others, this old thing has seen some shit. His pilot appeared from the front, he was a clone with one eye put out and a series of scars around the eye.

“She’ll be up in a little while.” His voice was the same as every other trooper he met, but his reference to the LAAT Gunship was unique.

“What do you mean ‘she’ll be up’ sir?”

“She’ll explain. You’re not the norm, are you?”

“No. I’m a volunteer. Passed the exams with flying colors, too, sir.”

“I saw that. So did she.” He kept referring to the Gunship as she, not as anything else but as a person. It was getting on Decker’s nerves. “She was very impressed with you, Farley, most clones can’t score that high. That’s the exact reason she chose you as her replacement crewman.”

“No more of this, who is this ‘she’ you keep talking about!?” He couldn’t stand it anymore.

“Luna,” he pointed to the Gunship, Decker was about to report that this clone was mental but he noticed in large cursive letters ‘Luna’ painted above the victory marks. “Only wait five minutes for her to wake up and all will be alright. I know I sound crazy, but wait, and you will learn.” He waited and talked to the veteran clone. He learned that the scar and eye was from the second assault of Geonosis where a missile went off right ahead of the canopy and shattered the canopy and his helmet. By the end there was a loud yawn from the Gunship.

“I get it now…” Decker watched as a mouth opened on the green nose of the ship in between the two nose canons. He saw two large green eyes open on either side of the hourglass red canopy at the slimmest portion of the canopy. She instantly focused on them and smiled, baring her sharp menacing teeth; then she spoke in a gorgeous voice.

“Hello, Kickback! Is this the new guy?” She studied Decker with her smile still there, she scared him shitless.

“Yeah this is him, Luna; he’s got some questions for you.” She acknowledged this somehow with a nod.

“Well, hot stuff, shoot.” Decker stood frozen. Her gaze was gentle and detail finding with a warming feeling.

“So you’re not a droid?” He asked shakily, stepping back from her.

“I’m no droid!” She exclaimed as a metal tendril snaked its way around his hips. “And don’t stand so far away, I don’t bite.” She pulled him closer, not to her hull but his arms’ reach.

“So what are you?” He gulped.

“Calm down, hot stuff, you won’t offend me I’ve heard it all. I’m wholly alive; I can eat, sleep, drink, love, birth, and sort of excrete. It’s not like your excretion; it’s more like sweating at a certain spot where it moves you.” He was shivering in her arm, his face was pale but he looked like he was beginning to come around. He didn’t look too bad either in her mind, then again she was always surrounded by hot guys that had no concept of sexual attraction in their DNA so she was a little desperate for something. She opened her cockpit and put him in his rear seat and closed it. “There is this better? We’ll need to get pretty buddy-buddy before your trial by fire.”

“That’s not too far away.” Kickback the pilot said. He knew they didn’t need to be as close as he and Luna were but he knew that it would only help in their trust. He didn’t know it but Luna had sexed him up and Kickstar, the old copilot, hundreds of times in a desperate effort but none proved successful.

“It’s nice and cozy; I thought it’d be rough.” He said, Luna’s mind was thinking how cozy he’d be inside her hot vagina. She wanted to sway him but he was stricken tonight, she’ll try tomorrow night. “So uh, how will this affect flying?”

She explained how it all worked. Kickback gave his point of view to him, assuring him it’s virtually the same feeling. She could feel his powerful tuned muscles under his armor shifting and flexing around, he was driving her crazy horny, and she felt some hot fluid run down beneath her port. She wanted him bad, and could covertly get him there when Kickback left for chow but the hot stuff would lock up when she stripped him. She noticed before that some clones were evolving, where sexual attractions arise out of their DNA, but they aren’t attracted to her body but to her mind; they like her but not her. Even still, she noticed she can get them on before they chicken out. Sadly the last time she saw them was right before droidekas ambushed them, slaughtering everyone on the ground. She took exceptional pleasure in disintegrating the droids that murdered her brothers in arms. Anyway she used those same techniques to secure Decker into accepting her for both her and her body. It soon drew close to launch, the RAC suddenly bursts to life as it rumbles out of the ship dock and points to the stars before flying into space. Decker and Kickback went to bed not soon after, readying for the assault in a few days. The morning after Luna was hornier than ever before and kicked her flirting up a large deal with Decker. She was able calm herself to nab him later on for a more enthusiastic fuck, possibly on a beautiful planet, where she’d get hammered for hours finally.

“So how did you guys get named ‘The Kickers’?” There were the other gunship crews from the other posts talking in a group.

“Well it’s what we do,” Kickback said. “I lean back in my seat.”

“And he’s pretty easy going.” The port ball gunner said. “I kick the ground troops out when they take too long.”

“That’s why he’s Kickout.” Kickon snarled. “I actually help them.”

“Yeah well why don’t you tell him how you got your name, then?”

“I fix things-“

“With your boot.”

“Yes I do, Kickout! How many times have I saved your turret?” That shut Kickout up. It was just about every tour his turret jammed or locked up.

“Can it you two.” Luna said smacking their heads together.

“Larty what’s our name for our little shiny here?” Kickout friendly punched Decker in the gleaming white chest plate.

“Well he’s got to get dirty, first.” She licked her lips thinking about later.

“Well we don’t have long, then. Tomorrow’s a big day, Decker.” Kickback patted Decker’s back and left.

“You got your space down shiny?” Kickon grumbled. Decker looked at Luna and her green eyes and grinned halfhearted.

“Yeah, I think I’ve got it.” He didn’t notice it but he leaned closer to her, which excited her greatly. She knew it was working, working very well. Kickout and Kickon left them alone for some chow. She reached out and drew him close, he’d learned to let it happen and from there wanted her to grab him and hold him against her. His hand and head could feel her warm body but his armor insulated him, but he knew it’d not be long before the armor would be off for cleaning and all that’d be left would be his pressure suit. She closed her eyes as he leaned into her and thought deep; she could go longer without some sex, this was heavenly. He went to the briefing, returned excited, and sat with Luna. She proposed something to him that’s bringing their relation closer.

“Decker, would you mind sleeping in the cab tonight?” She instantly thought of some bullshit reason when he agreed. “Oh. Okay then.” She unlocked the cabin doors as he went for his’ carry-ons’ and waited for him. She thought how far they’ve come in only two or three days! She wanted to brag her tail off but to whom? Once he got back she opened the cabin door for him to enter and climb into his seat. He had his helmet, DC-17 blaster pistol, life support, and his talisman he kept around; it was a little starship toy from his childhood. He sat in his chair and had just gotten cozy when she dropped his backrest down in a reclined position and pushed him down.

“The seat adjusts? They never mentioned it.”

“Yes it does. Go ahead and relax, Decker, there’s a big day for you ahead.” He closed his eyes and soon fell into the best sleep he’s ever had. Luna couldn’t get over this intense feeling, all tingly and warm inside with him lying inside her asleep, she loved it, and maybe loved him. She slowly fell asleep and dreamed of the battle droids she’ll fry tomorrow.

The following day was a D-Day. An assault on an outer-rim forestry planet Teth involving launching in the upper atmosphere from the assault ships. There wasn’t nearly as much resistance as anticipated but the sheer volume of dug in positions called for the Gunships to provide close air defense, where Decker shined. Victory after victory, Luna pushed back the date of sex with Decker, and Decker soon earned himself a name, too.

Fin PT. 1

Hmmm… ah the hell with it I’ll put part two up tonight as well.

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AT-AT Fan Fiction Pt. 2

The second part, the cliffhanger is continued! Enjoy this insert, not much sex but it hints to it all around it.

Part 2:

“I HATE YOU! FUCKING HATE YOU! JUST DIE! DIE NOW YOU FUCKING STEALER FUCK!” Right then it exploded, many explosions following it separated all the legs from it and sent it everywhere. Then a figure stood from beneath its old stance. It turned to face her and she didn’t know how to react except scream.

“ZZZEEEVVV!!!!!!!!!” She kicked and clawed her way over towards him as he ran to her, dodging derbies and shots at him. “ZEV! ZEV IT’S YOU! IT’S YOU! I LOVE YOU ZEV! I FUCKING LOVE YOU SO MUCH!” As he drew close enough all her available arms wrapped him up into a ball to protect him and she pressed him against her tear washed face. “Zev don’t you ever leave me like that again! Never! How did you do that! Oh baby please don’t leave me like that, I damn near blew myself up!” She held him against her and that was all she cared about, Snow troopers were firing on her and her ball protecting Zev with no results. All she could do was kiss him over and over, but in the chest, he reached down and pulled her chin up and she obeyed him trying to make up for her incompetence earlier and kissed his face, then narrowing it to his lips. He returned kisses, locking his lips in her large and soft ones, exchanging tongues and tastes, leaving the battle surrounding them.

Bliz looked around, the Imperials were beginning to be overrun, each only had one operational Walker but the Imperial was left with one active gun, the rebels were outnumbered on the ground but their Walker’s full assortment of weapons was thinning the herd. But the rebel went back to engaging the Imperial Walker that remained to target infantry, that’s when it went bad. She held Zev closer, fearing the Star Destroyer bombardment. Something caught her eye; it was like a dull dagger blade slowly cutting through the clear blue sky, attached to a fat black arm.

“Get’em Red Squadron!” She looked up and around. Pwet-pwet-pwet-pwet-pwet

Three X-wings strafed the Snow troopers and the Walker, engines screeching overhead, but she knew that wouldn’t be enough.

“Y-wings inbound.” She opened her ball around Zev so he too could watch as Y-wing bombers swooped in from the Walker’s back and drop their glowing light blue payloads all over the Walker. It erupted in a chain explosion from the very rear to the middle of the body to the forward to the neck, finally it reached the head and the pressure ripped the top off and made the whole body limp. She rejoiced as it fell on its face like she was and rolled over to the side.

“We did it! We did it! Run you stupid fucks, RUN!” Bliz exclaimed in a gleeful and glorious euphoria. She grabbed Zev and kissed him square on the lips for the longest time yet, she felt great, absolutely astounding; he tasted so good, too. She felt so enlightened she was going to give him a good time. She smiled as she pulled stuff around into an igloo style shape then undid his pants a little, softly stroking his cock into a large hard straw.

“Bliz, what are you doing?” He asked, okay with her notion but was concerned of the temperature.

“Rewarding you.” She pulled his freezing cock into her wet mouth, skimming her hot lips and cuddled by her thick heating tongue. He leaned into it, resting against her slightly angled faceplate moaning as her mouth worked magic for him, tenderizing and stroking his long meat stick rolling her tongue and sucking any precum out, moaning as his internal exotic taste stimulated her mouth. Her moaning heightened his sensual experience, reverberating his whole body against her warm faceplate.

“Mmmm, better than I thought.”

“Ah damn I love you.” She giggled at his high state, she thought it didn’t take long for him to escalate to his climax. He began to quiver greatly, he said he was closing in but that made her close her eyes and embrace him in a tight hug. He moaned deep and long as he spat his load deep into her mouth, all the way to the back of her mouth, it slipped to her tongue where she relished the feeling, moaning as more of him squirted out of his head.

“You’ve got a lot in you, babe.” She said as she finally swallowed his thick milk.

“And there’s more if ya want it, baby.”

“Oh yes I do, I really want more. I want you to pound my ass; I’ve been a bad girl.” She had a naughty smile. Zev returned her one.

“As soon as they all clear out I’ll give it to ya.” The sheer mentioning made her wet, her fantasies enlightened her mood. The Snow troopers turned out to be ill-equipped for Hoth, and when the Walker went down they began surrendering instead of chancing the barren Hoth landscape. A capital ship that assisted in taking out the Star Destroyer landed to collect the rebel force, and a representative accompanied by a scientist familiar with Bliz’s species negotiated on terms that Zev wasn’t too sure how to respond to them.

The negotiations included fully activating the other two Walkers in the sub phase and fixing Bliz’s damage as well, allowing her and Zev to be coupled, allowing Bliz to collect scrap for her fetus (this madly excited the scientist, she had been intrigued by the machine’s ability to reproduce with any other viable organism), Zev would remain in service alongside Bliz until she was in maternity and from there on he would be a star ship gunner. Then, if they decided to stick with it, Bliz would be taken to her ‘home world’ where her life metal was found nearly a century ago.

“So Snowman and Skimpy are alive too? What gender are they?” Bliz asked excitedly.

“Oh yes they are… moderately alive, so to say, they are thinking but not in control of themselves. I don’t know what gender either are for certain but if I had to say, male. That’s what we’re going to upgrade them to.”

“So, how do you know they’re alive?”

“They use the same thing you use to hear, only reversed.”

“That doesn’t help, how do I hear?”

“Well your body is mixed with the life metal tissue, it all acts like an ear drum where the reverberations in the air generate electrical notes, there on relaying sound. They do the same thing but can also do a similar reversed action, it is typically telepathic and achieved through frequencies and such directed solely at one they want to talk to, and the electrical signals that you’d generate increase when you directly think back to the voice.”

“I’m not crazy! I’m not batshit crazy!” She hugged Zev excitedly, and then a sudden thought came to her. “Were all of them alive?”

“No just you and the other two.” That settled Bliz; she was erected and moved back to the base where her minimal wounds were healed with a bacta-metal composite to accelerate her natural regeneration. Snowman was next up to be fixed, he had lost his two right legs to the AT-IC, the first Walker hit by the AT-IC was toast. Snowman was being repaired and upgraded simultaneously, and it took a month before he finally saw the light of day.

Bliz was laying with Zev in the snow talking about the baby. Bliz was hell-bent on having a boy but Zev argued it would be a fifty-fifty chance. A month into her pregnancy and her womb in the rear of her body was already showing signs of growth. Snowman came out looking around and trying out all his new abilities, the greetings and welcoming was quick and friendly. One would think that he’d be attracted to the only female of his kind but that wasn’t true, Snowman previously had no reproductive organs and there on developed a strong bond without any sexual influence. The thought of sex with her made him feel queer and wrong but sex with another female AT-AT was perfectly fine and exciting. The next month Skimpy Slipper came out with the same deal as Snowman, but after that the months rolled by and soon Bliz was in maternity leave.

Zev was transferred to a starship; they were out investigating Imperial regiments when Bliz went into labor. He begged and begged to go back but was ruefully denied, he wasn’t very well to be around for the rest of the voyage. Bliz really wanted him there for this beautiful moment but she couldn’t nurture the baby any longer inside her. She was positioned in her load stance, the same one used to put the baby in her, to birth the child. It didn’t come out of the vagina but instead the rear access hatch the BaRC speeders used to deploy. Her ‘brothers’ were by her side to comfort her while a living AT-ST machine acted as her Nurse.

“Lira how’s she doing?”

“She’s doing perfect, keep pushing, almost there!” She was squatting behind a large bed for the baby to lie on as it came out. Lira was fitted with repulsor clutches to catch the baby and place it gently on the bed. It came out head first and upside down, followed by the body and legs. As Bliz pushed it out Lira moved to remove the umbilical cord, she was about to reach for it when it popped off itself. She gently laid it on the bed and began cleaning off the various liquids, Bliz kept asking boy or girl, so Lira checked between the rear legs.

“What is it!? Come on tell me!”

“It’s, a girl, it’s a girl but…” She looked at the slit running up and down; only the baby was on its side screaming for mama. “It’s sideways.”

“It’s a boy.” Snowman said. “It’ll slide open.” He was right, it was moved around for Bliz to see and she pulled at the slit sliding a protective panel.

“I was right! It is a boy!” She was exhausted, but she had to see Zev, she demanded it. “Get Zev! Get Zev! He needs to see him!” She was obeyed, a holographic communicator projected Zev looking right at the baby.

“Oh it’s beautiful!”

“Yes he is, very, very beautiful! Oh I wish you were here, Zev!”

“I do too!” Tears were watering his eyes, he couldn’t believe it, there were no words to say or explain this. He reached out to the blue image and tried to touch his son, his hand slipped through the projection. He wept. “So far away, I’ll be there soon, baby don’t you worry!”

“His name is Dak, our little Dak.”

“He’s not very little, sweetheart.” He wiped tears away, soon, he thought, soon I’ll be there. They say in silence, no need for words. He watched his son snuggle up under his wife’s neck and squat, watching her legs and mimicking them, to rest in between her knees. She tucked her head down and stuffed a large blanket under his legs to keep them warm then another over his back, she wrapped him in some of her arms and held him as he fell asleep.

“He looks just like you, in every way he looks like you, baby.”

“You can’t see it but, he has your eyes, and your hands, and your smile. He’s got the best smile with his little teeth, so great!” Bliz said a good night and turned it off, wishing him the force be with him after it ended. Zev cried himself to sleep that night, how could he miss the greatest moment of his life like that? He feared it as a foreshadowing of Dak’s childhood, and that took his sole greatest fear. The rebels found no Imperials; they charted a course home and moved at the speed equivalent to light to Hoth. Zev was the first off the ship running as fast as he could, running through the snow to his family. He was welcomed by Bliz in a warm embrace against the bitter cold, a long kiss cemented his loving greetings home. He looked at their baby crawling around on its knees and all his dreams of holding him in his arms were crushed by his sheer size. Bliz put Zev down and ushered him towards his son but he locked up in amazement. Bliz called for Dak instead, he looked over and up to her smiling.

“Dak this is daddy, come meet daddy.” Dak looked down at Zev, on his knees Dak was probably four meters, five-five and a half meters standing if he could, and he towered over his father. He looked at Zev with a blank face, mouth slightly open, he was quiet and thinking; he twisted his head at an angle and made a gah noise. Zev smiled at him, overcome with pride and shock. Dak smiled like he did towards Bliz and scooted towards him. He playfully knocked Zev over with his chin before Bliz interfered.

“He’s only playing, sweetie, I’m fine.”

“No, no, he likes to rough house.” She picked him up with her larger leg mounted arms and looked him in the eye. “We don’t play with daddy like that. Okay?” Dak looked at her with his innocent smile and reached out with his legs and put a foot on her chin gun. She grinned and shook it off and brought him closer and rubbed her forehead against his. He let out a giddy laugh and giggle and kicked at her behind her chin gun mounts. “Alright Dak, let’s try to stand you up again.” She moved him down and straightened his legs then set them out wide. He made a face of discomfort while she placed him down; his legs shook as he tried to move. He stood up a little straighter, then his legs gave way and he fell on his chin. He let out a whimper then a cry as his mother went to comfort him.

“There is one way to fix it.”

“No he just needs to practice, and then he can stand and run around.”

“No, my problem. My organic problem.” Bliz stopped, they talked about it before but they decided to hold off. “I want to play with my boy; I don’t want anything to stand in the way. This’ll drop one barrier from that.”

“I still don’t know…” She began. “Maybe another time?”

“No, baby, I want to do it now.” She contemplated it, he would be a lot harder to kill, easier worry stress on her. She gave in.

“Come inside.” He was silent as she morphed him; he never fought it nor changed his mind. Instead he asked for extra, just to be sure, and thanked her with all his love when it was done. He came out when he had adjusted, and played with his son. “I think I’m retiring, babe.”

“You are?” Zev asked her, all her maternity leave she talked how she wanted to personally evict the Imperials, and now she was taking his offer to retire.

“Yes, I’m staying with Dak. Honey I want you to retire, too.” She pleaded, but his pride wouldn’t let him. He stayed in the service for a few years. He had close calls, sticky situations, and a run in with his father’s capital ship but every time, as he always promised, he returned to her faithfully; picking up a few moves from his buddies along the way that they tried, too. After all this, he retired as Bliz would ask every time he left. The scientist met them on Hoth with Dak there listening, over the years he had grown much larger and smarter. He now stood almost fifteen meters tall; seven and a half shy of mom, and had grown to be very smart, curious, and adventurous like his parents. They discussed visiting and possibly moving to Bliz’s and Dak’s ‘home world’ so mysterious and far away.

“What can you say about the climate?” Dak asked, all he knew in his life was the cold barren land of Hoth, anything would be better to him.

“Well the climate is varied; there are temperate, tropical, desert, tundra, and most of all a change in seasons.” This of course appealed to the three, Hoth had seasons but they went ‘cold’ then ‘colder’ and finally ‘blizzards and cold’ so Hoth was a tad, cold.

“Great, any life on it?”

“And what’s its name?”

“The name is Earth, and from a group very similar to you moving there they report humans.”

“Why aren’t they part of the Galactic Senate?”

“They are, primitive, they are close to our technology but we don’t actually contact them because they haven’t learned to co-exist planetary yet and it is still where any introduction of arms, as powerful as ours, would result in a planetary extinction.” The scientist said this so monotone it was as if she couldn’t give a shit, let alone a fuck.

“Good well find us somewhere where it never snows!” Bliz said very seriously.

“Please? I only know snow and I think I’m all done with snow. For the rest of my life.” Dak said starkly, almost in a matter-of-fact way.

“There is a sect of people who speak our language, to them it is English but the writing is very different. Our contacts are actually in a reasonable place you desire. There the language is spoken, no snow, but it is mostly marsh swamp and very wet in a plains peninsula.”

“Sounds like here if it moved closer to the sun. I’ll take that.” Dak said optimistically. He looked to mom and dad.

“I’ll take it, too. How about you honey?” Zev thought for a while, he then agreed to it.

“Very well. We only decree that you remain there in that location, Zevulon will have to do any roaming about or venturing to civilization. We don’t want the people hastily reacting to you two popping up.” The two looked broken hearted but still agreed to the requirements. The gang packed up and boarded a Titan Drop Ship to ferry them to the Super Star Destroyer waiting to ship them there. All was packed away and soon they started the two day hyperjump to Earth.

“Mom, why do we need this big of a ship? Why not a regular one?” Bliz was thinking when a peppy female voice sounded.

“Hello! To answer that I’m equipped with stealth cloaking, they won’t even see me! That way they won’t flip shit.”

“Oh, thank you, and who are you?”

“I’m Guardian, an Executor-class Star Dreadnought. Happy to help you. I’m one of the last Executors left, we’re too expensive to use so most of the others were scrapped. I’m the only living one. Usually I’m protecting Corasaunt but for this I was needed.” He smiled; he always loved learning new things and meeting new people. The journey ran on schedule and before they knew it they were gazing upon their new home planet.

“It’s beautiful!” That was all that was needed to be said. They landed at night, so the dark bodied Titan Dropship would be harder to track. They touched down in a very small opening and disembarked. Only seconds after landing an old war veteran landed in front of them. It was an old Gunship with the Republic markings on it; Zev was familiar with them because of the ones the Alliance had restored. “Greetings!”

“Hello there! I am Luna and this is my husband Decker, welcome to Earth!”

Fin AT-AT Fan Fiction Part 2

I had to put in the scene similar to the AT-AT death in the trailer. I had to, it was too awesome. Anyway I look forward to telling Luna’s and Decker’s story. Hell maybe even Lira’s and Guardian’s.

And why the fuck not?

IMG_8266       IMG_8264 That last picture actually brings up a good thought, what if Darth Vader was able to save Padme? I mean where their family wasn’t spread out and destroyed, where he was able to convince her to stay? Interesting… But then we wouldn’t have Star Wars!


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AT-AT Fan Fiction Pt.1

STAR WARS! I personally love star wars, don’t get me wrong Star Trek is cool but Star Wars has more fighting and sexy machines! Anyway my original idea was to post the LAAT Gunship story on May 4th, star wars day, but… AT-AT is sexy. 😉 So this is the first part. FAN FICTION! Blizzard 1 was Commander Veers’s (the guy who led the walkers on Hoth) personal experimental Walker and his son Zevulon Veers would desert to the Rebel Alliance after Hoth, shortly before the battle of Endor, I believe (IDK the Star Wars dating system is misleading). Zevulon Veers never really was around Blizzard 1 or Hoth for that matter, and due to personal tragedy his relationship with his father is… denied.



Zevulon Veers climbed out of his speeder and looked around the Hoth surface. It was all white, white sky, white snow, white wind, white everything. He plodded around so his navigation gear could lock him in at his predicted location, and when that was done he returned to the speeder and flew through the white looking for something gray. The Empire had fallen a month ago, and in a rush to protect Endor, the Imperial forces on Hoth abandoned the base with most of its gear and equipment. The New Republic sought to reclaim it. His navigator sent him out in a maze of nothingness, lost in a flat plain surrounded by mountains. He was about to report that the coordinates given were inaccurate when out of the white a massive gray hoof appeared, as his speeder’s nose flattened against it. Then all the white went black. He awoke in an Imperial ready room, familiar but distant, like his father’s AT-AT ready room. He had bacta on his throbbing forehead and a warm cup of soup near him. Zev looked around, he assured he was in the ready room of an AT-AT, he was laying on the backpack charging chairs and saw the rapid deploy harnesses at the ready.

“Hello? Anybody here?” He got up and looked around. He was stripped to his lowest layers and was still sweating, thanks to the atmosphere control units overhead, and saw his outer layers bundled up in a shredded and bloodied ball across the bay. He stumbled around wondering how he got there, the base was totally abandoned and Hoth had no intelligent life forms. He got to the cockpit and passing through the neck experienced déjà vu, as he read the door markings he knew where he was. His father’s own experimental AT-AT Blizzard 1. Thankful to be alive and filled with built up anger and disgust towards his father he slammed the blast door open and saw nobody. Now he was confused completely.

“Awake are we?” A feminine voice said through the commander’s helmet placed on the coms station in the middle of the cramped pod. He shakily reached for the helmet and picked it up and talked into the face gap.

“Yes. Wh-who are you? Where are you?” He turned up the volume in the helmet.

“First I’m right here, and second I’m Bliz.” He stopped. This girl was messing with him.

“Haha funny! Now seriously, who the hell are you? This is my father’s walker you put me in and I’d like to know how you did this!” He demanded the helmet, realizing his foolish appearance.

“I’m not lying. I am Blizzard 1, I am General Veers’s walker. Not! your father’s, as much as you look like him you are not his son! His son is an ex-imperial officer you rebel trash!” As much as he loved not being recognized as Maximilian Veers’s son, he was, disowned his father but still his son sadly.

“Look, I love how you took me out of his family tree, so did I, but I was the son of Veers! I am Zevulon Veers! Now answer the damn question! Who are you!?”

“I have you ignorant boy!” A metallic hand shaped object hit him in the back of the head. “You’re as stubborn as your father. Damn he was a pain.” Zev started to put two and carrot together, as odd as it sounded the AT-AT was active. “And before you call me ‘droid’ I’m telling you now, I am no droid.”

“What are you?”

“Living. Droids can’t do what I can. I am just like you, I can bleed, sleep, feel, sympathize, talk, think, love and laugh. Show me a droid that can do that.” She paused realizing that technically they could. “And birth, give birth. Show me.” Zev thought about it, his father was proud of this walker, and it did take very special metal to build. Could they really make living metal?

“So, why talk with a com?”

“You wouldn’t hear me otherwise. My mouth is outside the cab.”

“Why did you save me? How did you save me?”

“First I pitied your stupid ass running into my foot, and then I figured you’re the one sent to claim me and the other dead metal walkers, so I figured this would be best for my survival. I plucked you up and shoved you in. Covered that gash and warmed up rations. Nothing to it.” Zev thought, she must be lonely.

“Well I’m ever thankful for you saving me. I am in your debt.”

“Hell yes you are. Now, Zev, I remember you as an aspiring cadet. What happened?” He explained how hypocritical the Empire was to him, enslaving non-human species, something she knew first hand, and how unjust it was. Bliz learned of the defeat of the Empire, and as down as she was she felt some liberation of it. “But then I remembered what I am, and I’ll be slaved again for your armies.” Zev thought about this, technically she was a new species, intelligent at that, but is a weapon of war. “And while you serve I’ll be under you, being a descendant of my previous commander.” He thought. By this time she had sat him down in the pilot chair to rest him. He saw through the glass her eyes looking out. They were a bit darker and two dots that shifted across her viewport. She’d pull the middle of the viewport into a pinch like the bridge of a nose and forehead or expand them like raising eyebrows. Then he remembered a speeder crashed into her face and paralyzed his father from the waist down.

“How did that, fare?”

“Well that jackass scum got lucky. I could have incinerated him and only need some brushing, but no, he went and smashed through my face. Veers cared for me then, seemingly only then, and he ordered my faceplate and cockpit completely rebuilt and refurbished. This time, though, I’ve got reinforcing and more sentium in me. Now I can make more faces.” Her viewport began flexing in all sorts of shapes, bends, gaps, and movements. Zev concluded that she had to keep entertained somehow and thought little of it.

It was very exciting for Bliz to have someone to talk to at last. It was only a month ago that the storm troopers and officers left but it felt like forever in this place. She had felt him crash into her foot and quickly knelt down on her huge legs’ knees and used her body claws to collect the driver in the speeder hulk and carefully transact him to her body cabin, and all for someone to talk to. He was out cold for a whole rotation before he awoke, and she’d only let him out when she was sure he could stand the cold again. He asked to get some stuff from the speeder but she denied him, kneeling down to collect it herself and asking if it was everything he needed out of the speeder.

“Well, that should be all of it. Why?”

“I want to crush it!” He thought, it was something they were known for, and crushing it flat would be easier to collect since it was useless scrap now.

“Sure you can crush it.”

“Yeees!” She exclaimed as she dropped his things in the hull and stood up. She backed up with surprising agility to one not familiar to AT-ATs like Zev was, and marched forward towards the wreck. She left an underbelly hatch open for Zev to hear the metal crunch and scream as her foot came down on it like one would crush a soda can, sounding similar, too, except for the hydraulic hoses snapping and hissing in death. He couldn’t help but peer through the neck from the hull and see her viewport darkened, close-eyed.

“Having fun there, Bliz?”

“Oh yes! A lot of fun! It’s so good, crushing things. It feels so empowering, feeling everything beneath you crumble and give in to you!” He chuckled; she was a walker for sure. He sat down in a chair at first, then slowly leaned over and slipped asleep. She moved off the mangled mess satisfied that it was as flat as could be and noticed him out cold on the seats. She wanted to wake him and get him to contact the others to pick their asses up and get them off the damned planet but didn’t for better judgment. She liked this alone time with him, someone smart and relatable with the same pain known as Maximilian Veers, to talk with. No dealing with bossy kids fresh out of the academy, or clumsy dim-witted clone copies of some poor retard dumb enough to let some white coat poke him with a needle. She felt a special bond to him, his personality matches hers nicely, and his appeal to her was inducing. She felt that she had to have him, one way or another he was going to be her director. She felt that the cold blizzard that constantly plagued this hell zapped her of strength, and she kneeled down on all four of her knees and locked up her legs where her body was only three meters off the ground, and then she went to sleep. She had set up over the year or so on Hoth a little pillow for her to rest her head on, it was cold but it was better than the neck pain she usually felt otherwise. As she started to fall asleep she looked at her dead-metal counterparts, also locked up like she was, about a quarter kilometer in front of her neatly lined up. There were four others with her as the leader, she remembered the commander of ‘Snowman’, the walker on the closest end and one other that survived the Hoth offensive, was sweet and secretly against the Empire, but he was neither as radical as Zev was nor as daring. Every so often she’d miss him and his blind ambition for something, something eluding of his mindset, but it was something indeed. She felt what he felt as she drifted to sleep then, thinking of what boundless lengths she’d do to keep Zev as her commander. For at least he was understanding and relatable.

She woke with a stir the next ‘morning’ on Hoth. Shooting open, her eyes searched for more people, but were only met by the same faces, blank and soul-bore viewports staring at her. She grew to hate them, even though they could do nothing to offend her being standard dead-metal AT-ATs, she hated their expressionless faces that never flinched, sympathized, spoke, they did nothing. She once almost toppled one to take her fury out on it but withheld for fear of prosecution later, nothing could really stop her now. That Walker was ‘Hoth base AT-AT number 5’, otherwise known as ‘Bantha fodder’ by Bliz and her hatred of them, she referred to it as a he and hated him the most, his neck was malfunctioning and never horizontally locked. That would be fine with her, if it didn’t always seem to fall on her, just staring at her and mocking her.

“Morning, Bantha fodder!” She stammered up to her feet.

“That’s not very nice.” Zev said from about beneath her.

“Wha-? I told you to stay inside!” She was shocked. He appeared to have gotten some tools and such for a communicator.

“I feel fine.” He said proudly, face asking for an apology.

“It that wasn’t meant for you. Now come here!” He came close to her and was whisked up her forward right leg by a rand of arms mounted on her leg. Once he was inside he asked her who it was for. “For him! The bastard with the broken neck over there!” She yelled through the helmet and pointed with a metal hand to the Walker. Zev thought she may have been to the deep end recently.

“Have you tried ignoring it?”

“Oh yeah sure! I’m just going to ignore the only company I have here!” She couldn’t, every time she looked at the others he caught her eye with his lifeless gaze. “Can I just end him!?”

“Let me think.” The New Republic Army knew how many walkers were down here and about what condition they’re in. They’d be suspicious of one randomly burning up on a snow planet. “Alright here, I know how annoying things can get but we need them.”

“I’ve tried toppling him alone, it didn’t work!”

“I’ll fix that.” He used the rappelling cable and shot down to the surface. He unlatched and scurried through the snow to the Walker and climbed into the body. He got into the cockpit and tried remembering back to his learnings. Before Bliz’s eyes the damned Walker started to stand up, and then it slowly marched forward so she could knock him on the side. As Zev was straddling back to her he saw her eyes, a light light red almost white dots on the red viewport. He also saw her mouth in a wide smile on the faceplate below the viewport. Her white saber teeth were making his stomach churn in fear. She yanked him aboard and carried him to the cockpit where he watched her move quickly to the other’s side. She then pushed at him, slowly leaning him until, with a large metal groan and a crash, he fell over. Bliz let out a mighty roar of victory and placed a foot on the hull.

“Fuck you, Bantha Fodder!” She laughed happily as she backed off.

“Did you really hate it that much?”

“Yes! Yes I do! Nonstop he stared at me! Mocking me and staring!”

“Even though it wasn’t alive?”

“Yes, I know it’s like voices in my head but I welcomed what I could.” Her victory gave her a blood rush and a little wetness down under. She wanted sex but under no circumstances would she’d do it with any human here, they’d freeze instantly. She thought of the massive garage she was in during her rebuild, it was on the other side of the base. She began trotting around the complex to get there where hopefully she could seduce Zev.

“Where’re we goin?”

“A little walk. To get stuffedin.” Zev wasn’t too sure what her last sentence was, it came out a little fast. He turned back to go into her hull but remembered he had to contact the others.

“Bliz can I use your communicator?”

“Y-Yes just, just make it quick.” He turned it on and sent a signal. No answer. He sent another, still nothing. He tried three more times before they finally answered. A little blue hologram popped up of his overseer.

“Alright buddy who the-Zev you’re alive! About damn time. Now any news?”

“Thanks for the rescue party, Backer.”

“You would’ve been the rescue party. The others aren’t back yet.”

“Yeah well, this is the place. What’s your ETA?”

“We’ll need time to pack but give us until maybe dusk. We’ll be there around dusk.”

“See you then.” He closed it. A certain smell had entered the hull; it was enticing and sexually inducing. Zev had no idea what was happening but Bliz was using some natural chemistry to get him going. He thought of Bliz and noticed how attractive she was, he grew hornier towards her. He remembered she could birth and figured she had to have something. She knew he was getting horny, just his movements and temperature was a giveaway. She saw the huge enclosed gantry looming over her like a temple door, thankfully closed, and watched it slowly open with her outer hand pulling the lever. As she moved inside he made his flirting apparent, but she didn’t listen; she knew already they were doing it. She dropped to her knees once the huge door closed, sealing in the impressive temperature increase inside the massive hall.

“Alright Zev, we’re doing this!” She took off his jacket then helped strip him down. She felt his hot skin beading with sweat and this made her hornier, she couldn’t resist opening her cover and rubbing her clit ball that had formed. She felt herself dripping from her slit; she closed her eyes and rubbed it slowly as Zev climbed down, moaning aloud fueling Zev’s lust for her. With relative speed he went to the source of commotion and dripping noise, he saw her fondling her magnificent long sliver of hot silver-dripping vagina lips and grew jealous of her hands touching and loving it. It was on her underbelly in between her two rear legs. She picked him up and pressed him against her belly below her slit just to feel him, and was happy with it. She stopped fondling herself and moved him up to her opening; he had just thought how he would even touch her when she pushed him into a surprisingly tight spot with a long loud moan of pleasure.

She felt his long hard cock slide into her so easy, beating and hot as it moved her walls around. Her immediate reaction was to get up, she moved her ‘hips’ up as if to get off but she stopped this consciously and rode back down on him. She wanted this, she needed this, but her body seemed unsure of it, hesitant, she felt so right with this mentally and physically yet was contradicting herself like some part of the formula was wrong. Even still, the experience was intense and awesome, and caused her to shut her eyes tight and whimper and moan. She consciously started getting up on him then get back down, slowly humping him, her head dipped down with her focus moving to the feeling and getting more. But there was always that one off feeling whispering it wasn’t right.

Zev was gripped figuratively and literally by her, her pussy was tight around him and the sense was being stimulated more than anything. He couldn’t help but watch as her hot silver lubes oozed from her perfect gray slit and ran down his wet shaft while she rose and descended on it. His cock head was tingling as it was soaked in her and rubbed around by her slow glorious humps, their skins rubbed around giving to each other as they pulled and pushed against the other. He slowly started to come to his wits, her musk was wearing off, and as his senses came too he was shocked. He was at first scared she’d crush him, as she was coming down on him, but soon he realized that she was fucking him and he was for sure enjoying it. He always liked the Walkers, but Bliz awoke something deeper inside him with her musk, and he felt greatly attracted to her and especially in this moment. He lay awestruck and in nirvana, and felt that he was doing her a disservice and not giving her a full experience. He felt himself growing in his cock, lengthening, thickening, throbbing, and stunning Bliz with a surprising increase in size.

“Oh FUCK Zev! You’re so fucking big! Oh shit! Yes! Oh Yeah!” She felt him expand inside her, she didn’t want to hump him anymore, just wanted to lay there soaking in his size. Then he started to pull out, she was startled and scared he was horrified and was going to run but before she could musk him again she recoiled and moaned from his powerful thrust. He thrust in and her body natural lifted up then fell back down.

“Just relax and enjoy, Bliz.” He pulled out and started to pump in and out at a moderate pace, with her keeping pace in her recoiling humps she quickly filled the room with her moaning and whines.

“Oh fuck me, baby! Fuck me baby, fuck me!” Her feeling was whole, the doubt in her was gone, he wanted this, too. Her head dropped to thirty degree depression, as low as it could go, and her viewport was clenched closed in stimulus. She felt her body fully accept this and get into the humping herself; soon after she felt herself tightening up on him as her legs began shaking. Her grip on Zev gave away how much time was left before her climax, he noticed he was holding it all in, trying not to release inside her, and his effort proved evident when his pace slackened. Her hot fluids were almost gushing out, her soft and plush pussy was firming up and holding onto him, her huge and powerful legs on either side were shivering, and her pleasured screams and wails grew faster. She tried to hold out a little bit longer but failed; she instinctively pulled him in as deep as possible and thrust her head up as a great mass of her liquid forced its way out of her crevice, any noise drowned out by a great roaring moan from a very satisfied Walker. Zev was suddenly launched to her body and his dick forced in all the way as her orgasm shrieked out everywhere on his crotch and a little on his stomach, he could hold no longer as his rumbling cock shot through her spray into her depths.

She had the best feeling ever in those seconds. She was breathing heavily and locked up with her whole body quivering. Slowly she dropped her head down, her first thought was to go again, then to just snuggle up with him, and then how this secured their relationship, but then she felt something deeper and ahead of his cock; it was tingling, warm, and spread around. She smiled at the realization of sperm inside her, right there where temptingly she could take it and birth a beautiful child, but judgement got to her then. Right then as they embraced one another in their arms a thought hit them; they just insulted Maxmillian Veers and all he stood for: enslavement of non-humans, forbidding of interspecies relationships, Zev a rebel and Bliz free, and maybe the worst insult is his two once prized beings had just had sex thoroughly and enjoyably. They could only await the day he learned this, but they had no proof that they had sex, only a child could prove that, so let there be proof.

“Zev how does a baby Walker sound?”

“Great, but the Empire’s still out there, what if they come to reclaim you? That worries me, now.”

“Then we’ll reenact the Battle of Hoth in the other direction. I’m not going down without a fight.” She felt secure about it all, so she absorbed his seamen into her and told him it was done. They had about two hours before dusk so they spent it bundling up with each other for a nap. Then she got up and put him inside her hull and went outside.

“They couldn’t spare anyone?” She looked at at least two battalions of rebels in an accounting formation in the courtyard, and the two cruisers that touched down nearby had to have at least another two or three thousand crew. Speeders and equipment were all around preparing defenses like she assaulted.

“This isn’t what we brought, this isn’t right.” Zev was baffled, why were there so many? He descended down and found someone with answers, then shakily reported back to Bliz.


“The Empire is on Hoth, they want it back. We’re assaulting them this time.” Her first thought was this was a suicide attempt to stop them. The Empire would be geared for assault meaning walkers, twice as many ground troops than the rebels had, Star Destroyer support, close air support-but wait, this is Hoth; one of the coldest planets. They don’t have the vehicles that were built to do Hoth work.

“We have a chance, then.” He looked puzzled. “Think you could teach ’em Walker controls?”

He did his best working with nine others to teach them how to operate an All Terrain Armored Transport and then eight others how to be a deck officer for all the walkers, Bliz didn’t need pilots. The spies confirmed that the Empire would be landing troops the next morning; they even got the landing coordinates. Bliz got very excited, the rebels were mixed about her, and the whole fighting force mounted and mobilized toward the landing site not too far away. Bliz was in the rear of the convoy so she could correct the other pilots’ mistakes, Zev wanted to be up in the front terribly, desperately, like he needed to prove himself to the other rebels. Their personas completely switched, Zev was restless and Bliz was calm and collected. They did come to an agreement; Bloz had her way, and instead turned to romancing with each other while Bliz snacked on the speeder she flattened. This continued until they were a few kilometers away from the landing zone, then Bliz took the lead and wished that the AT-ST Chicken Walkers didn’t perform so badly on Endor that the Rebels refused to use them, they came in handy for terrain scouting, but the rebels as a ‘present’ produced a speeder bike with terrain scanners on BaRC speeders instead. They went ahead overnight and scanned the ground and determined it strong enough for the AT-ATs. Then they waited, going over plans for scenarios and encounters.

Then the sun broke the darkness, the rebel soldiers rested on the way there and after the scenario run through, they were ready and eager to fight for the New Republic Alliance and stared as the long and wide Imperial Star Destroyer landed in the huge bowl. Bliz and Zev held the others back, with that Destroyer there they couldn’t do anything but watch them dismount. Spotters reported the looks of a garrison, six AT-STs, and two AT-ATs, Bliz was certain there was plenty more in the Star Destroyer but if it was fully unloading then they stood no chance.

“Wait, there’s a third at at coming out, it’s weird, it’s walking funny and more like a waddle. Hold on they seem to only have half a back,” the scout said, Bliz pondered, could it be? “It’s got a big-ass crane in the back…”

“Shit!” Bliz exclaimed, it wasn’t a crane. “GET OUTTA THERE NOW!”

“Ok-the-destroyers-leaving-now!” He said fast as he and his partner fumbled around to get to the speeders. Bliz told the others they needed to act fast and surprise them quickly, the Star Destroyer is going to orbit for bombardment support and there is an All Terrain Ion Canon with them. The walkers moved with a purpose, going about forty kilometers an hour, twenty shy of their maximum speed, to shock the Imperials.

They slowed as they came to the crest of a huge hill, they staggered over and in unison fired the dual chin mounted MS-1 fire-linked heavy laser canons targeting the AT-STs. Instantly three of six became nice warm fires to huddle around and a fourth was professionally ice skating on its face, the other AT-STs made weird movements, the pilots must have jolted the controls in surprise, and returned fire when possible. The first return salvo was a snap shot and soared over the Walker heads, a second salvo did strike a Walker in the face, and the Walker didn’t even flinch. Bliz ordered all to concentrate fire on the Ion canon transport. She lined up a chin shot for the walker’s neck while two others went for the hull and another a leg. She was barely off and knocked the head ninety over in recoil, wile the leg shot missed and the body shots did little damage but penetrated. The Imperial AT-ATs turned to face them and fired shots. Bliz was struck along her side and in the sensory bubble on her head. Her head jostled by her and force in response to the pain she felt, a burning and sharp pain.

“Bliz, baby are you alright!?” Zev exclaimed standing back up.

“Fine, I’m fine baby.” She was never hit with that high of canon power before and sure it wouldn’t be the last. She went again for the Ion canon Walker neck but when she was ready it had turned to point the canon at them.

“Drop the troops!” Zev commanded to keep the troops intact. As the canon pointed at them Bliz snaked a shaky hand into his, both knew that would be their demise. As the troops were repelled down he felt Bliz’s whole frame quivering.

“Zevulon, I love you.” She said as the massive canon charged up with a green glow.

“I love you, too, Blizzard.” The other walkers fired again and missed the thin body mainly or deflected off the armor. The cockpit shuddered as the canon spit out a green beam a meter wide. “And Storm Trooper accuracy.” The shot had missed all four Walkers; they had unloaded all troops and were awaiting orders.

“Hit the Chickens!” The AT-STs were advancing up the hill. They were easily struck down by the AT-AT’s superior firepower. “Now hit the others!” The Imperial AT-ATs held fire for the Ion canon to scare them off but opened fire at the sight of the Chickens sliding down the hill burning. Bliz was hit again in the face and the upper body. One rebel sharpshooting AT-AT landed a shot right in the compact drive motor induct just under the body between the legs and blew it up from internal reactions. As the body exploded the Ion canon fired again.

Bliz looked to her right and watched as the green laser burned it’s way through the Walker’s face, buckled the neck, expanded the body, and melted through the back as it erupted in a massive fireball and fell on its ass. She felt herself slip as warm fluid trickled around her vaginal blast covers and soon down her leg. Ashamed of pissing herself, scared she could be beaten so easily, protective of her lover, angered by their oppression, and confounded by abandonment, Bliz gave out and fell to her knees crying. She wanted to get up and fight, she wanted to lay down on her side, she wanted to earn her own life, she wanted to go back to the old way, she wanted to kill them all, she wanted to cuddle with Zev again, she wanted to free every planet in the galaxy, but mostly, mostly she wanted to take Zev, take scrap, take their developing baby, and go home. Wherever hers was.

“Bliz get up! Bliz they need us, get up! Please, Blizzard! I need you! The baby needs you! Please, Blizzard, please!” He was trying to get her up as the canon trained onto another. The two infantries clashed, the rebel walkers doing their best to flatten as many Imperials as possible but were being harassed by the Imperial Walker. Bliz looked up from her pool of silver tears and wished much hell upon her foes; she found no strength to get up but only that to keep firing. So she did, knocking out the Imperial Walker’s repeating blasters and then a chin gun, before crumbling into her old broken state as the canon tore another rebel Walker’s legs off. She watched the Walker tumble to the ground and sobbed even more, that was ‘Snowman’ falling, the last rebel Walker standing was the third survived of the Hoth offensive, named ‘Skimpy Slipper’ and that was all she had of them. Her compounding will expanded, grew bigger than ever, into a blood boiling rage.

“NO ONE! NO! ONE! FUCKS! WITH MY FAMILY!” She climbed back up in a mad frenzy unable to think clearly, she hurriedly steps towards the canon training on her, and fires all her guns at it that miss or do nothing to it. Zev constantly tried to talk sense to her but nothing got to her. The canon rapidly aligned on her and shot instantly without charging. She resurfaced, shot out of the blind fury. In slow motion she felt the beam break a clean hole through the center of her viewport, cut through her blast doors, hit the rear wall, pass through her vehicle bay now womb, and break out her rear. She stood in a wide stance, mouth agape and face bewildered by what happened. Her forward legs gave and she fell on her chin burrowing into the snow in shock. Then she called for Zev, no answer.




No movement inside her.

She screamed at the top of her voice for him. “Zevulon! Zevulon Veers! ZEVULON WHERE ARE YOU!!!?!!!” His hand wasn’t in hers, and she couldn’t feel him inside her.

“NO! NO! NO! ZEV!” She panicked, tears streaming down her face into the snow.


“SCRAP ME, CRUSH ME, RIP ME, SHOOT ME, VAPE ME, JUST END ME ALREADY!! ZZZEEEEVVVV!!!” She figured she’d blow herself up. She started to open her fuel up and her reactors up to set herself off then for some reason looked up at the ion Walker.


Hehehehe, cliffhanger.

So anyone else excited for this?  I am, this whole year is like nostalgia and it’s fucking great! Oh and a few funnies:

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