Tiger Day at the Tank Museum

So, last Saturday I had the privilege of going to the Tank Museum in Bovington for “Tiger Day” where they showcase the last operational Panzerkampfwagen VI “Tiger” Ausf E. It was a near religious experience. Watching that massive, sexy, fortress of a tank do its thing was incredible but, then again I’ve had a major crush on the Tiger I for a long time.

In addition to the Tiger, the Tank Museum is chock-full of… well… tanks. While there, I made a few new discoveries. For starters, turns out scout cars are freaking adorable, angular armor and rugged girthy tires, who couldn’t love that. My favorite they had was the Coventry Mark. I Armored Car. Somehow this (relatively) small armored vehicle really checked all the right boxes for me, making it one of many vehicles there I’d have loved to get some private time with. Look at that butt!

Next revelation came in the form of the my newest MBT crush, the Challenger II. I can’t believe I never came across this beauty before. The sloped turret face and angular bow armor and there’s something oddly attractive about the supplemental fuel canisters on the back.  It was an all around good looking tank. Maybe a Challenger II will be my next story, she’s certainly deserving of one.

Even surrounded by an abundance of attractive armor, nothing came anywhere near the highlight of the event, Tiger 131. I got to watch them start up 131 and drive her out of the building, roaring, screeching and clanking as she moved. They don’t make tanks like that anymore. After that, 131 made her way around the Kuwait field outside the museum along with a few other WWII counterparts and the Tiger’s successor, Leopard I.

Apart from the above, there were no shortage these steel warriors. From wall to wall of the massive museum there were tanks of all ages, The Great War to Afghanistan. This is a place I would definitely recommend to anyone interested in the heavier end of military vehicles.

Here, have some more. Especially that incredible Panther ass, Grrr!