Sooo, i did some doodles as well as stories, stories are still in the making, and some of the pictures are little preview of the stories to come. sorry for the bad quality i dont currently have a scanner and had to use the phone camera.

The screwed up looking Abrams MBT is my interpretation of a corrupted machine in that its basically a mess of some small organic matter and just general mechanical mess using what ever it can get its hands on as something useful in preserving its self. such as reactive armor, ammunition, weaponry ect.

The second image was a little bit of practice in trying to do some realistic tanks because i hope to some day get as good at doing the drawings as RatBat is and satisfy some of my slightly more dirty fantasies visually. The AMX 50-100 is one that i have a story planned for and with any luck should have some hot garage sex between the gorgeous frenchy and her mystery lover. eventually at least.

The next one is basically a VTOL c-130 with twin 20mm cannons on the front and back to help wave off interceptors and to act as a little extra fire power against ground units, two 13mm Gatling for soft targets, 40mm auto-cannons and a 120mm howitzer for the big fireworks.

The snake lady is another story i am working on, machine assassin from some enchantment civilization on a distant planet, don’t have a name for her and am still in the process of finishing that particular drawing… that let arm ARGH!

and last bot not least! a giant space ship which has a story currently in the works, and is probably going to be tied in with the above picture of -insert creative name here- and kane the little dude about to get stabbed. should be fun to do and might give me a consistent thing to be working on as i, hope, to have multiple parts to it.

And with that i think i will leave all of this here, hope you guys enjoy and a final note: Theunknownjester has leveled up! -insert level up music here-

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Le réservoir et la fille

“Bonjour monsieur Felix!” an excited voice called out as the retired AMX-30B2 rumbled to life waking himself from the semi sleep that living machines could induce upon themselves. coming to an idle the french tank looked around the large room he resided within until he spotted the woman walking towards him in a pair of overalls zipped to her chest with a plain blue shirt and a large bucket in her left hand. She was average height and a little plump, but that only accentuated her features despite the mostly obscuring overalls. Her long brown hair was tied back in a loose bun and her chocolate eyes Shined in the light as she gazed over the retired tank.

“Ah! bonjour mademoiselle Manon! and how are you doing today?” Felix asked with arched brows and a slight smile. Manon gave him a playfully annoyed look and slight smirk in response as she approached his side and placed the bucket on the ground.

“oh you flatter me too much Felix, you know i am not married, i dont even have a boyfriend, yet you keep implying that i am every time we talk.” Manon replied as felix chuckled and turned his turret to face her a slight smile along the bottom of his gun mantlet.

“what am i not allowed to think such a gorgeous women should have men throwing themselves before you in the hopes of getting you hand in marriage?” Felix teased as she rolled her eyes and then started to walk towards the collection of cleaning supplies and preasure washer along the back wall.

“you know how it is, i have always been uncomfortable around guys.” came Manon’s reply as felix’s engine rumbled a little louder, his gaze lingering on her rear as she walked with a little wiggle in her steps.

“Pah, you say that but remind me how many times we have, ahem, ‘indulged’ in each others company more than we are supposed to?” his engine revving as manon pulled the hose and soap towards the bucket a slight glare aimed at the smiling tank.

“thats different its more of a…friends with benefits kinda thing, and you didn’t tell me about your third ‘cannon’ until it was practically hitting me in the face.”

“what can i say? you were rubbing me in all the right ways.” he teased as one of his manipulator arms wrapped around her and gently pulled her a little closer to his hull.

“hey, not when i am about to wash you!” she replied turning the hose on the tank as he let go and backed off quickly shaking his turret.

“hey thats cold! i was just playing around.”

“yes, well no more of that from you or i will throw ice in the bucket as well!” Manon threatened as the MBT slowly made his way back towards the bucket of water holding up two of his arms in surrender.

“very well, but if we have some fun now…then you wont have to clean me twice.”

“But if that happens i will be too tired to clean you, and you will end up looking like a mess next to your younger brother.”

“That little….stupid….rrr.” Felix started glaring at the floor as he mumbled to himself entirely numb to the fact manon had started to slather his side skirts with soapy water. “if it wasn’t for him i would still be in the middle east showing those american dogs that we french don’t fit their stereotypes.”

“shhh, i know you want to keep fighting and show your strength. but if you did, you wouldn’t have met me. and besides you already have enough battle scars to woo the ladies with.” manon finished as she made her way around his hull scrubbing every spot she could find any semblance of dirt or grime, and gingerly rubbing the places where smaller shells had ricocheted off his armor.

“true…speaking of which…” he said trailing off as one of his manipulators slid behind her and gently hit her ass causing her to jump as she stood up quickly and swatted at the french tank.

“Hey! dont make me go get that ice.” she threatened as felix retracted his hand and apologized to his care taker.

“sorry…i solemnly swear it wont happen again, until the next time you’re here at least.”

“you better or its cold water for you big boy! i know i let you off twice now, but it wont happen again!” manon finished picking up the sponge she was using to once again start cleaning him off once more, though she was coming around to the front of his hull sending shivers through his frame. Her strokes got longer and a little more forceful especially around felix’s driver hatch sending his revs higher and higher with each stroke. “some seems to be enjoying this.”

“a-ahh, ho-how can i not? y-you have ma-magic hands! o-ooh you temptress.” Felix hissed scrunching his face up in pleasure and a little bit of pain as he wanted to take his relief.

“well then Monsieur Felix! think of this as punishment for your crimes.” Manon said pressing her self against his upper glaces sending a visible shiver through his hull.

“a-aahh!and w-what…Ahhh… p-please no more!”

“oh? what was that monsieur? you would like some more? very well then!” she teased climbing onto his hull and sitting atop his drivers hatch with legs crossed and gently grinding against his upper plate. “how is this? perhaps i should finish scrubbing you down and hose you off with cold water to, cool you down.” she finished hopping down from his front plate and picking up the hose. Before she could use it how ever she was lifted off the ground by felix’s arms as they pulled her back towards him. Her teasing had flicked a mental switch as his lust skyrocketed and with it his desire to mate with Manon, to take her and pleasure her until they both lost feeling in there sexes.

“y-you vile temptress! i c-can’t take any more i must have you!!” he hissed frantically pulling at her clothing the hatch opening to expose his engorged member, a small dribble of silver fluid starting to leak from the opening at the tip. it wasn’t long before manon was exposed to the horny tank, his feelers exploring her body as they teased and caressed her body, teasing her breasts, gently rubbing her nethers, massaging her limbs, her hair fell from its bun flowing down her back like waves of golden brown. He worked her over with his hands before bringing her to his turret ring and gently spreading her legs around his turret and before she could voice her complaints his tongue lapped along her slit cleaning the juices that had started to seep from her depths. Her gasps of pleasure where short lived as the aroused tank soon flipped her onto her stomach, his throbbing shaft inches from her face.

“p-please…” Felix began before the sensation of her hands quieted him to a growling moan, his engine roaring with pleasure.

“y-you should r-really learn to as-ask a girl first.” she muttered before sliding her tongue along his length, her hands spreading the silvery pre along his length.

“i-i tried…b-but you know me…” he replied sliding his tongue along her entrance once more sending a shiver through his human lover, her gasps and cries of pleasure only muffled as she placed the tip of his third cannon in her mouth licking the head thoroughly to enjoy the flavor of his silver fluid. There muffled moans and gasps of pleasure continued with each movement pressing them both closer and closer towards the edge of climax. though neither of them truly wanted to reach that point without the other but felix twisted her around once more removing his shaft from her warm mouth. Manon’s gasps and cries of pleasure grew louder as his tongue went deeper and moved quicker with in her, he could feel every little detail of her slit, each little movement he made drenched his tongue with her sweet taste. It was not long before she was clawing at his gun and mantle in pleasure screaming her bliss while teetering on the edge of climax, all she needed was one, final, push.

“A-AH! YES I…I AM SO CLOSE PLEASE!!!” she gasped arching her back as felix slowly drew his tongue from her depths only to thrust it back in pushing her over the edge into a screaming climax that shook her body as she wrapped her arms tightly around his 105mm gun in the hopes it would keep her stable. Her cum gushed from deep with in as felix eagerly drank her sweat clear fluids, the taste sending his engine roaring as his sex demanded release creating an almost unbearable pain in his upper glaces.

“Ah, i must have you once more my love!” Felix cried as he positioned her over his raging erection, his many hands holding her just above his tip while positioning her in such a way as to make the penetration as painless as possible. Her left arm wrapped around his gun to help her keep upright as she nodded slowly feeling her heart beat much faster in her chest as it tried to keep pace with his roaring engine. ever so slowly he began lowering her down until his tip began to spread her lips ever so slightly sending waves of heat through Manon electing a deliciously soft gasp to pass her tongue.

“p-please be gentle.” she moaned as felix rumbled in response starting to push her down as the tip began to make its way into her depths only to stop and lift her up till he was about to pop free before pulling her back down atop him. Slowly he built up speed pulling her down lower and spreading her lips wider, his hands moving to better hold her as he toyed with the little pearl that caused so many delicious sounds to escape her lips. Her plump breasts filled his grasp as he gently massaged her flanks and belly, caressing every curve he could reach with as much love and passion as he could convey through touch. Each loving caress followed by a slightly deeper thrust until his shaft was pressed against the entrance to her deepest cavern, her lips spread as much as they might go to accompany his thick girth as deep as it was inside her.

Her warm velvet depths pushing him closer and closer towards the brink of climax as his teasing and fondling brought Manon closer to her second orgazm with each thrust. Every subsequent thrust was stronger and faster as felix fucked his lover with as much force and speed manon’s body could handle. His suspension groaning quietly while he rocked his hull and pulled her down onto his shaft with each upwards thrust sending waves of pleasure through her stretched cunt, his tip pressing against her cervix threatening to pierce into her womb.

“Aaa-AhhhH! i-i can’t….” felix moaned, his member swelling inside of monan as she clamped down on his cock throwing her head back in a scream of climax. feeling her fluids rush along his shaft and spill onto his hull felix made one final thrust as his tip just barely began to part the entrance to her cervix.

“YES! GIVE IT TO ME!!” she cried holding his barrel tightly as he made his final thrust pushing him over the cusp of climax forcing his thick fluid deep inside her. Felix’s hot seed filling her to the brim and just as she thought she couldn’t take any more the seal between her lips and his cock broke letting the torrent of their combined fluids cascade onto his upper glaces and down to the floor. As the last bit of his seed was pumped into manon felix gradually removed himself from her depths to place her on his hull, each of his manipulator arms holding the exhausted woman to himself before one of them gently took her chin and brought it close to his gun mantel.

“T-that was amazing…” she muttered quietly as felix smiled and gently stroked her hair, basking in the warm feeling of bliss they both shared.

“Yes, yes it was…now rest my sweat, let us talk latter, and bask in our pleasure for now.” came his reply before he gently placed his lips upon hers in a loving kiss there embrace continuing throughout the day as they cuddled before eventually parting to let manon finish cleaning. that is until she was about to leave when the main battle tank offered to improve their relationship past indulging in spark of the moment love making so they might enjoy each others company a little more regularly. Manon paused as she considered the possibility, she had poor luck with trying to find a man to build a relationship with, and it was france one of the most laid back countries when it came to sexual preferences. turning around and walking back towards felix she smiled and kissed his cheek before walking back towards the door again waving farewell.

“i will see you tomorrow, my big studly tank.” she finished giving felix a wink as the tank waved good bye and wore the biggest smile manon had ever seen on his turret.

“sleep well and sweet dreams, i look forwards to our meeting tomorrow my love.” came his reply as she passed through the door and felix settled down to sleep once more, his mind filled with all the little things she wanted to do with her after the little parade for the public. As Felix closed his eyes and let his engine slow to a stop before drifting to sleep letting his mind wander through the many thoughts he had aimed towards Manon.


Well i think i may have gotten free of my writers block, Do please enjoy and any comments/feed back is much appreciated!

Of Jet and pilot


13:47 23, august, 1942


IT was about mid day, clear skies with a couple clouds clumped up towards the edge of the world, or at least what could be considered the end of the world at this height. Marvin was enjoying the sight, the sound of his hurricane’s engine humming peacefully as he went. It was a simple patrol, nothing too serious as most of the German Luftwaffe was grounded from the heavy bombings the Americans where so fond of. However, the peace didn’t last long as there was a sudden howl coming from directly behind him, twisting to see what exactly it was coming from he found that there was a plane flying right next to him.

It was an odd sight, and definitely German, the swastika on the tail made it blatantly obvious. The fighter looked like something out of the sea, almost like a shark, and with the twin rocket pods…no they weren’t rocket pods, they where engines! The engines where belting out an almost hellish scream as orange flames poured from the back of each pod. Marvin was suddenly distracted from the engine as he saw what seamed to be an eye painted on the canopy, an odd place for paint, at least until the RAF pilot could have sworn he saw it move. Blinking to clear his head in the hopes it was just some trick of his mind, the eye then seamed to wink at him before the jet wiggled its wings and took off. The next thing marvin saw was a little black dot disappearing into the horizon followed by a stream of exhaust.

“what the hell was that and where can I get my hands on one….” He stammered before flipping over and hauling ass back to base to inform his CO of the new plane. It didn’t matter whether that plane was for recognizance or not, the Germans where going to find some way to stick guns on it and shoot down anything in there way.


18:28 7, march, 1944


“s-sir! Your not supposed to be here! I-I will have to ask you to leave, now!” the MP said as he and another attempted to hold marvin back with little success. Ignoring the two MP’s he forged forwards down the hall and finding a pair of double doors leading to a conference room.

“SIR!! Your not allowed here, they are in a meeting right now you need to wait in the lobby, in fact you need to evacuate the facility immediately! This is a restricted area!” the second MP said moving infront of the pilot and planting his hands firmly agasint the intruders chest to stop him from moving farther down the hall. Which resulted in the man being tossed agasint a wall and the double doors practically being kicked off there hinges.

“…the most recent…” the CO trailed off seeing marvin standing in the door, grim determination painted on his face as the pilot stormed his way to the general, slammed his fist on his desk and glared right into his eyes.

“you put me in that jet you have out side right fucking now or so help me I will take it my self.” Steam was almost pouring out of the pilots ears as the engineers murmured to each other quietly. The MP’s came in shortly after that and attempted to remove marvin from the room, until the CO waved a hand towards them.

“Your looking at the biggest court martial I think I will have ever given in the history of my career. Do you understand this?” he responded as marvin didn’t move and kept his steel gaze on the generals eyes.

“I like your determination, whats your name soldier?” the CO asked as Marvin didn’t even flinch.

“sergeant Marvin Struthers.” He replied as the general smiled slightly.

“Williams, when is the next test flight.”

“i-I, tomorrow at 17:00 hours.” The engineer said as the CO nodded slowly and looked back at the sergeant.

“looks like you got a date with 6 ton experimental fighter, you crash it and you will regret it until the day your rotting corps is finally put 6 feet under ground. that is, if we aren’t washing you off the runway.” Giving a quick salute marvin thanked the general before turning around and practically sprinting out the building and only slowing down when he was standing out side the hanger holding the experimental plane…

Annabelle was resting in her hanger, some of the technicians where running post flight checks, refueling her and running the data they had received from that days test flight. She didn’t like having a pilot, they where heavy, and none of the ones who had taken her out into the sky had any idea how to fly her at all. The last three pilots had panic attacks when they attempted to do something out of there comfort zone. One of them even blacked out, the other two got a dose of chloroform vapors and dragged off sight, much to her delight. She soon started to doze a little dreaming of the sky as she flew through the clouds in sweeping motions, rolling lazily through the bright blue sky.

She was suddenly snapped back to reality as a door was slammed abruptly. The technicians moved towards the hanger doors as she quickly re-hid her eyes and mouth as the commotion near the door grew closer. Confused by the chaos she kept an eye on the group as a single man broke from the group and she sighed seeing his flight suit.

‘another pilot, great…’ she mulled to her self as she rolled her eyes behind the see through panels that covered them. Until she saw the look in his eyes. They where a blaze with determination, the chocolate brown pupils burning a hole right through her as she shivered. Her entire being felt hot as a part of her which she had suppressed ever sense she became conscious was tingling in the back of her mind, her landing gear almost gave out on her as she struggle to stay up on all three wheels. A small little nook on her under side, about half way between her tail and wings, started to drip a silvery liquid that looked akin to mercury.

The Gloster Meteor was sitting in the center of the hanger in all its glorious silver color, the lack of paint accenting the appearance of the jet. The light coming from the lamps over head caused the smooth metal to shimmer like the surface of the ocean. her twin engines glistening in sharp contrast with the black holes of her intakes. Both of the De Havilland engines where built into the wings looking as if they had been skewered on each side rather then part of the actual wing. Moving closer to the metallic beast the sergeant placed a hand on the craft, just beneath the canopy on her left side. Oddly enough the metallic side felt warm, and as if it was almost alive and moving beneath his touch. All the while Annabelle was having trouble containing herself, the fell of his hand on her left cheek was sending spasms through her tail.

Sliding the canopy back marvin climbed up to position him self in the pilots seat. The cockpit looked semi familiar, a little alien, and all of it sending shivers down his spin, eager to start learning the new configuration, he climbed straight in. taking his seat and placing a hand on the flight stick. the technicians where attempting to talk the pilot out of the aircraft, until one of the MP’s arrived and informed them of the new pilot, currently sitting in the cockpit learning what every button and switch did. It was going to be one hell of a crash course, but being able to fly the beautiful jet was more then enough reason for marvin to learn every little thing he could about its controls.

Annabelle was surprised at the feverish state the pilot was in when he sat down in her cockpit and eagerly poured his attention into each of the switches and buttons. She was worried, confused, aroused and part of her loved it regardless. His attention to her every switch was turning her on, his hands sailing across her controls with skill and precision of a skilled pilot. Part of her wanted to leave the hanger and fly, throw him into the deep end and see if he could swim. She resisted that urge and let him work her controls over, the sensation causing her landing gear to shake as her entrance dripped with her growing arousal. Though her fantasy was short lived as the mechanics descended on the pilot in an attempt to remove him from the cockpit, finally over coming the shock of the sudden intrusion of there work. she wanted to complain but if the pilot found out about her before he flew her, he wouldn’t even get a chance to prove himself.

Putting up a strong resistance to the mechanics, actually breaking two of there noses before the MP’s arrived and informed the technicians of the situation as they backed off partially. Though they kept trying to tell marvin what each of the controls did regardless of his arguments against there help. Soon he was forced to retire to a bunk for the night, though he stayed there shortly before dressing and returning to the hanger. Once again climbing into the cockpit and going over the controls again and again to make sure he had them burned into his memory before falling asleep in the pilots seat. Annabelle was against the prospect of the pilot sleeping inside her, but there was no way to extract him with out him waking as each time she had tired to pull him from the seat he would stir. When morning rolled around Marvin and Annabelle both woke eagerly, the prospect of the test flight exiting the two, in more then one way.

“Aright Struthers your up, and try not to break it, your flying a bloody expensive plane.” One of the lead mechanics said as the hanger doors opened and Annabelle engine spooled up in excitement. It wasn’t just the cost of the plane that concerned the engineers who worked on the plane, it was the fact that they had discovered she was alive, and could feel pain.

“bah, no need to worry, I know my way around a fighter.” Marvin replied as the Gloster meteor chuckled to her self slightly, her engines whining a little louder as he gave it more fuel. “aright sweet heart, lets see what you can do.” He muttered closing the canopy as the fighter rolled onto the runway, engines scream starting to drown out everything else.

“I want a nice easy run, take her up, do a couple of maneuvers and then land, you got that Struthers?” the general said over the mic as the pilot gave the thumbs up and gunned the throttle catching the meteor off guard as she was suddenly thrown down the run way much faster then any of the other pilots. Marvin loved the feeling of how fast the jet could go as he was slammed into the seat and pinned against it while he pulled back on the stick lifting the experimental fighter into the air and towards the clouds. There was a couple curses and annoyed yells in his ear from the general and the others who where watching, but the pilot didn’t care, he was sitting a jet climbing towards 2 thousand meters faster then any prop plane could take him. Marvin ran through a couple maneuvers, but did them a little more aggressively trying to push the plane to its limits.

“so, how fast have the others managed to get this plane to go?” the pilot asked leveling off and eying the speed dial. He was at about 280 miles an hour at the moment when one of the technicians chimed in over the radio.

“so far no one has gotten over 320 before we tell them to come back and land as there nervs get in the way, BUT! I highly suggest you avoid going over that being as we haven’t tested the airframe past that speed.” The man responded as marvin nodded slightly.

“aright I solemnly promise I wont go over 320, you have my word.” The pilot answered giving a sly smile as Annabelle shivered, she knew what he was going to do and she loved it. His hand resting on the throttle, gripping it tightly in anticipation before pushing it open fully, the twin engines roaring in response as the speed dial continue to climb faster and faster. In a matter of seconds the two where rocketing through the air at 400+ miles an hour, both screaming there heads off in joy. Marvin was experiencing the biggest hard on he had ever had in this life, Annabelle on the other hand felt like she would reach her peak and loose control at any moment. She was forced to slow down to avoid loosing control, at this speed 2 kilometers wasn’t much, and she would rather avoid the risk of being a chard corps.

The pilot was starting to grown on her though, and she knew what she wanted, and she was going to try and get it when they got back to the airfield. Her flaps and rudder twitching in excitement before a transmission sent specifically to her knocked her down a notch or two.

“aright Annabelle, gas him and bring him back, I think that’s enough for today.” She heard the general say over a closed radio channel which the pilot wouldn’t be able to hear. So far the only time they have said that, the pilot failed there little tests and was probably going to be dropped off at some base and told a BS story so they don’t ask any questions. Agreeing in a disgruntled tone, her joy having been shot down for the time being as she was starting to get a little low on fuel. Opening valve to the cockpit she released a gaseous form of chloroform which quickly took its toll on the pilot as he slumped over in his seat.

The meteor flipped over and flew back to the airfield to be refueled and maintained, the fate of the pilot on the other hand bugged her greatly as she was reluctant to let the one person who managed to make her feel so good disappear. during the flight back to the airbase she came to a conclusion and smiled mischievously as she landed. Her manipulator arms wrapped tightly around the unconscious pilot as she touched down and slowly made her way to her hanger, both engines winding down slowly.

“aright Annabelle, if you can pop the canopy we will take care of Struthers here and run you through your usual maintenance.” The head technician said as he approached the jet her engines spooling down to an almost inaudible hum.

“nope.” She replied shaking the front of her fuselage and tightened her grip on the pilot, ‘accidentally’ feeling the bulge at his crotch. she had plans for the pilot and the lab coats weren’t going to get to him before she did.

“what do you mean nope? This isn’t like you at all, normally your shoving them out of the pilots seat as soon as you touch down on the runway.” He said as the others arrived, a few of them in lab coats to collect the unconscious pilot for testing and then most likely dropping him off some where.

“this ones different, so bugger off, your not getting your hands on him until I say you can.” She answered in a slightly annoyed tone, eager to clear the hanger and be alone with Struthers, to not only reveal her self to him, but to ‘reveal’ her self to him.

“If you would please hand over mister Struthers we can perform our tests and be finished.” One of the lab coats said looking at her clipboard which most likely had a list of things they wanted to poke the pilot with.

“shes being stubborn for what ever reason at the moment.” The technician said as the lab coat looked up at the living plane and frowned.

“is she now?” the lab coat asked as Annabelle gently tightened her grip on the unconscious pilot, some of the people in the hanger attempting to open her canopy and remove the pilot.

“Yes, hes mine and you cant have him, this testing was to find a pilot who could push me to the limits and find out just what I can endure. He is more then capable of doing that.” She replied swatting away one of the men who where attempting to pull her canopy back.

“That’s true Annabelle…but I would rather not risk loosing you in the process, we have put considerable amounts of time and money into your creation, the Germans are years ahead of us with there jet technology and we cant afford to take two steps back for every step forward we make.” The general said in his booming voice as every one in the hanger backed away from him and the jet at the same time.

“If that happens then so be it, BUT, this pilot stays with me, no exceptions period. All the other pilots so far have been to afraid to see what my full potential is, this one seams addicted to pushing me to my limits and trying to break them.” She replied as the general paused, looking between Annabelle’s eyes and the unconscious pilot in the cockpit. Thinking over the issue at hand the general paced in the entrance of the hanger, every ones eyes following him curious to know what he would say. coming to a stop he sighed and looked at Annabelle.

“Very well then, I want every one out of the hanger as soon as possible, finish what your doing and get out.” Walking towards the meteor who was now smiling a little he stopped and gave her a stern look. “you reveal you’re a live to him and see what happens, if he panics, hes out and your getting a new pilot before tomorrows finished. Am I under stood?” he finished as Annabelle quickly nodded understanding what the general was expecting of her.

“yes sir!” she replied giving a quick nod as he turned on a heel and made his way out of the hanger, followed by most of the others. The few who lingered in the hanger quickly refueled her before they soon followed the others and closed the hanger doors behind them. Now it was just up to the pilots reaction when he woke up, pulling the man from the pilots seat she placed him on a bench and waited calmly Struthers to wake. She didn’t have anything special planned, she was going to unveil herself and hope his reaction didn’t involve a new pair of undergarments being needed. Eventually Marvin stirred as he sat up on the bench shaking his head in an attempt to clear it from the fog that still lingered. Sitting up he was met by a feminine voice greeting him.

“Hello, I am Annabelle.” The voice said as Marvin paused scanning the hanger to find the source of the voice, his eyes soon finding the meteor smiling cheerfully as her eyes scanned him up and down quickly.

“oh…hey… I am Marvin Struthers, nice to meet you Annabelle.” He replied blinking once again and focusing on the plane once more scrunching his face in confusion. “when did you get eyes and a mouth?” he asked rather abruptly causing the Gloster meteor to laugh relieved and a little happy with his reaction.

“I have always had them, I just kept them hidden up until now, being as you weren’t supposed to know about me. at least not for a while.” She answered as Marvin frowned and stood up, calmly walking towards the plane he stopped and examined her a little more closely.

“and what do you mean by that?” he asked walking around the aircraft slowly until she coughed at him.

“I would prefer you stay, in front of me if at all possible, and the reason is because of how…rare my species is.” She said as marvin walked towards the nose of the plane once more. “which is why most who find out about us, living machines tend to panic. And that is why I am extremely confused about why you haven’t done the same as them.” She finished as he paused and smiled a little.

“well, you wouldn’t be the first of your kind I have met.” He answered taking a seat once more.

“oh? And who might this other living machine be that you have meet before then?” Annabelle asked keeping her eyes on him and wondering if she might have to compete with another machine over the pilot.

“no idea. But it was over northern France, standard patrol when suddenly Me-262 shows up out of no where, gives me a wink and wiggles his/her wings before screeching off towards Germany.” He finished as she arched an eyebrow at her.

“and that was it?” she asked a little confused as Marvin nodded slowly.

“yep, that was it, the only thing that happened with living machines and now its kind of nice to meet one in person, and the fact I have had an obsession with jets pretty much ever sense that point.

“oh…?” Annabelle asked in a rather teasing voice, the sound of her interest growing slowly with her lust.

“mhmm, pretty much the reason why I am sitting here in front of you right now, hell I was looking at one hell of a court marshal just to be here and fly you.” He finished smiling at her.

“is that correct?” she asked in a slightly growling tone, her manipulator arms twisting in an attempt to stay her desires.

“oh yea, I was practically wanting to fuck a jet at that point after I first saw it.” Marvin said truthfully and not quite realizing the impact of his words as he was suddenly knocked off balance and found him self much closer to the jets fuselage.

“well, you have the chance now, so why not take it?” she panted pulling him a little closer to her mouth, her engines spooling up slowly with her excitement.

“I don’t…what the fuck why the hell not, I will probably get to do everything else with a jet and my luck with women is shit.” He replied feeling one of her hands making its way into his flight suit.

“that was quick, now lets get you out of this.” She hissed eagerly tearing at his clothing which quickly disappeared, before Marvin could protest Annabelle was silencing him with her mouth. any other questions he would have had disappeared quickly as the taste of her silvery saliva consumed his mind to a point, electing a different question which quickly disappeared in the interest of enjoying the moment.

“Fuck that was a good kiss…” marvin said as they parted a little shorter for breath, his heart beating away in his chest as her engines screamed a little louder.

“and there’s more to come.” She teased one of her hands eagerly stroking his member.

“well fuck me.” he muttered interested to see what would be happening next.

“that’s the plan.” Annabelle replied before gently kissing his chest before positioning him in such a way that his member was easier for her to get at.

“I walked right into that one…” marvin said as the Gloster meteor had basically lost interest in what he was saying and was now focusing more on the rock hard shaft inches away from her mouth. finally taking note of the situation at hand marvin paused as he turned a bright red. “w-what the hell are you doing??” he asked quickly eyeing her as his member got closer to her parted lips.

“having a taste of the main course.” She answered as her tongue coiled around his hard cock sending a shiver through the pilot at the sudden sensation of her tongue.

“f-fuck!” he stammered placing his hands on her nose cone to try and steady himself even though her arms where doing a much better job at that. Moving her tongue slowly at first she soon pulled the pilot into her mouth and tightened her grip around his member. Letting it sit in her mouth for a short while, the feeling pouring through her airframe and causing her engines to scream a little louder in excitement. Marvin was about to speak until Annabelle started to move him, slowly at first but gradually building up speed. ‘g-god damn this is amazing!’ the pilot thought to himself as the pleasure continued to grow in his groin. Each thrust causing a little moan to escape as he was used as a sex toy for the time being.

“i-I ca….ca…” he tried to warn as Annabel changed her focus from his shaft to his face her engines kicking up dirt and scorching the ground as his expression caused her lust to skyrocket. Curious to hear what he had to say she slowed and sensually pulled his shaft from her mouth, just in time to have a thick rope of his seed soon followed by a few more, land on her fuselage.

“oooh!” she cried in excitement before lapping at the creamy fluid on her face.

“h-holy fuck….” Marvin gasped trying to catch his breath as he was let down to the cold grown to rest, the meteor a little to focused on the new substance.

“mmm, delicious.” She cooed collecting the rest of his seed and eagerly cleaned off his deflating shaft not wanting to waste a drop.

“bloody hell…just…give me…a couple minutes…” he muttered thinking that she was tying to get it back up again.

“why?” she teased cleaning off the last little bit of his seed before picking him up once more in her arms. “I have a little plan for you, if you don’t mind returning the favor.” She teased slowly pulling him beneath her airframe, a little curious, he eyed her underbelly as she drew him closer to her tail. Soon a small opening in her underside came into view, a silver liquid was flowing from the slit as she brought him closer to the opening.

“w-wait, is that..?” he started as Annabelle giggled pushed his head towards her nether.

“mhmm, now give it a taste and see how you like it.” She replied lowering her self down towards his face, her engine pods soon resting on the ground. cautiously he extended his tongue towards the four inch long line that dripped the hot liquid onto his face. swallowing dryly he pulled himself closer and gently licked the smooth and soft flesh, it was hot and nearly burned his tongue but in the same instance he tasted her fluids. The flavor caused Marvin to tingle as the warm liquid flowed through his body quickly followed by a wave of heat that kicked his reasoning out the window. Before he knew what was happening Marvin found him self feasting on the living machines slit eagerly drinking down the silver liquid as it poured from her depths.

“aaaaaaaaaah! Yes just like that! Don’t stop!” Annabelle hissed arching her back and pushing his face into her nethers a little harder as his tongue slipped into her folds and teased a much louder moan from the horny plane. The more he teased her the more fluid seeped from the living machine which only drove him deeper inside of her folds, his tongue dancing across the soft warm flesh. Making sure he had a firm grasp on her airframe he moved his tongue faster, lapping and licking at the hot liquid that was proving to be the beginning of an addiction. ‘She made me cum, its only fair I do the same to her.’ he growled to himself as Annabelle’s moans and cries of pleasure only caused the pilot to lust after the jet even more.

The twin de Havilland engines roaring with her excitement, the temperature, and the size of the scorch marks on the ground growing with each little lick and kiss that Marvin made. It wasn’t long before his merciless assault overwhelmed the meteor, her engines flaming out as she cried out in pleasure nearly drowning the pilot in her fluids. Taking her juices by the mouth full marvin tried to gulp down the flood of liquid silver before moving away coughing and sputtering. Laying beneath the jet fighter marvin inhaled deeply and caught his breath enjoying the tingly feeling that was flowing through is body at the moment.

“ah….oh! i-I am…so …sorry.” Annabelle panted, her engines starting up again and staying at a low hum. Marvin coughed again and chuckled patting her underbelly slightly.

“its… perfectly alright, I shouldn’t have been so greedy.” He answered kissing her underbelly and spinning himself around, Annabelle’s fluids having revitalized him to a point. “now then…” he paused smiling at the jet who had moved just enough to see him. “…shall we go on?” The tip of his shaft gently prodding at her underside exciting her once more as her engines continued to spool up once more. she wiggled in excitement as his prodding member rubbed against her warm belly electing an excited cry from the lusting plane.

“OH YES! Yes yes yes!!! COME ON MARVIN! TAKE ME!” she growled one of her hands firmly grasping his member and pressing the tip agasint her moist nethers. The pilot inhaled sharply as his cock started to pierce her folds gently spreading her wet lips, the head disappearing completely inside of her.

“h-HOly FUcK!!” Marvin hissed as her cave wrapped his shaft in a tight and warm grip. Annabelle moaned in pleasure as she held her pilot tightly in her arms, her hands sliding into his.

“That’s it my love…” she whispered slowly lowering her self onto his cock which eagerly twitched as he pushed farther up into her and hten slowly pulling out. “Nice and slow.” Marvin grit his teeth as the pressure around his shaft started to swell, her folds clamping down on his shaft as he made shallow thrusts into her, though gradually building speed and depth with each one.

“Oh Y-YES! Fuck me harder!” she growled starting to slam her tail into his pelvis ridding her pilot eagerly as her engines roared louder with each thrust.

“YE-YES MA’AM!!!” he replied gripping onto her hull tightly before slamming into her hilting his cannon into her folds as she ‘hopped’ on her landing gear in surprise.

“OH YES!!!” came her reply as she slammed her self down onto him once more as she held him tightly against her under side. Marvin pulled out as she pulled up and his shaft popped free for but a moment before she had pulled it deep inside her once more and continued to force her self down on his shaft as they vigorously drove closer and closer towards the edge of climax. Their combined movements bringing Marvin closer to finishing as he realized Annabelle wasn’t nearly as close as he was to the edge of finishing. Sliding a hand along her belly he reached towards where they where connected to find a bump at the top of her entrance, smiling to him self between moans he gently pressed his fingers against the button. Annabelle gasped above him as her engines screamed with her skyrocketing pleasure, it wasn’t long before he made a final thrust which she allowed to go much deeper then any others before it. A little shocked at the sudden chance in texture marvin lost it as he held on to her tightly his cream pouring into her depths as she clamped down around him screaming in pleasure.

“YES!!! FILL ME WITH YOUR CUM!” she screamed as the flood of seed into her depths, her engines flaming out as her walls pulsed along his length milking him of everything he had to give. Gritting his teeth as he was rocked by the strongest orgasm he had ever had, the shear pleasure causing him to go numb as the only thing which held him up where her arms. Her juices soaked marvins waist as she managed to hold in the cream she was so interested in keeping. It sent a thrilling sensation through her body, not being sure if his seed was potent enough to take with in her womb or if it was a futile attempt, in the end she didn’t care both her and her lover where satisfied.

When they both regained there senses from the overwhelming bliss they shared she gently caressed her lover holding him tight to her belly. Marvin wriggled slightly still lodged firmly in her depths, realization struck him, his brain piecing together the potential severity of what just happened.

“f-fuck! I am so sorry!” he said quickly as Annabelle looked in his direction quizicaly, her hands still playing with his hair gently.

“whats the matter?”

“i-I fucked up, I am so sorry I didn’t mean to…” he stammered trailing off slightly.

“finish inside? Its perfectly fine, I don’t know if its even possible for you to impregnate me…” she paused shortly giving him a few reassuring stokes her airframe humming slightly in joy. “And If you do, well, I would be more then happy to raise a child with you.” She finished holding him tightly agasint her underbelly.

“if you say so…” he answered kissing her underside, the warmth, gentle vibrations and her loving caresses easing his panicked mind. “I guess that leaves nothing to do but play the waiting game.”

“And do tests, the least interesting thing I want to do, But I think getting to ride my test pilot makes up for that.” She teased as Marvin chuckled and patted her belly.

“I think that sounds like something I can live with.” Came his response as they wished each other a good night and drifted into the waiting arms of exhaustion. They embraced lovingly as they dreamed about the days to come and what they might hold in store for them.


Well that was fun!

I enjoyed writing this and i hope you all enjoy reading it! feed back is much appreciated, Thank you for reading and i should have the three way story finished relatively soon -hopefully- not to mention the four+ other stories i have rolling around in my head at the moment.

Andrew and Bertha.


1945, -redacted- -redacted-

    “For fucks sake! That’s the third time this week I have dealt with the engine, what the hell are you guys doing to the poor thing?” Andrew grumbled as the 70 ton experimental heavy tank sputtered into the hanger, grey smoke pouring out of the exhaust pipes. The commander shrugged sitting on top of the large turret.

“No idea what to tell you, we where just running through some basic maneuvering and suddenly its billowing smoke and making a grinding sound, have a look and see if you can fix it.” Pulling the tank into the center of the hanger over a mechanics bay, the driver then proceeds to climb out of his hatch and the rest of the crew soon followed disembarking and leaving the hanger. Sighing, Andrew walks towards the tank and pulls him self up onto the turret, climbing in through the gunners hatch he rotated the turret 90 degrees to the right. Making his way back out he opened the engine covers and started poking around at any and all problem areas he knew of, or thought might be causing the issue with the Ford GAC engine.

Exhausting those options the mechanic made his way into the little trench beneath the tank to examine the under side and inner joints of the drive wheels to see if anything had gotten jammed in there. Unfortunately there wasn’t any thing of the sort, which caused Andrew to scratch his head as he was standing beneath the engine bay unable to find anything that might have been causing the issue. The leak that the mechanic had spent countless hours attempting to find the source of was still present, the mercury like liquid dripping form an almost invisible panel on the tanks underside. Frustrated with the seemingly pointless attempts to find out what was causing the issues with the engine, Andrew made his way up and popped the drivers hatch. Climbed in, and let the engine roar to life in the hopes to locating the issue by sound…but, the engine was fine, no grey smoke, no grinding sound, nothing.

Letting out a heavy sigh he climbed out and sat on the upper glacis of the heavy tank rubbing his eyes. “what in the hell am I going to do with you…”

“well, for starters, you could give me some more fuel, and see about kicking the other guys out when they need me to do a test run.” A voice said, sounding like it came from near the door as Andrew grumbled something and stood up. Heading towards the fuel pump and grabbing the hose to refuel the heavy.

“oh trust me I would if I could, but the paper work and time constraints are making that impossible…” popping the fuel cap the mechanic inserted the nozzle and was about to start filling up the tanks when he came to a sudden realization.

“w-who is there???” he asked quickly spinning around in an attempt to find the trespasser. Picking up a large wrench he held it up like a baseball bat and backed towards a wall to make sure no one could sneak up on him. “This is a restricted area, and I have had a bad day so you better god damn show your self if you know what’s good for you!” there was a soft giggle that seamed to come from the center of the room, though with the T-29’s rumbling engine, it was hard to tell exactly where it might be coming from.

“There is only you and I in here Andrew, now then, how about you put down that wrench and we can have a nice calm conversation hmm? Sound reasonable?” the voice said, it sounded feminine, no it was feminine, it had a melodic, and sweet under tone. Mixed with the rumble of the engine it was a very soothing sound, and calmed the mechanic down if only slightly.

“Not u-until you s-show your self, then we can have a chat.” He said lowering the wrench slightly but still scanning the hanger in the hopes of spotting the woman, he shook slightly afraid that the person might be a saboteur or spy.

“very well…just don’t freak out to much alright?” the woman asked with a sigh as the turret of the T-29 twitched slightly looking a the mechanic before two panels on the cheeks of the turret opened up and Andrew was met by two large eyes looking at him. His jaw hit the floor and it was soon followed by the mechanic as he passed out. the hanger, tank, and everything else swirling into a pool of darkness.

She knew she shouldn’t have been so abrupt with him, she wanted to try and calm him down and have a talk before revealing her self to him, but unfortunately it wasn’t to be. maneuvering towards the unconscious mechanic the T-29 made sure not to get her track stuck in the trench used to examine her under side. Stopping about a meter away from Andrew she gently picked him up with her manipulator arms. Cradling him the T-29 moved back to her spot and waited for her mechanic to wake up again. On the bright side, it would give her a lot of time to think up responses to his questions, that is if he didn’t sprint off as soon as he woke up.

“this is going to be a pain to deal with…” she mumbled to her self gently rocking the human in her arms. Despite the almost lifeless expression on his face, he was still handsome, jet black hair, muscular yet average build. She smiled slightly looking at the man, letting one of her manipulator arms run through his hair, oh how she enjoyed the feeling of finally being able to touch him, it had always been the other way round. He was always putting his hands on her, massaging her flanks when ever he cleaned her, caressing her nethers with out knowing. Oh how she enjoyed that feeling, she would even fake issues with her own engine, even if it meant he laid his hands on her for a split second, it was worth it to her. Eventually she was lost in through only to be dragged back from her fantasizing by the sudden movement in her arms.
“Oh! Your awake good, and I am so sorry I shouldn’t have scared you like that.” She stammered feeling embarrassed with the whole ordeal preceding there current position. Andrew blinked, shook his head sleepily, blinked again and then groaned, not in pain but in disbelief.

“please tell me I am dreaming.”

“i-I am sorry, but your not dreaming.” She answered as he sighed and covered his face. “B-But, maybe I could…answer some questions for you?” her mouth, just beneath her gun mantel, forming a slight smile.

“this is so far out of my comfort zone I have no idea where to even start! No, scratch that, and I mean absolutely no offence when I ask this, but…WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU??” the heavy tank giggled slightly before letting out a sigh and nodding, the barrel of her 105 wiggling a little.

“that’s fair enough, I am a living machine, and no, not every machine is alive, just a few of them.” She replied as her mechanic nodded slowly. “you seem to be taking this rather smoothly.”

“oh trust me, I am shitting my self on the inside.” Andrew snapped scared, confused, and wondering just what the hell this living machine wanted with him. “u-um…so how long have you been…?”

“alive? Ever sense I was put together and rolled into this hanger for you to tend, I…wanted to reveal myself to you as soon as I met you, and I, I had wanted this to go differently.”
Andrew nodded slowly as he looked at the tank, she had a sad concerned expression on her, turret, despite the fear and confusion, he felt a little sad and placed a hand on her cheek? He thought it was her cheek at least, right beneath her left eye. She smiled a little as her eyes looked into his sending a shiver down his spin, but it wasn’t quite a ‘spin tingling fear of being murdered by a much bigger creature.’ Shiver.
“i-its alright I guess, um…you know my name, d-do you have a name or…how does that work with living machines?” he asked as the heavy brightened up a little more.
“we living machines have names, I am Bertha, or at least that’s what the crew who normally drives me around refers to me as, and I like it.”
“hmmm, bertha, sounds fitting, but do the others know about you?’ Andrew asked annoyed at the others for not letting him know about the fact the tank he was fixing was alive. This brought up another question causing him to go a little pale in the face.
“oh god I hope I didn’t hurt you! I-I mean when I worked on you, f-fuck.” He stammered as Bertha giggled and brushed his hair gently with one of her hands causing him to flinch.
“no, no, you didn’t hurt me, and the others don’t know, you’re the one, and only one who knows about me.” she responded with a gentle smile that helped to relax the spooked human. “how ever, you did…excite me some times, when you where down in your little trench.” She finished giving him a little wink. Confused at first Andrew cocked an eyebrow at her before realization struck and he turned red in the face finally realizing what the mercury like substance was.
“y-you mean….” He started as bertha nodded, her mantle turning a slightly darker color as she remembered the times she almost exposed her self to him, when he would give her a good hard scrub down there. “i-I am so sorry i-I had no idea!” he said quickly as she shook her head and then pulled him a little closer. Her desires stirring a little more strongly, her breathing come in short pants as her engine started to rumble a little louder. He was so close, and yet still just out of her desires reach.
“I enjoyed it, a-and would like to go a little farther if your willing.” She whispered in an almost sensual tone causing the mechanic to feel confusingly aroused as one of berthas hands came to rest on his crotch. His member was starting to press against the fabric of his jumpsuit. It was a strange concept, the idea of having sex with a tank appalled and intrigued him at the same time, and part of him deep down wanted to try it. Some aspect of his mind decided to throw caution to the wind as he suddenly found him self pressing his face between her mantel and hull, lips gently pressed against Berthas. The metal felt warm, and soft, like a persons, or at least he assumed what a persons lips would taste like during a kiss.
A little surprised she blinked before pulling him tight to her hull and returning the kiss, during the time in which there lips where locked, there tongues battled for dominance until they parted. Andrew felt warm inside, and berthas engine was rumbling louder, having gone up at least two gears. A strand of silver liquid still connected there mouths for a brief moment after they parted only to battle once more, both of them experimenting with the new feeling and sensation of each other. Berthas manipulator arms where eagerly moving along Andrews’s body though mostly focusing on removing clothing and fondling the large bulge at his crotch. The feel of his body was sending completely new sensations through her hull, she wanted more, so much more but she didn’t want to push Andrew to far for fear that she might scar him. She had to make sure it was alright with him, pulling him away gently she gave him a concerned look.
“a-are you sure about this? Only minutes ago you where freaking out…and now your…giving the best, and fist kiss I have ever had.” Her question caused Andrew to pause as he considered it a little more thoroughly.

“i…always had an interest in tanks…and machines…which is why I am what I am now…so, I guess, what’s one more step down the rabbit hole?” he replied with a cheerful smile taking one of her hands and squeezing it gently. “so, yes…I am curious, and I want more…just like you.”
The heavy tank burned a little hotter, pulling him closer she kissed him again before letting her manipulator arms completely strip him. With some help from the horny mechanic he was completely bare before her, his member rock hard and standing proud. Her hands coiled around his member as they gently started to stroke it up and down, teasing it gently causing Andrew to shiver in delight, the sensation causing goose bumps to appear all along his body. Her teasing continued as she watched the expressions on his face, the look of pleasure on his face and the little noises he made where driving her up the wall with lust.
Not quite satisfied with giving him a hand job, berthas long tongue slid from her mouth and gently slid from base to tip collecting the dribble of pre which had started leaking out. She then started to bring him closer to her turret, angling to try and take his length into her mouth as he was almost powerless to stop her. Inhaling deeply Andrew closed his eyes and attempted to ignore the rows of sharp teeth he had just seen with in her mouth, his member getting dangerously close to being non existent. Bertha soon has his shaft inside her mouth as she gently closed her lips around it, her tongue coiling around the rock hard genitals of her lover.
“o-oh fuck! Hold, hold on a second!” he stammers as bertha stops and looks up at him with a semi pleading look.
‘He was already at this point why did he want to stop?’ She wondered as he pushed against her turret extracting himself from her mouth as she loosened her grip on him to allow him to move away. “is everything alright?” she asked as he nodded quickly coming up with an excuse to avoid the sharp teeth in the tanks maw.

“y-yes I just wanted to um…make you feel good.” He replies as she blinks and smiles slightly before letting him down onto the ground.
“well then my little mechanic, you know where to find it, j-just be gentle.” She replies as her engine revs in anticipation, she was eager to find out just what he would do, and her excitement at the new sensation she would feel soon. Slipping into the trench beneath the 70-ton heavy tanks Andrew moves along her belly sliding a finger along her under side as she shivers above him. He quickly found the panel in which the mercury liquid was seeping through and forming a puddle in the trench. The smell tingled the mechanics nose as he moved closer to the sensitive region; the heat of her running engine was causing his throat to start drying out.
Reaching out towards the area that the liquid seamed to be coming from, for the who knows how many times. Except this time, when his finger brushed against the smooth metal, a panel opened and exposed a slit on the underbelly of the tank. Reaching towards it he ran a finger along the slit as she slivered and gasped above him. Andrew flinched a little, the sound she made was…oddly arousing, he twitched slightly as he put his finger along her slit once more. The sound she made enticing him to continue as he stroked his hand along her genitalia, his teasing continued for a few more strokes before pressing the tip of his finger against the seam. The soft metal bending slightly under the pressure as the first segment of his pointer finger slid into the folds of the T-29.
A muffled gasp escaped bertha as she bit her lip and reveled in the sensation of having the human prodding at her private region. She had fantasized about this kind of thing almost every time she could feel him poking around beneath her, and now it was actually happening. Nearly every fibber in her body wanted to grab Andrew and make him take her, to pound her until her suspension gave and neither of them could move, but she had to be patient, let him explore at his own pace. Her manipulator arms coiled around one another in an attempt to prevent them from collecting the human and taking what she wanted.
Hearing her reaction to the initial penetration he started to push his finger a little deeper sinking the second segment into her fold. The flesh like metal tightening around the digit as warmth and moisture washed over his finger. Moaning as his finger went a little deeper inside of her she readjusted her suspension slightly, the sensation sending a shiver along her hull. Andrew knew she was enjoying this as her engine kicked up a little higher, the temperature rising in the trench as he could just faintly catch the sounds of her moans, each one sending a little thrill through his body.
Drawing his finger from her moist slit he pressed two fingers against it this time, sinking the first two joints into her as the noises she made practically begged him to go a little deeper. Eager to comply to her moaning he pushed both fingers in to the knuckle causing a small gush of fluids to coat his hand in the mercury like substance. Curious the mechanic drew his fingers out of her once more, though he made sure to wriggle them a little as berthas breaths came in short pants. The liquid glistened in the light of the trench as he pulled his fingers closer to his face, it seamed to be a little sticky as thin ropes of it collected his two fingers when he spread them.
Curiosity taking the better of his judgment he put his fingers to his mouth and tasted the liquid silver fluid. It was metallic, and tasted like he had just licked an engine block with an oil leak, yet despite that, it wasn’t bad. Licking a little more off his hand he moved directly beneath her moist entrance, placing a thumb on each side he pulled her lips apart and looked into her depths.

“aah! W-what are you doing?” she asked in surprise wriggling under the mechanics touch as he glanced down quickly to kick a block of wood closer to use as a stool.

“I have no idea…” he responded stepping onto the block and bringing his face closer to her, she wriggled and gasped feeling his breath against her sensitive folds. Feeling like he had teased her enough Andrew pressed his face closer to her entrance and slid his tongue along the entirety of her slit drawing an excited gasp. Her arms twitched slightly as her eyes went wide and her engine growled louder, her breathing quicker and in shorter gasps as she tried to keep her self cool under the touch of her mechanic.
Andrews heart was pounding, her taste was starting to grow on him, despite the metallic and oil like taste, it was getting a little sweeter to the tongue. Taking a small break as he let the flavor sink in, he admired the appearance of her soft lips, the silver liquid seeping from deeper with in the horny tank. Moving in once more he pushed him self face first into berthas soft lips as he then started to in essence French kiss her slit. His tongue going to work as he moved it around inside causing a number of gasps and cries from the shivering heavy tank above him. each little noise and sound she made driving her mechanic a little farther down the rabbit hole, the liquid started to flow a little more freely. Each lick sending waves of pleasure through bertha as her hull shivers with each stroke.

Her engine continued to rev higher and higher as her manipulator arms wrapping her lover in a tight embrace, all the while stroking his engorged cock. Each lick causing more of Berthas juices to cascade down Andrews chin and stain his chest with the reflective substance. Letting her suspension ease, bertha lowered her hull to entice Andrew to go a little deeper. He eagerly obliged the T-29 and she responded with excited cries of pleasure, each louder then the last.
“aaah! Yes! Deeper!” she cried as her hands fondled and stroke his member eager to express her enjoyment of his efforts by teasing him in return. Soon she couldn’t take it any more and she knew exactly what she wanted to do next. Pushing him away slightly bertha pulled away from the trench as Andrew protested against the action. Climbing out quickly after her he had a good look at her, but through different eyes as he saw each of the sensual features of her body. The smooth curves of her turret, her large flanks, her 105mm gun, they all had some effect on arousing Andrew as he eyed her, until one of her hands distracted him from admiring the behemoth machine. She was motioning for him to come closer, her eyes locked on him as she licked her lips sensually.
He inhaled sharply and moved briskly towards her, bertha smiled as two arms snaked out from beneath her hull to coil around Andrews legs and drag him under. Her hands quickly wrapped around his shaft as she positioned him under her hull. She shivered with anticipation, her hands stroking his cock as she finally dragged her mechanic into the place she wanted him.
“w-what are you up to?” he asked as she wiggled in anticipation before holding him firmly in her grasp and eased her suspension down, the tip pressing against her entrance. Letting out a hiss of hot air she started to ease her self onto his rock hard cock.
“o-oh…” he stammered groaning slightly as his tip started pierce her hull, the lubrication provided by her flowing juices allowing him to slide in smoothly. “f-fuck that feels amazing.” He groaned closing his eyes and feeling her underbelly to try and find something to hold onto as she lowered her self a little farther onto his shaft.
“ah yes, that’s it! Come on fuck me Andrew!” she growled as her suspension raised and lowered her hull starting to fuck her human, his cock sliding in and out of her moist nethers. One of her hands found its way into his as they interlocked fingers. The tip of his shaft hitting a barrier, which seemed to disappear farther into her depths allowing the mechanic to pierce farther into his lover .Finding a hand and foot hold on her under side Andrew pressed his back against the ground before thrusting up into her as fast and hard as she gasped in shock. Pulling him self out to the tip he then slammed into her once more as she screamed in pleasure, her engine roaring with her voice, her lips clamping around his shaft as he buried it deep inside her once more. not wanting to be out done by her mechanic she growled and began rocking her hull ridding her mechanic fast and hard, there combined moans and screams reverberating through out the garage.
“Y-YES!!! FUCK ME MY LOVE!!” Bertha howled as Andrew pounded into her each and every time she forced her hull down onto him taking him to the hilt inside of her. each thrust driving them closer to the edge, the pleasure building with the temperature as the two furiously hammered each other. Berthas engine went into the highest gear it could as the v12 pounded away in her engine bay, the vibrations pushing Andrew dangerously close to the edge as she clenched his teeth and continue to slam in and out of her. The mechanics heart pounded away in his chest as it tried to keep pace with her roaring engine, but to little success. Berthas tongue hung limply from her mouth as she gapped in pleasure droll trickling down onto her upper glacis as he silver ‘cum’ soaked her human lovers crotch, staining his skin ever so slightly.

“I….I…cant…” Andrew started as the 70 ton heavy tank felt her lover swell with in her alerting her to his eminent release. In response she rode him harder, rocking her hull to the pounding of her engine as her own climax was almost at hand.
“YES!! YES!! GIVE IT TO ME!! DON’T….DONT YOU DARE PULLL OUT!!” she hissed the pressure in her loins becoming almost unbearable.

With a loud groan and one final thrust will all his might, Andrew hilted himself completely inside the heavy. Driven over the edge, the mechanic couldn’t hold out any more as thick ropes of his seed spewing deep inside his lover as she quivered and clamped around him holding every drop inside. The flow of hot cum pouring into her sent bertha over the edge. Her fluids breaking the tight seal around her mechanics shaft, there combined fluids creating a sloppy mess beneath the T-29 drenching the mechanic as her suspension gave out. Andrew was suddenly aware of how little room there was between berthas underside and the ground, her drive wheels being the only thing keeping her weight off his chest. Both of them lay there gasping for air, the bliss still running through both of them overpowering every other feeling as they embraced, only to pass out in each others arms shortly after there exhausting bonding.

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