An Awkward position: War thunder porn story 2


1428900543_admiralstarnight_wt2KV-1 x Spitfire


The KV-1 ZiS-5 sighed. Her name, what she called herself, was Aura. She was owned by no person, rather an AI. During player events they had scripted places to and where to shoot. When they had a break though, during server upgrades, or just plain having a break, they were just like any living creature. They often would load a map and do races, or all out battles to the death until there was one AI left standing. AI aircraft would watch them, sometimes bombing or strafing while they fought up in the air. This map had been a free for all, seeing who could last the longest. Aura had not been on this map in a while and had slid down a rock cliff and flipped onto her side. Even worse she had been trapped by the rocks at the bottom making it impossible for her to move. So she just had to wait for the match to end in 67 minutes. (Yeah AI tanks are better than you think, the long matches are great for devising plans of attack and such.) Of course given the type of match this one no one dared risk trying to help her or kill her for fear of getting stuck themselves. She huffed her mechanical tendrils trying and failing to push her off the rocks. This was just perfect. Stuck here for the next hour doing nothing.

She stared hard at the rock in front of her, wishing for laser vision or something similar so she could get herself unstuck. She perked up as she heard an aircraft fly over, hoping it would kill her and she was disappointed when it didn’t. To her surprise, she heard the same engine come back and land. The land just beyond the rocks was flat enough it could be driven/landed on… if only she had gotten there. “Well, well what have we here?” A British accent male voice said and Aura rolled her eyes. Great. “Go back into the battle Oliver.” Aura replied. Oliver the Spitfire Mk IIa chuckled, she could practically visualize his tan and green camouflage and that smug look on his face.

The two had always been a bit… at each other per say. They rarely played rounds together but when it happened Oliver ALWAYS strafed her and she would always try to shoot him down in kind. When he wasn’t doing that, taunting was the next best thing, always making jabs about her country and ‘the glorious motherland’ and such. It got old fast and Aura had little patience for the fighter. “Oh but I couldn’t just… leave you here all by yourself.” He said, his eyes trailing up and down her vulnerable form. He could shoot her now and he’d get another point in his favor. Easy pickings. But he had a different idea. He rolled a bit closer. “Oh yes you could.” Aura growled at him, unable to turn her turret to even try and look at him, but he was making her acutely nervous this close with her underside exposed to him. All tanks hated to have their undersides exposed. It was their weakest part, never meant to be show in battle to others. Not to mention that was where her synth port. She wasn’t horny at all but still it wasn’t like she had anything blocking it at the moment. Oliver didn’t reply as he extended his mechadendrites and ran them along the tred that was up in the air. “What are you doing?” She questioned harshly squirming to try and get a better look only fro the game to inform her that she had damaged her barrel, making it impossible for her to shoot without hurting herself. “Oh something I think a stuffy, old Russian like you would enjoy.” The spitfire said as one of his hand touched the underside and began trailing down towards her synth port. He heard her protest his touch, but he was determined to show this Russian female tank a good time. She always seemed to take him way too seriously. Well it was his turn to be serious as his hand paused just above her that nearly invisible slit. He traced two fingers around it, teasing it as Aura tried to squirm out of her stuck position once more. “Why are you doing this?” She asked, wondering what had made the aircraft do this. “You take me way too seriously, always working and never any fun.” He traced a finger across her slit and he smiled as he heard her gasp. “So I’m going to show you how to be serious and fun at the same time Aura.” As that British accent hit her name she felt chills run through her armored body, this was a side of Oliver she never expected, she thought the aircraft was like an annoying child up until that. Oliver grinned pressing two of his mechadendrite fingers inside her slit slowly, and pulling them back out to tease her. He repeated this a few times and by the fifth time his fingers had come back out dripping sliverish fluid. He grinned rolling a little closer thankful that this small part of the map was perfect for this.

Aura blushed, embarrassed, angry and aroused all at the same time. She didn’t ask for this but she was enjoying the attention. Being an AI she didn’t get it all that often, they were just too focused to doing their job or winning their races in the off matches they held. She gave a squeak of surprise as she felt the Spitfire’s tongue press inside her, her mechanical pussy tightening around it in a bit of shock. The aircraft didn’t seem phased and pushed his tongue in and out of her, occasionally lapping up their combined fluids as they began to drip heavily down her underside to the ground. “Oh God, don’t stop!” Aura cried and Oliver didn’t even take a second to feel satisfaction that he’d gotten her where he wanted. He thrust his tongue in deeper his propeller resting against her tracks as he complied with her request. Aura came with a loud cry managing not to fire her engine and possibly mover her track and damage the propeller of the aircraft as she came, drenching the tongue pleasuring her in her fluid which Oliver lapped up eagerly. She shivered a bit, but she was still stuck and there was still way too much time left in the match. But it seems Oliver wasn’t done. A collection of his various mechadendrites suddenly seem to appear and somehow dragged her out of her awkward stuck position onto flat ground. She was about to thank him when she say his rock hard mechanical cock underneath him. How in the world a Spitfire could manhandle a KV-1, she would never know, but next thing she knew she was dragged a bit farther from the cliff and she felt the light weight of the aircraft mounting her, his cock thrusting into her synth ports with only a tiny bit of difficulty. Aura moaned creaking slightly as the aircraft thrust hard into her. She could feel the pent up arousal, in both her and him. All those arguments, the teasing, god she knew why now, and she reached back to wrap her a couple tendrils around the base of him as he continued to thrust into her. This only seem to make the Spitfire thrust faster and she revved her engine loudly as she came. Oliver grunted, feeling her tighten around him and he couldn’t handle holding back and he came hard, his own engine firing off and causing his propeller to move in a few revolutions before. He sort of slumped on top of her, she could handle his weight easily, for a few seconds before back up and watching her turn to face him. She looked up at him and he wrung his mechanical hands together, waiting for her to shoot him for what he had done. “You better be glad I liked that you uptight British twat.” She teased and he smiled at her, not a smirk, an actual smile. “Shall I see you again sometime, KV-None?” He teased back and he flinched a little as her machine gun fired past him into the air. “If I don’t I am going to hunt you down and flip YOU over against a cliff.” She replied turning to go find the path back to the battlefield. “I’ll see you in the match Oliver!” Oliver grinned, turning and increasing his engine to full power. He wished he’d done that sooner.

War Thunder (Bt-7/T-26)

Story by AdmiralStarNight
Technology is great. Sometimes you get so invested that you forget there is a real world out there.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~’We have suffered a defeat….’The male announcer voice mocked me as I sat back in my chair and rubbed my forehead. That was two losses and one win. Between them, only 3 kills, 2 enemy kill assists and 25 hits.

The problem was most likely that I was being placed in matches where people had level two tanks against my, currently, all level one tanks.

It wasn’t all THAT bad. My reserve tanks, the easily killed Russian T-26, now had an expert crew and was considered an ‘ace’ by game standards. My other favorite, the very fast BT-7, had just finished getting all enhancements it could get.

I still had a while before I got a level two tank, and even longer after that for the fabled KV-1 which could rule a capture point with an iron fist.

I yawn and go to play another match.

As the match starts and I spawn I roll my tank, the BT-7 out of the clusterfuck of the spawn point and towards the capture point.

Then everything changed.

I don’t know how long I was out but when I awake I find myself staring up at a hangar with USSR flags hanging from the beams. I look up at the aircraft, a Yer-2 I believe, and get up. I don’t see any crews, but the sun is shining bright in the sky.

I walk out, dusting dirt off my shirt and suddenly jump at the sound of what could only be a tank.

“Do not be alarmed Comrade,” A soft Russian voice said and i turn to look at whoever spoke. It was a BT-7, rolling forward, his eyes soft. I noted on the left side of his turret he had a white lightning mark and I swallow.

I must be IN WarThunder.

“You are the Controller, correct?” The tank asks as he stops in front of me. “The one who is called StarNight?”

I nod, wondering how I got in here.

“I can tell what you are thinking. You got here via a strange happening. We were in a match, rolling down a steep hill when I glitch exited the match, your power must of blinked, and then you suddenly are here.” He made a motion with a tendril around him. “I do not understand, but it must correlate.”

“So you’re alive too?” I ask and the tank gives his equivalent of a nod.

“Yes. It is a bit boring when you are not around, just sitting around with the other tanks and aircraft talking, occasionally doing some races or exercises until you log back on.” The BT-7 replied.

“Wow.” I said, looking back at the BT-7. “Do you like your decals, it’s not much but…”

“Oh I love it, subtle.” He said with an engine purr, turning his turret so she could see the red plane heart on the back of his turret.

I smile and walk over, scrambling up onto the front of the tank and a tendril wrapped around an arm to keep me steady as I stood, running a hand along the barrel. “You have a name?”

The BT-7 was about to reply when suddenly something rammed into to the BT-7 and I stumbled back, caught by another pair of different tendrils.

“His name is Comet,”

I look back at the T-26 who drags me closer to his face.

“But never mind him I’m Rev.” He said in a very seductive tone of voice, combined with the Russian accent I swallowed and blushed.

“Rev, you stop that! She’s the Controller.” Comet argued, using one of his ‘hands’ to smack the T-26 tank around me.

“Oh even better.” Rev said. I could practically hear him grin as he backs up slightly, running a tendril up one of my legs causing me to blush even harder.

“Rev I swear to God if you don’t stop…”

“Stop right there Comrade! You do not believe in God, remember?” He teased and Comet rolled forward, staring threateningly down his barrel at the small tank and Rev just slipped his manipulator hand between my legs and gave a rub to which I moaned. “See, she likes it.”

Comet immediately steals me away from the smaller tank and sits me on top the turret. I look down, a bit disappointed at being taken away from Rev, but I don’t argue.

“Look here you little bucket of bolts I swear, you better treat her with respect and…”

I tune out the rant as I slip down in front of him and began to run gently the plating and soon the Comet’s rants trailed off as he began to pant.

Rev grinned. “You like that Comet?” He questioned rolling close enough they touched and one of his ‘hands’ came up to help and guide me towards the right spot to rub and the second my hands began to pet the area Comet gasp.

“Damnit Rev!” Comet growled as I saw his penis appear, hard and dripping. The BT-7 back lowered his barrel just enough to hit the barrel of Rev to which the T-26 backed up with a small huff and groan of his engine.

While Comet was distracted I lean forward and take the tip of him into my mouth, running my hands down his hard length and Comet settled back on his tracks with a moan. I grin up at the tank before continuing what I was doing running my hands up and down him while my mouth sucked as much of the tank as possible. I take a glance over at Rev, who stroked his own hardness as he watched me suck off the BT-7. I pause for a slight moment, keeping eye contact with the T-26 as I run my tongue slowly from base to tip and Rev gave a huff at the sight, already stroking himself faster

“You do not have to do this…” the BT-7 said.

“But I like doing it.” I say. Alpha never cared. In fact he seemed a bit disappointed that he couldn’t have been there when I had told him about the time with Wisconsin. The living machines seemed to be more sexually active, maybe because they spent most of their time sitting still letting other control them. Right now it didn’t matter, these tanks never had any attention beside each other, anyways, and at the moment these two were her favorite tanks.

It didn’t take long before Comet came, I tasted it, noting it tasted a bit more ‘machiney’ that an aircraft. Given the ‘age’ of the tanks this wasn’t surprising and he was soon followed by his fellow T-26. The two seemed content as I get up and flick some of the come off me. “You have a hose lying around? I’ll clean you off and get all this off me.” I said with a grin and BT-7 seemed to ‘blush’ a bit.

“Yeah, over here.” A MiG-3-15, painted all green with red stars on his wings rolled forward with the end of the hose, handing it to me with a smile. I turn the nozzle on to full blast and turn it on Rev so quickly he makes a noise of surprise and steals the hose away and sprays me down until I’m soaking wet. Rev grinned and turned to look at his BT-7 companion who immediately realizing what was going to happen made a grab for the hose.

I was able to grab it first and I turned the water on Comet who tries to block with little success. He steals the hose, first spraying down Rev then me with a grumble of dissatisfaction at his wet state before he dragged the hose back to the side of the hangar.

Rev and me were still laughing about it and I shake myself like a wet dog. As I look up more tanks were beginning to gather around, a mix of German and Russian tanks while the aircraft beginning to appear in the sky were all different countries. I smile, walking up to the MiG to give him a pat on the nose before moving on to say hello to the American Buffalo which had nudged his way close to me.
I sit up with a gasp at my computer, rubbing my head as it throbbed from a headache. My computer had restarted and as I watch the loading screen give way to the desktop I sit back, wondering if it was all just a dream. I yawn as all the programs load up and I glance at the time. It was 7 in the evening, I had some time to go play some more WarThunder.

I click the icon and press ‘play’, putting on the speakers so I could hear the heroic music as it logged in.

Nothing looked different, it had loaded up the last set of vehicles I had used, the Russian tanks and just as I go to press play…


I was so startled I gasp and look back at the tank I currently had selected, my BT-7. The ever rotating view of the tank had stopped, instead the BT-7 looked out at me through the screen with a smile.

“Its me Comet. Glad you can hear my voice.”

“Can you hear mine?” I ask and Comet gave a small nod.

“I can.” He looks over to the play button. “Another match?”

“For the glory of Mother Russia?” I joke and Comet grins as Rev the T-26 inches onto the screen and waves hello.

“For the glory of our homeland Comrades!” Rev said with a thick Russian accent, reaching a manipulator hand over to the button and pressing it to my surprise. “See you in battle StarNight!” He said as the home screen faded to be replaced with the starting battle screen. I select my BT-7 first and as we spawn, before I even push the W key Comet leaps forward to clear the spawn point and I grin, taking control of his movements to swing him towards the farthest capture point.

I have to admit, I think as I turn Comet’s turret towards an enemy and we one shot it to its death, the WarThuder developers did an amazing job with this game.

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beautiful Ruskie song.

Btw, I am absolutely in love with this war thunder trailer and the song that was used in it. (Cracked open ground forces for the first time in 5 months tonight. loved it.) The Youtube author posted the name of the singer and the lyrics, but I’m having difficulty finding it. Its not on itunes, if someone knows where to find an un adulterated mp3/mp4 version of it please let me know.


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