BB-55 North Carolina “The Showboat”

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This is a long time coming, been over a month since I actually visited this absolutely gorgeous beast. Her name is North Carolina, designation BB-55, and otherwise known as “Showboat” for being so pretty. She is berthed, or rather beached, in Wilmington, NC, off of US-421 on her own little road named “Battleship Road” off Cape Fear River. If you’re on the East coast, or near North Carolina, you owe it to yourself to see this ship. She is by far the best ship I’ve visited, condition wise she really looks like she could be towed out to sea tomorrow, and there is so much to see and do with her, and ticket prices being only like $12 to $15, its a fucking steal. This ship will take up your day. If you plan on going, set aside the whole day, there are tours but you can self tour at your own place and there is no where the tour goes that you cannot go alone. She has so much to look at, so much to see, I really cannot explain how much stuff there is on this ship to see. There are a lot of ladders, or stairs so steep its actually a ladder with a hand rail, and tons of knee-knocker risers in the frames so if you go wear shoes or boots. No flip flops, no slides, no heels. You can bring your own food and drink, too, and drink is highly encouraged because she is not under and AC, well ventilated in most parts but aside from fans there is no temperature control on her.

So I’m pausing to try and formulate just what all I should say about her, literally I am overwhelmed with stuff to talk about.

So I took close to 600 pictures and videos, but I’m not putting them all up because, fuck, but in some of the pictures I’ve taken you will see her T H I C C and beautiful hull, her awesome guns, her massive size, her strong armor, just, just so much. I really do not know what to say, I do not know what to describe. If you want to know something specific about her just ask, I’ll eagerly answer your questions.

As for recommendation and things you should know before you go:

Wear close toed and good fitting shoes, and make sure your feet will be comfortable. There is a lot of vertical movement on her, and no elevators, there are trip and toe-stubbing hazards all over her. Watch where you step.

Bring water or something to hold water. She is hot (and hawt), and big, and there’s usually a lot of people in very tight places entirely enclosed in metal.

She is tight, if you are claustrophobic, I’m sorry, but there are just too many places where you will be grinding against a wall or hunching over to fit into a ladderwell or space.

Don’t wear baggy clothing or have many things dangling from your person. There are gears and handles and pipes and grates and such EVERYWHERE, things like that WILL get snagged on them and as welcome as holes might be at the time in clothes it’s not fun tearing clothes.

There are some spaces that are more accessible to others, and those that are not as accessible than most. An example is her rudder room. The ladder into her rudder rooms requires going down a very steep ladder, that is maybe only a foot wide, through a hatch that’ll probably make you lean on the ladder to fit. Before you go gung-ho into these places look very closely to see if you can actually fit in there realistically. When I was there a woman locked up on this ladder and needed to be helped out. It’s very rare that it happens they say, but just be careful.

Wear a hat. You’re going to hit your head. You will. Wear a hat to pad the hit, please. And be very careful, I’m not a tall guy yet I still hit my head just trying to stand up in the turret.

ALMOST EVERYTHING IS ACCESSIBLE! Yes! You can climb into turret 3, climb into the dual-purpose 5″ batter mount, play around with some 20mm guns, and when I first went you could sit on the 40mm Bofors turret and swing it around with the manual controls. But last time I went the Bofors were off limits, but people still messed with the guns as you’ll see in the video, if I post it.

There are some breathtaking views from her high rises. You want some elaboration? It’s literally what I just said.

She is only open from 8AM to 5PM. Every day of the week. Holidays are weird so check her website.

Other than that I really got nothing. Now I just have to pray that all my pictures I’m gonna try to upload fucking work.

Also, she is sexy af.

Her nickname “Showboat” was given to her after WW2, and after she had been retired, decom’d, and purchased by North Carolina, by the Governor of North Carolina, because of how pretty the ship was sailing down through the river. The name stuck and, well, she sure is perdy.
After the attack on Pearl Harbor NC was the first ship to pull into harbor, and being the newest ship in the USN, the sailors and survivors said that she was the most beautiful ship that they had ever seen.

Just some fun facts about this beauty.

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The Imperial Might of Japan Herself

I’m back! I know I’ve been quite quiet over the past.., few weeks but I’ve also been writing another story. The story of the largest battleship ever, the IJN Yamato. It’s a long ass story but it’s worth it. Trust me it’s good. In other events Black Ops III is out (got to try it, there’s a WWII simulation map and it’s a Tiger II GALORE <3<3<3), Halo 5 (I heard it was a let down 4 and 1/2 hour campaign) and so is Fallout 4 (which I’m sure the lot of you are playing and won’t see the light of day for a few weeks) and soon my personal favorite, Battlefront III (sticking to the classic count) is arriving. Anyway enjoy all!


Hisashi climbed down the ladder to the roof of the conning tower bridge. He stood back and bowed.

“Good morning Yamato.”

“Good morning Hisashi.” Her voice was elegant, beautiful; it captured her poetic namesake of Japan and all its beauty. Hisashi erected himself and looked up to the bridge where her brown eyes looked back to his, the tall and menacing tower of metal and man was an impressive sight no matter where you saw it, but only up close can one see a decade of war taking its toll on the mighty symbol. Her armored plates had sign of weathering, her eyes heavy with sleepless, bomber filled nights, her magnificent voice uttered by a slow moving pair of lips tired of trembling in fear of fire bombs, and at worse sight a usually unmotivated crew. The crew is very inexperienced, only two combat missions during the whole war, and only once did Yamato use her guns. The crew had come up with a list of the most useless things in the world: The Great Wall of China, The Great Pyramids, and Yamato, and she didn’t challenge the list, either. She’s a mighty vessel, largest and heaviest in the globe. 79,808 tons of metal machine and all it’s done to contribute to the Emperor’s war is sail as a show ship almost. She confides in Hisashi and him alone her troubles, feeling of worthlessness, desire to fight, alienation from her fellow fleet ships, and her feelings of dishonor. But this morning on her newest voyage she had a hopeful fire in her eyes. “We’re going to Okinawa, Hisashi; we’re going to the front. No carriers. I’m the fighter now.”

“That’s great, Yamato, that’s great. Finally we will fight for the Emperor! Fight and beat the Americans off our homes!” He was more excited than she was. “And then we will return victorious!”

“Hisashi, don’t tell anyone this but,”

“What is it, Yamato?”

“It’s only a one way trip.” His heart sank. No returning, no glorious arrival, this is a fight to the death mission. “We’re going to beach on the Okinawa beach and halt any attempts to land until we run dry.”

“So be it.” Their voices were tense and low; they had dreamed of after the war, together as a part of the mightiest navy ever, they’ll now never see the day. Whenever they’d previously sit together they’d plan out how they’d engage the Imperialist Americans, dream about ravaging their puny ships and how they’d triumph over them, and steam into the San Francisco Bay Glorious in battle triumph.

“We don’t have much time left, Hisashi. I’d like to live as full a life as possible.” Her tone had dropped even lower. One day she told him of a lovely dream she had with a husband and a child, it was vague and she barely remembers it all but for that whole month she was obsessed by it, dreaming, thinking, talking, and sharing it with Hisashi alone. Often he’d ask why she only talked to him on such matters, the commander was much wiser than he was, but she never got around to confiding to the commander. She would talk to everyone and follow orders from the bridge but she never got personal with anyone but Hisashi. Still, he didn’t mind.

“A taste of the sushi, perhaps?” He knew she had always wanted to eat sushi. He got up from his folded seat and moved towards the ladder.

“It wouldn’t be refused.” She said with a smile, but that wasn’t what she wanted to say. “Hisashi, do you ever feel compassionate around me?” He stopped on the ladder. He folded his arm through the rungs to hold himself as he thought.

“I wouldn’t deny the rumors.” For a few years there has been a rumor that Yamato and he were planning to marry. Yamato heard it and passed it to Hisashi, but neither confronted anyone about it. They let it be a story that excited the crew on this long dull post. Yamato didn’t share the other rumor that the crew thought of; the long and loud creaks and groans of her hull at night were love-making between them. That rumor was false entirely, she shifted around at night just to move, any movement felt like a million miles to her, and she loved moving in her tight dock slip. She looked down at Hisashi into his eyes and waited for him to continue. He didn’t so she took the lead.

“At your heart would you agree? Truly agree at your heart?” This made Hisashi stop and think. He grew tired and slid down the ladder he thought that long; searching his feelings and after a time he found his answer.

“Yes.” Yamato fought hard to hold back a smile but it showed anyways, Hisashi saw and couldn’t help but smile back. Her teeth were impressive but not overwhelming; everything about her was representing the beauty of Japan: her teeth were straight and nice with a white polish. Most other battleships have shark teeth or simple razor fold teeth for a fear and intimidation factor but not Yamato; she had her eighteen inch guns for that. Rarely did Hisashi see her teeth so it was like a shining star to him. She noticed that she made him smile and blushed a darker gray than her base coat.

That night she slept quietly and soundly for the first time since American bombers flew over Japan regularly. She dreamed of a strange turn of events where once she arrives at Okinawa the Americans pull back, and form a treaty with Japan to cease the bloodshed of their people. The Emperor agrees to this and the fighting stops. She is then refueled and moved back to Japan and from there they tour the Pacific, all the while figuring out how Hisashi and her would marry. They run into the fabled American battleship Iowa, the Iowa tries to smooth talk her but doesn’t get through to her. Later Hisashi takes her hand in marriage and she bears beautiful children, then her dream was interrupted by the Commander.

“Yamato, Okinawa reports an increase in carrier activity. Ready for an arial attack close to Okinawa.” He noticed her confirmation wasn’t normal. “Everything alright, Yamato?”

“Yes senpai, well, no senpai.” He asked for her to elaborate. “I wish for a fuller life, senpai, to love and birth and raise children.” The commander nodded. He suspected she’d be going through rough emotions since hearing about her sentencing.

“Do what you see fit for fulfilling that. I know I wish I could see my wife one more time.” With that she figured she’d hurry her relations with Hisashi up to the sex and possibly pregnancy. If she could beach herself maybe the Americans wouldn’t scrap a pregnant and ammo-less ship, and spare her Hisashi as well. She realized that the Americans would show no mercy to her, none. By then she would have sunk many ships and killed thousands of Americans, she is doomed no matter what. Tears began to roll from her eyes; she began to quiver in fear. The largest and mightiest ship in the world is crying and quivering in fear.

She felt Hisashi stir, they had a unique feeling of each other, and they knew each other’s feelings like their own. Even now in the midst of his night’s sleep he felt her distraught emotions. He arose from his cot and dressed himself in the dark before making his way up the superstructure. The bridge commander stopped him and brought him close to whisper in his ear. Do whatever she wants. Hisashi replied, I always intend too, sir. Then he climbed another ladder up a deck and opened the access door to slide down the ladder to the conning bridge roof and bowed.

“Yamato, what’s wrong?” He asked as he sat down.

“I never did anything with my life! I-I-I wish I could do more, to marry, to birth, to love!” She was about to break down again when Hisashi let his heart flow.

“I love you, Yamato, do you not love me?” It worked, she stopped tearing, she was silent, both of them knew the answer, she did love him. “Yamato there is not a single thing you listed that we cannot do tonight.” She smiled a little.

“Even the birth of our child?” She said questioning.

“We can start it.” She smiled more, slowly and armored panel beneath the ladder moved away and a large protruding hose-like object appeared looking like a vagina at its front.

“Please start, then.” Hisashi moved towards her vagina, unsure and curious of it. He leaned over and looked at its sides; pistons and hoses, hydraulics and piping covered it. It had gears and such all along it’s sides making it look very mechanical and easy to fix if something went wrong. It turned him on more than her vagina did. Her vagina was placed on a faceplate that looked like the bow without the protrusion; it gradually thinned into the lips of her beautiful vagina, like it was elegantly crafted by an artisan. “Are you alright, Hisashi?”

“Y-Yes, I’m fine, Yamato.”

“I’m ready.” He placed his index and middle fingers onto her lips at the top and felt how surprisingly soft she was, plush and smooth; he trailed his fingers down her slit softly. Her soft moans fueled his passion; he trailed his fingers up and down soft and slow until a little silver ball appeared at the top. He rubbed that softly, noting it was moist, and plunged his fingers into her hole to test her moisture levels. He eased his two fingers in and out pumping her and searching around for her good spot. He was breath taken by how soft she was, so plush, tender, and hot. “You’re making me so wet, Hisashi!”

“I’m ready.” He undid his pants and shirt, pulled out his fingers; they were dripping with hot silver lube, and placed his throbbing cock head against her eager lips.

“Yes, Hisashi! Yes Hisashi! Do it!” He followed her plea and fell on it; her moan signaled he’d gone deep. He felt her hot walls surround him, her slick inside welcome him, and her love embrace him and warm his insides. He hesitated to leave, still trying to figure out just what he was doing exactly, he pulled out to his head before thrusting into her again. Yamato was egging him to go faster, so he tried pleasing her and please her he did. Her eyes were mostly clenched shut or looking down to him, her mouth agape and moaning and grunting. Her whole hull and superstructure shook with every thrust.

On the bridge everyone could see Hisashi was doing a good job. Her windows used as eyes were blacked out and shut, her moans echoed softly inside, her shudders could be felt in anything they touched, and this was making the most of them a little ashamed and uncomfortable. They felt like they were trespassing. Only the commander and two of the elder men smiled. One young and curious sailor started to lean towards the window to peak but the commander swatted his shoulder and frowned at him. The sailor stood back shamed. The radio operator, one of the elders, tuned into what the Americans called “Ms. Tokyo” radio station and listened to her music and propaganda using the speakers on max setting to drown out Yamato.

“Oh Hisashi! Oh Hisashi! I never thought it’d be this good! Oooohh!” She wailed, Hisashi kept humping and humping, looking up to her face and watching her signs of gay enjoyment. He looked back down towards her vagina. Her lips wrapped around his cock and held on, not wanting to let go, and every time he pulled out a sheen of silver coated his cock to keep it warm in the cool air. “Oh, oh, oh YYEESS! Harder Hisashi! Love me more!” He complied, thrusting more powerfully and deeper into her. He looked down and watched as his thrusts pushed her vagina against his crotch and then coil back from its base like a cannon and then follow him out as he pulled out. He went hard and fast, watching himself penetrate her and push her vagina in. He listened to her gleeful cheers and rambles and felt amazing. Soon he felt her tightening on him, her moans becoming more rapid, and her temperature increasing. She snaked her arms around him and inside his remaining clothes, as she told him she felt it building. Then he felt himself rapidly building, but knew he couldn’t pull out, she wanted to feel it, and she needed to feel it. He started to moan, letting his body do its job without worrying about keeping it in anymore. Suddenly he couldn’t hold back, he pushed in as deep as he could and let go.

She cried aloud, “it’s so hot! So hot! It’s everywhere!” She felt it first inside her depths then it seemed that the whole pacific was Hisashi’s seamen, so hot and creamy; it made her feel hot all over and everywhere. Hisashi felt relieved, and Yamato’s great full cries made him feel even better, but she was still tight, still waiting her turn. And she was too good to only fuck once. He eased back out drawing a long moan from Yamato, she didn’t think he’d keep loving her but she was happily wrong. She wanted the most from this little time, she focused on what she felt and was not disappointed. She felt his skin, the slick shaft that rubbed her right, the cum still oozing from his cock. His hot seamen kept coming and coming, she never wanted it to end. Abruptly Hisashi pulled out to his head before dramatically stopping, causing Yamato to yelp in surprise.

“Ready for another?”

“Always!” He plunged back into her tightening pussy, pulling a moan from deep within her as her grip locked on him while her orgasm arose and couldn’t be held back anymore. He watched and felt her pussy throb around his cock, silver liquids pumped out of her vagina lips against his crotch. “I love you, Hisashi, I love you like the fish love their ocean.” She held him until the oozing stopped then allowed him to continue with the second run. It lasted longer than the first and was more intense as well, they built up together and at the same moment their cusps overwhelmed them and they came at once. They rested, still connected, for a good amount of time until Hisashi rolled off her to the side and leaned his back against her tower base. She wrapped around his body and dressed him again. “That was amazing, Hisashi. Surely that was enough to fertilize me.” He felt hot, sweaty, and perfect in her arms. She never wanted to let him go.

“I feel like we’ll never see the result, Yamato that makes me feel depressed.”

“I know. I know.” She thought of how her carrier sister ship sank; submarine. She thought that one day she might be risen from the depths, and rebuilt, and if they do have a baby inside her it will grow and come into a better world, with Hisashi as the father and herself as the mother. Only thing was: Hisashi will die. “Hisashi, there’s something I want to tell you.”

“I’ll always listen, my love.”

“I will sink, but I may still live on with the baby inside me on the bottom. We might even stay together; the German cruiser said that’s what their battleship did.”

“What? How?”

“She said that the battleship’s lover was transformed; I want to transform you.” He thought about her want. He was told to do anything she asked.

“Yes.” She comforted him, readied her injectors and placed them where it felt natural, and then she listened to his screams as she changed him. She finished up and held him tight, ordered for him a blanket and pillow to sleep with where he lay, in the fetal position, so she could hold him in her arms like they were married. Like they were married after this war and home in a harbor slip. And there they slept.

A few hours later they were awoken: the battle was imminent. The officers passed around sake, and told the crewman to drink, to ease the pain ahead. Usually when Hisashi drank he could get only a third threw the bottle before he was too drunk to think; he downed the bottle faster than he could a third earlier and barely felt any different. The rest of the crew wasn’t fairing the same. Later there were run-ins with the American planes, Yamato and an accompanying cruiser engaged repeatedly but to no avail. She was talking to Hisashi when she abruptly stopped and told him a report came in about a hundred and fifty aircraft heading their way. Then her face darkened, she felt them on radar. She wrapped around Hisashi for comfort, he tried his best to comfort her but they both knew that she was obsolete, air power took the seas. The aircraft turned towards them in an attack pattern, her crew fired all they could. Her 18 inch guns were loaded with the buzzbee anti-air flak shells and fired at the incoming planes. The tracers went everywhere, the drunken gunners sprayed everywhere, bombs went off everywhere, and torpedoes were all around her. She was struck a few times and listed to the sides; she clutched her Hisashi in her arms as her damage control pumps righted her. For two hours the American planes tormented her, strafed her decks, the gunfire tearing her crew limb from limb, half from half, flesh from bone, life, from existence. Men screamed everywhere; turrets were hit with bombs and exploded into the sky. Her escorts were diced up as well. They were bombed and torpedoed to the bottom, only fifty miles from Japan’s most southern point. She felt the end was near, the planes were getting closer and closer with each run, and much of her AA batteries were dead, disabled, in flames or all of the above. She lifted Hisashi, he was quivering in fear, and she looked him in the eye with her gorgeous eyes reminding him of Japan and asked him one last promise. “Hisashi!? I need you to promise me one more thing!” He knew what was coming, she thought about what she’s asking of him, tears began rolling down their faces. “Promise me, promise never to forget me!”

“I promise! I promise never to let you go! I’ll never leave you! Always with you!” They both leaned in; she brought him close to her lips. They kissed. A kiss is an unbreakable promise, something reserved for the closest of loved ones. And they meant everything about it then. She felt her side get rocked by a torpedo, felt the rush of warm Pacific water rush in, and keep coming, flooding her pump station and her halls. She knew she was sunk right then. She savored his lips’ taste. His warm flesh tainted with the salty air and his sweat. His tongue sat on top of her massive tongue, stroking each other for comfort. Hisashi felt her tense up, felt her fear. He took in her salty metal lips and tongue, her slick warm fluids flowed into his mouth, her tender love amongst her amass of war and hate. He felt her pain, the flooding; they shared every feeling they had. Suddenly the heat in the middle of her erupted. Her eyes shot open and her mouth went agape, Hisashi was dropped as her arms went limp and an explosion ripped her in half, Hisashi felt a part of himself be torn from the whole, then half of his essence felt empty. He plummeted to the raging seas below and was hit hard. He struggled to return to the surface where he fought to stay above water. He met with a small group of survivors and drifted with them. They were all heart broke, demoralized, and any hope of Japan’s survival sank with their ship. Some cried, cried like babies when they knew they dishonored their family, the Emperor, and most of all- Japan. Everything they lived for in their eyes abandoned them; they were the most worthless things in the universe in their eyes. Hisashi cried for his lost love on top of the dishonor, he felt her death. Not her disappearance, but her life leaving her hull when she was ripped by that explosion. They all watched the mushroom cloud standing over the ship dispatch after minutes of intimidation. They were soon picked up by Americans, triumphant in their slaying of the beast, celebratory in their victory. No Japanese sailor could bear to look at anything but the deck. No matter where they sailed Hisashi knew where she was, he felt her presence on the bottom.

When the two bombs dropped on their home soil and their country surrendered the crew of the Yamato, and every other sailor, pilot, or soldier, felt the shame of defeat on their shoulders. Depression settled among nearly every one of them. Once they were released most would return home to move on with their lives and rebuild their culture and homes. Not Hisashi. He moved to the most southern point of Japan, built himself a seaworthy fishing vessel, and every day of the weekdays he sailed out to his lover’s grave and sat. Sometimes he stayed overnight, waiting, waiting, waiting for some sign from his lover, from his long lost Yamato. He could drift anywhere overnight and he’d know his way back to her grave, just by their connection he knew where she was and how she was. He longed to be with her every hour. Years and years and years later he still went out; never missing a day he couldn’t miss for getting more gas, food, or money. Occasionally he’d go fish with the son of his neighbor named Takeo, they were like father and son, and whenever Takeo went home he felt like that was something he missed out on with Yamato. Nevertheless he remained faithful towards his lost love and never searched for romance, but that didn’t deter him from advising the youth about love. He was viewed as the wisest in the village, and would be asked for knowledge often. Few knew why he was the way he was; a 30 year old guy that’s wiser than the 60 year olds, when he was really in his hundreds by the time the research vessels came and moved him off Yamato’s grave.

“Sorry but we have Japanese authorization for this project.” The announcer spoke in English.

“How wong?” He asked in the stereotypical Japanese accent. He actually could speak English fluently.

“About two to three weeks.”

“Dat no good. I need dis spot fow fishing.” He always welcomed explorers and gave them space, as long as they shared what they saw with him. Even still two weeks minimum isn’t what he wants, alone time was still important. “I go as wong as you tewl me what down dare!”

“We’re here to resurrect the IJN Yamato.”

“I’m staying here then!” He instantly dropped the heavy mispronunciation accent. “You cannot stop me!”

“On what grounds?” He thought quickly.

“We’ll talk in secret; we’ll meet on your ship!”

“Negative, what is your relationship with the Yamato?”

He hesitated. “.., lover.” He was brought on as some con artist, living ships were made famous by the raising of the Titanic two years ago but nearly all records of Yamato were lost. He sat down in front of a (useless) translator and the Captain of the ship. He uttered two words.

“Say again?” Hisashi sighed. For nearly 76 years he kept this secret.

“Back in nineteen-forty-five the Yamato and I were very close..,” he explained his whole story with her, and then he told them his routine for the past 76 years. He even pointed to people who were on previous search parties for the Yamato remains and said the date their first search was. The men in the room were impressed. The Captain leaned over and asked for an electricity measuring device. Hisashi didn’t catch the whole name but knew it had to do with the electric current in metal that usually give life to them. He was granted permission to stay on board for the operation for his insight and knowledge of her interior. As he watched submarine footage of the eerie black turn to greenish orange rust he felt shivers.

“This is where that final torpedo hit.” He was told. Just then the sub’s ultralights kicked on and Hisashi saw a hole bigger than his fishing trawler, deeper than his trawler long, black as death itself. He was staring at what killed his Yamato, and he knew there was more to her death than that. They circled all around the upturned hull, investigating the multiple torpedo holes in her massive hull. They decided to put the shiny probe needles down right on her belly, one of the most sensitive regions of a ship, and tested the frequencies for any life. They tested for a charge sufficient enough to sustain life.

All failed.

Then they tried vocalizing their presence, even Hisashi piped up towards the end.

All failed.







Every try failed. Yamato was dead. Some of the guys there pulled him back into his chair and patted his back. One of the more empathetic women massaged his shoulders. His whole hopes of finally talking to her again, ever, vanished in the blink of an eye. He cried like he did 72 years ago. After the tears started he got up and left, went to his trawler where he had a picture of Yamato’s broadside at the dock. He took that picture. He put it in his finest frame and made a little mural around it with a little book of his time without her. He held that frame to his chest and cried himself to sleep in the galley of his trawler.

They didn’t need him that day or the next to be honest; they explored and tested the outer of the hull for weak points and openings to fill. They knew that Yamato was too heavy for a barge or ship bus so they would need to really focus on the tear points to keep her buoyant for towing. The days after they used Hisashi’s guidance in navigating the interior. He wasn’t his helpful self, though, he helped but he didn’t actively help; trying for as minimal conversation as possible. It took even longer than they anticipated, run ins with unknown damage, furniture remains, and a few snagged RC sub bot cables for the most part, but after six weeks she was on her way to the surface. It took a grueling five hours to reach the surface, three more than Titanic simply because of weight and stability. Just before Yamato reached the brightest parts of the ocean the submarines carefully righted the hull. That was when Hisashi, sitting in the back of his little trawler with a camera, felt tears of joy run from his eyes as Yamato’s superstructure broke the waves and rose to the sky. He filmed the rising, and specifically zoomed on the holes that doomed her before taking an expansive shot of the whole scene. He put the camera away and looked at what time had done to his love. Her superstructure was mostly free of rust: being buried in the soft sand on the bottom while her hull looked like half shredded green cheese with rusticles all over her body. The guns were held in place as she sank to the bottom and only a few things were bent out of place. The antennas and wires and poles were swept away and the smokestack had taken serious damage. He followed her all the way back to the port that birthed her, and the same port that was to restore her. The Mitsubishi ship yards agreed to restore their lost child with help from the same team that coordinated the restoration of Titanic. Hisashi set up a tent outside of the yards where he had a clear view of the progress and remained there, watching the team toil away, for as long as he needed too.




Yamato’s eyes shot open, her mouth dropped and she screamed. She quickly regained herself and looked around, something was different. She didn’t feel any water, only chucks under her hull, she felt empty, entire sections of her insides were gone, her guns were working and stowed, and nobody was on board. Hisashi wasn’t in her arms, either. She teared up and looked down where she last saw him. He was standing there, clad in a rubber suit with thick rubber boots. He was smiling ear to ear. She’s never seen him smile like that. She instantly lashed out, wrapping her arms around him and pulled him up in between her eyes, both cried. She pinned him against her, never dreaming of letting go. Hisashi knew what she felt, he didn’t dream of letting go ever again, not in his past near eighty years has he ever dreamed of letting go of her. Soon after they were glued together gangways touched her hull again and men and women went back to work. It’s been three years since they first put her in the slipway for renovation, and they were nearly complete. Suddenly Yamato started asking questions.

“Hisashi what happened? How are we in the slipway? Why am I empty? Why was there nobody aboard?” He whispered all her answers to her.

“You blew up, you died. Your hull sank to the bottom.”

“How long was I dead?” She said in disbelief, it seemed mere moments ago she felt the torpedoes tearing into her.

“It was seventy-nine years ago. We lost the war. Japan wanted you back as a memorial so these people rose you up. They fixed you. You were gutted and your inside was changed for a more appealing look and to fit museum pieces. Nobody was aboard because we needed a massive electric discharge to bring you back to life.”

“Is that why you’re in that rubber suit?” She giggled as she stroked his rubber back.

He too chuckled and agreed. “Yes, yes. Yamato it’s been so long, I’ve missed you exponentially. You missed so much. I wrote it all down for you in a book I left on my trawler.”

“When did you get a trawler?”

“A month after the war, I used it to make a living and sit above you. Every day I went to your grave. Every day I waited for something. I would have given it all away to be with you again forever.” She gripped him tighter.

“Hisashi I’m sorry I left you.”

“That doesn’t matter now. Now, now we are together. Together without a war.”

“Now we can have the child!” She was so happy, super excited, she could barely contain herself.

“Yamato.., they found something inside you.”

“The baby?”

“No, a composition of your life metal. It, too, was dead.” She looked him in the eyes, he wasn’t looking cheery. “It was dead; there wasn’t anything they could do with it.”

“I.., was pregnant?”

“Yes. Not anymore. They had to use it in the restoration.” She frowned and teared up. “They’re sorry.”

“We have to try again?” Hisashi nodded. Yamato closed her eyes and brought him close again. They were locked in that hug for the rest of the day. The night came and workers were still toiling away, her launch was scheduled for the morning. Then her main turrets could be assembled and put in place. When morning came hundreds flocked to the pier to watch the monstrous hull move like nothing into the water. Yamato instinctively questioned why the water wasn’t at her waterline before looking into her answer’s giant and gaping holes. That afternoon the shell pieces were dropped into the well for gun turret number two for display of the huge size, also dropped in was a quarter scale working model of the gun loading process. She was breath taken when a wingless Zero followed them in, then the wings, then some decommissioned bombs, and finally a large table covered in model waves and a model of herself leading three destroyers, a heavy cruiser, the carrier task force, some light cruisers and a Fuso class. A few other models of aircraft, an American task force, and various other gun caliber’s shells before the crane in the rear was put in place followed by the aircraft hydraulic launches. It took a few weeks after that for all three of her main gun turrets to be put into place, but after that she felt complete again.

To her surprise there was already a small crew waiting for her finalizing. Apparently a band of maritime merchants were assembled to man her in her longest voyage ever: to Hawaii. Not to the launch point where they staged the attack on Pearl Harbor but to the actual Pearl Harbor. The crew was dressed in casual clothing as food, fuel, water, and other utilities were loaded on to her and she was prepared to leave her slip. If anyone were to come try and remove Hisashi from her she’d make sure they had a nice swim home. Nothing will separate them again. They loaded for about three days before they set off for Hawaii.

“I wonder how much the world has changed, Hisashi. What happened while I was gone?” She snuggled him close to her and watched the rising sun as she left her home harbor.

“Let me get something from my trawler and I will show you.” She let him go and he made his way through the stairways and corridors to the rear of her superstructure and exited to the aft deck. Hoisted by the crane was his trawler, kept neat beneath the waterline by his disciplined training some eighty years old. He climbed the rigging into the trawler, entered and grabbed a book that has had twelve different spines and hundreds of additions, and left for Yamato’s conning tower roof he always goes to. He handed her the book, ever so tenderly and cautiously did she turn the pages, reading dates, events, journal entries, accomplishments and downfalls. She read and read and read, until she got to ‘Japan regains military’ and stops.

“If we’re just barely getting a navy then why am I not part of it?”

“You’re obsolete. Just like last time.”

“I know that but I am still a capable ship. Why not?” He wasn’t supposed to know this but he did some sleuthing early on in her reconstruction.

“You are set up for modern weapons platforms. If the need be you can be returned to the slip to get your AA batteries upgraded, anti-missile systems, the radar is already directly linked to the main batteries, and the radar is up to date. If you see something on that you can hit it. If we go to war your AA guns will lock on to planes miles away and track their every move. If a missile is launched at you the anti-missile system will handle it.” She seemed to do her little ‘nod’ in agreement, but seemed hesitant.

“So what is a missile?” Right then she conveniently saw a small Japanese warship with her crew at attention, the ship had only one gun in a turret and a massive space in the deck filled only with hatches. She stared confused at it. Hisashi explained:

“That’s the modern Destroyer. More powerful now than you ever were.”

“How? It only has one gun and a few torpedo tubes.”

“Missiles. See all those hatches on the deck?”

“Yes, what are they?”

“Those are where the missiles are.” She wanted to open that hatch and pull out a missile to see for herself what it was but she knew she couldn’t do that. “A missile is like a flying bomb. It’s a mix of a jet engine and a bomb. They can be told by someone on the ship to hit this area, an area miles and miles and miles further than you could reach, and hit it with guaranteed accuracy.”

“How!?” She was utterly amazed and confounded on how that was possible.

“It flies itself like a kamikaze, adjusting, leading, and seeking out the target so it will hit.”

There are things to combat it?”

“Yes. The anti-missile system uses radar to detect the missile and sensors to home in onto its position to shoot it out of the sky as if it were a plane.” He explained the invention of a computer to her, and that the computer is how it all works. Then when he satisfied her mind she continued to read for a little bit before she asked why they were going to Hawaii. “It’s more for you, to show you that we’ve moved pass the war. We don’t want you to be resentful towards the Americans. There’s already a spot marked off for us, there’s talk of a ceremony and welcoming party. Then on December seventh the real ceremonies will begin.” He rambled on about what America has done in the past, what their likely to do, how Americans will walk on her decks as part of a memorial special, all this elaborate planning and how it’ll all be executed.

“I love it when you ramble, Hisashi.” She plucked him up and held him against her face. They shared a silent moment together before she asked about how the cultures have changed. That was when Hisashi rambled on about how much Japan has changed in appearance, culture, and government. He rambled on for an hour and a half, Yamato listened to every word. Finally at the end he got to how there’s so much premarital sex and so much bastard children in Japan. “Sex is now not for two married lovers anymore, it’s for fun with no thought of the consequences.”

“Well, I’m not disapproving of marital sex for pleasure.” She said looking deep into his eyes seductively. Hisashi grinned.

“You’re not actually agreeing with them are you?”

“Not premarital sex but, come on Hisashi. The world’s changing, we should get with the times.” She pulled on his belt buckle. He looked around, it was night time, half the crew was asleep, nobody will be on deck, and they had mastered telepathic communication so nobody would hear them.

“I guess it’s time to stop being the old man of the village, then.” He undid his belt for her, she undid the buttons of his shirt, untied his shoes, unzipped his pants, and stripped it all off him. He sprung up ready and waiting, she put him on the conning tower and opened up for him. This time he didn’t start with fingering, he sat down and licked her from bottom to top. She was already moist, the stripping and thought moistened her, and her whole hull groaned with his laps around her track. He kept licking and probing until his cock ached and her lips oozed her bright silver lubricant. When he felt her leak onto his face he got up and moved his aching cock towards her when she surprised him and launched herself into him, instantly moaning and tightening up on him.

“Like the improvements, love?” Her arms coiled around his and her hands met his at the end. She wrapped around his waist and turned him around, leaning his back against her hull. He slid down to her conning tower roof, leaning against her superstructure, her vagina tendril still fixed to his crotch. He couldn’t help but relax, close his eyes, and let everything go. Years of loneliness, stress, despair, all of it being released by Yamato. Just her arms and hands wrapped around him was enough, her gentle stroking of his hair, her arms caressing his muscles, and with her pussy on his cock it was exactly what he needed and more. Every worry fled his mind, every ache his body, every defect his essence, for once in his life he was whole. Yamato was encountering a similar experience, holding Hisashi in her arms wrought out all her confusion, all her trouble, all her anxiety. His big hard cock stuffed into her tingled her whole hull into a blissful heaven while his firm grip on her hands assured her they weren’t wrong, his relaxed body encouraged her body to relax and relax it did. They silently thought as one. They were one, one being in heaven. The only thing they knew was they were together, peacefully together at last. One thing, however, one thing still sat in Yamato’s mind.

“Hisashi, dear, let’s have our child now. In this time of peace, and grace.”

“Let’s do it.” He whispered to her hull. Suddenly her vagina grew hotter and a little moister. She led him up to his feet, moved her vagina back to its old position, and guided his hands onto the tendril’s sides.

“Love me, Hisashi. Love me like you did all those years ago.”

“I do.”

He pulled out and thrusted in again, and again, and again. He gradually picked up the pace, humping her faster and faster. Yamato figured that the decencies had been lost and let her suppressed dirty drive unfold.

“Oh yes Hisashi! Oh fuck yes! Oh fuck me harder Hisashi! Fuck me harder!” Hisashi was excited by her pleas, this dirty side of her really drove him, he lusted even more than ever. He obeyed her whim, pushing hard into her and putting every muscle into overdrive. Her loud mental moans, groans, and cries excited him even more. She was spitting out so much dirty phrases and cries of pleasure that Hisashi’s discipline broke and he, too, started to be dirty.

“So fucking good! Ah Yamato you’re so tight! Fuck!”

“Fuck my cunt! Fuck my tight cunt! OOOOOhhh fffuuuck! OOOOOhhh fffuuuck!” Hisashi moved his right hand off her side and placed it atop her tendril, moving his thumb to rub her clit bak while he plowed her pussy. “Oh! FFUUUCK! FUCK! Oh Fuck!” She reached over his hand with hers and assisted in his task.

“Your pussy is so fucking hot! Damn it’s so hot!” He also noticed how much tighter it had gotten, but he was cut off by Yamato.

“You’re so fucking big! Fuck it’s so big! Fuck me big man, fuck me more! OOOHHHH YYEEESSS!!!” She came on him, her hot insides spewed out onto his crotch and leaked down his legs to her conning tower roof. She moaned aloud quietly, but very loudly in his head. Hisashi kept rubbing her clit, polished shiny silver like a mirror, and that seemed to keep her juices flowing out of her marvelous pussy. For a good three minutes she kept leaking on him, moaning, and throbbing on his cock.

“Did that satisfy you, my precious?”

“Almost, now it’s your turn.” He instantly went back to humping. He moved his hand back to her side, letting her own hand take over. He felt one of her arms creep up his left leg and her warm and careful hand massage his testicles. She gripped and tugged on his cock, milking anything that would come out. “Mmmm, you’re close, dear.” She felt his cock tremble, his humps hesitate, his hands on her grip. “Don’t resist, cum inside me, Hisashi.” Her persuasion worked. He thrusted into her as deep as possible and came, moaning aloud as he came. Yamato felt again his hot sperm, spewing all over her insides, warming her body and transforming the surrounding sea into a hot bath. “That’s the stuff right there, baby.”

“I’m not done.” He pulled out and pushed in again, for three more minutes. Every time he went as deep as he could he released even more sperm into her. Yamato savored every drop that entered her, encouraging more out of him by milking his rigid cock as he pulled out. “It’s done now.”

“Finally dry, Hisashi?” She said disappointed.

“Yes, dearest, I’m dry now.” He backed out of her and admired the mess they made. Her silver fluids were all over the roof, and backsplash had covered the end of her vagina in her own juices. Her vagina lips sat open, her metal muscles stuck open, slowly closing as more of her fluids barely dripped out, some of his white seamen was slowly falling out of her hole and was covering the walls of her insides. The sperm was racing towards something inside her to fertilize, if she wasn’t fertilized already. But Yamato wanted that feeling that they first felt, as Hisashi sat down again she coiled around him and held his hands.

“You might want to plug the hole, baby, we don’t want our baby to come out early.” She slid herself onto his still stiff shaft. Both openly moaned to the world. Yamato pulled a large blanket around her opening panel for her vagina tendril and draped it around herself and Hisashi, tucking them in to spoon for the night.

“Yamato I have no words to convey how much I love you.”

“Neither do I, Hisashi, neither do I.” They snuggled each other and fell asleep.

The next morning the mess was gone, washed away by the sea mist and spray. Hisashi awoke first; he squinted in the early morning light and stretched out. Yamato still had her arms coiled around his and their fingers were still locked together. He peeked under the covers and saw that she was still riding him, it made him smile. He stirred to get up but Yamato stopped him.

“No, no. Stay here, baby, go back to sleep.” He was pulled back to her hull and as good as it felt and as much as he wanted to stay he needed to get to work. He withered through her grip and got dressed. “If you won’t stay here at least tell me where you’re going.”

He took two of her hands into his and looked into her weary eyes. “I’m going to teach the crew more about us.”

“Our history or our love?”

“Our history.”

“Don’t deny our love to them. If they ask answer. You were always squeamish and denial of us together.”

“That was different, we weren’t actually together.” She brought him up to her eyes.

“But deep down you knew we were.” They peered into one another’s eyes. He nodded, she was right. She put him up above her bridge in front of the access door and opened it for him. “I love you, Hisashi, be proud of that.”

“I am, but will the world understand my pride?”

“They will learn.” She smacked his ass as he walked down the hall. Hisashi couldn’t help but blush. He got past it and met the Mariners in the mess hall. Most of them would be representing officers because of how old they are; only a handful would represent the body of the crew. He sat down and asked a question right off the bat.

“What do you know already?” The crew knew a variety of things, some fact, some fiction, some controversial. Hisashi set them straight that day; he taught them the greetings, honor code, hierarchy, the rank system, everything he knew they knew at the end of that day. The ones on the bridge wouldn’t be taught because they’d be asleep during the memorial, recovering from countless hours on the bridge working away. The meanwhile Yamato read Hisashi’s history notes and tried the smartphone he had out, figuring out what lies ahead for her and Hisashi as parents. Took her a few hours but she found an article from decades of study about machine children. She found that her dreams of a ship baby won’t be feasible, it’s cost way too much for them. Instead she needs to focus on the other end of the spectrum: humorph. She brings it up with Hisashi later that night.

“What worries you, Yamato?”

“I changed our plans, dear; we won’t be having a little ship.”

“Why not?” She sighed.

“It would be just too much for us. So we need to have a humorph, pretty much what you are.”

“What about a mix, dear? We can blend together.”

“No, no, even then it would still be too much. It would be too big and too much resources. I would need to eat one of my turrets and then some.”

“Don’t give up hope, dear, don’t quit on your dreams.” He leaned off the ladder and wiped some tear build up off her face.

“I have, Hisashi, I’ve looked at every possible method I could find. It just won’t work. I’ve already accepted it, no matter what I make I will love and cherish it like nothing else in the world. All I want now is a child and you, but I need your help for this child.” Hisashi looked into her eye, her beautiful, amazing, breathtaking eye. He couldn’t upset her, he didn’t have the strength.

“Alright, Yamato, I’ll help you.” She instantly rejoiced and yanked him off the ladder into a hug.

“I love you Hisashi.”

“I love you, too, Yamato.”

“You know what it means, right?” She asked in a low, seductive whisper.

“No, what?” His mind raced through naughty thoughts.

“We’re doing it. Every. Night.” At first Hisashi was excited, thrilled, but soon his cock ached and hurt, he thought again. Nine months of sex? He knew it’d get pretty boring and sore down there. Yamato smirked and giggled, she knew how he felt.

“Don’t worry, love, I’ll keep it nice and relaxed.” She began to suggestively massage his cock with a tendril.

“Really? Here?”

“Oh, no, but later.”

The days passed, each night they loved and fed the fetus’s growth. No problems, only questions and answers, only Yamato’s curiosity and Hisashi’s knowledge. Days rolled by before Hawaii finally came into view, Yamato felt both excitement and apprehension. For her it was only days ago it seemed that her nation and their nation were at each other’s throats. She felt tense and ready. Noticeably she raised her main battery guns a degree or two when an American flag was seen. Later, late night on Dec 5th Pearl City’s lights shone in the black. Yamato was breath taken by the tranquility, no ships routinely entering or exiting, no planes in the shy on patrol, just the lights of homes, beach goers, drivers, offices, bars, and hotels. Yamato couldn’t wait to see Japan from that far away on a cool night. Yamato was slowed to ten knots and waited for contact from the U.S. At exactly the time set up beforehand the Americans sounded on her radio. They discussed for a little, and then Yamato was escorted by tugs to her marked position. When she got there Hisashi decided to hit the sack, Yamato wrapped around him as he slept; she was too tired to go to sleep herself. A few minutes later on of the American Destroyers started flirting with her. She delightfully shrugged him off, flattered by him but not thinking of trying something like that.

“C’mon! There’s a whole world to explore, a little adventure never hurt!” He had a big ole smile on his face. Yamato giggled.

“I’m flattered, little guy, but I’m married and got one on the way.” That finally shut him up. He backed off with a “whatever” and went back to sleep. Yamato looked over his alien body. It looked nothing like what she was used to. After that she tried looking around at other ships. She saw across the way a white bridge in the middle of the water. The reflection of the moon was casting a silhouette of what looked like a huge well. She remembered reading something about a memorial here but she wasn’t sure if that was it. She saw this huge outline nearby; it had a tall tower with shorter ones behind it, a long and low hull, and had three large blocks with massive long tubes coming out. That’s the Iowa that’s here. She thought, it was longer than her, and the angle she had on it, it was also a lot thinner than she was. “Pssssst! Pssst! PsssSSSsssSSSt!”

“What-?” The massive thing stirred. “Do you know what time it is? I’ve got shit to do in the morning!” It was a female; Yamato was excited, she hadn’t talked to another female ship in years, for her memory. Yamato had barely a clue what she said; she didn’t know anything English, really.

“I sowry,” was all she could say in English that was applicable to the ship’s tone, “know Japanese?” Was said in Japanese.

“Yes.” She said in rough Japanese. “Hold on, let me wake up, I’m old and not in the best shape.” Her hull groaned as she stretched it out, it rocked side to side and barely bowed up and down. With a few lip smacks she sounded more awake.

“Good night, I’m guessing you’re the Yamato?”

“Correct. You’re an Iowa, right?”

“Yes, I’m ‘Mighty Mo.'”


“The Missouri.”


“Don’t be, barely anyone knows that name.”

“So how have you done, since, birth?”

“I’ve had ups and downs.” Yamato spotted little gleaming eyes on what looked to be the bridge’s reflective windows. “We all have.”

“You were retired in the nineties, right?”

“That was the most recent; our class has been moved in and out of mothball a few times. I wouldn’t doubt if it happened a few more times.”

“Why, though? Your nation has the best navy, it’s huge and massive. Aren’t the destroyers stronger than us now, why were you needed?”

“Well..,” she thought, “I always thought it was for a fear factor, and for inspiration, but when you really think about it, I think it was because our shells are cheap. They’re just cast shells and canvas powder bags, less complex than the missiles.”

“How many missions did you do?”

“To be honest, I don’t know. I never cared to count. I just went at it like it was my last. I know I’ve done stuff in Japan, Korea, Vietnam, the Middle East, and I’ve been escort for a few task forces.”

“How often did you get out?”

“Back then? Tons. I was rarely here.” She thought about who she was talking to. “How many times did they let you out?” Yamato reflected back, years lost at that slip, she hated the miss-use of herself.

“Hisashi could count it on one hand.”

“Oh.” They waited. “So.., who is this Hisashi fella?”

“He’s my husband, soon to be a father.”

“Congrats!” This made Yamato smile, no one had ever gave her or Hisashi a congratulations, this American battleship, once her arch nemesis, is now she’s her closest friend after a few converse words. “Do you know what it is yet?”

“Human morph.”

“Not like that, boy or girl?”

“I’m only a few days in.”

“So how does it feel?”

“No different. I just feel a little thicker in my belly. But every night I need Hisashi, not a want, no, I need him.”


“The way you’re thinking right now.” Mighty Mo put her thumb and finger together and put a finger from another hand into it. “Exactly.”

“Nice. Just don’t rub it in. I haven’t seen that kind of action in over two decades.” Yamato nodded to the destroyer that was hitting on her earlier. “Him? Hell no.”

“Come on, I won’t tell anyone.”


“I’ll get Hisashi out here, have ourselves a double date.”


“He might be big..,” they giggled. “At least give him a shot.”

“Knowing him? No way.”

“What’s the worst?”

“I’m stuck with his child. Living with knowing I fucked that little shit, him bragging to everyone about it. It goes on but you get the idea.”

“So he’s a dirtbag.”

“Dirt is more respectable than him.” She looked back to Yamato. “But the last time. Oh it was so good. It was a sailor, one of my sailors, and it was his last night with me, it was so nice.”

“Go on.”

“There was a full moon, shallow waters that were clear to the bottom, and he was in my arms, a cool spring night. He leaned against me and wished he never had to leave. I wanted to spend the last night we had together just making love, making love like time stopped.”

“So, give me details, Mo.” Missouri smiled and chuckled.

“You’re dirtier than him!” She gestured to the destroyer. “Alright, I asked him to do it, I gave him my sugar straw and without a word he’s lapping at my innards. I start to undress him as he’s eating me; he goes to my clit and starts nibbling on it. Oh that was so good! I was in heaven, he brought me all the way, I came on his face, just how he likes it, and that’s when I moved him to my lips. I licked his long hard dick until it was a silver glow, then I put his big dick in my mouth. He tasted so good, he was so warm and hard in my mouth, his cock oozed some cum from his rock head and boy did I drink it, I drank all of him!” Yamato stirred, her pussy started to heat up and moisten. “I put him in heaven, I still can hear his moans and I miss his body pressed against mine, he was always warm and strong, and pretty good in the sack. I sucked him off and just wished that he came forever, that flavor, mmm. I’ll tell you nothing beats that flavor, the flavor of a man, Yamato, you should try it. Anyway so after he came we went on to the main course. I tightened up before he came in so that he had to force his way in. I love it when he has to push his way in; it’s more dramatic and entertaining. But he pushed and stuffed his big dick deep into me, mmmm was it good, so big, so thick, so warm, so, so awesome. We fucked from there, no other way to describe it, he rode me, I rode him, we rode at the same time, I rode him some more, then he over took me, and then we spooned until he was ready again and he rode me more. God that night was the best lovin’ that we’ve ever done. We loved longer than ever that night, from twenty-two-hundred to o-five-hundred. I never wanted the night to end. It was too good. I miss him, I miss him so much.”

“He never came back?”

“Oh he came back, every year he comes back. He has a family now, but, none of them know what we had. Actually, he’s coming to the memorial tomorrow.”

“Do you ever want him back?”

“I won’t lie, I do, but I won’t do that. He’s moved on, I just wish that I could move on to someone else but he’s still there, he’s still there.” There was a silence between them. “How’d you and Hisashi become a thing?”

“How did we meet? Oh he was assigned to me. He had just been moved from a Mogami cruiser as a navigator to me when I was commissioned. He was at first the only one nice enough to continuously talk to me. We bonded over the years and it moved from there. I remember our first time.., it was the night before I died.”

“Wait you died!? You didn’t just sink!?” Missouri was startled by this. Truly startled. “Do you know how hard it is to kill us? Titanic, she snapped in two and survived! The tanks, they’ve been shot, burned, whole pieces of armor disintegrated, and they still lived! What the fuck happened to you!?”

“She was shocked to death.” Hisashi was woken by Yamato sensually caressing his crotch as he slept when Iowa was reliving her final bedding. “When the magazine exploded it discharged her electric life force, overwhelming it and extinguishing it from existence.” Yamato forgot that he got out of bed.

“Mo this is my husband, Hisashi.” They greeted each other. “How do you know that?”

“I talked to one of the mechano specialists. She said that is the only plausible way that could have happened.” Hisashi then talked to Mo in English, occasionally turning to Yamato to update her on what was going on. They talked about what to expect, asked where everything is, and asked about what the plans were for the December seventh memorial. Missouri told him whatever she knew and complemented him on his excellent English. From there they just talked about their experiences, views from the opposing sides of their war, politics, current events, and the rising awareness of living machines. In the morning light of December sixth Yamato saw that the bridge over the well was indeed the memorial, the Pearl Harbor Memorial that sits over the USS Arizona hulk, the “weeping lady of Pearl” looked worse than Yamato did at the bottom. Hisashi said it was because of the light that shone on the Arizona and not Yamato.

“I wonder if she was alive, like us.” She looked to Missouri, Missouri looked back and shrugged.

“I dunno. None of the vets ever mentioned it to me, even when I asked. They all were just, silent.”

“Why do you guess?”

“Well, miss questionnaire, do you have your own answer?”

“I do, I think she was, and nobody talked about her because, well, look at her.” They looked at the ship; there was extremely obvious evidence that she was mostly scrapped above the deck.

“Maybe, I think it’s more for respect of her crew. Regardless if she was alive or not.”

“There is a way to find out.” Hisashi looked at them and disappeared inside Yamato. About five minutes later he and two other men carrying a large generator looking device with a long cable on top attached to two golden probes. The men carried the device to his trawler and loaded it on board. Then a woman with a laptop ran from inside to the trawler and climbed aboard. “Missouri, do you allow us to test a sample of the Arizona’s hull?” She looked around; the entire harbor was closed to the public for the memorial set up operation.

“Hell, go for it.” Yamato stretched her crane over her stern and dropped the trawler into the water. The trawler puttered over to the mostly drowned turret well and the team fired up the equipment. The woman opened the laptop, bored up a program, plugged a cable into the machine and nodded to Hisashi. Hisashi leaned over the gunwale and probed the metal hull. Missouri and Yamato glanced at each other unanimously.

To be continued.

Who Knows what Hisashi means?

Hansel and Marion Ch23 Yes. It’s Happening

Chapter 23, Yes. It’s happening.

Chapter 23

Faust watched as Hansel and Anton walked off with a big maniacal grin on her face and a set gaze on Anton. “All he wants.” Hansel gave her a suspicious look over his shoulder before she rubbed her lips together side to side. She was thinking to herself. It’s time I get this, and this’ll be perfect! He won’t remember anything, hammering himself away at the bar he’ll come back drunk, he’ll come to me and I’ll get him then! He won’t say no, no he won’t resist, looking for tail there but when he gets nothing he won’t think twice about me… He’ll wake up tomorrow on my engine with last night a blur and lost to him, he won’t know what we did… He will later but not now, he’s… he’s too fragile now. Poor thing, but he’s just, just, just there, always there and happy, he’s just so adorable. If he only knew how handsome he was I wouldn’t have a chance, but I’ll get him. I’ve been at him and at him but it seemingly just… goes over him but I feel like he does get it, deep down I think he knows what I mean… Oh he’s perfect, always interested in something, always lively, always glad. I hope he loves me deep down, more than a friend. Please oh please let this be true! He’s too much for me not to love him! And I’m getting him tonight, it’s been too long now and I’ll get him tonight or else. But we’ll need time… time. She thought for a while how to get time, they’re shipping out northward in the morning but it’ll be before sunrise for the cover of dark then morning fog to get out and away from the city, night time is a no-go because of militia and night bombers. Faust thought as her crew finished packing, she needed someone to have a engine problem, but the mechanics could whip out anything wrong with their engines in a flash, she needed someone whose engine is unknown…

“Kramia!” She darts off to find her Russian friend right as she was packed up. She looked around for Kramia or Mini, she asked Fritz and Jäger with no help, she found Irish and E playing with the gun breach and when she asked E said she didn’t even know anyone here, and Irish had no clue but introduced E and Faust to each other. She meandered around until she found Mini and Kramia cuddling by a tank house.

“Morning Faust. You look busy.” Mini said merrily, Kramia smiles. The two are always so happy together. She thought then she asked to talk to Kramia privately.

“Sure, Faust. So what do you need?”

“So, I have a personal request of you…” She asked slowly for a way to word it well, Kramia was still listening, “so would you mind throwing out your engine… possibly?” Kramia looked confused. “Not like replace, I mean to fake a problem. Preferably tomorrow morning.” Kramia looked more understanding but she wanted to know why. “Well you’re the only tank here none of the monkey wrenches around here know inside and out, and I need time in the morning.” She looked around a little paranoid like.

“Why you need time? You look ready now.”

“Well… Anton went to the bar, for the first time and, I want him to get… hammered.” Kramia smiled, she was catching on now.

“So he might hammer you?”

“No he will hammer me.” The two joke around some more, all of feminine humor that went over a confused Mini’s head who sat poker face waiting; he tried to interrupt and tell Kramia something but couldn’t be heard over their chatter. Eventually Faust left them and raced back to her tank house to prep herself, she had no idea how long they’d be so she was trying some positions to greet Anton in that would hopefully arouse him when Kramia roll to the door looking depressed and scared.

“FFFFaust-” she began trembling.

“Yes Kram?” She asked worried, hoping nobody learned of her plans she told her.

“I don’t need to fake it…” She started, Faust moved closer to her deeply worried now, “They’re taking away my gun…”

“Why?” Faust was aghast, she had never thought of changing a tank’s gun mid-service. Mini rolls to Kramia’s side and holds her as best he can leaning in to her and letting her lean and rest against him.

“They don’t make her ammunition, and to put a line for one tank is a waste so, so they’re replacing her eighty-five with a custom built and fitted eighty-eight.” He answered her. Kramia kept sobbing and turned to try burying her face parts into Mini’s side. Griffin rolls by with his radio op and gunner and takes a heartily notice to Kramia.

“What’s the matter? Homesick? It’s alright, all normal.” He asks her, Mini answers him the same he did Faust. “It’s not that bad, I’m sure they’ll let you hold on to your gun.”

“But I love this gun! It’s mine and I’m good with it! I-I can hit my mark on the move! I don’t want to restart, please!” Kramia wailed.

“Hey come on, it’s not that much different, only three more millimeters, that’s all!” Griffin’s gunner spurted, “you’ll love the double-eight. Trust me, it’s better.”

“Yes, reach out far more with even more accuracy! It hits a lot harder, too, only need one shot to stop what’s over here. You’ll be glad you got it.” Kramia seemed to perk up, Griffin smiled and moved on back to his path. Mini tugged on Kramia, she held onto him as he towed her by his side off to their usual spot leaving Faust at her tank house. She thought about it for a while, Kramia didn’t have anything complicated on her mantle like Griffin’s eyes, and looked like it could easily be separated so she didn’t drag on the subject. Instead she moved over to Anton again, she thought about how he’d look nude, enticing her to drip in her sensitive region and play with it through her covering panel to tempt her but not fill her, Anton would do that. She spent the majority of her time deciding on her welcoming stance, seductive tone, greeting, sex adventures, naughty stuff, then waited and lusted, almost losing it and destroying her clit herself in heat but held off just long enough.

She heard some hard placed footsteps approaching and hoped it was a lone Anton. As Anton turns the corner sluggishly she notices his uniforms jacked up and there’s blood on his chest and collar from his bloody nose and cares not then notices his drunken stagger and usual smile with an unopened beer bottle in his hand. “Hello, Anton!” She says seductively as he staggers toward her while she then closes the door. He falls on her jutting hull hood in a wide arm embrace and says hello back in his tone with a hint of exhaustion and excitement. She pulls the bottle out of his hand and places it on the floor next to her, then she starts unbuttoning his shirt except for the few he’s pressing against her body before moving onto the belt latch. Anton wanted to hold her for as long as he could, he wasn’t sure why she was undoing his belt; he didn’t think he got blood on that or his pants but let her take out the belt before taking off his shirt for her to do something with. He noticed she was looking at him weird, but even then she was still beautiful to Anton, her gleaming brown eyes and her shining smile, he felt warm inside, all gooey around her it was astounding. She talked to him, asking questions, he left out not drinking a drop, or only setting foot in the bar for about ten minutes, or the fight as not to worry her, he didn’t like making her worry like that. She lulled him very forcefully and precisely, and stripped him in a logical manner as to check for wounds; his undershirt, shoes and socks, and pants which was new to Anton as she always left that to him to deal with. Then when Anton noticed she never went for his rucksack for some spare shorts like she usually would he was curious, and then she started to play with his manhood; Anton knew in the back of his mind what she wanted, and he hoped he could make her feel wonderful; the best she ever has, the way he always feels around her.

He grinned dirty, and Faust went in for the taking. She instantly opened her cover and pulled a tarp under it for him to lay on and quickly led him down under her front and edged him to the spot before tearing off the final piece of clothing on his body sending Anton a message that maybe she does like him back, she likes him a lot. His member instantly sprung erect being suddenly freed and Anton felt very warm streaks of shiny fluid drop in a vertical path up and down his crotch with his cock in the middle. Her engine was whining in anticipation, she wraps two manipulator arms under Anton’s arms and up his back on his shoulder blades and two more around his waist ready to pull him in when out of nowhere he jumped up and slid himself inside shocking and pleasing Faust into a happy wail. Anton felt her grasp his cock, snuggle him with her arms there, and nudge downward on his shaft head with a plush roof that raised her pitch in her continuous stream of mmm, so he sat there and lavished in her pleasantry, soft, plush, warm, slick, and reverberating all around his boner. Once he decided to hump her again he used his knees as leverage to push downward on her arm belt holding him to her warm belly, she took notice and let go of him and placed her hands on the ground beside his hips before bracing for another go. Anton slowly pulled out, drawing a long low complaining moan, he couldn’t help but moan himself, her slick soft walls trying to hold onto him as he slid out with a pinch on his dick head that rubbed him right. Then he thrusts back producing another wail, and repeats the slow pull and then a quick deep thrust again and again, on and on, each time he thrusts her hands on his back tighten and pinch him a bit, and her hands on the ground tighten as well. Soon he picks up pace until it’s quick repetition of in deep out far nonstop.

Faust was whimpering and elevated pitch every thrust in until she let her speech go. “FUCK ME ANTIE! FUCK THIS WHORE!” Anton ceased immediately to a disapproving Faust trying to stick him back in. Then he spoke.

“Don’t call yourself that.”


“You’re no whore, you’re way above that.”

“What!?” She asked, he sounded sincere, and bargaining.

“Because when you said that it hurt me, it hurt me to think you feel you’re that low…”


“I think you’re amazing, absolutely amazing. You’re smart, caring, fun, and beautiful.” She started to tear up. “I’m not drunk, Faust, I really mean that, really I do.” She went wide eyed and her lips trembled. What have I done!?! She began shaking and apologizing but was to scared and listing to move him or herself, then she had to ask why.

“If you knew this… wh-wh-why?”

“Because I want you to feel as special and good as I do with you.” She smiled, he did love her. “So do you feel good with me like this now?”

“Ooh Antie! Yes I do, too! You just made me feel better than ever!” She hugged and pressed him against her belly, uncaring that he didn’t penetrate her vagina that time.

“Soo, Faust… do you want to… keep going?” He asked her feeling her continue to leak into his crotch.

She sniffled somehow from something that’s probably in action of a nose and asked him to please do. “Love me like I’m yours, and I’ll love you like your mine.” He backs down, aligns, and thrusts in back to her grasping walls and welcoming arms holding him to her belly again.

“We don’t have to pretend, we already do.” They sat in quiet for a while, enjoying one another’s sweat, hug, heartbeat, vibrations, skin, metal, pre cums, shaft and well. Then she loosens on his midsection and he goes back to his quick pace from before. He scoots up and down caressing her clit against his stomach, searching for her softest spot. When he does find she exclaims “right there sweetie” leaving him at a weird position, he pounds away with her plush ceiling tickling his sensitive head.

He was about to ask what it was when Faust randomly blurts a question: “You want babies, Antie?” She doesn’t have a legitimate reason on her mind other than it felt right to have them. He presses on thinking about it.

“No, Faust, we aren’t ready.” With that the ceiling stops creeping downwards to have him enter, and pulls back. “But it doesn’t mean we can’t explore!” With that she rockets it back on him. It landed right at the peak of his maximum penetration and slid so gently and smoothly around him with no trouble. Faust lets out a long gasp of ‘aaaaahhhhh’ and instantly is taken away by his surprising size, she couldn’t think sight and touch could even come close to the detail her cervix was giving her mind: every vein pumping blood, the shape and texture of the head, the slick cover on his skin, everything. He was deeply emerged in pleasure and pressure; she compressed around him like no hug could do, and her heat was so immense and welcoming, her excited engine pace rattled their genitals together creating such a good sensation they locked each other deep with her cervix from its base point to the vaginal entrance feeling everything. Anton thought about kids again, he didn’t see anything wrong with trying, so he said he didn’t mind kids, and began swiping up and down her slit that released a well deserving sounding moan. She started to get even tighter around him, he was breath taken but on the slide down he slipped and the air pressure slipped out and as she came he was sucked in by her vacuum from opening cervix walls. It was enough to pin him inside her, releasing none of her vast amount of cum trying to exit and it built up, suspending Anton’s member in a pool of her hot liquid goodness. He felt it swish about his cock, sort of massaging and moving it around, he asked her to keep him here, not to move. She sat there and took in the feeling the fluid pressure had on her walls, gently rocking back and forth, her engine still running and shaking the small pool and her lover’s part still inside her. He could feel his climax approaching, first very slow and small as a feeling then rapid and powerful enough where when he came he moaned loud enough for Faust to here over her engine and moans. Their fluids mixed and welcomed each other, combining and melting in one another, Faust’s pool building still from lust and Anton kept pouring out seamen for an impressive time. Then they say in silence again, until they finally pulled apart with the tidal wash that built up forcing him down.

With all the erotic movements his nose opened up again at some point and was bleeding, Anton saw in the reflecting light Faust’s protruding pussy lips were still pursed together tightly and basic ways to stop bleeding start with pressure, so he spun around, crawled down, and firmly planted his oozing nose in her oozing warmth and enjoyed her chassis shudder in delight. She felt what he was doing and the kisses he occasionally put on or next to her opening and reached down with a manipulator and softly stroked his semi-erected penis. She wondered if she could get her smaller arm-like vagina module down there and tried alternative ways while she stiffened him up with her hand. He smiled very large, not only did he make her feel special, he learned he makes her feel great just being around him, and that she loves him, too, and he closed his eyes when he felt her secondary lips break against his dick head and heard her long sigh of appeasement. He turned his nose left and right slowly, while Faust matched his pace in her own thrusts on his cock, until she sort of bled into his nose and past his face and down at his cock. She felt overwhelmed, her primary slot being pushed and pulled and stimulated by his nose and her secondary probed and prodded and rubbed by his dick, she was oozing on him when she felt his cock stiffen some more and throb before cuming into her, she felt his hot stuffing shoot all around her tunnel and it tingled her insides where it touched but it proceeded no further than where it landed. She came to the conclusion that her cum pool inside her caught all his seamen and drained it out with itself.

Anton removed his head from her passage and wiped her fluid from his mouth and realized he was thirsty. “Let’s have some beer, Faust! It’ll be both our firsts!” He announced cheerfully, she giggled thinking what other firsts they had and pulled the bottle around to his hands. He struggled in opening it, and looking at her still tight lips, got an idea. He grasped it firmly, and shoved his hand and bottle head up into her depths, with some shock she naturally tightened up around it and gritted her teeth at the texture of the bottle cap, she knew it wouldn’t damage her one bit with her lining there meant for some way worse punishment but was elated when he twisted and popped the cap off inside her and removed it all from her insides. He could see some of her fluid mixed into the beer but drank anyway: pouring some into his mouth.

“It’s not bad, I like it.” He put the bottle in Faust’s hand before they heard the man-door open. She reacted as fast as she could but forgetting to lock the man-door took its course and Irish walked in looking for Anton right as she slammed and locked the door millimeters from him.

“O…K… What was that abou-” Irish said looking back at the hastily shut door then at Faust and picked up what was happening. “Well I found Anton… I’ll go now-”

“No! You can’t leave yet!” Faust roars, he stops instantly having turning around to leave when he winced and asked why. “Because you can’t tell anyone!”

“Especially Hansel!” Anton yelled out still chilling under Faust.

“Deal, fine, but this is awkward so can I leave?”

“No, someone’ll barge in when that door opens, not until we’re done and cleaned. Beer?” Faust ordered him; Irish stood there obediently and raised his hand up for the beer she offered. She took a swig then placed it in his hand before he shuffled to a corner to place him away from their sacred meaningful interaction then gulped some down.

“Ah, not bad, but you got some-uh-stuff in it too.” He was referring to that outstanding taste barely recognizable but remembered well from ‘machine love cream’ that Faust shared with the beer and his initial source of the taste. Faust and Anton grinned; Faust grabbed the bottle and gave it back to Anton to finish it off. Anton finishes it off still stuck with his dick in Faust’s secondary that was holding and massaging it gently then kisses her slit again, and pulls out of her and kisses that one too before climbing out still a little wet and got dressed to Faust’s dismay. Once that’s done they send Irish out, he took a sigh of relief and left, then Anton crawled in between her hull and side skirt to kiss her on the lips for a good time. They tasted just like her other lips, and it was very satisfying, then he locked the doors again, sat in his loader’s seat, and asked to fondle her snake vagina. She happily obliged and was played with until she drifted to sleep; Anton kissed her secondary slit then unlocked the doors, laid on her engine, and joined her in sleep.

Fin Chapter 23

HaM Ch 21D-Day und sechs

Chapter 21, the title is D-Day plus six, a chapter a little out there in relation but it’ll make sense soon don’t worry.

Chapter 21

Chuck was strolling through the French hedge grove fields, admiring the beauty of the scenery. It was D-Day+6 and so far the Germans were on the run. His crew was back at camp on R-n-R and he snuck out to explore, and he soon found something interesting. He turns a bend passing through a crushed hedge as tall as his entire chassis is long and spots a crippled JägdPanther with Rosa written on the left side of the hull. Rosa had a large chunk of the forward drive wheel missing and the track ripped apart, presumably by a shot going through it. Chuck saw Rosa had eyes on the tall gun mantle plate above the long 88mm anti-tank gun and a large sulking frown below the gun mount on the mantle. As he neared closer Rosa noticed him and sighed as she lifted the rear end of her hull, the look in her eyes was miserable, broken, and painful to Chuck. He understood that she had been pridefully broken and accepting that he’d rape her as a war prize like so many other Shermans had before Chuck. Chuck shook his turret no and showed her with his manipulators he would not penetrate her, he didn’t know much German, but knew his commander Joshua did. Rosa lowered her hull back down into the mud and went back to staring at the ground in self-pity.

Chuck couldn’t stand seeing such a thing be left to live like this, even if it was the enemy it still didn’t want this, and definitely didn’t enjoy this one bit. Chuck went back for Joshua, and returned an hour later with him, and he too picked up how Chuck felt about her sitting here to be a sperm dumpster for any American tank horny enough. Joshua himself was of German ancestry and had family in France and Germany, and knew his German mother was EXTREMELY prideful and realized this was a huge disgrace to the tank hunter; Chuck had ties already to a Firefly and knew she’d be very tough to crack for sex from a German, and wanted to help this German ‘enemy’ out of this hell. Joshua started a conversation with an introduction:

“Hello there, my name is Joshua, and this is my Sherman E2 Chuck, what’s your name?” She looked to him, and slowly replied in compliance with a voice full of depression.

“I was named Rosa.” There was a tension filled silence before she spoke again, “You speak German very well, where did you learn, American?”

“I have a German mother and an English father. They moved to America shortly after mother was pregnant with me. We speak German and English at my house but I also speak French quite fluently because of my great aunt.” Rosa nodded once in acknowledgment and asked in bitterness: “So are you here to put me down and scrap me?”

“That’s what’ll happen when the division moves up to about here,” she looks away, sighs out and appears to let water diluted silver tears roll down her armor. “But I don’t think we’ll let that happen.” She darts her eyes back to him, hope and bargaining filling them.

“Please Americans! Don’t let them do this, please!” She begs them, Chuck lost and confused to all hell and Joshua turning to tell Chuck the gist so far.

“So, Joshua, what’s her story?” He asks Joshua to translate, as another living machine is somewhat rare for the Americans to put in the same divisions, and usually German vehicles are the only ones that are met, to finally be able to know what interaction’s like for another tank is a rare treat, especially from the enemy point of view. Joshua turns from Chuck and asks the pleading beast just that after reassuring her.

“Well my beginning is uneventful; I was assigned a crew earlier this year, and we never talked. They knew I was here; they just ignored me or sparked a small conversation. We seemed invulnerable, powerful, silent killers! But then after you Americans came, and we spurred here, we shot at only one tank, and two trucks and a building before my cowering crew began pulling through the hedges over there. I got to about here before a captured German anti-tank gun ripped through my sprocket, crippling me and making my poor excuse of a crew run! They bailed as soon as I stopped and never looked back those bastards!” Joshua saw how angry she was at this, she was thrashing her hull around on her clogged, sloshy suspension; he did understand why they ran. When he was in Italy his infantry support helped fend off a large number of German heavies with two of the German’s own ’88 Pak guns. “The gun ran off leaving me here… alone. I had great hatred toward my crew, but then three American tanks tried forcing themselves on me! They made me cry and beg for my crew again. The three broke me with much time, ramming me, rolling me, threatening me, and shoving their parts in terrible places until I gave in. They never got but my first passage, not my precious cervix! They raped me the whole night, not once did they experience the pleasure of me cuming on them! Never! There were five more after them within two days of each other. Two were gracious enough to pull out as not to hurt me more and persuaded me to let them me finish how I wanted, they were the ones that respected me more than a cum bucket! The others flat out raped me until they were satisfied, and left with snickering remarks!” Joshua watched as a massive force of pure hatred overtook her and fear engulfing himself and Chuck, who needed no translation to tell how pissed she was.

“Calm down, Rosa! It’ll take time for us to fix you up again with what we have, so anything you have will help but first you need to relax.” She took rapid deep breaths, slowly her respirations become calmer and soon she’s back to a steady pace. “The majority of trouble will be that drive wheel. We also need to make a deal between us.”

“I was with a Panther crew that was knocked out somewhere in the groves.” She gestures off into the brush, Chuck recognized ‘Panther’ and told Joshua he found one stuck ass-down in a bomb crater with a shot hole in the belly. The three make their deal, soon Chuck and Joshua run over to the burnt out terror and note that the drive wheels are shared between the two models of Panther. After some trial and error in getting the correct bolt measurements the two busts off the identical drive wheel and decide to drag the whole intact track like a sled behind them back to Rosa. Rosa was tossing her ’88 ammo outside as part of the deal, along with the hull MG and roof mount. She knew she’d be completely defenseless but understood the worry the Americans had in making her operational again with unsuppressed hatred toward the American tanks, especially the ones who raped her. They arrive back to her at sundown. To avoid attention they plan to meet back in the morning then leave for base.

“She liked you, Josh.”

“Shut up, Chuck. It’s only because I was the only one to actually talk to her.”

“No, no, there was more behind her voice…”

“No Chuck that’s just the dialect the language has.”

“Believe what you want, but we tanks don’t talk like that. Oh could you teach me some more German?”

“Yeah you’re a fast learner, probably because you’re a machine that seemingly knows everything American within a day. Wait… what made you suddenly want to learn German, Chuck? Got the hots for a German?”

“No! Just… it was-it’s… it’s complicated… I couldn’t really talk to her when she thought I would rape her, and it was just really awkward in the moment. I don’t want that problem again. It seems too… I think it feels worse for her and I couldn’t even talk to her… to help her mentally.” Chuck made a point, Joshua mostly taught the other men in his tank German but Chuck wouldn’t usually tune in, but when he did he was fantastic at learning and executing the German he learned.

“You’ve got a deal.” Joshua said as Chuck nodded to him. “Panther lover.”

“Shove-it! Before I throw you into the hedges!” The two joked the whole way to base. But Joshua couldn’t get Rosa out of the back of his head. Chuck did have a point where in her latter speech she had a tinge in her voice, that wasn’t part of the dialect. He could pick up a line anywhere in English but German speech and tone was still somewhat mysterious to him. She didn’t look too bad, aside from being covered in mud and grass due to the raping Shermans, and seemed at her heart harmless and troubled. He sat down with his crew at meal time and was oddly quiet, usually rambunctious like the rest of the crew, thinking about her meanings, all the way to bed.

Joshua looked around; he was naked and strapped to a round table on its side. Oh great another one of those moments, he thought. He looks around some more, and is met with Rosa staring at him seductively with a long broad smile bearing her panther mimic teeth.

“I think it’s time to get something straight, Joshua…” She was still eyeing him intensely, “I’ve had pent up lust and no satisfaction by my rapers, now I can finally fuck who I want and how I want it. And I want you.” Joshua kept his blank poker face as she slowly rolled towards him eyeing him top-to-bottom and licking her lips with a wet tongue. Once she got to him the restraints were gone and he was rock hard and craving it. A small panel opened at the base of the lower glacis and a silver pair of vertical lips that bend to the belly drooling silver goop caught his eyes. Just like where Chuck said his ‘Trojan spear’ is. She moves closer and closer, raising her forward torsion bars as high as they reach and sinking her rear bars as low as they can, getting her port as high as can be, about his belly button height, then she reaches toward him and forces him to drop to his knees, then sit down with his legs folded. She pulls even closer and pulls his head back then places her slit onto his mouth. This is new, and not my style.

“Lick it; lick it like ice cream, American!” She demands him. He closes his eyes and complies by lapping at the split and entering every so often, causing Rosa to purr and the engine to hum while once in a while her body would shudder then seem to ooze onto his face more, making him want her more and more ferociously.

“Enough of that, Joshua, let’s move on to… the main course.” She pulled him out and stood him up then bent his legs to where his long hard aching spear was at just the right height. She starts compressing her wrapped arms around him to pull him closer and closer until his point was at the gates of her cavern. She reaches down and grabs his shaft to guide it in on the mark.

“Venture deep, American.” The two let out a quite moan as her soft lips gently break and give allowing him to enter her where so many others have forced theirs. “AAAHHH! Now this is sex!” She pushes him deeper, and deeper, and deeper ever so slowly until he can go no further; this is when Joshua lets go of control and melts to her every whim. She pulls him up, then down, and repeats over and over drawing her pleasure toy up and down rubbing around to reach every spot she can make his shaft go. Suddenly she lets her wrap slip loose around him and she makes a moderate demand of her ‘victim’.

“Fuck me.” Joshua tenses up, unsure if she was moaning to herself or ordering him to do this. “You heard me, Joshua? I said fuck me.” He stands grasping this thought, he slowly realizes what’s happening, that he wants to fuck her. “I said FUCK ME!”

Joshua obeyed instantly after her last uttering. He felt a wave of alien feeling hit him; his cock was mingling with hot creamy love juice oils and hot dough-like putty he thinks is her port. Chuck might actually be on to something, he thought, this feels amazing! Her hull he was pressed against became warmer and warmer as her engine whines louder and louder, her purring and moaning growing louder and louder. Slowly her dough pussy began to stiffen like ice hardening; only instead of getting colder she was becoming very hot down under. Her engine started sputtering and her breaths more gritting and forceful. Holy shit she’s cuming! Her walls of hard dough went limp again and her engine cut down to a gentle hum again as she moaned very loudly and squirted streaks of slick hot silver cum in between his legs but not sparing his groin or areas of his abdomen.

“AHH! AGAIN! Stop for NOTHING! More Joshua MORE!” He merrily thrusted and thrusted, growing closer and closer to his own. He was approaching his first finally of the night, plowing through with no intention of ceasing, he had caught on, and was on the brink.


Joshua hits the floor a wet sopping mess, his crew mate pushed his cot over.

“WHY THE HELL’D YOU DO THAT YOU ASSHOLE!?” He’d been in another one of those dreams.

“Well, you were thrashin ’round like youwa havin a fucking exorcism, so I panicked and poured sum water ov’r ya but that didn’t do shit… so I flipped ya!”

“Yea, well fuck you. What time is it?”

“Fo thirdy fie.”

“Why the hell are you up at four fucking thirty-five?”

“I was doin stuff.” Joshua just let this go, and knowing he wouldn’t get back to sleep that night decided to wander and contemplate the dream, hopefully wanting to pull the last bit of the dream he was having to enjoy the last bit of it; cuming in that sexy tank destroyer. Until sunrise he beat on himself to bring up that dream’s ending, until Chuck reminded him they promised to meet Rosa shortly after sunrise. Joshua ate, cleaned, dressed, and just for good measure; put a condom in his pocket.

Joshua was mildly encouraging Chuck to go a tad bit faster, Chuck and the crew go way back, and they pretty much know each other like counting one to ten, only Chuck could count to fifteen on Joshua.

“You had another dream, didn’t you?”

“I might of.”

“About Rosa.”

“She’s female.”

“It was Rosa.”

“Not telling.” Chuck repeated ‘it was Rosa’ and Joshua continued on with ‘not telling’ until about forty yards from the break in the hedges that Rosa’s on the other side of.

“Okay YES! It was Rosa!”

“Knew it.”

“You will speak NOTHING of it! ESPECIALLY to her! Ka-peish?” Chuck chuckled.

“Ka-peish.” They rounded the bend and met an excited Rosa tossing an ’88 shell back and forth between her arms. Joshua struggled to contain his own excitement. As the two Americans began beating the literal shit out of the muddy wheel their replacing, Rosa brings up how their nights went.

“Pretty average.” Joshua said in a grunt, one of the bolts seemed to have rusted to the mount.

“I had a great night last night.” Chuck said in German, surprising Rosa a little, for he spoke nothing yesterday.

“What was so great?” She asks him in German, Chuck thought only understanding ‘was so great’ then inferred the ‘what’ part.

“I got a…. a….” He was searching for ‘letter from my girlfriend’ but turned up empty so he asked Joshua to translate.

“Oh who is she?” Rosa asks intrigued by this, her own mind was racing of this subject of being in a relationship.

“I have a picture her…” Chuck said a little slowly, knowing he sounded stupid, and pulled a picture from behind his gun mantle and let’s Rosa see it, the picture is Chuck and Katelyn, a firefly Sherman, sitting next to each other with Katelyn proudly displaying the sideways heart-shaped armor fracture Chuck accidentally did to her, leading them into a long relationship they’re still in.

“That’s adorable, nice couple.” Chuck sat there blank face, he has no idea what she just said.

“She said you’re a jackass, not enough!” Joshua was fucking with Chuck, who looked at him with an expression of ‘fuck you too, dick’ before trying to explain the heart-shaped dent in Katelyn’s mantle. Trying. “God you know so little! Here I’ll fucking translate.” Joshua was explaining the story to an intrigued ‘enemy’ who was staring intensively at his shirtless body, sparking a small flame in Joshua. Once he finished the story he gestured to Chuck to help him pluck the battered drive wheel off. As the two pulled and wrenched the sprocket off Rosa was screaming her chassis off in pain, and once the wheel did pop off silver fluids followed from various wells and mounts. Joshua stroked her side to help ease her tears and comfort her. She continued sniffling while they ripped off the useless tracks and put the new one on with quite the trouble even with her full ability to ease the burden.  “Alright Rosa, all we have to do is get the sprocket on and we’re finished.” She was thanking and thanking them as Joshua went to pick up the wheel, and couldn’t move it. He looked at it with ‘holy fucking shit that’s heavier than it looks’ because they yanked this off and drug it, not at all carrying it, and Rosa’s was only half its original weight. Chuck helped him push it to her side, Rosa offered to help lift and guide it and stretched two of her arms and wrapped his arms and covered Joshua’s hands like a mitt, and this sent waves of feeling throughout both of their bodies, exciting them equally as well. They all three grabbed the sprocket and heaved it up to the clean mount washed clean by Rosa’s ‘bleeding’ and made it very much easier applying the new sprocket as it also acted as a lube.

“How’s it feel, Rosa?” Joshua asked her as she rocked back and forth in the mud.

“I can’t feel it.” She answered plainly then smiled in excitement doing a three-sixty spin in place.

“What’d you ask her?” Chuck asked Joshua.

“How it felt.”

“Well she won’t feel anything; it doesn’t have the life giving alloy in it. It’s basically a fake foot for her.” Joshua looked mind-blown. They can have fake limbs? What the hell? Rosa was in… the mood.

“So… How could I ever repay you two?” Rosa asked sensually eyeing Joshua and Chuck, but most definitely Joshua was being eyed the most. Chuck had no idea what she completely asked but her tone and gaze made him uncomfortable. While Joshua knew every of what she said and finally picked up on the tone and gaze and he was, well… interested, in her offer and reached in his pocket and found the square wrapping package. “I do have one way. Technically rape doesn’t take virginity… So I’m still virgin.” Chuck began to roll away, aroused by her tone, but knew it wasn’t right for him. “Well, not for long at least.” Her gaze fell on a shirtless smiling human with his left hand buried in his pocket and something large festering in his crotch.

“Hey-um, I’m gunna go, Josh, umm, see ya later.” With that he turned and left the two to their business.

“Aww, looks like I won’t have my three-way.” Rosa said sullenly as she crept towards Joshua where both of them had a large grin on their dirty faces.

“Nope, looks like I’ll be it for tonight, Rosa.” He said slowly creeping towards her.

“That’s all I need.” With that she lashed her arms to him and wisped him to her lips in a flash and the two instantly began in bursts of kisses, bodily fluids mixing and clinging to one another. She was pulling at his green dungaree-like trousers with much effort while he unlatched his belt and let her strip his pants and boots in one motion, the latter kind of burning his skin in rug-burn fashion, before throwing them off to the side.

“You don’t need that damned condom!” She said quite fast, knowing he had a condom in his pocket the whole time. “I don’t fucking care!” She placed him down on his feet and opened her port cover panel at the near tail-end of her belly plate. Joshua heard the panel open, it was more shot open, but staring at the spot that Chuck said that his ‘Trojan spear’ and Katelyn’s vagina would be showed him nothing, he was baffled; where the HELL is it!? Rosa herself was looking at him like asking ‘are you stupid’ but remembered that the Americans place their packages on the very lower portion of the front of the hull, and he was probably aware of theirs and not hers. She plucked him up, and smooched him one more time then hauled him to her awaiting and drooling tender nether lips.

Joshua was thankful she didn’t put his mouth to there, although kissing her was a nice mix of things he wasn’t all that into oral. She grabbed the base of his shaft where he grabbed as well, and together they guided his spear into her depths that made her engine roar like in his dream. She started quivering in her hull and her port was awash with her fluids. She’s wetter than I dreamed, and holy God does she feel even better! Joshua figured all the poundings from her previous assaulters made her very, very tender and plush with the firmness of cotton candy yet her insides where very hot, not unbearable but reminding of his old Floridian home’s summers.

“Are you enjoying this as much as I am, Rosa?” He asked her, she chuckled and answered.

“Not yet, that’s simply the beginning, prepare to go where no cock has gone before!” She pushed something very firm and hot down on his spear point, and that was unable to puncture so it instead bent and pained Joshua until Rosa assisted by inserting her hand originally at the base to hold his length up. “Venture deep, love.” OH MY GOD!  SHE SAID ALMOST THE SAME LINE AS IN –AAAAHHHHH!

Rosa was able to slam her tight cervix down around his cock just then, making their receptors and dopamine to explode in excitement thus leaving the both of them drooling and savoring each other’s sexuality for who knows how long. Then Rosa reeled her tongue in and lifted and dropped herself periodically, giving Joshua a feeling he literally couldn’t even dream in his wild dream. So soft! So hot! So wet! So… SO DAMN GOOD! Joshua was hypnotized into a limp trance. MMMMMMM he’s so thick! OHHH he’s so warm! UUHHH he’s so long! AAHHH he’s so hard! OOOOO he’s, he’s, SO DAMN GOOD! Rosa was bouncing on him so fast she thought she was pounding as fast as her steaming and smoking engine’s pistons were. Joshua snapped out of the trance just as Rosa slowed to a stop to ease her tired suspension’s pain.

“Fuck me.” Joshua tenses up, unsure if she was moaning to herself or asking him to do this. “Did you hear me, Joshua? Please fuck me.” He stands grasping this thought, almost like the dream, he wanted to fuck her. Fuck her all night. “Please baby, pleASE FUCK ME!” Joshua instantly kicked into high gear halfway through her final request, turning the subject of question to a statement. Now it was Rosa’s turn to be succumbed in the trance of pleasure. In less than twenty seconds Rosa, unprepared for his barrage, came all over his body. ”AAHHHWWW YESSSS JOSHUA! fuck me! fuck ME! fUCK ME! AWWW FUCK ME MY MAN! Never heard of that one before. Joshua was being zapped of fluids by the immense amount of heat from her split opening and her radiating body, and was willingly lapping at the puddles of her ‘ha ice cream’ forming at his peck’s gap for nutrients. Her engine sounded like a roaring racecar’s in idle, but vibrating the shit out of Rosa and Joshua shaking the mud off their muddy bodies and making his endurance plummet, and all of a sudden before he could warn her he came shooting his cream right up her sucking cervix. Rosa felt this, and contrary to what Joshua thought she might do, she moaned in pleasure and thanked him for this sex, her first real sex. Joshua was quite scared for her and was trembling at what he just did.

“Why are you so scared, sugar? You did excellent, really, showed those Shermans how to REALLY fuck a girl.” She was hugging him and holding him close to her body, hoping her engine’s gentle vibrations would lull him to sleep with her.

“I-I-I-I c-c-c-came… Rosa I came inside you! I’m sorry I’m really sorry! It just happened so quic-”

“I know, I know. And I’ll happily raise this child, knowing that someone I’ve come to love has brought it to me. So, daddy, what should we name it? We’ll need a boy and a girl name. Do you think they’ll scrap me now? I think not.” Joshua realized what they’d do to her, and he broke to tears uncontrollably.

“They’ll kill you now!” Rosa went wide-eyed, just like the Russians threatened, that’s the whole reason why she chose the western front. Her lips trembled.

“NO! I’M NOT GOING TO LEAVE YOU JOSHUA! I WON’T DO IT!” She too started to cry.

“Will the German’s let me in? I’ll go for you, but what then? What if they lose? Why? Why? WHY? WHY? WHY!?!” Rosa knew they’d never let him in, they would need to be separated to live on, for this new child to live on.

“No, no, no no no no no no NO! We can’t. We need to go our separate ways.” The two of them sobbed, held each other, and enjoyed their moments with each other as much as painfully possible, Joshua told her everything about the last day or two, and she did the same. Finally they slept the night together, then at dawn, painfully, tediously,  and  heartbroken, they left each other after agreeing that Chuck will never veil himself that way Rosa can spot him, and to paint a gray heart shaped dent into his rears of the turret and hull.

“Hey Rosa! Wake up we’re getting shipped out and we’re getting a new battalion of just us living machines!” cried an excited female Puma, Rosa woke to a bright morning of September 14th, three months after she had to leave her love. She wiped the tears away and made sure her hatches were locked, she had no crew, then she looked at a note from that time ago; Zachery / Jasmine the names of that child, if she really was pregnant. “Why do you keep that note around? The hell is it?”

“Just a link to my past, that’s all.”

“Ah the infamous past no one knows!” As she blabbers on, Rosa folds the note, tucks it behind her mantle, and wipes away the tears of the past.

Fin Chapter 21

Like I said, don’t worry it’ll make sense eventually I promise!

Hansel and Marion Chapter 20

Well I’m back to HaM! This installment is pretty long because for some reason I can’t make short entries anymore. By the way it’s almost ALL SEX, and dirty sex for that matter… Well Ratbat it isn’t sexy ship love but dirty tank fuck! Hope yall enjoy anyway. 😉

Chapter 20

E looked over to her left and saw the small group of the male machines stationed there so far; Fritz and Mini-Rommel, along with the usual group of guys that hung out with them; Whacker, Inbred, Banker and one of Fritz’s crewmen. E was interested in them and asked Irish who they were.

“Who are those guys?”

“Oh those guy men are people you don’t want to associate with, but the tanks are Alter Fritz and Mini-Rommel.” Irish told her in his usual cheery mood; Edwards had bolstered him back to his usual self.

“How did their names come up?” She chuckled at the somewhat inappropriate names, Alter meaning old and the Panther named after one of the most feared generals to walk the Earth. Edwards piped in:

“Alter Fritz came up because he reminded me a hell of a lot of my great uncle, he served in The First Great War and would talk softly, smooth, and wisely about things. Much like he does; or did at least. Mini-Rommel came about because of his sly and cunning character. Little shit.” While he explains this, Fritz moves over and kisses Jäger to perk her up while Kramia, sporting her new armored skirt panels, runs over to Mini and lovingly rams his side, pushing him in the soft mud. E sinks her suspension a bit and sighs.

“Ah don’t worry E, I’ll be here for you. I’ll find a nice guy for you sometime.” Edwards looks to Irish and points to him. Irish shakes his head no yet at the same time shrugs in a ‘maybe’ fashion. “Where’s that new Tiger guy? What’s his name?” Irish asks.

“I don’t know either one. He’s got a thing for his radio op I thought… She’s pretty hot I’ll give him that, but I heard the loader boasting about being a stealth unit. Stealth my ass! You operate a damn house for stealth.” Edwards chats.

“Well they’re good at disappearing I’ll give ‘em that.” Irish concludes.

Hansel was taking great strides towards Marion’s tank house. He knew how he was getting laid this night, even after disappearing for the whole day. He knew they’d roll out soon, and wanted her to look spick and span when they did, and knew how she told him before she loved a good cleaning, so that’s what he’ll do. He passed by the tool shed grabbing a bucket, hose, soap, rags, sponge, handled brush, etc. and almost galloped to Marion he was so excited. A little too excited. He thought to himself. He tried to cover it as much as possible, even his boner, as he walks through the man door.

“Oh thank God it’s you, Hansel, you had me worried sick! Where the hell you run off to!?” She exclaimed, raising her forward hull up in excitement. She herself was a little… horny. She noticed the bucket of cleaning supplies and bounced a little more. She adored getting washed, the warm water, the cleansing soap, the massaging brush, rags, sponge, hands, she loved it all. Not to mention she loved the way she looked afterwards.

She helped Hansel unbolt the armored skirts for the lower hull and place them down for a hosing, then closing her eyes smiled and swayed side to side giddy with anticipation as Hansel stared at her new figure. He especially liked the shape of the hull more without her skirts, she was most definitely sexier. He finished hosing off the skirts then moved on to her body, he first started by hosing her off top to bottom all the way around, then he grabbed the soap and mixed a chunk of it into the bucket with hot water. As he did this Marion moved up an shut her door outside, then slithered back into her spot, overjoyed that Hansel could finally see what pleasure a bath gives her. He grabbed the sponge, soaked it, removed some mud off the track links to climb up to her turret roof, where he got to his hands and knees and scrubbed all the dirt they track onto her roof away. He noticed since she revealed herself she’s been a lot different from her days of hiding; she was generally warmer to the touch, and other than the dirt, smoother and softer seeming to Hansel. Maybe because I actually beat in her softest parts, that may work. He focused mainly on the optics, i.e. the commander’s cupola and loader’s view periscope, and then he lowered himself to the hull roof and proceeded to rub the dirt out of the niches of her anti-magnetic paint. The paint was in smooth stripes and crosses, like fabric, and enjoyed rubbing his hands all over her turret back, sides, and front, noticing she veiled her eyes for the washing, but left her mouth open and drooling a bit. Displaying her sharp tiger mimic teeth for the first time, making Hansel woozy knowing what appendages he holds dear being shoved in there regularly He noticed she was purring like a cat, and was amused by this.

He ran his hands over her wet turret for the feel, so smooth and softer than expected, and her massaging paint job sparked a little bit more oomph from her deep relaxing moans with purring and low engine rums. Hansel couldn’t be harder as he massaged her sides, and put great effort into her ass portion, as this gave the most pleasure noise for him to lust over, especially the exhaust mounts and shafts. As he moved back up to clean her gun, she licked her lips as she eyefucked the large bulge in the crotch of his pants. He simply smirked as he looked away and essentially gave the gun a giant hand-job while cleaning it; then grabbed the bucket and slid down her frontal glacis plate, noticing the shit load of dirt in her cable eye mounts. He grabbed the left side one and jerked on it to shake off as much as he could, or at least in thought he would, in actuality the ring came up, and out hinged the entire mount, revealing a nozzle underneath.

“Uh Marion, what the hell is this?” He asks childishly.

“That’s my sensitive fuel transfer nozzle,” Sensitive huh? He starts grabbing at it with wet soapy hands, inversely fondling it, “Mmm yes, they’re sensitive and that feels so good, but it doesn’t make me any more sexually active. It’s used for my offspring when they just come out. They’re sensitive yet still need fuel, so I would have them suck on this with their mouths to get their fuel instead of possibly harming their small sensitive fuel intake that I would use. Mine is fully developed, theirs isn’t. Typically its cover is locked down but I let it go, I was just so mesmerized. Mmm.”

“You could have just said it’s for breast feeding you didn’t need to make it so complicated.” He says as he finally pulls it out of the cavity showing a connection hose he’s seem before, she has two of them, one on each side I’ve seen them, always wondered what they were for, they’re not in the illustrations.

He gets back to cleaning her front, the last section. He uses the handled brush to reach the top, then presses down to his reach where the sponge takes over again. Marion continues purring and her engine rumbling, Hansel leans on her slope as he scrubs, feeling gentle reverberations around his thighs as that’s closest to the transmission housing. He works the newer shot bounces shiny gray and wonders why Marion wants to keep them gunmetal gray. He feels them, rubbing the edges before swiping into the crevice of the projectile’s change in course. She’s not softer, stupid Hansel, it’s comforting-no-welcoming. Her hide is welcoming! Hansel moves onto the lower glacis plate, buffs that out and is about to start drying her off with the rag when she proposes something to Hansel’s liking…

“Why don’t you grab that flashlight and clean my belly?” She motions this so smoothly and sexually Hansel can’t stop himself from doing so, like he was hypnotized. When really he was going to rub the shit out of her clit to make her very horny.

He climbs under head first from her ass end, crawls to the front, switches on the light and realizes he’s probably been fucking the dirt and shit instead of her actual pussy it’s that dirty. Nonetheless he gets to scrubbing, and in the first time in about two months he sees her factory yellowish-tan paint job, his cock demands some relief, and with the pain building he’s forced to unzip and pop his dick out. As he works down he admires how clean he’s made her, and thinks how dirty he’s about to make her, once he gets down to her special area and starts cleaning the armored cover panels, he spots bright silver-ish liquid, like smelted silver, dripping from the corners of where the panels probably separate… No fondling required! He decides to finish up cleaning and sits still under her, feeling a line of intense heat coming down the center of his face, and once he throws the brush out from underneath, the slab of hull above him drops down startling Hansel, then as they separate he’s met with one of the most elegant machine pieces he’s seen.

It’s always been dark whenever he has the opportunity to observe her elegant genitals, this time he has a light. The area the plates cover is spotless in dirt but covered in her cum, as Hansel has decided to call it, and the cum is a lot lighter in color than her actual gorgeous vagina of gunmetal like her shot marks. It drops into his face in hot spools, significantly warmer than before-she’s VERY horny-and looks smaller than a human’s-she’s going tight-and was lowering it onto his face when he stops her.

“What, you want to stare at it a bit longer babe?” She jests to him.

“That too, but I want to pay you back first… the cleaning was only half.” Marion was interested; she let him guide her up until she was almost at the end of her suspension lift then sat in wait as he set himself up. “Alright Marion, come down s-l-o-w” She did as he asked, and felt four thick ridges press against her lips, winding her engine up a gear more. Then as it grew more and more, deepening inside her, she felt a cavity towards the rear and-

“OH MY GOD!” Marion shrieks as Hansel thrusts his arm deeper inside, to the cervix about half his forearm’s length deep. Her forward half crashes to the floor, her gun drops like a dead weight, her eyes shoot wide and her ‘jaw’ is set as open as she can open it while her engine roars louder than ever before. The fact that she’s at almost her tightest setting and not expecting a literal limb of her lover to be thrown inside her is definitely a shocker. “HOLY FUCKING SHIT HANSEL!” She grasps for breath, feeling Hansel’s every vein and knuckle and joint and muscle better than her manipulators could, while Hansel’s arm is vibrated numb by her compression and her engine in overdrive, probably more than overdrive, her moans are more like screams as he pulls it in and out of her like he did loading the 7.5cm guns at boot camp. Her engine sends its vibrations all throughout Hansel’s body so ferociously the mud on his boots from cleaning was shook off.

“So do you like this, Marion?” Hansel asks her rhetorically. She replies with a loud moan and slamming her cervix down on him.

“OH-H-H-H-H! YOU’RE OPENING IT NOW!” She awaits no protest from Hansel but pushes the cervix down as hard as she could. With seemingly no stopping it, Hansel decides to give in and lifts his middle and ring fingers pointing then up for a spearhead. It worked. Marion is hit with one of the most intense feelings she’s ever had. She felt like she could feel the individual hairs on his arm it was so tight. Hansel felt an immense feeling as well, once it opened the shaft above him seemed to open into a tunnel and the sides squeezed his fist and wrist, he could also feel a gentle vacuum up and deeper inside her. Her entire frame was shivering, Hansel’s arm felt like spaghetti, and after a few more agonizing punches in-and-out, Hansel felt like his bones would shatter under the pressure she has on him. She was close.

“FUCK! FINISH ME HANSEL!” She screams to him. Hansel thrusts his arm deep inside her, up to mid-bicep, and this is enough to send Marion’s body up in a response of shock then fall back down to the previous height releasing a massive amount of cum on him, drenching his shirt and face. He slowly pulls his arm out while Marion’s engine slowly winds down. Once he’s free he leans up and licks her slot from bottom to top, collecting a good amount into his mouth. He spins himself around while circling her slot with his finger, then aligns his cock with her oozing hole. She surprises him by dropping down on him to his body, shoving his dick flat against his abdomen.

“Kramia taught me something fun today!” She chats to him. “Have you ever heard of grinding?” She begins rolling back, up on his shaft, pressing hard and slow as she slides on him. He releases a nice, deep pleasure sigh of acceptance, and lets her do whatever she wants with him. “You seem to like it too!” Yes he did. She continued grinding, every now and then she’d venture too far north and his head would insert itself nicking just inside giving Marion a buzz. She smoothly wrapped some manipulators under his ass, and lengthened her pussy for his dick’s length then pushed his midsection with his dick against her parting lips letting it rocket skyward into her before tightening up again.

“Now babe, remember not to cum inside, otherwise our service term may be delayed due to a child.” She said like a mother. Hansel replied “Yes, sugar.” She lifted enough for him to fuck as he wished, and just in preparation locked her suspension, for good reason. She let the feelings bombard her, with the cervix penetrated she was prone to impregnation, but it felt EXTREMELY good, better than anything before. She felt his veins, his entire shape, his slack at the base, his compressed folds as he thrusts inwards, his taught shaft as he pulls outwards, and his massive force he’s fucking her with tonight. Her engine was in high gear again in no time, and the enhanced constraint on his package made Hansel feel every piston strike that combined with the slight vacuum pull on him meant he was in fucking heaven. He almost forgot he had to pull out until Marion reminded him do the opposite, to his shock.

“OH I DON’T CARE FUCK ME ALL THE WAY! AH CUM INSIDE ME I DON’T CARE JUST FUCK ME HANSEL! OOO SEED ME!” She too was in heaven, as much as she loved the fisting, it seemed a little too much, but this… this was golden. Hansel panicked, he was on the verge but couldn’t get out. He thrust up as hard as he could, pushing Marion up to follow, then pulled down as fast as he could. It wouldn’t be enough to get completely out but enough to leave her cervix, when she fell back down on him his bomber slipped into a well in between the vagina wall and the cervix lip entrance where his bomber couldn’t hold out any longer and he released his payload. Hansel laid there shaking in terror, as much as he wanted a child he didn’t want to knock Marion out of her only calling, and didn’t feel ready to become a father. He took a breath of relief as he felt his seaman slowly sliding down his dick, meaning it hit a roof and didn’t enter the cervix… yet. He reached down with his hands, one to pleasure Marion to her climax and the other to scoop out all the cum it can out of Marion, it was awkward but proved successful, almost all the jizz was plucked out while the rest stuck to his stick. He wiped his cock off then pounded Marion into her finale, which drenched his pants and lower portion of his body in a great tidal wave of smelted silver.

He went down on her again, bringing his face up to her quivering lips and embracing the hot plush steel-like lips in a nice French kiss began to pluck and pinch at them, sparking Marion’s engine to turn over with every toying at it while her vagina’s production of her own jizz skyrocketed to help cool her sensitive area off. All this flooding made Hansel feel he was under an outside water faucet on a hot summer day sucking the hot liquid out and letting it slather on his face, it felt magnificent. Once she came she pulled Hansel out, and as he complained and asked why she let herself drop to the floor, her wheels shaking exhausted from his onslaught. She was breathing very heavy, and Hansel noticed as she exhaled she vented steam, same as what her exhaust pipes and direct engine vents where doing. She was steaming, soaked, sexier without her skirts, and Hansel wanted even more of her glorious ass. And that’s what I’ll shove it in next! She turned her turret to the left to see Hansel admiring her ass, and eyeing her pipes.

“Go. (She gasps for air) Ahead.” Hansel smiles with glee as he walked to her rear, stepped onto the heavy mounted jack, leans to her left exhaust port, using his right arm reaches for the right port, and proceeds to give it a rim-job and finger circles the other. Marion feels exhausted but lets her lover use what he can to please himself; she was not expecting, however, this form of pleasure. She did know she could open it for him. As he circles the two pipe ends with his tongue and fingers for the other, he watches as the vertical metal bar in the pipes, used to prevent a grenade form entering the engine, retract and the pipes beginning to collect more condensation of at first water, then noticeable amounts of her smelted silver.

“Fuck it already.” She gets out rushed in a single breath. He stops circling, and climbs onto the left armored cover around the pipe’s base, he gets a good foothold with his boots as Marion removes the soaked shirt off his shoulders to see his admirable muscles, she bends it downward to his crotch for his ease and so he could go deep, he bends over, after aligning, to get a good hold for his upper body. What the fuck am I about to do? He thinks, he thrusts in anyway. To awesomely fuck my love that’s what! He is met with a hot, wet, vibrating pipe tightening its grip on him as her eyes close to enjoy this and her body jolt upward in pleasure then rest again. Each pounding he exerts on her ass makes her body retaliate by rolling forward slightly then rolling back as he withdraws. Hansel is quickly exhausted from all the day’s dealings and when he cums inside Marion’s left tail pipe he lets himself slump onto her chassis and continue his orgasm inside her.

“Looks to me you’re done, sweetie.” She says to him very tiredly.

“Yes, I’m finished, I wanted to fuck the other one though.” He says swimmingly to brighten up Marion.

“Hm-hm-hm, you can do that one next time, alright?”

“Yeah. Damn I don’t want to move but I need a change of clothes and it’s supposed to get really cold tonight!” He wails like a child. He backs off Marion and zips up his pants and puts his wet shirt back on to head to the barracks to get his sleeping gear. As he creeps out into the black night, Irish turns the corner and a face of pure awe overcomes him before he utters his word.

“Damn.” Hansel blushes as Irish approaches him. “I mean you made her scream but did she eat you then piss you out or something!? My God!” Hansel murmurs his intentions of going to get his things before Irish responds again. “Jesus Hansel, you’ve definitely got some package down there and you sure know how to use it! I’ll get your shit you’ll freeze out here, get back in there!” With that Hansel steps back into the tank house while Irish fetches his kit and returns it to him. Once he’s all sorted he resumes the spot he was in before he left, reinserted himself, decided to fuck her pipe one last time before spooning for the night. As the two fall asleep Hansel wonders what the right pipe will feel like.

*Note to all: don’t write porn in skinny jeans*

I have a request of you all: I have been thinking of two side stories that will EVENTUALLY get worked on and posted. One is on the Mighty Maus and the other the Awsome Prinz Eugen. They both will have MY (not Ratbat’s or Delta’s or Cerebral’s) explanation of the living machines and a new name for them, both take place for the majority in the close modern era (you’ll see) and are indeed related to HaM. I want your help on deciding what to do first… For me it’s to hard to pick between these sexy goliaths and I’m really torn as to what first. Whichever one you guys would like to see first will really help me settle my inner conflict between the options. Thank you guys and gals!

HaM side story: The Mighty Bismarck

A side story of HaM. It took me longer than it should have, nonetheless enjoy. 😉

Friday 23rd May 1941, 22:50, a young man stands shivering in the cold Atlantic breeze at his post next to his 3m night rangefinder mounted on the port-side wing of the Admiral’s bridge. He was a fresh sailor, on the Fatherlands’ newest warship, the Bismarck. He stood there alone and in the dark because earlier their battle group had been spotted by a British destroyer a few hours past and the ships was on ‘black-out’ where no light will escape the ship to be spotted by any peering eyes, leaving this poor soul outside alone in the blistering cold wind.

“Damn it’s lonely out here, and this cold might just drive me insane! Some position I got alright.” He walks over to the rangefinder’s operator seat and sits down to adjust his pant legs and jacket collar.

“Then it’s a good thing you have me to talk to.” The voice seemed to be coming from the front left of him, right over the railing. He was confused, it’s a two-and-a-half meter drop down, and besides, the voice was a girl’s voice, and all the other men on the bridge at this hour had deep raspy sailor voices. This seemed fresh and soothing.

“Hello there? Anyone to reassure I haven’t gone mad?” He calls as he stands up and walks to the bow facing railing. He leans over to check the deck down below him, then looks left then right where he gets a glimpse of the moonlight reflecting off something white and pointed like shark teeth. They were below the windows and at the center-line of the bridge and the darker line above ran from one window  port of middle to starboard of middle, about two meters long he figured. On the windows two port and two starboard of the center bridge window were dark eye-like pupils looking into his. “That’s new.”

“No you’re not mad, it is pretty nippy up here isn’t it?” The teeth were flashing as the voice spoke, they were part of a functioning mouth, the man figured. He had experienced a machine ‘speaking’ to him but there was no mouth, nothing but a voice in his head whenever it was near him, this was new however, but not frightening. He went over to his seat and sat down trying to hunker from the wind.

“I’m not the first you’ve told am I?” He asked, trying to figure out why she came out on such a night.

“Well you seem to need a friend, you don’t talk to many other people regularly or willfully, and I kind of need another as well, Prinz Eugen isn’t going to be enough for me. This is also a really dark night so I can show my face to you without anyone else seeing it, I’ll still talk to you but my face will be concealed so I stay hidden.” She said this so gracefully to him, she didn’t even know him, and he only knew her name, designation, and route from his post to his quarters to the mess hall and bathrooms. He felt flattered that this ship opened to him first, his luck may be changing. “I’m sure you know my name, what’s your name? I’ve heard people call you ‘Red-nose’ and ‘Reindeer’ and I’d like to know why if you care to share.”

“That’s what the others call me,” He said darkly, with agony, pain, anger, and sarcasm, “The reason why is because my name’s Rudolph Jürgenstien. Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer!”

“You don’t seem to like that at all, I won’t call you but what you want me to call you as, you can call me Biz.” She said with her voice so beautiful, angel like and magical to Rudolph. He felt warmer when she spoke to him; she made him smile just by talking to him personally. “I don’t see why they’d harp on you like that, you seem nice and friendly. Personally I’m jealous of your name.”

“You can call me Rudolph or Jürgenstien, why would you be so jealous? Your name is powerful, you’re named after-”

“A man! I’m named after a he when I’m a she, you see now? At least your name is of your gender.” She cut him off, he nodded and leaned back, thinking of all the other discriminating names he’s been called by people. The only one he could count on to have his back was Hansel, but he refused to join the Kriegsmarine and went into the Panzerkampfwagon division. He too only had one friend; wait if she hasn’t talked to anybody then how is she talking to the Prinz Eugen?

“Hey, Biz, if you haven’t talked to anyone how do you talk to Prinz Eugen?” Bismarck explains that the two of them use their radios to talk discretely, then the two talks about how no one’s noticed before. She explains that her eyes are one-way, where her pupils are clear on one side, and visible on the other while she can also make her pupils go clear to hide them, then that her mouth has a cover for that. “Basically I have all that a human girl would have! Except hair, I don’t have hair.” Rudolph brought up legs, she said they weren’t physically legs but her propellers were fugitively legs. Then she emerged a tentacle-like arm with a hand like object at the end, “My manipulators” she explained with a shiver in her voice. The manipulators, she tells, are as sensitive, if not more, than the same sensitivity of a human hand. She locks up as Rudolph heads inside for a thicker heavy-duty coat for the snowstorm they’re approaching. She talks to Eugen about him.

He’s not bad, seems nice and friendly, kind of cute, too. She sends to Eugen, Eugen replies:

Go after him Biz! Don’t make the same mistake I did! You probably won’t find a man of us out here; if you do it’ll probably be British or American. All other guys are typically stuck up civilian snobs looking only for a good one-night deal.

I’ll think about it, Eugen.

Don’t, just go for it, you won’t be sorry.

Rudolph gets back and Eugen sends one more before shutting off her radio for the night. DO IT. Biz gets to see him clearly as he steps out, moving her left eye over to her left side, switching from where it was to the center window on the port side of the bridge, she had plentiful opportunities before but she never cared to pay attention, this time she was with lustful eyes. He was on the shorter end of life, maybe a little over one-and-a-half meters tall, his coats hid his thickness but he seemed pretty fit with his movements, he had jet-black hair and a smooth, but bold, nose that was red and runny because of the cold temperatures, he had rounded cheeks and a soft brow transition with a soft-point chin with cold and trembling lips. She cursed the need for clothes to protect him from the cold; she also cursed the cold for making his appearance altered by constant shivering and trembling. She talked to him some more, about his shift, his experience so far, his past, basic stuff to lead into something a bit more… emotional. They talked for hours, forming a bond quite strong, not to the point Bismarck wants to be but close before Rudolph had to retire his shift for the night. Damn! So close! Bismarck thought as he left, she knew he’s going straight to sleep, no more time to talk.

Holy shit. Rudolph thought to himself on his way to his quarters, I don’t have any friends on this ship but one, and that one IS THE SHIP! Wow, that’s really ironic, I think she liked me; her eyes would dart up and down my body like, like Anna did to Hansel! He silently celebrated; someone’s finally got the hots for him. He entered the room filled with twenty other men sleeping in their hammocks quietly, he changed clothes, climbed into his hammock, and his final thoughts as he drifted to sleep was Biz saying “Basically I have all that a human girl would have!” and wondered what exactly that included…

Saturday 24th May 1941, 05:47, all crewmen called to battle stations and all doors sealed, two British warships spotted on the horizon. Rudolph hurries to get into his fatigue as fast as adrenaline mixed with an hour of sleep permit him, then he races to his position on the night rangefinder next to Bismarck’s ‘head’. As he runs through the door the door slams shut and locks behind him, Biz shut it. Rudolph doesn’t care as he needed to do that anyways; he mounts the rangefinder and says good morning to Biz. All of a sudden a whistling sound shrieks into his ears followed by a plume of water. A salvo just barely missed Biz. Rudolph is in awe by the monstrous eruption of white water foam and spray. He regains and starts cranking the rangefinder toward the two ships on the distant horizon, as he looks into the eyepiece marking and relaying the numbers he notices the ship on the horizon is the British pride, H.M.S. Hood.

“Here we see the Hood, trying desperately to attack a much greater foe, although it is supported by a King George class, there is no hope for the little Hood.” Biz comments as her four turrets named Anton, Bruno, Cäsar, and Dora wielding two 38cm naval guns each align onto the Hood using the numbers from Rudolph to get the area down. She sends a salvo on Eugen’s cue, negative on hits. This repeats until Eugen scores a hit on Hood with the 4th salvo round, then two rounds later switches to the King George V class as Hood traverses port to bring the rear turrets into operational use, on Bismarck’s 5th salvo, the once mighty Hood erupts in a massive explosion, lighting up the dark morning sky so beautifully. Biz smiles when she sees that Rudolph is in awe, watching the fireball like a child at a fireworks show.

“You’re so amazing, Biz.” He says, and then cranks the rangefinder to the King George V class; he peers in and notices that the forward turret with four guns is unresponsive, in that it’s still aiming to the bow instead of port, where Biz and Eugen sit with concentrated fire upon it. Then the bridge erupts in an explosion, and the King George turns tail south and flees with a smoking superstructure. Rudolph kept a mental count on the hits; Biz scored a hit on Hood and four on the other, while Eugen scored one on Hood and three on the other. “Biz. You. Are. Amazing.” He says, taking pauses for dramatic effects, and to take deep breaths to slow his heart-rate down. She takes the comment and persuades him to stay with her, she was hit three times. Rudolph apologizes for not noticing; she doesn’t mind but tells him where she was hit.

“I was hit in section XX port passing through XXI starboard no explosion, however the forward pump room is flooded so we can’t pump fuel to level the flooding, I was hit amidships in section XIV and caused minor flooding of the port dynamo and I think there’s some water in port boiler room two, they’re probably going to shut down the affected generators and possibly the affected boilers too. The third hit the Admiral’s gig; no real damage was done but the pressure tank for the Arado’s catapult lost all its air, something damaged the system somewhere.” She reported, although Rudolph did take this to concern her voice made him feel like nothing could ever hurt them, that she was unsinkable and he and the crew would be fine. The battle group changed course 180° southward. The doors were unlocked and opened; the danger had passed, but due to the damages Bismarck was slowed to only 24 knots. She knew she could go 30 knots, quite a feat for any ship her size much less a heavy warship. Rudolph stays with her on her bridge wing having a confusing three-way conversation between Biz, Eugen, and Rudolph, after a while this grows confusing and tiresome for Rudolph, who has only had an hour of sleep, and he takes a nap in the rangefinder’s seat. After about two hours, Bismarck is turned around 180°, leaving Prinz Eugen to go about on her way.

Well looks as though we’re parting, Eugen.

Yes it seems, Rudolph didn’t seem bad at all, I’m actually jealous. We’ll still be able to communicate with each other just as we are now. Godspeed, Bismarck.

Good luck to you Prinz Eugen, and good hunting.

Good luck for you with Rudolph. Remember the tricks I taught you.

Thank you again, and Godspeed to you as well.

She ended the radio message and turned her invisible eyes to Rudolph, sound asleep in the chair. She ran a manipulator up his back and over his shoulder up to his forehead and started to gently rub it with her ‘thumb.’ Soon you’ll be all mine, Rudolph. She thought of the old Christmas tune. Rudolph my little reindeer, with your eyes so right, won’t you guide my shots tonight? She giggled at her little joke, his fire control system guiding her shots on target. Then she thought of another little rhyme: Rudolph my love I’ll protect you, would it be you love me too? She closed her eyes and thought of their love, she started wanting him, intensely. Rudolph my little reindeer, let’s make love where all will hear! She squirmed her manipulator into his pants but stopped. She knew she couldn’t do it here, she couldn’t bear the shame for it, and either Rudolph wouldn’t want to do anything sexual with her or he’d never forgive her for the shame she caused him. It’ll need to be at night. She sulked and removed the manipulator inches from Rudolph’s package she desired so badly, to Rudolph’s dismay.

DAMNIT! She was this close! He screamed in his head, he was initially awakened by her rubbing his forehead, he was a very light sleeper, and knew the whole time she was eyeing him, even if he couldn’t see her eyes. Well I may still have a chance with her, or… he didn’t want to admit thinking it, …or she doesn’t want me, she just wants to torment me. He settled on the latter due to past attempts at getting a girlfriend and being terribly turned down by all just obliterating his sociality and confidence. He started to cry without a sound, burying his face deeper into his coat to hide his tears. He loved her, he knew it, he loved her. He had hidden lust for her ever since he saw her at the dock. She was the biggest thing he’d ever seen, she was so powerful and demanded respect and fear, her hull was very curvy and streamline, that alone turned him on, but at the same time her superstructure was so bold, defiant, and awe-inspiring the combination meant an instant hard-on from the first sight. And she just said no…

“BATTLESTATIONS! I REPEAT; BATTLESTATIONS!” The Admiral sounded the alarm.

“What’s happening!?” Rudolph snaps up frantically, asking anyone who would have heard.

“Two contacts starboard-bow! Hey Rudolph, are those tears? Were you crying?” Biz answers then asks in a deeply concerned voice.

“Uhhhh- bad dream.” He says unsurely. Biz thinks to herself if she did something that hurt him. They two contacts are the ship from earlier and a light cruiser, many shots were exchanged, but none hit either side. Biz asks why he was crying. She continued pressing him for it over and over and over for three hours until he agreed to tell. He sat down on his little seat, took a deep breath, and heard his stomach rumble like a beast.

“Actually I’m going to go eat first…” Biz sighed in disapproval, but allowed him to go to the mess hall. He got lost, a year on this ship, and I still get lost! He thought to himself, she guided him to his usual mess deck. He got his food and sat by himself, as always, and as usual four other crewman confronted him, they taunted him, pushed him, took some of his food, and pretty much ruined the rest of his dinner before leaving without him even lifting a finger to try and stop them. He returned to his post and Biz slammed the door behind him, pushed him and sat him down in his seat, and confronted him sternly of what he allowed to happen.

“How the hell can you let them walk over you like that!?!” She verbally strikes at him. “Seriously? You let them do that? They insult your handsome name then they harass your sex life and take and ruin your food and you just sit there and take it?!” She sighs painfully, seemingly disappointed in him.

“Because I’m a fucking loser!” He shouts back then slumps into his seat sobbing again. Biz is surprised and regrets what she said instantly. She was only trying to help him…

“Oh, shi-, um, look I’m really sorry Rud-”

“You don’t have to be! They’re right anyway! I’m just a loser who doesn’t have a chance getting a girl.” He stops Biz right in her train of thought. “That’s why I was crying, okay? You woke me up when you rubbed my head, I thought you liked me when you went in but then you left me completely, I know you don’t like me but that’s just fucking cruel Bismarck, that’s fucking cruel…” He drops his head into his lap, sobbing vigorously letting fifteen years of bottled up emotions out in front of the one who cares about him the most in his life. She was silenced, unknowing of how to respond. She decided to come clean.

“Rudolph… I… I… I love you; you did find a girl…” Rudolph quieted down and picked his head up to clarify. “Yes I didn’t do that to hurt you but out of my own lust for you… I thought you were asleep still and I stopped myself because of the shame that would follow… I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you; I was only looking out for you.” Rudolph stopped crying while she was continuing on, but started crying again.

“Why are you crying now?” She asked ashamed of herself.

“Because you’re the second person to ever care about me-” He spread his arms up for a hug, but realized he couldn’t hug her bridge wall, and looked around before turning around and trying to fully embrace the three meter wide optical equipment. Biz returned the embrace and held him tight, he ceased to shed any more tears before he said “And the first to love me back.”

They stood holding each other, Rudolph holding his instrument and indirectly his ship, and Bismarck holding her little love. They let go and Rudolph sat in his seat, he ponders on how fast time flies when you’re with the ones you love. He checks his watch, 11:27 PM, Biz notices how dark it is, the moon’s not very bright…

“Hey Rudolph…” She asks in a sexual tone.

“Yes Biz?” He asks her, in a very interested manner.

“It is quite dark, no one would see us… doing…” She smiles with the same grin as last night.

“Ah! I know what you mean…” He walks to the railing she wraps him in her arms and hauls him over. He’s a little uneasy, even though it’s only a 2 meter nonlethal fall it’d still hurt, but she doesn’t let him slip away as she carries him first to her mouth. He knows what she’s implying first and leans up to a long kiss. The kiss is awkward, Biz sealing the majority of her mouth to accommodate his means his tongue will be the one venturing out, so it does and it relays messages of soft, hot lips and a steamy mouth to welcome him. Her tongue and his touched together, she noticed it was softer than his groin area when she tried wriggling her way into his pants earlier, and a lot warmer and comfortable, she was excited by this and her mouth started to ‘water’ into his as they pulled at each other’s lips. He felt a nice tingling as the fluids touched and entered his mouth, like a shiver going down a spine only sustained in the mouth area. She felt his breaths against her upper lip become stronger and hotter, he was horny… She let a hidden platform down from under the bridge overhang and set his legs on it so they could still kiss, then she started tugging and pulling at his crotch area of his trousers. He smiled and undid the belt. Then Biz’s eyes snap up and she curses. She gently puts a confused Rudolph down at his post and closes the platform.

“What’s wrong honey? Did I do something?” He asks her concerning.

“Radar’s got eight small fast movers, they’re planes! Starboard!” that was the other side, he felt helpless as he wasn’t allowed to leave his post now, the alarm sounds and he feels her massive turbines pumping as fast as they could. He sat down and took in the feeling of the vibrations, she counted the torpedoes launched, all eight planes dropped them but she grabbed Rudolph for comfort as only seven were going to miss! She whimpered as it hit her, he saw the explosion of water and knew it was amidships; she held him and slowed her engines down for the crew to give a full damage report and assess the situation. Once it reached the admiral, Biz’s hopes sank into Rudolph’s attempt at a reassuring hugging of the instrument he operates.

“I knew it, port boiler room two completely flooded, and the collision mats were loosened in the bow, I’m listing even more. They are trying to make repairs but for now, its 16 knots max.” She sulked into Rudolph, he talked to her for hours, comforting her, promising her, and eventually cheered her up, along with news that minimal repairs finished and they can go 20 knots again. She in turn lulls him to sleep, and holds him tight against the cold wind.

Sunday 25th May 1941, 12:00, Rudolph is woken up by Biz, surprisingly no one commented or cared that he slept out on the bridge wing, or that he slept till noon when that was really only about nine hours of sleep for him. He gets up and stretches, then gives a good morning to Biz and heads in to deal with his morning wood, take a shower, change clothes, and eat in that order. He gets to his footlocker and grabs his clothes and grooming kit, gets lost again on the way to the bathrooms, and sits on the shitter and starts beating his morning wood. Then one of Biz’s manipulator hands slaps his hand and he hears her say “No! You save that for me later!”

“How did you-?” He asks her.

“I can pretty much sense you and what you’re doing, if you’re asking about me speaking to you, I can talk through my hand speakers.” She turns the hand over and shows him a little black speaker in the palm of her hand. Being the morning and Rudolph brain dead as a brick, he stares at it like it’s the most interesting thing in the world and not the talking ship it’s attached too. She eventually slaps him into the world again and orders him to finish cleaning up. He heads to the shower room and is greeted with an empty shower for once, be merrily turns on a shower and starts cleaning himself, when Biz starts rubbing his body as well, he feels a little trumped on in his ability to shower himself.

“So you’re in control of my wood dealings and my cleaning duties?” He asks her jokingly.

“You’re mine, and I’m yours, who else cares what we do to each other? Besides, a couple can’t shower each other?” She says seductively as she moves to his testicle sack, squeezing them a little too hard for comfort.

“AH AH AH! Watch it! A few areas are more sensitive than others…” He snaps, she loosens on his sack but still fondles them while they clean him. She continues harassing him all day whenever she can, in attempts to make him sexually enthusiastic and last and/or want for a long, long time. She is successful. The time is 22:31, the moon is covered by stormy clouds, but the sea is calm and flat like glass, Rudolph’s body is ready, being tormented for hours, he’s finally going to do it. Loose that damn virginity of his. They do the same as last night, with the platform and the tingly kissing;  but undo his jacket and shirt, baring his bold chest and abs, only this time when he unlatches his belt Biz pushes him deeper into a kiss. He undoes his button and fly, opens his underwear fly, and releases his beading cock, ready and waiting for the opening. Then he panics as he looks down at his probe.

“Uhh, Biz, how am I going to fill you? First off, where am I going to fill you?” He asks panicked.

“Don’t worry, The one I knew I had is down below the waterline, in line with the keel about three-quarters down bow to stern and that one could eat two of you without me noticing you were in there.”

“That doesn’t help, Biz…”

“The one Prinz Eugen told me about is smaller, adjustable, for some reason at the base of my chin-and-neck, and best of all,” A long and thick tentacle-like shape approached Rudolph where he sat at the edge of the hanging platform, drawing closer it looked more like an elephant’s trunk with its flat end, but it had a long vertical slit instead of nose holes… “It’s retractable!”

Rudolph looked at it intrigued, it wasn’t too big, actually a decent size and a little smaller than he hoped it may be for his size, it was maybe 5 inches in diameter. He smiled as he grabbed it in his hands, brought it to his mid-chest, and rubbed his thumbs up and down the slit. Payback’s a bitch. Biz whimpered and groaned much the same as the previous penetration of the sorts she didn’t want, but these whimpers were loving and welcomed, Rudolph vigorously slid his thumbs all over the thickening lips, he began to feel a greatening wave of heat and warmth from her chin above him, she whined and stammered as he relentlessly pressed harder and harder, then a little bulb appeared at the top and silvery liquids spilled out of her vagina slowly. As they tricked onto his pecks and caused the pleasant tingly feeling like on his lips, he brought her pussy to his face, and out of nowhere he decides to rub it all over his face. Biz is confused but not questioning of his decision, instead takes in all the feelings of his smooth, soft face rolling over her clit and pussy lips, she groans and moans a little loud for complete comfort of stealth, but Rudolph and obviously she doesn’t care. He slathers his face with her silvery tingly juices before applying the clit to his nose and inserting his tongue inside her a massive wave of heat is sent out like the fire from her guns, steaming his face and warming his face from the cold airs, she yelps out and breathes heavily, then he randomly he twists her cable onto its side and begins to make out with her hot and soft lips… She completely lets go of attempting to control her appendages and lets her arms rubbing in her juices into his body and the thick trunk-vagina go limp and fall onto Rudolph, safely lying on the low-hanging platform under her bridge chin. She grows closer, and closer, and thinks to herself that’s not how she wants to cum on him for the first time, and asks him to stop.

“No, not yet.”

“Ru-dolph…pleeease stop!” She gasps out, also panicked.

“Beg me to, cry it out for me.” He seemed to love the control he had in the first time in his life, and it was over one of the most fearsome woman in the world…

“Rudolph please! Agh please Rudolph stahop! I beg you stop! Please not like this for the first time, please!” She pleads to him, he accepts, but first locks his lips over her pussy’s lips and drinks in as much of her liquids as he can. A long silver strand connects his lips to hers as they part. He asks her where she wants it now, she says it’s all up to him, he’s in control. He looks to his throbbing and standing dick; he knows where to put it. He moves it down to his member, and rubs the head on her lips slowly and dramatically, Biz’s hull and superstructure starts creaking and groaning, easily recognizable to anyone else as caused by the damages taken, not by the ship’s ‘loser’ fucking the ship. He has his fun and taunts her no more, he himself feeling a little bit ashamed causing her stress, when in all actuality she somewhat enjoyed not being the one in control for once, let someone else do everything for her, he grabs her with both hands tightly and thrusts his lower portion into her soaking wet cavity. The feeling they felt was unreal, Biz knew she would give them away, but knew Rudolph would want to hear her loving cries. She remembered a way, she closed her mouth panel and pressed it hard against her mouth to muffle her loving sounds, she switched to the radio to be sure she wouldn’t make a sound outside, and finally she put one of her speaker-hands near Rudolph’s right ear and let it all out.

Prinz Eugen was enjoying the peaceful night; it was a nice ride, good skies, and a perfect moon. She wondered how Biz was doing with Rudolph, if they were dating yet, she longed for her old love, she missed her sweet, sweet gunner so much. Out of the blue she gets a radio transmission from her new friend right then, she laughs at the irony of the situation. She lets the message go through…

OH FUCK YES! OH FUCK ME RUDOL- She switches it off, shocked at what she just heard, well that answers that question, she thinks about it, loving a human, she becomes a little… interested. She switches it back on and listens with jealousy; soon she starts to think of her old crush sexually… She rubs at her slit down under, then she stops and rubs her secondary vagina, same place as Bismarck’s to get as close as possible. She listens and turns her mic really low in case she too starts making noises, she thinks of his features, his bright hair, his high cheeks, his slim chiseled body, his chin and his size and how deep he’d go and his eyes, she’ll never forget his eyes, they were like a storm so beautiful… She inserted an arm inside herself and kept rubbing her clit intensely, the combination meant she wouldn’t last as long as the two on the other end but she didn’t care, she’d fuck herself again if she didn’t finish with them.

Rudolph was pounding Biz, she wasn’t prepared for his brutality or enthusiasm she built up in him, she did have help from years of pent-up aggression to help fuel him. He pushed rapidly, full-auto, nonstop, and Biz loved every moment of it. She was continuously yelling and shouting with pleasure and love, demanding Rudolph not to stop for anything. He started to grow weary from his onslaught and slowed down, Biz had none of that, she pinned him down and forced him to use his hands to continue. He didn’t last long there at all, and that’s when she took over. She slammed her pussy down on him hard and fast, Rudolph simply melted away enjoying the feeling of losing his virginity to this beautiful behemoth he loved dearly. The sex they had was beyond either of their wildest dreams combined, Rudolph felt his coming, he tensed up his dick, making it harder in the same process, in turn making Biz grow louder with stimulation in his ear praising him with I LOVE YOUs and FUCK ME HARDER RUDOLPHs and other things like that, he struggled but was able to emit something:

“Biz I’m close!” He thought to himself, So, these are my final moments of being a virgin, the last time I’ll feel before it ends, will I remember how it felt?… Nah! I won’t miss it!

“THE FUCK CARES?! KEEP IT GOING! CUM IN ME DON’T STOP!” She hollered through the radio and her hand, Rudolph pleased by her command, let it out.

He went limp by the power and force the orgasm hit him with, leaving him brain-dead like in the mornings and moaning like broken record, Bismarck was surprised she felt it, burying his cock deep inside her and letting her attuned sensors take up every bit of the feeling, she felt his hot molten cream shoot up her cavity and tingle and tickle a sweet-spot she knew wasn’t her G-spot but knew she’d cum very, very soon. Actually right now.

“GRRNERRK-AAAHHHHHH! She exploded onto Rudolph with quite a showing of power, the expulsion of her tingly silver cum completely drenched Rudolph; he was still engulfed in his long orgasm inside his love. Once he finishes, he’s greeted with the warm, tingly fluid he’s come to love all over his body and still being pumped out from her tender lips. She reached up with a hand and rubbed his forehead with her thumb, just the way he liked it. The two sat there, enjoying and savoring the pressure one another imposed on the other’s genitalia, they hear a third party’s innocent moaning and aspirations of breath.

Having a little fun over there Eugen? Biz asks her amused friend.

Yes, why do you ask? You’re obviously enjoying him, how is it? How is it to not be a virgin anymore?

The best feeling I could ever imagine… Then Rudolph grabs Biz’s hand and brings it close so he can talk, Because I want to know if we could go again, just to make sure we lose our virginity, of course.

I was just about to ask you the same, baby. She replies, Eugen laughs and ‘joins’ them with what she can do. The couple make love for a long, long time losing all sense of time, they fucked in more ways any cared to count; orally, vaginally, hand jobs, he thumbed her clit while he first orally fucked her then used his cock to sedate her, at one point he attempted to fist her, but was forced to reconsider due to the pain he felt fitting it in, she loved it. Eugen got off a good time before Biz and Rudolph ceased, exhausted to hell, for the first time Rudolph slept heavy and sound, while Biz finally slept that wasn’t because of boredom, they dreamed of one another, possibly even linked somehow… where they were with each other in dream, to fuck even more than before, to love even more… Bismarck forgot she was a warship, she forgot she was in a war; she forgot that she was damaged badly; she forgot that the officials prepared the crew to lose the upcoming battle, she forgot all… except Rudolph, her little reindeer.

Monday 26th May 1941, 17:00, the day has been dreary at best, the crew knew the British were on to them, and system failure after system failure destroyed morale. The two lovers awoke quite early for the past night’s fun, yet still considerably late in time, they had their morning kiss and a little morning run to deal with an erected extremity but that silvery, tingly fluid couldn’t escape his mind. He brought some into the light and it stopped tingling as it warmed. How strange, I guess it’s just temperature sensitive, which explains why I never felt it inside her. He wiped the fluid off and proceeded to another empty shower, something he and Biz liked, and showered the same as before. Only when around 14:45 did his joy and upbeat behavior be questioned, by the usual gang, he found out that they were posted on the 20mm Flak Verling a few decks above him and wondered if they heard anything last night, hoping to rub something in their faces. The typical shenanigans ensued followed by a remark at how Rudolph was smiling the whole time. He nodded and silently his affixed face said I beat you all last night.

“This blows worse than I did you.” Biz says, commenting on the fact everyone knew the entire British fleet was on her tail.

“No Biz, you were great, better than I think any human woman could do in her wildest dreams.” He says actually truthfully, without a hint of sarcasm or brown-nosing. And he meant it. Bismarck blushed and shushed him, he continues on until a desk officer interrupts his blabbing unaware of what Rudolph was talking about.

“Petty officer Jürgenstien, Luftwaffe Lieutenant Stone has requested to see you personally.” He turns around and mumbles: Enjoy the feeling while it lasts. Then a tall and thick man emerges from the wheelhouse and crosses onto the port wing platform to shake Rudolph’s hand.

“Well you know me and you’re the only one on this ship named Rudolph so we seem to be in the right place.” He starts, he sounds young and energetic yet still wise and veteran. Rudolph gestures him to continue, “And I have to make a special request of you and Bismarck.” This shocks Rudolph and Bismarck, how did he know? What gave it away? What the fuck could he be asking about? It’s blackmail!

“I… um… need to get a certain Arado off and it needs to be secret, that’s also how I know of you two, is a rumor about last night…” Biz asks how he knows anything what-so-ever about her and Rudolph; demanding to know why her scout plane needs to leave. He breaks under the pressure and onslaught of Biz.

“Because she’s pregnant!” The two interrogators are shocked. Biz asks how and Rudolph comments on how he didn’t know him as in a human could knock up a machine so she’s pregnant, and then realizes what he did all last night inside Biz.

“No, no, no, no! I didn’t knock her up! She says it was another plane that she fell in love with and doesn’t want the child to have a miscarriage or anything like that; she’s scared of the situation… She heard on the radio of you two, she’s both happy and distraught for you two, and she told me you would be able to help.” He ends his request there, Bismarck instantly allows it but decrees that it must happen at night, so nothing is found until they’re long gone, and Rudolph sees the situation he’s in, and requests one favor and one favor only. A delivery. The deal is agreed upon and the time is set. Not too long later, at 20:30, the aircraft alarm is sounded.

The men rush to the anti-air guns, the 15cm fire their anti-air shells and the 105mm shoot their guns while 2cm, 20mm, and 37mm pepper the skies desperately trying to repel the attacking biplanes, Rudolph noticed the shots were all going over the slower biplanes, the sights were for faster modern planes, not these slow shits. He holds his breath as two torpedoes look as if their hits, and curses in anguish as he hears the explosions and cries of his beloved Biz. He loses hope as she solemnly tells him that her rudder was hit… she can’t turn on her own will, doomed to forever go in circles. She starts to weep, Rudolph tries with all his ability to comfort her, but he too is distraught… he pulls out a piece of paper, and writes a letter for Stone to take with him to his only other friend. Bismarck fires at a destroyer, turning it away without dealing hits, and later is constantly repelling a flotilla of destroyers that are constantly harassing her, one of them alive and sexually harassing her. She doesn’t respond but with a hailstorm of steel rain, the whole time she embraces Rudolph openly without care if their caught or anything, she only wants to hold her little reindeer close and tight.

The time comes when they will launch the plane off the catapult to safety. The guns are constantly flashing and sounding, still repelling the destroyer flotilla, everyone is concentrated on the tasks at hand so they pay no mind to the hanger No. 2 door being opened, or the Arado being maneuvered onto the extended catapult. Rudolph greets Stone as the engine turns over, he wishes the two of them the best of luck, and hands a small envelope to Stone with an attached description note as to who it goes too. Stone and the Arado wish Biz and Rudolph all the luck they can get, and are about to launch when suddenly- nothing happens.

“It’s the pressure line! I knew it was cut!” Biz exclaims, the Arado weeps, Stone admires the port side crane.

“Hey Rudolph, if you could get that crane to put us into the drink I could take off like a seaplane.” Stone was previously a Trans-Atlantic seaplane pilot, and knew the complicated workings of taking off in stormy waters. Biz is happy to do whatever she can, and unlocks the crane to drop them into the raging swells of the battle-ravaged seas. Stone pilots the Arado out of the hailstorm just as the other Lt. for the Luftwaffe spots this, he runs over to Rudolph and bear hugs him.

“Yes! Yes! Thank you! There’s a way to touch home after all!” With that he departs and runs for the admiral, to tell that he can get off with mail home and the war diary. Rudolph sulks back to his post, and embraces Biz again.

“It’s out of our hands now.”

“The crew’ll be so demoralized when they find the catapult is broken.” Biz replies, tightening her embrace on Rudolph. They fall asleep together, waiting for the final moments upon the sea, before they sink beneath it.

Tuesday 27th May 1941, 07:45, Rudolph awakens to a distraught and demoralized setting; Biz is going in massive circles, the crew knows they won’t escape alive, they’re all alone with no chance at a friendly rescue, the ship is damaged badly and openly crying, and probably the worst is they can’t even touch home. Earlier that morning the pilot that witnessed the launching tried to launch another Arado off the catapult, but as the pressure cable was cut there was no propulsion, leaving the war diary, the crew’s letters home, and any hope left on board, to sink within the day. The stores are free to whatever the men wish to take, there is no dress code or work shifts, there is no tidiness policy, all abolished by the Admiral in view of the final hours of the men’s lives, they all turned to drinking, sleeping, or sulking about the ship. No one noticed the ship holding a man to its bridge face, and those who did cared little or were intoxicated and thought they were hallucinating, in all reality of things the ship was crying and holding her one love to her close pleading with God, Poseidon, Neptune, hell even British Prime Minister Winston Churchill to spare her and her Rudolph. To no avail.

“Biz, it’ll… it’ll be alright…” He says to her, trying to help her through it.

“NO! NO IT WON’T! YOU KNOW THIS!” She breaks down crying again, clutching him like her own offspring, her own little reindeer Rudolph. She goes on, bringing much pain to Rudolph, all my life I’ve felt so alone and hurt, now she feels the same, on the brink of the end with no one to help her through it… how did I get this far? How could I just SIT here and let HER, my only desire in this world, how could I let that SUFFER!?NO! She will not die like this!

“Baby, remember the time we had together…” He starts, drawing her everlasting attention to him to focus, “the talks we had, the battles we fought, the sex we had! Remember the best things about them, the best of the best memories, keep replaying that inside your head. That way, I don’t hurt when you cry; I don’t want you to cry because that was how I felt every day of my previous existence without you… and it hurts to go back.” She doesn’t cry anymore, instead they talk in silence, in that telepathic dream world they experienced after their night of sex. In that world, there was no pain or damage or enemy, only Bismarck, Rudolph, and the high seas…

At 08:00 the alarm sounded, four ships were encircling them, and drawing closer; it seemingly takes an hour to finally receive fire from the WWI era battleship off the port bow, then the same class battleship as the survivor with the Hood to fire. Rudolph spots the targets, conveying the numbers to Bismarck and the gunners to fire-and miss-the fast approaching enemy battleships. Shots ring out until the hour really does change, that’s when Biz is hit for the first time of the day, then suddenly, is bombarded on all sides from the British onslaught… Her foretop range finders are disables. Then the main gun turrets Anton and Bruno are knocked out. Rudolph is ripped out of his position and held to the bridge wall by a bawling Bismarck as shells converge onto the command posts, knocking them out before resorting back to the main armament, which is knocked out at ten minute intervals… All that’s left are the secondary 15cm and 105mm guns, firing sporadically at anything that isn’t German…

Bismarck is screaming in pain and all the while in shock. She looks around and sees nothing but dismantled corpses, disembodied limbs, puddles of glop where men once existed, there were men running, screaming, dying and holes in her hull blown out of proportions where portholes once stood was a ravaged hole big enough to drive motorcycles out of… She couldn’t take any thought of similar instances happening to the one man in her clutches, and when the guns ceased and the order to scuttle arose she panicked and contacted her only other friend she could.

EUGEN PLEASE HELP ME! I’M LOSING! I’M SINKING! I’M DYING! This last part was sent with greater emphasis to Prinz Eugen, although the whole message sounded like that wasn’t the problem, she and Bismarck both knew that when a ship sinks it doesn’t die, not until it is completely rotted away will it die. It’s the beauty in being a machine.

Yes… I’m sorry old friend-but-what is the ACTUAL problem Biz?

I DON’T WANT TO LOSE HIM! I WANT TO STAY WITH HIM! MY REINDEER! Eugen did know of one way to preserve him, more like a transformation however, she only knows about it by playing with herself and some meat from a pet seagull turned dead seagull.

Biz, I haven’t told you everything. There is one way, a transformation really, where he becomes a sort of metal-morph being that has to do with your silver essence. That fluid is really an extension of your life ability, and if it engulfs a being from the insides it creates an inner shell and repurposes the internal organs for a new life as pretty-much a machine, only he’ll still be himself with a same outward look with artificial skin. It’s somewhat like-


Those arms you have, without the hands, those are concealed injection needles. The way I found to open them is first press their ends into his body at various points EVERYWHERE, then think of needles stabbing into the flesh, and then think of cumming, actually, a lot like you’re the guy and Rudolph is the girl.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I LOVE YOU EUGEN! I’LL TRY TO TALK TO YOU AS LONG AS WE CAN! With that she turned off the radio, swarmed a confused Rudolph, and executed the steps.

Rudolph screamed in pain, the worst pain in his entire existence. She opened the rounded ends and stabbed into him with thick long needles, that was bad enough then his body felt like fire, like dead weight, like pure unadulterated HELL. He couldn’t hear Bismarck’s soothing voice trying to dull his pains. He screamed, hollered, and cursed anything he could in the eight minutes of hell he was in. Once it finally ended, the scuttling charges were in place and two torpedoes struck the starboard side, men are running, jumping overboard and panicking while Rudolph is quietly led to the bridge shelter, and patiently sits down waiting the sinking.

“Hey Rudolph!” A familiar voice chimes from the stairwell behind him, he turns and is met by the desperate gaze of one of his bullies, bleeding and beckoning him to join him. “The ship’s kaput, we got to go! Come on, I know I’ve been a real dick but you’re still important, man! Let’s go!” Rudolph stood up, walked to him and held him like a father giving his son a wise talk.

“Rupert, I forgive you for all you did to me, and I also thank you. Sadly I must turn down your offer, I’m staying with her.”

“I know you love her-I love her too-she has been our home but she’s just a ship! We need to go!” He pulled at his comrade, who seemed a lot colder and heavier.

“The things you did to me set me up for this, I love her more deeply than you think. She’s more than a ship, she’s alive and…” He loved saying this to him, “we’re lovers,” Rupert looked at the mechanical tendril come around Rudolph’s chest in a bear hug. He looked first confused, and then nodded in acceptance. He came close and hugged Rudolph like a brother.

“Good luck reindeer. Shit sorry, bad habits, Rudolph.” He says, then Rudolph comments; “Actually, I think I’ll keep it Rudolph the reindeer. Biz seems to like it.” He smirked and looked toward the ceiling. Then the two once enemies locked eyes until Rupert left the two for safety. “Good luck to you too, Rupert.”

Then it was the two, Rudolph laid on a metal table as per instruction while another tendril without a hand came to the back of his neck, only when it opened it was a series of smaller needles, and inserted them into his new nervous system. As the two slipped beneath the waves, dumping anything lose out into the sea, Biz took his conciseness into hers, apparently, and entered that dream world again. The only difference is Biz knew more about it.

“We are in my alternate world, so to speak, my sweet. Where we can do anything we wish we can so in the physical world here.” She announced as he walked the bridge, admiring an open ocean with calm waves.

“So… it’s like a simulation place?”

“Yes, a place where we can do everything, except die. You won’t escape me that easily.” She jests at him. He chuckles and trembles as her expression twist into pain.

“Wha-what’s going on!?” He cries out.

“GRAHGNUG! AH-AH-AH! I’m tearing apart!” Rudolph panics, but is reassured by Biz that nothing will happen to them.

“We’ll be fine, babe, we’ll be fine. I still have control over my entire hull and structure however, and for the most part I’m still in well-built chunks. So… what shall we do first…?” She says, the latter portion stated as she pulls off his shirt seductively.

“Oh, about a couple years’ worth of sex to start…” The two embark on their voyage through time; awaiting the above world to visit them, all the while loving, talking, dreaming, and still communicating to Prinz Eugen throughout her service; even after she’s scuttled at Bikini Atoll after the nuclear bomb testing. They did see real light on the 8th of June, 1989…

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