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2014. Seeya wouldn’t wanna be ya.

I’m sorta on Christmas vacation now at the time of writing this, but the stress is not over. I was ordered to take 4 days of it play catch-up in clinical for school. I am not doing so well in clinical tbh.. This whole month has been stressful and I have still 2 more months […]


It’s Interstellar for Weaboos

I wanted to mention that I saw interstellar last weekend on a recommendation for a few people. The movie itself garners a solid 80% on rotten but The final straw was when Qwerty/Jake mentioned that they had sentient robots in the film. I took to the streets in the rain and partook of this Christopher […]


Happy Tanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving people! Eat lots of turkey and cranberry sauce. Special thanks to Delta for donating to the site! <3 Dire machine FAQ (1) After talking with Delta earlier, he suggested that I make an FAQ related to the Living vehicles In my porn pictures on the original tab. When people casually ask me little […]


Tags! It’s like 1995 all over again.

*** SPECIAL THANKS TO KRILL! THANK YOU FOR DONATING MAN XD ;;HUGS THE POOR STUDENT;; *** Was there any kind of military machine or what not you may have been interested to see drawn later on?   Since a few people are now using the site to submit living machine stories and artwork, I added […]


Other randomness

An airplane wearing Japanese armor. fucking love it. Courtesy of PKD-Airline                  Silly PT Boats. (Seriously why cant Living machines be real?)


Robert Chu : Machine-imals

Was talking with Hydrothrax the other day on artists that inspire us to draw what we draw. Had my art career gone in a different direction, Or I had some formal industrial design training, I think that this guys art is where I could have logically ended up. It appears to be a sci-fi series […]


Fresh Mex

Christmas vacation is almost over and it doesn’t feel like Ive gotten ay rest u.u. Had a chance to rip into “wasteland 2″ (Witch was the best 20$ Ive ever spent on an Indy game aside from “Don’t starve”) And also took advantage of War Thunder’s Christmas and new years bonuses so I played my […]


Random stuff, Mostly japanese Planes fanart

You know where to find the good stuff. Its right here. Unless your looking for mecha, New mecha stuff is getting increasingly harder for me to find. But I’m also picky as shit too..