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Wasteland 2 : Complete! Reddit found my art again, And I think I know how.  It relates to /k/ an image board for weaponry and military vehicles from either 4chan or 8chan. Someone posted This picture and I responded in kind with this picture. Either way, the people there thought I drew it because I was trying to […]


Shinkawa A new kickstarter has gone up for which I am an artistic contributor to. I’d like to just spread the word about Descendent Studios who recent acquired the license to make a sequel to Decent from Interplay. So if you where a fan of the old series or like the idea of space mining […]


Gross Airplane make-outs

You guy’s will never guess what I kissed today..  a mother fucking A-10     Its not the Smithsonian, But I got crawl all over a fucking A-10. Don’t judge me. Oh yeah I also kissed that tomcat back there too.. In other news, today I puked in front of my classmate on Clinical break. Which […]


A dream inspired by Jester

NEW BOAT I WOULDF4CK: Finals are over and I am on a short spring vacation nursing my aching back trying to get caught up on all the little artistic promises I made to various people. I finished my Dire machine faq in the previous blog post, if any of you have any questions let […]



The robots are still hard to find. This week you get what I scrapped up from the bottom of the barrel (though it is mostly ships). Enjoy. In other news, started my ER rotation at the trauma hospital, It is seriously hard core and I gotta work on my speed. Tons of people screaming and […]


Not feeling good *updated

This week I find myself deeply angry at furries. It always comes down to 1st world problems and I should just “ignore” these people, But I come to find out that 2 of the people who told me they were mechaphiles to role play with me (and are very insistent on it), well.. I found […]


Bad Fortress

A while ago Amethystlongcat and I were discussing how funny it would be if we made some machine cock dildo toys for people who wanted to fuck machines, (Just like bad dragon makes fictional monster dildos). we called it “bad fortress” at the time, but I never expected she would make art of that instance […]


Other randomness

An airplane wearing Japanese armor. fucking love it. Courtesy of PKD-Airline                  Silly PT Boats. (Seriously why cant Living machines be real?)