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Comic site down

I probably should have updated that A LOT sooner then 2 days ago because when I did, wordpress did some stuff that I generally don’t understand and the whole thing went kaput. Happened right after I re-read the later 2 books trying to re orientate myself on what should happen next (if I were to […]



^ hot.   “Oakland is the heart of Africa” ~ My dad “All Spaceships are capable of atmospheric flight at least once.” ~ Grimbrand   These are my two quotes of the week along with the sudden realization that Me and possibly many others who are facing OS upgrades have been screwed by Adobe corp. […]


8lbs. of flesh

Been a good week full of weight loss and ship gain. Started weight watchers and got on a stringent points regiment. Ended up loosing 8 lbs combined with hitting the ellipticals at the gym with my dad (although he will fucking kill me for missing today). RSI had a caterpillar sale and I traded my […]


Creeper Gonna Creep

I stopped hanging out in virtually all the social circles I used to with the one exception, the extremely successful kick starter game known as ‘star citizen” I wont go into the details about what starcitizen is, but you are free to do so here: Right now they have a chat room that brings […]


super, ultra, quantum

This week is selling there super hornet: Its worth it just to check out the 3 star ship commercials which are super sexy and detailed:    


Lots of smalls

Its hard to know what Images I may be repeating, There are soo Many of them upon here now.  Btw, I couldnt get any larger sized files then what you see here. Enjoy.  


Japan Likes Gypsey danger

I found 1 or 2 NSFW pics that I rescued from said gallery recently, so be careful if you are at work and found your way here. that said, there is a Pacific rim tag on pixiv and the Asians have spoken. Its too bad the movie didn’t do well over here last I heard. […]


Had not been to pixiv for a while..

So it was easy finding a few favs to throw onto the much neglected robot gallery. Enjoy.