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If it wasn’t for the occasional free food..

This month would be a shitty mini-June. I’ll get to that in a moment though, just want to let everyone know that my final trimester placement of clinicals is going to work out just fine. The hour and a half drive there and back every other day is going to wreak havoc on me however, […]


French music artists are my jam<3

5th trimester finals are coming and I Thought it was time to make a new post about the happenings in the world. School has been alright as well as clinicals, cant really complain. Titanatelier domain payed off for another year thanks to the folks over at Patreon, and helpful donations from a fan (krill) thank […]


Transitioning away from skype.

To Iron: I know I asked you on livestream if you had skype and I am unsure if you downloaded it or not, but if you don’t actually use that program and only got it to live chat with me, I have a better alternative. You don’t need it. Instead, download Teamspeak and set up […]


2016 and the unexpected virtue of saying “No”.

Christmas vacation is over. 2016 is here. I have 2 New Years resolutions: 1) Find a tech job. 2) Most importantly, Is that I am going to stop feeling guilty about the commissions I say “No” to. My patreon Card responsibilities keep me as busy as if I was already doing a commission and a […]


End of 5th trimester

Me and Lando as of late^ 5 more months to go before I enter into the medical field. Im still ambivalent, and somewhat saddened that I wont be able to return to my old site posting witch ive gotten to know over the last 8 months. New site is going to be a fucking hour […]


Fallout 4 in T minus 10 days and counting..

Look how deliciously big this tank is compared to that little man. This.. is part of the appeal. \/



———— Figured Id put this here because people rarely come to this section of the site. I’m fucking frustrated. Like, seriously, If it wasn’t for Gingy and maybe Xilrayne, I’d get nothing from anyone. Of course I largely did this to myself with my high ass standards, but considering the people who have the ability […]


Thanks to all those who attended my first stream <3

^ ;;super turned on by the idea of a giant male sub following close behind;; Have some new found art: