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Happy New year

Taking my fluoroscope test in 2 days. I hopeĀ  to update this page with good news on Wednesday. Looks like I wont know if i passed for another 4 weeks, But at least the studying is over. pptptp ^ how I feel surfing FA sometimes.

fuzzy bottle

^ If you don’t get a hard-on watching this trailer then you simply don’t belong here.^ My first Ace Combat was Ace Combat 5- a game that came out on the ps2 almost 12 years ago. While these games are less popular in the states, some of them had some downright amazing stories. Seeing this […]

Puke pro 3000 *NSFW*

**UPDATE 11/27/16: So let’s talk about this game. 3 weeks ago, I was trying for the 2nd time to pick up Baldur’s gate Enhanced edition and finally, finally get through it. I am a big fan of old school isometric Western style Crpg’s as they tend to scratch the kind of micromanaging itch that […]

Giant prime rib

^^^^Reno 2016 Abridged..with a few scenes from a revisit at castle afb^^^ About a month and a half ago I ended up going to the Reno air races in hopes id be able to have a biblical experience laying under one of the Idaho A-10’s they they tend to have. In a highly foolish move […]

Winter is coming.

Have a small update. A small collection of stuffs from DA and Pixiv. I try and keep this section of the site mostly for fantasy mecha, but Ive noticed a lot of fantasy one-off mecha stuff comes from Japanese or Korean card games. I guess I have greatly underestimated their popularity. At the end of […]

My first real mecha update in a long time

    Hi folks just wanted to announce that “mecha” portion of this blog isn’t dead. In fact Ive been sitting on a hellovalotta good shit that I now will share with you. Please enjoy this fine summer selection, and dont forget to wear sunscreen! Its at this point the gallery option malfunctions and I […]

Beautiful machines

So Ive decided that for the month of June, I just wont be able to make any new artwork other then the art cards owed after the 25th. This means that patreon will not be updated (or rather I might make a sketch of prince tomcat’s babies but nothing finished). I need to buckle up […]

Dwindling finds..

Gonna be perfectly honest with you folks, Im having a hard time finding anything I like on DA, or pixiv, that’s mecha related. Maybe my tastes really HAVE gone in a different direction, or mecha art has been rather uninspired for the last 6 months. Id like to see more of what and […]