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From Whiteman with love~*

GET HYPE So last weekend I attended “Wings over Whiteman” in Missouri on the Whiteman AFB with Ingo J Airplane and we went face first into the hottest bombers enthusiasts wish they could get close enough to touch. The drive up from Springfeild just to get their was long, bumpy, and hot as fuck with […]

End of a chapter

(Happy memorial day to all you yanks out there!) This last month has been somewhat stressful for me as Ive made a big life decision to move in order to be with a fellow mechaphile Ive known for about 3 years now. Its a huge experiment not only to see if I can make an […]

Neutral ending- Happy Easter

So I recently beat this game. I might have written about it before somewhere, but the SMT series has a very different take on religion then what you normally always see in the western world. The Christian God and the Devil are depicted as 2 dictators on the wildly opposing scales of morality. The binary […]

January, February, March, and a little beyond.

If some of you have been wondering why some of my e-mails go unanswered or later, I think I probably opened them at work and forgot to get back to you. I apologize for this. Work has been kicking my ass lately even though the money has been good. Here is a brief run-down of […]

Winter is coming.

Have a small update. A small collection of stuffs from DA and Pixiv. I try and keep this section of the site mostly for fantasy mecha, but Ive noticed a lot of fantasy one-off mecha stuff comes from Japanese or Korean card games. I guess I have greatly underestimated their popularity. At the end of […]

My first real mecha update in a long time

    Hi folks just wanted to announce that “mecha” portion of this blog isn’t dead. In fact Ive been sitting on a hellovalotta good shit that I now will share with you. Please enjoy this fine summer selection, and dont forget to wear sunscreen! Its at this point the gallery option malfunctions and I […]

Beautiful machines

So Ive decided that for the month of June, I just wont be able to make any new artwork other then the art cards owed after the 25th. This means that patreon will not be updated (or rather I might make a sketch of prince tomcat’s babies but nothing finished). I need to buckle up […]

Dwindling finds..

Gonna be perfectly honest with you folks, Im having a hard time finding anything I like on DA, or pixiv, that’s mecha related. Maybe my tastes really HAVE gone in a different direction, or mecha art has been rather uninspired for the last 6 months. Id like to see more of what and […]