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Minor Mutiny

Recently Finished this game. The Stick of truth Its a neat little 10 hour game for those who like low brow Southpark-esque humor. Its makes fun of and whimsically bolsters every midevil fantasy videogame out there Including final fantasy and Skyrim.  I Came into it with low expectations, and left laughing my ass off completely […]


From Titan to the net and back around

The wheel keeps spinning when it comes to Japan’s anime industry- the only industry it seems that continues to make giant robot anime religiously.  A freind was watching a Netflix funded giant robot anime the other night, and invited me to come join him. I generally trust his judgment when it comes to shows and […]


One week Witcher 3 bender

Credit where credit is due: Living machine Hind inspired by delta’s character Anya by: —————————- First of all Id just like to say that my one week vacation from school was Immensely enjoyable, I took every opportunity to be a fat lazy pig staying up till 6am and sleeping in till 3pm, and I […]


Pillars: Complete

Finally finished this game, it was a part of a kickstarter project brought upon by Obsidian about a year ago and follows in the traditions of Baldur’s gate, Icewind dale, a Bard’s tale. The game is an isometric fantasy game with roots in traditional D&D style campaigns, and you can customize your whole team to […]



Get lost in the metal. There is plenty for mecha lovers and living tank lovers alike. Im tired.. so tired… Clinicals are going phenomenally, but exams are a huge bitch with how little lecture hours we have now. At least I still have all this metal, and all the cool new people who have arrived […]


Whole lotta-notta-lotta

lot more mecha musume this time.


Finals end June 8th

I literally could not find much to show you guys for this post. The concept robots and Pixiv artists have been mostly absent in the month of may. Either way I hope you enjoy this selection of pics, I’m going to fantasize about a big male submarine molesting a woman in a bathing suit and […]


Machine lover’s encore

A double dose of mecha this month for all of you who were tired of me slipping mostly aircraft n stuff into the mix. ———————— In other news, its down to the wire, the last month and a half of clinical at the trauma center. I need to bust my balls hardcore to get my […]