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5 make-ups

Behold! A Russian knight! Doing sexy sky tricks! So far Life at school in a medical setting is completely unlike what I was used to in the community college setting, The atmosphere is completely different and they make you accountable for every last minute you miss of lecture time. This week I got my quarterly […]


Spaceships son.

Welp this is the 2nd time writing this (Word press ate my post) so Ill be brief, Its August 16th 2014 and I still have not played arena commander. I hope that by the time I do get to it, all the bugs, control issues, and most of the core ships will be added in. […]



So the a quick couple of updates, Robert space industries has released DFM(Arena commander), and have also released the freelancer pkg’s with the brochure and the video that you can find here.  The skin of the freelancer MAX is the best with its tron electric blue and black, but the freelancerMIS is limited edition […]


*Delicious close air support* (a tale of living machines)

I wanted to do a followup post based on the Ranzar youtube comic but featuring some of the various artists Ive found over the last week or 2.  This post was mainly inspired by a monster/machine enthusiast over steam, She passed a bunch a “Aeromorph” Images to me in hopes of finding a spark of […]


Mecha for the rest of yews.

So far school has been going great. Been managing a 90% average in procedures and patient care class. been learning a buncha stuff about portable x-rays on teus/thrus simulations and with the exception of not having a site things are going about as well as they can be expected.


More and more weirdo nsfw Living-machine stuff..

Look what kind of ship Tony Trihull is! Mmmmnn! If you don’t like the direction this gallery is going in then you sirs- are kinda screwed. Just kinda, I’m Still into mecha.  


Lol PC

I Just got word on Friday that I have been conditionally accepted to med school. It looks like I am about to loose 70% of my spare time but if things go from conditional to unconditional acceptance then I can finally get on the road to a career and get the hell out of my […]


Wonderfull May

Personal shout out to all the new artistic acquaintances Ive met over the last month who love and carry on the living machine tradition! And anyone who has ever played D&D knows that this next image is 100% true: