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119 hours in..

Updates on life: First CT exam and special procedures exam passed despite MAXIMUM distractions at home. Also got my scrubs for OR. Finally got 4 new tires installed. Last set had a good 56 k miles on it, with a quarter of that sustained without rotations. At least now my car wont loose grip during […]



Excellent music to draw to ^ Thanks to everyone who gave me a happy birthday shout out, If I haven’t gotten back to you I will try to (mostly DA peeps) . Also special thanks to Nangke for coming over and Chilin with me to cook dinner and show me episodes of Stephen Universe witch […]


..Pretty much describes my feelings.

¬†Please don’t link me to “artwork” of people having sex with marine life. You know who you are. Image courtesy of krill (good find man!) ——– Gift B2 courtesty of AeroIngo


“..Give me the launch codes!”

This weekend I attended the Reno Championship air races with our own Delta_X3 and soaked up both the loud screams of jets, and the punishing UV rays of the Nevada desert.¬† I took a lot of pictures- tho mostly of the military variety because you had to pay more to get into the pitt area […]


Fallout 4 in T minus 10 days and counting..

Look how deliciously big this tank is compared to that little man. This.. is part of the appeal. \/



———— Figured Id put this here because people rarely come to this section of the site. I’m fucking frustrated. Like, seriously, If it wasn’t for Gingy and maybe Xilrayne, I’d get nothing from anyone. Of course I largely did this to myself with my high ass standards, but considering the people who have the ability […]


Thanks to all those who attended my first stream <3

^ ;;super turned on by the idea of a giant male sub following close behind;; Have some new found art:



Get lost in the metal. There is plenty for mecha lovers and living tank lovers alike. Im tired.. so tired… Clinicals are going phenomenally, but exams are a huge bitch with how little lecture hours we have now. At least I still have all this metal, and all the cool new people who have arrived […]