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The Dollar per game time hour quandary… and my stupid hat.

Last Sunday after live stream I checked my ps4 in desperation, taking Ingo’s advice about changing party composition (thus altering some invisible number values). I had to do this because this game is full of strange bugs, many of which can be fatal, and leave you unable to continue playing the game. A certain battle […]

October encore

I mentioned in a previous post that I would post more videos of the last 2 trips I went on. Welp, Turns out I’m an awful cameraman and some of these things weren’t good enough to show. What Is marginally good enough to show can be found in my channel if you click the video […]

A cake of potatoes

Last weekend I attended Reno Air races 2017 with Atoll lab editor Cerebral error and site story author Unknownjester. Since learning about the existence of the races 3 years ago, Ive made the nearly 4 hour drive to the desert every year without fail. This year was slightly more special because I was armed with […]

Game of the year material for the intellectual weaboo

I just got off the crazy train that was HZD and wound up on another strange and wonderful ride that was platnum game’s newest masterpiece brought to you by Japan’s eccentric game developer Yoko Taro. This, as well has Horizon Zero dawn are my 2 picks for game of the year. What I expected was […]

Basically just a shitload of cars with eyes.

Oh japan. Car’s are better mostly realistic. I get disappointing sighs from people wondering when I’ll ever draw more pictures of cars. I like cars, but they are on the bottom of my hierarchy of vehicles. Still, even without the Guns and armor they represent the majority populace of civilian machines that roam the land […]

Massive war dump again

**2 of these images are Nsfw** Some of these might be duplicates.. But whatevs. Let me know if you have problems viewing the files. For my old mecha fans! It ain’t all jets and tanks yet. Some of these are rockman bosses, and some of these are super robot wars. The mechs im particularly interested […]

Winter is coming.

Have a small update. A small collection of stuffs from DA and Pixiv. I try and keep this section of the site mostly for fantasy mecha, but Ive noticed a lot of fantasy one-off mecha stuff comes from Japanese or Korean card games. I guess I have greatly underestimated their popularity. At the end of […]

My first real mecha update in a long time

    Hi folks just wanted to announce that “mecha” portion of this blog isn’t dead. In fact Ive been sitting on a hellovalotta good shit that I now will share with you. Please enjoy this fine summer selection, and dont forget to wear sunscreen! Its at this point the gallery option malfunctions and I […]