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From Titan to the net and back around

The wheel keeps spinning when it comes to Japan’s anime industry- the only industry it seems that continues to make giant robot anime religiously.  A freind was watching a Netflix funded giant robot anime the other night, and invited me to come join him. I generally trust his judgment when it comes to shows and […]


One week Witcher 3 bender

Credit where credit is due: Living machine Hind inspired by delta’s character Anya by: —————————- First of all Id just like to say that my one week vacation from school was Immensely enjoyable, I took every opportunity to be a fat lazy pig staying up till 6am and sleeping in till 3pm, and I […]


Pillars: Complete

Finally finished this game, it was a part of a kickstarter project brought upon by Obsidian about a year ago and follows in the traditions of Baldur’s gate, Icewind dale, a Bard’s tale. The game is an isometric fantasy game with roots in traditional D&D style campaigns, and you can customize your whole team to […]



HO-Lee-shit I saw a film this evening. A film from a series that anyone over the age of 30 has seen- one of THE quintessential 80’s movie series. After getting a text from my roommate on the road, found out he got a ticket to go see the new Mad max and knowing it had […]


Finals end June 8th

I literally could not find much to show you guys for this post. The concept robots and Pixiv artists have been mostly absent in the month of may. Either way I hope you enjoy this selection of pics, I’m going to fantasize about a big male submarine molesting a woman in a bathing suit and […]


Machine lover’s encore

A double dose of mecha this month for all of you who were tired of me slipping mostly aircraft n stuff into the mix. ———————— In other news, its down to the wire, the last month and a half of clinical at the trauma center. I need to bust my balls hardcore to get my […]


Turn the crab over to reveal it’s weak spot for massive damage!

Couple of things, first off: I cant believe a jet seaplane exists. He’s even sexier then Shinkawa ! It begs me to ask the question, this thing was built in 1955, how come nobody knows about it and how come it never entered production? Not cost effective? If I address the Flotilla city in the […]



The robots are still hard to find. This week you get what I scrapped up from the bottom of the barrel (though it is mostly ships). Enjoy. In other news, started my ER rotation at the trauma hospital, It is seriously hard core and I gotta work on my speed. Tons of people screaming and […]