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R.I.P. Drake

You deserved better.. much better. .. We got to see Vegas together, Hydroplane across the snow encrusted ground in Truckee, and you took me to school and back unfailingly every day. saved my irresponsible life with your crumple zones and Asian engineering. You deserved better..  


You can be amazeingly smart, and amazeingly dumb too.

This week I scored a 96% on 2 school exams ANNND I completed a piece of art on the same day. You’d think I was on top of the world with how on a roll I am right now. But Pulling straight A’s in all of my classes like a boss, and doing art,  took […]


5 make-ups

Behold! A Russian knight! Doing sexy sky tricks! So far Life at school in a medical setting is completely unlike what I was used to in the community college setting, The atmosphere is completely different and they make you accountable for every last minute you miss of lecture time. This week I got my quarterly […]


Spaceships son.

Welp this is the 2nd time writing this (Word press ate my post) so Ill be brief, Its August 16th 2014 and I still have not played arena commander. I hope that by the time I do get to it, all the bugs, control issues, and most of the core ships will be added in. […]


Slim pickins

I don’t have much to say atm that cant or should not be added to a main blog post.  although I will say that I did recently see the tank movie “Fury” with brad Pitt and I thought it was fucking great. Its got an 80% on rotten tomatoes (and if you know anything about […]


Finals almost over.

10 day vacation is coming. I’m going to draw porn until my hand bleeds! Also found some nifty concept art from the Planes movie and it has me wishing I was a master of color just like this dude:


I worship Ctrix         <—- Honestly the best chiptune music I have ever heard.  Track no.1, 5, and 6. seriously.


Mecha for the rest of yews.

So far school has been going great. Been managing a 90% average in procedures and patient care class. been learning a buncha stuff about portable x-rays on teus/thrus simulations and with the exception of not having a site things are going about as well as they can be expected.