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Little chicken makes a deal with the devil….

To all you guys saying I was late to the party,  This is the first time I have seen this lol. Fuck yall.  

BB-55 North Carolina “The Showboat”

Edit: Blog by Gingyflame This is a long time coming, been over a month since I actually visited this absolutely gorgeous beast. Her name is North Carolina, designation BB-55, and otherwise known as “Showboat” for being so pretty. She is berthed, or rather beached, in Wilmington, NC, off of US-421 on her own little road […]

Happy 2018 Part 2

* All CE’s are complete ahead of schedule. Now I have the rest of the month to draw porn and learn blender. Hooray! I had another sexy story fantasy in my head months ago. The story was about an ageing airfield where older jets went about their lives, some working, some in retirement. One day […]

Happy 2018 part 1

OK so I fucked up and should have posted 3 months ago when the New year was actually still the “New year”. But I figured I’d do it when I finished Divinity Original sin 2 for a review. To be honest I hate sitting down and writing huge paragraphs. But I always seem to let […]

Dragon vs. truck?

For the record, I think the dragons fucking cars meme is stupid. But this.. fuck this is hot. That little truck is absolutely DESTROYING THAT PUSSY!  little fucking Japanese Ron Jeremy truck can visit us anytime~*   If you would like to find this artist, proceed here:

Basically just a shitload of cars with eyes.

Oh japan. Car’s are better mostly realistic. I get disappointing sighs from people wondering when I’ll ever draw more pictures of cars. I like cars, but they are on the bottom of my hierarchy of vehicles. Still, even without the Guns and armor they represent the majority populace of civilian machines that roam the land […]

Massive war dump again

**2 of these images are Nsfw** Some of these might be duplicates.. But whatevs. Let me know if you have problems viewing the files. For my old mecha fans! It ain’t all jets and tanks yet. Some of these are rockman bosses, and some of these are super robot wars. The mechs im particularly interested […]

Winter is coming.

Have a small update. A small collection of stuffs from DA and Pixiv. I try and keep this section of the site mostly for fantasy mecha, but Ive noticed a lot of fantasy one-off mecha stuff comes from Japanese or Korean card games. I guess I have greatly underestimated their popularity. At the end of […]