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Just wanna thank the people in my life..

To my dad who loved me enough to keep me from my decision to head for the gutter years ago. To my roommate who puts up with my idiosyncrasy on a daily basis.  To my instructors who 2 years ago, saw potential and gave disheveled nervous c-student a chance. To the technologists in Alameda who […]


This is it..

^ I need to be like this guy, he really knows his shit.  I need to really think outside of the box if I’m going to survive the math of the board exam. Its coming, I’m graduating on the 25th of June, please pray your ass off for me.  This is it.. Anime completed: Welcome […]


1 comp to go..

^ I hope this is me after I become a full fledged technologist. I’m under the 2 month mark now as far as school is considered. Its nearly crunch time and I dread the amount of actual study I need to do to make my day in June. I still have a week left to […]


Tiger Day at the Tank Museum

So, last Saturday I had the privilege of going to the Tank Museum in Bovington for “Tiger Day” where they showcase the last operational Panzerkampfwagen VI “Tiger” Ausf E. It was a near religious experience. Watching that massive, sexy, fortress of a tank do its thing was incredible but, then again I’ve had a major crush on the Tiger I for a […]


Beautiful machines

So Ive decided that for the month of June, I just wont be able to make any new artwork other then the art cards owed after the 25th. This means that patreon will not be updated (or rather I might make a sketch of prince tomcat’s babies but nothing finished). I need to buckle up […]


Dwindling finds..

Gonna be perfectly honest with you folks, Im having a hard time finding anything I like on DA, or pixiv, that’s mecha related. Maybe my tastes really HAVE gone in a different direction, or mecha art has been rather uninspired for the last 6 months. Id like to see more of what and […]


End of 5th trimester

Me and Lando as of late^ 5 more months to go before I enter into the medical field. Im still ambivalent, and somewhat saddened that I wont be able to return to my old site posting witch ive gotten to know over the last 8 months. New site is going to be a fucking hour […]


Fallout 4 in T minus 10 days and counting..

Look how deliciously big this tank is compared to that little man. This.. is part of the appeal. \/