I welcome (you) the reader to this simple out-of-the-way blog created for the great admiration of mecha. In the future, I’d like this place to become a haven for my fellow mechaphiles to share their art and ideas and really understand that they are not alone. Ratty should probably first share with you the story of how a “girl” got into the sort of thing that people associate only boys being into, so here we go.

Before my interest in mecha first popped up, As a young child I was fascinated with those movies and cartoons that featured the anthromorphisation of animals or objects. When you first had to pay for the Disney channel, sometimes they would give you a week of programming for free and it was that time I got to see a lot of cartoons with talking objects like “The brave little toaster” and snow white with the witch Maleficent fighting as a dragon.

These interests only intensified as I got older, and I would go out of my way to find more and more shows with anthropomorphic qualities (especially those relating to machines). As a kid my interest was purely “wouldn’t it be cool to live amongst intelligent non humans?” And I wrote a lot of stories and drew a ton of art about monster stuff. At about the age of 16 when I shuffled off to my first year of High school, my innocence changed. I put down the “Rathas Creature” novel series and picked up on cartoons like “The Bots Master.”


I was only vaguely familiar with Voltron, Robotech, Transformers, that had aired in the early 90’s. These shows were decent, But when I discovered anime in 1996 it blew everything else I had seen on American tv out of the water. In the high school anime club I joined, we got treated to “Gundam”, and “Neon genesis Evangelion”, and “Macross plus”, for the first time. Finally we had shows with monsters and robots that were written with an older audience in mind, and I loved them. But for me, the mechs were abit more interesting then the human characters still.

Through wheelin’ n dealin’ I obtained more mecha anime  And I got to see more great stuff like Vision of escaflowne and Blue submarine no. 6. Though I’d have to say really, The 3 stories that had the biggest impact on my blossoming mecha fetishdom were Gundam wing endless waltz, Xenogears, The Bots Master.

The Bots master was a french Canadian import that toted the novelty of using 3D glasses during certain parts of the show to experience 3D action with fighting  robots. It featured an sentient “all male” robot cast and their creator ZZ and sister who uncovered a plot by his previous employer to take over the world using robot technology. I fell in love with Tools and Jammerz a.k.a “The street boyz” the rapping-robot duet, and would race home at top speed to catch the last 10 or 20 minutes of the story.  The importance of this show was that it was one of the first children’s animation shows I watched to really emphasize the concept of individual personality in an A.I.  The Boyz botz all had their own likes and dislikes and even phobias. If you watched all 40 episodes you came to really love the robot family dynamic that the creator Ziv Zoolander built, as he specifically loved his machines like his own sons.


Gundam wing endless waltz I’m sure most mecha fans know of the OVA that followed the hugely popular Japanese series that aired between 95 and 96. Its a war story between the people living on earth and the people who live out in space on artificial colonies. It is sort of akin to the original Mobile Suit Gundam and even includes the traditional masked villain and stoic hero archetypes that typically follow each new incarnation. I didn’t really care for the story or characters all the much, but the re-designs of the mechs in the endless waltz movie, were nothing short of beautiful. Wing zero custom was a Gundam mecha with angel wings (and you have to understand, this was really new and different on a non super robot design  in the mid 90’s.)

I wasn’t completely on board with the idea of human x machine until I had a dream featuring said angel-winged mecha together with a young woman in a desert under a full moon. In the dream, wing was completely sentient and had his own personality.  Shunned and lonely in his world, he flew to the spot where he would sit and let the dessert sands overtake him. He had however found a human girl from a desert town not far from there, who had run away from home. Abused and hated by her family she tried to take her own life but the angelic machine talked her out of it. In the course of the human girl and mecha talking, the  two found comfort in each other and fell in love. the human girl was beautiful but weak, she complimented his ugliness and strength like beauty and the beast. Both the human and the machine made love to each other, vowing never to return to their old life. They disappeared into darkness, happy and complete.

Its this very dream I had that created the concept that a sentient machine, who would normally never get a chance to love or be loved, would make the most ideal candidate as a mate. The machine would be less likely to take his emotions for granted and in loving another, be much more empathetic to the opposite sex.


Xenogears (not Xenosaga) was a video game RPG created for the PlayStation and later ported over to the US in October of 1998. While the game is not without it’s faults, I consider it to be the single greatest work that company Squaresoft ever put together. The crux of the massive 3 disc game took all the best elements of Evangelion and served up their own twist of betrayal and martial arts mecha combat. To summarize the story would only do a disservice to this incredible game, so Ill just say that mechanical designer Junya Ishigaki really pulled out all the stops and created some fantastic (and sexy) mecha designs.

The biggest draw to this game however was the slow apotheosis of Fei Fong Wong’s mecha into a living creature of steel and divinity: A mech Demi-God from a cocoon in the icy north. I wondered that, If humans didn’t create mecha, and the mecha were sentient creatures, how would they create their own culture? would they have the capacity to believe in a God themselves? or would they be too logical? From these questions I soon developed the story for my web comic. In mostly thinking of mecha as a creature race before thinking of them as vehicles, I was able to develop a lot of good romance stories and all of the hentai you see here.

The biggest point I wanna make here, Is that I’m a mecha fan first, and a mechaphile second. I can enjoy a show and it’s story for what it is, as I can enjoy a mecha design for the skill and years of practice it takes to draw it well. Because I prefer mechs more then human characters does not mean that I prefer machines more then people in real life. Collecting mech art and drawing hentai of it is a fun little kink I have on the side of being a regular fan of the animation medium. I’d much rather not have people get the wrong idea about the site, But I can’t please everyone. Rest assured, nearly all of the art I myself created and posted here is consensual and happy. I dont approove of the pain or abuse of women in any porn real or cartoon.

If you are reading this, and you are a mecha fan or a mechaphile, I encourage you to participate with pictures, links, or stories of your own. And I hope you enjoy the blog alot.


– Ratbat

Commission Requirements

Send an e-mail to ratbat001 (AT) yahoo.com with the description of
what you would like me to draw.  Please provide as many details as
possible.  Be descriptive, if I need to request further information
this process will take longer.  I will consider adult themed material,
but nothing illegal.

I will create sample sketches based on your requirements.  You get a
maximum of 2 change to compose the final drawing.  Additional sketches
will cost extra.  If you want the drawing inked or colored, additional
chargers will apply.


* Black & White pencil sketch will cost $75
* Final inked drawings will require and additional $25
* Colored artwork will cost an hourly rate of $25 an hour beyond
the initial final drawing fee.
* If you require the original artwork just pay for the postage for
the shipping method you prefer.

Turn around time is from about 1 week for each phase of the process.
Coloring takes an average of 4 hours total time. I can accommodate
specific financial requirements but please tell me before i start the