Ok, So I have been very unproductive since the new year turned around. Ive neglected e-mails, a bill or two, and more then a couple CEC’s. I also neglected to talk about my trip to the the Ohio USAF museum last December. I take thousands of photos every place I go, so I just put up a few succinct highlights. First let me just say, this museum is world class and has some of the rarest aviation machines around. If you ever see yourself near Dayton Ohio, admission is free and they are open all year round except for Christmas and thanksgiving. Sneak or buy as much water as you can because the hangars have very dry humidity controls throughout the whole area. Simply being there the whole day will dry you out after a few hours. bring comfortable shoes as well (Ingo learned this the hard way), and bring a little bit of cash because their gift shop is one of the best museum gift shops Ive seen since the uss Midway museum.


The museum touts having over 360 different aircraft on display in 4 separate mega hangars. You can find everything from the v2 missile, to the Xf-85 Goblin. The only thing not shown here was the Saab Drakken, and the Avro vulcan you can find rotting away in the sun at castle AFB. Much of these planes seem ordinary at first glance, but have amazing reasons why they got their place in that museum. For example, its fairly common to find a delta dart at an aviation museum right? This museum had the exclusive “cornfeild bomber” the f-106 who’s pilot ejected only for the plane to fly and land itself gently into a cornfield with barely a scratch. They had an Nasa x-planes gallery with the “decent crafts” used to mine data for the eventual space shuttles decent back into normal altitude.

I uploaded a couple of new movies I took of the museum, but this one is where I loose my shit over the f-117. I lament the fact that 2 days is just not enough time to see everything or go on all the tours. Both tours we were on were very entertaining, especially the spy satellite tour.

Their are no navy planes in this museum. Apparently for that you need to go to the Pensacola in Florida, the US navy museum. Never the less, I don’t think their is anywhere else we can go but over seas to truly top all of this, so this will be my last vacation report for a while. Go visit this place, do it.

Anyway, this is a bit of a half post. I’ll have more to post on about as soon as I complete Divinity Original sin II so stay tuned.

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Last Sunday after live stream I checked my ps4 in desperation, taking Ingo’s advice about changing party composition (thus altering some invisible number values). I had to do this because this game is full of strange bugs, many of which can be fatal, and leave you unable to continue playing the game. A certain battle takes place under southpark’s police station that, Unbeknownst to you, if you choose the wrong team the game will soft lock in every scenario. I bitched and moaned to several people after checking the bug forums on ubisoft. Told a couple of people to just wait a few weeks till they patched the problems that pervaded on both the ps4 and the PC. Earlier my game soft locked after fighting the city ninja atop a construction tower. This was only resolved a day later when my game save mysteriously “updated” some value changed, and I appeared back in southpark with the mission complete after rounding the level for 20 minutes looking for the way out. In an even earlier then that scenario, my screen went completely black after a certain encounter involving cartman’s mom. I still maintain that this game is actually pretty quality entertainment, jokes landed well, music was fucking great, battle system was much easier to navigate. Game was complete in about 25 hours.  Its hard to talk about this game without spoiling it so I will be cheap and just leave a link to an ACG review of it instead.


My one huge problem is that, Ubi pushed this game out the door with a 60$ price tag, full of bugs, additional 20$ DLC, and a campaign that only ran for 25 hours (your mileage will vary). At that price, considering I consume single player campaigns lasting upwards of 50 to 70 hours, I think this game would have been a far better value proposition at the 30$ mark. Ive heard others speak about the comparison of the movie ticket price which is typically 15-22$ per 2 hour experience, to the value you get from videos games in comparable dollar amounts. Ingo had mentioned that you’d be hard pressed to get anything less then 5$ per hour entertainment wise in any other genre other then video games. If that comparison holds true, then a comparable 8 hour movie experience equaling 60$ means that a game that only runs for 25 hours is still a steal. This also means that I have to assume that I have become an old entitled gamer over the years. Intentional eating only games from companies that over delivered at the sacrifice of a bit of quality or experience. Perhaps this will be a problem that I as an old rpg gamer will have deal with in the years to come.  Even now I tend to bitch that I don’t have time for many games as it is.

Still, My Gut tells me that I should have waited till next year when the game had fallen in price. A 30-40$ price point would have been ideal for me.

– –

Also, My Birthday was on the 28th. Happy Birthday to me and thanks for the sweet gifts from Ingo, krill and my father. You guys are awesome.

♦ from Daniil 🙂

Thank you krill for the Donation. <3 We need to talk.

I purchased a silly hat from my now favorite hat store GrassrootsCalifornia. Behold! The shiniest hat in existence! https://www.grassrootscalifornia.com/products/orange-cosmic-mermaid-gold-glitter-snapback

As I told people on telegram, “I don’t think I could live never having had my head shine like Jesus on the way to the Indian buffet at least once.” I recommend this store and its premium limited edition art lids. They are a bit pricey, But your hat game WILL get noticed.

– –

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I mentioned in a previous post that I would post more videos of the last 2 trips I went on. Welp, Turns out I’m an awful cameraman and some of these things weren’t good enough to show. What Is marginally good enough to show can be found in my channel if you click the video window, It should take you to YouTube proper and then just click on my portrait.. or better yet here.


I Kickstarted this game about 3 years ago, 1. Because it was a CRPG, 2. Because In-exile is the safest bet in town when it comes to crowdfunding a game, and 3. Because the game in question was billed as “a spiritual successor game to the 1998 hit Planescape torment” but written using famed game creator Monte Cook’s latest and greatest game world. Now that I’ve beaten the game, I can say that I agree largely with the Metacritic user score of 7.0. even though a 7/10 is considered a “low to average score”  by today’s warped standards. that is to say, that I think this game is a good game. What saves it, is the creativity of the world and npcs behind the Numenera game world, but a successor to Planescape torment- this is not. Their has been a glorious resurgence with classic top down isometric western rpgs as of late. I was there for Obsidian’s Pillars of Eternity, For paradox’s Tyranny, Laurian studio’s Divinity original sin, and for In-Exile’s recent build of wasteland 2. All of these games where good in their own right, and had worlds rife with history, strange characters, and many paragraphs of shit to read…lots and lots of shit to read. Tides of Numenera Is worth a play imo, but only if you are super serious about Crpgs. They did a great job of not following the same system of game play as everyone else, opting for actions that are instead largely determined by 3 simple “effort” stats and how much of these stat pools you are willing to spend per rest, “Might, Intellect, Dexterity” on anything from a combat maneuver, to grabbing a falling object, resisting a memory, deceiving others ect. The game’s world is full of a rich yet minimally understood history of the planet now known as ‘The Ninth world”. This is a place where Earth- a billion years in the future, and after countless civilizations have risen and fallen, have left all of their wild, dangerous tech behind for the people living in the aftermath to piece together.  Life goes on, the people endure visitation from aliens and other spectral creatures from parallel realities. This is a sort of sci-fi steampunk world. It would be fantastic, but their are certain issues that keep this good game from being a great game.

1. The plot is incredibly slow, and eliminates all sense of player urgency by spoiling most of the best plot points in act 1. I don’t want to spoil it, but this story is more about you being a detective and finding out how things got to be the way they are. If you are looking for an action packed game with huge plot twists and turns, Its really not going to be here for you. This game is a slow burn.

2. Largely uncompelling party members in a backdrop of incredible NPC stories, and world building efforts make traveling with them just an excuse to have a couple of meat shields around if you piss off the wrong guy. (However, Erittus the token shallow pretty boy Glaive character’s story turned out to be really fucking cool in the end,  you just don’t learn this till the game is nearly over).

3. Bugs, and a combat UI that really needed a couple more days in the oven.

On a much better note, This game is not without its pluses too. This game lets you be an asshole if you so desire, a feature that has been sanitized out of many AAA rpgs as of late. The game drives home the idea that you and the sire that created you, have caused countless major changes in history- good and bad. Your presence is revered, feared, studied by the npcs that have come to know the mysterious race known as “the castoffs” You aren’t hamfisted into being an altruist, but you can be if you choose. Also, Virtually any way you choose to build your main character will not paint you into a wall, because you can upgrade your party members to have the conversations that you cant have. The writing is overall superb, and the concepts within the space of the Ninth world I find are very much up my alley. If you like aliens, and the concept of transdimensionality then I think this game could possibly be for you. But if you revel in MinMaxing a character for epic combat then this game will probably put you to sleep. Still a great value for 20$ though. I took my time.. got 55 hours out of it. its a solid B-

– – – – —— –     ——

Ok So, It has been 100 days since my new life has begun. I am coming up on my 37th birthday with a wonderful career future ahead (Thanks in no small part to my dad). That said, even though taking time to get a full years worth of professional credit on my resume is NOT a waste of time, Dad was right on one thing. Be wary of people dicking you around even if you get hired.  Employers can string you along for a loong long time without actually physically hiring you. I think Its bullshit that my love and I can be working full time hours but continue to be boondoggled out of our healthcare benefits because company bean counters find its cheaper to rent then to own in the long term. To Ingo: I don’t know if you are reading this, but the Theater group doesnt pay you what you are worth even by Missouri standards. If that was true, you’d be getting medical benefits like a real employee for the 50 hours a week you pull. I believe in you though. We will both improve as time goes on. Thank you soo much for the birthday gift. The home is becoming a wonderful machine shrine and I think youl be really happy over here.

Got back in contact with Jaimie/frenchy. They seem really happy living in the Indiana Forrest with their menagerie even without the internet. I must make a point to visit them for a few days in the spring.

** I also want to emphasize again, Thank you sincerely to all the patreon subscribers who give a dollar to the tip jar, As Ive had to hire an outside group to monitor this website in case things break. I am not Code literate at all, and those services however simple they may be, don’t come terribly cheap.

——  –   ———- —



Random disgusting fantasy from telegram:

A new air force recruit: she comes to Davis-Monthan AFB for the first time

This place is located in the New Arizona Republic (because in the future USA no longer exists)

But this AFB is the size of a city, it is home to “The Horde”

The Horde is a massive 400 plane detachment of thunderbolt IIs

Plus 200 more of their families and children

And that is in addition to the thousand other attack planes, transports, trucks and other personal that live there

More then were ever realistically built

But the rest circulate in other detachments

The Horde is well funded, and they run a lot of background checks on “new blood”

Hold social gatherings to meet new people and machines

Some parties get very crazy

Thunderbolts are boisterous and loyal..

One convinced a new recruit to stop being nervous about the prospect of being hit on or made love to and just.. let him do it.

He got her panties pulled off with his tongue and his tendrils grabbed her tight toned behind

He slipped into her doggy-style from under his tail boom

He needed To go slow

She needed to stretch for his aroused size

Male Dire machines do not get erect because they are already metallic and hard

Instead, arousal makes them swell and drip

You have a very excited plane when he is thick and dripping

Nothing turns on a machine harder then knowing a human is between their landing gears

Even if it takes female planes a little time and some beer to soften a timid male up

(a nice warm little male human with a hard dick and a beating heart to brush their own tail against)

The ladies want little guys to try and grab their tails too

They want the men to WANT their big chassis


One a-10 is slow fucking this girl who is face down and ass up

And drunk on nanomachine overload

And another thunderbolt presses his big dangerous Gun nose under the wing of the first male

Close to the girl he nuzzles her leg “me next??”

So the other male,

He sees the woman covered in hot grey fluid under the tail of the first male

He knows she is in a hot nano stupor

The other male is lost in ecstasy and is not necessarily bothered by this intruder

The fluid absorbs into the blood while humans fuck or get fucked

Nanites mimic dopamine neurotransmitters

Gets you feeling calm and rewarded

You are less likely to freak out

And the woman was being fucked and stretched full of it

Not too big,

It’s never bigger then a human can handle (The smaller probe)

She moans and the other thunderbolt takes this as consent when the first one has his long deep machine orgasm

She gushes and drips from her steaming backside

Vagina quivering and hot

The first male groans and closes his eyes beside her

With her ass up in the air, the cool air wafts across her crotch and it feels empty

Until the 2nd male grabs and hoists her hips up and against his tail.

She clutches and stares at the ground with surprise

Feels an even larger hotter cock stuff into her pussy

Hot fluids everywhere

The new male fucks her slow and carefully

She feels everything ..

Her knuckles curl and twitch

She cums again

Toes raking against the ground from having her hips lifted

They are keenly aware of her

They listen to her breaths

Monitor her heartbeats with bioscanners

The 2nd male finishes.. his heavy tail caresses her back and ass for an eternity shivering.. quaking with engine power

He finally let’s her back onto the box where she now feels so empty and worn again

Surely their is nothing left?

The first male gets a 2nd wind.. he moans and taxi rolls over the top of her

Effectively climbing back on top just as hard as he was before he started

He completely fills her up

And his tendrils plays with her clitoris

He teases another orgasm out of her tender shy clit

But she can’t handle it anymore.. too many nanites..

She goes unconscious

They take her sweaty opened little body to a quiet place where both nest over the top of her side by side like a mother hen sits on her chicks

When she wakes up, both males will be friendly rivals

They will both ask witch one she likes the best

If she refuses to tell , then both will taxi away happy they had a very sexy time

But for now.. one cannot let the chance for a human mate to pass up

Sure she didn’t know their names

But they didn’t know hers either

“Corporal so and so lady”

She stays asleep for a long time and her body shakes uncontrollably in the night. Nerve tremors brought upon by rapid corruption

This only happens after a human has been a big slut with machines

Too much nano fluid enters the blood stream

And change happens much faster

It’s not painful… but it is disconcerting

Like Parkinson’s shakes.

The two males are silly

They give very big scary grey fang smiles with huge Gau8 guns

Like “welcome to the air force!”

Big teeth, Huge guns and waggling happy rudders.



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Last weekend I attended Reno Air races 2017 with Atoll lab editor Cerebral error and site story author Unknownjester. Since learning about the existence of the races 3 years ago, Ive made the nearly 4 hour drive to the desert every year without fail. This year was slightly more special because I was armed with the kind of cash I had always dreamed of having: Blowing 4-600$ on the weekend alone. The big draw this year was going to be the Texas flying legends demo, an A-10 thunderbolt II with  P-38 heritage flight, A Harrier flight, And the possibility of the B2 spirit or the B1-b doing a fly over Stead airport. Armed with this knowledge I had fantasies of how it was going to go down. Id drag one of my compatriots under his fav jet, and we’d experience what it was like to be lost under the magnitude of such a magnificent craft (the mechanics view). I had been waiting Months for this, and checked the airshow website for updates bi-weekly. The trouble with the Air races is that the static military display attendees are almost never static. you can count on the High rollers division to be there with their c-130’s, and the Hawaiian air national guard to be there with their c-17, but everyone else is random as to whether they will show up. I promised Jester he’d have a plethora of f-16’s to lay under as I had done so the previous year. Only to find they brought one and only one witch was cordoned off in thunderbirds livery.  They had plenty of Eagles, Hornets, super hornets, A-10’s, and small interceptor jets. Tons of L-39’s covered in racing sponsorship, and 2 Harriers to boot. Our major pitfall was having a tight schedule I had to adhere to to get cerebral back to the SFO airport in time. So we weren’t sure if wed buy a 2nd ticket for sunday to fuck around and see the main shows again for the final time. It was decided for us: The schedule was all fucked up this year, and we needed to attend both days to get the full experience. The P-38 only flew on Sunday because they needed to get a prop regulator for one of the engines. The B2 only did its flyby on Sunday because it coincided with a football game going on in another state. If you only went on Sunday, You’d be ripped off to know that the Harriers bailed on their own demo Sunday leaving the Texas flying legends to pick up the slack. Otherwise, I sprang for Pitt tickets, and it was fucking worth it.. all the good WWII shit was back there, including the good bathrooms.  The other major Highlights of my trip was getting to purchase a discarded 30mm A-10 shell from one of the pilots. I also me Brian Schul who was signing his books and shaking hands. If you don’t know who Brian Schul is, hes the Author of Sled Driver, one of the quintessential reads for any fan of aviation related to the Sr-71 black bird. You can read it in a PDF here since the old version is out of print: http://www.titanatelier.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/Sled-Driver.pdf


^ Filthy plane kissers

The guy in white/green is Cerebral, This is just a small highlight sample of the pics I snapped. This year alone Ive posted a billion pics already So I thought it best to just pick out a few highlights and leave the rest to the movies I will upload later from here and from Whiteman. We didn’t get that awesome prime Rib I was hoping for either, all the steakhouses were overbooked till 9pm. But I did get a hold of this amazing birthday cake sized plate of curly fries that the average fatty could never forget. I’m taking my Ingoplane to Reno next year with a pitt pass and I hope its at least as glorious if not more so then it has been so overall.

*If you are thinking of going to The Reno Air races then I have a couple of tips for you. 1. use sunblock even if you think it is snowing outside (I didn’t get sunburned this year, but the lack of humidity sapped all the moisture from my lips enough to cracks them. Use lip balm if you can). 2. 10-20$ in parking puts you very close to the race entrance where drinks are more affordable. Don’t get caught walking a mile in temps that can give you heat stroke some years just to get to the good shit. 3. Touch, sit under, and enjoy the planes.. These suckers aren’t cordoned off usually. Now is your time to get all the selfies you can handle. 4. Check the schedule board often.

^ If anyone out there knows anyone with an etsy that makes custom clothes, Id like to have a raptor hoodie made for my beau. I’m serious. Just like the ones these girls have. Please let me know. Money is no object.



^ mashup discovery courtesy of cerebral. This is how I felt about planes on that 4 hour trip home.

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I just got off the crazy train that was HZD and wound up on another strange and wonderful ride that was platnum game’s newest masterpiece brought to you by Japan’s eccentric game developer Yoko Taro. This, as well has Horizon Zero dawn are my 2 picks for game of the year. What I expected was something very similar to the old Drakenguard formula from long ago. I did not know who Yoko Taro was in these days, But I did note that the atmosphere, characters, and overall theme of his games was very grim dark. I played Drakenguard in the childhood home where I had grown up, distinctly remembered hanging over the chewed up brass of the beds end guard, and cursing at the screen for a final true ending boss fight I could not beat. This boss fight– had I beat it, would have clued me in to the bleak world that is Nier in a nutshell. It would be hard to talk about this game without spoiling it, so I wont talk about the plot. I will say, You should immediately go out and support this masterful piece of storytelling if you have a ps4. Don’t waste it on some bullshit like Fifa, or Cod. What I can tell you, Is its a game about sentient machines, about androids, robots, pods.. and what it means to feel, be alive.. be human. A proxy war for humanity leads to a revelation for 3 characters over 3 1/2 chapters of game play. Combat runs at a smooth 60pfs, in a dynamically changing environment. Keep beating the game, and you’l find each play through results in a new perspective of the game with a different play style to master. Combine this with one of the best sound tracks, and you have a recipe for the game that saved platinum games from financial disaster.

Beware, this game is not a happy one. You might also need to do some back story research on characters from the ps3 game “Neir” to truly understand most of the pieces of information you find laying about. Also, avoid purchasing the version for PC, as it has not had its bugs patched for several months, and may be prone to crashes.


^ Cool weapons

https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C9IBaWhUwAEUPU_.jpg^ Giant oil rig mechs.. more likely then you think!

A++ game.


Id also like to recommend an audio book to listen to if you real life behind the scene stories about how the gaming industry works. “Blood, Sweat, and Pixels” By Jason Schrier. In this book are many interviews from the likes of naughty dog, obsidian entertainment, bioware. in it youl learn about some of the biggest debacles that happened over the last 2-3 years and just how hard it really is to get a game to market. Very interesting listen.


Next week is the 2017 Reno Grand National air races. Ill be attending with Cerebralerror and Theunknownjester. If any of you are going, let me know and we can meet up.

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I wanna talk a little bit about this game “Horizon: Zero Dawn” I just beat two nights ago. 2017 has seen a swath of really good AAA titles and this one is no exception. This, is easily my game of the year. However when they first started advertising this thing a year and a half ago, I had zero faith that it could even be good. the concept was so grandiose, I thought to myself that it was probably either going to be fucked to hell by the publishers into a mindless shooter (that wants to be farcry 3), or a half-baked idea with robot dinosaurs with an immature plot. I am glad I was really wrong on this..


If you intend to play this then just skip this post. You’ve been warned.

1. Lets talk about the plot and of Ted Faro. On its surface, the plot of Horizon is relatively non complex: You are an outlasted woman of a pseudo primitive native American tribe trying to come to the terms with the fact that large foreboding replicas of robot animals (a remnant of the ancient metal devil your Goddess fought in times past) are growing ever violent. You gain the respect of your tribe just in time for outsiders to appear and murder your father prompting you to leave your sacred lands on a quest for revenge. Salt in a retelling of the origin of Skynet from the terminator series, and you get where I am going with this. As you progress the story, you start finding audio logs and other tidbits of backstory about the world you live in. This is the real genius of this game. You find out about 2 key individuals: a man named Ted Faro and a woman named Elizabet Sobek. Ted Faro in particular, was a bajillionare ceo of a robot company living high on the hog in far far future Denver Colorado. He one day decided that some of the money wasn’t enough, he wanted ALL of the money, and converted his company over to building military robots to quell the various terrorist threats around the globe. Ted instructed his software team to build a comprehensive combat suite between a trio of machines that A. couldn’t be hacked, B. could replicate themselves on the fly, and C. could convert biomass into emergency fuel if none was available. Mr. Faro in his confidence then sealed the fate of the world by instructing his team to NOT build a backdoor to the system. Various companies with deep pockets ordered these robots for various duties until a group of them encountered a software glitch causing them to ignore commands and proceed without limitation. These war machines replicated themselves into the thousands, far outpacing the losses they sustained fighting the humans who saw them as a threat. Mr. Faro knew he had fucked up big time, and reluctantly asked his former employee Mrs. Sobek for ideas on how to contain this problem. Elizabet Sobek was also a robotics genius, but choose to focus on green solutions for her robots. Their personalities and business practices collided making Sobek and Faro very much rivals. Sobek analyzed Faro’s mess and to her horror, realized that nothing could be done. It would take decades to brute force hack the system faro had created. Not enough time to stop the perfect storm of a robot plague from turning every living thing on the planet into food. Humanity had just 15 months left before all life on earth would be annihilated. You read various logs, holo playbacks, audio recordings of the events leading up to project Zero Dawn. Ted was forced to use all of his capitol in an attempt to save humanity. To build a sentient super computer with various subsystems that could work in tandem to brute force hack the robot plague (witch took decades), and terraform the destroyed planet into a world humans could live in again. Because of Faros short-sighted assholery, all the civilians were conscripted into the army, and sent to die against the robot army, all under the impression that they were buying time for a super weapon to be created to save the world. They weren’t told that world couldn’t be saved.

Faro never stops fucking up till the bitter end though. One of the subsystems of GAIA of project zero dawn, known as Apollo, was meant to house the whole of humanities knowledge, art, history, culture as a means to re-educate the new humans once terraforming was complete. Stricken with grief, Ted Faro came to the conclusion that the decisions that lead him down the path to destruction where symptoms of a larger problem of society. “Knowledge was a poison that would harm humanity in the new world” he thought. And so, he erased the Apollo system and murdered the zero dawn team before they could rebuild it, thus returning everything back to a primitive state. What Faro couldn’t see in his short-sighted mental state, was that taking away human knowledge of the past, only doomed the humans 1000 years later to repeat the same mistakes they could not re-learn form Apollo. Humans were still killing each other day after day.

2. The robots of the new and old world. Below are a few samples of concept art of the dozens of mecha you find in the world of HZD. Everyone thought they were robot dinosaurs because they put the most dinosaurish one on the box. The Machines of the new world all served very specific purposes regarding the new terraformation. These were not designed by people, but rather by the sentient super computer GAIA . The machines were a machine’s interpretation of animals from it’s database all given background jobs like tilling the soil, clearing away dead robots, purifying the air of toxins. They only turned violent upon the advent of the HADES subsystem. Hades by desighn, was the system that took over to wipe out everything GAIA had created if it didn’t turn out right the first, 2nd, or 3rd time. However, emancipated from the command chain, Hades was free to corrupt and influence witch machines were coming out of the cauldrons(Giant underground mega factories). Where as only geo-centric machines existed, now animalesque death machines like the thunderjaw were emerging to kill people. Their is also a very important visual distinction between the machines of the old world, Ted Faros military war robots that don’t look like animals at all, versus the ones that do-Influenced by GAIA. you will notice it straight away like salt n’ pepper, How this game has a great dichotomy between the natural world and the artificial one in the cauldrons. It makes the experience of the machines so much more powerful when the world is not already so full of tech that everything blends into the overall background. You truly have time to appreciate the mecha desighns as you hunt across the landscape. One last thing,  because the machines are the most powerful things on the planet, the ancient cultures worship their strength and every aspect of their clothing style reflects the various components pulled off of dead machines. I thought this was very cool. the various head-dresses and armor with pieces of solar paneling and wire braiding thought.

3. My no. 1 pet peeve about ancient open world games, be it fallout or Skyrim or HZD: Why is it you can go and explore places humans haven’t been to for hundreds of years, and they have an item box full of shit like fresh apples, sticks, flowers, and just about anything that people of that long dead civilization would NOT have in their post-apocalyptic office cubicle? Doesn’t anyone care how immersion breaking this is?  Like skyrim where..in the bowels of the earth inside of cairns where ancient Norse viking priests were laid to rest, right next to them is a cracked urn with a hot turkey dinner inside just waiting for you. Bullshit. If your going to do this, just put in a bunch of random shit the player cant take with them because time has decayed most of what is inside of it into unusable dust. Or- your character doesn’t even recognize half of it anyway so you cant take it. Its a minor gripe, but one i’d like to see fixed.

These images are courtesy of the website of Miguel Angel Martinez :  http://www.bymonje.com/

I don’t typically buy into DLC anymore, but HZD’s got a massive one coming up in November I don’t think I’ll be able to miss. If you want a really nice experience with good sound design and cool as fuck mecha, DO please give this one a go.

In the meantime I have created a telegram sticker of vegas the f-111 for gryff (finally fixed the nose paint) let me know what you think.

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Take your heart!

I finally finished persona 5 last night. 4;47 am went to the bathroom and realized that I actually started this game on June 16th over a month ago. I just wanna say that for what you pay, you get about 3 games worth of content if you are willing to deal with a jrpg. Of all the persona games I have played, I think 4 and 5 were the best of the persona series. The stylistic changes, and the Quality of life adjustments, made this one a whole heck of a lot of fun even if the plot kinda jumped the shark towards the end. The biggest change was the fact that the game’s dungeons were now all custom tailored for a new narrative experience. This is A total farcry from the PE3 days of boring texture-less tedious as fuck 200 level randomly generated tartarus tower floors that ruined much of your progress if an enemy managed to insta kill your main character. Dungeons are now an enjoyable experience that have safe rooms where you can save almost anywhere you want. I thank God that the people over at Atlus finally dropped some of the traditional things of the past in order to respect the players time. Also, they kept the grim reaper out of the main story progression, and relegated it to mementos so that you could skip its set-timer game over bullshitski. The grim reaper now only shows up if you remain idle for 4 to 5 minutes (Also, you can exploit flu season to kill him for power levels late in the game if you so choose). The animation quality of this game was probably the best I have ever seen come out of Atlus studios. Id even venture to say, its now on par with final fantasy  in terms of production value. Music wise, Shoji Meguro’s score in this game is the best yet and suffers only from one glaring issue. That is, for 70% of the game they play 3-4 songs. While the songs are good, they skull fuck them into you so hard you end up fed up listening to them half way through the game. Good music put on loop 7000 times will eventually get old. Its just a matter of time.  Besides all that, Persona 5 is 2017 game of the year material, So if nothing crazy comes out toward the fall, I don’t see how this wouldn’t be a solid contender.

My main take away is that.. persona 5 is an anime that you can play. You get to learn all sorts of weird coffee barista related trivia by day, jump into the weird head-spaces of criminals by night.  You don’t feel like you’ve wasted your time either. Definitely buy this game.

One last thing, Its very rare I say this, But I was very attracted to the Airsoft shop owner Munehisa Iwai. I cant really explain why… other then.. he was very much like a humanized version of a military jet or tank in my mind. The gruff voice actor they gave him, and the dedication to family bit also helped out much in this manner. (Dont google image search this.. youl just get stupid yaoi shipper bait)

He’s like the human version of an A-10 kinda…

It got me thinking about how some human character personalities/portraits could have lent themselves much better to the living machine paradigm. I wonder if any of you guys out there have seen a game or an anime with a human charecter and thought to yourself, “damn! this guy/gal would have made a hellova dragon, or a hellova living machine.” It might just a set of personality traits/style/attitude I associate with machine folk however..

P.S. See the Dunkirk movie.

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  • So last weekend I attended “Wings over Whiteman” in Missouri on the Whiteman AFB with Ingo J Airplane and we went face first into the hottest bombers enthusiasts wish they could get close enough to touch. The drive up from Springfeild just to get their was long, bumpy, and hot as fuck with the humidity turning an otherwise manageable 81 degrees into the force that burned the shit out of my forearms. Before parking we were greeted by a low pass from a Mig 15 screaming across the sky. Then we circled around the gate guardian- an old Stratofortress with a tail stretching across the length of the front lawn just next to the vehicle checkpoint area. A short hop, skip, and a jump later, we were processed and stuffed on a trolley witch bused us to the main tarmac proper right in front of the b2 spirit maintenance buildings. In the sky, a B-17 and and a B-25 flew happily one after another. A-10’s conducted a mock rescue mission, a flock of t-38 trainers raked the clouds in the noon time. The cherry on top was what you usually don’t get to see: Flying B2 bomber! That’s right.. I got to see one of my babies, the B2 spirit make passes over a huge crowd of thousands… And it was biblical. Even more so then the screaming f-16 stunt pilot who buzzed the crowd with aerial pageantry. I knew this would be my one  and only time to see this machine fly and I can tel you it was worth it. What I observed was amazing.. You see the stealth bomber’s engines are so quiet.. that from quite a distance away you cannot hear it.. until it is directly over head. But by that time you’ve been bombed already- No time to react, only for it to fly off and disappear into silence. Its a creepy and beautiful feat of engineering. I went home and fapped the fuck out thinking about that dark flying wing.. the static display that looked so good for the camera. Mr. “Spirit of Kitty hawk”.  If any of you are so inclined to take up airshow hunting, I do HIGHLY recommend Whiteman whenever they actually do it, because it’s not often enough I hear.


  • FOR USERS: TITAN MEDIA FOLDER IS NOW FIXED. Plus the polls archive button now works if you’d like to see the results of past questions asked.

    * In my art hiatus I have also finished This game which I thoroughly enjoyed. However, A personal note to myself as I don’t have a lot of time for bullshit anymore: Don’t play on classic mode. You don’t have time for perma-death and shitloads of resets in a game about quick unit progression and match-making. The more units die, the less units you get in the future. In fact I almost named this journal entry “Wizards n’ Waifus” because it seems the fire emblem series is really doubling down on the whole marriage between units thing. Its to the point your kids come back in time to warn you that the future is fucked. Then they help you combat an evil army of purple dragon zombies. I don’t think time travel works this way- if I traveled back in time to slap my dad’s ass as he was making love to my mom, I’d probably cease to be (but this game totally glosses over that fact.) Its a good fun tactics game with some difficulty spikes here and there, but its very easy to pick up for 10-20 minutes at a time. Give this one a try if your hungry for some gold old fashioned jrpg/tactics.

  • Happy Fathers day to all you Dad’s out there! Also, New art coming soon.
  • Dear pixiv, STOP BEING A HUGE FUCKING DUMPSTER FIRE OF CHILD PORN AND GURO BULLSHIT. Seriously this is why I am hesitant to watch mecha artists on your site now.


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(Happy memorial day to all you yanks out there!) This last month has been somewhat stressful for me as Ive made a big life decision to move in order to be with a fellow mechaphile Ive known for about 3 years now. Its a huge experiment not only to see if I can make an intimate relationship work, but also make it work with a massive handicap, and live on my own after 14 years. I wanna give special thanks, to vermifuge whom without him I wouldn’t have half of what I have today (including this website). The plan was originally to relocate to the state of Missouri in September after I attended this years Reno air races, But it looks like the script has been flipped. I am not leaving California, at least not for a good 5 more years. In leu of that decision I was aggressively house hunting and dealing with certain stresses that made it impossible to work on art over these last 4 weeks. I apologize for not giving you all timely responses and I will work on that more after the move next month.

***Incidentally, There is currently a problem with the website, and I’m looking into hiring someone to maintain it monthly. If you find that you are unable to upload files (users only) then that’s why. I’m going to try to get it fixed after the holiday weekend. ***

*Patreon will not be updated for the month of May as you guys have already noticed due to all this life changing stuff happening. I’ll have something for you in June though.

Finally completed the last chapter in SMT IV: Apocalypse, the sequel to SMT IV. While I’m tempted to give an in depth analysis of the 4rth series as a whole, I found out the hard way that you really should not play 3 of these games in a row. These games are 50+ hours each and are very grindy. So it literally feels like Ive been hardcore playing the same fucking Game for 6 months. I’m burnt out as fuck. What I can say about this title, is the boss designs are just the best. Some of the best yet for the series, making me excited for persona 5 later on next year. The gameplay was streamlined as to cut back on some of the shit that made the first game unnecessarily tedious, I’ll admit I enjoyed the game even if the story wasn’t as good as its previous volume. If this game is a retcon of the previous games ending, then I largely accept the idea that were able to beat down Lucifer and God with the help of Flynn, essentially freeing that dimension from YHVH’s influence. I liked the characters available in this version, but found some of them to be pretty anime tropeish. Reminiscing back to SMT: Strange journey and wishing for a more edgy/gothic story telling experience. Overall the value proposition of this game is pretty high, if you like 60+ hour jpgs with a more adult pokemon, Gods, demons, and the jersey devil spin. Just give yourself a huge break in between or you will be playing these games for months.



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So I recently beat this game. I might have written about it before somewhere, but the SMT series has a very different take on religion then what you normally always see in the western world. The Christian God and the Devil are depicted as 2 dictators on the wildly opposing scales of morality. The binary of “good and evil” are thrown out the window in favor of the 2 absolutes “law and chaos”. Humans are- for the most part neutral, and cannot survive well in a world of complete law, nor a world of complete chaos. But humans are mostly weak, and will, after being liberated, be doomed to return to worshiping God or the devil eventually. It was revealed in SMT III that their exist a near infinant amount of universes where God and the devil fight over the souls of man. In some worlds, God wins, and in others the devil wins. Those worlds then suffer the consequences until someone (usually a mortal) steps in to shake up the status quo. Other Gods and demons from other religions exist trying to find their place in the realm of man amidst the fallout (usually by helping the one mortal with the power to set the future right again). Anyway, Ive always preferred the idea of law over chaos rather then Good versus evil, because what is Good is largely determined by the majority rule. Morality is then, determined by the majority rulers of the world a given being grows up in. For example, we believe that cannibalism or the act of eating a creature that was intelligent/ sapient ect. to be an evil act. Yet some very old tribes practiced ritualistic cannibalism of fallen warriors, and family members to honor the dead by absorbing the flesh and the memories into their own body. In the SMT world- the game progressively tries to steer you morally in two directions, yet the hardest end game option is usually the neutral human ending (and the ending I had to cheat to get ). You get a 4rth option- the nihilism ending where you choose to end the cycle of war between God and the devil by simply destroying reality with a singularity. That threw me for a loop and I’m glad the option was there. But I decided not to write a review for this one because I am currently in the middle of SMT IV : apocalypse/Final and wanna take in the gestalt of the story surrounding what happened in this version of Tokyo. I can defiantly recommend this game if you like a great story. Although if you were to play anything in the SMT series on handheld, it would have to be the upcoming remake of Shin Megami Tensei: strange journey. A game I found to be phenomenal 5 years ago.  Seriously tho– Do play this game. If anything for Kazuma Kaneko’s amazing monster artwork.

If you are curious to see how fucked up the nihilism ending is here (fast forward to 5:50 if you don’t want any context): https://youtu.be/zSJWFJIeyc4?t=4

^ this little number found courtesy of Cerebralerror


Artwork from “she who shall not be named”. Tbh I miss the hell out of sentient tank artwork.  Also, Damn it, Im on a huge E-C2 kick and Amberchrome goes and does a halfway decent rendition.

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