Taking my fluoroscope test in 2 days. I hope  to update this page with good news on Wednesday. Looks like I wont know if i passed for another 4 weeks, But at least the studying is over. pptptp

^ how I feel surfing FA sometimes.

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^ If you don’t get a hard-on watching this trailer then you simply don’t belong here.^

My first Ace Combat was Ace Combat 5- a game that came out on the ps2 almost 12 years ago. While these games are less popular in the states, some of them had some downright amazing stories. Seeing this has rekindled my passion to go back and Play the good ones that I missed (4, and zero). I hope that I can play this one with a Friend in the coming year.. I think He’d love it.

Speaking of games, This one is old but also topical:

I never bothered to play Dark souls, Demon souls ect. But If they made a trilogy of the Dark comes with a pussified easy mode for us regular people to just explore the world and its lore, I would have jumped on that like flies on shit. I love the lore of the souls games. Read the Wikipedia inside and out. I also like how from software has artistically explored the various armor types of different cultures to make some really unique wearable including the above witch is the armor of a character named “Ornstein the dragon slayer“. Some one on deviant art 3D printed this badass figure of him and sold it for 350$. This is one of the reasons (besides space and poverty) as to why I stopped buying figures. This is the kind of quality that I demand from my shit. If you ask me, well worth it..



Xmas wish list:  http://www.alpacamall.com/en/ponchos/gray-alpaca-poncho-for-women-p-14245.html

So we are entering into the end of 2016 and I wish I had some snappy words for you all, but I don’t. This year was absolutely chocked full of “Gettn shit done”, most of which involved me graduating from Medical trade school and instantly absolving half of my credit debt. I hadn’t had a job in 5 years following the loss of my security position, but I’ll admit I’m getting pretty addicted to the power that having cash in your pocket gives you. On the flip side, Ive gotten very sick 4 or 5 times this year. Each time anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months. It’s gotten me kinda worried about my immune system and Ive started a regiment of multivitamins in hopes I can stem the tide. If I am to work around sick people for the next 10-20 years, I need to know that this shit is not going to force an early retirement. My graduation trip in LA was not only fun, but a huge eye-opener that may usher in big changes in 2017. I got to visit Reno again for Air races, and visited no less then 6 new museums that I’ve never been to. I discovered how useful a hot water bottle can be to warming a bed, I found out how cool “One punch man” and “Jojo’s bizarre adventure 3” was. Coming into the next year I have only one New year’s wish; That I pass the fluoro exam coming up. My cram for that happens next week. Wish me luck. Happy Holidays everyone!


Between watching let’s plays of ff15, I started off a new Indy game that was released this month called owl boy. Its a little 2d  plat-former/puzzle game with game play not unlike Capcom’s gargoyles quest. Its too early to do a review on it though, So I will leave the update for later once Ive finished it. If you are curious about it, check it out on steam. Its 10$ and for every fan of rich retro pixel graphics and should only take about 15 hours of your time.

*Edited 12/24/16: Just beat this game today in between studies. It was very cute. Support  Indy gaming and pick this game up (especially now that steam winter sale is on).


As usual, thank you guys for supporting my artwork and the website for the last 2-3 years. ** I have a patreon ** if you are new here and Like what I do, please consider donating a dollar or 2 and show your support. If you cant? Then Happy holidays and God bless anyways! Ciao


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**UPDATE 11/27/16:


So let’s talk about this game. 3 weeks ago, I was trying for the 2nd time to pick up Baldur’s gate Enhanced edition and finally, finally get through it. I am a big fan of old school isometric Western style Crpg’s as they tend to scratch the kind of micromanaging itch that you don’t get with many Japanese rpgs. Maybe its the fact that Baldur’s hasn’t aged well, or me being a graphics whore in my middle age is waning my patience, But I just couldn’t get into BD and I have now put it down for good. This left a big gaping hole left in my stomach for a game to play, So Tyranny came out at the right time (Especially seeing as Tides of Numenera and Divinity original sin 2 wont be out of beta till next year).

This game isn’t a game for people who like to get the good ending. It is a very well crafted story about a world where the battle for good against evil has concluded. Evil has won and now the ruling overlord Kyros is in his/her final years of conquering the whole world. The game takes place in 3 acts, where act one (the first years of the war of the tiers) Defines your characters back story and starting abilities. What you choose impacts how certain events play out in act 2. You are sent into the war of tiers as a fatebinder, an agent of the archon of Law and mouthpieces of the will of the evil overlord to deliver edicts and interpret the laws as you see fit. The power the overlord kyros has is God-like. It comes in the form of spoken or written “Edicts” that shape and fuck up the land unless certain conditions are met. Its is your job to deliver these edicts, settle arguments, and assess the armies of Kyros to see who is fit to rule the lands. You may decide that the archons are incompetent and choose to rule the land for yourself, gaining the wrath of everyone around you. The choice is yours. Just don’t think you can make everyone happy or right the wrongs of a land in civil war. Much like a George R.R. Martin novel, it’ll often end up shitty for you if you don’t take the hard line. All that said, How you solve the puzzle of dealing with Kyros final conquest is yours to choose. I bet my left boob the story is mostly about your rise to power then the power of any one archon in the game. If you like good story telling then pick this game up when steam of GOG does a winter sale. Its defiantly worth a 25-30 hour play through.  A-


Got some new random art imagery from various folks including Maisuke, Evalion, VRshaw, and two guys I have yet to learn the name of. Thanks for this 😉

*Thanksgiving was kinda bad this year, there is a chance I was food poisoned by Ono Hawaiian BBQ because I cant quite pin down what made me a wreck on Thursday.. so much that I didn’t even make it to my friends or my families house. I had to take a shower to warm up and then head to be for a nap like an old lady. special thanks to the people who invited me, yet I’m such a flake I didn’t go again.

*I had a rare 1 in 1000 mecha sex dream on Saturday. Was so nice..but I never expected the guy would be an amorousc-130. I don’t usually go for the curvy types..

*Had a drink on Wednesday called a “moscow mule” witch I mistakenly thought at first was racist(ly) named “moscow meal”. turns out its just vodka, ginger beer, and lime.

^ Living machine song (Special thanks to SingingSnake for finding this)


me555Happy Halloween. Here’s my improvised costume.

  • Got sick again btw. This is getting to be a huge fucking problem too, this is the 3rd time this year Ive gotten sick just for going outside. Going to start a woman’s multivitamin with some vitamin D supplement soon to see if it fixes things. Otherwise I’ll have a promising future as the super hero “Puke Master 3000” with a gag reflex so powerful that anything that fails to leave my lungs in the first hack shal initiate a violent technicolor response.
  • I’m putting an end to the 20$ pledge tier on my patreon page. Recent developments have led to less time available to fulfill on-the-side stuff like art cards. I need to return to my comic before Ive lost too much momentum. However if you’d like to continue to help me support this website and what I do here please consider becoming a patron at the 1$ or 5$ level.


  • (Addendum) I will be adding 1-2 25$ tiers for people who would still like to support at the higher level but wish to get something in return. Instead of a personalized art card, I will instead pick out a couple of drawings (comic pages and porn doodles from the current of previous months to send to you.)

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^^^^Reno 2016 Abridged..with a few scenes from a revisit at castle afb^^^

About a month and a half ago I ended up going to the Reno air races in hopes id be able to have a biblical experience laying under one of the Idaho A-10’s they they tend to have. In a highly foolish move I red-eyed the whole trip and pushed through a 28 hour bender with no sleep. A bender that almost left me with heat stroke- and almost certainly left me with hallucinations driving through truckee to go back home. I never did get to lay under thos a-10’s.. But I did get to lay under an f-5 Tiger II (from with the Stanley pictures are inspired), as well as an f-16 fighting falcon witch I have provided pictures of the dangerous wheel whells associated. I really could have used a friend for this trip, and if I have my way next time I defiantly WILL have someone next time.  If you’d like to see a few more short videos I took from my phone you can visit my youtube channel here:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5j47PjPM2Otm8p1pNZTLDA

PS: that piece of prime rib was 20 oz.  Thought i could have myself a good dinner to wake up for the drive home, But didnt think my clever plan through. Still, No regrets… I love beef.


Also, this is just a short post to tell ya’ll that i got my first job. Its not an ideal job being that it’s a med staffing agency, but I got several more interviews lined up. Plus working at the  urgent care place has really done well for my experience. With my current hours, I’m really not as able to draw as hard core as I did at the beginning of the month, But this is subject to change.

What else?? oh… I suck at DCS world.. Im not sure how much better I can get , but I haven’t really gone through the tutorials yet. As for other games? I started tell’tales Game of thrones, But haven’t returned back to it just yet. I also Aquired the beta version of Divinity original sin 2 as a gift from Ingo, But that too will have to wait. For now its more Starbound, Baldur’s gate enhanced edition these days till I can kill the last boss.

Games I really want t play right now:

Torment: Tides of Numenera, wasteland 3, Divinity origonal sin 2

Its also my birthday Friday.. I’ll be 36 years old And a lot better off now then I was a year ago. I just wish I had some Davids tea…Its fucking cold  right now.




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^^ beautiful frenchies^^ <3 (Dessault mirage)


So.. I have a Jackfruit problem. Its the kind of problem that represents a good 12 lbs worth of exotic Asian fruit that seems ok to eat in small sittings, but actually is a much larger pill to swallow when you buy the whole damn thing. (its a cross between a pineapple, a banana, and flowers/chlorophyll) And It seemed like a good idea at the time, till the floral taste becomes overpowering and it really fucks with you. I was doing so well too.. lost 7 pounds last month after I quit soda, Patched things up with family, you know..   Anyway, its looking like this was just as much of a mistake as the time I bought the Durian fruit for science! If you ever want to taste strange Asian fruit DO please ask a grocer to cut a sample for you to eat and or take home first, it’l save you a headache later.

In recent news, A new artist has shown up to take the reighns of proper airplane porn, and who would I never have expected in my wildest dreams? But none other then the Art director  from Bad dragon toys himself Evalion (The world is really funny like that.) Been chatting it- slutting it- up with this fellow after he had an epiphany including and a rather tasty tongue and switch moment with the front landing gear of yet another blackbird in a museum in his own state/country. How strange though that it would be the Hind helicopter that he stood in the shadow of and thought back to that old commission I did of Anya for Delta. I have to say, I’m flattered.. as there isn’t anyone aside from perhaps Lando who briefly took up the mantle and made some amazing things, Who is willing to personify the machines in a non anthro way. I’ve fucking waited for days like these. Special thanks to Gunner who jumped all over that shit and broke the news to me as it was going down. Here’s hoping this one sticks with it for a month or two.

VqnQ6Mv - Imgur^Click to enjoy beard, And wish me luck on my Job search.

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2 weeks back I decided that my military aviation tour was not over. The research I conducted for the July 2nd trip cluing me in on another possible gem I could visit much closer to home. This was castle AFB museum 2 hours from my home in Atwater California (Also the fucking desert) . At the time I was just beginning my foray into the Stardew game, and really fucked up my sleep schedule over the whole month. Despite my drunken stupor of sleep deprived 4 hour nonsense, I made it there about 30 minutes after the museum opened. The morning light was was gorgeous and I was prayed upon by the docents that wanted to give me a flyer about the huge beautiful Sr-71 that was parked out front gleaming with a fresh coat of black paint. I tried to get one of them to give me permission to go beyond the chain barrier to touch the belly of the massive behemoth, but they just weren’t having it. All of this is “before” you go inside, and if you find yourself paying for admission My advice to you is to by the 1.50$ program, purchase a bottle of water, wear some sunscreen, because your going to be walking the whole 20 acres to view the other 59  planes they got stationed there in the infernal sun.  This museum is comparable IMO to March field in its size and collection mainly because most of the key points in the collection are engines still in tact. For me this is a huge psychological boost knowing that soo many aircraft are still “alive” with their hearts still installed. One thing to note, visitors who may decide to come in the winter may get entreated to a new acquisition as the people were proud to advertise they were getting a B-58 hustler to add to the collection. This would make this museum the most complete collection of American bombers that I have seen yet, if I decide to come back and visit next year.  The rarest exhibits beside the blackbird and presidential plane, was the Avro Vulcan and Saab Drakkan, and there are park benches strategically placed so that you can enjoy all of these guys on your ass provided the sun doesn’t cook your brain.  Speaking of that, I would have gotten a hold of more movies but the Iphone literally shut itself off due to overheat . Here is what I got:

Movie 1, Movie 2, Movie 3, Movie 4, Movie 5.

Warnings: there are ant hill nests and wasps attempting to stage an overthrow of the exhibit. Expect to see a lot of this shit the closer to the more decrepit exhibits you go.

(Please let me know if any of these images don’t work there should be about 100)


Top it off with an old Disney animated cartoon I haven’t seen since I was 5:




stardewcrackLast but not least, This game ate my brain over the last 3 weeks. I officially logged over 110+ hours on steam and turned this casual game into something rather hardcore. If you have never played harvest moon or animal crossing I wholeheartedly recommend this title. Its a relaxing game about farm life and soon there will be a coop functionality added in with the next patch. (Rather then me give you a summery I would just click the link in this paragraph to see weather its right for you or not)  A

This whole fucking website is brought to you by : kGvib5wSports wear for the fattys! Get sum.

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^ spoiler alert (Holy shit GOT finale <3)


^ Last week Snek suggested I go multi-eyes on the BMPT “terminator” and I know know he is fucking genius. In ifv’s with strange turrets and multiple optics it just makes scene to go multi-eyed even if sometimes it makes it look like the top and bottom half are 2 different entities (They are not, there are just one entity.) I mean, technically, these things have either full 360 or almost 360 scanning range plus FLIR. “eyes” are just something to help communicate with humans a formality, and don’t represent the true omni-sight these vehicles actually have. I find this very alien and very robot-like…

science4^Ingo plane and ratbat at the California science center in Los Angeles CA 2016

 *Warning large file sizes

http://planesoffame.org/ During the 4rth of July weekend I took a trip down south to LA with last minute mechaphillia guest star Ingo on a military museum tour of epic proportions. Took my car on an 800 mile odometer busting adventure to 5 places over the course of 3 days. On Saturday we went to 2 places: Planes of fame in Chino, and the American military museum in South El Monte with another special guest “She who shalt not be named on this website”.  After dropping off a care pkg and going to breakfast we drove on up to chino and where we were promptly greeted by a B-17 in various states of restoration in front of the building. On that day, they were going to be flying a P-51 mustang after an hour long presentation (we missed it looking around at various things) witch we got to see and I took a movie of just after the startup. This museum is mainly about WW1 and WW2 and their claim to fame is that a good 80% of their collection are in fine working order as evidenced by the German plane being wrenched on in the garage hangar. To me the most notable thing was the p-38 “23 Skidoo” chilling in its own hangar towards the back. Make no mistake this is a rare thing, as there are only 7 of them left in flying order in the whole world. They also had a Sopwith camel (completely covered in canvas and wood) and a Bf-109 pulled from the arctic with the original German paint and bullet holes. While they did have a hangar with a Dempsey (f-86 sabre) plane and a bunch of old Korean war migs, This museum is not really a place to visit if you are looking for more modern offerings (1960’s and up). Its also not the place to go if you are looking for the F7F tigercat likely stored in planes of fame: Arizona. During the summer is suggest sunscreen.. fucking seriously. Because if you wanna look at their boneyard your going to have to venture into the courtyard and walk around in 90 degree heat being irradiated by an unforgiving fireball. I wish I had more time. To do everything we could only spare between an hour and a half to 2 hours per museum just to ensure drive time didn’t fuck us over. I could go on and on about what I saw, the little tortoise shell cat that lived in the maintenance hangar, how small the B-17 actually is on the inside, how fucking colossal the skyraider actually is– but you’re just going to have to go visit and see for yourself. Its worth the trip.

http://www.tankland.com/exhibits.html After we had watched P-51 mustang “spam in a can” do its start up sequence and roll out for a couple of flights above the crowd, we followed “she who shalt not be named” out to a little hole in the wall ground unit museum she had volunteered at for 4 years prior. TankLand/American military museum has a lot of kindly folks maintaining the area (witch a guy in the back usually wrenching on an engine or two) and it comes with an assortment of trucks, tanks, tugs, apcs, afvs, and a custom painted arty all waiting for you to gawk at. It has the feel of a pick n’ pull with the quiet effectiveness of a park, complete with shady benches to retreat to. When you consider how much Americans aren’t really known for their ground vehicle museums (Go to Europe or Russia for that) Then you may actually be impressed with what you find. I did not expect to find warship howitzers, and torpedo tubes lined up alongside old Normandy-esque landing crafts. I didn’t expect to see military motorcycles, Saracens, and old staff cars. I did expect the half-tracks, the m3 lee, and the Sherman however. kept thinking “damn, wish cerebral was here.. hed have fucking loved this”. if there ever was a low point of the trip, it was that the star of the attraction: The Sheridan tank was on loan to someone for a film shoot and so, I wasn’t able to see it. Bummer.  We hung around shooting the shit till the heat got to be too much and had to find a hotel room to wash, rest and prepare for dinner.  everyone was invited to lawry’s for prime rib and yorkshire pudding. We fucking splurged until we hated ourselves and headed back to the motel to draw.

^ A gift image to me from our very own curator (Love you H.), as well as some early concepts of another success machine boss monster for Atoll Lab, and the beef I had to kick off the weekend.

http://www.midway.org/exhibits-and-activities?gclid=CMCavbKw4M0CFYqPfgodCz8JuA Day 2 kicked off hard core with a race down to San Diego when we had both determined that there wouldn’t be enough time for Blackbird park and midway in the same day. I had fucked up about a week earlier thinking that fireworks on the midway wouldn’t be a popular event. Figured I had a few more days to buy tickets for and when I found them sold out, kicked myself because That meant that the 3rd was our only day to go do this. Let me just re-iterate something, PUT THE USS MIDWAY ON YOUR BUCKET LIST OF PLACES TO GO VISIT. Let the movies and panorama shots sell this whole pkg to you: Admission is 20$, parking is 10$. Stay the whole God damned day if you can. Outside is a buffet of modern and cold war jets along with an awacs craft and several helicopters (one of which clothes-lined me in the tit). Inside you can get a nice little presentation of world war II planes including a walking tour through the engine room. It was so fun, the exhibits were fresh, well-maintained and shiny. I saw several children loosing their shit in line for a flight simulator ride too. It makes the uss Hornet museum look like a ghetto in comparison (You were right Delta). I was so horny the whole time.. yet time, sunburns, hunger was wearing on us and we did stick around for the bridge tour. This was probably a mistake on our part.

http://www.marchfield.org/ March Airfield along with the midway turned out to be my favorite events of the trip, mainly because they delt in modern-ish planes and also because they had an pristine indoors Sr-71 blackbird for witch Ive fapped too 8 times this month alone. We made sure to get our jankey “joo gonna get raped” motel within 30 minutes of this place because we absolutely needed to make sure we got the California science center and this done on the 4rth witch was our last day together. March was an absolutely pleasant surprise and had as many planes if not more planes then Planes of fame had. Some noticeable shit was the inclusion of a B-29, B-52, B-25, and B-17 all in the same area. along with every notable mig up to the 23. They had a Vietnam helicopter section, and a whole lot more stuff I just didn’t have time to fully look at even with the 2 hours that we spent. Bring sunscreen if you are going to visit, as most of the museum is outside in the burning sun. Most of my attention was devoted to the Sr-71 inside (the one machine i could not leave LA without seeing) and again, I was kinda upset that this museum also did not have an F7F, but it pretty much had a hellovalot of everything else. In coming to this place, ive started to realize that the only way to up the ante is by exodus to Ohio for USAF museum or an AFB airshow. Ingo and I agreed that we need to up escalate the situation, hopefully we’ll be heading east next year to maybe catch us some b1, b2 action before we get to old to walk. Once again, if you are not visiting blackbird park, you should come here for the most biblical Sr-71 experience you will ever have. Had people not been around, I likely would have messed around with my Friend in the wheel wells of one of the Boeing planes.

http://californiasciencecenter.org/exhibits/air-space/space-shuttle-endeavour?gclid=COHOkO7H4M0CFZSEaQodyrsOvQ When we reached the science museum I practically shat myself that there was yet another blackbird decorating the park on a stand. We had exactly 2 hours left before close however, so we scurried over to what Ingo and I were really interested in: the space shuttle endeavor. Pictures of this too does not do it justice. The darkened room and its giftshop existed under the ever benevolent shadow of this aged space plane so worshiped by adults and children alike. Had they sold pieces of what Snek called “mecha scales” the heat tiles- I would have bought one for Ingo. I wish I could tell you more about our experience here as it was like a similar experience Ive had at the San Fransisco academy of science years ago just without the hard core rush to see everything before doors shut. In another couple of years they are expanding out the aerospace portion of the museum and want to include more aircraft in the exhibit. This will be the most opportune time to revisit i think, especially considering they put an f-117 silhouette in the proposed plans.  we did a few misc. things like petting starfish and gawking as rotting corpses being eaten by carrion beetle worms. Hopefully we will come back some day when we can spend the whole day there. 2 hours is not enough to enjoy something like this.

http://afftcmuseum.org/visit/blackbird-airpark/ By the end of the day, we were too tired to even see fireworks having ran our asses all over town without a solid good nights sleep. We ordered pizza, took down a couple of bottles of wine and shot the shit about life, people, and the future in general. I got to see what it was like to vape from a hand-made rig, and managed to wake my friend up with whimpering and moaning from a Silent Hill-esque shadow-baby nightmare. Overall  we got a lot done, and It will be a memorable experience for years to come. I loathe the fact that i needed to let Ingo go home, especially seeing as (LAX was a bitch to navigate even at 5:30am). In the end, I got to have real LA Mexican breakfast with another friend, and escaped the whole thing with a detour into Palmdale hoping that Blackbird park would be open. I drove that one hour out of my way for nothing, because the gate was shut. So I climbed the sign and took a snap of the BB’s and the U2 dragonlady behind them. If your in the Palmdale area next to the Lockheed aircraft testing facility, Make sure you do it on a Friday,sat, or Sunday. they are not open during the weekend. so sad..

There IS not much else to tell you except that I left the best for last. Please enjoy all of the short 1 minute movies I took during my trip, and do please forgive me shitty speech, I was really excited and exhausted during the trip. MOVIES

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  1. To my dad who loved me enough to keep me from my decision to head for the gutter years ago.
  2. To my roommate who puts up with my idiosyncrasy on a daily basis.
  3.  To my instructors who 2 years ago, saw potential and gave disheveled nervous c-student a chance.
  4. To the technologists in Alameda who saw me through 8 months of student externship. You guys had the most impact in my understanding of positioning and patient care and I love you for that.
  5. To the strange people here on titan who comment and contribute their stories/experiences. We’re all fucking weirdos, but at least together doesn’t seem as lonely a sub group as it was. <3
  6. To the People on patreon and other donators whom helped me survive the year when the food stamps ran out..
  7. To 99 ranch market for their delicious wu-mu Taiwanese instant ramen noodles.
  8. And to the polish Pl-01 stealth tank. I don’t care how good or bad you are… your the best in my book.


… I passed my board exams.


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PlwX3S4^ I need to be like this guy, he really knows his shit.  I need to really think outside of the box if I’m going to survive the math of the board exam. Its coming, I’m graduating on the 25th of June, please pray your ass off for me.  This is it..

13268604_1030856796983221_7986364344349849582_oAnime completed:

Welcome to the NHK: It was at times hard to get through this one, But I did and I am better for it. This show is a slice of life comedy about the “NEET’s” or “HIKIKOMORI” basically shut-ins, recluses, and socially mal-adjusted otaku culture that is becoming an issue in japan. it follows the life of a man named Sato who through various reasons goes crazy and becomes a hikikomori and stews in his own juices going through the various phases of extreme social anxiety that are the cause of ones life crumbling to pieces. It hits home in a lot of ways, because of my own troubles following the 2011 loss of my old job where I was content to live off unemployment until the bitter end(depression is a bitch). This was a bad time for me emotionally, But I got picked up and dusted off by a family member leading to the future I have today. For the character Sato, he has a small cadre of people who come into his life and are just as fucked up as he is if not more so. Through getting into trouble with these extremely down trodden people does he find the courage to leave his apartment and become a productive member of society. If you think this doesnt make for a compelling anime then your wrong.. It doesn’t get anymore true to life then this. 24 episodes by famed studio Gonzo,  give it a look see if your hungry for something serious. A

The garden of words: This is the most detailed and beautiful animated CG/animation combo anime you will ever see. A short 30 minute story about a high school boys relationship with a teacher is more of a demo of how far animation has come and what it can truly be with a lot of hard ass fucking work.  (A for the animation, C+ for the story)

Letter to Momo: This anime was done by the guy who directed JIN-ROH, and makes a heavy knod towards the whimsy of studio Ghibli . A 1 hr 40 minute tale of a girl who leaves Tokyo with her mom to the islands after the death of her father, and discovers life in the rural town of her grandparents. Except she is followed by Demons only she can see, who are determined to report on her to the heavens. Hilarity ensues. I loved this one.  A

t3qs16wulpcsno2dhscgI have no desire to play Overwatch, But the character designs are pretty awesome. Its got robots too.

Shadowrun: Hong Kong complete.  Just wanna say a few things about this, namely that my overall experience with the trilogy has been a positive one. This game takes place in HongKong like the name suggests, and you take on a new cast of shadowrunners to be your family. I choose an elf mage/shaman/swordsman this time because I choose a human Decker master last time. I played the game on normal up until a certain bugged part of the game where I was forced to open up debug mode and cheat inorder to bypass the bug and get to the next level. I realize the difficulty of this game may be slightly higher then the previous 2 games, Returns, and dragonfall, but we’ll never know because I relly never turned off debug mode for much of the rest of the game. (Witcher 3’s blood n wine expansion was coming and I really wanted to play that above everything else.)  The characterization and scenario writing in this game was improved over the last 2 games, the matrix got a face lift, and provided you picked up the extended edition off steam you could get a bonus campaign to play after you beat the main game. There is a lot to unpack for a supposed “15” hour game. My advice to someone thinking about starting this game is to make this your ‘2nd” game if you are playing the trilogy through because the story line in it is not as strong as dragonfall. Plus there are a few nods in this game to the events that happened in dragonfall to make your experience of that one richer.  Their is not much else to say other then give a summery of my personal opinion, and that is i felt the story was very strong up untill 3/4rths of the game.. and then the ending is kinda anti climactic. The last fight did not give me the kind of ending payoff I was looking for, Maybe that’s just me. 2 kids raised by a mysterious Chinese man in Seattle are summoned back to HongKong to solve the case around his possible death/disappearance while the local police force have put out an order to kill you on sight thinking you are members of a terrorist organization. You must join the employ of the local Triad chapter in order to find your father and put a stop to the terrible nightmares flowing from the Kowloon walled city beyond.  Its not a bad game, I give it a B

Lasty, Ive been talking with a couple people on what to highlight as the “weakness” of the Machine folk in Atoll Lab. As I have said before, it is extremely important that each “race” of people have their limits or failings. Something to keep them from being OP as compared to humans because that really makes for more interesting and diverse story telling. It becomes too easy to say that the object of your desires (Machines) are just naturally better then the people(humanity) who make you nervous day after day in reality.  Real races of people tend to fall into shades of gray, not black n’ white. Sure they come about based on direct alien influence, but Dire folk are still creatures bound by the laws of the planet, in order to survive it should be logical to try and work together.  So how should I do this? well I have tried thinking about how to make humans and machines compliment each other by putting them into category of good and bad.

Humans (Good): Have the power of imagination, creativity, adaptability, Improvisation, can be Jack-of-all-trades or masters, empathetic, Innovative, lower-cost of living.

Humans (Bad): Physically frail, Short lifespan, Illogical, impulsive, Irrational, fallible, Malleable.

Machine folk (Bad): Lack of adaptability, Rigid thinking, Obsessive compulsive, Presumptuous, Highly specialized, fallible, Higher cost of living, unnatural**

Machine folk (Good) : Physically strong, Longer lifespan, Higher memory capacity, empathetic, Lawful, Regenerative, Born with some level of inherited mastery.

*This is not to say that both races don’t posses some % of good and bad from each others list, but when noted, they are especially prone to said trait.

Let me know what you guys think? is this enough? Or have I not gone far enough?

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Wj6NOhb^ I hope this is me after I become a full fledged technologist.

I’m under the 2 month mark now as far as school is considered. Its nearly crunch time and I dread the amount of actual study I need to do to make my day in June. I still have a week left to play with, So enjoy a few more doodles from me.

Quote of the week:

ratbat001: could you imagine a jet sending you “nudes” tho?
ratbat001: half the time you’d have to get out your Jane’s manual
ratbat001: to understand what your looking at
theunknownjester: ahaha



Comic stuff:

Ive decided to rename my morph characters for the Atoll Lab cannon after some careful debate with a fellow artist. I think the term “Aeromorph” with all of its flavors, carries with it the unsavory reputation of being a sub category of furry porn and I feel it’d legitimize it more with a re-brand. So from now on, My humanoid vehicles are known as the DemiFolk (plural) , and all individual machine derivatives will be shown like this: DemiTank, DemiJet, DemiShip, DemiCar ect. Its loads easier to say.  Though “Demi” is french for the world ‘half’ and their is already a sub species for “Half-Machines” these are not the same things, So in general if I am referring to Aeromorphs, I will refer to them as DemiFolk instead.




In the last 2 months I managed to finish a few video games that I can honestly recommend if you are a hard core RPG fan. I also completed my penultimate goal in the AW game and I’d like to share a few observations on that.

*Shout out to SGTGunner for his amazing 3d rendition of the pl01 he did months ago btw.

Armored Warfare Beta: Shout out to UnknownJester who played a number of games with me during the April “happy hours” event. We’ve both been following the development of this game for quite some time because we are huge modern armor fans who had a specific tank or 2 we wanted and still want in the game. It’s a grindy free to play MMO just like World of tanks, and War Thunder, but the main claim to fame is that it also has PVE missions you can play. You never have to deal with the toxic bullshit that PVP tends to devolve into. You can just chill and stare at sexy tank afts all day long if you please. Games like this never end tho, and the more you play the more it is likely that you will be seduced into spending money on premium currency or game time. That’s why I set a clear goal for myself that after attained I could just walk away satisfied knowing that I “beat the game”. And I just achieved it: I got my tank husbando the PL01 in my garage.  Jester got his chally II and we can both walk away or take a long pause till they add in the french, Swedish and Israeli tanks we also desire.

Divinity original sin Enhanced edition: This game is A+ if you are a fan of top down old school isometric role playing and dungeon crawling (ala Baldur’s gate) Ive recently seen a resurgence of this kind of old school western rpg with the advent of kickstarter successes like Pillars of eternity and Wasteland 2- both of which were stellar examples of that genre. This beat all of them tho. It was mainly the little things having to do with the level of interactivity with the environment as well as the music, voice acting, and beautiful graphics.  The game was just game fun and didn’t take itself too seriously. a couple of minuses however, mainly the bugs and the lack of an ending to match the brilliance of the game. It seems like they had all of 5$ to spend on the ending after using up all that successful kickstarter dough. If Larian studios ever makes another game however, I will defiantly give it a shot. A

Brothers: I am kind of at a loss as to what to say about this one, because I felt it was a “nice” little game, very thoughtful, artsy, good directing. Just- not the best value for your dollar. I played this game based on a totalbiscuit year end recommendation along with undertale  (that ended up being one of my fav indy games of all time). But from start to finish, the game only lasts for 2 hours. Surprised me considering the fact that I thought 1999’s Galerians finishing up at just under 4 hours was absurd for the 40$ price tag they demanded for it at launch. Brothers is a neat little puzzle experience, theirs no dialogue, no combat, and you MUST use an xbox controller to play. This is all fine n’ dandy but 15$ is far too much for what it is. Wait till it goes on steam summer sale and pick it up for 5 bucks instead.

Shadowrun: Dragonfall. A real fucking gem. A much better written game then its predecessor (Shadowrun returns) . If you like cyberpunk, grim dark fantasy, and futuristic tactics style turn based combat this rpg is for you. There is a shit ton I could say about my experience with this game, But I will simply say that You get real choices for your main character as to how they resolve conflict. They can choose to be an asshole, or go at it the non violet way. Your teammates follow you into gun/magic combat witch is not really hard, But serves the larger narrative between chapters. You are a band of criminals carrying out missions for large mega corporations on the mean streets of Berlin. But trouble is afoot and you soon find yourself being hunted by street gangs, evil AI’s, and a great dragon from the past. Its up to you to save the Flux state from a threat that could destroy the entire world. Are you up to the task? Just a bit of friendly advice to players who Do pick up this game, You should play a Decker with good charisma. It will make your life easier, and the rest of your team is good enough to win every conflict without a dedicated street samurai.  Your top etiquette’s should be corporate, security, and gang. Expect to miss your shots a lot because RNG thought you were playing xcom. save often.. there are bugs.

one last thing.. Once you get the good ending.. make sure you get the ultimate bad ending. Its even better then the good ending.




This year Iv’e broken my 5 year fast on anime by watching a handful of shows that I might not have seen, had they not come highly recommended by people who are in their right mind about what is actually good for a 30 year old to watch. How this is achieved is by following a few simple rules: If the intro has a panty shot,if it  features a pretentious sad girl crying into the distance, or cheap shitty 3D animation, then Discontinue watching said show. Furthermore, If the show doesn’t grab you by episode one or two.. discontinue watching the show. This is mainly to cut down on the amount of bullshit you will have to wade through just to get to the show that is worth your time. And trust me- there is and will allays be more shows then one person could ever watch, so Don’t try and watch them all, save your valuable time.  The Following is a list of the shows that I recommend and why, but Is not intended to be a full on review of each.

One punch Man:  This is probably one of the best action anime you’ll ever see in the  twenty-teens. I do not say this lightly because I am very skeptical when it comes to stuff from Japan these days. Its a short 12 episode OVA that doesn’t take itself too seriously and chronicles the adventures of a Guy named Saitama, who has the power to defeat *any* opponent with just one punch. The fight scenes are fucking amazing. While your wowing over this show you quickly come to realize there there are only 2 kinds of people: Those who are defeated, and those who don’t know that they’ve already lost from the start. You’d think that formula gets old but it doesn’t.  A+ anime.

The Boy and the Beast:   This one comes from the director who made “The girl who lept through time”, and “Summer wars”, and it does not disappoint especially if your a furry. Its a quality movie about a boy who runs away from home only to encounter a bear-faced martial arts master from the beast world, who takes him as an apprentice. The two unlikely pair have their difference and learn different kinds of maturity through their experiences of one another. I think that most people will find this rather enjoyable. there were two things that I found to be minor negatives however. Mainly the use of CG in a big budget movie that could have just as easily been hand drawn. Also, the subplot of the antagonist was rather ham-fisted towards the end even if it made for a spectacular finale. I give this anime a solid A-/B+

The secret world of Arrietty : I think Studio Ghibli might have released this over the states through Disney distribution, so it may be hard to find as a free download. Still, its fucking studio Ghibli who have NEVER made a bad film. If you enjoy Ghibli films then you don’t even need a synopsis to know that its good. Its loosely based on an old children’s book called “The borrowers” who are miniature humans (maybe they are gnomes?) who survive by “borrowing” things that wont be missed by the colossal denizens of humanity living in their huge houses. The story is a nice heart-warming little vignette that wraps itself up in a nice little bow without violence or political agenda. If you can tear yourself away from how beautifully painted the backgrounds are to enjoy whats going on in the foreground then you would not be wasting your time with this one at all. A+

The Wind Rises: This anime is supposedly the final send off for Miyazaki Hayao who has basically now left his son in charge of studio Ghibli for the foreseeable future. If you don’t watch one punch man, At least watch this one. Like I said above, Miyazaki never seems to make a bad movie, truly a legend of his time. But this anime is a radical departure from his usual fair of whimsy, Spirits, magic,  and nature. Instead it is a fully animated period piece documentary about the man who invented the Mitsubishi A6M zero fighter for japan during WWII. His life as a person, and ambitions as an engineer who only wanted to make beautiful aircraft. If you are a fan of WWII, aircraft, and history, it is imperative you give this film a go.. truly amazing. A+

The Book of Friends: I discovered this through my roommate who was taking up suggestions for things to watch so he could practice listening/recognizing Japanese speech. It is quite a simple show for someone looking for something low key. It features several short stories about a young exorcist and his quest to return the “names” of various demons that a relative had captured and collected in a book over her lifetime. By returning the names of the demons, they are released from their servitude and it thus further pacifies the power of the book of friends, witch various other demons are trying to posses to use as a weapon. This series is short, and doesn’t have the typical action-packed payoff you may be expecting, But if you exhausted all other shows this one wont be a waste of your time. B


Tooth situation:

Took a trip over to my old dentists whom I love, and asked them what it would cost out of pocket to fix my busted molar. I got quoted 300$ just to get a consultation and cleaning… 300$ just to not have anything done. It fucking sucks not having dental insurance.

That will be at the top of the list when I get steady income. Because the best they could offer me was High-interest dental credit or fuck off over to western dental where the poor people go. -__-

^ Click the pick

** If you like what you see here on this website, please consider donating to my patreon, even 1$ helps me out with much needed food and keeps the cost to run this site manageable. Thank you**





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