Any Port in a storm

^ First off, Is this what I think it is? because HAHAH that’s great!


A girl I know once brought to my attention a fantasy she once had about a colossal sentient spaceship that rescues a little girl from deep space and then ultimately raises her from within. This ship grows to care for the girl who matures into womanhood, and must continue to coexist in the belly of the machine where there are no other voices to interact with, but the ship itself.

This is kind of poignant because I started playing a little bit of eve online. Eve online for those who don’t know, Is a Sci-fi space MMO where you link up to a ship and coast the galaxy in search of wealth and discovery. I started to ask myself what the difference between a sentient robot and a sentient ship was besides shape and size. Based on Gail’s original fantasy story, I thought about the potential sexiness that could arise If a ship fell in love with you (if the A.I. was that advanced to have emotions.) What kind of relationship would a captain have with her ship from within? Could it be sexual, and if it could, how? why?

Granted, their is nothing like this in Eve, there are no sentient ships. you become the ship itself by merging with the central OS with implants. But How big of a stretch would it be for a sentient ship to claim a human as  would  a sentient mech? If you are a macrophile is this an idea you could get behind or is it just plain weird?  I am befuddled by this idea because of the whole Dave vs hal9000 debacle, and that My roommate informs me the sentient machine fetish is beginning to stack new and weirder aspects. Honestly I think its hot.

Could you just imagine if you got captured and the spaceship had to obliterate a space station to rescue you?

Coming up next: Brave police H pic.

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18 Responses to “Any Port in a storm”
  1. Gail1 says:

    Hahahah one of these days that story will be written XD.

  2. Zexion666 says:

    I could totally get behind the sentient ship thing. It’s not out there at all, and has the same attraction as sentient robots -It’s HOT! Wow, my brain is already percolating on the idea.

  3. Steshette says:

    Lulz @ “any port”

    As for a spaceship, I can TOTALLY see this! That is one tantallizing fantasy. Also I think for any TF fan it’s not a ginormous stretch *cough* b/c we’ve been conditioned to regard transportation machines as trusted companions. Like, I’m very attached to my car (though I’ve been waiting for her to transform for 7yrs to no use lol). Of course, I’m convinced that my car is a ‘girl’ (just the way she drives and all), BUT if it were a ‘male’ car, and if it were in fact sentient – transforming or not – I would’ve probably been in love with it …and from a car to a ship it’s not a huge leap, conceptually. And what could be more intimate than spending your life enveloped by a giant ship that is your lover…

  4. Pilot says:

    Very interesting! I could definitely see the appeal, though I’m not sure if I find it hot or not myself. From the perspective of a macro, the form usually matters as well as the size. If you’re someone inside of a ship, you can only see and interact with one part at a time. To me, it would have a definite HAL feel– lots of otherwise little bits and parts interacting with you, not as much of a feeling of a cohesive whole… a singular body. I guess that’s just part of being human. It’s hard to conceive of things like this to be a single creature with complete sentience, whereas it’s much easier to do it with body forms that we’re more familiar with like humanoid or animal shapes.

    /sexuality and psychology nerd


  5. Pilot says:

    Oop, forgot to mention the obvious vore overtones, though. If you’re into that, then there’s that appeal as well~

  6. Ratbat says:

    Steshette: Here’s another conversation I had with someone in game about this topic. (names were changed to protect the innocent)

    A > if you knew part of the reason why i play this game youd laugh i think
    B > tell me .
    A > curious eh?
    B > 😛
    A > X3 allright
    A > well since im hideing behind the internet ill tell you
    A > I think the ships turn me on. Im trying to find out why. intellectualize it
    B > ohhh
    B > hmmm
    A > Ive allways liked machines
    B> all of them ?
    A > specially powerful ones, and sentient ones
    A > no not all of them
    A > but when everyone fleets up and starts to fight its awsome
    B > caldari ones then 😛
    A > i play some music
    B > and irl ?
    A > and then , well nothing happens
    A > but i do have a dirty mind
    B > loool
    B > no …
    B > i like it
    A > when someone in my corp said the drake was too generic
    A > and i said “fuck you! drake is awsome, :wraps mouth around the console:”
    A > well mostly i was trying to freak people out
    B > lol
    A > but i wasnt lying haha
    B > you are unic hahaha
    A > and then i saw you in that black scorpion and I was like ooooohhh 😀 whats going on here
    A > X3 im disturbed i guess
    B > hahahaha
    B > good that i disturbed u with my big thing..
    B > i mean big ship.
    A > X3
    A > dont think bad of me
    B > no..
    A > I want to bite your ship haha
    A > (////)
    B > i like it when someone talk straight forward what they have in mind.
    B > 😛
    B > i had a nightmare but had to sell it for the chimera.
    A > I think if my charecter was real, and my ship actually had an advanced A.I. Id probibly(scuse my french) fuck the shit out of it.
    A > sorry sorry
    A > haha
    B > wooow
    A> anyway i havent told anyone about this
    B > i would love to be a ship hahahaha
    A > keep a secret ;3
    A > /emote blush
    B > hehehe
    B > one day i’ll bring you to see my carrier.
    A > aww man
    A > im turning beat red over here
    B > lol.
    B > ok , i gtg .off for duty .will see you later ,if you are on .
    A > X3 it feels good to tell someone haha
    B > thanks for telling me
    B > i appreciate it

    also your comment about being “conditioned to see transport vehicles as companions” that part really tantalized. At the end of the day, It really doesn’t matter what we are made of, as long as our “hearts” are in the right place. Pod pilots carry the benefit of being immortal also, so your giant metal soul mate doesn’t have to be alone so soon. I think it would be a very interesting relationship being that you are at its mercy, its a privilege more then it is a rite that you get to be at the helm of such a dangerous machine.

  7. Ratbat says:

    Gail and zexion, Have you guys thought of what the voice of the ship sounds like? if (the personality) is loyal and submissive, or anxious and possessive? What if metal tentacles snaked under the warm platform you were sleeping on and coiled around you?

    Pilot: I can see what your saying about the physical form interaction. I think your mentality would be different if you knew it was a sentient vehicle that you were captaining vs. not knowing what the ship looked like from the outside. If your apart of the ladder, then the guts of the ship would be more like an “environment” that cuddles you and talks to you. But their is a huge “power” element to this like there is with mecha, your associated with something non human and dangerous and smart. What if in the distant future, they made captains and ships to be personal companions as a way for the pilot to not do anything to risk either the other lives aboard, or the billion dollar machine entrusted to you?

  8. Pilot says:

    Ratbat: Oh yeah there’d definitely be that element of power present, no matter what. Ignoring the sentience would be impossible for sure, but I’m still trying to wrap my head around the feel of the interaction. There’s a big difference between being “inside” and “part of” versus being “outside” and “separate”? It would be hard for me to make the shift from ship as environment to ship as lover/character. Though this did happen in TFA with Omega Supreme, and I was pretty interested in the concept. I guess I’ve got too much of a hard-on for faces and limbs and stuff, though. :T

    Hmmmmmm… this is a really interesting conversation and I’m mad that I can’t formulate thoughts very well about it. xD

  9. Gail1 says:

    I never got far into thinking what the voice would sound like. I guess I thought of a neutral voice but not empty. So hard to explain >.<. If the tentacles snaking around me while I was sleep is an interesting thought. I mean if you didn't know the ship was sentient I would see it freaking you out at first because you wouldn't know if the action was hostile or not. If you knew and already had some relationship going with it I think I would find it no different then a lover slipping into bed with you and wrapping their arms around you. If you new it was sentient but no relationship was established yet I would say I would find it similar to someone you know randomly tossing you onto the bed XD.

    Ratbat: The idea of partnership with the ships AI is not that unusual. I have seen a few shows where that was done either to help the ship have a bit of unpredictability in battle while still being efficient. Or like you said to ensure neither does anything to take drastic measures to complete a task either on a logical side or a emotional one.

  10. Andey says:

    My attention was immediately drawn to Next up: Brave Police H. *wink*

  11. antepathy says:

    Oh….whooof what a hot fantasy. And it could be sexual, so much, especially if the ship can control environmental systems, medical care? Pheromones in the air? Cyberstimulants? Sex can be in the *mind* after all and the brain works through electrochemical impulses….

    ON another note: hope you’re doing well. *hug*

  12. Perverse Universe says:

    That fantasy reminds me of two different Science Fiction series, Anne McCaffrey’s “Brain & Brawn” (aka The Ship who…) and Keith Laumer’s “Bolo-verse”.

    The Brain & Brawn stories are actually about physically deformed humans in life support systems but pretty much act as the AI of the ship/space station/city they are connected to. The series tends to focus around the relationships between the shell people (the humans in life support) and the normal people they interact with. In one story a male spacestation legally adopts a runaway girl who snuck onto him.

    The stories in the Bolo-verse focus around a series of AI controlled super-tanks and the wars the fought in. The focus in several stories is the partnerships that develop between the Bolos and their human handlers.

  13. Ratbat says:

    PervU: actually while I never read the bolos series I’m abit familiar with them through 4chan/m/ and wikipedia. I agree with you that both of your examples are spot on, especially with bolos tanks. I could see myself having a good relationship with a tank as well as a ship, mech, spacestation. Peeps often mention bolos because of thsome story where a bolos sacrificed itself because it knew its comander was corrupt i think. Btw welcome to the blog.

    Antipath: it seems more and more the form of the machine matters less then its latent autonomy /personality. I went and saw the Cars 2 movie last weekend and really enjoyed it because all the vehicles were their own person right down to the warships and jet planes. I know its just a movie for kids but I can’t help but be enamored with the concept of a world full of machines.

  14. Gail1 says:

    The fact that your lover is your environment is interesting. Depending on the AI’s personality it could easily abuse this power to steer you where they wanted.

    Also a human AI and a programed AI would be very different. A human AI would already be familiar with human customs and such. They would simply have to come up with ways to make the physical part of it work. Where as a programmed AI though given all the information on humans would still have large misunderstanding. So I think it would have a great level of curiosity which I think could be kind of cute.

  15. Negro Phoenix says:


    Also, turn on MSN more.

    Ratty loves her tech.

  16. Shazta says:

    Ratbat: As much as the Pixar movies may be designed for kids, I still think it’s more of a fity fifty thing for adults as well. I liked Cars 2 and how we got an extended look at the universe with ships, and cranes, and planes making their debut, but it also brought up the idea of car families (sliding off topic for a moment). Think about any car. Now think about how that car is replicated by a million. Is each one the same personality? or are they all different? I’d want to take the stance of the latter, given personal experiences would lead to different personalities, but there were an awful lot of faceless mook clones in the movie. Are there other lightning mcqueens or maters out there, acting and sounding just as these ones do, only without the same luck to have had fate throw them together? It’s that thought that sort of unnerves me a bit, the idea that you may be unique in the world, but not quite as unique as you’d like.

    And now sliding back on topic, take that idea and reflect it with a giant space faring ship. If the ship has the same design and base AI as another ship, the only thing that sets them apart is their personal experiences. Imagine your Drake in Eve (I think that’s what you said your ship was) if it had an AI. If you jumped into a system with 30 other Drakes, would they all have the same base personalities from when they were built/formed? It would be like a mirror room in a funhouse I think. They’re all similar but vaguely different in little ways.

    I’d also like to bring up two examples of Ship-crew interactions real quick before I forget (god, first post is long post).

    As I was reading your post and the resulting comments, I thought of the anime One Piece. I don’t know if you’re familiar with the plot or the show itself, so I’ll be as brief as possible to avoid spoilers, but it’s a very, very long series about pirates. Specifically, we follow the Straw Hat pirates and their captain Luffy. The name of their small ship is the Going Merry (or just Merry for short). It’s not big, it’s not flashy, but they sailed with her through about 300 episodes of the show. She was another crewmate and friend, another nakama. Argh I need to do some spoilers, so if you don’t want them, then start at the next paragraph. Basically during one of the arcs, it was discovered that the ship had developed something of a spirit because it was so well loved by the crew, and through this was able to repair herself to some very small degree (shoddy hammer work). Though she was silent, and couldn’t really communicate with them, she loved them as they loved her. So much so, that when they reached an island with the best shipwrights in the world and it was discovered that she’d taken so much damage in the previous arc that no amount of money could repair her (of which they had lots at that point) it was nearly heartbraking. It was worse for the guy who had basically brought the ship with him when he joined the crew. He wouldn’t leave her and split from the rest of the crew for a time as a result after a fight. There was a storm, and a lot of other plot at this new island, and Merry was washed out to sea and presumed lost. As the plot progressed and the crew fought their way through another government island to rescue someone, they were caught in a bind and it looked like they would all die. But they were saved when the Merry drifted out of the smoke and haze of the battle, and they were able to make their escape. She was basically on her last leg, but she still came back and saved them all nonetheless. Afterwards, the crew gave her a very emotional viking funeral. I cried during that scene. No lie. Hell, I’m tearing up right now, just remembering it.

    Basically I bring up that story, to show that even without it being a machine, the idea of a ship being loved by her crew, and vice verca, is fully legitimate. I have never felt so attached to a ship in fiction as I was to that one, and this coming from a huge transformers fan. I recommend heading to so you can see it for yourself (you just have to slug it through the first few episodes when they had less than a stellar budget.

    As for my second example, I promise it’ll be much shorter. I thought about it while typing out my response to Cars 2. The show, Andromeda is another Gene Roddenberry property, like Star Trek or Earth Final Conflict. It follows the adventures of Captain Dylan Hunt, captain of the Andromeda Ascendent, a large battleship, as he tried to rebuild the Systems Commonwealth, a massive government that more or less brought peace to the galaxy, but had fallen 300 years earlier, leading to a series of dark ages. He and his crew had been there at the fall, but they were attacked and the ship was pulled into the gravitational flux of a blackhole. Most of the crew escaped, except for Dylan and the ship’s AI, Andromeda. They were stranded for 300 years on the verge of the blackhole, though to them it was relatively only a few seconds. I bring this example up, because the relationship between Dylan and Andromeda is at times, a bit more familiar than statutes would dictate. I think they’re a very good example of a captain and his ship, and the interaction between. We also see other ships with AI, including “sister ships” to Andromeda. Ships with the same design, and same basic set of AI, that developed their own personality and holo-representations. For all of some of the show’s cheesiness, I still love it, and would recommend it.

    Ugh, loooooong post.

  17. Shazta says:

    Also, I spent half an hour battling the captcha to get that post in. Argh.

  18. Andey says:

    I remember that show, Andromeda. It was good, I thought.
    There is nothing unusual about humans developing a love for their vehicles, alive or not. So many of us have become quite attached to our cars, planes, ships, whatnot, and even consider them a part of the family. I would say even more so if they had AI.

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