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I probably should have updated that A LOT sooner then 2 days ago because when I did, wordpress did some stuff that I generally don’t understand and the whole thing went kaput. Happened right after I re-read the later 2 books trying to re orientate myself on what should happen next (if I were to have started it this weekend. ) I played with the idea of putting all the comic pages up here, but the roommate admin seemed adamant that this was not a good idea. Forgive me for allays saying ‘soon, soon’, school and diet lethargy are totally up my arse atm.



see the above picture? Emotionally for me- its a fucking masterpiece. I “think” its a piece of PSO fanart, and if that is the case then the big black male robot is a Ra-cast. Well if you squint and look behind him, hes got a bouquet of flowers and combined with the little blush word bubble this is a “will you go out with me, I really like you” scene. Since the proportions of the female newman and the ra-Cast almost completely mirror that of the race sex sizes in my comic, this one made me smile hard. In fact I was ragging hard 2 days ago and after having fucked a talking spaceship in dreamland , I had a sex dream about these 2. The bigger one taking the smaller one from behind while she was playing cards. In the dream, they had never met before, but she had largely expected that a mech would come for her at some point. he had pulled her soft fleshy thighs and rump gently open a little with some heavy iron clawed hands and slipped a thick well-lubed mass into her.  Why do the best dreams happen when your blasting menstrual blood everywhere?



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