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“Oakland is the heart of Africa” ~ My dad

“All Spaceships are capable of atmospheric flight at least once.” ~ Grimbrand


These are my two quotes of the week along with the sudden realization that Me and possibly many others who are facing OS upgrades have been screwed by Adobe corp. the makers of creative suite. I got my new computer about a week and a half ago, Its beautiful and it has windows dual boot courtesy of the roommates boot camp work around. I got “almost” everything back… almost. arguably one of the most important things that I didn’t get back was my adobe Photoshop cs4 functionality. Adobe doesn’t have support for the newest mac OS and they simply don’t plan even plan to, which means that the 750$ program that I bought to be try and be “legitimate” legal/not a thief ect.. is a cheap 20 c coaster. They aren’t supporting their older cs programs because they want to push their ‘creative cloud’ service that will bend you over for 20$ a month if you are not a legacy user. (if you are a legacy user then you pay 10$ a month if you sign up before December).  I payed a kings ransom for a licensed copy, and I deserve an installer patch for the old phoenix code.  Painter 11 on the other hand, a program that I bought for 70$ works even on the new mac os with no issues.   On a side note,  if you’ve been paying attention to tech news as of late,  Adobe corp was compromised and their source code stolen so.. karma is a bitch isnt it?

So what Am I going to do now? Well Painter is an amazing program but it is not optimized for the kind of quick editing that I needed to use for my comic. I’ll either need to find a way to use Painter exclusively for my comic pages and art, (no matter how long it takes) or cave in to paying monthly for something I ALREADY BOUGHT YEARS AGO.

Anyway, Shout out to Gail atm for her amazing legwork via tumblr finding the good stuff. I’ll chat with you soon. Enjoy the robots!

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4 Responses to “FU ADOBE”
  1. Pilot says:

    There’s Manga Studio or Firealpaca (which is free!) for basic stuff?

  2. Pilot says:

    PS- yes, fuck Adobe.

  3. animeartist62 says:

    I have heard good things about paint tool Sai.

  4. FightingSeraph says:

    It makes me wish that Adobe had left Macromedia (the REAL creators of Flash) alone.

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