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I just got off the crazy train that was HZD and wound up on another strange and wonderful ride that was platnum game’s newest masterpiece brought to you by Japan’s eccentric game developer Yoko Taro. This, as well has Horizon Zero dawn are my 2 picks for game of the year. What I expected was something very similar to the old Drakenguard formula from long ago. I did not know who Yoko Taro was in these days, But I did note that the atmosphere, characters, and overall theme of his games was very grim dark. I played Drakenguard in the childhood home where I had grown up, distinctly remembered hanging over the chewed up brass of the beds end guard, and cursing at the screen for a final true ending boss fight I could not beat. This boss fight– had I beat it, would have clued me in to the bleak world that is Nier in a nutshell. It would be hard to talk about this game without spoiling it, so I wont talk about the plot. I will say, You should immediately go out and support this masterful piece of storytelling if you have a ps4. Don’t waste it on some bullshit like Fifa, or Cod. What I can tell you, Is its a game about sentient machines, about androids, robots, pods.. and what it means to feel, be alive.. be human. A proxy war for humanity leads to a revelation for 3 characters over 3 1/2 chapters of game play. Combat runs at a smooth 60pfs, in a dynamically changing environment.┬áKeep beating the game, and you’l find each play through results in a new perspective of the game with a different play style to master. Combine this with one of the best sound tracks, and you have a recipe for the game that saved platinum games from financial disaster.

Beware, this game is not a happy one. You might also need to do some back story research on characters from the ps3 game “Neir” to truly understand most of the pieces of information you find laying about. Also, avoid purchasing the version for PC, as it has not had its bugs patched for several months, and may be prone to crashes.

^ Cool weapons^ Giant oil rig mechs.. more likely then you think!

A++ game.


Id also like to recommend an audio book to listen to if you real life behind the scene stories about how the gaming industry works. “Blood, Sweat, and Pixels” By Jason Schrier. In this book are many interviews from the likes of naughty dog, obsidian entertainment, bioware. in it youl learn about some of the biggest debacles that happened over the last 2-3 years and just how hard it really is to get a game to market. Very interesting listen.


Next week is the 2017 Reno Grand National air races. Ill be attending with Cerebralerror and Theunknownjester. If any of you are going, let me know and we can meet up.

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