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Thanks to everyone who gave me a happy birthday shout out, If I haven’t gotten back to you I will try to (mostly DA peeps) . Also special thanks to Nangke for coming over and Chilin with me to cook dinner and show me episodes of Stephen Universe witch I am now starting to see the general appeal of.

Tried my best to have a decent bday, but this week was wrought with its own problems, some family, and some financial. I’d like to thank vermifuge for getting me a shitload of David’s tea “Honey bee” mate blend. Its been great! And also to the anonymous person who sent me a poster of the F-117 Nighthawk who will look positively sexy on my wall as soon as I can procure some push pins. Also thanks to all of you who continue to support me through patreon witch has been an enormous help being that I am currently without food stamps (and therefore food money half the month).

I had a week off for school break 3 weeks back, But I was so busy playing catch-up on my clinical days that it never really felt like I got any rest. Armored warfare finally stopped wiping and so I have invested a chunk of time to persuing a few of the tank trees as they appeal to me. If you were one of the people who bought a founder’s pack too, you especially benefited because obsidian reset the premium time counters on everyone who got premium due to the numerous downtime’s that have occurred.  For all those interested, I now have 40 vehicles. and have elected to go down the Leopard, and Challenger MBT lines. I have leopard2AV, the Centauro B1, the Challenger 1, and the stingray. Still no word on when my lovely stealth husbando tank will be added in, but they made him a tier 10… witch means I need to start banking cash and exp when they introduce the 3rd dealer for Asian, and minor European tank lines.

as of now, I have a tier 8 Ariete tank. If Obsidian stays true to what already is atm, I should have my stealth Husbando when they do a next major content update. One thing to note, unlike WOT or WT they are doing the Token system witch allows you to progress in whatever tree’s elite tier 9-10 that you wish regardless of the tree you went down. For me, this is fucking fantastic considering all the time I wasted on WT’s American bombers only to find out their jet bombers were useless in arcade. (I’m a little salty over the time I wasted in WT constantly grinding up the new shit they’d add into the game when they put it in the way of the machine I actually wanted with no recourse. Also, taking the daily’s away in favor of this slot machine style 10% more money and exp or golden battle wagers thing sucked ass.)

I actually never gave it any thought that the Italians would have MBT’s ^ hm..


I am going to declare that with the exception of whatever people ask me to do next for patreon, November is going to be a porn free month because I GOT to get at least 4 new comic pages out the door for my own sanity.  So unless people have an amazing offer I cant refuse, I wont be doing commissions for November. And speaking of that, happy Halloween everyone!


I picked up Undertale for 10$ because it is a cheap, short, simple j-rpg style game with a story that the internet is blowing up over. plus it has a sentient airplane monster in it. I probably wont have time to play this game until the end of December however, so I will get back to you all on my opinions of it later.

maxresdefaulttomaassHearts of stone:  Recently finished expansion 1 for the Witcher 3 over the short break. Let it be known that I normally don’t purchase expansions as I am of the opinion that this content should have been provided for people during the original game and that many companies use “DLC’s” as a way to bilk extra cash out of obsessed gamers (Granted some expansions are surprisingly worth it, case in point TES: Oblivion/ Shivering isles). But witcher 3 really raised the bar in terms of recent  western RPGs that I gave it a try. for a 24$ season pass this expansion net me 10 extra hours of gameplay and the story was beautifully crafted. You get to revisit the man of glass Guanter O’Dimm from the beginning of the main quest, and find out that the conjunction of spheres brought kinds of evil that not even Geralt could handle with sword alone. I fucking whole heartedly recommend this expansion, especially since it up the player character level to about 40 and you get a cool new slew of witcher gear to boot.


I’m gonna need a case of this:  4 to drink, 2 to hold onto as a decoration.

Also: I have learned that there is a group that sexualizes space craft. Guess its not just Me and you Delta is it?)


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  1. furrtek says:

    Ok Mega Drive is awesome. In minor, serious, cold and straight-thought. I’ve got “I Am The Program” on loop…
    Thanks for the discovery.

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