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I was in a terrible funk last week over what happened with me and my boss and decided to visit /m/ out of boredom. Occasionally, I do encounter some gems but rarely do I ever come across a piece of sheer polished platinum such as this: Rockman Megamix/Gigamix by Hitoshi Ariga.

I want you robot fans to take a good look at the cover of this manga, especially if you are a classic Megaman fan because THIS here, this is the Creme of the crop, THIS is the Pise’ la resitance. When I saw someone post page samples to this manga I thought to myself  “Great this is going to be another Bass/Proto man jerk expose”. Instead I did a little research and found the first part of this series through The manga fox website: Megamix and dove into it with a “try before I buy” attitude. What I found was something so true to the core of the original game story I couldn’t help but be taken back and wonder why something like this wasn’t available 10-15 years ago when I was huge into the fandom. The manga fills in the atmosphere of the futureistic world and focuses primarily on the robots with their individual personalities. Weather fighting on the side of Good or evil the robots relationships with their human creators and with themselves is what I had hoped the lack-luster  American cartoon could have captured but failed miserably. Huge honorable mention goes out to the sheer development between the 3 robot scientists Wily, Dr.Light and Dr. Cossack who frequently appear quite a lot and have their own complex back story touched upon in the volumes. According to Udon Entertainment’s website, “this was agreed upon to be the best of all the mega man mangas ” And being so grateful to have discovered this artist I’ll say, Hell yes it is. with A clever mix of grim-dark and a sprinkling of comedy goodness,  I hope that you’l check out the website with the picture samples and decide to pick up the hard copies from or so: GIGAMIX Samples

This comic is still an awesome read even if you never experienced the classic megaman games, if your a sentient robot fan, YOU WILL enjoy this. Bare warning, the final volume of Gigamix wont be out for another 30 days so be patient and pre order a copy from

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