Its been 2.1 months since Ive had stable work and I had to take a double dose of fluxo today just to leave the house. Everyday has been a chore just to leave the bed and leave my room. And Since September 30th nothing has gone right, My unemployment fell through, cant qualify for snap, and my older former employer keeps telling me “we’ll call you.”

My friends and family keep trying to call me, But I just cant face them. I’m sorry people, I know you are just trying to see how I am doing, But its very hard to be optimistic right now.

As for the artwork, its true that Ive fallen behind. Im on my last pic for Andey but it has been difficult to draw mecha H when feeling prosperous and sexual is the very last thing happening to you. I guess I’ll probably go hide out at Peet’s coffee and attempt to finish it today, after that I don’t know what I’m going to do.



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8 Responses to “ughn”
  1. Negro Phoenix says:

    Wow, I never knew you were on Fluxo Ratty. Can’t blame you, as so am I. And remember, we care, you don’t have to put on a brave face for us.

  2. Andey says:

    Sorry to hear that. I am in a similar boat. My unemployment runs out soon. I am hoping I qualify for an extension, but if not I have to find whatever I can.

    Take your time on the pic. And I hope things turn around for you.

  3. Pilot says:

    Oh my goodness… so sorry to hear, Ratty. My mom is going through a similar situation, so I can only imagine how it feels. I wish I had more money to commission you with… so I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for you. And like Phoenix says, no need to put on a brave face for us; even though there’s only so much we can do, we’ve got your back nonetheless. Feeling alone is the shittiest part of times like these, so just remember that you’ve got us to rant and talk to!

    Feel better and I hope things get better for you. <3

  4. Andey says:

    Have you disputed the claim denial? You’ll have to appear before a judge. That’s what I did, because I had quit my job, due to the new owners treating me rather badly. I was denied at first but I sent in an appeal letter. I ended up getting unemployment compensation. Try it. It may work for you. Good luck.

  5. Jane-sama says:

    My goodness, life is really shitting on people and at christmas. Damn!
    I’m sorry to hear her troubles, unemployment is never easy and I feel where you’re coming from. I know it maybe hard but seeing the brighter side of a dark moment can often help. Don’t feel ashamed to see or speak to your family, losing your job isn’t your fault (unless you did something but from when we spoke last I highly doubt it, you’re a really nice and friendly person :D) I’m sure your family would even try to help if you needed it.

    Keep truckin’ Ratty, need any help you can ask me.

  6. SigletSig says:

    Raaaat~! At least you’re still somewhat alive – and the fact you left the house means you got a little bit of exercise C: Although that’s just from my perspective that any day having left the house is generally a good day. But nonetheless, it’ll get better for you – and since I’ll be earning a bit of dough soon I can hopefully chip in for ya a bit! Sacrificing disposable income is well worth helping a pal in need methinks :3
    But seriously, do try to keep your chin up D: Depression compounded with crappy circumstances does take its toll quite heavily. Drop me a line anytime bro~

  7. SigletSig says:

    Also, something for you to laugh at Japan about since I’m here!
    They’re so scared of men’s eyes, Heroman’s eyes to be specific :O

  8. deezmo says:

    Really hope things are looking up for you now :C
    Wish I could do something to help, being in situations like these are such a pain to deal with.
    Much love for you! <3

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