While I was on vacation GurafikDZN sent me a peice of art she did for my birthday. I have no idea why I didnt receive it back in october, But I promised to show it here, so here ya go Gina Thanks!

This couple was on my list to rule 34 up before I got into Tf’s( you beat me to it), so heres Moribito jinki x Aoba from Jinki Extend.

Music for Titaneers: RodsnCones

Also: Finnaly finished Scribblenauts so i’m gunna start playing SRW endless frontire (found a used copy).

Unfortunatly, I was in Vegas all week so I had to scratch the bottom to get something to put up:

Also: This is why fantasy and reality rarely ever mixes:

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One Response to “Back.”
  1. VRmech says:

    oh lawd, Optimus. I seen that ep of Family Guy.
    mmmmm, Moribito, sexy!
    I bet Vegas was a blast

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