Beautiful machines

So Ive decided that for the month of June, I just wont be able to make any new artwork other then the art cards owed after the 25th. This means that patreon will not be updated (or rather I might make a sketch of prince tomcat’s babies but nothing finished). I need to buckle up and study my ass off for the board exams on the 22nd. Graduation is coming at me full speed just like this bull cock: 31T17KMIn the meantime, please enjoy this gallery of beauties.


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3 Responses to “Beautiful machines”
  1. GabsTheGabs says:

    The last painel XDDDD, i love it!

  2. NightHunterTauren says:

    Those hellcats hehe. Priceless

  3. Derek says:

    Could u finish the tomcat babys and mabey a story plz 🙂

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