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Obviously this is a big week for western robot fans with the wide US release of transformers 2 and maybe this is why my dreams have been full of sex and chaos. Bettween haveing a nightmare that I infested the roomates home with a swarm of maggots and ladybugs, Ive had quite alot of robot related sex dreams too. Its been about “older” mecha, but since mecha dont age then it would be something more akin to the age of “personality” and the condition of the flesh battle dammaged through millenium. While I’m not a fan of transformers, Im intreaged about this supposed “older machine” Jetfire in the TF2 movie. I have not seen the movie nor Jetfire yet however, So more then likely the actual charecter will not live up to my fantasys. To put it simply, Ive been wanting to get fucked by “sexy-older men” robots, or as japs say: bisenin. Ive even fantasized about pairing Maki up with a tall african-esque women he could go to town on (its so fucking hot this idea..). And I had a strange dream about a retro mecha topping a girl who was quite receptive to the idea of pleasureing the old bot. I dont expect that any one under 25 would understand this kind of preffrence for older ‘seasoned’ individuals, But I think mundane stuff like weight, age, race, build can be really sexy when portrayed correct. For all the deliscious wanking I’ve been blessed with, I think I owe it to the fans to put more fat people, more black women, and older males in my pictures. Infact this week I tried my hand at doing some Seigarlion Hentai, But I had to scrap the first draft to come up with a better more interesting pose. I think Ill make the Girl dominant this time, or maybe Ill make her overweight, Or maybe polynesian.. who knows, anything but the status quo.

Again, I have this idea of the quintessential older sexy mecha dude in my head. Think of Jack Nickelson in the movie ‘wolf” but hes a mech instead.. and hes hungry for your soft pink inner thigh…so..very..hungry.

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  1. I have already gone and seen it twice, it is pretty good I think, though there are somethings they could have done different, what is Seigarlion Hentai? When I was looking up some things I came arcoss that they are going to do a third one in 2012. I know other people like him to but my favorite is Optimus Prime, drool. But them he was the one I like to play with(grade school) when my brothers had the toys(old versions).

  2. Ratbat says:

    I ended up seeing the movie recently, But IMO the only good thing about the movie was Jetfire infact. But no disrespect to you. the next post up has a pic of seiger.

  3. Jetfire was cool, I figure to it is about all we are going to get, with the transformer movie.

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