Some of you guys are probibly wondering what the fuck happend to my page rate over at the other site and when I’m gunna post my next robot pic. Well, 3 things happend this week, I pulled alot of overtime for my sick boss, I cracked open Shin megami Tensei: Strange Journey and CANNOT PUT THIS FUCKING GAME DOWN, and lastlt, The constant commisions have burned me out alittle on robot porn. I’m nearly finished with something that I will infact post here tomorro, but untill that time I’m currently slaveing away toneing the last panel of a comic page that should have been done wensday (sigh).  Also, I know the whole anime world is currently blowing up about “Heroman” currently and I will watch it tomorro and give you guys my honest opinion so as to not seem like a totaly jaded anime fogey.

* note: Had a dream I was seduced by Weltall and fucked in a strange occupied tower with a colossal train station. Though I couldnt have been older then 16 at the time, it was jawsome.

Here’s your mecha ya animals!

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3 Responses to “Destracted*”
  1. Aesti says:

    I watched both episodes of Heroman so far. Don’t expect too much. It’s not bad but it’s a bit slow to start. I’m gonna give it a few more episodes before I really judge it.

    I think were going nuts over it cause there hasn’t been a good mecha show in a while. Maybe longer if you didn’t like Gurren Lagann and Gundam.

  2. Aesti says:

    On another note I can’t refresh this page without zeroing in on cat balls. DAMMIT

  3. Strayabot says:

    Got a friend who checked out Heroman and said it was alright. Rather curious to see what you think of it.

    And damned burnout. It happens, though… 🙁

    Also, holy shit that one image of all the Autobots in a row!

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