**Fire Drill**

Ok people, I need your help again. I’m ready for anouther round of commisions if you guys got the cash, This Time around I will not be useing UPS shipping and will ship with my own tubes from my own home with usps.  I really need the financial help and I’ll be willing to do just about anything clean, cool, or dirty. Give me a message and Ill shoot you an e-mail quote.


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12 Responses to “**Fire Drill**”
  1. Dragmon says:

    Hi there, I wrote you on FA. How much does your commissions cost?
    Also, who’s the second robot on the lower line?

  2. Arcee says:

    Would love to have some price quotes. Can’t guarantee I’ll commish anything but maybe I’ll be able to.

  3. Ratbat says:

    Dragmon: Sending you an e-mail. also that robot you asked about is from a Zeromyr doujinshi or side story manga, not really sure about it beyond that.

    Arcee: Check your e-mail ;*

  4. Foxstar says:

    Shoot me a e-mail at xxxx. FA’s note system is slooowww.

  5. deezmo says:

    I am so there!
    Been waiting to see if you would take commissions again! 😀

  6. antepathy says:

    Pfff like I’d turn down a commission from you? *MADNESS*.

    Can I hit you up on gmail?

  7. WorstKarma says:

    I’ve sent a message to your yahoo mail. Let me know if it is acceptable to you 🙂

  8. Steshette says:

    Hehe, was going to hurry up w/ my taxes to see if I can squeeze some $$ for this, but looks like you’re all booked =] (which is ok b/c I’m still struggling w/ what composition I want)

  9. Ratbat says:

    Im not really all that booked. (just 2 people so far) But I feel ya, I’m waiting for my tax return too pptpp


  10. Goku122 says:

    I would love to commission you but I too am in some tight financial times, so hopefully for comic and this blog can get you enough. Best wishes Ratbat.

  11. RoboCandi says:

    I’m very quite interested though I’d like to know your prices. Send me a email with the prices. ^^

    robocandi@gmail.com or jil_lc@yahoo.com

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