Ramiel kicked ass.

The abouve immage is a screen cap from  the first part of “The rebuild of Evangelion”. whitch is a condenced OVA of the origional 90’s hit anime “Neon Genesis Evangelion”. My desire to see this project had risen and fallen in waves particularly because I was such a fanback then that I put alot of mental energy into keeping with the show. Recently though, I’m glad I got the chance to catch it on the roomates Big screen, If anything for the abouve fight: Ramiel. This prismatic angel was waay more threatening and awsome in this incarnation and Its worth it just to take 20 minutes out of your life to buy, rent ect to see it asap. Be warned however, The main charecter Shinji Ikari suffers way harder then anything the regular series dolled out enitially and if your not a fan of bleak bleak displays this may not be for you.


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3 Responses to “Ramiel kicked ass.”
  1. Aura says:

    The rebuild of evangelion was great! It’s nice to see someone else who enjoyed it as most of my friends hate mecha.

    Thanks for the compilation of pictures too. It makes sitting in a hospital bed after surgery a lot better. Reading your blog in general makes me feel better.

  2. Ratbat says:

    Aura: Whats wrong? what kind of operation?

  3. Aura says:

    I had 4 wisdom teeth out and surgery to realign my jaw as well as remove bone from the front so I was in for 2 days. Still can’t really talk as my face has swelled up and bruised but I’m getting better. It really brightened my day to see you had posted some more things. Thanks for your concern!

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