Vacation Comeing soon + Observations.

After this week, Their may not be anymore porn for a while. Boss is haveing me fill in for his time slot while hes off in south america getting married. YOU try drawing robo sex with half a dozen contractors and a building engineer over your shoulder. ;;sigh;;  Maybe I’ll catch up on my comic..

Other things: It seems a website called “Rule 34” has discoverd my recent tirade of art. While I’m flatterd, It basicly means I cant post anymore in progress sketches up on here for fear some real crap gets posted beyond my reatch caughdanboorucaugh::  It sort of reminds me about a thread on 4chan recently where “ratbat” was mentioned in a robot romance thread. I’m flatterd, but man.. I trully REGRET jumping the gun and posting some of the shit I did back when M-chan was still around… those pictures have blatent anatomy mistakes.

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