A10 and ritch girl… also durian fruit.

I dont watch the superbowl, but I thought this sunday could use some sort of special experiment. So I went to the local 99 ranch(asia mart), and baught a Durian fruit. This will either be win, or SUPER FAIL being that the delicacy smells like a rotted corpse when totaly defrosted. Durian

This pic is less porny and more a studdy of the looks of a woman being grabbed by robot claws.

In anycase. A10 warthog beyformer hybrid sketch for skunkman.

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3 Responses to “A10 and ritch girl… also durian fruit.”
  1. Pilot says:

    Oh man, good luck with that fruit. D:

    And yay Powerglide/Astoria! They are the best terribad couple ever.

  2. EvilChaos says:

    Hi. new tot his whole thing heh, I just wanted to say really great detail on the hands and arms.

  3. Ratbat says:

    hey thanks chaos! welcome to titan. 😉

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