I gave this one away for free because the guy who noted me on FA really “sold it to me” the story of these 2 ruskie machines. So I drew “Aeromorph” porn for the first time. The guy gave me the choice weather or not I could have a human red-head fucking a bomber, or a mig woman fucking a bomber, and i decided that an aeromorph woman would be the best compromise. I think she turned out well..


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5 Responses to “Aeromorph”
  1. Gingyflame says:

    For the past like two or three months Leverette here has been on my mind, she’s really fucking hot! It was this picture all those years ago that got me here, these two characters. In fact I think I made a Rule 34 profile just to comment on the second picture I saw it coming. IDK if you did it but there’s a colored version of this on there. I think the colored version was really well done, and this one is just perfect. Damn I’m almost obsessed with her, lucky, lucky bomber.

  2. Safety_Doggo says:

    Wait, I just realized in my depression that we never had any Female Aeromorph and male human sex here.

  3. Gingyflame says:

    Well, technically we did. There’s an aftersex picture of Dima and her BF on s pool floaty.

  4. Safety_Doggo says:

    I meant a “Proper” sex scene, but that is also good.

    And also, how is your deployment Ginge? Hope you are okay!

  5. Ratbat says:

    @doggo: it hasn’t happened yet because the story hasn’t advanced far enough along to have grown Demi machines yet.

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