choo choo~

This Is an experimental pic to see if diesel train porn could be sexy.

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  1. Zara says:

    Ratbat you know that I’m not a fan of any of the porn pictures, I just like your art style and the concept of the living machines since I’ve been an Jet and Car guy my entire youth. Loved planes when I was a kid, then loved cars once I turned teen and started driving lol.

    Not really sure about the Train, never really been a huge fan of Trains outside of the old west coal steamers. But it is a very unique idea and something you haven’t tried before so go for it!

  2. Gary NIu says:


  3. Zara says:

    Good boy… I think not that Focus is a naughty boy me be thinking 😉 Kick my Altima right in the exhaust pipes then laugh about it he he he.

  4. Wave says:

    Train’s looking on nice Ratbat

  5. clog says:

    holy shit I get off one second and you start drawing trains!

  6. dragenge says:

    Nice, really cool style! Did you think about drawing some ICE or TGV trains

  7. Ratbat says:

    @drag: Forgot if I answered this. I actually know the Least about trains and must defer to my Aussie/kiwi fans (wiki too) feel free to recommend some hot sexy trains x)

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