New study: Corrupted humans

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Blackbaby^ Super sonic baby. Hard to catch, but when you do- very wiggley. Hard to see in the dark- but you can hear the giggles.

I wanted to continue working on the eldritch scientific study sheets for Atoll Lab and the most logical next step would be to explain exactly what happens to humans once they’ve banged Dire machines enough times. To do so I must do a little illustration of the leg bone of this human guy (whom btw, is talking to his wife over a holocall). The main take away of this page, is that nanomachines have doppelganger variants that copy human blast cells, and suppress the human immune system long enough for the colony to fully integrate into the organism. When the number of machine cells exceed the number of human cells in a limb, that limb turns grey and fades up the body part toward the trunk where it stops. The main explainable factor in all this is just how an alien machine cell can copy the DNA in the cell nucleus down to be able to mimic it as well as it does. If it successfully mimics the Dna in a stem cell, it can kill the original cell and assume its place making machine copy’s of itself and thus changing the physiology of the creature.

Also, this picture is a shout out to Krill who was a donator to the site as well as a nice guy. He may not even visit anymore, but I do know that the Type 45 destroyer was his fav British boat. Krill this one’s for you.

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12 Responses to “New study: Corrupted humans”
  1. Iron says:

    Ooo, I wanna see where this goes. I’m interested to see just how extreme the effects of nanite corruption in humans can go.

  2. GabsTheGabs says:

    this information is very interesting. :3

  3. apathbeyond1 says:

    I was always really interested in this stuff and didn’t understand how to explain it to a couple of my friends who I talk with about this stuff. Glad to finally know how it works.

  4. Gear Head says:

    OH MY GOD the black bird baby is so adorable. I would like to see it as an adult as well.

  5. Norean says:

    This is one thing I have wondered seeing as the nanites suppress the immune system. Would that not cause illness and even potential death four the one undergoing the change?

  6. WingedTank says:

    The level of detail is already amazing and the information is fascinating. I think your shading has improved, too. I’d pay good money to see all of this as an anime.

  7. Ratbat says:

    Id pay good money too..

  8. Ratbat says:

    Their is lots of ways this can go. If a person is already so immuno compromised that they are laid up in a hospital isolation room– they probability aren’t having sex with anyone. A compromised immune system does not necessarily mean you will get sick, it just means that for the brief moment it takes for the machines cells to get their foothold, you are compromised. if you are in the process of being corrupted, you are under the protection of attacker cells within the colony that root out viral/bacterial infections. the inflammatory response is taken care of by assimilators. That said, there is always the potential for something to go wrong, its just not likely.

  9. Oedipism says:

    I absolutely love these hybrid designs, they’re dang well thought out! I’d absolutely love to see more of ’em in the future, keep up the awesome work man :’D

  10. Ratbat says:

    workin’ on it! def. <3

  11. Abyssal says:

    Ok, so I just found your stuff 2 days ago and I love it so much!
    I like your hentia and everything, but your studies! So cool!

    Its soo neat to see you explain your own narrative and world like this. So interesting and beautiful.

    It really is beautiful. I saw your later comic with the sea plane child asking her human father if she was a robot etc.
    In that comic you even adress social issues. You really go all out to explain and show what a world would be like with these amazing dire machines.

    I love all of your stuff, it has a lot of precious moments and beautiful aspects to it.

    Keep up the good work dood, never quit!

  12. Ratbat says:

    Abyssal:I wont lie, much of it is a way to explain the mechaphillia in an entertaining way, but I like trans-humanism stories as well. Machines living in our society with all the problems and whimsy that goes with that. Perhaps i am nuts.

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