HaM Ch 37

Hey guys! So I saw that it looked like chapter 36 was the end; it’s not, no where close. That compilation was just so breathtaking for me that I had to say something. Anyway, here’s chapter 37!
Ch 37
Shortly after the battalion regrouped just shy of Bastogne the assault group that had been on day shift was retired for the night, it included Hansel’s team, E and Allison, Canine’s mediums, and the tank hunter team. To keep her a secret Eryka only preyed at night, and they were very effective. The regular tanks were kept outside while the experimentals were hid away in heavy tents or stable buildings if possible, tonight E and Allison were kept in separate warehouses for liability reasons, E was kept furthest from the camp because of her significant armor. Earlier in the day they reflected back on her first kill: a Hellcat, the Hellcat from the prior day. The one that shot Faust. It angered E so much, they saw it waiting there, sitting in an ambush, they watched Faust move into the trap. E wanted to charge down the hill, crash through the building and slam or shoot the Hellcat. Irish said no, it’s too dangerous; they didn’t know what was hidden behind the buildings. Irish only let her shoot through the building in rage of his mistake, a mistake that hurt his friends, a mistake that haunted him. He knew afterwords she was right but he stuck to his guns in spite of E. He had to show he was in command of her, not the other way around. Their argument spiked as they entered the warehouse alone, the only thing that was keeping E from tearing Irish to pieces was her own will. Irish could do nothing to harm E but E could kill Irish in a thousand ways, plus nine.
“You know damn well we couldn’t stop it! There was no way we could save them!” Irish yelled at her as he jumped off her glacis plate in front of her.
“Yes there was! We could of shot that Hellcat before it hit Faust! You were just being a fucking coward! I could have easily charged down and shot him or take the hit and not Faust!” She was eyeing him intensely in the low light of the warehouse. Her gaze shot right through Irish and she bared her teeth, like she’d tear him to bits. Her limit was spilling over, she couldn’t take much more.
“They still would have shot Faust for a tank knocked out and you’re a shit shot on the move and you know it! We would have screwed Hansel over, he’d run for Anton and get gunned down. We could do nothing but what we did!” She was steaming, she was at the edge.
“FUCK YOU!” He spun around on his heels.
“When, where and how hard!?” She snapped. Irish’s face went from determination to fear as her manipulators lashed out and knocked his ass to the ground before she started pulling him by the hips toward her. “E calm down! Calm down it’s not your fault! It’s not your fault!”
“Right here!” She exclaimed as he passed under her jutting hull. “Right now!” He looked down and saw she was messing with his outer layer of winter clothes. “And VERY hard!”
“E it’s just a comeback I didn’t mean it! Don’t do this! You can stop! I’m fine with it! Stop!” As much as he wanted to fuck her hard, he didn’t want her to regret her decision later. She had his coat and boots off and was tearing through his shirt buttons like they were nothing, she quickly got his belt open and his pants down. Before he knew it she had him nude and was stroking his hard erect member. He watched in worry and want as she removed her stroking hand to get some of her slick precum from her slit and lube him down with its warm touch. “E think about this first!”
She moved him under her slit, he eyed it wanting to lick and eat every inch of her pussy. “I’ve thought enough! Now we act!”
She dropped her suspension down with a bang and pulled him to pierce her lusting pussy. The two let out a loud and long moan of victory and relaxation. She was incredibly tight to where she bent his cock out of shape but natural desire had Irish flex it straight and proud. He felt her juices squeeze around his cock toward him and felt her powerful engine’s life flowing through their bodies, her temperature was absolute heaven to the bitter winter chill that permeates around them but with E’s warm belly pressed against him he wasn’t aware of the cold. He felt her heavy breathing circulate around her core’s structure, he closed his eyes and saw her beautiful face closing her eyes and pulling her lips taught as he felt her stern end raise gently. Her pussy felt coiled around him with it’s slow churning plush and welcoming texture enveloping his hard cock in a embrace only love could enforce, her hot juices eked slowly out of her and ventured upon his belly, chest, and legs along with her manipulators to explore his body that was hers now.
She closed her eyes as he melted into her arms and moaned in a successful melody as she held his cock inside her, never had she ever felt like this. His hard, filling, amazing cock was better than any self-fucking techniques and felt amazing. She could feel his smooth skin rubbing her pussy right, his blood coursing through his thick veins, his head spreading out wider than his thick shaft tickling her walls, it all felt overwhelming. Irish made her all warm inside literally, she felt relaxed, warm, pleased, and especially loved holding Irish to her belly with his warmth soothing and comforting her into nirvana. She wanted to get fucked hard so badly, to ride him through the night but he wasn’t doing anything, they were just sitting there soaking it all in. Irish felt her tense up her torsion bars to bounce on him but he wanted her to sit back and relax so he cautiously pulled out to her moans and whining and smiled as he was about to fuck her good.
“Are you ready, E?”
“Fuck the SHIT outta my cunt, Irish!” With that he thrusted himself in all the way going deeper than initially and wondering why she locked him that deep, so deep her clit ball was pressed against his crotch. “Let’s do this slow at first, please Iree.”
“Whatever your heart desires, sweetie.”
“One last thing, for the hell of it.” She slowly forced her cervix down on Irish, holding him ridged with a forced tight hold on his cock. The cervix crept down on him, as he slowly penetrated her cervix, she moaned and whined with her engine gradually raising its output. Her breaths increased dramatically as it finally warped around his cock head and their sensations were unbelievable in affect, they could feel each other’s body like they were one. Irish could feel her spark circulating her body currents, her huge power ready to be unleashed, her confidence, her huge gun, strong wheels, almighty engine, faintest touch in her sensors, her sheer enjoyment of him, and he could feel her love for him. She could feel his nimble frame, his awareness, his willingness, his passion, his life in his veins, his love for her, the two knew this was right as her cervix finally slipped onto his whole member.
He inched his way out filling the warehouse with a low moan of theirs. He closed his eyes and inched in again, taking time to feel all that she had to offer and for her to do the same of him. He continued this slow love making to his lover’s wish.
“Faster, Irish. Please go faster.” She said softly to him, basking in the feelings she felt.
“Right on cue.” He said with a smile noticing this is when she’d go faster by her lonesome. He did pick up a quicker beat and knew he was doing her right with her heightened whining and engine revs. Her fluids gained flow and she let more out onto his flexing body as it penetrated her with power behind it only waiting for her cue.
“More! More! Give it to me Irish! Don’t hold back I know you got more!” She commanded as a bigger grin formed on his face, she was predictable. He let it out, pounding her hard and fast reserving no energy and enjoying her eccentric yelps of joy. He closed his eyes and saw her again with her eyes closed tight and her teeth bared and the occasional tongue falling out as she panted to keep her engine cool.
“RRRRRRUUUUHHHH FUCK YES! FUCK MY PUSSY! FUCK IT, FUCK IT JUST LIKE THAT BABY! OH FUCK YES IRISH! OH FUCK YES! OH-HO-HO-HOOOO! GOD THIS IS GREAT!” Irish had never heard her like this, he must have been doing something right. He didn’t know that, he was just trying to keep it going, keep giving her the best feelings she’s ever had. He had his eyes clamped shut, and he saw her the same way, with her mouth agape and filling the room with her warming breath and sounds of ecstasy. He never felt so good, his cock felt so pressurized and held, he pulled and pushed his way around her cervix, each thrust in she’d easy up and become plush, when he’d leave she’d grip him tight. Her fluids leaked onto his crotch and rolled all around his lower body and her arms tightly held him against her body, save for his hips. E started humping back, really sending some feelings back at Irish. He felt her, her enjoyment shot through his body, relaxing his body like an intense massage mixed with dopamine, sheer pleasure soothed everything and numbed all that wasn’t caused by their sex. He moaned loud and long as her cervix pulsed more and more, growing tighter and tighter every time it pulsed. His climax was on its way but he didn’t want it to come, that would mean that it was over, and he didn’t want this moment to end ever. They felt overwhelmed in pleasure, nothing amounted to what they felt and before they knew it they had reached their climaxes. E reached hers first because of her heightened senses and her orgasm wiped her mind of any worries while her pussy locked Irish inside. Just as he reached his orgasm. They came with each other, nirvana blanketed their minds and neither cared what was going on as they felt a massive surge rock their bodies and leave them trembling in a seemingly endless flow of dopamine. As their loud moans calmed down and they returned to reality E held Irish against her belly, she felt his sperm deep in her cervix, creeping it’s way deeper and deeper inside her to tingle her senses in all the right ways, relaxing her body and warming her deepest and most sensitive feelings. Irish was not the same. He was terrified, he had just came inside a very sexually active female tank, into her cervix, they were royally fucked in the worst ways. He quivered in fear, he felt E’s loving arms relaxed and tenderizing, unknowing of what happened.
“E..! D-Do you kn-know where b-babies come f-f-from?”
“Of course I know where. I was taught.” She said this so calm, no excitement or show of regret, just, said it like she’s say anything else. “You comfortable down there?” Indeed he was, never better in fact.
“Irish, I know.” Irish was going to continue on but she cut him off again. “I won’t be pregnant, we could try forever but I’ll never be pregnant. Another tank couldn’t do it, either. No amount of sperm, no matter the depth, no matter anything, I will never have a kid.” She sounded depressed, she held Irish tighter like he was a remnant from her childhood.
“How, E? Why?”
“I don’t have any eggs. They were supposed to put them in but they didn’t. I first opened my eyes and saw them, a little thing that looked like a sack of eggs. They were sitting on a table, the engineers explained it to me. They said that everything was there but the thing that gave me children. I haven’t told anyone this before. They said that there probably won’t be a replacement anytime soon, that after the war they would need to sample my specific composition to make me something that would fit me. But-”
“There won’t be anything after the war.” She teared up, Irish by then was soft in the nether regions so he exited and tried to get some clothes on. Their fun had gotten E’s engine to warm up the room so Irish really didn’t need clothes. He was released by her only for him to crawl out before she picked him up again and held him to the side of her turret. He comforted her as tears streamed down her face.
“That’s why I was so angry, Faust could have kids, she could further my kind, but I am useless. I’m the most expendable one.”
“Come on, you’re not useless! Think of Cindy, Marion hasn’t given birth yet she has a kid, she has Cindy.”
“That’s because Cindy’s parents died when if they sent someone like me then they would still be with Cindy.”
“But then Marion wouldn’t have anyone but Hansel to care so much for.”
“Her crew, they’re a family.”
“They are, but Cindy holds a special place in their hearts. E, we can still have a kid, it may not be our own blood but we can have a kid. You aren’t useless, you are a great motivation, an excellent fighter, a very sexually active and exciting woman, and now you’ve shown me that you do care. E, you are everything to me. Isn’t that important enough to save you? I think you as the most special one out there, one of the most useful vehicles. I do. Do you?” She sniffles and wiped some tears from her eyes.
“That sexually active thing you said.”
“I’m not actually that active, I’m maybe active maybe an eighth of the time. It’s just me overcompensating.”
“Then you are a good actor, add that to the list of things.” She giggled.
“Maybe I will.” She let Irish prepare for bed. As he was opening his cot she took it and snapped one of it’s joints so that it was useless.
“Why’d you do that for!?”
“An excuse for us to sleep together.” She grabbed his sleeping gear and laid it out right below her gun, she raised it to the roof for him to fit as close as possible to her turret. “Oh and another thing,” she grabbed his head and kissed him on the lips, he went with it. He thought how ironic it was they kissed after they had sex. Unprotected sex at that. “We should have done that first but, whatever.” He chuckled.
“I thought the exact same thing.” He crawled into his sleeping bag and dozed off in minutes while E was asleep in seconds. He watched her sleep soundly with a big grin on her face as he, too, drifted to sleep. Their alarm sounded promptly the next morning, they greeted each other with a morning kiss and E tapping on his morning wood’s head.
“Is it always like that?”
“Yeah. Nothing abnormal about it. Yes, it can be used if you’d like.”
“Oh, really?” She flicked it down and it sprung back into place. “Too bad we didn’t think of that when we set the alarm.”
“Oh well.” He started to dress himself, he noticed last night how E was instantly more affectionate towards him than ever before. Someone else was bound to catch on, too. “Hey, E, who do you think will notice us first?”
“What do you mean?”
“You’re more affectionate to me, someone else is sure to learn. Who do you think will notice first?” She thought on it.
“Hmmm, I think.., Allison. Allison will notice first. She’s got a keen eye for those things.”
“Nah, I think it’ll be Marion.”
“She figured out Mini-Rommel before anyone else.”
“Maybe.” She wrapped her arms around his waist as he tied his ankle boots. “What ever happened to Dora, and that Ferdi and his wife?” Irish stopped. He only saw them for those few hours.
“I don’t know. I do know that Ferdinands have problems frequently so maybe he’s way back being repaired, either him or his wife. Maybe Dora, too.” There was a knock at the door. E jumped. Irish held back a laugh as he checked the door. He brought his head back in and said “Speaking of them devils.”
Fin Ch 37
To be honest I completely forgot about those three at the end, Dora, Ferdi, and Porscha. My bad.

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