Hannah And Nikolai

This is not Hansel and Marion’s daughter Hannah, no this is a Panzer 3 assigned to the eastern front and lasted until the end of the war. It’s a little different in stance and storytelling, grimmer and darker than before.


Hannah and Nikolai
Komvzvoda Nikolai Popov stirred his thick ration soup and blew on it gently, as cold as the winters were a scorched mouth is still very much unwelcome. He set the dish down on his table desk and pulled up his chair, hunching over so the steam rose into his dry and stiff face. It felt nice, a breath of hot, moist air brushing past his skin. He decided his hunger could wait no longer and began feasting upon this delicacy. He heard the crunch of snow and dirt beneath heavy boots as a soldier stepped into the room and snapped to attention. “Comrade Komvzvoda, a report on the prisoners!” In his hand was a little leaflet of paper with scribbles and stains all over it. The soldier’s uniform was ragged and oversized, or at least it would seem, and his white coat had some blood stains, mud stains, food stains, shit stains, and whateverthefuck else stains all over it. There was also a black rimmed hole in the gut and one in the chest where Nikolai could see the brown cloth that made up his springtime uniform-that coat was stolen from the dead. The man was most certainly a man, his face was wrinkled and cracked, his gaze dreary and pale like the Winter sky, and his chin grey with dead and dying hairs. He wasn’t young like most soldiers barely able to grow a beard proper, he looked old enough to have fought in the revolution. One thing was for certain; he was much older than Nikolai.
“Good.” He stretched his hand out for the paper and beckoned for it, the soldier sluggishly stepped forward and handed the report over. Nikolai received it and dismissed the soldier. He put it aside and looked about, his office was a barely intact dining room of a German house in the rural outskirts of Passow. The windows were smashed in, the roof buckled because of a bombing, the corner was only half there, and the wallpaper was peeling and blowing away. No lights worked and all he had to read this letter by was an oil lamp and what poor excuse of sunlight bled through. He sipped up some soup and read the letter. It had the usual crap on it, weapons seized, number of men, number of children, the approximate age of groups, if they’re SS, Heer, or Volkstrum. This was mostly volkstrum but there were an SS squad and a tank crew.
He read more about the tank crew and was reading it again and again, he couldn’t understand it. Things weren’t making sense, he kept going, again and again, thinking the writer just has to be illiterate of the sorts but it clicked. There was no crew, the tank surrendered, without a crew. He read on and it very clearly described the tank with moving eyes, a mouth, hands and arms, speaking German. He was astounded. There was a section describing what measures had been taken but he blew it off and went to go see for himself. He walked around the area searching for the prisoners and found the men, they were being searched and marched off with a light escort. Being mocked and harassed by comrades. He thought of their long, long march back to Russia. But he’s seen that before, where’s that tank?!
He searched all around until he found the Sergeant and questioned its location. The Sergeant said that the tank was escorted to the repair park for restraints. Nikolai made his way back to the mobile vehicle shop and saw it with his own two bewildered eyes. There was a German tank, a Panzer III, with bright green eyes and a scowl. It’s turret.., face.., had a human’s look of defeat, a pleading cry for mercy in its green eyes, and a quiver of fear along it’s back? He watched in astonishment as two soldiers were using chains field welded to a bracket to hold the gun elevated, there was a group unloading all the ammunition, and there were some putting handcuffs on.., hands? A confused but confident conscript was slapping heavy-duty handcuffs on snake-like metal arms with metal hands on the ends, they seemed to trace back to under the mudguards and behind the treads. Nikolai was amazed and couldn’t break his gaze away. He saw two T-34 tanks puppy guarding it with their guns trained on it. Once a series of braces and restraints had been placed on it the T-34’s started their engines and cables were attached to the T-34 towing eyes and the Panzer’s.
“Alright, you Nazi pig! Move your ass!”
“Bitte verletzt mich nicht! Ich werde es einhalten!”
“MOVE! MOVE NOW!” The T-34 in the rear rammed the Panzer.
“Nein, bitte hör auf!” The Panzer skirted off behind the leading T-34 off towards the Depot. From its voice, it sounded female. Nikolai took some interest in the tank, it’s not every day you see a living tank. Later that day he tasked a translator to interrogate the tank to learn more about it. The translator reported the tank’s model, age, gender, previous roles, and specialization. Turned out it was a Panzer III J with the Kwk 39 50mm, also called the ‘long fifty’ and was roughly 4 years old. The tank was female, and was once a battle tank in the east, but was quickly withdrawn and used as a training vehicle. Specialization wise she was useless. The best that Nikolai could think of was a practice target or a lab rat, maybe even a science project. Her fate was pretty bleak. Personally, the idea of himself taking her as a trophy interested him, it’d be much more impressive than a medal or cap or pistol. Maybe she’d be useful as a property keeper or a guard while he’s away. Later on, she might be worth a pretty penny, bail him out of work and into retirement. That was more appealing to him.
Later that night he heard feminine screams of pain and agony, learning in the morning that her gun breech was welded shut. Throughout the week Nikolai would be working and sorting documents and he’d occasionally hear the Panzer scream or cry or wail as various de-arming measures were taken like welding metal rods in place of weapons. But while he was working he’d also be pondering the idea of keeping it like his pet, a living prize. He weighed the pros and cons and decided he would do his own inspection of her to see what was the product he’d be taking. On a crisp winter morning, he stumbled through the snow that accumulated and got to the depot where conscripts were digging out various tools and vehicles. He found the Panzer and scanned over it for details. Both her eyes were predatory in stance, facing forward like a wolf, placed on the mantle by the viewport covers and were glazed over with defeat. Her mouth was closed but her lips seemed to be pouting out below the gun mount assembly. She was staring at the cuffs on her wrists, her wrists were resting on her hood in the middle, below and in line with her main gun. In her boredom and angst, she was picking paint chips off her bow. She noticed Nikolai there and shut her eyes and quivered, thoughts of more mutilations swept over her. She looked at him with large and pleading eyes, but said nothing. As far as Nikolai was informed her mutilations were finished. He walked towards her, hands interlocked behind his back, and scanned her body. Immediately he noticed the gleaming silver edges of various nuts on her treads, probably where crews practiced tread repairs, and how worn the drive sprocket was. There were various points of minute corrosion but compared to their own T-34 tanks it was almost perfect. As he made his way down her chassis he noticed long scratches and more preserved areas of paint, probably where there were mounts for some devices, and very well maintained vents. He worked his way around to the rear and inspected the engine deck and stern, he closely examined the rear idler wheels and noticed the mounts to also be shiny and well polished from removals. The engine deck hinges looked loose and used, and the towing cables were stretched and frizzing. He worked his way around and noticed the gun restraint chain was looped around the commander’s cupola, he hoped that didn’t dent the shape. Metal rods were welded into the machine gun wells and there was a metal ball welded into the gun barrel, overall he was satisfied with the condition of the vehicle and figured she’d be a wonderful display. That night after an officer meeting he came up to KomBat Petrenko and pestered him about the Panzer.
“I am aware of it, yes.”
“Well Comrade KomBat, I see no use for it, no orders pertain to its movement, and I wish to keep it personally as my trophy pet.” KomBat Petrenko was a tall and robust man, aged to grey hairs and a gaze of sternest and determination, he brushed one half of his mustache and then shook his head.
“Popov I have too much on my plate to worry about this personal matter. I’ve been selected for the Kompolka, I’m currently working with transfer documents and arrangements. I have to select a new KomBat and it’s between you and Totalv.” Totalv was the other Komvzvoda in the battalion, Nikolai knew he hated German machines and knew he’d order it to be disposed of, like anything else his platoon captured. Nikolai wouldn’t dare let him waste such a trophy. “I tell you what, I’m busy, so if you do become KomBat I’ll sign off on whatever papers you send past me, the same for Totalv, I’ll properly brief you two later, now let me be.”
“Thank you, Comrade KomBat!” They saluted and parted ways. Totalv could not become the KomBat, at all costs. Nikolai pondered his options of ensuring his promotion while eating supper. He looked into his plate and his solution was right there! He quickly scarfed down his meal and went off to find a certain conscript he knew of. It didn’t take long to find him, he was a very rambunctious and social guy with a very particular background. He worked with sickness and poisons. Nikolai pulled him to the side and briefed him. “Listen very closely, Comrade, I have a proposition for you. You mustn’t tell anyone about this, at all, ever. If you do this task for me, I will see you sent to the rear, safely, and alive. Do you accept?” He pondered for a little bit, he was proud to serve his motherland honorably, but he had seen too much, and as of recently been having too many close calls. He decided that maybe this was his chance to survive and he took it. “Good, good. Very good. Now, here’s what your task is: you will incapacitate Komvzvoda Totalv, whether he dies or is very sickly is no matter to me. I just want him gone. Do you understand?” He did, said he even had an idea, too.
Four days later Komvzvoda Totalv fell ill with influenza and was barely alive. Medical tried their best to save him but the Winter was too harsh, and the sickness too withering. He died in his sleep not a week after. Nikolai was very troubled to see him have to die, but it was done. The next morning with no decision to make Kompolka Petrenko promoted Nikolai to KomBat. Nikolai wasted no time thanking and congratulating the conscript who poisoned Totalv’s food, and conveyed his sadness of Totalv’s death but ensured him that he would be sent home. Nikolai drafted up a document to transfer the Panzer over to himself and thought of a way to get the conscript out. After all, he might just talk to someone. About this time Nikolai had used a Nazi officer to maximum potential, being able to extract as much information from him as possible, and didn’t feel like keeping him around. So like any reasonable thing to do with a Nazi he was going to kill him, but wait!
Nikolai hoisted the Nazi to his feet and pushed him to the door with his pistol. He marched him out, way out, out to the frontline while being very careful to follow his footsteps exactly, and marched him to the conscripts foxhole where he was on watch. He stood him over the foxhole, took the rifle from the sleeping conscript, and shot the Nazi in the chest. The shot woke the conscript with a sudden jolt, who’s hand was met by the blunt end of a rifle butt. Nikolai smashed his hand in, breaking and fracturing it. He knelt down and helped the conscript and told him his plan. “This, this is Home!” He said shaking the conscripts shattered hand. “This will take you home! Now go! Go report to medical and say you shot this officer trying to escape!”
“But my hand!”
“He smashed your hand! Now go! Go!” He yanked the conscript up and pushed him off towards the small village. Once again, Nikolai carefully retraced and went back to his quarters, and slept soundly. In no time the conscript was sent to the rear and all the paperwork went through. Nikolai now owned that Panzer, but in turn, he had more time he had to serve with the military. He wasn’t worried, military life had been generous to him so far, and he’s been leading a charmed life.
The war had been slowing down, orders weren’t coming through, and so he spent more and more time inspecting the tank. He really liked the eyes, the Germans really put in the effort for her eyes. He was almost envious of her eyes, actually. He really noticed the fine details that the Germans put into their tanks, more comfortable, spacious, easy controls and smooth, the careful attention put in to every weld and facet. He was impressed. The Panzer seemed to be getting more and more desolate every day, he didn’t want her to try killing herself so he ordered some rations for it and to find her something to do, something that wasn’t digging graves for the dead. They made her clear snow off the roads and paths with a shovel, puppy guarding her again with tanks and anti-tank rifled soldiers. She looked a little better, she had something to do, some competition with herself to keep herself up. Soon it all started to thaw and spring arrived. Word came back that Berlin was under siege and surrounded. The war was almost over! Celebrations were had throughout the village, their battalion was being used as a flank guard from any resistance pockets and the war was ending, a premature celebration of what was certain to come. While everyone was merry and celebrating together, the Panzer seemed distraught and was locked up and all alone. Nikolai felt a little sympathetic towards it so he got a fresh bottle of vodka and told the translator to give it to her with the message “Congratulations! The war is over! A toast to peace!” He would do it himself but his new position found him up to his ears in paperwork and reports. He sat in his makeshift office where he had a view of the interaction, the simple gift and acknowledgement that she existed seemed to boost her spirits. Once the translator walked off the tank looked at the bottle and shot glass and put the glass aside. Then tipping up the bottle, taking a large swig. “Me, too, Panzer,” Nikolai said as he did the same.
Once the war did end and the dust settled Nikolai found he had time to go home but his term of service was not over. He decided he’d take the translator to help him get the Panzer on the train to take them back where he lives. He noticed the Panzer was hesitant to obey but did obey the commands translated to it. It was moved to the train and drove up a ramp and tied down. That evening the train set off for Russian lands. It was a few days later when the train arrived at Nikolai’s stop and they offloaded. Nikolai didn’t live very far from the train yard, very convenient in this matter, but it was just far enough to be secluded and for him to have a small farm. Well, he did have a farm but since he left it was neglected and destroyed and was now an overgrown entanglement of brush. The last order of the translator to the Panzer was to follow Nikolai’s car to a house. He said that she’d be taken care of, there. She followed the small car through dirt roads, open fields, and eventually into a wooded area where in the small clearing was a small wooden house and a good size barn. The livestock died long ago and Nikolai’s elder parents were moved to a city to live with more stable family. It was now just Nikolai, what’s left of his dead farm, and the Panzer. Nikolai pulled off to the side of the barn to park the car between the barn and the house, he got out and looked at the Panzer, she was watching him move like a fearful child, waiting to be scolded for their actions. He locked his gaze with hers as he closed the car up and moved over to the barn. Opening the doors he kept glancing back to ensure the opening was big enough for her, once he was happy the doors were open enough he looked inside, plenty of room for her to move around. It wasn’t a lot of room, but she could fit about two widths of her inside with a walkway between the two panzers. Thankfully it was only her. He stepped aside and looked over to her. “Alright Panzer go right on in.” She looked at him cluelessly. He rolled his eyes and pointed inside and at her, back and forth. “Panzer, go into the barn. Go.” She looked at him, the barn, back to him again. Not understanding or willing. He thought back and recalled some words that the translator used to make her move. He gave her a lot of attitude when he pointed to the barn again. “Los.”
“Da drin?” She looked into the barn nervous and anxious. Nikolai grew angry.
“LOS! LOS NOW!” He screamed at her, turning red with anger. She jumped back and whimpered as she scooted into the barn. He closed the doors behind him and watched her chassis shake in fear. She was trying to turn to look at him but he came to her. He sat against a wall by her side, where her turret was facing and calmed down. “Hey, calm down. I won’t hurt you. Just relax now that we are no longer enemies.” She looked into his eyes, they were calm and his face relaxed, it brought her down, too. They sat in silence with each other, it got real awkward fast. “So, Uh” he cleared his throat, “what’s your name?” She obviously didn’t understand. He thought of a way to ask her and it came easily. He pointed to himself and said his name, “Nikolai, Popov,” he pointed to her, she wasn’t entirely sure what Popov was so he started listing off known names. “Ioseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Winston Churchill, Ludwig Von Beethoven?”
“Hannah.” She replied confidently. He raised his eyebrows and leaned in for her to continue, she just repeated her name, Hannah.
“Hannah?” He asked for clarity.
“Hannah, Hannah Hitler?” He tried implying her last name. She scowled.
“Nein, Hannah.” Nikola gave up and accepted her only name as Hannah.
“Alright, Hannah.” She smiled, her mouth led from the middle of the gap between the mantle and turret ring to the corners of the mantle bottom. Her eyes were gleaming with hope and made Nikolai feel pleasant. He loved staring into her eyes. Nonetheless, the fact that she was always having to look over her elevated gun gave the impression she was annoyed and couldn’t help but feel like she must be miserable. He looked up to the chain on her gun and decided he’d take that off of her. It’s not like her gun can do anything anymore.
He got up from the ground and when he did his blouse raised up to show his leather belt and on it were the keys to the cuffs. Hannah noticed them. Her face turned into a beggar’s innocent plea-face while she stared at the spot she saw the keys on him. She followed his hip to her side and up as much as she could before he was behind her turret and fumbling with the chain. The conscripts had gotten it on good, it budged but only slightly. He stopped to catch his breath and decided to work smarter, not harder. He pulled the crowbar off her toolset and levied himself onto it under the chain. He bounced on it, wrenching the chain off where it shot up and flew into her gun barrel. Instantly he heard the sigh of relief as her gun depressed and the chain gradually slid off. He smiled with a sense of victory as he tossed the bar to the ground, following it with a grunting hop. He landed and the noise that they both heard over everything else was the jangle of the keys. He knew what she wanted. He rested a hand on the keys and played with them through his blouse while he contemplated the thought. Hannah was pleading with him to remove the locks, but he didn’t understand her pleas. What he did understand was the desperation in her voice, she was almost crying. He stood there for near ten minutes before shakily he moved to her hood. He steadied himself to give her the impression he was in control as he unhooked the bundle and found the key. He was trying not to but was sweating anyway as he glanced up at her face. She was looking at him, her mouth smiling and lips parted, showing him the back of her mouth, her eyes and, and eyebrows(?) were raised with hope. She just looked greatly amused. He looked back to her wrists, metal pins were welded just behind the cuffs so they could not slide off her wrists, his own forearms ached in the empathetic pain he wondered of.  Jerking his attention back to her face he quickly sunk the key into the metal lock and turned it about, freeing her tremors and releasing a portion of her pain. The cuffs almost flew off as her hands and arms shot past either side of him. Instantly his heart raced and he readied himself for a fight. He turned to her and she was ecstatic, her eyes clenched shut and her mouth opens wide as she giggled with joy. He spun back around to her hands and saw them outstretched and quivering as she stretched them out. Slowly they swept back astern, gaining in speed as she moaned with pleasure.
“Oh ja! Oh danke! Das fühlt sich so gut an!” He relaxed and stood tall again, smiling to himself. Her eyes shot open and her arms farted to her sides, he heard a racket coming from her sides as her face looked at him pleadingly again. “Bitte, Herr, bitte entfernen Sie die anderen Schlösser! Bitte?” Nikolai eased over to her left side and traced her arm to more locks on her body. She had more arms pinned to her sides by bracket locks welded to her side. Her arms themselves were forced between her treads and her hull and evidenced that they did not fit comfortably there at all. He undid those as well, growing more and more hesitant as she grew more and more joyous. Once the locks were all off and strung out amongst the ground and her stretching was over, she turned to him, giving off an elated mood, and vigorously grabbed his hand and shook it. She thanked him in German and with a little bit of Russian she had learned herself.
“Woah, you’re welcome! You speak Russian?” She blinked confused by him but still overjoyed with her massive smile. “Guess not.” He went to the door but tripped over a lock. “Gah! Panzer!” She looked at him concerned, “Pick this place up! Put the locks away!” He pointed to the locks and chains and brackets and then to her. She seemed to understand and picked up the locks as he left to go inside the house.
Nikolai had three weeks of relaxation while his battalion was moved to the rear and placed back into a reserve status, so in the meantime, he talked to Hannah a lot every day trying to form some sort of language bridge between them. He treated her like a new dog, giving her thumbs up if his command was received well and thumbs down if it was not. Hannah had picked up the locks, and that’s how he started off training was with a thumbs up, and putting the term ‘clean up’ to it. Hannah learned quickly like all machines do, and while she needed this communication education and enjoyed doing something for once, she felt insulted by Nikolai’s treatment of her like a dog. She knew how he was treating her, she’s seen pet dogs. She was taught follow, stay, no, eat this, go to sleep, normal stuff a dog’s trained to obey. Even though she was being insulted all day, every day with this she still showed respect to him. She did notice that when she didn’t do something correctly he was enraged and almost always yelled angrily at her with a red flushed face, but when she did things correctly he smiled and nodded, of course with the thumbs up. She was beginning to think that it might just be an exaggeration on his half to emphasize his control and that her actions were not acceptable. Although she thought otherwise, as well. Once there was a basic understanding of those commands he moved to the language half of it. He thought about words, phrases, and objects he’d command her to interact with and explained them to her.
“Door.” He said, wrapping on the little side door that faced the house. “Door.” He walked over to the main pair of doors that she entered yesterday. “Door!” He wrapped on it as well. She tried pronouncing it but incorrectly, he repeated the word slowly, annunciating until she was correct. He repeated this procedure referencing multiple examples for clarity, like wall, floor, roof, lock, doorknob, key, to lock, to unlock, barn, and a few tools. Once she had learned that, which was much easier to teach than the commands, he rested for the day and continued the next with more intricate commands. He taught her farming tasks, being that his farm was dead he needed to restart it, but he alone couldn’t possibly do it before the season was over so he instructed Hannah how to do it. She was bigger, heavier, and stronger than him after all and had much more power behind her, even still she withheld that so she didn’t break his tools. It took her most of the morning just to learn two tasks, and the whole afternoon to perform them. He didn’t have an awful lot of farmland, it was very precious to her not to break the tools. Even still she cleared the weeds and churned up the soil. Nikolai promised her that evening if she did well and did it quick enough he’d wash her, she had to think about it, though. It’d been a very long time since she’s been bathed but she didn’t know Nikolai, really didn’t even trust him. Ironic, she could kill him without a second thought and he can’t do anything about it but she feared him because of trust and isolation.
One stormy night Nikolai shot out of his bed randomly, he was swamped with anxiety and nervousness. As he looked around his parent’s old room for comfort he heard a metal ruckus coming from the other end of the house. It was loud enough to be heard over the downpour on the tin roof and that greatly concerned Nikolai. He jumped up and threw on his boots and an overcoat, grabbed his rifle and a lamp and proceeded to investigate. He proceeded out the door and left down the hall, passing by the other bedrooms and into the mainstay, he looked into the dining room but saw nothing abnormal. He went right into the kitchen, and as the noise grew louder it sounded like muffled cries and whimpers from the barn. He fetched a hat to shield him from the rain and exited through the kitchen door out to the barn. His boots sank to the mid-heel in the mud, a good sign for the field but not for his glossy boots he shined for days on end. Nonetheless, he pressed on, trying to keep the sucking and icky sound down as he came closer to the barn. The muffled groans drug on and restarted abruptly and at random while the metallic clang coming from the inside sounded like the far-off machine gun fire of the Dushkas.
He fumbled with the lock and flung the door open, holding up the rifle and the lamp under the barrel. He searched around with the flickering and dim light but saw nothing but Hannah in shock and staring at him from the corners of her eyes. He took a deep sigh of relief and lowered the rifle. Her bright green eyes nearly shone in the orange light, as he looked into them he could see the glassy reflection of the lamp’s oval glow. Behind that, he saw his shadow in the doorway. Her eyes were fixed on his and did not waiver, she didn’t speak or make a noise, that clatter had ceased as well. He took another deep breath and looked at her darker grey mantle and faceplate, akin to the light he presumed.
“You alright? What’s wrong? That was a lot of noise.” She understood ‘what’s wrong’ and ‘noise’ but not much else. She stammered out shyly and almost to herself a reply.
“Cold.” He sighed and looked down, watching the rainwater drip from his brim to the hard packed dusty dirt floor of the barn.
“Alright, I’ll be back.” She didn’t move or changed her startled gaze. He went back inside, put away the gun and collected the bed covers from the other rooms. Balling them up he charged outside and ducked into the barn, dumping the blanket ball into her arms. “There you go, it’s all I can do right now.”
“Thank you, sir.” He stepped back as she took the ball and noticed that her hands are much brighter than her body, even in the poor light. He was tired and wanted to go back to sleep so he wished her goodnight and went back out, he stopped at the door before he closed it because he noticed that a cabinet was open. Huh. He went back into his house and left his muddy and wrecked boots at the doorstep. He’d have to polish them tomorrow, or she could. He thought he’d get her to do it as he laid down in his warm bed, hoping the rain didn’t soil his other bedsheets. Why was her hand so shiny?
He woke in the morning and noticed it had stopped raining. He dressed and collected his boots, wiped them off, and noticed that they had no good polish on them anymore. He fished the little polish rag he kept in the heel out and took them to Hannah. She was still sound asleep and covered from barrel to tailpipe in his blankets. He announced her name and woke her up. Issued her a good morning, and presented his drab boots to her with the cloth. “Hannah I want you to polish these, I’ll be back with my kit.” He handed her the boots and walked back inside, fetched his wax and a cup of water, and returned to her. She had already begun using the cloth provided to polish what was there with little circles using her two middle fingers. She was circling quite quickly and that alone was bugging them out nicely. Nikolai was impressed and simply left the kit on her mudguard for her to do her thing. “Uh, good! Very good! Polish them nicely and I’ll wash you clean today!” She nodded and replied ‘yes, sir,’ and carried on. He moseyed back inside the house and prepared his breakfast. Wow, she was really good with those circles.
Later on that morning, an officer friend visited the home. Nikolai hadn’t seen him since the end of Stalingrad and was very happy to see his old friend still alive. He welcomed him inside and offered him some drink, and as Nikolai opened his newest bottle of vodka his friend began the conversation.
“So I know you like the military and all but me? Not so much. I got out when they offered and now I’ve opened and registered a store of my own.”
“Where? Just down the road?”
“Oh no, it is in the next town down the railway, I was just hoping that maybe I could hire you to help Work there?”
“Oh no I’m sorry, I’m staying in for another term. Luckily my battalion is a reserves unit so I won’t have to do that much anymore.”
“I heard you were promoted?”
“You heard correctly.”
“Yes,” he took a swig of his vodka, thinking about Toltav, “yes thank you.” He zoned out just staring at the white countertop under the light bulb. “Hey, would you care to sit down?”
“Yes, thank you.” They took their seats in the main space on a decorative couch. It had a light green base color on the cushions with brown-bordered white stripes running vertically, it had a maple wood finish frame cleanly polished with no blemishes on it. It was one of his mother’s most expensive chairs, their prized possession. They drank from their glasses and relived some war stories that helped them catch up.
Hannah heard the horse-drawn buggy clammer to a stop in the front yard, she heard the excited greeting and tried to figure out what they were saying but didn’t understand much. So when the door closed and the voices were no more she went back to polishing the boots. She had barely used the water and had finished the right boot nicely with a shine that not only acted as good as a mirror but almost glowed. She could see the streaks in her paint in the boot that’s how good it was. She declared the right boot to be finished for now and started buffing the second boot. She hadn’t even touched the wax yet but noticed a gash in this boot that the layers of wax already on it could not fill so she had to fill it with new wax. While using her favorite fingers to dig at the wax she remembered back to last night, and when she began applying the wax and buffing the boot she thought more about it. Polishing is a mundane task that lets you relax and think, not much else to do, honestly, so that’s what she did. She remembered the shock and what a jolt it was when that door crashed open. She swore that not even antitank guns made her that skittish. Of course, she was embarrassed, she did wake him up after all, and she hoped he wouldn’t notice the smudges on the blankets, and if he did, excuse them because of how dirty she was. She wondered what he did, what he thought of it if he knew. She glanced at the cabinet and paused, but continued on. She wondered who he was talking to. Sure enough, she refocused on his boots and noticed that she had replicated the same polish as before. She carefully set the boots on the bench and put the water next to the kit bag with the wax jar sealed and the cloth folded neatly in the bag. She figured that task to be complete and moved on to the next task of tilling the field for seeding.
Nikolai was listening to what the store would sell when his friend abruptly stopped and shot up. “What the shit?” He rushed to the window peering through the oncoming sunlight. “What the fuck!? Nikolai!” Nikolai stood up. “Nikolai there’s a Fucking Panzer in your yard!”
“Oh! Oh don’t worry about it.” He walked to the window. His friend was aghast and turned to him sharply.
“What!? WHAT!?”
“Calm down, it’s my Panzer, she’s very special.”
“Yes, special. What else do you call a living tank?”
“LIVING!?” He looked in disbelief as the tank spurted arms and used a hoe to churn soil paths neatly. “Bullshit.”
“Oh no, she’s real and alive. Her name’s Hannah. We can meet if you want.”
“What sort of magic is this!?”
“Ooooo,” Nikolai scratched the back of his head, “I can’t tell you. Nazi magic?”
“The Nazis were not animating tanks! No! No, no!” He was sweating profusely, he spun around to Nikolai and grabbed him by the shirt. “WHAT WAS IN THE DRINK!? WHAT IS IT!? WHY?” Nikolai was completely shocked.
“Nothing! It’s just vodka! I drank the same as you!”
“Alcohol! Nothing else I swear it upon my mother’s life!” Nikolai was thrown to the floor. He watched as his friend dug into his pants and produced a snub nose revolver and made haste out the back door. Nikolai chased after him. “HEY!” Hannah was startled by this.
“Goddammit!” She jumped off the ground she was so startled. She turned to see what was wrong when the man shot his whole cylinder into her armor. Instinctively she shunned her face away and threw up a hand to cover her eye while each of the six bullets bounced harmlessly off her armored body. The man pressed on loading more rounds into the pistol and as soon as he raised it to fire again Hannah’s arm shot out at him. Nikolai was about to scream when she wrapped the hand around the gun and crushed the tiny thing in her hand like it was an empty pack of cigarettes. “NEIN!” She boomed, ripping the gun out of his hand and throwing it to the ground. For the first time, Nikolai felt like his life was about to meet a messy end. He stumbled back and fell, as did his friend, Hannah reversed to him and grabbed his arms. “No! Stop! Go there chair sit!” She still had to learn some more grammar but the message got through. The man staggered back up and scurried over to a porch chair to breathe and realize he isn’t dead. Nikolai slumped in the mushy dirt and relieved his worries, Hannah came over to check on him. “Ok sir? Alright you?” She cradled him up out of the mud and picked crap out of his clothes.
“Yes Hannah, I’m fine,” He wriggled his way to his feet and told her to get back to work, “it should be alright now.” She got back to her duties, checking herself for any wounds. Only chipped paint.
The two men sat on the porch in silence. It was broken when Nikolai told him that she likes her Vodka straight. After that, he explains to him how he got her, what she does around here, and why he got her to begin with. His friend seems to warm up to the idea, or at least accept it, and heads home to, well to not be there staring at an abomination. Later after Hannah had finished filling the soil she asks what seeds Nikolai wants where. He takes her to the barn and starts rummaging through the cabinets. Hannah grows cold again and nervously peeks over to the one cabinet, wondering if it was all cleaned up. Nikolai gets closer and closer to it and Hannah got even more anxious, Nikolai had his back to her but could feel the tension she was creating. He got to the cabinet and opened the door, saw a lock, and immediately closed it again. “No, not in there.” He moved on and Hannah almost sighed aloud with relief. He found the bags of seeds, dried out but still good, and told her to take these existing signs, and instructed her what sign for what seed, and where it goes. She merrily bundled the seed bags with the signs poking out in an arrangement that he wanted, transferred that to her hood, and went off to seed the field. She rolled out and left Nikolai in the barn. He figured he should probably bathe her like he promised, and set everything up while she was out. He noticed that the bedsheets were dirty, but he blamed himself for it, growing angry at how stupid he was. Of course, they’d get dirty! She hasn’t been cleaned in months! Fucking idiot! He figured she’d clean them off while he washed her. She could do that as easily as he could wash a shirt he presumed.
That’s essentially what happened. Hannah came back and rejoiced when she saw all the soap and water with sponges and rags. She didn’t even care that she had to wash all the blankets, she was getting a bath! Specifically, someone else was bathing her! While he was busy scrubbing her side she was soaking and kneading one thick blanket in the tub of water and pulled it out to check. She saw a massive running streak of silver goo and she hurriedly shoved it back into the tub nervously humming as her cheeks flushed darker in tone. She nervously giggled and glanced over to Nikolai, he didn’t notice. He was growing very angry at the mud that had gotten stuck in her road wheels and was about to burst into a fit when Hannah produced a specially made brush just for it, she demonstrated how it worked and handed it over to him while she made sure to wash those peculiar stains out. It took some scrubbing on both parts but sure enough, they worked through it and their tasks came out nice and clean. Hannah thoroughly enjoyed being cleaned, she especially took pleasure in her ass getting astern rubbing, on the under portion of it much dirt had caked on and took some old-fashioned elbow grease to come off. It was therapeutic to her, like a relaxing bath with warm soothing water and skin replenishing moisturize (I think that’s how it works) but literally lifting off the filth from her body. Nikolai got some pleasure out of it, too. There was clear evidence that his work was paying off, instant gratification, and it instilled some pride in him. He didn’t want his trophy to look like mud, he wanted it to shine and gleam to anyone that saw it. He also understood that he had to keep her happy and entertained, lest she decides to do her own thing and release her anger on him.
He finished cleaning her body off, making sure she was clean top to bottom, but he did not clean her belly, he left her to clean it herself after she finished the sheets. He did inspect the sheets she had hung up to dry and smiled at them, fond memories of his childhood flooding his mind. Mindlessly he told Hannah the history behind these quilts, how his mothers had made them for generations, each unique to her and her family. Some had figured meant to be the current family, others about their lost members, others were pretty designs or a scenic view. He said that it’d take them roughly five to ten years to make them, all hand knitted on the downtime. He said his mother’s quilt was on his bed at the moment. He didn’t realize it but Hannah was picking up on a lot that he was saying. After Nikolai’s stories ended he left her to her business and made supper. He only had a few more days before he had to report back for duty, and so the next morning he began full on language courses with her. The basics language that he had taught were much harder than these lessons, she picked them up with ease and the more lessons they got through the faster she learned. She was learning exponentially faster and the day before Nikolai had to leave he was able to hold a legitimate conversation with her about the tasks he wanted her to do. If she didn’t know how to do something he could simply explain it to her and she’d repeat it back in a paraphrased version, displaying both her comprehension of Russian and what the task was. Nikolai was very confident with her and very boastful of her.
The plants grew well and the yard stayed tended, she acted as a groundskeeper and a property guard, shooing off hungry animals and mischievous teenagers. She would indulge herself in her alone time and savored the moments she deemed special and tried out new things to keep her busy and entertained. She did grow worried over the plants, Nikolai never taught her how to harvest them or store them, he said he’d be back in time to show her that and was very worried when the plump plants turned different colors. He did, in fact, return very soon. He was angry with how the plants had ripened early and she didn’t harvest them, she pleaded she didn’t know what he wanted and so he showed her. He showed her how to cut the fruit and vegetables off and where and how to store them. He was pleased in all other respects, the lawn was nice, there were no weeds, everything was flourishing, perfect! His only annoyance that he had to tolerate were some tracks she left from tending to the property, it was patches of dead spots in high traffic areas, he got over it. He cleaned her again, relaxed for two days, and returned to duty again.
The year passed by without any real issues. There weren’t any remarkable events aside from the holidays and the special events like celebrations, parades, or government hosted promotions. Nikolai found himself as the leading officer for training programs. He was in charge of all special training done in his battalion including firearms drills, doctrine drills, government party training events that he and the Commissars would organize, and any new field training programs that came down the pipeline. It wasn’t that bad. Nikolai in the latter end of the year began looking for a wife, he met one girl who seemed nice, but by the end of the year it didn’t work out. The dawn of the new year brought with it another girl, they lasted longer but again it didn’t work. But while his love life was going all around he continued teaching Hannah language and such, and she had become quite a master of it. She had learned Russian fluent enough to understand various dialects and accents of Russian. She had also become very masterful of her farming jobs and had learned how to best water and nurture the crops. This is something that took Nikolai years of teaching from his parents who had mastered it, the speed from which she learned it was very impressive. It struck fear into him, she was learning faster than any human he ever knew, he stayed up at night wondering how long it’d be before she began thinking for herself. While on duty one week he explored options and tools he could employ to keep him empowered and punish her if she fell out of line. As loyal and cooperative as she was he had to somehow set an example and show her that he was in charge. The leverage he was looking for came to him accidentally while cleaning, he slipped and the bar in his hand jarred its way into the mount for her wheel. She hollered instantly in pain and reeled back, he quickly removed the bar but threatened that he’d do it again should she misbehave. She understood and combed her mind to figure out what she did wrong.
Hannah had become more comfortable with her new life and would stretch out in front of the barn for any passer-by-ers to see her. It wasn’t anything suggestive, she just sat out there resting and looking around. She would be bored and so she’d people watch, she was especially fond of one boy who ran around the road with a knapsack of sand, a stick, and a can he’d hit around. She never understood the sand. One person that she was very attentive to was Nikolai. She’d learn a lot about him. She also learned that his girlfriends only lasted at most five months with the average being just shy of four months. The time between girls lasted from two days to two months. But every time he’d get a new girl he’d show off Hannah to them, Hannah quickly realized what she was, a trophy. She never got why Nikolai took her until he started dating. He’d flaunt Hannah around like some great prize for his heroism and bravery. Hannah was nothing more to him than a working prize. At first, Hannah felt kinda nice that he revered her as a prize, then as time went on she realized he did revere her as a prize. Just that. This made those introductions torturous, Hannah felt like shit, like a thing. Her German peers treated her like a Comrade, they fought for her and she fought for them, but Nikolai sees her like a fancy knife, a great display with some use in it. Hannah was sick of it. She saw the only way to make it stop is if she made the new girl be the last one. No more new girls means no more showing off, right? Yes. So Hannah, being a woman herself, decided to take those quirks that bug her about Nikolai and fix them so other girls don’t have them, and they’ll stay with him for good. She decided to act as soon as possible. And knowing Nikolai she didn’t wait long. About four hours, actually.
“I’m done, Nikolai!” His latest girlfriend said storming out of the house. “You jerk! You can’t be swayed! You stubborn ass!”
“HEY!” Nikolai chased after her, grabbing at her arm, the girl, Stella, maybe, shook him off and punched him in the jaw.
“Stay away from me! I’ve had it! You need to let go and relax! You know what? No. Nikolai, we’re through. Stay in the Army with that stick up your ass! It’s where you belong!”
“ALLA!” Woah, way off. “ALLA WAIT!” She was gone. While Nikolai got up and checked his lip for blood Hannah laughed a little bit. He spun around to her. “Something funny, Panzer?”
“Ja! You never learn, sir! It all ends the same way!”
“Oh does it?” His face was reddening with anger.
“You haven’t noticed? Everything’s nice until you move them in! Then, and then, ooh” she paused to laugh, “and then it’s like a bomb! BOOM! It blows up!” Nikolai’s face was almost as red as his bleeding lip. “I think you need some help, conditioning. I can help!”
“Help?” He sucked blood off his lip and spit out a red wad towards her. “I don’t need your help!” He stormed inside and slammed the door so hard the doorframe shifted. Hannah laughed a little longer and composed herself. She really hoped he’d take her help. When Nikolai thought about what she said he realized that maybe she was right, he asked her for help the next morning.
She said that they’ll take things one step at a time, first, they would work on his over-bearing nature. She would constantly remind him to relax as she acted like she would be doing something of her own, she would make suggestions, voice random opinions, and try to train him. After a while it was working, he wouldn’t snap back with an objection nor would he interrupt her, as he previously would. This eventually would help him out in his career as well, and improved his effectiveness with training, taking in other suggestions that bettered the system. Even though he would be verbally lenient his posture and actions would act as a hindrance or would be dissuasive of her following through. She would call him out on this and nag him until he broke it off. Many times he grew frustrated with her and would challenge her in some way, and she would sit there and repeat “I’d leave,” again and again. Eventually, his challenging dwindled off. As a test, she would try to say something he wouldn’t like, and shouldn’t like, and he would argue against it and hold his ground. She encouraged him to keep his character, and not to bend too much for someone. Her goal was to make him more compatible and compassionate, not spineless and without character.
Eventually, when Nikolai found another girl to date it worked out a lot better, he had learned to trust her and was somewhat tight with her but wasn’t overburdening. Instead, as his girlfriend would put it he was really attentive, very concerned with her. It was in his nature to have plans for everything and to know what’s happening at all time, Hannah thought nothing of this, to her it was just who he was, his core character. She encouraged that and supported him. But the more that Nikolai thought about it, the more divided he was from them. One morning Nikolai was reading a book outside the barn, basking in the sun enjoying the springtime air. Hannah was cleaning her tools and randomly decided to test Nikolai, keep him sharp.
“Nikolai, I’m going out for a while.”
“Where are you going?”
“I’m going to miss old lady’s for groceries.” Her example made him chuckle a little bit.
“Alright, oh and speaking of that remind me that we need some more meats from the store.”
“Thank you.” As she passed by him she uncontrollably and subconsciously kissed the back of his head. Instantly she blushed and realized what might happen she rushed back into the barn to tinker with her tools innocently as if nothing happened.
“Hannah,” Nikolai got up out of his chair, she heard his footsteps move towards her. She was almost shaking and fearing with what was going to happen, “that’s not a kiss.” His head appeared under her gun and his lips met hers, encouraging a real and proper kiss between them. She was knocked off her feet figuratively, she was not expecting that but was way too happy to oblige it, and kiss him back. Her arms wrapped around him and held him close, and turned her turret to meet him more effectively. They held the kiss for a long time, but it didn’t feel like it was long enough. When they drew away from their kiss they shared a massive smile. Later that night Nikolai had decided on this relationship, he wished his former girlfriend the best of luck, offered a long lasting friendship, and broke up their intimate relationship, and then when she had left he offered an intimate relationship to Hannah instead. She eagerly accepted. All that help that Hannah was giving Nikolai, they realized, was what Hannah valued and wanted, and Nikolai was happy to oblige to her wants.
Relationship wise this was the most stable and rewarding one Nikolai ever had, every morning they were eager to see each other, and every night they were heartbroken to separate for bedtime. Already holding a common ground, a pretense to this intimate relationship, having lived with each other for at least two years with fairly little conflict, they challenged each other and built each other, and were eager to grow each other, and so when things got sexual it wasn’t too long after engaging in the intimate relationship. They had been teasing each other all day about it, and when the sun had set and the candles had been lit they finally let their lust free. Their play and seduction ceased just before they stripped Nikolai naked. “Wh-Why?”
“Nikolai, could..,” she was blushing harder than she was a minute ago, “could you chain me up?” Nikolai thought about it, he wasn’t too sure about the request, he wasn’t sure how he was feeling about it but he did as she asked.
He opened the locker that had all that old gear from her capture, just laying eyes on it again spiked her adrenaline, her heart raced and her loins started burning. Those chains clanging, the cuffs clacking, the tools clicking, the sounds drove her mad. Every touch, the cold restraints on her wrists, the braces on her hull pinning her arms, the taught pull and strain on her gun, it all fueled her lust. His touch and play, his poking, finger dragging, licking her body with his heavy hot tongue, it made her very wet, so incredibly horny. To top it off she couldn’t reach him, she couldn’t touch him, he was right there, so close, but so far, she couldn’t do anything but moan and whimper in agony, the agony of no control. Her drive skyrocketed as the tension and teasing continued, she teared up in joy and pain, a wonderful mix of emotions that just drove her desire to get wrecked, to be fucked to pieces. She wanted him so fucking badly, so painfully she craved him but couldn’t have him yet. “OH DADDY JUST FUCK ME!”
For Nikolai, the return he got from her fueled his acceptance for this, with every arm locked down her enjoyment rose, and he knew that from her whimpering and moaning, the look in her amazing eyes told him how much she wanted him. With every addition to the restraints that look grew, the flame burned brighter, and his old controlling self came back with a lustful vengeance. Her pleas only encouraged his controlling self, it hastened his efforts, and he tightened the grips and holds on her, and made rounds after rounds on her, poking her, touching her, licking her, grinding on her, all just so he could hear her moans, her whimpers, her pleas, and her engine sputter like a sad car. He was so hard, so fucking hard. He wanted to absolutely destroy her, he wanted to rip her in half, knock her out, he wanted to fuck her until she couldn’t fucking stand. But her pleas, no, no, no, this would not do. He disappeared to her anger to fetch some materials from the house. When he came back her barked orders at her. “OPEN that useless mouth you FUCKING SLUT!” She did as commanded, and he stuffed a wooden log into her trap and tied a thick rope around her turret to keep it in place. While fitting it he stared into her eyes and the lust he saw was rising, it was burning into him, it made their sex drives almost uncontrollable. “Yeah, yeah you fucking like that, don’t you, WHORE?”
Her only ability to reply was a muffled moan and a sputter from her engine. Her body rocked back and forth, bucking up and down, her innards were churning with this denial of sexual pleasure, she felt like she was about to knock him over and grind her cunt all over his fucking body, later this, too would be addressed by Nikolai.
“You’ve been bad, bitch, you’ve been real fucking bad, bitch.” He began undoing his belt in front of her. “I don’t think you know just what we do to punish bitches like you.” Her eyes shot open as the belt tail dropped to the dirt. He slowly walked to her ass end with the belt in hand. “Let me teach you what we do to dirty, rotten, useless whores like YOU!” He whipped the belt over and hit her on the ass with it with a loud crack! Her muffled mouth cried out in pain and pleasure, and her ass wiggled around to ask for more. He whipped her ass again, and again, each time drawing a muffled cry from Hannah and exciting them even more.
Hannah’s bow dropped to the dirt and she sat there ass-up and backed up to him slowly, begging him just to fuck her sideways already, to fuck up her whole life. Of course, that was all muffled so he didn’t her plea, just her cry. He walked back around to her front again.
“No, no I don’t think that was enough for a whore as dirty as you!” He unbuttoned his pants and tore off his shirt. Her eyes rapidly scanned his body as it stripped down naked in front of her, he was only feet away but she still couldn’t have him. She visibly shook as his pants dropped to reveal his meat before her. Her breathing was very heavy and labored, and her engine was humming loudly and enthusiastically. He marched to her and stepped up on her hood, knelt down and waved his huge, throbbing, hard cock right in front of her mouth. “Kiss it, SLUT!” She painfully tried to obey but the log was in the way, her tongue tried to force its way between the log and her teeth, but the harder she tried the more he laughed. She was crying at this point, he drug his finger through the tears and licked them off. “Mmmmm, tastes great!” He shoved his cock against the tongue pillowing out of the gaps and rubbed it all over her tongue. “How’s that taste? You fucking slut! I bet you eat dick every day, don’t you? So how do I taste? It better be fucking good.” She moaned and agreed, his cock was wonderous on her tongue, she wanted to rip the log out of her mouth and suck his nuts out of his dick like it was a straw! Her eyes rolled around in wonder, she wanted so much to happen to her, she really was a bad, dirty, rotten slut! He rubbed his cock all over her tongue, it felt so pillowy and amazing, the texture was overwhelming, and in a matter of seconds he was hit was a strong-ass orgasm that shook him. He came and shot his load all over her mouth, on the log, the lips, the teeth, the tongue. everywhere. It was a lot too, it looked like someone had emptied half a jar of mayo onto her face. She moaned and wailed.
Now it was time to fuck.
He silently recovered and stumbled back to her ass, dragging his hand on her side the whole way. She was eagerly waiting for it to happen, and she took excellent note of him as he got down and scooched his way under her, sucking on her armored ass for a moment. He laid there and admired her beautiful pussy lips, they looked so tasty, so plump, and so soft! He reached to them and spread them open, and peered into her depths with amazement. He smiled wide and was so happy to have a woman to himself, one so enthusiastic, too. Her depths looked like soft grey doughnuts stacked on top of each other, narrowing ever so seductively, and at the top was a tight little hole clenched shut. He knew what that was, they talked about it already, but in his lust he wanted to pierce it, to fill her up to her eyeballs with his cum. He ordered it to be brought to him, she hesitated but did it, and was not let down. He first rimmed it with a finger, then his tongue, and sucked on it like a nipple, gnawing on it tenderly and massaging it with his lips and tongue, then he sent that away and did the same to her whole vulva, she was eaten raw until she was tender and ripe. Her juices flowed like wine, but only better, and drove his desire to bury his cock in her for so deep not even archaeologists would be able to dig it out. He moved and played Ring-around-the-rosie using his cock on her vulva, and knew that the promises were going to be kept. He was going to spank and pound her clit with his nuts, he was going to punch pistons with his dick, he was going to break her suspension with his hips, and she was going to gush her juicy cum out like a goddamn waterfall. Without warning or indication, he shot his cock balls-deep into her pussy.
Instantly she felt every millimeter of him. She locked up and just took it, all the bucking and kicking and heeling she had done up to this moment ceased, and she held onto everything she could. Her torsion bars locked up and her whoring pussy clasped onto every thrust like her life depended on it. Her eyes rolled back into her turret and her mouth uncontrollably drooled as much as her pussy was. She could feel the effects of his manhood everywhere, every thrust cycled a piston in her engine, and every thrust smacked her clit-button hard with his nuts, and every thrust tested the composition of her suspension. In a way, he was living up to all his promises, maybe not literally but effectively it was certainly doing the job. She knew at that moment she had the perfect man for her, and he really knew just how to ‘rub her right’ and as the two of them fucked they enjoyed the moment. They enjoyed each other and let all their frustrations and lust out with this. And it ended up with a fuck session that lasted, from chaining her up to the final climax, almost three and a half hours. But in that time of them being balls deep, it was nothing but plushy hot, slick, wet, messy, dirty, nasty, rough sex. His massive cock pushed her pussy in and embedded itself onto its local memory so that whenever they fucked again her very vagina knew who was fucking it. They felt each other so sensually and sexually that they knew how close the other was to cumming, and Hannah won the record for cumming the most, she was played with the most. But ass his body grew tired and his ballsack was drying up he slowed to an eventual stop and rested there under her still buried in her magical and mystical pussy. He was covered in her juice and there wasn’t anywhere in her pussy that wasn’t the uterus or cervix that was not touched by his cock or not covered in his semen. The mess they made was a mix of both of their fluids, and neither had the energy to clean it, although by this time Hannah wanted to lick him clean, and he still wanted to drink the Nectar of the Gods, aka, her pussy juice.
They did cool off and Nikolai sheepishly climbed out and took out the log, and removed the cuffs. Instantly she wrapped around him and they made out until they fell asleep spooning each other. They slept like rocks, exhausted and unwilling to move away. In the morning when they woke up they found themselves in a sticky gross entanglement of each other. They cracked a few jokes about the situation and last night, and Nikolai undid some more restraints before getting himself cleaned up. He then filled up a tub to clean her off, too, making some dull remarks about how he’s already cleaning her again. She retorted she’ll make it worth it but he then complained about having to do it again, laughing it off. They had given in to their lusts and found themselves in a healthy and happy relationship where they never expected it. They made some decisions about how they wanted to explore their sexual pleasures, and about how they wanted to raise their family.
Fin Hannah and Nikolai

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