Hansel and Marion Ch23 Yes. It’s Happening

Chapter 23, Yes. It’s happening.

Chapter 23

Faust watched as Hansel and Anton walked off with a big maniacal grin on her face and a set gaze on Anton. “All he wants.” Hansel gave her a suspicious look over his shoulder before she rubbed her lips together side to side. She was thinking to herself. It’s time I get this, and this’ll be perfect! He won’t remember anything, hammering himself away at the bar he’ll come back drunk, he’ll come to me and I’ll get him then! He won’t say no, no he won’t resist, looking for tail there but when he gets nothing he won’t think twice about me… He’ll wake up tomorrow on my engine with last night a blur and lost to him, he won’t know what we did… He will later but not now, he’s… he’s too fragile now. Poor thing, but he’s just, just, just there, always there and happy, he’s just so adorable. If he only knew how handsome he was I wouldn’t have a chance, but I’ll get him. I’ve been at him and at him but it seemingly just… goes over him but I feel like he does get it, deep down I think he knows what I mean… Oh he’s perfect, always interested in something, always lively, always glad. I hope he loves me deep down, more than a friend. Please oh please let this be true! He’s too much for me not to love him! And I’m getting him tonight, it’s been too long now and I’ll get him tonight or else. But we’ll need time… time. She thought for a while how to get time, they’re shipping out northward in the morning but it’ll be before sunrise for the cover of dark then morning fog to get out and away from the city, night time is a no-go because of militia and night bombers. Faust thought as her crew finished packing, she needed someone to have a engine problem, but the mechanics could whip out anything wrong with their engines in a flash, she needed someone whose engine is unknown…

“Kramia!” She darts off to find her Russian friend right as she was packed up. She looked around for Kramia or Mini, she asked Fritz and Jäger with no help, she found Irish and E playing with the gun breach and when she asked E said she didn’t even know anyone here, and Irish had no clue but introduced E and Faust to each other. She meandered around until she found Mini and Kramia cuddling by a tank house.

“Morning Faust. You look busy.” Mini said merrily, Kramia smiles. The two are always so happy together. She thought then she asked to talk to Kramia privately.

“Sure, Faust. So what do you need?”

“So, I have a personal request of you…” She asked slowly for a way to word it well, Kramia was still listening, “so would you mind throwing out your engine… possibly?” Kramia looked confused. “Not like replace, I mean to fake a problem. Preferably tomorrow morning.” Kramia looked more understanding but she wanted to know why. “Well you’re the only tank here none of the monkey wrenches around here know inside and out, and I need time in the morning.” She looked around a little paranoid like.

“Why you need time? You look ready now.”

“Well… Anton went to the bar, for the first time and, I want him to get… hammered.” Kramia smiled, she was catching on now.

“So he might hammer you?”

“No he will hammer me.” The two joke around some more, all of feminine humor that went over a confused Mini’s head who sat poker face waiting; he tried to interrupt and tell Kramia something but couldn’t be heard over their chatter. Eventually Faust left them and raced back to her tank house to prep herself, she had no idea how long they’d be so she was trying some positions to greet Anton in that would hopefully arouse him when Kramia roll to the door looking depressed and scared.

“FFFFaust-” she began trembling.

“Yes Kram?” She asked worried, hoping nobody learned of her plans she told her.

“I don’t need to fake it…” She started, Faust moved closer to her deeply worried now, “They’re taking away my gun…”

“Why?” Faust was aghast, she had never thought of changing a tank’s gun mid-service. Mini rolls to Kramia’s side and holds her as best he can leaning in to her and letting her lean and rest against him.

“They don’t make her ammunition, and to put a line for one tank is a waste so, so they’re replacing her eighty-five with a custom built and fitted eighty-eight.” He answered her. Kramia kept sobbing and turned to try burying her face parts into Mini’s side. Griffin rolls by with his radio op and gunner and takes a heartily notice to Kramia.

“What’s the matter? Homesick? It’s alright, all normal.” He asks her, Mini answers him the same he did Faust. “It’s not that bad, I’m sure they’ll let you hold on to your gun.”

“But I love this gun! It’s mine and I’m good with it! I-I can hit my mark on the move! I don’t want to restart, please!” Kramia wailed.

“Hey come on, it’s not that much different, only three more millimeters, that’s all!” Griffin’s gunner spurted, “you’ll love the double-eight. Trust me, it’s better.”

“Yes, reach out far more with even more accuracy! It hits a lot harder, too, only need one shot to stop what’s over here. You’ll be glad you got it.” Kramia seemed to perk up, Griffin smiled and moved on back to his path. Mini tugged on Kramia, she held onto him as he towed her by his side off to their usual spot leaving Faust at her tank house. She thought about it for a while, Kramia didn’t have anything complicated on her mantle like Griffin’s eyes, and looked like it could easily be separated so she didn’t drag on the subject. Instead she moved over to Anton again, she thought about how he’d look nude, enticing her to drip in her sensitive region and play with it through her covering panel to tempt her but not fill her, Anton would do that. She spent the majority of her time deciding on her welcoming stance, seductive tone, greeting, sex adventures, naughty stuff, then waited and lusted, almost losing it and destroying her clit herself in heat but held off just long enough.

She heard some hard placed footsteps approaching and hoped it was a lone Anton. As Anton turns the corner sluggishly she notices his uniforms jacked up and there’s blood on his chest and collar from his bloody nose and cares not then notices his drunken stagger and usual smile with an unopened beer bottle in his hand. “Hello, Anton!” She says seductively as he staggers toward her while she then closes the door. He falls on her jutting hull hood in a wide arm embrace and says hello back in his tone with a hint of exhaustion and excitement. She pulls the bottle out of his hand and places it on the floor next to her, then she starts unbuttoning his shirt except for the few he’s pressing against her body before moving onto the belt latch. Anton wanted to hold her for as long as he could, he wasn’t sure why she was undoing his belt; he didn’t think he got blood on that or his pants but let her take out the belt before taking off his shirt for her to do something with. He noticed she was looking at him weird, but even then she was still beautiful to Anton, her gleaming brown eyes and her shining smile, he felt warm inside, all gooey around her it was astounding. She talked to him, asking questions, he left out not drinking a drop, or only setting foot in the bar for about ten minutes, or the fight as not to worry her, he didn’t like making her worry like that. She lulled him very forcefully and precisely, and stripped him in a logical manner as to check for wounds; his undershirt, shoes and socks, and pants which was new to Anton as she always left that to him to deal with. Then when Anton noticed she never went for his rucksack for some spare shorts like she usually would he was curious, and then she started to play with his manhood; Anton knew in the back of his mind what she wanted, and he hoped he could make her feel wonderful; the best she ever has, the way he always feels around her.

He grinned dirty, and Faust went in for the taking. She instantly opened her cover and pulled a tarp under it for him to lay on and quickly led him down under her front and edged him to the spot before tearing off the final piece of clothing on his body sending Anton a message that maybe she does like him back, she likes him a lot. His member instantly sprung erect being suddenly freed and Anton felt very warm streaks of shiny fluid drop in a vertical path up and down his crotch with his cock in the middle. Her engine was whining in anticipation, she wraps two manipulator arms under Anton’s arms and up his back on his shoulder blades and two more around his waist ready to pull him in when out of nowhere he jumped up and slid himself inside shocking and pleasing Faust into a happy wail. Anton felt her grasp his cock, snuggle him with her arms there, and nudge downward on his shaft head with a plush roof that raised her pitch in her continuous stream of mmm, so he sat there and lavished in her pleasantry, soft, plush, warm, slick, and reverberating all around his boner. Once he decided to hump her again he used his knees as leverage to push downward on her arm belt holding him to her warm belly, she took notice and let go of him and placed her hands on the ground beside his hips before bracing for another go. Anton slowly pulled out, drawing a long low complaining moan, he couldn’t help but moan himself, her slick soft walls trying to hold onto him as he slid out with a pinch on his dick head that rubbed him right. Then he thrusts back producing another wail, and repeats the slow pull and then a quick deep thrust again and again, on and on, each time he thrusts her hands on his back tighten and pinch him a bit, and her hands on the ground tighten as well. Soon he picks up pace until it’s quick repetition of in deep out far nonstop.

Faust was whimpering and elevated pitch every thrust in until she let her speech go. “FUCK ME ANTIE! FUCK THIS WHORE!” Anton ceased immediately to a disapproving Faust trying to stick him back in. Then he spoke.

“Don’t call yourself that.”


“You’re no whore, you’re way above that.”

“What!?” She asked, he sounded sincere, and bargaining.

“Because when you said that it hurt me, it hurt me to think you feel you’re that low…”


“I think you’re amazing, absolutely amazing. You’re smart, caring, fun, and beautiful.” She started to tear up. “I’m not drunk, Faust, I really mean that, really I do.” She went wide eyed and her lips trembled. What have I done!?! She began shaking and apologizing but was to scared and listing to move him or herself, then she had to ask why.

“If you knew this… wh-wh-why?”

“Because I want you to feel as special and good as I do with you.” She smiled, he did love her. “So do you feel good with me like this now?”

“Ooh Antie! Yes I do, too! You just made me feel better than ever!” She hugged and pressed him against her belly, uncaring that he didn’t penetrate her vagina that time.

“Soo, Faust… do you want to… keep going?” He asked her feeling her continue to leak into his crotch.

She sniffled somehow from something that’s probably in action of a nose and asked him to please do. “Love me like I’m yours, and I’ll love you like your mine.” He backs down, aligns, and thrusts in back to her grasping walls and welcoming arms holding him to her belly again.

“We don’t have to pretend, we already do.” They sat in quiet for a while, enjoying one another’s sweat, hug, heartbeat, vibrations, skin, metal, pre cums, shaft and well. Then she loosens on his midsection and he goes back to his quick pace from before. He scoots up and down caressing her clit against his stomach, searching for her softest spot. When he does find she exclaims “right there sweetie” leaving him at a weird position, he pounds away with her plush ceiling tickling his sensitive head.

He was about to ask what it was when Faust randomly blurts a question: “You want babies, Antie?” She doesn’t have a legitimate reason on her mind other than it felt right to have them. He presses on thinking about it.

“No, Faust, we aren’t ready.” With that the ceiling stops creeping downwards to have him enter, and pulls back. “But it doesn’t mean we can’t explore!” With that she rockets it back on him. It landed right at the peak of his maximum penetration and slid so gently and smoothly around him with no trouble. Faust lets out a long gasp of ‘aaaaahhhhh’ and instantly is taken away by his surprising size, she couldn’t think sight and touch could even come close to the detail her cervix was giving her mind: every vein pumping blood, the shape and texture of the head, the slick cover on his skin, everything. He was deeply emerged in pleasure and pressure; she compressed around him like no hug could do, and her heat was so immense and welcoming, her excited engine pace rattled their genitals together creating such a good sensation they locked each other deep with her cervix from its base point to the vaginal entrance feeling everything. Anton thought about kids again, he didn’t see anything wrong with trying, so he said he didn’t mind kids, and began swiping up and down her slit that released a well deserving sounding moan. She started to get even tighter around him, he was breath taken but on the slide down he slipped and the air pressure slipped out and as she came he was sucked in by her vacuum from opening cervix walls. It was enough to pin him inside her, releasing none of her vast amount of cum trying to exit and it built up, suspending Anton’s member in a pool of her hot liquid goodness. He felt it swish about his cock, sort of massaging and moving it around, he asked her to keep him here, not to move. She sat there and took in the feeling the fluid pressure had on her walls, gently rocking back and forth, her engine still running and shaking the small pool and her lover’s part still inside her. He could feel his climax approaching, first very slow and small as a feeling then rapid and powerful enough where when he came he moaned loud enough for Faust to here over her engine and moans. Their fluids mixed and welcomed each other, combining and melting in one another, Faust’s pool building still from lust and Anton kept pouring out seamen for an impressive time. Then they say in silence again, until they finally pulled apart with the tidal wash that built up forcing him down.

With all the erotic movements his nose opened up again at some point and was bleeding, Anton saw in the reflecting light Faust’s protruding pussy lips were still pursed together tightly and basic ways to stop bleeding start with pressure, so he spun around, crawled down, and firmly planted his oozing nose in her oozing warmth and enjoyed her chassis shudder in delight. She felt what he was doing and the kisses he occasionally put on or next to her opening and reached down with a manipulator and softly stroked his semi-erected penis. She wondered if she could get her smaller arm-like vagina module down there and tried alternative ways while she stiffened him up with her hand. He smiled very large, not only did he make her feel special, he learned he makes her feel great just being around him, and that she loves him, too, and he closed his eyes when he felt her secondary lips break against his dick head and heard her long sigh of appeasement. He turned his nose left and right slowly, while Faust matched his pace in her own thrusts on his cock, until she sort of bled into his nose and past his face and down at his cock. She felt overwhelmed, her primary slot being pushed and pulled and stimulated by his nose and her secondary probed and prodded and rubbed by his dick, she was oozing on him when she felt his cock stiffen some more and throb before cuming into her, she felt his hot stuffing shoot all around her tunnel and it tingled her insides where it touched but it proceeded no further than where it landed. She came to the conclusion that her cum pool inside her caught all his seamen and drained it out with itself.

Anton removed his head from her passage and wiped her fluid from his mouth and realized he was thirsty. “Let’s have some beer, Faust! It’ll be both our firsts!” He announced cheerfully, she giggled thinking what other firsts they had and pulled the bottle around to his hands. He struggled in opening it, and looking at her still tight lips, got an idea. He grasped it firmly, and shoved his hand and bottle head up into her depths, with some shock she naturally tightened up around it and gritted her teeth at the texture of the bottle cap, she knew it wouldn’t damage her one bit with her lining there meant for some way worse punishment but was elated when he twisted and popped the cap off inside her and removed it all from her insides. He could see some of her fluid mixed into the beer but drank anyway: pouring some into his mouth.

“It’s not bad, I like it.” He put the bottle in Faust’s hand before they heard the man-door open. She reacted as fast as she could but forgetting to lock the man-door took its course and Irish walked in looking for Anton right as she slammed and locked the door millimeters from him.

“O…K… What was that abou-” Irish said looking back at the hastily shut door then at Faust and picked up what was happening. “Well I found Anton… I’ll go now-”

“No! You can’t leave yet!” Faust roars, he stops instantly having turning around to leave when he winced and asked why. “Because you can’t tell anyone!”

“Especially Hansel!” Anton yelled out still chilling under Faust.

“Deal, fine, but this is awkward so can I leave?”

“No, someone’ll barge in when that door opens, not until we’re done and cleaned. Beer?” Faust ordered him; Irish stood there obediently and raised his hand up for the beer she offered. She took a swig then placed it in his hand before he shuffled to a corner to place him away from their sacred meaningful interaction then gulped some down.

“Ah, not bad, but you got some-uh-stuff in it too.” He was referring to that outstanding taste barely recognizable but remembered well from ‘machine love cream’ that Faust shared with the beer and his initial source of the taste. Faust and Anton grinned; Faust grabbed the bottle and gave it back to Anton to finish it off. Anton finishes it off still stuck with his dick in Faust’s secondary that was holding and massaging it gently then kisses her slit again, and pulls out of her and kisses that one too before climbing out still a little wet and got dressed to Faust’s dismay. Once that’s done they send Irish out, he took a sigh of relief and left, then Anton crawled in between her hull and side skirt to kiss her on the lips for a good time. They tasted just like her other lips, and it was very satisfying, then he locked the doors again, sat in his loader’s seat, and asked to fondle her snake vagina. She happily obliged and was played with until she drifted to sleep; Anton kissed her secondary slit then unlocked the doors, laid on her engine, and joined her in sleep.

Fin Chapter 23


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  1. Theunknownjester says:

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