Luna And Decker Pt. 1

This is the Republic Gunship LAAT/i “Larty” known as Luna. Her backstory is being one of the first Gunships built, and took part in the battle of Geonosis. She is (unofficially) the Gunship that the legendary Jedi Master Yoda was using to ferry himself around. After Geonosis she was transferred to the 501st Legion due to an extreme amount of Gunship Losses in the 501st. She had the same crew throughout her past to this point in the timeline. Sorry this is a little late but I hope it’ll make itself up. Oh and the ‘Gunship is based off of’ (I shit you not it says so exactly like this) ‘ “many” modern helicopters, most presumably the Mi-24 Soviet-Era Battle Hind.’

It is a Battle Hind without the tail, squished a little thinner, blockier wings, and the intakes moved apart and made rocket housings. This, so to say, is my battle hind story. Only less battle hind.




Luna and Decker

“So how was the Clone Wars?” Dak asked in his quizzical tone. “And why are we from here?”

“Well Dak, that’s a long story. I’ll tell you three about our origins and the Clone Wars. Sit back, it’ll be a long story.” Dak and Bliz lowered to their loading stance and listened, Zev huddled with Bliz. “Let’s start from the beginning… a long time ago…”


Master Gi-Ri-Sho set an orbit around the new life-bearing planet. The scanners read many intelligent civilizations on the planet below. It was much like Naboo, where it was mostly water with continents on the surface, only it was more diverse in climate. The indigenous people referred to it as Earth, and they were far from the technologies the over watchers possessed.

“The council wants us not to interfere or make direct contact, young one; they want us to observe their culture and planet.” The wise master Jedi said in a smooth voice, he was humans the dominant species on Earth and his padawan, Kippilian, was of the Twi’lek race and was a devoted and loyal learner but sought new and exciting things.

“Master why can’t we drop to the surface, to observe them on a more defined standpoint?” He jumped from the central quarters to the flight deck of the long elegant silver ship. He was short and large eyed, with yellow ferocity of a warrior making itself known with every glance.

“These people are primitive; they grasp the concept of civility but do not agree on it. They are constantly warring, and if they find us they will most certainly wipe their world of life with our technology.” He went back to studying. His gray eyes watching over every detail while his conscience hands carefully noted observations. His untamed padawan looked widely over it all, but one blip crossed his path and caught his attention.

“Master, I think I found something,” Master Gi-Ri-Sho looked up where Kippilian was pointing on the display, “it says it’s life, but, it isn’t registered as active or anything. Only registered as alive.”

“This is strange. Perhaps a new species?”

“No master, this new scanner picks up all life and records it into the system, but this isn’t recording. Most interesting.” The master thought, the padawan was right. He got up from his seat and moved to the pilot chair and deactivated autopilot. “Master what are we doing?”

“Kippilian, we’re going to the surface to examine this.” Kippilian was amazed, excited, and nervous, but strapped in and observed his master pilot the ship gracefully to the surface and touch down not too far from the life source. “Come along, Kippilian, let’s investigate.”

“Yes, master.” They opened the ship access door and departed, cautiously moving closer to the life marker. They saw no movement, no activity, and only silver-gray metal ores. “Master do you believe it is a mistake?” Master Gi-Ri-Sho looked about and felt the force around him, it told him they were at the spot, and that this metal ore is alive.

“There is no mistake, Kippilian. Feel the force guide you, it flows through all living things, and this strange metal is life-able. It only needs some… guidance.”

“I suggest we take samples back, master.”

“I agree,” he withdrew his lightsaber and cut out a chunk of ore, “Let’s go back to the ship before we are found.” The two headed swiftly back to their ship and re-entered orbit. Master Gi-Ri-Sho was studying the ore but couldn’t find anything. He frustratingly tried again and again with the same dull results. They finished the day cycle of study and left for their home Galaxy. They presented their new ore to the council, who in turn delivered it to the Coruscant science community. It would be decades of time before the mysterious metal was cracked after thousands of cloned and replicated sources. But by this time the Galaxy was in a civil war, the senate was divided, the galaxy claimed, and the sides formed. The Separatists amassed a huge army of mechanical and programmed warriors, known as droids, with no sentiment at all. The Republic formed a clone army to combat the droids, and as the war escalated the board enacted a new card above the droids: self-thinking mechanical warriors. The scientists put plans for the sentiment machines in full ability to live life, to carry the survival instinct in all forms like the clones.

Decker looked at the Republic Assault Cruiser in awe. Its size was massive, stunning, and looming, but he knew the droids had stuff just as big. He looked around and saw the same faces everywhere, they were all clones and none looked like him, he was no clone. He felt like a real menace looking around at all the shiny white armor sets worn by his brothers in arms, and at his own, the feeling he was a part of this made him mighty. His unit was called to order and marched aboard. He was briefed and dismissed to his post, Gunship pilot, and looked at his new job with adoring eyes. All he could think was how hard could he push her? He looked over her and recognized many battle scars and the Geonosis assault tag painted on the side along with maybe twenty others, this old thing has seen some shit. His pilot appeared from the front, he was a clone with one eye put out and a series of scars around the eye.

“She’ll be up in a little while.” His voice was the same as every other trooper he met, but his reference to the LAAT Gunship was unique.

“What do you mean ‘she’ll be up’ sir?”

“She’ll explain. You’re not the norm, are you?”

“No. I’m a volunteer. Passed the exams with flying colors, too, sir.”

“I saw that. So did she.” He kept referring to the Gunship as she, not as anything else but as a person. It was getting on Decker’s nerves. “She was very impressed with you, Farley, most clones can’t score that high. That’s the exact reason she chose you as her replacement crewman.”

“No more of this, who is this ‘she’ you keep talking about!?” He couldn’t stand it anymore.

“Luna,” he pointed to the Gunship, Decker was about to report that this clone was mental but he noticed in large cursive letters ‘Luna’ painted above the victory marks. “Only wait five minutes for her to wake up and all will be alright. I know I sound crazy, but wait, and you will learn.” He waited and talked to the veteran clone. He learned that the scar and eye was from the second assault of Geonosis where a missile went off right ahead of the canopy and shattered the canopy and his helmet. By the end there was a loud yawn from the Gunship.

“I get it now…” Decker watched as a mouth opened on the green nose of the ship in between the two nose canons. He saw two large green eyes open on either side of the hourglass red canopy at the slimmest portion of the canopy. She instantly focused on them and smiled, baring her sharp menacing teeth; then she spoke in a gorgeous voice.

“Hello, Kickback! Is this the new guy?” She studied Decker with her smile still there, she scared him shitless.

“Yeah this is him, Luna; he’s got some questions for you.” She acknowledged this somehow with a nod.

“Well, hot stuff, shoot.” Decker stood frozen. Her gaze was gentle and detail finding with a warming feeling.

“So you’re not a droid?” He asked shakily, stepping back from her.

“I’m no droid!” She exclaimed as a metal tendril snaked its way around his hips. “And don’t stand so far away, I don’t bite.” She pulled him closer, not to her hull but his arms’ reach.

“So what are you?” He gulped.

“Calm down, hot stuff, you won’t offend me I’ve heard it all. I’m wholly alive; I can eat, sleep, drink, love, birth, and sort of excrete. It’s not like your excretion; it’s more like sweating at a certain spot where it moves you.” He was shivering in her arm, his face was pale but he looked like he was beginning to come around. He didn’t look too bad either in her mind, then again she was always surrounded by hot guys that had no concept of sexual attraction in their DNA so she was a little desperate for something. She opened her cockpit and put him in his rear seat and closed it. “There is this better? We’ll need to get pretty buddy-buddy before your trial by fire.”

“That’s not too far away.” Kickback the pilot said. He knew they didn’t need to be as close as he and Luna were but he knew that it would only help in their trust. He didn’t know it but Luna had sexed him up and Kickstar, the old copilot, hundreds of times in a desperate effort but none proved successful.

“It’s nice and cozy; I thought it’d be rough.” He said, Luna’s mind was thinking how cozy he’d be inside her hot vagina. She wanted to sway him but he was stricken tonight, she’ll try tomorrow night. “So uh, how will this affect flying?”

She explained how it all worked. Kickback gave his point of view to him, assuring him it’s virtually the same feeling. She could feel his powerful tuned muscles under his armor shifting and flexing around, he was driving her crazy horny, and she felt some hot fluid run down beneath her port. She wanted him bad, and could covertly get him there when Kickback left for chow but the hot stuff would lock up when she stripped him. She noticed before that some clones were evolving, where sexual attractions arise out of their DNA, but they aren’t attracted to her body but to her mind; they like her but not her. Even still, she noticed she can get them on before they chicken out. Sadly the last time she saw them was right before droidekas ambushed them, slaughtering everyone on the ground. She took exceptional pleasure in disintegrating the droids that murdered her brothers in arms. Anyway she used those same techniques to secure Decker into accepting her for both her and her body. It soon drew close to launch, the RAC suddenly bursts to life as it rumbles out of the ship dock and points to the stars before flying into space. Decker and Kickback went to bed not soon after, readying for the assault in a few days. The morning after Luna was hornier than ever before and kicked her flirting up a large deal with Decker. She was able calm herself to nab him later on for a more enthusiastic fuck, possibly on a beautiful planet, where she’d get hammered for hours finally.

“So how did you guys get named ‘The Kickers’?” There were the other gunship crews from the other posts talking in a group.

“Well it’s what we do,” Kickback said. “I lean back in my seat.”

“And he’s pretty easy going.” The port ball gunner said. “I kick the ground troops out when they take too long.”

“That’s why he’s Kickout.” Kickon snarled. “I actually help them.”

“Yeah well why don’t you tell him how you got your name, then?”

“I fix things-“

“With your boot.”

“Yes I do, Kickout! How many times have I saved your turret?” That shut Kickout up. It was just about every tour his turret jammed or locked up.

“Can it you two.” Luna said smacking their heads together.

“Larty what’s our name for our little shiny here?” Kickout friendly punched Decker in the gleaming white chest plate.

“Well he’s got to get dirty, first.” She licked her lips thinking about later.

“Well we don’t have long, then. Tomorrow’s a big day, Decker.” Kickback patted Decker’s back and left.

“You got your space down shiny?” Kickon grumbled. Decker looked at Luna and her green eyes and grinned halfhearted.

“Yeah, I think I’ve got it.” He didn’t notice it but he leaned closer to her, which excited her greatly. She knew it was working, working very well. Kickout and Kickon left them alone for some chow. She reached out and drew him close, he’d learned to let it happen and from there wanted her to grab him and hold him against her. His hand and head could feel her warm body but his armor insulated him, but he knew it’d not be long before the armor would be off for cleaning and all that’d be left would be his pressure suit. She closed her eyes as he leaned into her and thought deep; she could go longer without some sex, this was heavenly. He went to the briefing, returned excited, and sat with Luna. She proposed something to him that’s bringing their relation closer.

“Decker, would you mind sleeping in the cab tonight?” She instantly thought of some bullshit reason when he agreed. “Oh. Okay then.” She unlocked the cabin doors as he went for his’ carry-ons’ and waited for him. She thought how far they’ve come in only two or three days! She wanted to brag her tail off but to whom? Once he got back she opened the cabin door for him to enter and climb into his seat. He had his helmet, DC-17 blaster pistol, life support, and his talisman he kept around; it was a little starship toy from his childhood. He sat in his chair and had just gotten cozy when she dropped his backrest down in a reclined position and pushed him down.

“The seat adjusts? They never mentioned it.”

“Yes it does. Go ahead and relax, Decker, there’s a big day for you ahead.” He closed his eyes and soon fell into the best sleep he’s ever had. Luna couldn’t get over this intense feeling, all tingly and warm inside with him lying inside her asleep, she loved it, and maybe loved him. She slowly fell asleep and dreamed of the battle droids she’ll fry tomorrow.

The following day was a D-Day. An assault on an outer-rim forestry planet Teth involving launching in the upper atmosphere from the assault ships. There wasn’t nearly as much resistance as anticipated but the sheer volume of dug in positions called for the Gunships to provide close air defense, where Decker shined. Victory after victory, Luna pushed back the date of sex with Decker, and Decker soon earned himself a name, too.

Fin PT. 1

Hmmm… ah the hell with it I’ll put part two up tonight as well.

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5 Responses to “Luna And Decker Pt. 1”
  1. Gingyflame says:

    So I may be sounding like a begged but, it’s been nine days since I posted this and I wanted to know if anybody read this yet? It’s got some story bits crucial to my overall plan. Sorry though the only way I know people read these is through comments and if you did read both parts go ahead and comment what yall liked or disliked or give me a girl name for their daughter. Please it’d at least let me know these weren’t overlooked.

  2. I am still chewing through it but as soon as i finish reading i will be sure to mention any names if they sound like they would fit.

  3. Ratbat says:

    Well… In my case, and please don’t take any offense, but I absolutly cannot stand star wars (anything) and a hipster as it is, I just won’t read anything star wars related no matter how good it is or who wrote it. I was leaving it to other people to read and respond. There are just some things I will never be into, for instance any mention of “anal” human or mechanized will make me stop reading emediatly. I do think there are atleast 50 people who read your story who just won’t ever respond. That’s true of everything on the site. Only 10% of people ever respond.

  4. Gingyflame says:

    That’s alright, Ratbat, and thank you Jester. I know that people read and say nothing but if they read this and this alone:

    Please feel free to point out what I (Gingyflame) do wrong in my stories so that I can fix them for better stories.

    Hopefully they will and I can write better stories for more to enjoy. And I get your standpoint, Ratbat, somethings just absolutely erk me without any justified reason. Just an OCD.

  5. Wolvs says:

    Overall I love it and I didn’t even realized the gunships somewhat resemble hinds till you pointed that out. Hope to see more from you in the near future!

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