Challenger II story

036_gallery_02_502x335-1_1404748701 Tea and Sex

so hot.. he’s fucking deep inside her, and they are outside feeling the breeze and having tea. she’s just enjoying hot tea and feeling stretched by aroused tank penis when she finishes her cup, she lays back and lets him take control

[7/7/14, 11:00:32 PM] a challenger II tank was serving in the military of one of the new countries founded by the human-machine governmental alliance.
[7/7/14, 11:01:02 PM]  In this town, work flow is efficient, people are orderly, and all sorts of relationships are encouraged
[7/7/14, 11:01:11 PM] Han: very good
[7/7/14, 11:02:57 PM]  so this military woman she is in a unit with a few other humans and a few other machines
[7/7/14, 11:03:09 PM]  Other tanks and Apcs’ and ifv’s ect
[7/7/14, 11:03:31 PM] Han: so on and so forth with mentioned machines
[7/7/14, 11:04:11 PM]  and this woman openly has a conversation with her fellow soldiers about the people they’d like date if they got out of service or if they stayed.
[7/7/14, 11:04:40 PM] Han: the tank overheard did he.
[7/7/14, 11:04:52 PM]  another woman mentions that shed bang a nice handsome soldier who kept his nose clean and was well on his way to being promoted
[7/7/14, 11:05:00 PM]  yep
[7/7/14, 11:05:06 PM]  tank overheard
[7/7/14, 11:05:30 PM] Han: she wanted the prim and pressed soldier and the title that came with it?
[7/7/14, 11:05:59 PM]  But the main woman in question mentions that she wouldn’t mind dating one of the base sergeants.
[7/7/14, 11:06:33 PM]  some of the machines liked other machines, and a few liked humans.. male and female.
[7/7/14, 11:06:42 PM] Han: *smiles*
[7/7/14, 11:06:45 PM]  when the conversation subsided and the group meandered,
[7/7/14, 11:07:00 PM]  the large MBT challenger moves up behind her and says.
[7/7/14, 11:07:29 PM] : “If i may be so bold, that sergeant you mentioned.. he wouldn’t be good for you.”
[7/7/14, 11:08:05 PM]  and the girl whips around and spits, “Ah, you were wishy-washy with your answer earlier. ya gonna come clean?”
[7/7/14, 11:09:02 PM]  and the tank says “Well, If i may be so bold.. That man would not be good for you.. but I would be perfect for you.”
[7/7/14, 11:09:40 PM] Han: he must have been so shy saying that.
[7/7/14, 11:10:40 PM]  well she gets ash white.
[7/7/14, 11:11:15 PM] and her jaw drops. and she thinks to herself (yes, this is the new reality..Its hard to believe)
[7/7/14, 11:12:42 PM]  he senses this. “I do not mean to offend. But, Ive always wanted you from day one. i feel you could appreciate the truth.”
[7/7/14, 11:15:02 PM]  she thinks back, “how long have i been in this unit? 348 days?.. ” he interrupts sensing her thoughts (“we will be shuffled soon…” ;;his mechadendrites deploy and take her hands softly puling her over and pressing them against his armor;
[7/7/14, 11:16:56 PM] the ‘flesh” of the Dire machines, be it armor or fiberglass or composite metals were full of intercalated nanowire sensors.. they could feel and interpret touch when another living thing with electrical impulses touched them.
[7/7/14, 11:17:12 PM] Han: mhmm
[7/7/14, 11:17:17 PM] Han: I remember~
[7/7/14, 11:18:52 PM] the tank uses his hydraulics to lower down as best he can. “Corporal, Ive been waiting, listening, thinking a long time. and i am sure of it Please marry me.”
[7/7/14, 11:19:12 PM] Han: owo
[7/7/14, 11:22:24 PM]  She had remembered the classes that she had taken, the PSAs and the demonstrations regarding the Dire machines as now being “people” with their own wants and dreams for the future. How to address them, how the new civil and legal rules would pan out pending alliance approval.
[7/7/14, 11:22:51 PM] she was taught to regard Dire machines as her fellow ‘man or woman”.
[7/7/14, 11:23:56 PM] Han: What did she say~? *seems to fidget a little in his seat*
[7/7/14, 11:23:58 PM]  if this was true.. then this fellow mechanized corporal was too a “man” just like the people she had considered asking out but didn’t have the guts to follow through.
[7/7/14, 11:24:31 PM]  But she had never been outright asked by anyone or anything for her hand
[7/7/14, 11:25:17 PM]  the idea of it was strange and frightening. she opened up her mouth to say “How can this work you’re a-”
[7/7/14, 11:27:12 PM] Han: Hehe, her inner mind was going ‘machine asked me to marry him’
[7/7/14, 11:27:25 PM]  “A tank? Yes. An amazingly dapper one with this new camo cover I might add. But all jokes aside. I mean what i say, Ive been waiting for the best time to ask you, I was not sure how you would respond.”
[7/7/14, 11:28:08 PM]  “Please Corporal.. Will you marry me?”
[7/7/14, 11:31:56 PM] Han: Does she say yes?
[7/7/14, 11:33:17 PM]  She had actually thought about another conversation she overheard one of the human nurses in the clinic talk about. How it would be a possible detriment in the future to allow the Dire machines to even touch humans. The machines seemed to produce far more children then then the humans did. But maybe things would ‘even out due to natural biological attraction. after all male humans prefer the female human body, and female humans prefer guys.”
[7/7/14, 11:34:07 PM]  she thought to herself.. “A..machine wants me..”
[7/7/14, 11:34:42 PM] The tank pulled her hands a little further up his armored tank bed as if beckoning her to ‘climb on top.”
[7/7/14, 11:35:12 PM] Han: He really wants her, but she’s still lost in thought, protocol and what she was taught.
[7/7/14, 11:37:50 PM]  she breathed in, and breathed out hard. remembering that her fellow unit soldiers and this tank in particular, treated her better then her own brothers and sisters. they were almost like a 2nd family. But this tank in particular– he was the nicest one of them all.
[7/7/14, 11:38:28 PM] : The machine blinked his optic slowly and looked into her eyes with approval. “Your starting to understand now.”
[7/7/14, 11:39:31 PM]  “everything you’ve been missing, was right here.. right beside you all along.”
[7/7/14, 11:40:10 PM]  btw this tank has a British accent in this story
[7/7/14, 11:42:18 PM]  “this is madness. but your right… i..accept.” and she climbed him and sat against his turret face under his optic where his manipulator arms and mechadendrite tendrils deployed from their hatches to descend upon her from all sides for a warm and happy embrace
[7/7/14, 11:42:41 PM] Han: *melts with a coo to British voice*
[7/7/14, 11:43:13 PM]  “shall i get you a cup of tea then?”
[7/7/14, 11:43:20 PM] Han: hehe. maybe
[7/7/14, 11:44:43 PM] Han: *Grace gently scoops Kevin up with her mouth, carrying her human to the side and laying herself down then setting Kevin down next to her cheek*
[7/7/14, 11:45:04 PM]  as all Dire machines hunger to do– he wished to consummate the relationship with a “bonding” . the idea of “marriage” to most machines was an unnecessary ritual humans had upheld for a thousand years and now for a way to get a break on their taxes at the end of the year
[7/7/14, 11:45:43 PM]  but he knew that she would recognize the significance of this word more then their own word “bonding”
[7/7/14, 11:45:54 PM] Han: heh. sounds human of them to do that. being cheap and penny pinching.
[7/7/14, 11:48:11 PM]  he pressed her close to his turret and growled a deisel-ish growl .. moving a tendril close to her thigh but remembering that they were still “on duty”
[7/7/14, 11:48:56 PM]  “shower at my hangar tonight, we can discuss the terms of this ‘marriage’ there.”
[7/7/14, 11:50:28 PM]  ill try to shorten this..
[7/7/14, 11:51:21 PM] Han: be as verbal as you like Chris~
[7/7/14, 11:53:34 PM]  the 2nd half of the fantasy begins where the tank is introducing her to his body. (of course she had seen him and worked around him for nearly a year- but this time it was different. he sensuously disrobed her body with his tendrils and encouraged her lay and in a comfortable position atop him.
[7/7/14, 11:54:17 PM] Han: She would be seeing him anew tonight
[7/7/14, 11:55:50 PM]  her heart pounded, and she had recalled thoughts where he had used his own coax guns and fired his main forward weapon as a show of force. She knew he could easily tear her apart
[7/7/14, 11:57:38 PM] “Please don’t think of me this way my love. I only wish to bring you joy now..” the tank revved with a diesel growl.
[7/7/14, 11:58:37 PM]  the tendrils deployed and caressed up her inner thighs while other mechadendrites encouraged her to glide her hands across his surprisingly warm outer armor
[7/7/14, 11:59:42 PM]  under her was the hum, the reverberation and power of his engines from deep inside., but on the outside, larger manipulation arms had seized her thighs, pushed them up and opened them out to the cool air of the soft-lit hangar
[7/8/14, 12:01:29 AM]  he would tease her, pull at her labia, glide and flick his smaller dendrites against her sensitive nerves around her opening until larger tentacle she had never seen before pressed itself against her opening
[7/8/14, 12:03:01 AM] Han: She was really surprised I take it.
[7/8/14, 12:03:47 AM]  the tip of this larger gun-metal colored probe would prod and gently kiss her opening, dribbling some sort of thick slippery good until she was goo coated
[7/8/14, 12:04:23 AM] Han: its scent, so different than the rest huh~
[7/8/14, 12:06:11 AM]  the tank moaned, and could see her concern in her eyes at what she was seeing and feeling. he cautioned her ‘humans try to intellectualize this sort of thing when it comes to us Dire machines far too much. I need you to close your eyes, lay your head back upon me and enjoy me.”
[7/8/14, 12:06:44 AM]  20 minutes pass and finally the 2 begin their bond
[7/8/14, 12:07:33 AM]  she has relaxed for him and he’s using her body to pleasure them both, all the while just pouring heaps of thick nano machine cum deep into her
[7/8/14, 12:07:57 AM]  she squeaks and cries out, “i–Im going to cum- I’m sorry-its too fast-I.{”
[7/8/14, 12:08:58 AM] Han: mm~ *hums with a smile*
[7/8/14, 12:09:34 AM]  The machine moans and in a breathy booming voice demands, ‘Don’t fight it my sweet, please culminate, cum , i will cum too!”
[7/8/14, 12:10:54 AM]  and his tendrils stiffen around her and shiver. he engorges inside her and releases hard between the tightening, squeezing human musculature of her body.
[7/8/14, 12:11:42 AM]  she writes and lets herself enjoy every last inch of heat dripping and throbbing inside her.
[7/8/14, 12:12:02 AM] Han: <3
[7/8/14, 12:13:37 AM] when she opens her eyes, she turns to look into his optic. His tendril snakes up to her face and against her lips. “Shhh, don’t worry about finishing too fast, we have time for 5 more before the break of daylight. ”
[7/8/14, 12:14:20 AM] Han: calculating~
[7/8/14, 12:14:30 AM]  f-ffff-five?? more? ;;his tendril snakes into her mouth and strokes lovingly against her tongue;;
[7/8/14, 12:14:57 AM]  “yes. as much Joy as our bodies can handle.”
[7/8/14, 12:16:26 AM]  the manipulation arms kneed her heavy breasts and nipples now hardened and sore from the cold in the hangar. she felt her womanhood absolutely full of heavy tank cock and pulsing from her first lay from “one of these people.”
[7/8/14, 12:17:54 AM]  “We will cum together every time. I will make sure, i have lots of abilities beyond combat..”
[7/8/14, 12:18:01 AM] Han: she was feeling it now
[7/8/14, 12:21:12 AM]  he pulled her back against his turret and played with her hair and her belly waiting for her body to relax and be ready for him once again. sensing her growing calm over her new relationship with him.
[7/8/14, 12:21:47 AM] Han: ^-^
[7/8/14, 12:22:42 AM]  ;;one of his dendrites grabbing a near by teapot and bringing her a small cup of tea as was customary from the “land where he was built”
[7/8/14, 12:23:10 AM]  anyway thats the story so far
[7/8/14, 12:23:16 AM]  ~fin~ for now

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