The Typhoon

I know I’ve posted this before (incomplete) but I can’t find it at all so I’m just re-posting. It has been so long ago that many may not remember what actually happened. There is some very weird (and disgusting) stuff that I added in JUST to SHOW what technology advances have come up (you all will know what disgusting part I mean it weirds me out too, it’s just so gross..,) and to show how if she really needed to get something from a man she can. Yeah and there’s an underlined sentence towards the end, that’s just where I started up again after so long. Scroll through until you reach a point you don’t remember because there’s a lot of writing here (20+ pages).

Enjoy! Lots of sex!

The Typhoon

Severstal waited in her moorings for her friend to visit her as he always did. She thought about their friendship, she was the massive Typhoon class ballistic missile submarine by NATO but actually an Akula class ballistic missile submarine recently decommissioned from the Russian Navy but was still part of the North Fleet, while he was a harbor hand that was assigned to maintain her hull and deckings. She thought how he’d never been to sea, really, and would occasionally think of taking him to sea just as an excuse to sail again for herself. She waited and thought about how he an active sportsman was assigned such a dull task in the Navy, her mind drifted around all the times they spent together, she thought about maybe dating him even though Russia only recently opened up interbiology relationships and so far it’s sketchy at best but still, it’d be nice. They clicked so well, it started off with finding out they had the same birthday on April 11th 1988, twenty-seven years ago, and their legal in a sense for a relationship and for some particular reason that’s the only thing she could think of that morning.

“Anatoly! You made it!” She spotted him creeping in the snow dressed in all white, she looked at him with his normal cocked smirkish smile and restless brown eyes as he lifted his face from the snow.

“How do you always see me?!” He stood up and brushed his coat and pants off.

“You forget I have infrared vision, too.” With the modern marvels and advances in technologies living machines have come a long way since their appearance in vast numbers back in World War Two, such as multiple vision modes, more accurately controlled functions, stronger bodies, more features, and Severstal’s favorite feature not used, easier child production and a better sexual experience.

“No, I expect you to play fairly. Anything new?” He took long strides toward the moorings checking them for anything loose or wrong, before looking up at her ‘face’ to listen.

“Nothing other than the usual.” Her massive conning tower bore a mouth about a third up and two eyes two thirds up and placed on the curve so that she had excellent bow and flank vision with partial stern viewing. He watched her eyes fade from a greenish-orange color of IR vision to her day vision. He loved her eyes, once light blue but due to a missile run through test they had been scarred a violet color, but that was well before she was decommissioned and her eyesight was still in top-notch order. Her smile was always nice to look at, pearly white razor tiger shark teeth. He crossed the gangway and checked her onboard moorings for any deficiencies and found none so he turned back to Serverstal for any last minute chats before he went to swab the decks. She kept her giddy complexion.

“Hey, Anatoly…” She felt compelled to ask him out but- to where exactly?

“Yeah, Serverstal?” She couldn’t get it out for some reason; she’d never been shy in her life but couldn’t say those words.

“Ah never-mind.” He shrugged and went to scrubbing again. Their usual conversations included Anatoly talking about history; he’s a major history buff, the two talking about sports; Serverstal listens on the radio, and about world events. Anatoly finishes her deck and she decides trying to ask again.

“Anatoly… You aren’t seeing anyone, right?”

“No I’m not. Why?”

“Well… would you like too?” He thought for what seemed like forever for Severstal but for Anatoly it was two seconds.

“I don’t see anything wrong. Sure let’s date.” Severstal took a sigh of relief, Anatoly chuckled, he’d never seen her so nervous before. “What, was that so hard?”

“Yes, yes it was hard!” Randomly she instantly thought about his hard dick and followed up that thought with: Really brain? Not even a minute in. Not even a minute. She moved on from that and went on with the day, and was reminded of the hard dick thought when he went below decks inside her to help out a coworker. No other sexual thoughts drifted through that day, only once or twice more through the week but she got over them. Their interactions became more serious in terms of dating, and things were beginning to show they were dating but it wasn’t as much as the Admiral did.

In a month from starting to date she felt equal on the high want to sail and the high want to finally use her sex parts and fuck Anatoly, and the night Anatoly promised to come in the next morning even though it was a holiday off she talked to the admiral about getting to sail tomorrow with Anatoly accompanying.

“Admiral tomorrow is a holiday, the base is closed, I wanted to take leave and sail for a few hours again. Hopefully with one passenger if you will.” The Admiral was laid back and fair, and he definitely wasn’t against human-machine relationships. Everyone on base suspected that he was dating his American 1967 Camaro Olivia, and everyone knew officially he was when interbiology relationships were passed in 2005 with a age of twenty for both partners for marriage. He wasn’t afraid of sex either, he was boisterous and giddy when he announced he and Olivia were having a baby in 2008 with the best mood anyone could remember him having, maybe better when their daughter was born but still he wasn’t at all against it. But he made it clear there would be absolutely no sexual intercourse on base.

“A little bit of a short notice, isn’t it?”

“I apologize, Sir.” She literally crossed her fingers on all of her manipulators and waited painfully for his response.

“Well… It’s not like you go anywhere much, I would counter you without a crew but you passed those tests in ’94 so you can go alone. It seems you may go. Leave at… o-eight-hundred and be back no later than twenty-hundred hours.” He turned to go back towards the gates then did a one-eighty. “No forget that.” Serverstal ceased celebrating and stared at him in anguish. “I have something better.”

“Y-yes, Sir?”

“I’ve been bombarded by some museum board or something like that to have a ‘Typhoon’ class submarine sail around Russia’s coast and stop at ports for a while to be an exhibit so-to-say, and I was going to have Arkhangelsk be used because it’s not alive and possibly offended by that but since you asked to sail alone with only one person then you could do that instead. It’ll be a six week voyage to some amount of ports that I don’t know yet but you and Anatoly can go.”

“Wait how did you know I was taking-”

“Everyone knows you two are dating so who else would it be? All you’d do probably is show up on time and talk about your service and that shit while he could do whatever the hell. You’ll start next Tuesday.” He turned to leave then spun around walking backwards to shout again. “And it’s about time you two bang.” Then he spun around and left the base in his nonliving car for home to his beloved favorite girls in the world.

Severstal would eagerly wait for morning to tell Anatoly the two of them were sailing in nine days.

Those days passed quickly and on that Tuesday morning they set out from harbor to sail up and down the Pacific coast of Russia. Anatoly had packed a duffel bag of his personal stuff like clothes and such while the base spared the food and life support packages and the Admiral personally loaded a small crate with a mischievous smile and told Serverstal to only open it up once they were underway. Anatoly was as happy as a kid in a candy store sitting high up in the observation platform while Serverstal was cruising at eighteen knots northeast heading reading the note the Admiral had in the crate. She smiled very dirty when she read the whole thing. They were expected at the first stop the next day but arrived ahead of schedule so Serverstal decided to take a quick nap before sunrise dreaming of seducing Anatoly. She woke at dawn and met a woman with the historical department that set this up. She explained the whole rundown of things before she herself started her shift as a tour guide; turns out her father was one of Serverstal’s first crewmen. The day ran smoothly and Serverstal enjoyed sharing her history with the groups of people so interested in her, all sorts showed up it was amazing. When the day closed she was tugged to a separate dock away from the bustling noise of the city-worked docks. This is where she’ll nab him.

“Anatoly have you seen my swimming pool yet?” She had set up a table with a bottle of Vodka and a glass in the recreational swimming pool room.

“Yes I’ve seen the ocean before.” He joked with her eating his dinner.

“No, smartass, I’ve got a swimming pool inside me.” He hadn’t seen it, he finished his supper and was led to the preheated pool.

“Wow! A little out of place, don’t you think?” He was flabbergasted that a Soviet instrument of mass destruction… had a swimming pool.

“Not as misplaced as your clothes…” He couldn’t see her face directly but could visualize her dirty look, a sly grin and narrowed gaze upon him, he’d been getting it heavily the past week, and was handed a glass of Vodka before the door shut. “Come on, let’s skinny dip!”

“Well…” She didn’t wait; she stripped him all the way down. He wasn’t surprised or was blushing, knowing she had internal sight via cameras placed around her compartments. He climbed into the Jacuzzi she had set and slowly shook his head no at the camera like you naughty girl, you and sipped the drink. She wasted no time at all prepping him.

“Anatoly have you ever fapped to me?” She asked innocently. He gulped down another swig and ahhed.

“Yeah I’ve done it I won’t lie. Have you fapped to me?” He asked in return knowing what she was doing and excitedly waited for it.

“Yes, yes I have. Now, what if I told you…” She reached into the warm bubbling water with two hands and spread his legs for a very thick tendril blunt at the end with a vertical slit about six inches long to extend into the gap. “We don’t need to fap anymore?” He chuckled into his glass taking another sip.

“About time.” She launched the vagina onto his erected dick and then let on some water in the ballasts. The penetration allowed some of the hot water to slip into her slit and it continuously sloshed around inside her mixing with her natural hot silver lube that was on its own slowly seeping out into the Jacuzzi water. She focused onto his dick, he felt great… so long and thick! He throbbed inside her still growing to his full capacity, his head was wider than his shaft and she felt it pull upwards with every heartbeat pumping more into his member making her gasp and whimper at every movement. None of her tendrils came close to feeling like a penis inside her, ever.

“Aahhh! Oh baby! You get what you wanted?” Anatoly’s sparking comment triggered her to take him in, and this follow up was answered mmm-hhhmmm. He slipped deeper into the warm water; up to his chest, and sat there buried inside his lover’s pussy. She was tight, surprising for her 22,000 ton displacement, and she was pumping out her silver fluid innards into the water all around him with his member being licked by some trespassing water and massaged by her tendril love. He thought to himself; Vodka in one hand, sitting in a Jacuzzi, ridden by a sexy woman, what else do I need? She continued moaning and pulsing on his rock hard dick unable to make herself pull off to launch again until he finished his drink and put it down. By this time the water was quite murky with a dull silver tinge and he was ready to do this.

“No no, love, let me do this, you relax the travel away.” He says leaning forward when she tried to pull herself off him. She did as he said and was pinned with her vagina tendril against the opposite seat by her lover; she moved her two hands to around his waist and waited for his next move. He braced against the Jacuzzi wall and eased out of her slowly, drawing more moans and silver fluid from her until she clamped down on his head refusing to let him go. Then he eased in pushing her forward and shoving some more water inside to mix with her with her grunts sounding from some source in the room. Then his testing was finished and he picked up speed with bodily fluids mixing with each other and water in a blurry excitement of silver white thrashing water and a swarm of moans and grunts and sighs in the air. “Oh Serverstal! I just want to kiss you right now!” She lashed onto his lips with what had been the source of her voice; a thinner tendril than the one on his crotch and on its side acting as another mouth for her. They locked lips and sent their tongues forth into each other’s mouth, moaning and whimpering. She felt him inside her mouth and vagina, she felt him above her, she felt him shielding her from above, she felt right there in the water with him; kissing and being taken by him. She felt his power, his intensity, his energy unleashed, then the soft sand bed on her hull belly but cared not; her conning tower still towered above the water. She felt safe, secure, protected under him in a way indescribable to anyone who’ve not felt like this before. Like nothing mattered, nothing could hurt them, nothing moved but them, time shut down in this moment. She closed her eyes and tasted his lips, his saliva, his flesh, she was there in the water with him as the bigger one watching over her.

They parted lips with her taste leaving a positive impression on Anatoly, he wanted to taste her other lips. He felt her grip on his dick tighten and constrict, her inside heating up hotter than the jacuzzi water, the jacuzzi water was a violent slosh of motion, he felt hers was building right along with his, and at his peak at the top she was hauling him deep inside with her arms and her vagina tendril pushing on his dick, testicles, and crotch. Suddenly he felt his hold slip and his boner dispensed it’s load into her chasm right as she exploded against him and she moaned in a grunting fashion and the water around them turned a complete dull gray by Serverstal’s rush of her bodily fluids mixing and diffusing with the water. They sat motionless for a while listening to the silence only broker by their heavy breathing. They call it a night and head to bed to spoon.

Anatoly woke early in the morning before they would be towed to the deep to sail on their own. He stretched and felt around for Severstal’s vagina tendril so he wouldn’t roll on it, he couldn’t find it even though the bunk he’s occupying isn’t much bigger than him.

“Looking for something, hun?” She slithered her tendril up his belly and his chest. He looked at it and smiled his usual smirk.

“Good morning love.” He bent up and kissed the lips and got a snip of that addicting taste. She quivered along his body when he kissed her pursed vagina lips.

“Ooo-wrong pair of lips Anatoly.”

“No it’s not!” He grabbed her leaking and winking lips that craved some supplement and rolled over in the bunk and laid it on the mattress when it switched angles for him. He shoved his morning wood up into her snaking pleasure, and then laid on top of it. Severstal was taken again, she felt secure again like last night, exactly like last night only less water and a soft mattress for her to rest on with him above him. She closed her eyes and was there in the bed under the covers with him, the cloth on the mattress filled with springs, the crossbeams under the mattress, his force thrusting inside her, and his anguish having to pull out of her. She reached up and wrapped her metal snake arms around his back and brought him closer to her imaginary hull in the bed with him.

“Your ruining the sheets, babe!” He laughed pausing to adjust and noticing she was leaking heavily into the bed.

“Fuck the sheets! I’ve got loads of them!” She pushed on him to go more, he thrusted and she grunted with the force. He felt his orgasm speeding towards him, he didn’t think she was at all close so he hatched an idea to please her. She felt his actions stiffen and stutter while his thick meat went more ridged and aching, then she expected the launch of his milk when he yanked it out and came in the sheets.

“Oh so now you’re conscious of my fertility?” He ignored her jest and picked up her thick and heat emitting tendril very warm and excited and shoved it to his lips. “What are you doing?!” She clenched her lips together, confused of his intentions. He grunted in a displeased way and shoved his fingers in and forced it open; his fingers were let in easy but when trying to split it she fought him half-heartedly; curious to his thoughts. He splices them open and plants his mouth on the gap and laps at her walls and liquids and clit bulb. Her hull shook and Anatoly could feel it in the bunk, every lick, every stroke, every probe… he loved it, he felt… pride, joy, power. She was indulged in his toying, his long drawn strokes and tasting, she wanted to feel what he was but at the same time wanted to sit back and let him take her away. She motioned with a mouth tendril toward his meat but he gently grabbed it and pulled it away before asking her to enjoy this. She accepted this and backed off and the two let time fade away. Later on she finally began to approach her orgasm noticeably; her moans became more erratic and a tingling of electricity was traveling all through her fluids and into her lover, then her chasm became stricter and her relaxed lips no longer held open were twitching close to shutting again, she couldn’t help but embrace him as her journey was ending. She was almost at the point of climax when she lashed up and pushed his face into her even more and savored his facial and oral movements as her cum shot out of her with pressure shrieking it by his pressed face at the sides. She loosened up and let him retract his face.

“Woa, that-that was, ahhh, unbelievable.” She emptied out her ballast and slowly rose from the water to her typical buoyancy just as a tugboat pulled close for her to hitch to and follow out of the harbor.

Their next port was four days away but only a three day travel if she travelled submerged at full speed. She decided that they will have some fun along the way so once she was clear she submerged beneath the waves and throttled to twenty-five knots, not her full speed but faster than her surface full speed. Anatoly had enjoyed a long shower heated by her engine’s radiant heat that was allocated to him; the only passenger, then comfortably walked around in the nude whistling a tune ‘doo-doo-do-do-dout-toot-do-do-doo-doo-do-do-dout-toot-do-do-dout-dout-toot-toot-to-dout’ before casually putting on boxers and eating a breakfast. Then after he was finished up there he went to the head again and brushed his teeth humming that tune again, it was catchy. He rinsed his mouth out and couldn’t help but sing the lyrics. Severstal was listening intensely; she familiarized it with the American language when they spied on radio communications in the eighties. She couldn’t help but feel alone in this and she interrupted him and asked what he was singing.

“Oh that tune? It’s an old sea shanty. It’s called ‘Drunken Sailor’ and it’s one of my favorite songs. Here I can teach it to you if you’d like me to.”

“Yes please! I’d love to sing it with you!” One of their old pastimes was to sing any old song they knew with each other to pass time on long dreary days in dock. He enjoyed singing with her, they sounded majestic together.

“Alright here, I’ll sing you the translation first, then teach you the English words and how to pronounce them with the right accent. Alright it goes…

‘What would we do with a drunken sailor?

What would we do with a drunken sailor?

What would we do with a drunken sailor?

Early in the morning!’ That’s the first verse…” He tediously sang her again and again and around the time of supper he’d taught her all she needed to know, lyrics, beat, accents, all of the pitches and tones, and then they merrily sailed the seas like swashbucklers. She couldn’t get the morning out of her mind; him eating her out was glorious, stunning, pure awe.

“That was fun, honey, that was fun.”

“Glad you like it.”

“I also liked your little oral performance you played on me in bed.” He smiled his usual grin.

“Oh that? Yeah I thought you’d like that.” She hoped he’d be willing to go again sometime.

“So I got a kick out of it, how’d you fair?”

“Me? I liked it, very much.”

“Enough to do it again tonight?” She asked seductively.

“Oh I’ll eat you out until you’re sore my beautiful Severstal.” She accepted the challenge and he set up the scene this time before he went to eat a late supper. After he ate he wandered on over to the officer’s quarters where he set up some candles, Vodka, pillows, and no bed sheets. Severstal checked the time at around 2117 hours at a depth of 32 meters. She ‘climbed’ into bed with him, he was nude and waiting for her in that old laying on the side propped up pose, he hugged her vagina tendril and pulled it with him up to the edge of the bed where the wall was and leaned against a pillow and started his oral pleasuring. She shuddered and moaned like the morning encounter and slipped into a sort of high that made time die away from senses. She randomly snapped out of it and noticed that her altitude didn’t change or her course or speed, so she slipped back into his trance, wrapping a small army of arms around him like a blanket keeping him snug and warm. Their escapade caused Severstal several orgasms, around fifteen and eighteen, before she interrupted his fun.

“Ah-ah-ah it’s sore, babe! Aahhh it’s starting to hurt!” Anatoly stopped and patted the side of her tendril. She looked at the time and it was 0241 hours the next day, five and a half hours of nothing but sucking and licking. Anatoly himself felt aching and exhausted, he’d been kept going by an electric current in her cum and lube, and was also nourished by it at the same time. Her cocoon of loving embracing arms lifted him and laid him on the bed and spread open at the dick’s area letting the meat open up above the layer. Her mouth tendril smiled and slithered around to the boner. He said not to go the five hours; she wasn’t going too otherwise he’d die. She used her hands to monitor his health as she started licking the tip with her human sized soft metal tongue.

“Oohhhh, Severstal, mmm-”

“My turn now, relax love.” She plunged down on him and sucked on his meat. She savored his taste, her tongue mapped his skin and formed a picture for her mind of it’s shape. She rubbed up and down with her tongue on the underside of his entire long rod, a new taste startled her, he started to leak some precum and it rolled down and contacted and excited her rear-end of tongue. She quickly grew attached to the taste and moaned deeply right along with her lover. She felt his tense body turn jelly and started to blow him, rising up and down on his shaft pulling and pushing him with her tender lips and tongue, caressing and comforting him. He started to tense again but realized she didn’t care where he came and relaxed again just letting it happen, and when it did she desperately caught and spread all of it around on her taste receptors.

“Mmmm, you’re so good!” She pulled off to say, a string of her salivate connecting them, then she dove back for more, and more, and more. She continuously checked his vitals and he dozed out in twenty minutes. After about half an hour of snoozing and more blowing he woke, then when she finished him off he gritted his teeth and seethed out that it hurt like hell. She quit and let him turn off before wrapping him up in her blanket of arms and rocked him to sleep with the waves rolling her hull gently.

He slept for a long time, well into the afternoon. When he woke up he was hit with a playful ‘punch’ from Severstal’s vagina tendril.

“Morning sexy.” He smiled and tried to wither his way out of her mummy bag of arms but she didn’t budge. “Going somewhere?”

“Uh-yes-the bathroom.”he pushed as hard as he could but she didn’t move. “I really need to tinkle, honey.”

“Use this,” she grunted demandingly shoving her vaginal tendril to his protruded morning wood head.

“No! Ah no! That’s disgusting!” He protested and rolled so she couldn’t slide on him.

“Just do it! Or would you prefer my mouth? Just-just piss already! Take me damnit!”

“No you’re being disgusting! How could you like that or want that!? Why can’t I go to the head!?” He demanded, he wasn’t going to piss inside her, that’s intolerable to him.

“Because you could wander! I don’t want you to wander about right now! I want you where I can control you and hold you!” She retaliated. “Now let me fuck that already it’s driving me nuts!” He stopped squirming and let her ride his disco stick with a disgruntled tempered frown on his face, he still enjoyed the morning bang, though. Right as he came a very small appendage inside her vagina extended into his gushing dick mouth and waited for his joy to cease squirting. When he stopped he felt it and screamed questioning its purpose.

“It’s used to force ejaculation for reproduction! I’m using it to force your bladder to empty!” She began its function of sucking and electrifying the area to numb it. Slowly but surely he began whizzing.

“Agh! Errr! Fuck you Severstal!” The piss stung not because of the entity but what it was that was pissing out.

“You did sweetie. Quite a lot in three days. It’s good progress if you ask me.”

“I thought you held yourself at high standards.” He rhetorically said still ewe about the piss he finished inside his lover.

“I do, but I know where it’s going so I’m not bothered, and I’ve got something special.”

“Alright I came…” He thought where it went… “Severstal… I c-c-cc-came..!”

“No don’t worry hun, it doesn’t go to any eggs.”

“So… we can’t have kids?”

“Oh no we’ll have hundreds of kids. I routed it to the sewage bilge tanks, that’s all.” He sighed in relief, and then the hundred kids hit him.

“We’ll have three, five or six at most.” He said seriously. She simply laughed and sighed.

“I know, I know, but I’m having around five little tots with or without you, just maybe not all at the same decade.” She said confident, Anatoly wasn’t so sure. She kept him lying there for a quarter of an hour before she freed him. “Now… Go to the kitchen.” She said, her tone meant she had surprise. He shuffled into the kitchen and smelt the aroma of a freshly cooked breakfast.

“No, no you didn’t!” He walked into the mess hall where a plate of pancakes, stack of cooked eggs, and a bowl of cooked meats.

“Yes I did sweetheart.” He was sat down in front of the food, still naked, and that implored Severstal to also be ‘naked’ for some reason. “I feel like I should be naked.”

“Why’s that?”

“Well you’re naked, so, why aren’t I?”

“You don’t have to.”

“And I don’t want to so put these on.” She tossed some boxers at him and watched him put them on. Then she found she couldn’t stop eyefucking his enormous boxer’s bulge in between his legs.

“So why’d you cook this morning?”

“A thanks.”


“Last night.”

“Ah! Oh and why are you staring at my penis? You know what it looks like.” He saw the camera focusing a little lower than his bent over body head position.

“I know but- but there’s something about it… it’s just so interesting to look and think about.” He smiled and chuckled then dug in to the plate. He offered to share but she respectfully declined the food. Once he finished he dressed and thanked her greatly then started to maintain her, cleaning and tinkering her internals. He worked all day but took a lunch break with Severstal up on the surface for some fresh air. He was standing on the observation deck admiring the view and watching the water slap and roll around her bow in its white foamy plume.

“You’ve made a sailor out of me, honey, you really have.” She wrapped around his waist and put a hand in his, the sea mist and breeze had made his skin cold and wet but hers were warm and dry.

“I knew I did, I just wish we didn’t have to go back, and that you could stay with me on the open blue.” They enjoyed the moment and dreamed; oh how wonderful that’d be. “Hey sweetheart, don’t you still live with your parents?”

“Yeah and my brother, apartments are hard to find out there. Why?”

“Why don’t you move in?” The two smiled lovingly and cuddled a bit more, Anatoly thought about it; moving into Severstal.

“I could…”

“Please? Pretty please? I get lonely when you leave.” She tried sounding desperate.

“Oh okay, I’ll move in.”


“The old man’ll be glad I’m gone, mom will probably cling on.”

“Take your time, I won’t be going anywhere.” After he went inside she stayed up on the surface to relay a message to the Admiral in regards that Anatoly’s moving on-base but not into a barrack. She then dove beneath the waves and sailed on.

He fell asleep very late; in the following morning, and she let him sleep his day away while she awaited a reply from the Admiral that didn’t come that day. They arrived at the port at around 2100 hours and docked a half-hour later. He stayed up and let her sleep, fondling one of her externally placed tendril vaginas on her observation deck to help ease her stress and anxiety of the journey and waiting. When he went inside at sunrise he saw a message from the Admiral approving the move-in but disproving another message that Severstal must have slipped in. He woke her up gently with a wrench on her pipes and asked her about it.

“So good news! I can move in! The Admiral asked my father about it and the old man didn’t even hesitate, as I thought he wouldn’t, and has already started getting all my stuff in boxes… boy do I feel loved. Anyway he said it’ll be shipped up to the next port, it’s past the base, and I’ll get it there. That worked out magically well.”

“Yeah it did!” She wrapped him up in her arms and squeezed gently as not to pop him. “But what’s the bad news?”

“Something about a baby, what’s that about?” She was confused, she never asked for a baby.

“I never asked for a baby, only what would we do with one… what’s it say?”

“No baby, nowhere to put a-oh okay I see, yeah I just read the first part. It says a humorph would be appropriate but a full blown submorph would not be acceptable at all. There’s no room basically. So how do we determine what form it’ll be?”

“We know a lot more now than we did back then in the beginning. We used to think it was specific traits you’d put into me via sex at specific times during pregnancy but now it’s known that’s not true. The mother will form the baby to be one of her type, but it changes on the fathers dosage, like a mold being bent out of place, but it’ll change back to the original form over time so if we want a baby you’d need to make sweet, sweet love to me every night or we might fuck up and it could be a huge baby. But if it’s every night it’ll be maybe a little bit bigger than you fully grown or about your size. So if we’re having one it’ll be every night and you WILL follow through with it. I’m having a child one easy way or another rape filled one, I’m not having my child taken from me alive.” He recoiled at the thought of nine months straight of sex, it turned him on but he knew it may get sore for him fast.

“Well that’s nice… I’ll uh, change right? So I’m not so… fragile?”

“Sure I’ll fix you. That’s a long letter for that stuff what else is there?”

“It just lists my duties onboard, tidiness, maintenance, uhhh invasion of privacy obviously you can see everywhere, that stuff. Well it’s show time! Let’s go sharing!” They worked through the day talking to another variety of people and machines, very few seemed uninterested, and those that did found something interesting in the huge assortment of systems and weapons and features. Severstal felt a greater want for children when she was playing and entertaining children all day, teaching them how to slide down ladders, run through the halls, close and open doors, and where to hide for hide and seek with the other kids, she of course let some win when it was her turn but she loved them, they made her day great. And she brought it up with Anatoly again that night at the table.

“I really really reeaalllly want a kid!” She pleaded him, she was asking to start it as soon as possible.

“So do I but we’ve got a duty and we can’t just put it off or find time to bang every night! I’m not physically ready, either, you’d need to fix me up or I might fail on you and myself. I’ll make a deal with you now; we’ll start right after our last stop. Is that alright?” She swarmed him with a multitude of tendrils and kissed him.

“Mmm-yes! Yes! Yes! Promise me that! Promise!” He shook his head yes. “Yees! Now… let’s start on some practice!” She ripped open his fly and dropped her vagina on his still limp dick, stuffed his sausage inside her buns, and waited for it to ripen. She was continuously moaning and drawing the whole time he righted himself inside her, then she slid on him nonstop when he was hard and ready. She decided to open up her ‘cervix’, it wasn’t actually the cervix but it acted as the old German cervix’s where it prevented against pregnancy but enhanced the sexual feeling and pleasure supposedly for both partners, and they’re about to find out.

“Hoooo-sshhhiiitttt!” Severstal opened up the reserve and surrounded his cock in heaven. “FFFFFFuuuucccckkk!Damn that’s good!” She was caressing and vibrating his package stuffed deep inside her soaking wet depths, he was sent into a high with a mixture of dopamine and fluids emitted into his bloodstream at his cock.

“Severstal… Oh fuck… Severstal, this is, ohhhh… Oh this is awesome…” She painfully rose on him, drawing protesting wails and whines from both of them then found enough strength to plow him rapidly, nonstop, filling the room and adjoining halls with pleasant screams and wails.

“FUCK ME OH FUCK ME!” He did as she cried and tossed her tendril on the table top and banged her sideways. “OOOH ANATOLY!”

“SEVERSTAL!” She was draining out onto the table, the floor, splattering everywhere with each of his intense thrusts. The two could feel each other’s time building evenly, the reserve must have synced their time, and she felt herself underneath his body being ravaged by his graceful might, her whole hull rocked in the harbor offshore in response to him. She occasionally caught her primary mouth drooling and her eyes rolling into the back of their mounts.

Anatoly felt all of her smooth graceful textures inside her amazingly tight and gripping cunt, all the reception buds of that magical life element, the slick hot coolant that filled her, a small recession in the bottom of her clit sinking it in at his push, and some suction tugging at his head. He wasn’t trusting of where that suction is going, and waited for the right moment to switch it up. Soon after the two were mounting in almost unbearable teasing wanting to cum so deep inside, but he changed his seemingly set mind and rushed his dick out leaving the tendril trying to follow and ride him more but he yanked it up to his mouth and French kissed it deeply and lovingly. One of her hands that went to pull his cock back into place latched onto it but changed rolls loosening the grasp and began stroking and caressing his meat in a hand-job. She was practically screaming when he reached as far as he could into her with his tongue and was trying to flip her vagina inside out with his sucking and eating. She couldn’t take any more, she let herself go and exploded against his face, drenching it and his clothes and spraying her silver goodness all around. He was tensed up from her reciprocating hand loving his boner, he went limp and sprawled into the chair behind him gushing streaks of white gloppy cum out onto the floor and edge of the table, her pussy still locked in his lips. They sat there breathing heavily and regrouping after such excruciating fun. Severstal noticed that she had sunk to the harbor bed, but still rose well above the water.

“Whenever we fuck, sweetie, I think I dive under, like some protection.” She paused every now and then to gasp.

“Stealth sex then.” He chuckled. “We’re stealth lovers.”

“Yeah, we are, damn that was good!”

“Kinda wanna start now.” He said aghast of air referring to a child. “The only thing is how?”

“You don’t pull out-”

“I know that but I mean.., how would it survive? What would it eat? Where would it sleep? How would we feed it? The message mentioned no suitable uranium rods would be fit for a sub that small and changing, so how?”

“I’ll tell you, I’ve thought about those for years. First birthing wouldn’t be bad, water helps but I’d breastfeed it first, that’s the first power source is me, so I would power it.”

“But that won’t last forever, or solves where it’d fit.”

“Probably next to me as a sub, within my reach. I always thought that I’d be able to carry it along until it was large enough for good sized uranium cells but now… as a humorph… I’d keep it inside my hull; still breast feed it but not, not as much obviously. I’m sure we would find some food for it. I mean, I can eat human food and use it as fuel, why not a humorph?”

“Yeah, that’ll work then, I guess.” He nodded and thought about where she’d birth it, she must have a hundred or so ports all around her hull. “Where would you birth it?”

“I can only grow it inside my vagina, which is at the underside of my hull exterior at about… mmmm…” She was feeling herself around the outside to place it right. “Midway in between my two prop shafts, right below my asshole.” He nodded then stopped.

“Wait your asshole?”

“Yes, I have an asshole, why’s that hard to believe?”

“What the hell do you use it for?”

“Ejections, it’s all manually loaded, not autonomous where I eat your sperm and I shit it out my ass-end. I can dump my rods into it as a failsafe, it’s lead lined and thick, but I shat out my rods into containers when I was getting them changed out. I think that’s what it was meant to do but it’s still sensitive.”

“How do you know that?”

“Well one time I tried ana-never mind.” He smiled.


“Yes… anal… it wasn’t bad I liked it.” She thought dirty again. “I used a tendril… I think you’d do better.” He was puzzled, as he went on asking how she opened a locker near one of the exits to get a diver’s suit for him when she noticed the time.

“SHIT! We need to leave! We’ll be late!”

“It’ll be fine, only a hour late it’ll be good. We can try anal another time.” She raced out into the sea and steamed northward into a near week long voyage. They took a break from sex over the voyage to let their parts recover and forget the feeling, almost, to enhance the experience later. They did have lots of face sex; they made out nearly every hour, and had to take a face sex break for a day, too. Anatoly had to stay up late the night they docked, first having to chat to an arrogant snob working as harbor master then loading all his things and his brother’s gaming console that turned out to be Anatoly’s now since his brother got the new one.

“Oooohooo, I want to play! Come on honey let’s play a game!” She was excited over this but Anatoly wasn’t in the mood seeing how it was 0412 in the morning.

“No I’m not playing.”

“Awww, pleeeaase? I’ll let you sleep in! At least hook it up.” He scrounged up enough to set it up to a small TV monitor used to keep the crew entertained on long deployments. He then started it and handed her the wireless controller and let her figure it out from there heading off to bed where she cuddled with him while playing a racing game.

He woke up at around 1900 feeling like a wreck. He sluggishly crept out of bed and knocked on the wall for Severstal. She had written down on a paper that this day would last well into the night and that he’d be locked inside for the whole time. He looked around for an inventory of that she left out: sandwiches, water bottles, other vittles, then read if he needed to use the toilet to ask for ‘it’ and he decided he’ll hold it. He noticed the game still on and checked on her progress, she had made a new profile named ‘SubDub’ and was halfway through Forza four already and working on CoD MW2 campaign. He found her starting in the middle of the story a no-go and switched it to CoD 4 and moped about waiting. He decided to work out to pass time, he hadn’t done anything really active except fuck his sweetheart, again, and again, and again… Maybe I don’t need to work out. Following up he did work out then wolfed down the sandwiches and drank the water noticing he’d just had a four hour workout and fell in the bunk out of energy.

“Oh do please work out more often.” Severstal said seductively eyeing his shimmering sweaty pecks, abs, face, arms, all of his sweaty self. “It really turns me on.” She cradled him in manipulators and arm tendrils before removing his only clothing, pants, and rubbing his dick with the side of her vagina tendril. “Are you fucking me tonight? Or am I fucking you?” He happily sighed and dropped his head into her hand-pillow underneath him. “I’m fucking you then!” She dove down on his erecting member and took in all his growing size had to offer.

“Wait here in port?”

“Fuck cares? The tankers in front are fucking! They’re louder than us!” She sunk to the harbor floor and rode him, entranced in that feeling she was there bouncing on his joystick. His length tickling her deep insides stroking and expanding it’s tight hold while she seeped out her precum silver all over his mid-body and the bed.

Anatoly was truly exhausted, a good long workout and now this stimulation. He tried to stay awake but he fell short and passed out after a minute or two, and left Severstal to do as she pleased with him. She enjoyed herself fondly for about an hour before turning in for the night. She wasn’t too tired but wanted to dream desperately, they help her drive much towards their future. Anatoly woke up and found his body aching, something he hadn’t felt in a while and enjoyed it. He labored away organizing his stuff more and cleaning up anything he could to pass time. He became so bored out of his mind that he made a maid’s outfit out of towels, sheets, tape and dress shoes without the tongue. Severstal woke up and instantly questioned him.

“I was so bored I made this to go along with my cleaning.” He went back to dusting the dresser for the fourth time.

“Why didn’t you play the game?” He shrugged his shoulders. “Play with me, then.”

“Play the game, right?”

“Yes what else?”

“Play with ‘you‘.”

“No, let’s shoot each other.” She picked up a controller and waited for him to sync his controller and sign in. “I’m waiting for you to set it up.” He set up a lobby on Wet Work and started the game. “You don’t look interested, why not?”

“My brother and I played the shit out of this game.”

“Well you haven’t seen me.”

“No, just a warning my brother never beat me in this game.” She whooped his ass 71 in 16. “HOW THE HELL DID YOU DO THAT?!” He was completely flabbergasted. Severstal was laughing.

“I wish I did bet down on that!”

“WHY?! WHAT would you BET?!” He asked loud and mystified.

“Five kids! If I won we’d have five more to your limit!” He shook his head no with it slumped down.

“I wouldn’t have agreed to that!”

“So if you did what would you bet?”

“Five away from any you added.” They laughed at how the situation had turned.

“I still can’t believe you’re still wearing that damn thing.” She picked at his rag-tag outfit.

“It’s better than it looks, actually pretty comfy.”

“Well I don’t think it’s revealing enough.” She chipped in tugging at his pants under the outfit.

“It’ll be more revealing next time I throw it on, alright?” She uttered an unsatisfied grunt then picked up the controller.

“Again! That was fun!”

“Definitely a challenge. Maybe you won’t be so lucky next round!” He taunted invoking her to taunt and then put their skills to the test. She whooped him again but only marginally. A few more rounds later and they were equal rivals, but right as the all or nothing game was starting up Severstal put down the controller and pulled out of the port out to the open sea.

“Next one’s a long ways away, sweetheart.”

“Alright then, I’ve had enough anyway. I’ll probably eat something I’m starving.” He went to the kitchen and started lunch. Severstal thought about children more and more, craving to just have one already.


“You alright honey?”

“I just want a kid now! I can’t wait I’ve waited long enough!” She’s been sexually active all her service and fought her urges day after day when she had a crew. At times at the harbor she refused to let anyone board so nothing would be forced on them. She’s told Anatoly this beforehand but he never first hand saw her need festering that strongly until now, and felt sorry, very sorry.

“Hey uhh, Severstal?”

“What?” She sounded distraught and miserable.

“I did some looking around…”

“New recipe?” He’d talked before about learning and teaching her some courses and her vice versa and thought this even though she’s in heat because where he is.

“N-no, actually-” he paused, turning off the oven knowing what she’ll do next. “We only need to feed it about ninety-six percent…”

“So that means..?”

“Uh-hhuumppffrr!” She swarmed him with her tendrils, yanking off his outfit, pulling off his clothes, making out with him intensely, rubbing her clit on his bare skin to get a feel of him immediately.

“Bed!-(kiss)-The bed!” She groaned, pulling and pushing him through the hallway and then into the bunk with the vast assortment of manipulators relaying him along. He hit the mattress and he pushed off his underwear to release his huge aching cock craving to fulfill its natural duty.

“Do it sweetie!” She plunged him deep inside her, opening it all and baking his dick in her festered heat phase now being released. “So fucking hot!”

“SO FUCKING BIG!” She yells as he rolls her over and power fucks her a solid ten minutes and he still didn’t cum. “WHAT THE FUCK IS TAKING SO LONG! FFUUCCKK!” He felt it must have been the huge amount of her hot and extremely slick precum. Her fluids had breached his nerves within the first thirty second and he never felt better. He felt her start to constrict him strongly and heat up more, her voice must have been heard everywhere in her halls and corridors.

“Cum my love, cum my love! I’ll keep going let yourself free!” He tried encouraging her. Her intensity increased immensely, until she rocketed out her cum to the wall a meter from the bed post, he didn’t notice but felt himself growing closer. “Close! It’s getting close!” She assisted him bang her squeaky clean, pushing and pulling him in and out rapidly. “It’s here it’s HERE!” He clenched as his brain was hit with cumming inside her. It was like nothing he’d felt before. Severstal felt an enormous surge of… Anatoly. The fluids that seeped into him had altered the dosage of seamen to be a greater volume. He kept on pouring in while every ounce he oozed she felt and drooled over it. It was like nothing she’d conceived before, a new sensation altogether that no one could recreate. It was. Magnificent.

“Ooohhh, AAAnatooly! I’ve never been high but! This is definitely better! WAAAAAY BBEEEEETTTER!” She had to have him feel it. She opened up her nervous tap probe and inserted it to share her pleasure of drawing his seed deeper and deeper and deeper into her piping. He moaned and slumped over her vagina, also drooling and licking her tendril’s side.

“Hhholy-shhh,” He felt his little present travels through her, and he felt her, all of her, all of it. They felt and held their breath, waiting for the moment of truth, after six grueling and yet pleasurable minutes, the feeling climaxed and Severstal was officially pregnant.

“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you-” she chants in a low tired tone as her mouth moves to lock lips with him. They rest locked together by genital, nerve and oral means for what they want to be forever but Severstal sees that she’s moved faster than ever probably because of the adrenaline in the engines, and had dove to that special ‘sex depth’ she calls it. She breaks the surface and turns her focus to her love maker.

“Hey daddy, I’m too tired to do anything, I’m worn out.” He couldn’t find any power in his body to say something, his body just wanted to be locked and entangled with his Severstal.

“You look tired, dear.” An older feminine voice came from behind.

“Would you like to be towed?” A scruffy masculine voice also came from behind. Severstal looked back and saw the two ships from port; now that she had a view from the front she saw they were old 50’s freighters. She gladly accepted their help toward her destination a bit further than the freighters’. She was hitched to the couple and surprised by their power in pulling her easily. She closed her eyes in the evening sun and slept with Anatoly.

She slept like a baby and dreamt with her love on the topic of the birth and raising it, naming it, loving it. He was enjoying all of this until he suddenly snapped awake leaving Severstal in the coupled dream puzzled. He climbed out of her tendril jungle and woke her up gently.

“I woke up if you were wondering.” She didn’t respond immediately, thanking the two freighters that towed her. “So where are we?”

“On course, good morning daddy.”

“Hey I’m no dad yet, how are we going to pull this off?”

“Very carefully.” She chugged ahead of the two freighters as they adjusted their heading towards land. He went into the kitchen and started to make some cooked ham. “Hey, sweetheart?”

“Yes honey?”

“I-uhh, I think I’m hungry…” She was a little unsure of it, she’d never been hungry before and the strange urge to shove human meaty food into her mouth feeling that it would easy her twisting feeling in her mid-stern section, just ahead of her opening.

“Ummhmm, so how much ham do you want?” He started laying some slices into the pan. “One, two, three, four, five..?” She motioned more. “…six…seven…eight…nnniiinnneee..?” She retracted her arms and brought up a whole bag of ham.

“I feel like this, I want this.” He stood wide eyed. He turned to the small pan and turned off the stove top.

“Fuck that.” He carried the package to the engine room and dumped it onto a heated portion of piping and spread it evenly out and cooked it all fairly quickly. “It’s done babe.” She gathered them up and started eating, then devouring them.

“Mmm, really good, mmm.” She wolfed down the whole thing in a matter of minutes less then five, scaring Anatoly a bit. He decided to cook his breakfast there as well and waited as she fetched something else she craved to eat. He finished off his meal and heard scraping metal.

“Uh sweetie, what the hell is this?” She was shoving a metal bed frame down the hall.

“I DON’T KNOW!” She sounded scared almost but knew she needed to consume something metal to grow the child but, this already? “All I know is it looks delicious and I want it! I need your help dismembering it, please hun I need it!” He was cautious but recognized that the child was still made of metal and helped her remove pieces of the bed as she swallowed bit by bit.

“Do you think it’s wrong that I like this bed frame?” He paused and licked a piece, still tasted like coins, and remembered he couldn’t consume it like she could; he was still human.

“Hey honey, I uh, I’m not morph… We never did that.”

“Oh um…(gulp) do you want to do it now?” She offered as her mouth tendril chomped on a metal leg of the bed.

“Mmm, I don’t see why not anymore. Let’s do this.” He began removing his clothes while she finished her post and readied the correct manipulators.

“Are you ready sweetie?” She poised her injectors at the ready, inserting a nerve tap into his neck to try soothing him.

“Ready.” He held her hand tight as she sunk into him and pumped out. The process had been tried to be lessened in extreme pain. It had only gone from hell-ain’t-got nutin to holy-Jesus-why-oh-God and while Severstal also sharing in his pain only halved it and both were screaming away crushing one another’s hands. It was over sooner than they thought it was taking but once it was over she removed them and cradled her little morphed man feeling his increased weight with surprise. They calmed down and raced back to relax as Anatoly lost feeling in most of his body and was collapsing as a result.

“Here you go sweetheart, a nice soft mattress.” She laid him down on the first bunk they came across before her hunger forced her to continued eating the bed frame in the hall. She saw that the change in his body had left him trying to regain much control and feeling, and thought that she could maybe… jumpstart… a specific function in between his legs.

“I’m starving, honey, and I know what you mean now.”

“Mmmhmm.” She started fiddling with his soft member, twirling it around the base watching it thicken and stiffen. “Hmm, I wonder-”

“Wonder what? Why are you playing with me?”

“Just to help you… relax. Does it taste different?”

“So parched. I’m craving… oils?”

“Well then-” she plopped her vaginal tendril at his mouth. “Let’s drink our fill.” He closed his eyes and suckled on her wet split lips, purging them with his tender metallic-cored tongue. He sent shivers and shudders of good feeling throughout her hull as she waited ominously for his goodness member to rise to the occasion. Once it was erect to her liking she licked all over it, enjoying the new taste of metallic hints and flesh mix in an even more welcoming and homely texture to her. She tasted even more appealing to him, and even more filling and satisfying. Her glorious rush of precum soothed his stomach as he used his hand to milk her huge tube of nourishing sweetness, caressing it’s tender folds and walls to leak more into his mouth. He rubbed all around her insides until he found her clit and then began to focus tenderizing that for her, invoking her to moan and shudder at his cue. His feeling down under began returning to him and he melted away by her precious gentle stokes and teases. His eyes couldn’t hold open and they drifted closed, imagining her whole hull shuddering, quivering, reeling and calmly bucking to his doings of her soft spots. It was awesome. She toyed with his member some more, licking the shaft and stroking the head until it fully throbbed and Anatoly started moaning. Then feeling like he had control there again she slid him into her mouth, letting his head push against the back of her mouth as it straightened out to envelope him. She reached to his eyes and closed them with her fingers, then closed hers and let herself shudder as she slipped beneath the waves to the sex depth. He performed flawlessly even though he was getting himself a real thorough blow job, he licked and suckled, lapped and probed at her whole slit and innards, she was gliding up and down on him, exploring every vein, indent, curve, bulge and ridge with her tongue and held him firm in her lips as she pulled and pushed his member around. They were in total bliss, continuing on until they came in unison and stopped there for schedule’s sake. Still, it wasn’t enough for Anatoly, so Severstal primed a fuel nozzle and fed him that. Sure enough it didn’t take long before they sat in their next display dock and Anatoly was full and lively again.

They had a great time together sailing around Russia, and had lively nighttime pleasures almost every night. Each stop was filled with interesting and exciting people, and the coasts were beautiful and romantic. Each stop was uneventful compared to the final one. Anatoly was waving bye to the last group of tourists when Severstal frantically called to him. She hurried him to the radio room and played a message to him, it was from the Admiral.

“Hey you two..,” he sounded stressed, anxious, and heavily worried, “uhhuh, could you two come back…….., at uh full steam…….., this is urgent. I’m sorry but come back now. It’s an order.” With that the message ended, it offset Anatoly, too. They knew it wasn’t like a military operation, he wouldn’t act like that, and no this was something deep. They hurried out of port, banged for good luck, and put everything forth to home port. It took a few days to return home, all of them eventful nights, and came home to a foggy dock. It had just finished storming and when the fog visibility had reached the dockside, Severstal saw a dockhand, the Admiral twiddling his thumbs, and a strange man in a thick coat and full face mask standing at the position of American Parade Rest. As Severstal was moored into her old spot and anchored down the for rolled away. The Admiral was sleepless, tired, paranoid, and very, very concerned.

“Is everything alright, Yuri?” She never used the Admiral’s name unless she was serious.

“No no no no no. Nothing is good, nothing is good.”

“What’s wrong? What is it?” Anatoly was also scared.

“Last week..,” he trailed off he glanced over to the nearby garage where an orange American muscle car of the 60’s or 70’s was sitting. It rolled out and Severstal saw it was Olivia, the Admiral’s wife, and saw that she was very concerned, too. The Admiral looked back, “last we we were threatened. A rock flew through the window and had a note that talked about us either dying quickly or dying painfully slow within the hour.”

“How did you get here?” Severstal was worried, coming to the base was a good move, on duty personnel and checkpoints meant nobody was getting in, and with herself there nobody would dare try something.

“We scrambled out.., a neighbor call later and said we were raided by many men with guns.., weird guns…” Just then a little car, a bit shy of half Olivia’s size, came out and raced to the Admiral. He turned to it and knelt on his knees and pulled it up onto his lap and bent over. He whispered something to it as he hugged it, it was Rosina, his daughter, and she was crying and hugging her father tight at his stomach.

“So who’s this guy?”

“He is here to help, he went and got me some of our stuff from the house.., I can’t pronounce his name to save my life for some reason, but! he’s here to root out the anti-sents, he’s got big help, big and old help.”

“How old?” Asked Severstal with a smile, not much left around was as old as she was.

“Older than you and Olivia.., total.”

“So sir, what is your name?” Anatoly asked as Severstal moved him to her deck.

“My name is Patelo, at your service.” He turned to face them, and then he removed his mask and hood to reveal bright red hair and capturing eyes. “And I have to congratulate you on your expectation, by the way.”

Fin The Typhoon

Again that one part I put in for simplicity sake, I didn’t enjoy any of it and it still weirds me out.


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  1. Theunknownjester says:

    Interesting, curious to see where this goes.
    any hints as to the guns or will that come in a latter story?

  2. Gingyflame says:

    The guns are similar to the rocket from the Leopard I story, effective against sentiment machines.

  3. Theunknownjester says:

    Ah, things built specifically for killing sentient machines, curious to know what the idea behind them is? are they simple mass produced weapons made by some guy/girl off in the middle of nowhere or is there a large well funded, and well organized group manufacturing weapons to remove sentient machines?

  4. Gingyflame says:

    It’s actually a checks and balances system developed between humans and sentient machines. The biggest predator to us is each other, and humans would rather that be it in general, but the machines have the edge of the two went to war. See if you grabbed a 9mm and went to shoot your car you’d be able to shoot it in probably 85% of the body and it could still be operated. Shoot a human in only 30-40% of body mass and they’re still combat effective. What this does is put power back into the people, but it’s not much, because of the machine biomass. If Marion was shot by the guns those guys had Hansel wouldn’t have anything to worry about, Marion would wince at the pain but she’d survive, even if she was gunned down by machine gun variants, (no not a foreshadowing it’s just an example) and Bismark wouldn’t even feel their weapons. To counter heavier biomass means bigger guns, a lot like dealing with armor, heavier armor means bigger gun. Or if your Stalin a shit ton of cheap, easy things that overwhelm.

  5. Theunknownjester says:

    awesome and thanks for that explanation!

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    Is there going to be more to this story?

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    Well.., yes and no.
    Yes they are still part of the HaM timeline, as with all my stories, and their futures will be impacted like all the others but no in that there probably won’t be one dedicated to them. They’ll make cameo appearances probably but they probably won’t star in their own story again. I want to give them another and one day I might but as for the near future, no.

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    @Gingyflame I am a writer as well ,do you have any tips on writing? I would love to see more of this story. Also do you know if Delta_3 is alive still

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    Delta is alive, yes, but he’s not interested in this kind of stuff anymore.
    Writing tips, eh, it’s your story and I think you should write it how you envision the plot evolving. I tend to leave a lot of my characters as blank slates when it comes to appearance so the reader can fill in the details and fit in more, it’s only key characters, like main characters, that I fill in as much as I can. I also tend to develop characters and do nothing with them later, that seems to annoy people because they expect a story for them and I don’t write it. Key points I’d say stories need is a plot, character development, and something interesting to keep people hooked. As nice as porn is stories really thrive when you build the characters up to fulfilling their sexual desires. It makes the overall story better and more enjoyable to both wank to and read through. That’s probably my biggest regret about early HaM is how rushed I was to get to the sex. I feel like I really should have waited longer and built more tension for the main characters.

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    @ Luke: Are you talking to me or gingy? If your talking to me, then no, I haven’t put myself into the story. I think it’s because a little bit of all of myself are in all the characters. Even “Chinook” has a very minor role as an Avanteguarde Andy Warhol type artist in the story.

  23. Gingyflame says:

    @Luke I’m not directly in the story, but I do have a persona in there. Most of all the characters are based on people I know, and then some characters I wrote I met in real life, funny how that works. I think it’s real funny how I wrote Inbred and Banker to always be arguing about something, and the example is what makes French toast unique, and sure enough like 3 years later I meet people who argue a lot, and they were arguing the exact same concept. Blows my mind.

  24. Kcidical says:

    Here. I made a discord for Y’all I’ll give you owner, Ratbat, If/When you’re in.

  25. Luke says:

    @ratbat alright I usually hear authors doing stories about themselves in their world they have made. Also in this world how would a machine send some dick pics you know if they really can’t get a view like planes and do they even do that thing or do they have some sort of new tech

  26. Gingyflame says:

    @Luke actually one of my characters sends pussy pics, she does it often. Look for “Little Miss Daisy”
    I had fun with the texting bit.

  27. Luke says:

    Alright I’ll look for the story is that the name of it

  28. clog says:

    Oi Gingyflame you think about starting a new really big story like HaM?

  29. clog says:

    God damn it I forgot to put “ing” the end of a “thing”

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