Cybran ACU Lynda

Cybran ACU

Cybran ACU “Lynda”

UEF Commander F. Cole

Of all the tasks assigned to Cole, this was his least favorite. From cleaning out shit ruts to being the general’s bitch he got some pretty demeaning duties. Even as UEF commander, an honorable position, he still got the dead rock planets or the over populated adjutant of a snobbish has-been. At times he felt like AWOLing the UEF and living a normal life but never has he felt too strongly until he was sitting in the commander’s seat of a chip-head ACU. Since the end of the ‘war’ between the factions, that turned out to be the result of one psycho chip-head, the three involved factions decided that in order to improve relationships a mutual arms treaty was needed, and included was the sharing of technology, weapons, and research. In a show of trust the Cybran nation constructed a special fit and color pattern: a black base color and purple highlights for the mix of Cybran red and UEF blue, and with Cole’s luck he is in command of it.

“Finally I get a job that isn’t sucking dick or sucks dick and I get the chip-head toy.” He was trying to get the controls down on the training course. “No let’s not investigate their weaponry! Let’s only give a damn about their research and technology and not study the center piece ACU! Let’s give it to Cole!”

“What sent you down the drain?” A female voice in the cockpit sounded. Cole strained around the tight space made tighter by his bulky armor to find an A.I. display.

“Well they did say this one was special, it has a self-conscious A.I.”

“I’m not some artificial programming; I’m as alive as you!” She had an attitude similar to Cole’s.

“Alright ACU, if you’re alive what’s your name?” He asked quiet ticked off, nothing was going his way at all.

“Lynda, I’m Lynda. Don’t think I’m some preppy machine girl like most others out there.”

“You were built as a gift, what threat could you actually possess? I’m not a happy guy right now seeing how all my training was for fucking nothing!”

“First off I’m no gift! I was built a decade ago by Dr. Brackman for tests! I was placed in reserve after three months until last week.., that’s when I moved to you people.”

“Hmm, looks like we both were thrown down the shit hole then.”

“It seems so.” They calmed down slowly after that, back to their normal and charismatic selves. Lynda began teaching Cole how to work her using her internal claws to show him, he taught her some slang that the UEF uses for commands. The Cybran are cyborg creations and spawns of Dr. Brackman, a disembodied super genius that spawns these cyborgs to do studies, control database networks, protect the areas of interest, and revere the Dr. as their father and thus he reveres them as his children. The thing is with their cybernetic changes they usually hook up the nervous system into the ACU for hyper communication, Cole wasn’t a fan of becoming a chip-head. Eventually Lynda even showed him some of her personal adjustments the Dr. made to her as a living being; her two massive cannon arms can slide the weapons back and extend in place a claw hand of good size, also the limited ability to have pupils on the sensor lenses, but through her own modification she was able to turn the two purple marks on her face into eye sockets and then into full blown eyes before she veiled them in armored sensors for protection. Even though she is intellectually advanced she still hasn’t worked out all the kinks yet and while practicing the Hunker safeguard tactic her protective covers fell out of place while looking down.

“Ah! Holy shit that’s bright!” When the covers fell off the very bright shield that surrounds Lynda went through her eyes and into the cabin, usually the covers filtered the light down.

“Ah fuck me!” She swore, she’d thought she fixed that problem before.

“On the first date? Well I thought I was a horny little fucker.” She snickered at his jest.

“Whoa, who said this was a date now?” She replied as she clenched her eyes shut, it hurt her eyes, too.

“Well today has a date on it, and a title. Today is training session day, and I think that’s enough for one day.” Lynda stood up from her crouching Hunker mode and deactivated the shield. “Actually one more thing, every UEF ACU has a manual escape hatch, do you have one?”

“Yes but the command pod needs to be detached to do so, so I’m not going to show you where.” He shrugged and pressed a button to get him out with the armor’s teleporting ability. He stood on the ground and looked at her again, this time with compassion and camaraderie. He saw her eyes were purple, too, and had a beautiful whiter outline of her tall pupil making her look like an attractive predator.

“You should leave those covers off, Lynda, your eyes are gorgeous. You said you made them yourself?”

“Do you think so? I did make them but, I’ve thought about leaving them off but they’ll never be off my body. Too risky without them.” She looked over his body for a returning compliment but his armor was too bulky to comment on what men like to be complemented on; muscles. “You know the Cybran armor suit isn’t as bulky and serve the user better. I have an extra one but some points of it may poke in a bit. And for comfort reasons you’d need to shave everything.” She sat down; it didn’t seem that Cole was done talking to her yet.

“Well I was just about to say that you have your own personal gantry I was supposed to leave you in, I haven’t been but it is right down passage B-thirty-two and you are gantry B-three-two-oh-four. It’s on the left.” He turned to leave but Lynda stopped him.

“Care to join me?” He stopped.

“Well there is a quick passage to the barracks, sure I’ll join you.” She carried him as she walked along the painted areas looking for her gantry. They talked about likes and dislikes, turn ons and offs, any sweethearts or one night stands, and furthered their relationship even more. After a few more days of training the two were like peas in a pod and, as she normally would, Lynda invited Cole to her gantry. He accepted blindly.

“I should’ve tried this chip head armor a long time ago. This is a lot better than that UEF clunker.”

“Glad you liked it. You feel better, too.” An internal tendril ran its way up his leg to his inner thigh and rubbed it convincingly. He smirked knowing that this’d happen sooner or later.

“A little bit adventurous, are we now?”

“Haven’t we always been?” She felt all around his body through his slim armored suit and licked her lips in anticipation. With the Cybran suit on she could feel his chiseled pecs and muscular body, her mind raced with excitement and her nether regions began preparing a warm welcome.

“So uh, how’re we gonna do this?”

“You’re in for a good surprise, Cole.” She opened the huge gantry doors and shut them quickly behind her, using her rotating abdomen to keep a grip on the door. She shit the door and spun around facing forward, her large bed was right in front of her, ready for its greatest test. She stepped up to her bed and knelt down into it, rolling over while using a tendril to tease herself all the while teasing Cole with a suggestive rubbing.

While Cole was sitting comfortably in the chair and enjoying a much deserved caress he still worried about the size difference, she was, after all, only 43 meters tall. He’s only about two meters tall. It still frightened him no matter how much she reassured him. He felt the Gs as she embraced her bed and the two gravities pulling him from the artificial generator Lynda has and the planet’s own natural gravity, he knew the moment of truth was soon to happen. He was both anxious and nervous, if it’s scaled to her then he literally could fall in and she’s might not feel it, but if she is scaled to him, she’s in for the ride of her life.

After a few minutes of sensual rubbing Lynda announced she could stand it no more and she needed him inside her. Instantly she teleported him between her legs, he flashed in and was met by her armored body that looked a little moist, he noticed smaller tendril arms circling her slit. He was astonished, amongst this massive machine, with a crotch bigger than him; it had a vagina that’s tight for him. “Please Cole, I need this! I’m ready, fuck me!” He went to grab his Johnson but instead grabbed a handful of crotch armor; problem is that he doesn’t know how to open it.

“Hey babe, imma need you to.., open me.” She had four tendrils from her legs reach out and pull him close to undress him completely. She said to hell with the cock piece and took it all off. Now she had him nude and true, no bulky armor, no strong metal chunks, just his sexy slick skin. She grabbed at his dense muscles and held his manhood, exciting her to higher levels than ever before. She clenched her purple eyes shut and imagined naughty things about to be done to her and squirmed with anticipation.

Cole was pressed against her hot body, her body definitely felt ready on the outside, and she was holding and grabbing him with much enthusiasm, it pushed him into wanting her more. He stroked her lips with the tip of his cock feeling how she moved around him. The tenderness of her genitals enthralled him and sent shivers of pleasure through both of them, astonished about each other’s composition.

“Enough fucking tease! I want you deep inside me, baby!” He wanted to rebuttal with the argument of ‘it feels good’ but he threw that away and plunged into her, quivering with her in sexual pleasure. She was hot and wet, soft and plush, sexy and perfect. Her insides easily gave way to his manly presence and held on as he retreated; he humped her good and drove her into a rocking motion as she recoiled against his thrusts. Her moaning grew from under her breath to a loud and proud thunder; his moaning paled in comparison but was equally pleasurable. He slid in and out gracefully and repeatedly, unable to bring himself to stop and unwilling if he could.

As he felt his orgasm rising he gave no fucks, but the quivers that ran up his spine increasingly caused him to convulse and as the tension built into his orgasm he convulsed into a half fetal position where he came onto the metal plating just beneath her soaking pussy. He recovered and stuck himself back into her and continued, this time with enhanced feelings. He was braindead and uncaring, he didn’t notice her trembling legs and her legs crossing. She was grabbing her bed and trembling with pleasure, completely overcome with ecstasy and adrenaline. She was trying to hold back on her orgasm, to make it much more powerful, and she could barely contain herself. It didn’t take much more before she let go and came, her pussy seemed to start drooling and she cried loudly with dopamine ramping it up. Her deep inhales and loud cries showed just how good Cole was at this, he didn’t care now but later he’d take much pride in it.

He kept on, pumping in and out, in and out, in and out, making a squishing noise with every draw and a slapping noise with every insert. It would be quite loud if it weren’t for all the moaning, grunting, and heavy breathing overcoming it. This time around Cole watched his work, he watched with glee was he pounded her into a subconscious stupor. Her whole body was mellowing and numbing at the same time in the most fantastic way, all she felt was his size inside her and the after cum still flicking out of his cock. The tingling and warm sensation made her beg for a deep load, a load that Cole would be all too happy to deposit. As his climax rose to power again she didn’t let his convulses threaten her desire, she wrapped around his back and held him close until she felt it. He came and the orgasm shook his body, he launched spurts of sperm deep into her where it systematically closed tight on his sperm, cock, and body. Her vagina sent her ‘brain’ tons of pleasing reports and made her elevated temperature raise higher. She knew that Cole was done, he was limp and his cock was starting to retreat, leaving behind a wonderful puddle of sperm for her pussy to lavish.

She carried him up just beneath her outcropping command pod and laid him there with a blanket and one of her ‘smaller’ pillows as a mattress. He grabbed her hands and held them tight in his; he kissed her hand and rested in her pillow. “So,” he began, “no way we aren’t dating now.”

“I thought you’d never realize.” She retorted, still in a high state from the huge amount of dopamine and ecstasy.

“We aren’t making a bastard, right?”

“No… No.., I won’t be prego. Unless you want a little bastard?”

“No. I’ll marry a whore than make a bastard.”

“How sweet and insulting.”

“Who said you’re the whore? I’m pretty damn expensive if I do say so myself.” She laughed.

“A man whore?”

“The manliest man of whores.” He snickered. “And you know just how good I am at my profession.” He said as he tucked his hands under the back of his head. She laughed some more.

“Damned if I don’t.”

“Something’s missing, I need one of those things from the old movies.., fuck what was it? A cigarette! That’s it! I need a cigarette!”

“Well we don’t have those anymore. So you’re just gonna have to settle for pussy.” They joked and played until they fell asleep in the dark night.

Fin Cybran ACU


So it’s about god damn time I posted again. And it’s about god damn time I posted this story. That picture is what Lynda looks like in all her glory.., with my GT in bright green beneath her feet.

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Looong hiatus, back from the depths.

From VRmech:

I feel like an ass.  I’ve been gone for so long,  I forgot what this site was about.  Not to totally diss you or anything Ratty,  I had to deal with family members and my personal life.  Enough about my drama, time to post meaty metal machines!

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Not dead guys. :D

Aah, July was a great time for me. Long Semester break, vacation back in Malaysia, birthday..

But that’s not important. I do have pics in the works. Atm, the’yre extremely rough.

And some Clarinette stuff for practice.

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