[10/28/14, 9:01:33 PM] RATBAT: in Russia still there is a KV2 who’s been kind of trapped in these country mechanics basement row house for 3 years because part of his track was fell apart

( Please note that Dire machines regenerate broken track just like any other attached limb via nanomachine reservoirs like humans heal a wound. This is the only part of the story that doesn’t make sense for the Dire KV2)
[10/28/14, 9:02:16 PM] RATBAT: this doesn’t normally happen, because the nano machines try to repair as many broken original anatomy as they can
[10/28/14, 9:02:40 PM] RATBAT: so the fact the tank was trapped was kind of far fetched in the first place.
[10/28/14, 9:03:34 PM] RATBAT: never the less this Russian teen and her uncle took care of the KV2 “Borislav” for years and years. he was a friend of the family since the great great great grandfather brought him back from WW2 in one piece
[10/28/14, 9:03:55 PM] RATBAT: so they did their best to find a piece of track and repaired him.
[10/28/14, 9:04:20 PM] RATBAT: they kinda hoped he’d stay and help with the family business , but it was his choice weather to stay or go
[10/28/14, 9:04:25 PM] DELTA X3: I like that name
[10/28/14, 9:04:27 PM] RATBAT: and he wanted to stay for the teen
[10/28/14, 9:04:37 PM] RATBAT: Borislav means “victory in battle”
[10/28/14, 9:05:56 PM] RATBAT: in any case, this girl isn’t too young and isn’t too old.. she’s about 16
[10/28/14, 9:06:11 PM] RATBAT: and she’s got partial journeyman mechanic status
[10/28/14, 9:06:26 PM] RATBAT: but it turns out
[10/28/14, 9:06:42 PM] RATBAT: she was in love with Borislav,and he was in love with her
[10/28/14, 9:06:51 PM] RATBAT: her name was “Fedya”
[10/28/14, 9:09:55 PM] RATBAT: the uncle went out on emergency business, and Fedya comes home angry because the “boys at school are getting grabby and stupid.” and she doesn’t wan those boys at school (because she’s a mechaphile for a heavy tank with a 152 mm howitzer
[10/28/14, 9:10:17 PM] RATBAT:

that same night Fedya comes down stairs again and discovered that Borislav was looking at Russian porn sites preparing for a way to pay her back for getting him tread replacements.

[10/28/14, 9:33:10 PM] RATBAT: anyway, a thin slight teen girl allowed a KV2 to sit her down on his cock..
[10/28/14, 9:33:14 PM] RATBAT: and he was so big..
[10/28/14, 9:33:32 PM] RATBAT: she took the pain for him until he was deep inside
[10/28/14, 9:33:55 PM] RATBAT: so much lube trickled out..
[10/28/14, 9:34:32 PM] RATBAT: she may have passed out but he caressed her and spoke to her .. talked her through what was happening..
[10/28/14, 9:34:58 PM] RATBAT: until she was used to his size enough that he could thrust into her and help her find her orgasm
[10/28/14, 9:35:35 PM] DELTA X3: Oooh
[10/28/14, 9:35:36 PM] RATBAT: factoid: 60% of women don’t become orgasmic till around their 20’s
[10/28/14, 9:35:57 PM] RATBAT: but with tlc, they can coax those nerves to become orgasmic
[10/28/14, 9:36:06 PM] RATBAT: and he was helping her.. stimulating her..
[10/28/14, 9:36:17 PM] RATBAT: so big inside her..
[10/28/14, 9:36:43 PM] RATBAT: all she wore was a see-through silk nightly now stained with his heavy grey precum
[10/28/14, 9:37:26 PM] RATBAT: she was underage.. but the machines… this is where their own morality diverges from the humans.
[10/28/14, 9:37:49 PM] RATBAT: they recognize physical maturity first in an intelligent race.
[10/28/14, 9:38:25 PM] RATBAT: a 16 year old boy or girl is the same as a 23 year old boy or girl, or a 30 year old boy or girl
[10/28/14, 9:38:46 PM] RATBAT: if your physically mature, your ready to have sex
[10/28/14, 9:40:11 PM] RATBAT: she grabbed at the turret of this massive KV2, and let Borislav “the soviet love hammer” break in her tender flesh
[10/28/14, 9:41:21 PM] RATBAT: the more he stroked , the easier and more comfortable she became with him..till she could relax around his throbbing machine cock
[10/28/14, 9:41:48 PM] RATBAT: he stroked her hair and caressed her back the whole time.
[10/28/14, 9:42:00 PM] RATBAT: talking to her.. moaning to her.. touching her cheek..

[10/28/14, 9:42:38 PM] RATBAT: using his mechadendrites to gauge her receptive spots.. and working at those
[10/28/14, 9:43:17 PM] RATBAT: she was developing quiet a chest to.. which he coiled around just to feel
[10/28/14, 9:44:21 PM] RATBAT: It was quiet a site to behold..
[10/28/14, 9:44:37 PM] RATBAT: a pristine Russian girl giving herself to an old soviet giant
[10/28/14, 9:46:10 PM] RATBAT: one day she went to school, and one of the upper classmen tried to molest her in the bathroom . Borislav was pissed
[10/28/14, 9:46:22 PM] DELTA X3: Omg

[10/28/14, 9:47:17 PM] RATBAT: even at a top speed of 30 or 35 mph, he knew he could totally run over that kid
[10/28/14, 9:47:58 PM] RATBAT: and if he didn’t, he could totally pick up and choke that kid out with his tendrils
[10/28/14, 9:48:43 PM] RATBAT: Tanks parent allowed to fire their main weapons in civilian city limits unless marshal law or war has been declared
[10/28/14, 9:51:18 PM] RATBAT: Right now Boris is trying to think about what he’s going to do to protect his young mate Feyda
[10/28/14, 9:52:03 PM] RATBAT: and Fedya is working on how she’s going to tell her uncle she’s been fucking Borislav every night before bed.
[10/28/14, 9:52:13 PM] DELTA X3: Lol
[10/28/14, 9:52:35 PM] RATBAT: her fingers are starting to turn grey..
[10/28/14, 9:52:45 PM] RATBAT: part of her hands..
[10/28/14, 9:53:02 PM] RATBAT: she reaches out over the dinner table to grab some rolls
[10/28/14, 9:53:35 PM] RATBAT: her uncle grabs her wrist . “What have I told you about washing up before dinner eh?”

[10/28/14, 9:53:59 PM] RATBAT: he thinks she’s dirty from after school mechanic work..
[10/28/14, 9:54:05 PM] RATBAT: but that grey won’t come off..

[10/28/14, 9:54:25 PM] RATBAT: so she goes up to the bathroom and pretends to wash
[10/28/14, 9:55:23 PM] RATBAT: all the while becoming hungrier and hungrier for the machine downstairs.. who sings Russian folk songs in a baritone voice deep enough to rattle the bricks loose in the fireplace.
[10/28/14, 9:55:36 PM] RATBAT: he’s messing around on a laptop thinking about her
[10/28/14, 9:57:02 PM] RATBAT: Borislav wants to bond..his engine and systems ache.. they burn for Fedya now in between chores here and there.
[10/28/14, 9:57:17 PM] RATBAT: He made damn sure those boys never messed with her again.
[10/28/14, 9:58:13 PM] RATBAT: the snow had already melted and been gone for a month..
[10/28/14, 9:58:24 PM] RATBAT: But the girl.. she still wore her winter clothes.
[10/28/14, 9:58:36 PM] RATBAT: it was starting to bother the uncle.. this “behavior”
[10/28/14, 10:00:00 PM] RATBAT: He never suspected Boris, Boris was a damn fine worker. and but for the more then occasional synth diesel bill that cut into profits in the family business. Boris was very technical and well experienced with the other tracked vehicles in the farmlands
[10/28/14, 10:00:10 PM] RATBAT: he was like a “machine doctor”
[10/28/14, 10:00:51 PM] RATBAT: he knew so much about other Russian machines of various types he was just like a doctor
[10/28/14, 10:01:33 PM] RATBAT: when he identified the ills of the other machines, (chronic problems that nano machines could not regenerate)
[10/28/14, 10:02:02 PM] RATBAT: the uncle and Fedya set upon to fix these troubles with sweat and tools
[10/28/14, 10:03:37 PM] RATBAT: One knight the uncle had been drinking. he was in an off kinda mood.
[10/28/14, 10:04:32 PM] RATBAT: dinner was put on the table, and this “daughter” of his (his deceased brothers girl) she wore gloves at the table.
[10/28/14, 10:04:44 PM] RATBAT: “take those off. i mean it.”
[10/28/14, 10:05:37 PM] RATBAT: she tried to argue her case but he cut her off. “Take them off — show me your hands.”

[10/28/14, 10:06:37 PM] DELTA X3: *much suspense*
[10/28/14, 10:07:04 PM] RATBAT: she took off the long gloves slowly.. with her head down, they were dropped on the floor and she turned away from her uncle who could see plain as day that this ‘greyness’ had progressed up her arms and nearly kissed her elbows

[10/28/14, 10:09:00 PM] RATBAT: he sat back in his chair and pressed his hand over his mouth starring long and hard at her arms. then he poured himself some cheap vodka and pounded it back slamming the glass on the table.
[10/28/14, 10:11:13 PM] DELTA X3: No Plinkova Elite
[10/28/14, 10:13:44 PM] RATBAT: ;;he turned away from her and huffed. then poured himself another drink. “it’s Borislav isn’t it.? You and him ….yebatsya ”
[10/28/14, 10:14:52 PM] RATBAT: Then he leans over and puts his hands over hers. prompting her to look at him.
[10/28/14, 10:15:54 PM] RATBAT: “I promised your real father i would raise you till you could find a man of your own to protect you. But he died before the machines woke up, and things are different now.”
[10/28/14, 10:17:07 PM] RATBAT: “I guess i am kind of not surprised you ended up this way. You never once showed any interest in the kids at school.”
[10/28/14, 10:19:10 PM] RATBAT: “You are too young for this Fedya.. but i know that “he” is not doing this hurt or take advantage of you.
[10/28/14, 10:19:46 PM] RATBAT: ;;he pounds back his cheap vodka and mutters ‘So much for grand kids.”
[10/28/14, 10:20:04 PM] RATBAT: “you better eat that before it gets cold.”
[10/28/14, 10:21:30 PM] RATBAT: later on that night, Fedya tip toes down stairs to the heated garage where Borislav is polishing his munitions and watching Tv from a shitty old flatscreen (flatscreen tbs are old technology now)
[10/28/14, 10:22:39 PM] RATBAT: its some kind of game show where the locals do stupid shit for rubals.
[10/28/14, 10:23:12 PM] RATBAT: Borislav has watched this show everyday and Is now beginning to get the humor involved.
[10/28/14, 10:23:48 PM] RATBAT: he chuckles occasionally with a..what kind of sounds like heavy diesel engine idling.
[10/28/14, 10:24:41 PM] RATBAT: he turns his turret to her and she walks almost soundlessly up the little step stool her put there for her.
[10/28/14, 10:25:42 PM] RATBAT: he hugs her, presses her to his armor and pulls her clothes off in order to tease and eventually sheath himself inside her.
[10/28/14, 10:26:47 PM] RATBAT: he can tell that some great weight has been both “lifted” and replaced with something else… he hopes its not shame for their love…
[10/28/14, 10:27:42 PM] RATBAT: in his deep Russian voice he tells her, ‘Everything will be alright.”
[10/28/14, 10:28:09 PM] RATBAT: the 2 make love with the tv on and just moan against one another not saying a word.
[10/28/14, 10:28:29 PM] RATBAT: (there thats my story so far)


[10/28/14, 10:28:31 PM] DELTA X3: So the uncle is or isn’t upset
[10/28/14, 10:28:50 PM] RATBAT: he’s not upset. he just doesn’t know how to handle it.
[10/28/14, 10:29:09 PM] RATBAT: the Russians in that town are very traditional
[10/28/14, 10:29:20 PM] RATBAT: and even though they are friends with the Dire machines..
[10/28/14, 10:29:33 PM] DELTA X3: Not a typical situation a (foster) patent has to deal wroth
[10/28/14, 10:29:34 PM] RATBAT: its still very strange to some of them
[10/28/14, 10:30:06 PM] RATBAT: yeah
[10/28/14, 10:30:13 PM] RATBAT: I really like this story
[10/28/14, 10:30:41 PM] RATBAT: its both happy and both kind of troubled
[10/28/14, 10:32:09 PM] DELTA X3: I like it. You never mentioned the aftermath of that upperclassmen
[10/28/14, 10:32:10 PM] RATBAT: It was just the uncle and the daughter of his dead brother and Borislav a giant ass heavy soviet tank living in a row house together
[10/28/14, 10:34:02 PM] RATBAT: Borislav payed him a visit and threatened to have his ass ‘disappeared’ KGB style as him and all the machines in town were friends and would be watching is he as much as looked at her again.
[10/28/14, 10:35:13 PM] DELTA X3: KGB style
[10/28/14, 10:35:24 PM] RATBAT: hehe
[10/28/14, 10:37:22 PM] RATBAT: KGB hasn’t existed since 1991
[10/28/14, 10:37:35 PM] RATBAT: so its hard to tell if that kids understood what the tank meant
[10/28/14, 10:37:39 PM] RATBAT: but he probably did

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