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Notes: I had played farcry 3 during the first few months I started experimenting with living machine porn in 2014, so my model for Atoll Lab was based off of Rook island at the time. But real Atolls are not very big, simply large volcanoes that have enough coral built up around them that they break the water and become islands in their own right. They also typically have a closed or semi closed shallow lagoon in the middle, so I kept close to the definition. If you check those coordinates on Google earth, you’l find that the island is slightly north of french Polynesia proper, and slightly south of another atoll called Caroline island that looks like a strip of bacon when viewed from space. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caroline_Island


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Finals coming soon

Just wanna keep the ball rolling with more Atoll lab comic updates despite the upcoming drone orgy and Bismark commission. In fact I would like to get 2 more comic pages, my patreon sketch rewards, and the drone orgy out the door before the end of this month when all the finals bullshit kicks in and I’ll be studying.  I also want to give a shout out to Krill for donating to the website again, as well as DeltaX3 who has been super good to me.  tumblr_no4cnlfChe1tx7ei8o1_r1_500hAlso, Special should out to “She who will not be named” for creating this wonderful piece of artwork depicting all of the newest armors Russia had to show off at this year’s victory day parade. I literally could not log on for a day without people showing me the t-14 and t-15 for a solid week. This  picture gives me emotional feels, because I am SUPER into tanks and ground units atm, (All I wanna draw is Leclerc MBT porn but there isn’t the time this month..). I just feel it would be super funny and super sexy to chill with these Ruskies and shoot the shit over a bottle of Vodka and diesel on a rainy night. One other thing, I greatly prefer the “eye” to be apart of the either the gunner veiwport, the driver veiwport, or camera system. So the above picture pleases me to no end. These machines are supposed to look machiney, and Is probably why I am less apt to draw older tanks where i have to just arbitrarily slap and eye on a flat piece of armor and hope it looks good (Hanz/Borislav/Tunguska)







Note: One of my original characters “No-Name” shows up here in this short story. He was inspired by the Tengu strategic cruiser ship from Eve online. My space ship design skills are not as good as my ability to personify said machines, and so No-Name looks considerably more catfish-draconic then was originally intended.  He is a super advanced space machine fighter drone 1 of 20. He was however recalled back to earth for minor defects and purchased by the organization you will later learn about.

153949-640Airplane butt.

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Atoll_8Welp folks, it starts. Let me know if you have any questions. The little Aeromorph girl btw, is Moon. I decided that showing her happy family with the contrasting bigoted humans in non man-machine alliance countries would be the best for setting the tone of the story. As for the title, Protestors generally say crazy shit all the time, cerebral informed me that that is potentially one of the funnier things I could have had them say.

Also: Black boarders in comics are synonymous for things that actually happened in the past, like flashbacks. So I’ll use black boarders if there is a time shift.

Moon as a baby is mostly head. I did that because her mother was a plane whos prop engine is in the nose. This means that by whatever magical science leads her to have her engine (heart) in her head, and brain (in her chest) she would allays be top heavy until the rest of her body could grow out.

** So the way I currently have it set up, Dire machines don’t have last names (because they weren’t born from human parents) therefore, they tend to give themselves very bland or un imaginative names. This causes a problem when you live in a state or a country that has 5 guys or gals that all go by the same first name as “Cessna” or “Abrahms” so for the sake of ease, Dire machines give themselves a first name, and their last name reflects the city/county/country/state/province/town or isle they are from. In this instance, the f-86 sabre is named “Dempsey of Chino” because he awoke from the Planes of Fame museum in Chino California. Dempsey is also an older kind of name that was more common in the 1940’s-60’s so it fits him fairly well. The f-86 saw most of its combat in the Korean war in the 50’s so it fits.

The toothpick pays homage to to Peter Falk of the detective show “Columbo” who was always chewing on a cigar while he was forming his thoughts.


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A new kickstarter has gone up for which I am an artistic contributor to. I’d like to just spread the word about Descendent Studios who recent acquired the license to make a sequel to Decent from Interplay. So if you where a fan of the old series or like the idea of space mining ships fighting underground, give it a look see.




For Atoll Lab: new side character “Shinkawa” and “Mori”

So I came up with a new side character to describe the state of the world In Japan, (Much like Borislav and *Fedya describe the state of Russia in this future world of living machines).

Japan in 2124 :  As you may have heard, Japan’s own population of true Japanese people and those who maintain the cultural traditions are in the decline. Even though new industries pioneered over the hundred year period pulled the country out of its wildly recurring economic recession, social trends changed the face of its people forever. Kids growing up and moving away from rural farming life, the high cost of city life, the great woman’s empowerment movements, the rise of the Hikikomori and the public protests against work life, did little to encourage the newer generations of humans to settle down and have kids. The population has largely been in decline ever since, with their being more robots and vehicles then there are people. With less children being born, Japan had to rely more upon its robot A.I. technology to act as caretakers for the aging populace. The hard-line policies against opening up the boarders for worker immigration also proved to be a mistake that would bite the government in the ass 75 years later. in 2094 when the vehicles of the world awoke, they outnumbered the people of Japan 3 to one, the revolution and change of government happened relatively quick with machines being accepted as “people” 10 years before the rest of the world settled on their own man-machine governments.  The Japanese people consider the “Kikaijin” (Machine people) to be a positive addition to the culture because machines are seen as Blank-slates, or sponges to absorb culture. The cultures positive  predisposition toward to A.I. and robots also largely helped the kikaijin to be accepted by the people on a whole. For the last 40 years Japan has enacted a “Bachelor tax” which also includes the Kikaijin our of desperation to replace the population with non foreigners. (eventually the government had to relent a little on the closed boarder thing, so you do see people from France, Germany, Mexico ect.)

“Despite our acceptance into this world, We are looked upon as fundamentally different. This may change, but our kind could wait a whole lifetime to have a human open their arms to us.”

Shinkawa works for the Japanese maritime self defense force. He carries the signature red sun roundel, and uses his body type to do the work he was always meant to do. As a US-2 ShinMeiwa Amphibious STOL search and rescue craft, His life put him on the outskirts of the popular places far from Tokyo and Akihabara to the southern  Iwakuni Airbase where a small but aging population of river folk settled down amongst the military personal.  The military here ran a tight ship to keep the shores safe from all sorts of things as well as unscrupulous “western terrorists” who would disrupt the tenants of the man-machine alliance.  Shinkawa, A proper, deep voiced Japanese “citizen” moored himself by a private dock relaxing while being on call for rescue operations. The Job was dangerous but payed very well considering that he had not taken up with a human partner- he had pocketed all the money and lived modestly..but lonely.

He had thought many times of taking up with another machine as His own desires ebbed and flowed. Mating with a Human or a Morph was the best possible outcome a Kikaijin could hope for, but being on call, his line of work didn’t leave for much time for him to travel.  It came down to that fateful day when a High school student played hookey and found him floating along the docks next to some other living machines. The girl, “Mori” was a budding Maritime enthusiast and stopped just short of the base to come talk to a real ‘search and rescue plane”. She was bright and earnest, which pleased Shinkawa greatly, the 2 talked about his line of work and about his boat friends, procedures, and his own personal stories. The girl was young, Probably 16-17 Shinkawa could sense, but her heart beat was elevated and he could feel she was really on about something else. After about 3 hours of heated conversation She asked him to come close, and she whispered to him silently (This doesn’t matter as all Dire machines have stellar hearing), “Shinkawa, I… I want to know what it’s like to have sex with Kikaijin. Will you?”

In Japan, No one expects women to be this forward. Even after the woman’s empowerment movement, it is frowned upon for young women to be this forward to men.

Shinkawa choked and his expression turned from terror to utter intrigue. He grit his tungsten teeth, his internal nature- the 2nd protocol sent his core into full spin. There was no way he could deny this long-haired girl her request. He spirited her away to a nice dark, quiet area, where the 2 worked slowly and softly to take her virginity in the least painful way. He warmed his hull for her, and his tendrils coiled around and seized her thighs to open and press splayed out against him. she kissed and licked his tendrils, but stopped and panted “Please I need this, Please..Don’t think..any..less of me..” he moaned back to her “I don’t, I don’t.” and he undid her hair ties to let her hair free to flow in long black waves which he played with excitedly. This was like a dream for him, a human coming to him for intimacy, one of his tendrils snaked its way over the thick thatch of black hair over her mound to her moist folds where he rubbed a soft sucking tip in a circular motion over her bundle of nerves. He was capable of delivering very low grade electrical charge and used this in an attempt to coax an orgasm from her shy clit. With him buried hotly- tightly inside her, the waves of pleasure came more easily. The 2 worked into their sex gently, enjoying every moment. This girl was not shy, but she was worried about what her family would think if she tried dating the Kikaijin around them.

Shinkawa would later find out with each subsequent visit that Mori was an A student, and had prospects to get into a good college, But this was what her mother wanted. She had no father, he skipped out when he got her mom pregnant.  Because of this, her life was practically run by her mother who didn’t want the same thing that happened to her happen to her daughter. Mori preferred the JSDF for a career path, but liked ships and would have settled for the maritime SDF. It was blatantly obvious this girl desired machine kind, and it was Shinkawa’s duty now to make her his own. They kept their relationship secret for 3 months until the grey “corruption” began to travel up her fingers and toes. Thank god it was the fall season where she could wear long socks and gloves at the gym. The 2 effectively fell in love with each other and met regularly once, twice, 3 times a week. They discussed politics, the news, movies, games, and had sex when the two ran out of things to say. Sometimes she would come to visit and do homework while Shinkawa listened to music. Sometimes, Mori came by to sleep off a late night of studying pressed against his warm hull where he caressed her lovingly.  Her school friends started to suspect something was going on when she blew off their attempts to hang out only to then call back much later in the evening to apologize. Her mother was worried the stress of school may have had something to do with it, but choose not to intervene just yet.

Mori came by one day after school to find that Shinkawa was not there. He was called in on short notice to rescue some humans caught in an over water fire fight between a living fishing boat and a dead one filled with terrorists or maybe drug runners, it was hard to tell. The whole thing happened so fast. Shinkawa and his unit showed up, the armed PT boats with their personal scrambled to neutralize the situation while Shinkawa attempted to rescue the 3 men who were cast into the sea when the living ship was rocketed by the bad guys. Shinkawa barely lifted up off the water when his right proximal engine was blasted apart by some kind of improvised missile weapon. The blast scattered ball-bearings against his hull and nacelles causing him to hard land back into the water where he quickly began bleeding in large heaps.  He limped back to shore on 2 engines and completed his rescue.. but he was weak. The engines-they are the hearts of the machine.. If you destroy the engine of a Dire machine, you kill them. For special planes like Shinkawa, the loss of one engine wouldn’t automatically mean death…  But the further loss of another without sufficient nano machine reserves to regenerate it meant that he was dying.

Mori found Shinkawa dragging his own body heavily ashore in the frost covered ground. She screamed and ran to him pressing her hand into his stream of grey blood flowing out into the dirt and looked up in panic. He groaned and told her ” Forgive me, mission went wrong …a..mission.. was attacked..I am damaged.”  She stumbled around looking for someone to call to, but her and him were alone. “W-What can I do? I am not a mechanic! Please don’t die Shinkawa!”  “He moaned weakly, “Don’t bother..calling..emergency..response.. no time…” Mori listened intensely as Shinkawa spoke, “Out of Nanomachine..out of blood.. but you have.. in you..”  The thought occurred to her something that he had told her would be important later, Something called “Nanomachine partitioning”. All that sex she had with him was corrupting her body sure, but he was also using her body to store unspent nanomachines, something for a rainy day. A mortal injury in this case. He wasn’t sure if taking them from her body would be enough, she was a small girl, but he needed to try and survive.

The process to extract these nanomachines from her would make her loose consciousness, even done so sexually, it was hard on the body. He embraced her close, dragged her to the nearest open seaplane shed , and used what was inside of her to close his wounds and save his failing engine.

A week passed. People hardly noticed the missing person’s report that Mori’s frantic mother had posted. But the team responsible for taking mission reports and filling injury claims eventually went looking for Shinkawa. He had not signed in to work since the incident, and the brass scoured the shoreline looking for him . The 3 men Shinkawa rescued were innocent bystanders targeted by one of the so called “western terrorist organizations” Humanist first. They started attacking living machines in the area completely oblivious to their close proximity to a heavily populated military base. The Coast guard was forced to open fire on the opposition who refused to surrender to a man machine government country. None of the terrorists survived and Only 3 of the 7 humans aboard the fishing boat survived. The boat herself, was killed.

When Shinkawa was found, he was slumped over weakly tending to a small comatose woman in his arms, His wounds crusted up with silvery grey flakes of nanomachine matrix. The Iwakuni recovery team recognized the girl “Mori” from the missing persons reports. So while mechanics and doctors were called in to assess both of them, Mori’s mother was called. The cat was now out of the bag. Mori’s mother showed up, talked to the maritime authorities and met the huge beast of a seaplane that her daughter was moonlighting with for so long.  Before the mother could raise a fuss, Shinkawa boldly proclaimed “I am marrying your daughter, she saved my life.”  Moris mother neurotically lit up a cigarette and sat down for the strange truth the wounded Kikaijin was about to tell her.  Shinkawa told Mori’s mother about some of the things he felt she needed to know about her own daughter emotionally. He also told her mother that Mori was a ‘hopeless mechanophile” just following her nature and her desired career path. He would be marrying her daughter one way or another. (Even if the age of consent in japan is 16, Mori would be 18 in 2 years anyway and there would be nothing her mom could do to stop it.)

Mori was finally roused awake by the doctors who gave her fluids and sugar injections to shake her out of her stupor. When she woke up, she was mortified to find her mother there scowling over Mori’s half naked body cigarette in hand.  the mother looked up at Shinkawa (who was a veritable giant 109 foot long seaplane) and took a puff from her cigarette. Her mother spoke, ” It figures this is how things would end up.” :she takes another puff from her cigarette; “you seem very sincere machine, so much more so then I was given when I was her age.” :Her daughter looked down to the floor but Shinkawas tendrils pulled her chin up to hear her mother speak, “This isn’t what I wanted for my daughter, But I hear rescue workers make good money. You take good care of her while she continues through school , or else. ”  ‘She is my only daughter, Take care of Mori, or I will kill you myself.” ;the mother lit up another cigarette, she was happy her daughter was alive, but this was not what she was expecting.  Mori’s mother and friends all noticed the rapid change in her demeanor, she seemed happier now. Happy enough in a chaotic world.

Shinkawa cradled Mori close to him, “Mori, I want to know what it is like to grow old with a human. I want to know this joy.”  With tears in her eyes she wrapped her tiny arms around him and kissed his belly. “I do to too”.


In the epilogue of the story, Mori’s mother plays a bigger role. Shes still very much a helicopter parent who wants to see her daughter treated right.  The mom is invited over for dinner a lot much to Mori’s shigrin, but this is very much the Japanese way of respect. Mori now lives with Shinkawa along the Iwakuni harbor, and the mom still visits a lot, she expects grand kids- even if they don’t necessarily look human.


-the end for now.

Marine_Corps_Air_Station_Iwakuni_-_JMSDF_Iwakuni_Air_Base_(427022429)Special thanks to Ken Singshow who originally introduced me to this plane after a discussion on Japanese seaplane progression from WWII and beyond. To most people, Flying Boats and amphibians are not what you’d consider ‘sexy” to most people, but to me I think they are the most beautiful hybrids of the plane world. In an unrelated note,  there are tons of fascinating articles about the population decline of Japanese citizens check out this one too: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Herbivore_men

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Finals week

TitanmemeI’ll try n update with part 2 of the Atoll lab faq after the procedures test.

Art has been delayed for finals. (I still haven’t forgotten about you Kirill)

Also: More ctrix , this guy takes chip-tunes to a whole new level. https://soundcloud.com/ctrix



Cool article courtesy of vermifuge was this find about the construction of the SR-71 and the recently de-classified photos. You all should give this a read. http://sploid.gizmodo.com/fascinating-photos-reveal-how-they-built-the-sr-71-blac-1683754944/+jesusdiaz



7) The World:

The story of Atoll Lab takes place in an alternate timeline of the real world but about 100+ years later. A Renaissance of space exploration occurred and prompted a huge boost in technological development for space travel.  Through resources brought back from space, Human kind was able to solve the power crisis, but not the age-old problems of overpopulation and war.  The militaries of the world decided not to retire the old models of machines they used, but keep them going with updated frames and internals, Funding instead went into the development of space drones and ship technology. So in this world, the A-10, the su-27, the T-90 ect.. they still exist with modern engines and armor.  The more developed nations saw advancements in medicine and cybernetic implantation, most humans carry at least one augmentation and it is as common as carrying a cellphone in your pocket.

When The Machine race fully arrives into the world and things have settled down, New governments form on top of old ones as the “Man-Machine Alliance governing bodies” or simply put “Alliance nations” come into power. (Humans had saw to it that the machine folk were issued a Turing test to determine weather or not they were truly sentient or if they were just mere robotic machines and every Dire passed.  Many humans recognized the former vehicles as people, But in reality, humans cant survive well without machines. it was well understood that the economy would collapse without the help of the Dire machine. ) The governing bodies ultimately protect human and machine life and outline new laws to ensure the Dire machine are regarded as true Citizens of the nation they live in. Like humans, The machine folk pay taxes and work for a living. they participate in nationally recognized holidays and occasionally get called in for jury duty when the need arises.

Architecture in alliance nations has changed as well. In our world, people complain about “wheel chair access compliance” , in their world, reasonable accommodations for large machines became a necessity, and new architecture with wide doors and advance elevation came into play.  Humans and machines work together as partners and pay is shared by both.

8) Opposition:

Not everyone recognizes the Dire Machines and their children as people. There are various reasons as to why great number of humanity still holds onto the old way of government by resisting the machine folk, Some of it religious, some of it personal. Outside of alliance governed countries, humanity continues on in denial: the huge lack of modern mechanized power makes their economy weaker then that of machine loving nations, but People here press on using gutted vehicles or older factory type machines to do labor and bring food to the people. Dire machines who cross the boarders into these countries must do so at their own risk, for they don’t have laws that protect them here like they do in Alliance nations. People here often times refuse service to the machines folk, and even humans with visibly corrupted limbs get ignored or turned away. It is however nowhere near as volatile as it is in Anti-machine towns, villages, cities where they attack and kill machine people on sight. In the Atoll Lab world, the source of the world’s pain tend to come in the form of terrorist organizations like “Humanist first” who claim that allowing the machine folk to mingle with humanity will cause man to go extinct. Humanist First men and women come from all corners of the globe to cause havoc against the countries that would willingly recognize the machine race as equals. They target humans and the children of humans who have chosen a machine to lay with siting it as a “betrayal of mankind”. They aren’t above using machines against other machines, and come with their own impressive array of captured weaponry from rockets to heavy machine guns. Because Humanist First is able to organize and strategize, they make for a much more dangerous opponent in the long run then even the success machines who are mostly wild and solitary.

9) Refugee centers:

Thought the boarders to the Alliance nations are camps run and maintained by the Demi machines with the intent on helping out those Dires or Dire couples who have escaped from over the boarder away from unfriendly nations who would try to harm them . Because there were many vehicles per people before the advent of the Dires, not all of them were gutted for use or destroyed outright. Occasionally some of those vehicles do still awaken and find themselves in a scary place. If they make it to the boarder, the refugee camps are there to help these machines become citizens and tend to their wounds if they have any. There are services for pregnant machines and corrupted humans and every effort is made to ensure the safety of the staff and charges inside. Each facility contains a small armory for defense, and these places double as disaster shelters if that need arises.

10) Flotilla cities:

The ship folk (much like the locomotive folk who are trapped to their rails) Found themselves at a disadvantage compared to their land dwelling neighbors as they relied upon the mainland for many supplies. Ship folk could only access supplies through harbors, waterways, and rivers, and attracting humans to come to the sea to mate with them also proved to be a daunting task.  The natural segregation via topographical differences caused the ship folk to form their own tight knit culture and endeavored to construct huge floating cities or land mass extensions to facilitate bringing the people of the land closer to the people of the sea. These Flotilla cities operate independently from the alliance nations if they are more then 300 miles away from shore but carry with them much of the same spirit of the laws from these places too. The sea-fairing nations are ruled by a parliament of aircraft carriers and other ships who convene to decide on the issues of the day and carry out swift action on those who break the rules. The Environmental health of the oceans in the future are not terribly great. Many great species of fish and other animals on the brink of extinction so The ship folk do their best to protect what is left of the beasts of the sea as it is what the humans also want. Fuel is largely provided by synthetic plants who process the energy materials brought back from space, No deep sea oil drilling is conducted anymore.  Food for the humans are grown on green house ships and fish are provided by shoreline farming. The navy is revered here, with many of the plane folk still choosing to serve a navy life for the peace and quiet it brings. Submarine Dires form a subculture all their own, operating closely with the Parliament, and frequent the flotillas for news and entertainment.

11) Pleasure hangars:

One of my favorite parts of the story, Is the pleasure hangars. Dire machines and their children are constantly influenced by that need to find a mate and have lots of sex so they can breed the next generation. Dires can and do often mate amongst themselves (making Super Dires) But very much desire some human DNA in their offspring. Finding humans who are willing to love them, is the hard part. So Many places have sprung up to attract that very small % of humans who do have a sexuality fluid enough to consider loving a machine. People with means donate their large hangars or homes, once or twice a month, to becomes a warm, safe place for humans and machines to go to have a sexual experience for free. Refreshments are provided by the hosts, and humans who come are not pressured to do anything they don’t want to. People here leave their clothes in the hall and enter the main area as nude as the machines themselves- a symbol of leaving one’s shame behind. No one judges here. old, young, thin, fat, and any racial type are welcome as long as the people act with civility. Machines aren’t allowed to ask the name or any other information of the human unless it is offered up first, This is to cut down on likely violations of privacy outside of the event. There are board games, movies, places to bathe, and quiet places to talk.. but many just come here to have a sexual experience with a desperate Dire/Demi of their choosing. These places are so popular now, machines are being turned away due to lack of available space.


10) The Moon:

In this setting, much of the fossil fuels on earth have been used up more then 50 years prior. With the great space Renaissance, new sources of fuel where discovered in the great beyond and on the moon where helium 3 is mined and processed to be sent back to earth for use. All machines in this setting use ‘Synth’ diesel, ‘Synth’ petrol, or have an engine that runs with the use of super futuristic portable hot/cold fusion. On the moon is a huge colony of humans and machines working together to expand on the world’s need for fuel and address the questions of how to proceed in the long term. It is here in the stars where the Space machines truly rule, even as the average car or plane never ever meets one in his or her’s lifetime.

The last great world war was over distribution of materials from space,  The costs involved employing, mining, transporting, said fuels still make it so power cannot be freely subsidized. Getting resources to poorer nations continues to be an issue.


So that’s it, That/s my Dire machine FAQ in a nutshell. If you read this and have a question about something that perhaps I could add another entry, Do not hesitate to drop me a message.

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Happy Tanksgiving!

bionic_mecha_wolf_by_leebleeb-d5qnu9rHappy Thanksgiving people! Eat lots of turkey and cranberry sauce.

Special thanks to Delta for donating to the site! <3

Dire machine FAQ (1)

After talking with Delta earlier, he suggested that I make an FAQ related to the Living vehicles In my porn pictures on the original tab. When people casually ask me little questions regarding the mechanics of the sex, or stuff about the world these machines live in, I give everyone an original response not a canned one. I love answering those questions, But as with any artist- most these days have an extensive “head cannon” that could take hours to fully explain.  It also sucks to have to write all this shit down too because normally nobody cares about it other then yourself (making it generally a big waste of time).

The story behind the porn is not that important. Its just something to justify the machine porn to myself like I did this with Edenworld back in the day and now I am doing it with Atoll Lab. I encourage anyone who is so inspired by the facts to take what ever aspects they like from my story and incorporate it as their own: No one’s idea is ever truly original anymore.


1. The Space machine Code

It is 2124, in an alternate version of our world. Almost all vehicles across the globe come to life because of an artifact that the space program brought back after extensive ice strip mining of the moon Europa. Various scientists experimented with the artifact and learned of its dangers when a computer program sprang to life and escaped into the web unhinging financial databases all over America until it was caught. The artifact was encased in a lead lined box for over 30 years till its sudden disappearance by virtue of a mining mega corporation with plans to use its “machine awakening” abilities on new weapon type experiments in the south pacific.  This artifact (The black pyramid) transmits an unearthly universal line of code into machines, and into the web where within half a year, the code spread like a virus “jumping” to any machine with an on-board computer or simple computer system that can receive satellite data like a GPS.

Humanity never saw it coming…

2. Machine apotheosis / 1st protocol.

The space machine code enters into the computer of the vehicle and re-writes the code over millions of times until the internal functionality of the computer cannibalizes itself to create the first nanomachine, which then builds the second nanite, which then further multiplies and divides and multiplies like the cell of a human fertilized egg. These nanomachines form a colony, and then begin to create non organic life by rebuilding the old computer into a sophisticated brain reforming old parts into new parts all contained inside the shell of the old vehicle. During this time, It is not uncommon for the vehicle to absorb bits of inorganic matter around them for bolstering the living internal system. The process happens very rapidly. Usually 1 to 2 days time. If you were driving your car at the time this was happening you would notice something was very wrong and you’d likely be alarmed.

3. 2nd protocol

“Dire machines” awaken into the world with the purpose creating ‘better versions of themselves”, their desire for sex and breeding almost insatiable.  All machines have free will to ignore the 2nd protocol, but they burn to mate with those holding very different abilities from one another in order to create those “better versions”. To do so theoretically creates Machine children that are twice as good as the parent in ability or power. For this purpose, Machine people are highly heterogeneous, they don’t want to mate with someone of their same type. The Ship Folk desire to mate with the Plane folk, the plane folk mate with the tank folk, The tank folk mate with the space machine folk, and so on. But All the Dire machines desire humans above all others as they are the most different. After a suitable amount of corruption, this can actually happen.

4. Machine Subtypes:

There are 5 to 6 subtypes of machine race on the planet all stemming back from the original space machine code. They represent the hybridization of the various machine DNA’s and their mutations.

A. Dire machine

Any regular terrestrial vehicle, plane, boat, motorcycle, space fairing vessel, electronic weapon with a computerized system or upgrades to include that system (WWI,WWII,Korean,Vietnam,Cold war and up) that wakes up and becomes a living machine due to contracting the Space machine code. Resembles the exact vehicle except the internals are changed to facilitate non organic life (eyes and mouth are optional). Dire machines carry Nanite colonies in their fluids and also have adapted the use of smaller mechanical appendages called “mechadendrites” and manipulator arms.

B. Demi Machine

The children of Dire machine’s and humans. Demifolk are Vehicles that carry some humanoid traits for maximum adaptability . Standing between 8 and 12 feet tall, some say that these machines look similar to mechas or robot Egyptian animal-headed gods. Demifolk take after the machine parent more so then the human one, plus they are completely machine despite human resemblances and carry less then 2% organic matter. They can eat anything for use as fuel.

C. Corrupted human

Humans who have had sex with dire machines or morphs become slowly “corrupted” over time. Like a stigmata of sorts, Nanomachines from machine kind saturate your blood stream and turn your limbs, eyes, tips of your hair steely grey while the insides of your body shift physiologically into a form the Dire/Demi folk can more easily mingle their systems with. Corrupt humans are 20% larger and stronger then people of their same type. They age at 1/8th the normal rate, and are immune to virus and diseases, but cannot heal without a constant supply of Nanites effectively making them partially symbiotic to their machine partner.

D. Half-Machine

In the current setting of the story, cybernetic augmentation is as commonplace as it would be to carry your cell phone and credit card in your pocket. Most people carry one or two slight augmentations, but the Military bodies of the world have access to advanced “Cyber Armors”  to use on soldiers who have either sustained great injury, or need extra strength for the mission ahead. If these Cyborgs become infected with the space machine code, the code remains in the body and further augments the fine structures of the implants creating rare people known as “Half-Machines”.  The “battle partners” for the initial Atoll lab machines, are Half-Machines. They are just as dangerous as a Military Dire machines and often fight with one as a partner.

E. Shin Dire/ Super Dire

The children of Dire machine and dire machine. These are Hybrid vehicles without human DNA involved. Typically crazy combinations of tank + plane, or car + boat. Any sort of machine only child who have additional functionality due to 2 different machine type parents. One easy way to think about this, Is if a jet and a submarine have a child, they produce a vehicle that can fly but is also amphibious. A Jet that can ambush from shallow oceans and lakes.

F. Success machine

Monsters. Before the collapse of the old Governments, War weapons testing in the Atoll lab project revealed that torturing a living vehicle enough will sometimes prompt the Space machine code to re-infect the host body as a defense mechanism. This causes Horrific mutant vehicle combinations and ability’s that often defy the laws of physics. Scientists caused these mutations deliberately so they could use the results as cheap super weapons against more powerful countries in the world war happening at the time. In the end, these machines often killed their creators and escaped control into the world where they would later turn up in civilian areas to reek havoc on human and machine kind alike. Success Machines are easy to spot, as they resemble  mutant versions of regular vehicles with colossal sizes, kinetic shielding, and extra weapons said machines would never normally have. Most Success Machines are irredeemably violent, and even meeting a neutral one can increase your risk of dying by 60%.

In the grand scheme of the story, The Success machines are like the Gorgons of Greek mythology. Tortured monstrous souls who exist in the world as challenges for heroes to face. They do not pose as great a threat as the Anti-machine terrorists however, because most Success machines are too chaotic to organize. It is currently unknown how Many Success Machines were produced during the Atoll lab project, but it could be as little as 50 or as much as 200.

5. Atoll Lab

The story begins on a fictional large ring island in the south Pacific not far from the French Polynesian islands. This island “Isla Ala” was privately owned and only populated by workers, Scientists, and military folk.  The island includes a modest ship harbor, roads, and modern bunkers where machines are housed for use in various projects. It is unclear Which pre man-machine alliance government was responsible for the “Atoll machine weapon project” But this large island was home to some extremely unethical procedures and experiments conducted on human being and living machine alike.

Mega corperations were looking for ways to make super weapons out of cheaply acquired older technology by upgrading various combat vehicles with better armor, guns, engines, and quantum computer cores. These machines were then purposely infected with the space machine code in order to become Dire machines.

( This is about the time the Space machine code broadcasts itself into the web and starts to infect all vehicles around the globe)

6. The Bond

Machine folk are sexually heterogeneous among their racial types, but are somewhat bi-sexual until they choose to form a Bond with someone. The bond is “mating for life” and cannot be undone as it manifests in physical internal changes. The Machine folk can only create children once a bond is formed. the dominant machine partner allocates system resources to the electronic CNS (central nervous system) to create new neural pathways to send and receive information from the submissive partner. The organ that produces nanites doubles in size, and the internal chassis/air frame gains additional organ functionality for breeding and maintaining remote mental/wireless links. In a human partner, The Bond allows a man or woman to mingle with machine DNA to produce the morph race. They become more compatible with the machine internally (like a usb port for receiving and sending back neural information too and from the machine partner.) And your bonded partner can save you from a mortal wound by injecting you with his/her nanite reserves to target the damaged area.





This is a rough idea of the machines I will draw next barring certain days off, sickness, desire to do the Atoll lab comic, or family obligations.

Porn art schedule:

5. Su-47 part 2 (color version)

6. Messerschmidt 262 AND BF109 3 some

7. Altay MBT or M60 phoenix mbt or leopard 1

8. B-1  Lancer or B-58 Hustler

9. CH-47 Chinook(not porn) or B-17 Flying Fortress

10. Master blaster (??)

12. Eurocopter Tiger

13. Type 45 destroyer

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The life inside. *Edited 12/29/2014*


BorislavAnyone in the house speak Russian?

I know this is creepy even for mechaphiles, But like the Kamov 3 pic, It’s part of whats in my heart right now.  I would absolutely kill to be in a life long relationship with a living machine, and nothing says commitment like a little potential life to fawn over, even if that life wont exactly look anything like you.  I don’t typically feel this way about human x human, but I blame Steel Thunder for putting this sub fetish for non human pregnancy in my head.

This goes back to the discussion earlier about tankmorphs and how they came to be .. a little corruption, a dash of love, and 9 months of patience. This picture is basically the future outcome of the short story of Borislav and Fedya : http://www.titanatelier.com/stories/ratbat/borislav/ I did the Tiger 1 pic of Hanz and the fraulein for Germany, now I wanted to cover the WWII soviet side with the most iconic bunker buster tank the KV2. Its big, its boxy, and sports a 152mm Howitzer gun (with shells guided by Stalin himself- seeing as the KV2 was never meant for tank to tank combat, it actually wasn’t that great when not used for taking out walls) Still, Ive come to love this thing, and Ive been killed by it multiple times in War thunder. This pic is only meant to be sexy for people who wouldn’t mind having machine children, but more specifically outlines another thing.  In the human world, When a woman gets pregnant she is often sexually abandoned by her mate- often making her feel ugly, un sexy, unwanted.

Hormones stirring inside the pregnant woman can sometimes make the women hornier then men, and the fathers they don’t touch these pregnant woman for fear of ‘hurting the baby”. Not only is this a fallacy, But it has been eluded to, that sexual play, orgasms, and the like during the pregnancy keeps the muscles of the abdomen strong aiding in the final delivery of the child. I adopted this idea for Dire machines in Atoll lab. They very much believe this is true. So if the corrupted human, or the Dire female gets pregnant, The no. of times per day one has sex with their lover also goes up nearly double.

There is a couple of other beliefs too (some true, and some not necessarily true). The Dire machines believe that if the mother doesn’t want the child, it will not grow due to force of will influencing the nanomachine colonys to work against the pregnancy as an invasion. Dire machines also believe that the child is neurologically linked into the lower spine of the mother and thus becomes relaxed when the mother receives a particularly good orgasm. Lastly, Dire  machine females can sense how many children and what their sexes are when they are growing in them. In human women, the Dire males and sense these pieces of information simply by resting the mechadendrites upon the belly.

Ive been told im fairly weird even amongst the crazies in the living machine fandom because I tend to exalt the trans-humanist side of machine and human synthetic intermingling. If Everyone else sees this as “bestiality”, I am here to insist those people are wrong. An Intelligent species have the power to make their own decisions on who they will love and how they will live their own life.  They have free will and do not have to be bound by standard social conventions as long as the ones they are into are also Intelligent. Don’t believe me? Go play Mass effect, and stop thinking about these guys like they are still toasters.

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